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Why The Debt Situation Is Worse Than You Even Imagined

February 25, 2011 by  

Why The Debt Situation Is Worse Than You Even Imagined

There are few things about which history is unanimous. Land wars in Asia, for example… always a bad idea.

Paper money falls into this category. Paper money always fails and wipes out the people who depend on it.

Or as our friend Rick Rule likes to say, paper money’s track record is unblemished by success. The return of paper money to its intrinsic value (nothing) is guaranteed. All we need is time (though politics certainly help move things along).

We would not argue that organizing a system of sound money based on paper receipts is impossible. We would merely point out that keeping such systems sound and reliable has proven elusive to this point in human history.

Paper money is like many other types of idealized virtue humans cannot attain. It’s simply beyond human nature to avoid perdition. Sin, as they say, is part of man.

Every government that has used paper money has succumbed to a fatal level of borrowing. Rather than a restructuring of these debts, paper money systems allow for the rapid expansion of the monetary base to facilitate paying off debts in devalued money.

This is no different than stealing. And yet… that is what happens every time, resulting in a massive crisis and a breakdown of social norms.

It normally happens faster in democracies, where no strong interest group votes for living within the country’s means and repaying its creditors in sound money. No, people vote for more spending and more debt. And they always expect someone else to pay. Case in point… Greece.

Researching problems in the Greek economy is like reading a financial comic book. All the players are clowns.

For example, the national railroad has annual revenues of €100 million… against a wage bill of €400 million and another €300 million in expenses. The Ministry of Agriculture hired 270 people to digitize photographs of Greek public lands… with one digital camera.

In 2001, the Greek government borrowed $1 billion from Goldman Sachs to help balance the budget. The deal relinquished future receipts from the national lottery, national highway tolls, airport landing fees, and even funds promised to Greece in the future from the European Union.

The government was burning the family furniture to pay current expenses. And now, they’re out of furniture. It’s all been burned.

In total, the Greek government owes €1.2 trillion. That’s €250,000 for every adult.

Obviously, Greece cannot repay this money in sound currency. The only way out is for the Greeks to inflate the debt away — effectively stealing from their creditors with a printing press. That they haven’t done so yet is only because they no longer have their own currency, the drachma.

Instead, they are part of Europe’s common currency, the euro. And Europe is making every effort to maintain the mirage of a united economy. Unfortunately, no such thing exists. It’s merely a matter of time before the Greeks default.

The exact same thing is true about the United States — except the numbers are even worse.


Porter Stansberry

–Porter Stansberry with Braden Copeland


PS: The United State’s debt situation continues to grow evident. To learn more about it and how to protect yourself from it, please click here.

Porter Stansberry

founded Stansberry & Associates Investment Research, a private publishing company based in Baltimore, Md., in 1999. His monthly newsletter, Stansberry's Investment Advisory, deals with safe value investments poised to give subscribers years of exceptional returns. Porter oversees a staff of investment analysts whose expertise ranges from value investing to insider trading to short selling. Together, Porter and his research team do exhaustive amounts of real-world, independent research. They've visited more than 200 companies in order to find the best low-risk investments in the world.

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  • Vicki

    The problem with money is that it is just like anything else. It is not immune to the laws of Economics. Supply of x goes up and the value goes down. Even for whatever is being used for “money”.

    Printing paper money to pay creditors will ALWAYS reduce the value of money. If a person did it they would be arrested for counterfiting and “stealing” the stuff they bought. Governments, of course can print as they wish.

    The laws of economics will still win.

  • s c

    What we have here is a failure to communicate. What we have here is a government that loves to LIE. What we have here a bunch of people who live in lalaland. Add ‘em up, and you get America in 2011. Add to that twisted blend a Fed that can’t exist
    without lies and an idiot for a director. Add generations of “believers” who worship denial and hate the truth. America is devolving.
    Some people believe ANYTHING the government says. Call it the curse of denial. ‘Some’ people think that THIS time, things will be different, and fiat money will do something it’s never done before. “Life will be beautiful as long as we all believe.” Tell that crap to Peter Pan. Tell it to dead voters and Mary Poppins.
    Believe what you want, but if it isn’t based in the TRUTH, and if you hate to think, odds are that you will destroy everyone and everything around you.

    • mark

      The overnment lied to us about Vietnam and now they are doing it again in Iraq and Afghanatan.

      • http://naver samurai

        We went to Afghanistan to take out the Taliban and sent Al Queda running for their miserable lives. Iraq was to take out Saddam Hussein and his WMD’s. Can we please get off of the subject for awhile. It’s getting old. Vietnam was about stopping the spread of communism, just like Korea. We also used the domino theory dealing with SE Asia. If one of them fall, then the rest will fall in a line. Well, South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia did fall under communist rule. Though there were many lies told about Vietnam, this is about the gist of things. 하나님 하고 나라를 위해서! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Dan

    I’m afraid we are almost to the tipping point where we are about to face hyper-inflation and total collapse of the dollar. I think it’s coming sooner than later.

    • Al Sieber

      Well Dan, that’s what I was thinking. when a gallon of gas, loaf of bread etc. goes from $3.50 to $35.00- $350 a gallon within a short period of time, then we’re in hyperinflation. I’m seeing fuel jump .10- .15 per week here in Ariz.

