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Why Are Obama, Democrats Economically Illiterate?

July 26, 2012 by  


Welcome to Personal Liberty. I’m Wayne Allyn Root. My commentary today is about the economic ignorance gap between conservatives, capitalists and the dunces on the left.

Good old John Edwards was actually right about one thing. He said there were two Americas. Under Obama, the John Edwards fantasy has come true. The first America is represented by those who work in the government sector (who almost always support Obama and vote Democrat) and who think the private sector is doing just fine. The second America is represented by private-sector entrepreneurs, small-business owners and job creators (who almost always support conservative candidates and causes) who know the terrible truth: The economy is in horrible shape. The difference is due to economic ignorance. To save America, we must ignore those in the government sector and start listening to those in the private sector who are living at “ground zero.” They are the experts. They have “boots on the ground.” They understand firsthand what Obama’s policies have created: complete economic collapse.

The dirty secret rarely discussed or explained by the media is this gap between what Americans on the right think of the economy versus what those on the left think. See the polls. Democrats think the economy is in recovery with a bright future. Republicans think the economy is in horrible shape and worsening. How could two groups look at the same economy and see things so differently? Why don’t the media discuss this disparity? The simple truth is the media don’t like the answer.

The truth is Democrats who so want to support their President are either delusional or, more likely, ignorant of basic economics. Let’s call them economically illiterate. Quite frankly, it’s hard to blame them. Most Democrats I know work for big government, a big union, a big corporation or the media. They don’t sell anything. They don’t own a business or work on commission. They are paid for just showing up, never based on performance or profits. They don’t know about budgets, profits or losses. They get a safe paycheck every week and have a pretty much guaranteed job for life and a pension when they retire. They are nice people, but they don’t have a clue about what’s really going on, because they don’t sell things on Main Street. Nor do they have any of their own money at risk. Nor do they notice or care if their employer (the government) bleeds billions of dollars in losses. They can see only as far as their own weekly paycheck.

Most Democrats simply punch a clock and get paid week in and week out — the same as last year and five years ago and 10 years ago. As a matter of fact, they get automatic raises every year if they work for government. As long as they still have their job (which 99 percent of government employees do), their lives are pretty much untouched by the economic tragedy around us. No one is saying they are bad people. They aren’t. But they sure aren’t experts on how you create jobs or turn around an economy.

The private sector is a completely different story. Most of my friends who are Republican, conservative or Libertarian either work for themselves or get paid based on commission or performance (real estate brokers, stockbrokers, insurance brokers, mortgage brokers). They all know that the United States is in total economic collapse and headed for a Greece-like disaster. They know because their incomes are down by 20 percent, 30 percent, 50 percent and more. The private sector is devastated from coast to coast. We are all shell-shocked. We’ve never seen anything like this in our lifetimes.

So there you have it. The economic ignorance gap explained.

When you want to fix a clogged drain, you don’t call an economist; you call a plumber. When you want to solve a murder, call a police detective. Put out a fire? Call a fireman. You want to learn math? Call a teacher. You want bread? Call a baker. Now, I can’t do any of those things. So calling me would be a big mistake. That’s why we shouldn’t listen to plumbers or bakers or teachers or government employees (even the ones who are heroes) when we want to save our economy or create jobs. You call a job creator. Call a businessman or businesswoman. But don’t call Obama, a community organizer. Don’t call any Democratic politician. You’ll get a Great Depression. Look around.

The people who live in a government world have the same basic income year after year. They know zero about economics or the risks of using their own money to run a business on a budget (or go broke and lose everything). In their world, government takes care of you, hands you a check, protects your job for life and allows you to retire early on a $100,000 pension. Their economy is just fine. They are blissfully ignorant and protected from the harsh reality of the real world. Who protects them? Who is their guardian against the realities and harshness of life in the real world? Obama and Democratic politicians like him. No wonder they vote for Obama, idolize him and ignore reality to protect him. Their jobs and incomes depend on his benevolence and bribery.

The same goes for members of the media. New York Times columnist and economist Paul Krugman is Exhibit A. Paul Krugman — like most government employees — thinks the answer to the bankruptcy of America due to binge spending by government, is more binge spending by government. They give you Nobel Prizes for that? What’s the category: delusion? Like Krugman, the economic knowledge of Obama’s supporters comes from books. Unfortunately, the books were written by Karl Marx.

Then there’s the rest of us, struggling in Obama’s America. Those of us in the private sector, who risk our own money, run our own businesses or are paid based on performance are being decimated, watching as our life’s work is melting away. Forget about paying ourselves; we’re struggling to keep our doors open, make payroll and, now, pay for Obamacare. It’s that bad. Oh, did I forget to mention that we are being hounded and harassed by the IRS like never before in history. How can anyone run a business and create jobs in an environment like this?

How about some examples? A Wisconsin flag seller just filed for bankruptcy. In Obama’s economy a patriot can’t make a living selling America flags. Next we’ll hear that Bible sellers are going out of business, too. The ESPN Zone restaurant chain went out of business. Under Obama, you can’t make a living anymore selling cheap food and overpriced beer.

Even Vegas is in trouble. The only casinos making money are those whose revenues are mostly from Macao. Their Vegas operations are dying, but they make so much money in China it doesn’t matter anymore.

And then there’s the NFL. The richest sport in the world can’t fill stadium seats anymore. Watch any sports event nowadays, and you’ll see wide swaths of empty seats. You can’t sell anything in Obama’s America — not even tickets to popular sports events.

Think these are isolated examples? Last week we heard that U.S. manufacturing activity plummeted to the lowest level in 3 years. Then, a few days ago, we got another horrendous jobs report with only 80,000 jobs created in the whole country. This all proves what I’ve been saying for 3 1/2 years: Obama’s toxic ideas have produced a slow-motion economic collapse. Just like in Europe, add together a toxic stew of big taxes, big spending, demonization of business owners, too many government rules and regulations, union intimidation, IRS intimidation, billions wasted on green energy, billions more on high speed rail that no one wants to ride and lawyers trying to sue us all out of business (if the unions, government regulations and IRS haven’t already succeeded), and you get economic disaster. It’s all happening right now, right in front of our eyes. It’s pretty simple to connect the dots.

So the economic ignorance gap tells it all. Anyone who makes a living by selling something, anything at all, is in deep trouble. They see an ever worsening disaster under Obama — up close and personal. They fear for the survival of their businesses and they are terrified for the future of America. These are the people we ought to be listening to. The private sector is in distress. We see and feel this Obama Great Depression deepening.

The Democrats who tell pollsters “everything is fine” may be nice people, but they are economically ignorant. Dunces. Put them in the corner with a dunce hat. Worse, their gravy train is based on stealing money from Peter (taxpayers) to pay Paul (themselves). So they aren’t just ignorant; they are biased. They have a rooting interest for an economy based on spending more so their gravy train continues. No wonder they think things are just fine.

But soon, when government announces there is no money to keep paying for 21 million government employees or the bloated pensions of millions of retired government employees, their story will change radically.

Don’t believe me? Just ask a government employee in Greece what the end feels like. Obama’s supporters will soon get a dose of economic reality.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for See you next week, same time, same place. God bless.

–Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle Class Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site:

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  • jak kilrush

    Economic Illiteracy you say, ok , point taken… but in my opinion there’s enough malfeasance afoot to paint both the donkey and the elephant black (or red depending upon your prediliction). Why are all the brilliant conservatives so afraid of addressing the root of the economic problem. WE DON’T CONTROL OUR CURRENCY. WE HAVE NO OVERSIGHT ON THE PRIVATE CORPORATION(S) THAT ISSUES OUR “FIAT” CURRENCY AND LENDS IT TO US AT INTEREST, In the most simplest of terms, “Money” is created by debt. (See fractional reserve) Long story short, We as a country WILL NEVER GET OUT OF DEBT. Why? Because the total money supply will never be enough to pay off the debt. This is ECONOMIC INSANITY!!! Illteracy is much to kind a word. Oh I know it feels so right to bash Obama, Some of us feel so empowered after we villify the man. Wake up conservatives, its time to get off the merry go round. Please stop this left-right paradigm breast beating and get down to brass tacks. Perhaps the right isn’t as intrepid as it would have us to believe.
    All of those people who WE let rule and administer are bought and paid for.
    In a word, Whores… (or in the vernacular: HOES) So who’s the pimp?

    Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation,
    and I care not who makes its laws.
    Mayer Amschel Rothschild

    Follow the money…

    • Dan

      Agree completely jak. Lets just watch the senate antics now that congress finally did one great thing for this country with passing Audit the Fed.

      • Power To The People

        Rest assured it will die in the Senate! The guardians of the great bait and switch will not allow the magicians trick to be exposed.

      • http://Yahoo Bob

        I don’t think that’s right. Congress has not passed the “audit”. House has done their job, the Senate is yet to make a move on anything that will prosper this country. All that Wayne Allyn Root said hits the proverbial nail on the head. If the Senate is taking their orders from the man sitting in the oval office, we, the people will have to wait for another time, ie., the next election. However, you did elude to the fact that the House has become like dead men/women, which brings another question? Can the House get up enough spunk/pep to bring this country back on a prosperous course? I’m not forgetting that the Senate, at the present time, continues to counteract the House at every turn. I would like to hear that they will use better efforts that would strike harder at the Senate in governing for the people, and by the people.

      • PJF

        What we need is a repeal of the 17th amendment, then the Senate would not be able to get away with the foolishness that they get away with.

      • DaveH

        Ditto that.
        Also abolish the 16th Amendment and the Federal Reserve.
        Let’s get this country back to Free Markets and Local Governance where we can actually influence our Legislators.

      • DaveH

        It’s interesting to note that the supposed Party of the People only voted 89 in favor of the audit, but 97 against it, while the Republicans voted 238 for the audit with only one against it:

        • Proud to be a Believer

          Hey Dave H, haven’t you learned yet that Libs cannot accept facts!!!!

    • Jay

      Excellent response, jak!

    • DaveH

      Jak is right.
      For those who don’t yet know that both left and right have gotten us to this point:,%20the%20Right,%20and%20the%20State.pdf

      • Delroy Brown


      • DaveH

        The Democrat Party has become the Party of Thieves, and the Republican Party has become the Party of Bullies. Although there is a mixture of both in both parties.

      • Patriot1776

        Delroy, first, turn off the caps lock, you just make it harder to read what you are saying. Second, you say that the right is focused on making obama a one term president, but you support your argument by saying correctly that the Senate fillibusters every jobs bill that the House presents, prolonging the agony for the jobless. The Senate is controlled by the democrat majority. It isn’t the right that is holding back the economy, but obama’s own leftist. Third, no one on the right should have to do anything to make sure that obama is a one term president, his own record should condemn him.

      • http://None Mike C

        Delroy what about the state and local governments going bankrupt? That issue seems to be getting worse under Obama. For what reasons are they going bankrupt? Don’t SLED entities epitomize politics of the democrats? Expensive programs, unions, pensions, etc.

        And what about the Clinton administration’s push to ease lending restrictions? Do you remember that they wanted EVERYONE to be able to afford housing? How did that impact the subprime mess in 2008? Have you researched the history of Fannie and Freddie?

        I agree with you that outsourcing is a problem. But Obama had a two year supermajority, what did he did in that two years to stop the practice of outsourcing? What has he done in his entire TERM to stop outsourcing? How could outsourcing possibly be a priority for the left when y’all screamed and yelled about healthcare for 4 years? And what of NAFTA Delroy? Who signed NAFTA? What has Obama done to stop NAFTA?

        And what of entitlements Delroy? Do you think we spent more on entitlements or war? Guess what… we spend more on Unemployment/Welfare/Medicare/medicaid than war. It’s a fact. Who started all those programs?

        • truesoy

          Mike C;

          I’m happy to see that you are aware of the economic/financial meltdown in 2008, during the Bush administration.
          Now we only have to realized this ‘meltdown’ was compliments of the housing market crashing. You still follow me, right?
          OK, most cities took the housing boom as a never ending pot of honey, and they went in spending spree like never before. Things like higher salaries and ridiculous for public employees and politicians too..
          Property taxes are the financial backbone for many cities, so as you can see once the housing market crashed, the gravy train did too, and now they don’t have the tax base to live up to their commitment, nor to pay their debt. Therefore is unfair and somewhat disingenious to put this one on Obama.


      • Pathfinder

        Hey Delroy…. you are the subject of the article.
        Further, six and one half years under a democrat congress and Obamas policies have taken America further into the death spiral. The private sector can no longer feed the monster (public sector). Stop blaming BUSH. OBAMA and the democrats have had ample time to make corrections and the result is (as the article points out) they just not qualified do it.

      • http://None Mike C

        Truesoy number 1 please start eating meat all the studies show that kids of vegetarians have birth defects look it up.

        Number 2 I didn’t specifically put the 2008 meltdown on Obama I put it on Clinton and the rest of the Nannies, er uh democratic party.

        Regarding your hero Obama’s policies. If they are helping then why are things so bad? Why haven’t we recovered? Why is both the private and public sector a mess? You leftists have some great talking points, ones that the media love, but they are never about DEBT or UNEMPLOYMEMT. Y’all look the other way when it comes to important things like the unemployment rate or presidents who lie under oath or Libya or psuedo government entities like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

        • truesoy

          Mike C;

          Why stop at Clinton, might as well go all the way back to Kennedy. Maybe he was responsible forthe 2008 financial/economic meltdown that happened during the 8th year of the Bush administration.
          Only from a conservative brain could something as stupid as what you’ve said could be possible.


      • Jay

        That was a good read, DaveH. TY!

    • Sarah R.

      I agree. Republicans are just as guilty. They all want to ride the gravy train until the crash. Remember they’re only government workers and got where they are on seniority. Just showing up is all that is required.

      • Eugene Sevene

        I agree with you in part at the least.I have said that the people need to replace all that have served more than one term. send the message that we are still the BOSS[ government of and by the people. The last time I checked, the one that paid you salary was the boss. Having said that, we as the boss have the power to fire those in office. Those of you that have any common sense at all will have to agree that all politicians reach a point when they feel they are not replaceable. Having said that I submit that if we truly want change, we need to replace them that have served more than one term,And we need to also change the leader of the pack and start new. I do believe that everyone understands getting fired for nonperformance.However, this will not happen because of the differences of opinion be tween the left and the right, even if we all agree that this would be the right thing to do, we will not come together even on this one point. Now that I have spoke my mind let me say, I don’t care how you vote for I am an independent and do not look at a party I look at the person and keep an open mind. Just food for thought

    • Firefly

      Some truth in what you say and Wayne is right on. However his statement, “Nor do they notice or care if their employer (the government) bleeds billions of dollars in losses.,” sort of jumped out at me. THEY WILL CARE WHEN THEY HAVE TO PAY WHAT THEY WILL SOON HAVE TO PAY FOR EVERYTHING. Food under the Progressives has gone up 57% since 2008, and it is going to go much higher – along with everything else, except perhaps houses which will continue to fall.

      In the small town of Wappingers Falls, NY, there are some 350 homes, some quite nice abandoned to the banks and deteriorating. If these were made available to the public house prices would fall even more, but keeping them off the market keeps houses higher than they would otherwise be. There are many millions of such homes around the country and it costs the banks nothing to keep them unsold because they have access to all the money (or stimulus) they need. This building new homes when we have millions of already built homes and condo’s across the country is like China and it’s thousands of empty mall stores and duplicate and triplicate bridge building. Well, it certainly keeps the traffic down and people employed but they have close several THOUSAND factories and many more millions are unemployed than here. Since they have been our main bank what happens when they actually need the money we borrowed from them?

      Because many are beginning to think like the pioneers or good Mormons and keep a good emergency food supply on hand at all times, Obama passed an executive law earlier in the month that the government can seize one’s food in a “national emergency” to be declared by him. No wonder they want to get guns out of the hands of Americans and no wonder millions of Americans are leaving the country each year. Obama and Bloomberg seem to be on the same side but whose side that may be is difficult to prove. It’s going to get very interesting people. Hope you are preparing for this “Greater Depression” that is coming, although they will probably call it something else and blame it on anyone but those responsible.

