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Why Everything Is Dirtier

June 2, 2011 by  

Why Everything Is Dirtier

I am old enough to have a vague memory of clothes so white they were called bright. This happened despite the absence of additives — the ridiculous varieties of sprays, bottles and packets that fill our cabinets today and that we throw into the wash to try to boost the cleaning power of our pathetic machines and increasingly useless laundry soap.

Then, the other night, I experienced an amazing blast from the past. I added 1/4 cup of trisodium phosphate (TSP) and otherwise “treated” nothing. The results were nothing short of mind-boggling. Everything was clean — clean in a way I recall from childhood.

Next, came my confrontation with the local cleaner, which I’ve used for years. I explained what happened and how puzzling it is that by using TSP, I was able to clean my clothes more thoroughly and perfectly than his commercial service.

He was not shocked. He agreed completely, though sheepishly.

I pointed out that TSP, which is a natural element, is amazing not because it cleans — it needs soap to do its thing — but rather because it rinses, whooshing away all dirt, oil and stains, as well as all leftover detergent. Bleach whitens, but it ruins fabrics — and that’s not good. What is needed is a good rinsing agent that leaves clothes not only perfectly clean but also smelling fantastic. TSP does it, and that’s why it has long been an essential ingredient in laundry soap.

Once again, he agreed.

Does he use it? No. Why not?

It is not “commercially viable,” he said.

How can this be? It is not expensive. It is freely available at the hardware store in the paint section. If something works, the laundry service pleases its customers more. That means more business and higher profits. Isn’t the goal to clean clothes well and do a good job for customers?

He said that was true but repeated that TSP is not “commercially viable.” He politely deferred all further questions to the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute, whose website provides no information at all to nonmembers. However, the Laundry Institute did answer my email:

“It is true that trisodium phosphate produces cleaner laundry.”

Bingo. Cleaner laundry. Cleaner than what? Anything else. Not “commercially viable” means governments will no longer permit laundries to clean your shirts. You can add TSP at home — government hasn’t restricted that yet — but commercial houses cannot. However, the Laundry Institute representative did say, “There are other ways to achieve a clean shirt.” What are they? He didn’t say. He said: “You will have to do some legwork to find a cleaner that meets your needs.”

My needs? My needs are for clean clothes, the same as the laundry needs of the whole of humanity since the beginning of time. The whole purpose of laundries is to meet that need.

Here’s the problem, however. The goal of the regulators who regulate the laundry is not to improve your life. It is to wreck your life a bit at a time by pressing increasing numbers of restrictions and mandates upon private producers.

One of these mandates has removed TSP from detergent — and with catastrophic results. No one wants to talk about this. There is a major hush-hush culture here because business, understandably, doesn’t want to face a consumer backlash, and government doesn’t want to acquire the reputation for being the civilization wrecker it truly is.

These kinds of regulations are capable of driving an entire industry into the ground, as people with the intense desire for clean clothes — the very people who are willing to pay for laundry services — increasingly resort to home cleaning and ironing. An entire step in the structure of production is eliminated, as laundry autarky replaces the division of labor, which is the driving force of cooperative human effort.

It’s no wonder the industry wants no talk of this problem. Its very raison d’être is under attack. If laundries can’t clean clothes, they have to shut down.

Does government care? If you read between the lines in the almost-candid moments of government statements, you can see what is going on here. In 2009, Clive Davies, a product engineer with the Environmental Protection Agency, granted an interview with The New York Times that focused on home products. You might wonder what a product engineer is doing working for the government rather than the private sector. This interview shows why. Every one of the questions asked of him concerned the effect of home products on the environment. Not one probed the essential question of whether the products actually work.

Davies’ job is to decide whether to affix a supposedly valued designation to products: Designed for the Environment. It’s pretty clear that anything that actually cleans, washes or scrubs probably can’t earn the designation. An empty box that claims to be detergent stands a better chance of gaining the government seal of approval than a detergent that actually works.

Then we get to the end of the interview, in which Davies is actually candid about the goal: the elimination of detergents (meaning the elimination of clean). He concedes this would be the best possible result. And what does he recommend instead? Vinegar and “elbow grease” — the old-fashioned phrase for “scrub harder.”

Thus spake the government. That’s the future as these bureaucrats see it. It’s a future of elbow grease, meaning manual labor unassisted by any products of free enterprise like machines and detergents that work.

It’s a future in which our clothes are dirty, we have no soap that works to wash our bodies, our dishes are full of gritty film, our floors are grungy, our windows are smudgy, everything more or less stinks like vinegar, our toilets don’t work, our trash is hurled in a pile out back, and vast amounts of our time are spent scrubbing things instead of reading, singing, writing or conversing. It is a future just like the long-ago past, complete with washtubs, washboards and outhouses — along with their attendant dirt, disease and deprivation.

My own enlightenment on this issue came within the past year. Like millions of others, I had forgotten what a clean dish looked like. Dish-washing soaps, with no big announcement, eliminated phosphate from their formulas under pressure from the EPA and laws from state governments that banned them. The idea was to help fish in their oxygen competition with algae (even though the household contribution to algae creation is negligible, and the scientific evidence on the issue of algae’s effect on fish runs in all directions).

The main issue here is that Americans (Europeans, too) are having their living standards systematically degraded by regulators who apparently hate modern conveniences like dishwashers and want to drive us evermore into an impoverished state of nature.

And don’t tell me that phosphate-free dish soap works just as well. It’s a laughable claim. If you buy some phosphate and add a tablespoon to the load, you enter a new world once the washer is finished. Things are actually clean like you might remember from childhood. The glasses gleam, the plates squeak and there is no oily film on your dishes. You don’t have to buy new dishes, and you don’t need a new washer. You only need to add back what the regulators took out. You don’t need Consumer Reports. The difference is perfectly obvious, and anyone who claims otherwise is insulting our intelligence.

The sales of new home appliances have soared over the past 12 months, according to industry reports. The data are not broken down by type, but I’m willing to bet quite a few dishwashers have been sold to unsuspecting customers who had no idea the real problem was with the detergents, not the machines. Hardly anyone I have spoken to has understood this problem, but all confirmed the fact their dishes are not getting clean.

Getting even less attention was this ban on TSP in laundry soap that took place in the early 1990s, apparently codified in a 1993 law. The idea, or the excuse, was to stop the increased growth of algae in rivers and lakes (phosphate is a fertilizer, too). But there are other ways to filter phosphate, home use contributes virtually nothing to the alleged problem, and there is no solid evidence that plant growth in rivers and lakes is a harm at all.

In any case, consumers gradually noticed stains were becoming more stubborn than ever. As a result, a huge new range of products started appearing on the market. These products permit you to treat your clothes before you wash them. Today, our cabinets are filled with such products — Spray ’N Wash, bleach pens, stain removers, boosters of all sorts — and we use them by the gallon.

Does anyone stop to wonder why such products are necessary in the first place? And, if they are so good, why aren’t they in the detergent so that the whole load gets clean and not just the treated part? The reason, most fundamentally, is that the formula for detergent was changed as a result of government regulation.

The difference wasn’t obvious at first. But as time has gone on, other changes began to take place, like the mandates for machines that use less water (as Mark Thornton writes about), along with mandates for tepid temperatures of water in our homes. In the end, the result is dramatic. It all amounts to dirty, yellowing clothes.

This is the exact opposite of what we expect in markets, in which products are ever better and cheaper due to innovation, expansion of the division of labor and competition. But with government regulation, the results are deliberately the opposite. We pay ever-higher prices for shoddy results.

Do we see what is happening here? I can detect very little in the way of public knowledge, much less outcry. In the old Cold War days, I recall wondering how it was that the Soviet people could have put up with state-caused impoverishment for decade after decade, and wondering why people didn’t just rise up and overthrow their impoverishers. Now, I’m beginning to see why. If this all happens slowly and quietly, there is no point at which the reality of cause and effect dawns on people.

One final note on my conversation with my cleaner. He gave me the heads-up that the main ingredient used for dry cleaning, perchloroethylene, is not long for this world. California and New York are considering bans, and the rest of the country comes later. After that, it’s all over, and the last one to leave civilization will have to remember to shut off the florescent light.

This is the whole trajectory of life under government control. They are the predators; we are their prey. And this isn’t just about clean dishes and clothes. It applies to every regulation, every tax, every expenditure, every stupid war and every monetary manipulation. Everything government does comes at our expense, and the costs are both seen and unseen.

How much will people put up with until they arrange for the regulators to sleep with the fishes?

–Jeffrey A. Tucker

Jeffrey Tucker

is the editor of and author of It's a Jetsons World: Private Miracles and Public Crimes and Bourbon for Breakfast: Living Outside the Statist Quo.

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  • kAREN


    • Tazio2013

      Most hardware stores carry it (Tri-Sodium Phosphate) or, if you can handle a 50 pound bag, get it from a chemical distributor.

    • Carlucci

      I found it at ACE Hardware. I add it to the laundry, and my wash is coming out so much cleaner, and it smells wonderful. Whites come out snow white, like they are supposed to.

      I also add about a teaspoon to dishwasher soap (along with Lemishine, which is another fantastic product if you have hard water like I do).
      Dishes come out squeaky clean with no spots on the glassware or cutlery.

      • Kate8

        Carlucci – I haven’t had so much success with adding TSP to my laundry. Maybe it’s going to take awhile, since the whites were so gray?

        I have a dreaded front-loader which uses hardly any water. Maybe that is the problem. Also, I’m not sure how much to add to the laundry for that reason.

        • jim

          VOTE ole barry the CHIEF SOCIALIST IDIOT OUT!!! Start NOW just like he and the ENEMIES of OUR country are doing NOW!!

          • Matt Newell

            The trouble is — Barry is not the only one (only the latest) to do this stuff. Note that the TSP was taken out in 1993 (seems like that would be around Clintons time.

        • Sevnth

          To make a long story short, a few years back I accidently stumbled into buying & selling new “scratch & Dent” appliances – Since I could now get great deals on the new modern machines, I got us some -
          That is when we entered the world we’re now talking about- $1300 machines, with their own “special” soap that came with it, doing almost nothing, literally. Most loads could have been made just as clean with a good strong garden hose & no soap.
          An old guy told me all about how nothing that works is legal anymore – I thought he was a nut until I experienced it myself.
          If the Government wants “it” for you, it’s Evil – Believe it, or learn it for yourself.
          God Bless You All.

          • Susan

            Kinda reminds me of Camazotz in the children’s book, “A Wrinkle in Time.” The infamous Man with Red Eyes, the mouthpiece of IT,(IT actually runs Camazotz), wants us all to submit peacefully to his directions. No questions asked.

          • pete0097

            The algae problem is a matter of degrees. The sewage treatment plant should remove any of the phosphates prior to discharge. The algae build up will occur there. The problem is that many sewage treatment plants don’t do their job. The government figures that it is just easier to dump everything into the river/ocean/lake than to properly treat it. Your septic field will take care of it, although eventully, excessive solids will build up requiring pumpiong out. The biggest problem with algae build up in rivers comes from excess fertilizer use. these farmers think that if a little fertilizer is good, a lot is better. Big misteake. If fertilizer is used, only just enough to grow the crop is best. Any excess washes off and costs more money. In PA the state soil conservation service will help farmers to minimize their fertilizer use to keep the excess from just washing down the river wasting money.

        • Carlucci

          Kate, I’m adding 1/8 of a cup of TSP to small loads. For large loads, 1/4 of a cup or a little more. You might have to use more than that. I use Arm and Hammer clothes detergent with baking soda and add a little OxyClean if I’m washing whites. I think the water has something to do with cleaning if it is really hard. I haven’t had to use Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing on my whites since I started using the TSP, but I found bluing used to help with whites. You can also rinse white or silver hair with it, as my grandmother used to do. Bluing takes out the yellow in anything. Sometimes I even add a little bit of bluing to my swimming pool.

          • Kate8

            Carlucci – It’s hard to determine how much TSP because my front-loader uses hardly any water. I’ve been experimenting.

            My problem is not yellowing whites, but grey whites. I suppose it could depend on the minerals in the water. Yellow suggests iron or sulphur. Grey, I guess, might be manganese. I’m no chemist.

          • independant thinker

            Kate, your grey might be tungsten or titanium also.

          • denniso

            Poor Jeffrey! The world of clean is coming down around his dirty head,and there’s just no way to cope w/ all the dingy grey colors!Maybe try wearing blue shirts instead of white? Maybe get outside and dig a ditch or build a house and actaully fet dirty w/ real dirt,rather than just dingy colors.
            Build up of algae in rivers and lakes is no problem according to Jeffrey? I would politely suggest that he read some science on the issue,because it’s really pretty simple,and anyone can understand it. Too much added plant life in water removes too much oxygen from the water so that other water life,like fish,can’t survive and we wind up w/ essentially a dead river or lake. Something we have to prevent if we want healthy eco systems,not to mention having fish for people to hook.

          • independant thinker

            good bye denniso.

          • dc23

            I love the bluing in the swimming pool and on my clothes. I haven’t used it since I had a pool. Thanks for reminding me.