      • barbm

        quit buying your gas from exxon and mobile. if we can bring a hurting to the 2 biggest companies, they’ll have to drop prices. if they drop them, the others will be forced to follow suit in order to compete. we have the power to stop this, but we have to be diligent and united to do it.

        • TIME


          Sorry thats not going to work out well, let me explain why, if we don’t buy the gas they will send it to China.
          Its a no win deal as far as that method.

          • Cawmun Cents

            First we need to stop buying Chinese products.Then we can stop buying Arab gas.”If I die on Arab soil…burn my body with Arab oil.”But if I die in a Chinese war….bury my body with a Chinese whore!”

        • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


          I think all gas comes from refineries owned by the big boys. So, no matter where you buy gas the money ultimately goes to them.

          We can greatly help the prices we pay by drilling HERE so we are not so dependent on global events. Der Fuhrer puts a moratoium on all drilling here and we pay the price, so to speak.

          • Jay

            Yes, of course, but at the heart, its really business as usual, the slight of hand, as it were. Keep limited inventory so as to extract maximize profits.

        • Jay

          I actually agree with barbm, but the only way that would work is if the White House Administration took its sticky hands off of industry and allow the drilling of oil that United States presently sits on, and, by the way, sits on top of the second largest oil reserve on the planet. What up with that? But of course, you would have every blubbering, tree-hugging and mother nature loving kook, protesting on the white house lawn. Isn’t it odd that there is no mention of adversely affecting mother nature in the middle east when they place their orders for oil?, and yet, if even a whispered suggestion is made to the possibility of drilling our own… well, your considered worse the Lee Harvey Oswald, hell-bent on assassinating mother nature. Does anyone else see the glaring contradiction, and the outright double standard? Hellooo…

          • libertytrain

            It is definitely a contradiction – don’t see those greens walking everywhere.

        • Dan az

          The problem is the feds its time to get rid of them.

        • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

          barbm, Exxon and Mobil are one of the same, not two different entities.

      • http://! Angel Wannabe

        al, gas here yesterday was $3.17_ today its popping up everywhere From $3.23 to $3.29PG. It alwasy goes up on weekends around here.

        • Al Sieber

          Angel, it usually goes up here on a Tuesday, or any time they want.

    • Jay

      All carefully orchestrated. Before a new economy can be introduced, the existing one must be destroyed, existing political system, religious and social will follow. The power- mad crowd have been at it for decades. The American greenback is on its way out it seems. Short of a miracle, we might soon be carrying the Amero or Bankor currency in our wallets.

  • TIME

    One would have to be utterly aggressively stupid let alone 100% brain dead to think that what we are now looking at is within reason.

    Just what will you do when GAS hits the $5.00 PG level? What about when it its $10.00 PG? Keep in mind its not just Gas that will effect you, but do keep in mind that everything you see do and use needs gas or oil in some form. So what do you think FOOD Prices will be?
    How about Electric Power? How about YOUR JOB? Will you even have one when gas is $5.00 PG? How about at $7.00 PG?
    Keep in mind if you energy cost double – what will your food cost do?

    Think thats crazy and it can’t happen here.

    Go back to sleep, IGNORANCE is BLISS.

    • Al Sieber

      TIME, I believe its already happening.

      • TIME

        Here in Athen GA gas is now $3.27 PG, on Long Island NY as of last week it was $3.79.9 PG. But during the same period of time gas here in Athens was only $3.10.9.

        Thats why I moved up my time line where I noted in the fall or 2010 that we would be at $7.00 PG by November 2011, and that we would also be in Code RED.
        Well we are just steps away from Code Red and Gas will hit $4.00 PG here by the second week in March, by mid April I see it at $5.00 Plus PG. That means on LI NY it will be $6.00 PLUS PG, as well places like LA and The Bay Area.

        I spoke with a friend in SA he said they are getting ready for all hell to break loose there within the next few weeks.
        So with Libya at 25% of what we use looking like its going down within the next few weeks. I figure a spike up to around $150 a Barrel or $4.75 PLUS PG at the pump.
        If SA falls where we get 45%+ of our crude, we can expect an easy $225.00 – $275.00 PB, that will equal at the pump $6.00 – $7.50 PG, if not more.

        Now all you that said WW III is just some kind of crazy talk I was tossing out there, when the Sh*5 hits the fan you need not tell me anything.
        I just hope you had the good sense to stock up something other than baked Road Apples you toss out like pearls of wisdom.

        • Al Sieber

          TIME, I read that about Saudi Arabia yesterday, it’s called the “Day of Rage” and it’s March 25th, at least you do your homework, fuel will skyrocket.

          • Al Sieber

            I’m hearing March 11th also as the Muslim “day of rage”.

    • http://! Angel Wannabe
      • eddie47d

        Hold your horses Angel and Time. Sure there is a crises and it should be taken seriously but Libya only produces 0.05% of our oil not 25%. Saudi Arabia has even stated it will pick up the slack for us from the loss of Libyan oil.Let’s deal with these crises with facts not hyperbole.

        • TIME

          As Noted above, when the Sh*& hits the fan I sure hope you have stored away something other than 10 day old road apples.

          • eddie47d

            Just like I said more hyperbole!

