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Why Obama, Romney Fear Gary Johnson

August 20, 2012 by  

Why Obama, Romney Fear Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson is lobbying for the right to at least have a voice in the nationally televised Presidential debates.

Weeks ago, when President Barack Obama overstated the role of government in American entrepreneurship with his infamous “you didn’t build that” remark, Americans from border to border made it overwhelmingly clear that respect for the self-made man is still alive and well in the United States.

Some businesses put up signs of protest noting that they did indeed build the businesses they own by the sweat of their own brows and sacrifice. Meanwhile, pundits across the political spectrum and American citizens who have witnessed firsthand the difficulties involved in building a business from the ground up jumped to the defense of their entrepreneurial compatriots.

Criticism for his lack of entrepreneurial understanding is nothing new for the President. Obama is the Commander in Chief, the utmost of resume embellishments; but beyond that — Ivy League education, community organizer, lawyer, professor, Senator, author — nothing suggests the ground-up business experience that so many Americans revere.

The President’s primary opponent in the 2012 election, Mitt Romney, was given a golden opportunity to highlight his professional experience, including helping to found Bain Capital, with Obama’s remark. And he has. The challenger has become an outstandingly wealthy individual for his hard work and lucky breaks throughout the years after working as a management consultant, heading such companies as Bain Capital and later Bain and Co. before beginning his Senatorial and Gubernatorial careers.

But, despite his business experience, Romney’s story isn’t that of the typical American entrepreneur who struggles to make ends meet and must work tirelessly to be the wind and the sails of a start-up venture. Romney’s early life was not lacking in wealth, political advantage and nepotistic benefit due to the vast political and business affiliations of his father, George Romney, himself a decent example of American self-made success.

For American business builders who have scraped by on meager — or no — wages for the sole purpose of making an entrepreneurial dream come true, there is absolutely nothing of the current President’s success story that they can relate to their own struggles, and Romney’s curricula vitae likely offers little.

Fortunately, America is a Nation that has historically emboldened the idea that one does not have to be a “fortunate son” (to reference Credence Clearwater Revival) in order to achieve paramount success. It has been proven time and again that hard work, dedication and sacrifice are just as valuable as pedigree in building one’s own successful business. And this is the track that the vast majority of American small-business entrepreneurs follow to achievement or failure.

In the 2012 Presidential election, there is perhaps one candidate who understands the American everyman struggle to successful entrepreneurship better than Romney or Obama could ever hope to. He lacks an Ivy League education and has a history that could be indistinguishable from a majority of small-business owners tending shop in small towns and cities throughout the Nation.

Former Republican Governor of New Mexico and Libertarian Presidential nominee Gary Johnson was born into an upper-middle-class North Dakota family, his father a teacher and his mother an employee of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. His family later moved to New Mexico, where he was raised. He graduated from the University of New Mexico with a bachelor’s degree in political science in 1975.

During his time in college, cash-strapped Johnson sought an opportunity to make some money in the summer of 1974. According to the New Mexico Business Journal, Johnson decided he would work as a handyman and began handing out flyers that read: “College student needs work. Will do carpentry, painting, cement, anything and everything.” The candidate said that he worked his first several jobs at a rate of just $3.50 per hour, which was actually higher than Federal minimum wage at the time.

In an interview with New Mexico Business Times, Johnson relays the moment he decided that his summer venture would parlay into lifelong self-employment:

Along came about the fifth job and this fellow wanted rocks spread out all over his whole yard. And I remember thinking it was going to take about 22 hours to do the job, so I said 80 bucks; he said fine. I showed up on Saturday thinking I was going to work all day Saturday and all day Sunday. I started at seven o’clock, and at 10:30 I was finished with the job. Then it was “Oh, my god, what am I going to do? This is 22 bucks an hour. He’s not going to pay me. What am I going to do?” And, hey, there’s only so much you can do with rocks. I’m done with the job, and he walks out, and my heart’s racing. And he says I see you’re done with the job and he handed me the check for 80 bucks. And I remember looking at the check and thinking, “This is the American way.” And at that point I knew I would never be employed by anyone, meaning I would always be self-employed.

Johnson turned his handyman operation into a modest business called Big J Enterprises after he graduated college. The modest start-up company went on expand rapidly into a multimillion-dollar business when, based on solid work ethic, the business was able to achieve multimillion-dollar expansion contracts from corporations like Intel.

Beyond good business ethics, Big J attributes much of its success to worker welfare and careful adherence to a strict operating model. In 1994, after being elected Governor of New Mexico, Johnson sold the company for $38 million, but not before ensuring that the employees holding the 1,000 jobs he had created were contractually protected from being replaced for no reason by the new owners.

Johnson went on to be a popular and notoriously thrifty Governor.

Perhaps Johnson has no chance in the Presidential election, but he is currently lobbying for the right to at least have a voice in the nationally televised Presidential debates. And, as much as Republicans and Democrats alike lament that third-party runs are damaging and distracting to the mainstream campaign, Johnson seems to have a history of doing exactly what a majority of Americans are screaming for on a daily basis: focusing on the economy of small business, rather than corporate cronyism and government control.

The Democratic- and Republican-controlled Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) mandates that candidates receive at least 15 percent favorability in order to participate in the debates. Unfortunately, the corporate-controlled media have circumvented any chance of an Obama, Romney, Johnson debate by simply leaving the Libertarian candidate off the polls.

The Libertarian Action Super Pac recently conducted two national polls of its own, asking 1,000 Americans: “Suppose in this year’s Presidential Election you had a choice of Libertarian Gary Johnson or Democrat Barack Obama. If the election were held today would you vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson or Democrat Barack Obama?”

Johnson received 19 percent favorability in the first poll and 24 percent in the most recent. It is unlikely, however, that CPD officials will accept the Libertarian group’s polling efforts.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Warrior

    The only way to change the rules is at the grassroots. Libertarians and Tea Party candidates are the best choice. Go forth and make it happen.

    • danny

      The only thing these nuts are going to make happen. IS to pull enough votes from Romney. To give Obama another four years, to destroy our America. We all would love to keep out of the hands of these Socialist Tyrants. Please don’t waste your vote. It is the “ONLY” weapon you have against Obama.

      • KenH

        danny has gotten it 100% right. Any vote for a third party candidate is a vote for Obama. With the 3rd party votes and the fraudulent efforts of the offshootz of ACORN, the Great Destructer will waltz into any 4 years to complete his destruction of America. Don’t be an idiot.

      • Kate8

        Do you guys seriously think Romney is going to save America?

        Look at what he’s done, not what he says. You cannot trust what comes out of a politician’s mouth.

        It blows me away how so many people are still buying into the R/L paradigm. It’s one big hoodwink. Think BUSH.

        You have to do something different to get different results.

      • Martha Weems

        I totally agree with danny. One thing we SHOULD have learned by watching the Dems is that they mostly work together….instead of going in different directions. Are there
        better solutions than Romney-Ryan?…..I don’t know, but what I DO know is that R-R is
        a far better choice than what we have now, and what we will have for another 4 years if
        we do not consolidate and act smarter than we EVER have before! If it helps, imagine,
        if you will, how the Dems smirk with superior glee each time we do something stupid! Now is NOT the time to try to push the Libertarian party…or any other! Focus, people,focus!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I do NOT understand HOW people can DENY that which is RIGHT before their very eyes!!! If you vote for the “approved” republican candidate OR the “approved” democratic candidate you will get MORE OF THE SAME!!! Is THAT what you want!?! You don’t have to go very far back in history to KNOW that, that’s what you’ll get!!! They have you brainwashed into thinking that you MUST vote for THEIR candidate, to SAVE the country!!! BUT, you ALREADY KNOW what will happen when you do!!! The greatest predictor of future behavior is past behavior!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! THEY do NOT have YOUR best interests at heart!!! YOU ALREADY KNOW IT!!! You just don’t want to accept it!!!

      • Bill Vojtech

        Obviously you’ve never heard of the Electoral College, or you don’t understand how it works. I live in a solid Democratic state. Obama will get ALL the Electoral votes from my state. It will do Romney no good if I vote for him. It will do him no good if every Republican in the state votes for him. There are not enough Republicans in my state. Obama will win in my state.

        There are a few swing states in which it might matter.

        I imagine there are some Democrats that are disappointed in Obama and can’t bring themselves to vote for Romney, just like there are Republicans who can’t stand Romney who won’t vote for Obama. Those are the votes Johnson will get.

      • TIME

        Dear Kate,

        Saddly you are 100% correct.

        Yet the part thats really sad ~ is how “PRE – PROGRAMED”
        90% of Americans are.
        Its not totally their fault afterall the water – food and even our air is filled with poison.
        So these mindless sheep are sick and they don’t know it yet.
        But they do watch the Mass Media News!
        Thus its to easy for them to be in their “PRISONS / nano sized BOX’S”

        I could be wrong, but I strongly feel that even without the Poison’s in everything they eat, drink, breath let alone are spoon fed by the “100% Totaly controled Mass media” they would still end up in the same state away.

        Whats coming is going to happen no matter what at this point in TIME, The only question now is; { when will that HAMMER drop.}

        There are way to many things that these sheep refuse to even look at. One that AJ brought up Friday the 18th about the FED’s 12/24/2012, how strange that other than AJ, Galt myself and a few others here this event is unknow by most here.

        But OMG we can’t let B OMEN back in after all Mittie is far better, better than what?
        Lets see no choice is a choice?
        Since when?