          • Carlucci

            denniso – you are a dingy grey color. Go away.

          • eddie47d

            Carlucci and I.T. must like dead fish. What else should we take from your comments. Denniso is right about oxygen depletion that is occurring in our rivers,lakes and stream.They all have dead zones where nothing lives.Some is from mining and other waste products and not as much from TSP but the concerns is rising.

          • denniso

            The shallowness and self interest of the rightwing is so apparent it’s not even funny! Putting white shirts and underwear ahead of healthier rivers, lakes and ecosystems is just mindboggling! Can’t they not understand the seriousness of the issue,that we all depend on the environment to even exist? Just as fish and plants do? I guess they think there is an Obama conspiracy to keep out whites dirty so he can be a more effective One World Government dictator? Can these people really not think rationally at all? What motive would the EPA have in trying to protect our streams and rivers,other than actually protecting them? Oh, I forgot,they want to ruin our economy so the communists can eat us for lunch. Or is it the aliens who want to experiment on us for their psych classes in their colleges?

          • AustinAndy

            Putting little fishes or lizards over human beings is the ultimate senseless government driven procedure. Sorry, I value my child’s life requirement over some environmentalists dream of a human free society. Do you think we are better off not growing food in California because of a little fish or not drilling oil because of a tiny lizard? Is there value in food for our tables and heat and air conditioning and transportation for humans?

          • Jan25

            Are you using the TSP in your coloreds wash? This is a new concept for me. Like others I am tired of dingy laundry.

          • Jan25

            Are you using the TSP in your coloreds wash too? I’m so tired of dingy laundry.

          • Brian

            @ denniso: “Too much added plant life in water removes too much oxygen from the water”. Huh? Last time I checked plants ADD oxygen to the water, not remove it. Better study up on photosynthesis.

          • denniso

            Huh??? I would suggest that you read up on the issue of plants in waterways and lakes. Like most issues it isn’t as simple as rightwingers want things to be. When plants over populate a body of water because of phosphates and nitrates released into the water,then they die,as all things do,bacteria feed on the decaying plants…the bacteria population increases and they use up the dissolved oxygen in the water…w/ no, or too little dissolved oxygen in the water,fish and other water animals can’t survive. Like everything else in the eco systems on the earth,it’s all about balance,and man can and does throw things out of balance…simple enough for you Brian,huh??

          • denniso

            AustinAndy…it’s not about putting little fish and lizzards ahead of people,it’s about keeping the environmental systems and the earth that we all depend on for our very lives, healthy and sustainable. When fish and lizzards are being wiped out and extincted forever we have to recognize that as a wakeup call,that tells us we are damaging our environment to the point of harming all life,us included.

            Do we really think we are God? That we can wipe out other species w/ no negative effects on the earth and us? Come on people, think a little and quit being so self centered in the short term.

    • Michael

      Buy it on-line, or at your local Ace Hardware.

    • independant thinker

      Anyone who is interested in making their own laundry soap check with Lehmans. They have a starter kit to help you get started making it then you can purchase the supplies as needed to replentish your detergent. Many if not all the ingredients can be found localy but if you have trouble finding them you can order the replacements from Lehmans.

      They also have old fashioned Pine Tar soap which is good if you have trouble with skin rashes, dry flaking skin, etc. If you are outside a lot in the summer it works wonders on getting rid of any chiggers or seed ticks that make it by your defences.

    • SiliconDoc

      Expect to be on the anti-terrorism list if you try to get 50lbs. of TriSoPh.
      Love the article, it could be expanded in a thousand directions, I’d just like to point out that the result of all this is MASSIVE SPENDING.
      On a personal note, Great Grandma always made soap from ashes and cooking grease – Great Granpa’s cigars were greatly appreciated (instead of the hate filled messages no doubt delivered today – and both nearly made 100yrs old so there.), and I recall happily the soap for many childhood and adult years – and Mom and Grandma always had it handy because it actually got the wash clean…eventually they found a store brand equivalent – looked and smelled the same – so now Mom always gets that if it can be found.
      I suspect soon it will be outlawed, since it isn’t filled with government demanded chems and emollients and creams and whatever…
      So yes, years ago when the soap secret was revealed to me on a visit, I recalled those tanish bars all over as a child, and got the information on their origin.
      Oh well, at least there is one soap bar sold in some stores and made commercially that matches.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Marie Wilkinson

    Article really struck a chord with me. Approximately three years ago, I purchased a new washing machine (clothes). I have always washed bed linens and bath towels in hot water and, much to my dismay, the ‘hot’ water selection on the new machine will run hot water for a few minutes then quickly switch to ‘cold’ thereby making for a very ‘tepid’ wash….not the desired ‘hot’ wash selected. Someone up there (Wash. DC) had made a decision re how I do my laundry in my own home. Really irritating. Now I boil huge pots of water on the stove and pour it into the machine w/my bed linens and towels. Not exactly an energy-saving procedure, but I will not be outdone by a group of overpaid morons!

    • Cat

      Good for you!

    • Isaac Davis

      you could just switch the inlet water lines, or add in a valve that both lines combine into, and close the cold when you want only hot. The morons can’t (yet) remote in and manipulate your water lines.

      The self-serving, mental misfits who somehow got elected with no credentials of the sort that they then go off and mandate to those who elected them is just nothing short of insane.

      Don’t you find it amazing that morons who might only sit on their little ivory post for a few years will potentially affect the lives of hundreds of millions for the foreseeable future? Affecting the lives of people that are not their constituents, based on crack-pot science in many cases driven by nothing more than politics and power.

      One thing to consider: Show one gov’t “pogrom” that was sold to the people in the effort to rid the people of a problem, that EVER was solved where the problem was eradicated. Gov’t first creates the problem, then turns right around and campaigns to take our money away from us by convincing us that the gov’t can solve the very problem it created. Tell me this is not the truth–in perpetuity.

      Gov’t cannot give anything to anyone that it first does not take from someone else.

      • Kate8

        Isaac – Not just that, but none of this applies to those who impose it on us.

        They jet off to one of their many mansions, using all the fuel and producing all the carbon they want, keep a comfortable temperature, and fill their swimming pools and spas. They wear clean clothes, eat whatever they want, and do whatever they want. I’ll bet they use incandescent light bulbs, too. They’re safer and healthier.

        Then they fly back to DC to legislate more hardship on us.

        • SiliconDoc

          Yes, and unfortunately that means they fail the decency in use of authority test.

  • Tore

    Just asked my wife and she said that the whites are not as clean as they used to be, even with bleach.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      The bleach is also weak. It won’t whiten clothes and in fact make them dingier.

    • ValDM

      I stopped buying “cleaning” products about 10 yrs ago when I started reading labels. Bathroom cleaning products that claim they remove calcium/lime deposits? They all contain citric acid; so now I buy GSE (grapefruit seed extract). GSE is pure citric acid which you mix to your own specs, AND it’s a germicidal. Overall dingy clothes? 1/4 cup white distilled vinegar to every load removes mineral deposits in both your clothes & machine. Ink spots from a leaky pen? Isopropyl Alcohol rubbed into the spot, also works on fruit juice stains (but only from real fruit). And I can’t even begin to extoll the virtues of baking soda. Greasy/oily stains? Ammonia, but you have to work at this a little longer. There are many home remedies for cleaners, and I know this post may be a little off-topic, but it can’t hurt to share some of my home-grown wisdom.

      • libertytrain

        I think your ideas are great – it’s really almost pathetically funny that so many of us have taken to the Internet to find the old-fashioned ways of doing things since the products hoisted on us are lousy.

      • Kate8

        Also, a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda will keep drains clean.

        I do use vinegar to clean (and baking soda), but I do hate that my house smells like a salad.

        • Isaac Davis

          Caution on the use of this mix of vinegar and baking soda as it will eat iron plumbing and may discolor stainless steel/aluminum.

          • Kate8

            Is it worse than Draino?

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            I take out the drain plate, dump the baking soda down the drain, then pour in aboug 16 ounces of red apple cider vinegar, and it cleans out the pipes better than draino, liquid plumber or any of them, and its non toxic when it dumps out the other end also. And Ive never had it eat the silver off the drain flange or damage pipes.

      • 45caliber

        One thing to keep in mind — mixing some of the natural products can cause problems. For instance, vinegar and citric acid are both acids. Ammonia is a basic. Mix the two and they change as well as get hot. A janitor locally tried to mix Draino (basic) and an acid (HCL) used for cleaning out drains. It boiled and splashed some of it into her eyes. If you don’t know the difference between basics and acids, do a little research on line.

        • Matt Newell

          That is base not basic.

          • http://none Robert

            when you add a base to something it becomes more “basic” which is correct . but unless someone has a chemistry background folks will not understand , violent reactions like draino [ sodium hydroxide ] and drain acid [ concentrated sulfuric acid ] come from there potency . very dangerous to skin exp eyes , soda ash is used to make the soap more [very] basic and big laundry folks used it alone [ at one time ] and it was the primary ingredient in Sears detergent , we got it by the rail car as powder

    • independant thinker

      Do you remember the old bluing you added to whites to make them look brighter? I believe the name is Mrs Stewert’s and you can still get it.

  • James Stone

    If you think TSP makes a difference, add some TSPP and you will really see cleaning. TSPP, tetrasodium pyrophosphate is much better than trisodium phosphate at cleaning grease, mildew, all the hard to clean stuff.

    • Carlucci

      James – Can you use that in the wash, and dishwasher?

      • Kate8

        Carlucci – I will be looking for some of that.

        BTW, did you see, next to the TSP, TSP-PF (phosphate-free)?

        WTH? What’s the point?

  • Linda

    THIS is one of the best articles I have read in a LONG time!
    It just goes right along with my complaints of so many things these days…
    -smaller tuna fish cans with more oil or water….but the same price
    -shorter toilet paper rolls…they are now European sized…and Charmin’ dares to have a logo that says….Using Less Never Felt So Good!!!
    -smaller spaghetti sauce jars….but the same price!
    -oh, and this years’ can of 100% pure pumpkin….smaller can
    -yes, and ICE CREAM…we all used to go and get a HALF-Gallon of ice cream, but no longer can we do THAT…the containers got smaller AND the container is FLIMSIER so that eventually the top doesn’t even fit on it!
    -oh, and I think that the size of cake mixes boxes have gotten smaller!

    vacuums barely suck
    toothpaste does NOT take away plaque
    telephone work only one year
    and computers…they go out of date after a few years!

    I am tired of this all and I thank you for bringing this subject to the light of day! Whenever I talk about smaller packaging with my friends they look at me as if I were crazy!! I said you go check and see….I have a recipe that calls for a 7oz can of tuna fish…there is NO such thing any longer…it’s shrunk down to 5oz!!!

    Go figure!
    thanks again,

    • Carlucci

      Linda – Toothpaste is terrible for your teeth and gums. It is abrasive and wears away enamel, and causes tooth and gum sensitivity. It also contains vegetable glycerin, which sticks to your teeth, causing that annoying “fuzzy” feeling.

      I have been using a fantastic product called Tooth Soap that I found through the Natural News enewsletter. I use Tooth Soap with a Sonicare toothbrush and my teeth have never looked or felt so clean. My tooth and gum sensitivity also went away, and both feel much stronger now. I also like an excellent mouthwash called “Spry”, which I get at the Vitamin Shoppe.

      • ValDM

        Spry is good because it contains xylitol which helps your teeth re-mineralize. Toothpastes from year ago used to contain xylitol, but with the advent of artificial sweeteners, no more. If you want a truly excellent mouthwash, try Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil mouthwash; it’s alcohol/sugar free and I’ve never had better checkups in my life.
        I can be found at most health food stores.

        • ValDM

          Sorry……….IT can be found at health food stores, but sometimes I can be too. LOL

        • Carlucci

          Desert Essence is a great brand. Every once in a blue moon, I’ll use their fennel toothpaste, because it tastes absolutely delicious. It must make a user’s breath smell wonderful, because people have asked me if I just chewed some fennel gum.

          But, I’m still sticking to Tooth Soap!

        • 45caliber

          Pure baking soda is what my grandmother used to use and it works fine.

          • Gayle

            We used baking soda with a little salt.

          • Matt Newell

            I sometimes use baking soda mixed with hydrogen peroxide solution until it is a paste and use it. Works great, but I find the mixture foams in the container and makes a mess if I don’t watch out.

      • Sara

        I just thought you might be interested in the incredible effects of plain ole’ peroxide for the plaque in the mouth…I’ve been mixing peroxide with alcohol-free (fluoride-free, too) mouthwash for over 3 years now and I have found that it not only kills the plaque stuff, but doesn’t allow the plaque to build up on your teeth at all! Cuts down on the regular visits to the dentist for cleaning!

        • Kate8

          My mom used only a mixture of salt/soda/peroxide to brush her teeth. She swore by it.

          When she passed at 84, her teeth were white and her gums were healthy. She didn’t have dental work, either.

