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Will HIV positive foreigners be allowed to enter the U.S.?

July 8, 2009 by  

Will HIV positive foreigners be allowed to enter the U.S.?Media reports have suggested President Obama is planning to lift the ban which currently prohibits HIV-positive visitors from entering the country.

The Department of Health and Human Services has reportedly initiated an action to halt the implementation of the ban, in keeping with an amendment in the U.S. Global Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Reauthorization Act of 2008, that removed language in the Immigration and Nationality Act that explicitly prohibited HIV-positive non-citizens from entering the U.S. without a visa waiver.

Executive Director Rachel B. Tiven of New York-based Immigration Equality called the ban "an anachronistic exclusion that was not based on good science," according to the organization’s website.

"It was based on fear and misinformation about HIV and AIDS," she added, echoing the proposal recently published by the Centers for Disease Control to remove HIV from the list of communicable diseases.

Under current law, HIV-positive tourists and business travelers cannot enter the U.S. even for one day, and people with HIV who are living in the U.S. cannot stay.

The ban is expected to be fully lifted by December following a 45-day public comment period.


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  • ET

    Dear God help America! What have we done!

    • Brian Rawls

      ET I hope you didnt vote for that idiot because that feeling you have right now will get worse in time to come.

    • Ray McDougal

      What we have done is read a story that says,” Media reports suggest..” and a report has been “reportedly” initiated. What you have done is turn this story into a believable source of information and a forum for your attitude toward the current government administration.

  • Robin, Arcadia, IN

    Since when is HIV and AIDS not a communicable disease? How many more things will this administration do that just don’t make any sense?

    • s c

      These nation-destroyers think they can legalize anything and everything ‘The Chosen One’ wants. Since when is HIV not communicable? Rachel Tiven has her head jammed where the sun never shines. Obviously, an HIV-carrier can’t ‘catch’ it. But, they CAN spread it. If this is what b o meant when he said he’d ‘restore $cience to its proper place,’ then $cience is just one more overpaid, Washington prostitute. These schizophrenics would have been world-class Nazis in the ’40s. Who among us can have any use for this nation-destroying mentality?

      • FarRightWinger

        Your knowledge about Nazism, or National Socialism is below normal acceptable level. I see you feel comfortable with your socialist/communist mentors. Be part of them. Your recent prez is a #1 (international)-world-class marxist commie, who will NOT be stopped by any of your so-called “conservative watchdogs”, but some WORLD-CLASS NAZIS, yes. Believe it, or not. 1933 proved me 1000 times: its the ONLY way out. Definitely the Man who took the all the weights on His shoulder was too humane, too deeply spiritual Christian man…
        God tested us in 1933 and we real Christians failed to come together and fight the Evil. I’m not sure we got a 2nd chance…

      • s c

        Rachel Tiven attended the Columbia Law School and Harvard (gee, what a surprise). Her job is to protect the interest of lesbians, gays, transgendered and HIV-infected people. Can you say political appeasement? Apply the ‘Cuban principle.’ That is, Cubans who get HIV go straight to a government hospital. You do not get to trapse around the world, exercising your ‘rights.’ Once again, b o’s cool aid is contaminated. This is stupidity on steroids, people. This is the 2009 version of the ‘worst and dumbest’ trying to make stupidity a way of life.
        This pablum philosophy is doomed to utter failure. This is not leadership. This is sugar-coated poison, sold by airheads who love fantasy and hate reality.

        • JIM

          Sorry but what is wrong with HIV+ people?? Unfortunately I have been infected with HIV due to a Dental school In Oakland, Ca. I have been married for 13 yrs, so when you start saying things against people with HIV let me tell you not all people who have been infected with this disease are gay, lesbians or what ever. They are normal every day people. But I do believe in not allowing people who have it from other countries come in because our Health Standards are alot better then other countries at this point.

  • queenieAZ

    Sure, lift the ban.obama is trying to cut the population down. This is one way, give us all aids,etc,he already poisened the vaccines,& other things to whack people.

