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Why You Need to Get Long In Silver Immediately

December 9, 2010 by  

Why You Need to Get Long In Silver Immediately

If you haven’t already bought silver, the market just gave you an extraordinary reason to take action… right now.

In mid-October, I wrote about a coming rally in the U.S. dollar. Bearish bets against the currency were near record levels… and Ben Bernanke was telling the world he was ready to print money to prop up the economy. When a trade gets extremely popular, it’s like passengers crowding themselves on one side of a ship. It’s natural for the ship to tip over and throw them all into the water, then lurch in the opposite direction.

As you can see from the chart below, that rally came… and the dollar screamed higher…


Nowadays, stocks, precious metals and commodities all tend to trade inversely with the U.S. dollar. When the dollar sinks, those three typically soar. When the dollar rises, those three typically decline. That’s exactly what has happened with stocks and commodities lately… As the dollar was rallying, the rallies in stocks and commodities sputtered.

This is what makes the recent action in silver all the more impressive. You see, while silver was "supposed" to decline like stocks and commodities did, it actually soared to its highest price all year.


There’s something important we need to take away from this situation…

When an asset doesn’t decline when it is "supposed to" — if a company jumps 5 percent after it releases terrible earnings, or if a commodity shoots 10 percent higher after a major consumer says it won’t use much of it in the coming year — it’s a big bullish signal for that asset.

It tells you what you hear in the press or see at first glance isn’t the whole picture. It tells you the fundamentals driving the asset are strengthening…

This is what just happened in the silver market.

More people are waking up to the fact that governments around the world have wrecked their finances… and that governments plan to print money in order to pay for bailouts, entitlements and welfare programs.

Now that folks are watching whole countries go bankrupt on the nightly news and reading how U.S. government spending is exploding, they are waking up to the idea of owning gold and silver as a "real money" way to protect themselves from these disasters.

Indians, Chinese, Europeans, Americans… you name it. They’re buying gold and silver. They’re buying these metals in such volume, you get situations in silver like we’re seeing… It won’t decline even when it is "supposed to."

This isn’t to say that silver can’t suffer a correction. Silver is a volatile asset. It’s in its nature to go through booms and busts. But the long-term outlook is solid. I don’t see any political will to stop the big spending and bailouts you hear about every day.

So if you haven’t bought silver, go ahead and buy. Sure, it’s climbed a lot in the past few months. But as we’ve seen in the past few weeks, there are incredible forces driving the metal up. As more people flock to "real money," silver is going to go higher.

Good investing,

–Brian Hunt
Editor in chief,
Stansberry & Associates

P.S. For more on why silver is skyrocketing, I encourage you to watch an amazing video our publisher just put together. I have to warn you — this video will likely offend you. But I think it’s something every American should see… and it could have a huge impact on your life. Click here to view it now.

Brian Hunt

is editor in chief of Stansberry & Associates Investment Research and has been with the company since 2004.

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  • James

    I have never heard or read what $USD & (EOD) stand for. What is the dollar being compared to? What do the numbers on the right end of the chart stand for?

  • Raggs

    I have a question

    First of all buying gold is a very good idea if you can afford it.

    So with the US buying it’s debt this will mean inflation as we all know… The value of the dollar will sink along with many other currencies such as the euro.

    My question is would it be a good idea to purchase paper money from countries other than the ones involved in the EU?

    My thinking is that when the dollar and the euro crash ( and they will ) other currencies will gain in value.

    Am I correct in my thinking????

    • Cathy

      I believe you are correct. Yes, putting your dollars in other currencies might be a smart thing to do. I would think Canadian money might be a good place to start.

      Check “Everbank” online. I believe you can do a search and find it.

    • DaveH

      As with any investment, currency trading should be done with due diligence. The country should be thoroughly researched before you buy their currency. Make sure you aren’t jumping from the frying pan into the fire.
      Here’s a good place to start. I would check out different countries’ currencies against the dollar on the recent chart and then also pick the monthy average link to go back a year or two. Once you home in on some countries that have done well against the dollar, then you should read all you can about what’s going on in those countries politically:

      • Raggs

        Dave…. Good link! Thank you!

  • TIME

    FOLKS, Perhaps I need to really take the bloody gloves off to drive home the point. So be it.

    You can buy all the gold and silver and what ever you wish.
    Will it go up in value, YES indeed it will, and it will pay you a bounty of profit on the back end but what if you have no place to spend that profit, you can’t take it with you now can you?
    And if someone stronger comes along how will you keep it?
    If you can’t defend your own country from whats happening right now. So tell me how will you stop well armed as in advanced arms plus armored body suits, and Technology that you can’t even fathom that will be used against you.
    Will silver or gold save you from that fate?