        • 45caliber

          Sara – my dentist recommended using peroxide direct from the bottle. It works great, especially for wounds and mouth sores. And it prevents and/or heals gum disease. A couple of mouthfuls (small ones since it foams) and then a rinse with water. Does taste a little funny but not bad.

      • jim

        I second that, Tooth Soap is Great!

    • gardenlady

      several of my friends was out for our monthly luncheon and this subject of items becoming “smaller” was discussed – it was amazing, we all mentioned tuna as one of the first items! They must think we are all a bunch of dummies and do not realize they are not fooling us wise shoppers.
      I also have noticed my clothes are not as white as they should be and even the bleach hasn’t helped – I will definately be making a trip to town to purchase all of the above mentioned to help with my effort to have nice white clothes/and cleaner dishes! The government is slowly taking over our lives in more than one way! I thought this article was super great – I forwarded it on to many of my friends..

      • eddie47d

        You are absolutely correct that there is less product in smaller packaging and at the same price. We are being fooled by these companies but it is a marketing gimmick to make more money not because the government told them to do so. When it comes to chemicals in any product these companies should be testing more before the item goes to market. There wouldn’t be a need for government regulations if businesses were more cautious about what they put out there. As usual the government does overreact; so the bottom line is to have smarter consumers who expect more honesty from companies and their products. Which would hopefully keep government out.

        • independant thinker

          ” We are being fooled by these companies but it is a marketing gimmick to make more money”

          Not quite eddie. While it is trickery on the part of the companies it is done because of rising costs. The companies reduce the size of the container and keep the same price to cover rising costs while not informing the consumer so that the unaware consumer thinks he/she is getting the same thing they always have. The company is not making more money it is making the same amount.

      • independant thinker

        “I also have noticed my clothes are not as white as they should be and even the bleach hasn’t helped.”

        You can use Mrs Stewerts whitning if you can find it in your area. It makes whites whiter (really they just look whiter and brighter I think). I remember my mother and grandmother using it on their whites and this was long before the gubment started banning things.

      • 45caliber

        How about smaller candy bars? I noticed that quickly when I was a lot younger.

    • Marlene

      I wrote to Sunkist to complain about the smaler size being too small for my existing recipes. They wrote back that the content actually wasn’t smaller, just the can size and there was no more added liquid than before. They really do think we’re stupid. At least tuna companies haven’t raised their prices like ice cream companies. I stopped buying ice cream for a year but now that my granddaughters stop by after their classes and before sports practice, I buy ice cream to make them milkshakes (fortified with protein products). They like them and it gives me company. It’s lonely, getting old. Oh yes, Starkist said they’d send me coupons to buy more tuna but never did and it’s 6 months since I wrote to them. Yep, they think we’re stupid!

      • Carlucci

        Don’t be lonely Marlene! Come to this blog and we’ll keep you company!

  • Tore

    Atlas Shrugged!!!!

  • Brad

    Did a search and found evidense TSP works both in the laundry and dishwasher. We need to tell big brother, quit medling with our products that work and which are good for us. I’m going to buy some TSP from my local Lowes hardware store, it’s in stock, mfg by DAP.

    • jmusic


  • LAW2

    Proof once again that environmentalism is not about the environment, but about control. We jokingly make reference to these kind of actions with the following comment: “If it works they take it off the market” and it isn’t just cleaning products, it is rampent in the medical drug field.

    • Polski

      When I was a kid, the saying was “if it tastes good it’s bad for you”.

    • eddie47d

      Law2; TSP is used in thousands of products including cereal. It’s a food additive too and used as a thickening agent and acid regulator. It doesn’t get a clean bill of health on all fronts though. Users must be careful of exposure and make sure it is kept out of the reach of children,(like most chemicals and medicines).TSP can cause burning and redness of eyes,blisters,sore throat and if swallowed severe abdominal pain. If Ben wants to lead “the public outcry” on this issue he should include the side effects so people with allergies and rash sensitivity can be more informed. I personally can’t use the product Snuggles and will develop a rash over 80% of my body. Cleaning companies were exposed to high amounts of these chemicals and the dangers were more prevalent and dangerous.

      • libertytrain

        who is Ben?

        • eddie47d

          Thank you.I saw Ben’s picture on the side as I was reading and it stuck in my mind. It should have said Jeffery.

          • Palin12

            Dr. Kevorkian’s office called and wishes to inform you that due to circumstances beyound his control, he will not be able to help you today. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

      • independant thinker

        “TSP is used in thousands of products including cereal.”

        I currently have 4 different cereals in the cabinate and none pof them list TSP as an ingredient. Only one of them even showed a phosporus content and it is natural content from the grain.

    • patrick

      “If it works, they take it off the market” Just the opposite in D.C., they don’t work but the feds just increase in size and do less for the people. Why do the American people trust them when they say “This is good for you”? When my mother said that, I ran away!

  • Karolyn

    Borax works well too. And it’s good for fleas.

    • mikwilly

      and to get rid of crippin charlie

  • Marc de Piolenc

    TSP is used by painters to remove the greasy film from surfaces to be painted. But be careful: last time I did a job I bought a product called “TSP” that contained no TSP! Read the ingredients list.

    • libertytrain

      That’s what I’ve always used it for.

  • Conservative at Birth

    Who is John Galt? Where is he when we need him? If there ever was a time, it is now, for another Boston Tea Party. We must revolt and get rid of the totalitarian socialists that have been encroaching on our freedoms for over 100 years.

    • gardenlady

      amen to this one!!!

  • Karolyn

    The best window washer is ammonia with water and a little dish soap. Ammonia by itself is good. Also, vinegar is a great cleaner/shiner. There are numerous natural methods for cleaning, which can easily be found by searching. It’s the advertising industry that sells all the “new and improved” products, while all we need to do is go back to the old natural stuff.

    • Carlucci

      Karolyn – thanks for the tips. Most of the surfaces in my home are glass, and unfortunately I also have lots of big windows (nice when it is cold outside, but not so good in the summertime). Have you tried coffee filters when cleaning glass surfaces? Sure beats the heck out of paper towels, and there are no streaks. Crumpled up newspapers also work on wiping down windows. Something about them “polishes” the glass.

      • karolyn

        Carlucci – I used to work at a dance studio with all those big mirrors. Using newspaper was a must and always did the best job.

        • California70

          I was taught by my Mother to use Newspaper also. It is terrific. Leaves no streaks.

    • Sara

      Another fabulous product for window cleaning is Isopropyl Alcohol…I had a friend who had a window cleaning business and he told me that (if you have any rubber around your windows, ammonia will eat through it eventually…I think that’s why newspapers made great window cleaning material because the newsprint contained alcohol.

      • 45caliber

        There was a multi-million dollar study a few years ago that the government did to find the best thing for cleaning eye glasses.

        Paper was ruled out because it will scratch glass.

        However the BEST thing was vodka. The second best was isopropal alchol.

        For some reason, every time I’ve tried to get my boss to stock vodka to use for cleaning my glasses, he shoots it down.

        • ValDM

          Speaking of vodka……… makes an excellent wasp killer, they just don’t seem to like it when you spray them with it & they just drop & never get up again.

          • Cawmun Cents

            its good for Russians too….I was having this garage sale and there was like fifty Russians there, and they never give you what the stuff is worth,so I put this bottle of vodka out there and five minutes later they all left and I went up to the corner,and looked around the neighbors fence…they were all drinking the vodka and my garage sale was finally at peace.Then the Mexicans showed up and I had to run in the house for my bottle of tequila….When the trailer trash shows up I got a sixer of budweiser….wait a minute…now I aint making any money cuz I have to restock my fridge….haw!

        • independant thinker

          “Paper was ruled out because it will scratch glass.”

          It depends on the kind of lens you have. My lenses are hardened glass and almost impossible to scratch my wife has had plastic lenses for a time that would scratch if you gave them a dirty look.

      • California70

        It is especially good for old mirrors with lots of build-up.

  • RAY


    • BOB

      get a case of incandescent light bulbs while you are there if you can

      • independant thinker

        Incandescent light bulbs have not been banned. However, The gubment enacted rules that state how much energy a light bulb can use. This new regulation set the limit below what an incandescent bulb uses so the effect is the same as if they had banned them. If you want/need the incandescent bulbs the 100 watt ones are the first to be affected then a year or so after they cannot be sold the 75 watt bulbs then another year and the 60 watt. Not sure if the 40 watt bulbs are affected or not and I believe the 15 and 25 watt bulbs are exempt for now.

        • Isaac Davis

          Sylvania brand if you’re looking to stick it to ol’ jeffie boy at GE.

          • California70

            Loved this post. I’m still LOL!!

  • cathy w

    thank you ,yes ive noticed my clothes arent as clean ,very nice article

  • Barry Brooks

    We all know what the problem is; but what is the solution. The goverment has boiled the frog, and we are well done. Without a mass uprising that threatens their very existance, nothing will change – except for the worse. And we are kept so busy by the need to work harder and harder simply to get through the day, there is no energy, or will left to try and do what is need to change the course of the goverment’s raging regulatory river that is flooding our lives. Knowledge is a wonderful thing; but if not acted on it simply a book sitting on the shelf collecting dust and fading away.

    • California70

      Okay, here is my answer.

      I say we all get together, find out whom among us has money to put up, and whom amog us has talent to machine parts, etc. We start our own Made in America Washing Machine that actually “does the job”! Sell it on the Internet.

      Anyone think this is a viable answer? Oh, one more thing, we need a smart lawyer to get around the Govt. rules. I supposed that would mean paying off some of the politicians.

  • sivad notsle

    Just a minute. Any elderly woman (mostly women anyway) could have told you that bluing was what was magic in your youth that kept whites white and colors bright. Bluing is still available in many places including that big box (you know who) that’s sucked all the business from small stores.

  • Susan

    The Al Gore phenomenon. Remember low flow toilets? Thanks for the info on TSP. I have experienced the dishwasher anti-phosphate situation and was about to buy a new dishwasher but was told to get a product to add to my dishwasher. It makes absolutely no sense that they sell these things separately but producers cannot put these into their products.

    • ValDM

      I don’t just remember low-flow toilets, they’re all you can buy. It doesn’t make any kind of sense to have a toilet that uses 1/2 the water, and the you have to flush TWICE.

      • Kate8

        ValDM – When I did some upgrades on my home a few years ago, they wanted to replace the toilet. I said no way! I’ll keep my single-flusher.

        A contractor friend said that he and many others keep the old toilets people have replaced and use them in their own homes, because they are better!

      • California70

        Here is California they have just now admitted in the last 3 weeks, that the new “low-flus toilets are causing all kinds of problems with the city and County pipe lines. Our sewage eventually flows into the ocean, and the low-flow toilets don’t flush enough water to get the sewage to flow down the pipes. Therefore, it get stuck and backs up in the pipes and the pipes are all clogging up.
        Halleluja!! That means they will have to do something about it. Hopefully….

    • IreneK

      I just got a new dishwasher and it worked beautifully until I went through all of my old DW detergent. As it turns out, beginning in January of this year, DW detergent had to be reformulated to make it “greener.” It’s greener only in the way that it takes most of my green to buy more to run through several cycles just get regular dirt off. I’m getting some TSP from Lowe’s/HD tonight.

      • Carlucci

        IreneK – You can also try a fabulous product called “Lemi-Shine” if you can’t find TSP. Lemi-Shine is available at the supermarket on the aisle where they sell dishwasher detergent.

  • Robert

    the solution is to rid ourselves of the problem and that is a government out of control. eliminate the feds, and allow the states to handle their internal matters and reform under the original construct as a united states or simply regroup regionally. the problem is not the people, the people really want change, the problem is the governments want to keep their power and just like king george sent the red coats to deal with those pesky patriots, so today the fight is just as real.

    • jmusic

      Tell us what to do to get started!!

      • American Citizen

        Vote in Constitutionalists.

      • Ret

        Yeah, me too.

      • jim

        The TEA PARTY is our ONLY HOPE!! JOIN TODAY, I joined awhile before the elections and am PROUD to be a part of the REAL CHANGE against the Socialist Change of ole barry! Join your local army of TEA PARTY PATRIOTS for CHANGE today!

      • Isaac Davis

        It has to be taught to the younger generation, too. It can’t simply be a band aid on a wound if you don’t stop the problem that gave you the wound–gov’t morons who think that they somehow have achieved some exalted power over us who loaned the power to govern in the first place. We’ve been pacified into believing that they would look out for our Liberty and Freedom, and they have done nothing of the sort. Presented with the facts, most people are capable of making good choices that result in preserving the environment while giving us a decent quality of life.

        When some bureaucratic candy-pants who got his/her pockets stuffed from the company that makes the less efficient “green” crap succeeds in convincing others to change the “law” (or the color of it), then we all suffer under the stupidity/ignorance and corruption of the bureaucrat. Most elected public servants are attorneys; they are not physicists, scientists, engineers or chemists. They are basically an inbred group that serves to protect their own, and get very rich and influential in the process at OUR expense and Liberty.

        Look up Merthiolate and Mercurochrome; truth: Lie:

    • Kate8

      Robert – Yes, we are being trained into total compliance, in every aspect of our lives.