  • Brian Rawls

    Oh no, our freind in the white house just wouldnt allow this to happen. Lol This is starting to look like the early days of nazi germany.

  • Terry

    Unfortuanately, the masses that voted for this administration listen to Rap music and worry about where the next party is instead of paying attention to what their actions have begun. By dumbing down the populace, over the years, our political system has fallen to the lowest common denominator in terms of our representation in Wash. DC.
    HIV positive people, who WILL need extensive and expensive health care will flock to America, be included in the coming amnesty bill (see Shumer bill due in October) so they will be able to continue to vote for this awesome set of socialist dictators.

  • don edgett

    If the economy contnues to spiral out of control,
    and this so called dictator,called the prez,continues to forceing us to become a slave to the machine,can he be impeached.

    • Grandmar247

      I commented on that maybe everyone should start hollering “IMPEACH” and “WE WANT HILLARY” to get some sort of friction going on in the Democratic Party. Heaven knows, I’ve tried just about everything else. I may suggest that we start carrying signs demanding “IMPEACHMENT” at our ‘Tea Parties’.

      • JIM

        No we don’t want Hillary, she is no better than Obama, look at her damn husband he did nothing for this country, what makes you think she will. she wants National Health Care as well.

    • Pat

      He has already violated the constitution by giving GM (buying it more or less for the taxpayer….didn’t he do a good job with taxpayer money), but he did not have congressional approval to do so. Now he is saying he will implement a treaty prior to senatorial approval and then, wait for it to be approved. He does many things that he does not have the power to do, so it is just a question of how long our elected officials will allow he to run wild. My bet is, with a group of his cronies in congress and the senate, it won’t be until after 2010 providing enough of his cronies are gone to make a difference. Let’s hope people get out and vote at the next election to get rid of some of these losers who saw the oath they took as only a formality without meaning.

  • Jack Kinch(1uncle)

    There is nothing bad the alien Hussein NoBama want do.

  • http://none Sharon Tipton

    What next will Obama want – is the question!! When a surge of HIV patients happens in the USA – we will know exactly who to blame then won’t we?! It is an insane thing to be doing is all I can say!

  • VJS

    The lifting of this ban by this very inept, corrupt administration is no surprise. Although not highly contagious, the fact remains persons who are HIV-positive or AIDS-infected spread their illnesses in contact with others via bodily fluids, and in particular sexual acts. Inasmuch as deviant personal behavior initiated by infected persons cannot be controlled, a rise in the number of HIV infected persons in the U. S. can be expected. Never fear, all of them will be cared for by the Government Health Care Plan that probably will be passed. God save us all!

  • Grandmar247

    Our Country has done a lot to combat HIV, so why would we want to take a chance of instilling it back into our society? Leave things as they are.

  • Anita Eitmann

    I wish Obama would come to Metairie, La. in a townhouse meeting. I can guarantee you he won’t have his cool aide drinkers there.

  • Anita Eitmann

    What is the matter with this stupid idiot? Isn’t he trying to ram that health care bill down our throats because the cost of health care is too expensive for Americans. You see he talks from both sides of his mouth. Government needs to stay out of private business. Government has too much control over our lives now. Leave us alone to flourish. STOP PUTTING CHAINS ON US.

  • Eric g

    Dont blame this Idea on this administration , this has been in the works for a long time . Even taking in HIV positive imigrants , We have such good health care ,
    HIV imigrants would likely have many productive yrs to contribute to our society before they maybe come a burden for us . AIDs is the first desaese that acqured rights .

  • Peter Melville

    If they would promise only to have sex with liberals, I might let them in.

  • FarRightWinger

    Did u expect this Kenyan idiot will ban his fellow negroes to invade America?
    This is what i found in
    “Obama continues to get 70 percent approval and above from blacks, Hispanics, young people between 18 and 29, and singles of any age, Newport said. What should be worrisome to Republicans is that these are the fastest growing segments of the U.S. population.
    Obama is less popular among churchgoers, whites, southerners and the elderly above 65 years old. Though he still polls above 50 percent for this group, there have been noticeable declines, Newport said.”