        On differant note: Kate look up the youtube feeds called,
        The Truth may scare you, 1 – 4 are the best.

        Peace and Love,

      • Kate8

        TIME – I may have seen it, but I’ll check into it. Did you read my post in answer to your post to me last week? Are we still talking about Nibiru?

      • david

        Danny: Your right. I don’t even recognize this country because it isn’t. We need to gut out Obama’s administration with the only weapon we have–votes.

        I admire Johnson’s story and he certainly has my big USA cheer.

      • TIME

        Dear Kate,

        No, but there is a cosmic event that will be taking place as I recall mid October – January 2013.
        NASSA is observing something out in space thats comeing this way.
        It’s noted as 4-5 times larger than Jupiter.
        What it is, I am not 100% sure, it quite well could be Nibru or it could be something totaly differant.
        Perhaps a “NOAHA” event if you get my drift, something really strange is going on.

        The FED 12/24/12 is a totaly differant animal thats has a “very strong possiblity” that the {FED Owners} will just ask for their MONEY owed to them, thats about $17 Trillion dollars.
        That would collapse everything world wide. It would also open the door for the NDAA as well all EO’s that have been posted over the last 155 years here in the states.

        In plain words, they built the {hog TRAP} now the hog’s are all fat and lazy in their prison box’s. So to close the trap door would be the next logical step for a mass clean up.

        Peace and Love

      • Kate8

        TIME – Yes, it’s the end of the 100 year contract with the banksters. They’ve been planning for this all along…to completely take over…destroy…America. That’s why they’re all leaving, and building up places like Africa and S. America. They are planning for the utter devastation and destruction of N. America, whether by cosmic cataclysm or by man-made catastrophe.

        They are also planning on releasing plagues, like Ebola, which is already raging through Uganda. With America’s infrastructure in shambles, and inadequate healthcare, the death rate will be huge. That is the plan. The UN troops are here, training to confiscate guns and deal with upset Americans.

        They already own us. Our only chance is for our military and militia to join forces with the citizenry and throw them out…permanently, a la Iceland. And time is just about out.

        As you well know, the solution will not be found in the current political arena. It will be found in the hearts of the people. We will prevail. The question is, will it be here, or in the next realm?

      • Average Joe

        danny ,

        If you want “more of the same” aka “Business as usual, by all means, vote for Romney…vote for Obama…with either of those choices, that’s exactly what you will get…more of the same.
        Personally, I wouldn’t vote for either…if each was the only candidate in a one man race.
        Both agreed with the TARP bailouts (rewarding bad behavior by giving them taxpayer dollars so they can do it again) Both were for renewing the (un) Patriot Act, both are for the NDAA, Both are rattling thier sabres to attack Iran, both agreed on the bailouts of GM, Chrysler, Fanny and Freddy etc…sounds like twin sons of different mothers. As a matter of fact, the only difference that I can findis…tan lines. Think not?….from thier own mouths:

        maybe you should stop listening to the MSM talking points and actually listen to the candidates…from thier own mouths.

        Want to know what’s comming? Please take the time to watch this video in it’s entirety

        If you can watch this video and still not get it….please, refrain from casting a vote…you aren’t intelligent enough to be trusted with the fate of our Republic.

        I will vote my conscience….and my conscience dictates that I cast my vote for Ron Paul. If RP loses the nomination and does not campaign as a third party, I will then cast my vote For Gary Johnson But, I will not vote for R&R or O&B…not one single chance in hell.
        If Romney or Obama wins…it won’t be because we voted for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson…it will be because folks like you….didn’t.
        Best Wishes,
        Good Luck…
        and May God have mercy on us all!

      • TIME

        Dear Kate,

        I just got into my email to find a quick note from a number of friend’s in the UK. all of whom sent along a tid bit that should rock the Globe.
        “The Bank of London” has publicly stated that all banks could quite well {{{ fail by December 25th 2025.}}} The post is quite vague on details, but the message is quite clear.
        The Bubble is about to burst!

        Thats in line with all I have been researching on the IMF and the rest of the criminals involved in this whole bloody mess, {to include the FED and all of our stellar political figures,} who are putting on quite the bloody show with the Political Thearter as of late.

        Stock up on all your needs, and be ready for the real Stuff to hit the bloody fan. Be safe my friend.

        Peace and Love

      • Frank B.

        Only because you all keep crying about the chances of a third party candidate instead of getting off your asses and getting the word out! Elect RON PAUL (write-in if necessary), ABOLISH the federal reserve, return to the GOLD standard (real money)! Grass-Roots is what it is ALL about!

      • Rhonda Reichel

        we will pull votes from both Romney and Obama

        You can bet your life on it

        keep whining and see where that gets you…next time nominate a winner not some sorry excuse like Romney

      • morleron1

        I’m so glad to see that what could be a good discussion of the pros and cons of voting for a third party opens with an ad hominem attack. Voting for the lesser of two evils, Romney in this case, is still voting for evil – a thing I refuse to do any longer. I’m tired of getting the same results from whichever “mainstream” political candidate is elected President – larger and more intrusive government. Nothing will change until enough Americans vote for a third party candidate that the “vested interests” are scared into believing that they might lose control unless they change course.

        Witness the 1992 election when Ross Perot took a large enough percentage of the vote to affect the outcome of the election. Low and behold, within four years Congress and President Clinton had hammered out a balanced budget agreement and made it stick. So successfully that, until George Bush decided to declare “war” on an emotion and use that as an excuse to spend money as though it was water, the Federal government was running a surplus. That’s the sort of effect that third party candidates can have. Furthermore, people need to remember that, at one point, both of what are now the two wings of the single “Big Government Party” which controls the government were third parties. New ideas and new policies will only be adopted when enough Americans vote against the “mainstream” that the career politicians become concerned about their ability to remain in power. It is not a waste to vote for the likes of Gary Johnson – it is, instead, the only way that real change will come to this nation’s political processes.

        Just my $.04 (got to keep up with inflation),

    • Junk Bin

      anything other than voting for Romney elects Obama. Is this perfectly clear???

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Put the junk back in your bin, clean out your brain and start THINKING!!! If we don’t get rid of ALL of them, we are toast!!! LOOK at what they’ve DONE!!! NOT what they’ve SAID!!! Their ACTIONS are the SAME!!! You KNOW where this will end up!!! It doesn’t MATTER which “flavor” you choose. They are running the SAME agenda!!! obumass is a patsy, as is romney! They’re figureheads for those who made the agenda!!! The agenda goes forward regardless of the initial after the name! We need to WAKE UP and TAKE BACK our country!!!

      • Kate8

        Nancy – Ever feel like your talking to the wall?

        There are many people who are partially awake, but still believe that the Republicans are better than the Dems. They believe that a Romney puppet will be better than the Kenyan puppet, even though they have the same corporate entities pulling their strings, the same entities controlling Congress and the Courts…

        I mean, a Republican appointed CJ Roberts, right? And Scalia, who was always a staunch Constitutionalist, is now coming around to NWO thinking… Well, so much for using judicial appointments as a reason for Romney…

        We even have politicians openly declaring that, since the people no longer care about the Constitution, it’s irrelevant to them… And haven’t we allowed continual Constitutional violations from Congress (and the POTUS) to stand with hardly a protest for many decades?

        People aren’t ready to see the light. People have a hard time with change, especially when it means facing the uncomfortable and unfathomable. They cling to what they know. The PTB know this about us, and use it to their advantage against us.

        How many times do people know that doing something will damage them, but their eyes glaze over and they do it anyway? It’s classic denial. Yes, but…(insert rationale).

        Everyone is at a different level of soul evolution. To awaken means having to go against the grain, and that is painful for anyone. We then have stages of emotional grief to go through, like a soul gestation, where we will, at some point, want to give up. But we really can’t unsee what we’ve seen once we’ve seen it. So many will avoid looking in the first place, and opt for what’s familiar, even while it is ratcheting up all around them.

        It’s much easier to traverse these stages ahead of time and be, at least, somewhat prepared for the inevitable. If a woman denies her pregnancy until the moment of travail, she’s in for a much harder time than if she’s aware and prepared. At least she understands what’s happening, and that, if she’s nurtured the process along the way, there is a glorious new life about to emerge which she is entirely ready to embrace.

        A bud will not open until it’s appointed time.

      • moonbeam

        I think you both are right. Yes, we must get rid of the garbage that is currently stinking up Washington, but it is also true that a vote for a third party candidate will put BO back in the WH. BO can be absolutely stopped in his tracks when Congress, FBI and CIA do their jobs. The evidence is overwhelming with the fake birth certificate and the SSN he is using via identity theft.

        I watched a video the other day of MO speaking when she BO went back to Africa for some reason or another. MO stood right up there and talked about how BO was proud to be back in his “homeland”. Saw another video where BO, probably for once in his sorry life, spoke the truth. He did a little slip of the tongue and said how proud he was of his Muslim beliefs. The person interviewing him quickly corrected him to say “Christian” beliefs and BO obeyed. It’s not that he is Muslim, but that he is lying about it.

        It is sad but true that a third party vote would give BO the presidency again. This can be stopped if We the People DEMAND that his name be removed as a presidential contender on all ballots until he proves just who the FK he is. We know he can’t.

        Enough of this sealed records BS. We know his bc is fake and that he is using an SS# that we all KNOW does NOT belong to him. He is ineligible to run as POTUS and his name needs to be immediately removed from the ballots.