    The answer is very simple, NO.

    I know thats not what you wanted to hear, well I have said it now so many times I am tired of it, “WAKE UP PEOPLE!”

    Let me ask any of you this simple question can you all deal with that?
    I hope so as its so bloody obvious what the answer is you will crap yourselfs.

    Did Money save the Jewish people of Europe in the late 1930′s – May 1945? Did Gold or silver or even Diamonds save them?

    Did Gold and Silver and priceless Jewels save the Czar and his Family in 1918?

    Did Gold and Silver and Priceless Jewels save the Chinese people in the late 1940′s?

    Did Gold & Silver and Priceless Jewels save the Cuban people in the late 1950′s and early 1960′s?

    Did Gold and Silver and Priceless Jewels save the people of Veitman in the 1970′s?

    Will Gold and Silver and Priceless Jewels save you in 2015?

    The answer is very simple and you may not wish to hear it, but the answer to all the above is ~ NO!

    People, you can have all the money in the world if there is no place left to run to and or if where your running to will send you right straight back to where you came from after taking from you all YOUR Gold & Silver and Priceless Jewels.

    I can’t make this any more clear than, if you think these will save you or prolong your life, “YOUR 100% DEAD WRONG.”

    Make your peace now with your God, even if your not going to fight for your FREEDOM now.
    Gold nor Silver nor Priceless Jewels will do it in the very near future.

    • Raggs

      Thats true…

      I think we all realize that soon there will be a “one world currency” and you will have to have the mark of the beast in order to purchase or sell…. I beieve it is the micro-chip implants or at least a card embedded with a micro-chip…

      The bible tells us not to build riches on earth and I respect that.
      I also think that this one world currency will be the product of the EU and the US and Canada… Rogue nations such as Cuba, China etc.. will be the ones that do not buy into this type of control because they have their own currency…

      And your are correct it doesn’t matter how much money one has, but until the world currency is in place there may be room for someone to secure a future by investing… If nothing else a person may gain enough to pay his house, automobiles and any other bill off.
      At least when the shit hits the fan he will have a roof over his head.

    • Vigilant

      We agree. May I repeat what I posted yesterday, in part:

      “I can’t imagine that gold would have any value at all in a scenario where we would be thrown back to the Dark Ages. We’re not talking about just the crash of the global financial system, we’re looking at absolute societal chaos. When I’ve got a stash of water and food, or a few cords of wood to keep me warm, do you think I’m going to trade them for a glittering metal that can contribute nothing to my survival?”

      Investment in any precious metal is OK during “minor” crises, but for the Long Emergency, invest in water, food, fuel, guns & ammo.

    • whoda thunk


      I agree with you 100%. In the past year I have purchased thousands in precious metals, but only as a way to preserve what I have from hyperinflation and see me through the coming storm. Ultimately though I am & will be trusting in God, in proverbs it says that he is a fool who sees danger coming and does nothing to prepare. I can not and I will not sit idly by & watch my finances be destroyed by corrupt government officials; I MUST take whatever precautions I can and will continue to do what I can when I see danger coming, though my finial salvation is resting in the secure work completed on the wooden cross two thousand years ago. It is sufficient!

    • PacificRim

      “A prudent man foresses the difficulties ahead and prepares for them; the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.” Proverbs 22:3

      “Joseph collected all the food produced in those 7 years of abundance in Egypt and stored it in the cities. The 7 years of abundance ended, and the 7 years of famine began, just as Joseph had said. There was famine in all the other lands, but in the whole land of Egypt there was food.” Gen.41:48-54

      “Five of them were wise and five were foolish…the wise ones took extra oil in their jars.” Matt.25:2

      • Tim Singleton

        This is the attitude I am putting my money on. Work like everything depends on me, pray like everything depends on God.

        I am sorry, but you do have to take some steps to prepare for the coming storm. Food, water, clothing, shelter, weaponry all protect your life, silver and gold prevents your wealth from being driven to zero by government theft through inflation.

        When you have done all you can do, you can then relax knowing you have done all you can do and that God knows it.

        Besides, if more Christians were raising bloody hell about flexible currency (the most unjust weight I know of, see Proverbs) and encroaching Shariah law, we might not be so far down the road as we are.

        Christians, you need to stand up and stop whining about how you are supposed to suffer. Hell, if you are going to suffer anyways, it might as well be on your feet!