      Remember how, after 9/11, some people were saying, “We need to bomb them (the middle-east) back to the stone-age!”)

      Little did we know that it is WE are are being “bombed” back to the stone-age, incrementally, and “under the radar”.

  • Doug

    Linda brings up a very important issue that has been bugging me a long time. I recently sent the following message to my family:

    It’s All About You

    Because food prices are climbing, manufacturers are playing games with packaging in order to maintain a perception of value for customers. Fruit juices are more and more often being packaged in containers that are less than the full half gallon to which we had become accustomed. Bottlers of beverages are making big dimples in the bottoms of their plastic bottles, so they still look the same size, even though they hold fewer fluid ounces. A lot of bottlers have gone metric, figuring we Americans will never figure out the difference between milliliters and ounces. Cereal is still being boxed in the “normal” sized boxes, but they are not being filled with as much cereal. If you’ve got kids, you’re buying cereal more often not just because they’re eating more, but because there are fewer bowlfuls per box.

    Manufacturers do this because they don’t want to raise their prices. Instead, they just give customers less product for the same price. They know that we will eventually notice, so they are trying to get ahead of the PR curve by promoting the new sizes with slogans such as, “New Package, Same Great Taste.” While most companies will try to avoid mentioning the amount of product the new packages contain (other than the weight or volume listed obscurely on a bottom corner), some have gotten ahead of that issue with another marketing trick. They say, “Convenient New Size!” You know, for those of us who just can’t finish off a 12-ounce can of iced mocha, we are now conveniently provided 9.5-ounce cans. And those 12-ounce bags of potato chips? Well, you’ll go through the new 10-ounce bags faster, before they lose their crisp. Yeah, sure, it’s all about you.

    I noticed that grocery stores are now pulling a fast one on us, too. Have you noticed that for a certain amount of dollars spent at the grocery store, you walk out with a certain number of bags of groceries? I remember my dad filling two shopping carts for our family of seven and paying less than $100, or less than $10 per bag. Since I’ve been buying groceries for our family of four, I used to get six or eight bags (one shopping cart load) for $100. Recently, I noted that for that $100, I was walking out of the store with four or fewer bags of groceries. Now, as prices climb, I’m spending $200 for the six bags of groceries. I’m sure a lot of people have noticed that they’ve gone from $10 per bag of groceries to $25 or more per bag, and so have the grocery stores.

    Stores are addressing this issue by providing smaller grocery bags. That’s right, folks! You can now walk out of Cub Foods with six or more bags of groceries for your $100. The groceries aren’t cheaper; the bags are smaller. The bags have gone from 17″ x 7″ x 12″ to “13.5″ x 6.75″ x 11.75″. No doubt, when people start to notice this and ask their grocers about it, they will be told, “Oh, it’s a more convenient size, so you don’t overfill the bags and make them too heavy to carry.” Yup, it’s all about you.

    • jim

      In this OBAMA DEPRESSION it is going to get WORSE!! VOTE these Socialist IDIOTS OUT!!! INFLATION is the cause, due to ole barry and his Lib Dem MORONS spending TRILLIONS we don;t have!!

  • Gramma

    Howie Carr had talked about TSP on his program a few weeks ago, and I believe he said that he bought it at Lowe’s.
    I have added 20-Mule Team Borax to my laundry for years, as well as white vinegar in the rinse cycle, instead of commercial softeners which actually build up on clothes.
    Too much government regulation, and people do not question it.

    • ValDM

      I used to use borax in my laundry, but I found that it acted as a kind of “grit” agent, and wore my clothes out faster. However, borax around the foundation of your house is a great bug deterrent.

  • Fred

    Smaller package is inflation in reverse without price changes… All part of the New! Improved! Bigger! Better! Etc!

  • paul

    not to mention that a 2 pound can of coffee is anything but 2 pounds & the price has also doubled

  • eddie47d

    Great comments and helpful hints. There is also another side to every story so hold your horses. What is more important good health or clean clothes? Go to the bottom of Ben’s article and you will see the word Perchloroethylene. It’s used in many products but a very dangerous chemical if you are exposed to it.Long term effects include leukemia,colon,skin,larynx and bladder cancer. Also damage to the nervous system,unconsciousness and death. Short term effects can include respiratory failure,memory loss,danger to fetus,nausea,fluid in lungs and headaches. There is a solid reason some of these products are banned and the more we use them the more we reach for the aspirin bottle to cure the ills they create.

  • Tim

    This is one set of meaningful tips. Written notes in my diary. The political correctness was not matched by technological advances in other fields. Politicians have that tendency to interfere with one aspect and not have a solution for the gap it leaves.

    I think that the time of the double whammy started 6months back when dropping prices from the crash met rising inefficiencies into a mix of rising prices and lower value.

    Try being in Africa. The choice is take it or leave it.

    • Doug

      Tim said, “Try being in Africa. The choice is take it or leave it.” That reminded me of my quest to find a new mattress a couple of years ago. I went to one of the national brand stores and the guy I took to be the owner of the shop was not helpful at all. I had to drag him away from his desk, where he was talking to an old woman (perhaps his mother) in Russian. I wanted to ask him about the materials and construction of his mattresses. Reluctantly, he went with me to the mattress I was considering and gave only curt, one word answers in heavily accented English. When I noticed that the mattress was one-sided and asked to see something with two sides, he said, “All mattress same. One side. Nobody make two side mattress. You buy, you no buy, no matter to me,” and he walked back to his desk to continue his conversation with the old woman. I left the store irritated, but with a greater understanding of what it must be like to live in a communist country. I got a very strong feeling that this guy had once worked as a clerk in a Russian toilet paper store, which sold only one kind of toilet paper — when there was any at all to sell — and this guy would have sat on a stool in a corner, telling people, “You buy, you no buy, no matter to me.”

      • Vic

        There were no toilet paper in Russia. People used to use newspapers for that. No kidding.

        • Doug

          Ha! That reminds me of my years in Korea, where I lived with a group of ladies in a small compound. It was an old, Japanese-style structure, with sliding panel doors, and heated by flues buried in the clay floor. The rooms were built around a central courtyard, which had a hand pump to draw cold water for bathing … in public … in the winter … under the stars.

          When I first arrived, the ladies were all busy with chores. Some were making kimchee, a couple were washing clothes (with homemade lye soap), one was bathing, and couple others were chatting excitedly while crumpling and uncrumpling the glossy pages of a BX mail-order catalog. I had no idea what the latter were doing, but it was almost hypnotizing to watch them repeatedly crumple those pages and smooth them out again. I was just beginning to learn Korean, so I wasn’t sure what they were talking about.

          When I had to use the facility, I knew enough Korean to ask where it was. They pointed to a corner room, which turned out to be the compound’s open-pit, community bathroom. I went in, holding my breath, and slid the door panel shut behind me.

          There was nothing in the bathroom but a large, smelly hole, about four feet wide, lined with a piece of culvert, with two boards lying parallel across the top. You were to walk out on the boards, drop trousers, and squat. Someone hadn’t aimed too well, so it was a delicate walk. The boards were meant for an Asian’s body weight, so my 200-pound, 6’2″ self was an extreme test of materials and faith. I felt the boards bow under me, and I prayed that they’d hold.

          It wasn’t until I’d gotten myself situated that I realized I had no toilet paper. I looked about the enclosure and spotted the nail. Upon it — just out of reach — were impaled the softened pages of the BX catalog. Quite an “ah-ha” moment.

          Eventually, I had made myself quite at home: chatting in Korean, making and eating kimchee, and, of course, crumpling pages for the nail.

  • GrannyRob

    Jeffrey Tucker … thank you for this article! My “hatred” of democrats, environmentalists, and moderates of all labels, grew to a no holds barred state when their brand of government forced me to do my laundry with products incapable of getting that laundry CLEAN. It was July 1969, our baby girl had just been born and I had finally run out of my supply of my “old” laundry detergent. Today is one very HAPPY day — I’m off to ACE Hardware for some TSP! Unfortunately, the aforementioned democrats, environmentalists and moderates continue to rack up the “hatred” points from me.

    • Kate8

      GrannyRob – Might be a good idea to stock up. I suspect as people catch on, TSP might become unavailable. As we learn to get around the blocks they throw up for us, they keep adding more blocks.

      None of this is about the environment. It’s about controlling our lives.

    • http://igoogle PEH

      ‘DITTO’ to thanking Jeffrey Tucker for his invaluable article!
      For some time I have wondered where the ‘soap’ went within so-called detergents. I did find that ALL 2x ULTRA recommended by dermatologists is one alternative. When first using, I discovered that I had to launder twice because the first washing simply removed all of the residual “gunk” left by other detergents (highly visible in the water with dingy colors)but the second washing gave me pretty clean clothes. I only had to do this once! The so-called commercial spot removers have never worked for me either, and sometimes I wondered if it had something to do with the fabric itself having been manufactured somewhere else in the world. Also, I only buy bar soap that is homemade even though I have to drive 30 miles to get it.
      Fortunately, there is an incredible number of references (includng books) that list all kinds of ‘old-fashioned’ remedies that really work, and I, too, will purchase TSP and use it in the future.
      The simple and best way to influence change by the manufacturers is to both spread the word and STOP BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS.

  • American Citizen

    Oxi-Clean works as good or better than bleach. But you need to soak the whites overnight if they are stained. Years ago we hung our clothes outdoors to dry and the sun bleached them as to whatever stain was left after washing. Plus, they smelled so fresh. Nowadays, if there is a stain left, if you put them in the dryer, the stain will “set’. Then it’s almost impossible to get rid of it.

    • Ret

      Just to add a note. I buy the cheap lemon juice in plastic containers, wet white items with it ( I find it best to wet the whole thing), then put them on the grass to dry. Will take out almost anything. Don’t use it on colors. It will take the color right out.

  • American Citizen

    As Ronald Reagan said, “The worst words you can hear from the government is, ‘I am here to help you.””

  • http://Oligarchy Aniko

    THIS is the way they “help” businesses at the expense of the consumer. It’s called oligarchy, similar to the two class society they had in communist Romania, where politicians (owners of ALL businesses) and consumers (the rest of us) existed. It will be so easy to take over from that point on for the government to own everything!

    The only yogurt I liked was the ShopRite brand, full fat (I can’t stand the sweetened up with aspartame low fat garbage they call yogurt) with fruit on the bottom and it came in 8oz containers. Suddenly they are not to be found, but only the 1% fat, mixed in fruit in 6 oz jars; price is the same!

    This is my theory: It all started with tobacco. Government, with bought up scientists AND doctors were able to convince the largest swath of the population that tobacco KILLS! EVERYONE bought into it and by now I could not convince even the most open-minded individual that this is NOT SO!

    While the statistics were skewed (in Clinton’s time doctors were given CASH incentives to put a secondary cause of death on death certificates and if the deceased person happened to be a tobacco smoker THAT WAS IT, no matter what the person died of) the regulation on putting the warnings on more and more prominently and accentuating the “killing “on it!

    This is the most illogical claim that so many bought into, because they don’t know the truth behind it.

    If smoking would be so deadly why do we have such an explosion in longevity exactly in the population that smoked the heaviest (turn of the 20th century, speak-easies, and roaring twenties) AND the mufflers on cars didn’t have the engine killing soot filters on them AND factories didn’t have to put scrubbers on their smokestacks? What do we have now epidemically? Obesity,type II diabetes AND Alzheimer’s! If only people could put two and two together! Doctors have MORE patients and pharmaceuticals have huge revenues from chronic, long-term care. Scientists have grants to “solve” these problems and our sugar and fat are going the way of tobacco! EVRYBODY wins, YOU consumer LOSE! YOU will have longer lives that will not be worth living!

    The government realized how easily the population can be frightened into behavior modification and from there on they just pushed regulations further and further. So, HERE WE ARE!!!

    • Kate8

      Aniko – Mind you, I have never been a tobacco user. Can’t stand the stuff.

      But the problem is not with the tobacco itself, it’s what’s in it. Scores of different chemicals and pesticides, herbicides and the like. And don’t forget that for a long time heroin was added to make it more addictive. Don’t know about now. Maybe something else.

      Like everything else, it’s the tampering.

      • Vic

        Kate8, you don’t smoke, it’s ok. I’m not trying to force it on you. Why then nonsmokers allowed to force their nonsmoking on me?

        Besides, don’t you realize that your passage about adding heroin to tobacco is so laughable it is mind boggling? Heroin is expensive, you know? Adding amounts of it that will be chemically traceable much less produce visible effects will skyrocket the price, which, a few years ago at least, was only 45 cents per pack of Marlboro out of factory.

        This is all brainwashing and you’re buying into it.

        • Kate8

          Vic – I couldn’t care less whether anyone smokes. Just don’t do it around me. It makes me sick.

          Does anyone here remember, many years back, tobacco companies coming under fire for adding heroin, a derivitive or something like it, to tobacco to make it more addictive? I believe they were indicted. There were government investigations and everything.