      • Proud to be a Believer

        Firefly, what executive order that the government can take ones food supply??? I missed that one entirely, please elaborate. Thanks

      • tgeer

        Please provide a valid link to the actual EO. Not just a non-official website that says it happened. (That would be called a “rumor”, not a fact)

      • DaveH

        Executive Order #10998:
        This order was revoked by EO 11490.

      • DaveH
      • DaveH
      • truesoy


        I’m somewhat puzzle by what people of otherwise average intelligence as you, are capable of believing. But on the short, allow me to tell you what those order really are.
        Executive order 10998 was signed by then president Kennedy in 1962 under the authority of the security act og 1950. This is nothing more than an emergency plan to protect the food supply inthe event of a disaster, natural or man made. That is all. Of course it would have to be the government, federal and locals as it is prescribed by the law to implement it.
        Now, as you must be aware there was this little inconvenience called the ‘Cold War’, and with the ever present danger of a nuclear war between the super powers at the time, President Nixon (republican administration) signed executive order # 11490 in 1969. And the purpose is not to take people’s (your) food away
        These executive orders are the responsible thing to do, otherwise if the unthinkable was to happen, what would you do then? or isn’t the responsibility our our government (we inance it for a reason) to serve and protect?
        Or would you rather be umprepared? I suppose, not.
        Don’t allow any of the crazies here to insult your intelligence, for by pretending to tell you the truth and/or facts that is exactly what they are doing, insulting your intelligence. And they know it!!!.


    • JeffH

      jak kilrush, excellant post!

      “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money [to spend].”

    • gary baker

      i agree also but mr allen is the breast beating right wing spending nut. That thinks spending 6 trillion dollars (borrowed money) on iraq afghan wars to build democracy where people dont want it is a good thing. Also letting the private sector BIG BANKS and WALL STREET do business un regulated like it did and causing an economic collapse is what will create jobs hahaha the extreme right is just as full of it as the left is.

      • DaveH

        Can you cite a reference for that claim, Gary?

        • truesoy


          If in response to Gary’s post….
          at this point in time you still have to ask, then you are not as bright as you think you are.
          Ps.- I knew that, obviously.


    • http://yahoo JZ

      Therefore (WE) the private sector pay government workers’ salary AND their taxes and our OWN taxes! We are Doomed–.!

  • The becky

    I use internet on my phone. I like to post links on my facebook page….but i am no longer given that option here at your site. Could that be fixed?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear The becky,

      There is a Facebook share button at the end of the article (and one for Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, too). It will allow you to post to Facebook.

      Best wishes,

  • Flashy

    Hmmmm reading Root this morning, I had the distinct impression one could take the article and fertilize the corn fields of Iowa, the wheat fields of Nebraska, and have enough left over for the family garden.

    The war that was begun in 1981 against the Middle Class is now being fully fought. The largest redistribution of wealth in the history of Man that has occurred in those 30 years…from the Middle Class to the 1%, is being protested and calls are now made for the wealthy and corporate oligarchy to at a minimum start paying their way.

    They don’t like that. So they instruct their minions to protest, carry forth the lies generated, tell them to ignore the facts and data, and blame it all on the victims.

    Anyone want the reality of why this country’s political unit is so dysfunctional? Read Root’s article. Ignore the content, just read the article. Think. that’s what Root is afraid of…you’ll start thinking.

    • mark

      You’re right. If being a business man is so key to understanding our economy then how come businessmen George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and all their buddies on Wall Street and in the corporate world got us into this disasterous mess in the first place? So much for the wisdom of businessmen!

      • Pathfinder

        The disaster began in the last two years of the Bush Administration when the democrats took over the House and senate. That is five and one half years of democrat leadership (Pelosi and Reed) and topped of by three and one half years of an inept, extreme left wing radicle president .

      • truesoy


        This happens because people fail to realize that the purpose, and the role, and the interests of government are not the same as that of the corporation. The governments role is to regulate and to protect both, market and consumers, among other things. Communism’s economic failure is due in part to the government and the corporation becoming one and the same whereby the monopoly of the market and the monopoly government are fused together into one..


    • DaveH

      The reality is that Big Government and their Crony Capitalists are destroying the middle class, a Big Government that Flashman is shilling for.
      Read Chapter 7 “The Morality of Capitalism” in this book to learn what’s really going on:

      In fact, read the whole book. Then you will see that Flashman and his cohorts are really just taking advantage of you.

      • Flashy

        DaveH, as George Bush was the greatest marketing tool for al Qaeda that bin Laden could have ever asked for, your reading recommendations are, to a lesser extent, the same for Moderates.

      • DaveH

        And you, Flashman, are the greatest Marketing tool for the Republicans.

    • daniel

      Flashy, I’ve asked for before and have yet to receive an answer. What percentage of income private and corporate is a “fair” share? I really would like to know and so would the business community in this country. Part of the problem is that there is no solid plans for anything due to uncertainty. I am really tired of the so called war on the middle class. It like other rhetoric gets old after a fashion.
      I really don’t care what Paul Krugman has to say about the government needing to spend our way out of the recession. I don’t care if he won a Pulitzer Prize in economics. It should be for comedy. What he espouses has us in the position we are in now. His “medicine” is more of the same. We all know bills come due at one time or another. If the current trajectory is maintained we will have a complete disaster on our hands. Right now people are using double dip recession as a common phrase even before we get out of the first one. This one will be worse.
      Obama’s proposed policies do not make economic sense. I have listened to the man and he has not a clue. He’s your man if you want to push an agenda but as far as understanding what can turn this country around he has not a clue. If he does then we have a problem. By doing just as few as five things if not less a recovery could be triggered immediately allowing the middle class to recover and grow. The only logical reason for them not to have already been taken is for the sake of an agenda.

      • Proud to be a Believer

        Daniel, I haven’t met a liberal yet who has logic period paragraph!!

      • Flashy

        Daniel…I believe going back to the rates under Clinton would be appropriate. Economy was sailing along, budget was coming into balance, money being made by everyone, unemployment was statistically zero.

        I’d advocate ridding several subsidies for large corporations. The subsidies for Big oil would be one area. Subsidies for big Ag (and keep them for the small family farm..i.e. gross sales under $10 mil). I would also say the tax credits and job training subsidies for displaced workers whose jobs are outsourced is another area we should eliminate (somehow, subsidizing 2/3rds of the cost to outsource doesn’t seem logical to me, but it sure as heck does to the GOP who stripped the elimination from all bills so far). I’d target increasing spending on education and retraining, infrastructure, green energy, and establishing more of a role for locals in management of government lands .. i.e. make a few more into park rangers, local contracts for studies and environmental research, etc…

        I’d raise a few fees. Like on purchasing firearms, background checks etc.

        I would tie any decrease in Social Security and medicare to direct decreases in welfare to corporate and wealthy interests. One goes down, the other go down.

        I would offer a public option in health care. A guaranteed minimum in care covered, and the individual or business can opt in or stay with private insurance. It would be a guaranteed price for five years to business and the individual, resetting on the sixth year. Much along the lines of expanding Medicare … That would a0 give an immediate shot in the arm to business, give money to the consumer who drives job creation and are the job creators, give stability and ability to forecast long term, and end up costing us, the taxpayer far less.


        ” By doing just as few as five things if not less a recovery could be triggered immediately allowing the middle class to recover and grow.”

        What would those five things be?

    • boyscout

      From an Economics Illiterate – There’s Business and then there’s Monkey Business; some small businesses cheat and some don’t, some larger business cheat and many corporations cheat. Much of the cheating is legal; hire an accountant and an expensive tax lawyer and you too might find a loophole or two to sleaze through. Personally, I favor dumping the present system entirely and going with an adjusted flat tax, taxes based on consumption, and no loopholes. Nor am I adverse to using tax codes to deal with out sourcing issues. Hmm, wonder if that’s the Liberal in me ?

      • Proud to be a Believer

        No, boyscout, that isn’t being a liberal with your comments, that is just logical. Like I said before, it is hard to find a liberal that is logical.

  • Scott A

    If you look at what is happening from a different perspective, you will see clearly. What if the Gov is trying to crash the economy? What would they need to do? Well, exactly what they are doing. Why would they want to do that? They NEED to. We have an un-payable debt coming, and there is no other plan. We owe several times our GDP to our seniors in Medicare, Medicaid and SS. There is no way to ever pay it, so we must hit the reset button. That, and what a great way to bring in global control, when the policemen of the world is down and unable to perform.

    • Warrior

      Here is our future. Euro and dollar destroyed and a “new” world currency issued to re-slice the pie! And then the hole mess begins again.

    • Power To The People

      You have exposed the magician! When all else fails and the ruling jokes we call representatives know they are backed in the corner they are left with the “easy button”.
      Explains why the TSA is growing exponentially and the Fed is so determined to avoid an audit. Go check the history of some of President Kennedy’s last executive orders and one was to audit the fed. Anyone wonder if his fate was tied to that order???


        YOU ARE exactly correct – that is part of the reason he was killed. He was also going to put an end to the Viet Nam war and LBJ didn’t like that. Hmmmmm who was Kennedy’s VP ????

    • BigBadJohn

      Prior to 2000 Jeb Bush was being groomed for the White House. During a republican fund raiser he stated that he would be willing to bankrupt the USA to put an end to Social Security. George Bush got the nomination instead, do you think what his brother said was lost on him? The deficit increase 1400% under Bush and the republicans sure sounds like they were intentional trying to bankrupt us!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        John, I think they’re ALL trying to bankrupt us! It’s driving me crazy to sit here and listen to the republicans say “the democrats did it” and listen to the democrats say “the republicans did it”! Everybody states their facts and defends their position! Everybody’s right and everybody’s wrong! The point is that they’re ALL doing it to us!!! Again I will point out what Bob Livingston points out, the right/left paradigm is false! It’s a distraction to keep us arguing with each other and each blaming the other side! Whatever the differences between the two parties doesn’t make any difference! Both parties are following the SAME agenda!!! ALL of them on the right AND the left have contributed to collapsing our economy! This HAD to be intentional! ANYONE would know that you can’t keep spending billions of dollars you don’t have! And they ALL did that! These people who “claim” to represent US knew that but they kept on and kept on! This was NO accident! Now, why would they destroy our country on purpose? THAT is the big question! It is MY belief that they are doing this to gain more power and control! They are pushing for their new world order, their one world government, the ULTIMATE power!!! If the economy crashes and our money is no good we become TOTALLY dependent on the government and those who seek the ultimate power and control. If you or your children are starving, you will do ANYTHING!! You are automatically under total control. I believe that what is going on in the world today is that which was written about in the bible! We were warned that we would be deceived. We were warned about ALL of this! Even if YOU don’t believe in the bible, it doesn’t make any difference! These things are happening and we ARE being deceived by the evil ones who want to destroy our lives and control and enslave us! I choose to look at it as the great battle between good and evil. You can look at it any way you want but it doesn’t change the facts. This is a battle between us and them and I don’t mean democrats and republicans. This will be the fight for your life, the fight between those who have money and power and those who just wish to live their lives in peace. We all need to wake up and recognize that the agenda is much larger than the republicans and the democrats. I think that it is already too late to stop the freight train that is heading our way. But we have a little time to prepare. And awareness of the reality of things will help us down the road. Again I will say, everybody’s right and everybody’s wrong. We all NEED to be on the same side and stop fighting each other so that we’ll be able to fight the ones who want to destroy us!!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I guess everyone agrees with me! :-)

    • Sarah R.

      The problem with socialism is that they eventually run out of other people’s money. Ask Stalin/Hitler/Moa and how about Castro. It just doesn’t work.

      • hangman

        Moochelle says” As long as our money don’t run out, neither will her vacations.”
        What is hers is hers, what is /was ours, is now hers.

      • truesoy


        The problem with you analogy is that none of the countries you mentoned are ‘socialist’. Except for Hitler who was a fascist right wing dictator, the others are communist dictatorships no matter what hey call themselvest, and they are not anymore ‘socialist’ than East Germany was a democracy just because it was called ‘the democratic republic of East Germany’.
        Example of socialist countries are Germany, England, Sweden, Switzerland, etc. I mean, you are suggesting any one of hese countries to be communist, are you?.
        ps.- socialism is an economic system, and not a political system.
        communism kills socialism.


      • phideaux

        truesoy, communism and fascism are just socialism carried to the extreme.

        • truesoy


          I will not argue one way or another about your statement because anything taken to the exteme is no goo. Capitalism to the extreme will also produced fascism, and/or maybe communism because total control of the market and government is what communism is about.
          However it is a bit of a strecht of the imagination to equate socialism and communism.
          As I stated before, all socialist nations, such as Israel, Germany, France, etc., are democracies.


    • mark

      But if the US is the global policeman, global control is already in place. Don’t you get that? When a country already has over 800 military bases in 120 countries and runs the World Bank and the IMF, plus has the world’s largest GDP and military (the only military with a truly global reach) as the US does, global domination is already in operation run by the US – not the pathetic joke of the UN. China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and Cuba are the only dissenters. They are the only 5 countries out of over 200 that do not bow down to US global control. This fear of global rule by the UN is a complete joke. The US already rules the world. That is why so many nations fear and/or hate us. If you are really oppose to global control and not just US control of the globe – call for massive cuts in the US defense budget, military presence overseas, and an end to US domination of the World Bank and the IMF. Call for giving other countries greater power and equality – and not just this endless continuation of US domination ( which quite frankly is already bankrupting us)..

      • DaveH

        You’re dreaming, Mark, if you believe the UN isn’t a threat. It, just like the Federal Government, is controlled by Leaders and their Crony Capitalists, and they aspire to dominate the Countries of the World just like the Leaders in the Federal Government grew their Power over the decades to dominate the States in the United States.
        And the UN serves their member Governments. They are not subject to the “Democracy” that Progressive Propagandists love to say the US is. Even if they were, there would be a further distance added between the voters and their Government (in this case the UN).
        If the United Nations weren’t a threat, there would be no worries about the Senate ratifying the Small Arms Treaty, because they couldn’t due to the 2nd Amendment. But they ARE a threat, so the Small Arms Treaty IS something to be worried about.
        Get US out of the United Nations!

      • mark

        DaveH, anyone with 3 or more brain cells (and this exempts many on this website plus nearly all NRA members) knows it would take 67 out of 100 votes in the Senate to ratify the UN Small Arms treaty. At best this legislation could garner 3 votes in the Senate, that is 3 out of the required 67. And that of course is if the treaty was every presented to the Senate. But of course this will never happen. No adminstration Republican or Democrat (I do not include Libertarian as no Liberatarian candidate has any hope whatsoever of winning the White House) would dare to do so. Even the left-leaning Clinton admin refused to preent the Kyoto Climate Change accords to the Senate. This whole charade is a scam by the NRA and various right-wing and liberatarian groups to scare the Bejesus out of their base to garner more funds. A scam that you are obviously falling for. I thought you were more intelligent than that. To fall for every cuckoo right-wing conspiracy theory out there on the vast, largely mindless, web.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        It doesn’t matter if you blame the US, the UN, the Russians, the Chinese or the communists! Things are happening in this world that NONE of us are happy with! These things are decided by a small group of people and are beyond the control of any of us. The evil could be carried out in the name of ANY of these groups and it doesn’t change a thing! You need to focus on the small minority that are calling the shots! WE need to find a way to look beyond the mundane and focus on the REAL problem. As long as we let them divide us with the false left/right crap, WE LOSE! We need to make demands to our government and let them know that we’re on to them and we aren’t going to play their game any longer!

      • JeffH

        mark, mark, mark says about the UN Small Arms Treaty(Arms Transfer Treaty (ATT)) “This whole charade is a scam by the NRA and various right-wing and liberatarian groups to scare the Bejesus out of their base to garner more funds”.

        mark, mark, mark…it ain’t no scam, it’s real and you can bury your head in the sand as deep as you want and it won’t change the facts.

        The UN is just another corrupt global arm for the elite banksters being used as a means to steal wealth and change policies of governments around the world, all in the name of “social justice”. They’re all about theft, power and money. They’ve been a scam since their inception.

