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Will Anonymous ‘Leak It All’?

June 6, 2012 by  

Will Anonymous ‘Leak It All’?
The “hacktivist” group Anonymous wants people all over the world to expose corruption en masse.

The global “hacktivist” syndicate Anonymous wants people all over the world to expose evidence of corruption and injustice by leaking documents to which they have access.

In a recently posted video, the group urges anyone who has access to evidence of corporate or government wrongdoing to purchase a USB drive and document the evidence for publication on the Internet.

“Imagine you purchase a USB drive. Imagine you take it to your work place. Imagine you collect evidence of illegality and corruption. Imagine together we expose all lies. Imagine we leak it all,” scrolls across the screen in a recent video posted by the group.

The initiative, dubbed Project Mayhem 2012, will take place over the 10-day period from Dec. 12 to Dec. 21, during which the video claims “the World will see an unprecedented amount of Corporate, Financial, Military and State leaks that will have been secretly gathered by millions of CONSCIENTIOUS citizens, vigilantes, whistle blowers and insiders worldwide.”

The group claims to be in the process of developing a Wikileaks-style platform called TYLER where the information can be anonymously posted.

Operation Mayhem and TYLER appear to be references to “Fight Club,” a 1999 film adaptation of the book of the same name in which disgruntled men engaged in bare-knuckle underground fights and anti-corporate sabotage to wage “spiritual war” against credit card companies and modern society in general.




Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Alan

    A new spin on the concept of “Imagine!” I always thought the song was about John Lennon’s favorite past time – Communism?” I guess Annonymous is looking to redefine the meaning! It’s about time!

  • revnowwhilewecan

    Will Anonymous ‘Leak It All’?
    I hope so. The more the better and the faster these false meaning, illegal wars can come to a stop. The world is really tired of this crap.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      The only thing that will happen is that evildoers will become more wily and creative in hiding their deeds.

  • eddie47d

    These hacksters are also closing down legitimate businesses and government offices. Some are doing it as a lark or as the latest fad. Since they all think it is cool and a fun challange PLD could be next or any other Internet site. Who’s next in being sabotaged? Do you have any business enemies who would love to take you down and bring the competition to them. Each of these cases should be judged on individual merit where some are heros and others are no more than criminals themselves.

  • Polski

    I’d like to see this happen, but…….all this information is considered “proprietary” by corporations so the people doing this could easily be fired.

    • peter

      yes, fired and maybe even worse!

      • Joe H

        Ever heard the term “With extreme prejudice”?

    • Vigilant

      Classical liberalism “is…committed to the ideal of limited government, constitutionalism, rule of law, due process, and liberty of individuals including freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and free markets” (Wikipedia). It parallels Libertarianism in most aspects.

      Mr. Rolley once again exposes his leftist sentiments with this suspicious rabble rousing and tacit endorsement of Cloward & Piven and Saul Alinsky techniques. The name of the project speaks for itself: “Mayhem.”

      Mr. Rolley, if you subscribe to this dangerous nonsense, then you are NOT a Libertarian. You are an anarchist.

      What part of “constitutionalism, rule of law, due process” do you not understand? Aiding, and abetting illegal behavior IS NOT amongst the virtues of Libertarians. There’s an Army traitor cooling his heels in Federal prison, and a guy named Julian Assange who should be incarcerated, for engaging in this type of behavior.

      Whistleblower activity is certainly encouraged, as it should be, when government or private business concerns exceed their legal bounds. There are LAWS to cover it, laws that admittedly need to be beefed up to guarantee greater protection and remedies for the whistleblower, but laws nonetheless that we are obligated to respect until we change them. Anyone who thinks otherwise has no respect for the Constitution.

      This execrable project is designed to encourage not the garnering of information that will advance civilization, but the release of damaging information that serves to further rend the fabric of our society. It will by design add another layer of distrust to the culture wars during a time when healing and not inflammation of passions is badly needed.