          Even now, tobacco is laced with so many toxic contaminants. I wasn’t trying to stop you from smoking if that’s what you want to do. I was just saying why tobacco is so deadly.

      • 45caliber


        I believe the real problem in tobacco is NOT the tobacco. Up until the early 1900′s, people smoked 100% tobacco and cancer was rare. Then the government gave the tobacco industry permission to cut the tobacco with sugar beet leaves. Cancer flared. But sugar beet leaves has never, to my knowledge, ever been checked for health problems. Most cigarettes today are AT LEAST 50% sugar beet leaves.

    • jim

      Being in the medical field, I can assure you smoking KILLS and causes and exacerbates ALL kinds of diseases. At the time of autopsy, it is very evident who smoked and who didn’t smoke. The smoker’s lungs have indescribable destruction, you wonder how they worked at all.
      I am also for the freedom of any idiot who wants to kill themselves and cause all kinds of medical problems for themselves and those around them while living, to do so. People deserve the consequences of their behavior.

      • http://Oligarchy Aniko

        I could cite you countless people who have had NO SIGN that they have been smokers when the autopsy was performed. I, naturally had no autopsy performed on me so far , but since I have rheumatoid arthritis and the medicine they want to offer me are killers of the autoimmune system, I have to take chest x-rays every three months. My rheumatologist doesn’t even know I am a smoker! My primary care physician is forever amazed that I show no signs of “smokers lung”, while my sister, who never smoked and is “thin and fit” has scarred lungs – from repeated pneumonias she had in her childhood. She has severe upper respiratory allergies and has occasional asthma attacks when there is too much pollen!

        I don’t know what you work as in the “medical” field, but I doubt that you are an actual MD, unless you are, or were one of the paid lackeys of the government as I have known many who WERE!

        I went to medical school in Ceausescu’s Romania, back in the “dinosaur” age” before I was exiled. It takes more than even a dictatorial government to convince me that what I SEE is NOT the truth, but what the “scientists” and “professionals” say is THE ONLY truth!

        As with the cell phones, people with a predisposition or genetic weakness will develop brain tumors, but for that reason cell phones to be categorized as “carcinogens” is WAY over the top.

        Only frightened people can be manipulated! It is SAD that so many Americans of the “free and the brave” lost their bravery and had their minds altered to accept the slavery of the manipulated! Statistics can be skewed but fact is fact and autopsies are private!

      • Vic

        Jim, I’m not in a medical field, I’m a renegade because everyone else from my family is. But I’ve got a degree in applied math, so I’ve got to tell you that there is solid statistical evidence that smoking actually reduces risk of cancer and has a host of other positive effects.

        Sure, if as a doctor you have to put smoking as a reason of health problem should your patient happen to be a smoker, you medical statistics and reasoning become skewed and perverted in no time, but the overall numbers do not lie. Overall numbers tell us that everywhere in the world the correlation between percentage of smokers and percentage of health problems is negative. Do you know what that means? It means, the more smokers there are in the society, the healthier society is, the less cases of cancer and heart problems are there, that’s what.

        And, you know, I like the consequences for my decisions to be mine and mine alone. I don’t like anyone to dictate me what to do and what not to do.

        • Kate8

          Vic – LOL. You sound like my late dear old dad.

          He was a heavy smoker for most of his life. I guess I got turned off to tobacco early, hearing my dad cough out his lungs every morning in the bathroom, and having to smell the stench in the house and in the car. To this day, I can tell immediately if someone has smoked in a bathroom. The smell gags me.

          My dad smoked and coughed his way through life until, toward the end, he went on oxygen. And then he still smoked.

          I loved my dad. He was a fine, loving and honest man, and instilled in me my values. But he committed slow suicide, and all the way to the end he insisted that cigarettes were not harmful.

          BTW, Mom died of lung cancer, as well. She always blamed in on the second-hand smoke, since she did not smoke.

          • Vic

            Kate8, I believe Aniko gave a more reasonable and clear explanation for your dad death than I could ever come up with.

            For every particular person various substances in the environment may or may not produce harm. Some are allergic, some are not, when you bring it down to the scale of a person, all bets are off.

            What I was talking about is a cold hard fact of life, the fact is that countries with higher percentage of smokers per capita have less percentage of cancer per same capita. LOL.

            This is as bulletproof as it gets, but ofcourse it has nothing to do with any particular personal experience any particular person may or may not have.

  • Carl W

    Add durability of appliances to your list. Did you ever see someone with a 30 or 40 year old refrigerator in their basement or garage and it is still working? Isn’t that an amazing piece of equipment?

    Then the feds stepped in. My current kitchen refrigerator just died after 16 years. I have been shopping for a new one. Found out that the “Energy Star” refrigerators mandated by the government “use less electricity than a 60 what light bulb (soon to be extinct).” However, I have read and also been told that the reason is because the compressors are so small and in fact too small to adequately do the job of “refrigerating”. Life expectancy of the compressor in a new “Energy Star: refrigerator is 5 years “if you’re lucky”. It will last longer in a small 18 cu. ft. fridge, but the same compressor is in a 25 to 28 cu. ft. fridge. It will take a very long time to cool the new fridge and afterwards, whenever the door is opened for a bit allowing the temp to rise above normal, it will take a very long time for this small compressor to get the fridge back into the safe temp zone. It will be grossly overworked therefore will wear out quickly.

    A special one finger thanks to my government for allowing me to buy a $1400 fridge that will wear out in 5 years or less and cost me several hundred to fix in order to get another 5 years of service.

    • Carlucci

      Same thing happened to me with a clothes washer. I thought it was because it was a Maytag, but maybe not. My mom’s old dishwasher was a Maytag, though, and it was a dud. I bought a Kenmore washer two years ago. It will be interesting to see what happens with that. The last Kenmore I owned lasted 19 years.

      • Kate8

        Carlucci – Around 1970 I bought a Whirlpool washer, and it lasted over 22 years.

        I don’t think they make them like that anymore.

        I have concerns about the electronics. Expensive to repair. My 4 year old dryer is already not working properly. I shudder to think I may have to fix it.

        The old dryers I could fix myself. Not this one.

      • 45caliber

        I bought a Kenmore refrigerator when my wife and I married – 41 years ago. Last year we bought a new one since the gaskets had given out and we couldn’t get any more. The sales girl told me that we’d be lucky to get 5 years life out of our new one.

  • Carolyn

    I shopped for a washing machine for 2 months before making the purchase. I am outraged that my machine is a government controlled machine. The water is controlled and it takes twice as long to wash a load of clothes. I am looking for a dryer to buy now, even though my dryer still works, because I don’t like the new controlled dryers.
    What do we have to do to stop this control? I had no idea that this had happened until my washer of 15 years died.

    • Kate8

      Carolyn – Welcome to life under Agenda 21.

      Newer “energy efficient” appliances are all made to be remotely controlled by smartmeters. That means, if they don’t want you doing laundry when it’s convenient for you, they shut off your machine.

      If you live in CA or TX you, most likely, know what I’m talking about. If not, you soon will.

      There is a smartmeter rebellion going on here. Many of us are refusing to have them installed, for many reasons. You might want to do some research into smartmeters and Agenda 21. Then join in the rebellion.

    • jim

      Join the TEA PARTY, so we can THROW these Socialist Morons like ole barry and his Lib Dem Idiots out of office! We did it last election and with your help, we can again!

    • Thamera

      You aren’t kidding. Add to that now A/C units which are set at 69 degrees as the lowest temp setting. I work with a young girl that is medically fragile and has to maintain a constant temperature of 65 degrees or below. When her mother had the new A/C unit installed it was the middle of winter and she had no idea that it was government regulated and could not be adjusted below 69 degrees. When she asked the company that installed it for her they said there was nothing they could do because those are the only units that the government allows them to install anymore but she could buy an adaptor for $600.00 to make it run cooler. Oh, thank you soooo much all wise, all knowing government! NOT!

      • Kate8

        Thamera – Believe it or not, I just read the other day that, under Agenda 21, air conditioning is being phased out altogether.

        Where I live, I’ve never had it anyway. But for those in really hot regions, many will die without it.

      • Kate8

        Great poem.

        Democracy’s Too Cumbersome, Just an Old Bone,
        Says the U.N. Think-Tank, The Club of Rome,
        The Collectivist System is to Be Promoted,
        Pushed by All Leaders, The Well-Paid Devoted,
        Who Themselves are Exempt, They Live Apart,
        Because They’re So Caring, One Big Loving Heart,
        For Non-Bureaucrats, They’re Crammed with the Rest,
        Monitored Cradle to Grave by Those Who Know Best,
        There’s No Need to Think, Your Life is All Planned,
        Country Life for Rich, City Ghettos for Damned

        Poem by Alan Watt

        • 45caliber

          Sad but mostly true …

  • jopa

    I never did a whole lot of laundry in my life but I remember someone saying clothes dryers are good for yellowing clothes.Especially gas dryers and the best thing is to hang them on a line if you are in an area with decent air quality.Just a thought.

    • libertytrain

      I do a lot of hanging wash out- always have except when I lived in Naples and they have/had a neighborhood watch that beat you if you did something like that. And many times it dries faster than with the clothes dryer and the smell of laundry dried on the line is the best

      • http://deleted Claire

        libertytrain–Where I live we are not allowed to have a clothesline. I do have an umbrella-shaped gadget that I put up in the backyard. It is a handy gadget.

        • libertytrain

          I don’t know how you feel about it, particularly in this “we must go green world” – who the heck decided it was not a good idea to hang out wash on a clothesline. To me that is one of the goofiest restrictions to date…..and there are many goofy restrictions in some neighborhoods. Fortunately, at this point in time, I can hang out and I will hang out clothes. :)

    • 45caliber

      Sunlight bleaches clothing. So whites, especially, benifit from this. All clothing smells like the air that blows through it – which means it smells better in most places.

  • CJM

    The same thing has happened to septic tank additives. I use a product that was really great; only had to have the septic tank emptied once in 4 years. Then I got a notice that the EPA decided an ingredient had to go–and the result is a less effective product. And if you notice, there has been a drastic change in toilet paper–which now shreds while using. I emailed the company of my favorite brand and was informed that the EPA decided the missing component was ‘environmentally unfriendly.’ I finally found a brand that doesn’t shred. Unfortunately, the loss of the septic tank additive and the ‘new’ unimproved toilet paper reeks havoc with the septic tank. What really irks me is the fact that the Constitution specifically states that ONLY CONGRESS CAN MAKE LAWS–neither agencies nor the judiciary are permitted to do so, yet Congress has allowed agencies to push their agendas and giving these so-called regulations the effect of law. It’s time we reminded our congressional members of the Constitutional directives.

    • Thamera

      Such a good point CJM…Agency’s like the EPA have FAR too much power!

    • 45caliber


      When was the last time Congress ever passed a LAW?

      Oblamacare, for instance, is not a law. It only authorizes the creation of an agency to make the laws. Congress is passing the buck.

  • Vic

    You might not know it, one needs to have an experience living in totalitarian country to know, but everywhere under communist regimes clothes used to be predominantly dull, gray or khaki colors. Even black suits were not exactly black. It was not coincidence, it was a mark of a slave. Bright colors, or pure colors like black were only accessible to “nomenclature” – party elites, slave masters.

    Same with dishes, plates in “public eateries” were routinely so dirty that people gained reflex to wipe “clean” plates with napkin before using them to the degree that they were doing this even when plates happen to be actually clean.

    Was it that difficult to make bright colored fabric or clean dishes in that “public feeding factories”? Absolutely not. In fact, oftentimes it was more technically challenging to make the stuff look slightly dirty. But, slaves have to know their place, you know?

    Aniko in this thread, apparently from Romania, mentions tobacco smoking. Suppression of tobacco smokers goes on and on in a concerted worldwide effort even though there is solid scientific evidence that smoking actually PREVENTS CANCER from happening. It does not matter though, what matters is that the general populace has to be trained that it is ok to persecute some group of population for not aligning fully with “party line”.

    Detergents, smoking, salt in food, the examples are so numerous I cannot possibly mention them all, but what I see is crystal clear that you, my friends, are being trained to become slaves.

    All this ‘environment’ nonsense or whatever is just a smokescreen, even though I’m sure not all of them environmentalist sickos understand this. The real goal is to align everyone with slave posture, so you will accept it when it will be declared officially, because by that time it will be only a formal declaration, all the changes will be in place already.

    • http://EXACTLY Aniko

      Vic, our nation had been so far indoctrinated (in preparation of the One World Government –the dream of Wilson!) with different brands of scare-mongering (in preparation of the NEW WORLD ORDER of different flavors of Marxism) that when they hear the word “chemicals” they are wiling to sell their souls to avoid the “menace” of the “EVIL CHEMICALS”! Banning DDT, the EVIL chemical kills millions from malaria infested regions BUT it gives GOOD reason to our government to “aid” the “poor” of those countries. The most debilitating existence is suffering from malaria. Well, the intent of the governments and their instructions is LONG lives, NOT productive, quality and HAPPY lives! That is, if Medicare can be “transformed” (by our transformative Marxist in the WH) to lessen the number of the population that outlives its “usefulness”. Tobacco IS BAD, but “death panels” are GOOD!