    I’m telling start the Revolution now! it’s not gonna be easy now, but later will be more hell. Choco-filled-Napolitano (u know the “woman” looks like a dyke) already prepared the zionbolshevik agencies in the USA to launch a war against conservatives, anti-homo, anti-abortion, anti-democRAT, anti-zionist, church-believers and everyanti-communist on site.
    The “lady stalin” has been born to serve her negroid kommissar… in 1933 a New Christ has been elected in power… We need 100 Hitlers today to save America. And I hope those 100 Hitlers will NOT be so humane as the One was…
    God Save America!

    • Pat

      Obama is less popular among churchgoers, whites, southerners and the elderly above 65 years old.

      and the elderly above 65 years old is why he wants to kill off the elderly (they won’t vote for him). Everything this guy does is for his own political well being. If he can’t get rid of the opposition any other way…………………………..

    • Ray McDougal

      Let’s hope the CIA has your number so they can arrest you for sedition and treason as well as threats to murder fellow Americans. Your Nazi leanings are tragic. You take a story with no real facts and turn it into a manical rant.

      You may want to change your attitude or you may be with Robert E. Lee and Judas in the lowest center of Hell as one who has betrayed others.

      I will pray for you that you will come to love Jesus and his teaching of LOVE.

      • FarRightWinger

        yes yes and again: yes. You forgot your terrorists’ proven “investigation method”: waterboarding. I hope u hope they will “democratically question me” that way… You are a pathetic false JUDEO-”Christian”, without the Christian meaning. You bring Jesus name here, you pathetic circumsized moron and you spit whenever see a Cross, I am sure (as your rabbi teached you).
        WHERE did I mention with just even one word to murder fellow Americans? You mix the news in your mind, THAT was Napolitano, your recent kommissar-in-chief, who have lists (Blue and Red) with the names of MILLIONS OF AMERICANS to be rounded-up in a case of national emergency. I never kill or think to kill fellow Americans… except if your ‘trained waterboarding terrorists’ show up at my door for my “arrest”, then yes, i will be in the news…

  • Dale

    Since Obama is so pro-abortion and the abortion
    movement in this country was started by a racist,
    pro-eugenics women named Margaret Sanger, it
    could be argued that Obama, like Sanger is for
    the extinction of the black race. And since one of
    the most highly HIV infected groups of people in
    this country ( and Africa ) are blacks, then it could
    be argued AGAIN that Obama simply wants to
    wipe out his fellow blacks. I don’t know if Obama is
    a self loathing racist or what, but between his
    economic plans that are putting millions out of work
    and his plans for more abortions and more HIV/AIDS,
    he sure isn’t doing anything good for his own people…
    or anyone else.
    With “leaders” like him or the multi-headed beast of
    Obam-elosi-reid, this country doesn’t need to worry
    about Iran or North Korea or China. Our enemies
    are right HERE!

    • Ray McDougal

      Have you read the story of Margaret Sanger’s life? Her mother died when her health failed due to having so many children. Sanger worked her whole life to help mothers overburdened with too many children — can you imagine having ten or even six– children that you can’t feed, and being pregnant with another? Probably not. Men often have no idea what it is like to care for one child, much less many children, day after day after day.

      At that time, there were no birth control pills; advice to prevent pregnancy was illegal with severe consequences. It was a woman’s duty to do as her husband bid in every phase of her life; many men were overworked and underpaid by their employers, and would they would drink away their wages, leading to the 18th amendment, prohibition. In the meantime, women were left at home trying to feed and care for their many children while suffering from hunger and morning sickness with the next baby on the way…

      Margaret Sanger was arrested for giving out information about birth control, and sending pamphlets through the mail. She was not know for any abortion work, but her work to provide women and children with a happy,and healthy life was heroic.

