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Who Wants to Confiscate Your 401(k) and IRA?

May 11, 2009 by  

Who Wants to Confiscate Your 401(k) and IRA?

If you’re like most people who are planning for retirement you have been socking away your money in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or 401(k) plan.

And when the Dow Jones Industrial Average reached 14,198.10 on Oct. 11, 2007, you thought you were set. The Dow was running up. Your retirement funds were growing. Everything looked good.

Then stocks began a downward slide that turned into a cliff dive by the following spring as the full extent of the financial crisis came to light. To make matters worse, the market then showed what it thought of the efforts of Congress and the President (both Bush and Obama) to stem the crisis—it tanked.

Fast forward to March 6, 2009. Stocks hit their lows and your retirement funds had dropped by 40 percent to 60 percent.

Now your retirement years no longer look quite so rosy. You’re thinking you may have to work an additional 10 years just to build that nest egg back to October 2007 levels.

Well, don’t fret, help is on the way. The same entity that’s done such a great job of managing Social Security may soon be managing your personal retirement plan.

Congressional Democrats have been holding hearings to decide what to do to help Americans prepare for retirement. Their conclusions: It might be a good thing for the government to eliminate tax breaks for 401(k)s, IRAs and similar retirement accounts, confiscate them and convert them to universal Guaranteed Retirement Accounts (GRA) managed by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Now unions are joining the bandwagon. Ross Eisenbrey, vice president of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), was quoted in a union publication saying that he supports a plan to centralize all retirement plans for American workers. His plan includes private 401(k)s and IRAs.

What he wants is for the government to confiscate your private retirement plan and set up a government pension system for everyone similar to the European system. And as is usual with grand government schemes nowadays, individual choice no longer applies.

The SEIU, by the way, is one of the nation’s largest labor unions and it invested heavily in getting President Barack Obama elected. Plus, the union is working with the left-leaning Economic Policy Institute and the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare on the plan.

In other words, the SEIU carries a lot of clout with this President and Democrat-controlled Congress.

But the SSA hasn’t done such a great job managing Social Security. According to the Congressional Budget Office, Social Security outlays will exceed revenue in 2019, and Social Security funds will be exhausted in 2049.

So, for a 20-year-old just entering the job market who will pay into the system for 40 to 45 years, there is no hope of recovering that money when he or she retires.

There is currently no bill in committee or before Congress to set up a GRA. But the fact that it’s being discussed in committees and pushed by Big Labor should be enough to frighten you.

It’s time to consider, if you haven’t already, your financial plans for your retirement years—whether you are 20, 70 or somewhere in between. Is it time to cash it out? That’s for you to decide along with a tax or financial advisor, as the penalties for early withdrawal are oppressive.

Regardless, as the Federal Reserve prints dollar upon dollar to fund its economic stimulus Ponzi schemes, gold as an investment looks better and better.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Robin from Indiana

    How much more socialist can it get!? Not only do they want all our retirement monies, they want to let the union in on it! Are we crazy or stupid?

    • Jim

      There is no guarantee even when the government manages retirement funds. Just count how many times the British Government has devalued the retirement accounts of hard working British citizens.

      • Henry Robertson

        So TRUE!

        Wake up America, before it’s to late!

        We need an American born President who is not dazzled by the Arab world especially in these times brought on by Legislators who have no idea what it is to lead! In these times they spend days trying to write a bill to protect pedophiles as a minority class? LOL?

    • Jeff


    • Rev. Dale D. Connell

      I would like to encourage you and everybody for that matter, to reread George Orwell’s “1984″ and “Animal Farm.” It seems as though we are seeing it happen right in front of us. Who would think that we would see his fiction turning into non-fiction in our day. Yes! It should make one to stop and think. However, I’ve and read and studied the Book of Ezekial, Daniel, and Revelation – even preached on the prophecies and still do. I know that Jesus is Coming to Rapture those who claim is Name, and after that – The world will experience a tribulation that it has never seen in previous history. Yes! We are fast approaching the End of The Age. When, I don’t know the date and time but God does say : “…thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee. Revelation 3:3 (e).

      • Thomas Stamps

        You better check your time again, if you think you are going to miss the tribulations. Have a good day.

      • http://personalliberty june diehl

        **Amen Brother! Spread the Word! There are some variations in agreements on facts, but essentially your message is correct and worth attention.jfh

      • Terri Wear

        strong text
        Reverend Connell,
        I couldn’t agree with you more.. I see with each passing day the world getting closer to what the word of God says WILL come to pass. This is the time to bring in the harvest! God is doing amazing things in peoples lives today, just as he said, “In the Last Days, his spirit would be poured out among his people! I pray we are all ready. I can’t imagine a place being prepared for us that is going to be so glorious! I’m so ready to get out of this horrible world and be with my family and SING with the ANGELS, But mostly, speak with my Lord. Praise GOD! Keep on witnessing, being an example, the time is drawing nigh! The word tells us so! Thanks so much for allowing me to share!

    • Bill

      Yes, we let him be elected!

      • Sunni

        We really had no choice. It was predetermined by people that we should fear but still fight against. People need to study history and as in a prior post read your Bible Daniel 6:8 (I believe off the top of my head).
        Study the Federal Reserve and who founded it
        Read about the Bilderberg Group
        Read about the Illuminati -
        Do a google search “13 illumnati bloodline families.”

        What everyone needs to focus on is Our Constitutional Rights; Print it, read it and get involved in making changes by voting out Incumbents that don’t vote for Our Constitutional Rights. Quit wringing your hands and put them in motion.

        • Terri Wear

          Amen Sister!! Doing something, collectively is so much more than sitting on our hands doing nothing but whinning!! I totally agree with your post. Lots of Prayer can hurt either!!

    • OrlandoRican

      Apparently we are both. Or at least our elected officials (ALL OF THEM!) think so.

    • Jackie

      Write, call, or email your representatives. Tell them you are fed up with the government taking and taking and taking! Tell them to keep their hand off our private retirement funds! Tell them they are out of control and need to back off! If enough people respond they will listening. They are now beginning to question the validity of the global warming alarmist because millions have voiced their opinions that global warming is a fraud. Many reputable scientist have debunked the global warming theory. So let these people know your opinion and don’t be all nice about it. Let them know we are mad as hell!!! George Washington lost many battles but his perseverance won the war!!! DON’T GIVE UP. INSTEAD SPEAK UP!!!

      • Terri Wear

        Yeah for you Jackie… If I knew a better way, or, something more I could do to help this matter, I would be on it like crazy.. I, like you, feel like if we all stand up and make a ruckus instead of just choking down whatever is thrown at us… Someone will HAVE to listen…. Keep up with what your doing, I know we are!!

    • Mike

      Can the government confiscate gold as well?

      • Julia

        Yes, Mike it can and it already has been. Obama has started to contacting brokers and those people who buy large blocks (not meaning bricks) and started to clamp down on who can/can’t buy gold. That is why it has become hard to buy and why the price has sky rocketed within the last few months. The press won’t report on this though. Also, any American’s who are banking gold and dollars abroad have been told to bring their money home or face severe penalty (i.e., taxes). No surprise there either. Expect gas to hit $5 dollars a gallon by September 09.

      • Dave

        Yes Mike, in 1942 a law was enacted that made it illegal to hold and own gold.
        Anything and everything ‘could’ happen.

      • Sunni


        Here is a very interesting video from Fox News. Dave Ramsey makes a good point that needs to be taken to heart by people. Things of intrinsic value in times of need are more valuable than gold. We aren’t going to be trading gold nuggets for food or water but if we have food & water we can do for ourselves.
        link text

    • Dan

      This must be the change we need (sarcastic) as only an idiot would believe in Obama.

      • Mike D.

        And there are plenty of idiots !!!!!!!!!!

      • Terri Wear

        WOW!! Such an impact your few little words said, how true it is…
        I totally agree!!!

    • http://none Smilee

      Robin from Indiana

      They are not going to confiscate your retirement funds, there is talk about different regulation to better protect them for you. The Corporate lobby have much more influence that union lobby as they are much bigger. So whats the real concern? As far as I know there is no dispute between both these lobbys on this issue except maybe the banking lobby.

  • Bill in Indiana

    What, we should be surprised that our Communist president and Congress would want to do something like this! It would have been better for us to have had an all out nuclear war with the the defunct U.S.S.R. than to try to survive a domestic Nuclear attack by these Demonicrats (no it is not a typo) in power now!

    Only the power of Heaven can help us now! The lunatics are running the assylum and we are all head to their insane purgatory!

    GOD help us!

    • MrPitchfork

      Actually the people can remedy this but their too chicken sh!t..

      • Jackie

        You are absolutely right! It is time to take to the streets and let these out of control, lying, cheating, megalomaniacs know that we are not going to take it anymore. It better be soon because congress just passed a law that Obama can take control of the internet in an emergency, effectively closing us off from one another. There is going to be a march on Washington DC September 12, 2009. It is only a start, but it is better than nothing. We have to let these people know we are sick of the CRAP! The constitution says we have the right to abolish our government. It’s time!!!

        • MrPitchfork

          I agree!

    • edward

      He is not only a communist he is also a muslim,radical to

      Welcome to the Dictocracy
      Written by StevenClarkBradley on Feb-12-09 7:19am
      There are two ways to enslave a people. People do not give up their Freedom. They naturally take it for granted. The search for Freedom has always been the driving force that has risen bowed and beaten men up from the ashes and transformed them into warriors of their people. It is the final understanding that no man makes me free, but the realization that I am altogether and utterly free, such liberty having been breathed into the nostrils of the first man and woman.
      I recently asked my students where they get their freedom, in their homelands. They all inevitably answered that it was their countries and their governments which gave them Rights. I only slightly hesitated and that no nation granted them freedom, for it was a gift of God, instilled in the very genome of humanity. Since freedom is not granted by any government, people naturally forget that Power and Freedom are in always in conflict. Freedom either slinks away like a vapor, never aware that it was almost gone, until it is no more.
      Freedom can only be snatched away from a people too dependent to stand alone, too afraid to take a risk, told that they are in an emergency and made to believe that only The One can fix it. This sorry and destructive role can only lead to the collapsing of the United States of America, much Rome, as the Republic and the Senate, slinked away into relative irrelevance. There will always be a nation here, the power brokers shall never divvy up such a great power as this nation possesses. But it shall cease to be the nation once founded on virtue, self-reliance, free thought and the expressions of those ideals.
      Such a nation that has persuaded its people to hide under the great suffocating tunic of governmental deceit shall be ultimately and utterly cast out into a scorching realization that the world they had undervalued, expected, abused, was now one in which they, as the average man and woman, possessed nothing but utility and servile thoughts of every word before it is uttered. After America spent the past two decades seeking to move away from an all inclusive government, we are about to embark on a quest, The Second Republic; headlong into a Dictocracy.
      I would be the last one to try to diminish all that Television and the Internet have given to the world, for good. I do believe the good outweighs the bad. Nevertheless, such wonderful sources of information and entertainment have given us an auberge where we can hide from the real world and cease to worry, or to be responsible to the place where we truly dwell. No, This lethargic people, this land of good and fickle masses has been awakened to see that all they worked for, all that they had achieved, the very source of survival into their years has been seized by those who were greedy and shameless.
      Then, enters Congress, this group of thugs, those who not only think we are stupid, but are sure of it. They cannot be accused of so much under-the-table maneuvering, for they steal us blind, right under our noses. Now that Congress and the White House have made this weakened people see a future, for which the government, itself, is a co-conspirator, it is obvious the American people are Impoverished to such an extent that they feel the all consuming need to depend on the Government for every need. America has believed a lie.
      How will those of us live in a world where, as he proposed, Obama will regulate the coordination of the development of life-saving drugs, supposedly to eliminate overlap of research for those studies that the Federal government funds. This is code language for the Quality of Life trumpeters who want to decide when a person should live or die. Every evil leader enslaved a people, and he accomplished it by taking away the people’s base of support and removing their source of survival, rendering a brave and powerful people at the mercy of a beast in Washington. So, are you surprised that our leaders do exactly what they know will not work?
      In Holland, Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders posted the video of Fitna, which he had produced to expose the violent nature of Islam and the threat it poses to the West. Soon afterwards, the BBC and other news outlets reported that a Dutch court has ordered Wilders to be prosecuted for making the film. The Dutch court stated, “The Amsterdam appeals court has ordered the prosecution of member of parliament Geert Wilders for inciting hatred and discrimination, based on comments by him in various media on Muslims and their beliefs,” The court went on to say, “The court also considers appropriate criminal prosecution for insulting Muslim worshippers because of comparisons between Islam and Nazism made by Wilders,” The court also stated that, “In a democratic system, hate speech is considered so serious that it is in the general interest to… draw a clear line.” I am sure you are saying, “Thank God I live in America where it isn’t (yet) a crime to insult someone.”
      Consider this; the laws on which the court charged the Dutch conservative political leader were not Dutch laws at all, but were anti-hate crimes written and enforced by the World Court of the United Nations. Europe adheres to such laws, though America has never honored them, at least until now. All conservative forces expect Barack Obama to write new hate-crime rules and laws into authority by Executive decree or through the Democratically-controlled Congress. In Fact, he does not even need to endure either of those maneuvers. He can simply decide that it is the position on the United States of America that our country shall give respect to World Court and adhere to its rulings, and it is sure that he will do so, all wrapped up in the mantle of protecting freedom and unity of the world for peace.