    • DaveH

      Sure, you’re right if our politics go completely into the crapper. But meantime, the more likely scenario is that we will have massive inflation without the doomsday scenario. So while, yes, people should get more politically involved and hopefully rescue this country, they should also protect their money against almost certain inflation. The only thing that could possibly stop that inflation would be a complete reversal of political thinking such that our productivity would soar and make up for the huge increase in the money supply. I won’t hold my breath for that event to happen.

      • TIME

        I can’t argue your points, as the out of control Spending, the crazy low interest rates are fact the two main catalyst for inflation.
        So lets say you own a business and you know you have two years,
        A,) Would you sell your business and get the hell out?
        B,) Invest more in it knowning in two years your an open target
        and will more than likly loose your business?

        Yet again, we come back to the following, Unless anyone here has at least $50 Million cash in hand right now as well own outright everything you own, – thats more than likly a very low number.
        You will not have enough Gold / Silver etc to protect anything as you will be taxed to death perhap not at a federal level, but keep in mind STATE, and Local.

        I don’t want to be the one that burst everyone bubble but the facts are very clear and obvious, the Dream act went through the Congress, it still has the Senate to go to and as it stands right now thats a shoe in that it will pass.

        Keeping just that in mind, our Government spending will grow into hundreds of BILLIONS per year just to cover countless Millions of people who will flood into the US after this bill is signed into law by Barry Soetoro.

        Now also look at this venue, 2012 you now have these people all on the Government pay roll, who do you think they will vote for, the persons who say they are going to take away their little dream of living off the back of the few Americans still empolyed?

        You know as well as I thats not happening.

        Now also lets just toss in a few other factors, by the passage of the Tax extension with out CUTTING Government spending is going to drive UNEMPLOYMENT to levels that will blow your minds, think in the ball park of 15% that they will admit to. Thats all by 2012. the real numbers will be 35% if not higher

        Homeless rates will be driven higher than anyone here can fathom, 65 -75% of the US population or more who will be into Government housing.
        That strain alone will break the back of country. then To own a home will be a RIGHT demanded by the ones who have never paid in a single cent!

        We are just months away from yet more Military action in the Middle East. We have a high possibility of NK also on the agenda.

        Obama care starts up in 2011 and we will be looking at about 1 Trillion just to cover the cost in 2011 alone.
        Let alone in 2012 the cost will be about well over a trillion, when it has its feet firmly on the ground.

        From there it will be an easy Trillion plus per year and keep in mind that the numbers quoted from before its passage did not included the countless Millions who will flood into the US after the dream act.

        Now we come to UNIONS, well need I say more how many countless Billions will our government have to pay back to them for helping to get their gang elected????????

        Now the end run; Yes there is always an end run. There is a massive amount of commercial realestate that is about to go belly up.
        Who do you all think is going to have to bail that out?

        Then we will have no less than 45 States who will also be Bankrupt, starting in 2011 there should be around 5, by 2012 that number will be 30, and by 2013 the full 45, and more than likly all 50.

        As I said we are done, people I don’t like having to tell you that, but the facts are the sleeping and the ones with their heads up their Butts, and the outrigh agressivly Stupid have Won.

        Its all over but for the clean up now and that will be by 2015.

        I pary I am wrong, but so far I have not missed a beat.

        • Ski

          We are way past the tipping point and we have an administration which may very well be deliberately trying to push us over the precipice. I think the feces will hit the fan earlier than 2015. Indeed, the collapse may come as early as next year if any holder of US debt dumps it, thereby starting a run that will send the dollar to zero with hours.

          • Curt

            I am not so worried about another government dumping our debt as waking up on a Saturday to the news the Government devalued the dollar, implemented price controls, and took control of your 401K. You need to have assets that the government can’t see. I bet you would be able to barter with things like coffee, tea, and seeds.

    • Mai Ling Allen

      I agree that durable goods are better ways to spend your fiat dollars right now getting prepared for hard times ahead, but silver and gold can have some value even in bartering. Let’s say I have a chicken who lays eggs (and the guns, ammo, training and will to protect both the chicken and the eggs). If someone comes up and wants to trade a silver coin for an egg or two, all other things being equal, I would trade you my egg for your silver or gold coin. Now it would be better for you to be able to trade some sort of skill set I need or some renewable resource that you have rather than a coin, but my point here is the silver /gold coin would still be acceptable in trade. Hopefully my example here demonstrates two things. 1) now is the time to invest in ourselves to have reproducible / renewable resources and skills that can later be used in trade / barter. 2) Gold and silver coins could still be used in some transactions, but trading an item that you cannot reproduce (the coin) to someone who can produce what you need (the eggs) will ultimately result in your downfall. Stocking up on stuff is not the long term solution unless you have the skills or ability to produce something that you can trade or barter.