      Are you a person who has as many people as GOD would give you? If you have more than two, you are adding to the overpopulation problem that will destroy this world. And if you do have any children, you probably have SOME WOMAN caring for those children day after day after day while you go out drinking and playing with your buddies after work, that is, if you work and don’t live on food stamps.

      Your lack of facts are showing, Dale. Read a good book or two, get informed before spreading your misinformation. You are right about one thing though, the enemy is here, and the enemy is you and misinformed opinionated people like you.

      • Dale

        Wow Ray. It sounds like either you’ve had a terrible
        childhood or you just feel good about other peoples
        percieved terrible childhoods. If your father was a
        worthless drunk, it’s not the fault of all of the future
        victims of your patron…saint of abortion. A “ray” of
        sunshine…you are NOT!

        • Ray McDougal

          You didn’t answer my question about reading about Margaret Sanger. My childhood was not delightful like yours, but I survived and I learned from what happened to me and my siblings, neighbors and friends. It sounds like you have no idea of the suffering many children endure. There are children who are shaken to death as infants, others who are drowned in the toilet for soiling themselves, scalded in hot water in the bathtub, tortured with cigarette burns, and slammed around like they are toy dolls, and I won’t even start on the damages of emotional abuse which goes unnoticed. Do you read the newspapers?

          The amount of recorded abuse, like the number of violent crimes, are lower now than before Roe v Wade, if you look at the population sizes and crime statistics. There have been studies on this. Unwanted babies are more likely to grow up to be more vulnerable to criminal behavior and violence towards others in their lives.

          A child SHOULD be loved and nurtured, guided and treasured; a child is truly God’s greatest gift. EVERY child should be a wanted child, not just a product of someone’s lust or mistaken drunken moment. Yes, I would prefer to be unborn, aborted as a fetus, than be born to someone who makes my little life a constant misery — years and years of neglect, mistreatment, horror and sadness. Cruelty to children is the worst kind, and behind closed doors, things go on that no one ever finds out about. The injuries and deaths are often covered up; what we see in the newspaper is only a small tip of the iceberg. A picture of an aborted baby is a horror, but the real horror is the day to day life of an unwanted, living, tortured child.

          Margaret Sanger knew about these lives, not only of the sad childhood, but also of the mothers who tried to care for many children while their fathers were off drinking. This led to the prohibition movement, and the labor movement which brought about shorter working hours and better wages. Men who were abused as laborers became hardened in their feelings toward their families, numbing their emotions with liquor. She didn’t perform abortions, but she gave information about preventing pregnancies, which is given freely today. This brought her punishment and jail time from the legal system. She was a pioneer for the rights of women and children, but she was no saint.

          By keeping the population high with unwanted and neglected children, we keep our prisons full of sick and sad people today. The catholic church and other churches has lost tons of money because they can’t make money from adoptions and in their orphanages from these unwanted babies that are not born. The churches can still make money from selling their views of sin and sex; if you have an enemy to kill, people will want to join the battle. They can’t make money and get their attendance up by preaching God’s love and forgiveness, but they can draw in people with their horror stories of abortion. An abortion is one of the most sad situations on earth, but the daily life of an unwanted child is unimaginable to most people like you.

          You may imagine that everyone has had the sunshine and roses childhood that you experienced, and that preventing abortion will prevent child neglect, child abuse and child murders. Where do these child murderers and abusers come from? From people who never wanted their children in the first place. To choose abortion, one must have to be a very unworthy or incapable person, sick, sad, and definitely unsuitable as a parent. For the government to force parenthood on this person, and to force an innocent, vulnerable child to live with such a person, is not my idea of democracy. I definitely do not believe abortion is good, but I do believe in CHOICE. Government interference in our lives is not choice, and this is government interference at its worst.

          The future victims may be the ones who are not aborted. They may suffer more than those who are taken early. Death is not the worst thing that can happen to a person. Suffering can be worse than death. The plan “give the child up for adoption” sounds good, but it doesn’t always work; people who are forced to have a unwanted child will often be forced to keep that child.
          Good for you, that you have such a rosy picture of childhood. But it isn’t always that way for way too many children.