      Five minutes after Obama took the reins of power, the official White House website took on an Orwellian slant by stating the Obama Administration intended to institute hate-crime legislation that would make it a crime to criticize gays by merely stating our opposition to the idea of same-gender relationships. Here are some excerpts of Obama’s agenda as described openly on the White House website:
      “While we have come a long way since the Stonewall riots in 1969, we still have a lot of work to do. Too often, the issue of LGBT (lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community) rights is exploited by those seeking to divide us. But at its core, this issue is about who we are as Americans. It’s about whether this nation is going to live up to its founding promise of equality by treating all its citizens with dignity and respect.” — Barack Obama, June 1, 2007
      • Expand Hate Crimes Statutes: In 2004, crimes against LGBT Americans constituted the third-highest category of hate crime reported and made up more than 15 percent of such crimes. President Obama cosponsored legislation that would expand federal jurisdiction to include violent hate crimes perpetrated because of race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, or physical disability. As a state senator, President Obama passed tough legislation that made hate crimes and conspiracy to commit them against the law.

      • Fight Workplace Discrimination: President Obama supports the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and believes that our anti-discrimination employment laws should be expanded to include sexual orientation and gender identity. While an increasing number of employers have extended benefits to their employees’ domestic partners, discrimination based on sexual orientation in the workplace occurs with no federal legal remedy. The President also sponsored legislation in the Illinois State Senate that would ban employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

      • Support Full Civil Unions and Federal Rights for LGBT Couples: President Obama supports full civil unions that give same-sex couples legal rights and privileges equal to those of married couples. Obama also believes we need to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and enact legislation that would ensure that the 1,100+ federal legal rights and benefits currently provided on the basis of marital status are extended to same-sex couples in civil unions and other legally-recognized unions. These rights and benefits include the right to assist a loved one in times of emergency, the right to equal health insurance and other employment benefits, and property rights.

      • Oppose a Constitutional Ban on Same-Sex Marriage: President Obama voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment in 2006 which would have defined marriage as between a man and a woman and prevented judicial extension of marriage-like rights to same-sex or other unmarried couples.

      • Repeal Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell: President Obama agrees with former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff John Shalikashvili and other military experts that we need to repeal the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. The key test for military service should be patriotism, a sense of duty, and a willingness to serve. Discrimination should be prohibited. The U.S. government has spent millions of dollars replacing troops kicked out of the military because of their sexual orientation. Additionally, more than 300 language experts have been fired under this policy, including more than 50 who are fluent in Arabic. The President will work with military leaders to repeal the current policy and ensure it helps accomplish our national defense goals.

      • Expand Adoption Rights: President Obama believes that we must ensure adoption rights for all couples and individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation. He thinks that a child will benefit from a healthy and loving home, whether the parents are gay or not.
      I for one will not let such lethal doses of totalitarian rule stop my voice, for it would take a gun or a knife to do so. I would lay down my life for a lesbian, a gay, or any man or woman at all, if I found them in danger. Where do you stand? It will be this government, now at the helm of the world, which will seek to make us all afraid to speak by passing laws that bind their words to one pattern of thought. This constitutes a dictatorship wrapped up in democratic virtue. America Has Believed A Lie!

      So, there are two ways to enslave a people, Impoverish them to such an extent that they depend on the Government for every need and make them afraid to speak by passing laws that bind their tongues to one pattern of thought, at first ridiculing those who think outside the “Norm” and then imposing the government’s will in case that will certainly be challenged but never undermined. This constitutes a dictatorship wrapped up in democratic virtue. America Has Believed A Lie!

      Recently, Senator Chuck Schumer of New York nonchalantly declared “The American People Don’t Care” about Pork Projects in the Stimulus Bill:
      Senator Schumer, you are right, the American People don’t mind the Pork in the Stimulus because Congress and the White House are the American People now, and we are your slaves. So my fellow bleating lambs,

      Welcome to the Dictocracy…

      Have a driven desire to know? Have Ears To Hear? Have Eyes To See?

      Nimrod Rising – As Real As It Gets!
      Want to Get Your Own Copy Of Nimrod Rising
      or any of Steven Clark Bradley’s Novels?

      Click on one

      • http://none J.T.S.

        your absolutly right’ this goverment if you can call it that! is the worst in American history. to think it all started because of taxaction with out representation’ the people finally said enuff & fought off the people that wanted too enslave us. now 200 + years later were worse of than when we were ruled by a king & queen, the new king & queen is Obama & Michal. accually there puppets for the corperate greedsters that run America.
        All you have to do is ask your self, since these high placed goverment people are all ready millionares & there familys will never want for any thing’ why not retire & let new young blood & fresh thinkers bring America into the next centerecy? why should some one in there late 60s to all most 90 years old hang on to a job they don’t need. greed & power is the answer’ as a middle class white man 55 years old I have seen the demize // destruction of the middle class & the white man become a minority that now sits in the back of Americas freedom bus while others that arn’t even Americans get more & more rights & I’m being told that I can’t speak my mind as a free man because I might hurt some one elses feelings, that I should lower my standards so I can fit in with the rest of the world, that I should except the politicaly correct crap there teaching our kids in schools that we pay for.
        If they take every ones 401K’s & lump them into a goverment fund I think you might see the next revolution & that is what our goverment is afraid of! go to your local gun shop & ask for hand guns, loaded bullets, powder, primers, bullets for reloading they either arn’t in supply or are getting so high priced that you can’t aford them’ I beleive in Americans 2nd amendment rights & will not take away your guns quote un quote 0bama, I’ll just tax them out of exestance.
        If they grab your 401K they will right checks aginst it just like they have been doing aginst social securety for years, the peoples money that they were forced to pay there whole working lives, so they could enjoy there old age or at least survive in a resonable mannor. the point is if they would have kept there greedy mits out of that fund, there would be a lot of people now & in the future that could live a more comfortable life when they retired’ all there doing now is breeding a whole new group of criminals so they can live now! the American dream is dead.
        Thanks for leting me reply, or at least untill the goverment takes over the internet, hell there spying on us now’ good thing I didn’t use any derogitoy words about some one in office.
        poor white pissed of minority

      • T.L.Y.

        Have you read the Left Behind series, written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins? It’s a fictional account of the end times based on the Book of Revelations. The books were written in the 90s. It’s crazy eerie how parallel what’s happening in today’s world are with the events in these books. Very worthwhile reading. The one thing I can say for sure is that my God is so much bigger! God bless all of the misled…

        • Terri Wear

          I also seen that series, TIm LaHaye done a wonderful job on his view of how things will be… I think all who are worried and really don’t know what to expect should see these movies. Not for a scare tactic, for the education value, I’ll say this… It’ll open your eyes, and heart like nothing else will….
          Lord, bless us all and help us to keep a clean heart and ready for your coming.. Thats my prayer. Left Behind…. will truely be horrible!!

      • Billie

        the time has come……

  • John

    As Robin suggests this is just another of the multitude of tentacles that the Dems are using to take over and control our lives. One of their reasons for taking over our 401Ks/IRAs is to rescue SS. If the populous makes too much of a stink about their taking in our 401K/IRA, they will via their control of the banks and Wall Street keep the market down, so their “buy-out” program looks more attractive.

    • jcperk

      The Clinton and Bush Administration robbed the SS Fund. They took trillions out of that fund. The reason Washington wants our 401ks and IRAs, etc is so they can put all that money into the SS Fund or a separate fund so they can rob it too. The is a fact that the Clinton and Bush Administration robbed the SS fund.

  • rev. Dale D. Connell

    Those who have voted for President Obama are getting what they voted for, and are now complaining. We who did not vote for him, saw through his eloquence, rhetoric, deceitful arrogant smile, saw right through him. Everyone needs to read "The Case Against Barack Obama." by David Freddoso. This book was already published and out on the shelfs in 2008 during the Presidential Race.

    Rev. Dale D. Connell
    restoring The Landmarks Ministry

    • Dave

      Dear Reverend,
      I am not exactly sure here how your comment addresses the article and the 401K implications, but perhaps the book you plugged does address this issue. Those who voted for him are not backing down; have you had any conversations with any of them lately? They are all as nuts as ever, perhaps more so. Those of us who can think, who do have a head on our shoulders are perceived as Bush lovers and other such nonsense. There is not a single clear argument in their silly little heads.
      All that said, we must all ask constantly, What can be done? I honestly do not hear any Republicans in The District of Corruption screaming about this. And we all know the list of abuses against ordinary, and law-abiding Americans is getting longer and longer each day.
      Of course, they will go after our money, they will go after every cent they can get their greedy corrupt hands on and they will spend it. Not to create jobs, puhleeze, to create their empire(s).
      Rev., we must continue to try to get the Dems to see through this foggy picture, (clear for us but foggy for them), and the way I do it is to beg them, yes, I beg them to please just listen to the man’s own words. He LIES. No, they do not want to hear this; the typical response is something like, “Well he’s a lot better than Bush.”
      This is the way it goes in this ridiculous dialogue and in these crazy times. I go slowly, like with a pre-schooler and I reiterate my plea, “Just listen to his own words. If you don’t care for yourself and/or your rich liberal peers, please think about your children; nieces; nephews; siblings.
      I grant you, this doesn’t work Rev., but for right now it is all I’ve got.
      As for his eloquence, the man can literally not speak without a teleprompter and those darn things being on either side of the stage all of the time, it is ever so annoying that this man will never look straight ahead at the camera and at the American people, whom he is leading to slaughter.
      In closing Rev., you are in a unique situation/place in life as you have an audience several times per week; by that I mean your congregation. Believe me, those who attend church services on a regular basis ‘want’ a strong, hard-hitting message. We ‘want’ to hear our pastor/minister/priest be brave and speak out against such things as this continued culture of death and reliance upon government to solve our woes. We ‘want’ our minister to be controversial; Was Jesus not controversial? Is Christianity not controversial?
      I am a Catholic who attends a non-denominational church every week, (I go to the Catholic mass perhaps once a month), because the message in the non-denom is so strong and well delivered. In the non-denom they never back down to mention the evils of abortion; they do not fail to praise our Navy Seals in the rescue of the Captain who offered up his own life to the kidnappers on the high seas in order to save his entire crew. They do not fail to mention the controversy surrounding Notre Dame and our president, or the Miss Calif, controversy and her free speech remarks concerning a marriage being between a man and a woman.
      All for now.
      God bless.

      • http://personalliberty TruthWFree

        Good response. We’ve got to vote this guy out. He and his demono crats are destroying this great country.

    • Sandy Grabman

      The sad thing about this is that so many Obama voters are still making excuses for him and insisting he’s doing a good job. When I told one of those people that the current administration is pushing us headlong into socialism, he asked what was wrong with that. I guess the idealistic majority is too young to know what those oppressive regimes are like.

    • Hello

      and also on You Tube:
      The Obama Deception, it will scare you as you realize who the REAL power brokers are. Down with the Federal Reserve! Bernake and Geithner are the real purse string control. Do be fooled by their stupid and ditzy acts.

    • Valverde

      All anyone had to do was look at the MESSiahs past record and dealings to see where he was coming from and therefore where he would be going. Not a difficult process, just one that requires paying attention. Also, one had to be aware that certain inviolable things could not be admitted in someone who was preparing to lead our country. Basically it was this: if one believes in abortion as the MESSiah does, it indicates a certain twistedness in thinking that we should never allow in someone who will have such power over us. If we had a man or woman who was proposing to lead us, would we allow someone who walked up behind a man at a bus stop and shot him to be our President? Think of how twisted that man or woman’s mind would have to be. Now, what if we have someone who is willing to put to death the most innocent of those in our society for no reason other than that they are in the way. The MESSiah is willing and has, in effect, ordered it. That, people, is the simple reason I would never have voted for him. People say that abortion is a one issue protocol for a vote. I would say that it is the linchpin protocol, because of how twisted a person’s mind must be in order to think that it is okay to kill innocent children. I don’t have space here to go on, but this one issue is enough for me to decide if a person is worthy to lead us or not.