        The Rothschilds took a giant step towards their goal of world domination when the second, “League of Nations,” called the, “United Nations,” was approved in 1945.

        Can you say UN Agenda 21 with a straight face? What organization has done more to promote the mythical hype and fear of “man made” global warming…then UN Secretary-General Maurice Strong.

      • DaveH

        Mark, if you had more than 3 brain cells, you would know that your manipulative techniques only influence people who are as ignorant as adolescents.
        I didn’t predict if the Senate would approve the treaty or not (this time). I am merely pointing out the ridiculous nature of your contention that the UN is not a threat to our Freedom.

      • mark


        The UN is a complete joke and zero threat to our freedom. The UN told Israel to get off the West Bank 45 years ago. The UN told Iran and N. Korea to stop developing nuclear weapons. The UN told various countries to reduce their carbon gas emissions. In all of these cases, the member nations of the UN have given the middle finger to the organization and gone on to do as they please. THE UN HAS NO ARMY. They have to beg member nations to supply them with contigents for their hopeless blue helmet troops that accomplish absolutely nothing wherever they go (in the overwhelming percentage of cases, they are forbidden to use force. Troops that cannot use force?! what a total farce!). The Blue Helmets did a great job in Rwanda preventing the genocide there. The UN’s total failure in Rwanda is just one more of an endless list of examples as to their utter impotence. They argue and debate, and pass all sorts of plans and policies which every powerful nation refuses to honor if it contradicts their interest. The only people on earth who fear the UN are scaredy cat libertarians and paranoid NWO believers. But there is one powerful group who loves them. The NRA who uses the UN’s ludicrous pronouncements to get all their sucker members to cough up more dough. The US as you yourself have pointed out consistently violates international law when it comes to its endless interventions aroudn the globe. So much for the UN Charter and international law ever restraining powerful nations.

      • JeffH

        mark, mark, mark says “The UN is a complete joke and zero threat to our freedom.”

        Not true at all and again I’ll tell you you got your head buried deep in the sand if you believe otherwise.

        United Nations Meddling Threatens U.S. Sovereignty.
        U.N. Secretary-General Ban-Ki-moon seeks to control U.S. carbon output and cripple the U.S. economy…The U.N. has attempted to play the role of climate cop for over a decade, when it first lobbied for the Kyoto Protocol, an agreement that applied only to a few countries seeking to reduce carbon output. Now, Secretary-General Ban-Ki-moon warns of apocalypse if the U.S. doesn’t follow suit. He exclaimed, “Water shortages will affect hundreds of millions of people. Malnutrition will engulf large parts of the developing world. Tensions will worsen. Social unrest – even violence – could follow.”
        RE: The “cap-and-tax” carbon regulation scheme .

        Here is another UN power grab and how it threatens the rights of our 50 states…The International Criminal Court. It was made official on 11 April, 2002 at the United Nations headquarters. Former President Clinton signed the treaty on his last day in office.

        The U.N. also seeks to play the role of parent, effectively removing parental rights here at home? Regarding the fundamental right of parents to raise their children, the U.N. has stepped in as well, seeking to vest child-rearing in a committee of 18 foreign “experts.”

        The latest threat to U.S. sovereignty is the United Nations’ Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) that is being pushed by the Obama administration. LOST rises from the dead every few years. For more than thirty years, the United States has refused to become a party to LOST for good reasons. But this could be the year that the United States surrenders its sovereignty over the seas to an international body if Obama gets his way.

        Under this treaty, the U.N. would have control over 71 percent of the Earth’s surface. This would be a huge step towards global governance. For the first time in history, the U.N. would have the authority to collect taxes from U.S. citizens. The thought of global taxation should send goose bumps down the spine of every American.

        At its “World Summit” (2005)in New York, the United Nations took another big step toward destroying national sovereignty – a step that could threaten the United States in the future. The UN passed a resolution at this summit that, among other things, establishes a “Peacebuilding Commission,” creates a worldwide UN “democracy fund,” and most troublingly codifies the dangerous “Responsibility to Protect” report as part of UN policy. The three are certainly interrelated.

        According to the UN, this commission will bring together the UN Security Council members, major donor states, major troop-contributing countries, United Nations organizations, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund to develop and integrate conflict prevention, post-conflict reconstruction, and long-term development policies and strategies. The commission will serve as the key coordinating body for the design and implementation of military, humanitarian, and civil administration aspects of complex missions. Think of this as the core of a future UN army that will claim the right to intervene in any conflict anywhere.
        - Rep. Ron Paul

      • DaveH

        Mark says — “The only people on earth who fear the UN are scaredy cat libertarians and paranoid NWO believers”.
        Note as usual the adolescent manipulative words that are the Hallmark of Liberals.
        That statement brings to mind an observation I’ve noted about Liberal Followers throughout my years. They don’t care how many laws there are because they don’t obey them anyway. Which explains why Liberal Followers have no problem with all the ridiculous laws that the Liberal Leaders pass. Only the good moral citizens obey the laws and thus are saddled with the consequences.

      • DaveH

        And Mark talks about “scaredy cats” but regularly supports the Liberal wet dreams of Free Healthcare, etc.
        While this “scaredy cat” Libertarian would not dream of saddling other unwilling people with his sufferings.
        You’re a Hypocrite, Mark.

      • DaveH

        And thank you, JeffH. We can always count on you to do the necessary research to put the ignorant Liberals in their place.

      • JeffH

        DaveH, thanks and likewise! :)

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        I think Mark hit the nail on the head. You are all scaredy cats. This country is ruled by fear. That’s why you allowed your government to pass the patriot act unread, unchallenged and still unopposed and you helped force out the only politicians who opposed it and who just happened to be courageous progressives.


      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        And you DaveH, there is no excuse for you. You have a brain but you are just mean and have a complete lack of empathy.

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        You’re the one who is ignorant and close minded DaveH. Being a liberal merely means being open minded, not the obfuscation you attach to it. Being progressive is merely being open to change based on new knowledge especially when things are continuously not going in the right direction. Meanwhile conservatives want to always hold on to the same old crap that never works and they always blame everyone else for it.. It’s almost impossible to engage in a discussion with you. You know everything and you have nothing to learn from anyone. You’ve learned everything on mises and there is nothing else in your world. Too bad it’s all theoretical. Too bad no one will ever implement it. There are some good ideas but you’d have to be willing to debate and compromise and I don’t see that ever happening in your ideology. Also I find it disingenuous that you align yourselves with the Tea Party who are funded by the Koch brothers and in complete denial of it. Meanwhile you launch non-stop attacks on Soros who is a flee compared to the elephants in the room, the Koch sucking brothers. The real enemies of the american middle, working class. You’re being had.

      • DaveH

        I’m not talking about the dictionary definition of a Liberal, Eric.
        I’m talking about the Political class of people who have come to be known as Liberals (in my book they’re the same as Progressives). And those Liberals are anything But open-minded. In fact you prove that point, Eric.
        Being open to change, Eric, is one thing. Ramming your choice of change down everybody else’s throat is quite another.
        Eric says — “Meanwhile conservatives want to always hold on to the same old crap that never works”.
        You must be talking about Socialism, Eric. I can prove Socialism doesn’t work. Just look at this list of countries ranked by the amount of Government involvement in their economies. Tell me you would like to live in the bottom countries:

        Eric says — “You’ve learned everything on mises and there is nothing else in your world. Too bad it’s all theoretical”.
        No Eric, I’ve learned from 40 years of studying economics and politics. I must point out though that isn’t it interesting that so many of the board Liberals (Progressives) have been using the same point of attack (Free Markets are Theoretical) lately? Is that what they’re teaching you in your Government Shill classes, Eric?
        At any rate, I’ll take theoretical (and logical) any day over the Socialism that you promote which has been proven a failure throughout history, Eric.
        Why would I have to willing “to debate and compromise”, Eric, with my own personal choices and property? Would it be because you controlling thieving Progressives don’t recognize my rights of ownership?
        Eric says — “Also I find it disingenuous that you align yourselves with the Tea Party”.
        Again you lie, Eric. I have not aligned myself with the Tea Party. Show me a single comment where I have said so.
        Eric says — “Meanwhile you launch non-stop attacks on Soros who is a flee compared to the elephants in the room, the Koch sucking brothers”.
        Non-stop attacks on Soros? Show me a single comment, Eric, where I have said anything about George Soros?
        You’ve got no credibility on this board, Eric.

      • DaveH

        Another mean-spirited comment from Eric:
        “And you DaveH, there is no excuse for you. You have a brain but you are just mean and have a complete lack of empathy”.
        Save your manipulation for ignorant Progressive Followers, Eric. Anybody who puts the time in reading the book that I linked to — “The Case for Legalizing Capitalism” — will see that it is you Progressives who “have a complete lack of empathy”. Why else would you be trying to doom our country to the same system that has led countries around the world to poverty? And why else would you be so foul to anybody who isn’t buying your Propaganda?
        I’m so glad you post here, Eric, because you are one of the most obvious examples of the Lack of Principles that embody Progressivism on this board.

      • JeffH

        Eric the Red, One more time.

        What does it mean to be a progressive? What is the importance of the term relative to our lives today? Who were the progressives, the political ancestors of the today’s Democrats? Most importantly is whether or not progressivism is hostile to individual freedom; understanding so helps clarify what is in store for us when we hear politicians and activists tell us they favor progressive policies.

        Progressivism was a major reform movement that began in the late 1800s. The movement shared the intellectual roots of European state theorists such as Hegel and Marx. In 20th century Europe their ideas came to fruition in the forms of communism in Russia, national socialism––that is, Naziism––in Germany, and fascism in Italy, respectively.

        These movements were ideological cousins of American Progressivism, certainly not isolated from one another; their respective leaders read the same philosophers and made the same arguments, albeit in their respective cultural contexts. Before the outbreak of World War II, American progressive intellectuals had many good things to say about Mussolini and Hitler. Their admiration for these dictators was drawn from their ability to mobilize and centrally plan national economies and society in general, to give “direction” to the otherwise “chaotic” social processes of democratic societies and capitalism. Progressives’ admiration for authoritarian rulers was not quelled after the ravages of the war were over. On the contrary, they went on to admire the machinations of Stalin’s heavy-handed ruling of the inhabitants of the Soviet Union.

        The progress sought in Progressivism was to be an ongoing process through which society at large would evolve benefit under the guise of “the state,” administered by specialists, scientists, and the expertise of elitst intellectuals. They also agreed that only government so populated with and administered by elitists could be up to the job. Such a government, they argued, has the resources and the expertise could accomplish such an organizational task.

        Progressivism advocates—then and now—a total break from the principles of freedom articulated in our founding documents, particularly the Declaration of Independence. It seeks to either get around or dismantle limitations on government power, the very constitutional limitations established in the Constitution for the protection of individual freedom.

        For this reason, the progressives desire for something old in world history, not something new.

        Under progressive philosophy, freedom is understood as a condition brought upon individuals by the state, not a right already naturally possessed by the individual. Furthermore, the state decides which groups of people are worthy of such freedom, termed “valuable associations.” Progressives continue to use the word, freedom; they simply redefine its meaning.

        Progressivism prefers collective social welfare over its perceived adversary, individual freedom. It is an either or situation: you are free one way or free their way. If individual freedom triumphs progress is not possible. To be “free” in the progressive sense is to be liberated by government forces from unpleasant social circumstances created by your fellow citizens. For the Founders, freedom is protected by government. For the Progressives, freedom is having your physical welfare secured by government, your physical welfare being a protection from the perceived excesses of others’ individual freedom in the marketplace.

      • DaveH

        This Eric guy is a real crackup. He tells me in one comment — “You have a brain but you are just mean and have a complete lack of empathy”.
        Now here is a guy who implies he has “empathy”, yet if you read his comments you can see that he is a foul-mouthed lying bully. There’s a valuable lesson to take away from this — Don’t judge a Progressive by what he says he is; Judge him for the way he treats other people. Actions speak louder than words, especially when you are dealing with liars.

      • independant thinker

        I dissagree with DaveH on some points but I will say one thing about him, unlike you Eric DaveH uses his head for something other than a hat rack or to show the latest hair style. DaveH actualy uses his head for critical thought processes.

      • truesoy


        I can only imagine how you got to where you are on the ‘UN small arms treaty’.
        Just so you can put your mind at ease, the ‘UN small arms treaty does NOT have anything to do with our rights under the 2d amendment.
        The UN treaty is an international arms trade treaty that had been proposed before but never acted on it. This is a treaty to regulate arms going across borders, for the import/export and tranfer to arms. That’s all.
        The problem arises when, for political gains, the republican party use it to exploits the goodwill of the people by lying about what the treaty really is; however the good people has to take some of the blame too for not educating and/or finding out the truth for themselves.
        Case in point, there can’t be no treaty of any kind that the Secretary of State, nor a president could sign abrogating the constitutional rights of the people. To do so will required a ‘constitutional amendment’ which only Congress can ratified. For the republican propaganda machine to tell you otherwise is an insult to your intelligence; and they know it, but they don’t care; and that is unforgiveable.


  • Chester

    Jak, the right, or most of them, anyway, swore the day after Obama took office that they would do everything in their power to make him a one term president, then the Tea Party had their fling under that same banner. Consequently, we have had our credit rating downgraded by at least one agency, and are looking at some serious cuts to all expenditures if they can’t reach some sort of compromise on how to reduce spending AND increase income. The Republican mantra all along has been no NEW taxes, but so many of them have taken that to mean no TAXES, period. I know I will get slammed over this, but that is the extreme right’s problem, not mine. I speak as I see, and too many of BOTH sides refuse to even SEE.

    • Power To The People

      Why do we have to pay more taxes for the glutteny of a few and the disaster created by the government, banks and politicians? I am sick of hearing raise taxes…it has to be done! Bull……fire the SOB’s that got us here, reduce spending and trim the monster. The jokers always just take the additional taxes and blow it. I am not trusting those slobs one inch to do whats right. Anyone that does is a fool!

      • Larry

        They do the same thing with all of the supposed bailout loans they gave out to auto companies and banks.Why is it that almost all of them paid back their supposed loans but not one penny of that went back into paying down the deficit?All it did was if they did pay back the money they spent it on something else,or put it all into their own pockets.Shouldn’t someone find out what happened to all of that money?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I agree with you! More taxes are not the answer. It doesn’t matter how much money you give them they will just spend it and more! It’s a scam to steal money from the little guy and give it to their cronies under the guise of job investment! The billions of dollars we’ve given to the likes of solyndra (BOTH parties have done this) are a scam! They create a few token jobs but the cronies get the big money! The spending to fund the military is even worse. We’ve all heard about the $700 toilet seats! It is grand scale theft promoted by BOTH parties!!! Theyve really ramped up the theft because they know that the collapse is coming soon. Theyve got to get all they can as fast as they can. We need to tell them NO MORE!!! Stop stealing our money!

      • Flashy

        “They do the same thing with all of the supposed bailout loans they gave out to auto companies and banks.Why is it that almost all of them paid back their supposed loans but not one penny of that went back into paying down the deficit?” <— Larry

        Errrr…haven't looked up the accounting for the repaid monies eh? Those were TARP funds if I recall correctly. Perhaps you should take a gander at that area of the budget …

        As for taxes…there are no tax increases. Under this administration, spending grew by the smallest amount in the past 50 years. Taxes are lower than when pres. Obama took office, and the supposed "tax increases" are not increases for the wealthy, it's the elimination of a special tax bracket on incomes over $250,000. The highest rate they will pay is the highest rate for those under $250,000.

        Currently, they pay the same rate up to $250,000, then comes their special bracket for all monies over $250,000 (or thereabouts).

        Next up, runor has it (increasing in number every day) that the reason Romney won't release more than his latest year in taxes is because he paid no taxes in the previous years….that seems fair to you and is overtaxing the wealthy?

      • tlgeer

        Taxes have been assessed and paid from the beginning of this country. Where did you get the idea that they haven’t been? Do some historical research. Look at county, state and tax records from the 1780′s. Both the NARA and the LDS Family History Centers have them on microfilm.

