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Wild Horses And Black Swans

August 3, 2011 by  

Wild Horses And Black Swans

It seems we are all living on a razor’s edge. In Barack Obama we have an ineffective President and a Congress that seems unable or unwilling to get its act together. The Muslim threat has not disappeared after the death of Osama bin Laden, and America seems headed toward either a financial or energy crisis or perhaps both.

These are the things we suspect might go wrong. What really worries me about our future is the unknown that might jump up and bite us. Things that are not only unpredictable but are counter to anything we might expect.

I grew up on a small farm where we harvested a bit of grain, planted a lot of trees and even raised some livestock. But the understated purpose of our little operation was always horses.

My dad grew up where horses provided the power, and he loved them. He took my older sister under his wing at a very young age, and by her early 20s she was on the Canadian Olympic Stadium Jumping Team — no small accomplishment.

My two older brothers also rode. And we had a hired man, Jonesy, who was good with horses.

I tell you this not to brag, but to underscore just how much experience and horse sense we had at our little operation. Yet despite all of it, a bolt out of the blue happened one morning in the early 1960s.

We kept a stallion in an 8-foot fenced private paddock. Each year, we would breed him to one of the mares. One spring, a mare had a foal, a sprightly chestnut colt.

There was also a fenced pasture that ran parallel to the stallions and held the mixture of our other mares and geldings. Both pastures led down to a pond at the bottom of the slope.

One morning, my dad and sister decided it was time for the colt to stretch his legs. With mother in halter, they were taken into the common pasture and walked down to the pond to drink.

Now, horse people know that you can’t keep a strange stallion around a colt; he will kill it. I suspect that knowledge goes back to Mongol times or even before.

What was also known (or thought to be known) is that a gelding, having been castrated, would lose the stallion within him — the compulsion to kill a colt. Colts are thought to be safe around geldings.

That holds true, but not for a gelding named Redskin. He snorted, pawed at the ground and made loud huffing noises. Then he sprang, charging down the pasture and straight toward the colt.

I can still hear that broadside crash of Redskin driving the colt into the water. And despite protests from my dad, my sister and even the trainer, Redskin had only one thing on his mind — to drown that colt. Its mother bayed and tried to block the charges but was brushed aside by the bigger horse.

The colt was shaky and weak. The end came quickly. Something that should never happen had just happened — a gelding had purposefully killed a newborn.

There were a lot of tears that morning, but what I remember most was my dad’s consternation. “Damn it, Jonesy, what we just saw shouldn’t have happened.”

This story from my past came to me one night while reading The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable, by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

What Taleb writes is that just because we have not seen something does not mean that it does not exist. But since in our mind it does not exist, we have no way to anticipate it, much less prepare for it.

“Before the discovery of Australia, people in the old world were convinced that all swans were white, an unassailable belief as it seemed completely confirmed by empirical evidence,” writes Taleb. “The sighting of the first black swan might have been an interesting surprise for a few ornithologists (and others extremely concerned with the coloring of birds), but that is not where the significance of the story lies. It illustrates a severe limitation to our learning from observations or experience and the fragility of our knowledge.”

To Taleb there will always be black swans, impossible to predict because we can’t even conceive of them in our minds. He goes on to write that World War I, the rise of Hitler, the market crash of 1987 and 9/11 are “Black Swans.”

Taleb also says there is no way to predict them and since they have the biggest impact on society and the economy, predictions from government, scientists and economists are a waste of time — time in the writing of them and time in the reading of them.

“Go ask your portfolio manager for his definition of ‘risk,’ and odds are that he will supply you with a measure that excludes the possibility of the Black Swan — hence one that has no better predictive value for assessing the total risks than astrology,” writes Taleb.

But Taleb doesn’t throw up his hands. He says we can protect ourselves against the next Black Swan. How? Well, for the rich clients he used to work with on Wall Street, derivatives offer good protection.

For us ordinary folks I think the best — in fact, the only — protection we have from a Black Swan event is gold.

Action to take: Gold has topped $1,600 per ounce, almost twice the price it was when I started recommending it to Personal Liberty Digest™ readers two years ago. Yet given the amount of money that has been injected into the economy by the Obama Administration, plus growing world restlessness, I believe bullion will top $2,000 per ounce within the next year. A Black Swan event might take it toward $3,000 per ounce. Therefore, I urge that you continue to accumulate physical 1-ounce gold coins. My two favorites are American Eagles and South African Krugerrands.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers
Editor, Myers Energy & Gold Report



John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • TIME

    Oh John, I dissagree with you 100%, Barry has been allowed to set up his “Super Congress” with this latest budget war Freak Side Show.

    Thus we now have the very first stage of the Velvet Glove coming off that heavy iron fist. Welcome to the “New World Order.”

    Its all by design, so please do say goodyby to the last vestages of the 1st Amendment, the 2nd Amendment, all will be over no matter who steps into the WH in January 2013. RIP – The United States of America.

    So everything Barry does and everything you see has a backhand in there somewhere within the frameworks that have been set up.

    • Al Sieber

      Right TIME, they have everything in place, ain’t no Black Swan.

      • 45caliber


        Even these characters have Black Swans. Let’s hope they have many of them in the coming years – some perhaps arranged by those like us who don’t like what they see coming.

        • FreedomFighter

          I agree, buy gold, silver, lead, disaster supplies, food. Just for mental exercise:

          Black Swan Event: First Strike Nuclear Attack on America then invasion.

          Some suspect The NEW WORLD ORDER leadership want Russia, China/N. Korea, all still very much Communist countries to attack America at her weakest. Our Military stretched thin, war equipment worn out, our troops exhausted from extended combat, Obama promising everyone we will absorb a first strike , Bill Clinton promising Russia 50% of our nuclear subs will remain in port for easy targeting, and the list goes on and on and on.

          The global elite want America subservient to world governance, they destroy us from within: Global elitist presidents that dismantle our military like Bill Clinton, ones that destroy credibility – Bush, one that finishes destruction of America’s economy Barry Obama the usurper. Some believe we are close to our weakest point in history, and then it happens.

          Black Swan Event: Madrid Fault disaster or California San Andrea mega quake disaster

          Either will trigger an America weakened and in confusion, then under the ruse of help millions of enemy troops occupy America to keep order. The dollar crashes, America is subdued and subservient to the New World Order.

          In my opinion, the only reason Russia, China, N. Korea or any other would-be aggressor has not attacked America already is our military, secret weapons, and the danger some loyal Americans may unleash a retaliatory response of a magnitude that could obliterate them.
          Many don’t believe evil exists, nor do they believe the evil one exists; both exist and are active in the world today. Evil cannot rule the world as long as America stands strong and its people good.

          Laus Deo
          Semper Fi

          • Kate8

            FreedomFighter – Were you listening to Coast to Coast last night?

            I agree about the set up of America for a nuke attack by China, Korea or Russia. What else can one think when WE gave them all the technology to do it, have financed it, and have made the world see us as bullies. Further, we are deeply in debt to them with no hope of ever repaying. And, at the same time, have weakened our own economy and military.

            Worse, is that O has the only code to unlock the “button” in case they do strike, and he has already said that he won’t give it. This means we don’t retaliate. So what other incentive do they need?

