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Why Are We Helping al-Qaida?

March 30, 2011 by  

Why Are We Helping al-Qaida?

In Afghanistan and Pakistan, America’s military is killing—and being killed by—al-Qaida forces. In Libya, America’s Navy and Air Force provide cover for al-Qaida forces seeking to overthrow the regime of Moammar Gadhafi.

In a Monday night address to defend U.S. attacks on Libya, President Barack Obama said that America could not turn a blind eye to atrocities in other countries. Yet Obama and the corporate media ignore the slaughter of civilians in Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, China and North Korea.

Obama says it would be a mistake to expand the allied military mission to overthrow the Gadhafi regime, but that Gadhafi must relinquish power.

Obama insists there will be no U.S. ground troops in Libya, yet the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit took part in the initial assault and the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit is set to head to the region to relieve the 26th.

Obama says America will not continue to lead the operation and it will be turned over to NATO. Yet, America is NATO, providing a fourth of its budget—more than the combined amount of the next two largest contributing countries—and the majority of its assets and command.

Such is the duplicity of American foreign policy.

There has been much “mystery” surrounding the identity of the so-called rebels America is protecting in the Libyan civil war. Author Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D., points out that, while all the lead players aren’t known, enough is known about them to understand they are some of the same people American is fighting in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

According to Tarpley, the insurgency in Libya is a reprisal of a British attempt to foment an uprising in 1995 in which Gadhafi would be assassinated and Libya would descend into chaos, prompting Great Britain to swoop in to “protect” the oil fields. Already, rebel leaders are making oil deals with the French. And if there was any doubt the global elites were behind the chaos percolating in the Middle East, the fact that Libyan “rebels” have already established a central bank should put any doubts to bed.

al-Qiada was formed by the U.S. and Great Britain to fight the Russians in Afghanistan, and many of its leaders are double agents of the Central Intelligence Agency or MI-6—like Anwar al-Awlaki, America’s terrorist du jour. As such, al-Qaida is used for many purposes.

As Tarpley points out, for President George W. Bush, the presence of al-Qaida was used as pretext for starting a war on another country. The Obama method is to use al-Qaida to overthrow independent governments and either Balkanize or partition those countries or use them as kamikaze puppets against larger enemies like Russia, China and Iran.

Hat tip:

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    This is one hell of an interesting catch-22, isn’t it, Bob? Herr Obummer just might himself get re-elected the easy way. He gets to sit back and watch as OUR armed forces dump Colonel Daffy OR terrorists already in Libya eventually get rid of Colonel Daffy – and then take over.
    Either brand A terrorists win, or brand B terrorists win. For terrorists, it’s a win-win situation. For America, it’s lose-lose.
    Exporting ‘democracy’ finally blows up in our faces, our military gets used as a classic Trojan Horse, and Herr Obummer gets to pull off a Hitlerian victory. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
    I hope I’m wrong, but it’s beginning to look like the Great Experiment has failed, and America is consigned to the ash heap of history. I wonder if we still have military leaders who know what to do when a ship is sinking and the ship’s captain is acting suicidal.
    Once again, Hollywood’s best writers couldn’t come up with a script like this one. Bring the troops home NOW. THIS is where the real action will be.

    • Jeryl

      You have some very good points. I honestly don’t believe, however, that Obama has any real interest in exporting democracy, at least not as we envision it (ie., real freedom and liberty). He’s only interested in building the one-world government, in which he hopes to play a significant role. He ignores the Constitution and all it stands for. I might add, that if he sees that he probably won’t be re-elected, he might well manufacture a serious national threat and declare martial law. This guy is dangerous to the Nth degree.

      • Richard

        It’s like President Bush said, the Constitution is nothing but a piece of paper. No one in Washington cares about it.

        • kilrntex

          Finally found something Bush and the left have in common, except the left didn’t read it!

        • Jeep

          Sure Richard, kind of like the current idot who stated in 2001, 2008, 2009 and in Jan of this year that, “…generally the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties.” And they say he is “Constitutional Scholar”. Sheesh…

          • Vicki

            The Constitution would be a charter of negative liberties if it were limits on a free people. However the Constitution is a set of specific limitations on GOVERNMENT. So from the point of a government agent it would be negative liberties.

            You (the government agent) do NOT have the power to silence the people.

            You do NOT have the power to take away our tools of self and community defense.

            You do NOT have the power….

            You, the federal government agent have the following enumerated powers.

            (See the Constitution for the very short list.)

    • Jeryl

      By the way, I totally agree that it’s time to bring the troops home because we’re going to need them. I’m not sure, however, that Obama wants them home because he doesn’t trust them.

      • RonaldL

        “Obama is purposely overwhelming the U.S. economy to create systemic failure, economic crisis and social chaos – thereby destroying capitalism and our country from within. Obama is building a dictatorship by inserting Neo—Socialism and Anarchy in every aspect of an American Society in increasing speed. “Plan to turn the U.S. into a Socialist/Marxist state with a permanent majority that needs government to survive by voting for it without the responsibility to pay for it.