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Flashy, they don’t care about facts, they are driven by their racist hate.

      • phideaux

        What facts Eric, do you mean Flashy’s pervarications, obfuscations, and outright lies.

    • jak kilrush

      Ok Chester, I can agree with you up to a point. In regards to taxes, as far as business is concerned, the main reason why corporations have fled the US is because of the ridiculously high tax rate this country has. (I’ll save the conversation on stupid regulations for another time), The only other country that had a higher tax rate on businesses was Japan, and thet made a move to rectify that problem. If you remember, Reagan set forth the Grace Commission, (a private sector endeavor) and one of its findings was that the money that the American peopl e pay in taxes doesn’t go towards our infrastructure, but goes to pay the INTEREST on the national debt. No wonder we have so many scofflaws when it comes to paying taxes.
      We need to lose the IRS (they are just the enforcement arm of the Fed). Implement a tax code thats not convoluted and “fair” across the board. Easier said that done, Agreed.

      • Flashy

        JAK…actually, our tax rate for corporations is among the lowest in the industrialized world after taking the usual and customary tax deductions into account. And if you play with the exotic deductions, it is even a better tax structure favoring corporations.

        Want to hear the corporations scream ?

        Cut the tax brackets by 50% for corporate earnings and eliminate all deductions. In effect, doing that will be a tax increase for the majority of Big Corporate America.

      • truesoy

        jak kilrush;

        Please, explain to me how if taxes are too high, GE paid -0- taxes on 14 billions, and Bankof America, too, paid -0- taxes?
        I think that the tax rate when it comes to the big, big corporations, is only on paper.
        Besides, it is not the tax rate that drives them awa to china and/or India, but it is cheap labor, very cheap labor. I’m sure that if we were to work for $3.00 per day, they’ll either stay here and/or come back if they had already left.


  • eddie47d

    Okay Democrats can be putzes and look to the government for solutions but that doesn’t give gloating rights to the sorry arses in the Republican Party. I think I’d be looking for new friends if you are using them to beef up your story. Yes I’m referring to those Mortgage brokers,Real Estate brokers,Stockbrokers and Insurance brokers. I’m sure they do know about the impending collaspe since they were front and center of the 2007 collaspe and helped push it over the cliff. They made their money without blinking an eye and left our economy in shambles. With friends like that who needs enemies. You did leave out the Banksters but I guess we all have to draw the line somewhere.

  • Mike Henebry

    It is Republicans who are economically ignorant. Democratic “tax and spend” is much more responsible and sustainable than Republican “borrow and spend”. Reps do not have a clue how to balance a budget – their borrow and spend policies have led to our economic ruin.

    • Power To The People

      Read my post above Mike!

    • randall

      both democrates and republicans are the same, they take money from society, us and spend it on what they deem as important. the results are the same for us …. poverty and slavery for the people

    • Eugene Sevene

      I don’t normally put down any person for the way they think, however here is a person that has not a clue, a diehard Democrat who only listens to one side of the tale. I seem to recall that it was Obama that asked for the cap increase to borrow more money not the Republicans. I also seem to recall that it was Harry Reid that refused to bring to a vote a bill to create jobs by allowing the oil pipe line bill to pass. I also seem to recall that It was Obama that exercised executive order to stop all and anything that would create jobs in favor of unproven green energy companies that were doom to fail before they started. I submit to Mike that you might want to do a little research before you again insert your foot into your mouth, at least get the facts straight And so you know where to look this is all a matter of public record not hard to find. Same to all the other diehard Democrats or Republicans. As for me I will remain to be an Independent and look at the person and the results of their efforts rather than a party. You might want to look into the symptoms of schizophrenia and then look at Obama.

      • tlgeer

        Wrong. Very, very wrong. The debt ceiling is to issue bonds to pay for things that Congress ALREADY passed. It has nothing to do with new debt, it is for debt that has already been run up, and approved, by Congress (the President doesn’t issue bonds, doesn’t decide what is to be paid or not, that is Congress’s job)

        • Eugene Sevene

          And these bonds are sold to places like China to provide the money so Obama can invest in another unproven green energy so that can fail so he can ask for more bonds to sell so he can get more money to waist on another pet project. If you don’t understand the process don’t say anything so your foot won’t get in your mouth. It was congress that that didn’t want to raise the debt ceiling and only conceded so they could cut some of Obamas spending. this is to you diehard DEM.

  • Tom Cook

    Wayne, I think you are a pretty savvy guy, but I disagree: democrats are not nice people–they are parasites.

    • truesoy


      Do you know that ‘majority democrats/blue states’ like California support financially mos ‘conservative/red states’. Not too shabby for ‘parasites’, right?
      Just to remind you, most red states (conservatives) live sucking off the federal government’s udder.
      Doesnt that makes you wonder about the workings of a conservative brain?; for they spend a life time fighting for the conservative cause while enjoying the fruits of liberalism. Go figure.


  • cawmun cents

    “Keep on expecting that your money channging will fix the conditions and it is sure that the conditions will remain the same.”-CC.

  • Lawrence

    I believe they are not ignorant. They are pathological liers. They lie so often they begin to believe their own lies.

    • jak kilrush


  • truesoy

    Allyn Root;

    It is evident by Mr. Root’s writings the he feels a deep resentment toward workers with some form of job security, mostly for civil servants.
    He makes evil doers ot of them by pointing out to the workers not in the public sector how unfair itis for them not to have the same ‘priviledge’. And then Mr. Root throws in, just for good measure, how unfortunate that that others do not enjoy the same benefits and jobs security that unionized workers of large corporations have.
    Do I hear winds of class warfare blowing from the right? I think I do..
    Do I hear the envy and resentment from the right against those workers that might be better off financially while at the same time saintifying the Romneys of the world.
    Yes sir, this all sounds to me as an effort to fan the fires for class warfare for the purpose pitting the working class against the working class. What is the purpose, and for the benefit of who?. Maybe Mr. Root could tell us, but I doubt he will.
    Ps.- when government employees are let go, and or not replace, who does the work then but if not contractors. And yes they are from the private sector, but it is still government funds (taxes) paying the contractor and its employees.
    In most cases the government saves no money, though it is not uncommon for the government to overpay. And at the end the contractor laughs its way to the bank, the contractor’s employee gets pay less with no benefits, and the government doesn’t save money.
    But on the bright side for the politicians, contractors do make campaign contributions.


    • Power To The People

      Do I sense that we have a government civil servant among us? The work as you refer is out of control because of the insanity of politicians creating unnecessary agencies and departments that now suck capital away from the private sector and into non-producing causes.

      • Flashy

        Power…. just what would you cut? Specifically. And if you aim for the programs that assist the lower tiers … what are the cuts to the upper tiers to balance the pain?

      • truesoy


        I was not preaching the virtues of which ‘worker’ does what. What I was pointing out is the extreme effort by the conservatives to pit wage workers against each other. Why? because it is the old divide and conquer strategy. Besides contractors give campaign contibutions, thereby politicians know whose side the bread is being buttered and so they will act accordingly. Or must I remind you of Halliburton, and all the cost overran they hit the government with, and the fraud for which they had to givemillions back to the government. And lets not forget KBR, a subsidy of Halliburton, and the ‘no bid’ contracts they got in Iraq. And lets not forget either how faulty electrical work by these contractors was to blame for the death of more than a dozen american soldiers by electrocution when taking a shower. And lets not forget either about Black Water, the security contractor in Iraq and the millions it cost our government (taxpayers) for doing a job the soldiers do for 1/3 the cost.
        So please, do not tell me how much better and cheaper it is to hire these contractors, unless you consider Dick Cheney’s profits from it to be in our national interest.
        I must also point out to you that the profilaration of government agencies came about during the Bush administration in response to 9-11, and thus the Dept. of Homeland Security was born, and destined to live for ever, for it will develop a life of its own.
        Ps.- now having said that, I do see the need to revamp some of our civil service workforce to make it more responsive and effective to the people’s need, for I too have been the victim of ‘poor and unresponsive’ service from a government employee, but I wouldn’t blame them all.


      • Nancy in Nebraska

        true soy, the truth is, the vast majority of federal government jobs should be eliminated! The purpose of the federal government was intended to be for defense and national infrastructure. Almost everything they do was intended to be handled by the states! They haven’t taken the power from the states and it should be returned!!!

        • truesoy


          Please, wake up. We are no longer living in the middle ages.
          During feudal times the government’s only purpose was to defend nobility and maintain their property.
          You seem to have a ‘middle ages’ concept of government.
          Be advised, we are not living in the middle ages.


      • Nancy in Nebraska

        ooops, I meant to say the HAVE taken the power from the states.

    • Doctor Mom

      Mr Root stated several times, “They aren’t bad people; they just don’t understand.” Or something to that effect. I couldn’t agree more.
      As a medical student (older than most of my colleagues) I existed in the ivory tower of academic medicine. Worked 60-80 hours a week to survive. I received a paycheck never considering from where or whom it came. As a resident for 3 years I worked 70-90 hours a week, mostly in a Puerto Rican neighborhood clinic, extremely sympathetic to those on Welfare in need of medical care. I drew a paycheck never considering from where or whom it came; never considering who bought the medical suppies or paid the electric bill or carried our malpractice insurance or handled the 3rd party billing or carried liability insurance on our buildings. I wasn’t a bad person; neither were my colleagues. It just didn’t occur to us.
      Then…I went into private practice.
      Whew! Suddenly I had not only large numbers of patients to treat, I had to pay salaries, state and local taxes, rent, electric bill, liability insurance, medical insurance for all employees, purchase all my office/medical supplies, and beg Medicare and 3rd party payers to actually pay me for the work I did…60-70 hours a week.
      Would my “business” survive? Would my profession be just an expensive hobby that broke our family?
      A person’s understanding of economics does change and grow under those circumstances.

      • truesoy

        Doctor Mom;

        ….and after all its said and done you still make a very comfortable from your chosen profession; all thanks to the taxes paid by others that subsidized your education to make it all possible for you.


    • Larry

      Yes and all of u cival servants and gov workers keep on bleeding us independents,all u will do is put us all out of business and therefor illiminate your pay.Keep in mind your pay comes from taxpayers and they take taxes from your pay.So if taxpayers can’t pay u don’t get payed so then u can’t pay your taxes.Really as basic as it gets.

      • Eugene Sevene

        Everyone wants to survive. You can put the blame anywhere you like. What it really boils down to is we the people are still in charge and have the power to hire and fire. If you don’t like the job your doing,,,fire them and hire someone else. This has not been done for one reason GREED. Those in Office for more than one term seem to think they can not be replaced, let them know that they can, vote them out. By doing this we will send the message {do the job you were sent to do or get fired}Is this such a hard concept to grasp? Does anyone feel that there are those that have been in office too long? It doesn’t matter what party you follow or vote for, I does matter that you leave someone in office just because of their political stand. As I have told my children and others “If what you are doing is not working for you,CHANGE IT. As for me both parties are at fault and need to go away, I am not voting for anyone that has been in office for more than one term,and I am not voting for Obama so we can start over with those that got the message,,,, DO THE JOB OR YOU ARE FIRED. I think we all should give this some thought and forget political parties for this election year. I hope we all have enough common sense to see that this needs to be done or we are doomed

    • DaveH

      Truesoy says — “when government employees are let go, and or not replace, who does the work then but if not contractors. And yes they are from the private sector, but it is still government funds (taxes) paying the contractor and its employees”.
      Who does the work? You mean the work of interfering with private sector businesses, Truesoy, and reducing their productivity?
      And who says we want private sector workers to replace them. We want them (you) gone (back to the private sector) not replaced. We want to have Free Markets, so that the consumers can determine which products should be produced and bought, rather than Crony Capitalists and their bought Politicians and Bureaucrats making that decision.
      For Free Markets, Limited Government, Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, and the PEACE those bring — Vote Libertarian!

      • DaveH
        • truesoy


          The ‘libertarian’ way would convert us into a ‘banana republic’ at the blink of an eye.
          Please get real. But wha can I or anyone else expect from a person that doesn’t even know what executive order #10998 is, nor have the slightest idea about what is executive order #11490, nor who signed it, nor why; yet writes about it as if he was an expert, but its all nonsense..
          The ignorance and/or mental deficiency shown by most peoplein this blog (includes you) would be laughable if not for its tragic implications at the ‘voting booth’, for people like you also have the right to vote.


      • truesoy


        So where do we start at;

        a) the FDA, and maybe
        b) medical research and development, or maybe
        c) dept. of education, or maybe you’d prefer to rid-off
        d) dept. of energy, or maybe
        e) DEA or f) NASA, or g) the Veterans Administration, or
        h) the Military ( companies like BLACWATER, Halliburton, KBR, etc., are already doing many of the tasks the military does, at 3 times the cost but, hey, is private enterprise so you should be all for it, right?.
        See, the problem is not the taxes, but the manner in which those funds are managed that creates the animosity toward government (besides the unresponsive attitude of some of our civil servants to the public, of which most of us at one time or another have been victims.
        I have friends that are civil servants, and they are very good people, and just like you and I, they go to work everyday to support their families.


    • Eugene Sevene

      I fail to see your point, and, that you are a government employee. I read nothing that suggested that the private sector employee and the government employee go to war with each other. I did read that the government employee had a guaranteed job and weekly income because he did not sell or trade a commodity or service for which the recipient paid for and the private sector employee depended on the sale of the same, not the fact that they just showed for work.I also read that this did not make the government employee a bad person, just that they didn’t have to sell something to get paid. If you want to accuse someone of trying to start a hate war just look in a mirror, but then I have common sense and an open mind.

    • Mamamia

      Mr. Root….. I am assuming that when you speak of government workers you are generalizing. The “automatic raises” and 100,000.00 pension plans are certainly not the case for everyone. Last year it was ZIP, the two years before it was 2%. At 24,000 per yr, that is a whole 40.00 per month raise. My retirement plan socks away 1,600.00 per year so when I do retire in 17 yrs that will be a whopping 30,000 for my account. (less taxes). Now, with 40.00 a month raises and 30,000 to retire on, where do you think inflation fits in this equation? Prices go up much, much, faster than the raises do. And God knows what will happen to my 401 plan. So when you say that “the government workers are protected by the harsh realities of the world” it kinda pisses me off. Another thing I don’t understand is you call Obama’s tax reform “a toxic stew of big taxes”. From what I understand, he will raise a current 35% tax to 39% on salaries beyond 250,000. It doesn’t seem that a 4% increase could be considered in those terms. Wasn’t Clinton’s tax rate at least that or more? Also, I don’t see that it’s a sin for a government employee to have a retirement pension and at the same time our CEO’s, politicians, etc. have millions, sometimes billions of bonuses and pensions. What’s the beef? Besides, it is our choice of lifestyle to go with a steady paycheck in a secure job vs. the private ownership of a business. That’s why I’ve never been in sales. I’ve got to know exactly how much my check is when it comes time to pay bills even though I could probably make more money in sales at times. It is our perogitive of the American people to choose how we wish to earn our income.

  • Patriot1776

    Well Wayne, you have brought out the liberals today. Chanting their mantra and their great plan to save America, “It’s Bush’s fault”. “The great obama would have gotten us out of this mess, but those mean capitalist keep getting in his way!” The simple fact that obama had 2 years of total democrat control to do whatever he needed doesn’t stop them from placing the blame on anyone else. The other fact that as Margaret Thatcher said, “the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money” doesn’t stand in the way of their thinking either.

    To have the ability to look back at history and see what Ronald Regan did to fix the same economic senario; and then look at obama’s tactic and somehow rationalize that Regan did it wrong and obama has it right is amazing. Regan cut taxes, allowing private enterprise to invest in America, create jobs, put Americans back to work. Obama’s tactic; to attack the successful, create class wars, create division among the citizens, to blame everyone else. The results speak for themselves.

    • BigBadJohn

      You forget the part about Reagan cutting taxes for the rich so deep that the national debt started going through the roof. His response was to raise taxes TWICE – of course it was across the board increases which effectively pushed the tax burden down to the middle class.

