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Why I Hate Walmart

July 6, 2011 by  

Why I Hate Walmart

I doubt any of the nine justices on the U.S. Supreme Court has ever shopped at a Walmart. That probably helped the retail giant when the Court dismissed the largest employment discrimination case in U.S. history last month. But the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear the case brought by 1.5 million female employees hardly makes Walmart a paragon of good business.

The best prices in town really only add up to big profits for Walmart shareholders. Annual sales total more than $300 billion per year. In 20 years, the price of Walmart stock (NYSE:WMT) has risen almost tenfold. But Sam Walton’s Frankenstein has killed off countless small businesses and destroyed hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Based on revenues, Walmart is the largest company on the Fortune 500. The company employs 2.1 million workers worldwide — 25 times more than Exxon/Mobil. Roughly 90 percent of Americans live within 15 miles of a Walmart.

Walmart’s 4,424 stores in America are supplied by 10 million 40-foot containers that cross the Pacific each year from Singapore, Shanghai and Shenzhen, China, to the Long Beach/Los Angeles port. It is estimated that Americans spend $36 million at Walmart every hour of every day, almost all of it on cheaply produced goods made in Asia.

But this fact flabbergasted me most: Walmart imports more goods from China than the total imports from the U.K. or Russia. That makes Walmart a huge contributor to America’s trade deficit, an imbalance that is eroding America’s economic prospects.

In the book The Retail Revolution: How Wal-Mart Created a Brave New World of Business, Nelson Lichtenstein writes: “(Wal-Mart has created an) imagined community where economic and moral lives are interconnected and virtuous. The fact that Wal-Mart itself contributed to the conditions that lead to so much social and familial instability may be irrelevant to those who shop and work there. Indeed, the low pay, high turnover, awkward shifts, and general precariousness that have become the norm.”

My Walmart Story

Last Christmas, I went to Walmart with my wife, Angie, who spent a pile of money there on decorations. Since I bought my Timex at that store the previous summer, I took it the jewelry section to see if they could fix the light that no longer worked. The clerk took it apart in front of me, then gave it back and said, sorry, the watch was OK but the light was broken. Not a problem. That is, until I got home and looked at my watch. It had stopped.

I got in my car and drove through Christmas traffic. This time, I got a different clerk. The clerk that stopped my watch had gone home.

I told the new clerk what had happened, and I could tell she was getting cranky.

“It’s not like we stopped your watch,” she declared.

“It’s exactly like that,” I said.

I knew she wasn’t going to budge. She kept insisting that no Walmart clerk under any circumstances would ever take any watch apart. She repeated this even though she was standing beside the very instrument that had dismantled my watch just an hour earlier.

Finally, I noticed the security camera directly above us.

“Check your cam for 2:55 p.m. That’s when the watch stopped, and that’s what time you will see that the clerk took my watch apart.”That is when she accused me of running a scam to get free batteries out of the store. I told her I was not making a living running around the city stealing Timex batteries from Walmart stores. I went on and explained that it’s like taking your car to get washed, and then it won’t start.

That’s when she told me she knew all about cars because she drove a Lincoln and added that she used to manage seven retail stories where she repaired “nice watches. Rolexes!”

I told her I didn’t care if she once polished the Crown Jewels; I wasn’t leaving until that Timex started ticking.

Finally, my wife, Angela, came along. One of her friends is married to the manager at the store. Angela politely mentioned the manager’s last name.

To which the clerk screeched, “What’s his first name!?”

Only after Angie calmly pronounced the manager’s name, proving she was not a liar, did the clerk finally realign the battery on my watch. It took her less than a minute. As she handed it back to us, she said: “You wouldn’t believe the kind of people we get in this store.”

“She means people like us,” Angela said.

When I started telling friends my Walmart story, I learned that many had their own, some worse than mine.

I decided I would do some research and not let one cranky clerk sway my opinion. I phoned the public library and asked them to set aside some books for me on Walmart. I was shocked to find they had held seven books, all of them to varying degrees negative about the mega-retailer. In fact, one of them — How Wal-Mart is Destroying America (and the World) by Bill Quinn — is rife with horror stories told by shoppers and employees.

Quinn’s book makes other criticisms, too. It points to a 1993 article by The Wall Street Journal that reported on the predatory ways of the retailer. According The Journal, Walmart would lavish money on small-town newspapers with full-page ads. After the company had run its competitors out of business, it cut its advertising budget to the bone. Publishers were left to suffer along with many others in the community.

Dana Meadows, the late founder of the Sustainability Institute, pointed out a Massachusetts study which stated that for every 140 jobs Walmart adds, an estimated 230 higher-paying jobs are destroyed.

You can read the report here.

I am skeptical of this study. But you cannot argue that Walmart has hurt countless family businesses. In Quinn’s book is this 2003 letter from Doug Hartig, the CEO of America’s second-oldest continuously operated family drug chain:

“I’m am a third generation pharmacist, fifty-three years old, with a wife and two great high school boys at home. I spend about half of my time battling Wal-Mart in some way, shape or forum every day. In a nutshell I’ve lost one store to Wal-Mart and they’re after me again.”

Hartig had built a spanking-new store in Galena, Ill., after lots of politicking and hard work. It turned out that Walmart liked his location so much that it decided to build a mega-store right beside his. For three years, Hartig fought to stop the building of that Superstore. It opened in 2005.

Hating Walmart Doesn’t Make Me A Liberal

Walmart is reminiscent of how John D. Rockefeller ran Standard Oil a century ago. He would come into an area and, if he couldn’t buy an oil refinery on the cheap, J.D. would build a Standard Oil refinery next door and sell gasoline below cost. That is, until the other refinery went out of business. Then, Standard Oil would jack up its prices.

On the subject of oil and Walmart, fiction writer Douglas Coupland had this to say: “If I think too much about all of those Chinese factories where all the stuff in a Wal-Mart is made, I get that woozy feeling you get when you see ducks covered in crude oil.”

I understand that a great many Conservatives like Walmart. My grudge against the retailer is not because its female workers didn’t get the Supreme Court to hear their case or because Walmart is anti-union.

Mostly, I don’t like Walmart because it has become so big that it doesn’t care about its customers. America was made great because businesses used to have a heart. My Walmart experience told me that it doesn’t give a damn. Its philosophy: “We got another billion where that guy came from.”

Yours in good times and bad,

John Myers
Editor, Myers’ Energy & Gold Report

Note: The Walmart facts mentioned in the column come from, the books mentioned above and this website.

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • DaveH

    It’s easy. Don’t shop there, John.
    I have had no problems at Walmart.
    There is something to beef about though. And that’s the fact that Walmart gets millions in aid from local and federal governments’ largess with taxpayer money. But why not? They certainly aren’t alone in feeding at the trough. How many among us are principled enough to turn down free money if offered?
    It’s the Politicians that are the problem. And things won’t get better until the vast majority of people quit blaming everybody but them.

    • Warrior

      And next week, maybe we can get some insights into Microsoft!

      • Handyman

        Internet providers and internet virisus? The government knows everything about you! Ho cume they don’t know where virises come from?

        • Handyman

          Sorry about spelling (How come?) What is a monopoly?

          • http://wallnot ottono

            hi handyman, wallnot,microstink,AT&tanks are prime examples of that –when elite corpations will go to any extremes to wipe- out in anywA

          • DENNIS

            I am a republican, but agree with this story 100% . Big businesses these days operate just like the rich fat cats of the 1920s and 30s. They don’t pay employees enough to live on, and get fat off the employees labor. Obama has it wrong. The rich don’t need to share the wealth,, they need to share the PROFITS to EMPLOYEES, the people that work for them. … Failing to do this, is feeding the class envy that Obama and the Dumborats are using to keep themselves in power. .. the line Rush and Hannity use “the top 10% are paying most of the taxes” is because they are making all the money, and not sharing the profits with the employees, who would then pay more taxes !!!!!! If this does not turn around, the gov’t will TAKE the money in taxes and GIVE it to the non working, until no one has any money, and we will all be a communist state. The filthy rich are doing this to us and themselves…..

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            If you work hard, apply yourself, and find a winning formula in this day and age, it is funny how instead of being looked at as successful and having people trying to model themselves after you, people are jealous and demonize you and label you as filthy rich and want to punish you. But when your just a lazy worthless no good for nothing, and dont want to work, and sit around and sponge off of society, and live on government handouts like welfare, food stamps, WIC, and other things, they reward you and want to give you more. How far we have gone down the wrong road in this country. We punish the acheivers and reward the failures. Hear that sound? Its us, circling the drain.

        • Dons621

          I have been using a computer since 1980. Guess what many of your “VIRUS,s” are baloney.

          Try this, have on hand 5 or 6 of the leading Virus eliminator programs on the market today.

          Run your computer without a firewall or virus protection, surf for virus protection. When you get your warning that you are being attacked unplug your Internet connection.

          Run but do not Install all of your 4 or 6 virus programs. You will be amazed at how many different virus,s these “virus sweepers will find and some will not find what the others have.

          Conclusion (mine) these programs come with a “generator SCARE screen to induce you to buy”

          • Doug Rodrigues

            I’m in total agreement with your assessment about so-called Virus protection programs. No matter what program you buy, it really doesn’t matter. Viruses still get through. I even found that my PC runs faster if I didn’t have a system mechanic type program installed…a program that was supposed to speed the system up!

      • Master Gunny

        Using the “M” word on a family website, for shame!!!! Profanity is discouraged here.

      • http://wallnot ottono


      • The Other White Meat

        Oh, GOD….. don’t get me started on MICROSOFT !!!! I’m so sick of their problematic crap I’m going to LINUX !

    • NancyJ

      Gee, why can’t the government run just as well.

      Did you see where the shareholders got dividends??

      I am currently getting a dividend from some bank stock that I own. One cent a share every quarter. It costs more to write the check than the dividend.

      • Vagabond

        Nancy that sounds like the government,

      • Old Henry


        Wal Mart for Congress!

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          If the government followed the example of Walmart, and ran the country as such, I guess we wouldnt be in debt up to our throats to China and everyone else now would we? No, it would be economic prosperity for all. But they are too busy trying to be nicey nicey to everyone, and funnelling billions of dollars into terrorist nations like Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey and many others like France and Germay and Saudi Arabia. You cant buy their friendship, so stop the madness already. If Walmart did this, they would be out of business. Maybe our government should follow Walmart’s American way of doing things, offering quality at an affordable price, and taking care of the company. Instead, our government demonizes success and punishes them via tax upon tax upon regulation upon regulation, cost companies too much to operate and they leave. Then they reward the failures with bailouts. Go figure.

          • http://myown gloria lane

            I have been to malls and all stores there sell products from foreign cun tries , including China. Go to any clotheing sore you find Chine clothes. Don’t single out wal Mart stores. I certainly agree with Beberoni, Thanks for your comment.

    • B.C.

      DaveH is exactly why we need tariffs.

      While he’s loving the lower prices at the mega retailer and “had no problems at Walmart”
      He is selling out the country, the communities, and the future of the children of this country by buying there.

      While it should be his right to decide where he spends his money, there should not be a disadvantage to working in the USA, opposed to a third world country like China.
      Unless, that is, you feel it’s fair for people like DaveH to slowly converted us (by ignorantly force) to the standard of living of those we are forced to compete with, with his purchase power.

      Just as Money has power, so does purchasing have power, when you shop at a store that puts 98% China on it’s shelves so it can come in cheapest, then you can expect to be leveled with china within a few decades…. Hey, but people like davey boy, Pete, and other walmart shoppers can enjoy lower prices for a little while so that makes selling out the country, and handing down a much lower standard of living to our kids all ok,…. Right.

      As for choice of buy USA or China, it’s not even a choice most of the time.
      Go into the shoe department of most any store, try to find ‘made in USA’ anywhere.

      While I completely support the free market, (in and for this country) I also realize it works…
      That means, you can hardly think there will be ANY chance of goods hand made from countries that don’t use slave, or near slave labor to make it in a “free market” that encompasses the whole damn word.

      The free market forces involved here will level us with them, and if some of you think that’s a good… or even ok thing, then I implore you to see just how these people live first.

      I buy as little as possible from that store chain, at this point that chain is around the neck of this once great nation, back when people didn’t buy all their crap from China.

      • DaveH

        You have no clue what you’re talking about, BC. Read this free online book and quit letting the Big Government Leaders make a fool out of you:

        • Kate8

          I have said it before and I’ll say it again. Walmart is for the purpose of eliminating small ma and pa businesses, and making us wholly dependent on central global outlets, like Walmart, for everything, including our food. Convenient one-stop shopping.

          Except that the food is GMO. Central means they get to control what we can buy.

          We don’t have a Walmart here, but there is one in the next county. It has already knocked out many, if not most, of our smaller retailers. I’ve also noticed that, as options disappear, Walmart is going up on their prices. I realize everything is getting higher, but I can’t help thinking there is a method to this madness.

          We are nearly owned by China now. In fact, I think CA is already.

          • moonbeam

            Absolutely right! We are totally owned by China. Everything in our homes is made from countries in Asia. Just think what would happen if China got a wild hair up their arses and sanctioned us for being bully of the world. This nation would crumble.

            Maybe we should start boycotting all items not made here in the USA. That would be very difficult to do since we don’t do much manufacturing and most all products on store shelves are made in China.

            When shopping I look for Made In The USA labels. There are a few, but I think that animal is near extinction.

          • DaveH

            If China sanctioned us, this nation would crumble? Then you say we should boycott all items not made in the USA?
            That’s a good one. We’ll crumble if they quit selling to us, but we can combat that by not buying their products? That is exactly the kind of mentality that led to the Great Depression. Ignorance is what the Leaders and their Crony Capitalists count on. Let’s prove them wrong. Read the Book! It’s Free.

          • rulken

            The solution is simple,REALLY, don’t buy made in china products. They are inferior products, with shorter life spans. The fact is there are good products out there on the shelves that are lower or comparably priced that will serve you just fine. You simply have to look or ask for them. Case point NEW BALANCE sneakers, made right here in Mass. USA. A superior product that is made here and sold at a comparable price. The hell with NIKI and REBOOK sneakers! They cost $0.20 to make, and sell for $65-130.00! Making a profit is one thing, that’s just ridicules!
            I also noticed that you don’t usually find NEW BALANCE sneakers in Walmarts’ you have to go to a Mall that have separate shoe stores.
            I found put a long tome ago if you want service after your purchase then shop an independent retailer other than Walmart.

        • GEN . Alexander

          BC is right. Tell me how is is wrong.

        • Bob Baird

          BC listen to Dave……… know not what you speak about!! Read the book!!

          If you live your life listening to people like “john” who started this crap, you’re going to live a very miserable life!!! John is clueless!!! He has a vendetta against Walmart……I have no idea what it might be, but he’s got it bad!!!

      • DaveH

        One of the chief weapons used against countries in times of war is the Naval Blockade. Why is that? To stop the flow of International Commerce to that country of course. The leaders view it as an effective means to drag down the enemy’s economy.
        Then we have the Liberals who effectively want us to do the same to our country voluntarily with Protectionism. They are clueless economic masochists.
        It isn’t Free Trade that is destroying our economy. It’s the Government.
        Government is the Problem, Not the Solution!

        • Barney Murrell


          Your conservative ignorance of civilization is as appalling as that of Ronald Reagan whose administration tripled the national debt, deregulated the S&Ls causing 100s of billions in taxpayer dollars to fix, lost nearly one million manufacturing jobs, oversaw America go from a creditor nation to debtor, and last but not least, gave Dick Cheney an excuse to tell former GW Bush Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill that “Reagan proved deficits don’t matter.”

          Government, for the ignorant who don’t realize it, is response to problems not solvable by individual effort.

          To survive, civilization cannot rely solely on individual endeavors, but must include respect for collective effort, without which citizens must shift for themselves without security, comfort, or the leisure that makes existence worthwhile.

          Government oversight and the collective effort of all citizens won WWII and the Cold War; back in the days of REAL patriots. The alternative to paying the WWII price of victory (something today’s conservatives would not do) would have been life under the Nazis and Tojo’s 1930s-40s Japan. The “Rape of Nanking” tells what that life might have been like.

          Government is also an antidote for anarchy, including protection from organized crime, gangs and, unfortunately, only minimal protections from legal and illegal white collar crime of conservative plutocrats.

          Liberty from the oppression of wealth and its power can be answered in only one way – by a government beneficial to all.

          Liberty is as much latitude as the powerful choose to accord to the weak.

          To function, government must be a compromise of conflicting interest. Otherwise, the powerful impose their will on everyone else, and tolerance ends where oppression and faith in Social Darwinism begins.

          The military needs healthy personnel who have been well enough educated to be taught how to run complex weapons systems. Those hiring workers also need educated people able to work a full day. Those requirements require spending on health and schools. The community – i.e. the state – pays for them with taxes. Thus, taxes – provided they are not too high – are not an assault on capitalism, but provide capitalists and America with the tools they need to succeed – i.e. educated workers, a safe environment, and an educated military.

          The alternative to the American government despised by conservatives would have been life under the Nazis or Japan, or life in a 3rd world country ranging from the chaos of Somalia to drug-gang infested countries like Mexico and Columbia; and a mini-police state like Peru where a few plutocrats control everything and all others are extremely poor and kept in line by a brutal criminal justice system.

          • Pete NY “R I P FEDERAL RESERVE BANK”

            An incredible display of contradictory horsemanure. No one needs your nanny state except the lazy.

          • FollowerofJesusChrist

            Barney Murrell, you sound just like the BORG from the StarTrack show. So what happened to “Give me liberaty or give me death”.
            Heres something to chew on:
            What if the Mexican Government sent 2000 weapons (some 50 Calaber Berrit sniper rifels) into the U.S. and gave them to gangs, and the gangs killed over 15000 U.S citizens? Would that be an Act of War?
            Is giving weapons to known drug cartell members a act of State Sponsered Terror?
            Is porviding the drug cartells with guns to kill people make one a co-conspirator to murder?
            Is 15000 people killed in 5 years mass murder?
            Is helping to kill 15000 people A Crime Aginst Humanity?
            What is this all about? Operation Gun Walker and/or Operation Fast and Furious. Look it up. Stop worring about your watch. Open your eyes.
            Your oppressive government is in action.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Bonehead, Pay attention. Ronald Reagan fixed a broken economy. We all enjoyed the most prosperous peace time under Ronald Reagan than this country has ever seen. It was so good, that it took Bill Clinton 6 years of riding his coat tails and doing nothing but screwing around to make it stop. Now thats the honest truth if your interested in knowing it.

        • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

          DaveH, you are so correct, governments are, have been and always will be the problems no government in history has ever solved a problem, they only create them in order to control the subjected.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            The Indians had a system, where the men went out and hunted and fished all day, then came home and the women cooked them up supper while they relaxed around the fire. How in the hell did white man think he could improve upon that? Instead, he messed it all up. Just a little humor for the day, though all totally true.

      • Old Henry


        When I was a kid my parents used to tell us to clean up our plate – remember all the starving kids in China.

        That may soon be reversed…

      • Jane

        Dear B.C.,




        • jibbs

          Please turn of the caps.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        B.C. get your facts straight first, before you stick your foot all the way down your throat. Walmart is the biggest buyer and biggest seller in the world of MADE IN USA items. Did you know that? Maybe if you look around, you will see made in China stuff in almost every store. As long as we have a free trade agreement, they are allowed to sell their products and stores are allowed to buy them. However, people like you, who cry the loudest, are probably the same ones who fail to look at the labels of what you buy, but complain none the less. I love Walmart, and I have no problem finding MADE IN USA items all throughout their stores. And I make an EDUCATED CHOICE in using my education this country has afforded me, and I READ THE LABEL. I suggest you do the same. You might be surprised to find the stuff you buy at a little store, just might say made in China on it also. Dont demonize Walmart, because your too lazy to check the label. Its everywhere, and like I said, they are the biggest buyer and seller of MADE IN USA items. Give a little credit where credit is due.

    • 1minuteman

      so daveh you have no problem that walmart imports more from china than russia? it does not bother you that all the mom and pop stores have been put out of business by them? ost of what they sell breaks like john pointed out. politicians are using eminent domain to take people’s property away from them to build more wal marts thus killing more american jobs and staeling property of americans. i have a big problem every time i see made in china and i will spend a little more to buy american where ever i can. wal mart sucks!

      • Gaylord Hayes

        Try to buy furniture anywhere high dollar or low. I was told by an exclusive furniture store that ALL furniture was made in China

        • Old Henry


          I do not think that is true. I think they were trying to get you to buy and not go elsewhere.

          Recently there was a show on, ABC I think, where they emptied a house of all foreign goods and replaced them with USA made. The house was emptied and then refilled with the USA products.

        • karolyn

          That is absolutely NOT true! However, most funiture made in America is more expensive. When they furnished the house referred to above, everything was made in America, and the price differences were not that bad. However, they could not find a TV made in America. ABC News has a running list of American manufacturing companies and takes suggestions from the public.

          • Kate8

            The last time I bought furniture, I went with Lazy-boy because they had the size and comfort I was looking for. I also thought it was an American company.

            I had to custom order the pieces I wanted, and it turned out that they were being made in Mexico.

            Some products are also made on ships standing off-shore, I was told.

      • Old Henry


        I too will look around for the USA label and will / have spent more for that label.

        We have a Menard’s in the area that for many, many years had almost no USA products. Now the chain seems to constantly run ads about sales of “Made in the USA” merchandise. I’m thinking that I must not have been the only customer to complain loudly.

        Most of the time if I could not find what I needed with USA on it I went elsewhere. My son has begun doing the same.

        • Rick

          I fear that holding out for a “made in the USA” label still is no guarantee that the product was actually made in the “good ol’ U.S. of A.” Your comments made me think of a reversal of sorts when it comes to labeling products and how our laws are so totally screwed up. Back in the 80′s I drove over the road and one time I took a load of cheese from Wisconsin to New Jersey. After I got unloaded I called my dispatcher for the next load and he told me to sit tight for the night because he expected a return load of cheese, from the place I had just dropped at, going right back to the original shipper (A.M.P.I. if I remember correctly) in Wisconsin. I was baffled but, back then, people didn’t really question things like they do today. Sure enough, the next day I was told to return to where I had unloaded the cheese for another load of cheese going right back to the original shipper. I mentioned to the dock foreman that I thought it was more than just peculiar (the loads, origins/destinations, etc.) He explained to me that it was the exact same cheese I had delivered the day before…..what they did was they unloaded the cheese in New Jersey, shipped it across the channel on a boat to New York, stripped the labels that said “made in Wisconsin” off of it and replaced those labels with ones that said “Imported”, then shipped the entire load back across the channel to New Jersey for reshipment back to Wisconsin. I said that can’t be legal but the guy was guick to point out that it actually was. You see? At least back then, the way the law read, as long as a product traveled at least part of the way via water from the original shipper to it’s ultimate destination (even if it was the original shipper) it could legally be labeled as “imported”. Talk about finding a way to make the laws work to your advantage. And I truly do not believe it was unintentional when they wrote the law that allowed for that provision.

          Now, like I said, that was back in the early 80′s. I don’t know if that law was ever changed but I sincerely doubt it. Talk about running scams on the american people.

          • Rick

            Sometimes I think the ability to “spell-check” in this forum would be nice….even though I proof-read my post, it wasn’t until after I submitted it that I saw “guick” vice “quick”. Just in case one of the libretards on this site gets confused. We know they can read but they have yet to prove any ability to comprehend.

          • Old Henry


            That is an amazing story. A rather convoluted sutuation.

          • jibbs


            I’ve done the same thing! Took a load of Gatoraid from Bedford Park Illinois to Indianapolis, unloaded and was reloaded with the same product to take back to Bedford Il. All I could do was shake my head.

      • DaveH

        Don’t buy from them, Minuteman. In my country you have that Free Choice.
        And as you said “politicians are using eminent domain to take people’s property away from them to build more wal marts”. That is indeed wrong, but I covered that aspect when I said it’s the politicians that are the problem.

      • Jane


      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Again, this time to you, I will try to get you to look at the whole picture. You like to buy American? Then shop at Walmart. They buy and sell more MADE IN THE USA items than anyone. Understand? They are the biggest buyer of MADE IN THE USA in the world. Check the label when you buy, and make an educated choice in your purchases. But dont be so quick to point the finger, because someone has said bad things about someone or something. Find out the truth for yourselves. You make yourself appear to be fooling and uneducated when you make statements like you just did, leaving out the other half, about them being the biggest buyers and sellers of MADE IN THE USA. Come on now, lets give credit where credit is due.

    • paintbrushbright

      Sam Walton is probably turning in his grave because of his children. Can you remember Sam telling America that he would only sell American made products. I wonder how our economy would be now if they would have kept that promise.

      • Kate8

        Well, that’s the thing, isn’t it. Give enough incentive and people will sell out their own families, let alone their country.

        It’s easy to justify things like shopping at Walmart because the “politicians are to blame”. The fact is, if enough people don’t shop there, something would have to change to entice them to come back.