      • http://Comcast Dora

        Abortion: HISTORICALLY, BIGGEST BLOOD BATH!!!!! Blood of the innocent.
        Wake up America… Most so called CHRISTIANS and those that do not believe in abortion voted in Mr. ABORTION to be their President. If this issue ALONE had defeated the Demos with their socialistic agenda,all the plagues destroying our counytry would not exist.

  • http://usa J. Miller

    ..not surprising that the government now wants control. That was the agenda in the beginning. I think it’s time to extract my IRA and deposit into my folgers can. What happened to free America?! I thought spreading the wealth was going to keep us all safe from such foolishness. Oh Yeah, it was to spread my ira to someone else. God forbid. Wake up people!!

  • okappiah

    So, what will happen to all the security firms that manage our 401K plans and IRA. They will not sit there and let this happen. There is going to be a fight. This will not work. People need to think before over-reacting about this.

    • Rev. Dale D. Connell

      The Government ( sorry to say), more than likely would buy out the managed 401K’s and IRA’s. Daved Rockefeller already had this in mind in 1954 while he served on the Trilateral Commission. Now I’m dating myself. You do not hear about the Trilateral Commission today, but it still exsist Even former President George H. W. Bush served on the commission. It is a secretive commission, but was widely heard of now and then back during the 1950′s to the mid 1960′s. David Rockefeller was the first mention of unifying with the Europian Union and work for a One World Goverment.

      • Hello


        thank you.Yes this still exists and it is detailed very nicely in the Obama Deception. just google and watch. Both Presidents Bush, Carter, Clinton and now Obama were/are being controlled here.

      • Valverde

        The CFR and the Blineberg Association are secretive institutions as well and have the same purpose as the Tri-Lateral Commission: A one world economic system that enables a few at the very top to control everyone they consider to be below them.

    • Sharon

      Oh yeah? Take a look at what is happening with Chrysler and GM. Do you see people taking to the streets over this? This is a crime of the highest order against the constitution. Do you see the outrage? Or do you see NOTHING! A people ASLEEP just like they were before Hilter’s rise to power. I have been hearing about this GRA thing since last OCTOBER, a piece in BLOOMBERG. I know it is hard to face the tax penalties and that is why I still have my IRA but it is coming due in CD’s in August and I am getting closer and closer to making a complete withdrawal and putting the entire thing in gold. Numismatic gold that I keep in my own possession. I am not a rich person and I need to save what little I’ve got to weather this storm coming on all of us.
      Oh and BTW your money market accounts are not safe either because they have been buying up US treasury bonds and they are going to IMPLODE before the next year is out. If you ask me, forget about any 401k or IRA and put the money in your fricken mattress and gold and silver…and STUFF you are going to need for the next 5 years! Sheesh! And maybe Ford as a thank you to them for NOT taking bailout money! By this time next year, I swear, you will be glad you did. So now I need to go and follow my own advice.

  • JimA

    I believe if they confiscated our IRAs and 401Ks that would be unconstitutional, and certainly an outrage since it would be the confiscation of personal property. It would be no different than the government confiscating the deed to my home and all my net worth in it. If they do this, we have become a communist country with a democratic label. It won’t happen without a real legal fight from those who have accumulated savings.

    • Sandy

      The current leaders don’t seem to be hampered at all by the Constitution. Maybe they’ve never read it.

      • fox

        no mabe here thkey cant even read too busy stealing

    • talgus

      They have taken over banks and car manufacturers. Fired a CEO. No one batted an eye over the COnstitutionality. Obama has a hypnotic hold over his minions. Its in the voice and eyes back and forth to each teleprompter. What a great man. Great speaker, great campaigner, makes a great comunity organizer but a lousy President. The greatest hoax of the 21st century, POTUS BHO. Saul Alinski is applauding.

      • Valverde

        Great bullshitter, to put it simply in the most graphic but accurate terms.


        Talgus, You are so right! What we are witnessing is clearly driven by not logic reason or constitionality! What Obama is doing is driven by demonic forces! Those who deny Jesus are blinded and can not recognize the truth! Time for apathetic christians to stand up and speak the truth! We christians are to blame! For years most of us have kept quiet. Our fear of being singled out by these hate filled individuals has made us be silent. I have for years stood in the face of oppressive even screaming individuals. I have confronted them at abortion clinics, in the town square, and anywhere I can. I can tell you with certainty that these people are driven by rage, and anger. They are the children of their father, {the devil}! This is why the children of light don’t understand them, how can you understand raw evil! Yes I mean what I said! I have looked into their eyes when they were screaming in my face!………….It is time for the children of light to stand up! Yet even Jesus was condemned to death by an angry mob………..The Bible says………Isaiah 53:6-8 (New International Version)

        6 We all, like sheep, have gone astray,
        each of us has turned to his own way;
        and the LORD has laid on him
        the iniquity of us all.

        7 He was oppressed and afflicted,
        yet he did not open his mouth;
        he was led like a lamb to the slaughter,
        and as a sheep before her shearers is silent,
        so he did not open his mouth.

        8 By oppression [a] and judgment he was taken away.
        And who can speak of his descendants?
        For he was cut off from the land of the living;
        for the transgression of my people he was stricken.

        Satan knows his time is short yet just as Jesus rose from the grave and secured for us the final victory……..We too shall be with Him in that victory and every knee shall bow and every tounge confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! We speak up not for those who are already sold out to evil…..We speak up for those who are still deciding!

    • http://AT&T Lucretia

      :Personally I don’t think he’s nothing of the above, but he certainly is a liar, a communist and a muslim, and he is out to destroy our nation. But those who voted for him still believe he’s a messiah, to me he is the “anti-Christ” I guess the citizens or should I say the silent majority are hanging loose and sitting tight for what, I honestly don’t know or understand. When are we going to stop allowing the leftist democrats and the administration to ignore the Constitution and the citizens rights, are we waiting until it is too late?

      I guess we have lost our patriotism, integrity, morals, honesty, respect and have become a Godless nation.

      • Linda

        Wow! I believe like you. He has all the qualities of Satan himself which makes him an anti=christ! Remeber Satan was an ambious sort! He will eventually control us unless we stand up for truth and righteousness.

    • Rev. Dale D. Connell

      You are right, it would be unconstitutional. President Obama in the Presidential Oath: ” I defend the Constitution of the United States….” He has not done so.

      Here is what "Violations of our Constitution" he has done so far and was being done before he became President:

      1. Invasion of Iraq without a Declaration of War by Congress.
      (though we were attacked first opn 09-11-2001, we had to
      respond for the defense of our nation.)

      2. The unconstitutional,privately-owned Federal Reserve.

      3. Unconstitutional use of a fiat, debt-based paper currency.
      4. Unconstitutional bailout of private financial institutions (TARP,AIG,
      5, USA Patriot Act which violates the Bill of Rights.
      6. Unconstitutional direct, unapportined (income) taxes on
      the laborof American workers (i.e. slave taxes)
      7. Failure to enforce our exisiting immigrationi laws.
      8. Collusion to create an unconstitutional "North American Union."
      9. Infringement on the 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
      10. Legally and morally unjustifiable Foriegn Policy
      11. Secret computerized voting depriving the Right to count the Votes.
      12. National ID Cards / RFID tracking restricting free travel and infringing
      13. Unconstitutional "Welfare State"
      14. Denial of Right of Jury Nullification & Informed Juries.
      15. Unconstitutional seizures of private private for private uses
      16. Refusal to require legal evidence establishing "natural born"
      citizenship status to hold the Office of President.
      17. The Right of the People to Petition Government for Redress
      of Grievances & Right to secure such Redress.
      ( Anyone right now who opposes his agenda are called out-
      He has done this Publicly with Fox News and NPR (National
      Public Radio - Jim Lehr).

      I hope this gives you much to think on. Yes, I'm a Conservative First,

      Republlican second.

      • fox


    • Mark

      Jim I am sorry to say, sir, that the supreme court has already addressed that “right to property issue” when they over turned the immenant domain ruling and the private property issue. They allowed a city or government to take away someones property to give or sell to a third party so it will increase the taxes collected.
      So they have already ruled against the right to the private individual in favor of our all powerful government.

    • http://at&t B.Gear

      Do you really think that the Feds and Local Govt will let you own anything? Miss paying Personel property taxes or your yearly property taxes . These are paying the govt to let you keep what you have worked all your Life for and are paying in Spades to keep. Think again you only have what they let you have. Folks it’s only the begining.

      • JimA

        So what are we doing about it? Are we lobbying our representatives in Congress? Regardless of what Obama is doing, this country is formed for the people and governed by the people. We can put a stop to it all by overwhelming Congress with public pressure in large numbers, and take our country back. We can take extreme action to have our elected officials in our districts put under scrutiny and possibly thrown out of office. It ain’t easy, but it is possible. If each congressman’s district or Senate’s state did this, they would see that they weren’t elected by the majority in reality, and that their extreme actions that are taking away our liberties will not be tolerated even by those who elected them.

        • jcperk

          How do you lobby Congress when they are Obama’s puppets (Democrats and Republicans). We need to do more than lobby, we need to vote them out in 2010. We need to vote an Independent in, someone like Ron Paul or
          Mike Huckabee. Someone with honesty and truth and someone who really loves America. These people controlling us now do not, I repeat do not love America. They care nothing about the people or what the majority want.

    • http://none Smilee

      What are you worried about, nobody is talking about confiscation of your retirement funds only regulations to protect them for you. All this talk about these horrors is only in the minds of those who hate government and politicians, essentially Democrats and will fabricate anything to accomplish this end. What ever happen to telling the truth.

  • James Phillips

    To Bob Livingston,
    With regard to the confiscation article – Do you have a feeling or opinion as to what
    this would mean to an IRA holder who is already up in the 70′s and has been taking distributions for several years? I have my IRA with a broker, and am building it UP using Options. Do you feel this sweep would reach into a brokerage account and
    I would have to sell out the account and turn it into a cash account soon?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear James,
      Right now this is all just in the planning stage and no bill has been written. However, understand that the government can do whatever it wants and apparently now knows no bounds. Look at government takeover of General Motors and Chrysler, ordering firing of CEO and merger with foreign auto maker. If Congress chooses to write the law so that it confiscates IRAs, 401(k)s or savings accounts, it apparently can do so with impunity. Bob

  • Frank

    Even though this will never see the light of day (we better pray!) the fact of the matter is they are actually talking about it! This in itself should be a glaring indicator of the intentions of some of these far left nutjobs.

  • Art Hotchkiss

    Regarding JimA’s comment of and unconstitutional move by the government. Most if not all of the larger spending packages in the last six months have no basis in the constitution. Neither do most of the existing government agencies. The government sees a large pile of money sitting in 401ks and IRAs. It attracts them like flies to garbage. Even though most of our retirement accounts look like garbage now it is, for the moment, still our garbage.
    Veritas vos liberabit

  • Vince

    I did not work all my life to let this Corrupt Government and their Union lackies to take away my retirement funds.

    It is bad enough that they will be running GM and Chrysler. I have never bought a foreign car but will never buy a car from a company run by a bunch of dishonest morons!

    Instead of buying gold buy guns and ammunition!

    • http://at&t B.Gear

      I don’t know about where you live but ammo here has gone thru the roof. Due to a couple of bills in congress and and D.O.D.selling all our spent brass to the china-mens. Instead of to our own companies here in the States, they are putting them out of Business and spending tons of tax Dollars to sell to China seems we owe them for the Lead and Drugs they put in our childrens toys they manufacture BG

    • http://none J.T.S.

      right on brother’ you can stand there with you man hood in you hand but it won’t do you any good! a free man has a firearm a slave has a stick.

  • Kenneth Duncan

    It just makes one wonder what other programs our government wants to control.
    Now they are talking of taking control of money that we have worked very hard to save for our future.
    It doesn’t matter what we do obamanation wants to give it to lazy low life scum bags.

    • http://at&t B.Gear

      They think of only the future of their party and themselves BG

  • Dr. Sandra A. Chase

    Welcome to Obama World!!!!

  • George Washington

    Viva La Revelution’

  • Gary Cassidy

    Yeah RIGHT! Anyone who would fall for that ruse has to be, shall we say, mentally insufficient.

    Just another excuse for the Government to get their hands on the people’s money.