      It is funny that the entity that profited the most from the virtual banning of a LEGAL “sin”, IS the government!

      Jim claims that he supports the TEA party! T in the TEA is TAX and E is ENOUGH! Taxation without representation is why the ORIGINAL Tea party erupted. Yet Jim, who “works” in the medical field, gives “testimony” here about autopsies! What an oxymoron of human being is Jim? He SAW autopsies or actually performed them? I guess not, unless he is cleaning the mortuaries in hospitals and was told that Mr. Jones lungs looked crappy AND he smoked. Now, Mr. Jones may have been in his 80ies and it IS a known FACT that lungs tend to “shrink” with age, but a “good” pathologist will see the evils of Mr. Jones’ smoking, even though he quit smoking when he was placed in the nursing home, perhaps 10 years before he succumbed to old age!

      I actually have assisted in autopsies of young women who died form the illegal abortions rampant in Communist Romania, where atheism was the “religion” professed, YET even condoms were “contraband”, and if caught, jail sentenced!

      I learned a lot from the evils of government power, because I LIVED IT AND SURVIVED with my mind intact from indoctrination! THERFORE, I will forever fight against its sprawling, life choking weed from spreading here, in my adoptive country!

      • 45caliber



      • Vic


        You’ve noticed “abortions rampant in Communist Romania, where atheism was the “religion” professed” – very true. And it’s not coincidence either.

        Thing is, human beings are created so that they have to believe, to trust in god. When religion gets disenfranchised it creates vacuum in the soul and then this vacuum gets filled with whatever cr*p will be offered, communism, environmentalism, animal rights activism – you name it.

        Did you notice that adepts of those “movements” above are acting with a religious fervor and are impossible to dissuade even though you show them facts proving that their “cause” is worthless at best or even harmful? That’s because it is not reason they are acting upon but a faith channeled and transformed into something else to be used by their masters.

        Destruction of the country starts with instilling atheism, you’ve seen that in Romania, I’ve seen that in Soviet Union and, sadly, it’s happening here now. It is funny indeed to see how some people claim that there will be different result. Well, it would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

    • American Citizen

      Have you ever seen the lungs of someone who died who was a smoker? Smoking not only causes cancer, it causes COPD, emphesema, and other breathing problems. Smokers are air polluters.

      • 45caliber

        And people are supposed to be allowed to kill themselves if they want to do it. It is people like you who are a big part of the problems we are talking about here by wanting to ban things because they are “bad for the enviornment.” Further, there is NO PROOF that second hand smoke will do more than aggrevate some problem you already have. If you don’t like it – go somewhere else. (And I do not smoke.)

      • Aniko

        American Citizen

        Have you? I guess not. Perhaps you saw pictures of “smokers’ lungs”, that the anti-smoking lobby freely puts all over the internet, I saw them too.

        My brother smoked until they raised the prices of cigarettes over $1. As a protest he didn’t buy cigarettes anymore! I went the other way, yet he did not think I was wrong, just foolish for spending so much money on a “pastime” habit.

        He had a heart attack shortly before his retirement (35 years after quitting smoking)and even though it was the tiniest blot clot in a capillary at the tip of his heart, he was placed on blood thinners, in spite of the fact that my brother (and everyone in my family have a congenital predisposition for LOW BP) and then he developed Pulmonary Hypertension! His Pulmonary aorta got such a workout from having his blood thinned out, that eventually he developed an enlarged heart (they called it “cardiac hypperthrophy “An enlarged heart may be caused by a thickening of the heart muscle because of increased workload”), and then he died before he reached 70 (he just died this Ester morning).

        I am convinced if he would have skipped taking all sorts of medicines that kept on lowering his BP to the point of him passing out and would have stayed a nicotine consumer (known for narrowing blood vessels therefore contributing to elevation of BP) he might have lived longer. He passed out the last time because his blood could not retain oxygen level at the “desired” level and only two days after his last hospitalization did his cardiologist start giving him whole blood (in spite of the fact that I asked the doctor to give him blood from the time he was taken to the ER., but hey, I don’t have an MD license in the US, so I was ignored until it was too late and my brother died intubated). I don’t believe that the “one size fits all” thinking of our modern physicians is the correct view.

        AS I tried to say before, MOST disorders are merely a weakness of a particular system (respiratory, digestive, urinary circulatory, nervous etc…), and looking into your ancestors you can more or less predict which organ of yours will develop some kind of disorder. Then, you should adjust your lifestyle with that in your mind. If Kate8’s dad died of COPD, then perhaps she is right that she should “hate smoking” and keep away from it. But don’t tell me that the law that restricted smoking from public places is the correct law. Why shouldn’t there be “Smokers Only” restaurant or bars? Wouldn’t that be fairer and more in line with the constitutional thinking our Founding Fathers have written up for us? I guess with the likes of you and others, its perfectly all right that I should be treated like a leper and a pariah because I smoke. Whoa, how far are we going down this road?

        BTW, how old was your dad Kate8 when he died? Was he happy, even if he coughed or smoked even when on oxygen? Isn’t that more important than having to enslave your life to a government dictum that eventually WILL prove to have been wrong and even harmful to some?

        Do you know, that in Romania, where we heated our homes with coal burned in stoves, I didn’t’ know ANYONE who had ANY allergies? With all the smoke (tobacco and otherwise – my father was a smoker),and lack of food, my mother said once that her five children combined didn’t have as many “colds”, as one of her grandchildren growing up in the America of plenty. Wouldn’t you wonder why?

        I wish most of you would adjust your thinking in opening your minds to the bigger threat we have than “polluted” air, water etc.; it is the government and its more and more encroachment in our individual decisions that we should fear more than tobacco!

        Well, I guess I can only teach but not MAKE anyone be able to think “outside the box”. Sadly more and more Americans feel secure in the box the government is slowly but surely builds around them!

        Boy am I glad that I am 59 and don’t have to live with the consequences of selling out our liberties for the mirage of “safe” and “secure” lives.

      • Vic

        A/C, you’re driving the car, right?

        I offer you a bet, I will inhale my cigarette smoke and you will be inhaling your car exhaust as long as you can take it.

        The result will show to everyone who is really an air polluter and who’s pollution is so insignificant and harmless that it is laughable even to talk about when such things as cars do exist.

  • i41

    Carl, the ones we can thank for the crap we have now is the same dumb bastards that are getting elected to regulation dream department. The envior fruit case f–ks that were in college in late 60′s and early 70′s we ushing to use only low phos. soap and anyone not concerned about wildlife and “mother nature crap”. these hair balled freaks are now in elected position and have never done a damn thing in life but go to school and live off of someone else. These same smucks dream of making piles of money screwing someone else as the Wall Street slubs keep doing. When vehicles were making mileage of 20-30 gph until the smog control crap was placed on motors and union workers screwed off making shoddy products even worse, thanks to the beltway idiots pie in the sky dreams were forced on the citizens. When a ’71 4X4 pickup would make 17 gph, and a ’75 could only make 8 gph same motors and set the same. All thanks to the added smog and envior bs. I know because when I removed the envior crap and retimed engine I got over 18 gph. The lower the mileage and the increase fuel useage can all be dumped on the the beltway and elected idiots, most are dumbocraps. The same stupid bas-ards in EPA and beltway idea of tier 4 motors is another waste, to take a tier 2 motor and make it a tier 4 cost just under $20,000, not including removal and installation in vehechile. It doesn’t improve milage or power, in the last 4 years the dumbocraps have created more worthless regs, requiring all of these expensive motors to be destroyed or modified to pass the regs. Or as the jug eared muslim ba–ards says buy a new vehicle, with what fairy dust when there is now jobs and pricess are on a runaway pace. Every time you meet or pass a truck, there is a new exhaust that costs over $5000 that is mandated to be installed be fore it ever leave a repair shop. Same goes for any construction equipment, all thanks to governemnt regs, that is even hitting private family farmers who have been going to salvage yards and buying up tier 2-3 motors to put in their 25 year old tractors, the government azzwipes are now sending notices that they will come on private property and put on control equipment at owners expense, with out approval or warrents. This is all happening since last year, under approval of the niggardly Onumnutts and the EPA. The John Deere company has to report who has the out of compliance equip. If the people who should the meddling of government unelected officals start enforcing this feel good crap, it will not be a happy time. For decades the only bas-ards we can thank for this creap is the marxist/communist democrat party and the soft dems(rinos), so any libatard wants to prove me wrong, prove me wrong for the poor functioning equipment.

    • Albino.

      The EPA was proposed by President Richard Nixon and began operation on December 3, 1970, after Nixon submitted a reorganization plan to Congress and it was ratified by committee hearings in the House and Senate.

      • Vic

        What difference does it make?

        Sure it takes a sizable amount of time for a burocratic enemy infiltration base like EPA to produce visible harm, isn’t it?

  • Henry Ledbetter

    Great Article; Let me also suggest hanging your clothes in the sunshine to dry. Two years ago i found a circular clothes line at home depot for about 40 dollars with about 200 feet of line. It mounts in a pipe flush with the ground and can be removed to cut grass. The clothes smell so much better when dried in the sunshine rather than a dryer and no telling how much we have saved on our power bill. My wife loves it..

    • 45caliber

      Keep in mind in some housing developments this is illegal.

    • Marlene

      Yes, I had one in the 60′s and I loved it, except when the wind blew hard and it threatened to be lifted out of the ground. They were called ‘umbrella clotheslines’ and acted like umbrellas in a high wind. Even so, the clothes smelled so fresh. They also dried harder and more wrinkled when line dried, as opposed to using an electric dryer. Guess you had to take the bad with the good. It was certainly less costly, which was an added plus.

  • Tim C.

    I have been saying for several years now that we are no longer “citizens,” we are now “subjects!” We are no longer a country of “We the people,” it is now just the government. Our government has been out of our control for a long time. The only power we have is the vote, but the ones we vote in quickly become part of the establishment and toe the party line. And make no mistake about it, both parties are in it for the party above all else. The good of the people and the country take a back seat to the good of the party! They are going full bore towards the goal of total control of their subjects (we the people)! They are trying to prepare the United States to become part of the New World Order. Beware of groups like the Bilderbergers, the Skull and Bones Society, the Secret Order of the Illuminati, and several others. You may say I’m just a conspiracy theorist, but open your eyes and look at the big picture!! Take into account the actions of our government and try to see how things are trending. I believe that where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire! I’m retired military and I want desperately to trust our government, but their actions, especially in recent years just makes it hard for me to. This story just falls right in line…

    • 45caliber

      Some years ago Speaker Sam Rayburn retired. He wrote a book. In it he stated that he (and all politicians) consider each law in the following order:

      Is it good or bad for me?

      Is it good or bad for the party?

      Is it good or bad for those in my district who vote for me?

      Is it bad or good for my contributers?

      Is it bad or good for my state?

      Is it bad or good for my country?

      If bad on the first four, it’s gone.
      If it is good for the first four, it is passed.

  • http://Justonemorething! Aniko

    My motto when the Securitate people interrogated me about my “sin” of speaking freely was Patrick Henry’s cry: “give me Liberty or give me Death”. They thought that he was a 60s anti-Vietnam war hippy derelict, so I educated them! They decided to give me a form of death: kicked me out of Medical School AND exiled me.

    Apparently THAT is what my life’s calling is, not medical practice, but EDUCATE wherever I am or whomever I encounter, including the Romanian Securitate people!

  • American Citizen

    For every so called problem the government tries to solve, it creates two more.

    • Kate8

      The government catches us coming and going.

      Take wood burning stoves, which nearly everyone used in my area…until the greenies moved in. Now they are outlawed, pretty much everywhere in CA.

      Of course, then we are scolded for using gas and electricity, and the prices of those go up every month until you can’t afford them, either.

      And then food gets so high, so you try to grow your own. Then they jack up the water rates to stop you from doing that.

      They want to take away everything we’ve spent our lives building and doing, including breathing. And if we insist on continuing doing that, we’ll be taxed on it.

      • Vic

        Kate8, in other words, they want us to die. It’s that simple.

        It is also that attempt to implement their wish for us to die in reality makes greenies our enemies, and they attempted it enough times to make it an undisputable fact. Then we must be entitled to exercise our right of self defense.

        Believe it or not, it will come to that, sooner or later. Given that they (commie/greenie/nazi) are running massive indoctrination programs in all educational institutions, time is working against us. that means that it is in our interest for it to happen sooner.

        • Kate8

          Vic – You got it.

  • 45caliber

    All detergents, soaps, etc. contain perfumes to encourage us to use them. I’m alergic to the perfumes and so are my sons. If my clothes are washed with it, I itch badly. My wife uses a perfume-free detergent that keeps down the problem. If you have alergy problems, you might wish to check into this.