      • Ski

        You should include pennies. With copper in the neighborhood of $3/Lb., pennies will have value to make change. With a return to silver and gold as currency, the cost of goods will return to pre Jekyll Island days. In those days a pound of the best butter was 25 cents, and the best cuts of meat were 10 to 12 cents per pound. People who hold only one ounce silver and gold coins will make transactions dificult for lack of change. Buy a few bags of “junk” 90% (pre 1964) silver coins. Bags usually contain $500 face value and are sold in lots of $1,000 face, the cost being in the neighborhood of 90% of silver spot plus a premium which reflects the supply scarcity. A year ago the premium was about 50 cents per ounce of silver content. Post 1964 dimes and above will have value equal only to their metal content. Paper money will be useful only as fuel.

        • Tim Singleton

          Not really. Not much copper in a penny anyways. If zinc is valuable,maybe.

          The alloy in a penny remained 95 percent copper and 5 percent zinc until 1982, when the composition was changed to 97.5 percent zinc and 2.5 percent copper (copper-plated zinc). Cents of both compositions appeared in that year.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I’m gonna ask you a question, if you want to tell me to go to hell and I’ll not ask again. Are you ok lately health wise?? I only ask as I think highly of you and there is a decidedly different tone to your posts lately. i hope I worry for no reason. Like I said, tell me to go to hell if you wish!

  • Mikey

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day, people have been predicting the end of the world for centuries. Plan, and prepare, as I read…. buy a pound of lead for every ounce of gold you buy. Be self sufficient, learn something new, make friends with your neighbors. maybe buy a bulletproof vest? With all the guns out there what difference is it how well armed one is you are shot through?

  • Big Blue

    Time – OK, you can’t eat gold and silver but when the guacamole hits the fan it will be universally recognized as a medium of exchange. If you got the gold you can buy whatever goods and services you need. If storm troopers kick in your door nothing will save you, but it’s hard to imagine the powers that be seeing to it that the whole country is imprisoned. The government, corrupt and incompetent though they may be, still requires you to be working and making money so they can tax you to death and squander the money for their own nefarious purposes. In other words, I seriously doubt society will degenerate to a point where gold and silver have no value. And besides there are mainly two choices: keep your money in cash equivalents or hard assets. I have little faith in the first so I am trying to increasing my holdings in the second.

    • PacificRim

      Before there were credit cards, ATM machines, paper money, and all the rest of modern financial instruments, there was GOLD AND SILVER
      The modern day (last 100 years) bankers have successfully poisoned peoples minds about gold and silver not being REAL money.
      It can’t be printed or duplicated at will.

      When everything breaks down and you hand a person a hundred dollar bill or a 1oz silver eagle coin; which do you really think he will take?

      • Vigilant

        “When everything breaks down and you hand a person a hundred dollar bill or a 1oz silver eagle coin; which do you really think he will take?”

        Perhaps neither. If he’s smart he’ll say, do you have corn meal, meat, or any fresh vegetables? Once again, the only attraction that gold holds is a psychological attractiveness. Silver at least has uses in electronics, but in the absence of an electronic world (e.g., EMP catastrophe), what good is it?

        • Vicki

          Time to remind people about why money exists.

          All economics is barter. I have corn you have pigs. I need pigs you need corn. We barter by trading corn for pigs. Jeff has paint. I need paint but Jeff does NOT need corn. Barter does not happen. Jeff really needs a pig but you have no interest in paint. Barter does not happen.

          Enter “real” money. I give Jeff money for the paint. Jeff gives money to you for a pig. 3 way Barter happens. All because we used “money” to facilitate transactions.

          For “money” to work it really needs to have value so that Jeff is willing to hold on to it long enough to do both transactions.

          This btw demonstrates that money is NOT the root of all evil (or any evil) but instead is the oil that makes barter work at MUCH increased efficiency.

          • Vigilant

            The principles of cost and value are relevant when we talk about the worth of something. The efficacy of an amount of gold or silver in the exchange process was that it could be tied to the value of a product or service, i.e., something actually produced by labor, or the value of the labor itself.

            One of the reasons the housing bubble burst was the bundling of hundreds or thousands of mortgage derivatives that could not be quantified or identified to relate to any product or service. Since no one knew the value of the instruments, the trading of these “assets” was accomplished largely on a guess as to how much they were really worth.