      Reagan raised taxes twice – why do republicans refuse to let Obama raise taxes?

      • DaveH

        The problem isn’t the taxes. The problem is the Spending. Whether Government taxes the money away from the private sector, or they borrow it, to be later repayed by taxing the private sector, it is still the Spending that is the Problem.
        When Government takes money from the private sector, they are consuming money that likely otherwise would have been invested in Capital Machinery and Plants. Those plants and machinery are what have produced the cheap goods that we have all been spoiled on. The more money is taken from the private sector, the weaker our economy will get. Oddly enough, since as Wayne said there are so many ignorant voters, the voters will likely be propagandized to believe (as they have been already) that the solution to that weaker economy is More Government. So the cycle will repeat until we have become a third-world nation, or until those ignorant voters have changed to informed voters.
        For those readers who would like to make that change:

      • truesoy


        ….actually reagan raise taxes about eleven times.


      • Power To The People

        Still on the Its the Republicans fault Big John? I am happy for them to raise your taxes and piss it away as usual…just keep their dirty grubbing hands off my hard earned funds.

        And Flashman….we could do away with the Dept. of Education, Dept of the Environment, the IRS and all the duplicate initiatives Congress itself has identified to start.

    • truesoy


      Maybe you have a short memory, or you ae not too in tune with history.
      Aren’t you aware that Reagan raised taxes eleven times?
      Aren’t you awarw, too, that Reagan, just like Obama, said it is time for the rich to pay their fair share? and
      Aren’t you aware that Reagan also said, to the cheers of republicans, that is not fair for a bus driver to pay more of his money in taxes than the wealthy?
      Aren’t you aware, too, that Reagan signed into law what could be considered a ‘patient protection act that prohibited hospitals from denying care to people without insurance?
      See, before he signed that law uninsured people used to be turned away from the hospitas.
      And Reagan also gave amnesty to approx. 3 million illegal aliens.
      Do you know something, Patriot1776? Obama makes Reaganl seem ‘liberal’, except he is black..


      • Patriot1776

        truesoy, no, I have neither a short memory or a disconnect with history. Reagan did raise some taxes. He reduced the income tax on all Americans. He raised the federal gas tax, he ended many deductions, which some contort into tax increases, he presided over a major overhaul of the tax code. He didn’t attack the wealthy to create a class war. He stood tall for America. As for obama making Reagan look like a liberal, that’s a stretch even for a democrat.

        • truesoy


          I agree, Reagan did not attcack the rich, and neither does Obama.
          Obama said, just as Reagan said, that the wealthy should pay their fair share; and then he used the analogy of the bus driver shouldn’t have to pay more than the rich person. And when he said that, all republicans cheer but somehow when Obama says it they (you) call it class warfare. You are attempting to burn the candle on both ends, that is what you are trying to do.


      • DaveH

        First of all, Reagan was saddled with a Pro Big Government out of control Spend Thrift Congress which overrode 9 of his 78 vetoes. Unfortunately he had to deal with the reality of Liberals (like Bob Dole) in his own party who hung all over him until he was worn down.

        But whether it was Reagan’s doing or he had no choice — Do two wrongs make a right in your world, Truesoy?

        • truesoy

          Dave H;

          Next you’re gonna tellme you believe in the ‘tooth fairy”, right?


      • DaveH

        Reagan’s economic recovery speech:

        • truesoy


          Te Reagan from 1981 is not the same as the later years Reagan. Don’t believe me?, the just google Reagan on ‘Rich paying their fair share’, there is a video of Reagan on that;plus it is a fact (public record) that he raised taxes.


      • Power To The People

        Who mentioned race until you did? Reason????

    • Eugene Sevene

      Definition::: President– Obama. Definition ::schizophrenic–Obama Look up the symptoms and watch Obama in action ::

  • Russian Bear

    Obama’s policies were thoroughly tested for 70+ years in now defunct Soviet Union. I lived there while it was still in full force. Like Root said – delusional are those who believe Democratic policies are way out of our problems. It is this stupid conviction that we know better. We don’t!!! Nobody does. My wife worked 11 years for the Federal Government. Yes, it took her this long to became disgusted with a workplace which promotes mediocrity and awards an “Employee of the Year” to continuously tardy, do nothing people, and quit. I had a first hand account on how the Government works. A private business will be bankrupt in no time. But for the ability to print money at will our Government is alive…
    Now, I don’t for a second believe that the Republicans have a recipe for success. All 535 of them must be ran out of town. Old and young, of every color or political affiliations. They don’t know any better than anyone of us on this site or elsewhere in the blogosphere.
    Any government is EVIL. Some say – necessary EVIL. I am not sure this is true anymore.

    • Power To The People

      agree with you man!

    • truesoy

      Russian Baer;

      You either never lived in the Soviet Union, or you were asleep during that time.
      Obama’s democratic policies are the policies that saved us from total economic collapse.
      It is a fact of history that the most prosperous times (the golden age of economic growth) were a result of democratic policies.


      • Sirian

        You obviously hold a very limited reading ability. If that were not so then you would’ve seen and read the following line – “I lived there while it was still in full force.” Do you, or should I say, can you understand the meaning of that statement? Needless to say, you have been well indoctrinated. You’re historical knowledge regrettably falls within a very narrow slot that most fools prefer. Russian Bear is probably laughing his azz off at your response.

        • truesoy


          …and apparently you did not read my response.


      • DaveH

        When was that, Truesoy, and what were those economic policies?

        • truesoy


          Those economic policies have been instituted, as needed, ever since the ‘ Great Depression’. But hten of course you’ll deny it because it doesn’t fit into your political ideology.
          I wouldn’t put all the blame on you for it is a combination of things that keeps you in your present state of mind, but mainly it is the source of your information that has your mind twisted into a pretzel like spaghetti squash.
          You need to break free from it.


      • Power To The People

        Actually he has determined our fate will be total implosion….it is you whom are needing to come in out of the cold!

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        I guess that’s why we’re doing so well and Russia has 5% unemployment 4.5% growth and no debts!

      • JeffH

        Eric the Red, have you given any thought about a return to “Russia” or is your work here not finished yet.

      • DaveH

        Here is the Russia that Eric admires:
        Russia’s GDP per capita — $17,000
        United State GDP per capita — $49,000

        Oh yeah, I want to be like them! (only when I’m doing some heavy drinking).

    • Delroy Brown


      • http://None Mike C

        Ha ha Delroy. You still haven’t fixed that caps lock. When you refer to government working properly do you mean Scranton, PA? Stockton, CA? State of California? City of San Bernardino? US Postal Service? Any number of federal entitlement programs? How well is all of that stuff functioning?

        And why are you so unhappy? Why are you convinced, after 4 years of owning the white house, that government is broken? How can that be if you had two whole years of super majority?

        Where and when, in history, has BIG government worked?

        • truesoy

          Mike C;d

          Look, I hear Somalia is really beautiful this time of the year. IT is a Republican/conservative UTOPIA with little to no government at all, and litle to no taxes, either.
          Well, what are you waiting for?.


      • Patriot1776

        The problem with the “Big open checkbook” is that they are writing checks without any money in the bank. Eventually the checks will bounce, then reality will set in…for some, the rest will be standing in line with their hands out, waiting for someone to come along and give them a hand-out.

      • Power To The People

        I would not bring up lying….not with the track record of Obummer!

    • Eugene Sevene

      Hey Russian bear we need to get together and see if we can get the close minded people to get rid of the permanent fixtures in Washington and start over with all new. Maybe if these get fired the next will listen to the ones that put them there

  • Raymond Lippitt

    I don’t like to be lied to.
    We want to know who is running for president, or take him off of the ballet
    The is overwhelming evidence that Obama should not be on the ballet.
    1. fraudulent birth certificate
    2. sealed Social security information
    3. sealed pass port records
    4. sealed college records
    We need to address this issue, and I am baffled as to why no one has the tactical fortitude to address this issue

    • truesoy


      Common sense and logic is not one of your virtues, isn’t it?


      • DaveH

        Ahh, the typical Liberal/Progressive tactics. No facts, just manipulative emotional techniques.

      • rayrmelc123

        Isn’t it? What school did you go to? Get a job. Don’t ever let any one accuse you of being a rocket scientist.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        They are not virtues. So how is it that you are claiming them?

    • Delroy Brown


      • truesoy

        D. Brown;

        You are being too harsh his problems on Lippitt. It seems that arises from his lack of understanding. While you are talking about the ballot, he is talking about the ‘ballet’, and he rightfully feels that Obama should not be in it, and neither do I, for I think he would make an awful ‘ballerina’. However I do believe he will be a wonderful second term president. Therefore at the ‘ballot box’ I will cast my vote for Obama, again.


    • randall

      i agree with you raymond. problem is no one is going to solve these problems, it is up to you and me. what i have decided to do, is what i can do, become as self relient as possible….. ex store up a little of food, grow as much food as possible, learn what edible plants grow wild around you (weeds) etc, cause there is no stopping this trainwreck, both dems and republicans are all into big govt solutions and know how better to spend your money then you do. there are over 10000 laws created yearly in this country(can you say police state), our country borrows 40 cents of every dollar it spends, it is all going to come crashing down, sooner than later, get prepared.

    • concerned self employed idiot

      Raymond the fact is no body has the REAL GUTS to ask the hard questions. The mainstream media is LIMP and not the answer. There are only good for American Idiol etc. And dont count on the newspapers they are only good for slanted editorials and Coupons on Sunday. Until this changes and I hope it does before the newspapers go broke and a few need to reallyget the message out it will be business as usual, welcome Socialism

    • Eugene Sevene

      Politically correct— Any action taken by a politician that furthers his or her political career. To take any action to force Obama to reveal would as some believe political suicide It won’t be done.

  • Deerinwater

    ” The second America is represented by private-sector entrepreneurs, small-business owners and job creators (who almost always support conservative candidates and causes)

    If you believe that these two examples represents the only two kinds of American voters , I would only say, attempting to make something simply for your ability to perceive and understand it, doesn’t mean that you really do.

    Just because you find grains of truth in a belief or statement why must you buy the whole package?

    This is just another attack on government and government workers! Do the deserve to be attacked ? YES! SURE! ~ but so do voters that place people in office that don’t hold main steam American interest seriously while claiming that they do.

    Does that make me inclined to vote for a lying, cheating, stealing a##hole just because he is a ‘Conservative” and I am a successful independent business person? Hell No!

    It was an “alleged” conservative administration that started this mess tweeting with Federal Tax code and two conservatives administrations that buried us with international interest overriding domestic affairs with pandering to corporate interest and the military complex.

    The next GD war, lets send in WALL STREET TRADERS and Senators sons dressed in full body armor and all the ammo one man can carry.

    • Power To The People

      Duck everyone, the Republicans are coming….the Republicans are coming! Give it a rest Deer! Both parties have created the mess and are both to blame. Stop drinking the kool aid and see the truth. The septic field known as DC has overflown and it stinks!
      This is not about partisan issues…this is about wrong doing by a lot of jokers over the past 50-60 years that has taken us to the cliff.

      Keep thinking your party is the saint and the other is the devil and see how far that takes you in the reset of this world. There are haves and have nots and those in the middle are trashed by both sides. When you see that truth and realize you are worshiping a false hope in party, then you will be free to see the real world. Its a lot like the Matrix….only bigger!

      • Flashy

        “Duck everyone, the Republicans are coming….the Republicans are coming!”

        No…they came..and screwed us. Since 1981. GOP came to the WH, deficits went up, spending went up, wars, middle class incomes down, wealthy incomes up, small businesses getting screwed by big Corporate America.

        Dmes in WH…balanced budgets, Middle Class incomes up, spending increases at smallest levels in decades, no war (or trying to extricate from the GOP wars)

        Hmmm…is there a pattern ya might see there?

      • Patriot1776

        Flashy, “Dmes in WH…balanced budgets, Middle Class incomes up, spending increases at smallest levels in decades, no war (or trying to extricate from the GOP wars)”; care to explain the last 3 1/2 years? Even with a super majority for the first 2 years, the budget isn’t even heading towards balance, the middle class income is not only down, it is nearly eliminated, spending has out paced the last 4 presidents combined, we not only have troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, but we have also sent troops to Africa, Libya, Uganda…

        So how exactly is it that your theory works?

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “deficits went up, spending went up, wars, middle class incomes down, wealthy incomes up, small businesses getting screwed by big Corporate America”.
        So what has changed under Obama, Flashman?

      • Deerinwater

        Patriot1776 says:

        Flashy, “Dmes in WH…balanced budgets, Middle Class incomes up, spending increases at smallest levels in decades, no war (or trying to extricate from the GOP wars)”; care to explain the last 3 1/2 years?

        It that a challenge you offer? Okay ~

        (Pub.L. 97-34), also known as the ERTA or “Kemp-Roth Tax Cut,” was a federal law enacted in the United States in 1981. It was an act “to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 to encourage economic growth through reductions in individual income tax rates, the expensing of depreciable property, incentives for small businesses, and incentives for savings, and for other purposes”.[1] Included in the act was an across-the-board decrease in the marginal income tax rates in the U.S. by 23% over three years, with the top rate falling from 70% to 50% and the bottom rate dropping from 14% to 11%. This act slashed estate taxes and trimmed taxes paid by business corporations by $150 billion over a five year period. Additionally the tax rates were indexed for inflation, though the indexing was delayed until 1985.
        The Act’s sponsors, Representative Jack Kemp of New York and Senator William V. Roth, Jr. of Delaware, had hoped for more significant tax cuts, but settled on this bill after a great debate in Congress. It passed Congress on August 4, 1981 and was signed into law on August 13, 1981 by President Ronald Reagan at Rancho del Cielo, his California ranch.

        The Office of Tax Analysis of the United States Department of the Treasury summarized the tax changes as follows[2]:
        phased-in 23% cut in individual tax rates over 3 years; top rate dropped from 70% to 50%
        accelerated depreciation deductions; replaced depreciation system with ACRS
        indexed individual income tax parameters (beginning in 1985)
        created 10% exclusion on income for two-earner married couples ($3,000 cap)
        phased-in increase in estate tax exemption from $175,625 to $600,000 in 1987
        reduced windfall profit taxes
        allowed all working taxpayers to establish IRAs
        expanded provisions for employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs)
        replaced $200 interest exclusion with 15% net interest exclusion ($900 cap) (begin in 1985)
        The accelerated depreciation changes were repealed by Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982 and the 15% interest exclusion repealed before it took effect by the Deficit Reduction Act of 1984.

        ]Effect and controversies

        The most lasting impact and significant change of the Act was the indexing of the tax code parameters for inflation. Of nine federal tax laws between 1968 and this Act, six were tax cuts compensating for inflation driven bracket creep.[2] Following enactment in August 1981, the first 5% of the 25% total cuts took place beginning in October of the same year. An additional 10% began in July 1982, followed by a third decrease of 10% beginning in July 1983.[3]
        As a result of ERTA and other tax acts in the 1980s, the top 10% were paying 57.2% of total income taxes by 1988 – up from 48% in 1981[3] – while the bottom 50% of earners share dropped from 7.5% to 5.7% in the same period. The total share borne by middle income earners of the 50th to 95th percentile decreased from 57.5% to 48.7% between 1981 and 1988.[4] Much of the increase can be attributed to the decrease in capital gains taxes, while the ongoing recession and subsequently high unemployment contributed to stagnation among other income groups until the mid-1980s.[5] Another explanation is any such across the board tax cut removes some from the tax rolls. Those remaining pay a higher percentage of a now smaller tax pie even though they pay less in absolute taxes.
        In addition to changes in marginal tax rates, the capital gains tax was reduced from 28% to 20% under ERTA. Afterwards revenue from the capital gains tax increased 50% by 1983 from $12.5 billion in 1980 to over $18 billion in 1983.[3] In 1986, revenue from the capital gains tax rose to over $80 billion; following restoration of the rate to 28% from 20% effective 1987, capital gains revenues declined through 1991.[3]
        Critics claim the tax cuts worsened the deficits in the budget of the United States government. Reagan supporters credit them with helping the 1980s economic expansion[6] that eventually lowered the deficits. After peaking in 1986 at $221 billion the deficit fell to $152 billion by 1989.[7] Supporters of the tax cuts also argue, using the Laffer curve, tax cuts increased economic growth and government revenue. This is hotly disputed—-critics contend that, although government income tax receipts did rise, it was due to economic growth, not tax cuts, and would have risen more if the tax cuts had not occurred; the Office of Tax Analysis estimates that the act lowered federal income tax revenue by 13% relative to where it would have been in the bill’s absence.