        The globalists have swallowed up all the large retailers, while eliminating the smaller ones. We encourage and enable this by giving them our business.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          If the democrat liberals have their way, which this author strangely sounds like in this post, they would close Walmart, and millions of American made goods suppliers would be hurt and many would go under. This country would lose billions of tax dollars Walmart generates, all Federal, State and Local. Everyone would suffer. Look at the whole picture Kate, I know you are one of the educated ones that post here. Walmart is the biggest buyer and seller of MADE IN THE USA goods in the world. I think that needs to be applauded, but someone in this world of telling half the truth to push your agenda, that is always overlooked when people decided to demonize Walmart. Me? Im just sick of success being punished in this country. Success used to be rewarded and failure was punished, and things worked really well. It is when we got off track, and decided to punish the successful, reward the failures, that we have gotten ourselves into such deep weeds that we cant see the correct road we should be on. That is my perspective on this, and its a sad commentary on the state of affairs in this country.

      • James Marvel

        I KNEW I was not the only one that remembered that, Paintbrush!
        They are just like politicians. They get what they want and then do a 180 degree turn and do something else.

        However, one of the reasons we don’t get much Made in The USA goods, is because we have shipped all of our manufacturing overseas. China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Seas areas. Almost nothing is made here anymore. Even our cars are partly made in other countries.

        Our politicians have set us up to fail, and we are failing. I can’t even buy a decent flat screen TV that is made here.

        Sam Walton just gave us what we asked for, and like fools, we bought it!

        • independant thinker

          “However, one of the reasons we don’t get much Made in The USA goods, is because we have shipped all of our manufacturing overseas.”

          And one of the major reasons it was shipped overseas was Wallyworlds constant insistance that their suppliers give them lower and lower prices. At some point the only way the supploiers could lower their cost enough to suit Wallyworld was to go overseas.

          DaveH decrys the crony capitalist but yet almost braggs about shopping at one of the worst offenders.

          • DaveH

            How many years have you voted for the Republicans that have gotten us into this mess, Independant? I do the most important thing. I vote only for people who know how to get us out of this mess.
            Like I said, it’s the Politicians.
            So, don’t be condescending me when you have no legs to stand on.

          • Jane


          • independant thinker

            As I have said before on this site as well as others I have NEVER voted for democrats or republicans but rather I vote for the candidate that best represents my beliefs.

    • evermyrtle

      Another compliant about Wal Mart, they have forced most merchandile business out of the smaller towns leaving us with nowhere else to shop unless we go to larger cities, where along with Wal Mart there are other choices. We need to take advantage of these other choices every chance we get, do some forcing of our own.

    • Dons621

      The Shoppers at Walmart should give you a clue as to their living standards. It is like “Halloween” 365 days of the year. I do not like to criticize other people,s attire but there seems that there should be a limit, after all many people bring the children shopping. For the children to be exposed to near nudity, large buttocks cracks, men in women clothes, etc. It is like a Circus at full Moon.

    • Bud Tugly

      Walmart has also been a major factor in the shipping of US jobs overseas. They approach a manufacturer and insist on a price for a product to meet the needs of their bargain hungry customers. The only way a manufacturer can meet that price is by using cheap foreign labor. Factory closes here… opens in China, Taiwan, or Bangladesh. People lose jobs here, tax revenues suffer, money for services disappears, schools and hospitals are underfunded.

      What they have done to family owned stores in small towns has hurt many families and turned classic American downtowns into ghost towns.

      The deals they give content creators such as musicians and filmmakers makes disney’s legendary parsimony look absolutely generous.

      I will drive way out of my way to shop, for example at a locally owned hardware store where I know they carry American products. If everyone put their wallet where their mouth is and insisted on buying American whenever possible, the Walmarts of the country may wake up as their overpaid execs are driven by the almighty buck.

      The answer is simple: if you disapprove of Walmart practices, don’t shop there.

      • Capitalist

        You either do not know or simply forgot the fact the real reason most manufacturing jobs left the U.S. is because labor unions make it unprofitable to operate in the U.S. Not Walmart. Labor Unions. I know of factories locally that left our country because Labor Unions demanded more. GM and Chrysler were put out of business by Labor Unions if our benevolent gov’t hadn’t stepped in and bailed them out. But noooo, now they own us. We tax payers will be paying those Labor Unions for the rest of our lives and out childrens lives.

        • James

          Actually, the root cause is US Federal (and in many cases, state) government. Unions wouldn’t be the problem they were if the US Federal government didn’t require employers to negotiate with them — they could simply decline and hire elsewhere. The unions also aren’t responsible for the many byzantine regulations that impede free and cost effective competition — both they and large companies lobby to create these, but it is the US Federal — and many state — governments which impose these.

          You either do not know or simply forgot the fact the real reason most manufacturing jobs left the U.S. is because labor unions make it unprofitable to operate in the U.S.

    • DanC

      Does anyone remember when Sam used to advertise “Made in USA” but since his passing the heirs have totally forgotten about America and the customer. Their only focus is profits. They have an entire staff whose sole purpose is take new American made products and teach the companies how to have it made in China. They provide all the know how the connections, translators and then provide the market. Sam must be spinning.

      Walmart started by destroying small towns across America and now are aiming at becoming the only store left standing what happened to our government protecting us from monopolies, silly me the bigger the corp the bigger the campaign contribution.

    • B. Zollikofer

      DaveH I agree with you. I also think that we gripe a lot about the Chinese- If we in the US would work the same way the Chinese do then we would not have to let them do the work for Walmart. Its like the dog in the manger! The dog cannot eaT grass but he would not let the cow in to eat the grass! Also I do think that Walmart should hire better employees and pay better wages and maybe have better working conditions(I dont know what conditions they have) like maybe a canteen etc.and for those out there who complains about the crap from China then dont go to Walmarts as DaveH commented. Even high class stores these days hAVE MERCHANDISE MADE IN CHINA. Labor is cheap there and people have more patience and are more methodical in details. The way the economy is nowadays we dont need to splurge on high priced merchandise which when you really compare most (not all) merchandise at different stores whether made in china or etc it is the SAME stuff and sometimes what is made in China is even beter, and I am speaking of my own expierience. So guys lets not knock China.People their work hard,get little pay and are humble, not like us here in the Western World where we have it all, and still complain and also most of us want everything free without working!!!

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      I have to totally agree with you Dave. If one doesnt like Walmart, or anywhere else for that matter, dont shop there. Let the free market dictate whether you are successful or not. There should be no government interference, and there should not be the government giving them money either. This also interferes with the free market system. Now also John, from reports I have read concerning Walmart in the past 10 years, it appears they also are the biggest buyers and biggest sellers of Made in USA items. I didnt see that appear anywhere in your article. If were going to attack someone, lets also applaud them for the good they do. Now as a business, Walmart has every right, as does every American, to buy and sell what they choose to buy and sell. And that is the way it should be. The way the government keeps growing and interfering with business practices, we may not be that blessed one day to do this, and that will indeed be a sad day. You cannot also blame Walmart because of this clerks ineptitude. I have purchased things there in the past, that just werent quite right, and they took them back and gave me a brand new one no questions asked. That clerk evidently thought of herself as wiser and above all, and you cant blame Walmart because of her attitude. People like that are in the workplaces everywhere. I have had quite pleasant exchanges with people at Walmart. And I also have made a conscience decision to look at the label on things I buy, and see where they are from. That way I can make an EDUCATED decision on whether I buy made in USA or I buy made in China. It is my choice, not something Walmart forces on me, on you, or on anyone else. So I think you do be unfairly demonizing Walmart, for reasons I dont know. But I myself, I see Walmart as a bastion of American success, selling people good products at a good price. Isnt that the American way? Isnt that what we taught Japan after we rebuilt it, to sell a quality product at a good price, and people will want it? Gee, seems they listened, while our auto makers decided to put out inferior products and charge more for them. Greed. Now they spank our pants off, because they make a quality product at a good price. Walmart sells quality products at a good price. I suggest if you dont like that, then you go to a Jorgensens or some other high priced place, pay more for your stuff, and feel good about yourself. Me, I like Walmart, and Im smart enough to read a label to see where something comes from and make an informed decision on what to buy. You see, if enough people do that, and they see that product isnt selling, they wont buy it anymore. That is, unless the government continues to interfere with the free market system. That is where it all goes astray.



      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Agreed. But please turn off your capitals button.


      I have no problems with Walmart it is non union, it provided America with reasonable prices and keeps it’s competitors in check. Wlamart is American Capitalism at it’s best and we should tell those marxist progressive bums in Washington HANDS OFF.

      Further, it is the decision of each city to determine if they want a big chain organization who provides many jobs, with farir & reasonable salaries and perks for citizens within the community.

      The unions are making every attempt to unionize Walmart +1 million employees and if they get their way they will destroy another good productive / profitable company.

      for those who have interest in how our unions have been taken over by marxist communist bosses contact me@ and ask for The Marxist Communist Manafesto to take over USA.

  • Pete

    I agree with DaveH, John. You’re entitled to your views, of course, but beyond your outrage over Walmart’s obscene profits (sounds suspiciously like a liberal to me), highly questionable reports that Walmart destroys jobs, and your harrowing confrontation with employees, I haven’t stumbled over any reason to boycott the place. My experiences with Walmart have been pleasant–especially at the till. Employees are the same everywhere and your experience is not unique to Walmart.
    Yes, I have reservations about purchasing goods produced by slave labour; even careful not to buy pet food if manufactured in China, but Walmart ironically pinpoints the reason for outsourcing: greedy and parasitic labour unions.

    • wandamurline

      I agree. Even though I do not like to purchase items from China at Walmart, you get the same items from China at other stores. WalMart is basically a solid run business that knows how to make a profit…I think they call it entrepeanuership and capitalism…you certainly don’t have to shop there. I personally don’t purchase Chinese items from Wallmart…I buy groceries that are American. The other reason that Walmart is successful is the fact that they are NOT A UNION company…the unions were behind the lawsuit of all of these women…Trumpka would love to add all the Walmart stores across America to the union fees list, but Walmart is smarter than the unions and that is a heads up for them. The reason so many items are made in China instead of America is due to the unions and the regulations that are oppressive handed down by the federal government. If you want to blame anyone for the cheap items that are at Walmart, Sears, Penneys, Target, K-Mart, Lowes, etc., then point the finger at the real culprit…the unions and the federal government who have sent more and more companies to foreign countries so they can remain solvent and the price affordable. Agree with you on Walmart’s strategy, but then again, competition is always good for everyone.

      • independant thinker

        “The reason so many items are made in China instead of America is due to the unions and the regulations that are oppressive handed down by the federal government.”

        while that certainly had some effect on companies moving their manufacturing out of the US the major influence was wallyworlds insistance that their suppliers give them goods at lower and lower cost.

      • independant thinker

        “I buy groceries that are American.”

        Do you check to be sure? Wallyworld does sell lots of imported produce.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        You are correct. All we have to do is read the label, and if we dont want the made in China stuff, we dont buy it. Enough people stop buying it, they wont stock it anymore. Its pretty simple actually. As long as the government stays out of it. In fact, its because of all these governmental regulations and unions holding companies hostage, allowed to do so because of government interference showing them favoritism, that a lot of American manufacturing doesnt exist anymore. Too much governmental interference. The Chinese dont have to deal with that. They just pay import tariffs and its a done deal. Kind of like paying a bribe, isnt it?

    • Vagabond

      Pete we have a walmart here. befor walmart came there was three super markets. since walmart camethere are two more supermarkets. walgreens has built three drug stores. there were three drugstores befor walmart came they are still here. dollar general has built another store here there are many items cheaper at dollar general and walgreen than walmart.

      • Carlucci

        I seldom, if ever, shop at Walmart because I just don’t like their stores. For the past several years, I have gotten into the habit of only spending money on what I really need, which are basics like food, vitamins and supplements, utilities, and maintenance on the house. Recently in my city, a historical district with beautiful vintage homes and lots of little quaint shops did their best to stop a Walmart from invading their area, but they failed. There was a lot of protesting from homeowners and shopkeepers. Of course city hall said their hands were tied, but naturally that means more tax revenue to the city.

        Regarding Mr. Myer’s Timex watch, I’m mystified why he just didn’t have a pawn shop put a $5.00 battery in it. That’s what I do when my Timex Indiglo won’t light up. I only wear that watch to the movies anyway.

        As far as the John Rockefeller story, that comes as no surprise. David Rockefeller is one of those NWO morons, orchestrating his evil deeds from his new home in China. The only good thing about him is that he is 96 years old…

        • Jane

          we are not going to collaspe implode maybe from all the hot air floating about .

          • B. Zollikofer

            Im on yr side Jane

          • jibbs

            What a bunch of malarey bs.

          • jibbs

            I meant malarkey

    • Bud Tugly

      Nonsense, Pete. While it is true that some unions are corrupt and overstep their boundaries, the unions are in important factor in the creation and sustaining of the middle class. They came into existence because of the greed and exploitive practices of management. The promise of a good union is to provide competent labor for a fair salary. Don’t forget that Ronald Reagan was once president of a labor union.

      If big business was not eager to make an extra buck on the backs of slave and child labor in other countries Walmart would be selling American made products.

      • independant thinker

        “the unions are in important factor in the creation and sustaining of the middle class.”

        The unions of today are the unions that created and sustaned the middle class in name only.

    • B. Zollikofer

      Yr so right Pete. Fully agree

  • s c

    The only way to deal with WalMart is to buy things that aren’t made in China. Whatever the item is (food, clothes, toothpaste, toys, etc.), if it’s made in China DON’T buy it.
    However, if something is made in America, that’s different. CHOICE still matters – for a while.
    In this economy, now that we have America-haters at the helm, they could find ways to let China buy WalMart. If that happens, then they might as well do the right thing and take most of our elected schmucks, putzes and geekoids with them back to China.
    Give those useful idiots real jobs and make them earn their wages. And, they might try to learn a new language.

    • http://WeThePeople Jean

      Give those useful idiots real jobs and make them earn their wages. And, they might try to learn a new language.

      Yes – day one – to late to learn new language – Pidgin english – why you hacky me to death?

      • Carlucci

        LOL – !! Is that like speekie engie?

      • B. Zollikofer

        Jean maybe we americans should also learn to speak other languages and as we are supposed to be the best in the world why are our education standards so low. Even in South America (believe it or not)The people have more cultural and educational standards than we do here in the US. No Racists there! And if you dont know- Chinese speak the English language a bit funny because there are practically no alfabethic words in Chinese.! And what about other countries who has abcs in their language and still speak funny. Their children are well behaved and REspectfull which is more than we can say for most kids in the western world today.

  • Cawmun Cents

    So….selling your soul to the collective(attention WalMart shoppers),isnt your cup of tea?Customer service isnt what it used to be? Someone from Russia is running the particular department of WM that you are pissed off at?Evidently,you get what you pay for.You want better prices?You may have to give up customer srevice to get them.You may even have to pay with fewer alternatives,competiton-wise. You can always opt for the pay-per-subscription shopping.I just prefer the local guy.Price is an issue,but loyalty is my creedo.Would I go to the cheapest prostitute,and expect the best service?No.I dont frequent brothels or streetwalker strolls.But if I did,I wouldnt expect the best service from the cheapest whore.It is not a very proper analogy,but when a giant mega-corporation,kills the opposition off,I gotta expect that alot of cheaper and filthier tarts will arrive.Do not expect pleasure from a business that destroys its competition.If you come to their discreet house of pleasure they will greet you at the door.But then you often find out that the prostitute may not be the one who works at the place you are entering.Maybe you are the prostitute for the Chinese business guy who pimps you out to the WM stockholders?Juxtaposition…!-CC.

    • BKWsr

      You know I like your comparison of us, even though the truth hurts. Plain and simple though I do not buy products from china unless that is the only item avalable and I need it. All you hear about is people getting sick or dieing from their products. As to Walmart I like shopping there as long as I can find what I need(US brand) at a reasonable price. If I run into a bad employee I complain to the manager.

  • http://comcast James Wright

    Don’t hate Wal-Mart, John, just don’t go there. You bought a Timex expecting Rolex results, and you are a national commentator? Wow! My wife and I shop at Wal-Mart for various items, largely groceries, but I purchase motor oil and other car supplies too. Don’t tell me Mobil oil is made in China. Wal-Mart is not the only store to offer foreign products. We also shop in Kroger and it is not at all hard to find produce from Guatemala, kitchen items from China, etc. Have you looked at clothing labels in Macy’s, JCPenney’s, anywhere? I agree with Pete, John, you sound like a long-suffering liberal.

    • John Myers

      Not True James. I expected Timex results. I just didn’t expect one clerk to stop my watch and for the next clert to call me a liar. Do you look for that kind of service at your local Wal-Mart? As for me not shopiing there again I have promised myself to never enter a Wal-Mart again.

      • Iris

        I have NEVER shopped at Wal-mart. When I read about their practices when they first began expanding, I understood the POWER they were accumulating. I am writing a book on the subject (of POWER) BECAUSE I have long understood the use of power to destroy others. If that isn’t evil, what is?

        Long live Casey Anthony.

        • Old Henry

          I have shopped at WM back when the local store was a regular WM. I have never shopped at their new Super WM.

          The old store was there when old Sam ran things and there were a lot of USA products.

          Another nearby town still has a regular WM and I do go there on rare occasions, but I do check the labels before buying.

          • independant thinker

            I never “shop” wallworld. I will go in one once in a great while to pick up one or two items and I am much more likely to do that in a strange town where I do not know the area and cannot find the competition in a reasonable amount of time. Where I live wally world has forced the local businesses to close except one grocery store and some small car repair places (our local supercenter doesn’t have an auto service dept). Fortunately there is a larger town with both local businesses in practical driving range.

            I read an article in I think Consumer Reports that said Wallyworld was not any cheaper overall on their prices than any other mass merchandiser.

      • dnmlhm

        What’s insane is you take your watch to Walmart and expect some dumb chick behind the counter to fix your watch. That’s like having the car salesman fix your car. Find someone who knows how to fix a watch. I can’t think off a single place around hear that sells watches that has someone in store that can fix a watch, they just tell you to buy a new one. Walmart is not alone when it comes to incompetent employees. Most people won’t pay extra for that.

        • mickey

          Boy, you must be young. All the stores used to have service departments to fix things they sold. lol those went with the lower prices and wages.

      • Old Henry

        Timex. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Or at least that used to be the case.

        • jibbs

          Old Henry,
          I miss one grocery store from back home in Il. Have you been to Cuputo’s Market?..they still have old fashion service with a smile, and any type of food on the planet. There slogan is, “if we don’t have it, it doesen’t grow”.

      • Trude Blomsoy

        Dear Mr. Myers,
        I would not blame Wal-Mart for the employee’s behavior as we find such
        behavior in many other places. I put it down to public education which has lowered the standard of acceptable manners for decades.

      • Capitalist

        So John, based on this blog from you, what you are saying is that if two people of a multibillion $ corporation are bad employees, then the entire corporation and the millions of people that work for said corporation and all the millions of people that work for manufacturing companies that sell to the corporation should be put out of business. WOW! That would be like me, a suscriber to your media not liking one article that you wrote wanting the entire media that you work for to go out of business. You sound soooo intolerant. First of all, I have the choice to read your liberal articles or not. I choose to do so. I’m not going to badmouth the company you work for. That would be intolerant.

    • Vagabond

      James I have owned bulova seico benruss waltham and many other brands in my 75 years and the best watch I have ever owned is a timex. I had to have my last seico worked on twice at a cost of fifty some odd dollars. the timex I have on cost me fourty some dollars and I had the jeweler put my seico band on it. that was over two years ago and it is still doing great,

  • benrush

    It’s a free country. Shop where you choose.

    The federal government should get out of business, and taxpayers should not subsidize anything because it distorts the economy. If we would follow that nugget of wisdom, the economic ship would right itself and quickly. The reason that jobs are not available is not due to Walmart, it is directly due to the minimum wage law, which is price fixing on labor. If labor were not artificially high, more Mom and Pops could afford to go into business for themselves, and more teenagers would have jobs, and there would be more free market competition, and everyone would be much better off.

    • DaveH

      All good points, benrush.

    • Loyd

      I shop at Wal-Mart occasionally, mostly for groceries because there’s a Wal-Mart Supermarket right around the corner. I don’t like the, “big box,” stores much. They’re too big and offer little customer service but, then, all of the great locally-owned businesses and locally-owned chains that I once shopped at are gone. Remembering when one could buy quality clothes and (real – not sneakers) shoes that fit makes clothing shopping especially distasteful to me. My two motorcars (both used regularly) are 22 and 56 year old because it is impossible to buy a vehicle, today, that’s dependable and can be economically maintained and I hate the thought of buying a $4,000 car for $60,000 and then having to shell out $250 to have the transmission fluid changed.

      The cheap, shoddy, overpriced goods – the price of labour to fix anything being beyond most people’s means – having to spend $65 for a shirt that cost $6 forty years ago; all this and more is the price that we pay for having given up our personal responsibilities to increasingly overpaid, incompetent and unresponsive government bureaucrats over the past 45 years in the name of non-existent, “social justice.”

      As it turns out we have – in most cases – gotten EXACTLY what we asked for and, shoddy and cheap as everything has become under that philosophy, increasing numbers of us cannot even afford THAT.

      • Vagabond

        well Loyd I can’t speak for the stores you do business at but here I do business at a Hills super market that was here when walmart came here and I get very good service. as a matter of fact I was going through the checkout line and the clerk { a male} took my eggs out opened the carton and checked for broke or cracked eggs,

      • Carlucci

        Loyd – very interesting post. Was just wondering about the 56 year old car – must be a 1955 model – what make?

        Now I don’t feel so bad. I’m driving an 18 year old car (everything works, knock on wood), and am putting up with all kinds of teasing; especially from my sisters who both just bought brand new cars with big monthly notes. They will most likely make those payments for five or six years. As far as I’m concerned, the joke is on them. I’m glad I have a boyfriend in the car “bidness” who can find me a good pre-owned car when the time comes.

    • Intellibronc

      John knows alot about socialism, he’s a canadian. Question to John, do you shop in the States or canadia?

    • Jim D.

      Don’t hate Walmart. Most who hate Walmart do so because of their success. Yeah, lots of Walmart’s products originate from China, but they also employ many thousands of American citizens who wouldn’t have a job otherwise. Once you slice it and dice it, this is real capitalism and we should embrace it. Understand, there are other corporations who compete against Walmart like Meijers and Target. If you really look, there are plenty of American made products available at most of these outlets if you choose to look. I shop Walmart, Meijers, and yes, mom & pop stores to get the best deal for my money. The real problem is our out of control government picking the winners and losers.

      • B. Zollikofer

        Jim yr right on the ball

  • http://personallibertydigest Bella

    Well Boo Hoo John. I love Walmart, am finished with you, you cry baby. Where else can we “little people” go to get good value? Are they perfect? No, but who is. Stop whining you loon. I love Walmart and I love Capitalism. If you don’t like Walmart, don’t shop there, but try to be reasonable. Your cheap watch quit, so what. Buy another one. Oh, and be sure you buy it a Macy’s where you get to pay three times as much for exactly the same cheap watch that will quit in time.

    • Omnes

      Yes Bella, I can remember when very good quality TIMEX was made here in the US. So you keep shopping at a store that supports child labor, prison labor, supressed human rights. Think about it, I don’t shop or will every shop at WALMART. If Sam Walton was alive today he would shut them all down.

      • Vagabond

        Omnes you do have a point about John Walton. as a truck driver I used to deliver a lot to walmrt distrubition centers. the sorriest one was in South Carolina a driver made the statement in front of the office people that walmart had gone to hell since John died. he was right and they didn’t say any thing,

      • Jack Russell

        Thank God for Walmart. Walmart is not the end-all be-all. Walmart is an option. The posters on here who say they don’t shop at Walmart because they support child labor and buy a bunch of Chinese products should post a list of where they shop. I’d enjoy seeing a nice, fat list of sources for the things we purchase week in and week out that DON’T stock their shelves with Chinese products. This is a stupid topic. We buy Chinese products so that they have the economy to purchase our national debt. Its a huge part of how the U.S. can affort to have a fraction of the lifestyle we have. All of these hypocrites on here who slam China should have an inventory of their home and their automobiles and have to pay a liar’s fine for each violation of their condemnation of Walmart. Whether you buy at Macy’s, Sears, Costco, BestBuy, Safeway, Kroger, Albertson’s, AutoZone, O’Reilly’s, Pep Boys, Container Store, Bed, Bath and Beyond, or anywhere else you look, you’re going to have to buy Chinese goods or dramatically contrast with the rest of society because of the lack of products to function in our society.
        The lawsuit for millions of women in Walmart was NOT brought by millions of women, but rather by a small handful of people who may well have had a beef. But, to broad-brush condemn Walmart because they have a business model that they believe in and cursory appearances makes them look ‘unfair’. That’s a liberal mindset and the spread of this idea that companies should be villainized if they’re not run the way you would run YOUR company.
        I’m not going to take the bait to talk about how many jobs Walmart has created for every job they have eliminated. I know, I know, “Walmart doesn’t pay a living wage”. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAQ!!! If you are working at Walmart, you are alive. They don’t hire dead people. If you’re living and you choose to go to Walmart and spend your time on the clock, that IS a living wage. It may not pay all your expenses, but then, you are NOT a SLAVE!! Get some education and get a better job or better yet, start YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Don’t tell Walmart they have to change their business model because you are too sorry to start your own business.

        • 50s cars

          I like Walmart. The employees in this state seem to be happy, at least much happier than the union thugs working at Kroger down the street. If I can’t find something, I ask one of them–and every time, they walk me to where it is on the shelf, which may be in another department. For several years, I have routinely had my watch batteries and watch bands changed at Walmart. I am capable of changing a watch band, but they do it much faster.
          Cheap labor is not the reason so many jobs leave the US–it is the hassel factor–The EPA, EEOC, CPSC, OSHA and and on and on…Excessiuve government in other words.

