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Why That Drug?

October 25, 2011 by  

Most people accept a physician’s word as gospel. If a physician prescribes medicine for what ails you, then that must be the best one available for your circumstance, right?

Not necessarily. Some doctors get paid handsome sums for prescribing certain drugs.

UAB Hospital in Birmingham, Ala., now requires physicians to report payments from drug companies for research and fees they receive for speaking engagements. Other hospitals are considering the same thing. And there is a provision in the Obamacare law that will kick in in 2013 that will require all drug and medical device companies to report what they pay doctors.

Partial disclosures for yearly commissions at UAB, as reported by The Birmingham News:

  • Dr. William Bailey: $250,365
  • Dr. William Geisler: $201,570
  • Dr. Warner Huh: $91,275
  • Dr. John Northrock: $78,000

It appears they are the rule rather than the exception. The ProPublica website has been working on an expose called Dollars for Docs for several months. It has a list of payments made by 12 of more than 70 drug companies to doctors and practices across the country. It also has a feature to allow you to search your own doctor.

Some other random examples:

  • Dr. Leon H. Kircik in Louisville, Ky.: $305,306
  • Dr. Yury Furman in Los Angeles: $284,561
  • Dr. David Guthman in Arlington Heights, Ill.: $278,746
  • Dr. Fred D. Sheftell in Stamford, Conn.: $167,650
  • Dr. Scott P. Hoopes in Meridian, Idaho: $133,393

This is not to say that these doctors, nor any other particular doctor, would intentionally prescribe a medication based solely on fees he or she had been paid by a drug company or intentionally try to harm a patient.

But I personally know of instances in which doctors have prescribed medicines for people despite warnings of harmful side effects — not to mention the side effects that occur but the Food and Drug Administration won’t admit to. In one instance a woman older than 70 was prescribed a drug for a urinary tract infection even though it was not recommended for anyone over age 60. In another, a physician encouraged his pregnant patient to have a flu vaccine.

Legally peddling drugs is a multibillion-dollar business. If a doctor prescribes a medication for you, be sure you research it and understand the possible consequences before taking it.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • http://charter howe

    This problem of prescribing medications which provide kickbacks will only get worse under Obamacare because the highly skilled doctors are going to be a rare breed with the limited reimbursements, invasion of doctor-patient relationship, medical unions under the thuggish leadership of the SEIU and the over-regulation of medical procedures and an influx of millions of people who can’t pay for any medical services and the doctors may be faced with a forced medicaid system. Right now many doctors will not accept medicare or new medicare patients because the reimbursement does not alllow them to pay the bills and most doctors will not accept medicaid because the reimbursement is close to nothing. The Govt is already starting to grease the skids for advanced nurses training which will supplant doctors in many areas, so the bottom line is not having to worry about being given drugs that enrich doctors, but the skilled doctors are going to be an endangered species thanks to Obama and the socialist democratic party led by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. When Pelosi stated on natinal TV in 2010 we will have to see whats in the health bill, even she wasn’t smart enough to realize the unintended consequences, the big push was to spread the wealth not worrying about seriously damaging the best health care system in the world. I hope you remember the incompetence of these corrupt lawyers when Nov 2012 rolls around.

  • Disgusted

    The HealthCare entity I work for is the second largest employer in my state and they just made the flu shot mandatory to maintain your job. If you haven’t gotten this forced flu shot by December 31st you are considered voluntarily resigned from your employment.
    Who is behind this? Duh, drug companies. How much money is this HealthCare system getting to institute this mandatory flu shot? Who knows but it must be substantial.
    I am sure the drug companies are chomping at the bit for this to happen and be successful without any glitches. If it is successful within the largest healthcare network in this state it is just a matter of time before it is every citizen within the state. My understanding is that the drug company lobyists are heavily lobbying the state capital for support in making the flu shot mandatory at this time. The only thing they need is a local politician who desparately wants to hang onto their job and bingo – a little campaign funding and that vote is bought and paid for – onto the next! In the meantime we are all watching our God given right to choose what we want put into our bodies vanish. How can it be someone else’s decision that I inject that vile trash into my body? Abosuletly disgusting!

    • Karolyn

      Sounds like a siuation where a union (God forbid!) might be helpful. Couldn’t this be considered unconstitutional in some way? I’m sure someone is bound to take it to court.