      No, take off the blinders and scrutinize just what types of people will respond to the lascivious pleasure of ratting on their employers: the disgruntled employees who are lower cogs in the machinery who will divulge industrial secrets just to satisfy a petty revenge for some perceived slight; those ignorant fools who, captured by their own self-esteem bred egotism, think that they will be doing a service by releasing proprietary information or military data of a top secret nature; the social misfits who have a distorted sense of justice by thinking that putting their disclosures in the public domain will somehow make things more “equitable” (socialists); the anti-authoritarian neurotics who believe that NO laws are the way to go toward their Utopian fantasy; and last but not least, those miscreants and communist traitors who know full well what they are doing to help destroy our nation, and are no doubt paid well for their efforts.

      The intelligent and civic-minded folks rightly decry the release of agents’ names (Valerie Plame), military plans and procedures of a sensitive nature, or copyrighted and patented material that can destroy the economic viability of a commercial business.

      Shame, shame, and shame again on you for EVER helping to legitimize such a traitorous project by posting it on PLD.

      • Frank M

        Since when is revealing the truth a traitorous act? You need to check your values sir.

      • Darin

        Excellent points, Vigilant, and I tend to agree. Anonymous is synonymous with Anarchist!!

      • GALT

        ” I am shocked….SHOCKED I SAY”, that our claimed, but never VIGILANT is ACCUSING, one of Mr. Livingston’s most frequent CONTRIBUTORS of having “leftist sentiments” for today’s offering?
        Mr Sam Rolley, who is ” dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers” may be guilty of many things, but based on THIS piece, “leftist leaning”, isn’t one of them.

        Just yesterday our dedicated “truth seeker” EXPOSED the facts that KEYNESIAN ECONOMIC THEORY, in conjunction with the FED, was responsible for the crash of 29, the depression, Roosevelt’s “unconstitutional” abrogation of gold ( physical ) as a tender in payment of debt………….which is a claim that can not possibly be true, and which pretty much EXPOSED him as someone, who has no concept of what “truth” is…….or that he has any credibility in his claim to be seeking it, BUT in spite of that, I must defend him here, since what is written today can in no way be described as “left leaning”……….. while an analysis of the accusation, will be seen to be EXPOSING some very interesting questions, regarding “our very own”, and practically never, VIGILANT?
        The defense of Mr. Rolley is actually quite simple, because this appears to be a brief return to his “journalistic training”, and is simply relaying information, in the classic who, what, where……motif that aspiring journalist’s learn in school. A simple statement of the facts regarding the organisation and its plans and goals, etc. and which doesn’t seem to contain an endorement for or against?

        What VIGILANT sees becomes a bit of a mystery, especially when one considers this vehement close………….

        “The intelligent and civic-minded folks rightly decry the release of agents’ names (Valerie Plame), military plans and procedures of a sensitive nature, or copyrighted and patented material that can destroy the economic viability of a commercial business.
        Shame, shame, and shame again on you for EVER helping to legitimize such a traitorous project by posting it on PLD.”

        It would seem that, our never Vigilant, forgot who leaked Valerie Plame’s name, and for what purpose, and who went to jail for it? (not to mention those that didn’t ) Or that copyrighted and patented information is already PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE? because it is patented and/or copyrighted to protect against THEFT?

        Now, military plans and procedures of a sensitive nature, is an interesting category, and involves a very important case which should be of interest to many who are concerned about the governments use of the claim of “official secrets and national security” to prevent “evidence” from being released……….Reynolds v. United States, which involved the crash of a B-52, on a training exercise and the deaths of the crew…where the evidence being sought was to determine the cause of those deaths, and where the government “made the claim of national security” to prevent the release. The actual decision reached by the court was that in order to determine whether such a claim was in fact true, that a judge should examine the evidence “in camera” to make that determination. ( which seems quite a reasonable solution )

        Unfortunately, like the Santa Clara case…….what was actually published was not the opinion of the judges, but that of a clerk, who ignored the decision……so the question is considered “settled law” and Reynold’s is used as a blanket cover for everything……..The cause of the B-52 crash, was in fact negligence due to poor maintenance and other things which had nothing to do with national security, and the claim was made to cover up this liability and deny relief to the families of the victims.