    Further, we moved to Texas from Arkansas when my kids were small. Within six months, my oldest son had athsma. He showed off the chart on all items tested for. He had to take shots for over ten years. A couple of years before he graduated, we found the source of his problems – the drinking water. We put him on bottled water to drink and for cooking. It solved most of his problem. When he went to college he went back to Arkansas – and all his problems vanished. But if he comes down to visit he has to stay away from the water or he’ll get athsma again in a week. The drinking water is treated for bacteria but NOT for pollens, etc. that cause allergy problems.

    • Carlucci

      45 – Your son might be getting some magnesium in the water in Arkansas, which will greatly help someone with asthma. I just found this out from a fantastic book I am reading called “The Magnesium Miracle” by Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D. According to Chapter 14 in the book, “Research shows that many patients with asthma and other bronchial diseases have low magnesium. Many drugs used in the treatment of asthma cause a loss of magnesium, only making symptoms worse. Patients treated with simple magnesium supplementation report marked improvement in their symptoms.

      This doctor believes almost everyone is magnesium deficient. I just ordered some magnesium gel to use topically. I’ve been using it on the bottoms of my feet as instructed, and am sleeping much better. I also put some on my face after washing it, and my skin looks better.

      • Kate8

        Carlucci – It’s mainly because the soils that grows our crops have been devoid of minerals since the first half of the last century. Since organic farming was abandoned, nutritional value has diminished.

        Magnesium is crucial for many things, including proper muscle function. Magnesium deficiency also leads to low potassium levels, and then you’re really in trouble.

        Magnesium is (so far) inexpensive and easy to take.

        • http://none Robert

          if you have a garden use Kelp Meal in the planting holes , feed it to poultry , pigs etc it has the same mineral break up as your blood . really neat stuff

  • MNIce

    1. This is typical Federal government overreach. Instead of doing the hard work of identifying the source of excess phosphate in the rivers, they ban consumer products containing phosphate. Any state environmental agency knows the primary sources are runoff from chemical fertilizer and concentrated livestock operations.

    2. The EPA is making a typical bureaucratic mistake – telling us how to do something instead of what needs to be done (credit to George Patton for this line). The problem is that dissolved fertilizer (all major elements, not just phosphate) is producing algae overgrowth at the river mouths, when many detrimental effects.

    If the government would let us, we would turn the problem into profit-making enterprises. I suggested to the Army Corps of Engineers that one solution is to create settling ponds behind the levees of the Mississippi River and let farmers dredge out the ensuing silt to collect the fertilizer their upstream colleagues lost. I was told they had just completed their five-year plan for the river and could not make such substantive changes at the time. Have you heard of this idea from the ACEs in the six years since then? Me neither.

    I would bet if somebody found a use for the algae in the Mississippi delta waters, a bureaucrat will be standing on the dock telling him his operation is illegal unless he fills out 1327 pages of forms and pays three dozen permitting fees.

    Public comments were probably more effective in the days when they were made with feathers and people used tar to make sure the message stuck to overbearing officials.

    • 45caliber


      It’s like pollution as a whole. Several years ago the government was targetting truck exhaust to cut the pollution. A government spokesperson was meeting with most of the reps of various truching manufacturers about it. One man got up, pushed the speaker aside, and started laying out slides.

      Over half the pollution (not counting water which is acually number one) is due to road dust in cities. Over 90% was due to various things like that. The government spokesman was asked why they didn’t address the biggest problems – like road dust – first.

      His answer? “We can’t afford to do that! It would cost all the cities millions to buy road sweepers! It is much cheaper to attack the small items through you guys!”

  • Kate8

    BTW, has anyone see who’s seizing control of our water? ALL OF IT.

  • 45caliber

    How about the toliets that use less water? So everyone has to flush twice to get them to work …

  • Marfa

    I have a Kitchen Aid dishwasher, 1977 portable. It was made by Hobart. I bet it can still run circles around all of the dishwashers that are made today! I have had only one repair on it…and that is where the hoses wind up in the back, that plastic housing broke so I have a “clip or clamp” on my electrical cord to keep it from winding up in the main body of the dishwasher!PERIOD! It still runs great and gets dishes very clean! People were talking about older refrigerators that were better made–years ago–they way AMERICA USED to make stuff…not the crap we have today! I wonder how much longer my 1977 portable HOBART- made- dishwasher will go on!?! Thanks for the TSP and other “secrets” on this site!

    • Carlucci

      Marfa, I have a Kitchenaid dishwasher, too, but mine is built in. I’m certain it is probably around the same age as yours and the original dishwasher to my house, which was built in 1976. Since I started using LemiShine, this dishwasher runs like new. Adding a little TSP ensures super clean dishes with no spots or streaks. After reading all of this stuff on new appliances, I’m just going to stick with my 35 year old dishwasher and 26 year old fridge. I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed that they both continue to chug along.

  • http://cox JC

    TSP….great, great product. I’ve been using it for years to clean painted woodwork & walls…..many times re-painting isn’t what is needed….just a good cleaning w/TSP does the job. It takes off the grease/grime….change the water as needed for amazing results. Just be sure to wear rubber gloves, it can be a bit hard on your hands.

    Thanks for the tip about adding it to the washer/dishwasher. I had been thinking I was remembering how clean/white clothes used to be, wrong. I appreciate knowing I haven’t totally lost my mind.

    Blue Bell ice cream still comes in a 1/2 gal container….it tastes like home made too.

    I still buy 7oz cans of tuna @Costco…do you have one in your area?

    The Feds printing money is a major cause of inflation….why do we need the Fed anyway??

    We need to be producing our own oil/natural gas, not paying countries that hate us for it. My God, is there no one in Congress/WH w/any common sense??

    I pray people will rise up & vote in good, honest people that believe in the Constitution….less government…the Rule of Law. It will take some time, but we must get our country back on track. No more spending….get out national debt down….we are dangerously close to losing our great Republic of the United States of America.

    • Doug

      The freshmen class of Republicans, many of whom earned the support of both the TEA Party and the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) are doing all they can in the face of hostility from both Democrats and RINOs. No matter what the House does, their efforts must also clear the Senate hurdle, and then it must get past an Obama veto. Don’t be too hard on them, unless they vote against liberty and give the Left what it wants. Please don’t give up on them. They need to build a majority and gain seniority in order to move into party leadership roles. We conservatives are gradually taking back the GOP for liberty. We here in Minnesota have been placing TEA Party activists and RLCers into leadership roles at the BPOU (Basic Political Operating Unit) level of the GOP. We will eventually rise to state leadership roles. It takes time and dedication to overturn what was wrought by time and apathy. Remember: Politics is a process, not an event.

      • MTL

        The republican and democrat parties got us into this mess, both need to be replaced by Patriots and Statesmen/women, not politicians in suits… it’s time for the real and hard-working Americans to run for office under the Constitution Party who have actually run a business, had to meet payroll, work his/her way up in the workforce and world. We have enough lawyers, political science majors, Ivy Leaguers and the like (from the GOP & the DFL/progressives) running the show for the last 50 years… look where that got us. Plus, enough of the steady string of lobbyists with check in hand for the next campaign/vote purchase.

        Please wake up and see what all these bandits, party affiliation aside, have done to our republic. Don’t play the two party games that have enslaved the next generations… Never buy into “but he/she is electable”, “he/she is GOP endorsed”, “the [pick your favorite]endorsed him/her”.

        • http://deleted Claire

          MTL–Good comments, I agree.

        • Doug

          I disagree. A third party is a spoiler party in American politics. We don’t have a so-called “coalition” type of government, with equal shares of seats in Congress depending upon the political makeup of constituencies. We basically have the Left against the Right. The Left is dominated by the Democrats, whose party affiliates could be divided into socialists, communists, fascists, environmentalists, etc., but they understand that there is strength in unity, so, except for the few people who support the Green, Socialist, Communist, etc., parties, the vast majority of this conglomeration of leftists votes Democrat.

          On the Right, if we understood the value of unity, we would not be fractionated into Libertarian, Constitution, Independent, etc., parties, but rather we would be working hard to make and maintain the GOP as a conservative organization. When you leave the GOP to start third parties, you abandon it to the lowest common denominator: the moderate, a.k.a., the RINO. It would be better to rejoin forces in a conservative movement, i.e., the TEA Party, and kick all the RINOs out to make the GOP a worthy, strong adversary to all the riff-raff that assemble under the Democrat’s flag.

          • MTL

            To quote Chuck Baldwin: ” . . . a wasted vote is a vote for someone you know does not represent your own beliefs and principles. A wasted vote is a vote for someone you know will not lead the country in the way it should go. A wasted vote is a vote for the “lesser of two evils.” As John Quincy Adams said, “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”
            How many republicans make promises, then, once in office do something different? How many elected officials are truly traitors, having voted for bailouts, the ‘Patriot’ Act and other so-called legislation that pulls this country further from the Constitution?
            There’s not much difference between those republicans & democrats. And whose interests do they have in mind when running for office, anyway? (Hint: not YOURS, they don’t care about you- or this country). Change is done by vote- the REAL one. So don’t lose heart and vote for the usual. That’s a bad habit that never does ANY GOOD and is the “wasted vote”.
            Stop making the same wrong choices over and over in that voting booth only to get no change at all. We have to clean house- all of ‘em. Start running for office in your local areas- School Board, Park Board, State reps, etc. And run like you mean it- support the Constitution and state rights 100%- no compromises to anyone or any group.

          • http://deleted Claire

            MTL– Good choice of words and I still agree with you.

  • Chuck PRIVATE

    Thanks. You inspired my new tagline:

    Will the last one to leave civilization please blow out the candle?

  • http://deleted Claire

    This article reminds me–one lunch hour a few months ago I was heading home and listening to the infamous Rush. He was raving about frontload washers and how they stink. He is correct. I have a 4 year old frontloading washer and mine stinks!! I will never ever purchase another one. I use Tide for high efficiency machines, and no, my clothes do not appear to be as clean. I will buy a toploading washer as soon as this stinking frontloader quits. It will be my luck it will last forever.

    • Kate8

      Claire – Same here. The salesman raved about how much better the frontloaders cleaned, and they have triple capacity. They were also very expensive.

      I won’t buy another one, either. I’m really disappointed.

      • http://deleted Claire

        Kate8–Oh, I know exactly what you mean. I cannot use the delicate cycle, or it will leak. I have had 2 water pumps put on it so far. Yes, these washers are expensive and for another $200 you get the base to put it on. What a farce! Egads, I hate this machine, but I will try to get my money’s worth out of it. I keep thinking: “This too shall pass.”

        • http://deleted Claire

          Kate8– This is off the subject but I am editing a manuscript on: “Mega-Crises.” It is all about disasters–floods, tornadoes, etc. and preparedness. I am finally on the last chapter and it is about agri-business–famine, drought, etc. Check out Monsanto and what they have done to “seeds.” Also their political ties. I have read a wealth of information concerning Monsanto and it is not good.

          • Kate8

            Claire – Thanks for the info.

            You may have missed it, but I’ve been railing about GMO for a long time. It’s literally changing human DNA, and it’s killing us.

            Another diabolical genocidal plot.

    • Doug

      Our front-loader stinks, too. It’s because they use a bristle barrier to keep socks from winding up where they don’t belong, but the bristles catch all the lint and they are darned hard to clean. We found that if we never close the door unless there’s a load washing, then we’re okay … for a while. But, it only takes one careless moment (just try to keep children under 10 years of age from closing a door you tell them not to) and the thing stinks again. There is nothing for it but to dig in there with chopsticks and a tiny brush to try to dislodge the stinking wads of lint. Unless they come up with a better way to build the barrier, we will never again buy a front-loader. Besides, they tell you it’s easier on your back to pull stuff out, but as a 6’2″ dude, the stooping and craning my neck to see inside is more stressful than just peering into a top-loader.

  • Diwamani

    As a former Soviet subject, I can tell you that it did not happened to us gradually. The gov had to kill over 30 million people, before nobody could even think about protesting. By the way, we had TSP and I was using it, getting the coffee and red wine stains off of my table cloths. But it nearly killed the skin on my hands. I personally think that it’s good this stuff does not end up in the river.
    But I will never believe that the gov gives a s–t about environment. Just like it’s not the resolution on your TV screen they are concerned with.
    However, the amount of FEMA plastic coffins tell us – the gov is well prepared to deal with dissent. Instead of concentrating on your laundry, learn what it means to be a true sovereign. As far as clean laundry – use products, containing enzymes. They will eat the dirt and stains like nothing else. Even blood. Papaya is the thing, you can use it’s leaves, if you can find them.

    • Kate8

      Diwamani – Wow. You lived through it.

      How were the 30 million people killed? Famine? Did they round them up?

      I ask because what is going on here is patterned after the Soviets. We need to know exacly what to expect.

      God bless you.

      • Doug

        Yeah. Good questions. We have firearms; did you, Diwamani? It is my impression that the masses were unarmed. It is also my impression that the only reason the socialists here haven’t attempted to drag us off to a gulag is because we are well armed. We will resist.

