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Why It Doesn’t Pay To Cooperate With Police

May 21, 2012 by  

Why It Doesn’t Pay To Cooperate With Police
Keep your car free from clutter and conceal everything that you want to keep private.

Police officers are trained manipulators. They take classes to learn how to read people’s body language and how to ask open-ended and innocent-sounding questions in order to surreptitiously obtain information they can use against you.

They also have a knowledge of the laws that you don’t possess — and laws differ from State to State, and even from one jurisdiction in a State to another. Police have also been known to invent “laws,” place “evidence” that can be linked to you and twist your words into meaning something you did not intend.

For that reason you should never consent to a police search of your vehicle and never volunteer information when being questioned. Of course, not consenting doesn’t mean you won’t be subjected to an unConstitutional and illegal search, as Nancy Genovese learned.

But two recent cases drive home the point of why it doesn’t pay to cooperate with police: that of Army Lt. Augustine Kim and that of Diane Avera.

Before being deployed to Afghanistan, Kim left his gun collection with his parents in New Jersey. In the summer of 2010, Kim was back in the United States after being injured in a vehicle crash in Afghanistan. He had a medical appointment at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and decided to work a trip from his South Carolina home to his parent’s New Jersey home around the medical center appointment.

He loaded his guns plus some spare parts in the trunk of his Honda Civic and headed to his medical appointment. He got lost in downtown Washington, D.C., and was pulled over by police. The officer said his license had been suspended, but Kim said he was not aware that it had been. It turns out the suspension was a clerical error caused by the State of North Carolina incorrectly reporting to South Carolina that Kim had failed to pay for a ticket.

But because of the erroneous suspension, the D.C. officer called for backup and told Kim he’d have to go to the police station. Then the officer asked if he could search his vehicle. Kim consented because he knew his guns were properly locked in a case, which complied with Federal firearms transportation laws. Kim was handcuffed and made to sit on the curb. He was then booked on four counts of carrying outside the home. Officers told him that he was in violation of registration laws because he admitted to having stopped at Walter Reed. In D.C., having a weapon outside the home is illegal.

In Demopolis, Ala., Avera answered a police officer’s question honestly. It landed her in jail for 40 days — including 17 hours strapped in a restraint chair — and a conviction on a drug charge that carries a sentence of one year in jail and seven years of probation.

Avera had recently taken up the hobby of scuba diving. Her dive instructor had advised her to take pseudoephedrine (Sudafed) to help her equalize pressure on her eardrums and to help her with other sinus issues she experienced while diving. This is a common practice among divers; and Avera had, under advice from her physician, taken pseudoephedrine many times before to treat allergies.

But just weeks before Avera was arrested, a new State ordinance went into effect in her home State of Mississippi that made pseudoephedrine a prescription drug. So Avera drove to Alabama to buy some.

In the car with Avera were her adult son, his girlfriend and their three children. The son and girlfriend bought two boxes of Sudafed from a CVS. Avera bought another at Wal-Mart. As she pulled away from Wal-Mart, Demopolis Police Sgt. Tim Soronen pulled her over. (In Avera’s trial it was revealed the CVS pharmacist was a police informant who tipped off police about the Sudafed purchase.)

“What brings you to Demopolis?” Soronen asked.

“I came over to buy some Sudafed for our scuba diving trip this weekend, since we can’t buy it in Meridian anymore,” Avera replied.

Soronen asked Avera if she knew it was against the law to cross the State line to buy Sudafed. Avera said she did not. Soronen ordered her out of the car.

Using the threat of kidnapping Avera’s grandchildren and putting them into the hands of the State Department of Human Resources, Soronen extorted a confession from Avera that she was buying Sudafed to manufacture crystal methamphetamine. It did not help that her son — a habitual drug user who had been through rehab several times — had a bottle of methadone and a pouch containing drug paraphernalia that police found during a vehicle search.

She was convicted after the trial judge allowed the prosecutor to make entirely unsubstantiated claims. These included that Avera had confessed to having used crystal meth for two years — her former employer, a physician, insisted there was never any indication she was a drug user — and that she had somehow “diluted” drug tests that showed she had no meth in her system.

Avera’s conviction is being appealed, and she is free on a $20,000 bond. But Kim accepted a deal that allowed him to plead guilty of one misdemeanor charge of possessing an unregistered gun with the understanding the charges would be dismissed and his guns and gun parts — worth $10,000 — would be returned if he stayed out of trouble for nine months. Now the Metropolitan Police are refusing to release Kim’s guns.

“The mistake he made was agreeing to a search of his vehicle,” Kim’s attorney Richard Gardiner told The Washington Times. “If the police ask for consent to search, the answer is ‘no.’ If they ask, ‘why not?’ The answer is, ‘no.’”

For most people, encounters with police end with no more than a warning or a ticket. But you never know when you may say or do something that interests the officer enough that he or she wants to take a closer look at who you are and where you’ve been.

Privacy expert and lawyer Mark Nestmann writes in his book, The Lifeboat Strategy to never consent to a vehicle search. He reminds that you do not have to answer an officer’s questions if you are being detained.

From his book:

Say something like, “Officer, I know you want to do your job, but I can’t consent to a search.” A likely response will be, “Why not? What do you have to hide?” You are under no obligation to answer this question. Instead, say something like, “Officer, am I under arrest? If not, I would respectfully ask that you permit me to leave.” If there’s no response, then announce, “Officer, if you’re not detaining me, may I leave?” If the response is “yes,” say “thank you” and leave immediately. If the response is ambiguous, or if your question is answered by another question, repeat your question: “Am I being detained, or may I leave now?”

If the response is “no,” you’re being detained. Police may detain you or your vehicle for a brief time… If you’re detained, you’re under no obligation to answer any questions or consent to a search. You should point that out; but again, in a non-threatening way. One way is to make a joke; e.g., “My lawyer would kill me if I consented to a search without him being present.”… Specifically mention the word “lawyer.” This will end many requests for a search or to answer questions. If not, tell the officer that you want to call your lawyer… If you don’t have a lawyer… Just keep your mouth shut and don’t consent to a search.

Nestmann also recommends you keep your car free from clutter and conceal everything that you want to keep private. If an officer sees something suspicious out in the open, he can get around the need for consent or a warrant and claim probable cause.

Most people now break many laws during the course of their day that they don’t even know exist. The presumption of innocence no longer applies. Over the past several decades, police have become increasingly militarized and increasingly militant and abusive. For years, complaints about abusive police from members of the black community have fallen on deaf ears. Propaganda-induced ignorance will cause many to dismiss this issue still.

Some people are concerned there will come a time in the United States when the military will be brought to bear on the regular citizens in a time of riots or civil unrest. But it’s more likely we should fear the police, who are already showing a proclivity to attack and abuse citizens — including children — and are obviously preparing for civil unrest.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • http://firefox wog1

    In other words we are all guilty until proven innocent. I thought it was the other way around. Guilty until proven innocent is the Communist way.

    • Combat seabee

      It’s also the British way!

      • copakeman

        it is also the Internal Revevenue Service standard operating proceedure.

      • Brad

        Last time I checked we were still in America, Not England. The other way is most likely the UN controlled way. Is this what Odrama is trying to impose on us every since he has become the Imposter we have as President?

      • eddie47d

        Obama doesn’t operate the local police forces when it comes to traffic stops. Talk to your local departments and find out what their policies are and take them on from there. Insist they respect your civil liberties and to abide by the laws themselves.

      • ROSINA

        That is untrue.
        The British way is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVED GUILTY, the system that was brought to this country and is part of the Constitution.
        The Napoleonic Code is the one where you have to prove your innocence which is still the way in most of the EU. And, unfortunately, unless the UK gets out it will then be theirs also.

      • Lazuli

        Louisiana’s state law is based on the Napoleonic Code and not English Common Law.

      • http://PersonalLiberty Tom Wiegand

        Good point Seabee. I have been telling folks for years that the Tory’s that were never made to leave after the revolution and after their failed attempts to recolonize us through war are systematically and subversively reacquiring the colonies they lost. I remind folks over and over again that Woodrow Wilson, FDR and his cousins the Bushes and their cousin Barry Soetoro are loyalists and not friends of the Republic.Just to name some that are or have been in the public eye. Not to exclude ,or excuse, the many that are beyond the public’s view. That they have had us fighting their King’s and Queen’s wars since 1917 and that the Federal Reserve is an arm of the Crown and that the Income Tax is actually a homage tax with none of the proceeds directed to anything but the interests of the Crown. I have been saying that the CIA trained by the Crowns Royal Service has been subverting the Constitution and laying the ground works for full repatriation of the Colonies and I have said recently the the foreign President and the action of Obama care has signaled the the completion of the deed. We are none officially back in control of the crow. Next thing you’ll see is on of Charles son’s being made President of the United States. After Barry Soetoro’s fraudulent presidency and our almost total judicial acceptance of the precedence principal of law, which can conveniently circumvent the Constitutional principals of common law and the jury system, there is nothing stopping that from happening save another revolution.

      • Tom W.

        And they’ve been moving this way for years Bob! Look at your SWAT teams, how do you define para-military?! A lot of your police uniforms now resemble fatigues more than they do police uniforms. Look at the urban assault vihicles purchased over the last couple of decades in your large cities!!! Outside of the “68″ and the LA riots following the Rodney King beating, I’ve never seen an incident that would require that kinda equipment happen in the US! I guess the “better to be prepared” motto could apply here. Look at what that dyke b!tch Reno did at Waco! Yes Koresh was a nut, but there wre 23 innocent children in that compound, they were surronded and not going anywhere, but this bulldyke had to flex her DOJ (Hey ya think this could be considered a pattern?!) muscle and Blitzkrieg the place! Or how about Ruby Ridge, they shot that poor guy as he was standin’ there with his baby in his arms!!! The only thing that we got going for us at this point in time is that there are many FINE men and women who serve us as law enforcement personnel, and thanks to organizations like “Oath Keepers” are being educated as to the promise that they swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC!!! The same goes for our military, why do you think the Obama administration was so keen on a civilian strike force or whatever in the hell he called it?!! They know that their window of opportunity is closin’ FAST!!! They’ve had some MAJOR set-backs here recently, i.e. the Trans Texas Corridor, and I don’t think that they’re going to go down without a fight Bob! We need to be vigilant and ON OUR TOES!!! These are some sick puppies that we’re talkin’ about! The inventors of propaganda and eugenics, Adolf Hitler took lessons from these sickos!!! Facism is ALIVE and WELL right here in the good ole’ USofA!

      • Katherine O’Boyle

        Well you know we are all Socialists now…unless we elect some others that still believe in government by the people. The problem is that so many good Democrats don’t realize what their party has become. And they listen to MSNBC which fires anyone for having a difference of opinion.

      • Lee Carlson

        It’s also that way in most family courts. They have their own rules and if a social worker makes an accusation against you, it is your task to disprove the accusation. Of course that is, you are allowed to try.

    • Martha Benton

      I probably will be handcuffed and hauled off to jail for having ‘anti-Obama’ stickers on my car. If I am, they are going to have one irate old lady to deal with and I will take it all the way to the Supreme Court.

      • Mary

        Same here, Martha

      • Tom W.


      • Joan

        I’m with you, Martha. I have anti-Obama and anti-Obamacare stickers on my car. I’m 74 yrs old and more feisty now than when I was a youngster so they’d have a real fight on their hands. Ever see an old lady cold-cock a guy?


          I will never allow a sticker on my car advertising any politicians. If you need to expose yourself to some violence then you may do so. As to Obama remember he is loved by 99% of black Americans for the first time in their history after suffering from discrimination they have finally got a black man elected as President. You may one day be stopped by a black police officer the guy has the Law and a gun on his side. For your safety remove the stickers, unless you want to be a dead hero, the cemetery is full of Heroes. Joseph Foster, Author ‘’Seeing Red’’ ‘How America is losing the future’ Available at:

    • http://facebook Alex Como Sr

      exactly America has been headed commie for some time with infiltration etc, it is time for Americans to say enough and re establish Justice in America an example see my profile and pics and ask yourself? Is that Justice?

    • Malibu Kim

      Everyone should watch the documentary THRIVE with Forest Gamble (of the Gamble family of Proctor & Gamble) who shows what/who is behind “all” the destructive forces going on to enslave our world. This man who was groomed to be one of those to support the elitists agenda, decided there is a better way of being – and so produced this amazing documentary that spells it all out. THRIVE is on YouTube – please view it and pass it around to everyone you know to protect them. Knowledge of the elitist’s agenda is power to The People – they don’t like being cast into the light – it disrupts their plans – big time! This documentary is a must-see!!!

      • restorefreedom

        It’s a great documentary and cops are out of control these days. Not looking good for freedom and liberty that we’re trying to spread over the world. haha

    • PGHYinzer33

      You haven’t noticed? Your always GUILTY first, if you look close enough, you can see it in their eyes!

    • Tom W.

      No wog1, we are guilty until we provide enough MONEY (The ALMIGHTY dollar!!!) to prove our innocense!!! Preach it fellas!

      • bpante

        You got that right. It is not a matter of how fast you were going. It is a matter of how fast can you write a check.

    • Jack

      Right you are, This has been a socialist country rver since the last election. that being said please keep in mind that not all police are corrupt. There are more that take their oath seriously than not. Another thing thay will be our only defence when the fed’s try to take total control, which is closer than you think

      • Michael

        The US started down the road to socialism with Woodrow Wilson, greatly accelerated under the Great American Destroyers, FDR and LBJ. Of late, no matter who is in the White House, the pace has not slacked off much.

    • Donald York

      A pocket size copy of the US constitution is cheaply available, and it still means something if followed to the letter. You can take online study courses at Hillsdale college, usually free of charge.

      • uninformedLuddite

        You do realise that carrying a copy of the constitution and quoting it is a sign of being a domestic terrorist in the USA?

      • Alan Adams

        Also, if you have a Kindle, you can download a copy for free from Amazon…lots of other good free stuff there, too.

      • DaveH
      • nc

        Donald, What does following the Constitution “to the letter” mean? Whose “letter”? Ever been in a law library and seen the number of volumes of Supreme Court decisions it has taKen to decide what that “letter” is? Many, many cases and STILL going on!!! Some cases by conservative controlled courts, some decisions by moderate and liberal controlled courts
        .Actually, the law is not necessarily what this court says it is but what the NEXT court says it is when the next case goes up on the same legal matter!.
        Example: “The right to counsel” in The Constitution. In the begining that simply meant in criminal cases you could hire your own COUNSEL for your trial. Later “right to counsel” (same words) was held to mean that you had to ALSO be ADVISED you had such a right, Later ” right to counsel” (same words) were held to really mean not only must you be advised to the right BUT ALSO BE TOLD that if you could not afford one that one would be supplied for you! IN the mean time it was also held that “right to counsel’ (Same words) also meant that you had a right to have counsel ,even court appointed counsel, at ALL IMPROTANT PROCEEDINGS of your criminal matter not just a trial, like interragations. During all that time officers and the Courts were operating on what the last Surpeme Court said what “Right to counsel” actually meant only to find out the NEXT Court said it meant something more or different!
        This may not be in exact order of decisions but it shows how even different Supreme Court Justices see the “letter of the Constitution” quite differently.
        So if ANYONE tells you they know exactly what the Constitution means “to the letter” ,LAUGH AT THEM AND WALK AWAY!

        • joseph foster

          I agree with your comments, the intepreations by Conservatives, and othes have desroyed the constituation. The flaw is the appointment of Judges that will reflect the regime point of view. Joseph Foster

  • Gary

    So, America has entered the “gestapo” stage under Obama and the Liberals……..

    • Casey

      Please don’t think that only liberals abuse the Constitution. The Patriot Act was enacted under George Bush. Our rights are under attack form both parties.

      • CJ

        The party of the sitting president is not always the same as the controlling party of congress… where the laws originate and are passed. Clinton made improvements under Republican controlled House and Bush II had failures passed under the Democratic controlled House and Senate. You can’t blame it all on the President.

      • Brad

        Your probably right Casey, But Obama had a chance to get rid of the Act and only acted to increase that law with more resstraints on the US citizens.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        The Un-patriot act was first passed under Bush but it could not have passed without lots of help from the democrats. While the Republicans had a majority in congress it was NOT a filibuster proof majority so the democrats could have easily blocked the bill if they so desired. Obama had two years with total control of congress in which he could have gotten the un-partiot act repealed or modified but made no attempt to do so and in fact he renewed and strengthened parts of it.

      • Tom W.

        Collectivism! Who are the collectivists?!!

      • Donald York

        Good point, and true.

      • DaveH

        Bush is a Liberal, Casey. There are Liberals in both parties.

      • DaveH

        Much of the Patriot Act was due to expire in 2009. So a Congressional vote wasn’t needed to end those provisions:

      • DaveH

        Above all, people need to awaken to the fact that Government is just a gargantuan self-serving gang who merely lie about their real intentions in order to pacify the people who they are feeding off of. Once you realize that, everything else they do becomes very clear.
        To get a head start on the awakening, please read this Free book:

      • Crystal

        That is why your loalty should ly with The Constiution of the United States, for it protects your freedoms and liberties. Your loyalties should not ly with Republucan or Democrate!!! None of these politicians give a damn about any if us! If they did we would not be in this situation as a nation. Because We the People have chosen to be part of a “group” we have forgotten our own, individual unalienable GOD given rights! So now we have a government giving us our rights, I don’t know about you but I don’t think that is working out to well for us!!!!!

      • Crystal

        Brad there is a reason why both political parties do the same thing. There is a group of elite , the true people who run this country. Just look up New World Order and you will see the bigger picture. Franklin Roosevelt said it best ” Presidents are selected, not elected.” and trust me he isn’t implying that God chooses our Presidents! He is letting all of us know that there is a bigger force out there. They were warning us years ago! Can we now take heed to the warnings!!!