          • http://! Angel Wannabe

            Time, Your wasting your time literally, with these guys, they got it all down to a science, they believe everything the Nice Government tells them, they are they’re friends._ I’d wager a bet, if these Progs were aboard the Titanic, and half the ship was up in the air and they were slidding down the deck,towards the water, they still wouldn’t believe the mighty Titanic was sinking!__Sad

          • TIME

            Yes I know, Saddly I have known many who are just as much a void as a number of this sights resident twinkies. Let them argue with someone who has the time.

            Folks Meds, bandages as well Food will be worth 1000000000 X more than GOLD, SILVER, or even Diamonds. You can’t eat gold.
            Its here now rather any one likes it or not. All the happy crap rhetoric will not change whats going on.

        • http://! Angel Wannabe

          eddie, You go ahead and keep sniffing that glue or what ever it is thats keeps your head in the utopic skies__for Gods sake whats it gonna take with you Progs to see whats going on, Saudi Arabia is right smack in the middle of the crisis in the middle east, what they hell makes you think they’re safe?_-Gas today has gone from $3.17 to $3.29 in 24 hours. Good luck in La La land, your gonna need it.

          • eddie47d

            So you think it’s okay for someone to say that we get 25% of our oil from Libya when it is only 0.05%. I think you are the one with your head in the sand if you think you will buy victory through lying.

          • http://! Angel Wannabe

            eddie, if the US won’t affected, then why the gas spikes?
            Any Ideas there Einstein?_Be ADVISED I”LL CHECK THE SOURCE and Call ya on it!!

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


            12.20 pm? Where is you 18 month old grandson? Did you get a day off?

          • BigBadJohn

            Angel, the reason gas is spiking is the same reason it spiked in 2005, SPECULATION. Oil flow has not been impacted – so far. Big money is betting on the supply being limited in some they can make more money – period.

          • eddie47d

            Angel; The price is controlled by the world’s markets.

          • eddie47d

            Henry; He (Brodie) goes home at 5:00

    • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


      If Ignorance is Bliss, why are there so many unhappy people?

    • vicki

      time writes:
      “Keep in mind if you energy cost double – what will your food cost do?
      Think thats crazy and it can’t happen here”

      We KNOW it can happen here because it already did happen here. Before the Jimmy Carter years the cost of milk was less than $1 gallon. The cost of gas was less than $1 a gallon.

      Then the fed started printing lots of extra money and before long gas was up. Way up. Followed shortly by milk and houses and all kinds of food.

      Remember the 10 cent candy bar? Haven’t seen those in a long time either.

      • Al Sieber

        Good post Vicki, people need to know this.

      • Tom Anderson

        Sorry, Vicki, but you are off-base here.

        You reference ten cent candy bars. That is a very poor illustration. DON’T use a measure of CURRENCY for value. You need to instruct the reader that THAT dime back then was nearly 100% SILVER.

        Now, you can pay about an equal amount of pot metal (zinc) for THAT SAME candy bar. So, in reality, people are getting a great deal on their candy bar. They just don’t realize it.

        After LBJ had JFK killed he quickly melted down all of our silver coins in order to pay for his GREAT SOCIETY = GUNS and BUTTER. I remember clearly when ALL of our dimes and quarters were REAL SILVER.

        So the DEMOS stole all of the silver from our coins, but the GOP took us off the GOLD standard. Which is worse? Answer = NO DIFFERENCE. Obama is simply Bush with big ears and better tan.

        FYI, a real silver DIME used to be able to buy a loaf of bread. Guess what? A real silver DIME can still buy a loaf of break and then some. Try THAT with american currency.

        • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


          I am glad to see someone else believes that LBJ had JFK murdered. I have been saying that for over 40 years.

          Yea, Bush was / is pretty much a traitor just as Der Fuhrer. Better tan, bigger ears. Do ya think LBJ would pick Obama up by his ears? (Most folks will not get that one)

          • Lastmanstanding

            OH and tom. I’m with you on LBJ and the libs. Alot on what I’ve read about JFK was kind of conservative. My own opinion was that he was headed “our ” way. Look at how RAPIDLY things went left when LBJ took POWER…They saw how much money was sitting in SS, etc. and they wanted it!!! Funny how all of the shit going on currently ramped up big time during this time period. Looks alot like what we are dealing with right now. Even the players are the same…

      • Vicki

        Tom Anderson says:
        “Sorry, Vicki, but you are off-base here.

        You reference ten cent candy bars. That is a very poor illustration. DON’T use a measure of CURRENCY for value. You need to instruct the reader that THAT dime back then was nearly 100% SILVER.”

        I was talking about fiat money so my point was directly on point.
        10 cent candy bars are long gone. HOWEVER since you brought it up a silver dime (~90% silver) is worth about 2 fiat dollars today. Thus you see it is not the value of the candy bar that has gone up. It is the value of the fiat money that has gone down.

        Tom Anderson: “Now, you can pay about an equal amount of pot metal (zinc) for THAT SAME candy bar. So, in reality, people are getting a great deal on their candy bar. They just don’t realize it.”

        Since a candy bar is about $2 fiat money today your pot metal example is of no meaning. If you had mentioned which piece of fiat currency your pot metal was then we might have had a reference.

        Tom Anderson: “After LBJ had JFK killed he quickly melted down all of our silver coins in order to pay for his GREAT SOCIETY = GUNS and BUTTER. I remember clearly when ALL of our dimes and quarters were REAL SILVER.”