    First they get your money, then down the road they think of some legal way of screwing you out of it! All that big pile of money would just burn a hole in their pocket. Then they would just pass some law that would put it in the general fund so Congress could spend it. Just like what they did with Social Security.

    The Government turned Social Security into the biggest Ponzi scheme the world has ever seen. Now they want to do the same for everyone’s 401K money!

    NO THANKS!!!!

    Keep your money grubbing Government hands OFF OUR MONEY!!!!

  • http://at& marcy bernstein

    I would rather invest with Bernie Madoff.

  • James Davis
  • Jon

    The only logical reason that the government wants all and full control of every monetary resource, bank, and major industry is that they are preparing for a world wide electronic currency so that it will all be under one master control. I don’t think it will be too long in its revealing. World Wide Wireless RFID is already a substantiated reality, and they will be micro-chipping the military in 2010, and the rest of the population by 2017. (If you are willing to go along with it!!)

    • Joe Hooker

      Who said that- if you don’t accept the “mark” “in your forehead or in your right hand”, you won’t be able to buy, or sell, or get a job, or etc.?

      God did! He also said this "mark" (micr-chip) was pure evil!

    • Valverde

      They will microchip me after they pry my cold dead fingers off my gun.

    • jcperk

      You are right about this. This is the one world government system that is described in the BIBLE. And it is here people. If you are not ready to meet your maker, GOD, you better get ready cause it is not going to be long now until you are going to meet and be judged by him…this is not going to be a good day for most of the world. BIBLE says narrow is the gate that leads to Heaven and few there be that find it, but broad is the way to the gate of hell and destruction and many there be that find it. I know that I know that I know my Redeemer liveth and I know he is coming back. I can almost hear the hoofbeats as I type this. Get ready people.

  • matt

    Oh yes the free market has done so well. I would rather have my retirement in a government run insurance type fund (Like social security) than let wall street gamble with my money. Remember the government is US and the governments money IS our money! All of it. We have to take back control of our government from rich bankers, wall street gamblers, insurance companies and military industrial complex. A little more socialism would do us some good. It just requires an engaged citizenry to make it work for us instead if the aforementioned. Because of the legalized bribery system (Campaign Finance Rules) in this country the government does not work for WE THE PEOPLE. Yes we need socialism in health care and retirement just like we already have it for national defense.
    Remember this?
    We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the General Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
    This sounds to me like a people working together (socially) to achieve these goals. Not a bunch of selfish individualists. Remember, we took this continent from the natives, and defended it against other imperialist European nations AS A GROUP, without which none of the supposed bootstrapping pioneers would have had a chance to make their fortunes. They were standing on the shoulders of others, as our we all. It”s time for workers to partake in the wealth that they create by taking the government back from from the moneyed elite. Which includes the ultra-conservatives. Thank you for your time, Matt

    • Bill in Indiana

      You should wipe the Cool-Aid from your lips. You are just spouting the Communist Manifesto all over the place. Our Forefathers were a group of THINKING individuals. They were well educated, thinking, property holders. Not a bunch of limp wristed, mindless sheep doing the bidding of a power crazed, mob inciting elite like we have now in the District of Craziness.

      If you like Socialism/Communism so much, why don’t you spend a decade or two in some place like Cuba or Venezuela and then come back and tell us how good things are there!

      May you some day find the truth and may it set you free before it is too late for all of us!


      • Matt

        You don’t know to much do you? I love it when a ditto head talks about thinking!

        • DriverDave

          This is what I meant in my other post … Bill makes a logical argument and all you can do is resort to name-calling. Why is it that when conservatives are in power, there is unabated debate and free-speech, but when liberals are in power, they only want to hear from “yes-men”?
          Can you answer Bill with more than a berating one-liner? I’ll be watching.

    • DriverDave

      Please leave; NOW!!! If you really think the Founding Fathers and the many men and women who shed their blood to preserve this great Republic through the years had an ounce of Socialistic bent (and I’m one of them, thank you very much), then your view of our history is as perverted as any I can possibly imagine.
      Go find a nice Socialist country to immigrate to that will provide for all your needs while taking 60% of every Euro you earn.
      Meanwhile, I will be praying that you and others of your ilk wake up to realities of what Obamanation has in mind for us before it’s too late.

      • Matt

        The founding father’s shed other people’s blood creating this republic not preserving it. And yes they put that nice inclusive language in the declaration to get the many men and women to shed their blood. Also I and my ilk have already been living in Bushnation for 8 years and that is how this mess was made!!

        • DriverDave

          Nice try Matt … the founding father’s shed other peoples’s blood?!?!?
          Are you kidding? Really? You would disrespect even the father of our country, George Washington, who risked his own life on the field of battle in order to create this great Republic. Like I said, PLEASE LEAVE, NOW!!!!
          As for Bushnation, there is more than enough blame to go around for the present mess we’re in. Do a little research. The policies that presiged the housing crisis were instituted by the Carter Administration. Bush and his administration saw the writing on the wall and tried to get the rules changed, but was blocked at every turn by your own beloved Mr Frank;who now says Bush didn’t do enough; how ironic!

        • Matt

          You need to research Washington fought but did not die, obviously none of the founder who signed died, but all did risk life if the revolution did nit succeed. But your ignorance is obvious if you blame this on Carter and think Bush and republicans tried to stop it and were thwarted by saintly republicans. Oh and your constant requests request for me to leave are very telling. You obviously believe that only people who believe exactly what you do should be Americans. So much for freedom of thought and debate to come to the best solutions for our problems. At least I know that as an American you have the right to a different opinion with me telling you to leave the country. I get this all the tome from people on the right. Oh and what the hell is presiged?

    • Hello

      Does this include such rich fat cat liberals such as George Soros, made his money with a hedge fund, Oprah Winfrey, made her money with a sad sack story, Warren Buffet, a total produce of Wall Street, Bill Gates, putting all his competition down with a attempted monopoly, the hollywood elite, who could not string a thought togerther without a script, on and on……General Electric Company, a once proud company that worked for average people and made sure average Joe could afford shares of stock, now Jeffrey Immelt has hitched his horse to Obama for greed… I could go on and on….Somehow I think you will excuse these people because they support your misguided idelogogy and all they care about if furthering their own deep pockets, yeah they will have fance lawyers figuring a way out, but Obama will just provide them with they way a pay back for their support of him. Too Bad for them, they still are not the NWO, the new world order powerbrokers that will empty their bank accounts as well. There may be some poetic justice in the end.

      • Matt

        There has never been a corporation that gave anything to it’s workers that they were not forced to give because of union’s. I have no idea what you are talking about in regards to General Electric, but do you really think GE just got greedy since the last election. If you do you really are ignorant!

        • DriverDave

          On this point, we agree … to some extent. The problem is that greed on both sides of the table drove up wages, which drove up prices, which drove up wages. It is a never-ending, vicious cycle. Entrepreneurs form businesses to make a profit; that is what Captialism is all about, but then every stakeholder wants to take as much as they can possibly get away with out of the organization without taking into account the long-term consequences of their actions. In today’s society, it’s all about “what have you done for me lately” … vs “how can we be good stewards for future generations”
          Thankfully, I work for a company that looks at itself with the latter criteria vs the former.

        • Hello

          No Matt, I am not ignorant. My father worked for GE for 40 years and we had a very nice lifestyle. Under Jack Welch the company was very profitable although he was willing to cut whoever did not make their numbers, but it was a shareholder’s dream and was a top holding in most large cap mutual funds. His pick, Jeffrey Immelt, has been nothing short of a major disappointment from his acension years ago as his cozying up to Obama and selling to Iran among other things has sent the stock into a downward tailspin and he was booed at the recent shareholder’s meeting. I have sold all my shares. Big business has not always been the great satan, big government is and businesses is scurrying to save themselves and selling their souls, employees and shareholders to the company store.

        • Bill in Indiana


          Regarding your statement that none of our founding fathers died in the revolution.

          Question: Do you think that President Barrack Hussein Obama or any of the Congress that back/follow him would die for you?

          It is typical that the leaders of anything are not in the front lines of anything.

        • Matt

          No Hello, just because your father made a good living at GE does not prove your point. GE was greedy under Welsh. And no not all corporation are evil but they are greedy and no the government is not always evil except when it is co-opted by big business. Sounds also like Immelt was a disappointment before Obama. I am always amazed at conservatives ability to ignore George W Bush’s many failings and crimes.

        • Matt

          Bill from Indiana, That just proves what I said it is much easier to send others to die. Although had the revolution failed the founders surely would have suffered dearly.

      • mike

        Hey Matt, I got some news for you! Most of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, were hunted down by the british. Many lost their homes, property, and lives. For your Freedom! Stop living by the liberal lie! What is happening in America, will someday awake the “Sleeping Giant” again.

    • Helen

      Every retirement account that the government controls is broke; SS, all Military retirements, Civil Service Retirement, the Railroad Retirement Fund. Any time the Government changes anything it is for their benifit not ours and always has been. Obama is still using the scare tactics to get people to let him do whatever he wants. He is a Narcissist and a Muslim and that is why he would not celebrate Day of Prayer in public.


      • Valverde

        Yes, and no one gave him a rug and a concrete floor to bang his forehead against. Maybe that is why he is so screwed up, concrete gets very hard after a while.

      • Matt

        Obama has been in office for just over 100 day’s. The government has been operating under the conservative dogma since about 1980. Why have you not shown this much anger for republicans?

        • DriverDave

          So the Clinton years aren’t even a “fond memory”? Eight years we put up with his filandering and riding on the coat-tails of one of the greatest expansions of our economy ever seen (put in place by Reagan/Bush I)
          Love the revisionist history.

        • Helen

          Just how do you know I haven’t???

          What makes me angry is Obama wanting to take my money and give it to some that sit on their rear and won’t work. I have worked all my 72 years and probably seen a lot more than you ever thought of. My husband served 26 years in the military and to have Obama to try to get out of paying for medical for the military that come back from war that are maimed really tightens my jaws. He found that wasn’t a popular move.

          I assume you voted for Obama; I could not vote for anyone that I knew nothing about and had no record of leadership of any type. All he promised you was change, he never said what he was changing. You may like the change but I don’t he is taking our freedoms away along with our money.

          Look up the word Narcissist. Oh, by the way I voted for Ron Paul; have a good day.

    • Valverde

      Socialism is simply “Wack-A-Mole” writ large.

      • Matt

        Wow, that makes so much sense!

        • Valverde

          Did you even think about what that means. It means that in Socialism if you stick your head up you get wacked back down until you quit sticking your head up. See what happened in the Soviet Union when you couldn’t even buy bread without waiting in lines to get it, because all the moles who tried to create something that worked got wacked back down. I am friends with a couple who moved from there. I should have them meet with you then maybe you will understand what it means to get wacked. Why don’t you just shut up and get off this blog and leave it to people who contribute instead of making dumbass comments.

        • Matt

          First Mr. DriverDave Clinton was a conservative when it came to policy but at-least he had balanced the budget. As for philandering, one blow job does not come close to the criminality of the Bush administration. Bush admitted to multiple impeachable offenses which oddly enough does not get the slightest rise out of you.
          As for Helen I 50 and had my first job at 12 (it is impossible for me or anyone to work their entire lives) I do not know of any 2 year olds with jobs so stop exaggerating. Also Bush cut veterans benefits and also sent our soldiers to battle without the proper body armor and armored humvees and with not enough soldiers to do the job. Rumsfeld thought it was better to send in mercenaries at 4 times the cost. Obama has increase defense spend 4%. You have watched the results of Bushes war for 6 years and only get upset at Obama, and Bush did more to curtail your freedoms BY FAR, I am sorry to say but even after 76 years you are still ignorant.

        • Matt

          Valverde, You are the dumb-ass that does not know the difference between a dictatorship and socialism. Socialism is not anti democratic. And I will get off this blog filled with idiots who can’t even spell dumb- ass, dumb-ass!

    • Babs

      You realize that your example completely fits into our Democratic-Republic and our constitution — the security of the nation — so as to “PROMOTE the general welfare” NOT “PROVIDE the general welfare”. Americans need to learn what our Constitution REALLY says!

      • Matt

        Babs, Promote is a broad term. This is just a matter of how much we as a people want to help each other with the general welfare. I for one do not mind helping poor Americans or even working Americans I feel this is my patriotic duty as a citizen. We built this country together.

    • http://yahoo Harold Hartsock

      Dear Matt
      Hope you wake soon, our government is not for America.It will take a very large part of our population to demand honor in our government, maybe a revolution.