      • Buster the Anatolian

        “Much of the Patriot Act was due to expire in 2009.”

        DaveH, While I didn’t specify a year I acknowledged that when I said obama and his democrat controlled congress renewed and strengthened parts of the act.

    • FadedFreedom

      I don’t care for the Kenyan or democrats either, but to be fair, the Bushes started much of this and mcconell, Boehner, Lindsey Graham and McCain have NOT done anything to preserve our diminishing freedom either.

      • Tom W.

        We’ve been goin’ down this path for almost 100 yrs. now!!! Accelerating with the assassination of JFK and continuing to acelerate with this administration shiftin’ it into WARP DRIVE!!! Make sure your seat belt in on, ‘CAUSE IT’S GETTIN’ READY TO GET ROUGH!!!

      • michaeljbeglinjr

        OK, but Obama has had several chances to do away with a lot of those laws. Instead of doing so, he made them harsher. Obama has been more like George W. than George W. was. Obama is just such a blatant liar it’s sickening.

    • Jimmy The Greek

      I am 60 years old and this crap has been going on when i was a teenager in Elizabeth N J , It has just gotten worse in the last 30 years , FYI i have lived in Texas since 1976 .

      • Tom W.

        Ya see Brad! There’s more than one twit in Texas!!!

    • gene

      gestapo was nazi germany’s name for homeland security. we are about to go into the third reich

    • Michael

      No, the Brown Shirts (cops) have been like this for at least a decade. They truly feel they are above the law and like the Dims, they know what is best. Never, ever trust any cop.

      • Tom W.

        Because the police, JUST LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE, here in the Land of the Brave and Home of the Free, have become corrupt!!! It’s a WORLDWIDE epidemic!

      • michaeljbeglinjr

        I knew our police were ruined when they were allowed to keep the money and property of “drug dealers”. Once cops can make a profit from arresting people, the number of arrests will skyrocket, just like they did. Now most of police are ex-military and still receive military-style training. They are no longer police, but a domestic army to be used on civilians. They are kind of like the Moscow Militia during the good ol’ Soviet days.

    • Randy

      They done it under “W” Bush too.

    • seanoamericano

      -Wasnt the patriot hijack penned by that flunky biden? People need to understand their is no difference between democraps and repukelikans In the words of R Lee they are nothing more than -amphibian sh%^ they are not even human beings–they are all equally worthless-flunky beuracrats that consume resources and produce nothing of value. As far as police why do yo all think that the average American has to dummy up to pass the civil servants test. Cant allow anybody-that may be able to think for themselves and see thru the good guy:only fellow dim witted thugs/ baaaad guy: everybody that isnt a dimm witted thug game. There are a few that take their oath seriously and protect the public and bring honor to the job however the vast majority fall in the first catagory. the job of the police is to punish codebreakers enhance revenue for their masters and protect said masters interests. It seems every day there is another violent attack on by a gang of these brave men and women who were in fear for their safety by a handcuffed person sitting or laying face down. They needed to be repeatedly tasered and clubbed because the perp didnt follow the different com,mands in a timely manner and there fore brought it on them selves. Now its a crime to film them because that would present an alternative view of the official story. I was brought up to respect the law, and police now years later I dont see any that deserve it. The exception is Sherrif Mack and now Arpio because he is taking on The fraud in the whitehouse. GO JOE

  • Neil

    I know one police officer that is a wonderful person. Just one.

    • Void1972


      These are two instances that thank God are not the norm.

      I think Avera and her son were most likely (just from the information written) crystal meth producers and the officer made the correct call. These freaks know every excuse in the book on why and how to buy pseudoephedrine in quantity and if they weren’t pulled over after the first visit, they would have continued to dozens of stores to buy 3-4 at a time.
      Very severe problem here in America!

      The Marine should have never listened to his GPS around the Washington area because they always send you off 495 to Pennsylvania Ave and it’s a nightmare!
      If that officer didn’t call the guns in, and let him go, he would not be doing his job, and unfortunately sometimes good people get into bad situations. (Especially in the Washington area)

      I know hundreds of police officers in N.Y. and the great majority will be on your side when the SHTF!

      It’s unfortunate that there are “Bad” cops, but most of the bad are liberal minded ( mentally challenged) and sometimes liberals get into positions they shouldn’t be allowed in ( police, teachers, day care), and make everyone around them look incompetent or dishonest and mentally disturbed!

      Last week Bob had an article about a corrupt cop in Suffolk County, N.Y. and I know these things happen by letting liberals through the loop holes of the system.

      I know a couple of cops that would give their mother a ticket on mother’s day just because they consider it their “duty’, these are the mentally ill “liberal” ones.

      You can’t take just two examples from the tens of thousands of good cops and daily arrest in America to prove a point. It proves nothing!

      In the final battle, most police officers will be fighting side by side with you against the machine, give them thanks for that!

      God bless America, and those who fight for her!!!!

      • notassmartastherestofyou

        Wrong. They are the norm. This type of police behavior is rampant. I’ve engcountered some good cops, but they are the exception, not thye rule.

      • Jimmy The Greek

        When a cop lets you go it is because he most likely does the same thing . Like the cop that let go after he seen me and a other motorcycle drag race off a red light . He startrd asking what was done to my motor because i stomped the other bike into the dirt so bad , then he told me about his bike , the cop was about in his late 20s , [ he had me clocked at 105 mph in a 40 mph zone ]

      • Tom W.

        Excellent post Void!!! I think that a lot of people have NO idea of the mental stress that law enforcement agents have to deal with! They want to go home to their families just like the rest of us when their day is done!!! Sure nasatroy, there are lots of bad cops, if the things that we talk about on this site are true, they’ve been stackin’ the deck as far as employment goes for a long time now! That’s why you see all these gestapo type thugs!!! But I used to seriously think about them in the same way as you, until I had an ex-girlfriend who claimed that I did something that I didn’t do and caused me a TON of headaches! As William Shakespeare so eloquently put it, “Hell hath no fury…”, LOL!!! He didn’t have a clue! But the officers who knew she was lyin’ really kinda took me in and supported me! A lot of them have been the victim’s of the abuse of the new domestic violence laws on the books! There’s your prime example of giulty until proven innocent!!! And ya’d better have a fat bank account to prove that innocense, a lawyer wanted $500 from me up front, just to discuss the case!!! They (The domestic violence people.) will help a woman FABRICATE a story in order to establish a case. Once they’ve got you in the system, it’s ALL revolving doors! Designed specifically to shear you of your money!!! PLAIN and SIMPLE! To their credit, I must say though, they’ll lock up a woman just as fast as a man on the same charges! They don’t care as long as the docket is full!!!

      • Tom W.

        Oh yeah, JTG, you’re FULL of sh!T!!!

      • Bob A.

        Spoken like a true cop.

    • Larry

      there are lots of wonderful police officers and they would take a bullet to save you from harm even death by putting him/her self in line of danger. sure, you have the bad but the good out weighs the bad and for myself, i’ll put my life in the hands of the police officers and that goes for firemen too.

      • Tom W.

        Thank you Larry! Case in point, 9/11!!!

      • DaveH

        Sure Larry, whatever you say. I grew up so stiff (law-abiding) that most of my high school fellows would have nothing to do with me. I was no fun. But I’ve had many more encounters with bad cops than I’ve had with bad criminals. And I can fight back with the criminals. I don’t dare do that with the biggest gang in the land. I’ll take my chances with the bad guys any day. And I’ll bet this guy would too, if he was still alive to make those choices:

      • Paula

        Finally a level head. My husband was a police officer for 30 years and spent much more time teaching when he did a traffic stop then he ever did writing tickets. I might add when you got stopped by him you deserved it, his tolerance for speeding was 13 above the limit and that was in town. He also spent years in grade schools telling children that people did not have the right to touch them. He was shot at and attached by vicious dogs. He put his life on the line every single day. He cared about his community and it was better off because of him. I am very proud of my husband and his service to this country. I am not saying there are not some bad police officer, but there are far more good ones. Most of you should ask yourselves where would we be without them. If you hate police officers it probably has something to do with the kind of life you are leading.


          Paula I agree wth your comments. i was stopped thre times in the DFW are by a police officee, I showed them respect and they inturn were respectful they do a fine ob and we need their protection, In every walks of life there are good people and bad people that does not apply to the police only. By Joseph Foster

      • DaveH

        Paula says — “I am not saying there are not some bad police officer, but there are far more good ones. Most of you should ask yourselves where would we be without them. If you hate police officers it probably has something to do with the kind of life you are leading”.
        So Paula doesn’t want us to dis police officers because she believes most are good, but then she assumes that most of us who disapprove of their actions are not good people. Funny how prejudice is okay for one group of people, but not the other.

    • James Hay

      Such Cops Are Very Rare And Far Between

      • T

        In response to Larry, where have you been? Cops will not lay down there lives for you. Soldiers will. Did you not see columbine? They stayed outside where it was safe listening to the shots that were killing children…Get a clue.

      • DaveH

        Then I must just be one unlucky guy, James, because 3 out of four cops I’ve known personally were bullies and chronic liars.

    • Tom W.

      I know several Neil, and they SEE the SAME things the rest of us see! This battle is going on in ALL walks and factions of life in general! I KEEP TRYIN’ TO TELL Y’ALL, JESUS IS COMIN’!!! Things are only going to get PROGRESSIVELY worse and start happening MORE frequently as THE DAY approaches!!! Just like BIRTH PANGS! Read Jeremiah ch. 30!!! Satan is furious, he knows his day is just about here! HALLELUJAH!!!

  • Sirian

    Good article Bob, very good!! Believe it or not the ACLU has come out with a set of instructions to counter such incidents – legally. Anyone can go to the ACLU website and find it – . It comes under the title of “WHAT TO DO IF YOU’RE STOPPED BY POLICE, IMMIGRATION AGENTS OR THE FBI.” I know, the ACLU is by far not the best, very left wing 99% of the time, but in this case – quite the opposite. This set of instructions that can be printed out, folded up and carried in your wallet or purse may be very helpful in situations such as what Lt. Kim or Diane have been in. In the majority of cases that the ACLU have been meddling in, almost all of them usually, they paint a very bad light on themselves since they push for some of the most ridiculous things. But this is about the only exception to that rule that may be worthwhile to at least look at.

    • wandamurline

      And where is the ACLU at the airports where TSA can pull you for a line without probable cause, seize your belongings without a warrant, detain you without mirandizing and your right to legal counsel? Things that any criminal in America enjoys before being taken in for questioning. The ACLU is too busy filing suits against schools that allow prayer. I hope they fall off the cliff….as they are completely worthless….they have had their day…just like the unions, at one time they stood for something….now they stand for themselves and their agenda.

      • Sirian

        Oh I agree with you, they’re quite commonly nothing more than a true pain in the butt, literally!! Although, as I said, this just happens to be the only exception that is worth looking at.

      • nc

        Wandamurline, how long ago was it that the ACLU came to the defense of ULTRACONSERVATIVE Rush Limbaugh to protect HIS CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS IN HIS DRUG CASES> That had nothing to with prayer in schools>I’m sure some of the ACLU lawyers did not care for Limbaugh’ politics BUT they cared GREATLY about his and YOUR Constitutional rights!
        Also when Sean Hannity was an unknown radio announcer and was fired for bashing gays on the air the ACLU came to his aid to protect his Constitutional right of Freedom of speech even though there were probably a lot of ACLU lawyers who did not agree with a word he uttered>THEY WERE, HOWEVER, VERY CONCERNED WITH HIS CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS? CIVIL LIBERTIES, HENCE THEIR NAME!!

        They will do it again if they see the need!!! You have been drinking the right wing kool aid! The anti-ACLU flavor! Be care that you dont get Jamestowned!!


      • Brad

        So NC where has the ACLU been for the past 3.5 years as this POS POTUS has trampled all over the constitution???

      • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

        TO: NC SAYS, your still Brain Dead Muslim Communist, the manifesto that the ACLU goes by was written by a Communist and its goal is to take down the United States and what they did for those two people was to get people on their side nothing else. They need to go to another Planet along with YOU.

      • eddie47d

        Instead of attacking the ACLU Brad and Mr Nam 67 why don’t you line up the Conservative Lawyer groups and have them challange the injustices out there. Maybe Conservatives don’t really care about Civil Liberties as much as you think. I shouldn’t have to do the work for you but here are 4 lawyer associations supporting the right elements of our nation. National Lawyer Association;Liberty Legal Institute;Alliance Defense Fund;and American Judicial Alliance. What are they doing about illegal police actions or even the TSA? Literally nothing and the Alliance Defense Fund is actually taking away rights of Americans and keeping some citizens for having any rights at all.

      • bscott

        wandamurline…I’d rather have TSA protecting me than have you taking a gun on a plane to “protect” us.

      • demsagainst obama


        Neither does it forbid it.

      • MNIce

        For the record, nc, it was not the ACLU that came to Ollie North’s defense when Congress wanted him to testify against himself regarding the Iran-Contra affair, it was his lawyer, Brendan Sullivan. One of the high points of the hearing was Sullivan’s response to the attempts of the Democrats’ counsel, Laurence Tribe, to browbeat Col North into admitting to an illegal act. Mr. Sullivan quoted several paragraphs concerning the paramount necessity of respecting the rights of citizens to refuse to say anything self-incriminatory, then concluded by asking Mr. Tribe, “Do you know who wrote that?”
        Tribe: “No, I don’t”
        Sullivan: “You did, sir. It’s in your Master’s thesis…”

        It didn’t take long after that for the committee to agree to give Col. North immunity in exchange for his testimony.

        Brendan Sullivan should have been appointed Attorney General.

      • Neil Swan

        The ACLU is for following the law. The people who don’t want to follow it are thugs gangsters and religious right. The religious right just want to form religious law that’s called sharia law in the middle east.


      • DaveH


        Show us where it says that in the Constitution, NC. I’ll make it easy for you:

      • DaveH

        BScott says — “wandamurline…I’d rather have TSA protecting me than have you taking a gun on a plane to “protect” us.”.
        Yeah Scott, like they protected those planeloads of passengers from the 9/11 attacks. First your kind make us helpless sheep who can’t even fight a small group of fanatics, then they offer themselves as the solution to the problems which they enabled in the first place.
        We should have Free Markets. Those cowards who wish to travel like helpless sheep and count on the “protection” of Big Government could do so on those airlines that offered such. And those of us who believe in protecting ourselves could travel on airlines that offer us that dignity. I believe that the vast majority of people are good, and that the bad guys would be greatly outnumbered by the armed good guys. But I can see how thieving Liberals might assume that everybody is as immoral as they are.

    • Void1972


      Believe me, anything the ACLU backs is pure anti-God, anti-American propaganda from the communist minded liberals and was created to end your liberties, not protect them!

      God bless America, and those who fight for her!!!!

      • Sirian

        I understand where you’re coming from and agree, but still, give it a look. I promise, it won’t hurt to merely look at it.

      • Maynard Runkle

        In other words, Void 1972, in supporting Rush Limbaugh’s right to free speech against gays and Ollie North’s refusal to incriminate himself, you are saying the ACLU is commie. That does not make sense. The ACLU is for defense of our Constitution. Aren’t you?
        All you who are worrying about commies, realize the only commies left are in Cuba, North Vietnam and North Korea. Even the Chinese are a combination of commie and free enterprise. Now, doesn’t that help your blood pressure?
        Unfortunately, for me, it doesn’t help because I am afraid of all of the attacks on the Constitution by the Patriot Act and NDAA 2012 where they want to have the power for the military to arrest us, and detain us indefinitely without a lawyer or a trial. I also disagree with Rand Corporation thinking we need the military here to arrest all those people with guns. What happened to posse comitatus that declares we do NOT need the military for domestic crowd control?
        Franklin Delano Roosevelt: “We have nothing to fear except fear itself.” Why? Because it is fear of terrorists, commies, Muslims, and our own shadows that is giving the government the go-ahead to turn us into a POLICE STATE. As Ben Franklin wrote: “He who gives up freedom for security deserves neither.”

      • nc

        Do you want more kool aid, Void???? Limbaugh, Hannity , North and other non- liberal Americans the ACLU has assisted in keeping their Constitutional rights might not share your view of an orgainization you obviously don’t understand!

      • Neil Swan

        It isn’t anti God it’s constitutional. The religious right are against separation of church and state.


      • Void1972

        I rest my case! All of the left wing fanatics are backing the ACLU on this site. The true Americans know better!

      • DaveH

        Maynard says — “The ACLU is for defense of our Constitution. Aren’t you?”.
        Correction, the ACLU is for Selective defense of our Constitution. How else could you explain their support for forced busing of school children? How else could you explain their support for anti-christian Progressives? After all, the 1st Amendment does clearly state — “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. Did you not note the “prohibiting the free exercise thereof” part, Maynard?
        More on the ACLU:

    • Ben Gardner

      I have had a copy of that behind my ID for over a year. Most cops IU have dealt with during that time know the brochure on sight and get really pissed when they see you take it out. There are also direct references in the pamphlet to the Constitution and Bill of Rights citing exactly what sections are applicable. Everyone should carry this with them at all times and also have the poertinant parts memorized in the likely event that it will be confiscated by the npolice.

      • Ken

        What pamphlet Ben? The Constitution?

    • eddie47d

      Taking on TSA would be a big task and very expensive yet why don’t you ask yourself why ALEC doesn’t pick up on that issue. There are hundreds of Corporate lawyers and Conservative lawyers who get paid very well to push certain agendas. If they would for once put some effort into defending our Civil Liberties such as the TSA problem then maybe there would be some rational to your thinking.