        Your you remember when all of our dimes and quarters and don’t forget silver dollars were real silver and you remember that LBJ had JFK killed. Hmmm. That does not bode well for your credibility.

        Tom Anderson: “So the DEMOS stole all of the silver from our coins, but the GOP took us off the GOLD standard. Which is worse? Answer = NO DIFFERENCE. Obama is simply Bush with big ears and better tan.”

        At least someone besides me is truly color blind. Thanks.

        Tom Anderson: “FYI, a real silver DIME used to be able to buy a loaf of bread. Guess what? A real silver DIME can still buy a loaf of break and then some. Try THAT with american currency.”

        FYI a real silver dime used to be able to buy 1/2 gallon of gas. Guess what. It still can. For a few more days anyway. Actually probably even then cause the value of silver is going up right along with the value of gas. But then that was my original point about the candy bar that you seem to have thought I was off base with.

  • peter

    Indeed and Amen! Is oil at $300/barrel possible this year? Probably!Maybe we will not be too thankful at thanksgiving this year!



    • Dan

      Flyrod you are absolutely right. I can’t wait to get a job for a unionized mega company the government owns and send my dues to keep electing DEMS and the Republican party becomes a footnote in history or at the most is around to give the appearance we are still a republic.

      • Les

        We stopped being a Republic in 1913.

        • bbstacker

          You got it!

          • Al Sieber

            Yes, I think in December, Christmas eve I think.

  • AnhydrousBob

    Anywhere and everywhere that the money has been printed (I know, I know, it’s not all “printed” these days) at the rate we are currently seeing it has led to hyperinflation.

    Why would Americans be immune to the laws of nature (Economics)? Are we so in denial of reality that we can’t see cause and effect?

  • Les

    We are coming to the end of this roller-coaster ride. Unfortunately, what happens next will make Egypt & Libya look like a peaceful demonstration. We are seeing a taste of this with Wisconsin where the public workers are too stupid to see they are telling the state to continue paying even if it bankrupts the state. I’ll bet most of them think someone will come along and bail them out. Wisconsin is not a Bank so that’s not going to happen.

    Funny thing is the only way to continue the current funding, they don’t understand the money comes out of their own pockets. The Union gets their dues and the workers taxes go up. God are people that stupid. I wonder how many of these public servants live out of state. Socialism is an excellent idea until you run out of everyone else’s money.

    “Land of the Free”, you are free to do whatever the Federal government tells you to do.

  • http://! Angel Wannabe
    • eddie47d

      You should be happy kooky Kaddafi(Gaddafi or even Qaddafi) is getting a taste of his own medicine.He’s an arrogant wanna-be King who is loosing his mental capacities. It would be nice if he goes but more importantly it is Their civil war and the victory or defeat belong to the Libyan people.I don’t like Kaddafi hiring mercenaries from the Sudan to do his dirty work and that bothers me. Now the oil will still be there after the winner emerges. So our backs are not against the wall. Since most oil producing nations (except Canada) are scoundrels we need to keep pushing for alternatives.We don’t need their wars,threats,or abuse of their own people.We do have to be ready to negotiate with whoever retains power and back up our oil companies that are over there or be ready to get out.

  • http://! Angel Wannabe
  • http://com i41

    The crossbred marxist muslim moron told us all, what he was going to do and the prices we would pay. Any one listen to his Sec of the Treasury, Tax Cheat Forehead Liar Giethner trying to double speak and saying nothing, explaining Ebomonic numbers of his marxist muslim moron leader’s dream plans? All approved by the lap pooch bi-ches of the soros socialist demorats party senator clowns. As the price of fuel climbes 15 cents every ew days, cost of commodities climb from mega hedge fund owner George Soros, the money man behind the demmorat party. The puke who slipped past and banking reform regulations”DUH”. Can anyone say special favors by the demorats slubs in Congress and the marxist muslim crossbred in Cheif. Mention deposing Dept of Energy, and dems will defend a money waste group that hands out billions in subsidizes for decades for windmill, battery power, ethanol, or anyother pipedream crap idea. The center section of the country is loaded down this thousands of shut off oil wells and more coming available every week, but there is not any wayto put in a pipeline, that is already permitted and ready to be installed. The fecal material in the ditch is Onumnutts and EPA, another executive order. Why are we short of wheat for bread, bacause there is 30 million acres of farmground laying idle for over 3 decades, that we taxpayers pay land owners to do nothing, average rate is $52 dollars an acre payment every year.

    • http://! Angel Wannabe

      i41, none of these Progressive idiots will believe anything until there standing in line for a few drops of gas and food. These a h*les burning up our damned food (corn) for ethanol.

      • s c

        Ethanol produces an inferior grade of fuel. This is yet anotherexample of runaway corporate welfare for people who are already rich and know how to ‘play’ the Washington system. And, if that’s not bad enough, America’s corn has been so modified (genetically) that its nutritional level is close to zero.
        For the sake of easy profits (and making new ‘friends’ in Washington) our food supply is more expensive and America is screwing itself out of competing in global food markets. What geniuses those SOBs are, eh? HOW do these scumbags manage to stay in Washington? They should be behind bars – and their constituents should be neutered.