        Legalize Illegal Immigrants. Just giving in excess of 12 million new citizens’ free health care alone could overwhelm the system and bankrupt America. But they are also in excess of 12 million Democratic voters to continue to support big government.

        • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


          Those 12 million illegal trespassing scum criminals already have bankrupted several hospitals and school districts.

          Where’s Eisenhower and his Operation Wetback when you need them.

        • Christin

          Ronald L,
          Yes, obama is overwhelming the system by pushing for yet another expensive war to drive us further into debt and bankrupcy… he said he wanted to pull out of the wars when he took over our country, but I guess either he was lieing or TPTB told him to do it.

          Why are we [NOT PATRIOTIC AMERICANS, but the progressive left or NWO folks] supporting al-Qaida…. because the ‘dictator in chief’ is on the wrong side with them!

    • Stephan F.

      “Forget about manning the pumps. It’s time to abandon ship.” – Doug Casey, July 2010

    • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


      Bring the troops home.? Wouldn’t that be just tht many more that Der Fuhrer would have here to use against us?

      • JC

        On the contrary Henry. It would be that many more soldiers who have taken an oath to defend the Constitution that would be here on American soil. Nothing could scare the Kenyan in Chief more than that.
        Absolutely, bring the troops home!

        • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


          I pray that you are correct! I have an old friend who is a ret. 26 year veteran of the skies and he tells me the same thing in a somewhat more flowery fashion…..

        • http://?? Joe H.

          By all means!!! Bring them home and put them on the southern border!!!
          Then put a bounty on ALL illegal aliens here!! German, Irish, Mexican, South American, chinese, Japanese, well you get the point by now!!! Kick them all the hell out!!!

          • JC

            We can work and dream Joe. Keep your eyes on the prize!

  • Mick

    I know that I am off topic but I am sick and tired to constantly seing BigBadJohn lying through his teeth to try to influence the rest of us to his way of thinking, so I am posting this on every articles the personal Liberty puts out, if people don’t like it ………OH WELL.

    Mick says:
    March 30, 2011 at 6:20 am

    BigBadJohn says:
    March 29, 2011 at 10:53 am
    Here we go again….

    Old Henry

    Bush inherited a 100 billion dollar deficit and turned it into a 1.5 TRILLION dollar deficit – a 1500% increase.

    Obama inherited a 1.5 trillion dollar deficit and turned it into a 1.8 trillion dollar deficit. Approximately a 30% increase.

    Obama is not/has not been near as destructive as Bush and the republicans

    OK BigBadJohn ! Why don’t you stop been a good lefty for once and start telling the truth, quit lying to try to prove a point.
    if people really want to know what’s going on with the Budget go to……..

    The data for the total public debt outstanding is published each business day. If there is no debt value for the date(s) you requested, the value for the preceding business day will be displayed.

    ( Debt Held by the Public vs. Intragovernmental Holdings )

    Date Debt Held by the Public Intragovernmental Holdings Total Public Debt Outstanding

    Here are the treasury direct figures for when Bush took over UntilObama took over

    01/19/2001 5,727,776,738,304.64 Bush takes over

    8 YEARS

    01/20/2009 10,626,877,048,913.08 Obama take over

    Now from January 20 2009 and present time under Obama

    01/20/2009 10,626,877,048,913.08 Jan 20, 2009

    2 YEARS , 2 month and 8 days, Damn it people start doing the math and begin to see clearly.

    03/28/2011 14,211,567,662,931.23 march 28, 2011

    For people interested at seing the daily report on OUR DEBT I would suggest that you go and (I repeat) to the TREASURY DIRECT site, punch in the dates you want to verify and it will give you the debt to the penny,may I also suggest you forward this site to many of your friends and family regardless of their party affiliation, some of them just might wake the hell up.
    Have a good day…

    • Richard

      Good post Mick,
      unreal the way Bush ruined our country with unnecessary war and the bailouts for his Wall Street family.
      Obama just continues it.
      Those figures are public debt. The aforementioned budget deficit is not the same thing.

      • BigBadJohn

        Richard you are correct the numbers are for national debt not deficit. However politicians pull all kinds of tricks to make their deficit look better. A PRIME example was Bush invading two countries and not funding the wars with his budget. It made his numbers look better but it still added to the national debt.

        Pick any year and date and go to the same date on the next year and subtract. That is best way to figure what the REAL deficit is.

        • Thamera

          At this point BBJ: your argument is becoming trite as well as moot. On to the present please>?!

    • BigBadJohn

      Thank you for taking time to ACTUALLY CHECK.

      Here are the numbers presented another way, numbers rounded to make it easier to read.:

      1999 5.5 trillion total national debt – Clinton
      2000 5.6 trillion – Bush takes over – looks like he inherited a 100 billion deficit.

      January 01 2008- 9.2 TRILLION – BUSH
      January 15 2009 – 10.6 TRILLION – so Obama inherited a 1.4 Trillion dollar deficit not the 1.5 that I said – sorry.

      100 billion deficit – 2000
      1400 billion dollar – 2008
      OR a 1400% increase in deficit under BUSH
      Please speak up if you see a problem with the numbers.