      • bscott

        eddie47d…ALEC”s mission is to push corporate agendas only…follow the money…

    • Jimmy The Greek

      Thanks for the info Sirian !

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      nc, you’d better read the Constitution again. Nowhere does it forbid public prayer. In fact it guarantees just the opposite. It forbids the establishment of a national religion to which people are forced to participate. It guantees freedom of speech anywhere, anytime. The Constitution guarantees you “freedom OF religion” not “freedom FROM religion”. This country was dedicated to GOD at it’s founding. The further away from GOD that we move, the worse off this country gets. And if you can’t see that, you are blind.

      • nc

        Nancy, do you know of any public schools, state or federal, where government prepared Christian prayers are allowed to be read to students of other faiths? Privately praying has never been banned!!

        BTW, why the big push by Christians to PUBLICLY recite prayers? As I understand Jesus’s words in Matthew he ADMONISHED the people to go into their CLOSETS AND PRAY PRIVATELY and not flaunt their prayers or alms giving in public!! An act of sinful vanity!!!

      • DaveH

        Nancy isn’t saying, NC, that the Government gang obeys the Constitution. She is just saying that the Constitution doesn’t ban prayer in public schools.
        Perhaps you could show us where the Constitution does that? I’ve been an atheist since age 18, and people praying has never bothered me. Sticks and stones, you know.
        The truth is that prayer doesn’t hurt anybody, but since religious people stand against Theft, the Liberals feel a need to do everything they can to abolish religion and get that obstacle out of their way so they can help themselves to other peoples’ money at will.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        nc, don’t put words in my mouth. I spoke the truth and you try to distract from what I said. You made a comment that was untrue. I corrected you. The facts are the facts and you can’t claim that the constitution says what it doesn’t say just because marxists say so!

  • sean murry

    just like storm troopers i havent been stopped for a long time maybe they think us old greezers arent worth it.

    • Big Woody

      I am 65 with grey hair that is turning white. I drive an old maxi-van with no windows and I get pulled over fairly often. Various reasons. #1, “I came too close to the curb” A county cop, female, could not talk without putting her hand on her gun. She was not happy when I refused a search and even more upset that all the drug sniffing dogs were off duty in our area. She asked her backup to lie to me and to tell me they would impound the van if I refused a search. He told her he would not lie. When she asked what I had in the van, I told her a copy of the Constitution with the 4th Amendment highlighted.(which I do). I took her picture with my phone and told her we are maintaining a website of police officers that abuse the Constitution. After 2 hours, I asked her to arrest me or let me go. I left. #2. Another county cop pulled me over because he ran my plate wrong. (no reason to run my plate, another issue) He asked to look inside, which the answer was no. They do not like vehicles they can not see inside. He did apologise and he left. #3, I was sitting in a grocery parking lot waiting for a friend. They wanted to know what I was doing and could they look in the van. When I refused a search they sat next to me until my friend came out with her groceries. So don’t let the grey hair fool you. They don’t like us either. I feel like I must be the last old white guy in the city. They all want to get a closer look.

      • Jimmy The Greek

        Big woody , you got that right ! I am sixty and ride a motorcycle and drive a red Mustang GT and get stopped a lot .

  • Robert Smith

    From the article: “Privacy expert and lawyer Mark Nestmann writes in his book, The Lifeboat Strategy to never consent to a vehicle search. He reminds that you do not have to answer an officer’s questions if you are being detained.”

    And what if someone like Zimmerman with absolutely NO authority stops you while you are going about your daily business like walking home with some candy and a drink?


    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Robert Smith,

      As expected from you, a complete non sequitur.

      Best wishes,

      • Thor

        Agree with most of your article, Bob, with some reservations about how you characterize things. Once again, however, I would observe that you got this part wrong:

        ‘Some people are concerned there will come a time in the United States when the military will be brought to bear on the regular citizens in a time of riots or civil unrest. But it’s more likely we should fear the police, who are already showing a proclivity to attack and abuse citizens — including children — and are obviously preparing for civil unrest.’

        Although the anecdotal evidence seems to support your argument, the big numbers—those that establish the actual and empirical evidence—do not bear you out. There are some 20,000 civilians for every local law enforcement officer in the country. This one statistic alone in view of the fact that Americans own some 250 million weapons of their own, each of which is as lethal as anything the police have, sorta blows your argument. Local police always seem to come out on top when riots and unrest are ‘localized.’ In any organized resistance like the kind you seem to anticipate that exceeds the bounds and authority of local law enforcement which has neither the equipment nor the authority to deal with it.

        Perhaps you should review the Rand Corporation white paper documents I’ve sent you twice to see what the real scenario will be. Here’s an excerpt:

        ‘This project investigates the need for a U.S. Stability Police Force, the major capabilities it would need if created, where in the federal government it would best be headquartered, and how it should be staffed. In doing so, it considers options based in the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Justice, and State…. Study results show that both the military police/intelligence apparatus and the federal level police agencies have skills and jurisdictional responsibilities necessary to do the job but neither has all of them.’

        Within the document are crucial hints as to how and why ‘local law enforcement agencies will add a needed element to jurisdictional issues.’ The study clearly points out that if there is widespread resistance and unrest, only the military has the ‘boots on the ground to deal with it.’ There is no provisional exception on the continental US.

        Continuing to ramp up enmity against the local police is not only short-sighted, it is beating a horse that died long ago—strategically speaking.

      • DaveH

        There would be no riots, no instability, Thor, if Big Government wasn’t impoverishing our country and taking away our Freedom. They create the conditions, and then offer themselves as the solution to those problems they create.
        It’s hard for people not to be a little upset when Government people are impoverishing the country at the same time they are taking and spending over 40% of our GDP.

      • DaveH

        Read this book, Thor, and learn something about yourself:

      • Thor

        Nice to hear from you again, Dave. I do not disagree with what you say as to cause. If you would care to read more carefully you’d see that my point was not about cause; it is about response. Making the local cops out to be the bad guys is a flawed strategy. It is not now–nor will it be–the local cops who administer the hated oppression of the hoi poloi and the deprecation of rights of which you all speak. All though some are bound to participate, local agencies do not have the manpower, the will or the wherewithal to accomplish the will of state; they are, in fact, capable of only the most superficial participation in the grand plan of mass oppression. Geeze! Do the math.

    • Big Woody

      No authority? The homeowners association gave Zimmerman the authority. Just like in store security has authority on their premises and they do not have as many legal restrictions as the police. If you are questioned about your activities in somebody elses neighborhood by somebody that claims to be security of some sort, it is probably not a good idea to knock them to the ground and start hitting them. They may be armed and willing to use whatever force they deem neccessary. You do have the right to sue them if you do not like the outcome.

      • bscott

        your lack of comprehension of this situation is amazing

      • Jay

        No he doesn’t, bscott! And btw, you’re a wiener.

    • ringgo1

      A little race-baiting? Again? We can all see you quite clearly. Have you no shame?

      • demsagainst obama

        Of course ‘race baiting’, circular arguments, insults, and lies are all rs has.

    • jim underwood

      let me get this straight. if you are walking down the street in the rain at 3 am in the morning and you think someone is following you, it is ok to beat them to death with your fists.

    • Steve E

      “And what if someone like Zimmerman with absolutely NO authority stops you while you are going about your daily business like walking home with some candy and a drink?” I didn’t know of any fact that Zimmerman stopped Travon. Is there a link you can show me that he did? Thanks

    • jepp

      Well, for starters you don’t assault him and try to kill him by beating him and slamming his head into the pavement… That way he doesn’t have to kill you in self-defense…

  • Homer

    This is a fact: get ready for search and seizure of assets, (USSA) coming to this nation now! This nation will fall in line w/the rest of the world to put “YOU” in bondage to the New World Order” and to get this world ready for the “Anti-christ” Watch it and be ready!!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Only if we let em, Homer!

  • Jay

    Texas Congressman Ron Paul emerged from the Minnesota state Republican Party convention in St. Cloud with a clean sweep, winning nearly all the national convention delegates available for his presidential campaign in addition to a party endorsement of the Paul-aligned U.S. Senate candidate Kurt Bills. According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Paul’s campaign organized at the precinct, congressional, and state levels to win the 13 delegates chosen May 19 at the state convention.

    One Paul-aligned prospective delegate graciously stepped aside — resulting in Paul garnering 12 of the 13 available slots — so local Congresswoman and former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann could attend the Tampa national convention as a delegate.

    Overall, including delegates won prior to the state convention, the Paul campaign has claimed 32 of the 40 national delegates selected in Minnesota, a state where Paul had handily lost the caucus to Rick Santorum.

    But winning over GOP presidential delegates is only part of Paul’s agenda. He intends to influence local political races, in addition to independents and Democrats. “There is a revolution in ideas going on,” Representative Paul told the audience to raucous applause in a May 18 evening speech, “and isn’t a narrow revolution. It isn’t just a conservative group in the Republican Party. It’s much, much bigger than this. I am convinced that we have good support in the Republican Party for liberty ideas. But I am convinced … for every vote we get in the Republican primaries that there are at least two votes who are independent or even Democrats who will look at these serious principles of limited government, personal liberty, less war and doing something with the Federal Reserve system.”

    While Paul’s presidential nomination by the GOP is not likely to happen, his movement has seen stunning successes in congressional primaries and nomination of state party leadership. “I was glad to see my son win,” Paul told the audience. “And I’d be glad to see Kurt Bills win.” Bills had received the endorsement of Congressman Ron Paul as well as the endorsement of Paul’s son, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. Minnesota State House Speaker Kurt Zellers had also thrown his political weight behind Bills.

    Rep. Bills’ endorsement by the Minnesota GOP convention had been expected, but not not his overwhelming victory against better-funded opponents. According to the Minnesota’s Bemidji Pioneer for May 19: “It wasn’t close among the 2,000 state convention delegates: Bills won with 64 percent of state party convention vote, well ahead of 21 percent for Dan Severson and 15 percent for Pete Hegseth.”

    Even establishment GOP officials applauded the Bills endorsement. “Congratulations to Kurt Bills on receiving the Republican endorsement to run for U.S. Senate,” Minnesota GOP Chairman Pat Shortridge and Deputy Chairwoman Kelly Fenton wrote in a press release after the endorsement. “Minnesota conservatives are united behind Kurt and are
    willing to work hard on his behalf to ensure we send someone to Washington who is willing to make the tough decisions necessary to getting our country back on track.”


  • Tag

    Police have committed offenses in the black community? I wonder why, is it because BLACKS cause MOST of the criminal and other offenses so the cops are now programmed to expect it? They’ve earned what has happened – and if you think just the civil/state court system works this way you are in for a rude awakening because the federal court system is no better – you have just as many corrupt attorneys, trustees, JUDGES, then you do in any other court system – and, all states do have differenct statutes and laws, but some are the same and some are just similar – if you go to court thinking you are going to get justice you ARE WRONG – the one that WINS in court in this country is the one that is the best liar! Go to court fully loaded – a corrupt attorney is better than none at all – cops will twist you every which way – and if the cops act like they KNOW all of the laws – they don’t! The act like they do, but they don’t! They bluff you because what they DO know is probably more than Y OU know! Justice is a crap shoot in this country – and the best advice I can give anyone is: ;don’t trust or believe anything they tell you – check it out for yourselves! Most of the time they will be full of ‘it’.

    • Alex Frazier

      I might also add that there isn’t a court in this country that will uphold the Constitution as it is written. It is declared the supreme law of the land, but its authority has been long since usurped and supplanted by lesser laws that the courts grant a higher priority.

      • CJ

        Many courts decide constitutionality based on STATE Constitutions. The US Constitution may not apply as it gave authorization to the state in the matter. People tend to forget that, sometimes, state laws can constitutionaly prohibit actions that federal law can’t.

  • jeromeennis

    This article is so true. There are so many damned laws, ordinances, regulations, etc. now on the books of every city, county, state and federal levels of government that now there are only 2 kinds of Americans: The Caught and The Un-Caught, while at the same time, we have millions of Illegal Alien Invaders in the country as well as a Corrupt Government that are totally Above The Law.

  • BrianDTexan

    FYI, in most jurisdictions all they have to do is call the game warden who does not need a warrant to search your car or any other personal belonging, or even your property. Also, if you are on any navigable waterway, the Coast Guard does not need a warrant. These were not the original intents of the Founders, but the Founders also said that if this society was to exist, it must be made up of Moral Men, and with the liberals doing everything in their power to undermine the establishment of morality in favor of “whatever makes you feel good” we’ve lost that. Maybe it is time for a benevolent dictator…who wants to elect me? I’m a nice guy!

    • OneGuess

      So. What part of Texas are you from and in now? I’m in the Red River Valley north of Dallas.

  • Pete0097

    I consented to a “search” 1 time by a cop. He did a donut in a persons front yard to apprehend me. He said I had earphones in use in the car and that was illegal (back in the 90′s before handsfree phones) I allowed him to search with his hands behind his back and he could only put his head in the window. THe car was clean. After he appologized for his misteake, I politely told him to appologize to my neighbor whose yard he vandllized. He said that was city property and he could do as he wanted. I again politely asked him to appologize and he said he would arrest me for disorderly conduct if I continued. After getting his name, I apolgized for him. THe neighbor was furious and called the city. He got nowhere.

  • Jay

    Fed Approves First Communist Chinese Takeover of U.S. Bank

    The increasingly controversial Federal Reserve offered a green light on Wednesday for banks controlled by the Communist Chinese dictatorship to gobble up American financial institutions and enter the U.S. banking market despite national security concerns, sparking warnings among critics about the rapid spread of the brutal regime’s influence within America.

    Analysts, meanwhile, called the unprecedented approval a “landmark step” for regulators that could have global implications.

    Under the U.S. central bank’s decision, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), the largest bank in the Communist Party-run country with assets estimated at some $2.5 trillion, will be allowed to become a holding company and acquire the Bank of
    East Asia in New York. It marks the first time that a Communist Chinese bank — ICBC is more than 70 percent owned by the regime — has been permitted to take over an American bank.

    All 13 branches of the U.S. institution will be taken over.


    • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

      Jay, surely free enterprise is open to anyone and a great opportunity to teach the other regimes how free enterprise works. You make it sound as some terrible act of infiltration instead of celebrating that the Chinese wish to engage in business in your failing economy. Its good to see that the Chinese have more confidence in your economy than mosty Americans. Your citizens will be free to conduct or not conduct business with their new banking enterprise…give them a chance wont you?

      • Jay

        You did note that (ICBC), is a Communist Chinese bank — and is more than 70 percent owned by the regime, did you not?

    • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

      Who owned the Bank of East Asia in New York prior to the takeover? and why did they sell? that will be a more interesting series of questions and answers ?

      • Jay

        Why? Is it because meandering along that fruitless path will keep the focus off of the fact that an American bank (and more to follow, i’m sure) will now be owned by the Communist regime? Precisely your intention; isn’t it, comrade?

      • Jimmy The Greek

        The Chinese cant be any worse that the zionist that run the banks now !

  • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

    Yes, the police hear so many lies that they dont dare believe anyone and treat everyone as liers and the enermy as indeed some criminals will kill the police in one second flat when pulled over, but the police dont know when that might happen, so everyone suffers. But look at this way…the police get the bad end of the stcick really because they work and live under continual stress all of the time whereas we are only under stress when we get pulled over or get them due to the high risk of having to employ expensive lawyers to defend us in a pretty vicious judical system..

    Your system is so obviously bad that i often try to persuade tourists to keep away from visiting some known police states in the USA. I hate to remind you but your very freedom to bear arms is one main reason why your police are so jumpy about dealing with the public. It is too late to turn the clock back in time but your stuck with it until you can find another way of administering justice.

    My friend and Author Michael Miroslav Cic who wrote the .Science Fiction/ Philosophy e-book Titled: DIALOGUE WITH KONDA: Universal Philosopher published by Zues Publications, Queensland 2001 ISBN 1 876882 530…suggested all police be sacked because they were all potentially corrupt or easily corruptable and encouraged criminality to justify their jobs and salaries…Michael suggested the use of Robots to keep the peace and dish out punishment because Robots could not be corrupted or suffer from the promblem most men suffer from i.e EGO, usually the biggest problem suffered by mankind in all fields including politicians behaviour in general…but i will not expand on that topic now..

    The Robot concept had merit and I can only assume that the robots he suggested to takeover from the Police would have to be rather sophisticated and highly developed equipment and I suggest much cheaper to operate. Well before you say..thats impossible just take a moment to consider how far the computer and the software applications have become over recent years since 2001 and consider how much of policing already relies on cameras, computer imaging and survaillance and then you might start to consider what Michael tried to suggest in 2001 was not out with the fairies.

    Michael claimed to have received serious threats about the content of his e-book in which he claimed that police, judges, doctors and the politicians should all be sacked and replaced by Robots as men with EGO needed and encouraged crime and wars to continue so as to justify their very existence. His statements in his science-fiction book upset many quarters and especially when he made many other forecasts about the potential attacks against the USA just prior to 9/11 he claims and had to withdraw the e-book from sale but not before the Australian Red Cross asked him to sell his copyright to that book which Michael refused. ..I first met Michael in 2011.

    His book of ideas for thinkers was a potential nightmare for leaders of all nations and warmongers because of the logical ideas it could have instilled into the readers minds…ideas not then considered patriotic and certainly treasonous as it potentially recommended treason if reading his ideas were carried out to their logical conclusions. . Now given that the e-book was a piece of science fiction should not have been such a big deal but yet the Red Cross was interested to want to buy it and others threatended the Author with dire consequences if he continued to offer the e-book for sale.

    Personally i almost dont belive that his e-book could have made much of a difference to society as we know it today as not many of the massess would have read it then given that every year there are millions of publications published and even more today with, many preferring to go and socialise on FaceBook, play games or other sporting persuits and have given up on trying to do anything to make our world a better society except in oppressed countries of the hungry and the needy tend to revolt from time to time.