    • mark

      You have every reason to dis-like Obama, but do not make up lies about him by calling him a Muslim when he is a Christian and other names. I did not like Bush but I respected him, I did not call him names etc. It amazes me how many of you conservatives have no respect of the Office of the Presidency. We are a Democracy and you should respect the election resolts. I did not like the 2010 Congress election but I respect the judgement of the electorate and hope they do the best for the USA

      • http://! Angel Wannabe

        mark, Good Grief, If the only problems we have is calling the President names, I think we could get by on that…..Where the h*ll is your head?

      • Lastmanstanding

        Mark. the USA is a republic. Incidently, would you pass your message on to the Wisconsin senators that are bought and paid for by the unions and the obama admin with our tax dollars…talk about no respect.

      • vicki

        Mark writes:
        “You have every reason to dis-like Obama,”

        Name 1. more if you like.

        Mark: “do not make up lies about him by calling him a Muslim when he is a Christian and other names.”

        What is he besides a Christian? What are those other names? Oh and how do you know he is a Christian? Those who think he is a muslim base their opinions on what he does not what he says.

        Mark: “It amazes me how many of you conservatives have no respect of the Office of the Presidency.”

        We have a great deal of respect for the Office of the Presidency. We just don’t have any for Obama. He has not earned our respect (yet). Oh and where is the birth certificate?

        Mark: “We are a Democracy and you should respect the election resolts.”

        Do you think you could get dear obama to respect the results? Btw as someone else mentioned we are NOT a Democracy. Egypt is a Democracy. Well for the moment anyway. I watched Democracy in action in Egypt just the other day.

        15 people got together and voted on what to do with a pickup. They voted 14 to one in favor of tearing it apart. So they did. They then voted 14 to one in favor of setting it on fire. So they did. And then they voted 14 to 1 to beat up the driver. So they did. Yes Democracy has come to the sands of Egypt.

        Check out this video for the differences between what we have (A Republic) and democracy.

      • Cawmun Cents

        If he is a Christian,then why does he pander to the Muslims so much?

      • http://naver samurai

        Mark, first we are a Republic and not a democracy. Second, Obama bin Laden isn’t a Christian. He was busted on this issue when he admitted his muslim faith on national TV during a televised interview.

        “We have given you a republic, if you can keep it.” Ben Franklin.

        하나님 하고 나라를 위해서! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • GREG

    the answer is simple, get rid of vatican’s fed , no direct income tax,
    gold and silver standard.and we have slight chance. if not be ready for

  • mark

    We have only ourselves to blame for the Middle East Countires raping us on oil prices. WE ARE ADDICTED TO OUR CARS!!! If every American would cut back at least a half on their car mileage every year we would not have to import all this oil. But no, American citizen refuses to car-pool, has to take their kids to functions, will not take mass-transit or ride their bikes. We are obsessed with our cars! Just like a drug addict!

    • vicki

      We could cut back on the use of oil and gas or we could drill baby drill.

      Its not the American people that have us hooked on Middle East oil. It is the extreme radical environmentalists who are quite happy to use the oil from the middle east cause it is not being pumped in their back yards.

      • Tom Anderson

        Smart! Vicki.

        I began my geophysics career with Mobil in 1981 – I had 6 Mobil Land Seismic Crews which I supported (with geophysical expertise) in the continental USA. Now? Guess! ZERO!! Land MOBIL/EXXON SEISMIC CREWS.

        Guess how much oil and gas you can find with ZERO seismic crews??

        Now, what I found perplexing initially was that the GOP was responsible for MORE of those shutdown crews than the DEMOS. Come on! Help me out here1

        Is it simply that the Dictator of Saudi Arabia (why does our media and Bush and Obama refer to him as KING?) paid MORE for Bush holding his hand or for Obama BOWING to him? Or are there some “acts” which our presidents “perform” on the KING which are more intimate than holding hands and bowing?

        I find the French Revolution pretty distasteful, but I think it is high time that we swing both Obama and Bush from nooses. OK, you are right, let’s get all of the cabinet members too – Cheney, C. Rice, Rahm E., etc. In any event, it will be only a very small number compared to the French Rev.

        Oh, YES! Can’t let the military ego take over. Grap Petreus and Our Black YES Man (C. Powell) and show proper deference – let them choose, a firing squad or being HANGED (after a trial, of course). Rumsfeld ain’t worth a bullet, slice him up and donate his brain to some small university.

        How come the Russian public knows all about the Chinese stealth missile being fired a few miles off the coast of LA and the US public is clueless? We deserve what we are getting and what we are going to get!

        • Vicki

          Tom Anderson writes:
          “How come the Russian public knows all about the Chinese stealth missile being fired a few miles off the coast of LA and the US public is clueless?”

          We are not in the least clueless. We all saw the launch or the video. We DO know the difference between contrails and rocket exhaust. We watched dozens or hundreds of launches from Cape Canaveral. We have seen dozens more in movies and on the history channel. We KNOW what a missile launch looks like.

          The government tells us it is a con trail hours after saying they don’t know what it is. We KNOW they are lying to us.

        • http://naver samurai

          Talking about killing people and you was the one talking about killing in Vietnam? Get over the last administration, they are no longer in power, Obama bin Laden is. 하나님 하고 나라를 위해서! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Jay

        You may have hit the nail on the head. Not in my back yard, should be the environmentalists new slogan.