      January 01 2009 – 10.6 trillion – Obama
      January 01 2010 – 12.3 trillion or a deficit of 1.7 trillion. subtract out what he inherited 1.7-1.4 = 300 billion dollar increase.

      OR a 30% increase over what he inherited. Just exactly what is your argument with the facts?

      FYI – I am NOT a leftie – I just hate people who keep their head in the sand and believe EVERYTHING their chosen party tells them to believe.

      Do I think Obama is doing a good job – HELL NO – but you do have to consider that he inherited the biggest mess this country has ever seen – because of BUSH and republican control.
      So who do we support, the incompetent Obama or the republicans that proven to be masters of theft?

      • Eddie47d

        Your turn Mick,Gulp!

      • Mick

        BigBadJohn says:

        January 01 2009 – 10.6 trillion – Obama
        January 01 2010 – 12.3 trillion or a deficit of 1.7 trillion. subtract out what he inherited 1.7-1.4 = 300 billion dollar increase.

        O.K BigBadJohn

        Why stop in Jan 01 2010 to show exactly the amount of debt obama accumulated over the past 2 years + do you want people to ignore the extra,1.8 trillion since Jan 2010 until NOW ?
        there it is,,,,Below…

        As of to the 28 of march

        03/28/2011 14,211,567,662,931.23

        So from 10,6 trillions when bush left in 2009 til now the debt grew over 3.5 trillions..

        It was slick BigBadjohn just doesn’t work with me..

        • BigBadJohn

          I agree – we are in a downward spiral. 1.7 trillion per year is WAY TOO MUCH!.. That is 3.5 trillion in two years, at that rate he will match Bush’s totals in 3-4 years.

          I was only pointing out that when you compare deficit INCREASES under Obama and Bush, Bush wins hands down.

          So what do we do? Roll back everything that Bush did in the first place in an attempt to cut the deficit back to 2000 levels?

          I think we need to pull out of our foreign wars, especially Obama’s new forays, and cut military spending to 2000 levels.

          Then we need to start cutting back on government jobs, starting with TSA.

          And GULPPPP, let Bush’s tax cuts expire – until there are enough spending cuts to justify them.

          • TIME

            Look BBJ,

            Bush & Soetoro, Clinton, Bush 1, all of them are “PROGRESSIVES,” as in the “NEW WORLD ORDER / One WORLD GOVERNMENT,” CULT, the only differance is style otherwise they are 100% the same package.
            Is that clear enough?

            There is no RebO V DemO, its only an illusion.

            Think of it this way, who won the Foot ball game, they both play foot ball, they both are Teams, they both have the exact same goals.
            Is that simple enough to grasp?

          • Mick

            01/18/2008 9,188,640,287,930.39

            01/20/2009 10,626,877,048,913.08

            An increase in the deficit of a little over 1.4 trillion in one year under bush…

            01/20/2009 10,626,877,048,913.08

            01/20/2010 12,327,380,804,696.82

            An increase in the deficit of a little 1.7 trillion in one year under obama

            so, How do you figure that Bush wins hand down in the deficit increase ???

            I think it’s time to tell other country to fly off, defense wise and monetary wise, that goes for the Governemnt spending on many useless programs only benifittng a few,,

            Defense we all need social programs not so much, only a few really deserve it……..

          • Mick


            Have fun try to figure the true deficit out year by year,I have work to do , so long…

          • BigBadJohn


            01/18/2008 9,188,640,287,930.39

            01/20/2009 10,626,877,048,913.08

            An increase in the deficit of a little over 1.4 trillion in one year under bush…

            01/20/2009 10,626,877,048,913.08

            01/20/2010 12,327,380,804,696.82

            An increase in the deficit of a little 1.7 trillion in one year under obama

            so, How do you figure that Bush wins hand down in the deficit increase ???

            If you do not understand simple math I am sorry.
            Bush inherited 100 billion deficit and ran it up to 1.4 trillion.

            In plain english – he INCREASED the deficit by 1.3 TRILLION dollars.

            Obama inherited a 1.4 trillion dollar deficit and ran it up to 1.7

            Obama increased the deficit by 300 billion.

            Which is smaller 1.3 trillion or 300 billion?

            The ONLY WAY to cut the deficit that a president inherits is to UNDO what the previous administration did.

            My advise – STEP………..AWAY………..FROM……..THE……… KOOL-AID

    • azwayne

      Hey brain child, when does president propose approve and spend budget? When did Democrats become majority in House of Representatives, let me help you, elected during 2006 started ruling with WITCH of the WEST PELOSI Jan 2007, now look closely when deficits started, need any help or they didn’t tell you what to say. But your idiotic party name calling is useless and shows illiteracy. Now real problem, lobbyists, who does congress listen to? It doesn’t take much conversation to see congressmen don’t know many pertinent facts. Why does money control all politics?

    • Denise

      Hey Mick,

      Your web link for the budget is a government site, wtf makes you think it would represent anything factual. However clever you may think you are you may still be a intellectual liar as are most people that try to defend the current administration. Our enemies are internal and duplicity is ruling

      • Vicki

        Of course it is a government site. We can presume they will try and paint the best picture. So those numbers are the Best? They are really really bad and they are the best? I think Mick has made his point since the numbers can only be much worse if they are not correct.