    By the way I am offering a reward of $AU2000.till June 30th 2012 only to the first person in the USA who can find and send me just one of the original hard copy manuscrpts for the aboveforementioned e-book which were sent to a number of publishers prior to publication as the e-book in 2001.

    • Stuart Shepherd

      I think Gillysrooms from Australia has been taking too much sudafed!

      • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

        lol thats what the flat earth people said of the Gallileo

      • Jay

        Based on your posts, you must be one of the “flat-earther’s”!

      • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

        Stuart and Jay should realise that if you and your fellow Ammericans put your money where your writing skills indicate, the Chinese would not have a chance in hell at buying out your banks. Your acting like a greenie who does not want to own or buy land but wants to control other peoples land assets by telling farmers which trees to keep and what to do with it. We are having those wars in Australia Victoria actually under a supposed conservative free enterprise government.and I can tell you its going to be an all out war unless our lazy politicians dont strand up to these pink greenies.

        You probably cant see the stupidity of your silly argument by calling me Comrade when you know little about me except my debating posts in this Bob Livingstons Newsletter. If you buy gold you cant buy bank shares. If you wish to keep your banks under your control then put in your offer instead of letting the competing countries Rape you. Grin a bear it or do something about it and forget the name calling.

      • Jay

        Gillysroom says: Stuart and Jay should realise that if you and your fellow Ammericans put your money where your writing skills indicate, the Chinese would not have a chance in hell at buying out your banks.

        Are you completely clueless, Mr. Gillysroom? How much money do you suggest, would be required from the American citizens to have any influence into how the Federal Reserve, (Owned by a Private and Foreign Banking Cartel) operates, or have any say, in their decisions? The Federal Reserve, is answerable to no one. Not answerable to Congress, much less, to the American citizens! You, Mr.Gillysroom, need to get a CLUE!!!

    • Larry

      when a person has a ccw permit, the bmv gets notifed and when you get pulled over the officer in most cases are notified, you are supposed to place your hands on the steering wheel and right away inform the police officer you have a ccw permit and you are armed.
      do not remove your hands from the steering wheel unless told to and do not move your hand towards your weapon. the officer will advise you on what to do.

  • Big Woody

    Has there been any progress in fighting the New York “Stop and Frisk” program that has been going on for the last few months.? Who was responsible for it becoming such a widespread policy? these people need to be named and put front and center in the fight of protecting our rights.

    • Ben Gardner

      That was actually Giuliani with police chief Kelly that started it. Bloomberg with still police chief Kelly that have escalated its used and intensity.

      There has been no progress to date on moderating ythe “stop and frisk” which was declared unConstitutional by New York courts. nKelly has unilaterally decided to ignore the courts.

  • bob

    I can relate to the article above. The deck is stacked against you and you will loose every time unfortunately. If you fight it you will or could loose more as in my case. I was 18 years old now 40 was arrested for Disorderly Conduct. I understand that most people would say that’s nothing, but at 18 your first arrest its everything and scary. I was asked if they could search my car and I said “Do you have a warrant”? knowing I didn’t have anything to hide as I was poor, starving student ROMIN NOODLES EVERY NIGHT. I was placed in handcuffs they searched my car and when they found nothing the officer snidely said now you are going to jail for nothing. They promised me a phone call witch didn’t happen you get what they give you. No phone call cost me my first job, with out that job my car was then repossessed and then forced to move back in with my parents. It was embarrassing and humiliating. It was an experience I will never forget all the days of my life. The funny thing is when you are a child at least for me all I wanted to be was a police officer growing up respected everyone of them, after that I have spent my life being suspicious of all police and do not trust one. None of them think about the damage they do to the kids. The stupid Disorderly Conduct still comes up and bugs employers.

  • herbdoc

    how many people know that it is against the law to resist an ILLEGAL arrest????

    • Jazzabelle

      Only in some states, herbdoc.

  • Phil F

    Most cops I know are good people and honest but I will never agree to a search of my vehicle and I have nothing to hide. This is not as of yet Nazi Germany, and cops have no right to search my car without a warrant.

  • http://Yahoo Dirty Harry

    Bob Bob Bob! Whew! Nevermind!

  • http://Yahoo Dirty Harry

    Robert Smith is to whom, I was referring in my Post! It didn’t come up right behind his,a million pardon’s!

  • John Acord

    When approached by a law enforcement agent or anyone yo suspect of being one there are FOUR MAGIC WORDS you must remember. They are, “I have nothing to say.” If they persist the only other utterance from your mouth should be, “I want my (a) lawyer present, now.” We live in a police state. The cops may be our friends and neighbors, but when confronted by one you must remember they are not there to serve your best interests and it is best for you as well as them to end the questioning quickly.

    • R. Shelton

      You sound like a lawyer. LOL

    • Jimmy The Greek

      You must be a fan of Tom M . me to !

  • Ben Dover

    Also, If asked to get out of the car make sure the windows are up and LOCK THE DOORS. That way the [so-called] “public servant” would have to GET A WARRANT or fight you for your keys.

    • R. Shelton

      If you are innocent, why would you care whether a policeman inspected your car. I have heard of very little difficulty when one cooperates with the police.

      • Jay

        If you are innocent, what gives a policeman the right to inspected your car?

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear R. Shelton,

        That’s exactly what Lt. Kim thought.

        Best wishes,

      • UncleFred

        You find very little difficulty for those that cooperate with the Police? I hope you still believe that as you are being led to an internment camp because you didn’t follow the current unconstitutional rule or law, or because the police(man) just felt he needed to exercise his power for that particular day. Additionally, refusing an illegal search, and exercising your constitutional rights should not be classed as being non-cooperative.

      • Steve E

        R. “would you care whether a policeman inspected your car.” Because I just put some cocaine in your glove box without you knowing it. That’s why.

      • DaveH

        Do you not get it, R. Shelton? They are breaking the law, and when you have nothing to hide is exactly the right time to call them on that law-breaking. Every time we meekly comply with their illegal behavior, we are inviting them to do more of it, and more often. Apathetic people are the enablers of Hitler-like societies. People like you, Shelton, are a threat to our Freedom.

    • Traci

      yes lock car immediately! if you dont its called assumed permission!!

  • Jeanette Rost

    “Judge” has become a bad word at our house ever since a judge allowed the assessment of a $200,000 – $300,000 per year business to stand at $150 so that a good friend of mine could be ruined in her divorce. All of the “officers of the court” allowed it to stand, too – so “attorney” is a bad word, too … not that attorneys didn’t already have a pretty bad name.

    • DaveH

      Don’t expect justice from the Justice System, Jeanette. They are just part of the self-serving Big Government Gang who are there to help themselves to our money, NOT to support Justice. I avoid them like the plague, even if it means giving up a little money to unscrupulous people (like my Sociopathic brother).

  • Will

    my mother use to always say, “never be in the wrong place at the wrong time doing the wrong thing.”… being of clear conscience, it probably never occurred to her to tell me never speak to a police officer… however, in my experience the constitution has been run over by a mac truck that is the congress of our united states… every politician since the early 18 hundred’s has abused our rights… lawyers have gotten a rich on this… Remember, the constitution and the bill of rights are your only source of protection… guard them well!
    VOTE FOR RON PAUL 2012!!

  • R. Shelton

    Bob !!!! I am a very, very conservative person, and I volunteered for our local police dept for 12 years. Just want you to know a little background. When I was young, a policeman would say halt, and if you didn’t halt he would shoot you in the back. It didn’t take six policeman to arrest some thug. With articles like this, no wonder they all resist arrest. I recommend that you request for a ride along several nights and see what your policeman has to put up with. He never knows the character of who he is meeting and whether his life is in danger or not. Isn’t it the Truth that he is after. I agree that there is occassionally an over zealous policeman, but they are rare and are usually weeded out.
    Our Justice Departments are becoming a farce. One can’t open their mounts or do anything without some lawyer wanting to get his name in the paper and wanting to sue. Hope this enlightens some of you liberals.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear R. Shelton,

      You write: “When I was young, a policeman would say halt, and if you didn’t halt he would shoot you in the back.” So you are advocating we return to a time when police officers shoot people in the back? Don’t worry, they do. Not always with firearms, but with results just as deadly:

      Understand, this was not written in a vacuum. I have observed and written about police activity for many years.

      Best wishes,

      • nc

        Bob, do you ever write about the milions of good things officers do every year? I worked with police officers for 35 years and I must say I have known as many rogue “preachers of the gospel” as rogue cops! Just because we don’t like “uncomfortable” situations does not make them wrong!!
        How do we get the ‘WRONG DOERS” from the streets to prisons unless we give someone the authority to ‘INVESTIGATE so we don’t send anymore innocent to prison than humanly possible?

      • Buster the Anatolian

        “How do we get the ‘WRONG DOERS” from the streets to prisons unless we give someone the authority to ‘INVESTIGATE so we don’t send anymore innocent to prison than humanly possible?”

        By following the Constitution and getting a court ordered search warrent, wire tap, etc. Not by allowing the rogue officers to run roughshod over our rights.

      • DaveH

        Allowing cops to become more dangerous, than the criminals they are supposed to protect us from, is not the answer to our crime problems, NC.

    • jeepman1

      ” I agree that there is occassionally an over zealous policeman,” Well, that’s the point, isn’t it? While the assumption is that most police are good and well intentioned, are you wiling to assume that the officer who has stopped you falls into the majority?

      Blame it on pervasive cynicism, but we all know that there are a few bad apples in the barrel. I always check before biting in…I think it only prudent to never assume the apple or the officer are good for me.

    • Steve E

      R. I glad you never told a deaf man to “Halt”. Poor guy would be dead.

    • DaveH

      Don’t call yourself Conservative, R. Shelton. You are just another type of criminal who hides his blood-lust behind a facade of authority. You are just one of the Society of Criminals who can rationalize his bad behavior:

  • TOCB

    Liberty? Freedom? We live in a police state!

  • Wumingren

    I will infer that one should have a lawyer, whether you think you’ll ever need one or not. I’m going to look into this. There must be some way to find a lawyer, for a small retainder fee, who will give you a business card to keep in your wallet. A phone number to a lawyer is not something you generally have at your fingertips, especially not when you’re out on the road.

    • jeepman1

      Many lawyers and lawyer groups have prepaid plans that are affordable on any budget. In fact, many employers offer a supplement as an incentive for prepaid lawyers. A monthly fee is like insurance and will cover a specified amount of coverage or costs associated with legal matters. They may be as benign as wills and POA, to more complicated legal challenges such as DUI’s or divorce.

    • Ben Gardner

      I have been with “Pre-Paid Legal” for almost 10 years. For $30 a month, I have an attorney at my fingertips anywhere in North America.

      • George

        Me too. I thought it was a no brainer to get it. I have beat a ticket here and there because of it. I have it on speed dial.

    • George

      Like Ben I use pre paid legal, renamed ‘legal shield’. It’s in-expencive and they will put you in contact with the right type of lawyer for your specific need, in whatever state you are doing business in. I had an issue with an Illinois company while living in Michigan, they hooked me up with an Illinois lawyer, he wrote a letter in my behalf and the problem went away. Be it real estate, personnel injury, traffic, whatever.

  • ArkansasRebel

    In Calif. the court recently ruled that we have no expectation of privacy in regards to the
    phone numbers or text messages stored in our cell phones. Police are now using that ruling to search phone records to see if you are calling known drug dealers, etc. Yes it has become a police state.

  • abbe

    A good job for the town bullies is on the police force. We have always taught our children that a policeman was their friend?!

  • Patriot Higgins

    In Polk co. florida If you fight them long enough they will return your legal guns—-In pieces!!

    • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

      In Australia we have had many gun amnesty periods where certain fire arms are handed in for destruction without fear of prosecution, however it is known that more police are likely to have the best gun collections more so than ordinary citizens. I wonder where they find all those rare guns and rifles ? Could the same apply to your police in Polk? lol If they cant have them ..then you cant either?

      • Jimmy The Greek

        Well Gilly you got that one right !

      • DaveH

        Gilly says — “certain fire arms are handed in for destruction without fear of prosecution”.
        Oh, swoon, they are so wonderful in Australia. If you’re nice and let them steal your property and method of self-protection willingly, they won’t prosecute you. Who needs criminals when the Government makes them look nice?

      • DaveH
      • DaveH

        Anybody who thinks gun-bans are for the protection of the masses is just plain ignorant. They are for the protection of the Leaders, who aspire to make us serfs, and guns stand in the way of their goals.

  • peter

    Are all cops corrupt? Do all terrorists come with a beard and look like they are mid eastern? If one is not sure in assessing the character of the cop concerned, exercise the right to remain silent and refuse search. That way, the courts should find in favour of the complainant and the guilty party should pay the prescribed penalty. Good theory huh?

    • nc

      Peter,that is good advice but if you choose not to cooperate with the ‘authorities’ and you happen to get convicted you can give your heart to God because your a$$ belongs to the “authorities” you chose not to cooperate with. I think i they refer to it as “what goes around, comes around!

  • http://yahoo bob peters

    I was stopped for looking suspicious! It was approx. 3 am sun morning…The officer asked me where i was going? I responded ” what does it matter,this is america isn’t it” I was ordered out of the car .given a drunk test etc… They told me to get back in the car as i passed the test..Then the other officer came back and ordered me out of the car again and told me I was driving with a revoked license and asked me to now take a breathalizer test.I refused saying i already took one test..This resulted in them trying to pin me to the car and cuff me..I resisted and back up came and they won..put me in the squad car and went and searched my car..Took me to jail,towed the car,charged me with Refusing the breath test,assault on a police officer,resisting arrest,driving on a revoked license.ouil,ant took me to jail…to make a long story short,I went to court,fought the charges..and won them all. I filed a law suit for invasion of privacy for the illegal search ,,,By the way,i had a valid license,.I dropped the law suit and they dropped most of the charges..The point is this..If your aren’t guilty always plead not guilty..If you are guilty,plead not guilty..they will plea bargain…

    • Paula

      You are such an idiot. Why didn’t you just show the cop a little respect and tell him where you were going. Was it really worth all the hassle? I was pulled over and asked where I was going and I told the cop, it was also 3 am. He told me to slow down and let me go. No hassles, no arrests, no ticket and I was shown respect, because I showed respect. Its a two way street. You acted like a jerk, so he treated you like a jerk.

      • http://none Claire

        I agree with Paula.

      • http://none Claire

        In addition, I would like to say there is good and bad in the police force, same as with any organization, company, etc. plus individual human beings. I have never had any objectionable dealings with the police, and I don’t anticipate any. However, if I am accosted for no reason at all, then I will stand up for my rights as a law-abiding citizen. I find the older I beocme, the less I will tolerate, especially the crap that is going on in this world.

  • Raggs

    Did oblama ever sign the reciprosity bill into a law?
    I have a CCWL and I work out of state…
    I for some strange reason doubt that oblama would do anything to allow people “FREEDOM”…

    • Buster the Anatolian

      I think the Senate has not passed it yet so no obama hasn’t signed ti.

    • bscott

      to know that any of you Zimmermans could enter my state with a cc obtained by mail is -well frightening.

    • DaveH

      Actually, the main “reciprocity” bill, that is currently making the rounds in Congress, is not much more than a Trojan Horse to get the Federal Government’s nose into business that is none of theirs. Although the Thune-Vitter bill is more preferable to the Begich-Manchin bill, neither is any Constitutional business of the Federal Government:

  • Bill

    The little pot bellied deputy that stopped me for pulling over into the oncoming lane, to avoid his patrol car sitting on the shoulder, didn’t see it that way. I said no to a search, he searched anyway, when I tried to pull my driver license from my pant’s pocket he pulled my hand back and ran his own hand into my pocket, he pulled my back seat out and removed the spare tire cover in the trunk. He replaced neither. He ran a national warrant search and wanted a breath test, I refused. He wanted to get a warrant to draw blood, but couldn’t contact the right JP. He wrote several tickets and advised me to pay soon, because the JP was not forgiving and took a dim view of attorneys. Were my rights violated? What rights ?

    • jeromeennis

      Ditto, Vote Ron Paul in 2012 if you truly believe in living in the land of the free and brave, or keep electing Dems and RINOs and continue to see this country go the way of Nazi Germany and become even more fascistic than it is right now.

  • jopa

    An officer can claim” probable cause” the most vague circumstance such as a refusal for a search can induce probable cause.I know of an instance where a guy said no to a search and the cop didn’t like the answer.He called for backup and two other officers responded and they literally took the car apart just out of spite.All of the contents of the car including seats were all lined up along the roadside, nothing was found after the delay of almost two hours.So if you have the time just say No to a search or be law abiding and don’t carry any contraband in your car and say yes until the laws can be fixed.Kinda like a no brainer.

    • Jay

      jopa says: An officer can claim” probable cause” the most vague circumstance such as a refusal for a search can induce probable cause.

      “Probable cause”, is, or should be, based on evidence. A “probable clause”, based on a refusal to submit to a search where there was no “probable cause” to begin with, is a manufactured, or pseudo “probable cause”, and violates the Constitution. The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution, to be more specific, which is the part of the Bill of Rights, which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures, along with requiring any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause. It was adopted as a response to the abuse of the writ of assistance, which is a type of general search warrant, in the American Revolution.

      Search and arrest should be limited in scope according to specific information supplied to the issuing court, usually by a law enforcement officer, who has sworn by it.

      jopa says: I know of an instance where a guy said no to a search and the cop didn’t like the answer.He called for backup and two other officers responded and they literally took the car apart just out of spite.All of the contents of the car including seats were all lined up along the roadside, nothing was found after the delay of almost two hours.