      • Dale

        BTW Ray,
        I am single and have no children because I practice
        abstinence. I also don’t drink alcohol. But thanks for
        the negative stereotypes. It just reinforces the fact
        that when liberals are faced with immutable truthes, all they can resort to is name calling and painting people
        they oppose the opinions of, with broad generalizations
        that they can’t possibly know.
        A broad brush used by a closed mind leaves little
        detail. But is an easier choice for an artist with a
        simple mind or little imagination.

        • Ray McDougal

          BTW, Dale, thank you for practicing abstinence, and good for you that you don’t drink alcohol! I congratulate you for being an exception, we need more people who do as you do. I would imagine that if you ever fell off the abstinence wagon, as a man, you would be willing to give up the daily pleasures of your life to raise your child as would a woman. Feeding and diapering, loving and teaching your baby 24/7 until you die. You are not a person who would choose abortion for your child, like most of us. There are many men who are like you.

          That doesn’t deny the fact that there are many others who do not have the self-discipline that you have, if in fact, you are as good as you say you are. I trust that you are telling the truth. If more people practiced abstinence, we would not have people who want abortions. You are the saint, not Ms. Sanger!

    • s c

      Dale, I’ve tried to alert people about Margaret Sanger. She had a documented, deep hatred of blacks. Adolf Hitler viewed her writings as part of his master plan to rid the world of ‘inferior races.’ Free speech is one thing. To ignore history, and re-kindle Nazi insanity is too much. Let these self-deluded psychotics rant and rave. But, they CAN’T deny a proven HISTORICAL FACT. Those who choose fantasy over reality will see themselves repeating history. I am not willing to endure the sociopathic
      ravings of people who have chosen to ignore the influence of eugenics in WWII or present-day America.

  • Leonard

    “Lift the ban on HIV-positive tourists” How stupid is Obama? If he lifts this ban, he should be required to let them all stay at the White House while they are in the U.S.

  • Bob

    Just remember what Osama BinLaden said years ago, “The US would be brought down from within.” Well Obama is on the right track and he is on the inside. Look at all of the media coverage during the election and even now. It has been pointed out by many who back the media and it’s not within the US. Obama and his administration have stepped well over their authority under the Constitution. The people of the US must revolt again the present administration and government in general and take back America for the people. Until this happens we will be overran by the idiots in Washington. The other thing that everyone must watch for is Muslims moving in and taking over. This is happening and Obama has opened the door, because he is Muslim. He will never admit it, but he is. Wake up America before it’s to late.

  • Chris

    A lot of commenters here need to get their facts straight. HIV is not simply spread among the gay community and IV drug users. For example, hundreds of thousands of Hemophiliacs from around the world were infected with HIV through blood transfusions after the blood products were sourced from skid row donors – where? HERE in the USA! Our country’s failure to screen blood infected these people, and then we tell them they can’t come visit here?! As for them spreading the disease, apart from the fact that many of them are probably coming over here married with partners etc, they are likely to be far more “careful” than people who don’t know they are HIV. Let these people live their lives.

  • kekao

    do you think USA citizens are better than people from other countries which allow them to stay even if they are HIV-POSITIVE.if you argue that most people affected by HIV are from Africa then ithink youve forgot that disease came WESTERN COUNTRIES.what about swine-flu?..these are western diseases which are killing Africans.Western is the mother of all evils..

  • kekao

    please lets us accept that obama barack or if you like HUSSEIN is your president( of USA).I KNOW he will go for 2 term…please he is good, you can change constitution to give him 3rd term…

  • TM

    I am not HIV phobic, but what I think will happen with this is many getting in and never leaving. I guess since we will have universal health care, it won’t really matter anymore. We can share picking up the tab. However, how many HIV positive have poured over our Mexican border and are now being defended as having a right to stay?


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