  • rosie harris

    yes these morman docters will sell there souls for money..if you die they still make money on you cause they own all the mortuarys..mormans are crooks sex perverts and lyers..and they still practice polygamy on the side under cover..they like young girls 14 15 years old..the prophet has a bed in the salt lake temple where he can make love to the young girls that go threw the first time..he has a large bottle of viagra there to

  • Rose Layard

    We live in South Africa. we have had excellent medical care here and up until recently, even the government hospitals did well.[I worked as a sister] However, Govt hospitals are collapsing for lack of funds. Now they propose to have national health which will be compulsory.Private Doctors say it will destroy the existing healthsystem. It seems to be a global trend. Two days back a minister on the radio said “In our global governance….” Is all this not the New World Order blueprint for mankind? I think so.

  • Clint Confessions of a Rx Drug Pusher

  • Karolyn

    It is up to the patient to educate him/herself. The majority of people takes what the doctor God says as gospel ajd suffers for it. I canot imagine how many deaths occur in this country from over-medication with numerous drugs at the same time. My friend told me yesterday her doctor said her cholesterol was 220, and he put her on medication. The odd thing is he put her husband on a lower dosage of the same medication even though he has heart problems. It just doesn’t seem kosher to me. She told me the story of a woman who had high cholesterol who went to another doctor, where it was found to be within normal range. Too bad they don’t have home cholesterol testing kits. I told her to investigate natural methods of controlling her cholesterol. She had also used coffee creamer that morning before her test, and that may have contributed to her high number. So many people are on blood pressure and cholesterol medication it is ridiculous. I just heard yesterday that the patent on Lipitor is expiring soon. The generic is $10 vs. $180 for the “real thing.”

    I heard some people in a waiting room today talking about getting their flu shots. It was like an everyday thing to them, and they were all young people. They’re part of the large flock of sheep that live in this country. Doctors are not Gods, and people need to remember that WE pay them.

    There needs to be more health education in this country so that we don’t have so many health problems.

    • Karolyn

      BTW – My friend is on Medicare, and you know how that system gets ripped off!

      • s c

        k, Medicare is a form of healthcare that has never been watched. At the moment, it is institutionalized fraud. It doesn’t ‘get ripped off,’ k, It is a government creation that uses fraud to screw over unsuspecting Americans. It is the SAME government that wants to enslave us with Obumercare.
        Only a child would dare think that Uncle Scam has any plans to run a government healthcare program efficiently. Uncle Scam is another word for FRAUD. The fact that billions of dollars are wasted and ignored by the government all but proves that Uncle Scam can’t be trusted with anything – ESPECIALLY healthcare. Trust Uncle Scam at your peril.

    • tlgeer

      I was taught by my Mom that I was responsible for knowing what was going into my body, even if a Doctor prescribed it. Doctors are not infallible. They are human and have bad days just as the rest of us do. When we are given a prescription question it. What is it supposed to do? What are some of the signs to look for that means that you shouldn’t be taking it?

      When I was 7 months pregnant, 32 years ago, I went to the Doctor and was given 3 prescriptions. I looked at the prescriptions and looked at the Doctor and reminded him that I was pregnant, and asked if these were safe for my baby. He rewrote 2 of them because they weren’t.

      He wasn’t a bad Doctor. He had had an unusually busy morning and was tired. IOW, he was human.

      When you get a prescription, do your own research on the meds that you take. It’s your body, and it’s your responsibility.

  • s c

    Bob, I don’t know about MOST people on the face of the planet, but MOST Americans lean toward being DUMB when it comes to bending over and smiling so an MD can do all of their thinking for them. If no one has invented a word for this insanity, kindly refer to it as “medical politics.”
    There is no way I would trust a half-arsed politician when it comes to my health, and there is absolutely NO WAY an MD will do my thinking for me. The way MDs get away with that crap is via a combination of being put on a pedestal and having too much authority via a mere piece of paper.
    It proves that a fool and his money are soon parted. It proves that there is a sucker born every minute. It says much about the idea of ‘trust me.’ For those who refuse to use whatever it is they have between their ears, they need to remember that their medical ‘God’ WON”T be at their funeral.
    MDs “care, that’s true. Sadly, most of them worship MONEY. If they’re lucky, patients come in at a distant 4th or 5th place, compared to the LUST for easy MoNeY.

  • s c

    For readers who follow some of the topics that get ‘put on the shelf after a while,’ here’s something that might register with you. According to Google (as of 25 Oct ’11), the trivalent inactivated flu vaccine (the most prescribed type) has a pooled efficacy of 59% in people whose ages are 18 to 64. This is yet another good reason why they can take flu vaccines and jam themselves.
    Easy money for people who don’t deserve it. Science, my arse.

  • Jeffrey A. Williams

    Never except any Doctors drug recommendation as gospel. They are not unfalable.


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