        I was alarmed when Obama said, “We can learn a lot from China.” Like what, how to control the masses, or kill them if they don’t conform? Communist China killed millions through famine due to failed central planning. They killed millions more through forced labor as well as simple execution. Plenty of people were taken away, never to be heard from again. And they got the Red Guard to inform on their own parents. Well, the socialist public schools in America are, in fact, indoctrinating our children to listen to the teacher, not to the parents. Just imagine if your snotty, disrespectful, know-it-all teenager (the general product of American public schools today) were given the power to have you hauled away. I took my daughters out of public school and enrolled them in a private school.

        Before enrolling them, I met with the principal and told him, “I want you to educate my children, not indoctrinate them. They had better not come home telling me I’m buying the wrong kind of light bulbs or any of that other dreary environmentalist, global warming, Mother Gia Earth pap. They had better not come home telling me, ‘Democrats, good; Republicans, bad.’ Nor the other way around, for that matter. You are not to teach them about sex of any kind. We’ll take care of politics, religion, and sex at home. You teach reading, writing, math, physical sciences, logic, etc., but you don’t teach ‘social justice’ or any other ‘justice’ that comes with an adjective in front of it. You teach just plain justice, as provided for in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. There’s more; have I lost you yet?”

        He said, “No, you’ve outlined your position and our curricula fairly well. You know? You’re the first parent that ever questioned what their children will be taught. Thank you for that.”

        • http://none Robert

          you are correct the Japanese , said a gun behind every blade of grass , and when questioned about 12 yrs ago a soviet big wig [ general ?] said guns but mostly Southerners , we would have given them a Gorilla war they could have never contained cause we had guns and knew how to use them :-)

  • neilb

    Yes to TSP it’s the phosphate they banned in detergents. I have been using TSP for years and with anything you have to balance things with what you have, such as do you have hard water or and sulphur etc. I had to get a water softener in, took care of the hard water then went to TSP use less soap and now cleaner.
    Experiment TSP available at Lowe’s, Home Depot, likely Menard’s
    4.5 lb. box at lowes a little over 12 bucks.

  • jopa

    Claire: Monsanto with their control of the genetically produced food and control of the seed market makes the Koch brothers look like Boy Scouts.Another one of those corporate money talks stories beyond most peoples imaginations.

  • http://deleted Claire

    jopa–I hate to be an alarmist, but Monsanto scares the heck out of me. What I have read about them boils down to one word–evil. They produce “terminator” seeds. The seeds can be planted once, and then they terminate.
    Obama appointed a Monsanto guy for a position last month. Scary.

    • Kate8

      Claire, Monsanto also controls the FDA, and many of our Congresspeople are invested in them. They are part of the corporate control of our gov’t.

      • Kate8

        Just like Obama appointed a PB exec to head the energy commission.

  • California70

    I don’t know how old you writers out there are but I happened to be old enough to remember the very first automatic front loader washing machines. They were made by Bendix. Ring a bell…anyone? They weren’t very good either. We had one. Got rid of it. The Country went right back to top loading machines until these New front-loaders came out at exorbitant prices.

    Sometimes age is a good thing! Been there done that!

    Any of you with front-loaders. Get rid of them. Anything that has to come with it’s own soap or anything else “special” should be a big “red-light-warning signal to everyone.

    Fix your old machine.

    I even still have my 30 year old double door frig. I had a bottom drawer freezer frig before I bought the “double-door”. Got sick and tired of bending over and digging through the darn think to find the frozen food I wanted. Been there-done that too. Also, the new double door frig’s are much SMALLER on the inside. If you have a family of three boys, you will need two refrigerators. May as well stick with the old one. Cheeper than running two new ones.

    • http://deleted Claire

      I remember wash day as a child. My Mother had twin tubs for the rinse water and we had a wringer-type washing machine. Before these items, she had a scrubboard. We hung clothes out in the wintertime and brought them in stiff as boards. Ahh memories.

      • Kate8

        Claire – My mom had those, too. And our clothes were always CLEAN.

  • Lana

    How much people will put up with untill… Well, untill will never come. People in former SU lost in 1917-1920, and they learned that they can not fight the Government, because it has tanks, rockets, police, army, planes, grenades, muchine-guns, unlimited printed money, preferable treatment for some groups, nuclear submarines, Chernobyl, and Gulag for stupid ones who did not get it soon enough. Now it is your time to learn how to live the way we did. As I said, I am here 20 year, and with every new year I feel more and more at home. American 1991 may come, but for soviet people it is hell worse then before, so, do not really hope on it.
    Dirty cloth is not a problem, No light in the end of the tunnel is.

  • i41

    jopa and claire, you had better get (offensive words removed) along with all the marxist/communist democrat party loons who think Monsanto is a dream machine. The Dept of Ag created by FDR and his registered communist Sec of Ag, drew up this plan of population control, using food production as the hammer on the citizen shellcap. Farmers can only plant government approved seeds, so wake up because it has infiltrated down to garden seeds also. With Onumnutt’s dream of using an executive orders to take away private land ownership since before he took office, that follows a UN mandate of eliminating world wide private land ownership. Which all democrats like and have believed in for decades. Right now the government under Congress approval has idled over 30 million acres of productive farm ground, for over 3 decades. Now these same bastards are gaining control of more private grasslands with government programs and worthless greenie regulations. Al of this crap follows the soviet style of food production and for years the Chinese government control of food production of centerized control, not the owner on the place of food production.

    • Kate8

      i41 – You speak the truth.

      You have your own style, but you do speak the truth. :)

    • http://deleted Claire

      i41–You sure do have your own style–read my posts again.–I do not “favor” Monsanto.

  • element man

    Government is out of control at all levels.

  • LOL

    Do you folks do any research? Here is an excerpt on phosphorous from Stanford University:

    Though phosphorus is necessary, too much of a good thing can be bad. Excess phosphate derived from fertilizers, detergents and other human sources makes its way into lakes and coastal waters by runoff, leaching or erosion, causing massive algae blooms that can affect taste and clarity of drinking water. Moreover, when algae die, thick pads sink to the bottom and oxidize, reducing dissolved oxygen and creating an environment inhospitable to fish.

    • denniso

      No, most here do no real research and no independent reading or thinking…they only listen to or read whatever supports their anti gov’t position…everything is the gov’ts fault.

      • LOL

        It sure seems that way Denise. This forum is like a sycophantic chorus!

  • jopa

    i41;I don’t know where you got the idea that Claire and I thought Monsanto was some kind of “Dream Machine”. Try reading our posts and you will see that we are not Monsanto friendly.Lay of that firewater and your vision will be a little better.Some of that brew you guys make on the reservation will make you go blind.

  • http://donthaveone Beberoni

    I found out the hard way that when you use TSP in water, to say wash down some dirty walls in a factory, make sure you wear rubber gloves. My buddy and I did this all day bare handed, and this stuff ate our hands up but good, so be sure to wear rubber gloves.

  • Marfa

    Claire – my mother goes thru the same thing with her front loader – it stinks! Once a month she just runs it with bleach and no clothes, then leaves the door open for a day (she doesn’t have any little kiddies running around – to worry about them shutting the door!) Small hint, but it seems to help! I “was” thinking of getting a new one, but not after reading these posts…will stick with my top loader that DOES “do” all HOT WATER and warm water or cold! Guess if it goes-I will get it fixed! BTY there is a place to get heirloom seeds! Check it out people! I can’t wait until 2012…that is FOR SURE!

    • dennist1

      can anyone tell me how to get the TSP into the cycle of these blasted front loader machines??

      • jeanelane

        Put the TSP in with the detergent. After all, it used to be in the detergent!

        Everything is expensive now. And everyone has a preference for their type of appliance. I just know that the newer stuff never works as well as the older. And I am talking about stoves and dishwashers also. Ever notice how all dishwashers are the same anymore? No difference between brands, except cosmetic.

        I like my front loaders. And yes, you can put a lot more in the washer, but not in the dryer unless you like wrinkles and long dry times. Just like at the laundromat, the more you put in, the longer it takes to dry. We started with the front loaders because they use less water. And we were on a well. Even a top loader will stink if you don’t leave the door open so it will air dry. Hello people!!! The problem with a front loader for me is when you have a dinky laundry room that is just in the ‘pass through’ to the garage. I stick a wadded up rag in the gasket to open it some more and prohibit the door from closing. My first front loader 20 years ago didn’t have the same stinking problem. I now have to scrub down behind the gasket every once in a while. For those with large hands, you may have a problem :) They are making top loaders better today – more gentle on clothing.

  • Blondee

    Thanks for this story I had no idea, good article.

  • http://aol grandma liz


  • DearWebby

    TSP is a powerful phosphate fertilizer, that caused waterways to choke up with underwater greenery. That is why it was banned from detergents in the late 60′s and early 70′s. Your mom might remember “Phosphate Free” printed on detergent boxes in the 70′s.

    Unless you separate the grey water and use it in your garden, you cause trouble, if you use TSP.

    If you do separate the grey water, then you can get away with a quarter cup of TSP and a quarter cup of shaved Ivory Soap, just like Gramma did. (And like some of us still do).

    Have FUN!

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Wiselady


    Wiselady says:

    Too bad we can’t have clothes lines outside and let the sunshine give clothes and other loundry a true fresh, clean and wholesome air fragrance. Think of the money we would save and the positive effect of sun, “radiation” on, sheets, pillow cases, disinfection of children’s clothing,blankets and e.t.c. We would be in better health.

    BUT! It’s illegal in condos, and some cities won’t allow you to hang any laundry outside an un-enclosed area.Where would you find the space?

    Lucky are people who live out in the country.

    • libertytrain

      I agree – the rules are so foolish – at condos and many neighborhoods. I think one thing I liked about San Francisco was the laundry hanging from the apartments in the city—

  • jeanelane

    I found that the best stain remover is Dawn dishwashing liquid. The original blue. I was even able to get set-in stains out with this. Never will use Shout or anything else. I will try TSP though. Will still want to treat grease stains. Can’t cook without grease spatters on my shirt! :)

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Wiselady


    Wiselady says:

    Try learning more on how vinegar, baking soda,and borax help to clean whatever you want to clean. There ar numerous books available on cleaning with natural liquids.

  • Joe Chernicoff

    There’s a product on the market called TSP, but does not clean as well as TSP in cleaners did in the past. As a former specialty chemical manufacturer and formulator, I used trisodiumphosphate in a number of different industrial strength cleaners – all of which worked as expected. It wasn’t until environmentalists convinced the government that TSP, and other effective chemicals (such as DDT and other pesticides), were harmful to the environment; I guess that more expensive cleaners, and not-so-clean clothes, et. al, was their goal. ’twas ridiculous. Anyhow, I use that TSP product once in a while to clan a garage floor.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Wiselady


    Wiselady Says:

    Thank you Doug, for telling it like it is. I retired as a public school teacher early. I had a low degree of tolerance for mediocrity that prevaied in the public schools.I left even though one child was in an excellent private school and the other in colllege. It was wonderful to be in a position where I would no longer be fighting anymore with the left wing indoctrination that still continues in our public schools. They intentionally missrepresent and teach very little early American history because every nationality/ethnic group from other countries, insist that their culture be represented. The word, “multiculture”, became the substitute for learning our American History which explains why, according to the Wall Street Journal, our students can’t pass their tests on the Constituion or our History.

    You cannot promote patriotisim, nor say that our flag is the most beautiful flag that represents a great country because that is being ,”racist”. Tell that to our service men and women who volunteer for our country for the privilege of becoming U.S. Citizens, those who return injured but still feel proud that they served.

    Some classrooms had flags from various countries but our flag was not to be seen anylace in the school or classrooms. I donated a few if I returned to do substitute teaching in the same school.

    After my retirement I wrote about what I experienced as a substitute teacher throughout my county. There was enmity to the point of stupidity by some Principles and teachers. But I am grateful to the few elderly teachers who pressed on with teaching love of country. May God bless them!!!

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Wiselady

    Wiselady says

    According to my ex-husband a scientist, TSP is very dangerous whether it is used as a by-product or by itself. I am glad I don’t use the dish washer and I read what is on the lables before I buy soap, packaged or canned food. I always say, if you can’t read or spell it, don’t eat it.

    It is time we stop blogging on this subject and start refusing to purchase anything that has TSP in it.

    Sooooo…., spread the word, folks.

    • dvdchris

      You are in the extreme minority here.
      Sooooo….the rest of us will be enjoying clean clothes and dishes.

    • dvdchris

      And this business of you quoting yourself on every post has become exceedingly annoying.

  • TSP Cleaner

    I live in country where there are not many regulations governing household cleaning liquids. I can’t believe that a simple regulation like prohibiting the use of a harmful chemical can cause such a stir. Are they cleaning products on the shelves really that bad?

  • http://Weareawebsiteofofferingknowledgeaboutironingtoeveryonewithdirectexperiences.WebeganfrombeingmaidstovarioushotelsinHatYaimorethan15years.Wehavedeeplyknownaboutrequirementofallhotels’ownerswhow how to do laundry

    I will right away grasp your rss as I can not to find your email subscription link or newsletter service. Do you have any? Please permit me realize in order that I may subscribe. Thanks.


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