        For the many “well employed” Americans back in the 80′s ~ The Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981 was wonderful! For American that had “discretionary” money to invest or save, their money could now make money like never before.

        But at the same time, ~ the “value” of actual labor across America was being systematically being driven down with lay offs and down sizing.

        The process was then started was by people with greater mounts of money could enjoy gains from their money and family holding that passed to descendants with less capital gains being applied while a the same time Federal tax burden shifted toward the working middle class that enjoyed less rewarding employment and less discretionary spending at their disposal too invest.

        Now, ~ thirty years later, these’s once well employed Americans are retired, sitting on their nest egg and calling themselves The Tea Party, resist any changes in a system that has brought them this far as they rode the coattails of the affluent and Wall Street to get where they are at today.

        That this system has “not” worked well for the majority of American is met with disbelief! They don’t know what you are talking about! It worked”great” for them.

        That Reagan with all of his tax cutting and down sizing still left office with a deficit due to increases federal spending ,

        All Presidents prior to Reagan contributed to paying off the huge WWII debt. The graph also credits the drop in federal debt as a percent of GDP under Clinton towards repayment of the remaining WWII debt and not towards paying off the Reagan-Bush debt. That would simply hide their impact by making it appear that more of the current federal debt was left over from WWII. Had Reagan-Bush simply managed to break even, the WWII debt would have been as low as it’s shown to be.
        Debt held by the Federal Reserve System is purchased by printing money; the purpose of these “open market operations” is to put more currency into circulation. The most recent figuresused for this part of the federal debt are available from the St. Louis Fed. This was divided by GDP figures provided by the Department of Commerce.
        Since all Presidents from Truman on have reduced the gross federal debt except Reagan and the Bushes, the part remaining from WWII is found by subtracting their debt contributions (and the FRS contribution) from the current federal debt total.

        Even though nominal national debt rose from $900 billion to $2.8 trillion during Reagan’s tenure, the federal deficit had fallen from 6% of GDP in 1983 to 3.2% of GDP in 1987, and then to 2.9% of GDP in Reagan’s final buget.[2] [14][2] Advocates of the Laffer curve noted that the tax cuts led to a near doubling of nominal tax receipts ($517 billion in 1980 to $1.032 trillion in 1990),[44] so that the deficits were actually caused by an increase in government spending. ~

        ( with tax cuts for people that use money to make money, where do think Reagan got 2.8 trillion dollars to spend? ????????????

        He got it from people that work for a “wage”. Labor, ~ discounted labor.

  • John David Hanna

    I am down to taking care of myself and a few others on my savings, a one acre farm.
    Last year the mosquito control wiped my heritage garden by killing all the bees.
    The department swore they would go around me this year, go on – plant!
    I put in a garden, chickens, honey bees and tilapia.
    This year we had some rain so the state is ‘benefiting’ from C-117 national work.
    Do you think they have my address on their mile high exception list?
    Maybe I should call the president?
    The poison kills bees, fish and mosquitoes.
    Do you think I am going to be nice when, reduced to food stamps, they demonize me as a loser and send my food portion overseas to pay their debt?

    • Power To The People

      Welcome to the new world order!

    • Eugene Sevene

      Patriot1776 you are wasting your breath on a diehard Dem. You should know by now that most Dems. are looking for handouts from the working tax paying class. I know this because my wife worked in a social services office for years. I believe my wife when she says that there are more government hand out plans in effect when Dems are in office than when Rep. are in office. She told me one time that she got called on the carpet for refusing to give child care to a single mother living at home in her parents in their 500,thousand dollar home with two sisters that did not work and a stay at home mom, no names mentioned. I thought this odd and my wife told me that this is the Dem. way of doing things. Stop trying to convince a diehard Dem. They would vote for Bin ladin if he run on Dem. platform .

      • Proud to be a Believer

        Eugene you are exactly right. I have worked both sectors, government and private plus had two of our own businesses. My husband and I were visiting Ohio in the late 70′s (this is where we were both born and raised), we were staying in an RV park and this 18 wheeler pulled up, ran into the little store there and said he was in a hurry, grabbed a sandwich and a soda. We asked why are you in such a hurry, he said because I have to get all of these food stamps delivered today. My husband then informed me, yep, they are buying votes. It just never ceases and you are so correct, if Osama Bin Laden ran on the democratic ticket, all the liberals would vote for him and think he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Look when Carter ran and he gave away the only money making operation the US government had and that was the Panama Canal. I worked for the Panama Canal Company at that time. Shortly after that happened, I was a VP for a USA construction company and my husband owned a used car lot. Interest rates and floor plans went thru the roof. I use to purchased 30 day CD’s from the moneys received on construction projects (didn’t need it for 30 days) and what was made, payed for all of our overhead. We use to be democrats but then we saw what happened when they were in power. In Ohio when they had a Democrat governor, Workmen’s Compensation could be collected if you got a hang nail, not that way with a Republican Governor. I guess us old folks with memory tapes drawing on past experiences, they can’t wait to get rid of because the younger folks don’t have a clue and that is really Obamas problem also not enough experience. Hasn’t been in the trenches so to speak.

  • Jay

    If you’re anyone other than a member bank of the Federal Reserve, you’ll will likely be prosecuted and sent to jail for doing this.

    Fractional Reserve Banking is one huge Ponzi Scheme that allows an increase in the supply of currency available to make loans to purchase investment capital, without increasing the quantity of investment capital or real savings. The quantity of loans will be higher than the actual supply of saved resources available for investment.

    Investors will assume that the quantity of loans available represents real savings. This misinformation leads investors to misallocate capital, borrowing and investing too much in long-term projects for which there is insufficient demand and real savings. As investors spend borrowed currency, segments of the economy will boom. Later investors will find the prices of their outputs falling and their costs rising, leading to the failure of new projects and a bust.

    Fractional-reserve banking refers to the common banking practice of issuing more credit than the bank holds as reserves, when loaned money is used and then deposited in the same bank or a different bank. Through this process, banks in modern economies typically loan their customers many times the sum of the credit reserves they hold.

    If the reserve requirement is 10%, for example, a bank that receives a $100 deposit may lend out $90 of that deposit. If the borrower then writes a check to someone who deposits the $90, the bank receiving that deposit can lend out $81. As the process continues, the banking system can expand the initial deposit of $100 into a maximum of $1,000 of money ($100 + $90 + 81 + $72.90 + … = $1,000).

    Here is how the Central Bank, the Federal Reserve creates new money out of thin air (as explained by the creators of The Money Masters) sets up the Boom-Bust business cycle.

    The Fed conjures up an amount of money that does not exist, which it then spends, usually to buy Treasury Bonds from private owners such as banks who had purchased them from the Treasury Department. These bonds were initially sold to the public to fund government deficits.

    Banks are then permitted to loan out 90% of this new Fed-created money once it is deposited by the sellers of the bonds. That would not be a problem, except for the fact that the borrowers almost always redeposit the money (or the people they pay with their loan proceeds do). Once re-deposited, the banks can lend it out again.

    This re-loan, redeposit, re-loan, redeposit, etc. scheme, authorized by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, allows banks each time to retain just 10% of the re-deposited loan proceeds as a reserve, ultimately allowing banks to lend out 9 times the original amount deposited, and to charge interest on it as many times as it was loaned.

    So instead of an interest rate of, for example, 6%, the banks may be collectively receiving a total of 54% interest per year (6% x 9; usually it is somewhat less due to the lack of qualified borrowers).

    Once the economy is flooded with the bank-created money 9 times in excess of the money originally created by the Fed, an expansion that increases the money supply, which reduces the purchasing power of already-existing money (including wages and savings), interest rates begin to drop (as there is more money to lend) and prices rise (inflation). The dollar begins to fall relative to the money of other countries not in this same stage of money expansion. Money begins to flow out of US Treasury bonds (due to lower interest rates and the lessening purchasing power of the dollar due to inflation). Thus ends the expansionary or “boom” part of this artificial “business cycle.” To combat rising inflation and the falling dollar, the Fed begins raising interest rates.

    Then the money supply, having been stretched to the maximum, begins its contraction, usually initiated by rising interest rates reaching a point that begins to inhibit borrowing and also inflation. The economic “bust” part of the cycle begins. Loans dwindle as interest rates rise and credit terms tighten. Various segments of the economy, accustomed to easy credit, begin to contract due to higher interest rates; loans become harder to get. Home prices fall, businesses begin to fail, bankruptcies increase.

    This “bust” part of the cycle continues, and worsens, until inflation is “tamed,” prices stabilize, and the dollar rises relative to other currencies. Eventually, the higher interest rates begin to attract foreign money, and the Treasury then is able to borrow what it needs at lower and lower interest rates. Interest rates fall. The artificial cycle then begins anew.

    This boom-bust economic cycle is the fundamental cause of the inherent instability in our economy with the inevitable results such as the mortgage crisis in 2007-2008 and subsequent government bailout of banks. It is due to too-rapid increases in the money supply due to deficit spending and then the multiplier effect of fractional reserve banking and to lenders greedy to take advantage of such a system that rewards lending with more and more interest revenue; followed by a too-rapid contraction of the money supply, necessary to combat the inflationary effects of the former phase

    Fractional-reserve banking allows for the possibility of a bank run in which the demand depositors and note holders collectively attempt to withdraw more money than the bank has in reserves, causing the bank to default. The bank then would be liquidated and the creditors of the bank would suffer a loss if the proceeds from the bank’s assets were insufficient.

    The major banks of this country – the ones the government is lending your money to, and from which the Bailout Bill proposes to buy their bad assets, are busily swallowing up the banks in trouble in this latest bust. As after all prior bust cycles, they will emerge larger and more powerful, and fewer in number. JPMorgan Chase bought up Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual. Bank of America picked up Countrywide Financial and Merrill Lynch. Wells Fargo added Wachovia.

    Wealth will be even more concentrated under their control, which they will use in the next bust to further this process, until eventually no one will own anything.

  • Dave Kountz

    Wayne… opinions are like (expletive deleted)…. and so are you…. I don’t see economist as part of your qualifications for discussing this topic….. stick to radio talk

  • stanandchris

    They won’t address the issue because he is black. If they were to actually go after him the way they would anyone else that has committed treason by leaking classified information as we all know he did, then there would be a riot. All the politically correct BS is causing this country to fail.
    If they could prove beyond any doubt that he is not a natural born citizen of the US as the constitution calls for, do you really think they would do anything about it? Absolutely Not.
    “they” are too afraid of the fall out of certain groups and appearing to be biased because of his “ethnic” group. This has been going on since the 60′s when all the “hippies” ie Liberals started taking over and influencing US policy. According to the US Supreme Court in the case of reverse discrimination said that hiring someone because they were black over someone who was white for racial reasons only was in accordance with the US Constitution ,that’s when it all started going downhill.

    I have no problem with equal in the eyes of the law, I have no problem with equal in employment opportunity and the workplace, but equal does not mean preferential unless you are black or hispanic. The majority is truly afraid of the reaction of the minorities if they call him on his record, history, background, treasonous acts. Heaven forbid we actually hold him accountable to the same standards of anyone else in that office. MAKES ME SICK.

    • truesoy


      …darn, Obama committed treason, he outed a covert CIA agent., oh no!… Wait a minute, that was Dick Cheney, my bad, sorry I was a little confused there, but you understand, don’t you?.


  • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

    The Wayne Allyn Roots of the world love to play the blame game when they know full well that they are just as responsible if not more so and they are the definition of crazy by wanting to keep doing it the same way that got us there in the first place.

    If you really wanted to fix things, you’d start listening to people like Joseph Stiglitz, David Korten, Richard Wolfe, Max Keiser. And you’d vote way out of your comfort zone for people like Ralph Nadder, or Denis Kucinich, or The Green Party or even Roseanne Barr and really shake things up. Hell I even like Buddy Roemer of the Republicans. Any of these people could do a much better job.

    But that’s not enough when you still have a corrupt, bought and paid for congress by wealthy businessmen/job creators or whatever you want to misname them. And now thanks to a Conservative Supreme Court who first handed us a coup d’etat with George Bush and now Citizens United, you are guaranteed to be royally screwed.

    Oh I can just hear the peanut gallery sell us on how the Tea Party will fix things. But I happen to read a lot and I know that it is another big giant lie and propaganda bought and paid for by those wonderful Koch brothers who also have paid for your talking points by funding The Heritage Foundation, the CAITO institute and Americans for Prosperity. All liars. All Greedy Bastards. All full of crap.

    • FreedomFighter

      Like most typical communist that cannot contend with truth, you spew personal insults and worthless diatrabe

      You sociailst commies even know your own beliefs are lies..

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Oh I could see that one coming SimpleFi FreedomHero. The communist name calling when you don’t have notin!! If they are Full of Crap, Liars and Greedy Bastards which they are, then it’s not really name calling, it’s merely descriptive.

        In case you can’t read, I believe Wayne Allyn actually is the one who always starts by name calling in his first sentence. . I quote “economic ignorance gap between conservatives, capitalists and the dunces on the left.”

        Don’t you ever get tired of blaming everyone else for YOUR MESS. The REAL Progressive Left has nothing to do with this debacle. This mess is plain and simple a centrist, one party, conservative ideology mess perpetrated by liars and greedy bastards. Prove me wrong!

      • Mark

        Please Read:
        I found this information while trying to understand how the housing and economic disaster started. I knew it had to have developed before GW Bush became president, so a few years ago I did alot of investigation and came up with some interesting data on how and who was involved to create this mess.
        President Carter in 1977 created the Community Reinvestment Act, (CRA), which was to provide funding to help with paying for that type of work, see:

        Well Banks still did not fully lend to those areas, so along comes Bill Clinton, 17 years later, and with modifications within the 1994 Reigle Neal Act, started to enforce the CRA, which basically would require banks, if their to expand or buy up other banks, to provide a percentage of loans within those depressed areas. Remember in 1994, Obama was on a team of Attorney’s that sued Citibank to force them to meet Community Reinvestment Act requirements,,
        So in 1995, President Clinton started a program called “The National Homeownership Strategy” which was along with Cisneros and HUD, was going to increase homeownership in America, and provide low cost loans to high risk borrowers, so coordinating with Fannie Mae or Freddy Mac, they would work to help get that accomplished. See web link:

        So basically by 2001, GW Bush inherited what was a liberal program to increase homeownership in America started by President Clinton. If you look on Wikipedia you will not find this program listed in their site.
        Wikipedia, another mostly liberal think tank, pretty much assigns the economic meltdown to the Gramm Leach Bliley Act, or Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999, which was a Republican coordinated effort, but overseen by Clintons economic and financial government appointees, Robert Rubin and Larry Summers, not to mention others. -As a brief note, Robert Ruben, Clintons appointed Treasury Secretary and an X-Goldman Sachs employee, got a top job at Citigroup after his tenure with Bill Clinton making 15 million a year working for Sandy Weill,, so a liberal really benefited and amazing thats kept under the MSM radar.
        Anyway, with the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999, it was to allow Banks to own other companies, or for insurance companies to own banks, which is common in Europe. So Sandy Weill who had combined Travelers Insurance with CitiCorp, (now Citigroup) needed that legislation to be passed for his company to be legitimate,,, Clinton gladly signed the bill in 1999, as it also added more teeth to the Community reinvestment act.
        Here’s a link to Clintons signing speech, which Wikipedia for some reason does not reference in their article on the Gramm Leach Bliley Act,, thus it appears that Clinton signed it blindly, or unknowingly, but he knew what he was doing. Plus written into the 1999 act was more enforcement of the Community Reinvestment Act criteria that the democrats & liberals wanted.
        -Clintons signing speech and/or link for the actual presentation:

        Here is a link to the best web site that explains the start of the housing and economic meltdown, its called “The Affordable Mortgage Depression”

        Also if you note on the right margin of that same site, is an explanation of the Reagle Neal Act,

        you wont find it explained in the liberal press… Its always the “Blame Bush” response, which Bush basically inherited a looming problem. and as a note, Bush and McCain did try try to express concern but was also blocked by Barney Frank, Chris Dodds, and Maxine Waters, recall the Senate inquiry in 2004? See Brett Baier
        Also here is a NY Times story on Bush requesting a regulator on Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac,, which most Americans forget about..
        Unfortunately with today’s politics and very left mainstream media, little wordy quips are the easy liberal explanation verses reading the truth. Just once I’d like to hear a liberal accept blame.