        This is where we Americans can stop this hell ride we’re on or at least slow it down. Get behind Arpaio and bring justice to this land. Our job should be to get BO off ALL state ballots, then arrested for ID theft and all the other felonies he’s committed right in front of our faces. If he gets back in I see a revolution and riots that would make the riots of the 1960s look like a day at the beach.

        All may remember the first person who called BO out as a liar, Rep. Joe Wilson on September 9, 2009 during an address He was made to apologize for it. I wouldn’t have had nary a problem telling them all to stick it sideways up their asses. Since when do we apologize for telling the truth?

      • Dan Mancuso

        This seems to be the logical truth, it’s called vote splitting. No matter that both choices stink – as in the two party system is merely two faces of the same coin – a good choice like say Ron Paul can only work in the favour of either of the two faces of the same coin. More of the same with one much worse than the other. Maybe the ugly and scarey truth is that the nasty end predicted for us is upon us now. Now is the pre-ordained time to pay the piper .I guess what is comming down the pike is inevitable and there’s not a damned thing we can do about it! Barring a real miracle, like the voting populace comming to their senses and completely rejecting the status quo and electing someone from outside the elite – nah can’t see that happening and more’s the pity. I guess it’s time to face the music and just accept the evil truth, we are responsible for our own pain and suffering. Just get down on your knees and pray to God for forgivness and the strength to be repentent.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        moonbeam, you say:
        “This is where we Americans can stop this hell ride we’re on or at least slow it down. Get behind Arpaio and bring justice to this land. Our job should be to get BO off ALL state ballots, then arrested for ID theft and all the other felonies he’s committed right in front of our faces. If he gets back in I see a revolution and riots that would make the riots of the 1960s look like a day at the beach.”

        I wish that getting behind Arpaio was all that it would take! Alas, you are incorrect! We need the congress and the senate to impeach and bring charges against the “fake” president! As long as WE keep voting for these “owned” republicans and democrats, that will NEVER happen!!! They ALL work for the SAME people!!! The agenda goes forward!!!

      • Kate8

        Nancy – The sad truth is that the clowns in DC are no longer operating under the constraints of the Constitution. They’ve all but come right out and said it in our face.

        Pelosi’s famous “Are you serious?” remark when asked if O’care was Constitutional was actually directed toward the fact that they don’t consider the Constitution. At all.

        This can be the only reason why Obama is still in office. It is not the POTUS office he is holding but, rather, the CEO of the corporate Amerika faction of the NWO. As such, he needn’t concern himself with passing Constitutional muster. His job is to carry out the dictates of the corporate elite, and his loyaties are strictly to them.

        Same with Congress. Same with the courts.

        They will be announcing this to us, as well, soon.

        Don’t hold your breath on Sheriff Arpaio. He’s a stranger in a strange land now.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        anything other than a CVONSTITUTIONAL candidate as the nominee won’t get MY vote

        is THAT perfectly clear?

  • http://liberty Tony

    Libertarian candiates yes, but i don’t know about Tea party ones!!

    • Bill

      What’s the difference between libertarians and the tea party

      • speedle

        There is not a big difference between Libertarians and Tea Party people other than the fact that the Tea Party has more political clout, and doesn’t try to run a third party spoiler campaign. In an election year when there is little or no difference between the GOP and Democrat candidates one could make a case for the third party run. In 2012 there are philosophical differences in the two major parties unprecedented in this country’s history. Anyone saying differently is a functioning idiot.

        Johnson is nothing more than a self serving publicity seeker if he seeks to pull votes from the GOP ticket and get Obama re-elected. Anyone on the libertarian/conservative side that votes for him is an irresponsible moron.

      • http://liberty Tony

        To Bill: The difference between the Libertarians and Tea Partiers is the fact that the Libertarians believe in the rights of all people. They believe in ending the insane war on drugs, they’re against the building of these huge prisons, also, they’re opposed to the foreign policies of expand the empire in these colonial wars on third world nations’ soil. The Tea party is for letting the rich do whatever they want. Furthermore, the Tea party believes in exclusion of most people in this society. Good examples of this, saying that certain groups of people want “free stuff” and the bizarre statement of Mo. senatorial candidate , Todd Akin, talking about ” legitimate rape” when dealing with abortion. Really “enlightening” isn’t it!?! That has ensured Claire Mcskill re-election. In general, the Tea party will take this country back 40-200 yrs. I hope this info. clears things up for you. Thanks!!

      • Kate8

        Tony – That is pure Leftist propaganda.

        The Tea Party is for a return to Constitutional government, and no more taxes. By far, most Tea Partiers are not wealthy, but just average Americans who are tired of tyrannical, intrusive, overbearing government. Have you ever looked at just who attends these rallys?

        The Left demonizes anyone who poses a threat to their complete control. They despise our Constitution, to the point where people who stand up for it are arrested and placed in mental facilities. I’m sure your mudstream media hasn’t reported this to you.

        Wake up, man. WTH is wrong with you people? Everything you parrots spew about people who are trying to defend our American principles places us all another step into a horror you cannot even imagine. Look around, look past TV news, and get a clue!

        DANGER! DANGER! DANGER! We are nearly past the point of no return.

        To my great distress, you will not see it.

      • http://liberty Tony

        Dear Kate8: Will you with your co-horts look at this before saying “leftist propaganda” jazz!?! Furthermore, be careful what you ask for, you might not like what you recieve. Now, read and absorb!! Thanks!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        speedle, YOU say there are philosophical differences between the two parties. I say those differences are only VERBAL!!! Their ACTIONS are the SAME!!! They have already shown you their actions but you continue to accept what they SAY!!!

        Tony, you’re sorely mistaken on WHO and WHAT the Tea Party is! The article you posted a link to is ABSOLUTE RUBBISH!!! It doesn’t reflect the Tea Party in ANY way!!! The Tea Party is made up of regular people who are FED UP with the government STEALING their money!!! It’s what they STAND FOR!! Taxed Enough Already!!! That’s it!!! That’s all!!! Those who want to STEAL our money felt threatened and attacked with lies and more lies!!! Don’t be a FOOL!

      • http://liberty Tony

        Dear Nancy in Nebraska: Please ma’am read this and you’ll understand what’s going on. There’s a song by the classic R-N-B group called the Dramatics. It’s “What you see is what you get”. Therefore,you’re the one, who’s being fooled by the Tea party. Thanks and take heed!!

      • Kate8

        Tony – Again, pure leftist propaganda.

        Of course no one wants to go back to women not voting. There are millions of TeaParty women…think about it!!

        As far as agencies like the EPA…good grief. It’s not because they want pollution. It’s because those agencies are corrupt and part of UN Agenda 21, and are not working for us at all. Our food, water and air have never been so contaminated, and this is by design. We want NEW, legitimate oversight, not elite corporate manipulation.

        You actually proved my point. I would wager that you have never actually been to a TeaParty, nor even an official TeaParty site. If you had, you would see that you’ve been duped yet again by your lying leftist leaders.

      • Kate8

        Nancy – the vitriol against Constitutional groups is escalating, because they PTB are so close to total lockdown on America that they can taste it. The absurdity of this trash Tony is posting is indicative of just how desperate they are to abolish our beloved Law of the Land forever.

        But he won’t examine both sides and make an objective judgment. It might shatter his entire paradigm.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        tony, my statement STANDS!!! READ IT AGAIN!!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Kate8, tony should take his OWN advise!!! What you see IS what you get from BOTH the republicans AND the democraps! The only thing you see at a tea party rally is a bunch of people sitting in lawn chairs listening to politicians LIE to them and people singing patriotic songs!

      • Kate8

        Also true, Nancy. But it does show how large numbers of Americans want to have the Constitution restored and reinstated.

        I know many TeaParty people, and they, too, have not woken up to the whole picture. But what they are for is liberty, the rule of Law and freedom from heavy taxation.

      • http://liberty Tony

        Dear Nancy and Kate8: Did you two,honestly, read both articles, especially the second one. They’re hardly “left wing” propaganda, in particular, the second one. As a matter of fact, the author of the second article is a fiscally conservative myself and also, socially liberal, like myself again. That’s belief in constitutional liberties for all, something the Tea Party doesn’t, obviously, believe in. As a matter of fact, that’s an alien concept to Tea party officials. I tell you two with your colleagues what. Keep supporting what you’re supporting. This society will eventually be like either the scenario of the 1973 sci-fi classic, “Soylent Green” or the 2006 film “V for Vendetta”. That’s where a fascist corporate society was in control of Britain’s Gov. until the hero overthrew it at the end. I recommend watch these two flicks and behold what your fates will be if the Tea Party and their Koch investors get into power. Fare thee well!!

      • Kate8

        Tony – Good grief.

      • Kate8

        Tony – The Left uses the “wealthy” Koch brothers to rile you all into a lather, and to deflect your scrutiny from the wealthiest of the wealthy progressives, like George Soros, who funds and sponsors untold Leftist groups and politicians.

        The wealthiest people are on the Left, and they don’t cut loose with a single dime of their largesse (which was stolen from the American taxpayer, or gained through bribery and graft). Yet, you people adore them. Go figure.

  • http://liberty Tony

    Correction: candidates.Thanks!!