    • Eric Bischoff

      Thanks Matt,
      one sane voice in this madness. Obama is not a leftist. Americans wouldn’t know a leftist if it bit them in the ass. The fact is they are paranoid and scared shitless of just the idea so they never get past the word to actually figure out the possibilities. The real progressive left in this country if it ever got any power would bring you a golden age age of peace and prosperity.

      But here we are stuck in mediocrity with RepublicRats destroying the dream for the last 200 years. There is not much left and still they don’t get it. They are the problem. It does not matter if the pendulum swings between republicans and democrats. They are all thieves. It’s all about rich and poor and the rich are robbing everyone else blind and they cry the loudest when any redressing is ever mentioned. When there is nothing left maybe they’ll be willing to start again and realize that Thomas Paine was right but to our loss his ideas were never followed and it was downhill from there. He was a progressive.

      Wall St robbed us blind. the bankers robbed us blind, and still they would rather hand them their money rather than Social Security.

      I got news for all of you Medicare works and Social Security works. It has for a long time for many people. How is your 401K doing? It could work even better with the right REGULATIONS in place to keep the thieves at bay and our massive funding and participation.

      I could be wrong but I don’t think it is legal to borrow from Social Security and never pay it back especially if you are going to use it for anything else besides our social well being and war is not it. If it is somehow legal, it should be made illegal quickly and the IOUs should be called in.

      I thought this place was going to have some new ideas but all I am reading is regurgitated Fox news and alphabet city mainstream propaganda.

  • katrip

    Take a look at Social Secuirty. What do you call an investment plan where the return being paid out to the early investors is contingent on money coming in from new investors? A ponzi scheme. The same game Madoff was playing.

    Social Security was a government investment program where there is no return on the investment already made by individuals paying into the system without the government finding more people to put money in. Those at the end of the scheme who put money in never get their money back….just like Madoff.

    Of course the government needs the 401k funds to keep the scheme going! If Madoff could have quickly landed a group of new investors, he too could have kept his investment group together too and never been on the news or in jail.

    • jcperk

      To the life of me, I cannot understand why we have such dumb people in Washington. Anyone with half a brain should know that when you have murdered over 50 million babies in the last 30 years that you are going to have a lot less people paying taxes, and the abortions are increasing daily. Russia had it right when they said, they did not have to lift a finger to destroy the US that it would be done from within. Well Russia got it right, we have destroyed ourselves and kicked GOD out of everything along with it. How brilliant Americans are. For people who claim to be the elitist, they are the dumbest. GOD and all the Angels must be shaking their heads in bewilderment.

  • Joe Hooker

    Well Obama Inc. has slipped up by showing us their hand!
    Now, the only thing that normal, thinking, responsible Americans need to do, is to get competent legal help in getting their retiremant money transfered to some place where it’s cleptocrat proof!
    The thing is here folks– time is our worst enemy on this one, so I’d get an appointment with the best attorney you can locate ASAP.

  • Johnny Boy

    Congress is so concerned about Social Security running out of money. It’s time the members of the House, Senate and the President forego their retirement benefits and join and start contributing to Social Security and Medicare.

    Once this is accomplished, rest assured there will be no problem with Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid running out of money. They can no longer hold themselves apart from the American people. Additionally, your benefits will increase as the pork barrels suddenly are no longer in vogue. Why? Because it will hit them in their pockets!

    • Sandy

      Excellent point, Johnny!

    • Helen

      All new members that were voted in and went into office after 1 Jan 1984 were put under the FERS Retirement and pay SS and some into the retirement plan. One can find this on the web.


  • Squeakin’ Deacon

    What’s left of my retirement?
    The greedy, grasping, and experienced hands of government; you know, the hands entrusted with the preservation of funds deposited into Social Security for those of us who have retired, now plot to SECURE our 401(k), etc., etc.. Won’t it be wonderful to have them “protect” the money of the citizens of America to SAVE THEM from a similar fate, finance their spending spress and let the nation go to a financial perdition?
    There are a lot of us who view the loss of 40 to 6% of the value of our savings who not HAPPY nor TRUSTING of our politicians.
    I plan to vote for statesmen at the next election and endeavor to replace as many politicians possible.
    Hopefully, the money trough will have a few beggarly coins left at that time.
    Look for me at the next “Tea Party.”

    • BK265

      Next Tea Party is Saturday July 4th 2009
      look up your state/city, location/time
      It’s called Amrican Freedom Day

      • DriverDave

        I’ll be there!!!!

  • Mike from MN

    Now you understand the wisdom of our founders when they created the Second Amendment. I suspect that if the government actually confiscated everyone’s 401K money, there would be no place for them to hide. There would be a revolution. Would you want Barney Frank, Chis Dodd, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, etc. managing your hard earned retirement fund? Not Me!

  • Martha Tucker


  • Dan the NY Man :(

    Remember the Alamo but don’t forget, what was the greatest empire on earth at the time, the Roman Empire. History has told us before BIG government falls Big time.

  • frank

    The action suggested in this article should not surprise anyone! This ultra-liberal Pres. and congress want total control of everything in this country and our lives, to preserve their own power and wealth. The idiots that voted this regime into power deserve what they get.

    Besides, who in their right mind would let their IRA die in a falling market? switch your funds to cash and ride out the storm!…… I guess its too late for some of you. Oh well…. the anointed one will save you!

  • katrip

    No one argues that greed and corruption in Wall Street is bad. The irony is that Washington, promotes the majoirty of it. Oversight doesnt work either. If it did, Barney Frank wouldnt have been saying Fannie and Freddie were SOUND. And Chris Dodd wouldnt have been slipping in provisions in Bailout to allow the Bailout money to go to bonus….just as a couple of recent examples.

    There is only ONE THING WORSE THAN

    • katrip

      There is only ONE THING WORSE THAN greed and corruption in the private sector……GREED AND CORRUPTION in government. At least the private sector produces SOMETHING. The government doesnt.

  • Pete Burlington

    My question is? If they take our 401K or any other retirement plan and plow it into the SSA system does that mean that the professional politician’s retirement money will be taken as well? Also this SOCIALIST COMMUNIST obama has said he would create 5MM new jobs when does that come about? I know that they are rhetorical questions but enough is enough with the blatant lies that this NONE AMERICAN has spewed from his mouth. It is time for the AMERICAN people to WAKE UP AND SEE this non –citizen for what he is.

    • http://none J.T.S.

      the only promise Barack Husane Obama has kept since his presidency is


      he got the girls a puppy! but not one saved from a dog pound’ after all why would he want a second mutt? he married the first one!

  • s c

    Most people who sent feedback on this topic have a basic idea of what is going on. For those who take comfort in being clueless, AMERICA DOES NOT HAVE A FREE MARKET ECONOMY! How can we have Americans living in caves or who do not have enough of a functional spine or brain to ask questions?
    Apparently, some are cozy with having their head(s) stuck where the sun never shines. Ask around, folks. You are helping to create the time when fiction becomes reality. Those who prefer being braindead will come to look at suicide as the only solution. Denial is worse than mere stupidity.

  • Dealmaker

    I don’t really see how this could happen. I think he has enough to worry about right now. If we are lucky, we will only have one term to worry about the current administration, anyway. If we are lucky. If you really want to reap the most of your IRA’s, read the books by Ed Slott on stretching your IRA’s through your beneficiary’s lifetime with what is leftover when you die. They don’t have to take it out all at once and can have it growing through their lifetime. If you leave it to some of the youngest in the family, they can end up with millions by the time they retire, escaping the taxman for as long as they can.

  • Concerned American

    Well I see it coming now. They will confiscate retirement account money so that it can be shared with others who have no retirement account money. And the amount you can draw would most likely be based on how much you paid in just like SS. In fact, for those that have a sizable investment in their 401K they will most like expect to die before they can recoup their investment just like SS is today. And also, when SS goes belly up in a few years all you will be doing is receiving what amounts to a SS pension that you invested heavily into. Remember that the next step after socialism is communism when they will force you to work for minimum wage to support the government. And the best part is that they want to put this program into the hands of the same bunch of idiots have nearly bankrupted SS. It’s funny that when Bush tried to let 401K’s become privatized so that we could control our own investment, Congress quickly jumped up and said hell no. But now they want to turn right around and take it all away and put it in the government’s control. And we all know how the government has failed miserably in everything it has ever tried to control. And to top it all off it is one of the most powerful unions wanting to get control of our money and I don’t nor have ever supported unions.

    • DriverDave

      “A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.” – Gerald R Ford
      Join the TEA Party now; big government is NOT the solution. The Republicans let us down the last eight years by allowing for the largest expansion of government ever … and now the Democrats (who won’t admit it, but are really quite thankful) are trying to take us to the next level — complete Socialism. Don’t look now commrade, but Communism isn’t that far off … “From each according to his ability … to each according to his need.”

  • http://msn had enough

    Time to beat the plow sher into a sword! Second Civil War on the way.

    • fox


  • Daniel

    Who voted for these assholes. The American public better get it together before it is too late. Students are being brainwashed from Kindergarten and finished off in college. I worked long and hard for my IRA and 401K. I don’t want the government in my life. This feel sorry public better get it together or they will be feeling sorry for themselves. Our soldiers are already turning on each other. How many more whimps are we going to produce. We need men to be men. Hear that mothers.

  • WBP

    Too many people are missing the point. It’s not about Bush or Obama, Republican or Democrat or as I’ve heard it said, Republicrat or Democans. What it is about is Government control. Like it or not people, both sides have been slowly and now more rapidly eroding the rights which we were all born with the problem is, they can not take them away because they are granted by God, they will eventualy fail. What they can do however is create enough obscurantism and get us to surrender those rights, in own our best interest . What we need is Balance…as in checks and balances. Repel the 17th amendment give the states back their representation in the Senate, free of, or at least freer of the influences of the special interest groups. It won’t fix everything, but it is a good first step.

  • Joan Wallis

    I think in all these posts — whether from the left, center, or right – I sense a commonality among all of the people who are posting comments — frustration, anxiety and uncertainty…

    What we all need to realize is that there are those who have been chipping away at our Foundations since probably the 1930s – if not before. Obama is backed by very rich and powerful people who have the same agenda as those leftist elites before him — to rid America of individual freedom. That is why they say that enemies make strange bedfellows – Both Islam and Communism have one particular common denominator — to take away individual freedom — they do not want a populace that is self-sufficient — one that has the freedom to make their own destinies and achieve the American Dream.
    These people have an entirely different World View from the ordinary American. We pride ourselves in the fact that our Founding Fathers created a very special form of government with it’s “checks and balances” of power set in place in our Constitution.
    To them, that “dratted” Constitution is an obstacle to overcome — so they will do anything they can to ignore it, run rough shod over it, and eventually remove it entirely.

    Their World view is POWER over all the masses because they know more what is best for the good of the masses than our Founders knew. Their goal is to take away our ability to provide for selves so they can force us to be dependent on those who rule over us and to accomplish their goal of the One World Order government facilitated under the United Nations. They have conquered most of the West but they have had a much more difficult time here because of the tenatious individual spirit of the typical American and that “dratted” Rule of Law called the Constitution. They fear the Patriot who loves his country, values his freedom and liberty as did Patrick Henry — “….give me liberty or give me death”.

    We must become better informed… I think every one wants this nation to succeed — whether they have bought into the Far-leftists ideology or those who are moderate and in the center, or those on the Far-Right…What we need to do is find a Common Denominator—to bring all of us together to fight effectively for the Nation and our way of life that I think all of us want and love. If they can keep us fighting among ourselves we will lose. A nation divided against itself cannot stand.. We need to work on this goal and start finding what joins us together rather than what divides us..
    I know this was a long post and I thank you for your patience.


  • Wayne

    EVERY ONE of these responses is indicative of a mind left behind!!! Or is it a child left behind??? Not one of these responses have indicated any intelligence and apparently no one has been able to read and get educated….. boorish, unintelligent, uninformed…… WOW… America is slowly creeping back into the dark ages!!! Lest you christians get all up and huffy, let it be known that you are beginning to be in the minority of the world and you better start to realize that your “hope” is a falsehood. And as for Bob Livingston, one has to think he is from another universe with his ultra conservative outlook and outdated religious views…. only wish he would allow me to opt out of his very biased newsletter…….

    • Helen

      To opt out just go to the bottom of the email you receive from him and click on the link that says CLICK HERE TO UNSUBSCRIBE.

    • jcperk

      America and the world is fulfilling scripture. Our daily news reads just like the book of Revelation. You need to read it and get educated before it is too late. You do not know what has been prophesized in the BIBLE. The book of Daniel is a good book to start in. It explains all the empires that have come and gone and also explains the one world government that Obama is signing on to right now with the G20. You need some wisdom from the one, GOD, who knows the future and is in complete control, even though it looks like the evil ones are winning…they are not. We,Christians know who will win in the end.