            The scheme may have worked well, had not the banks bundled in millions of subprime mortgages, i.e., loans provided to customers who would not have been qualified under a sane lending policy and really had no chance of repaying. We can all thank the Democrats for aiding and abetting this shaky scheme.

            Kunstler clearly warned of this in “The Long Emergency” and predicted the collapse of the housing market.

            When Nixon floated the dollar, he removed the gold and silver backing of the currency, thereby converting its value to a simple promise of the USG to repay. From silver certificates to Federal Reserve notes, the step was taken to divorce the value of the dollar from any relation to a good or service.

    • Mai Ling Allen

      The only way that gold or silver will lose all of its value is if the IMF (or simular agency) forces the world to go to a “cashless” society. By that I mean, all transactions are done electronically – no exchange of paper or metal. The money that is earn would be deposited electronically to your account and when you need to purchase something, your credit / debit card (or chip) is scanned and that amount is subtracted from your account.

      In such a “cashless” society, every transaction would be done electronically. If you have goods to sell, your goods would be given to the purchaser, and your account credited with the amount agreed upon. If such a system were decreed in the world, gold and silver would then be worthless as a medium of exchange as they would carry no value other than their base metal worth which is redeemable only in “electronic dollars (or whatever)”

      Everyone in this society would have to have an electronic backing account to participate in daily trasactions. Without such an account, you could not effect any transactions and all your gold and silver would be worthless.

      • Vicki

        Ever hear the term “black market”?

      • Vicki

        Should such a world come to be “Without such an account, you could not effect any transactions” we will know that the end is quite quite close.

  • oldbill

    This is more fun than talking about religion. I own physical gold and silver (mostly 1 oz and 1/4 oz gold Eagles, 1 oz silver Eagles, some junk Franklin halves, and some 1 oz and 10 oz silver bars). These were bought between January, 1998, and June, 2004. I haven’t sold any, and I haven’t bought any more. I have hedged using ETFs, but that has been a waste of money.

    If the worst case happens, complete collapse of the dollar and anarchy, then I don’t want to be around, even though I am well prepared. The dollar has never gone straight down. Sure, from 1910 to now it has lost 95% of its value, but every dollar out there is still offset by T-Bill, T-Note, or T-Bond. There has been no “printing of money out of thin air.” In GAAP terms, for every dollar (credit), there is a corresponding debt.

    We are retail customers of the FED, the Treasury, and the Government. It would appear from their actions that they are in a panic about the dollar strengthening, not weakening. They have information we do not have. So far, the “value” of the dollar has been increasing for two years. You can buy more house, car, labor units, etc. with less dollar.

    What I would suggest is this. If you do not own physical precious metals as part of your portfolio, you should start buying. I have about 20% of my liquid net worth in precious metal. The caveat I would add is this: get out of debt first, then stay out of debt. I’ve been debt free since 1990, and it has a whole host of value, even when compared to gold and silver.

  • Ralphus Lucius

    Very simple. Gold and silver have been reliable stores of value for at least 2500 years or recorded history. Paper or fiat currency is no longer backed by gold or silver and has no intrinsic value other than the confidence people place in it. When that confidence erodes, due to unsustainable deficits, inflation, quantitative easing et al, the paper becomes increasingly worthless, and all of your years of hard work to earn it are all for nothing.

    Of the two metals, silver now has greater potential for greater increase than does gold. Many reasons why. But for one, it is more affordable, permitting smaller investors the opportunity to buy, and there are a lot more small investors than big ones. As the fiat currency crisis continues to unfold over the next couple of years, and it will get much worse, gold and silver will increase at an ever quickening pace. $30 silver will look cheap. But bear in mind, it is not that silver has gained in value, but rather, that the dollar has lost value relative to silver. Esentially by holding precious metals, you are preserving wealth.

    I also believe it is prudent to have a wealth of survival supplies – food, water, tools, non-hybrid seeds, and yes, guns and plenty of ammo. Fact is, the USA has become Rome, and the present system is headed for turbulent times ahead. Nobody knows the severity or can say with certainty the extent of the collapse. But why take any chances? On a positive note, the difference between Romans of old and Americans today will ensure the rebirth of America into eventually recovery and prosperity. Unlike the Romans, Americans have an ingrained sense of their God-given right of freedom and personal liberty. Americans will always rally against any who attempt to take it away.

  • “JAVOPE”

    Money really has no fixed value, it changes value every time it changes hands. To one person $100 may be a lot of money but to another it may be only part of their pocket change.It is a deferred service that replaced the barter system for the sake of convenience.