    • Cheerio

      A Great American and Libertarian Ron Paul is considered the Father of the Tea Party, Champion of the Constitution. I do not agree with your Tea Party stance. The Tea Party is against Large Powerful Government and power back into the hands of the people. The problem is…we are still divided in camp anti-Liberal. We won’t win until we come together and that will be difficult.
      I do believe the socialist take-over of America is in full swing and part of that agenda is infiltration, infiltrate the churches, parties, govt. etc. I do believe some Tea Party candidates are not as bold as we need possibly infiltrators (Newt G is jumping on the bandwagon what has he done for 15+ years in D.C.??) Much has been said by and said about Paul Ryan but his cuts are not big enough, merely skimming off the top of our endless debt, has he mentioned anything about our “Counterfeit” money backed by nothing but debt?? The liberals are a team, united and strong. Us “Conservative”, “Libertarian”, “Tea Party”, whatever- are still divided, therefore we may fall.
      My guy is Ron Paul, but as the powers that be are amassed against him, his chances are slim, he is still fighting, in the courts etc. for his delegates stolen from him by the GOP. He would be the President who would actually fix this sinking ship, all others are promises and same old politics as usual. No matter what we have to be the government and not wait for some guy to come in and save us.
      Sometimes we have to get lost in order to find ourselves. Just like when O won in 08 people were forced to wake up to our awful situation. Romney would keep us asleep because he is for more spending, War, unconstitutional laws, etc. etc. just another Bush. O just wants blood now. This November and coming year will be the tale tell signs of where we are headed for sure.
      My plea is that America repents and turns to God for the answers, cause we are headed for destruction on our own, 100+ years in the making…..sigh
      ??? 2012

      • Wendy Soentgen

        You are do right Cheerio, the Tea Party wants to take the government back to what it’s supposed to be. For the people by the people. Somewhere along the years this concept has been lost politicians are payed whores, owned by a group of fat cats pulling the strings. Obama is the worse by far. If we’re not careful this country will be destroyed beyond repair.

  • rjim

    I would really like to see him in the debates.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      You’ll never get the chance! He’s NOT on the slate of “approved” candidates!!! He doesn’t follow THEIR agenda!!!

  • http://omniv8 pete0097

    In some ways, Johnson would be no better than obama. Johnson would be a good cabinet secretary, however, he does not have the leadership qualities that a president needs. For example, Nixon was hated, but, people followed him (turning down thermostats and driving slower) Johnson just doesn’t have that “follow me” charisma that a president needs. Clinton had it, the Bush’s had it, Reagon really had it, Carter did not and neither does obama. Mitt does have it and hopefully, Johnson won’t pull too many conservative votes from Mitt.

    • Hossman

      Johnson might pull enough conservative votes from Romney/Ryan that will cause Obama to be reelected. Johnson doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hades, but, he, like Ross Perot, who caused Clinton to be elected, may well cause Obama to return to the White House, and this country to fall deeper into the financial and moral sewers of the world. If Romney loses, the downfall of this country can be attributed to Johnson!

      • Kate8

        You think Obama doesn’t have charisma? He certainly didn’t get elected because of his qualifications.

        Charisma is a sign of a good liar. Is that what you think makes a good leader?

        I’d much rather have someone who has integrity.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Agree with you, Kate8!!! ALL he HAS is charisma! He can’t even TALK unless he has a TelePrompTer in front of him!!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        uh uh uh uh uh, you know, uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh

      • Rhonda Reichel

        anybody we chose would be president if you all weren’t so wimpy you take what candidates they shove at you

        Nobody really wants Romney and Obama only got elected because people hated Bush so much

        I wan’t Ron Paul but I’ll vote for Johnson if Paul doesn’t get the nomination

        the GOP can go to hell for all I care otherwise

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Rhonda, your preaching to the choir with Kate8 and I!


    It is time for a new party that can turn this counry back to the people.
    But women in government that want abortions are what is killing this country.
    the evil has gone to far.

  • http://facebook Pauline Lieth

    Please, if we intend on defeating Obama and if Gary Johnson is a great American than he will take the way the primaries turned out and get behind the winner, Mitt Romney and now the VP choice of Paul Ryan. I originally was not for Mitt Romney, but now want this guy in the White House to be replaced so I have shifted to the one left standing and I will back him with all my blessings to bring economic sanity to this country again. I encourage Gov. Johnson to step aside for now, because we need every vote to eliminate Obama from keeping control of the Presidency.

    • Bill

      Right on, Pauline
      If Gary Johnson had a chance to win I would vote for him in a heart beat. But, unfortunately, a vote for Johnson is a vote for Obama. Our country is at a crossroads, we either continue to be a capitalist society or we become a socialist tyranny. We have to vote Obama out of office even if his opponent is Bozo the clown

      • Cheerio

        No one knows who Gary Johnson is, does he have any delegates? (the informed vote?). Problem is Romney is just another Bush, promises but more spending, wars, debt, freedoms lost. So either we go out with a bang-0 or we continue on the steep steady slow climb to Socialism. I choose neither. My vote depends on what happens in Tampa.
        If Ron Paul can fight off the regime of GOP establishment guard and get his delegates back and have his voice heard. If we don’t repent, turn toward God and unite as a nation, we will lose. I prefer Romney over O but the lesser of the two evils is politics as usual…sigh

    • Ken S.

      I like Gary Johnson but the TWO opposing candidates for November’s election have already been selected and it is time to move on to choosing ONE. Gary did NOT make it thru the primary process and must step aside and not become the reason we have to deal with another 4 more years of BO, The Stinky One. … Anyone opposed to the current administration must be practical and vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket and trust it was a vote in the best interest of our country, as Obama MUST go! … Please put aside petty disagreements, idealistic goals and impractical aspirations and focus on getting “the foreigner” out of the White House. The Libertarian movement can then focus on 2016.

      • Kate8

        The fact that so many of you are ever so willing to continue down the same old, same old, tells me that America is not ready to fight for her survival. She is sold out, lock, stock and barrel.

        We get the government we deserve. Go ahead. Vote Romney/Ryan. That sends a clear message that we’re ready for the final implementation of the NWO. He is every bit as much a part of corporate governance as Obama.

        RIP, Amerika.

      • Cheerio

        Kat8 is right……I don’t think America is ready for the color guard change. We are being sold out, it’s all a facade, and many are still asleep and deceived….luckily the message of freedom continues to grow but we may have to suffer a huge blow to wake the sleeping giant….

      • Kate8

        Cheerio – I don’t know if you listen to internet radio.

        Tomorrow (I think), Steve Rhodes (Oath Keepers) is going to be the guest. Important stuff.

  • Michael

    This guy Also believes in Amnesty for Illegals no change from current White House Occupant

  • Chris

    Hey……….I’ll vote for Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog…………as long as it’s NOT Obama OR Romney (because of Ryan).

    • KenH


    • Kate8

      Chris – That is exactly what Americans have been doing for the past century.

      You can see how well that’s worked out for us.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      YOU and people like you (used to include me) are EXACTLY why we are in the position we are in!!! You will vote for ANYBODY!!! “Anybody but” will NOT get us OUT of this mess!!! We need someone who LOVES our country and WANTS to SAVE it!!! That isn’t gonna be “anybody but”!!!

      • Kate8

        Well said, Nancy.

        Over and over, we are not voting FOR someone, but AGAINST what we think is worse.

        Funny thing is, we keep on truckin’ down the same road.

    • Dale left coast

      Chris . . . Ryan is probably the smartest of the four when it comes to budgets and govt financing. Romney easily the smartest business guy . . . but what about Biden and the O? What do they excel at . . . Biden gets the BS award . . . and the O . . . well he has demonstrated his abilities the last 3 1/2 years . . . he has NONE ! ! !

  • Tired of voting for the lesser of two evils

    A third party candidate will only hand the election to someone no one wants to win the election. To have a real three or four way or more race is to change the rules that the winner must receive 50%+ of either the practicing voters or 50%+ of the registered voters. That way anyone who qualifies for the ballot can gather votes but no one can act as an election shill or spoiler like we have had in the past. Requiring 50%+ of the registered voters to win the election would effectively place “NONE OF THE ABOVE” on the ballot. If no one garners 50%+ of the votes then a runoff election is held between the two (or three hisghest vote getters if the ballot count is real close in a three way tie) Using a system like this 9even modified) would break the strangle hold that the two major parties currently have on the system and we would not constantly be voting for the lesser of two evils.

    • Dale left coast

      Bet you didn’t find that in the Constitution ! ! !
      There are only two choices in November . . . more of the SAME . . . or Romney . . . your choice !
      Seem to remember way back in 2007 . . . the last Bush budget . . . unemployment around 6% and the deficit that year 160 Billion . . . oh . . . for the good old days, before the govt created housing bubble flushed the world.

  • Hossman

    Chris, you should take time to learn more about Ryan and his philosophy. Romney selected him because he knows he can’t save this country without his assistance and understanding of the woes of this economy. Romney can correct the moral failures, but he needs the financial knowledge of Ryan, and Ryan’s familiarity with the budget (and no one knows it better) to right the wrongs of ALL of Obama’s financial failures.

    • Cheerio

      Ryan’s budget is not enough!! Saving Pennies in a sea of debt is not going to save us..

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Have you EVER seen a vice president PARTICIPATE in the running of the government?!? They are JUST A FIGUREHEAD, USED to lure in voters who are hesitant to vote for you in the first place! A MEANINGLESS position UNLESS something happens to the president!