        • B. Zollikofer

          Jack youve said it Buddy! Wish people would stop and think like you do: To me it seems like a lot of us is jealous of Walmarts succsess etc.

        • jibbs

          Wal mart, living wage? Medical, dental? WAhahahaha! Service is crap

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          My brother has worked at Walmart since Scott’s Foods, who since then has been bought by Kroger, fired him for talking about Jesus. Walmart allows their people to talk about Jesus. And he makes pretty good money, and he isnt a manager. He supports his wife and 3 kids, and they go on a yearly vacation, and he has a nice house and 2 vehicles, so dont buy into the line they dont pay their workers. He has full insurance also. A much better deal than he ever had at Scotts/Krogers, and they started him at more than he made at Scotts/Krogers in 15 years.

  • John Frykman

    Your problem with your Timex watch and two Walmart sales clerks does not translate into a systemic problem with Walmart. I don’t shop there, myself, but for other reasons, one of which is that most of their stores are dismal. But that isn’t the real point of this response to the article.

    There is no problem with efficiency destroying make-work jobs. That’s what a competitive economy does–eliminates inefficiency. Would you suggest that computers are ruining our economy? Surely hundreds of thousands of bookkeeping jobs have been eliminated through the increasing use of modern data management systems. Those bookkeepers didn’t remain unemployed. They either have skills or acquired new ones that can be redeployed to more productive uses.

    The fact that there are always jobs being created while at the same time others are being destroyed is not a problem with a strong, dynamic economy. It is economies that do NOT do this that are in trouble.

    • Dana Hayes



    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Are you aware of how many jobs Walmart keeps around in this country? Are you? They are the biggest buyer of Made in USA in this country. IN THE WORLD. Are you aware of the American jobs that would be lost if we didnt have Walmart? And Im talking about non Walmart jobs, not the millions of Walmarts jobs, that they have CREATED since theyve been here. And the billions of dollars of tax revenue they create through payroll taxes and sales taxes. And you want to demonize them. Amazing to me. Simply amazing. Its like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Simply amazing how blind people can be.

  • SS McDonald

    1. Your article is Horse Hockey. WalMart today is no different than the advent of grocery store chains after WW2. Like Walmart, these chains also put the little guy out of business….or did they? Instead they forced the little guy to specialize or produce a product that the chains didn’t market. It’s no different today. To survive, the little guy entrepreneur simply finds a niche that is not found at WalMart.
    2. Previous comments have already rightly stated the obvious. You live in (and promote) a free country and enjoy free enterprise, let your feet walk elsewhere if you are unhappy with a copmpany.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Amen brother. You speak the truth.

  • Capitalist

    Definitely a liberal. Walmart is the epitome of Capitalism: ie, private ownership. It is real proof that capitalism works. Think of the alternative to Walmart as John so romantically embraces. Small stores ran by mom and pop. Mom & pop usually employed 3-5 people. Poor selection of goods to choose from due to lack of operating capital. High prices. Paid employees minimum wage. No real room for employee advancement due to a family business. In a town of 10,000 people maybe 3 mom and pop stores from which community has to choose from. If 3 stores in a town: employee total of 15-20 people of which all paid minimum wage. One Walmart store employees approx 150 employees. Many paid a fraction above minimum wage. But they also have Managers, Assistant Managers, Department Managers, Personel Managers, Bookeepers, etc. and paid much more than minimum wage. The include there employees in profit sharing and health care benefits if they are full time employees. Mom and pop never paid health care benefits even if their employees were full time. Not to mention the price of the goods are kept low for everybody. Yep, John is most definitely a liberal. Keep thinking blindly John, that is what our President is doing and we all can see how that is working out for America.

    • jimmy the greek

      Your misinformed !

      • Capitalist

        Jimmy says I’m misinformed! You stop there? No factual info to back up even one area that I am misinformed on? You sir, are a typical liberal. You can’t win the debate so you just call people names or say they are misinformed. You sir, are the uneducated!

    • independant thinker

      ” In a town of 10,000 people maybe 3 mom and pop stores from which community has to choose from.”

      That statement proves you do not have any clue what you are talking about. The town here I live (population 4,500) has 10 empty store fronts down town all mom and pop businesses forced out by the wallyworld here in town. There are two or three others that have speciality shops in them. Outside the old business district there are at least 10 more businesses that were forced out by wallyworld and the only reason there are not more is because our local supercenter does not have an auto service dept.

      • Capitalist

        I speak from experience from both sides of the issue. First of all, lets use your figures of 10 mom and pop stores. Probably no more than 5-7 employees per store including mom and pop. 10X7 is 70 people employeed. One Walmart store employees approx 150. 1 Store manager that makes over $100k per year. 3 Assistant managers making over $60k per year. At least a 3rd are full time making $10.00 per hour or more. With chances of promotion. Full time employees recieve profit sharing and health care along with paid vacations. The other 2/3rds are generally young adults going to college or simply using Walmart as a stepping stone to that job they really want. In the meantime they recieve minimum wage and a life experience. A college intern has to do the work for life experience and receive not pay (slave labor). Think about the millions of dollars put back into the commnunity because the employees spend their money in the community. Rent, buy houses, cars, groceries, clothes, auto repair, etc. I worked for a small family business for 16 years in a town that I described earlier. Only the family members got the job promotions, health insurance, and vacations. Mom and pop wanted to give their employees those things but were never able to financially. The other businesses were the same. Keep mom and pop going as long as you can but without the capital to purchase on a large scale they simply could not compete in price, selection, and yes even jobs. You guys romanticize way to much about mom and pop stores. Get into the 21st century. Its better! I know, I lived it, both ways.

        • B. Zollikofer

          Capitalist- I lived it both ways too and I agree with you

  • Linda

    I shop at walmart for particluar items. But no matter where I go, if it says ‘made in china’ I don’t buy it.

    • Tom

      Do you enjoy the dark?? You can’t buy a light bulb or a candle that IS NOT MADE IN CHINA. Thanks to congress our last light bulb factory went out of business last month. How many jobs were saved or created by that new law, PREZ???????

      • Rick

        May as well get used to being in the dark. With the impositions and reuglations our government is putting upon us, eventually none of us will have a watch that lights up in the dark before long. I mean, really, how are they gonna fit one of those new-fangled “mangled-looking” light bulbs that have the appearance of some coil-over spring to fit inside of a watch? Unless we all start to wear sundials on our wrists but then the extension cords would limit our mobility. Oh Wait!! That’s what our Socialist Commander in Chief and his “elitist” cabinet/cronies/czars want anyway.

  • Richard

    Your comparison to Rockefeller is way off base, I have not seen Walmart raise their prices after any other business goes under. Right now we have a capitalist hating White House that has destroyed the American economy, and you wonder why people are shopping to get cheaper prices. Maybe instead of trying to figure out a way to condemn success you should watch the news. Just the mere thought of 1.5 million women claiming they have been discriminated against is enough to let anyone with any common sense know that the majority of them are only looking for a free check. As soon as the unions get in then the retail market will be destroyed just like the Steel Industry and the auto industry. Maybe you should ask your union buddies why they like destroying the free market.

    • CJM

      Obviously, Richard, you haven’t worked at a walmart—otherwise you would know about the blatant discrimination this employer has against women. They aren’t looking for a “free pay check” as you carelessly state, but the ladies are looking for fairness in pay scale, promotions, and decent treatment by the men who operate these stores. We call this equality, but I guess you would consider women to be second-class citizens who deserve less than the male worker.

      • Vagabond

        CJM what about the stores with female managers? and there are such. because I have seen and known them,

      • James

        If Wal-Mart treats women employees so poorly, then why do so many women work there? One would think that the women would find jobs at other places that would better reward their skills and work ethic.

        I submit that they work there because it is the best place, on average, they are able to exchange their skills and labor at for money. Otherwise, one would insinuate that these women are largely idiots.

    • independant thinker

      “I have not seen Walmart raise their prices after any other business goes under.”

      What rock do you live under? I have witnessed this several times and have talked to many others who have witnessed the same thing. The only place it doesn’t happen is where they have competition from Target, Kmart, or other big box stores.

  • Keith


    If you understood free market economics – you would realize that Walmart is giving you, and thousands of other people like you, a huge opportunity to go create stores where service and prodcuts are much better. Instead of sitting out complaining – why not go create stores much better than Walmart?

    • Cawmun Cents

      How about”Sitting On The FenceMart?”More bang for the buck!Come on down and get yer free America love it,or leave it bumper-sticker,Yessir!How about…”Free Tibet But Only If It Costs LessMart?”Kill a Lama for Mama.You too can drive the Chinese economy until it crushes all you’ve ever known.I know ah’ll jump in bed with a communist if I gets muh cheeper prahsiz!Fanny and Freddie are offering affordable housing too!Isnt it grand that you can sell the future down the drain for a few cents on the dollar?JUST A FEW MORE YEARS ‘TIL YOUR CURRENCY WILL BE MADE FROM PRODUCTS FROM CHINA…but assembled by union workers in America!Get a whole pile of it(in savings)right there at your local WalMart!National pride in entrepeneurship is worthless,but gimme a chance to buy an inferior product at affordable proces and I will sing the praises of capitalism to all who can hear.What a sad commentary on America.Millions of hard working Chinese people have sold their souls at the company store and y’all could care less if’n you get a better price.That says it all about your character.Your integrity only goes so far,until a better deal can be had.I’ll be there at mom and pops place,watching you from across the interstate.The devil is in the details.-CC.

    • Lena

      Yes John Myers,

      Nevermind your day job of writing. I say you go into debt (since it is the trend these days in America) and open up a local store that sells local produce. Don’t try to spread the word to people who actually could do something. Just stop writing altogether!

      Come on people! Wake up! John Myers isn’t going to solve this problem all on his own. People like him are trying to open peoples eyes to the world we live in. Wal Mart is a disgrace to American society. Not only do we owe China billions of dollars but we are buying cheap slave made imports from them and selling them to people who say they can’t afford the real deal. The price difference isn’t that significant. Three times?! Give me a break! The whole sucker punch to WM is you go in to buy something as simple as light bulbs and end up seeing their “Roll Back” prices and going all “Oooh! Piece of candy!” in the place, spending far more than you had ever planned on spending there to begin with. The service is terrible, the products are cheap. Is that the American way? Buy foreign goods and keep digging and digging deeper into the deficit grave that will bring the country to ruin? Spend that little bit extra. Go for the local stuff! Have any of you heard of a Farmer’s Market? Grow your own if you can! Of course their will be things you have to buy that were not made in the USA but the less money you give stores like WM the better. Every little bit helps and if everyone started paying attention to what is going on and trying to make a difference there would be a change and it would be for the better. Lets not start asking people like Mr. Myers to fight all our battles for us. He is doing his best just by putting the thought in our heads. Good on you Sir!

      • Warrior

        And this is different than buying OPEC oil how? Maybe Exxon and BP and they’re counterparts are just as evil as Wally World.

      • James

        The “slave labor” claim is largely specious. Companies are now starting to move their manufacturing OUT of China, due to the increasing labor costs there. Having abandoned communism in all but name only, and instead moving toward an economically free, socially authoritarian state (like Singapore), they are seeing the standard of living grow dramatically. In addition, the quality of Chinese designed and manufactured products are quickly rising — evidence that the capitalist influence is driving their people to produce better quality and more sophisticated products.

        Rather than criticize these moves, we should praise them, as the increased economic freedom will spill over into social freedom as well. It is already happening — it’s a work in progress, but the direction is right. Ironically, China is moving toward freedom while the US is moving toward serfdom.

        Wal-Mart simply recognized this trend early, and has built a great deal of its success exploiting that recognition.

    • william

      you idiot wal-mart is the worst thing to happen to this country.It has taken away almost all small shops you think you can just open a shop when banks are not loaning money for anything.and then you have the government and wal-mart in the same bed and you think its that easy.this jerk has no clue what this company is doing to this country.Wal-mart has monopolize the market and you think its alright wake my friend this company is the worst thing to happen to us.

  • Rob65

    Retailing has always been this way, where the most efficient drive out the least efficient sellers. Same with producers. Recall what Sears did to retailing, even selling whole houses to be assembled on site, shipped by railroad to your town. They wiped out countless small businesses. Fast food restaurants and chain restaurants make it nearly impossible to operate a profitable private restaurant. Shoppers will always go for price first, value second. We see most drivers go out of their way to save 2 cents a gallon at the gas pump. Competitor practices are the same no matter the age, same as a hundred years ago. You are always competing, or you business dies. It’s great if you have no competition, but that is rare, so you do what you have to do to stay in business or you start another business. Surely, you don’t want the government to step in and impose price controls and “fair selling” practices. ‘Atlas Shrugged’ over that system, and will again. But we seem to be heading in that direction, partly thanks to columns like this one….

  • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

    This sounds anti-capitalistic to me

    Mostly, I don’t like Walmart because it has become so big that it doesn’t care about its customers. America was made great because businesses used to have a heart. My Walmart experience told me that it doesn’t give a damn. Its philosophy: “We got another billion where that guy came from.”

    Business with a heart this guy need to look a what went on in the coal fields of WV and the factories and see how the business with heart treated there workers in the 20′s and 30′s

    What Corporation gives a Damn about there customers,workers or America.I can only name a few and they are all tree hugger type.

    It can not be true progressive green business are good for America

    What will the pundits say.

    Oh no

    Have a good day Shut-in’s do forget your med’s

  • Patriot

    Here’s why I don’t shop at Wal-Mart. Thanks to them, we don’t have a manufactuirng base. The Red Chinese are laughing all the way to the bank.

    • duif100

      Patriot you have to wise up on economics. Businesses leave the US because of politicians. The government imposed burdens on companies are so high that companies can no longer compete in the world markets. If a US company has to pay higher taxes, higher benefits and union forced higher retirement plans than companies in other parts of the world, how can they be competitive?.

      • Cawmun Cents

        By imposing a tariff on Communist countries who do business with us.That is what true capitalists who love freedom and liberty would do.Here you have a price to pay for your politics.You can get things cheap from a store which provides communist labor-based products.But you have to pay top dollar for American made goods.Why cant we reverse the polarity,a bit and charge the Chinese for their politics,instead of Americans for theirs?Oh…its okay to imopse a tax on Americans…but damn you to hell if you tax the Red Chinese.They might not be able to have the competitive edge if you were to do something like that.-CC.

        • James

          China is no longer Communist, except in name. They have adopted the Capitalist approach, and as a result its citizens are growing their wealth rapidly. By and large, its people are hungry and eager to compete; similarly, those in the US are largely lazy and unmotivated, preferring to call upon Big Government “daddy” to protect them from those who dare to compete effectively.

    • DaveH

      Hong Kong spends 18% of their GDP on Government, and they have a vibrant economy.
      The United States spend 40% of their GDP on Government, and we have a ? economy.
      Problem identified.

      • Warrior

        And I have the solution to the “debt” crisis! We’re going to stiff the fed on all the frickin uncle scam bonds they bought with money they printed out of thin air.

        You’re welcome.

      • B. Zollikofer

        Thats Economics Dave ! Sock it to them

    • Robert LANG

      Where did your union send your jobs. My son works for Walmart and recieves $18.50 Per Hr. After 18 yrs. LOYALTY

    • Vagabond

      patriot? you might want to think union as what destroyed manufacturing in the U S of A,

  • karolyn

    I know a man who knew Sam Walton, who stayed true to his laid back, hometown ways til his death. His wife had to go behind his back to buy them new cadillacs. He was not materialistic at all. He loved to “sit around the potbelly stove” chewing the fat.

    I have noticed that WalMart is moving into more good foods, as in organics and made in America, even with their own brand. My biggest problem with them is that our local stores discontinue the foods I love the most, probably because I live in a lower socio-economic area where the people don’t eat “good” food. They provide what their markets want.

    If I was treated the way that employee treated John Myers, I would have reported her. However, I always thought that the jewelry department was not WalMart owned. Most of the employees I have dealt with have been very nice and helpful (if you can find them when you need them!)

  • Toomuchsense

    Greedy unions taking our money for their penions and early retirement. Leaving most of the rest of us planning on working into our late sixties while paying our “own” penions. Union dues paying off crooked leftist politicans that not only screw us, but planned on that fact. The unions of today, very seldom resemble that of the past. Leaves us little motivation to pay extra for that union label. We have become balkized. Starting with those same unions and their political bed fellows and the complient media. Our citizens have been stupified by our education system. I dare you to talk to the average high school student or graduate, as to the basic concepts of history, both recent and past. You’ll be dismayed. It’s not the student, it’s the education system and the parents.

  • Marie

    Every “Big Business” of it’s time was demonized by the mom/pop of the time including Montgomery Wards, Sears Roebuck, Woolworth, etc.. as destroying jobs and hurting small business, etc. This is just sour grapes. This is the great thing in our country which is called Free Market Capitalism (not to be confused with “Crony Capitalism”)

    It is unbecoming of other business and other people to wine and complain about Wal-Mart being success and having “killed off countless small businesses and destroyed hundreds of thousands of jobs”…this is just ridiculous. Other business needs to put on their big boy pants and quit winning about how they are loosing out to Wal-Mart. There Are some Markets that Wal-Mart can not make it in because they are too big where the mom and pop thrive. Also, due to the beauty of free enterprise and capitalism, if Wal-Mart keeps giving such crappy service as you describe, people will stop going to Wal-Mart.

    Your story is anecdotal. I have gone to many chain restaurants and stores and have received both good service in one place and then bad service in the same chain. But there is a component in society that just doesn’t like to see anyone be hugely successful, and there is a huge section of our society that has it out for Wal-Mart because of their success. You need to re-examine your thought process if you fall into this category and quit praising the small “mom and pop” as some arch-angle of business and Wal-Mart the devil.

  • dan dewalt

    Its too bad that all you care about is your treatment by the employees while you don’t give a damn about their treatment or working conditions. This “me first and only” attitude is what is destroying America’s sense of community. There is more to life than saving a few pennies.

  • Bob

    If this moron would send his Timex back to the manufacturer instead of trying to cheap out and rip the Walmart off for a new free watch, he’d have nothing to complain about. His comments about Rockefeller are incorrect, check Larry Schweikart’s The Entrepreneurial Adventure. I’m tired of this garbage littering my e-mail and will unsubscribe at once.

    • CJM

      The man is no moron—walmart guarantees (supposedly) the products they sell; often, people will purchase the extended warranty and walmart claims to honor them (and they don’t). I purchased a watch from walmart years ago and they failed to honor the guarantee. After that, no more jewelry purchases from them. By the way, it was not a cheap watch either, walmart sells expensive items as well. Furthermore, walmart claims to sell American-made products yet you find items made in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, India, and CHINA (who will soon be producing new Ford autos); it is a rare occasion that one finds an actual Made in USA tag on a piece of merchandise. The big corker was finding that the little decorative American Flags had the tag “Made in China” affixed to it. So Bob, the only moron I see is you for promoting this conglomerate who believes in retailing only those products that are not Made in the USA.

      • Vagabond

        very well said and well put, CJM,

      • mickey

        lol, our cars were made overseas for years. It was only the “value added” and legistlation that allowed “Made in the USA”.

        And yes, the unions did more to send jobs overseas than mfrs. Even locally, the union decided to shut down a factory instead of compromisig (as the employees wanted). 2000 jobs went and they weren’t minimum wage either.

        Get rid of the minimum wage. Why should someone, other than loyalty or other benefits, be paid for doing the same job, year after year with no additional duties? All rights and no responsibilities, just like CA.

  • Lynn A.

    The problem with big business is that it’s so big. When a company has millions of employees, there are going to be a lot of bad ones.

    Has Walmart destroyed 2.1 million jobs or created them? I love to shop at a small business. But, I know they don’t have the resources to back up their products like big business does.

    Obscene profits equals new locations and jobs along with profits for stock holders. Take all that away and you end up with no means to grow the economy.

    How about those oil company profits?

  • Klaus

    I must say that this sounds just like a liberal complaining about stupid things. Whining about a broken cheap watch? I see nothing wrong with making a profit, as Walmart is doing. That’s Capitalism, and I love it. As for the class action case against Walmart, it should have been rejected by any one that has a brain. Can you imagine the welfare for lawyers this would have created had the case not been dismissed?

  • Malinse

    I don’t like Walmart but I’ve succombed because I need to make my inflated Federal Reserve Notes last longer each month.

    And you didn’t mention Clinton (Hillary and Bill) in your article. It was the transformation of Walmart, from a proud distributor of goods made in the U.S.A. to the sleazy items from China that helped propel Clinton into the White House. Right around the time Hillary was on the board of directors of Walmart and Bill was making the sweet-heart deals for them as governor of Arkansas, I noticed (I’m a label reader) the tags on Walmart goods sere popping up with “made in China” on them. When I started mentioning this to my friends and family, they said I was crazy. They were used to the fact that the large “Made in the USA” tags gave them more pride in shopping there. But eventually, like most things in life, it has just become one of those realities in life that we just except, that China gave us cheap products and Bill Clinton.

  • Angel Wannabe

    I don’t have a problem with Walmart!_I think the Sam Walton story was a Great American story at one time. Walmart isn’t responsible for idiots. They may hire some of them, but they don’t create them. People in general are not built in with integrity today. Walmart is probably not managed in the same way or with the same intent it used to be. But America isn’t run the same as the Founders envisioned either. I’m much more saddened by the United States Corporation, and the shelving of the republic of The United States America.

    John, I don’t agree with the either of the Wal-Mart clerks behavior on the watch incident, but If I had a bad experience like that at ANY store or simply don’t like a store, I don’t shop there. Nothing is the way it used to be, including people.

  • Semper fi do or Die

    Everybody be hating on Wally World (CB for Walmart). But Wally World is the only major chain with a policy to welcome truckers. Truckers are welcome to park on the lot and shop. Walmart Pharmacies will transfer prescriptions between stores so truckers can get their meds anywhere. As far as the China thing its everywhere. Just don’t buy it. Also before you all start hating on the truckers remember one thing! Every thing you’re wearing, eating, and using in any way…. A trucker hauled it for you.

    • Angel Wannabe

      semper fi do or die, Agreed!_ Not sure why this article about Walmart, almost seems there wasn’t must else to discuss today?
      Imports are everywhere. Thank the Federal GUV, I’ll repeat it
      (One More time)
      Tax and regulation drove American Companies off shore, whats left?__Imports! Wecome to “consumer” America, B/C all we do is consume!

  • Carl J.

    If you think only “dummies” are having their jobs outsourced to China and India…… you are naive and mistaken. Here in Metro Detroit, professional engineers with master’s degrees or doctorate degrees in engineering are being told: “”Either take a 30 percent pay cut, or else we will find engineers in China and India that will do your job at one-third the cost””.

    • jimmy the greek

      You can thank your [ Free Market Capitalist ] for that , all they care about is the investors to hell with the people , Communism and capitalism are two sides of the same coin . What is needed is strong Nationalism , and putting an end to all this free trade crap .

      • DaveH

        We haven’t had Free Markets for 150 years (since the beginnings of the Republican Party and their Crony Capitalism). Don’t blame the mess created by Government meddling on Free Markets, Jimmy.

        • Vagabond

          what a dummy,

      • s c

        If there’s anyone out there who doesn’t understand what happened to Greece, ‘jimmy’ exemplifies the “New Greece” that will happily fall on its own sword (to make their non-leaders ‘happy’).
        For our sake, I hope you never vote. You, young man, are what ENTITLEMENTS are all about. It’s not capitalism that wrecked Greece, it’s that damned ENTITLEMENT mental retardation that keeps people from seeing and knowing the truth.
        People like you will despise Plato and Socrates and what made old Greece great, and turn around and lust for Marx and Lenin. Away with you!

      • DaveH

        I would try to explain why Free Trade works (real free trade, not Government style like NAFTA), but it would be a great effort and take up a lot of space. So, I’d much rather post an article by a man who knows a lot more than I do about the subject:

        Let’s get educated, and not let the special interests lead us into economic decay like they did during the Great Depression using Big Government as their Bully Boys.

      • James

        Investors are people — so are the Chinese. How then, does Wal-Mart hate people?

  • Julius Lohr

    Articles like these are a complete waste of time!!! I had a flat tire once. I suppose I should blame Goodyear for all future mechanical breakdowns! Really…….With our government destroying everything America takes pride in this article stands alongside Obama’s brilliant analysis of ATMs!

  • James A. Olson

    This article by John Myers almost destroyed my confidence in the clear thinking of this web site. The comments from the readership has restored my confidence that this web site is still on the correct path. Thank ya’ll for keeping those cards and letters comin’ in!

    • DaveH

      I think, James, that Bob Livingston has John Myers for the same reason Judge Napolitano has Nancy Skinner and others like her — to give a little balance to his message.
      It is up to us to educate ourselves and know which course is most desirable — Bob’s or John’s. I choose Bob’s direction, hands down.
      Most of the time though, I must admit that I usually avoid John’s column as I’ve heard enough Liberal commentary to last the rest of my life.

  • jimmy the greek

    This can be fixed by taxing imports at a rate so high it becomes cheaper to make things in the USA . We don’t need the rest of the world we can do every thing in house .

  • Maurice

    I don’t have a problem with Walmart, I look at the number of employees that are challenged. They have been very active in supporting community oriented programs. they are good corporate neighbors.