        • Eugene Sevene

          Don’t hold your breath

      • Mark

        Eric Bishoff,, I just wrote you the PROOF,,, HAVE SOME GUTS AND READ IT ALL,, it was caused by the Progressive Left,,, to force banks to issue bad loans,, and you cant regulate quantity so it got out of hand giving everybody who wanted money, a big loan.. so there ya go,, thanks, Mark

      • DaveH

        You prove yourself wrong, Eric, with all your name-calling and other manipulative techniques. People who know what they are talking about don’t need to stoop to such low-class manipulations.
        And how could anybody Prove you wrong when you are saying nothing specific, just vague generalizations?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Eric B., your handlers should have told you that when your emotions take over the thinking shuts down. Case in point, your rambling post.

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Sorry Mark you drank the Koolaid too. It was Wall Street’s insatiable appetite that demanded that the banks loan out of their comfort zone. Then they figured out that they could make bigger fees selling subprime to people who actually qualified for prime. Yeah yeah yeah blame all the greed on the poor suckers who took out loans they couldn’t afford and the Left you disingenuous clowns.

        And now it appears that the LIBOR scandal means anyone who ever took out a loan on anything overpaid. And anyone who saved money in the bank got underpaid.

        There’s even a connection here with Fanny & Freddie not having access to the Federal Reserve .025 interest.

        Last I remember it was the conservatives who pushed for deregulations of the banks so that they could gamble big time with people’s savings. I guess the Savings and Loan scandal didn’t teach them anything. Nice work and we should listen to you guys. Reagan started a gigantic mess and you want to keep it going. That’s brilliant. Yea yea I know Clinton went along with it too. I am not a fan of either party and I would never have voted for any of the Presidents elected in my lifetime. You can’t blame me for any of this. But I bet a lot of you voted for Bush!

        The Central Bankers are the manipulators of LIBOR. And the focus on LIBOR may be a smoke screen for the Federal Reserve and AIG debacle.

        Maybe some one really did set-up Eliot Spitzer for a fall. After all he was investigating AIG at the time. Humm coincidence I am sure.

        It’s funny or maybe not, Corzine only dipped into $1Biliion and he’s in jail. These guys stole Trillions and no one is even investigating them.

        And now Lord Vampire Squid Blankfein who claims he is doing god’s work will probably be rewarded with Tim Geithner’s job. He should be in jail.

        Goldman Sachs is sucking out $100 Million per day our of the pension funds with their super computers and no one cares. Maybe that’s how you break the teachers unions! Wipe out their retirement!

        The Conservative Right as usual is attacking Reality. they seem to regard humans and the environment as commodities and they don’t care if they trash it all into extinction as long as they get to make more money.

        Greed keeps us all Silent. We need to stand up and stop the Corporate state. It’s not socialism that’s killing us.

        Read Kevin Freeman “Secret Weapon”
        We are in a global economic war and you are all suckers. The weapons are Deregulation, Credit Default Swaps and Naked Short Selling These should be illegal weapons. In 2000 OMB said we will have paid off our debt by 2010. Humm what happened. We know Bin Ladden read that book and that’s why they chose the Twin Towers instead of the Super Bowl.

        Corporate Capitalism & Globalism is our downfall.

      • DaveH

        Perhaps you can explain this, Eric the Red:
        Democrats vote Against auditing the Fed 97 to 89, while the Republicans vote For auditing the Fed 238 to 1

        You’re just not too bright, are you Eric?

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        I am not a Democrat or a Republican Dave. But you seem to lean more towards the Republicans.

        And as usual you are confused and probably a little disingenuous as I am for abolishing the fed and the central banks.

    • DaveH

      Yeah, we get it, Eric. In your mind the solution to our problems is Bigger Government. Never mind that since 1900, when Government spent 3% of our GDP, they have grown 13 times in size to spending 40% of our GDP. Yet, you are still unhappy with how things are. Obviously Big Government has been a failure. When will you be happy, Eric — When they spend 80% of our GDP and our country is like one of your Socialist Paradises like Cuba or North Korea?
      Since Socialism has been a failure throughout history, Eric, what kind of evidence can you offer us that it will be different this time? I’ve never seen any supporting facts or logic come in your comments, Eric, only conjecture and Progressive Manipulative Techniques like condescension, name-calling, ridicule, etc.

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        There goes DaveH again putting words in people’s mouths and selling Mises like he has a stake in it.

        I am not or have never been for big govt. You on the other hand and anyone who stands for defense and the obscene military industrial complex are the ones who really are for big govt. You just want to gut services for the sick, poor, unemployed, disabled, veterans, immigrants, women and students. It so easy to pick on them. Shame on you.

        I am not for any ISMs Dave. I am for peace and sharing resources, paying a fair living wage, employee ownership instead of absentee shareholders, I am for protecting the environment. I am for protecting communities and employment, not for globalization and free trade.

        You are right Dave big corporate controlled government for the wealthy has been a failure and thank god it is finally coming to an end.

        The only conjecture and manipulation I see are coming from you when you are constantly peddling mises and attacking anything else. I am sure you are right businesses should be free to do what ever the hell they want. Isn’t that what we have now suckers. When Monsanto owns the EPA you can’t really blame govt now can you? When Goldman Sachs owns the SEC and the Federal Reserve can you really blame our govt? When Verizon and ATT own the FCC can we blame govt? When Big Pharma owns the FDA let’s blame govt. And we didn’t even get to the Military Industrial Complex. Don’t they completely own Congress?


      • DaveH

        Eric the Red, are you kidding us? Anybody who has read your comments over the years knows that you ARE for Big Government. That’s what the Progressive Movement is all about — Big Government.
        You say whatever springs to mind at the time to defend your nonsense, don’t you? You have no credibility with the regular readers.

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Thanks Dave I know you have nothing when you resort to calling me Red or Commie. If we are going toget in the gutter and play that game, what should I call you, Fascist?

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Come on Dave are you capable of debating and addressing any of the multitude of points and comments above or do you just have name calling?

      • DaveH

        There are so many things wrong with Eric’s comments, but I will only pick one paragraph.
        Eric says — “I am not or have never been for big govt. You on the other hand and anyone who stands for defense and the obscene military industrial complex are the ones who really are for big govt. You just want to gut services for the sick, poor, unemployed, disabled, veterans, immigrants, women and students. It so easy to pick on them. Shame on you”.
        1) Anybody who reads my comments regularly knows that I’m against the Imperialism of the US, enforced by a mostly unwitting Military.
        2) I don’t want to gut services for the poor. I want you Progressives to quit stealing other peoples’ money for your own pet peeves. You and your kind, Eric, on the other hand are indeed harming the poor. By stealing other peoples’s money and consuming it (through your hired thugs in Government), you cause a resultant shortage of Capital for Plants and Equipment, thus depriving people (including the poor) of much needed jobs, products, and services.
        Anybody who is not so far gone as to have a closed mind, like Eric, can figure that out with a little help from this author (see Chapter 7 “The Morality of Capitalism”):

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        And no Dave the Progressive Left is not for big ineffective corrupt govt, that’s the conservative hypocrites. Get it right.

      • DaveH

        Eric says — “what should I call you, Fascist?”.
        You could, but then anybody who reads my comments regularly knows that is as far from the truth as one can get. But then truth has never really held much room in your life, has it?

      • DaveH

        Eric says — “And no Dave the Progressive Left is not for big ineffective corrupt govt, that’s the conservative hypocrites”.
        Well, at least that’s the lip service. Some may be, others just don’t know any better. But your Principles, Eric, are corrupt from the get-go, because you are stealing other peoples’ money to implement your own pet peeve programs. And the fact, that those programs are manned by people who virtually can’t be fired and are unaccountable for their screw-ups, virtually insures the ineffectiveness that you claim to be against.
        Also, your vitriolic attacks, on those you disagree with, belie your contentions of caring for your fellow human beings.
        I am glad you post here though, Eric, because how else can people become acquainted with the real Progressive mindset (Not the one they portray in public where people know them).

      • Mark

        Hey Eric, mark agian,, you did not go to all those web links I left for you did you?? so your the hypocrite,,, as if you dont study all the facts, then your just ranting over your perception, not reality,,, so go ahead now, go read all those articles and data sources,, dont be delusional now,,

      • DaveH

        Eric says — “Come on Dave are you capable of debating and addressing any of the multitude of points and comments above or do you just have name calling?”.
        That is a laugh riot, Eric.
        Following are a sampling of quotes from Eric’s personally attacking comments just on this board:
        “they are the definition of crazy”.
        “I can just hear the peanut gallery sell us on how the Tea Party will fix things”
        “All liars. All Greedy Bastards. All full of crap.”
        “perpetrated by liars and greedy bastards”
        “Sorry Mark you drank the Koolaid too”
        “you disingenuous clowns”
        “you are confused and probably a little disingenuous”.

        And this guy tells us he reads books? Obviously not Etiquette books.

    • JeffH

      So says the self proclaimed, mis-understood progressive(commie)Eric the Red!

  • FreedomFighter

    “the economic knowledge of Obama’s supporters comes from books. Unfortunately, the books were written by Karl Marx.”

    so true, o-so-true, even worse Obama supporters dont even know who wrote the book.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • truesoy

      Freedom Fighter;

      You are right, the economic knowledge of Obama supporters come from books, that is from the history books that shows how our country was made so prosperous by those same and/or similar Obama’s policies.
      I think that given the opportunity to develope critical thinking couple with the study of American historywill give you an insight to the real America, the way it is, and not the way and not the way others tell you it is.


  • Mike Henebry

    Lots of good discussion here. What many people refuse to believe is that Obama is the most fiscally conservative president we have had since Eisenhour. Modern “neoconservatives” continue to persue a “borrow and spend” policy that is leading to our financial ruin. “tax and spend” is the only responsible, rational and honest way to finance goverent operations and benefits.

    I had some bumper stickers made up that read, “Proud to be a Tax and Spend Fiscal Coservative”. I will provide anyone a sticker for $4 each.

    • DaveH

      I need only say one thing to prove you wrong, Mike.
      Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Patient protection as in keeping the mafia insurance business from discriminating Dave?
        And affordble care which should have been medicare for all, but the conservatives fought and we ended up with this abortion instead. Nice try. You are a conservative Dave aren’t you?

        Hey if you are going to spend all the money on war and empire building while giving the wealthy a tax cut at the same time and then letting bankers steal the rest then how did you expect this to end?

      • DaveH

        You’re a liar and a slanderer, Eric. But then why should that surprise anybody?
        Show me any comment of mine anywhere in which I supported War or Imperialism.

      • truesoy


        You seem to be a loyal and dedicate conservative republican, therefore I wish to hear from you a logical and republican sensible (if possible) explanation as to why:

        a) when the republicans were promoting the same health care reform act as far back as the 1970′s, and then in the 1980′s when the ‘Heritage Foundation’ jumped in the bandwagon of health care reform and promoted the same identical reform as Obama’s affordable care act, including the individual mandate, because as you must know republicans are big on personal responsibility; all the republicans cheered. Even Newt thought it was so great that he wanted it at the national level after Romney instituted it.
        b) at which point of the evolutionary process you opposition to Obama’s health care reform act took place, after the ‘official republicans sources told you so, or before their talking points ‘undold’ you of its merits?
        c) and why if it was good then, isn’t good now?
        d) and if it was constitutional then, why isn’t now?
        e) and if they, the republican movers and shakers of the republican party, are telling you the truth now, does that mean they were lying to you before?….But if
        f) they were not lying before, then they must be lying now, right?
        I suppose you will rationalize some sort of concoction to justified it., but it won’t fly.


    • Nadzieja Batki

      Unless O is the Devil’s Advocate to get America to wake up, he is not a fiscal conservative.

  • Rick Rogers

    Well Lets see. Warren Buffet the 3rd Richest man Does not seem to agree with your, Bill Gates The 2nd Richest Man does not seem to agree with you. Nobel Prize winner Joseh Stiglitz, Who the Republicans said did not have enough experience to be Sec. of Treasury does not seem to agree with you . So I think maybe I listen to a group worth 105 Billion and a nobel Price in Economic Sciences. But then What do they know.

  • http://N/A mike hardin

    It is not both the Dems and Republicans fault. Just look at reid and palosi, enough said. I am so tired of watching and listening to all the B.S. from the lib dems They think they know how to spend my money better than I do, and tant they are entitled to it. Makes me sick. Send them packing.

  • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

    All they have to do is bring out the facts that plainly show what happens to any one that doesn’t believe that they aren’t entitled to a handout and freeby way of life. Demonized for being greedy! Not wanting to share your good fortune with them .. Being stupid enough to work and save. Being smart enough to start a buisness, or independent life style. That govt job thing is real independence. Get to work when you feel like it and dont exert yourself too much for safty reasons.. I tried that crap for a couple winters and found how phoney it realy was.. I was surrounded with double dippers that were as commie as the dip sh–t in the WH. Called gov. employes.. There are truely two different worlds , those that produce and those that consume…

  • Nick

    “borrow and spend” = steal from your children and grandchildren so you can be irresponsible and have what you want today.

    “tax and spend” = steal from your neighbor so you can be irresponsible and have what you want today.

  • Sally Jo

    We are in for a major has to happen. Sad…but how can America inflate itself again…Only through inflation. Read the book titled..”Aftershock” written by Robert Wiedemer. Copyright 2011. He also predicted the place to start is audit on Federal Reserve.

  • Stephan F.

    Great piece Wayne — I agree with everything you pose except with the following:

    Considering your statement of “The second America is represented by private-sector entrepreneurs, small-business owners and job creators…”, I believe you should add this: “and every person working in the public sector, from the top line bosses to the lowest on the totem pole.”

    You see, it’s not just the business owners & frontline entrepreneurs that make the world go-round, it also includes us everyday schmucks (like myself) who trod off to work every single day to help produce the goods & services that all of us want.

    Correction # 2 is about this notion of so-called “job creators”. Sorry Wayne, but we’re constantly bombarded by talk about this strange thing called “job creation”, and I cringe every time I hear about how it when someone brings it up out of habit. Why — because the intended meaning of this modern day bromidic term of contemporary doublespeak is pure bunk. More concisely, the term is an Orwellian misnomer.
    Rational individuals clearly understand that government can’t create jobs in the private sector…and that goes for businesses too! What? Yes, you heard that right, private enterprise doesn’t “create jobs” either. Jobs come into existence (if allowed) as a result of their demand in the marketplace. And this is driven by customers of businesses, who are the real driving force.

    A false portrayal painted by the MSM is that businesses’ main concern should be some societal obligation & responsibility to hire employees, the more the better, for the good of all — a patently ridiculous concept.

    Businessmen who hire people are simply performing the very last step in the “job creation” process. They never hire anyone based on some benevolent ideal that it’s their fiduciary duty to do so. But, incredibly, some businesses unknowingly mislead the public by giving lip service to this silly notion by saying things like, “Look, I have a business, I’m a job creator”. Ridiculous!! Like most human endeavors, employers hire people for one prominent reason — they benefit from it.

    So please, let’s stop debating using the phony and mind-numbing terms “created” by the statists and their MSM minions, because there’s just ain’t no such thing as “job creation”.

    • Stephan F.

      Ooops – big error on my part, sorry.