            If the truth be told, the NWO began with the fall of the Berlin Wall. It’s just taken us this long to see it, as they’d never proclaim it openly until it’s too late for us to stop it.

            As I’ve been saying, our only hope at this point is Divine Intervention. I pity those who don’t believe in it.

          • FreedomFighter

            I give all credit to the Mighty Men of Valor in our military for all information, no matter the method of dissemination.

            Laus Deo
            Semper Fi

          • 45caliber


            I agree. And I also believe one reason that millions don’t believe the Evil One exists is because they are much easier to fool if they don’t believe. One reason the left is so down on Christianity.

          • ron

            Some of us should really get out more often.

        • Christin


          I believe the Tea Party (Conservative American Patriots)is a Black Swan to the other side… we have slowed down their killer programs even if just a little bit, …that is why we are openly called Terrorists by Janet Napolitano in her 2009 Homeland Security pamphlet and recently Joe Biden 2011 and verbally attacked by leftist Progressive Reporters.

          • JeffH

            Christin, despite what is “said” and printed about the Tea Party, I have agree with you 100%.

          • Kate8

            Christin – I agree as well.

            Declaring the TeaParty to be sold out is only to get us to give up. Sure, it may well be infiltrated. That is to be expected, because that is what the enemy does. As I said before, it is up to us to remain vigilant.

            The only alternative is to give up fighting and not even try to band together, and we can never do that. There is no doubt that the TeaParty has had an impact, and that alone speaks volumes.

          • ron

            How can you lie like this and call yourself a christian? J. Napolitano never called the Tea party terrorist, and Biden explained himself.

          • http://naver sook young

            Can you cite some sources ron? I guess you haven’t removed the mote from your own eye and can’t see clearly enough to remove the beam from another’s eye. How can you call yourself a Christian and call someone a liar? Thou shalt not bear false witness against they neighbor, remember? Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

          • ron

            Yes Sook I can cuite sources. Fox? Fixed News. She was addressing far right groups who could possible bring former combat soldiers into their blast Fixed news. Also, as i recall you seem to call yourself a christian and yet you like some others have this fixation with Hitler. I never claimed to be a christian. At least not the christian you claim to be. And yes it was a LIE!!!!!!! That is not my opinion it is a fact!!!!

    • Phillip Maine

      The Black Swan that is hitting us.
      I fully believe that the end of the Age of Grace is upon us now, and may be drawing to a close sometime this fall.

      First of all the European Union has defacto named our president as their president. More then 80000 Muslim Palestinians recognize him as their leader. Seven Muslim countries have now called on him to become the 12th Eamon. Second, sense George Bush Sr. became president there has been a push for a united Europe and a united North America. Third, It has been authenticated that the Bushes, Jr, and Sr have just bought, built and stocked an underground compound built on 2000 acres in Paraguay away from volcano’s and earthquakes for their family survival. Fourth, FEMA has ordered 420 million survival meals, a 7000% increase of survival meals. Fifth, FEMA has ordered 1.5 million water proof body bags for the South Central district. This includes Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi. Why would they need the body bags if they were not expecting an eminent Large scale disaster? Sixth, it has been verified that the Chinese government has built three large new earthquake resistant cities above the 800 ft mark. Seventh, CIA verified they are now training 1,000,000 man horse soldier army because they know they are going to need it. Eighth, Though the Bible code does not predict the future, it does show the veracity of the Bible and it does indicate the direction of time. It indicates that our current president may be our last president. All of this ties in directly with the information contained below.

      Ninth, As Pastors and leaders Jesus’ call on our lives demands that we should be helping our everyone understand what is coming. We should give evidence that the government knows something is up, and we should help the people make spiritual and physical preparations. Liberal” News Media and even Conservative TV media are not covering it. The Navy intelligence service, who is hiding it, says it has been in process for about ten years, will hit us fast, and be in full force within 30 days. View all 12 video segments.

      Before you read the rest of this information please listen to this web link. John says it is due in this fall.
      I have known John Moore sense I worked for Wackenhut Securities in the Mid 1980s. He is a born a new Christian who has inside government sources. I have learned two things about him. First, he is honest about what he says, second, what he says will happen whether you and I want it to happen or not.

      As yhe people of Jesus we can either jeer as the people of old did, and claim the rapture will keep us safe (which may or may not be true) or we can do what Noah did and prepare. It is our choice. With what the US Navy intelligence Service, USNIS says is coming at us, we are looking at the end of the Age of Grace. The US Navy intelligence service says that total destruction will occur on land that is sea level to 100 ft above sea level,(Rev 8:8; 11:16) major damage up to 400 ft, and major flooding damage up to about 600 ft, plus major world wide earth quakes (Rev. 6:15) and world wide volcanic eruptions. (Rev 8:12) PS the government spin is Al Gore’s Global warming and is meant to fool the people. Further more, Jack Van Impe agrees with him completely. The big question we may want to ask is, “are we going to sit and do nothing” or are we going to prepare, and/or “Get Out OF Dodge?”

      All of these end times events are coming on us now! (Rev. 6:8)
      We are talking of an event of such biblical proportion that if Jesus does not intervene no one may be left.
      We have some time but not a lot. I am sure that the oceans will be flowing on any land below 400 ft and can reach as high as 800 feet. When this double Jupiter sized brown Dwarf Star ( Rev. 8:11) makes its normal 3600 year loop through the solar system it will disrupt the sun (Rev. 16:8) and the equilibrium that keeps a large part of the oceans on the equator. The Navy is recommending the Arkansas/ Missouri Ozarks as a safe haven for retirement because of “rising ocean levels”. Though they are not letting it out, I am sure they know where our planet will be in relation to sun’s swing through the inside of our solar system. The first recorded time through was Noah’s flood when it came through on the same side as the earth. Think movie 2012. (Genesis 6:13) The second time was when Moses crossed the red sea 90 feet below the normal level of the Sea. It was on the opposite side of the sun from the earth. (EX. 7:10- 14:27) (I have PowerPoint picture proof of this) This time we will probably be somewhere between 45 and 60 degrees from it.
      Those in power are going to force everyone to stay in place until it is too late so the economy will keep running so they can personally prepare, and the common people die. This disruption will wipe out about 1/3 of the population of the planet, their figures which corresponds exactly to the Biblical figures. We are talking about flooding in all the worlds coastal areas, major flooding of rivers from the rain drowning BILLIONS, major earth quakes across the globe, 200 mph+ straight winds caused by the tsunamis, major volcanic action (hopefully not Yellowstone) the collapse of all the infrastructure and war over the left over resources in which the one world government will kill millions. They are giving man’s prospective, but if you read Revelation from chapter 4 to chapter 20 you will see Jesus’ prospective of what is going to happen. I believe this is the end of the age of Grace but if it is not I, but especially my children must be prepared to survive it. If you are fortunate enough to have the money to build a house put it on land above 800 feet under ground with the Base poured on rock. You want it adhered to the Rock. Do not let them put sand between the concrete and the rock as the Base needs to be solid or it will look like the land fill area in LA during the 1994 Northridge quake. If you are not that fortunate find an old bus or tractor-trailer trailer and bury it. Go to about 6.23 on this audio and you will see that our technology is not new. Listen to all eight for more information. He has a source for dried food- at least 2 years worth. get enough seed to plant about two acres of garden and store it in an air tight container with one of those moister absorbent packs you can get. Do not get the hybrids but buy the old ones.
      If I had the cash I would be doing all of this!
      The Navy estimates that 75% of all structures above the new sea level will be destroyed or have major structural damage. We are talking about no roads (bridges gone) no gas, no electricity, no indoor plumbing, no grocery supplies, no housing etc… Another words things will be as they were in the 1700s.