    You do something for someone and they don’t have something you need to barter for our service, so they give you some money (value determined by how much thy give for the service or commodity)then you go and trade the money for a service or commodity you need, because you have nothing to trade they want.

    Bankers found that people had a fear of loosing their money so they contracted to hold it for them and pay them a small fee if hey could use it but return it at any time they ask. They then loan the money out at a jacked up fee and free ride on the difference.

    Once the Fed Reserve and treasury pulled in all the hard money backed by silver and gold, it was just like Las Vegas they take the real value and give you chips, like digits on a computer screen or printed on paper. Even cheaper for them to put out funny money.

    I look forward to the day when the bankers come and say I need this fixed, and we can say. Do you have 25 carrots and 14 heads of lettuce, and they answer-NO Sorry you don’t qualify.

    (TIME) was really right on about being safe. The only way you will be safe is if the stronger one see’s no value in you or what you have.

    The time will come when food is much more important than material things.

    They can kill your body but they can’t touch your soul unless you let them.

    Get to know your neighbors and make good friends so you will know who o can really trust.

  • Steve

    How do you check the Dollar vs. a basket of currencies? It hard for me to understand what you gain by comparing one crappy currency with another crappy currency. ie. Dollar vs. Euro.

    • “JAVOPE”

      It’s just like Vegas it”s not real money, just gamble.

    • Raggs

      Well I don’t have the funds to purchase gold, maybe in small amounts.
      Some currency I think may be something to keep an eye on.. Of course stay away from the dollar or the euro… As the dollar drops in value other currency may gain in value?… Does that make sence?
      If you look at obama that is exactly what he wants to do… lower the value of the dollar to make other countries currency more or less equal to the dollar which will bring their value up!

      This will allow people in third world countries more apt and able to compete and afford things they cannot purchase now…

      Am I making any sence?

      • Vicki

        “Well I don’t have the funds to purchase gold, maybe in small amounts.”

        Buy silver in small amounts. And lead (In specific style brass containers :) )

      • Patrick

        By making more money, it will only drop the value of our dollar in other areas, in other words, we will go belly up in a short period of time, there will be some other currency world wide to take the place of the dollar, oil prices will go out of site, we will have a depression like never before, and this country will really suffer.
        As prisons let more and more criminals out, crime will go through the roof, only the strong will survive, one is better off arming themselves and prepare for a revolution….By printing more money things will only get worse, our Senate and Congress have their heads up their asses if they thing they can turn things around….

  • Ski

    JP Morgan Chase is naked short several billion ounces allegedly at Bernanke’s behest to artificially support the dollar. If people keep buying silver to bury in the back yard against a dollar collapse, JP Morgan is going to lose big time. There is a utube thing gone viral urging everyone to buy at least one ounce with the objective of ruining JPM.

    • Vicki

      That might explain why silver is up a little higher than normal demand projections would indicate. :)

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I’m looking at silver to go to about 48 to 48.50 an ounce. It’ll be in the next 6 months to a year at the most!! watch for BIG stock trouble right before then!!

        • Sacha

          Wow, you really nailed this call. It topped at 49!

  • s c

    This article is probably right. When America’s ‘stuff’ hits the fan (and it WILL), the big boys (people with BIG bucks) will already be deeply invested in gold. Silver will probably overcompensate. Silver prices have the potential to take off and stay on an incredible ride.
    Those who don’t understand what’s going on [the dollar will "ALWAYS" be #1 in the world because that's the way it must be or "that's what I want"] will remain clueless/oblivious/duh until it’s too late.
    The sad fact is that the Fed and our other wannabe controllers have committed high treason for generations. They are NOT our friends. They are semi-human S C U M. Act accordingly, and CYA (protect your posterior, people). There is a first time for everything, and its time is COMING.

  • Roger Carmichael

    JPMorgan inherited Bear Stearns Silver Shorts back in spring 2008.
    Divesting of these Silver Shorts has been a damper on Silver price.
    JPMorgan finished them off by end of summer to release silver prices.

    Now the Great Silver Panic of 2010 is taking hold as there is nothing
    to restrain Silver from racing ahead to reach a traditional ratio of
    Gold to Silver of 35 to 1 set bacl in the Great Depression, which
    means Silver s/b 1400/35 = $40 now. For too long (several decades)
    silver shorts held the ratio to 50 to 55 to 1, but that ratio is
    skidding since liquidation of JP Morgan silver shorts in Sept’10

    CLUES there is a Silver Panic- Go on ebay, people are buying up 77%
    silver Morgan & Peace dollars as if they were a full oz of silver
    when they are NOT. Only the American Eagle is and the US MINT has
    halted production of American Eagles this month- why? They cannot
    get enough silver bullion to make a coinage run- stops production
    If that ain’t a clue, what is?