      And do you approve of such a flagrant violation of the innocent individual’s rights?

      jopa says: So if you have the time just say No to a search or be law abiding and don’t carry any contraband in your car and say yes until the laws can be fixed.

      That’s like saying to a woman; hey, rather then risk a severe beating, broken bones, a lengthy stay in the hospital, or worse, death, why not just let the rapist have his way…Btw, the laws don’t need to be fix; they need to be correctly applied.

      jopa says: Kinda like a no brainer.

      Speaking of yourself, no doubt!

      • jopa

        No I don’t approve of the officers actions and just for you I will have to explain the no brainer comment.I would be wise not to carry items that would get you into trouble just by possessing illegal items or items restricted in certain areas.

  • Thinking About

    Since this article brings up not consenting to searches this could continue to Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his crew who stops those who are only guilty of being brown and asking if they are illegal or if they have proof of citizenship. It is an overreach of our rights but Arizona is passing laws to further violate our constitution rights. This brings out the very bad side of law enforcement and should end immediately.

    • Michael

      I would like to see your proof of these allegations. Do you have any, or are they just personal feelings? The laws in Arizona are just as clear as they are anywhere else. It is not legal to stop someone just because they are of a certain skin color, and there is no evidence to show that this is happening. A large portion of the citizens in Arizona are hispanic and they are included in the daily policing of traffic violations just like everybody else. It is not the fault of Sheriff Joe, or anybody else for that matter, if the largest majority of illegal immigrants are latinos. Well, maybe it is the fault of the LATINOS. This fact makes it apparent that the majority of those detained for illegal immigration issues are going to be latino. That is not racist, that is just fact.

      • Thinking About

        Proof will soon be presented, where is the proof his thugs has before they stop anyone. Then maybe he will enjoy wearing pink drawers or maybe you will serve his time..

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Michael,

        In other words, Thinking About is making it up as he goes.

        Best wishes,

      • Thinking About

        In other words Bob you are arguing against your own article, people are being stopped in Arizona and having their rights violated is no different than your examples except actions taken in Sheriff Joe’s county has been by DOJ as posted on this very site so if Michael or yourself needs proof, maybe they can search for articles on this site.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Thinking About,

        You write: “In other words Bob you are arguing against your own article,” Not so.

        You write: “people are being stopped in Arizona and having their rights violated is no different than your examples except actions taken in Sheriff Joe’s county has been by DOJ as posted on this very site so if Michael or yourself needs proof, maybe they can search for articles on this site.” Obviously you know what part of your previous comment I was referring to.

        Best wishes,

    • jopa

      Thinking About it: Great comeback. now it looks as though sheriff Joe is a meany and a thug that thinks he is above the law.”Probabl Cause” The man is brown, must be an illegal alien.Shame Shame.

      • DaveH

        Neither one of you guys can think or comprehend what you read. Bob was simply calling for proof of one of TA’s typical fabricated facts, and of course TA, being a Liberal, went into diversionary tactics instead of supplying that proof.
        Do you Liberal Ignoramuse’s think everybody else is as ignorant as you are, and thus will buy your illogical comments? Think again.

  • T Romani

    If you alone do not make it your duty, to be proactive in protecting yourself, there really is no one to blame but yourself. We blame the government for their laws, they are all guilty, we blame the police, they too have their self serving motivations for many times treating honest citizens very inappropriately, but if you need a lawyer,good luck, they and politicians are one in the same. Protect yourself.

  • A.R D’Amiano

    Great article. And I must confess , I consider myself a liberal, and am a registered Democrat. But this issue has nothing to do with party affiliation, and everything to do with the constant assault on our civil rights; by the very people we expect to uphold and protect those rights. Quite simply, peons with rights are inconvenient for the elites that run this nation, regardless of the labels they try to hide behind. It is the lust for power, and money, that is all.

  • Jimmy The Greek

    I well be printing this to give to my stupid sisters dumber son . He let the cops look see in his pickup and they come up with his pot pipe and a mirror that was under the seat , the pipe was in his pocket . the police said the mirror tested dirty for meth and he was given a ticket for the pipe and locked up for the mirror no felony possession of methamphetamine . I told him to not take a plea bargain because his lawyer can demand a retest at a lab other than the police lab . the cop destroyed any evidence when he tested the mirror with the test kit he had in his cop car and there is nothing left to test . the charges well have to be dismissed . The police here in Texas are trying to get every one on paper so the people can be controlled . good one bob .

  • AntiLieGuy

    The evil treasonous pigs only do three things: lie steal and murder. The drug war is illegal and anyone who participates in the drug war is a traitor to their country. This is mostly a distraction to keep the stupid sheeple from looking up at the chemtrails sprayed every day globally to hide Planet X. The war of Armageddon will see America annihilated by Russia, China and the SCO the same day as the next false flag to invade Iran. The entire government are treasonous, genocidal, scum-of-the-earth criminals.

  • FreedomFighter

    No for as long as you can…

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • JON

    Gee, ain’t America great?

  • noel

    JUST SAY NO!!!)))

  • Michael

    My usual response to a request for a search is, “No.” If the officer asks the usual response of “Why not, what do you have to hide?” My response is, “Officer, why are you asking me for permission to search? If you have legal right to search, you don’t need my permission.” That puts the ball in their hands to make a choice of either an illegal search or let me go. The simple fact that they have to ask for permission reveals that they have no justifiable cause in the first place. If they did, they would not ask, they would just do it.

  • Tom Cook

    Police are no longer the “thin blue line” that they were a generation ago, between criminals and law-abiding citizens; cops are mostly thugs these days–the grownup bullies of the playground, not intelligent, and in fact most are dirt stupid, obese thugs, but they are manipulative in a simian way and are trained to catch people. Police are also pathological liars; their cult of association makes lying broadly systemic and they don’t have any guilt about lying to send an innocent person to prison. Dirtbag cops murdered a West Point graduate and defender of our nation in front of a Walmart not long ago. They murdered another soldier out west not long ago, shooting him down when he thought that criminals were bursting into his home in the middle of the night. They descend on people in packs like wild dogs with their militarized face masks and arms. They need beating and retraining like mean vicious dogs for they are never disciplined by corrupt district attorneys and lazy corrupt judges in bed with them.

    • Jimmy The Greek

      You got that right Tom !

    • greg

      ^5 TOM, I couldnt have word it better.

  • Michael Lentini, Jr.

    In the 80s, I had a job in North Haldon, NJ. There was a period that I had free time and I thought of going to the gun range.
    I went home, got my gun and packed it in my motorcycle tail box.
    On the way to the range, I saw a group of people that were connected to my job site. I stopped to see what was going on.
    There was my boss and the police chief and a few others at this site.
    The chief, asked me to got to my office. He had to talk to me. I stopped at the gun store on the way to my office and bought 100 rounds of target ammo.
    Went to meet the chief at my office. He asked me if I had a gun in my bike. I said yes and I was on my way to the range.
    He asked if he could look at what I had. I said okay and unlocked the box so he could see.
    I was arrested at brought to trial.
    Not guilty by jury. My cost? $5,000.00, for lawyers and witnesses.
    This LEO, was the same guy the served in the Marines with my outfit and killed his two aunts, chasing speeders as a patrolman.
    Egg on his face.
    Do not even talk to a cop, with out a lawyer present!!!!!

  • Dr J

    Consenting to a search of your vehicle should always result in a “NO”. On a concealed carry training program, we were told that during the Clinton years, a process was started to make it routine on all traffic stops to ask if they can search your vehicle. According to the information we were given by the trainer, it did not matter whether they wanted to search, it was for recordkeeping purposes. Your “yes” or “no” was recorded and when the “yes” answers exceeded a certain majority of drivers, it could become mandatory for police to search without asking. It bothered me then and still bothers me.
    Dr J

  • George

    I have taken note of an increase of police presence in and around our communities of S.E. Michigan. They are pulling people over for the slightest of offenses, normally ignored. I get the feeling they are training us to be accustomed to harassment and timid while performing every day routines. There are Staters on the highway ramps, locals on the highways, at the corners of intersections, hiding behind buildings. The place crawls with cops. And still, Detroit is a mess. There, the police may or probably will not respond to any violent act. It’s a fend for yourself city. So we have a heavy police presence in relatively stable communities and none in urban, violent cities? It all seems very odd to me.

    • Louise

      I completely sympathize with you on the matter of police presence. I’m in South Portland, Oregon and just this year alone I have been stopped twice for the most inoffensive, questionable lecture on my driving. I never get stopped so I have been puzzled by their even bothering with me. Is this to prepare us for a police state? Or do they want more tax money from us? It’s all so weird.

  • http://yahoo Jerry Forster

    Good informative article. Check this one out: My long-time buddy of 60 years has a gun collection living on a street of liberals and druggies that hate his ant-Obama bumper stickers. One druggie (a known fellon) started HARASSING HIM, in the street, outside of my buddy’s house (that he has lived for over 40 years). Police were called to the neighborhood argument. The druggies and libs claimed my buddy had guns and had threatened them. The movie camera that my buddy had filmed during the entire incident proved otherwise, and the cops know that. However, one city city cop threatened to have his conceal permit revoked for being a trouble-maker, and have since tagged him. The cops follow him around when he goes to the store and when he drives around town. Since then, he has given back his CWP to the sheriff (voluntarily) and is deathly scared and afraid of a SWAT invasion and the confiscation of his guns. I am sorry that the police (even in our little city of Albany, Oregon) is abusing our rights and also sorry that our country has come to this injustice. We must fight it as best we know how. Good Luck!! UJ

  • Dennis L. Jansen

    You can’t compare the Zimmerman incident to this discussion.
    There are only two things you must do when asked by an Offricer. Show your drivers lic, registration and ins card.
    If you have been drinking…DO NOTHING other than show the above. Do NOT EVER answer ANY questions, speak as little as possible and turn your head when you do speak. When asked to perform any “field sobriety” test, politely refuse. If you comply with the walk, alphabet backwards and eye gaze…politely refuse…there are no penalties for refusing these tests. All you are doing by complying is giving the officer evidence against you.
    When it comes to the actual in the station breath test and/or hospital for blood testing then you have to decide which is worse, loosing your license automatically or taking the test and facing the consequences of the numbers.

    An additional area that needs to be addressed. Answering questions during an investigation. If you are not driving you need answer NO…NONE …NADA questions. At this time we do not have any laws that required citizens to identify themselves for any reason.

    The only time you can be arrested in the area of questioning is when you provide FALSE information, then you are obstructing and officer in the performance of his/her duties.

    As stated in the article, never under any circumstances allow your vehicle to be searched. If you are a law abiding citizen you may not have anything in the vehicle BUT there is always the chance you are dealing with an officer of lesser than the proper integrity and you could find yourself in serious trouble.
    If s/he thinks they have enough evidence to support a charge…let them call for a wrecker and get a search warrant to check out your ride!

    Any questions asked should be responded to with; “Officer, I respectfully have nothing to say”. Keep it simple and polite, you don’t want to upset the officer and you don’t want to allow him/her to get you upset and end up with a disorderly conduct arrest.

    If you are arrested you will have to identify yourself. Again, it needs to be stressed! You do not need to answer anything but your name, date of birth and address.

    You may find this posting unusual as it is coming from a veteran officer of 32 years. It is sad to say I have seen to many officers with what we called the Wyatt Earp syndrom, badge heavy and think the public is not allowed to not answer when they ask a question.

    • Jazzabelle

      Actually, I believe there is a SCOTUS ruling that requires anyone (driving or not) who is stopped by police to give their name. But nothing else is legally required, unless you’re a driver, in which case, you are correct, you must show DL and insurance.

  • tom cagney

    I would answer the question of consent by: Not today! If asked again?Answer: Not today no.
    Then sick to those 3 words(not today no)Till hell freezes over.The second and ninth ammenment of the constitution both (michigan) and (federal) is a Constitutional Right! It don’t get any higher or powerfull than that.Do not give up a Constitutional Right! Never. My saying is: If you don’t know your rights you don’t have any!

  • http://none Tom

    A county worker told me that if our local police were ordered to go against all of us civilians that was an unConstitutional, they would turn in their badges and join us, After telling whoever made the order to do it themselves. The officers in my community won’t hesitate to do their jobs as efficiently as they can to Keep us safe but they are NOT radical in any way.
    If they feel someone truly deserves a citation, they will get one but if an offender shows them the respect they deserve, chances are the only thing that will happen is that the person will get a warning and let go.
    Our officers won’t take any guff from anyone but they are about as fair as they can possibly be. I have a lot of respect for our guys and would assist them in a heartbeat if they needed it.
    I am an ex-LEO and know how they think. They want to go home at the end of their day, be with their family and repeat the process each and every day so they are NOT out to make any enemies. And, they are just like everyone else in our community, guys with a sense of humor and full of life. The only bad cops are the ones with an ego problem. The ones on a power trip and the ones who are seriously wanting promotions.
    Then, there are those who are NOT Patriotic at all who literally could care less whether we live or die. Those are the ones that we should NEVER cooperate with. Let them figure out everything for themselves and they are the ones that you take into court. Most generally, those who you take into court or are ready to take into court do Not like that idea at all and when you ask for their name and badge number for this reason, some will back off and back down. The hardcore will go to the limits but they still stand a good chance of losing in court but it will take an attorney who is willing to hammer that officer to the extent of his capabilities.
    The best thing that you can do to these officers is to get them setup with the worst reputation you can get them. It destroys their credibility and their trustworthiness, especially in the judicial system.
    Once an officer receives this kind of rep, it is very hard for him to clean it up and some even find a new line of work before it is over. Their commanders do NOT like this kind of black mark and the bad cops will hear about it, including from the governors as well.
    One small piece of advice here, if at all possible, record the entire incident. Don’t place the recorder on yourself but keep it in the vehicle somewhere where the officer won’t see it. If he sees it, you can rest assured that it will not only provoke him but he will erase it and do all he can to find more infractions to cite you for. They know that recordings are a good source of testimony in court and a strong possibility that he will lose his case.
    Follow a good standard protocol when recording though. Ask for his name and badge number and make sure you repeat it so that the recorder will pick it up. Do NOT be obvious as to what you are doing though as you will alert him that something is not right on his end.
    Make sure all pertinent info is recorded though as best as you can. If you want to challenge the officer, this is one of the best pieces of evidence you could offer in court and blind side the officer with it. They hate it!!!!!!

  • Buck

    The law enforcement community have morphed their ” to protect and serve ” motto into ” to harasse and intimidate ” . They are no longer the friendly cop on the beat but are now the ” gestapo ” of the government at all levels . I have always been a law abiding citizen , though I may have made a few un-intentional mistakes over the years , gone are the days when a cop will let something like that slide .

  • revnowwhilewecan

    I’d just like to share a quote from the urban poetic group N.W.A: “F@#$ the police!”

  • Kenneth

    Come July, I will have been a law enforcement officer for 42 years. I have made thousands of traffic stops for numerous reasons. In most cases the driver’s treatment by the officer depends upon the attitude of the driver. Many a ticket has been issued, which otherwise would not have been, because the driver “ran his/her mouth”. When I stop someone for a routine traffic violation I do not intend to issue a ticket if the driver is courteous and respectful, but will if treated otherwise. I never know who I am stopping and what they have done or are capable of doing to me. I do not ask to search a vehicle unless I have probable cause to do so, that being something I see in the car that is illegal, etc. Just co-operate with us and you will be treated well in most cases.

    • Jazzabelle

      You’re sickening, Kenneth. You just admitted that you use your authority to harass people you don’t like with tickets, rather than issuing tickets because someone broke a law. Do you really think that’s ethical? How do you think society would function if everyone had the authority to act that way (and did)?

      • Jay

        Sickening? How is that, sickening? True Justice is always mixed with compassion. If one breaks the law, and, when apprehended, is foolish enough to play the azz (show disrespect), they should not then be surprised with the end-result!

        • Michael

          From what I have observed, locally, cops are not all that interested in “true justice”.

    • Palin16

      I for one would like to thank you for your service in protecting your community and I agree with your comments. I was stopped by an officer about a year ago for going 7 mph over the speed limit. I was friendly and courtious to her and she in turn let me off with a warning. I also would like to thank Las Vegas police for getting the “Hammer KIller” off our streets.This criminal is a poster child for the death penalty.

      • http://none Claire

        About 10 years ago, I was stopped on I-55 in my big green full-size Chevy van. I was not really speeding-maybe 7-8 miles over the speed limit. I suspect the cops were looking for people that were smuggling illegals, or druggies. They pulled me over, looked inside and saw my 5 show dogs and all their gear. All they told me was that they were checking out vans. It didn’t upset me in the least. In fact, I was glad to know they were checking things out.

    • jopa

      Kenneth;You represent the majority of the police in this country.That is the key to respect one another and that makes this world a much nicer place.Even if you were speeding and do get a ticket. a little respect may drop the rate of speed listed on your ticket.I have had a few run ins with the law on very minor infractions and all I ever witnessed were professionals.

      • http://none Claire

        I found my husband on the kitchen floor when I got home from work January 30th at 5:10 p.m.. There was blood coming from his mouth and I knew in my heart he was gone the moment I saw him. I called 911, three cop cars arrived, then the fire engine and finally the ambulance. The police were courteous to me and my son, and so were the firemen. The coroner arrived and he stayed with us until 9:30 p.m., he said he would not leave until he knew we would be okay. I have no complaints against the police. They were doing their job and I suspect they came because I reported there was blood on the floor when I called 911.

    • bscott

      Yes! Thank you Kenneth! If I were a cop I’d write a ticket to someone like jazabelle every time. I’ve found over the years that people who express their foul attitudes deserve everything that happens to them- this could be as varied as not receiving a discount on a purchase, a waiter spitting on your food, a good hotel room ,or even, yes a traffic ticket.You actually do reap what you sow.Conversely, when someone tries to ruin my day? SMILE. Don’t give satisfaction to the losere.