      I know of 30 underground facilities built to house people and store plants. I know of three major places where seed is being stored underground. I know of a lot of the preparations that our government is making for itself. I also know that they are not making any preparation at all for the masses. They intend to keep them where they are until it hits then let them die. This is to keep the economy going and keep people fooled into believing nothing is wrong. The elite are even going to let most of our soldier die so they can survive, after all they believe they are superior to you and I.

      I am attaching a PPS so you may see what I am talking about. The first is a picture of our planet compared to what is coming. The second is our solar system and the third is where it is coming from. It has a south north axes, and is entering from the south. It will swing around the sun about the in as far a distance from the sun as the distance of Jupiter from the sun. I know of its existence because of the effect it is having on our sun’s stability. It is causing sun to wobble. I know of it because of both biblical and non-biblical texts. I know of it because the government is hiding it. The Telescope images are fuzzed out where it is. I am sure it is coming because of the effects it is already having on our solar system and planet. I know of it because it sets up the exact biblical scenario of the end times. It is the Wormwood of Revelation. Chapters 4-20 of Revelation are God’s view of the end. It corresponds exactly with what the Navy says is coming without any collusion. Just to let you know, the government used the Y2K scare in such a way that the people will say “this is another Y2K so don’t believe it. “Plausible denyability” to fool the people. I was not fooled by them then and am not now. When the Gov lets it out, you can be sure it is not true- When they denies it VIA NASA, you can be sure it is going to happen!
      I am not trying to scare or control you, and I understand the knee jerk denial of the information, but the call Jesus gives my heart to pastor compels me to send it to you. For years we have had preachers proclaim the end of the age of Grace is near. I proclaim it is here. We should not be scared, but should prepare for what is coming because we do not know when during this process Jesus will return and we need to survive so as to share Jesus until He does come!

      • TIME


        A few other things you may wish to look into are the following, {Nibiru, and Elenin.} Both in the 2012 time frame.

        BTW, I have spoken with a number of Local Navy Officers who are retired here, tho they will not say outright what Mr. Moore states is true, they didn’t say NO, and afterall they are living well out of the areas that will be affected.
        I don’t live far from the Georgia Guide Stones, of what I now strongly feel were erected for the very reason Mr. Moore states.

        **BTW** this for any of you who wish to better understand all this, look into these and you may get a better picture, if you feel that its crazy, good for you, if not then really think about where your at.

        Keep your mind really open, we come back to the New Madrid, the Bird and Fish kills over the last ten years in and around this area and areas that will be affected by the NM.

        • Kate8

          TIME – I posted this over the weekend, but I thought you might be interested in reading it. It is from the book “Apollyon Rising” by Tom Horn:

          “A Hadith (tradition) sacred to Shiite Islam from the seventeenth century contains a prophecy from Ali ibn Abi-Talib, which predicts that just before the return of the Mahdi (the end-times redeemer of Islam), a ‘tall black man will assume the reins of government in the West’. This leader will command ‘the strongest army on earth’ and will bear ‘a clear sign’ from the third imam, “Hussein”. The prophecy concludes that: ‘Shiites whould have no doubt that he is with us.’

          “Does this Islamic prophecy identify Obama as the ‘promised warrior’ who comes to help the savior of Shiite Muslims conquer the world? Amir Taheri asked this ery question for Forbes Magazine in October 2008, pointing out how Obama’s first and second names–Barack Hussein–mean ‘the blessing of Hussein’ in Arabic and Persian, while his family name, Obama, written in the Persian alphabet, reads O BA Ma, which means ‘he is with us’, the magic formula in Majlisi’s tradition.”

          Nostradamus also writes of a “black king”, who works to bring about end-times destruction.

          • Christin

            Good work, Kate8,

            It is eerie how it is all coming together… prophesy from the Holy Bible and from the Koran…the evil side

          • ron

            Did Nostradomas also write about the WHITE king/man who has enslaved every nation he has come into contact with? Stole blacks from their homeland to enslave them and have his way with that mans daughters and wife. Did he talk about the manner of man who would take anothers land and place that man on reservations. What manner of man would wage war on a people(german Jews) after stripping them of their citizenship. What manner of man you ask, needless to say he is white. So if in fact The President were a Hitler, he has had the best teachers. Need I say who. Wow I do not want to be around when you learn that the three most important men of time were black. Yes Christ, Mohammad ,and Buda were black. BTW Obama is an african name.

          • http://naver sook young

            Sorry ron, but Bhudda was from India/Nepal region, Jesus would have been caucasian/arabic/jewish (As were the people of the region.), and Muhammed would be arabic. Where do you get they were black? In Easy Asia, many people worship Bhudda and he is not black. I’m sorry, but you need to stop lying. If I have my choice of believing Nostrodamus or the Bible, I would always choose the Bible. Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

          • Mike in MI

            K88 – Geez, what a counterfeit thing Islam is: “he is with us”.
            Wow, that’s so close to the place in the gospels where it wis said of Jesus Christ that “his name shall be called Emmanuel, that is ‘God with us’”.
            That’s just like that dork-head false prophet in June who said the world was going to end on a certain date. It’s so dumb that devilish people and groups always seek to gain credibility by saying or doing things using Scriptural phrases, terms or actions to try to attach its credibility to themselves. The devil never does anything with creativity; ” There is NO new thing under the sun.”

          • Christin

            Mike in MI,

            You are right… satan ‘copies’ God all the time… no originality, maybe or just maybe no one can top what God [Elohim], Our Creator, can do and has done… but satan’s plans are for evil and God’s plans are for good.

        • Mike in MI

          HEY-ho, Time, K88, JeffH and EDDIE 47 (Hey, in a river isn’t an eddie something that is in the backwaters going around and around endlessly and fruitlessly caught in its own backwash…usually with scum on top? Fits) -
          Anyway for you other mainstream folks I thought i’d let you in on a little something the scoffers will soon be cheering because they revel in the grotesque and perverse.
          I was working through something in Biblical studies and discovered something peculiar that seems to be a sign of the times and things to come:
          In Revelation 20:4 is a reference to “those who were (beheaded) for the witness of Jesus and of the Word of God…”. “Beheaded” (pelekizo) means to strike or cut with an axe, behead. Other references to these same souls use a different word describing the motivation of their killers behind their deaths. The word “slain” referring to these people is the word “sphazo” (Attic Grk – “sphatto”). This is really peculiar because it is properly used in ritualized, sacrificial killing as offerring it to a god.
          Now, surely in our modern, civilized world we know of no one who does something so hideous and barbaric. Do we…or, DO WE-e? Is there any religion we can think of that cuts peoples’ heads off while chanting praises to their god and his prophet? NAW-W-w-w…or, is there? Um-m-m, Dan Pearl?
          You liberals – take note. One of these days, if you stay true to your liberal “faith” you will be applauding this sort of thing as it is meted out on Christians and faithful Hebrew adherents to The Word of God. (“Not me!”, you say. Believe me stranger things have occurred to God-haters just like you…within recent memory.)