  • Terry

    Isee this as aproblem caused by N.A>F.T.A. Remember when Ross Perot , said[ you would hear the sucking sounds of buesnesses leaving America]! if n,a.f.t.a. was aproved? well that is exactly what happened! That is exactly why we are in this depression today , all the work went out of the Country, for cheaper labor!in Forign country so for witch we have no control over…and it will onl get worse with the present Administration.

  • Nancy

    WalMart threatens the companies that produce its goods (if there are any left in this country). I saw a documentary about them where they would get them in the fold (to the point WalMart was their biggest client) then threaten them into lowering prices WalMart bought the goods for (many have had to file bankruptcy). Just like they do with the advertisers.

    • jacob

      Dear Nancy :

      Mexicans have a proverb :
      EL QUE PAGA MANDA O DE PENDEJO ANDA which means He who pays, commands or else he is playing the fool…(in English money talks and b.s. walks)…let alone WALMART’s awesome purchasing power….

      Why not ask the Congress parasites, Democraps and Republicans alike, why import tariffs of Chinese goods are not raised to offset their disloyal competition and instead, govmt. gives them imports preferred
      treatment ????

      How long ago have you seen a MADE IN USA tag ???

      Of course, this negative of no less than the supreme power of the land, the SUPREME COURT, to hear the discrimination case brought up by WALMART’s female employees, surely speaks volumes about the hands in which we are, specially with the last two appointments of the OBAMA regime

    • “JAVOPE”

      You should never let any customer make you so dependent on them that you can not afford to loose them. If you allow that to happen you have just become an employee, and not a business.

      • mickey

        This is very wise. Too much dependence on one source stifles the competition. It can also shut down any industry even governments, as we’ve seen with the threat to shut down the government.

  • KJQ

    My problem with Wal-Mart is that the goods are often cheap and so don’t last. We only shop there now for name brand goods that happen to be less expensive there. For everything else, we go to stores with better quality goods (we have that luxury, less fortunate people don’t).

    My issue with you is that you want to generalize and complain, but don’t take action where you can. In general, if you don’t like the store, don’t shop there. Second, you didn’t mention discussing the 2nd sales clerk’s terrible service with her manager. You’re not helping her learn that she needs to change her attitude if you don’t take the time to have it corrected by the only person she’ll listen to – her supervisor. How can you blame a store or chain for poor customer service if specific instances with specific staff are not immediately pointed out to the supervisor/manager? Blogging doesn’t change things at the level where change is needed. Our whole culture is falling apart because of people like you who just want to complain, or worse, make sweeping changes that punish everyone rather than taking individual responsibility where you can, and dealing with individuals who need dealing with.

    • Al

      Absolutely Right!



  • iam

    Having just read this article, I don’t have time for research, but I seem to remember reports from the beginning of Walmart that Sam Walton’s idea was to encourage American manufacturers. His intent was to buy American. What happened? As with so many companies, when the founder died, Walmart was taken over by people who don’t care about anything but short-term profit.

    • Al

      Current Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was on the Board of Directors for Walmart. Why don’t you ask her what happened? I’m sure her and her friends that were brought onto the Board saw a way to push their agenda, and they have. While the leftists try to dismantle the company through lawsuits, the high level saboteurs work from the inside to make the customers unhappy.

      We need to clean out the rot. Maybe the answer is to resist hiring College graduates and start teaching the job of running businesses to those who show competence and desire from within. You know, those who have shown loyalty, good work ethics, and those “old fashioned” qualities that used to lead to success.

      But you’re right that problems need to be resolved and only the shareholders can insist on that.

  • smash44

    These WalMart bashers kill me. Like every other product you buy from a non-WalMart entity worked perfectly and lasts for ages. Sorry to inform you, but other stores sell the exact same products produced in China, Singapore, etc. Now tell the 2.1 MILLION employees that they are being exploited. Tell them to go out and get another job in the worst economy since the Great Depression. Tell them WalMart makes obscene profits. Go ahead.

  • Carl J.

    If you think only “dummies” are having their jobs outsourced to China and India…… you are naive and mistaken. Here in Metro Detroit, professional engineers with master’s degrees or doctorate degrees in engineering are being told: “”Either take a 30 percent pay cut, or else we will find engineers in China and India that will do your job at one-third the cost””.

  • BH

    Talk to people who work as retail clerks. Those mom-and-pop stores almost never have any benefits for their employees. Nepotism is the order of the day, so there is little opportunity for advancement. Gender and racial bias issues are never resolved because there aren’t enough employees to prove anything. And because they are so small, you may frequently be asked/forced to work more hours than you really want to, or not have the opportunity to work as many as you want to. If you work as a retail clerk in small shops, you need to have a full-time job and one or two places where you can get some part time work to fill in.

    Walmart typically offers equivalent or better pay, much better benefits, more consistent opportunities to work the number of hours you want to, and a much greater chance to work your way up the latter than the typical businesses that it replaces. A store manager who engages in gender or racial discrimination can be identified as such and pressure put to bear, which simply doesn’t happen in small shops.

  • dan a

    i hate walmart too! after years of getting poorly made crap there . i look for anywhere to buy made in america . and just for kicks i try to find things made less than 100 miles from my home . if we would buy just 1o cents on the dollar on american good recovery would bloom !

  • http://personallibertydigest carrie

    I have avoided Walmart for years like the plague! I prefer to give my business whenever possible to local business. Plus it is always a mad house at Walmart and I don’t really know why. Who needs all that cheap crap any ways that is always recalled for being coated with lead paint?

  • P W

    Wal-Mart Fall-Apart, This has been a saying around my home since after Sam Walton died. It is true that the products you purchase at Wal-Mart are cheaper but the quality is not as good either. If you are looking to go to Wal-Mart and buy something NOT MADE IN CHINA, well, you are wasting your time. I spent over an hour at our Wal-Mart trying to find non food items that were not made or packaged in China with no luck at all.

    You say “I haven’t stumbled over any reason to boycott the place. My experiences with Walmart have been pleasant–especially at the till.” All I can say to that is wait until Wal-Mart runs all the other retail stores out of business in your community. Your friendly Wal-Mart will suddenly become a place you will gladly Boycott.

    Wal-Mart needs to ad something to their Help Wanted sign. It should read “Help Wanted, Only mentally challenged or community rejects need apply”.

    Wal-Mart came to my small community which happens to be an Upper income community and has really hurt the businesses in this town. We have had 1 Grocery store close, several other small shops have also closed. They recently built a by pass around our town and at the time the road that came into town was closed and a exit was constructed to give people access to our town. Wal-Mart had just come to our town at that time. 3 years later the city officials decide that the drop of local retail sales was due to the difficulty getting to the town. So, they spend 1.4 Million Dollars to RE-Construct the EXACT road that was their before to get more people to shop at the local retail stores. Hasn’t happened yet.

    Everything in our town is expensive, (10-25% higher that in surrounding towns) therefore our Wal-Mart is 10-25% more than most Wal-Marts in our area. I know because I have spent hours checking. Did you know Wal-Mart only guarantees the lowest price in the LOCAL Community. The ONLY thing that is the same price through out Wal-Mart stores are the Wal=Mart Brant products.

    Wal-Mart will get theirs in the end. I know Sam Walton would give his sole to get his hand on the kids neck that took over Wal-Mart and has helped to ruin this great country. They sure didn’t grow on the same tree as Sam did.

  • Bear

    I am a business owner and my store is within 4 miles of the nearest Wal-Mart. Yet, I, and my business have survived for over 19 years. Why? Simple. I provide service to my customers. Unlike Wal-Mart, I take the time to help my customers find exactly what they need. I also sell items that you cannot find in Wal-Mart and I sell products which are predominantly made here at home.

    I have read a lot of really good postings here today on this subject but must admit that I too shop at the local Wal-Mart and have never been treated any way but respectfully. Perhaps that is because the employees are local people and our Wal-Mart is in a much smaller town unlike those in Chicago or Houston. As for what I buy, I now look more closely at the labels because I will not, if possible, buy a “made in China” product but more importantly, I absolutely WILL NOT buy any product from Pakistan or any other country known to have any ties with our enemies. I feel this is more important than looking for the products made in China. We, the United States, are buying things from many countries which are Muslim and support terrorist activities, Pakistan being one of those countries and for heaven’s sake, don’t forget the Saudis from where a big portion of our oil comes. Think about that every time you fill up and tell me if you feel warm and fuzzy when the environmentalists start up another campaign to stop oil production here at home. Who’s selling their soul to whom and for what price?

  • Former Walmart person

    Walmart is not sustainable. Thanks in part to Walmart and other retailers, the death of the dollar is a certainty. How many of our dollars spent at Walmart go back into the US economy? Not 100% for sure. As we don’t produce enough goods for China to purchase and partake in, we have a negative trade balance, which can only be sustained by inflating our fiat currency and handing it out in the form of SS, medicare, welfare, government jobs, etc. so those people can then shop at walmart and continue giving a healthy percentage of that money to china where the government then has to print more money, in order to start the cycle all over again. The net effect is a continuosly inflating currency. Until the death of our dollar, inflation is a certainly. Its just a question of how fast.

  • Joe America

    American’s have become one big cabal of consentual mediocrity and we’ve become this way because of entitlement and affirmative action. You can’t tell anyone in this nation that they are not doing their jobs. You can’t tell any kid in school that they are not measuring up. No matter how lousy a job someone is doing, everyone has to tell them “Hey, what a great job.” It’s like letting everyone crap in the floor and then mandating that we all have to call it icecream. Because of this attitude, everything being done in this nation, regardless of how high in the system, or how low, the word is that we are all doing great, no matter how terrible we’re really doing. Until Americans can get back on track, and demand more of themselves, America will never return to it’s former greatness. I’d challenge anyone to try and bring a problem to anyone’s attention in this nation. The first thing that will happen is denial. The second thing that happens is that the person complaining is blamed and attacked. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bad burger, lousy pizza, lousy service at a car dealership, whatever, no one wants to be told that they are not doing their job. Even in hospitals, no matter how critical the mistake or error, no one will admit it. Therefore, customer service has gone down the toilet. To make matters worse, we’ve dropped our standards in order to prevent hurting the feelings of those who cannot or do not want to measure up. For example, in Dayton, Ohio, minorities have always received a 20% handicap on the police and fireman examinations. Now, the US Department of Justice has mandated that Dayton increase that handicap. Now, you can get less than 40% on the test and still be hired ahead of those who did very well on the test. This nation’s quality has dropped down to the lowest common denominator. That’s why we’re going down the toilet. Our “great leaders” of finance and industry are just as bad, because they’ve gone along with the program. TARP and all the other giveaways to our financial, insurance and investment industries also exemplify my example of pooping in the floor and calling it icecream. Everyone knows they are stealing from our Treasury, but no one has the guts to do anything about it. Let’s face it, we’ve become a mediocre nation.

    • DaveH

      I am heartened by the many Free Market comments on this board.
      If only we can wake up the rest.
      China isn’t stealing our jobs. Our Government is handing our jobs to them in a hand basket. First they tax and spend 40% of our economy. Then they use some of that spending to support their favorite politician-purchasing Crony Capitalists. Then they use some more of that money to harass the dwindling private market businesses, and also provide cover for productivity draining Unions. Is it any wonder our companies are leaving?
      We need to get back to Free Markets (which we haven’t had for at least 150 years). We need to get the Politicians out of the Marketplace and give the reins back to the consumer to decide which businesses succeed and which fail. Big Business disdains Free Markets. It’s much easier for them to buy their favorite politician than to compete in vibrant Free Markets.
      We aren’t going to get Free Markets from Democrats (who are favored by the super-rich), and we certainly aren’t going to get Free Markets from the Republicans who ‘invented’ Crony Capitalism in this country.
      There is only one Political Party whose platform advocates Free Markets. That is the Libertarian Party — the Party of Principle:

      • DaveH

        To better understand where it all started to fall apart in our country, read this book by Thomas DiLorenzo — “Hamilton’s Curse”:—Americans/dp/0307382850/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1309961053&sr=8-1

        And no, I’m not advertising for Amazon. I picked up my copy at the local Library.

      • jimmy the greek

        National Socialism like in 1933 Germany is the only way to fix America !

        • Malinse

          Why don’t you move to Greece. We need loyal Americans to help fix America and keep us from ending up like Europe, not socialists. If you aren’t part of the solution, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!. Maybe Greece has a little left to take care of you.

        • Angel Wannabe

          jimmy the GEEK__paid Soro’s Shill!

          Alice in Wonderland, “off with your head”! :)

    • Buddy

      Good post Joe

  • Patty

    It is easy John. Don’t shop there. It is people like you who shop there that made them so successful and now you want to complain about them. “I understand that a great many conservatives like Walmart…” And now you want to turn this into a political volleyball? Your article stinks. Have you ever been to “The people of Walmart”? Tell me which one you are please, and you are implying they are conservative? Don’t waste anymore of your time on this article. Go to this site for some good laughs, OMG, WTF:

  • Sam Douthit

    Walmart may be one of the reasons we have not gone into a problem with our money spiraling out of control. In the 1930s Germany had people rolling wheelbarrows full of paper marks to bakeries to purchase a loaf of bread. This, of course, led to hyper inflation and possibly the holocaust and the selection of Adolf Hitler as their chancellor. By keeping prices down we avoid this. We also avoid also the takeover of many local businesses by facist governments. Germany had been a victim of the treaties forced on them after the World War. We avoided this in the period followng World War TWO with the Marshall Plan and other controls. Keeping prices down is a product of capitalism and it does tend to favor large enterprises. That does not mean the government should support small businesses. It should work out. Your problems with clerks and service will act as a catalyst that can push the large business into customer actions that will force their change. Give capitalism a chance.

  • Roger

    I shop Walmart often and save plenty of cash I would not have if spent it at other stores. Our hometown store does not have the grocery component or I would probably buy my groceries there too. They have a wide selection of goods and they will employ handicapped individuals that other merchants might reject. The return of merchandise is effortless if you keep the sales receipt. Walmart is an asset to our community.

  • Markamerica

    Why I hate people who hate Walmart: Who shops for a watch at Walmart? Who expects, rationally, to get a high quality time-piece at Walmart, or to get excellent customer service there? Who, in their right minds, expects to get high quality merchandise at Walmart? I expect only to get what is ‘good enough’ for the short term at Walmart, and that’s exactly what I get. Since most everything I buy is a short-run consumable these days, Walmart fits the bill.

    Now let me tell you about local small businesses who try to ‘compete’ with Walmart: They sell the same exact brands in many cases, marked up 25-30% more, and their service isn’t any better, and at the end of the day, I have less confidence in their ability to stand behind what they sell because given their gross inefficiencies and their ridiculous mark-ups, they don’t stay open long.

    Now you may call me hard-hearted, and in one sense you’d be right: I don’t mind saying that when it comes to spending my money, hard-earned and always tightening under the grip of Obama’s and Bernanke’s inflation, I intend to get the most utility out of each dollar.

    I do that by shopping at Walmart. We buy almost all our groceries there, virtually all small, insignificant appliances there, and most things we need around the home.

    One thing I have that the author of this article apparently does not is insight: My wife works part-time at Walmart. She sees the scams people try to pull. She witnesses people trying to return things that were not even purchased at Walmart. Point is, the number of scams run on Walmart daily is mind-bending. I’d suggest Mr. Walmart Hater spend a day or two in customer service before he flaps his gums on the subject. The savages who descend on Walmart daily to attempt pure thievery is astonishing.

    Big isn’t necessarily bad. It isn’t necessarily good, either, but then again, I have a different view, apparently, about the functions and purposes of business when compared to the author’s: I believe business exist to make money for their owners while satisfying as many of their customers as is reasonably possible(so that they continue to be customers.) For me, on most days, and in most ways, given the much more realistic expectations I have for Walmart, I get exactly what I wanted. No more, but no less.

  • jacob

    I’ve heard from people working at

  • Granny Franny


    So your wife buys Christmas decorations at Walmart and brags that she knows the manager when you are abused at the jewelry counter about a Timex watch that you want repaired for free. Are you sure you can afford the electric bill for these holiday lights?

    For a few pennies more you can shop at a local hardware type store that will do back flips to provide service with a smile and provide education about the number of light strings to use per extension cord and what type of extension cord is safe to meet your needs. BTW, they would also be able to turn you on to solar powered light strings and assess whether these might be a suitable option for you.

    Sounds like you and your wife are exactly the kind of customer Walmart wants and you write an investment newsletter?

    • John Myers

      You don’t know my wife. She doesn’t brag about anything. She never has and I have known her since she was 16. And she sure as heck doesn’t brag about knowing the Wal-Mart manager. She thought it might stop the clerk from being so rude. It worked. One minute after the the watch started that they had STOPPED I walked out of Wal-Mart and I won’t set foot in one of Sam’s stores ever again.
      John Myers

  • http://personallibertydigest deano

    I love Wal-mart, you can return anything you buy there with a simple explamation why. The quality is commensurate with the price and groceries come from America and are cheaper than anywhere.

  • Markamerica

    What makes a ‘monopoly?’ Government grants of authority. Period.

    Microsoft is not a monopoly. As long as there are Macs or Linux systems on the market, sorry, no monopoly @ Microsoft.

    Frankly, if I were the owner of Microsoft, I’d have bowed to the government’s demands in this way: “Fine, we will no longer do business with the US federal government.” Then let the feds install Linux on everything and watch them become even *more* efficient(eyes rolling).

  • jacob

    I’ve heard from people working at WALMART since the days of the late
    Mr. WALTON that he was like a “pater familiae” that is, a family father but those who came after his passing….

    Yes; I know business is business but neither that bald nor with two wigs either…
    There is a limit for everything…

    OR NOT ????

  • Ken

    Wal-Mart got its reputation for great prices a generation ago. Back then, it was an article of pride for the chain that everything it sold was made in the USA (as opposed to its chief competitor, K-Mart). A lot of things changed after Sam Walton died; the policy of selling only American goods died with him.

    What has to happen is a change in the American regulatory climate and tax system to make it pay to make things here. It’s amazing the way VW, Honda, Nissan, etc., can make cars in the USA and make a profit, while Ford struggles to make one and GM and Chrysler needed a government bailout. Amazing, that is, until one figures out the impact of the UAW.

    That can be true of anything else.

    • jimmy the greek

      The reason they Assemble the cars in the USA is so they do not have to pay import taxes . the plants are in whats called a Free Trade Zone all the parts coming in are not taxed because technically The free trade zone is not the USA so they are saving a bundle and have a unfair advantage over US corp’s .America would be better off if the cars were imported because of the tax we could be charging .

  • Master Gunny

    WALMART has been the best thing that ever happened…….to China. Goods made in factories with total disregard for the environment, on equipment that is not regulated by anything even remotely resembling OSHA, and by people paid (with a currency artificially devalued by the government) at a fraction of what Americans might earn, and all of the above premised on the sure knowledge that protestors of such tyranny will surely be “reeducated” in a political prison doesn’t sound like fair competition to me.

    America can’t compete with the deck stacked so heavily against us and WALMART surely bears a piece of the blame. By buying cheaper goods in total disregard to the spirit of American law and morality they enrich a totalitarian regime that has killed millions of it’s own people and would merrily do it again if the whim strikes them.

    Tariffs that level the playing field are the only means of returning jobs to America. Yes we will have to learn to live with a little less of everything and pay higher prices for nearly everything but the new jobs we create should reduce the welfare rolls and restore dignity to many Americans. Frankly I don’t give a tinkers hoot what happens to China, India, etc. We have no industrial base any longer and if that act doesn’t scare you it should.

    • coal miner

      Master Gunny,

      You are right.They blame labor unions,but the real culprit is corporate greed.,there is just as many,if not more non-union factories that relocated to India,China and Asia.I agree with you.Any corporation that moves its industries overseas,put heavey tariffs on them. Let them know no more free lunch.Oh I forgot.The ones already over there,like wise.

  • CJM

    I no longer shop at a walmart unless it is the very last retailer left to search for an item I need and cannot find elsewhere (and usually, walmart doesn’t have it either). What I found was that walmart charges as much, and sometimes more, than their competitor. SamsClub is no better. Many of the clerks are rude and seem to resent it if you ask for assistance; the jewelry department is the worst ever. To answer your question: “Who shops for a watch at Walmart? Who expects, rationally, to get a high quality time-piece at Walmart, or to get excellent customer service there? Who, in their right minds, expects to get high quality merchandise at Walmart?” MarkAmerica, the people EXPECT these things from a walmart because that is what walmart advertises…the best for less. Keep on hating those who hate walmart and keep on expecting less for best because that is what walmart is about. The original Sam who developed WalMart had a different kind of store when he was alive; his decendants/heirs turned greedy and have now given a bad name, poor image, and detestible business image to a formerly good company that cared for the public and its employees. This is why people are angry with walmart; glad you are happy with the low expectations you receive from walmart.


      CJM- In Metro Atlanta, home to about 50 Walmarts, the service conditions that you, locally find, do not exist.

      In most of these stores, if you ask an employee where an item is located– he/she is required to lead you to that object, rather than answer your request. Within 5-15 minutes from our home are 10 Walmarts that never close. The clerks and general employees are near fawning with courtesy. They know, you can jump in your car and within five minutes and be in one of several Walmarts. Competition works, even among families.

  • EllBee

    I only shop w-m because it’s the only place to find certain grocery items (I live in tinytown, VA). That said, I attempt to purchase those types of items online, because our w-m has hugely reduced their grocery inventory, eliminating great numbers of items and replacing other items with their own brand. According to an article I read a few months ago, it’s completely a profit based decision–and a big screw you to the family who now has to suck it up and either choose from w-m’s meager offerings or order the espresso online. We order online.
    I would never buy clothes, shoes, textiles, etc there–the quality is sub par.
    The prices on toiletries are the best around (here), so I purchase those there as well-for now. I do hope for the day I won’t have to shop there at all.

  • ladykroft

    I hate wal-mart because here at my store the shelves are always empty, forcing me to market-hop. Also, the products I buy on a regular basis are constantly being discontinued, forcing me to buy and try other products and throwing away most of them until I find one I like, only to have it discontinued 6 months down the line in an endless circle. 56 products that I used to buy at wal-mart are no longer available there.
    Writing to wal-mart and complaining is like pissing up a rope.
    I’ve started to shop my local small market, they have all that I need and it costs me about 15% more, but I make up for that in that I don’t have to market-hop…it’s all right there.

    • EllBee

      Exactly. Lucky you for being able to find your items even WITH the small store markup.

      And for the person complaining about the small store prices–they do not have the buying power of w-m. THEY can’t purchase as much so they have to pay more, so just passing it along to us. Not their fault.

  • Rose

    I was hired last August to work at Walmart as a cashier. After all the training I went through and there are hours of it I finally became a cashier. The first front end manager who was my boss was great but then they hired a new one. He thought he was just about it. On my first evalution he told me I didn’t check fast enought so I didn’t get a raise. He wanted me to check 400 items per hour. But he did say I was good with the customers and got along well with the staff. I worked hard over the next few months to change what needed to be changed as far as he was concerned but I never did check fast enough for him. I was more interested in serving the customers and doing whatever I could to help them.I always greeted them and talked to them. I did get along with the people-staff and customers. At my second evalution on February 11 I was told I was “voluntarily terminated.” He said it wss because I couldn’t check fast enough wasn’t capable of doing my job. I still have not figured out what he meant that I wasn’t able to do my job-was it because of my age? I was 74 years old at the time. I really wonder if it was about my age. I have worked part time for Walmart a few years ago did just fine.Back in the 70s and 80s we owned and operated our own grocery store and customer service was what counted the most as far as our customers were concerned. They will always come back if you treat them well. I may be 74 (75) now but I am still very active. I need a little extra money to live on so I am still looking for a part time job but not at Walmart. I shop at one that is near to me because it is handy but I buy my “big” bill of groceries at Crest. The people there believe in customer service. I am not caring a grudge but I wonder how many other employees were treated the way I was. Most of them needed jobs more then I did.

  • Intellibronc

    Does John love the EPA? The EPA and eco terrorists are far more respsonsible for sending jobs over seas than WalMart. I’m was THRILLED to see that the radical leftists were shot down in their malicious and unwarranted class action suit. Class action suits shut be outlawed. We’re the only country that allows these horrific abuses of our once great legal system. Our legal system has been abused and will only flounder until we inact tort reform and do something about the professional litigators and bringing them to the justice they so deserve. Wake Up Sheeple!!!

    • GMan0628

      Excellent point!! Thanks for reminding everyone. Doesn’t seem like too many here care about that though. These kind of law suits are ruining America and making everything cost more (even Times watches!).

  • Mike

    Reading this article on a liberty website is amusing. First you malign Walmart for having low prices, dumbass. The you malign them for generating revenue, dumbass. Walmart nets about 3%. Then you malign them for their stock price going up, dumbass. The stock hasn’t gone anywhere in the last decade. Then you malign them for being competitive and driving less competitive companies out of business, dumbass. That is what is supposed to happen in a free market so that capital can be reallocated to more productive uses. Then you say they destroyed hundreds of thousands of jobs by employing 2.1 million people, dumbass. What??? Why is it Walmarts fault that the US federal government has and is systematically destroying the American manufacturing base? You next two paragraphs contribute nothing to your tirade. Then you whine that Walmart made manufacturing in the US unprofitable and drove it overseas, dumbass.