        VIGILANT SAYS: “Mr. Rolley, if you subscribe to this dangerous nonsense, then you are NOT a Libertarian. You are an anarchist. What part of “constitutionalism, rule of law, due process” do you not understand?”

        A far better question would be “What is it about those things DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”
        Do you understand that, just because a LAW exists, does not make it constitutional? That the “rule of law” has a purpose, which is to promote “equal justice” and that “due process” is the mechanism by which this goal is strived for?

        VIGILANT SAYS: “Whistleblower activity is certainly encouraged, as it should be, when government or private business concerns exceed their legal bounds. There are LAWS to cover it, laws that admittedly need to be beefed up to guarantee greater protection and remedies for the whistleblower, but laws nonetheless that we are obligated to respect until we change them. Anyone who thinks otherwise has no respect for the Constitution.”

        Unfortunately VIGILANT, that little paragraph does not indicate that you have respect for the constitution, nor any understanding of it, nor much of anything else about what this country and the men and women who made it possible, were attempting to do.

        The Constitution DEMANDS that you do NOT RESPECT, laws that are unconstitutional, that government is a SERVANT of the people, not their MASTER……….and that when government exempts itself from the law, has been corrupted by “special interest’s” and seeks to exempt them from the rule of law too, one shows respect for the Constitution, by doing whatever is required to expose the corruption, and if “unconstitutional laws” need to be broken, so what…..they are “invalid” by definition.

        What you do seem to be acknowledging here, is what Washington said: GOVERNMENT IS FORCE………of course, this ‘opinion’ of yours here…….is so muddled and contradictory, that what you actually are is impossible to determine…….but it is clearly none of the things you claim to be……….but citing and “obligation to respect the law” because it EXIST’S does suggest what is your chief motivation is:FEAR OF GOVERNMENT…….which indicates what you truly are, and can hardly be confused with being a “patriot” no matter how you try to define the word.

      • Vigilant

        Frank M says, “Since when is revealing the truth a traitorous act? You need to check your values sir.”

        Revealing the truth is traitorous when its dissemination can inflict grave damage on the security of a nation. You’ve obviously never spent any time in the military.

        Julius and Ethel Rosenberg revealed the “truth” to the Soviet Union. Robert Hanssen did as well. Richard Armitrage outed Valerie Plame’s identity, The Navy’s Walker family spies did grave damage to our national security.

        When every Tom, Dick and Harry, functionaries in a much larger operation (such as Bradley Manning), those who don’t know the larger picture, take to releasing sensitive information that may ultimately result in the death of many people, then they are traitors.

        And when serious vandals and hackers solicit “damning” information for the SOLE purpose of creating mayhem, that equates to a nefarious intention to paralyze, delegitimize and reduce the foundations of our society.

        You may find it worthwhile check your own values sir.

      • Vigilant

        An ignorant poster says, “The Constitution DEMANDS that you do NOT RESPECT, laws that are unconstitutional…”

        And you would leave that determination to every malcontent who has an ax to grind. Such being the case, there would be NO RESPECT for the Constitution because everyone would have a different idea as to what is Constitutional and what is not. Yours is a formula for disaster and mayhem reaching even more profound depths than envisioned by Project Mayhem. You, who have the GALL to say that, are an idiot.

      • GALT

        My values are doing just fine……..what is being questioned is your “competence” to speak on this matter at all……..and YOUR VALUES.