        You are encouraged to go find non government sites that show the debt and deficient though. We can compare numbers.

  • Homer

    I want to KNOW why this man who has no KNOWN Birth Certificate “USURPS” the power to send ANY troops to Libya etc and yet that power is first of all NOT his and second, the man isn’t even legally president! Where is the man’s Damned Birth Certificate, and when will congress question this man ways??? IMPEACHMENT!!!!

    • skippy

      right on homer!!! you sure hit that one out of the park…good job!! why doesn’t ‘bummer’ just be a good ‘nixon’ and resign?? hmmm…just thinking…might have to give up some of his TRIPS and other PERKS that he is blowing our $$$ on!

      • J.M.R.

        did anyone ever know a liberal who would resign even when proven wrong

        • Mick

          J.M.R. says:
          March 30, 2011 at 8:23 am
          did anyone ever know a liberal who would resign even when proven wrong


          • Eddie47d

            Bush was a Conservative and he was wrong and didn’t admit it. Now Mick if you want to play fair or at least want liberals to play fair; at least try and be more honest. Yes Bush was a conservative and Obama is a liberal.That is why each side voted for their guy.

          • JC

            And both are puppets eddie. Voting is a useless pursuit.
            Restore the Republic.

          • Mick

            Eddie47d says:
            March 30, 2011 at 9:02 am
            Bush was a Conservative and he was wrong and didn’t admit it. Now Mick if you want to play fair or at least want liberals to play fair; at least try and be more honest. Yes Bush was a conservative and Obama is a liberal.That is why each side voted for their guy.

            Bush was a republican and not near conservative enough, big difference between Republican and conservative.

          • Eddie47d

            That’s a matter of opinion. Most liberals vote Democrat and most conservatives vote Republican.

          • http://deleted Claire


        • Christin

          NO, NEVER… they, Demos, never leave just deny their crimes and cry and STAY FOREVER…

          • michelleo

            Bush was as conservative???????????? okay what a crock……he was as conservative as Obama – NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nina Zick

    I have to show proof of my citizenship everytime I fly or leave the country or reenter the country. Why won’t Obama prove his. This only goes to prove he is a liar and not eligable to be president. Now that the Democrats are not in control, someone needs to address this issue.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    We need to demand to know a lot of things. Are the Libyan rebels al-Qaida? Even if just half of them are, why are we helping? And where is the birth certificate? Why do we support countries that hate us? Who monitors how and where our support is going? Why do we pay so much to NATO? Where do we go to get answers to these questions, or any other questions? Who can we trust not to lie to us?

    • JC

      Does anyone recall that we armed and trained the Taliban?
      Then when they managed to get the Russians to leave Afghanistan we abandoned them?

      Why would Libya be any different? We arm and train our enemies at the expense of the American taxpayer and by doing so we can crank up the fear that our enemies are armed and trained and we need to increase “security” to keep us all safe…or rather under surveillance and under control.

      Oceania is at war. Oceania has always been at war.

      Cute trick, and most won’t pick up on it.

    • Robert S

      When the smoke clears, regardless of who wins the US will install another one of its Ivy League puppets and start pumping oil.

      • Jeep

        Grow up Robert…if our recent conflicts were about oil, then where is it? Last time I checked there was no pipeline to Washington from Iraq or Afghanistan. Can you get off your ideological high horse and get a grip on reality? BTW, in case you hadn’t noticed, the MSM is panting over this “new war” in Libya. It’s thier guy in charge, and they want to put one in the win column. Whatever that means.

        • Robert S

          No Einstein They are shipping it directly from Iraq to China and India. Afghanistan isn’t about oil as much as it is about Poppies. Ever notice the increase in Heroin use around the world?

        • Jeep

          Really? So the war is about heroin? WTH? My point is simple, for most people. All wars ultimately come down to resources, I got that. Your original comment was of the tired old, “No blood for oil” variety. Speaking for myself, that line is outdated. But your musings over poppy seeds seems a bit off target. Al Qaeda has been financing it’s operations for 20 yrs with drug money. So what else is new? In your latest post, it seems as though you are indicating America needs poppy seeds. Really?

  • Jack Taylor

    Even though the Plan is stupid, it is all part of the plan of Soros, Obama and the UN to set the Muslims up as one-world leaders. Obama is a Muslim but I don’t know what is behind Soros – perhaps just egotism. The UN? Why go to the UN for permission to do anything? They are the most crooked, corrupt organization in history and must go the way of the League of Nations.

    • azwayne

      You don’t know why SOROS likes the unrest? See how much he will make when the unrest settles. The dictators owning all the assets are being stripped where will profit and power go? Of course he put ODUMBO up to it. Nothing but soros puppet, but how many more in congress does SOROS own? Look at the organizations he controls, they should all be disbanded, this thief commits treason and sedition daily and what does our fearless government do? I see NOTHING.