      • Dale left coast

        Just not true Nancy . . . Biden is completely useless . . . but a little reading could cure your lack of knowledge.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Dale, prove it! Gimme a link! I got too much to do rather than read a lot of crap I don’t care about!!! None of the vice presidents in MY time have done anything, unless you count gore with his lies about global warming! Boy, did he get rich off of that crap!!!

      • Kate8

        Nancy – LOL. First Lady Hildebeast pulled more weight than Algore.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Dale, I guess this means you were just making up crap?!?

  • http://Sunam Sunam (my psuedonym for showing) – Wes Beasley (my name which should be kept private)

    We always hear the refrain: a vote for the third party is a vote for the Democrat. In this current election year, it is true. But look to the future, why can’t we recognize that the Republican party is being taken over by the Rinos, and make a ten year plan to vitalize the Libertarian Party so that it can be a viable choice. Anything less is like the cry against drilling for oil – “Oh, it will take ten years for that oil to affect our supply.” Yes, but what if we had started ten years ago, where would we be today? If we don’t start the effort to build up a third party, we will be in the same fix ten years from now: running losers who think spending less is cutting spending.

    • Kate8

      Sunam – Good idea. Except that we don’t have ten years. We don’t even have one year, unless something changes radically NOW.

      Heck. We’ll be lucky if we make it to the next election.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I agree with you, Kate8!!!

  • June Fournier

    A vote for Johnson is a vote for Obama. If Johnson really wants to help this country, he will throw his support to Romney.

    • Kate8

      June – The only reason this is so is because Americans still rely on the media to tell them how they want to vote.

      We could team up and launch an all-out campaign on the internet. We could launch an all-out EXPOSE THE CORPORATE MEDIA campaign and take away a good deal of their power.

      We are almost at critical mass…people are snapping out of their delusions at an exponential rate. We have one last shot at it… are we really going to hold on to the status quo? Because that will be our death-knell.

      • Dale left coast

        Libertarians are “Fringe Dwellers” . . . a lot of their ideas are just too loonie for most folks, their chances of election are ZERO . . . if Romney and Ryan are not elected in November, and the Senate and Congress majority Republican . . . there will be NOTHING to Talk About in 2016 . . .

      • Kate8

        Dale – As opposed to…the completely sane and rational ideas coming from the status quo?

        You surely must be kidding.

        We don’t have to have a president with whom we agree on every issue. What we need is a president who is willing to uphold the Constitution, and as such recognizes that his opinions are irrelevant in matters which are outside the scope of federal enumerated powers.

        And such powers are precious few.

        Ron Paul understood this. If Johnson does, as well, that places him well above Romney.

  • Liberterian

    We need an honest effort at creating a third party that can run against the same old bunch of boneheads (Democarats and Republicans) that have been running this country into the ground. Once they get to washington they all wear the same label, (myself comes first).

  • Simon Jester

    The old “Vote for someone other than is a vote for the opponent” is a cowards response. You’re simply trying to rationalize your vote for someone you can’t in good conscious vote for. Bush was my last time voting for the lesser of two evils. The only difference in Romney and Obama is how fast everything will go to pieces. They are both BigGov authoritarians intent on controlling every aspect of your life. If all of the people claiming voting for Paul or Johnson was “voting for Obama” actually voted for a different candidate, then we might have a chance at changing things. But instead they tow the line and vote for the “electable one” even though they know it won’t make a difference.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Absolutely, Simon! If people had courage and INTEGRETY, we wouldn’t BE in this mess! Alas, there is no longer ANY INTEGRETY!!! People who are willing to give up their ideals AND morals LACK ALL INTEGRETY!!! When you KNOW something is WRONG and you DO it anyway, YOU HAVE NO INTEGRETY!!! Stand UP for what you believe in!!! Judge their ACTIONS NOT their WORDS!!!

    • Frank B.

      You are absolutely right Simon! Grass-roots action is what is needed! I’m voting for Ron Paul and doing my best in my sphere of influence to get the word out! Ron Paul would ABOLISH the federal reserve bank and see to it that we return to the GOLD Standard (real money)! Are you IN?, are you ALL in?

  • Simon Jester

    Hmm, the site dropped some text in my message: It did read “Vote for someone other than [my candidate] is a vote for the opponent”

    • Hey you

      I like that idea: Voting for someone other than MY CANDIDATE is a vote for a really bad choice. Could make a nice bumper sticker.

  • disgusted

    Since the RNC/Elitists will do anything to prevent Ron Paul from the Presidency and Paul will not run 3rd party, Johnson needs to win. A vote for Romney means another Obama and I don’t like both of them who are puppets for the elitists.

  • Richard Jones

    As long as Americans are sucked into the “lesser of two evils” syndrome, we will keep getting evil. So what’s the difference between Romneycare and Obamacare? So what’s the difference between Romney or Obama sending more American men and women to Afghanistan to be shot down by people that hate us? What’s the difference between Obama and Romney on personal freedom? Clearly, Gary Johnson has not a prayer of getting elected, but if you want change you have to change sometime — and there’s no better time than now.

    • Ken S.

      with that logic (?) we’ll have 4 more years of BO and that could spell the end of America as we all knew it. You kid yourself if you think you can vote for GJ and really make a substantive change. Be a realist and USE the system, don’t buck the system.

      • Bernice

        There’s a BIG difference between ObamaCare and Romney/Ryan Care—educate yourself, Ken before making ridiculous remarks

  • Bernice


    • Nancy in Nebraska

      “STAYOUT”?????? He’s ALREADY IN!!!!!!! I guess IGNORANCE IS BLISS!!!!!

      • Martha Weems

        Well, then…..GET OUT! may be the more appropriate sentiment!

      • Bernice

        Johnson is NOT IN—He’d like to be—–What can you expect from the wilds of Nebraska—come to the big city to educate yourself

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Gary Johnson WILL be on the ballot in 34 states!

      Bernice, I live in the Omaha metro area which has nearly a million people! Not exactly the “wilds” of Nebraska! So I guess that means YOU ARE THE IGNORANT ONE!!! If you have NOTHING intelligent to say, perhaps you should think twice about saying it!!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Well, Bernice? Glad to see you took my advice!!!

    • Kate8

      WTH ever happened to the “can do” American spirit. The one where, when we see a big problem, we FIX IT.

      Have we descended so far into apathy that we are willing to just keep playing the game, using the rules of the PTB, and just hope they keep killing us REALLY SLOWLY so it doesn’t hurt as much?


      The commie factions have hijacked that spirit and they are using it to destroy us! I’m talking about both the commies on the Left and Right.

      Who has the ‘can do’ attitude? The COMMIE LEFTIES, the fluoride damaged brains who now vote! And they don’t even know what they are doing!

      What happened to patriots, courage, and determination at all costs?

      We could rally the troups! There are enough people who see that something is wrong to be able to swing an election, if we’d get off our duffs and stop acting like dogs scavenging for crumbs falling from the elite tables. What we really need to do is to take control away from them. We need to stop lapping up the media lies and allowing them to tell us who we will vote for.

      My head is getting sore from beating it against the wall. OMG. What is it going to take? FEMA camps?

      Hate to tell ya, but there won’t be any revolts there.

  • William

    Obama and Romney are nothing more than a 2 headed snake ! They are puppets financed by the same people and stand for the same agendas with the only difference being, they use different words ! Obama is a Communist, treasonist shill who should be impeached instead of even a snowballs chance of being reelected and Romney is spineless and will do exactly what he is told to do so wheres the advantage to that ? Voting for Obama is like voting for the Devil and voting for Romney would be like voting for the lessor of the 2 evils so what are we the people supposed to do ? I for one refuse to vote for either one since I feel I would be an accessory to the crime if I did ! My suggestion is don’t vote ! If I am not mistaken, if the turnout is less than 40% then the election would be deemed null and void and the process would have to be redone OR EVERYBODY write in Ron Paul and watch them try to fix a landside ! If I wanted another clown in the White House I would vote for BoZo as well ! Waiting for 2016 to fix everything, by voting for Romney, we might as well wait for hell to freeze over and get ready for an extra long climb out of the rabbit hole !

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I agreed with you til you said “don’t vote”. NOT voting will be interpreted as apathy! Show them you care! Show them you WON’T go along! Send them a message! Make sure they get it, LOUD AND CLEAR!!! I think that regardless of how we vote, THEY will choose the winner!!! They’ve already SHOWN us that they are NOT above lying, cheating and stealing so why do you think they wouldn’t steal an election?!? I think that ALL we can do is SEND THEM A MESSAGE that we are WAKING UP and are NOT going to stand for it any longer!!! Write in whomever you want! SHOW them that we are NOT going to accept what they are trying to jam down our throats!!! We will NOT be limited to THEIR choices!!!

      • Kate8

        Only if we ALL didn’t vote, which would be a vote of “no confidence”.

        We could always write in our choice: NONE OF THE ABOVE.

  • Wendy Soentgen

    It’s unfair to leave Gary out if the election process, how can they do this? was there something that needed to be done that stopped Gary from being on the balad? I know a bunch if people that are fed up with the 2 parties. They want a 3ed candadate to elect. I’m one of them. Gary you need to get your name out there contact every news organization, every commintator. Make some noise. Get your name in the news, make news worthy statements. I’ll write you in but you need to make some noise, get your name out there. Start a facebook page, Advertise on Facebook. It’s pretty cheap to advertise with them. Good Luck and Gids Speeed to you

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Gary Johnson will still be on the ballot as the candidate of the libertarian party. They are just not allowing him to participate in the presidential debates. They will minimize him and discredit him as they’ve done to Ron Paul, regardless of the debates! No one will even know who he is, therefore everyone will HAVE to choose from THEIR TWO candidates!