  • chuckb

    we don’t have to depend on foreign oil. you environmental greenies, have created this problem with all the nonsense of solar panels and windmills, failed technology by the way. electric cars are a joke, ok for the golf course. solar panels have failed and windmill power not the answer. we have enough oil in the continental u.s. to last hundreds of years and i’m sure we will harness hydrogen power in the meantime.
    barry keeps us from using our own energy while aupporting the greed on the commodities market.
    next, you greenies will want to replace the match with two sticks or a flashlight and a magnifying glass, same difference.

    • Tom Anderson


      I have been predicting for years that there will be a great future business opportunity – dismantling of these ridiculous Wind Towers. The RIGHT fell for T. Boone Pickens lunacy and the LEFT fell for Gore’s lies. What is the difference between LEFT and RIGHT?

      And, just see for yourselves, many of the wind towers in large “wind farms” in W. Tx and elsewhere are already shut down – they COST MORE TO REPAIR THAN THEY PRODUCE in power!

      Big problem is that many of the contract with the W. TX ranchers did NOT BOND for the dismantling of the behemoths – the companies that installed them have failed and no one will pay the poor ranchers to take them down safely.

      I have been paying my bills by doing EE contract work for a firm which builds instrumentation for Chinese Nukes – the chincks are going balls-to-the-walls with NUKES – - any greenies get in their way and they, simply, seem to go missing. The chinks are funneling a bunch of the mountain of their US dollars to purchase our engineering expertise. Heaven forbid that we EVER build a nuke here in the USA.

      • http://naver samurai

        You make materials for Chinese nukes? How do you know they are for Chinese nukes? Are you living in China now? I don’t foresee our government making parts for foreign nukes, do you? 하나님 하고 나라를 위해서! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • JC

          Hate to say it Samurai…but I have no problem seeing our government doing whatever it can to make a fast buck and destroy the USA…after all they’re not Americans anymore, they’re “Globalists”.

  • Charles

    The greenies are ruining this country. Al Gore may get his wish and
    become President of the world.

  • Tom Anderson

    I recall with GREAT clarity the DAY that Nixon (I think was was GOP?). Announced that he was, unilaterally, taking the USA off the Bretton-Woods GOLD standard. I was in my late teens, but I knew that THAT was a monumental decison – WORSE, by far, than the attack on Pearl Harbor or (later) 9/11. And PLEASE recall that the GOP did THAT!

    AND! not a peep of protest from either the GOP or DEMOS – - the MOST important exec decision (short of the A bomb) and not a peep. We americans deserve to have our paper currency return to its intrinsic value – we deserve what we are getting.

    Obama is just W Bush with big ears and a better tan.

    Also, BUSH increased the size of FED guvmint MORE than any other prez up until that time! What is wrong with you tribal member who think that there is any real significant difference between the GOP and DEMOS – the GOP is, simply, the more effective traitor.

    Of course the DEMOS are bad. But which is worse – your sworn enemy or a traitor. And the GOP has been the BEST TRAITOR our country has ever run across.

    Who would like to lay odds on Ron and Rand Paul being 6 feet under within 2 years. The MIC is NOT going to allow them to have any real effect on feeding the MIC monster. They are going to suffer some unusual accident or strange disease.

    • BigBadJohn

      You said Tom – I Agree

      I have never liked the democrats because they are for big government. “tax and spend liberals”.
      But the GOP is worse in their own way – “borrow and spend conservatives”.
      Nixon took us off of the gold standard which opened the flood gates for inflation in the 70′s – who did the GOP blame – Carter….
      After that-
      Reagan TRIPLED the national debt
      GW Bush doubled it again.
      Obama is simply following George Bush’s lead…..

      But to listen to the GOP it is all Obama’s fault…..

  • Charles

    Tom Anderson,
    Don`t bet on it.I think the American people are waking up.The Democrats lost their party to the Progressives and the only way the Democrats can get their party back, is with the help of the Republicans. First, the Democrats, along with the Independents will have to help the Republicans
    defeat Obama and his Marxist thugs in 2012. Then in 2016, the Democrats
    and Republicans can have an election between the two parties, I know who care about this country. Obama is nothing but a wolf in sheep clothing.
    He will lie and tell you whatever he thinks you want to hear.People in
    unions better pay attention where their leaders are taking them.The union
    leaders spend more time with Obama than they do with their rank in file.
    Andy Stern gave the Progressive party over 90 million dollars to get Obama
    elected and to get Obama care passed.He left his job as President of his
    union (SEIU) and was appointed by Obama to Obamas Deficit Commison.He also left SEIU with a debt of over 65 million. Good way to spend ones union dues, when one might be a Republican.Why was Richard Trumka (AFL_CIO PRESIDENT) in Egypt several times last year. I know why, he was there to help the unions sign up new members.(Workers of the Word) He went back to hand out a award for their work all on your dime. The union
    played a big part in Egypt`s revaluation. Is this what you want in America?

    • Tom Anderson


      What is all this anti-Obama nonsense? Of course he is bad. You could rant on about rattlesnakes and black widows too – so what?

      The KEY person responsible for Obama being in office is George W Bush. Thank HIM for Obama’s ascendency. The DEMOS should be laying wreaths before “W” – - the BEST thing that ever happened to the DEMOS.

      Likewise, the reason the GOP has retaken congress is because of OBAMA – OBAMA is the BEST thing that ever happened to the GOP.

      I am getting a little bored with having to choose only between tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum.

      Remember the GOP took us off the gold standard!