  • Mark

    When the majority of people in the country can vote money from the treasury, and the majority of the people do not have to work for the money, then the end is near.
    We need to repeal the 16 and 17 amendments. Mae the federal government rely on the states like our founding fathers intended.
    I would hate to see another civil war, but it may come down to that in order to get something done.
    Look into what Montana is doing, Texas, Mississippi, and one other. They are pressing to have the soverinty (sp) of the states recognized bu the federal government. A few more doing this and the government may have to sit up and take notice.

  • Mike Kovach

    Bob and all, if this were to come true it would ignite a war in this country so different that it could possibly place us in peril of being invaded just to keep the government intact. As far as the president is concerned when I saw him I sensed him to be very different, so much so that his rise to power could not have been accomplished by mortal means. He was and is a virtual unknown and yet he rose to the most powerful seat on earth – the seat of the fourth reich–IMHO. Then again, who ever is in authority has been placed there to accomplish the will of the God; so what do we do in response to knowing that, and how should we act, and react to these changing times, and how do we prepare for the coming war in the middle east and here in America?

  • Mark

    I hope this is not true-This would be over the top when it comes to the federal government overstepping its authority. In fact I would say that our government would no longer function as designed. There are provisions in the Constitution for replacing it….

  • Wayne

    After reading the unintelligable english, i figure these folks are unable to read, don’t know how to speak or write in the english language, and probably don’t have much of an education. How moronic can people be??? Once again, i think the Bush concept of “no child left behind” has failed and what has deposited on America’s doorstep, is Robin, Jim, Jeff, Rev. Dale, Bill in Indiana, Driver, Dave, Vince, Ken Duncan, Helen, Valverdz, BK265, Martha Tucker, and Pete Burlington!!!!!! Boys and Girls, start reading and start doing some critical thinking……. if you are up for the challenge!!!!!! Bush/Cheney started the war under false pretenses, got the economy upside down, fooled most of the people with the idea of Saddam being partner with Bin Ladin, created the fear mongering that exists even today, and they call themselves “christian”……. even “your bible” suggests otherwise and you are fools to be in denial!!! WAKE UP!!!!! You finally have a President and a Congress that will lead us all to a better life and a promised future…….. and for all the Alan Keyes listeners…… President Obama has produced a legitimate birth certificate, has been pronounced the President of the United States, and everyone needs to get behind the legitimacy of this government!!! Alan Keyes is an educated, out of touch, right wing, neo-con, and should stop taking drugs, lest it fry his brain, and dry all the mucous from his body. If he should ever want to debate the issues with a real intellectual, he should study first and then make his intentions known…… everyone is ready to put this fake in his place!!!! BTW, all this belief in some god and all, is really repugnant!!!!!!

    • mamabear

      Well Wayne Troll, thank you for sharing, but it’s really not necessary. I believe someone earlier tried to teach you how to unsubscribe. The instructions were so easy that even a liberal could understand. Try it.

    • Pete Burlington


      You are a typical liberal, you cannot think for yourself.

    • jcperk

      There are none so blind as those who cannot see. What hope does one have who does not believe in GOD and eternity. No wonder that all liberals are so bitter and hate so much. They have nothing to look forward to but to live in this GOD forsaken world and die and be put in a hole never to live again, so they believe. How sad for them when they realize, TOO LATE that there is a Hell and they are in that tormented total darkness of a Hell for all eternity and forever and forever and forever and forever with no end. I had rather believe in GOD and JESUS and be wrong than to take a chance in not believing and pay the awful price that will have to be paid by those unbelievers and those who are slandering GOD’s HOLY NAME.

    • mike

      wayne is in denial everybody! LoL

  • http://personallibertydigest Bell

    A most interesting discussion, sadly some people have to throw barbes at others when disagreed with. It seems to deminish their point when its done. I have thought that the president of our country was a figurehead representative of the freedoms we were given. Electorial votes is how he is elected and in our house of representatives and senate we have direct vote. If I am correct maintaining a close to balanced two party system there is essencial. Republicans used to be for big business and Democrates used to be for helping the people be protected from abuse of big business. We need both. Without big business there would be no work and without the protection of the people we would still be dieing from lack of proper food, medical care and illiteracy. Somehow we need to keep a closer eye on the later. The president can come up with ideas but congress has to pass them. If congress comes up with something and the pesident VETOs it they can still pass with a 2/3 majority. So how did we get about 900 amendments to the constitution? I apparently haven’t been paying attention because I only know the first 5 and thaught they were sufficiant. In what way have the rest helped maintain our freedoms?

  • David Wright

    The corruption and incompentance of the federal government is being carried to new lows by the Democratically (Socialist) controlled government with the move to take your 401K’s into the General Tax Fund like Social Security and Medicare. There are NO TRUST FUNDS, only more corruption.

  • Terri

    All of the comments have been very interesting. I just wish we could all work together
    instead of endlessly debating the merits of one party or belief over another.

    Our founding fathers put this great Nation together but it’s always been up to future
    generations to continue and encourage all of our freedoms rather than denigrate or
    destroy them. Too many of us (and I am no exception) have been silent for far too long
    and we probably would still be silent, except for the fact that so many negatives have
    escalated in such a short time. A friend reminded me: the frog placed in boiling water hops out but the same frog in cold water, doesn’t notice the heat when it’s gradually turned up, until it’s too late.

    Most Americans quietly live their lives without speaking out or attending tea parties, until the actions of the government force them to stand up and be counted. I just
    happened to be one of many Patriots to make an appearance on the 15th because
    we love our great Nation enough to voice our concerns over the rampant spending
    and borrowing our non-representing representatives have forced on us, our children
    and our grandchildren.

    Should we even be surprised over the push to grab our 401Ks? Not if you remember
    Obama telling Joe the plumber how he wants to redistribute the wealth.
    At first, I was stunned that Obama was elected but then I realized a large part of our
    society truly feels the government should take care of them and Obama promises to
    do just that. The bailouts have to end sometime, folks, otherwise there won’t be any
    money left for anything and the USA will be bankrupt, if we aren’t already.

    So far, a lot of the wrongs can be still be made right, and it’s only money but what
    about those who have bankrupt souls? Let’s take the high road and reach out to help
    our brother or sister in need and stand up for what is right whether we attend a tea
    party, run for office, vote our conscience or just blog our hearts out against all the
    injustice, political or otherwise.

    It’s time to return to one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all,
    before it’s too late, before we find we have no voice and no choice in the matter.

  • Joan Wallis

    Thanks,Terri, this was a great post and it goes along with mine — we need to find a common denominator to bring us together not useless rhetoric to divide us more. Many folks have developed tunnel vision..they can’t see the forest for the trees..All we are asking people to do is just watch and listen… become a more informed society — do not just quote what the wing of your ideology is telling you — that is how propaganda works — it blinds your ability to see things as they really are and to allows you to miss the facts that would tell you the truth. There have been misdeeds on the part of both parties –there is enough blame to go around — but what we need is a stateman to stand for principle, honesty and truth..Let’s hope that the Lord will see fit to provide us with someone to lead us through these perilous times.

    I am not an economist but from my own personal finance experience — you can’t BORROW yourself out of debt…It seems that Mr. Obama is promoting Equality — and if he is successful in his actions there will be equality alright — we will all be equally poor.

  • WishIUnderstood

    Yeah, right Dealmaker, you “don’t see how this could happen”?? WAKE UP!! Other countries have pulled this same shit. We have been luck enough to have been provided with a warning – take your 401K/IRA money and put it somewhere else before it’s too late! I’d rather pay a 10% penalty plus whatever else, than have the govt. get 100% of my money.

    I believe that the same talk would be going on if McCain was our president. This is not a partisan issue, it is a bankrupt govt. trying to steal every last bit of our money before it goes down.

    • Dama

      Right, WIU, globalists are owning both the dems and reps. If one is paying attention, it is very easy to see who the next pres will be just by media (again globalist owned) attitude toward that individual. Our election system is corrupted, along with almost every other aspect of our current govt. Global warming is propaganda used to manipulate the masses, along with environmentalism, the purpose of which is to remove our freedoms from us. They really don’t give a damn about the environment. The quality of our food and health care is now more about deleting millions of people rather than health. Actually our Republic has long been removed. The public school system is really about teaching us groupthink. We are already enslaved, but are just too dumbed down to know it. The saddest part is that we are all too comfortable in our nearly boiling water. We evidently will not fight for our Creator given right of freedom until we are totally miserable. That may be closer than we think.

  • Mike Kovach

    Coming together under a common theme: I have an idea that our common thread is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness: With that in mind, it would seem that a call to return to our constitutional roots is what our common connections are and that we may want to rally around the replacement of all those currently in power and seek a body of representatives that will adhere to the Constitution and govern by the wishes of the people; on top of that, each representative should know what the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence states–and agree with the founding principles. So, the common theme to me is the return to the foundations of our country.

    • Dama

      A breath of fresh air!! Sounds good to me. Where do I sign up?

  • Mark

    I think we need to succeed from the union. Texas is the only state that can!!

  • Theresa

    I think the common thread that binds Americans is freedom and liberty. I think we still have a majority of Americans who want these values, but the minority of the population is getting increasingly favorable to government handouts and the diminishing of freedoms that goes with that. So when this minority becomes the majority, that is the point where we will no longer have our free nation.
    Then we have to find ways to help people who voted for the current freedom- takers to realize that we need to vote in people in the next election who have freedom and liberty at heart.
    Or to help those in Congress who may yet have a conscience to see that the majority of the people still want freedom, and they MUST side for the people and vote for freedom and not greed. We had one vote in Congress where there were 12 Democrats who voted with the 43 Republicans on an amendment to the mortgage bill S896 and put it down! If these 12 Democrats would see what power for the people they had with this coalition, they or other Democrats might be able to stop the devastation of our country!

    • mike

      If I offened any one who is liberal. I’m sorry! I’m 50 years old, have worked hard all of my life. I am a conservative, christian, married with two bright kids in college. One who is going into the peace corp this august. I don’t hate anyone. It’s just sad that so many people today don’t see the light at end of the tunnel or i should say the light that has gone out. God will not let this “Union” die! If things look like they are going to end. wait! Hold your horse’s. The Angels are coming!

  • Dan

    A leader must have certain characteristics to be successful. First, he must have a set of principles—things he believes are absolutely true. He must possess a moral compass-understanding what is absolutely “right” or “wrong”. It is important for him to have a vision—what is to be accomplished. He also needs the skill to develop a consensus, that his plan is appropriate, among a group of individuals who will carry out the many tasks needed to effectively complete the project.

    In addition he must have courage to act on his convictions and take full responsibility for his actions. He must have a sense of justice—such as, “do unto others as you would have others do onto you”. A sense of moderation is also needed, which is an understanding not to “act out” with outrageous arrogance. Equally important, he must have the wisdom of how to apply all the above.

  • Shirley

    Can anyone tell me how to get my money out of my 401K when my boss states that he put it in and therefore I can’t touch it unless I retire, die , or quit?

  • FarRightWinger

    WELCOEM in the SovietAmericanGulagUnio! In any decent country an uprising would be on the way if even just a note breaks free like this… What about USA and Americans?
    How long will you be sleping???

  • FarRightWinger

    WELCOEM in the SovietAmericanGulagUnio! In any decent country an uprising would be on the way if even just a note breaks free like this… What about USA and Americans?
    How long will you be sleeping???

  • Dadzrites

    None of the laws and executive orders Obama passes are valid anyway. He is not a valid President. He has no authority. He has willfully refused to produce his valid birth certificate (the one he had the Gov. of Hawaii seal; not the one circulating the internet); he has not proven he’s an American citizen or that he was born in the USA; he willfully refuses to produce his medical and college records which would show he was not born here. His college records will show he’s an illegal alien because of the full scholarship ride he got and Fulbright scholarship which is only given to foreign students.

    If everyone starts saying that he isn’t President and the laws he signs are not valid and are null & void, then you’ll watch his arrest for fraud and treason, and his impeachment.

    If we allow an illegal alien and usurper of the Office of the President and his unconstitutional group of communists to make these laws, then we deserve what we get. He cannot be allowed to pass any more laws because they are NOT valid. Besides he can’t fund any of these TRILLION dollar laws anyway. There’s no money. China is the only checks & balances right now. They are the one lending the money, and they are starting to balk and are demanding gold as payment.