    • Jeep

      The “Plan” is not as stupid as it may seem…think it through. By calling for a “humanitarian mission” victory can be declared at any time simply by saying “see we protected them”. And, the sideways call for the ouster of Kadhafi can go either way as well. If he goes, then “mission accomplished.” If he stays, then “well it wasn’t our mission anyways.” They are just playing both sides of the fence.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Jack T.
      The un was in charge in some of the African countries when there were murders, rapes and rapes of children by the un troops! (un lower case as they were lower class at that time!)

      • JC

        A Canadian General wrote a book about it. Specifically about Rwanda and the genocide that took place there while the UN largely ignored the event. I guess there were no minerals, oil or wealth to be had…

  • Ed Herold

    We all show proof of citizenship all the time – Why has the american people trusted this man more than anyone in history. He called for change and no one questioned what he wanted to change. Well they are finding out he wanted to destroy our country and Congress went right along with him as long as they kept all the perks they have. No one sees them giving up one thing. They just get more pay more perks and take away from the people. NO MORE RED INK Fire all that vote for more red ink.

  • Marty

    Congress does not have the Balls to challenge Obummers birth.This mutt wants to destroy this country. He is a major socialist and maybe a Muslim. Now he wants to give weapons to libyans? WHY, we gave weapons to the Taliban and they used them on us. Time this clown is kicked out of office. Followed by the fools in congress.

  • Raggs

    Congress is obsolete, they are of no use to king obaba except around re-election time when the king obaba will use the democummunist to trash the GOP…

    obaba’s war with Q-daffy is illegal, No threat to the US or our troops was the case for declaring this ( NON ) war… The only way that our troops would have been in a threatfull situation would be if they were in Libya prior to the declaration of ( NON ) war.

  • Raggs

    Picture this…

    Why has obaba refused to call the Al-Qaeda terrorist all this time?
    Now think real hard… Why is obaba going to give arms to Al-Qaeda?..

    It is illegal for anyone to support an enemy of the US..
    But if obaba deems a group such as Al-Qaeda a friend he then can supply them with arms?

    Got to wonder if this was the plan from the word go.

    • Eddie47d

      al Qaeda is probably in Libya and like any fringe group is vying for a piece of the pie. Are they a serious threat? Not anymore than the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt and their influence was vastly overstated. Maybe these rebels are mostly “freedom fighters” who just hate Qaddafi. They knew Qaddafi had the fire power when the civil war started but knew in their hearts that this man must go. Will they succeed? I have my doubts without further intervention and that is troublesome.At least we don’t want or need Libyan oil, unlike Iraq.The best wars are those which never get started.

      • Raggs

        Ed… Oh come on… Nobody knows how many Al-Qaeda terrorist are in the midst of the rebels… One is too many… And for obaba to give the rebels guns or whatever else knowing that there are extremmist in the bunch should be a very serious crime. Prehaps treason, afterall it is treason to aid the enemy…

        • azwayne

          ODUMBO commits treason daily, is that something that’s bad?

        • Eddie47d

          Haven’t heard anything for a fact about al Qaeda being in Libya. Surprising Gaddafi hates them. I have the radio on right now and Washington said we will now start covert operations to aid the rebels. I also heard two hours ago that the rebels were on the run. Doesn’t look good no matter what happens.

  • H. Kirk Rainer

    It was a famous Russian (I think) that coined: empires have no eternal friends or enemies, just eternal interests…

    On the lighter side, Abbot & Constello debated: Who’s on First?

    Libya is just another hand in a game callled Hegemony…and the U.S. evidently has much at stake.

  • sean murrey

    we have a weak knee leader that is destorying this country he likes the muslims.

    • JC

      Actually Sean, we have no leader. Unless NATO and the UN count…

  • http://com i41

    Any person who wonders why the idea of supporting al-quaida is being tossed around. Is either a sleep or has has never read any of Onumnutts books and the veiws of his communist/marist staff. The jug eared pervert is getting a pass for doing what ever the French, UN, or any other fringe group tell him what is OK. He hasn’t any core values or backbone, the gutless crossbred said he knew what he was going to do before Congress went on vacation. That he was committed to sending our planes and pilots in. Onumnutts, socialist Hillary, and USA ambassador socilist anti_american Susan Rice, all hate Isreal and want to destroy it. Go and check out what their comments have stated over the years that they have been made. The [offensive term removed] puke surrounds himself with anti-USA domestic terrorists and has given them free access to info that is supposed to be secret. Sweet Ole Bob Barry is planning on letting the goat abusing perverts of the Muslim Brotherhood and al-qaida get total control and haver a larger base to wipe out the Jewish nation. They will be using free American weapons and taxpayers money to accomplish the task. Since the muslim marxist moron has been shipping in loads of muslim terrorists into the USA over the last 2 years. Starting with the Palistinians terrorist, and any other 3rd world perverts he could put on our public services. Still have any question what the marxist/communist soros socialist democrats and the media chose to place in office. Same dumb f–ks that think muslims are peaceful and can be Americans, once a muslim pedophile perverted goat abuser, always a islam freak, who follows what ever Mohameed the head clay figurine worshipper said.

    • Denise

      Thanks i41, tell it like it is

  • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

    The instant I read the title I instinctively knew the answer. Obama is helping his buds. Simple as that.