      Are you one of those guys who believe that there is a significant difference between the GOP and DEMOS? They BOTH have expanded FED guvmint and presidential-executive power EVERY year. They BOTH feed the MIC. They BOTH agreed to disarm all of our pilots on 9/11. They BOTH agreed to the “stand-down” of NORAD on 9/11. They both refuse to properly investigate 9/11 and building 7.

      And, now, the MOST important threat EVER to the USA – the missile launch from the Chinck sub 15 miles off the coast of LA and NOT a peep from your savior Obama or your savior Bush. When will you learn that THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE? And, if you Don’t KNOW – that missile was not seen with our radar – the chincks were testing their NEW stealth missle technology on our defenses.

      Obama was notified of that launch within MINUTES of it occuring and he told the Pentagon to lull the US public into their typical apathy and YOU fell for it – just like the GOP and DEMOS.

      The chick missile could have gone EAST rather than WEST and it could have had a nuke war head on it – it would make Pearl Harbor and 9/11 child’s play.

      I repeat, there IS NO significant difference between the GOP and DEMOS. Anyone who believes it is a fool. Obama is Bush with big ears and good tan.

      • Al Sieber

        Tony, I agree, if voting counted, it would be illegal.

      • Cawmun Cents

        Finally someone that speaks some common sense….

      • http://naver samurai

        Sorry dude, but if you think that Bush was just as bad as Obama bin Laden is now, then you really need to get a grip and study more. 하나님 하고 나라를 위해서! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • coal miner


          George Bush was worse.
          Increased federal domestic discretionary spending (even before the bailout) faster than any president since Lyndon Johnson.
          Enacted the largest new entitlement program since the creation of Medicare and Medicaid, an unfunded Medicare prescription drug benefit that could add as much as $11.2 trillion to the program’s unfunded liabilities;
          Dramatically increased federal control over local schools while increasing federal education spending by nearly 61 percent;
          Signed a campaign finance bill that greatly restricts freedom of speech, despite saying he believed it was unconstitutional;
          Authorized warrantless wiretapping and given vast new powers to law enforcement;
          Federalized airport security and created a new cabinet-level Department of Homeland Security;
          Added roughly 7,000 pages of new federal regulations, bringing the cost of federal regulations to the economy to more than $1.1 trillion;
          Enacted a $1.5 billion program to promote marriage;
          Proposed a $1.7 billion initiative to develop a hydrogen-powered car;
          Abandoned traditional conservative support for free trade by imposing tariffs and other import restrictions on steel and lumber;
          Expanded President Clinton’s national service program;
          Increased farm subsidies;
          Launched an array of new regulations on corporate governance and accounting; and
          Generally did more to centralize government power in the executive branch than any administration since Richard Nixon.

          • BigBadJohn

            WOW someone who gets it!!!!!

  • http://com i41

    Pretty big difference between GW, who I didn’t like, but he wasn’t raised a pedophile worshipping muslim and Bush didn’t berleive in Karl Marx or Saul Alinski or went around doing anti USA speeches. If the college degreed f–k heads would have read the cross bred’s books and his questionable background, would have known what a puke he would be. All you soros socialist democrats apparently will beleive what ever your Nazi Traitor money mogol tells you, George Soros. A scum bag who profited off of betraying his friens and family and country. Damn, no wonder dumborats suck on Soros.

    • Tom Anderson

      Thank you, I41, for clearing that up. And, of course, you are right. A BIG difference. Obama was smooching Karl Marx while Bush was jerking off in the famous casket in the Skull and Bones – just like Daddy and GrandDaddy (Prescott) Bush did too ( and John Kerry too).

      And Obama was worshipping pedophiles while Bush was snorting some really good coke and gulping Jack Daniels. Such a difference! Thanks for clearing that up for me.

      Again, you are right. Obama was raised a mulatto bastard in Kenya while Bush are raised a peace-loving Methodist Christian who believed, “blessed are the peacemakers”. (Bush is your, “Bring it ON”, man)

      The USA wrestling federation puts on MORE REAL fights than between the DEMOS and GOP. And YOU fall for it!

      Both Obama and Bush expanded Fed Guv more than any other prez. Both the DEMOS and GOP disarmed all of our pilots in 9/11. Both parties supported the NORAD “stand-down” orders during 9/11.

      Why do you suppose a difference when there is none? The GOP and DEMOS are playing us all for fools and succeeding so well. We deserve it.

      • http://naver samurai

        Obama bin Laden was the one doing and selling crack, not Bush! 하나님 하고 나라를 위해서! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • BigBadJohn

          BUSH was the one who gave a male homosexual prostitute unlimited access to the Whitehouse – Even though he had no clearance. was using a fake name and had NO press cradentials.

          Look Up “Jeff Gannon” if you don’t believe it!!!!

  • Tom Anderson

    Perhaps some of you history buffs know which country attacked our military base at Pearl Harbor in 1941. Did our Congress, then, DECLARE war on that nation per the US Constitution?

    And, also, you might also know which country supplied most of the terrorists in 9/11. Did our Congress, then, declare war on THAT nation? Hint, Bush used to walk hand-in-hand with THAT dictator. Bush doesn’t even hold hands with his wife (perhaps Condi?)