    Then you add your personal “horror” story of a visit to Walmart. You take a disposable watch (dumbass), to a big box retailer for repair (dumbass), and don’t think something amusing is going to result, (dumbass). Then you blame the poor (literally) employee, for believing that you are a dumbass (dumbass). Then you name drop to intimidate the employee into giving you something for free. Your wife was correct. You qualify as a dumbass customer from hell.

  • Intellibronc

    Pardon my typos.

  • jim

    The UNIONS and the LIB DEMS have caused this MESS, with their HUGE bank of REGS and TAXES!! These companies have STOCK HOLDERS to please, they are the OWNERS,just like the GOVT should please US, instead of being OWNED by the UNIONS and the LIB DEMS a SMALL percentage of the population!
    Don’t blame just walmart for Chinese goods! Would you rather pay a few percentage points over cost at walmart or HUGE margins at macy’s etc for the same CHINESE merchandise??
    Let’s blame the ones RESPONSIBLE for this MESS, the LIB DEM MORONS, now of course they are doing MORE of the same thing that CAUSED THIS MESS in the first place!!! thanks to odumba!!!


    Walmart has several areas where- from the patron’s point of view, things could be better. Their successes are the products of free enterprise capitalism; their successes would be nil if an amazing number of patrons had not brought them about. I can very, very much sympathize with your business losses relating to a Walmart moving next door. My family lost everything by being too dependent on the housing industry– but primarily due to the corruption of a large bank. Every family member lost their home(six)– every family member lost their job (six) fifty employees walk away into an environment where each job already had 50 applicants The company was very successful for 45 years, until SUNTRUST BANK entered the picture, and showed me how corrupt a bank can be– and get away with it within the State of Georgia.

    I disagree that Walmart sells only low grade products–moreover, if you do find lemons –of any kind — take it back, within 30 days for a full cash refund.

    After the heist by the bank, my wife and I had to find a facility where a dollar went a long way– we failed in our search– but we did find that groceries, auto tires, bottled propane, power tools, paint and huge hardware and electronics inventories, clothing, drug products, and an endless list of other products–all in the same facility, and at the lowest average price around– at Walmart.

    I don’t hate Suntrust– but I very much hate to see “made in China” on so many items– but show me where it is otherwise.

  • Judi

    I’ve been begging people for several years to boycott Walmart for the very reasons you have stated in your article. I tell anyone I talk to, “If you think you see me in Walmart, it’s not me!”

    I shop the local stores, and the mom and pops if they are available so I can support my community and what few jobs might be left. I refuse to have one more dollar of mine sent to China. It’s obvious that the more people give their dollars to that place, the more they sabotage the American economy and any possibility of industry here and jobs for Americans. I regard Walmart as greed and corruption personified!

    Oh, I forgot to mention that I lost my own job three months ago and I will still pay extra to buy where my precious dollars stay in America!

    • Charlie

      I’m with you on this. Check out the shrimp,it comes from all the asian countries.I know for a fack these our also some of th nastist countries in the world.Why can’t we catch our oun shrimp?

  • B.C.

    I see shopping at walmart (or any store that sells promptly China) a little like eating your own arm, yes it’s cheap in the short term, yes it’s your choice, no one is disputing that. But it can’t last for ever.
    And for those that are responding here out of guilty greed, lashing out at those that don’t agree with their sellout ways, those that actually want to be proud of shopping there, lol your fools.

  • GMan0628

    What idiot would take a watch to Wal-mart for repair?? Anyone with your money, Bob, should have more sense than that and can obviously afford to buy a new cheap Timex anyway. And if you don’t know enough to be able to check your own watch battery, you really need help!! You need to stick to writing, which is what you do best and leave the shopping to someone else!!

    • GMan0628

      Sorry, I meant to type “John” not Bob above.

    • Ed Way

      Yes, I agree with GMan0628. I don’t expect a cheap watch to last forever. I have been buying them ever since digital watches came out. They are accurate and reliable for about three years, sometimes five, and then I buy another one. Just bought a nice large faced ‘Great Northern’ for $14 (on sale).
      Am I going to arm wrestle a clerk who can barely make out change to replace my battery? No! I take a small screwdriver and pull the cover and put a new battery in all by my lonesome. If it last a couple more years, I’m happy, if it doesn’t I buy another one.
      You could buy 100+ watches (or several lifetimes) like this for what a really expensive ‘quality’ watch costs and when it comes time to repair THEM, that too will cost a small fortune. Does that make sense to anyone out there who doesn’t have more money than they know what to do with?

  • http://facebook karen willis





      • mickey

        To read in larger print all you have to do is use Ctrl and the wheel on your mouse. I too have a hard time reading the smaller print even though I have a 22 inch monitor. CAPS mean someone is yelling.

        • Cathy

          Or Ctrl and the plus sign (+). When someone posts in ALL CAPS, I usually skip right over it. And it IS yelling and being rude.

          • RAYMOND HARBIN


  • Cam

    I have to agree Wal-Mart takes away jobs & businesses. The only problem I have with this store is: they hire way too many foreigners. In our local Wal-Mart the vast majority of workers are Philippine or east Indian. They are totally clueless when it comes to helping customers. It is impossible to get proper help in finding anything as none of them seem to know where anything is & the worst part is, they don’t care that you can’t find what your looking for. Decent customer Service is non existent in this chain store.

  • Conservative at Birth

    Sam Walton deliberately located Wal Mart stores in rural communities, and sold many items below cost to drive the locally owned small businesses out of business, so that they could later raise prices to make a profit. I deliberately shop at Wal Mart as little as possible. I find the quality of their produce sub-par to the regional grocery store chain, and the selection lacking. I shop at Costco for most of the items that I could purchase at Wal Mart in smaller quantaties and save a lot of money. There all alternatives to spending money at Wal Mart, if one cares to make the effort. I wish that Meijer would open stores in this market. They would put Wal Mart to shame.

    • LaTrish

      Heh! We have Meijers near most of the WalMarts in our city. I haven’t noticed them hurting WalMart’s business at all. Probably because Meijer’s prices are so much higher and their selection is pretty crappy (at least at the ones we have in our area). But I think mostly it’s the prices, I’ve noticed they will often have the exact same thing as WalMart, but at a significantly higher price. Meijer parking lots around here are never full, except at Christmas time.

  • http://Yahoo RM

    I’m sure those pesky automobile manufactures hurt those poor buggy whip people too.

  • Christopher

    Try to buy an American flag at Walmart… check the label… Made in China…enough said.

    • Mike

      That’s false unless China bought New Jersey. Material and labor is all USA.

  • Tony

    As a small town conservative, I agree with you John. Great article. My beef with Wal-Mart (other than the outrageously low quality toxic beef they sell), is simply that I can’t stand going there to see the copious amounts of obese people, and the fact that Food Stamps run wild within the store. One trip to Wal Mart and you can see exactly how your taxes are spent, I mean wasted: On medical bills for the obese, and on an outrageous amount of government assistance. Sorry just can’t stomach it. It’s a disgusting place.

    • Steve

      You say that it’s Walmart’s fault that obese people spend food stamps and prescriptions there and this is disgusting to you??? Think about what you are saying. You sound like a moron. So you feel like you are better than THOSE PEOPLE and so you don’t like to go there. You are a small town conservative? Sounds like you are small minded and ungrateful for what you have. You are not better than anyone.

      • Tony

        I never blamed Wal-Mart for peoples habits that led them to becoming obese. I am simply saying I choose not to shop there because of the highlights of the above article and because I can’t stand seeing obese people and filth use food stamps. Pretty simple. I am very grateful for what I have, because I earned it via education and work ethic, and spend countless hours in the gym and on my diet so I don’t become obese so that others have to foot the bill of my health problems through Medicaid or some other handout. Sounds like you’re a success hating liberal.

        • Steve

          Not hardly. I’m not liberal, not fat, not on food stamps either but I don’t hate those people. I see them at Walmart but who cares. It’s sad but I have my life and they have theirs. I also think it’s sad that many people won’t shop there because they don’t want to be seen there. They think they are better than that. People like that are dead inside because they only care about their own kind or people that will benifit them in some way. You said “It’s a dusgustin place”. It’s just a store man. Own what you said. You think you are better than the people that shop there. You are full of pride just like many that are posting here. We are all guilty of it sometimes but it is ugly and when you see it in yourself you have a choice to ignore it or deal with it.

          • Tony

            I don’t necessarily hate them. I hate the fact that our tax dollars are continually abused in so many cases. I’m not against helping someone out to get them back on their feet, but when normal people (those that work for a living) have to spend within their means, there’s those on welfare and food stamps buying steak and lobster (in Wal-Mart), and eating it in front of their LED television. I absolutely don’t think I’m too good to shop in Wal-Mart. It simply makes me sick to step in the store, so I don’t. There’s less of a chance I will see degenerates in local food stores, and carry much higher quality items. You and I have our freedom to choose (for now), so if you want to shop at Wal-Mart, by all means go ahead. I still own my words: It’s a disgusting place.

      • Cathy

        People who are obese should be embarrassed to be out in public, especially shopping for FOOD. Ever look and see what’s in their carts? Ah-ha! You quickly know why they are obese. Seriously, 34% of the population is obese. That’s ONE-THIRD of the population. What a shame!

        I’m about 10 (or maybe 15 at most) pounds over what I want to be/should be, and I am doing something about it. How can people live with themselves being 50+ over their ideal weight? What a burden they put on their bodies!

        • Tony

          Cathy, it’s a shame. I just can’t stand seeing it, which is why I stay away from Wally World; it’s so prominent there. The majority of people that shop there seem to be downright ignorant…getting in the way of people, taking up whole isle’s with their motorize scooters, walking at a snails pace because they can’t move any faster, etc….no respect for others, just can’t take going there. People degrading their bodies, it’s a sin. Of course, I’m not talking about people that just need to lose a few pounds, I’m talking about the obese. I mean we all have the freedom to choose what we eat…but I start to get offended when it’s my tax dollars being used to pay for their medical bills because they’re too fat to work.

  • Steve

    You are either for business or you are anti-business and believe they should all be regulated by the government. I don’t think you are thinking clearly here. I think that anytime someone is sucessful in business you can make a case that there is also a undesired consequence for someone else. Get over it. Make a choice that your are for free markets or you are not. If you are then you can’t fault Walmart for doing most of what they do. It’s not a charity they have. They don’t generally take apart people’s watches because they get people in there every day that say that a Walmart employee screwed up their watch and they want something free. These scumbags target small business too and ruin it for the rest of us. But while you focus on some negative consequences, people like you ignore the benifit to millions of americans of saving money shopping there and providing jobs. As far as trade deficit, that’s probably the job of the losers in our government to be concerned about. But I have just opened a can of worms, haven’t I. If you don’t think that Walmart employees make enough then take some of that money you saved by shopping there and give it to one of the employees there. Put your money where your big mouth is. Problem solved.

  • C130 Gunship

    I will admit that I don’t like WalMart for a number of reasons that has already mentioned above. However, from time to time I will admit that I do buy 3 things from WalMart, namely ammo, canning supplies (made in America) and the occasional pair of jean-made (made in some turd world country). Aside from the jeans, the canning supplies and ammo (prepper stuff) prices are cheaper at WalMart than anywhere else I can find them for with the only exception BassPro or Cabella’s when they run the end of the season sales. Well, Walmart is 5 miles away from my house, BassPro and Cabella’s 15-25 miles respectfully, and in horrible traffic.

    Our power is in our collective back pockets-that is wallets, resist to the point it doesn’t make economic sense not to spend there, or it offends your patriotic beliefs and don’t spend money with Walmart.



  • j

    You should wish you could only do 1 tenth of the good WalMart has done for the lower income families of this country. From affording jobs for hundreds of thousands, to lower cost of living for hundreds of thousands more.
    So maybe there is a problem or two here and there, but all in all they are GREAT….After all, who in this world is perfect? Certainly not you, nor myself!
    READ ATLAS SHRUGGED…… why is it so many are against companies making money at what their endeavor may be. Is it sour grapes??? If it weren’t for these companies this country would be in miserable shape…..the Government cannot even operate within a budget…..only spend, spend, spend.
    If you would only recognize the fact that so many things are made elsewhere in this world is because the UNIONS forced all these manufacturese out of business!!!!

  • Jennie

    I shop at Wal-Mart frequently and I also “shop around”. This past weekend I was looking for some stakes for my Moon Flowers. The price at Wal-Mart was $2.47 per stake; so, I went to Tractor and Supply on the recommendation of fellow shopper; where I got my stakes for 97 cents each. People have become hypnotized and convinced that Wal-Mart ALWAYS has the best deals. Don’t fall into that trap. Sometimes they do, but sometimes the don’t. Check every store out when you are shopping for values; and, don’t overlook the individual or family run stores. They are friendly, helpful, grateful for your business and they almost always remember (and stock) what you are looking for.

    • ValDM

      Jennie & Nancy below,
      I have weaned myself from Walmart. Where we used to live, you couldn’t feed your family if you didn’t shop there (53 miles one-way for a month’s supply). Now we live where shopping is easy if you watch sales.

      My husband asked me a while back why we didn’t shop Walmart any more. I took him there & showed him their prices, & told him what I was paying elswhere. He said, “Good call.”

  • Nancy

    We just survived the Monument Fire. Our local WalMart had big baskest where locals could buy goods at full price from their store and put it in the basket to be donated to the victims and the people working on the fire. WalMart made a killing in profits from people wanting to help out in this crisis, then WalMart shows up and gets the credit for the donation. I happened to be in the check out line when a military man was trying to purchase a palate of bottled water for his company out working on the fire. I could not believe that they wouldn’t just give the man the piles of water people had already purchased, not only that, but they charged him full price for what he purchased. He was definately with the fire crew and proved it. The others in line could not believe what we saw and about half of us dropped our purchases and just left. No more WalMart for me.

  • http://www, John Hanna

    Whiner! Why would a golden fat cat buy a knockoff watch at Walmart? Who doesn’t know how to set a battery? How much did you pay the clerk to set the battery? Ever hear of a tip – that’s something rich people are supposed to offer when demanding cheap help from those without. You call that bad clerkmanship? You should have seen me on the last of my 16 hour overnights at the downtown Shell! Heh, just kidding, you bought a cheap watch, who cares.

  • Greg

    You can add extortion to Walmart’s crimes also. A couple years ago my step-daughter and her boyfriend were shopping at Walmart when they ran into a guy her BF had known when he lived in New York. They spoke briefly and then went shopping on their own in the store. They were checking out separately, but left the store at the same time. The inventory control alarms went off and security stopped them. It seems the BF’s friend had stolen something, but they knew nothing about it. However, security detained them all and demanded that my step-daughter and her BF both pay $300 or they would call the police. Being in their early 20′s and having never been in any trouble before, they were scared to death. Because of this, they scraped together every cent they could to pay the extortion money. It took months to pay it all off. We didn’t find out about it for about 6 months because they were afraid to say anything. I was going to contact an attorney and the police to file charges against Walmart, but they both were so traumatized by the ordeal that they just wanted us to forget it. Now it seems to me that if you have reason to believe that something was stolen you call the police, which they never did. I guess they figured it would be much more profitable to just extort money out of them.

    • Pappadave

      There are crooks everywhere, Greg. Just because one WalMart employee took advantage of your kids doesn’t make WalMart “evil.” I guarantee that this is NOT WalMart policy and, if the management knew about it, everyone involved would be out on their respective keester.

  • Jennie

    And could we please ***** out the juvenile name calling. It’s unnecessary and really dilutes your argument and turns most people off.

  • Linda

    I was glad to see that I am not the only one who is not “in love” with Walmart. I don’t shop there, unless there is no choice left open, aside from doing without. While I agree with John Myers’ analysis of the bigger problems with the chain, my own reasons for avoiding these stores whenever possible are very simple and basic. 1) Overall, the stores are usually dirtier than those of their competitors. 2) They don’t keep seasonal items in stock, once the season is nearly over. 3) They drove out some of my favorite smaller stores, once they opened their doors in our area. Although Walmart is not the only mega-chain that fits these descriptions, it is usually the first one that comes to my mind!

  • rls01

    Speaking of stores…why I hate Best Buy aka “Worst Buy” Bought a laptop, screen didn’t work, took it back…it was sent it to be fixed. Got it back, same thing again. Took it back again 2nd time. Sent in again, same problem…back 3rd time. I asked, why don’t you just give me a good one. Was told, “when you bring it in on the eve of the 4th time we will.”

    You guessed it, they didn’t, they owe me $750. DON’T TRUST THEM!!!

    • Matt Wayne

      Was it an HP product. I owned at least 6 HP laptop computers I bought from Best Buy. I bought a HP office jet and sent it back 4 times and it still doesn’t work right. I gave up. All the laptops where the cheapest asian crap you can get. All you get is a year or 2. Absolute garbage. I hate HP and Best Buy for selling it.

  • Sue

    I shop at Walmart all the time. Saves me a lot of money and that is how I keep my family going, and off welfare. Customer service sucks all over the US. When is the last time someone was nice to you at McDonald’s or Dunkin Doughnuts, or a gas station of any kind? The guy should have returned the watch for a new one but I’m betting he didn’t keep the receipt. I keep mine and never have trouble returning stuff at Walmart.

  • 403 Forbidden

    Mr. Myers,

    I am old enough to remember that before that evil juggernaut named Wal-Mart rolled through America, you could get crappy service from nasty sales staff and/or owners at your local Mom and Pop store. There were a lot of reasons for that: because they were the only store in your part of town; because they were the owner’s nephews and they hated having to work at the store; or because you were African-American and they hated you just for breathing the same air they did.

    As long as you’re going to mention Standard Oil, do research the beneficial effects of John Sherman’s Antitrust Act. Six smaller oil companies filed suit because S.O. was undercutting them by five cents a gallon…on kerosene! (The internal combustion engine wasn’t that popular in 1890.) Who benefitted? Six small oil companies and one Senator. Who lost? Everyone who had to heat their homes. And everyone who used railroads, tobacco, and all the other ‘monopolies’ that were subsequently hobbled by grandstanding politicians.

    I find it laughably macabre that Federal judges and legislators who have never had an original idea, never mind made a payroll, and who can’t even seem to keep their body parts and fluids where they belong can dictate terms to billion-dollar companies. Who really wields the cudgel of ‘monopoly’ here? The market has a way of outsmarting these martinets anyway: consider that the ‘antitrust’ case against IBM dragged on for 15 years and wasted billions of dollars of taxpayer money to no effect, but that Ling-Temco-Vought collapsed because its executives overreached its ability to manage diverse businesses and markets.

    Were J.D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, J.B. Duke, et. al. angels? Hell, no. They were greedy, conniving bastards. They were trying to make as much money as they could any way they could – which paradoxically required them to make their goods and services available to more people at prices they could pay, and to hire more workers for their expanding operations. Bill Gates waxes philanthropic now (like Vanderbilt and Carnegie), but he is cut from the same cloth. He’s made more computers available to more people all over the world, and created thousands of millionaires (2000 M$ employees alone, not to mention those who wrote popular software for Window$). Compare that to the effect of cooler-than-thou boutique companies like Apple. Econ 101 flash, Steve Jobs: prices rise, not fall, under classic monopolies.

    Wal-Mart does do a lot of fancy dancing around regulators to pay as little as possible to their employees; but keep in mind that those regulations were established and are maintained for the political benefits they afford politicians, heedless of the jobs they destroy. The Somalian refugees I meet working at Wal-Mart in Salt Lake City – men *and* women – thank Allah that they can work and feed their families; whoever thinks they’re going to be stuck in dead-end min-wage jobs forever does not know the determination of people who have never heard of ‘entitlements’.

    And you are free to buy American-made products when they are better and less expensive than products made elsewhere – but with the same petty officials swarming over every business on our shores imposing every sort of tax, license, inspection, and restriction – they’re getting harder and harder to find.

    If you want to be a *real* capitalist, buy a few shares of Wal-Mart stock every time you get your too-large check for writing essays like the one above. It has appreciated and paid dividends throughout your lifetime, unlike the paper dollars you’ve socked away in a so-called retirement program (and good luck getting *those* back when you need them).

    • AnhydrousBob

      You are spot on, Mr 403.

  • Farmlady

    Ok so I’m among the few…oh wait was there anyone that agreed with John? Let it be said that I agree with John. WallyWorld also has many suits against them involving people getting hurt injured in their store (items falling off the shelves up high–whether pushed by another customer or employee, I’m NOT an appreciator of the place for several reasons including overseas labor conditions, cheap products, store atmosphere less then desirable, need I go on? I have been to WallyWorld in several overseas locations and find it interesting that overseas WalMart there is parallel to a dollar store in the USA. Locations in China that have WalMart usually fall below, in every way, nice mall store yet above native small store. Its odd to hear Chinese say why pay more for Walmart products when they can get it cheaper in the next store. WalMart=NO WAY! Not good for America or me.

    • Steve

      So you think that Walmart is responsible for the working conditions at the factories of China? The stupidity here is unbelievable!

  • Tanya

    John, I don’t claim Walmart to be a saintly company, but no one has to shop there and no one has to sell to them either. For that matter, no one is forced to work there either.

    I don’t know where the rest of you live or how much you earn, but I live in a tourist town and my dh and I are raising eight kids on one income (without gov’t aid). Before Walmart came to our town nine years ago, I had to drive an hour away to shop for basic needs once a month. We had a Pamida store where the shelves were perpetually empty, a lot of little shops with nothing I needed or could afford, and a couple of grocery stores with high prices. Since we got a Walmart, I’ve been shopping locally for nine years. Yes, I do most of my spending at Walmart, but I can find the rest of what I need now without leaving town because we’ve added a Walgreens and a Family Dollar. Yeah, they drove Pamida out of business, but they deserved it because they were a lousy store. The rest of the town has thrived, and I believe Walmart has helped that.

    I don’t think Walmart’s customer service is any worse than anywhere else. I find just as many rude, imcompetent people in smaller stores. I’ve noticed that the cashiers recently hired for the summer at my Walmart are faster and friendlier than previous employees. I believe that’s because no one else is hiring here and Walmart has their pick of more skilled people. I met a young dad who’s a new cashier. He said Walmart was the only job available and he was glad to have it.

    With grocery prices rising, I read that Walmart jacks up their prices once they drive other stores out of business, so I set out to test the theory. I went to all the stores in my town and the nearest bigger city and compared prices. The only place within 60 miles where I could beat Walmart’s prices was Aldi and some things at Everything’s $1 in the neighboring town. The prices at the neighboring Walmart were the same as my little tourist town. I’ll hit Aldi once a month to cut my budget, but Walmart will still get a lot of my business. I don’t support China’s policies, but I’m not willing to pay more to support union greed either. I buy what I can afford.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    There’s something about free enterprise – if you do it right you’ll make money. WalMart must be doing a lot of things right because it makes a ton of money.
    There’s something else about free enterprise – if you’re unhappy, you’re free to take your money elsewhere.

  • Matt Wayne

    The average Chinese worker gets paid $0.57 an hour. The average annual earnings for manufacturing workers in cities are $1,347. How do you compete with that? Show me any man or women in American who can. You can’t even pay your electrical bill for that. How do you buy food, pay rent, own a car, pay auto insurance or mandated health insurance? For those who think Americans can or should be competing with those wages are living in a fantasy promoted by the global elite.
    Do you think that’s a good quality life and that’s the way you want your children and your children’s children to be living? I think most people of European decent would be suicidal at that point. Either that or turn to drugs or alcohol to mentally escape.
    There’s one billion three hundred million people in China and one billion two hundred million people in India. Three hundred twelve million people in the U.S.

    What American is left with, is an overinflated monster of a government that has spiraled out of control, and continues to hold onto its high wages and expensive benefits, while the tax base that comes from working Americans to support it, is eroded away. With current trade deficient, and the loss of decent paying jobs, and a huge government and social programs, the U.S. is going to go broke. Don’t be deceived, it’s a matter of time and America will be broke.

    • mickey

      We used to have a good quality of life on those $.50 an hour jobs. We had houses, kids, education and tax liabilities to match. Then came the push for minimum wage hikes. We were only guaranteed a right to pursue happiness, not for the government to make that a minimum.

      China and free trade are not the problem, our inflation and loss of self dependency is. How much does it cost to buy a packet of seeds to grow vegetables? 5 for a $1?

      As far as China is concerned, we’ve always farmed out manufacturing. The unions, however, who could have controlled wages here sold everyone on the “company” should not make a profit. Therefore, the profit needed shared to the point the business would be better off–given our stock market demands on ROI to shareholders–to make the profit margin higher.

      • Matt Wayne

        My background is carpenter and than a contractor and developer. In 1941 a carpenters wage was $1 an hour. You’re obviously out of touch with a lot of Americans. $0.50 cents an hour, in America is the 1800′s. No one can live on that. You list the price of the seeds, but that assumes you own property. Not everybody does and in America, it generally takes a steady job and decent money to own property to grow your pack $1 seeds on. For minimum wage, you cannot support yourself, yet alone buy property. Not to mention, most property is being taxed heavily to support schools for illegal aliens and misc., unless it is in the middle of nowhere, and in those places jobs are hard to find.

        China is definitely part of the problem and should have tariffs imposed. You don’t consider the true cost, such as lowered wages for Americans, dealing with the unemployed, lack of opportunities for youth to get into the labor market. Donald trump was right. We’ll turn into a country of paupers and wards of the state and the cheap Chinese crap will come back and bite you in the ass.