    • JC

      Consider this:
      He is taking an active role in deposing the old gaurd leaders and by doing so gain the loyalty of the new(ly installed?) regimes…thus putting himself front and center as the new leader of the Muslim World. Or least gain their loyalty.
      Just a thought….

      • http://?? Joe H.

        and it could be a very ACCURATE thought!!

      • JC

        Another thought, what if the “coalition” fails to secure a Rebel
        (Al Qaeda) win?
        History tells us that all of those diplaced political refugees will be absorbed by the United States and dumped in Detroit.
        And why not? Its already a third world city that is 25% empty…

        Anyone else see the irony of foreign aid yet?

  • Thamera

    But what do we have to fear? Right? lol

  • dhellew2

    Half-black Obama is fulfilling his obligation to those foreign terrorist countries that paid to get him into office to do their bidding, the destruction of America.

    Try half-black Obama for his crimes and put him in prison, no need to impeach him. There is enough evidence to convict so give him a speedy trial and have him in prison during the trial. Shouldn’t take more than a few weeks to convict.

  • katana5.56

    i agree with most of what you all are saying but must let you know that both dems and repubs dont give a crap about the true american citizen and have a hidden agenda. they both lie and hide facts and only care about getting re-elected.and as for obama i think he is the worst president this country has ever seen! on top of the country being broke with bailouts,billions in trying to police the world in wars and special interests,and we have more trouble in our own back yard than we cant handle with the non enforcement of immigration laws and the burden of at least millions of illeagals already here destroying the economy. im pretty sure the immigration and amnesty thing is related to the want for the hispanic illeagal votes.its treason to not enforce laws and then to even fight a state like arizona for doing the job the federal govt. refused to do. this isnt the country i remember!time for action but what do we do since voting in more crooks does no good?

  • kilrntex

    Obama supporting Al-Qaeda makes since to me. How bout we have planes bring them all in from Afganny and Iraq to fight “Qaddaffy Duck”. When we get them all in place, kill two ‘ducks’ with one nuke! Think about the service we would do for the world. I wouldn’t call Obama half black, I would call him half white so it doesn’t sound racist!

  • Jeep

    I was just wondering…where are all those “leaders” that have been calling our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan “terrorists” and “murderers”? You remember like John Kerry, et al.

  • FreedomFighter

    Why Are We Helping al-Qaida? Or Why is Obama helping al-Qaida?

    No good reasons come to mind, only selfish, self serving or worse senarios play out.

    Any war gamers play these senarios out yet? I would bet, some outcomes trigger WWIII.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi


    This uncredentialed Mystery Man we call a POTUS is the most scheming, lying, inept SOB ever to get hold of the reins of this nation, he has no good plan for this country and evidently wants to have a legacy of leaving us totally with out….his specialty is theft.

  • da norseman

    Helping a foe of the Western World such as al Qaeda to gain a presence in Libya to overthrow a foe of both al Qaeda and the Western World is what we don’t need. This will only increase the chances of another terror attack and more hostilities in a fragile area of the world such as the Middle East.

    It is time the Western World learn from the mistakes more than thirty years ago when Carter and other Western leaders did when they helped bring an exiled Khomeni back from France to a one time Western ally Iran while urging the Shah to step down that only resulted in a hostile takeover and Iran and the United States severing ties. Obama would only be helping Osama, who is already licking his chops, to expand his operations. The rebels are just using the Western World in order to expand Islamic radicalism.

  • Denise

    Do any of you realize that the last time America ie Congress declared war was in 1941 although we have been involved in many wars since. Considering our current situation has been declared a Kinetic military action, all other wars have been considered act, actions, or conflictys. War is war when you are killing, bombing and invading another country. Come on wish up

  • 45caliber

    Congess has declared war since – they did when 9/11 occured and then later as well. But they usually try to attach strings to it (Congress is in control, not the President or any general). And Congress has more interest in political gains than it whether we win or lose. Take Vietnam, for instance. The US didn’t lose the war; Congress simply gave back everything we had fought to win as they pulled out our troops.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Congress and the MSM!!! how could we lose when we won every battle of the war???

    • Raggs

      That was Nam… Libya is Libya, The congress we have now are spineless little boys.

    • kilrntex

      Very well put! In ‘Nam we won every battle and congress lost the war! They put us in harms way and play us like pawns in a chess game. All those ‘tards in congress need to be sh!tcanned. Repubs are maybe the lesser of two evils, but they have all betrayed us.

  • liberty4me

    You all give Obama far too much “credit” (or BLAME). You should recognize that your combined accusations would require that he be the most well organized, intelligent, and influential person ever to walk the Earth, in order to pull off half of what he has been accused of. You all need to back out of the smoke screen his puppeteers have created and refocus. The puppeteers need to be discovered/exposed and their motives learned if we are to have a hope of saving this country and the Constitutional concepts behind it.

    Our problems (economic) all started with the creation of the Fed. Energy needs/costs and related wars followed as did the world dependence on the Dollar (world currency).

    Refocus – - – Expose the “Hidden Rulers”/puppeteers – - – don’t continue obsessing on the “puppet” (currently Obama).