      “every person working in the public sector”
      should be
      “every person working in the “PRIVATE” sector.

      Obviously the public sector contributes absolutely nothing to the production of wealth in an economy, Obombma’s claim otherwise notwithstanding.

      • truesoy

        Stephan F;

        By the way, have you noticed how the same people (conservative republicans) that sell you on the idea that government is evil, and that the private sector is where everyone should be, are always the ones either spending millions to be elected to government and/or spending millions to remain in government? and don’t you notice how wealthy they become, including Ron Paul?.
        Just food for thought.


    • DaveH

      Then, Stephan, explain to us why the consumers in the countries at the bottom of this list don’t drive good economies:

  • Mar-Lynne Balczon

    And all short men are jockey’s and all tall men are basketball players… this articles starts out with so many gross stereotypes, that all republicans work in the private sector and all democrats work for the government….and the generalizations go on from there…why do people believe this drivel? The author just preaches his “talking points” to his choir, facts don’t matter. Sad but there is so much power in telling people what they want to hear rather than researching the facts for this article. Did you know that the reading comprehension of the average American is at the 8th grade level? Don’t believe me, research it.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So you insult the writer of this article, you insult the Conservatives and/or Libertarians on this site just to let us know what a smart girl you are.

      • Mar-Lynne Balczon

        Mr. Batki,

        It’s you and I that should be insulted. The author presents himself as a serious journalist but stuffs his work with piles of stereotypes and unsubstantiated “facts”. If you or I were to present this article to a High School or University Professor, whether that instructor is a Conservative or a Liberal, he or she would immediately recognize that we had not done our homework and were trying to “BS” our way through the paper. The instructor expects that whatever our political position, we should present it with substantiated facts and honest research. This author makes money by “BSing” us with lazy “talking points” that should insult both of us. Obviously you care enough to have read his article and many of the responses and I have the utmost respect for your time and concern. Conversely, I think the author is just collecting a pay check. You and I deserve better information for the time we’ve spent.

    • chuckb

      mar-lynne, you have it wrong, most democrats don’t work!

      • Karolyn

        And where is the proof of this intellligent remark, chuck?

      • Mar-Lynne Balczon


        You could be right. You could be mistaken. But what an interesting topic! Do you have the data? If not, perhaps you could find it on the Bureau of Labor Staistics site, or even the info from voter registration: Employed? Unemployed? Age, etc. and the voter’s acknowledged political affiliation. What a great topic! Let us know what you find out. The National statistics would be interesting, and even more so, the political affiliation of the unemployed state by state. Even better, what some of the differences beween states might be…..and why. I’ll check back and am looking forward to being informed by you.

    • truesoy


      To believe anythingh based on facts is not a conservative virtue.


  • http://yahoo Bill & Vilma Kirby

    Wow, took awhile but I read all the posts and just a few were really hateful. Basically we all agree that both dems and repubs caused this awful mess and obama just made it worse. But we are only talking a good game. Now if we come together in November and totally clean the house, ( the entire congress and white-house). We can do it if we ALL just come together. Yes, 51 mil gov employees, 30 mil on welfare and food stamps, the 50% not paying taxes and the 98% of the black population are a lot of obama voters to overcome. But if you love and want your country back, we better get serious and come together in November and totally clean out the Washinton Cesspool.

  • Fedup!

    I am willing to bet that Delroy Brown is racist and can’t stand to see his/her King fall. Wake up because you will be thrown under the bus as soon as you have been used up!

  • Fedup!

    Flashy can’t comment without lying! LIAR!!!!! I am willing to bet you are paid to be here as well!

  • http://none john johns

    Two words: complete recycle. The aforementioned repeals will be the ticket out of this mess but the status quo will prevent it.

  • Tunaman


  • 45caliber

    As Wayne stated, they don’t believe there is a problem as long as their check keeps coming from the government. They believe that the rest of us are just griping because we are having to pay that check for them. And they feel that we are making far more than they are (which, of course, is wrong) so we are just griping. And as long as their checks keep coming you will never convince them otherwise.

  • hedy

    delroy brown
    wy dont you crawl back under the rock were you bin, bush was also in foult,yes but obama that thug put us 15 trillion in dept in 3 years , i know you dont belive it , so please take your head out of obamas ass and you may see , ore goo to planet stupid

    • Karolyn

      Before calling someone else stupid, a person should learn how to spell himself.

  • chuckb

    i feel sorry for barry!, just think if he’s re-elected, look at the mess he will inherit

  • HKaufman

    They learned from YOU Wayne Allen Root, the king of ILLERATE AMERICA. Bob needs to remove your poison pen and send you back to being a writer for High School Annuals. You need to look into getting some EST therepy, there is something very wrong going on inside that OCCIPITAL PROTUBERENCE that sit between your ears and houses what I laughing call your Grey Matter. VINI VIDI VICI….

    • DaveH

      HKaufman must be one of those self-proclaimed “compassionate” Liberals.

  • chuckb

    the bolsheviks are out in force, their boy in the white house is so screwed up they have lots to overcome. he and the hilda beast are assisting the muslim brotherhood in controlling the middle east, overthrowing governments and now trying to assist them in getting a foothold in the united states. how long will it be before they start pushing sharia law. we now have a dilemma, we have a president who i believe is a genuine muslim, he has a staff full of communist jews. so where do the christian americans fit into this picture?

  • Jay

    The late Georgetown University historian Carroll Quigley said in his book titled, “Tragedy and Hope:”

    “(T)he powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences.”

    By controlling democratic and despotic governments as well as others in between, they’ve moved closer to absolute global control of money, credit and debt to dominate economies, politics, commerce, and imperial adventurism. As a result, they’ve benefitted handsomely at the expense of nations and popular interests.

    Josiah Stamp, former Director of the Bank of England said:

    “Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again.”

    “However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money.”

    Aesop said “We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.” Bankers with money power are the most pernicious of all.

    Ellen Brown’s must-read book titled, “Web of Debt” discussed private banking, how it usurped money creation power, and how we can get it back.

    She explained what growing numbers know about the malignant effects of its destructive power.

    Everyone should understand that the Fed isn’t federal. It’s a private banking cartel owned by its major bank members in 12 Fed districts. New York has controlling power through its majority interest.

    As a result, the Fed rules globally with the European Central Bank, Bank of England, and Bank of Japan. They’re the world’s dominant central banks along with the Bank for International Settlements – the central bank for central bankers, or unaccountable banking boss of bosses.

    In America, except for coins, banks create money called Federal Reserve notes, in violation of the Constitution under Article I, Section 8 that gives Congress sole power “To coin (create) money (and) regulate the value thereof….;”

    Coins and paper money comprise less than 3 percent of America’s money supply. The rest is in computer entries for loans.

    Banks create money that didn’t previously exist. Around 30% of it is for their private accounts – for speculation and other non-productive purposes.

    A 1960s Chicago Fed booklet called Modern Money Mechanics explained how through “fractional reserve” banking, saying:

    “(Banks) do not really pay out loans from the money they receive as deposits. If they did this, no additional money would be created. What they do when they make loans is to accept promissory notes in exchange for credits to the borrowers’ transaction accounts.”

    Money is created by “building up” deposits in the form of loans. They, in turn, become more deposits, not the reverse. The system goes back centuries based on the idea that paper receipts can be issued and loaned out repeatedly.

    Under the gold standard, enough had to be held in reserve so depositors had access to their money. Today it’s run the presses, anything goes, and print it like confetti, even if currency debasement’s risked.

    Fractional reserve banking literally creates money out of thin air. It’s then used to create multiples more.

    Unlike previous times, today’s major banks are “giant betting machine(s).” Traditional banking is a lost art, at least at the mega-bank level. Most, or at least many, community ones operate responsibly.

    Run recklessly, banking giants use multi-trillions for high-risk casino-type operations, through devices like derivatives and securitization scams.

    Since Andrew Jackson’s presidency (1829 – 1837), the federal debt hasn’t been paid off, only interest to bankers and other owners of US obligations.

    The 16th Amendment let Congress levy an income tax so bankers could be paid interest on federal debt. If America controlled its own money, it would be interest-free, and taxing people to pay it wouldn’t be necessary.

    Early colonists did it. So did Lincoln. Why not now by returning money power to public hands where it belongs. Onerous taxes would be minimized or eliminated. Money for productive growth could be created inflation-free. Prosperity could be sustained. Full employment and social justice would be possible.

    Imagine that America. Imagine the entire world that way, instead of one plagued by booms, busts, inflation, deflation, instability, crisis, and perhaps the greatest ever Depression today bankers caused for their own self-interest to achieve greater consolidation, wealth and power.

  • Jay
  • Melody

    I personally am tired of the verbal abuse, demeaning tone, and success bashing of the democrats and Obama and his thugs. Every business owner, including me, heard what the president said and know exactly what he meant…. and we also know his agenda. Those who are trying to spin Obama’s words and say differently are either a government worker, work for the media, a union member, or on Obama’s payroll. None of them own, operate, or have built a business. And by the way…. what is his obsession with roads and bridges???? Roads and bridges don’t pay taxes…. they consume them…but it is business people who pay the taxes for those bridges…. BO needs to bend over and kiss ……. well…. you know what I mean

  • Proud American from NYC

    To Nancy in Nebraska

    Hello Nancy,

    I agree with what you wrote earlier, on the New World Order, and I feel that is why this governement is destroying this economy on purpose. And it is only going to get worse, I too read the Bible and everything is falling into place as the bible says, especially in the book of Revelation, this government does have a evil agenda and that is why they are working on taking people guns and to leave us defenseless. Last year of Dec. 2011 obama sign into order marital law, why? and what for? he must know something that the rest of us Americans don’t know. I do believe that their will be first the economy crash, perhaps this year, or he may cancel the election. Then expect food a shortage and riots in the streets. This is comming soon, and in regards to obama healthcare I remember that the REID chip is in the healthcare. This chip will be inserted into the back of your hand to be scan and it will be used for medical records and personal information and for keeping track of everyone and limiting more of our freedoms, without this chip you can’t buy or sell or work. This will be a cashless societie and that is why the economy will crash. Their is a lot more going on that the American people are not aware of, this government want us dumb down and fighting amoung each other. We are loosing America as we once knew it, obama is a dictator and he is getting a lot of help from people like nancy the dingbat and Reid, and many others. Congress is useless they all know the truth and no one is stoping this train wreck, not one of these politicians all accept Ron Paul who has been honest about letting us now that we are loosing our country.

    I know that I got off track, but the truth is that everything is connected, first the economy crashes then the rest follows. I pray that this nighmare will end and I would love to be wrong on all of this. For the first time in my life I am scare of what is happening to our country and our children’s future in America as we once knew it, land of the Free and the Brave. Too many good Men died for Ameica and our freedmons through out all the wars and now we are loosing it to a dictator who needs to be impeach, he is not of this country he should never been elected for president he was born in Kenya and not in the US as the law requires and everyone in washington knows this. These traitors in washington are letting him do what ever he wants and he trampling on our Constitutional Rights and changing our laws to his radical beliefs. What will he impose on us next the Sharia law?

    May God help Us, we are in a fight for our lives

  • chuckb

    proud american, we have already lost the country when they elected barry soetoro president. nobody is concerned that we are inserting our power throughout the middle east, overthrowing countries and allowing the muslim brotherhood to gain dominance.
    nobody seems concerned we are allowing .the nation of islam to police the streets of chicago, the mayor and the police department are afraid to use force, afraid of the accusation of racism.
    the media is demanding romney expose his tax forms and other information
    while in the past they allowed the following:
    and they want 12 years of Romney’s tax returns???? THIS should be on billboards all over our nation!
    occidental college records– sealed

    columbia records–sealed

    columbia thesis –sealed

    harvard college records–sealed

    selective service records–sealed

    illinois state senate records–sealed

    illinois state senate schedule–sealed

    medical records –sealed

    law practice client list–sealed

    certified copy of origin birth certificate sealed

    signed embossed paper certification of live birth–sealed

    baptism record–sealed

    michelle obama can no longer practice law?

    michelle has 22 assistants, when other first ladies had one

    “foreign student aid” as a college student?

    used ?? country’s “passport” when you visited pakistan in 1981

    and the media is demanding romney release his records or else he is hiding something!!

    • tlgeer

      “occidental college records– not a public record

      columbia records–not a public record

      columbia thesis –not a public record

      harvard college records–not a public record

      selective service records–not a public record

      illinois state senate records–

      illinois state senate schedule–not sealed

      medical records –not a public record

      law practice client list–not a public record

      certified copy of origin birth certificate – not a public record for 75 years

      signed embossed paper certification of live birth–not a public record for 75 years

      baptism record–not a public record

      michelle obama can no longer practice law? This is not true, whatsoever. Check the Illinois Bar Association instead of relying on gossip

      michelle has 22 assistants, when other first ladies had one – Not true
      Laura Bush had between 22-24 Assistants
      Lady Bird Johnson had 30.
      Jacqueline Kennedy had 40

      “foreign student aid” as a college student? This has NEVER been proven at all

      used ?? country’s “passport” when you visited pakistan in 1981 – What proof do you have that he used anything other than his US Passport?

      All you are doing is repeating crap that has been disproved so many times that it is stupid to continue repeating it. Maybe you have a reading comprehension problems.

      Wanting to believe something does not mean that it is true.

  • Mike Milligan

    Totally agree If this guy wins life as we know it in our country will be as we “knew” it Not good!

  • fastfood

    I have to disagree with you on one point, Mr. Allyn. Corporations, while creating only about six per-cent of US businesses, create many honest jobs, in some cases hundreds of thousands of jobs.

    While I otherwise agree with you, I must agree with jak kilrush’s post of
    July 26, 2012 at 1:57 am. jak’s post is probably right on the money. I could be way off base, which is perhaps very likely; I predict that come November some liberals and many ‘conservatives’ will find themselves out of a job and replaced with other conservatives. Or at least I hope this will be the case.

  • old hillbilly

    The problem isn’t two America’s! Instead of looking for two Americas and trying to comp-romise them, Let’s find the real America and nurse it back from its death bed!

    The cancer is tolerance and compromise! We’ve compromised the core of goodness until we no longer discriminate between good and bad. Discrimination is literally scorned! We’ve tolerated The “Obamanation” to a point where the abomination is the norm!

  • s c

    First, utopians don’t read [ask Queen Nancy Pelosi about THAT]. Second, utopians don’t understand what they read. Third, utopians don’t think [ask Eric the Hun Holder about THAT]. Fourth, utopians are required to be proud of being a part of the utopian collective [if it sounds good, feels good, smells good or promises the impossible it MUST be good].

  • Stan Bumgarner M. Div.

    Mr. Root. Is your irony intentional?

    It’s interesting you suggest we call a detective to solve a murder, a fireman to put out a fire, a teacher to teach us math. Aren’t these all government workers? Are they not the very people you disparage as economic illiterates because they receive a paycheck every two weeks instead of hustling to make a commission?

    Maybe these “gubment” employees are economicaly illterate but I’m glad they show up when my house is on fire. Besides, most of the policeman and firemen I know are conservatives. And many belong to unions. Can you be conservative and economically illiterate as well?

    You also describe the suffering going on in the private sector by bemoaning the diminished income of mortgage brokers, real estate brokers, insurance brokers, and stock brokers. Aren’t these the private sector industries that created the financial meltdown? I don’t think Mr. Obama was in office when that cabal brought all of us to the precipice of worldwide financial disaster. Do you honestly believe private industry was in any position to save those enitities “too big to fail”?

    What am I missing here? I feel your passion, but your logic evades me.

    Here’s an irony you may be able to help me with–Republicans and conservatives glorify the “self-made man.” Why then do they nominate and elect candidates who come from privilige and enjoy a long history of being “gubment” insiders like the Bushes and now the presumptive nominee, Mitt Romney? The last two Democratic presidents came from nothing families and ended up in the White House. Which men truly embody the values you hold true?

    A liberal leaning independent

    • truesoy


      Mr. Root is a very conservative individual, as you can tell by the article; and conservatives have ‘selective’ memory, therefore he probably forgot by now that he put this foot in his mouth.



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