      • Mattski

        To Phillip Maine: Man, you sure are long winded! Is there anything else? Are you sure you got it all?

        • FreedomFighter

          Do a little research, those US Navy Maps scare me. They dont make them for giggles.

          Laus Deo
          Semper Fi

        • independant thinker

          I agree. Anyone who has that long a post should submit an article to Bob for publication or find a way to shorten it.

      • Chris

        As the great Colonel Potter would say, ……Horse Puckey!!!

        • http://naver sook young

          Can you cite a source showing that he is wrong? Thank you.

          Sook Young
          Wife of the Samurai

          • ron

            Can you cite a source saying he is right? Thank YOU!!!!!

      • Mike in MI

        Philip Maine -
        God bless you, honored Brother. It took more than a little guts to post the above. You’re doing what God told Joshua: “Only be you strong and very courageous…”. Keep up the good work. I’m saving this one (for a few months, I guess).

        • Mike in MI

          Phillip M. – However, I do have a reservation. You say this brown or red dwarf comes around in a 3600 year circuit. God made the stars and heavenly bodies in Gen. 1:14. If this thing came around in Noah’s time it couldn’t have returned so quickly in Moses time..unless it’s orbit were deflected by gravitational interaction with something. Can you explain?

      • Joyce from Loris

        Mr. Maine, THANK YOU so much for attaching these sites! I read them all, couldn’t hardly stop! Bless you for this eye opening information. I have never heard about any of this, but once I saw the videos, I searched more, and it’s amazing how much I have learned today.
        I can not thank you enough!

      • ron

        Have your sources also told you that Ronald Reagan had the mark of the beast in that his 3 names all had 6 letters? Of course not. But I could direct you to people who believe this to be true. You know this already because why else would you put up a lie about the president and Muslims wanting him to be an emon. And I assume you call yourself a Christian? Obama is Hitler / a Muslim emon, starve the American Indian out and put him on reservations for his own good, bring smallpox and other disease to his shores, capture, kill and enslave blacks and force them to help build this country, come close to exterminating the aborigine, all in the name of Christianity. And to top that off you spread lies as quick as you quote the bible. Practice what you preach. Obama is the wrong color to be Hitler. Just like he is the wrong color according to most of you to be in the WHITE house. Now Pastor that!!!!!

        • http://naver sook young

          Ron, why do you hate Christians so much? Is it because the ones that control you told you to be this way? Have they formed you thought patterns to be a certain way? Why do you come here with a “there is no God and Christians are bad” agenda? If you bring nothing to the conversation, then please don’t waste our time. Thank you.

          Sook Young
          Wife of the Samurai

          • ron

            Dear Mike and Sook, first what I hate is some of the things some people do and manage call themselves Christians. As for you Mike if my IQ is 40 yours has to be minus that. As for your attempt at the history of that region leave it alone because no one kills better than Euros. So when you sit at your computers and spread this crap on a so called Christian cite, yes Hitler on a Christian cite ask yourselves (Sook and Big IQ Mike) just what would either of you say if your pastor were compared to Hitler. Does your pastor know you visit this page in the name of Christianity? That’s the problem with you want to get to heaven ultra right evangelical righteous fools. You have no problem talking down to or about anyone who has a different opinion than yours. Hardly the tolerance Jesus stood for. No I do not hate Christians, but I do hate hypocrites and that is the extent that I will address the two of you. Because I will I watch you (or people like you) go to church on Sunday to forget all you learned on Monday. Yes my IQ is low enough that I will not allow anyone party democrat or republican to convince me to vote against my own interest. Have a great day and keep in mind that I fought for this great nation myself. I have earned the right to disagree with any living he she or it!!!! You have the audacity to compare the President of The United States to your hero Hitler. Go to your rooms!!!!!

          • JeffH

            ron(ny) says, “So when you sit at your computers and spread this crap on a so called Christian cite”

            Don’t want to burst your little bubble ron(ny) but this ain’t a christian website no matter how hard you’d like to think it to be.

          • ron

            My bad Jeff, I thought with all the Jesus and doom and gloom this was a Christian page because no one loves Jesus and liberty like conservatives.

        • Mike in MI

          ron – What an IQ! I bet yours is easily in the high 40′s. And…your brain is so emancipated…like from all reason, logic, truth and perspective. Why, you don’t even need a knowledge base. You just open your big bazoo, disengage your brain and the words speak themselves. What a marvelous ability…almost like Oblama-lama-ding-dong without PROMPTERman.
          Hey! how do you think the Africans got out to the ocean? I’ll bet you think they ran out there begging the slavers to carry them to America, don’t you? Almost, but not quite.
          No-o-o…the the first line captors that ravaged the African tribal groups were Islamics who hobbled and neck-tied them. Then, herded them to the coastal pick-up points and sold them. It’s true, the slave trade would have been impossible without Mad Mo Mohammed’s beastly African Islamic usurpers.
          Oh, and the number of letters making up a person’s name has nothing to do with the 666 mark OTB, you dink. That’s related to certain mid-east languages which had numbers associated with certain letters. For instance most people know (probably not you, ron) that, for instance in Latin one = I; two = II; five = V; ten = X; fifty = L; a hundred = C; a thousand = M; etc. Various ancient alphabets used that sort of device. The sum of the values of the number-bearing letters in one’s name was the “number of his name”. Like “ron” would be worthless in their system…too.

          • ron

            And you Mr. big IQ have too much time on your hands.

    • eddie47d

      One thing for sure Time is making his usual extreme “Predictions”. Remember Dec 1st is coming up and you made the prediction that the USA will have Martial Law by that date. Place your bets folks for this could be an easy win.

      • TIME

        Manzier 47 D cup,

        Perhaps you should pull your head out of your butt and smell fresh air. Oh how silly of me your head is your butt.
        Have a nice day you fat ass little mindless putz. :-)

        JFTR, Yes, thats an insult to you in all ways shapes and forms.
        If you were standing in my face I would say the same thing, then LMAO.

        • Doc Sarvis

          A personal attack is all you have?

          • TIME


            I have few words for you but this fits your case rather well.

            (Your simply a shiver looking for a spine to run up.)

            And thanks for playing, As per the norm your post as worthless as road apples on a hot summer day, they stink and have no value.
            Now you go and have yourself a nice day, :-)

          • Doc Sarvis

            I’m surprised you would want to show – again – the weakness of your point of view.

          • TIME


            {You have no enemies, but you are intensely disliked by your friends.}

            Now go and grow a set.

          • Doc Sarvis

            I didn’t know you were so into me.

          • http://naver sook young

            Doesn’t that tend to be the favorite ploy of the liberals on this cite? You never use personal attacks or do any name calling doc? Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

        • Old Henry

          Holy smoke TIME, you having a real bad day? That’s perty tough on ole mis-guided eddie.