      • Jazzabelle

        Bscott, you are incorrect when you accuse me of “expressing [my] foul attitude.” I NEVER get rude with police, and hardly ever with anybody else. I do, however, believe in a human being’s basic freedom of expression. And, isn’t it obvious that a cop who writes tickets based on a person’s attitude is acting out of personal ego? Kenneth admitted that he lets respectful people off with a warning but ALWAYS tickets the jerks. What do you think that does to a person, when they have (and continually exercise) that level of control over other human beings? This is a breeding-ground for fascism; the truly good people who get into police work start to see what it does to people, and they get out, while the corruptible ones grow to like it…a little too much.

    • jake

      I noticed that you stated that one would be treated well “in most cases..”.. Sounds more like the attitude of an immature school yard bully. Contrary to your PR, cops no longer get respect because they don’t act honest or respectful. Cops are not looking for respect, they are looking for fear. I suspect that if it was between a dirty cop and an innocent citizen, you would support the bad cop and convict the citizen. Show me where one cop protected an innocent person from another cop and you may have some credence. The ‘so called’ good cop will beat and even kill an innocent person before going against another officer then lie through their teeth in explanation as to why they messed the innocent person up .

      Cops are nothing more than a legalized street gang, but, sadly, cops are a necessary evil…….there are some bad citizens out there that need to be taken care of,. It has been my experience that most bad cops are given a glowing recommendation and allowed to leave one jurisdiction and be hired by another. The town I once lived in had 15 officers forced into retirement[?] for various things that would have got a citizen prison time only to show up as cops in another city several hundred miles away. Police force’s lying PR is getting old and tiresome .

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  • Gary Jones

    In short, whenever you are cooperating with the police, you are cooperating on the project of putting you in jail. There’s no other projects around.

    Police often asks in accusatory tone – “you are not cooperating”; “you are giving me hard time” – which usually inflict apologies and cooperation from the citizen. Remember, you don’t have to cooperate, you don’t have to give them easy time. “You are not cooperating” – sure, absolutely, I am not. “Giving me hard time” – yes officer, the hardest I can. This is not a crime. Nor you have to be polite and respectful. From my own experience with the police, the more you are polite with them, the more aggressive they become, like the dog who smells the fear. Talk to them from the position of force and authority, be accusatory, and you won’t believe how quickly their tail will be between their legs. They are bullies who prey on the weak, they never get involved with anything that resembles a danger, and they instinctively back up when seriously confronted. Of course you should never physically touch them, but other than that, there’s absolutely no reason to be respectful, cooperative, or polite. I know many people will disagree with this, but that is only on the basis of what they expect or assume; the practical results tell different story.

    The very fact that police officer is talking to you means that he does not have yet enough evidence for the arrest, so he hopes you will give it to him. That’s why he says ” we can do it easy way, or hard way”, and most people believe they have a choice and of course choose the easy way. Remember, the officer will always do to you the hardest way he possibly can, if only he has enough evidence. What he will do and how is never your choice. Don’t buy it. “Hard way please, officer”. Keep eye contact, be determined and cool, and they will back up in no time.

    Again, the only project you can “cooperate” with the officer, is the one of finding enough evidence to put you in jail. So don’t.

    • Scott in SC

      I agree with you. Most cops are looking for any reason to stop you, and then they are looking for any reason to arrest you. The good cops are few and far between.

      • Gary Jones

        > The good cops are few and far between.

        Scott, your mistake is that you think that the cops are bad because they do this. They are not bad, it’s their job to do exactly this. They are not judges, nor they are your defenders. Their job is to gather the evidence sufficient for putting you in jail. They are not in position to weight everything and deliver some fair judgment, this is what the court and jury is for. The police is working for the prosecution side only, they are your enemies by definition and by the very essence of the justice system. Looking for any reason to stop and arrest you is not some violation, it’s the job they have been hired for, trained, and paid for. That’s why they are called law Enforcement Officers: their function is to look for any evidence of law violation, and enforce it by putting the offender in jail.

  • Gene David

    Obama is trying to get ALL police in the nation under the seiu, federal union, The fed will control all police in the country. Perhaps they will all wear brown shirts

  • James Lee

    bscott, your still alive! We all thought you fell out of your car and ran your lips over. All of you that think beuing a democrat is cool better go check your history. The democrats wanted to keep guns away from the black people during Civil War era, while the Republicans fought to let them keep their arms to protect their families during one of the most dangerous times they have ever seen. Oh yeah, who started the KKK, that’s right the democrats. And now this illegal president who claims to be a democrat, is a soialist. Better check that out, and while your at it your shorts,you seem to be a little dissatisfied with life. Odumba’s police are coming for you, better hurry.

    • Jay

      Dittos, Mr. Lee!

    • Firefly

      And don’t forget that it was the Democrats who tried to deny women the vote and jailed and tortured some who only thought they had a right to carry signs saying that they supported giving women the right to vote. It was the Republicans who finally got voting rights for women passed.

    • Firefly

      And don’t forget that it was the Democrats who snuck in the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank while most of Congress had gone home for Christmas. The value of our money has lost over 97% of it’s value since the Central Bank (the FED) took over, and it is rapidly losing more value each day.

    • bscott

      James Lee Gosh your humor is so…I was going to write something glib and pithy but you’re just not worth it little man…


    Some of the comments are meant to be a joke, others are missing the issue. The United States legal system is similar to the British, when arrested for a crime you are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty by a court of Law, when you appear in court you are asked to enter a plea guilty or not guilty and have the right to trial by a Jury unless you request a Judge trial.
    The Federal government police is the FBI they are not involved in stopping you for a traffic offense. The worst police I encountered was the Los Angeles police Department most of them act like Hitler Gestapo police, remember Rodney King that was beaten and by luck a guy took a video of the incident. My second encounter was in New Orleans a Restaurant served me a fish that was burned they refuse to take it back or exchange same, when I threatened not to pay for same a civil matter they called the police and he was waiting at the cashier counter he told me, pay or I will arrest you, I paid, I found out that the Restaurant has a deal with the police to perform an illegal act.
    Having said that I was stopped by a traffic officer in the DFW and was treated with courtesy and respect he never issued a ticket but told me to be careful as to the minor traffic violation I committed. My advice when stopped do not be hostile to the officer try to be polite, sometimes these officers encounter violent individual that are armed. Joseph Foster, Author ‘’Seeing Red’’ ‘How America is losing the future’ Available at:


    Remember to treat the police officer with respect at all times and do not forget they are trained liars, what you cede they use against you, they are not there to protect you, they are there to enforce the law and the law works both ways……

    • Gary Jones

      LOL. Treat them with respect for what, for being trained liars? that’s not what the mom taught me to respect people for.

      • Jazzabelle


  • MontieR

    NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER give a statement to a cop, POLITELY REFUSE to speak anything beyond, I am sorry officer unless you are detaining me AND have a search warrant, I DO NOT AUTHORIZE ANY SEARCH OR QUESTIONING WITHOUT MY LAWYER PRESENT. One of two things will happen, you will get your ticket or not or he will detain you until he checks with his superior. If he gets belligerent POLITELY request to speak to his superior ( shift sergeant or watch commander) and REPEAT step one to the letter.
    Any thing they do beyond this point besides giving you a ticket is probably illegal. Unless you have a history with the police.

  • Bimbam

    It’s what I tell people make the officers look like fools by not doing anything to break the law. What need is there anyway to do so right?

    Take for instance I always drive the speed limit and the cops stand there in the hot sun with their radar guns and I just laff at them quietly as I pass by. What a waste of their time, I say.

    But what about the above? Well, that was due to laziness. If you carry guns you’d better know the law in each state, do a little research, obey them. Just like a car, you’d better know the speed limit, afterall you’re driving right?

    So, it wasn’t about being honest, the article was about being lazy. Really folks, it doesn’t take too much to get off your can and just do a “little” research, huh???

  • Delores Smith

    Here is my response: “I will not comply. I only comply with the United States Constitution.
    Read me my Miranda Rights, and I want to call my attorney immediately. Now, get out of my face!”
    Delores Smith

  • TIME

    Dear People,

    If you never do anything ever, ( take what Mr. Livingston has posted as the TRUTH. )

    Never give – ANY – intel at all if your asked, never give them anything at all.

    Again – Rather any of you like it or not – not a single person in the 50 states has any RIGHTS granted under the Original Constitution and Bill of Rights, Its all just a big fat lie. Your rights were taken away by “DECEPTION,” but none the less you gave your consent thus that saddly is the facts of life here in the Corporation known as the United States Inc..

    You now have “Privilages” – these can be taken away at any time for any reason.

    We also do not, and have not followed COMMON LAW from 1860 -to 1878 when they died totaly – to this very day. We follow “LEX FORI”, – Known as “Public Policy”.

    YOU are a Corporation and as such are also under Maritime Law of what is covered by UCC law. Start waking up before you have no ability to do so.

    Peace and Love

  • FEDUP!

    Hey Casey, Obama loves the Patriot Act! DAH!


    The police are fine people, however they are also people, they are as corrupt as the general populous. I have personally seen it in action. Police in trouble in Covina, CA and my partner and I stopped and gave a helping hand. Everything turned out fine. Police arresting a drunk on my business property, handcuffed, one officer held the drunk from behind, while the other spread his legs and proceeded to kick the drunk in the groin, once, then the second time, I yelled and told them to stop. They did. But this was unnecessary action on the part of the police.
    My daughter was deliberately run off the road by a drunk, off duty state police officer. The cover up began in earnest. Finally an officer told the truth, that the reports were changed and that he was told by his superior to change them. This involved 8 Police, and an Insurance investigator, on and on.
    Another issue was my business was held up several times, I had surveillance cameras in, and on two occasions the men were black. However, each man was different, size, and color of skin. I know because the camera was the same, the lighting the same and the reference coming through the door was the same.
    The man pled guilty to one holdup, but not to the second. I told the Police he only committed one, they went nuts and tried to intimidate me into saying it was the same guy.
    Lazy police work.
    I knew an FBI agent as a customer. I had a talk with him about a person that had come into my place of business with several hand grenades that were to be used on a night club down the block the next Friday. The club was told and they closed until the bad guys were arrested.
    I have seen shootings, from local police, FBI, State Police, so these are both good and bad, no one can say all good or all bad.
    The police are entrusted with our lives, this gives them huge power over us. With this power comes a great responsibility to keep from getting corrupted from the taste of the power. Not just money, but the feeling of power that is 100 times more seductive to the individual. So trust, but verify.

    These incidents are just a few of the examples of police laxity. This applies to just being stopped for a small violation of your driving or auto.

    • jake

      Some time back, in my small home town, the police asked for and got passkeys to most of the buildings in town. Their reasoning was if there was a crime in progress or a fire, it would be ‘easier’ to take care of the situation. The amount of burglaries went up. People put in hidden surveillance cameras and it was found that a group of policemen were taking advantage of the passkeys and were committing the thefts themselves and then turning in a report that a burglary occurred. The stolen items were found in the trunks of their police cars. Many innocent people went to jail because of these cops. Was anything done to the bad cops…no, they were allowed to retire and seek employment as cops elsewhere. Where I live now, a cops forces sex from females he ‘apprehends’.. There has been three accusations against him. One is supported by DNA. He has been on administrative leave for almost a year now. In other words, rape a suspect and get a paid vacation while your fellow officers drag their feet and cover as much as they can until the original charge is forgotten.

      I lived for a short while next door to a policeman. He scared the he!! out my family. My kids feared to go over to his house and play with his kids. His kids were more like zombies, afraid to speak or do anything lest they be punished for some imagined wrong. When his kids came over to our house and had some fun, they would ask us not to tell their dad what they did. Even then, the cop would come over every now and then to investigate what his children were doing. The kids slowly stopped playing together and the cop blamed us for his kid’s lack of friends.We finally moved away from there and even our moving away brought his investigation. He wanted to know where we were moving to and why we were moving. Other neighbors told us that no one stayed too long next him. He was a brutal SOB, we always heard screaming and yelling coming all hours from his house. During his days off, he would sit in his back yard at a pic-nic table cleaning a group of guns. He would occasionally pick one of the guns up and point it as if he were aiming it at someone, make gun noises and mutter things like, “Take that you SOB, bang, bang, don’t like that, here’s more, bang, bang…” Calling the cops on a cop is an utter exorcise in futility. you are then more likely to be arrested than an offending officer…

  • Oceanborne

    The United Socialist States of America. Home of the Meek, Land of the Slave.

    Vote Ron Paul 2012 if you don’t want to continue being a subject of immoral gov’t

  • http://hotmail willie

    this for bscott you know nothing about getting a ccl so all you do is make up you lies. i am an instructer in texas since 1995 it is not taken lightly . you probily could not get a ccl with your record. cspr312

    • bscott

      willie hey – don’t get so excited about a comment. it could be evidence of very deep seated emotional problems which can cause problems when you handle firearms. after 17 years maybe it’s time to get a job where you won’t get so stressed.

  • Liberterian

    What is said here is a catch 22. Having been in law enforcement 40 years I would agree to an extent. But, there is always something one must take into account; the time, location where it happens in America or the city, and the situatuation you find yourself in. Most police officers are hardworking dedicated people that won’t go out of their way to abuse you or set you up. But, there are always the people that will. These are the people willing to run in to defend, to sacrifice their god given life for others, to try to make things better, but like any other profession you will have the ones for glory, the ones who don’t care or like to abuse. If you are right, stand by your word and don’t submit to a search if their isn’t nothing to hide but remember it is you that must be strong in what could be an outcome. There is no fairness in American society nor in the American legal system. It all lies on who can afford the best lawyer or has the most political pull or friends. We are becoming a nation so rapped up in laws that create new crimes, and a super correctional industrial complex that feeds on the product of these crimes. We are the nation that put forth a constitutional amendment that made alcohol illigal and created the massive organized crime world from it. We are the nation that makes drugs illegal and give them such a value that we have created a whole new organized crime world revolving around these drugs with its violent money drfiven crime. Livingston is correct. It appears we want intrusive government and the arms that it reaches out with to control us, or else we would become educated voters and try better to control our outcomes. As a Liberterian I hate intrusive unnecessary government, I hate the control technology and the militarization of our police but as a realist I understand that the police, the firefighters are there for us so it is our responsibility to keep them in check by electing the best politician to serve us and not the party and game driven ideologists.


      Well said and I agree with your comments. I once trained police officers how to protect them selves when they stop a car, some officers are killed by violent criminals. By Josep Foster

      • jake

        And some good citizens are killed by violent cops… The difference is that your good cops will back these bad cops all the way……

  • uvuvuv

    i was at work saturday and they had put in a new burglar alarm that i had decoded incorrectly and adt called the police. they came in with guns drawn, and i said, oh, that’s okay, i work here. i think if i turned in a panic and tried to run they would have shot me. they yelled at me to get on the floor and held 3 guns on me while the 4th “officer” handcuffed me. so then they called in and were told, oh yeah, he works there, so they let me go but didn’t apologize. they said, er uh, well you see, many police officers have gotten shot for being too trusting. i mean, as long as they had the upper hand with their guns they could have been polite about it.

  • Walter zumbrennen

    The police are bullies with a badge. Here in Vegas they get away with murder, literally. There has only been one unjustified shooting in decades even though unarmed “suspects” have been gunned down or shot in the back, and there have been numerous other questionable shootings.

  • treys16996

    Even though I’m retired from the US Army I have never owned a firearm. I have never been treated unfairly by a law enforcement officer, nor have I ever treated them with any less than the utmost respect. Reading all of these comments, you’d think there was something wrong with me :-(

    • nmgene

      You have been very lucky. I have known good honest police who treated people with respect but I have also been beaten, lied to and about in there reports. Luckily I am not stupid and recorded everything each time with out there knowing it and beat them in court and got a couple fired for perjury and filing false police reports. I am a 61 year old father of 3 who has never been convicted of a crime because I dont ever knowingly break the law. Cops are trained to lie and by law they can lie to you but if you lie to them it is a felony. When you tell lie after lie after lie you soon dont know what the truth is and there police reports are full of lies all the time. They protect themselves just as Judges police Judges and Attorneys police attorneys and the police police the police so they get away with most anything they want to do and we pay the price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • uninformedLuddite

    I was recently reading that on some road in the US called the I-15 they are planning on getting scanners that scan number plates. This is a terrible idea and this is why. I live in South Australia and some time ago our police cars where fitted with this sort of technology. What this means is that EVERY CAR around the police car is automatically scanned and they are not looking just for unregistered vehicles.
    I get pulled over nearly every time a cop car comes within range of me (at least twice a week) and a couple of months ago I found out why. When the car (registered in my wife’s name) is scanned a computer pops up data about the possible drivers and as 25 years ago I was arrested for possession of a bong this data is automatically gathered and reported to the police along with the phrases “possible drug user, dangerous”.
    This is why you don’t want this law enforcement tool. Thank God I am in Australia as if a US cop saw that they would shoot me on sight.

    • jake

      In LA, California, the police got possession of a nine year old phone number that had belonged to a person that had been looking for some time. The police looked up the address using the phone number and the swat team broke into the house, roughed up the couple living there and paraded them around the front yard for reporters while they were scantily clothed. The police made statements at the time how they finally captured the suspect and how diligent police work led to the capture. It was later found out that the captured couple only had the telephone number for six months. They were newly weds and they got the number when they moved into the house. These people were innocent of any wrong doing. The original phone number had not been for the suspect for six years and had changed hands four times since then. A simple phone call to the telephone company would have made it easy for the police to find out about the number BEFORE they terrorized the innocent couple. This has also happened when questioning a drugged out suspect and the druggy gives the wrong address or phone number to his drug supplier. Police go crashing in on some innocent people’s home, destroying as much as they can in the process, sometimes beating or killing some innocent person as they thrash about…but they are cops, above the law or they are the law and it’s getting worse. East Berlin, here we come………………………….