  • Sandy

    Has anyone thought about it like this? Everythings exactly the way it’s supposed to be, for if it wasn’t the Bible could not be fulfilled. The New World Order is just another name for the antichrist beast system. I believe we are in what’s called Jabob’s troubles. Whatever you do take not of the mark. That’s either a chip in your arm or forehead, or possibly a laser invisible tatoo. The Bible tells us we won’t be able to buy or sell without that mark. Trying to keep up with the current daily with what’s going on is getting harder to do. I have seen the president say one thing and totally change what he says. Mean what you say and say what you do. Im upset about the pensions being prepared to be raped. Im more upset with what I see coming after that.

  • Bill

    Time for a revolution.seriously,were too busy b—hing and moaning to get organized to do it. But here is something we can do now and possibly in a real big way on a
    future date ,of say for instance, July the 4th.We could PRAY HIM OUT OF OFFICE.We better do something fast,or were not going to have a country left

    • JimA

      We can also start taking action to look for ways to recall Obama from the Presidency. With the clear Constitutional violations, he is adopting a very radical interpretation of the Constitution and seeking to subjugate it to International law and rule by compassion versus ruling under law. Compassion is a good thing, but not for creating order in society. God is compassionate and forgiving, but still is unwavering under the “Law”. Without law (rules) our legal system will collapse into chaos. This position that Obama has taken on the the idea of the Constitution not being the supreme law of the land should be challenged and be enough to have him recalled as our President. Hopefully there are attorneys that can see the merit in that principle, and be able to make a case for it in today’s court system.

  • Wayne

    Folks, you continue to show your ignorance!!! Everyone seems to be a constitutional expert, yet not one of you have any idea what the document states. Clearly, every time you put out one of your diatribes in these blogs, you demonstrate a lack of “CRITICAL THINKING”!!! Bible study is not University study….. and university study is needed, if one is to be “educated”………. But it is not likely this will become the case with these folks rambling on about things they know nothing about….. and Helen, thanks for the tutoring about “unsubscribing methods…… One last comment, and simply stated, everyone needs to review their “English”!!!! Spelling and syntax is so bad, that anyone reading these blogs would have to award a grade of “F”!!! But then maybe if you pray to something, all will become clear and you will understand some kind of rapture…….

    • Mark

      Who made you the expert?
      I think it is very interesting to read about what other people thank on the new issuses (bills) that the new president is opposing.
      Also we have right to our views. If you don’t like it, don’t read it!!

      • Mark

        Who made you the expert?
        I think it is very interesting to read about what other people thank on the new issuses (bills) that the new president is purposing.
        Also we have right to our views. If you don’t like it, don’t read it!!

  • Terri

    I think it’s great that we have a “dialogue” continuing here but I fail to understand the
    absolute rudeness of “Wayne”!
    I do understand how he must feel a bit threatened and even intimidated since he seems
    to be the only one expressing his love for Obama.
    I do hope all that Kool-aid hasn’t gone to your head Wayne? Oh, I’m sorry, now I’m being
    rude! Well, it’s hard to live in Obamaland when you see personal freedoms threatened
    on a daily basis…still, that’s no excuse for my rudeness…sorry “Wayne”!!
    Perhaps you’d take a look at my previous comment and let me know what you think.
    Honestly, I see no reason why we can’t all work together to make America a better
    place without any partisanship. After all is said and done, we are Americans first and

  • Sedg

    It is a known fact that the policies of the government today, whether Republican or Democratic are closer to the 1932 platform of the Communist Party than they are to either of their own party platforms in that critical year.

    Walter Trohan, Chicago Tribune, October 5, 1970

  • Sedg

    The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism, but under then name of Liberalism, they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program until one day America will be a Socialist nation without knowing how it happened.

    Norman Thomas, Socialist Party Presidential candidate

  • Sedg

    The use of force to achieve equality will destroy freedom, and the force, introduced for good purposes, will end up in the hands of people who use it to promote their own interests.

    Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize winner, Economics

  • Sedg

    Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice.

    Thomas Paine, COMMON SENSE

    Socialism of any type leads to a total destruction of the human spirit….

    Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Soviet dissident and defector

    I submit the preceeding quotes for all to consider. Freedom is not free and can slip away in the blink of an eye. Democrat or Republican not withstanding, we must all protect our freedom from oppression. Keep up the good fight and be prepared to stand up and defend your principles. Principles will not prevail if they are not accepted by the majority. Capturing our retirement instruments for everyone’s use is not something I would like to see happen. I work hard to earn and save for my retirement and to provide for my family. I started life naked just like everyone does. What I did in life was up to me. People need to take responsibility for their actions and we need to support those that do. I believe in community spirit as long as it does not interfere with my God given rights and does not harm others. It is not the Democrats or Republicans we should fear but those people that want to enslave us for their own advancement. True communism was and is never achieved because it never has gone beyond dictatorship of the people. Study the 10 steps to communism. The Unites States government has established 8 of the 10 steps as of today. We have let communism in the back door because it wears the familiar face of our neighbors and ourselves! Should we go further or back the process up? I did not spend 22 years in the military to see freedon slip away. I will be one of the people in the hills fighting for freedom regardless of the entity trying to take it away. As Scotsman William Wallace screamed as he was being tortured, “FREEDOM!” Thank you.

  • Sedg

    For your consideration, I submit the following quotes:

    Our power does not know liberty or justice. It is established on the destruction of the individual will.

    Vladimir I. Lenin, Bolshevik revolutionary leader

    The right of private property in land is forever abolished. All land owned by the Church, by private persons, by peasants, is taken away without compensation.

    Vladimir I. Lenin, November 8, 1917

    Lenin is said to have declared that the best way to destroy the Capitalist system was to debauch the currency.


    Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.

    Vladimir I. Lenin, Bolshevik revolutionary leader

    It is wrong to demand that the individual subordinate himself to the collectivity or merge in it, because it is by its most advanced individuals that the collectivity progresses and they can really advance only if they are free…. The individual is indeed the key of the evolutionary movement.


    …violence is the cornerstone of socialism’s existence as an institution.


    Compare these quotes to what is happening in our country today. General Motors CEO told to resign by the government. Our tax money given away without our consent. A private entity (Federal Reserve) making vital monetary decisions with impunity. The US Army ordered by the Commander-in-Chief to train thousands of troops in Georgia for use in “domestic tranquility”, an act that is definitely contrary to the Constitution. China now selling treasury bonds instead of buying them and American Citizens not buying treasury bonds at a pace to eliminate the difference. So now the mint has to print more money to make up for the loss. A rhetorical question to be sure but who really controls our country? I was raised to believe the people did but I know that we do not. I am very worried about the future of the United States and that means the future of you and me.

  • Larry Miller

    Letting the federal government grab 401(k)s would be like giving drugs to a junkie. They would go through it and end up with an empty sack to make good on their promises. Sticking the money under a mattress would see it diminish with the coming inflation, but at least it would not be wasted into nothing.

  • B. Moore

    My name is conspiriati. I know of how this country is manipulated. Sunni you know well of what I speak. I am a 2% er and I am preparing myself and family for the collapse of our monetery system as we know it. Those that do not understand a fiat money system will not have a clue.
    Sunni knows it is not about democrats and republicans, conservatives or liberals, because they are now days one in the same in goals. The only difference is the methods employed however the objective is the same. A global OWO.

  • K Flackey

    This country will fall from within. Anyone who thinks this is not possible, just think that a decade ago, we would not have thought it possible that the government would be running the banks, determining salaries of privately held executives, firing executives of a private company, turning private companies over to the power of the unions, running the car companies, putting 50% of builders out of business, tanking the monetary system. Is is just me or are other people suspicious of the fact that:
    A) The president will not prove that he is even a citizen
    B) The president is making nice with not so nice people
    C) The president is taking over private companies
    D) The president is socializing banks, private companies, etc.
    E) The president’s cricle of friends are known terrorists and anti-Americans
    F) De-moralizing our CIA
    G) Lessening our military power with budget cuts
    H) Allowing Korea and Iran to “posture” with nuclear weapons
    I) The president is taking over the healthcare, therefore determining whether you are worthy of living or not- ie:Natasha Richardson would be alive right now if she were in this country when she fell- that’s what national heathcare does for you- they decide if the treatment is “cost effective” or not and they decided hers wasn’t).
    We are at the edge of the cliff and about to go over. Once we are on our way down, we will not be able to climb back up. If 95% of the people think they will not be taxed “One single dime”, then they are living in an Obama dreamworld. This president has never held a job, never run a business, has always lived on someone else’s dime. This is never good when someone who doesn’t understand how the economy works, is in charge of the economy. Raising taxes will not help! Stealing from the “rich” will not help. We desperately need another Ronald Reagan. God help us all (or at least the Conservatives). Let’s all head to Texas and start over!
    Kim F

  • socalgal

    All during the campaign I would tell people my biggest concern with Obama was his ties to big labor. Of course I was still accused of being a racist. Unions take compulsory dues from people and then use them for political causes-that the worker may not agree with. I believe organized labor is the foundation for socialism-personal merit doesn’t matter. It’s a big part of “spread the wealth”.

  • jcperk

    The Clinton and Bush Administration robbed the Social Security Fund. They took trillions out of that fund, now it is broke and they want everyone’s 401ks and IRAs and everything else they can get to roll into one fund so they can rob that fund also. This is a proven fact that the Clinton and Bush Administration robbed the Soc Sec Fund. People paid into that fund for years and now Washington is talking about lowering the benefits after they have robbed the fund. Do any of you want these morons controlling your Retirement Fund also? I think not. We need to all join together and file a Class Action Lawsuit against all of them if that is possible.

  • mike

    Everyone listen! Everything that is happening is happening for a bigger purpose.
    This is the third wave of testing for this the United States of America that George Washington was shown in a vision by a Heavenly Lady from heaven at valley forge. Only he and his private secretary were present( the private secretary wrote this down to be recorded in the Library of Congress) Anthony Sherman. The winter of 1777.
    ” Ah! I have often seen the tears course down our dear commander’s careworn cheeks, as he would be conversing with confidential officers about the condition of his poor soldiers. You have doubtless heard the story of Washington’s going to the thicket to pray. Well it was not only true, but he used often to pray in secret for aid and comfort from God, the interposition of whose Divine Providence brought us safely through the darkest days of tribulation.”

    One day– I remember it well — the chilly wind whistled through the leafless trees, though the sky was cloudless and the sun shone brightly. He remained in his quarters nearly all afternoon alone. When he came out I noticed that his face was a shade paler than usual, and there seemed to be something on his mind of more than ordinary importance. Returning just after dark, he dispatched an orderly to the quarters of an officer, who was presently in attendance. After a preliminary conversation of about half an hour, Washington, gazing upon his companion with that strange look of dignity which he alone could command, said:

    “I do not know whether itis owing to the anxiety of my mind, or what, but this afternoon, as I was sitting at this table engaged in preparing a dispatch, something seemed to distrub me. Looking up, I saw standing opposite a singularly beautiful female.
    So astonished was I, for I had given strict orders not to be disturbed, that it was some moments before I found language to inquire the purpose of her presence.”

    ” A second, a third, even a fourth time did I repeat my question but received no answer from my mysterious visitor, except a slight raising of her eyes. By this time I felt strange sensations spreading through me. I would have risen, but the riveted gaze of the being before me rendered volition impossible. I essayed once more to address her, but my tongue had become useless. E ven thought itself had become paralyzed. A new influence, mysterious, potent,irrestible, took possession of me. All I
    could do was to gaze steadily, vacantly at my unknown visitor. Gradually the surrounding atmosphere filled with sensations and grew luminous. Everything about me seemed to rarefy, the mysterious visitor herself becoming more airy and yet mmore distinct to my sight than before. I now began to feel as one dying, or rather to experience the sensation which I have sometimes imagined accompanies dissolution. I did not think, I did not reason, I did not move. All, alike, were impossible. I was consious only gazing fixedly, vacantly, at my companion.”

    “Presently I heard a voice say, “Son of the Republic, look and learn!” while at the same time my visitor extended her arm eastwardly. I looked and behold a heavy white vapor rising, at some distance, fold upon fold. This gradually dissipated , and I looked upon a strange scene. Before me lay spread out in one vast plain all the countries of the world – Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. I saw rolling and tossing between Europe and America, the billows of the Atlantic Ocean, and between America and Asia lay the pacific. “Son of the Republic,” said the mysterious voice as before, ” look and learn.”