          I guess I’m a little slow, but what does JFTR represent? I’m not into that texting crap. It took me a while ta figer out the LOL, LMAO and BTW, etc.

          • JeffH

            OH, :) …”Just For The Record”…had to look it up myself to be sure…

          • Kate8

            TIME – Don’t let the mocking libs get to you. The most disappointing thing for them is to be simply ignored. Getting us riled is exactly what they’re here to do.

            There are many of us who understand what you and Phillip are talking about. None of us know the exact time-frame, but we know it is not far off. When it all comes down, those mocking smirks will be wiped right off their faces.

            None of us want to see anything like this, but the wise keep aware and watchful.

          • eddie47d

            Time is on a permanent Period and he indeed made that Martial Law prediction and a few others.He also had exact dates when he posted those predictions. If he doesn’t stand by what he says why believe anything he says!I’m sure you loved his low level diatribe or are afraid to challange him.

          • JeffH

            eddie’s back with the audacity to even mention “low level diatribe”…does the mirror stare back eddie? For two days you’ve been back and have yet to say anything substantially more than condescending ridicule…speaking of low level!

            Hope you enjoyed your visit with your mother.

          • eddie47d

            Jeff; Your to busy giving Time a free pass with his false predictions. Have you drank too much out of his cup of nonsense?

          • JeffH

            One moe time…”eddie’s back with the audacity to even mention “low level diatribe”…

            Again, one more time…”does the mirror stare back eddie”?

        • Greg T

          A personal attack is not a Christ like response.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      My question to all who post here. Why are we letting the political human trash manipulate us? We are sounding like bleating sheep in a field not knowing which direction to go, scared and hungry. Don’t any realize that the way you THINK, that is the way you will go. FEELING negative, and constantly whining will depress you and will change the brain and body chemistry and you will spiral further. This is great set up for people who love to manipulate other people. They don’t want people who can think and can WORK and LIVE independently in spite of circumstances.
      We can know everything that goes in politics but what good does it do us if we let the human garbage dictate our lives.

      • Old Henry


        Most of the folks who post here are anything but sheep. What you read here is concern for our liberty and freedom.

        The 2010 election was supposed to be the first step in getting things “right” and now they are fast becoming part of the problem. So, our options are becoming few as we have used two of our three boxes to re-gain our nation. Soap Box, Ballot Box, Ammo Box.

        We have a communist conducting an occupaton of our WH and in turn filling it with fellow communists. We also have several communists in our Congress and a couple on the Supreme Court.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          I know what we got and who gave us the government we now have, so that tells that we have a part of the population that is stupid and gullible. Notice I didn’t say uneducated. Possibly the education was into imbecility.
          This means that we have to be alert and clever and cunning to survive and thrive in spite of the politicians we got.

        • Vicki

          FOUR boxes. We have 4 boxes with which to defend freedom an liberty.

          Soap Box
          Ballot Box
          Jury Box
          Ammo Box

          ALL of the first 3 are operational. Thanks to the internet the first box has even multiplied its effectiveness many fold.

          We can and must continue to use those first 3 boxes. Leave the 4th box for a real crisis.

        • ron

          As to the communist in the white house, he left at the end of the 08 elections. Went back to Texas I think. The draft dodger went on Fox /Fixed news with his daughter. I did not know Clarence Thomas was a communist, just your everyday Tom I thought. Now that Roberts I would watch him close he’s suspect. So if you eat your peas and say your prayers at night you may get your WHITE house back in 2016. Heck we may let Angela Davis run the place after 2016.

    • Bob from Calif.

      You are so right Time.
      Most people do not even have the slightest clue of what just happened. Our whole government has just been reformed, and the seperation of powers has just been destroyed and the constitution has just been trampled. Obama has just been made the ruler of the United States. It will not be long now before the Globalist psychopaths start the round up. Get ready folks, just remember you can’t eat gold. Get ready to save your life, because that’s what this is going to come down to.

    • Marty

      No need for you scoffers to scoff…..from the time of Noah and the great flood, to 9/11, people being
      people, have scoffed at what they do not know and have never experienced. How many times have we
      heard a bewildered neighbor exclaiming their shock regarding violence in the neighborhood because
      “nothing like that ever happened here before”. We rely on the “known” and refuse to see (or to try to
      imagine) things that are so horrific we cannot wrap our minds around them. We count on (depend on,
      even) the expected…what we know…the familiarity of the tried and true….and even if we try our best
      to imagine the worst, we still cannot comprehend it really happening. Otherwise, why are we always so
      ill prepared?

    • Jeryl

      Time, I agree with you. Obama is very effective – at doing what he does best: tear down the USA. You were right on.

  • 101stRECON68

    I think that while gold is a good store of value, silver would be the most “spendable” asset because it is more easily divisible. If you have a $3,000 gold coin and need to buy bullets or eggs you are not likely to get change back from that. So it would be advisable to store your major wealth in gold to preserve what you have, however silver would be the metal of choice for day to day living as well as lead. Lots and lots of lead….

    • Al Sieber

      I’ll second that Recon.

    • Cashpockets

      It’s called Survival Silver and it may eventually become just that.
      Copper Dollar American Eagle Rounds may also be a good thing to have for small purchases in the event of a paper dollar collapse.
      This is only a matter of when will it happen, not if it will happen.
      The only uncertainty about it is, just when will it be.

      We are at the mercy of a Corrupt Government System.

      • 45caliber

        It would be funny but it may be that the old copper pennies may be worth more than the non-silver coins and paper dollars out now.

        • Joyce from Loris

          Yes, they are! And the nickles are as well, and the value is going up. Keep ALL your change, dump the worthless dollar! The most valuable thing we can have is the ability and knowledge to hunt, fish, garden, farm and shoot. Stock pile your food and water, and anything that you will need to accomplish self preservation.

        • Old Henry


          Currently an old copper penny has a melt down value of 2.9 cents.

          Have you gotten any rain? I thought I heard on the WC that TX was getting A LITTLE rain.

          • jibbs

            no rain in south central Missouri, but I was in Chicgo last week to see my parents and they were dumped on.

          • 45caliber

            Old Henry:

            I got less than half an inch with Tropical Storm Don. That was the first in some time. I’ve had less than three inches since the first of March. I just hope our rain doesn’t come bundled with a hurricane.

    • Doc Sarvis

      When it really hits the fan a match and a knife will be worth more than your $3,000 piece of gold or silver.

      I wish we didn’t have these infomercials disguising as commentary.

      • JeffH

        …and multiple rounds of 5.56/.45/12ga and the equipment and wherwithall to dispatch them will trump all of the gold, silver and the owner of the match…and your point was?

      • JeffH

        DS says “I wish we didn’t have these infomercials disguising as commentary.”

        As Karl Denninger(former CEO of MCSNet,founding contributer to conservative blog and is one of the founders of the Tea Party movement) writes, “When investors get nervous about stocks, they usually flow to bonds. Today, they’re not. They’re buying gold instead which is up just under 1%, or silver, which is up 3.2%…” During the next few weeks or short months even the blind will begin to see which way events are going to take us.

        Seems others, besides John Meyers, are spreading he word too…

        With all the uncertainty in the U.S. such as the shrinking dollar, the economy, a housing crisis and the ever growing national debt, adding gold to ones portfolio is really a no-brainer.