        • Pappadave

          Chinese workers making ceramic angels for Christmas tree-toppers do NOT “put Americans out of work.” What put those “tree-topper-makers” out of work here was the government decided that the “workers” were entitled to more pay and benefits than the company could justify and still make affordable tree-toppers that people would actually buy. Then, the government decided that the tree-topper workers had to have a kitchen in which to take their frequent breaks, special lighting, and, worst of all, tens of thousands of “regulations” on the tree-topper business, compliance with which made their tree-toppers completely unaffordable to the average joe, so off to Chine they went.

          • Matt Wayne

            You’re saying all that chinese make are tree topper? Or you trying imply they’re too stupid to make anything else, and of course, we’re so smart?

            You’re really going to try to make an argument that more than 300 billion in chinese goods that Walmart sales a year, doesn’t put any americans out of work? Can you come up with an argument that has some reasoning, logic or facts that make sense?

  • Rebecca

    I live 20 miles from Walmart and 50 miles from the nearest larger town. Where do you suggest I shop if not at Walmart? They have already put the only factory in the area out of business (other than the prisons). so where else do I work?? Walmart is destroying rural America and laughing all the way to the offshore bank.

  • NotJustWalmart

    I have never commented here but this editorial has prompted me to do so. Yes, Walmart may be blamed for allowing such poor customer service, however, you can also blame our overpaid education system for turning out so many narcissistic stupid people who can’t even get your order right when they use pictures to enter the order into their system.

    I lost count many years ago how many times I had to park my car after going thru a drive thru and go into the restaurant (McDonald’s is the worst) and get my order corrected. My wife thought I exaggerated until I told her she is now assigned the responsibility to get any food from McD and she now admists I was right.

    This is not limited to McD’s and Walmart either. Just this past weekend my wife went to a local Dairy Queen and the typical nose ringed clerk had to come back and ask her twice how to spell “Becky”. Then she brings the cake out and my wife had asked for lavender or purple lettering and she had used “pink”. For all we know no one ever taught her or challenged her in her school years to identify colors. After spelling our daughters name 3 times my wife was in no mood to take it further, paid her money and left.

    So bottom line, don’t blame the retailer although I do believe they could put some money into remedial education for these dunder heads but in reality how many hundreds of billions are being spent each year to turn out these body peirced wonders?

  • i41

    When Wal-Mart started putting marxist/communists democrats on their boards is when, the corporation went to hell. After Whorehound left office his team of corrupt smucks loaded into board room. Like most liberal puke what had been a company giving raises and benifits, then these started to disappear and more worthless left leaning idiots were hired. The turn over at a Wal-Mart near us has a 300% turn over. No matter how small or how large, there has too be real problems in any business that is in a turmoil on keeping help. When it was know that Wal-Mart and other corps were planning on vertically intergrating beef production in the USA and other countries like Argentna to have a complete control of beef production like chicken production and hog production was handled in the 90′s. I haven’t shopped in Wal-Mart in 5 years and sure don’t miss it, management is some of the most sorry people skilled pukes to every be close to customers service industry. The products are made pretty cheap and don’t last. I shop at small stores and go to our local butcher shops who by locally grown animals to process.

  • Robert

    most all of the problems you have are caused by the government. When i was a young man In Pittsburgh (the steel center of the world} Pittsburgh was growing. the federal government in the fifties extolled our steel companies to build steel mills in Japan and Germany so they would not go communistic. we did and we did not build new mills in America. In the mid fifties the japanese government encourage our steel companies to ship steel into the U.S. and they would give our steel companies a tax break. so they did ship steel into the USA. when I saw this I left Pittsburgh because I Knew Pittsburgh was going to die. It did die. It went from 700000 thousand people to 330000 people. They killed a city. the politicians are bought and sold daily and that is why America is dying. Unions own the politicians because they own the vote of the union members. It is an unholy alliance and it is destroying america. our future is as servants of forign governments and unions and politicians. you now know what your future is and do not expect anything better untill you turn on the politicians and the unions who do not care about you or america.

    • James

      You conveniently neglected to mention the advent of steel “mini-mills” — including those built in the US. While initially all they were able to produce was cheap quality steel — good for rebar, but little else — they continued to improve their processes to the point that the large, inefficient, steel mills could not compete. Rather than learn to compete using the more efficient production methods, they dropped large segments of the market (focusing only on the higher quality/higher margin products, an area which they could compete in until the mini-mills improved their quality enough to compete), or begged their Big Government “daddy” to punish those who were more efficient, in the spirit of “Crony Capitalism”. Ultimately, even that didn’t save them.

      The companies deserved to fail, thus releasing resources to those (in the US and in other countries) that could compete effectively.

  • Old Henry


    Good article which brings to the fore a lot about the 800 pound gorilla.

    Before I retired I used to have co-worders come in to my office for a chat. Invarably the conversation got around to the big boxes like Wal Mart, Home Depot, etc. and how they were killing American jobs and mom and pop stores with the Asian / Chinese products. I simply told then that if we will buy them they will sell them. If we do not buy them and the product hangs on a display hook it does not matter how cheap they get them made. No sale, no profit.

    I would tell them to partonize the smaller shops and support them. They would stammer, but, but, but, they are more expensive! I would shake my head and ask: “How much is it worth to keep our jobs and small shops”?

    We have a super WM in the area that sold groceries at “cut rate” prices (WM hype) which hurt local stores. The store then decided to discontinue “name brand” groceris and only sell the WM brand. Customers began shopping at the local stores and found that the prices were VERY comparable without the headache of shopping at the huge WM. A lot of them never went back.

    By the way, why didn’t you and your wife shop for decorations at a smaller local store?

    • John Myers

      Always enjoy your comments Old Henry. And yes I have told my wife that it will take three big men to drag me into Wal-Mart ever again. Even then I would put up a fight. So no, there won’t be anymore of anything from Wal-Mart in our home again.
      John Myers

      • coal miner

        John Myers,

        Right on Mr.Myers.

        WalMart sucks! Wal-mart blows! The hell with WalMart! Boycott Walmart!
        Global trade and lending organizations such as the World Trade Organization (WTO), the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund have made it harder for organizations in any one country, or even governments to protect the interests of their citizens from the greed of multinational corporations. The assets of some of the largest corporations exceed those of many nations. Only as a united global community can we stop them from destroying the environment, violating the most basic human rights of their workers, and exploiting children as a source of cheap labor.
        (text from

        Wal-Mart Facts:
        Wal-Mart employs approximately 720,000 people. Of that number, A MAJORITY of them QUALIFY FOR FOOD STAMPS. Yes folks, you, me, all of us, are providing welfare to a majority of Wal-Mart employees, and in essence to Wal-Mart itself. That means that Wal-Mart is responsible for providing poverty level wages to at least 360,000 workers, and their families…but the number is much larger. And the figure includes not just part-time employees, but all full-time employees, as well. Wal-Mart also provides NO affordable Health-Care. For every job that Wal-Mart creates in a community it displaces from 2 to 5 existing jobs, many that formerly provided benefits. Wal-Mart employs approximately 100,000 workers in other countries to manufacture goods sold in Wal-Mart stores. The majority of those jobs qualify for sweatshop status. Much of it is forced labor, such as in China. Of that 100,000, many are children. Wal-Mart gets special tax-breaks in most of the cities that they move into, tax-breaks that are not afforded the smaller “Mom & Pop” stores and other business that they eventually run out of business. Many of the former business owners are then forced to go to work for Wal-Mart for poverty level wages, with no benefits. Wal-Mart likes to advertise its goods as “made in the USA”. The truth is, most of their goods are manufactured whole or in-part by sweatshop or forced-labor in other countries. Any Wal-Mart employee who gets “caught” exploring “in any way” the possibility of bringing a union into Wal-Mart is immediately fired. Only one Wal-Mart store is unionized–that is in Canada where they have much stronger labor laws. Wal-Mart’s labor practices are, of course, against the law, and they have lost numerous unfair labor suits brought against them by former employees–but they persist in their practices. And now…Wal-Mart is planning to go into the grocery Super-Market business, with the same business ethics and unfair labor practices that they are famous for.

        So much has been written about the evils of WalMart. Unfair labor practices. The ruination of local businesses in communities where WalMart invades. It doesn’t all need to be repeated here. Primary concern by this webmaster is the strongarm tactics to suppliers to encourage the relocation of manufacturing facilities to China. If you seriously want to shop American Made, you have no business in a WalMart. If their stores were to move the American Made goods to one area I believe it would all fit in the small entrance area where the greeter meets you. Next time you visit a WalMart ask where the American Made goods are displayed. Or, just ask for the list.

        • coal miner
        • Pappadave

          Nonsense! If they employ “750,000″ people, where did that “1.5 million women WalMart employees” nonsense come from??? They are the largest retailer in the world…and there’s a good reason. They provide affordable products that people both want and need. Don’t like ‘em? Easy. Don’t shop there.

          • coal miner

            Walmart employees approximately 1.8 million people worldwide. Walmart is the largest private employer in the United States and Mexico. You know you can find a store in any major down.There 720000 in the US.

          • coal miner

            My mistake!Employs!

          • coal miner


  • Robert

    not just walmart I want you to think about the unions who control our schools. and the politicians who are in bed with them. you go to the polls and vote for the politicians who will give you something, rather than vote for someone who will live up to good values and the constitution. As I saw what was happening to Pittsburgh in the fiftis I see the same for America now we are past the tipping point so it is almost unstoppable but you need to try to save America

  • John R. Harbison

    Why are 1.5 million women unhappy. Did they not know what there pay scale was going to be. Did someone make them take the job. Did walmark offer them something greater, then pay them less. was it slave labor or is it another deal where some lawyers cooked up a get rich with out working thing we all here so much about.Or was it the only job in town they could get.
    I will never forget Sam Walton,He was a hero in my eyes.He came along at a time when small towns really needed him. He bought land, built bildings,hired people, and sold a product that we needed at a price we could aford. I am not into the chinese thing,have not nor will I buy them, but someone must be because they keep restocking and selling them.

  • gjb5528

    This debate about Walmart is kind of a bogus argument. The public in
    order to save money especially when they have small children is their
    right. I buy certain grocery items at Walmart because they are a lot cheaper than the big grocery super markets. In Pgh, Pa a very large
    grocery chain named Giant Eagle competes with Walmart and Aldi’s and all three are doing fine. Giant Eagle uses gasoline credits for their customers to keep their business going strong, but Giant Eagle is a union shop so the prices are higher in order to pay the union wages, the other two stores are not union and the prices are much cheaper.
    Customers that frequent Aldi’s and Walmart do so out of necessity in order to save money on the high prices of food.
    I have been a union member for over 60 years and I still pay union dues even though I’m retired, and I can attest to the fact that unions in modern times have been corrupted by devious leaders and bad and lazy members who are always looking for ways to get out of work, but yet they want higher wages and benefits. Anybody that wants to save money by buying at stores like Walmart and Aldi’s have every right to do so without being called un-american. I always believed that certain businesses should not be unionised like grocery, clothing,transportation and some other businesses that are dealing with the general public for obvious reasons to many of which to mention. So I say shop where you get the best bargains, and if you can
    find any stores that sell American products then that’s where to buy.



    • 45caliber

      Walmart built a new Super-store locally. About a month before the new store was open, the old one began to raise prices on everything. Then the new store opened and the old one closed. The new store advertised “lower prices!” Well, they were lower than the old store had when it closed – but higher than the old store had before it started raising prices just before it closed. And they haven’t gone down since.

      I’ve refused to buy from the super-store. My wife prefers to get her groceries there because “there is a bigger selection”. I don’t care. I insist we get them locally. We still don’t starve.

    • Cathy

      Hi Barbara…I’m also going to be living full time in an RV by the end of next month. Wondered if you belonged to the Good Sam Club? Good thing (maybe) is you can park in a WM or Sams Club parking lot overnight if you’re a member. Could come in handy if a person is too tired to drive to a park. And there are nice discounts at many RV parks too.

      BTW, please take your CAPS lock off. All CAPS is shouting on the Internet!

    • Aix Sponsa

      There are many businesses in the mid-south that will NOT hire a person unless they speak Spanish because the Mexs are taking over all over town. Should I mention the rude, obnoxious, deliberate intimidation, and push you out of the way FY attitude they proliferate. Their foul mouths speak Mex to our women, and comments to our children, deliberately blocking aisles and doorways. Let’s also mention the fact that Mexs ARE taking jobs….. a fact….. that they intimidate Legals and whites so that many businesses MUST hire illegals or cease to operate. Not long ago my good friend had concrete work done by a contractor with 6 illegals. The contractor told him it was either illegals or he was out of business, as they intimidate others to stay away. Who is running this country?

  • American Citizen

    The problem is, sometimes we have no choice. We needed a window air-conditioner of a specific size. After checking the stores and businesses here, we had to drive 16 miles to a Wal-Mart to get one that fits. I wasn’t crazy about it, but happy that we found one. I shop locally as much as possible, but sometimes I can’t find what I need here, so we go up to Wal-Mart. We have a daughter who has no choice of where to shop for her groceries as Wal-Mart is the only grocery in that town. There are rumors that another one is coming and she will shop there then.

  • 45caliber

    I have two major things I dislike about Wal-mart. First, since Walton died, it refuses to consider buying American made goods. It goes to China or other countries to buy. At least Walton was willing to buy American if he possibly could.

    Second, most of their employees are “part-time”. This is done on purpose since it means they do not have to provide any vacation, sick leave, insurance, or any other benefits to their employees.

    I don’t get too excited about the Wal-mart win on the pay. I had a friend who worked at the local store. She had been there about ten years – and the ones just starting work were upset because she was making about twice as much as they were doing the same work. In other words, they weren’t willing to work their way up as she had done. I feel that anyone who works ten years should be getting more than someone just hired does.

  • Brian

    I couldn’t care less about how Wal Mart chooses to legally do business. My wife used to work there and quit when we realized just how crappy they treat employees and customers. I used to shop there for everything, mainly because I am in a small town and that is the only choice for many items. However, after Wal Mart got into bed with Homeland Security last winter (See something, say something, complete with Big Sis hanging out over the checkout area encouraging people to snitch on anyone for really any reason.) I decided I was done giving them my hard earned money for low quality crap. We’ve actually saved money by not shopping at WM, so I don’t know why people think its such a great deal. It’s convenient for those too lazy to shop multiple places, but that’s about it. Ammunition is now the only item I buy there, and if a gun store opened in my town I’d stop buying that at WM, too.

  • Cathy

    Reading some of the comments, I see that many are Walmart worshipers and flock there like it’s some kind of shrine.

    I have purposely avoided Walmart for years because I didn’t like their business practices. They get into the personal lives (or at least they did at one time) of their employees. They weren’t allowed to have “relationships” from what I remember. That right there pissed me off. Talk about control!

    Next, all of you who think Walmart has the best prices make me laugh. Believe me, I KNOW prices and their prices aren’t any better than Kmart or Target. I had a Petsmart clerk tell me she shops there for her food and that Smiths (Kroger) was too expensive. I’ve seen their prices: No big difference!

    So I check weekly sales at Walgreens, Smiths, Albertsons, Target, and Kmart and if what I use is on sale, I get it. Walgreens has FANTASTIC weekly sales.

    When someone says to me, “You can get one (whatever it is) at Walmart” I tell them I don’t go to Walmart. I hear this a lot. I really believe that most people are brainwashed into thinking that WM is the be all, end all. Like it’s the ONLY store in the world. I’ll stick with all the other stores.

    • Pappadave

      Someone needs to point out that a difference of just $.30 per item can sometimes make the difference between eating hot dogs or pot roast…or tuna salad. For those on a fixed income (in my case, they fixed it…but GOOD) a few cents saved on each item can make the difference between eating and buying medicine and doing without either.

      • Tanya

        I agree. Kudos to those who can pay higher prices if they so choose. I don’t have that option. We have a large family and choose to stay off gov’t aid, so I have to tweak my budget till it begs for mercy. I don’t have a Kmart, Target, or any other discount store within 60 miles. Walgreens only has name-brand products, which I can rarely afford, even on sale. Otherwise, Walmart is it.

        I personally think we should quit complaining about Walmart and require our gov’t to restore our liberty. That way, we will still have enough prosperity to have a choice of where to shop and what to pay. The way it’s going, more and more will be just surviving and discussions of “buy American” will be a moot point when we have no disposable income. My family is already there and struggling hard to pay our own way with a small income worth less and less every day.

  • paintbrushbright

    Sam Walton is probably turning in his grave because of his children.
    I can remember Sam telling America that he would only sell American made products. I wonder how our economy would be now if they would have kept that promise.

  • http://att Ralph A.

    Your choice of a time spand to show WM growth is interesting. If you started 25 years earlier, the value was zero and the growth is infinite. Note that in the modern WM, the maximum value was in early 2000 when the stock peaked at $69+. Since then is has never been that high and has hovered in the low $50s since then. Today’s value is $53.78. Investors have made very little on this stock for the past 10 years – only the dividend.

  • Robert

    you ask for it and you got it.

  • Aix Sponsa

    Sure we can blame WM for lots of things. It must be nice to be rich enough to quit your job just for sheets and giggles.

    My question is, “What’s the solution?”
    The USA is like the window washer that fell from the 25th floor. As he passed the 7th floor the window was open and the people heard him say…….”So far, so gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.”

  • AnhydrousBob

    You need to read up on Standard Oil – you’ve bought the old liberal story. No economist today, not even the Keynesians, will try to fly the old “selling below cost” theory. Rockefeller, good or bad in other areas, was a shrewd businessman and industrialist who was able to bring his costs down by a huge amount. He was making a profit and selling oil. Thomas E Woods has a good explanation on this – you can find and download from

    As to the other points, I think they’ve been covered. I’d just like to say that Wal-Mart tried to promote a “Buy America” theme 20 years ago (more or less) by promptly displaying the “Made in America” logo – which failed when the shoppers showed they didn’t care.

    The jobs are in Asia because we have pushed them there – from Minimum Wage Laws, to Mandates, to forced Union labor, to heinous regulations, and maybe most importantly, uncertainty about what the next wave of government interference will be in taxes, Fed Policy, and labor laws.

    Who would want to have a business and give away half your profits, after being forced to do their work (tax time!) so they can take it from you?

    For that matter who would want to work for minimum wages when you can get some sort of socialized remuneration without the hassle of work?

    A modern day Horace Greely might again say “Go West, young Man, Go west (to the East)”. For there you will find lower tax rates, booming economies, and much less restrictive regulations on business.

  • Greg Davidson

    This is the very reason I shop at Dollar General or Family Dollar stores.When I was an o t r truck driver from 1987 to 2001 we hauled many a $ Gen load and Wallyworld to.The General you can go in and come out quicker and get AMERICAN MADE products.Just one mans opinion.

    • Bob Marshall

      Greg, i have to admit i use all three stores. The price of everything is skyrocketing. I bought my groceries at Wal-mart. two weeka ago an dkept my reciept. Yesterday i bought the exact same items and the price increased ten dollars. Ten cent here and twenty cents there. It doesn’t take much to make up the idea of using three stores seems to be a very sound and realistic idea. Maybe more will do the same.

  • Harold Olsen

    I live in Seattle, and I guess there is a Walmart around here somewhere but I have no idea where it is. I’ve never tried to find out where it is and even if I did know where it was located I would never shop there. From the first time I heard about Walmart, umpteen years ago, most of what I’ve heard has been negative. One of the things is that it is a poor man’s K-Mart and that is also someplace where I will never shop.

    • karolyn

      When you live in many rural areas, WalMart is the only game in town for many items unless you want to drive 30+ miles.

  • mickey

    I have found that WM isn’t always cheaper. I can buy some things closer by that are cheaper but if it is a brand store, it is sometimes $10 more.

    We have so much and so many unneeded items we can get them at a rummage sale. If there is no warranty, dependable warranty, involved, what’s the difference?

    I agree on the store selection but when they have the aisles so high I can’t see from one to the other, I leave.

    My biggest gripe is that most cities offer tax advantages to a new business. Then when that option runs out, WM just builds another one down the street.

    They have killed a lot of small businesses. Some point out they also hire a lot of people, albeit, those are minimum wage people. At least with the small stores, each owner became a business person on their own, responsible for their own products and earnings.

    We just complain and complain about this and that and “going back” to small is unpopular while the demand is for “big” and “minimum” of everything. We are burying ourselves and it doesn’t have anything to do with WM.

  • Bob Marshall

    I read the story about Sam Walton. He was an honorable man with sound bussiness principles. He loved America.I am not sure but i don’t believe he would approve of how Wal-Mart is being run today. Wal-mart has the right to go to any country they wish. However, you can read for yourself how many small business went under when Wal-mart came into their town. They just couldn’t compete. Most Americans have no idea how the new super hiway is going to benefit Wal-mart and Spain. Restrictions placed by the government are part of the problem but these restrictions placed on businesses are not accidental. We can’t do anything about Wal-Mart but we can stop this problem which is critical for America. This makes the Wal-mart problem today small in comparision.

  • les brown

    Only socialist would complain about monopolies. You know, you don’t have to buy it. (anything)…Lets say I invent a cure for cancer and I charge and 100 time my costs… what, you don’t have to buy it and it is not your property,… go invent your own cure.
    Stop whining about Wally World…..go open your own store and sell only what ever you want to.
    If you must complain, complain about the consumer.

  • Ken Frazier

    John,I too think Old Sam might be somewhat saddened that his kids are selling all those cheap goods at his pride and joy Wal-Mart. However John, there is another side to the story. Just how many millions of low and very low income people wouldn’t be able to afford the bear necessities in life if it wasn’t for stores like Wal-Mart? It’s surely not Wal-Mart’s fault that all of our manufacture’s are defecting America and going over seas because of greed. These are the ones that are causing our problems and the one’s you should be jumping on and not Wal-Mart. I am sure Wal-Mart would buy more American manufactured products if they could find them. ABC news did a series on products made in America awhile back. Maybe you can get them to send this list to Wal-Mart and maybe just maybe they will put in a high-in section in their stores as I don’t expect these products to be cheap.

  • Jeff M

    If you shop at Wal-Mart, shame on you…if you work there, first, you have my sympathies… second, if you are not trying to unionize, why not? Oh, that’s right, you’ve been brainwashed by the corporate/ tea party machine to think looking out for your interests as a worker is a bad thing…

    • Pappadave

      Well, Jeff. Show me a unionized closed-shop business that is prospering and I’ll show you a business that has an absolute lock on whatever it produces without any competition whatsoever. Unions MUST have monopolistic control of their products and/or services or they inevitably price themselves out of the competition for customers. The UAW lasted as long as it did because we eventually got to the point where there were only 3 principle auto makers in the entire country…Ford, GM and Chrysler. Ford prospers (sort of) mainly because their vehicles last a LONG time and are of overall better quality than either GM or Chrysler products. Plus, people like me WANT to buy domestically-produced products if at all possible and, after Obama took over GM and Chrysler, they lost my business for all time.

      • American Citizen

        My Chrysler is 15 years old and still in good running condition. Of course, I make sure to have it serviced every year at least. The mechanics give it a good physical.

  • RightAngle

    Here Here! With all the pros and cons ping ponged over the Walmart retail side here in good ole USA, what tetimony/ies do we have of eyewitnesses overseas who have actually seen these slave manufacturing plants? Any real time photoes or videos? Well, I for one have seen them in Hong Kong, Soul Korea. They are truly appalling to me. Of course this was in the 80′s. To truly build up “made In China” and other sweatshops we need to see what is actually going on. For every purchase we make it condones this cheap labor and cheap products that you get what you pay for. We are to blame, it’s simple supply and demand dominoe effect. We want human rights for ourselves but not for others. Unions are our true enemy, period.

  • Lous


  • CP

    I run a small business in a small, isolated, tourist town in the west, and employee 50 people year around, over 100 in the summer. Our town had WalMart move in about ten years ago, with a smaller version store for small towns, but still double the size of any existing stores here. We knew 3 years ahead of time they were coming, and so I was tasked with researching WalMart and how to compete with them. I read numerous books on WalMart and Sam Walton. I traveled to small towns in the west to visit stores that were successfully competing with WalMart, to see how they adapted. I talked to every vendor and sales rep. I knew or met, to see how they sold to, or competed with WalMart’s products. I visited numerous WalMarts to see their products, prices, and merchandising strategies. Here’s what I found:

    WalMart is the master of the “20-80 rule”; 20% of the items do 80% of the sales volume. They will not be beat on price in any given marketplace on these items, whether it is a gallon of milk or a box of .22 shells, a pack of underwear, or a basic 2-slice toaster; period. In WalMarts early days, they accomplished this through Sam Waltons unstoppable determination to find the best deal when buying products for his stores. Today, they accomplish this with their overwhelming buying power, and through this, access to influence the actual manufacturing process. When you buy a name brand product from WalMart, say toaster model #1234wm, you are not necessarily getting the same toaster as model #1234 that you would buy at a major department store or your local hardware store. WalMart has asked the manufacturer to lower the cost by using a lighter gage wire, or replacing a metal part with a plastic one, and using a cheaper box and packaging. This has been done by other retailers and manufacturers, but never to the degree that WalMart has taken it.
    Many a supplier has succumbed to the temptation of large orders produced this way, and have developed their businesses around this model,and then have had their brand identity destroyed, or their businesses, when WalMart decided to change suppliers. This is, however, the nature of business and free enterprise.
    In the end my business was able to survive and thrive, as we eliminated categories from our mix that directly competed with WalMart, and focused on better goods, and categories that required good service and product knowledge. We were also lucky in that our business is located in a position to take full advantage of our tourist trade, which the WalMart is not.
    Our town however, did not fare so well, overall. While our local population did get the opportunity to buy the “20%” items cheaper, a great deal of the “80%” items are no longer available here, which means they are paying more for those items, and having to wait to get them. The revenues that WalMart generates in this town are mostly exported to Arkansas, rather than circulated through our town over and over again, as happens when money is spent with local merchants. This, along with the demise of our timber industry due to Federal regulation changes, has eliminated a large portion of our middle class in this town.
    The true problem here is not WalMart; it, along with the plethora of foreign made goods, and lack of American goods, is a symptom of the much larger problem; horrific government regulations on business, poorly crafted Free Trade agreements, and unknowledgeable, uniformed, special interest driven politicians, along with out of control Union influence.
    We enact environmental, labor, safety, zoning, and tax laws on our U.S. businesses, yet we don’t hold foreign businesses, or our own businesses who manufacture overseas, to these same standards; its no wonder that our jobs have all gone overseas. Additionally, the politics of this country have created such a sense of entitlement in our country, that we don’t even have the general labor workforce to manufacture goods, even if we had the factories here. Even with 9% unemployment in this country, it’s hard to run a business because you can’t find employees who will show up on a regular basis, ready to work.
    The only answer is to change our politicians frequently, and impose strict term limits, because career politicians will always be controlled by special interests, whether its unions, environmentalists, or major corporations.