    “At that moment I Beheld a dark, shadowy being, like an angel, standing, or rather floating in mid-air between Europe and America. Dipping water out of the ocean with his hand, he cast it upon America, while that in his left hand went the european countries. Immediately a cloud arose from these countries, and joined in mid ocean.
    For awhile it remained staionary, and then it moved slowly westward, until it eveloped America in its folds. Sharp flashes of lightning gleamed through at intervals; and I heard the smothered groans of the American people. A second time the angel dipped water from the ocean and sprinkled it as before. The dark cloud was then drawn back to the ocean, in whose heaving billows it sank from veiw. A third time I heard the mysterious voice say, “Son of the Republic, look and learn.”

    “I cast my eyes upon America and beheld villages, towns and cities springing upone after another until the whole land, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, was dotted with them. Again I heard the voice say, “Son of the Republic, the end of the century cometh. Look and learn.”

    ” And with this the dark, shadowy figure turned its face soutward, and from Africa an ill-omened spector approached our land.

    “It flitted slowly over every town and city of the land. The inhabitants presently set themselves in battle array against each other.. As I continued to look I saw a bright angel, on whose brow rested a crown of light on which was traced the word, ‘Union’ place an American flag between the divided nation, and say, ‘Remember, ye are brethren.’ Instantly, the inhabitants, casting from them their weapons, became friends once more, and united around the National Standard.

    “Again I heard the voice say, “Son of the Republic, look and learn!” At this, the dark, shadowy angel placed a trumpet to his mouth and blew three distinct blasts; and taking water from the ocean he sprinkled it upon Europe, Asia, and Africa.

    “Then my eyes beheld a fearful scene: from each of these countries arose thick black clouds that were soon joined into one. And throughout this mass there gleamed a bright Red Light, by which I saw hordes of armed men, who , moving with the cloud, marched by land and sailed by sea to America; which country was enveloped in the volume of cloud.

    “And I saw dimly these vast armies devastate the whole country and burn the villages, towns, and cities that I beheld springing up.

    “As my ears listened to the thundering of the cannon, the clashing of swords, and the shouts and cries of millions in mortal combat, I again heard the mysterious voice say, ‘Son of the Republic, look and learn.’ As the voice ceased, the shodowy figure of the angel, for the last time, dipped water from the ocean and sprinkled it upon america. Instantly the dark cloud rolled back, togethr with the armies it had brought, leaving the inhabitants of the land vistorious.

    “Once more I beheld villages, towns, and cities springing up where I had seen them before; while the bright angel, planting the azure standard he had brought in the midst of them, cried in a loud voice,’ While the stars remain and the heavens send down dew upon the earth, so long shall the Union last.’ And taking, from her brow the crown on which was blazoned the word, ‘Union,’ she placed it upon the Standard, while people kneeling down, said, Amen.

    “The scene instantly began to fade away, and I saw nothing but the rising curling vapor I had at first beheld. This also disappeared, and I found myself once more gzing upon the mysterious visitor who said, “Son of th Republic, what you have seen is thus interpreted. Three great perils will come upon the Republic. The most fearful is the third, but the whole world united shall not prevail against her. Let every child of the Republic learn to live for God, his land, and the Union.” With these words the angel vanished from my sight. “Such, my friend,’ conclude the narrator,’were the very words I heard from Washington’s own lips; and America will do well to profit by them.”

    • mike

      “We are the people” we represent all the nations of the world. God blessed it so!
      We all must pray and ask for His Divine Providence. Yes, we don’t like what is happening to our country. In the long run it will be for the best. You want God to help? Believe! ASK and You shall receive. How else will things ever be able to change for the good of it all. Do we think they will just go away.
      I love my country, be patient, persevere, Love your neighbor and pray for those who persecute you. Love, which is part of our freedom, can conquer all.

      God Bless you America.

  • mike

    bob i wish more people knew of these writings from george washingston.

  • Jack

    Even before he was elected, Obama scared the hell out of me, and it has not let up. I contributed to a political party for the first time in my 65 years. Why hasen’t anyone else brought this to light?

  • ConstitutionalistJim

    A few select comments:

    1) Yes, both Clinton and “Dubya” robbed Social Security blind, but they were not the first: our so-called “Federal Government” has had their fat mitts in the cookie jar (up to their arm pits!) since the 1940s! Heck, even Ronald Reagan pointed this out in 1964!

    2) Please also direct your attention to the so-called “Federal Reserve”, which is neither part of the Federal Government (no more than is Federal Express package delivery company!), nor has it any “reserves”. It is a private banking cartel, which has never been audited since its founding in 1913! The Federal Reserve Act is unConstitutional and illegal: turning control of the US economy over to a gang of private bankers (when the Constitution says it belongs solely to Congress!) would require a Constitutional Amendment, which the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 plainly was not! The “Fed” is plainly an unConstitutional and illegal criminal conspiracy, which can and should be broken up and the owners thereof have their assets seized under the Ricco (sorry, it’s late and I might be misspelling this) Statutes…

    3) Obama’s records from Occidental College have finally been broken loose by a lawsuit: his citizenship is Indonesian! Despite the fact that his father’s family have steadfastly maintained that he was born in Mombasa, Kenya, which makes him a British subject, he was naturalized as an Indonesian by his step-father. Obama even admitted visiting Pakistan on his Indonesian Passport when he was 20: he wrote about it in one of his books! Obama has lied about his citizenship and is no more eligible to be President than a blind man could practice brain surgery! He should be impeached, for the “high crime and misdemeanor” of purjury, if nothing else. “Treason” against the United States is defined in Article III, Section 3, of the Constitution: “Adhering to their enemies [the enemies of the United States], giving them aid and comfort” – as I recall, the penalty for treason is either hanging or firing squad…

    4) There is a group known as the Bilderburgers, who are the real “powers that be” (behind the throne): if you want to see who these maniacs are and what they plan for every mother’s son and daughter of us, please go to: and view the video, “Endgame”. Their concept of “population control” includes reducing the world population of approximately 6.5 billion to only 500 million, as specified on the Georgia Guide Stones and shown in the video: look it up on the internet and do the math! This would mean the outright murder of over 92% of the present population of the planet!

    May God bless and Protect us all!

  • S Norris

    My Declaration of Revolution

    Something ominous this way comes, weaving its insidious tendrils through the fabric of our great nation, each with focused purpose & destructive intent. These thorns & vines of poison & sabotage have names: corruption; tax; personal agenda. Their effects will be severely exacerbated by virtue of their own aggressive oppressions: oppression of creativity; oppression of productivity; oppression of investment. And now you hear the esteemed elders in our communities. They see something the spoon-fed masses miss completely. They loath & fear terms like “nationalization” & “social-justice;” so do I. These words have been invoked before.

    There was a gentleman that, while in a position similar to that of this president, launched several public construction programs and government initiatives to combat economic setbacks and unemployment. When those results failed to meet his vision, he began a push for government control of business. Finally, he instituted a system of wage and price controls. Does any of this sound familiar? You may know of him. He was an Italian. He went by the name Benito Mussolini.

    Democracy is not the desired end for people like him or any others that don’t represent you when they cast their votes, write their bills and make their decisions. To them, democracy is a means to an end. We are in danger, and these days may be among our final as a society free to achieve our aspirations & enjoy the fruits of our accomplishments! You may be in the final days of having a voice and ability to exercise your actionable right to reclaim the government of our beloved republic.

    You feel something amiss weighing upon you ominously. You know things are not in line with what our founders provided us. John Hancock told us the following in the Declaration of Independence:

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…”

    When government no longer recognizes its position as representatives of the people, sent by the people, working FOR the people, then it becomes a cesspool of greed and power-hungry hypocrisy in desperate need of draining, sterilization and reclamation! Our government is now a bloated model of inefficiency & bureaucracy and a swamp of corruption & spending that must be drained & dried so we might plant the seeds of proven & effective ideas in the fertile soils that remain… soils that remain rich by the promise of WE THE PEOPLE turning under those entities that sprout forth voting, writing or otherwise espousing anything with less than their CONSTITUENT’S interests at heart. WE START NOW!!! WE are the pumps; WE are the plows; WE OURSELVES are to blame for the unconscionable character of our federal, state and local government officials, and ONLY WE can empower ourselves to clean these houses!

    So yes… I’m angry; I’m scared; I’m saddened. I’m also inspired by all the now-enlightened I witness on the street and hear in conversation, each asking a very simple question: “WHY isn’t somebody doing something?” Look around you… to your left… to your right… before & behind you. THIS is the change you voted for!

    As we empower & elevate ourselves above this maelstrom of discontent & darkness, I see clearly that critical mass has been achieved. Critical mass has been achieved, and we will not be relegated to the dusty & dimly-lit museum halls of retired ideals & irrelevance; we will not be led like sheep through the left or right-wing gates of an ideological slaughterhouse, bludgeoned & silenced by their defamations & tactics; we will not be labeled dissenters for holding dear the principals that make this the greatest nation on Earth. But do we reject their efforts to commit upon us these violations? NO!

    No. We EMBRACE them and express gratitude, for they have with great prejudice brought to the center stage of our consciousness the consequences of political complacency and united us around the single cause of saving our country. We will NOT reject them. Rather we rise in celebration of our love for America, our collective voice raised… unified… ringing out like the perfect-pitch of a fine bell to stay the beasts in Washington and demand back those rights & liberties our grandparents… our parents… our sons & our daughters have fought & died to preserve & protect. So the question becomes… the REAL question becomes this: Who among you are SERIOUS about resurrecting our paradigm & shining proudly the brilliant light seen the world over that is the American way of life?

    I ask this because the seeds of despotism have been long planted and tended, and those that would benefit from this pillaging of liberty are now salivating like Pavlov’s dogs watching their dreams come to fruition. And to counter that, we patriots dutifully attend our tea-parties, write our congressmen and call the congressional switchboard. But we must now do more… much, much more, for I fear our great republic now teeters precariously on the precipice of existence. And yet… I address you with a heart full of hope.

    Allow me please to turn your attention to an excerpt of a lecture given to students at Paris Sorbonne. The lecture was titled “The Man in the Arena.” The year was 1910; the speaker, Theodor Roosevelt:

    “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, and comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”

    America is waking up, and you… here… today… ARE “that man!” So it is with humility and gratitude that I address you, survey you, and bear witness to a growing collective that acts with a renewed sense of responsibility to the republic, to the community, and to the family! That being said, THIS is a call to action! UNLEASH YOUR POWER!!!

    FEEL your ancestors demand we cast off this darkness. Shine down that brilliant light, shredding & driving to the most remote corners the shadows of this tyranny. Rise up with power, with strength, and with honor; stand up for the innocent; stand up for the country; stand up to these parasites… all these lesser men that bind themselves together as hordes & endeavor to pull down the strong… STAND UP & tell them they’re not your gods… they’re not your owners… THEY ARE NOT YOUR KINGS! You have an absolute divine right as creatures made in the image of the creator to be and remain FREE! These people have their hands around the throat of the republic, and they are tightening their grip. STAND UP!!! March on their offices. Force them to look into the eyes of the grass-roots anger they themselves have cultivated through action and ASK HARD QUESTIONS! Corner them & demand answers. Demonstrate to them that not only do they work for YOU, but they are to be held accountable. Remind them that they are mere men & women and there are consequences for each & every action; MAKE THIS THEIR JUDGEMENT DAY! STAND UP!!! Stand up and reclaim your birthright… your stake in that great and historic social experiment that is our blessed republic: the United States of America! YOU STAND UP!!!


    My name is Citizen Sean! And I say VIVA LA RÉVOLUTION!!! I have never bowed to a living soul, nor shall I ever. On this day, however, allow me to drop to one knee and pledge to you the service of my pen & my sword; I dedicate to you my body, my voice, and if necessary, my blood.

    In closing, we MUST now return to a time of principal… when we as a people believed in family… and community… and Judeo-Christian values regardless of our individual spiritual belief systems… a time of hope and inspiration and aspiration… dreams and goals and audacity; return to a time when citizens were motivated to succeed by a beautiful & functional balance of opportunity & stigma; return to a time when people made their decisions knowing they were responsible for their choices. That’s a time when there was a much more narrowly defined monocultural society… not Anglo-American… not African-American… not native-American or Asian-American… JUST AMERICAN! Let’s return to a day when the community worked to inspire & lead one out of poverty, not just pity & provide them handouts. We are Americans; We don’t give fish… we TEACH to fish! As Americans, we don’t strive to bring the successful down… we endeavor to lift the unfortunate up.

    I Thank you, and may God bless you!

    • Warrior


  • Harv

    This is theft on a large scale. Keep your powder dry.


    lancaster, tax_me_more_ifornia
    push 1 for English ONLY in the USA

  • http://þÿ Gaylord Ashcroft

    Well I truly liked reading it. This information procured by you is very constructive for correct planning.


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