  • peter

    It matters not anymore who is in charge. The die is cast and only a miracle will save this used up planet now. Looking to the morons who run the USA and the rest of the world now is an exercise in utter futility. Their agendas are cast in stone and only total destruction will stop them. Republican, Democrat or whatever, only the people can prevail now and looking for entrenched politicians and fraudsters to change the scenario is ridiculous. Hoarding gold and silver won’t help either. An understanding of what is really wrong and having the mindset to do something about it is what we need. Tough but not impossible. Get rid of the gangsters and replace them with men of moral fibre. Perhaps the guillotine should be brought back.

  • shermangerherd

    Haven’t all those sign-makers voicing protest over Zero’s remark been taken to the garden for a beer summit yet? What is wrong with his maggotsty?

  • scott casteel

    Obama doesnt FEAR Johnson. He’s probably paying Johnson to run as a spoiler. Does anyone remember what Perot did to George Sr.? This is shaping up to be another upset if Gary doesnt bow out and wait til next time to make a run.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      There may not BE a next time!!!

      • GregS

        There DEFINITELY WON’T be a next time if Obama gets re-elected, because of Gary Johnson, the spoiler!!!

  • ladybug

    TO: The Members Of The Republican Leadership Of The United States Senate And The United States House Of Representatives: The Hon. Mitch McConnell, The Hon. John A. Boehner, The Hon. John Barrasso, The Hon. Roy Blunt, The Hon. Eric Cantor, The Hon. Jeb Hensarling, The Hon. Jon Kyl, The Hon. Kevin McCarthy, The Hon. Tom Price, The Hon. John Thune

    (Fill in name and address and send to congress)

    RE: Demand Barack Obama Start Producing Some Records And Prove To The American People That He Is Not A Fraud Who Usurped The Office He Presently Holds!
    For far too long, the American people have pleaded with you to demand that Barack Obama produce documents to prove that he is not a fraud and a usurper. The American people have pleaded with you to demand that he produce a valid birth certificate, instead of the “computer-generated forgery” that he released in April of 2011. The American people have pleaded with you to demand that he produce his college records.

    The American people have pleaded with you to demand that Mr. Obama explain the “irregularities” in his Selective Service Registration form, why there are as many as 16 Social Security numbers associated with his name, and why he actively publicized that he was “foreign-born” from 1991 up until the time that he decided to seek the office of President of the United States.

    Each and every time the American people pleaded with you to address these pressing issues, you hid under your desks. However, when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid stood in the well of the Senate and made a ridiculous accusation that former-Governor Mitt Romney had not paid taxes in 10 years, some went so far as to sheepishly say that Romney should release additional tax returns beyond what he has already produced.

    What will it take to get you to make similar demands of transparency from Barack Obama, a man who is single-handedly destroying this great country? CNN actually summed up your feckless reaction in an article bearing the headline: “Reid Puts GOP In Bind Over Romney’s Taxes.” The article went on to state: “Republican sources say they’re in a Catch-22 situation on how to reply to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s claims….”

    Allow me to help you resolve your apparent confusion over what to do. Since Harry Reid has set the standard, turn the tables. Do exactly what the American people have pleaded with you to do for far too long. Demand that Mr. Obama start producing some records. Do in pursuit of the truth what Harry Reid is so willing to do to perpetrate a falsehood. Grow some spines, show the American people that you deserve your positions of power and leadership or get out of the way in favor of those who are willing to lead!


    sign here This is a petition written by Grassfire nation to force the usurper to prove his background.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      NONE of them are honorable and to address them as such would be a JOKE!!!

  • NoteToSelf

    The hindrance for a third party is the winner take all rule in many states. We need to get rid of that to allow 3rd parties to have an impact. The two main parties certainly don’t want to give up that advantage for the good of the country though. If either candidate had authentic concern for the country they would say vote for Gary Johnson, he’s better than me and is what the country needs!

  • NoteToSelf

    In the very good Gary Johnson interview here he says polls show he takes votes equally from both Obama and Romney. I’m glad to hear that.

  • George

    If it wasn’t for Obama being so incredibly bad, I wouldn’t hesitate to vote for Gary Johnson. But we have got to stop Obama, Obama-care, and the Agenda 21 green/communists. Once again I’ll have to pull out the barf bag and vote for the Main Stream Republican. Thank heavens it isn’t McCain. I’d vote Johnson or write in Ron Paul. Romney will at lease play by the rules, if that is possible for a politician.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      George, you are showing us that you have NO INTEGRETY!!! To vote for someone that you feel you would need a barf bag to do so, shows you have succumbed to evil and have NO INTEGRETY!!! MAN UP!!! DO the RIGHT thing!!!

    • Kate8

      George – What makes you think Romney opposes Agenda 21. HE DOESN’T.

      This is the plan for our future…THE ELITE’S PLAN for our future. He is the choice of the elite.

  • bill coleman


    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Why in he)) would libertarians come out and support romney??? He doesn’t STAND FOR what they believe in!!! You’re suggesting they toss their INTEGRITY aside and vote for something THEY DON’T BELIEVE IN?!? The lack of values, including integrity, is precisely WHY we’re in the position we’re in!!! Grow a spine!!! DO THE RIGHT THING!!!

    • Kate8

      bill – When h*ll freezes over.

      How about the Republicans come out for the Libertarian?

      We’re done compromising our integrity to please the status quo. How about you?

  • William

    Romney helped write Obamacare and is a flip flop politician just like Obama and the only difference is Obama has already shown us how bad he can be and Romney is sitting there waiting to show us how bad he can and will be ! The only problem I see with Gary Johnson is nobody knows hes out there, aside from the “awake”, and theres not enough time to get him noticed or to wake up enough people for him to make a positive impact ! Too little too late I’m afraid to say with the elections being right around the corner ! WE are all in BIG trouble if WE don’t ALL wake up and I mean ASAP ! This is not a doomsday prediction this is a FACT !

    • Dale left coast

      “Romney helped write Obammycare” ?
      That is Patently NUTS William . . . for starters Massatwochits is a State . . . and under the US Constitution States can have Healthcare Plans . . .
      If you picked a President out of a Texas Phone Directory you would do better than the O . . .
      The problem with libertarians is the say way too many stoopid things . . . close the prisons, legalize drugs, ignore the world around you . . . laughable ! ! !

      • William

        Dale read on >>>

        This is not new and there are many articles covering this. NUTS you say ??? well last I looked everyone is entitled to their own opinions…..

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Dale, talk about “stoopid”(sic) things! The last time I read the constitution, it said NOTHING about allowing the states to FORCE people to buy anything!!! Our forefathers could not have imagined that such things would happen, so they left that one out!!!

  • Slider

    Simple solution:

    The Tea Party has proven their political strength in many of the recent smaller elections. i.e. Cruz in Texas. If the Tea Party would really make this a Priority, I believe that Mr. Johnson would not only be “allowed” into the debate, but ultimately could prove an enormous force this November.
    However, if he is not put into the spotlight by the Tea Party he truly has slim to no chance. That is the sad reality.

  • Chuck

    When Gary Johnson was running in the Republican primary, i think he tried to sound like a moderate. If anyone remembers, please share what he said while a rebub candidate. He didn’t do very well. If I’m right that he sounded like a moderate, maybe he’ll wimp out in office.

    Ralph Nader running in 2000 almost gave the election to Al Gore. Let’s not return the favor.

    • Chuck

      I meant that Ralph Nader running in 2000 may have lost the election for Al Gore.

      • Kate8

        Chuck – You are ignoring the fact that many Democrats are really nervous about Obama. What we have posting here are the paid leftist shills…paid opinions. They don’t count.

        Despite the hype in the polls, Obama is tanking…BAD. I, personally, know Democrats who are terrified of him.

        Still, most dems would have a very hard time voting for Romney. But, what if we ALL had another choice?

        This is a new era from the days of Ralph Nader. We have much more at stake.

  • http://Gregsays Greg Daubenberger

    The only chose you will have if the rep. or dems. remain in control is lock and load, they wil be coming for you. Vote for change now.

  • Romney is a RINO

    A vote for Johnson is an excellent way to make a proud statement. The idea that a vote for Johnson is the same as a vote for Obama is totally wrong from a logical point of view. Romney is OK in that he is pragmatic and would go along with congress and the senate, but his heart is not with the small government group. Romney is basically RINO. The seats in the Senate and House are the most important votes this year. That is my view.

  • chuckb

    casting a vote for johnson is like voting for barry, he would appreciate that very much. gary johnson has absolutely no chance of winning the white house much less of getting the nomination. even comparing romney and barry as the same is absolutely mindless, i was totally against romney in the primaries, however, making a choice between romney and barry soetoro doesn’t take a brain surgeon. another four years of barry and we won’t be able to make a choice next time. if there’s anything in the country left to worry about.
    drugs are not going to be legalized either way, so voting for johnson is a loser.

    • Kate8

      chuckb – You, apparently, have no faith in the people. We may as well just fold our tents and go home, then.

      How many held their nose and voted for McCain? Do you think we’d be better off now had he won? In many ways, his ideas and record doesn’t differ much from Obama…wait. Obama won’t let us see his record… But we do know what he’s done while in office, and McCain has largely supported him. So has Romney and Ryan.