  • Rennie

    My understanding was Gadhafi was on the “good” list because he agreed to abandon nuclear pursuits and was in the process of disposing of his other WMDs (poison gas, musterd, sarin, etc.). Has anyone considered the effect of these WMDs and whatever other weapons Gadhafi’s money could buy (flights from Belarus and a Wells Fargo flight pre-No Fly Zone raising questions of what he bought toys/services from/for whom?). So many idiots talk about Reagan bombing Gadhafi’s palace (in which family members died) in retaliation for Lockerbie, clueless that Lockerbie was Gadhafi’s response. Then they act like Scotland just decided to release the Lockerbie mastermind, instead of it being a Westminster scheme to get BP a Libyan oil deal, which included Westminster ordering the SAS to train Gadhafi’s elite guard. Jack Straw and later Wikileaks say this had been tried during the Bush years but nixed, but the Obama administration allowed it. So Gadhafi, until a few short weeks ago, wa son the “good” list. Is delivering his WMDs into terrorist hands the purpose of backing this rebellion which has yet to prove to be the desire of the larger majority of Libyan citizens?

  • chuckb

    it seems to me we should investigate who is behind the up rising in the middle east, this is a contrived effort. i would think the jihadist are the ones stirring the pot not rug huggers looking for democracy. we should not arm the rebels in libya, we will be facing those weapons in afghanistan and as soon as we leave irag al qaeda will soon take control there. we have fools running this country, we better clean our house up before we start anymore humanitarian wars in libya or anywhere else.

  • Bert Cundle

    Beacuse Our President, With Our Military; is like a 2 Year old with matches…

    • Raggs

      Bert.. Please reframe from the term “our” when in conjuction with president.

      • Bert Cundle

        Acting? Prez…

        • JC

          Imposter in Chief?

  • chuckb

    according to the news apparently barry has already been supplying the rebels with arms for a cou[le of weeks. he’s trying to disarm the american public yet supplying al qaeda with weapons. i don’t understand what’s happening, barry has a lot of jews in his cabinet and they have a strong hand in the congress and senate. i believe they are the ones pulling barrys strings yet they do most things contrary to israel, will some one please straighten me out here.

    • Raggs

      Confusion is deception and that is how he wants it…
      In other words he wants to keep you stupid and guessing.

      Now pick your head up and look around.

  • pete

    We have to be more optimistic. There is nothing to fear but .. FEAR ITSELF !

    The USA just started a war in Africa. I don’t understand how we are going to win that war unless the US military (ARMY, MARINES) invades Libya NOW !

    I’m not for this war in LIBYA ! But once you start a fight, you got to finish it … Obama will order troops into Libya very soon… You can’t just say “Sorry for attacking your country ! Don’t be mad at us ! We just want the oil…”

    • Raggs

      pete.. I hate to tell you this but your wrong…

      There is only one common denominater here and that is the land of Israel… obaba in so many actions is taking a stand against God.

      Wait until you read the rest of the story…

      • pete


        I was just watching CNN at McDonalds with my wife. Did you know the dining area is now open 24 hours so you can eat inside ? I just got back.

        According to CNN the al-qaida rebels are losing. Kadafi seems to be winning. The foreign minister of Libya just flew into London – He was shaking Sec of State Clinton’s hand. Their was conjecture on Kadafi using mercs. Also the air strikes have stopped temporarily because of bad weather…

        So I discussed it with my wife (she’s half-Vulcan, very smart, looks very young for her age ) to get what she thought about it. She thinks it’s “weird” …

        So in my Neanderthal simian viewpoint, I’ve come to the conclusion that the USA is going to have to go all the way…. Y’know what I mean ? We attacked Libya and now we are going to have to finish it.

        Hey Raggs, I took an old PC out of the closet and put Fedora Linux on it. What does this have to do with this article, you may ask ? I’m de facto bankrupt right now, so I figger I could use this old PC (until it croaks !). I don’t want to use the newer one (just for gaming). PRICES ARE GOING UP ! OIL IS GOING UP IN PRICE ! To heck with spending money on Windows 7, Fedora Linux is a free download …

        Them Europeans are going to start whining to Prez Obama ! But I’m just waiting for NATO or KADAFI or AL-qaida or USA to take out LIBYA’s oil infrastructure…..

        The armchair general (that’s me) saids Obama will probably send the MArines and Army into Libya …. It’s going to escalate, baby !!!

  • Palin12

    It sounded mighty peculiar at the end of Obummer’s speech the other day when he concluded with “and may God bless the United States of America”. This coming from the muslim who has not stepped foot in a church since he was inaugurated. You have to go all the way back to Rev. Wright’s church.

  • Anthony

    I started to have a RANT right @ Bob Livingston, ….til I saw him mention the good ol’ CIA. A misnomer if I ever heard one… The Central Intelligence Agency – there’s a contradiction in terms (says the Sub boat commander of the Dallas in Hunt for Red October, Senator Fred Thompson, for those who weren’t aware)

    The Al Qaeda, as it’s been known only immediately before the Attack on 9/11, (it did not exist prior to this time frame, except for only in the mind of the Banksters working inside the CIA, keeping tabs on their own private army such as it is) …was formed by the U.S. Government, at first, according to my sources … as nothing more than a computerized DATABASE inside the Pentagon and the CIA, to track already known terrorists around the World, who might be susceptible to working FOR the United States as a part of their bent on Imperialism. IT IS NOT a real Terrorist Organization. I have multiple Videos downloaded, that discuss this in detail. Even the History Channel is replete with this discussion on these merits.