        Plus, with all turmoil in the rest of the world, gold is becoming more of a safe haven investment than ever before in history.

        But of all the reasons why you should invest in gold, take a hard look at the Dow Jones vs Gold Price ratio. This could be the biggest sign of all!—Here-is-Another-Good-Reason-Why&id=1261049

      • JeffH

        Bill Gross, who runs the world’s biggest bond fund at Pacific Investment Management Co., said this week the compromise reached by Congress won’t make a “significant dent” in the U.S. deficit.

        “In addition to an existing nearly $10 trillion of outstanding Treasury debt, the U.S. has a near unfathomable $66 trillion of future liabilities at net present cost,” Gross wrote in his latest monthly investment outlook. He’s reiterated his prediction of an even weaker dollar, higher inflation, and economic malaise.

        Gold has risen over 3% since Congress passed its debt deal on Monday, adding to almost 8% in previous gains over the past month (during a rare summer precious-metals rally). Over the same period, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has dropped nearly 8%, bringing the Dow:gold ratio to its multi-decade low of 7. This important ratio peaked at 42:1 a decade ago, and our long-term target continues to be 2:1 or less (meaning gold may outperform the Dow by a factor of roughly 4 from this point forward).

    • Greg T

      If you want end time Bible economics, you will have to take the mark of the beast to buy and sell. You can’t eat gold.

      Second, in order to “control” the masses, the satellite and credit card/banking system must remain in place. The 666 number might be added onto like the CVV number for credit cards which will be required for your number to be switched on. Remember Nazi controlled Germany, enough followers (reluctant or not) will take the mark and ensure the rest follow suite. There will not be a place to hide it out.

      Prepare to die if you want to live for Christ. There is no waiting out the end time prophecy.

      As far as Obama, remember the Clinton predictions? I was a member of the John Birch Society for a few years during that time and heard almost the exact same predictions then. One truth seems to be that China did get access to our secretes because they sure did change almost overnight technologically. So, Obama can make a significant difference, but don’t look to the end so easily.

      The rainbow and prophecies show other things happening besides flooding. Earthquakes, famine, wars, diseases, fresh water goes bad…

      It’s a good to be prepared for things happen, but if it is the end-times you can’t…the prophecies were written so we would know that it will come to an end, not to avoid it. The hope is in believing that Christ will eventually (7years max if I read it correctly) overcome and throw the devil in hell. Pray that the Lord comes quickly is what scriptures say to do.

      • 45caliber

        And what will be the “mark of the beast”?

        I’m beginning to believe that it will be a microchip planted under your skin.

        • Greg T

          Seems to fit the bill…prophecies are for those that go through it and need to know.

          • Carlucci

            I was listening to Christian radio the other day, and there is concern in the Christian community that identity theft will accelerate at an even greater pace, and the government will use that as a means to convince sheeple that the only way to “protect themselves” from identity theft will be to allow a chip with all of their identity information (DOB, ssn, etc.) to be injected into their body.

            I can see this coming to pass as I just found out that someone has applied for a credit card in my name on the web. They even charge airline tickets with it.

          • Jeryl

            Carlucci has a good point. However it goes, it will go the way the Lord has prophesied. I’m not ever going to be foolish enough to try to set a date, but I do believe it’s near.

          • Greg T

            What is awe inspiring is that when the prophecy was given, it was not possible to take place literally like it is today.

  • home boy

    john, maybe you should read the bible more. at least there you will find the truth but only if you have faith that the bible is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. stop waiting for man to try to solve your problems. he does not have the answers. have you ever said the our father prayer? do you understand what it means? thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. do you know what you are asking for when you say that? think about it . look to god for help not man.

    • Lena

      home boy,
      You will have to direct me to the passage in the Bible that says geldings will kill colts. I must have missed that day of Sunday school.

      • home boy

        so i guess you didn’t understand what he was saying about this guy taleb .

  • http://none Dave Brown

    Home boy! God, not god.

  • Diwamani

    This Taleb guy is sooooo full of it. The events like WW1, 9/11 etc were carefully planned and executed. There’s nothing unforeseen about them.

    • DaveH

      They were unforeseen by mainstream Americans who generally have no clue about the insidious nature of the Political Class.
      For those who want to get a clue (this is shocking):

    • Centurion

      Taleb uses an analogy in his book. Its called the Turkey’s 1,000th day. A turkey hatches and is well cared for by the kind and gentle people that feed it and give it a comfortable place to live. It has no responsibilities, all of its needs are provided for and it is happy. These people must truly be wonderful to make the turkey’s life so easy and comfortable. On the turkey’s thousandth day of life, it wakes expecting the wonderful care to continue. After all, every single day of its experience, the turkey has been pampered. That day is Thanksgiving and the farmer is coming with an ax in his hand! Just because an event is a Black Swan to you, does not mean that it wasn’t planned by someone else. The majority of our population is living the turkey’s life at the moment and I fear that the government farmer may be sharpening his ax.

      • Old Henry

        Well said Centurion, well said.

    • Old Henry


      You are correct. See the link I posted in my comment somewhere below.

  • Dan az

    (“The American people don’t want to be governed from the left, the right or the center. The American people want to govern themselves,” says Scott Rasmussen, president of Rasmussen Reports. “The American attachment to self-governance runs deep. It is one of our nation’s cherished core values and an important part of our cultural DNA)
    This is why I say that the time is right for a true third party vote.We all don’t trust the gubmnt and even the left have their doubts.The splitting of the divide and concur concept shifted to our advantage.We must stop this take over and join together this time to stop them in their tracks.I know it has never happened before but like john says about the black swan this time if can happen.

  • Tom

    Black Swan effect.

  • Tom

    Black Swan effect. Who has the power to disrupt the U.S financial economy. Who has the power to make the U.S. energy independent.
    Who has the power to protect our borders. Who has the power to put Americans back to work. Who has the power to tax the American people.
    NOW … What do we know about our president, only what he wants us to know. Is he a true U.S. citizens. Is his alliance with the middle eastern world
    or the U.S.A.. Is his intentions to make America great or to destroy from within. Is his intentions to protect our borders or to bring law suits against
    U.S. states to block their efforts. Is the unknown inserts in the health care for the good of U.S. citizens. OB has had 18 months to get a budget with
    a dem congress and senate but did not do so. WHY? Has OB initiated any real guidance to set the U.S. on any path to job growth, secure borders,
    energy dependent or a budget to ensure a strong America. OB did create a lot of Zars, the TSA is a plus (yea right) , law suits against states wanting a
    secure border.I do not know when the Black Swan will appear next but I have a feeling I know who will be behind it. Just because many believe it does
    not exist.

  • Bert Cundle

    I PREDICTED THIS MESS!!! We are in a world of verities, one or some, taking control of others, is & “will be” k,oss! U.S. turned on its friends, with little opposition at the time! But: the virus grew. Hellow VIRUS, Where did you come from?

    • OB1

      Hell, the real Global Warming.