      Anyway, I think that the time may have come for a new choice. What if he appeals to unhappy voters on both sides of the aisle? Are we just going to let this chance slip through our fingers?

      How about having faith in Divine Intervention? How about giving it all we’ve got?

      Nothing ventured, nothing gained. We’ve always taken the “safe” road before, and we’ve continued to spiral on this downhill course. Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

      Do we NEVER LEARN?

      • chuckb

        kate8, i take into consideration what you say, except leaving barry in the white house is the worse possible choice. romney at least is a patriot, he is an american citizen, i doubt if barry is and further more i doubt he even cares, he’s nothing but a black activist and follows the marxist line, his goal is to destroy white america and make them pay for past colonialism, slavery and every other ill blacks have suffered through the centuries, he has already exposed these thoughts through his writings so it’s not a matter of guessing.

        this administration is not run by barry, the people in the background, mostly communist jews surround him and directs his every move and speech.
        we have a choice, leave barry in office and turn this country over to the socialist movement or take a chance on a successful business man, an american, even tho we may consider him a little more liberal than some others, he still stands head and shoulders over the alternative. then we should work to form a new party and send the republican rino’s packing.

      • Kate8

        chuckb – As yourself this question: would you vote for GHWB?

        I’d love to think that Romney is a patriot, and a good choice. But if having a valid BC is the only reason to vote for him…

        He’s still looking at the position, not of POTUS, but of CEO, just like Obama. CEOs answer to the heads of the corporation.

        Sorry, but I don’t trust him.

      • Ally

        Sorry Kate, but chuck is right, voting for a 3rd candidate is a vote for Obama, remember Ross Perot was a Vote for Clinton. I too was not sure about Romney until I checked into him and found he gave all his inheritance from his father to charity, that said a lot but what really sold me on his character was when he closed down his whole buisness and took himself and all his employees back in the 90′s to NY to find a missing 14 year old daughter of a friend and employee of his and at his expense. That say’s a whole lot about a mans charcter, in fact I don’t know anyone who would do that. If he can do that for an employee he can do that for America. He’s got my vote, I will not vote for a 3rd party who can’t win. Obama will just get back in because of it. And Obamas policies are what is wrong with this Country. 4 more years of him will completely destroy the USA and the deficit will be phenominal. We will all be standing in food lines.

      • Kate8

        Ally – I’ll say it again: this is a different time than in the days of Nader or Perot. People are wiser, and more awake than ever to the evils of status quo government.

        If we really got to work, we could change things. It’s apparent to me, however, that most of you are content to settle for the status quo.

        America is done, and no one cares.

  • Paul

    Why is it when you disagree with someone you are instantly labeled “uninfromed”. It is obvious that Libertarians are the ones who are in “la la”land. If Gary Johnson stays in the race it is all over. Barrack Obama wins. Simple to understand except for the libertarians who see a “liberal” and a conspiracy behind every tree. I am active in the tea party and am somewhat libertarian, but please don’t become a shill for the democratic party by insisting the Gary Johnson can win. Yes, he can determine who wins, but it is the democrats who he will assist. This election is too important for the libertarians to believe that somehow they are relevant. You speak of Divine INtervention, well apparently the democratic god is answering their prayers by having the libertarians in the race. You might as well send your money to the democratic re election committee and bypass the middle men, the libertarians.

    • William

      Paul I agree that this election is too important thats why I stated earlier for the American people NOT to turn out and vote for the lessor of 2 evils, and letting them know that WE are NOT going to eat any more of the crap that they are putting on the dish sitting in front of us ! We are not being presented with a REAL choice here ! The bottom line is Romney and Obama are 2 of the same and backed by the same people so where is there a choice ? Romney will pick up where Obama left off and if Obama remains the Austerity will come down even faster ! Most elections are decided before they start and WE the people, for years, have let this happen ! At one time WE the USA set the bar for Industry and Education, rivaled by none, envied by most and now look at what we have become ! No jobs or Industry, overpriced college tuitions with kids holding degrees of worthlessness, graduating and having to move back home $80K+ in debt with nothing to look forward to ! A government that is supposed to be working FOR the people leading US to believe that WE work for THEM ! Offshore banks the so called TOO BIG TO FAILS are running the country AND the politicians that is what this equates to ! We bicker over whats better and they move ahead with their agendas while we do, so whats wrong with this picture ? Its time WE ALL let them know that WE have had enough ! 40% or less !

  • Rocketman

    I’m a Libertarian and many years ago I suggested that the four minor parties (Libertarian, Green, Constitution and American Independant) all get their Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates together and go on a 50 state debate tour with each other. They could appear in the state capitols and any other large cities and have a debate with each other on the issues that the Republicans and Demcrats are afraid to cover. They would be covered by regional newspapers and television not the nationals and given more fair coverage. After a while even the major media would be covering them.

  • Troy

    This IS insane! Especially after the Paul Ryan vp pick. The man is an Ayn Rand disciple! No, his cuts arent enough, but, if he did what he wants immediately, the Romney Ryan ticket would be unelectable. I suspect, Romney to not be what the establisment believes…..he knows how to trim a corpirate budget and I suspect this will carry over into the presidency. The Ryan pick is the boldest I have seen in my lifetime of moving this country toward limited government.
    Even if you live in A BLUE state, dont waste your vote on Johnson. Do you want a constitutional crisis and assault on the Electoral College if Romney wins it but not the popular vote because 4 million morons voted for Johnson?

    • Bill Vojtech

      I’d like to see the Electoral College done away with. Most votes don’t even count, as things stand.

  • chuckb

    kate8, please show me why barry should not be run out of office, how could you even imagine this man has any ability. after the mess he has made out of this country. romney could be blindfolded and do a better job than the robot sitting in the white house.
    think it over kate, you can trust barry more than romney? you are a lot smarter than that.

    • Kate8

      chuckb – I’m terrified of Obama. Don’t think for one moment that I want him back in. It would be the end of America, for sure.

      I just don’t think Romney is who everyone wants to think he is. I suppose I’d rather see Romney win than Obama, for sure, but I’d much rather have a true Constitutionalist and statesman. Romney is just so much more smoothe talking purveyor of promises we get every time. He’ll betray us, like the rest, because he does not serve us. He serves the corporate elite. He takes his orders from the same elite Obama does. How can we expect better of him?

      You aren’t thinking outside the box. You are continuing the same old mantra… anyone but…a vote for xxx is a vote for yyy. I still say that, with Obama’s following dropping off, an alternate candidate would siphon off votes from both sides of the aisle.

      I’m just saying that we’ve been voting for the lesser of two evils for a century, and we’ve continued to devolve to this point. What makes you think this time will be different.

      We have to make it different.

      • chuckb

        kate8, each election some people are calling for a new party, i say let’s get romney elected then immediately start a new party or get the tea party off the stump. either way i’m sick of the rino’s and feel the same way you do about romney. i repeat he’s still ten times better than barry.

      • Ally

        But you are not going to make it different Kate, you are just going to give your vote to Barry, Do some investigating on Romey, find out all the money he’s given to charity but especially find out when he closed his company and took all his employees to New York to find that missing 14 year old girl of one of his employees. I wasn’t sure about Romney either until I found all this out about him, it made me like him a lot better, but I would have voted for him anyway even if I didn’t find this out because Obamas policies are destroying the USA.

      • Chuck

        So effectively voting for the greater of evils would be better than voting for the lesser of evils?

        Minor detail – a vote for Gary Johnson is only half a vote for Obama – it takes a vote from Romney, but doesn’t give it to Obama.

  • GDC

    Gary Johnson IS a DRUG ADDICT, PSYCHOTIC!!!

    • Bill Vojtech

      “Gary Johnson IS a DRUG ADDICT, PSYCHOTIC!!!”

      Well, since you’ve used all caps, it must be true. The matter is settled.

      • Kate8

        Hmmmm. Obama is a drug addict and is psychotic. And is gay. And is communist…

        What’s your point?

      • Ally

        We need to stand together against Obama, Truly I like my father to be president, he has great ideas for running the country but I’m not going to vote for him because he can’t win. So whether anyone likes it or not Romney is the guy running against Obama not anyone else no matter how many other people are on the ballet. It will just be a choice between Obama and Romney and democrats will all vote for obama and some independents. If you want Obama out than vote for Romney, voting for a 3rd party will be a vote for Obama.

      • Kate8

        Ally – The PTB have you all well trained. You are doing exactly what they want you to do.

        Obama…they win. Romney…they win.

        Either way, we lose.

        • Martha Weems

          I don’t understand what is so difficult here to understand. The ONLY way we can totally
          lose (with no hope of redemption) is IF Obama stays in office. The key here is to unite
          and stand together. Maybe not everyone is completely satisfied with what we have to
          work with, but, trust me, it will be such a difference as to start America back on the right
          track. We MUST get the majority in the house and senate as well. We MUST do these
          things or there is no hope after this election. But, IF we forget our own personal likes,
          dislikes and predjudice and focus on winning…then, LATER, we can think about splitting
          the vote with another party, or even two parties. But, NOW, for the love of all we hold
          dear, let us put everything else aside except winning in November and we WILL win if
          Obama goes out, no matter whether the he is replaced by Republican, Libertarian, Tea
          Party, or Hell’s Angels, we will still win!

  • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    The DEFINITION of Insanity (STUPIDITY, i prefer!) is doing the same thing over and over and EXPECTING different results and further , I am going to get sexist here: reading what the women say shows why men try to keep women down…….the Women are smarter, MUCH smarter!!!

  • chill1184

    Nice to see that conservatives are getting their “blame the libertarians” talk early this election season. Face facts conservatives, you had a choice in electing Ron Paul to the Republican nomination but you didn’t. Libertarians and Ron Paul supporters were quite clear during the primaries it’s Paul or no one at all. Yes some Paul supporters don’t like Johnson either. As for Paul Ryan he’s a damm fraud. Bob Wenzel of Economic Policy Journal point out what a statist he is.

    Sorry CONservatives this is on you and only you not on Libertarians.

  • bill coleman



    The time to make a “statement” is in the primaries and on the internet, etc. In the USA, politics takes the place of what would be war in many other parts of the world. Your ballot is your only “bullet”, only in this case, the target of your “bullet” indicates who you think has the best chance of winning the election and at the same time defeating the most evil candidate. Anyway you look at it, a conservatives’ vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Obama because it reduces Romney’s vote count by one. The time to promote a third party is in a primary and between the general elections. Talk all you want to, but please do not waste your only “BULLET”. vin 5 ron et ya ho period con..

    • GregS

      Very well said, Bill! This is NOT the time to be making statements or sending messages, especially in view of all the damage that’s been done by Obummer. A third-party candidate will NOT win in November, and any “statements,” which third-party voters may have hoped to send, will be drowned out by the news media and the cheers of all those who voted for the winner of the election.

  • Ray White

    If you refuse to vote your principles you will continue to get the Government you deserve and the Big Government Party will continue to rule us all. The Republicans being the right wing of the BGP and Democrats the left wing (two sides of the same coin). Nothing will ever get better until enough of us get fed up enough with the same old, same old to muster our courage and elect a man like Ron Paul–who actually believes in the Constitution.

    But history teaches us that people won’t muster the guts to make the needed changes until they are forced to do so. Apparently, things aren’t bad enough yet to wake people up to the fact that their rights, liberties, and ability to pursue happiness are being usurped by Big Government.

    So I will vote my conscience and my beliefs and if that happens to put BO back in office so be it. And if he continues to take us down the communist/police state path to economic and social ruin that he set us on almost four years ago it will NOT be the fault of those like me. The blame will lie solely on the shoulders on the morons who voted for him.

    The silver lining would be that maybe, just maybe things will finally get so bad that Americans get off their lazy butts and take their government back either through a revolution at the ballot box (voting Libertarian) or, if things get truly awful, by exercising their Second Amendment right to throw off tyranny.

  • William

    You guys will get Romney mainly because Obama is toast! If gary Johnson waqs more of a focal point he might have been a logical choice but he wasnt its as simple as that! If I said it once I have said it 1000 times there was one person that would have made a difference (Ron Paul) who was shortchanged by the system, actually stolen for a lack of better words and then fell off the campaign trail in a flash after making fools out of the rest of the shills he was running against. Love RP or hate him HE WAS THE BEST CHOICE ! Having Romney and Obama as our only choices is a sick joke, a crime against the people! If we have any Constitutional rights left after this election it will be nothing short of a miracle especially after Obama had 4 years to whipe his butt with it! Bought and paid for politicians with a bought and paid for media owned by a small group of filthy rich ripoff artists against the majority of a population (which this will affect) still asleep at the wheel ! You cant make this crap up ! May the gods help us all…

  • bill coleman

    The folllowing commentary is written to promote the survival of Constitutional Freedom in the USA. To learn what Islam wants the world to know about Islam, google or search for “Islam”. To learn what many non-muslims have concluded about Islam, google or search for “anti-Islam”. Also interesting, google or search for both “Islam” and any other word(s) or organization if you want to see what the net has to offer about the relationship between or news concerning your search items.

    ¶(1)The U. S. foreign wars against the terrorists presently exist to provide political cover for the ongoing surrender of the USA to Islam. True Believing Muslims are fanatically happy to die fighting us overseas as long as they believe that the surrender of the USA is ongoing and that the continuing wars make the covert ongoing surrender of the USA to Islam seem implausible to the average voter. The big lie that holds the fraud together includes this: (1) the terrorists are not true muslims (2) Constitiutional Freedom has nothing to fear from Islam (3) Islam is a religion qualified for protection as such by the Constitution. Unbridled indiscrete DIVERSITY, POLITCAL CORRECTNESS and MULTICULTURALISM have blinded many people to the greatest threat Constitutional Freedom has faced. G. W. Bush said Christians and Muslims worship the same God and that the terrorists were misguided. Truth is that “peaceful” muslims in the USA and the muslim terrorists worldwide are both doing what the Koran tells muslims to do (i.e., lie to non-muslims and convert, enslave or kill them). Socialism is being pushed because moving towards socialism will move the USA away from the freedoms (freedom of speech and gun ownership) which can be used to defend the Constitution from Islam. As such, socialism is being used as a stepping stone to an Islamic dictatorship within the USA. In other words, the USA must be partly destroyed and weakened to facilitate its surrender to Islam. ¶(2)The Islamic ideology has locked Islam into eternal war between different sects of True Believers and between any sect of True Believers and any other person/group who is not perceived to be a True Believer whether they claim to be Islamic or not. As such, Islam has continued for 1400 years to be an effective tool for oArab Colonialization of the world. Islamic Ideology is the trap. The excess evil liberties Islam grants to Muslim males is the bait. No area of the world is exempt from this colonlalization unless political and legal action is first taken to prevent and/or prepare for later armed conflict. We will get sharia law whether legal or not unless Islam and anything like it is made illegal in the USA or unless we endure a bloody civil war and win. I prefer the former. With the Constitution being what it is and Islam being what it is, why are unconstitutional acts of Islam or anything similar legal? ¶(3)Two issues which must be faced are as follows. Issue #1: Who has or is working on the comprehensive plan for the states to put the federal government back into the cage crafted for it by the Constitution? Issue #2: Is Islam a religion that is qualified for protection under the Constitution? While the answers to these issues may not be ready for prime time, I hop and pray that there are legal teams working on these and other issues such as vote fraud, etc. If Constitutional Conservatives do not have the organization to fight the political and legal battles that will prevent an actual armed battle, then forget about fighting or winning an armed battle. ¶(4))Most of our voters and elected politicians have been taking us down the road to hell on Earth. As a Christian: (1) fail to practice good religion (as defined or adopted by the reader) and you will not or may not go to heaven or etc.; (2) fail to practice good politics and your great grandkids may never hear of good religion. As a Muslim, practice good religion and Islam can be expected to rule the world completely within a few generations. Not a nice thought, but true. ¶(5)Gun owning Conservatives who do not vote because they don’t have a perfect candidate to vote for, waste their vote, or believe that political involvment is “beneath” them and who plan to “meet them with a gun when they come to take my gun” at best are as helpful as the socialists and at worst will only be committing suicide after all the non-violent options are gone. Does this help show a solution? Learn how to talk to strangers about what makes and will keep the USA a great place to live and work. Every Constitutional Conservative must be verbally prepared to win any unannounced debate about Islam by simply telling the truth about Islam. Cowards will not defeat Islam, politically, legally or otherwise. Constructive critique of the above is welcomed. vin 5 ron et ya hoo period con..

  • actual socialist

    You get that obama was refering to infastructure right? i highly doubt he actually thinks goverment built EVERY buesness active today also you say ” the challenger has become an exeptionally wealthey man through HIS hard work ” i,m sorry Mr Rolly but i must disagree with you there he has become wealthey because of the skill of his workers THEY created the wealth he just took most of it just my opion though all-in-all good article

  • GregS

    Reality #1: A third party candidate will NOT win in November, no matter how much anyone would wish this to happen. IT JUST WON’T HAPPEN.

    Reality #2: If Obama gets re-elected for another term, the damage that will be done will be irreversible, regardless of who succedes him in 2016: ObamaTAXCare will NEVER be repealed, because it will have established its roots as a PERMANENT ENTITLEMENT.

    All potential third-party voters should keep these two realities in mind when “voting their conscience.”

    NO ONE will be able to fix the damage that Obama has created, if he is re-elected for another term in office, in which case that so-called principled stand,” which the all-or-nothing third-party purists will have taken in November, will be all for naught.

  • Tom

    While everyone spends time here expounding on the vices and virtues of our VERY FLAWED system and choices the Congress is trying to slip ANOTHER TAX ON US!!! WAKE UP!!! HR 4646, written by some unAmerican dodo named Chauka Fattah from Penn. will COST US EACH 1% for EVERY TRANSACTION to our bank, credit union. Thats EVERY TRANSACTION FOLKS! Your paycheck, move your OWN MONEY from savings to checking, etc, etc, etc. Have direct deposit? Well at least 99% will get to your acount.
    Go to and check it out.

    • GregS

      That bill has been re-introduced (in various forms) in the House by that same person since 2004, and it NEVER got out of committee to be voted on. Furthermore, it NEVER had any co-sponsors, and virtually NO ONE ever supported it. Chances of it EVER passing are about as good as a snowball’s chance of surviving in hell. Go here to find out more.

      Also the reference to, which you mentioned, currently lists HR 4646 as a bill “To suspend temporarily the duty on certain grill brushes,” so that guy probably finally gave up, since his bill never got any support.


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