    In recent weeks, w’re seeing MORE & MORE articles being released around the globe discussing the falseness of Al Qaeda and where it actually comes from.

    What’s amazing to me, is how the American People are “still falling for” the Government’s version of this so-called terrorist Group which is somehow a threat to our National Security. It’s OUR so-called Terrorist Org… if it is to be believed to be one at all. THAT’s the truth of it. Believe me, I do my homework, such as what we can find online from other sources NOT mainstream media, as many of you here will do.

    Just to note — it’s OUR tax dollars funding this nonsense… and I don’t see many people anywhere finding fault with that fact. They discuss other figures for Gov’t spending .. but NOT Al Qaeda. Curious how that works. You would think all the Obama supporters would be up in arms about his imperialistic actions of INVADING another Country that is NOT a threat to America. Obama has commited a true impeachable offense. Period.

    I’ve already heard the sophistry related to strict Constitutional interpretations. I’ve pretty much had it with the General Wlfare Clause and a couple of the other Alexander Hamilton favorites that have cost us our State Sovereignty from one coast to the other. Making excuses is the work of children, folks.

    Bottom line discussion is this — as of yesterday, it is now known that the resistance fighters in Lybia have already setup a Central Bank … GUESS WHO WANTED THAT … That means our own CIA is directly working for The World Bank.. and THE ROTHSCHILDS… who definitively own ALL of the Central Banks on the Planet. They ALL report to The World Bank.

    No matter how you slice it… Lybia is now OFF the List of the three remaining Countries that did not have a Central Bank. For the record, the following was what was, back in January of 2003….

    Countries without a Central Bake are (were):
    1. IRAQ (fell when Bush went in, March 2003)
    2. Afghanistan (fell when Bush went in, 2003)
    3. Lybia (falling, as we speak into the web of The Rothschilds)
    4. Sudan (being purposely and forcibly split in two, like Korea)
    5. IRAN (about to be attack under an act of a False Flag, for the pure purpose of imposing a Central Bank. It is the last remaining RICH Country on the Planet – and with it’s fall we will see the New World Order or we will see Armageddon.)

    Now, everyone here can believe whatever their environmental indoctrination is best for them to believe. But, the fact remains, that G Edward Griffin is not a charlaton, nor is MAX IGAN. And, they’ve BOTH been warning American for years about the disasters created by these people. All the rest is for Show. No matter how you slice it. Like the man said – if you aren’t worth at least $25 Billion, then YOU ARE… everyone else. And, it’s most certain that your name is not on the List of 300 families slated to be protected and getting a seat at the dinner table for the HAVE’s … while the rest of us, are the HAVE-NOT’s.

    Again, you can believe whatever you like. But, for the last almost five years now, everything I’ve read has caused me to be able to predict what should happen next, with extreme clarity .. not the how, but the end result of what they are after. We went into IRAQ and bam, two Countries lost control of their own monetary systems. The US being the union thug of choice. Once again, we see deja vu in LYBIA… and bam, another Country that’s not really a threat to America has lost control of its own currency and wealth.

    Whle this Article has merit .. extrapolating the evidence and discussion of the BIG PICTURE (Max Igan) is most certainly being avoided here. Shame on you, Bob Livingston… shame on you!

    • Raggs

      By chance did you just get out of bed?

      Your rant may have some validity but you seem to have a flat tire.
      pumping more air into a large hole will not fix it either. :)

  • Herbert

    Don’t sound good. way are wee Helping al-Qaida gan power?
    somthing is strange hear.

  • soldier

    Unions must sacrifice, Joe taxpayer must sacrifice, small business must sacrifice, hell even those on welfare and big biz CEOs are asked to sacrifce! But the military industrial complex?? It goes a’ marchin’ on.

  • Jan

    Do any of you know what the Bilderbergs, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Socialist agenda is….elitist have no care for you folks, your children or your loss of military spouses, they are the corporation loyalist who take your jobs, your live savings and careers and dump them and turn ‘redcoat’ on you to make money, And scavenge neighboring 3rd world countries to pillage and steal their natural resources, all in the hidden agenda under the lies that its for “democracy’ what a bunch of BS, and so you sit on your back porches or on your computers and complain, while in fact they have taken our Constitution and Bill of Rights and amended the hell out of it so they can use Capitolism against you….by means of plunder.
    Since when does any elected official have the right to supercede the Congress and Declare War on another nation, that has NOT attack the USA. No President has the right to do this…that is a Dictator we have sitting in the White House and he needs to be expelled just like Gadiffi..and all the rest of dictators, We have to impeach this Nut job…now! Stop sitting there and complaining you have no jobs, no money, and about gas prices and go do your own million man march and run the sob out of the White House while it still resembles “freedom and a Republic” will ya! Remember the Alamo they fought for freedom what are you waiting for?


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