        1.) Mr Rolley did not endorse anything, he reported it.
        2.) This does make him anything, except a journalist.
        3.) the Constitution does not require an “obligation to obey” laws that are unconstitutional.
        4.) you clearly do not understand what patents and copyrights are.
        5.) you do not understand what due process is.
        6.) You do not understand that the rule of law is about justice and if it does not produce that, it has no purpose……
        7.) If the purpose of the law is to exempt government from the consequences of the
        law…….one does not cite an “obligation to obey it” until it gets changed…..because
        that would be expecting those that created the law to change it…..and that is stupid and cowardly……and does not mean that you have respect for the Constitution, it demonstrates you clearly have no understanding of what it means.

        You could have avoided all of this simply by understanding what MR Rolley was doing.
        You can not avoid the above by ignoring it or refusing to address it.

        YOU HAVE BEEN EXPOSED …… to avoid this in the future.

        1.) Take very special care in making sure that you actually understand (comprehend) what you are reading.
        2.) Limit your response to that which can actually be determined by what you have read and not what you think it might mean or would like it to mean.
        3.) Avoid reaction, seek understanding……it is stupid to argue something, for which there is no evidence, or for which no claim has been made……your response and reaction to
        Mr Rolley………..was entirely of your own construction, and your evidence to prove what
        all that indicated…….simply demonstrated, you do not know what evidence is…..or that you understood anything about the Constitution, or the law, or the government, or anything
        about the reality of how these come together in the present……
        4.) Having been hoist with your own petard, you continue to repeat the mistakes, and the evidence here can not be avoided, or denied….so you have embarrassed yourself…

        PLD encourages or allows for passionate expression…….this does not include….or mean
        that stupidity, insanity, ignorance if expressed passionately, was what was intended…..of course I could be wrong………being one of THEM, whomever THEM turns out to be?

      • Joe H

        Hey Galt. how about I anonymously accuse you of a crime guilty or not? Say they decide to try you based upon my annonymous claim. What ever happened to the right to FACE YOUR ACCUSER???

      • GALT

        That appears to be a non sequitor Joe H, ……if you have a point to make that is relevant to what has been posted, or how that is relevant here, you will have to elaborate further……

      • Jim

        As this article is written, it appears all these guys ARE calling for is for those “whistle-blowers” to grab the proof and blow the whistle!

    • Anonsense

      no, the leaks will be anonymous that is what tyler is for

  • Chester

    Polski, Peter, you are both right, as that is considered theft under the law, and can carry a pretty nasty prison sentence. As far as claiming they will never be caught, there is a certain Army corporal who thought the same thing. Opportunity and motive are two tracks, while most of those files log every time they are accessed, and who accessed them.

    • GALT

      Is it actually a crime under the LAW?

      Breaking the law shares a lot in common with what constitutes a “sin”!

      The similarity is that like “sin”, if you are acting in “good faith” in your understanding of what the law IS…….then your actions are not criminal.

      This has been used successfully by those pursued by the IRS, for supposed income taxes. It is also why it is very important to understand the Constitution, what it means,
      how it has been altered without amendment, what effect this has had, and how to restore
      it………..provided you actually want it back?

      I know you are all DEFIANT and are waiting for the CALL and are prepared to DIE for the
      REPUBLIC……….which is all very touching, but the TRUTH will set you free…….and there are many forms of resistance……..where applied knowledge is way more effective and far less risky…………which is why I spend a lot of time on the missing jurisdictions of “law and equity”………because this is POWER……..and if you understand it, it makes YOU powerful.

      Before I get to the point of this post for this topic, I can not help but notice the “paranoia”
      that is beginning to assert itself, regarding the consequences of “exposing” this information………from the criminal possibilities to “fired, maybe even worse”.

      For this latter one, if you are in the process of exposing something particularly egregious, vile, criminal or evil, why would the fact that you might be fired be of any concern? By making a choice based on that possibility, you are now in collusion with that evil, are you not? As for the “or worse”, and this is for those that have claimed that they are willing to DIE FOR when the call comes………that is the equivalent of ” My only regret is that I have but one life to give for my country.” Yeah, me too……..but it would seem that this willingness to die is somewhat qualified… that it will only happen when all hope is lost and its your turn. ( so you will put up a fight understanding that you will not survive. ) Ole Nathan’s last words were a little obvious, but he took a risk…….when the outcome was uncertain…….because not to do so, would guarantee that things would be hopeless.