  • Trish

    I’ve only been to a Walmart once in my life looking for something last Christmas that other stores were out of. I noticed how wide the isles were, and realized it was so all the fat (sorry, my grandmother taught me to call a kettle black)people (you know the poor people on food stamps)with their overweight children had enough room to meneuver. Of course many of them had more than one cart full of “prepared” unhealthy food. I’ll never step foot in another Walmart.


  • Bob

    I really wouldn’t want to take advice from this author as he has such a distorted interpretation of his experience and research. There are lots of people out there with negative stories about any place they don’t like and since Walmart serves so many people that the numbers of those with bad experiences will also be very large. Each incident is separate incident and usually has a lot to do with what is going on in the lives of those people creating or sustaining the incident. There’s not a company, organization (non-profits included), government agency, etc in the world that doesn’t have lots and lots of people who either have or could file a complaint of one sort or another. I have shopped at myriad Walmarts hundreds of times and have never, ever had a negative incident. I have interacted with people at all levels of the various stores in which I’ve shopped and have always been treated with the utmost respect and service. I have been in small mom and pop stores and been ignored and when I’ve asked for something I have been treated as an unwelcome intrusion. It’s not the size of the company or what they pay that makes the difference, i’s the individual and how they have been brought up that makes the difference in every case.

  • pete0097

    I hate shopping at Wally World. Any time I have gone there, everything I want is in the far reaches of the store. Milk – back row, auto stuff – back row, sporting goods – back row (at least in the store near me) It just takes too long to do those walks. The stores are huge (I liked that when I did construction inspection for them) they have a lot of the same stuff, but not always a choice of brands. Too much Chinese stuff and American companies have been told to outsource (Toro lawn mowers) or be replaced (they wouldn’t outsource) so they stopped selling lawnmowers to Wally World, although they do sell other stuff to them.

  • Ken Frazier

    Just another thought John, We should be working together to either amend or repeal NAFTA( North America’s Frigging Trade Agreement).

  • Fedupwithitall

    Walmart is not a problem. Politicians and people with liberal social agendas are the problem. You make reference to that drug chain that Walmart is competing with. You however have failed to account for the number of jobs involved here. Most regional stores have an employee payroll ( per store ) of under 50. A Super Walmart however employs in the range of 200. Which is the bigger employer,bigger tax base? On an economic impact point of view there is no contest, Walmart wins.
    in relation to your story about your watch I do believe that you were stuck on stupid with your Timex watch. Walmart is not known to be a jeweler or a watch repair store so taking it there was your 1s mistake. Your second mistake is the Timex has a warranty that states (quote)This TIMEX Watch (but not any battery, crystal,band, or strap) is warranted to the owner for a period of ONE YEAR from the date of purchase against defects in manufacture by Timex Corporation – not by the dealer from whom the watch was purchased.(/quote) So the bad events that you have been involved in here have been at least in part your fault. Take ownership for your mistakes.

    • Brian

      I’d rather have 50 good paying full time jobs with benefits in my community than 200 part time, lowing paying jobs with no benefits. In the end 200 jobs at WM really only equates to 50 good full time jobs.

  • Denno

    WalMart must be doing something right. All the libs hate it. For the last 20 years we’ve been getting flooded with Chinese wares. Motorola, Boeing, GM,GE and most of the big companies have moved manufacturing plants to China. The new GE fluorescent light bulbs MANDATED by the government????? Yep. All made in China.

  • Firewagon

    Hmm, all you folks find it ‘easy’ to find and buy American made?? What is made in America these days, boys and girls? Businesses have outsourced and moved out of the country! If Wal-Mart, or any other business attempted to stock only “made in America” goods, their demise would be imminent. What would they have in there?

    Scary thing is, check your grocery stores and try loading up with American made produce…………I’m no longer sure you can accept on face value produce claiming to be a “product of the USA?” Just because it says Delmonte on the can is no proof the product inside was produced here.

    • Al

      Firewagon, how many banana groves are there in the United States? How many of the exotic foods that we hve come to enjoy can be produced in the Nifty Fifty or our protectorates?

      I agree with you that grocery shopping doesn’t hold a lot of promise for U.S. only products, but we’re the ones asking for the international cuisine and the fruits that we cannot produce. This is what free markets are all about. We trade our goods for goods that we can’t produce ourselves. In the process we should have a level playing field, but that was taken off the table by backroom deals we didn’t ask for.

      The government is the only place to put the blame for regulating our lives to a near slavery. We didn’t ask for the government to stop ignoring the law, but look at the way you live. Tiers of taxes that are called permits, registrations, inspections, licenses, fees, fines, and forfeitures based on what??? And who benefits from all of this? Is it the People?

      We need to direct our rage at the right source!!

    • American Citizen

      About the only things are automobiles, such as Honda and Toyota. The companies are foreign owned, but they are made in this country. It is hard to find real Made in America goods.

  • r.p.

    Free market my arse!!!! When Congress enacts laws that gives tax incentives to corporations for moving their manufacturing off shore to 3rd world countries enabling them to circumvent our environmental laws and allowing them to exploit slave labor and to continue destroying the environment. Then allowing them to export their products back into this country without paying any tariffs, because they are an American based company. When Japan and China and many other countries charge us a 100% import tariff for our goods, yet they only have to pay 3% to export to the USA. Yeah that’s “FREE MARKET”. Some of you may have forgotten that there was a time when American blue collar workers were the highest paid workers in the world even compared to the European class. And that was with Unions. But still the world preferred to buy “American” for the high quality of our products and the fair prices. You think maybe it was because we at one time had a fair trade practice? Look at even the produce you buy from you local grocery store. Dole fruit cups, made in china, frozen fish and sea food, product of China from an American giant Corporation not under the jurisdiction of American sustainable fishing practices, subsidized by the American Taxpayer. Oh and by the way, Timex, made in Indonesia, Taiwan and China. The Unions didn’t, nor did the environmental laws destroy our economy. The corrupt politicians bought and paid for by our giant corporations destroyed our economy. WallMart is just one of the many Corporations enjoying these benefits. “FREE TRADE MY ARSE’!!!!

    • DaveH

      Our Blue Collar workers made more because the Government took less of our money. In 1950 Government in the US spent 23% of our money. That left us with 77%. Now, Government spends 40% of our money, leaving us with 60%. Don’t think that’s much of a difference? The average income in this country is somewhere between 40 and 50 thousand a year. So let’s use $45,000. If our Government was just cut back to 1950′s level, we would have $7,650 extra each year to call our own.
      My parents had a good life in 1950, and my dad only had an 8th grade education. And that was with a one worker family. Why do we need so much Government? Our neighborhood was low crime then. Now where I grew up is a high crime area. Exactly what is Government doing to earn all that money?
      Hong Kong and Singapore get by with only 18% of their economy spent on Government. I’m betting that we could get by with 10% easily. Instead we have 40%.
      We’re being taken to the cleaners by Government and their favored Crony Capitalists. We need to wake up and stop letting them take advantage of us. We need to get back to the kind of Freedom that people like Jefferson advocated. The kind of freedom where people can choose to be prosperous or not. The kind of freedom where Government would only be involved to protect us from the force and fraud of others. The kind of freedom where we are free to trade voluntarily among ourselves without Government snooping their nosy noses into every aspect of our business.

      • r.p.

        Yes Dave: You are right, but putting this information aside, we were still the highest paid working class in the world. Today that would equate to over $200,000 per annum per person. But do you experience those wages? I surely don’t.

  • John Welch

    If you want a Rolex buy one quit bitching.

  • Bloodwolf

    But they sell ammo cheaper then other places, at least the stores that still have a proper sporting goods section do.

  • Linda

    There’s one error in the article that disguises the effects Walmart has on American workers: Those containers DONT all come into California any longer . .an increasing number are now shipped into the new Mexican Pacific ports, where they are offloaded by Mexican workers and shipped on Mexican trucks to the border. If government, Walmart and the US Chamber of Commerce have their way, those container trailers will no longer be transferred to an American driver at the border but will instead be carried by Mexican trucks to their destination. This reduces Walmart’s shipping costs as they dont have to pay Americans or American wages from China all the way to the distribution center! In one swoop, allowing the Mexican trucks to haul into the United States helps to put not only dock workers and warehouse personnel out of work but a large number of American truck drivers. This may be good for Walmart’s stockholders but very bad for our overall economy! Yes, the NAFTA Mexican truck issue is really about increasing the profits of Walmart, P & G, Target, International Paper, etc.-all at our expense! Eventually, this will put enough people out of work that they’ll only be able to afford to shop at these same low-price discount stores, thus feeding the hand that destroyed their jobs! Talk about self-serving!

    • r.p.

      Well said:

    • Bob Marshall

      Good explanation! I read about that yesterday. I worry that the super hiway will allow more problems for American due to the open borders. I know it is good for companies like WalMart. These trucks won’t even have to stop according to the article.Just have something similar to an EZ Pass on the window.Great for commerce.

  • KG

    Why pick on Walmart, their no different than 100′s of other big box stores. Go to Target, K-mart, Lowes, etc. and see were their merchandise comes from. See if they are union and if they pay their employees big salerys and give good promotions.

  • sickofitinca

    I hate Walmart for a different reason. I drive a truck for a living and have to deliver to them on a pretty regular basis. The people that are in charge are usually very rude and don’t care about the fact that you are running out of time on your Federally mandated time to drive. Before Sam Walton died, it wasn’t that way because he knew that we were the lifeline of his company and that if transportation people were not happy his business would be in jeopardy. Today the treat drivers like garbage and Walmart now has a campaign to fine the drivers $250.00 for late deliveries or will reschedule the delivery for three days later till they will unload. It doesn’t matter if you have been shut down for a snowstorm or had to take a longer route because of an overflowing river. Drivers are just a number and you will never get a break delivering to a Walmart. I personally do not shop there anymore because of their disrespect for working people that deliver products to their stores and distribution centers.

  • Rick

    Several things: Maybe we could run the Walmart CEO for president, and bring us back into the red again.

    So let’s punish Walmart for being so successful. And a former associate of the labor department for 20 years, I’ve been following the union’s attempt with a so-called 1.5 million female employees accusing Walmart of discrimination. I know many females who work at Walmart and they tell me a different story. The union is trying to do one of two things to Salmart: 1) unionize them, or 2) run them out of business.

    I do half of my shopping at Walmart, an as lone as the Obama depression lasts, I will continue to do so.

  • Rick

    Pardon me. Walmart, not Salmart.

  • Jim

    WalMart neither cares for its customers, employees or products. I worked at a grocery store and if anything was left on a shelf it was put back where it was supposed to be. workers going through the aisles for something else would take them off shelves. Wal MArt employees leave thing on shelves that are supposed to be in other sections as well as coffee cups etc. Disgusting.

  • Al

    I stand behind Walmart as a successful business. The stories of Mom and Pop stores being put out of business are highly inflated, and I think the statistics of a Walmart being within 15 miles of 90% of their customers or just every person in general is an outright fabrication, especially in my State. (Not to mention areas of this country that have placed laws on the books against Walmart building in their communities)

    I have seen too many smaller companies go under due to their shear incompetence and their lack of service skills. The problem is not with Walmart, although I agree that they need to once again make the effort to have 100% U.S.A. products to shore up our manufacturing base. However, Timex is the one who found it more cost effective to have their products imported. They are not alone when Unions force outrageous demands our nation’s producers. NO ONE has the right to a job, a certain amount of pay, and especially not a retirement package. You only have the right to the product of your own hands.

    We can either have a “Worker’s Paradise” like in the former(?) USSR, or we can stop crying about successful businesses that we all need to keep our economy afloat and ask them to shift their products to American Made. If they remain successful with Made in the U.S.A. products we will have proved that we don’t mind paying more for U.S. employees to pay Union dues, that elect Socialist Pols, and make more than most of us could hope to.

    Has anyone been watching the struggle in Wisconsin?

    If this were a simple, straight forward situation there should be a simple solution, but there are layers upon layers of smaller and larger problems that need to be resolved first. If you are a freedom loving American I challenge you to get off your rear end and start taking the battle to your neighborhoods and local governments to end the regulatory nightmare that has made your life a burden instead of a joy. Start by praying that God will give you strength, and then get out and tear down those walls!

    Mr. Myers, Stop blaming success for your problems.

  • B

    This reminds me of the late ’90′s. I subscribed to AOL and weekly magazine from Time. When those two giants merged, I canceled Time Magazine, and did not renew my AOL membership. Those two merge to become one giant company.

    I shop at Wal Mart, as long as they do not merge with another giant, that is fine. I do want to boycott Wal Mart, but I can’t afford more expensive food. Wal Mart foods are cheaper for me to buy. Until I get a better job, increase my income, I will discontinue shopping at Wal Mart.


    • Brian

      Shop sales and use coupons. We stopped getting our food at WM and actually get more food for the same money as we were.

      • B

        Good idea. It seems that those coupons do not have what brands I need. It seems to target the higher priced items, discount them, and end up the same or little more than my normal brands.

        I will have to look into it some more, I am not coupon, or a cutter person, but, hey, a great way to flee Wal Mart. LOl Thanks.


  • LeRoy

    Good story Myers, but my recent experience with WMT puts yours to shame. I’m quite certain Sam Walton is in hell right now for having unleashed the smug arrogant beast from Bentonville on the world.

    Here is my story (none of the names have been changed to protect the guilty…or incompetent):

    I used to take my wife’s car to WMT for oil changes. Well, one time (the final time) I took the car there they called my name over the loud speaker after a half hour or so. I went back to the service area
    and they said that they couldn’t change my oil because “whoever changed my oil last time stripped the bolt and it needs to be drilled out.”

    I told them that they were the rock-heads who changed my oil last time and that they better fix the dang car. They checked the computer and insisted that Although the car and I were BOTH in the computer they had not changed the oil in the last 12 months.

    I pointed to the little plastic sticker in the windshield that showed when the car was due for the next oil change. It says “WAL-MART” on it and it was filled out 4 months prior. The auto service manager told me that anyone could have placed that sticker there and It didn’t prove that they were the ones who last serviced the car.

    So now I’m getting really angry. I drive home and, fortunately, my anal- retentive wife FINDS the receipt and service order from the last time I took the car there for an oil change. Sure enough it was 4 months

    Now, I’m even more angry. I drove back to WMT and pulled the car into the auto service area. I parked it perpendicular to all three lanes of traffic (so I was blocking all three), got out of the car,
    locked it, and stormed into the service area.

    I demanded to see the manager AND the general manager of the whole store. It took about a half an hour to find the GM of the store, during which time the lines for car service grow to about 4 cars deep.
    The service center workers kept coming in and were asking “who is the jerk who is blocking all the traffic?” I smiled smugly, admitted that the car was mine, and refused to move it until the GM was present.

    Finally the manager shows up and I loudly tell him how badly I had been treated by the fat greasy service manager. I waved my receipt and invoice in his face, which proved that they were the boobs who stripped the plug and they better fix it.

    Funny, once I produced the paper work, they suddenly found the record of the service in the computer. They both apologized (though insincerely) and offered to pay for someone to drill out the plug, but that they couldn’t do it.

    I told them that I wanted them to do it, and do it right now. They said that they didn’t have the tools. I told them that they have a whole damn store full of tools and they better find out which one to use to fix my damn car.

    Finally, one of the service guys said that he had a drill in his truck and that he could drill it out. I agreed to move my car and they agreed to drill and replace my plug.

    An hour later my car was fixed and the oil was changed. When I went to get my keys they gave me a bill for the oil change! I told them that they had a lot of balls to expect me to pay for the oil change after
    all that. They insisted that they had fixed the problem free of charge, but that I had to pay for the oil change.

    At that time I just loudly said “I can’t *@#ing believe you guys.” I paid the bill and never went back. Now I’m still disappointed at myself for not taking the whole matter to Bentonville.

    Did you get all that Sam (stomp on the floor)? Shame on you and a pox on your house!

    • American Citizen

      Your first mistake was taking the car to Wal-Mart for service in the first place.

      • Johnnyrite

        What do you bet Amercian Citizen that never ever takes his car in there again? Or ever buys anything from WMT again? Cheap is great but arrogance is unsustainable, even for something as big as Wal-Mart.

  • Pappadave

    The solution to this is simple. If you don’t like WalMart, don’t SHOP there! See? Problem solved. Liberals never cease to amaze me. Just because a company makes big profits, they’re “greedy” or something worse. This class-action suit was bogus. That’s why it was dismissed. Three or four women filed it “on behalf of the 1.5 million women employed by WalMart. I GUARANTEE they did NOT have permission from a significant portion of those supposed 1.5 million women to file suit on their “behalf.” This was an effort by a few women to try and get rich from WalMart…nothing more.

  • http://LibertyNews Dotti

    All my life I have worked and in Dec.2000 I went to work for Wamart at the age of 69. I worked for 10 years and 3 months when they decidsed it was time for me to “retire” by accusing me of making an error on a coupon they claimed wasn’t in my register and another error just scribbled on a scrap if paper. I later asked for a copy of each and was told they belonged to WM and I couldn’t have either. At that time I was making $11.00 an hour and my work performance was equal to many of the other newer workers. I later signed up for unemployment and received a copy of WM letter in answer to their query. The letter WM sent in answer claimed I was discharged for no particular reason. WM is not a Equal opportunity Company!! The quality of their clothng is sub-standard in my opinion and some of it is made out of “something” next to cheese cloth. I even check my groceries to see where it comes from. It’s origin is listed on all packages. Wal Mart does not care about its customers or employees, only how much money it amasses. Sam Walton would turn over in his grave to see what has happen to his company. If I can, I try to make my purchases elsewhere.

    • American Citizen

      If you went to work at 69, you should have been retired. You got to work for another 10 years? I don’t know anyone approaching 80 years of age who is still working. You took away a job from a younger worker if all this is true.

      • B

        American Citizen,

        Dottie did not take away a job from a younger worker. She has every right to work as long as she wants to, or need to. Blame it on higher taxes, prescription cost etc.

        I can’t believe what you told Dottie. Sounds like a true Socialist.


      • Johnnyrite

        American Citizen,
        Shame on you. Old people still have to work because our goverment screwed up and the middle class has been driven towards poverty. You call yourself and American and you admonish people that still want or need to work?

      • Bob Marshall

        My mother worked up until this past year. she is 90 years old. She was the curator in our museum inour small town. most of the people she grew up with have passed away. No one knows the history of this community better than her. AARP told her she had to quit. Still unbelievably healthy for her age.It seems she is losing her will to live. Her job was her life. Born in the mountains, raised on a farm, took care of four sister, two brothers and worked her way through college. Never asked a penny from the government.I think she has earned the right to this final job she had. Sees like you think like the globalist. Old people have nothing to contribute.

        • B

          Bob Marshall,

          You said that AARP told your mom that she had to quit working? Yikes.
          Was she even a member or was the museum the responsibility of AARP?
          I wonder. That is soo tacky. If the AARP was not running the museum, the I guess your mom was member of AARP. I guess I should not become a member of AARP if that is true. They have no right to tell people to quit.

          Mr. Marshall, continue to inspire your mom to live. There are things she can do. Tell stories at the local library to kids, teens, etc. I know its not paid, but at least she can do something.

          Sorry about that.

  • Granny Franny

    Places such as Walmart and TSA are training people to accept abuse as employees, customers and citizens. It is working and is the new proto-pathological norm. The greed factor is particularly apparent when people line up overnight to buy tech-toy Christmas items and trample to death other early shoppers. People who participate in this pervasion of Christmas are not the type I want to mix with and so I don’t.

    What value system are you teaching your children? Is your self esteem so low that you accept this treatment where ever and indirectly encourage your kids to lack any sense of human dignity.

  • Alfred Davie

    Free persons making decisions in their own best interest, find that the most efficient system ever developed to find and deliver the production of products needed or consumed benefit’s them greatly. Why would anyone want to have Government interfere and destroy such an innovative organization. Free Market innovation benefits everyone except government imposed monoplies.

  • Steve

    John, reading your story, I understand why you hate Wal*Mart. But I felt your arguments are the same which should be used against our political leaders who have used the same logic to drive businesses away!

    PS: the ultimate irony is that all of Wal*Mart’s foreign goods are loaded onto American soil by UNION members!

    • r.p.

      Such is not the case. Take the time to see Linda’s post above,
      July 6, 2011 at 12:26 pm”.

      Under the NAFTA act, Mexican drivers will not be under the jurisdiction of DOT and not be required to adhere to the laws of The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulations(595 pages). They will not be required to carry an up to date log showing their hours of service (HOS), they will not be subject to DOT inspections (allowed to drive through the States Weigh Stations). These are just two issues, but these two create a great disadvantage to the American truckers and eliminates their chances to make a living with fair competition. Not to mention putting thousands of unsafe vehicles and drivers on our highways. This type of legislation is nothing short of treasonous. So…Not only are those UNION jobs out the window, but driver jobs are also gone.

  • James

    Here, I agree with the High Court. a million and a half complaints about everything, is best handled by the Better Business Bureau, on an individual basis.

    • Bonnie

      I disagree with you. God bless those who work hard and are creative enough to build something like Walmart. They are the ones who hire people and keep the country running. It is the parasitic liberals who want a great job, high salaries, lots of benefits but are not willing to do the work needed to deserve all the benefits. Just because a company is successful doesn’t mean they owe every Tom, Dick and Harriet a great job and a world of benefits. I have not had a bad experience with Walmart. They are friendly, courteous, helpful my experience has been that they will spend hours trying to make a product work as it should and then give you more than you paid for the product because you had to wait for them to make sure everything is working as it should. Maybe we should compare Walmart to some of the government run “businesses” like the post office, education, government housing, etc. Do we want successful big businesses or do we want government to take our tax dollars and throw good money after bad “trying to keep them going”. Stop knocking big business. Government should get out of the way and let the private sector do its thing. We should run the government instead of them trying run and control us.

  • Smitty

    My family is shopping walmart less and less…
    we don’t like the way they do biz

    they treat their customers like criminals when THEIR cashiers make a mistake. The mistake i’m referring to is when they fail to remove the anti theft device from an object that was purchased. Several times now i have pushed my cart thru the doors to set off the bells and whistels only to have a walmart employee go thru all my times checking them against my receipt.

    • Brian

      You do not have to stop just because their alarm sounds and some employee tells you to. They have no legal right to detain you for any reason.

  • Smitty

    Another gripe we have re: Walmart is the playing of HISPANIC music and spanish being broadcast over the store’s loudspeakers.

    if ICE wants to capture ILLEGALS just show up on a saturday undercover at walmart.

  • http://wallyworld anti-goverment

    wallmart destroys towns. it shuts down family business and then it pays their employees crapy wages. its a plan to destroy america town by town

  • i41

    Steve, you are right about our worthless polatians driving business away from the USA. Ted Kenndey did n’t want kids under 18 from driving lawn mowers that were self propelled or over 3.5 hp. The worthless unions have driven more buusiness over sea with the help of the marxist/communists democrats for decades. When people claim they just have to shop at Wal-Mart, is bull same as working for the corp for years. Of course if you plant your lips and in crease enough vacum you will rise in position, which doubles your earning twice you make as a shelf stocker. There is no problem of someone getting a job if you can get yourself up and gone out on to something better, or even start your own business. Since the (word removed)Onumnutts and his marxist/communist democrats passed banking reform, citizens can not borrow money to buy and equipment to make a living, but they can get money for a worthless boat, car , or some dmn worthless money waster like a house. I helped 4 couples who were going to college,drop out and were doing what ever they could to survive while working at “the Corporation” putting up with the bs of most corporations with trained apes as managers who don’t knock s–t but have great pull with the upper managers. These young people were drinking coffee one night complaining about trying to create metal garden hoops and other decorative metal items, Wal-Mart would buy from them, because they had to supply all stores and banks wouldn’t loan them $6000 to buy torches ,welders and some metal. I told them I had a welder and torches and knew where to get steel at truck load prices, and it could be bought from a supply yard 100 miles away. Only requirement is until they were able to by enough equipment for everyone, they would have to share my shop and work together. The stuff was sold for $2 less a peice than Wal-Mart and small stores would sell their products at a $1 increase for use of their space and tax collection. All of them are in their own places and are under nobodies thumb esecially banks and Wal-Mart. All of these former college students said college degrees would have had them in debt, working for some worthless mega corp hating their lives every day. The latest statts claim blue collar and skilled working class people will make more money a yerar than the college grads who are now flipping hamburgers and spouting plenty of marxist/communist democrat bs still after they put the (word removed) puke in office and voter for Dorks with D by their name.