    Lastly, which country and country’s leader launched an attack on our currency by purchasing massive amounts of USA Gold at a fixed price under the Betton-Woods agreement. Which US president finally responded to those attacks and defied the Bretton-Woods agreement? Was that president a limp-wristed commie pinko democrat? His action has had more serious consequences than Pearl Harbor yet few people even know which country launched that “attack” on our gold. Hint: Think big nariz.

    And you think there is some DIFFERENCE between the GOP or DEMOS?? Between Obama versus Bush?? They are playing you for a fool.

  • Jay

    If we are to accurately arrive at the reason for our economic ils and woes, we cannot afford to ignore the insidious and sinister work of the environmentalists. Spending and borrowing more then one makes is, of course, a recipe for disaster, but these hypocrites (environmentalists), with their phoney display of “we love mother nature”, have literally put shackles on our industry. And, they were successful because no one questioned the science. It seems all have accepted the conclusion that the planet is being adversely affected without ever questioning the assertion. Why.? But the reason I call their work sinister is that, behind their pretence to save the planet lies the true reason for their phoney concern. And that is, and with the help of shadow entities, to remove any or all capability to reverse the downward economic spiral into the abyss, by working hand in glove with the corrupt administration, so as to put heavy restraint on industry in order to ensure that economic collapse is certain. Why in the world would they want to destroy the present economic system.? Because you can’t introduce a new one until you get rid of the old one, that’s why. The American green- back is on its way out, and short of a miracle, we may have to get used to the Amero or the Bankor.

    • Cawmun Cents

      Is it any mystery that you find yourself at the New Alamo….when the world is surrounding you and calling for the death of capitalism?

  • Charles

    You are right about the enviornmentalists. they have
    become a very dangerous group. We will think Obama and his left wing Marxist are kids playing in a sand box compared to the take over of Washington by the enviornmentalists. This will be our next major battle
    after we vanish Obama and his Marxist buddies. I look for America, to be in a fight for her life for the next 20 years.We have so many Socialists,
    Communist, Progressive, and Musilm groups just waiting to try and bring America down. The most dangerous of them all are the Enviornmentalists.

    • Jay

      Yah, you’re right Charles, just to many strangers and enemies in our house. We must get them out (easier said then done) and keep them out. Only then can we start getting our house in order.

  • http://com i41

    40 years a go the envior crap started in Kookaforia, then went to NY and right in to the Congress. What state first went to hell in a hand basket more than once. Same mentl morons who thinking taxing the hell out ever thing and regulation what the citizens do. Since most freaks and odd balls live in these major spots they get the freakest ideas and plans. When the squirrals like Chuck U Schumer and marxist/communist Clinton, still have a connection of debt to government meddling. I notice Goofy Gore admitted the green ethanol and some of his other communist ideas, just were wrong. Notice it isn’t getting too much coverage. Same will be proven for the battery powered crap and windmills, taxpayers will get hosed a few more decades. I notice nobody mentions the stimulas crap that was going to repair roads and infrastucture, it might happen in 19 years when all the permitting, studies, hearing and feel good issues arte done maybe they will start doing something. Every dumbocrap Congress person that I called , when they spewed the shovel read projects they could tell me what were ready to start up. Most of the pus gutted lawyers have never even understood or had a clue what is wasted on just widening a existing road. For every dollar allotted for construction, 52 cents are pissed away. Then another 2 cents are pissed away using some dink to sit in a vehicle and count scraper and water tank loads and another ppinhead will take conpaction tests, neither one has done a damn thing but go to school and live with momma. Just most beltway dorks. Usually these slubs are clowns, with peta and think we all should leave mother nature alone and all drugs should be legalized, true envioros.

  • Charles

    We are at war and this is a war we can`t afford to lose.

  • Charles

    Till we win this war, you are right we can`t get our house in order.

    • Jay

      Charles, we have to understand that the enemy is extremely well organized, wealthy beyond what you can imagine and totally dedicated to their utopian fantasy, a fantasy, thank God!, we are excluded from. Nevertheless, although it is important to stay in the loop, and engage the enemy through the system, we must always maintain a proper perspective, and that, alone we can be broken, but united we cant be defeated.

  • Charles

    Jay >>>>>> AMEN !!!!!

  • Charles

    Jay do you know a bloger that goes by the name of jopa? I wish some one
    could get through to him and let him know just how well funded his
    left- wing Marxist are. He thinks all the money comes from the small
    people in small donations.

    • Jay

      Charles, I have only recently joined this blog, and unfortunately, am not familiar with all the bloggers and and with each one’s individual understanding regarding the geopolitical situation and their inner workings. However, it is important to know, that with these particular blogs that deal with the controversial subject that imply government corruption, and may be considered by the Elite, blogs that encourage anti-establishment sentiment, are often infiltrated by “Moles”, whose main objective is to confuse and to discourage a cohesive unity. I am in know way suggesting that this particular blogger, Jopa, is a subversive mole, but at the same time, we must be cautious and not assume that everyone is what they pretend to be. I will however, look for this blogger, and check out his postings. On the notion that all the money comes from the small people in small donations, of course, is, absurd.

  • Bill

    The US government is 14 Trillion dollars in debt. This is 14000 piles of a billion dollars. With approx 300 million American this debt is $46,600 per each of 300 million people. The gov’t also stole over 1.7 Trillion dollars from our Social Security fund and put in IOU’s.

    Why did the people of America allow our government spend 14 TRILLION dollars of money they did not have??? Any other business doing that would have been out of business a long time ago.


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