      So what if you are charged with a crime, they have to “convict you” and a single juror can prevent that…….and informed jury can acquit, without explanation……….and given the attention that the exposure will cause, a decision to prosecute would be difficult as would maintaining the facade that this was “justice”.

      Manning’s case is not similar, he did not have a jury trial.

      In common law……crime requires that a victim be produced and that injury or harm has occurred………..which would be strange……if one’s crime is exposing “injury or harm”?

      • Joe H

        Yes, and that same jury can CONVICT you, as has happened many times based on very weak “evidence”, only to be reversed after the “criminal spends ten-twelve years of his life behind bars as an innocent man!

      • GALT

        Or even worse, not reversed……..but again, what is your point?

  • cawmun cents

    Apparently OP’s sexual preferences no longer hold the mystique that they formerly did so another kind of leak(besides the ones the gubment does down your back before they claim precipitation)is necessary for the entertainment of the masses.
    Wake me up when the party is over.

  • Steve E

    Any leaks about corruption from Anonymous probably won’t surprise me. I already know there is so much corruption in government. Nothing there can surprise me. If a leak came out that Obama was consorting with communist and former terrorist from the Weather Underground, that wouldn’t surprise me either. If a leak came out that Eric Holder is a lying crook, that wouldn’t surprise me either.

    • eddie47d

      You don’t understand the bigger issue where anyone can be shut down. Republicans could shut down Democrats and Democrats could shut down Republican sites. I also go on a Liberal site and the Chinese hacked in and they were put out of business for several hours. Maybe the Republicans(Conservatives) paid the Chinese to do that. LOL! Actually this Liberal site was supporting freedom of the Internet in China and trying to stop the incarceration of Chinese Internet dissidents.

      • Steve E

        You are either dropping acid right now or your are responding to the wrong blob

      • eddie47d

        Your the one tripping Steve!!

  • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    The ONLY concept worth DYING for is LIVING, so with that clarified i have a link here to ANONYMOUS Videos.

    There are hundreds about everything and anything, from ANONYMOUS itself, the NWO, Jess Ventura, Alex Jones , establishment, illuminati, Zionist conspiracies to very credible information about UFO etc. I have spent weeks watching the Videos and there are always more to tweak my interest, so I would suggest you check them ALL out, if you have time. Be patient because when one video ends it displays several more and if you want to try different videos just return to this link and start over, by selecting another video….ENJOY:

  • mike

    This will surely give the white house one more reason to have a kill switch for the internet. Of course it will be for “national security”. Unfortunately big “O” will still be sitting in the big chair with his finger on the button, even though he is being replaced in January.
    Me thinks anonymous needs to move up the time frame, say October?

    Any place that has several employees/workers that all have access would have a very difficult time determining which of the employees turned in the info. Especially now when you can send the data with no one knowing who you are. With all the free wi-fi there should be no way to track you. Erase all the history, cookies, and cache.

  • Simpleman

    Well i would hope the powers that be, would proscute now the people that are doing these illeagal acts,but when the justice system is corrupt also then such goverments can not stand…America goverment needs a civil war by its citizens to correct this major conflict or forever perish in these present times…….

  • Greg Williams

    They are not as Conscieaton as they think they are. They do not totally think things before they act. Katy bar the door and damn the results and who and what it might hurt, ranging from innocent parties to national security that could aid the terrorists that are trying to conqer the world. If it is truly evil that is one thing, but a hacker recently hacked my 15 year old hotmail account and reset my password and started sending spam scams. I got it back, but it took a lot of work and lost sleep and anxiety during the process. Why dont you concentrate on policing yourself and cronies instead of trashing things that most of the time you do not understand at all. God must not be real proud of all of you.

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