  • catfish

    Hell, I am 67 years old and when I was a kid, everything was made in Japan. Imports have been going on forever. I resently ordered some shirts in the mail. They were made in Pakistan. You can walk in every store in america and find junk made somewhere else. Our government promotes world trade. For every job lost because of a new Walmart, they add two. They do put the overpriced little stores out of business. You have to take the good with the bad. Probably, the bad clerk or clerks at Walmart are part of the lawsuit to get compensation for nothing. If you are looking for a jub, Walmart is always hiring. I commend them for keeping the unions out. Unions destroy and that is why manufacturing has left america.

  • ted chee

    please don’t complain about Wal Mart, look at their good points
    personally, I have no problems with Wal-Mart
    I don’t agree with John Myers, I won’t subscribe to him any more !!

  • coal miner

    employs,a mistake.


    I am a republican, but agree with this story 100% . Big businesses these days operate just like the rich fat cats of the 1920s and 30s. They don’t pay employees enough to live on, and get fat off the employees labor. Obama has it wrong. The rich don’t need to share the wealth,, they need to share the PROFITS to EMPLOYEES, the people that work for them. … Failing to do this, is feeding the class envy that Obama and the Dumborats are using to keep themselves in power. .. the line Rush and Hannity use “the top 10% are paying most of the taxes” is because they are making all the money, and not sharing the profits with the employees, who would then pay more taxes !!!!!! If this does not turn around, the gov’t will TAKE the money in taxes and GIVE it to the non working, until no one has any money, and we will all be a communist state. The filthy rich are doing this to us and themselves…..

  • Thinking About

    After reading some comments to this site the clerk you had the encounter with was probably trained here or at least by the writers. We need to focus on what can be accomplished rather than hating “government” and everything wrong is “government”. You can not change what you don’t acknowledge. Kicking the can down the road is not serving us well. Some are more into taking up arms rather than lending a helping hand.

  • Robert

    OK, let’s see. We buy cheap imports because… they’re cheap, they’re plentiful, they break easily so we can throw them out and not feel guilty, they’re not made in a country where environmental activism forces price hikes, labor is cheap everywhere but here, patents are not as scrupulously applied in other countries, we like genuine foreign goods as souvenirs, we can’t find people here who will take the jobs to make the goods we want to buy, ad infinitim….
    So….. if we decide to employ the people who make the goods so cheaply, we must increase the number of immigrants to work in the factories until the factories close when the new immigrants become unionized, at which time we will be able to grant them amnesty and put them on a government dole. We keep doing things like this. It’s about time to stop complaining about made in the USA and talk about made in some place else by a US manufacturer – big, BIG difference. We quit having sweatshops and child labor about 35 years ago – my mother worked as a super in a hatmakers sweatshop in 1969 in downtown L.A. Tariffs don’t work unless an American manufacturer ALSO makes the same goods offshore. Protecting American made from made in China will never work unless made in America can compete eye to eye. Otherwise, enjoy WalMart, KMart, etc. This country was built on competitiveness, free trade, and Capitalism. Which of the three are you willing to get rid of to compete with communist or socialist countries with cheap labor and poor human rights? As the world’s only superpower, can we really build a wall around ourselves capable of maintaining our standard of living without sounding the deathknell of capitalism and freedom? I think not. I shop at WalMart, because inevitably what goes around comes around with every American corporation until it moves offshore. History is full of examples. Check it out yourself.

  • Dean C

    Yeah ,I had 4 tires installed on my sons car at walmart, the employee failed to tighten the lugnuts on the front of the c ar and when my son got to work the next day he said he heard a banging in the front end, when we checked the wheels we found all 10 front lug nuts were almost halfway off, I was furious, when I called the store 3 different managers argued with me and said their employees always tighten the lugnuts,they all were rude and condescending in their remarks ,none of them apologized ,just made excuses and acted like we were in the wrong, UNBELEIVABLE bunch of bastards ,all of them.

  • 6thGenTxn

    John Myers is a liberal. He presents a one sided diatribe that implies that he is right, Wal-Mart is bad, and if you do not agree with him, you are stupid. The opposite is true. Anyone that goes to Wal-Mart expecting a clerk to fix a watch is in fact delusional. If this incomplete, anecdotal, analysis of Wal-Mart is an example of his analysis of the gold and energy markets, then we would all be wise to ignore all of his analyses.

  • Robert

    I shop at Walmart because that’s what I can afford. HST,Walmart is not the problem, it’s simply the result, the result of Liberalism. Liberalism, for all it’s bluster about “corperate America,” produces the very problem it claims to fight against. This is not to say some cronyism doesn’t take place, but where cronyism is a common cold, Liberalism is the AIDS virus few can survive.
    When this was still a capitalist system(some 40 odd years ago)cronyism was an unfortunate reality. Liberalism, in it’s attempt to eliminate cronyism exchanged one favoratism for one much worse. This is because Liberalism, unlike cronyism, is ideologically based and ideology doesn’t care about a successful America only about creating the ideal utopia.

  • home boy

    maybe the next time an employee gets harassed by a manager they will have the balls to kick their butt and quit the job

  • Allan

    When I have a bad shopping experience I might mention it in a private conversation, but I wouldn’t write an article about it. By doing so, you indict the good people at Walmart, and you know they are there, as in any organization. There is an endless supply of organizations where you could be treated badly, and they are all sizes. A co-worker of mine used to come into the lunchroom and say eecchhhh, onions! (if anyone had them in their lunch). I stopped having lunch with him.

  • TONI

    U have had trouble with Wal-Mart local store management providing terrible customer service. I also am for tariffs!

  • TONI

    Good article. Tariffs for imports! Do away with income and property taxes, which are immoral and will destroy us all.

  • http://None hdyer

    I read all these do’s and Don’t about Walmart for not paying employee enough. What is enough for a uneducated clerk, often delaying the line because they are to dumb to operate the Cash register correctly? Labor has a standard, and dem have rise wages way above the standard for high school drop outs, and none educated public. Just where do you draw the line. Sure Walmart is possible well off because they are a business. Following good sense practices for making a profit, but at the same time you are getting a cheaper product. Never satisfied are you? If you are one of the employee’s that suited walmart shame on you. You earn what you are worth. Get a education and you will earn more.

    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      hdyer says, “get an education and you will earn more.” where are the jobs that will pay you the salaries to pay off the 30k tuition x 4yrs $120k debt and that’s not including the elite institutions. I have a friend that has a PHD and is working as a asst. mgr. for IHOP.

  • Raggs

    Buy into the liberal mindset… A good thing is a good thing as long as you have scap-goat or a taxpayer… The rest of this is BS…
    I would say that wally world has every right to do what is best not only for the employee that feels as if she was hurt but also for the customer… Without freedom you can shop with the police. So no matter what anyones thoughts are if it was not for wal-mart backing you up… Well you find out what happens…

  • Steven

    People try to abuse Walmart every day. I have been in line at the return counter and a woman had 3 christmas trees on a cart that she was returning in January. A Christmas tree for every room in the house and when Christmas is over, just take it back. I waited forever one day behind another woman who was returning her husbands CB radio that she claimed was 5 or 6 years old. She thought it should have lasted longer. She stayed in that line with managers and clerks until they gave her a new one. I suppose just to get her out of the way so that others could make their legitimate returns. A man after superbowl sunday returned lots of hotdogs, drinks, chips and dips which were not used at his party. Walmart cannot resale these items because they are food. I’ve seen so many crooked things that I would not be at all surprized if the woman was trying to get a free battery. Of course since I was not there I do not know what happened. Walmart employees half of the country (exagerated a little but most will get my point) and the other half is out of work due to the morons running the country. So if you boycott walmart then the whole country can be happily unemployed. If walmart is a problem I would say that it is way down on the list of the problems that we face as a nation. I’d like to see people quit wasting their energy on BS and face the real crisis which is a government out of control.

    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      Steven, John Meyers is a Canadian Socialist , Calgary, Ontario Canada, how well do they treat the Natives/Indians? Read the book Enough is Enough.

      • MJ Montana

        No kidding? You think that Calgary is in Ontario? Sorry buddy but Calgary is above Montana and is in called Alberta; a province some 4,000 miles to the west of Ontario. You don’t know geography and you want to lecture about Canada? Give it a rest and read grade 4 geography before you lecture college history.

  • Mike

    What you are saying if a company can delivery a product at a good price he should shut down. This is not the America way. If I have a way to produce gasoline at .50 cent a gallon I should shut down . You should move to a social country.

  • Roberts

    we should expect to colaspe as a world ecomomy in 8 years.

  • Bert Cundle


  • Barbara

    I do not shop at Walmart because I feel that they have put too many mom and pop stores out of business. They just don’t have anything I can live without!

    • Bob Marshall

      I agree with you but when you look back interstate hiways caused many small businesses to have to close down. It greatly affected my little town. Once we had twenty stores and now we have five.I grew up with these mom and pop stores. We can’t stop progress. Someone is going to suffer while someone else reaps the benefits.

      • libertytrain

        I don’t believe it is always Walmart to blame for putting small businesses out of business but I do think excessive rents by greedy landlords has indeed caused my town and others like it in the touristy area I live in to keep these folks out of business. If they would be at least reasonable the new businesses would have had a chance to develop and grow rather than struggling to make rent that has doubled, tripled and quadrupled. Seems the landlords are a little brainless about this as well – now they have nothing coming in as these storefronts stay empty.

  • nuclearboots24

    your baseless attack & shallow criticism of walmart comes across as yet another example of the ‘cosmetic’ conservative movement in the united states these days; where the top ‘cosmetic’ conservatives (limbaugh, hannity, and o’reilly) may sympathize with your plight and watch repair, your column is a worthy example of what is wrong with the conservative movement today: (whine, snibble, hurt!) “don’t get me wrong, i’m not a liberal, and i don’t hate walmart, i just don’t want to see any more new super stores going up…” if you want to see the mom & pop stores flourish–shop there. if your opposed to the mega-stores–don’t shop there. not shopping the mega-store is perhaps the loudest protest you can drum-up. besides, i’m sure the mom & pop stores have a better produce selection of sour grapes to snack on these days, anyway. just ask them.

  • NT1938

    Buying at Walmart is where most of the poor can aford groceries. Anamed brand pie costs $3.48 at Walmart and $7.00 at Safeway. Checking out of Safeway with a few items that are on special causes the young clerks to critize the customer, even when the customer is elderly. The last time in Safeway, on leaving without buying, drew this remark, “Maybe he will never come in here again>” Checking out of Walmart, one has to remind the young, “I do not care.”, clerks to place the frozen pie flat in the bag to not break the top crust. At Walmart the stocked goods are placed, like the pies, on end, and the young people doing the stocking do not care. That is todays world of the youth. I bring remarks at both Safeway and at Walmart when shopping. Some of them show that the two stores are cooperating in marketing from the verbal remarks of the clerks. But most of the clerks at both stores are not there to serve customers.

    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      NT1938, Safeway is closing its doors July 31, after 80+ yrs here in our community, I was born in 1937. One employee stated to me that it was because of Super Walmart, I I asked that employee if they ever shopped at WalMart , the response was yes, why, because most items were less expensive. My comment was, How do you like like your Union now? Most of these employees have been offered transfers, most do not want to move. That Union prices for you. The former Major a hardcore Democrat is a Relative of the Basha/Food City chain, they don’t believe in Unions, recently closed 17 stores because the employees wanted to unionize. They shut the doors. Try that for for double standard.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Again I must defend Walmart on its non-union philosophy. I know of many union shops (retail as well as other industries) in which jobs pay less than Walmart; and out of those lower wages employees are forced to pay union dues and initiation fees to these parasites. …..As for trade deficits and products made in China, why blame that on Walmart?? A better solution is to educate consumers with adages like ‘Cheap is sometimes expensive’ or ‘Penny wise, pound foolish’. By that I mean products made in China maybe somewhat lower in price, but far lower in quality. E.g., any smoker can tell you that cigarette lighters made in China are inferior, and often stop lighting long before the fluid levels are empty; even after only lighting 2 packs of cigarettes!! So it’s far more logical to pay a little more for BIC lighters made by a Connecticut based company. Likewise with many electronic goods. American made products may cost a little more at first, but if they last longer than Chinese products, then it’s cheaper in the long run to buy American!! Thus consumers need to wise up!! Walmart will continue to sell imports ONLY IF there is a continued demand for them!! Simply put – send a message to Walmart and DON’T buy Chinese products!!

  • i41

    libertytrain, you are right about high rents, but you had better whack the county commissioners and the elected city officals. All who keep raising taxes and never will do anything different thank the elitist smucks want, like building golf course for the privilaged few who use the course at the working still expense to maintain. Usually the smucks charging the high rentsare the city council member or the city controllers. When Wal-Mart built a super store the old Wal-Mart was sold to a group of city controller who then sold it back to the city at a heafty profit, and then who got the remodeling contract the same group. These same city council members see no conflict of interest and it has been going on for decades. I love to see property values and jobs leave over the stupidity of these elit idiots, who I jab ever meeting they have, by pointing out their poor decisions and what they are planning to or will change.

  • Frank

    Hey John Myers I’d like to know how much you make an hour and how big your bank account is. Seems like it’s only the wealthy or the dumb complaining about Wal-mart. I’m 53,married with 2 daughters and on disability with Essential Tremors and we’re struggling like hell to just make ends meet.Last year I had a deep brain stimulator implanted because my medication stopped working and this country is full of people in my shoes not to mention all the people who lost good paying jobs and those who can’t get a good paying job. We’re gratefull for Wal-mart because that’s all we can afford. Wal-mart had the brains to build their own stores and not rent the overpriced ripoffs that own these stripmalls.Maybe that’s why your pissedoff because you own stock in stripmalls. If you want to rip into a greedy company rip into Wawa. I know someone who’s worked there 20 years and that person was told 11 or 12.95 is top wage. This store’s making 96,000.00 dollars a week and they wouldn’t give this person a raise.Supervisor said it was up to the manager if this person got a raise or not and if the manager were to give this person a raise It would cut the size of the managers raise.So before you complain about a company that’s putting people to work at a pretty decent wage get of yourass and look into the bull going on with other Greedy companies.Oh ya there’s also a limit to the number of employees each store can hire regardless how busy the stores are.

  • John M

    This is supposed to be a liberty website, and yet the original article, and at least 3/4 of the comments are some of the most ignorant anti-liberty statements I’ve ever read.

    Don’t like Wal-Mart…. use your liberty and DON’T SHOP THERE!!! Quit trying to use the heavy hand of government to crush those you disagree with. What’s patriotic about being a Fascist? Because that’s what you’re advocating when you advocate government controls over business like so many of you have been suggesting. You are Fascists! And the last time people became Fascist in large numbers, Americans had to go over and kill millions of them to stop them. Now, Americans are becoming Fascists…. are those of us who are strict Constitutionalists going to have to go all WWII on your asses? Don’t make us rise up against your Fascist ways, because if we do, we will put you down like we put down the Nazis. Of course I know, that you believe the pap you spout about wanting to control your fellow man for his own good and to protect him against monopolies… of course, the only monopolies that can exist are those that have government force to back them up. So, if you keep up with the government force against your fellow man, rather than just using freewill to shop elsewhere, you’ll eventually force us to put you down like we put down the Nazis… and that will not be pretty.

    • Countryman

      I wholeheartedly agree. This is the first time I’ve come to this website, and find the articles bordering on fascism.

      To repeat, if you don’t like Walmart’s service or products, then don’t shop there! You complain that they’ve put small businesses out of work, but it’s people like you who chose to shop at Walmart rather than the locally owned business. Walmart didn’t put the other businesses out, the customers did!

      As for this whole isolationist talk of tariffs on Chinese goods, if individuals find better value in Chinese goods versus American (mostly union-made) goods, then no one loses – the customer gets an equal value for the money he buys it with. It’s a voluntary exchange of value for value. If the government steps in and tells individuals that they must pay more for goods of equal value because they are made overseas, that becomes coercion, bordering on armed robbery by the government.

      Apparently the writer of this article has no concept of what a free market economy is, or else he is a failure in the marketplace and wants the government to subsidize his poorly made products. If you really want American made goods to be competitive in the world market, then remove government subsidies and controls such as union scale mandates, card check, and taxes on small businesses altogether. Better yet, add to that the implementation of the Fair Tax (HR 25, S 13), and the abolition of the income tax. Then you will see competitors vying against Walmart, perhaps improving Walmart’s service record.

      As for these who moan about the low pay that Walmart workers receive, that sounds so socialist it makes me throw up. The workers are free individuals who voluntarily apply for the jobs, accept the terms of the job, and hence voluntarily agree to the wage they are paid. No one puts a gun to their heads and forces them to work for that amount.

      And last, but not least, if you don’t like the way Walmart is run, then start your own business and run it better than Walmart. That’s what Personal Liberty is really all about.

  • ben w

    I like Walmart for one thing other than lower prices. They
    hire a lot of folks that are disable to the point that they
    would not be able to get a job at any other place. If the
    unions get their way, that practice will stop.

  • Roselyn

    I like the fact that your money goes a lot farther at Wal Mart, but my beef with them is that you can’t return certain products to the store where you bought them if they don’t work. You have to package them up and send them to the COMPANY – and very few want to take time to do that. I had a bad tap-light experience.

  • D

    A great many Walmart employees are eligible for food stamps,and medical assistance in most states. Therefore we are subsidizing their low wages with our tax dollars.
    Also, they are the biggest importer of products made by slaves in Communist China. American’s would have to literally live in grass huts, if they wanted to compete in the manufacturing market with Communist China.
    I hope people don’t think they are practicing capitalism! It’s global corporatism, and it’s certainly not capitalism!

  • Rick B

    Wal mart fires people for stupid reasons
    I worked for store 3514 in Bradford Pa. was fired for hear say.
    Some one told managemet i called a mgr a name which i did not.
    But even if i did should not have been fired.
    after all i am a vet.
    Where is my freedom of speech

  • Annie F.

    I no longer work for Walmart, but I worked for them twice. The first time was in 98 and 99 after K-Mart had an early retirement program which I took advantage of after working for them for almost 16yrs. Yes 16 yrs. When I started at Walmart it was for $1.55 cents less per hour than I was making at K-Mart. Within 1yr. I was making more than I had made at K-Mart by 45 cents. If you are willing to take on more responsibility they will pay you for stepping up. Same was true for K-Mart, but a much lower rate. The second time I went to work for Walmart it was part-time. I had no idea they would let me invest in a 401K or offer insurance to me and I was also surprised that that I was eligible for their profit sharing. None of this was true while I worked at K-Mart. Walmart is not as bad as other retailers.

  • Chris

    “But Sam Walton’s Frankenstein has killed off countless small businesses and destroyed hundreds of thousands of jobs.”

    “They don’t pay employees enough to live on, and get fat off the employees labor.”

    Where’s the proof of these types of statements?

    Like a bunch of high school whiners!

    • SiliconDoc

      The 5 Walton children are in the top 10 -15 USBillionaires list of Forbes most every year. All 5 of them – each, individually.

  • http://personallibertydigest darlene

    shopping at walmart is apersonal choice. you choose to work there too. ive never had any problems at walmart. i like the store alot. and apparantelyso do many other people. its a free market system and a still a free economy. people have the right to work and shop where they want.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      It is the epitome of the American dream. Work hard, apply yourself, sell a good product at a good price, and people will want it. Honda practices this also, and they are successful and are demonized along with Walmart. Its the new America, punish the successful, and reward the failures. Hear that noise? Thats us circling around the bowl before we go down the drain, if we dont stop this stupidity of punishing the successful. We need to get back to where we reward success in this country, and take the failures and kick them in the arse and tell them to knock it off, straigten up and get a job. Of course, the democrats wont let us do that, they would lose their voters if they all got jobs.

  • johntvalentine

    With all due respect to all the comments. I am a union man. When the coal mines closed up in 1952 my wonderful dad didn’t take welfare. I remember it was a very rough time. I had five brothers and sisters. May dad didn’t committ suside. He went out and learned another trade. He passed away quite suscessful at the age or 79. When the pony express gave up the ghost. Thousands of employees didn’t stop living they moved on to greater suscess. That’s life. That is the American way. I am ever so thanksful for our beloved America’s GOD given CONSTITUTION. Take your precious time instead of complaining. Teach your childern, America’s GOD given CONSTITUTIION.

  • Bob R

    Though you may not be a liberal, you think like one. You need only be a consumer. I hate going to Walmart, but I like them because they supply to a growing market, the monetary challenged. I would offer this, when you have a problem, call for a supervisvor or a manager. Then try contacting them through their website, which I do often. The reason small businesses go out, because they can’t compete with the price Walmart offers. They need to reassign priorities and get after service’s. Walmart can’t offer service’s because of their employee’s don,t have background in service, and I mean service’s that have to do with construction,handyman servicing. They have mostly young ,fresh out of school employee’s who only care when they get paid.

  • Mari

    I actually worked at Walmart years ago. The pay may not have been very high, but offer alot of jobs to those who may not otherwise have an opportunity to work. They employee seniors to high school. And I understand the frustration that comes from dealing with many who work there. But that is not the fault of Walmart …. complain to management about the workers. If you don’t the employee will continue to treat others the way they treated you. And trust me, management can’t be everywhere. I feel like the employees who have attitudes like that will eventually be fired anyway. And by the way, stock is offered to the employees as an option, even way back then.

  • Dave tolle

    I’m very pleased that I am not a News Corp, shareholder! With all the on going troubles it is facing in the UK with the now closed, News of the World. Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp based in Delaware; is also facing a legal challenge from its shareholders. Shareholders, as well as investment funds, labor and municipal pension funds are accusing Murdoch of mishandling News Corp. assets, by treating the company like a family candy jar, which he raids whenever his appetite strikes. It looks like the trouble are just starting!

  • Walmart Zombie

    I just got a job at Wal-Mart. I work in the backroom. $7.65/hr. They hired a bunch of people from a temp agency and now they are getting rid of those people because of a “safety hazard.” Whatever that would be. The CBL (computer based learning) training system is a joke. They spend a lot of time talking about different procedures, but treat you as if you are stupid. (e.g. “To exit this module press the exit button.” No, really? I was thinking of pressing the transcript button.) 24 hours of that garbage (plus orientation, another joke). They don’t actually train you, you’re expected to know everything. The Timex situation above is technically against Wal-Mart policy. Most Walmart workers (not all) are drones. I’ve only been there a few weeks and already I feel like an apathetic zombie. I hate that, and people who know me would probably not like it either. Walmart is hopefully a temporary fix to my inability to find a good job after college. (I cannot pay for $31,000 in debt with near minimum wage earnings.) I would not recommend that anyone apply for a Walmart job unless they are in desperate need of money (of which they give little). They do not value their employees as they constantly harp. Otherwise they would pay more.

  • NyNita

    In the article – come on, it was a flippin’ Timex – just throw the thing away and buy another $30 watch. And, if people didn’t by chance know it, the only thing that most stores gladly will do is replace batteries in watches. As for fixing something that’s broken, take it to a real watch/jewelry store to get it fixed. Man, I can’t stand babies who want the sky from discount stores instead of settling for the air they breathe. And, as for Wal-Mart causing mom and pop stores to close up – SO WHAT – MOM AND POP STORES HAVE TOO HIGH PRICES FOR THE SAME STUFF – I QUIT SHOPPING AT MOM AND POP STORES OVER 30 YEARS AGO, LONG BEFORE I EVER STEPPED FOOT INTO A WAL-MART. If I can get a product for 20% or more less than another store, you bet your sweet bottom I’m going to the cheaper store and I don’t care who the cheaper store put out of business.

  • sunshineIQ

    I guess this will land in lala land since no one has posted since July. First off, I do like Walmart. But when I bought a size 40 bra that shrank to 28″ around, a full 2 inches smaller, I took it back to Walmart. I was ready for them. They needed a price check. The department person said they could not return it because it had been washed. I said it fit fine, loosely in fact, when I tried it on. “But you washed it.” Duh? Yeah, you have to wash clothing. It’s shrunk beyond my use with one washing. “Well, we can’t take it back.” I said, listen, your buyers are buying clothing made with stretched fabric designed to shrink and be worthless. They’re saving a mint on fabric. That goes for men’s socks too. I showed her how it compared to the product on the shelf. I insisted I wanted my money back! And I got it!

  • Ingrid Ajaime

    I HAAAAATE Walmart… I always find rude employees, people that have no will to assist you at the store and how dare you ask questions there… They have “that look” that gives you a very negative vibe… Last Sat it was the last time in my life I set my feet in this horrible retailer… I don’t have time now to write what happen but I am happy to say that “I AM WALMART FREE” and it feels very good!!! I prefer to pay a little more at TARGET… Their whole atmosphere, including employees are more pleasent! WALMART STINKS IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE!!!!

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