  • uninformedLuddite <– here's a link to the info. In Victoria these camera scan 700 cars an hour. Also notice the lie about types of criminals targeted by this technology. It's aimed at everyone.

  • snufy01

    The police seem to not be aware of the Meranda law. It says that if you request a lawyer, all questioning must stop until you talk to one. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Do not elect to go against that advice. What you want the police to understand is not necessarily what they want to understand. Do not act nervous when you talk to the officer. If they insist upon searching your vehicle, tell them to submit and swear to an afficavit of probable cause and present it to a judge for a search warrant.

  • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

    Jay says:
    May 21, 2012 at 10:42 am
    Gillysroom says: Stuart and Jay should realise that if you and your fellow Ammericans put your money where your writing skills indicate, the Chinese would not have a chance in hell at buying out your banks.

    Are you completely clueless, Mr. Gillysroom? How much money do you suggest, would be required from the American citizens to have any influence into how the Federal Reserve, (Owned by a Private and Foreign Banking Cartel) operates, or have any say, in their decisions? The Federal Reserve, is answerable to no one. Not answerable to Congress, much less, to the American citizens! You, Mr.Gillysroom, need to get a CLUE!!!

    This debate went off topic somehow but Your Federal Reserve is simmilar to our Reserve Bank which works independently to Congress because its role is different to that of the government of the day which is based what the average american wants out of their politicians which is not always good for controlling inflation or the money supply or overseas reserve balancing acts. Problem is the Federal Resrve is fighting it uphill to try fixing what congress does with its continual deficit spending. Its a complex issue.

    Now the Chinese are able to purchase banks using their vast reserves of american dollars your citizens have willingly and without any force given to chinese exporters for all the cheap goods your citizens have purchased over the last several years. It suited you then but now Jay does not want the CBC to buy into your american banks to conduct a legitimate free enterprise business of lending other americans money. That seems very odd that Jay objects to the Chinese investing in your country when Jay and his mates have lost confidence in your justice and policing system and financial system, yet the Chinese are showing confidence while Jay and others are terrified about a communist country wanting to play banking games in your not so free enterprse economy. Maybe the Chinese can see the light ot the end of your dark tunnel, maybe they are much clever than your amewrican bankers and maybe its just good that they provide your other bankers some competition dont you think?

    Now back to the topic…reading all these posts would make you think that your country is now totally unlivable because some of your police are corrupt just like in Australia we watch so many Hollywood cop shows we think your country is totally lawless with murders occuring every minute with teams of police investigating 20 murders every day in every city of every state if we where to believe what goes on in Bones, LAW & ORDER, CSI, and the list goes on and on…in the uk there appears to be a murder in the same small village every week that show is on keeping inspector Banaby very busy. But I’m sure hoping those shows don’t really represent your lifestyle in your America today…which if so i would suggest the honest folk consider migrating to Australia which is nothing like that except for a few criminals shooting at each other in Sydney we dont have anything like your problems in Australia. Thankgod.

    As i stated previously the police hear so many lies that they dont dare believe anyone and treat everyone as liers and the enermy as indeed some criminals will kill the police in one second flat when pulled over, but the police dont know when that might happen, so everyone suffers. But look at this way…the police get the bad end of the stcick really because they work and live under continual stress all of the time whereas we are only under stress when we get pulled over or get them due to the high risk of having to employ expensive lawyers to defend us in a pretty vicious judical system..

    I would suggest that statiscally the average police person represents and thinks like the average american and if a percentage of americans are thieves or thugs or liers so too it is likely that a similar percentage would be in the police forces too. Still one should ask what would attract any american to become a polceman? Would it be the pay scales, the power to uphold some of your silly laws ? Do they get a commission with bonuses for extra numbers from lawyers and the jail operators? Is it the pleasure they might get out of experiencing the stress of not knowing whether the next guy they pull over might be quicker on the draw and shoot them dead? Could it be the money they find in houses or dead bodies and a chance to keep it? Or is it the they want a chance to become social workers in numerous family and domestic disputes they must attend to every day…boring as well as stressful…they dont tell you about that part in the recruitment brochures or the drug addicts they will be dealing with on a daily basis and the associated risks, I cant imagine why my sister-in-law decided to leave a safe bank job to join the police force…the adventure might have been it I think, but policing is somewhat safer in Australia i’m sure. One of my other relatives rose to become a Commander and got several bravery awards.

    Yet thousands of new recruits apply to be in your police forces every year and dont you thank god they do so it might reduce the chances of a total wild west lawlessness developing when hardened criminals could do whatever they liked to you amd your family because their would be no policeman there to stop them. ?? Unfortunately the police need to be trained to be better than the average american so they can deal with all manner of dangerous and potentially fatal consequences if they make an error…would you people living in your comy houses really want to be a policeman? now tell me the truth at least just once?

    • jake

      During the 60s, I read a paper on psychology pertaining to police. They presented over 100 psychological profiles filled out by policemen and known criminals. The names and other identifying details were withheld and replaced with a number. A team of psychoanalysts were given the anonymous profiles for analysis. There was very little difference between the profiles of a cop and a crook. This shocked the analysts because they were mostly made up from the same doctors that assist police in profiling crooks. I doubt that much has changed since then, the police still don’t care if a person is innocent, they are still just as brutal and are not responsible for their actions….

      • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

        I tend to agree with you Jake. In Australia the police receive many applications from such people but many do not get into police training school and are politely rejected or not contacted but their applications details are certainly kept in the records of the police for possible later


          Hi friend from down under, I have found the worst policemen are found in Los Angeles, CA, where I previously lived for many years they refer to them as LAPD they hide and are constant looking out for motorist that commit a minor violation, they then take off and issue a ticket, most of them ride motor cycle, they are all out to increase revenue for the city to pay for their high salary. I once stopped for one minute to drop a friend they immediately went after me and told me it is a no parking Zone, when I argued with the officer that my stop is not parking but to drop a passenger, he said stop arguing or I will arrest you, I got fed-up with that City and left for good to Texas. I will rate most of the LAPD as Hitler Gestapo police. Most of whites amongst them are racist for this reason they beat Rodney King a black man, a passerby took a video and King filed a Law suit for damages and won a large settlement, if it were not for the video they will deny the allegation. DFW police officers in general are polite and as long as you show them respect when stopped they will be courtiers’ Joseph Foster, Author ‘’Seeing Red’’ ‘How America is losing the future’ Available at:

  • Silas Longshot

    A pizz ant little town nearby had the audacity to model their blinking police uniforms after the Nazi ss stormtroopers. All black, which is so typical of cop uniforms, pointy top little caps, shiny belts with the diagonal shoulder straps, high boots and all. And they would pull you over for farting as you drove through town. Roadblocks for ‘insurance checks’ were common for a couple years. That seems to have annoyed enough people for the crap to be toned down a little. At least the uniforms and roadblocks are changed.
    Click the name.

  • http://none Claire

    I have read many newspaper articles concerning state troopers being shot to death when they pull over a car on the interstate. This is a mean- a$$ world we live in, I wouldn’t be a cop for a billion dollars. Considering some of the things I have seen, if I were a cop, a hell of a lot of people would sure be in jail.

  • Jay

    Last Monday, a high school student in North Carolina engaged his social studies teacher in a heated debate about politics and the two leading presidential candidates. During the exchange, the teacher (an obvious Obama supporter) got very angry with the student and accused him of disrespecting the president.

    She even went so far as to tell the boy that he could be jailed for speaking ill of Obama.

    Sarah Campbell of the Salisbury Post first reported on the story.

    She claims that the school district is not releasing the name of the teacher and that she is not responding to requests for public comment (although the two students identified her to the newspaper).

    According to Campbell’s story, the teacher will not be suspended or even face disciplinary action for what was heard on the recording. A statement from the school was released at the end of the week:

    “The Rowan-Salisbury School System expects all students and employees to be respectful in the school environment and for all teachers to maintain their professionalism in the classroom. This incident should serve as an education for all teachers to stop and reflect on their interaction with students. Due to personnel and student confidentiality, we cannot discuss the matter publicly.”

    So, how bad was the exchange? It got fairly heated, with the teacher shouting at times. The kerfuffle started after one student asked a question about the teacher’s “fact of the day” that said Romney was a bully back in high school.

    A student asked: “Didn’t Obama bully somebody, though?”

    The teacher started to get angry and said: “Not to my knowledge.”

    A couple of students relayed the story about Obama admitting that he bullied someone when he was younger. And that seemed to light the fuse on his teacher’s anger. A couple of the students exchanged words with the angry teacher.

    “Stop! Stop! Because there’s no comparison. He’s running for president. Obama is the president.”

    As one student attempted to argue for a fair, two-sided debate on the history of the candidates, he was shouted down and talked over by the teacher.

    She continued: “You got to realize, this man is wanting to be what Obama is. There’s no comparison.”

    Once again, the students pressed for equal discussion of the histories of both men, with one saying: “If you’re gonna talk trash about one side, you gotta talk trash about the other.”

    The teacher just seemed to dig her heels in deeper and press her defense of Obama telling the defiant teen: “You will not disrespect the president of the United States in this classroom.”

    Again the student persisted and invoked his First Amendment right. “I’ll say what I want.”

    The still unidentified teacher read the student her rules…her Obama rules. “Not about him, you won’t!”

    The back and forth continued and the most strident of the two students reminded his teacher that President Bush was constantly treated to negative statements about him while he was in office: “Whenever Bush was president, everybody talked sh-t about him.”

    To which the teacher responded: “Because he was sh-tty.”

    The social studies educator went on for a full minute with more ranting, saying that people were arrested for saying derogatory things about President Bush. The student correctly reminded the teacher that opinions are protected, but you cannot be arrested unless you threaten the president.

    Our research has not turned up a single case of anyone in America being arrested for speaking ill of former President Bush. The local newspaper story also mentioned that their discussions about the story with a political science professor could not recall the arrests that the teacher was speaking about.

    Update: We learned the name and the fate of the Social Studies teacher heard on the video posted below. Toyna Dixon-Neely is the woman heard yelling at students who dared to express negative opinions about President Obama.

    We also found out that Ms. Dixon-Neely’s outrageous statements may not have led to a strict punishment: the local newspaper is reporting that she has been suspended with pay. (Curiously the Huffington Post says that the teacher is on an unpaid suspension, pending the outcome of the investigation by the school board.)

    The entire confrontation was recorded by a student and posted on YouTube.!

    • Libertytrain

      That video proves exactly why our kids are no longer getting “educated” in schools and also demonstrates how history and facts are made up as some teacher’s go along….scary… and embarrassment to our country.

  • bpante

    If you think this is bad try and do some work on your own home. Them Gestapo make the police seem like nothing. You see them citizen patrols, they are not neighborhood watches like Zimmerman. They are RAT PATROLS looking for citizens working on their homes without feeding the PERMIT MONSTER.

  • Paul Marcel-Rene

    My response to this article is: He is 100% correct. You ARE GUILTY until proven innocent. Give away none of your rights and volunteer no information and no search permissions. I once heard a police officer say “the law is what I say it is”. They all truly believe AND practice this. If they can’t actually catch you, they WILL make something up and even if the police don’t, the prosecutor’s office will. I weep for my America and the remaining threads of our Constitution and Freedoms.

  • http://http// sophillyjimmy

    Being in law enforcement for many years gave me the opinion that if I have nothing to hide when stopped by any law agency I would let them search my vehicle.
    I was fueling up my boat at a marina in Delaware around 3 am so my two buddies and I could go fishing when out of nowhere the Delaware Game and Fish
    Commission came to my boat like gangbusters. There was a Captain, Lieutenant and an officer and they asked if they could do a safety check on my boat which I agreed to.
    Everything checked out and the Captain departed leaving only the Lieutenant and the officer behind. The Captain and Lieutenant were very cordial but the officer who I knew had a Napolean Complex was being very arrogant with me even after I showed him that I am a retired lawman myself. My belief has always been to treat everyone like they treat me. The little 5’4″ officer asked if I had any weapons or drugs on the boat and I told him that I do carry a shotgun and prescribed medications on board and he asked he could retrieve both which I agreed. Upon getting both he began to open the viles of my medication and pouring them into his hands to check them and I told him I do not want him to handle the loose pills since I have to take them orally, then he told me that I am a terrorist which I laughed at him since I saw his name tag and it was time for me to have some fun with this idiot. I informed him that so far in America the only terrorists were the towel heads and I said and that guy in Oklahoma City MC VEIGH and the officers name started with Mc so I asked him if his mother was a terrorist which infuriated him especially now not only my friends were laughing at him but his lieutenant was also. He threatened to arrest me for having a shotgun on board but by law, if you have a boat which you could live on, which I did, it is legal to carry a firearm on board. I then told him not to threaten me with arrest and if he wants to arrest me don’t talk the talk, just do it so I could go to prison and as soon as I get in the intake cell, I would announce that I am a retired lawman and get my arse kicked so I could sue the game and fish commission and also the state for ilgally arresting me and with the proceeds from the law suit I could then buy a larger boat and load it up with more firearms. The lieutenant was getting tired of my making a fool of his officer and he told him that was enough since I am one of them and he has nothing on me, but the little officer then wanted to breathalize me for alcohol which I did not drink so I went along with him. Of couse the test showed I have 0 alcohol in my system and he told his lieutenent that I cheated the test and wanted to do it again so I told him I will take the test again if he took my style of breathalizer test and I unzipped my pants and told him to get on his knees and breathe into the large Italian tube with veins on it, now the lieutenant and my two friends were hysterically laughing which only made him more angry.

  • http://http// sophillyjimmy

    He pulled out his baton as though he were going to hit me with it and I told him if he was a real man he would take off his badge and like men hm and me could go on land and go a round or two with our hands and to call his terrorist mother to watch the spectacle that was when he wrote me a ticket for having a loaded shotgun on board and he ordered me to stay tied up at the marina since I was on prescribed medications and he would arrest me for operating a boat while under the influence of drugs, so I told him to go feck himself and proceeded to embark on the fishng trip we have planned.
    I was not done yet so I retained an attorney to fight the $45 dollar ticket in court and the attorney fee was $500 dollars but it went beyond dollars and cents and when I went in front of the judge, the judge not only not know the law but he jumped all over this officer and threatened to have him fired if he ever brought such a frivolous case into his courtroom again. My lawyer had to tell the judge that in Delaware, a long gun was not permitted on a boat but a pistol was and the judge asked the officer if he thought I was carrying the gun to shoot fish in a sarcastic manner. When I left the courtroom I immediately went to the game and fish commission building and they returned my shotgun to me then I went directly to a gun shop and bought a #357 magnum revolver and carried that on the boat from then on and when I saw the same officer cruising by on the C&D Canal I called him toward my boat and with the chamber opened I showed him the #357 and asked him what he thought of my new piece and asked him if his mother was staying out of trouble and he just took off away from my boat as I laughed at him.
    After working for 15 years in a maximum security prison in Pensylvania then as a police officer in Philadelphia, I kew a little about the law and I refuse to be intimidated by anyone who wants to over step their authority since in the 25 years I was in law, I respected everyone unless someone atempted to harm a civilian, one of my fellow officers or myself.

    • Louise

      Holy Moly! Your experience is exactly what we went through a few months ago. The lead guy in our house was so arrogant and just plain weird.
      Thanks so much for writing your story and I’m sorry you had to go through that.
      NWO here we come!

    • Louise

      P.S. I love your style!

      • Bob Parsons

        You have had more than your share of unsettling moments with police who should know better than to treat someone like you have been treated. I don’t blame you for being afraid when a squad car is behind you, or fearing encounters with police. Again, as a former detective, I can’t imagine treating any citizen like you have been treated. But I say again, it is an obvious result of lack of leadership from the top. My chief and the department head commanders would never have approved of behavior like you have experienced, and if they heard of it, whoever was involved would have been fired. We simply did not have officers who would do these things, and if they did, we fellow officers would have been the first to get in their faces. It is a bad reflection on all good officers, and we would not have tolerated it.
        I hope your future encounters with police are more in keeping with the good officers I knew and still know. Good luck.

        Bob Parsons

  • Damn Buster 2012

    Don;t put yourself in harms way.and you won;t get nailed!!Pay for any tickets you get,And If you are going to have lots of guns around you better know your laws reguarding gun owership.Another thing Police are humans too!.anyone an get tired of some of the sh#t that a lot of people do .

  • mike

    Jeez, has nobody here ever had a good interaction with a Police Officer. As to our weapons, have you seen lately what were getting shot at with? I am finally with a Department that at least lets me carry a Patrol Rifle, and my uniform is still the good old blue over blue. I hate the para-military looking uniforms and spoke out against them every time the opportunity presented itself in my last department. Most Cops are staunchly conservative and pro 2nd Amendment to a fault. Look at the cities most of you are quoting, large metro areas that have been run by liberals for decades, how dare you all lump me and my brothers in with those slimy politicians. To the lady that said she’d get arrested just for having an anti-Obama sticker on her car, not if I was there Ma’am. You have my word on that. The rest of you need to take a breath and realize what you are truly saying on this board, it is shameful.

    • DaveH

      The truth is never shameful, Mike. If indeed you are a good cop, you should not be afraid of the truth.