    • Ski

      The silver gold ratio in the US prior to Jekyll Island was 26 to one. Some say the long term historical ratio is sixteen to one. However, the demand for silver is exceeding supply hence the price will be set by scarcity.

  • Raggs

    I have to wonder…

    What if?
    conspiracy theory maybe but as with what we have seen in the “stoke” market many people invested in a 401K and as soon as they were making a profit the bottom fell out and we all know the rest of the story…
    I would likin this too a ponzi… Well all of that money and investment didn’t just disappear as they would have everyone to believe… Someone and surely many have taken the people for fools and won!…

    Is the purchase of gold the new ponzi?
    Maybe as soon as the reserves are in the hands of the private individuals the government steps in and takes it?.. ( in the name of a crisis ) or the “bottom” falls out as with the stoke market and all of the money is lost?..

    Told ya it was a conspiracy theory…

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I bought most of my silver at or below 12.00 an ounce. It’ll have to drop a LONG way before I’m hurt!!

  • hundabuxt

    The fundamentals of life are food, water and shelter from weather as well as the means to protect it all. Preparing yourself with at least a years supply of those items will give you enough time to plan for future contingencies. Silver and gold are nice and have historically represented hard value but they’re really nothing but metals. If you’re treking through the desert and haven’t had water for two days, what are you going to ask for at the first opportunity? That said, the world works for the means of exchange, that is money or a reasonable fact simile. Its how we store value compactly for future exchange. I strongly believe, as was said above, we’ll see a world currency, which the world will embrace readly due to instability world wide with the possible exception of a few currency holdouts like the Swiss Franc, which will eventually be forced to join in. The European Union was just the first gasp of such a cooperative effort. Following closely will be a world government. Has to. Its also likely we’ll see part of the world blow up like in North Korea and Iran, which will frighten much of the world into submission for the sake of security. We live in frightening times and most if not all problems can be traced to corruption in governments including the US.

    • Raggs

      Yup, even gold will be cast onto the streets..

      I think what we all need is to prepare for what is about to happen.
      Some of us do not have the paper money to invest in metals in a short term even if that were the case will it be as good as it sounds?

      At some point the monetary system as we know it will have to be re-set I feel as if many rogue nations will hold out as long as they can. If and I think when that the US is on the verge of collapse as it is now with so many states begging for help this will set the stage for a global currency in one form or the other in an attempt to prop up not only the US but all countries that are finacial trouble.

      The US has lost everything that our founders had set in place for us.
      The bottom line…

      Invest in yourself and THE LORD OUR GOD!

  • Larry

    I think you all better read up on the RAPTURE.

    • TIME

      Dude, don’t you know it.

  • Working Man

    In other words, when you go to the grocery store,
    buy an extra bag or two of beans and a few extra
    cans of soup like I do. While everyone else is
    buying the latest hi-tech gadet to come out, they
    will soon find out that i-pods and cell phones are
    not too tasty!

  • hundabuxt

    Do you all realize how scary your comments are? More so is the reality of it. How did we get to this point? CORRUPTION! Corruption in government, greed in business, payoffs, self serving policies. We’ve been sold out. So what do we do about it? Vote? They’ve corrupted that too.

  • John Law

    If this amazing video is going to transform lives while not just tell us about what’s in it. I smell a sales pitch.

  • Dan az

    I think the point to all of this is we have been screwed and are now realizing it.When the first shots are fired then its time to get down to business.There will be allot of us dead but even then we will still out number them.The most important thing is to survive so as to win you must out smart them and keep the faith.If there is one thing they can not fight is hit and runs.Meaning that if you are prepared to attack them rather than wait for them your survival will increase.Knowing there moves has an advantage they dont know yours.Know your surroundings and have a plan of attack and escape route.Know one said it was going to be easy.The first signs that things are going to get ugly will be win all communications are cut and the grid gets turned off.The cities are prime for take over you will not get out in time if you dont know other ways around the highways stick to the dirt roads but get out before the riots start and head for the country side.Hopefully you will have thought to have a place to go where there is water an fertile soil and plenty of game to harvest.They will have every road closed but if you have prepared correctly it wont matter.If you plan ahead far enough then you will know where your ammo and guns will be coming from, the dead.Dont leave it behind theres is now yours.In nam they had the advantage,it was there back yard.The same goes here they will be the UN that is unfamiliar with the terrain.Caves are good, house not so good so dont keep your stash in one place and have a few snipers as friends dosent hurt either.You may not survive but at least you lowered the numbers on there side and had some fun in the process.There’s never an atheist in a fox hole so keep the faith it may be the only true survival that will survive.