  • Elevenarrows

    I’m getting to the point where I believe that even if acting-president Obama walked into Congress, pulled out a gun and shot those warning us (like Ron and Rand Paul, Jim DeMint, etc.)no one would do ANYTHING about it. The abuses of our Constitution being committed by this administration are not being countered with any measures by our Congress. Let’s quit calling them Congressional leaders because there has certainly been no evidence of leadership that I can discern. Every single man or woman that has supported these atrocities needs to be voted out of office. I just read a comparison of prices from January 2009 to today. The examples are shocking:Average price of gas was $1.83 and is now $3.44. The cost of European crude oil per barrel was $43.48 and is now $99.02. Gold was $853.25 per troy ounce and is now $1369.50. Corn (#2 yellow in Central IL) was $3.56 and is now $6.33. Sugar cane has increased 164.7%!!! The number of long-term unemployed has risen 146.2%. Is this the hope and change some of you voted for??? I’ll be glad to provide more comparisons and the sources for such information if someone desires it.

    These are troubling times and we all need to be actively preparing for even darker days and realizing that the same Congress that has refused to bring treason charges against this president is the same Congress that will not be there to help when the grid “fails”, there is no fuel to purchase even if you could afford it and the grocery stores are empty. I’m not an alarmist. I’m practical.

    • Dan az

      Bush did!No–Reagan did.I just thought that I would add it before the libs did just for humor.
      The sad thing is we all are going to feel the pain and it doe not matter if your on one side or the other.I hope that you are prepared as I am because we are all going to be living the experience together.

      • Elevenarrows

        Dan in AZ, you are right…it doesn’t matter who did it, we’re all in this together. My family; however, will be prepared to defend against all those who have not prepared and want to come and take what we’ve stored. It will be all those who scoffed and laughed at those of us who saw the “writing on the wall”.

        As to the blame-game, I blame almost all Congressmen (there have been a few over the years who have shouted the warnings and been laughed at)from both major parties, most presidents (especially all those in bed with the CFR, Bilderbergers, Tri Laterals, etc.), all the voters who voted based on stupid things like “I just want to be part of history and vote for the first black president…I don’t care what his positions are!” (an actual quote), and all the apathetic Americans who cannot be budged from their reality TV shows to engage in actual reality…like protecting the Constitution that safeguards our Republic.

        • eddie47d

          Valid comments Elevenarrows and yes indeed Dan, Reagan raised the debt ceiling a whopping 18 times.We’ve been stuck with these problems for quite some time(even before Reagan).

          • JeffH

            It should also note that it has been raised three times already under President Obama, on Feb. 17, 2009, Dec. 28, 2009 and Feb. 12, 2010.

            We would be remiss if we failed to note that Obama opposed one of those increases to the debt ceiling under George W. Bush and criticized Bush for a lack of leadership.

            “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills,” Obama said before a March 16, 2006, vote on raising the debt limit. The Senate narrowly approved raising the limit along partisan lines, 52-48, with all Democrats opposed. Hmmmm!

            Politics as usual is what I say…

          • Vicki

            Eddie47d confuses powers (again) and writes:
            “Reagan raised the debt ceiling”

            Neither Reagan nor Obama can raise the debt ceiling. The DEMOCRAT Congress raised it under Reagan. All 18 times. The mixed (too many RINO’s and a Democrat Senate) Congress raised it last Tuesday.

  • oldbill

    The worst thing that can happen to the US is for the $US to strengthen over the next several years. Has this ever happened before? Well, yes. It happens about every seven years in a fourteen year cycle. When does it start? After the dollar has sold off. Humm? There is a nominal $500B refunding this month, and Treasury would love to do this without a “QE3″. Does anyone realize what will happen to demand for the $US if $500B real fiat dollars are sopped up in one month? Just a thought. $US oversold vs gold, silver, bonds, money markets, Euro, Yen, and Yuan all overbought.

  • George

    There are no “Black Swans”; there is only a failure to consider all of the factors which impact an event. It is virtually impossible for a human being with limited intelligence to consider all of the factors, or to even realize that something should be considered a factor, which is why things appear to be “Black Swans” or surds. If consideration had been made of the Kaiser’s ambition and the state of unrest in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Balkans, one might not have been surprised that events unfolded as they did. All this is to say that we are not God so we need to take account of the unpredictability (by us) factor.

    • MJ Montana

      What you say is in fact what a Black Swan event is: “the failure to consider all of the factors which impact an event.”

      I don’t see how anyone can say there are not Black Swan events. The discovery of the America’s was a Black Swan event. So was the rise of Hitler. And yes (not to compare the two), but he election of Obama. How many a decade ago would have anticpated a black President? Nobody

      Add to the list AIDS, 9/11 and many other things that nobody anticaptes and what the Bible doesn’t mention.

      • George

        My impression was that a “Black Swan” event was one in which one COULD NOT consider all of the facts. They may be exceedingly difficult to consider (or even recognize), but they can be considered.

      • Mike in MI

        MJ Monty -
        That is exactly why the counsel of the Lord is:
        “Trust in the Lord with all your heart.
        Lean not to your own understanding.
        In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.
        Be not wise in your own eyes. Fear (respect) the Lord and depart from evil.
        It shall be health to your navel and marrow (moisture) to your bones.”
        (Worry, fear, frustration and confusion have been found to produce chemicals in the body that wither and cause the skeleton to become brittle.) Man doesn’t need to (can’t) know all the factors and vectors. The best man can do is get God’s wisdom about what to DO – and DO what His guidance suggests. He won’t drive us in any direction. We just need to dump the pride and be meek enough to heed.

        “Happy is the man that finds wisdom and the man that gets understanding for the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver and the gain thereof than fine gold.”

  • Old Henry


    Interesting article this week. When growing up my main contact with horses was the sort that drank high octane gasoline and lots of fresh air. Hence my interest in what you wrote today. My dad moved off the farm in 1940, went to town and got a job at a local steel mill. I always longed to live on the farm, but was limited to visits with my cousins.

    God is now, and has always seemed to be a little out of my financial reach. I did, however, buy some silver rounds late last year as I think silver is under-priced and I can afford to buy small amounts now and then. Along with you I follow a feller named Lee Bellinger from Independent Living Bullion. He also recommends the American Eagle.

    So far this year my main focus has been storing up food.

    We do indeed live in very scary times. A lot of our problems have been brought on by our (voters) stupid / ignorant choices. We have sown the wind and are now reaping the whirl wind.

    Here is a link to Bix Weir’s page. On it are two links. The “Money Changers” is several hours long, but worth every second. It shows in detail how we got in this current mess, what is planned and how to survive it. I spent most of last Saturday watching the video and highly recommend it to anyone with a desire to know the truth. The documentary goes to our country’s beginnings and back to Roman times.

  • DaveH
  • JeffH

    I’d like to share this article from the Oath Keepers website.

    Financial Suicide…the American government cannot pay its bills, not with real money at least, only with the fabricated stuff, the kind of money that can be created out of thin air. Its funny money and it is taking the whole world down to a place where it will probably take many decades from which to recover.

    Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez, whose own country defaulted on about $100 billion in debt a decade ago, asked last week: “When did the American dream become a nightmare?”

    “President Obama and his allies in Congress believe they know better than you do what is in your own best interest,” writes attorney Jonathan Emord, which means “we have a bunch of morons in Washington” running roughshod over our future lives.