    • Louise

      Yes, there are good cops. My dad was one years ago in the fifties and sixties. Our small town had the fire department in front of the street and the police in back. When I was a toddler I would walk through the fire house with pop to the police department. I was there little girl and they were very kind to me. That was a long time ago, but one thing I can still remember the big shotgun in the front cab instead of the computer they now have. And my dad was armed to the teeth. An officer never knows what he or she will come up against. I went on a ride along last year to see if it would jar any memories about my dad’s time in the force because I’m writing my memories on the place where I grew up and that is where I’m at now in my book. There are some things that never change. Like…no bullet proof wind shields on the squad cars. It’s like that were I live in Oregon. Maybe law enforcement people should get that done. Or…I could. At the moment I cannot speak anymore about the force. I’ll come back later. Louise

  • Don W

    Hi Bob,
    Should I understand that in the US it is an offense to drive past or park outside a scholl or hospital whilst carrying a firearm on your person or in the vehicle? I was in a hospital in Tel Aviv and just had to show my license and then I was able to enter!


    The law has almost always worked this way. Its not an Obama thing you ding dongs its an America thing. Anyway that is correct do not submit to a search and never answer any questions.



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  • Frederick V., Miller Sr.

    Retired Police Officer
    I am eighty five years old and retire in 1976 as a captian. I was part of my generation that arrived back on our shores and drifted in to police work. Most of us had served in the military in one way or another. There did not exist the training process now in place for young poilice officers and it was restricted to the male population.
    We were subjected to a philosphy dictated by older members of the foirce that guided all who entered. You were impressed with the obligation of protecting the citizens of the town you lived in. There was a new approch that became the biword of instruction, it porovided for an education program that was provided to municipalities that turned out a high way patrol mentality and the protect part of our obligation vanished along with many otherr rights we posessed.

    I no longer feal free in my copuntry. I worry about my great grand children and the fact they may never know what it is to be free and to have a love of country that is fading into the twillight of our way of life.,

    My life, exisred in a better time. I have serious reservations if your generation has the wearall or the stomick to take it back.My country


    After reading these comments, I hope all you paranoid people don’t live near me. You guys are nuts!!

    • GrayStroke

      good boy komrade you just keep on sipping the drink remember what the Nazis said at teh trial….Ve wuz jist following zee orders….and when the Yanks came in they marveled that they could not find one nazi why the Germans had magically transformed or morphed…yep we”ll just stay paranoid and you just hold the front there sonny….

  • Damn Buster 2012

    I’ve Never had a bad moment with police men,Maybe I’m lucky, but then I don’t carry around ten thousand dollars worth of fire-arms in the back of my car,and,I don’t buy any drugs that can be used to create other,more harmful ones either.But not really knowing all the true facts,it would be hard to make, or form a correct opinion !! .some people have a clever way of putting in their own personal slants in articles they write too,So without all the true facts being known,I would not be so quickly to form a personal opinion !!!!!!!!

  • Damn Buster 2012

    Also,I wouldn’t want to be a Police men,you could not pay me enough to be one of those people,or any public servant far as that goes,look what they have put up with.


      Some of your comments are hitting the truth such comments are not appreciated by both members of our political club, Yes the traffic police are trained to bring in revenue for their masters. In the UK they have speed cameras all over the place, the people have named these cameras cash machines. Remember when property value goes up it kept increasing revenue for the cities, one city Mayor in California set his annually salary at $800,000 and a retirement pension at $500,000 with the drop in house prices that city has now gone Bankrupt.
      Joseph Foster, Author ‘’Seeing Red’’ ‘How America is losing the future’ Available at:

  • Otto

    There is a hip-hop song entitled F— da Police

    I hate to take their side on anything, but this article makes valid points. I’m glad I live in Arizona, where the firearms laws respect the Constitution. We may carry either openly or concealed WITHOUT a permit! Same law in three other states: VT, AK and WY.

  • http://None Bob Parsons

    For those of you who fear the military turning against their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, etc., etc. let me point out one fact. As a career Naval officer (now retired), I know for a fact that 95% of American military men and women would not obey an order to fire on their American kin. When I was in, if some officer told me to shoot at other Americans (assuming they were not criminals in the act of violence), I would have told him/her “That is an unlawful order and I will not obey it.” If I was then again ordered to fire on innocent Americans, I would fire at the moron who gave me that order. I know that present administration is preparing special military forces for “urban warfare,” supposedly to be used overseas in areas where we skirmish, but there is good reason to believe they are really, unknown to them, being trained to quell any social unrest resulting from Americans who have had enough of Progressive Socialists B.S, (Communists) and take to the streets. I was also in law enforcement for 12 years after retirement, and most of my fellow police officers were honest, caring men and women. But there were bullies, and those who believed that only police should have the right to carry or possess firearms. So the advice to be cautions when interacting with police is well taken. But don’t fear our military – at least not yet. Fear your government.

  • Brian

    COME ON! if you can not come up with a better example that this woman and her kids going to buy the precursor to meth there is NO STORY! these were such obvious violations, the first being if she was in need of an antihistamine for diving there are many on the shelves that can not be made into meth that work just fine.
    This cop is a good one. he got these obvious users of one of the most destructive drugs in our country off the streets. 9 out of ten users of meth can never get off and die or are jailed.This is a BS case, and they were obviously users as well as manufacturers of Meth.
    I do feel that we need to watch our rights and some police are using borderline tactics, however it is still the case that if you follow the law, do not do anything STUPID, all you will ever get from our police is protection and service. The problems re not with local police but way up the ladder.
    When you next dial 911 you will be glad they are there.

    • http://None Bob Parsons

      As a former LEO, I couldn’t agree with you more. Good thinking and good advice.

  • Bert

    “Police may detain you or your vehicle for a brief time… If you’re detained, you’re under no obligation to answer any questions or consent to a search. ”

    What is a “brief” amount of time? To the police one hour may be “brief.”

  • GrayStroke

    This has nothing to do with Mao-bama…..once you consent you have given up your 4th amendment right against illegal searches and seizures. So you set yourself up by giving up and foolishly trusted the officer to be an honorable person. Even though there may still be a few honorable officers the odds are against us all. If they have a reason then force them to get a warrant, ask them if you are being charged…lots of videos on how to politely refuse. Never roll the window all the way down if asked to exit your vehicle take you keys put them in your pocket and lock the doors!

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    • siberian

      I’m 85 years old. It was different a long time ago. We now live under a corrupted non citizen government. NOW it is (Government of the politician, by the politician, and for the politician.)

  • JoeThePimpernel
  • peck

    A few years back, after defending myself IN MY HOME against a drunken violent intruder in Pima County AZ., )a bastion of Marxist Liberalism), I was arrested and charged with several counts of aggravated assault. Twelve out of 13 involved deputies lied in their reports, lied to a JP, lied to a grand jury, and lied on the stand during my trial. I was acquitted. Cooperate with the police? From now on I will respond with .45 or AR. LE are filth and to me are nothing but targets.

    • Bob Parsons

      Sounds like you need to move, Mr. Peck. LEO’s are not like that most places. I spent 26 years in the Navy, and when I retired, I went into law enforcement in Florida. Our force was medium sized, about 200 officers, for a city of roughly 65,000. Out of that 200 officer force, I would guess maybe 10 were bullies and 2 were caught robbing banks. But don’t judge all LEO’s by the actions of a few. 12 out of 13 lieing is rare, and indicates a serious lack of leadership at the top. Most of the officers I knew were good, caring people, and most gave people breaks unless they got a lot of “attitude” from them. I was not impressed by your statement that you would respond to police with .45′s or AR’s. That makes me wonder if the 12 were really lieing. Sounds like you might have a lot of “attitude,” and perhaps were acquitted due to a technicality.

      • Louise

        Hello Bob,
        Thanks so much for replying to my story. It is much appreciated and thoughtful of you. Because of your reply I might just go back to my coffee shop, but on my tippy toes.
        Thanks again,

        • Bob Parsons

          You are welcome, Louise. I truly hope that you do not have any more encounters with the occasional police officers that let the power of their badge and sidearms go to their heads. It happens, because to date, there is no test to give prospective police officers that would indicate the propensity to be a bully once they are sworn. The only way to weed out such officers is close supervision by their superiors, which would catch the indicators of abuse of the badge, after the fact. Unfortunately, many of the superiors are too busy or too close to retirement to give the kind of supervision needed to catch the bullies. Some departments are better than others at enforcing good behavior by their officers. In my opinion, officers that abuse the badge with improper use of force and bullying tactics represent a dishonorable abuse of public trust. Police leadership should be on constant alert for such actions and effect immediate termination of the officers involved.

      • Louise

        Hi Bob,

        Again your information is very insightful and mucho appreciated.
        Last night I was listening to a police commissioner on the BBC and this is what the interview in part was about:
        “The police in Britain, used to being revered, respected and admired at home and abroad, find themselves under a heavy black cloud. With allegations of bribery and corruption denting trust, the force now also faces dramatic cuts to its budget and changes to its structure. HARDtalk’s Katya Adler speaks to the chairman of the Police Federation in England and Wales and a long-serving officer. Paul McKeever says proposed government reforms could lead to the destruction of the police as we know it. But with the force untouched by change for decades, is now not an ideal opportunity to shape up for the challenges of the 21st century?” Oh, if you want, go on to the internet BBC and I believe the interview is on tape.
        Destruction of the police?! No kidding! He also goes on to say that 90 percent of the police force in Britain is of the mind set that they should find another profession to go to. This is just what the NWO wants so they can bring in the military to rule. But wait…there’s more. Didn’t Mao-boma (I just love that name. Thank you to whoever thought of that classification. Brilliant.) about three years ago mention that as soon as our troops come home he was going to have them brain washed? Wouldn’t that be convenient to instigate a home to home confiscation of anything and all against the American people?
        You will forgive me if I tend to look at the whole planetary picture in life. Is earth going mad or what? Wait…I think I know the answer to my own question.
        All for now.

      • Louise

        Oh, I forgot to mention something. Funny how your minds puts things away! When we moved up here 4 years ago from CA, we had 4 police visits at the house we were renting. they wanted to know if a certain woman was living with us. We told them several times that nobody by her name lived with us. But would they like our landlady’s phone number and the mail that we received for this person so they can check it out. They refused all of our requests. So my son and his father finally went downtown to tell the police that we had nobody else living with us and they apologized for the inconvenience. My son was stopped twice for infractions by the police first year we were here as well. I also found a picture of an officer on the sheriff’s website that matched the person who was staring at me in church this last fall. They are or were spying on me at church! When I drove through my coffee shop for ice tea an officer was also staring at me from inside as I was paying for my drink outside the drive thru. But at the church! There is no respect here! What could they possible be looking for at my church? Let’s see…I cook for the homeless. Could that be it? I must be a scumbag for providing a meal and communion to the people in need in our community.

    • Louise

      I am back to say that about 3 months ago my roommates and I were awakened at about 7 in the morning to 10 officers who almost broke our door down. there were many of their cars and a armored tank. They herded us into the living room and read us our Miranda rights and accused us of all sorts of vile things I simply cannot mention here. I was in such shock that I had almost no ability to speak. They went all over the house taking pictures and going through my dead mother’s things and laundry, etc. In the end they took my son’s computer’s. Most of the officers except two were embarrassed and left with their tails between there legs. They were way over the top with firepower. There is a coffee shop where the cops go for their break as well as myself and my church ladies. I will not go into the place and I panic when I see that a squad car is traveling behind me. I will turn onto another street and park until it passes. We have heard nothing from these people. After they left several of our neighbors ran over to see if we were OK. They were very supportive and one of them sounded as if this had happened to him as well. The police told us that dozens of people’s homes were being raided. I wish I could get into a support group for victims of the cops, but I seem to have come to a dead end on that issue. How can anyone live with this? I have nightmares, sleepless nights, I just don’t generally feel well. Nobody in the house has a criminal record, either. If my son doesn’t get his computers back, are the cops thieves? I’ve heard about the cops becoming paramilitary, but I never thought this would happen to me. It’s nuts.

  • Mike

    I was told to use the line, “My lawyer would be thoroughly disgusted with me if I”……….

    That usually shuts down any further attempts by police to intimidate. If ordered to step out of the car, LOCK the door behind you. I keep a hidden key under the chassis so I can get back in. Most newer cars will NOT let you lock the drivers door with the key in the ignition. Pull the keys out, lock the door, toss the keys inside, and shut the door. If the officer accuses or asks what are you hiding, use the lawyer phrase again. If you wish to be nice and respectful to the officer, just say, “No offense officer, but I don’t know you. My lawyer warned me about a rogue officer he dealt with who planted drugs in a guys car. So he told me to never allow a search unless he is standing with me.”

    That should be the end of it. I like the advice, “Am I free to leave?”

  • Louise

    This is what I found at WorldNetDaily this morning. I know exactly what this poor woman feels like right down to the smart ass remark of the head officer. Enjoy.
    ATF agents point machine guns at 8-year-old
    Burst into home after being told fugitive had moved out
    Published: 2 days ago

    By Jack Minor

    GREELEY, Colo. – A Colorado woman has filed a lawsuit after agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the ATF, entered her home without a warrant and threatened her and her 8-year old-son while looking for a previous tenant who had left the address more than a year earlier.

    According to the filing from Linda Griego, it was on June 15, 2010, when officers with the ATF – as part of the Regional Anti-Gang Enforcement Task Force – violently entered her home without a warrant, handcuffed and pointed guns at her and her son, Colby Frias.

    “They had multiple machine pistols pointed at my son. I could see the laser sights on his body and he began to freak out. While I was cuffed I had to calm him down while the officers broke down his bedroom door,” she said.

    Her legal action is against the Greeley Police Department and the ATF for illegally entering the home without a warrant.

    David Lane, Griego’s attorney, told WND that to this day the agency still has not produced a warrant authorizing it to enter her home. He said Frias continues to suffer nightmares about the events of that day.

    A couple of months ago, Frias had a friend over to the house, and the family had ordered pizza. When it arrived, the delivery driver gave a loud knock on the door.

    “It scared my son so bad he jumped over the couch to hide. This was two years later, and it still bothered him,” Griego said.

    In the months following the incident, Frias was so scared he had to sleep with his mother.

    “Here he is an 8-year-old boy, and he is sleeping with mom again,” she said.

    In the months prior to the incident, local authorities had been to Griego’s house several times looking for Angela Hernandez-Nicholson, a former resident.

    Each time, Griego told authorities she was no longer living at the address and even provided them with information on how to locate Nicholson.

    “I tell them to contact social services because she is getting government benefits. She is on Section 8 housing, if the state is paying her rent, they should be able to find her,” Griego said. “I have even seen her at Wal-Mart all the time. How hard can it be for authorities to track this woman down?”

    Griego said when the officers arrived on the day of the incident around 6:30 a.m. she was in the shower getting ready for work with the radio on while her son was sleeping in his bedroom. She had just come out of a nasty divorce, and a restraining order was placed on her ex-husband.

    “I heard the knocking and rushed out of the shower dressed only in a towel. I went to the window at the front and saw a man knocking on the door, but I could not make out who he was,” Griego said. “I then went around to the back where they were also knocking. My first concern was for the safety of my son, and what if my ex-husband and friends had come by.”

    She then saw one of the officers turn, and she made out part of the word SWAT on the back of his uniform.

    “At that point I realized everything would be OK, since we had done nothing wrong. I told the officers I had just come out of the shower and to give me a minute to get dressed.”

    After getting dressed, Griego told them she was coming. Once she unlocked the door, the officer forced the door open, causing it to strike her.

    According to Griego, she was then violently grabbed and yanked outside where she was pushed up against the house and handcuffed by authorities.

    “They had weapons drawn and were pointing them at me. I begged them not to go in because my son was in there.”

    When they dragged her back into the house, she saw the officers surrounding Frias with their laser sights pointed at him.

    “I will never forget the fear I saw in my young son’s eyes that day. Having guns pointed at you would be terrifying enough for an adult, let alone an 8-year-old boy,” she said. “As a mother, I felt so helpless, since I was handcuffed and had guns on me as well.”

    The officers kept calling her Angela, and she kept telling them she was Amanda. It was only after emptying her purse and seeing her ID they realized she was not the person they were after.

    Authorities then told Griego she did not match Angela’s description anyway, noting that the woman they were after was in her 50s.

    She said another concern is that because of the incident, Frias is now afraid of police officers.

    “If he ever has a time where he needs a police officer, I’m afraid he may not seek help, because he is still traumatized by what happened. He is afraid of police officers,” she said.

    Sgt. Susan West with the Greeley police told WND they were not able to confirm if Griego had told officers Angela did not live at the address or not.

    She said the department investigated the incident, and their involvement was “minimal.” She could not elaborate further, she said, due to the ongoing litigation.

    Griego said after they released her, an officer even admitted that they knew that she was living at the residence and even had a restraining order against her ex-husband.

    “He said, ‘You are Amanda, and you have a restraining order against your ex-husband.” If they knew all of that, then why did they break in and threaten us?”

    “What is frustrating is that to this day no one from the police or the ATF has even bothered to contact her and apologize for their mistake,” Griego said.

    “The last thing they told me was, ‘Well I hope you have a better day than you’ve had so far.’ And then they left,” he said.

    In fact, the officer chastised Griego for not opening the door sooner.

    “I waited just long enough to throw some clothes on and my hair was still wet, but the officer told me I should have opened the door immediately, regardless of whether I was dressed or not and said I could face consequences for making them wait.”

    Last year, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled that “there is no right to reasonably resist unlawful entry by police officers.” In issuing its ruling the court said public policy disfavors such a right.

    The court admitted it was overturning hundreds of years of law going back to the Magna Carta as well as U.S. Supreme Court decisions. The court dismissed the decisions, saying, “We believe however that a right to resist an unlawful police entry into a home is against public policy and is incompatible with modern Fourth Amendment jurisprudence.”

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    is safe
    Bitdefender Total Security 2012

  • DZ

    Did someone mention Pima County…

    WellAware1 dot com

    The law and all that is nice.
    Masonic signs are more reliable.


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