  • Bandit

    Helen Thomas, veteran Washington journalist and political insider, has done it again—spoken the whole truth about Jewish supremacism’s control of America. In a speech to an Arab-American group in Detroit she said,

    I can call a president of the United States anything in the book but I can’t touch Israel, which has Jewish-only roads in the West Bank. No American would tolerate that — white-only roads… We are owned by the propagandists against the Arabs. There’s no question about that. Congress, the White House and Hollywood, Wall Street are owned by the Zionists. No question in my opinion. They put their money where their mouth is…We’re being pushed into a wrong direction in every way.

    Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, is a Jew. Apparently it is OK for him to vilify Helen Thomas and label her ‘a vulgar anti-Semite’ even though she IS a Semite and he isn’t. WHY is that? WHY can Jews spew their hatred and lies around like confetti while gentiles cannot say truth without being viciously attacked by JEWS and their controlled media? Are Amerikkans really sooo stupid and cowardly as to not notice the TOXIC hypocrisy of the Jews?’ ‘A little old lady shall lead them.’ Helen Thomas is 90 years old but she’s got more cojones that most Amerikkan males.

  • Marten

    Way to go Bandit, and the truth is We are all under a Zionist Structure that is determined to destroy all of our Liberties and we have allowed (America) Israel to have nuclear weapon. The Israeli Gov. is as much a terrorist organization as Iran…..

  • chuckb


    the people of our country have been propagandized so bad they are afraid to speak up for fear of being called an anti semite or racist.
    isn’t this the same thing that brought russia to her knees, it was communism and guess who started the communist party.

    • Patrick

      You are right, that is the problem, it is called the ACLU, they have too much power…

      • http://?? Joe H.

        The ACLU is only one small cog in the big machine!!! I WISH the ACLU was all we have to worry about!!!

  • al rios

    On the verge of retirement, I am very confused about a few issues, so I hope you can give a few pointers? I have a retirement plan at work and a thrift fund which I recently transferred to an IRA Roth plan. But since the gov`t. will probably find a way to erase that, what could you recommend [in layman`s terms]? I have tried to buy some silver with Underground Profits but they led me to a brokerage that sells only stocks, etc. but not precious metals; plus I need $2,000 up front just to be able to deal to in stocks. I`d appreciate any pointers you have for a rookie.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear al rios,

      There are a number of things to consider here, and without all the facts of your situation I’ll just have to try and cover as many as I can. First, understand that I am not a professional financial adviser nor am I a trained lawyer. So you should talk with your financial adviser, accountant or lawyer about the ramifications of withdrawing from your retirement account. Second, you are correct. I believe the government is working toward confiscating individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and 401(k)s. With your Roth IRA, if you’ve just rolled your money into a Roth it may be locked away from you for up to five years unless you want to pay taxes on the withdrawal. If the option is available to you, you may want to designate a significant portion of the contents to a commodities fund or funds—particularly those investing in oil exploration and mining precious metals. I believe this where the growth will be. Soft commodities like farm products will rise as well. You should ask your fund manager whether there is the option to put part of your funds in physical metals. When you turn 59½, (excepting the five-year rule) you can begin withdrawing your money tax-free. I would do that at the first opportunity and invest a significant portion in gold and silver and hold some cash in your possession.

      As for buying silver—or gold if you can afford it—there are a number of places you can go. Established local coin and gold dealers are a good source. They can usually sell you small quantities at a time and their markup tends to be less because they have lower overhead. One coin and gold dealer I know is Jarred Bartee of Walt Bartee Coins in Huntsville, Ala., telephone 1-800-743-1448. Jarred is a small, independent dealer and it sometimes takes a number of tries to get through on the telephone. Tell Jarred that Bob said he would give you a competitive price. There are larger dealers as well. One company we recommend is Asset Strategies International [Link: You can also use There you will find information on gold and silver purchasing as well as a comparative list of several dealers, their prices and fees and links to their sites.

      Silver is a great investment right now. I believe it has more upside than gold. The best option is to buy junk silver. That is pre-1964 silver coins. They are worth much more than their face value because of their silver content. Plus, they will be readily accepted in trade because they look like our coins of today. You can also buy American silver Eagles. They are 1-ounce silver “dollars” and they cost about $30 each, if you can find a dealer that will sell them at “spot,” that is the current price of silver.

      Best Wishes,


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