    Eventually the American taxpayer will get so fed up with this bunch of morons in Washington—Republican and Democrat—they are going to demand we take real action with real numbers; cut through the crap and start dealing with this debt and we can do it.

    Contemporary civilization has already committed financial suicide and we are now just waiting for the poison to take full effect but many millions are already feeling the poison flooding through their veins.

    The banks of Europe are the new Feudal Manors and Masters. All Europeans now serve them as debt-serfs in one way or another.

    The elites that stand behind the EU are trying to build a one-world order,and they will stop at nothing to get it. The same thing is going on in the U.S. with the debt crisis. An orchestrated agenda. The Americans will eventually get European-style austerity. They simply don’t understand the ramifications yet. – The Daily Bell

    Karl Denninger writes, “When investors get nervous about stocks, they usually flow to bonds. Today, they’re not. They’re buying gold instead which is up just under 1%, or silver, which is up 3.2%…” During the next few weeks or short months even the blind will begin to see which way events are going to take us.

    • Jay

      Wow Jeff, mind sobering article, and an accurate depiction of current affairs, as well, an accurate prediction of things to come, if we don’t wake up!

      • JeffH

        Jay, the warning signs have been out there for quite a while now. Every day we see and understand more of this, but alas, most Americans still rely on the MSM and their local scribes for their daily information and put their trust in the people they’ve elected that are ruining this great country. Anyone that has gone against the “status quo” in DC gets demonized, marginalized and labeled with every derogatory comment and name that their MSM, the administration, congressional and senate opponents can muster.

        I think Americans are pretty fed up with it all and I look for some major, major changes in DC in 2012. I thank God for the family Paul, Rubio, DeMint, Lee, Johnson and some others not mentioned and the Tea Party for giving a ray of hope and having some effect, but the road to travel is a long one.

        • Jay

          Aye, I know you’re right, Jeff. A lot of Americans do realize that there’s something a-foot, and that something does not, bode well. We must continue to resist, stir and shake awake, the ones that still slumber! I heard someone make mention of the possibility of a coming revolution, no doubt it has already begun!

  • chuckb

    to even imagine that a one world government could actually take place is ludicrous, it would be like putting a cat in a sack of coon hounds.
    do you think for a minute if it were possible and whatever organization decreed they were the ruler, the chinses or the russians are going to say yes we agree, we will subdue to your rule, also the moslem countries will give up sharia law to abide by a one world ruling entity. you may defeat one country at a time by force then apply a dictatorship, however, so far this method has failed.

    we should be more concerned with the problem we have in washington d.c.
    the people we elected in congress, the ones that just sold out to barry. this is a clear and present danger. this is what we should worry about and it seems like it gets worse each election. i get more incensed by the day when i see how these gop leaders have caved in and have the audacity to appear on tv as conquering hero’s. the one world government i fear is the present one in wash.dc.

    • independant thinker

      chuckb……….One world government WILL happen read the Bible. The question is not if but rather when.

    • Jeryl

      You’re wrong, ChuckB. When I was young, we thought a European Union was impossible, but now look. Not only that, but there will soon be a North American Union. Virtually everything is in place for it. It’s one of the reasons Obama doesn’t want to enforce the border. Those unions are just regional groupings to prepare for the ultimate one-world government. Ultimately, Russia and China will turn on the one-world gov and move to take the Middle East oil fields and the wealth of the Dead Sea.

  • Raggs

    Ok so may I said a wordy-derd… opps.

    chuck… we are paying a DICTATOR to rule over us…

  • TML

    “The Muslim threat has not disappeared…”

    Any so-called Muslim threat has been going on since before the Crusades… and comments like that, reek of such fear-based preemptive religiously driven conquest. There is no “Muslim” threat. America will never fall because of some foreign religious zealots… it will fall from within, at the hands of our domestic enemies… and I’ll give you a hint… those enemies aren’t Muslims.

    “For us ordinary folks I think the best — in fact, the only — protection we have from a Black Swan event is gold. Action to take: …”

    But I strongly agree with you on the main point of your article.

    • John Myers

      Dear TML,
      I was being facetious in saying that about the Muslim threat. You are correct… it is here and getting worse.
      John Myers

    • Jay

      Jihad at Fort Hood, again – where are media? 3 August 2011
      By Pamela Geller

      Another Muslim soldier has been arrested for planning a jihad attack on troops at Fort Hood in Texas. Pfc. Naser Abdo, 21, shouted out “Nidal Hasan Fort Hood 2009″ as he was leaving a federal courtroom Friday after admitting to his plot. He told authorities that he hoped to kill American soldiers in support of the Muslim Maj. Hasan, an Army psychiatrist who went jihad in November 2009 and murdered 13 people on the base.

      How weak and culpable are the higher ups at the Department of Defense. They actually granted conscientious objector status to Abdo last year, because in Islam you wage war against the infidel, not for the infidel. The Quran says, “It is not for a believer to kill a believer unless it be by mistake” (4:92). Abdo was subsequently caught with child pornography, but according to the Shariah, you can marry girls as young as babies (and Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, married his favorite wife, Aisha, when she was 6) – so why didn’t they give him a pass on the child porn charges as well?

      This jihadi who wanted to carry out a new assault on Fort Hood had, in his backpack, a copy of the article, “How to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom,” from a devout Muslim al-Qaida website. He had amassed explosives, intending to make bombs and set them off in places where soldiers gathered, and then start shooting to make the mayhem and carnage even worse. Killeen, Texas, Police Chief Dennis Baldwin stated: “I would classify this as a terror plot.” But how much have you heard about it on the news?

      • Mike in MI

        Shooting this holey scumbag would simply be classified as “policing up the area”…and hygienic discouragemant of vermin and disease vectors.

  • http://deleted Claire

    Black Swan: Hmmmm perhaps it is covered with oil…..

  • Bruce D.

    Nice little home spun story John Meyers with a good theme – well written and enjoyable TO READ.

    • John Myers

      Thanks for your comment Bruce and thanks to all of you for reading.

  • Marty S.

    Obama seems to have a released a whole flock of black swans like a pestilence since he began to portray himself as a president of this country. All I can say is get ready so we better invest in precious metals starting with lead (ammo) and then work up to gold. Gold’s real purpose in the above scenarios is literally to pay a ransom to get a loved one released safely otherwise use silver, copper etc for day to day transactions. Stocking up now on necessities like food and water also makes sense. The politics of the day has only deferred for a short while the inevitable collapse by basically giving the government a Discover Card with a ridiculously high interest rate and severe terms to keep the payments going on all 17 of the other credit cards which are at their limit. What’s in your wallet? Hopefully not paper dollars.

    • Mike in MI

      Marty S. – Are those swans…or are they??? No…they’re… buzzards.

  • Raggs

    Good idea… Why don’t you all stupid people shut up and play stupid like oblama is being paid to tell you to do?

    • Raggs

      Oh but wait… Now it’s really stupid because we are the ones that are paying him to tell us to shut up.

    • Raggs

      AM I CLEAR?

  • Marty S.

    Speaking of black swans it looks like the stock market took a “swan” dive today resulting in a 513 point loss in the Dow.


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