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WHO Compiles Data On Worldwide Health

February 14, 2011 by  

WHO compiles data on worldwide healthIn a global review of health data from 1980 to 2008, researchers found that health issues which were once thought of as being problems of the rich are now affecting many middle- and low-income populations.

The research was conducted by the World Health Organization in collaboration with several other colleges and institutions, and published in the journal The Lancet.

Researchers speculated that the reasons behind health improvements in high-income countries are largely due to better screening and treatments. They also noted that a shift toward diets that contain healthier fats and lower sodium levels could be the cause.

Rates of disorders like obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol have fallen in some high-income countries like the United States but are on the rise in Eastern regions and Southeast Asia.

In North America and Australasia — a region encompassing Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and nearby South Pacific islands — significant reductions in hypertension rates were observed, while blood pressure was the highest among individuals living in Baltic or East and West African regions.

Total blood cholesterol levels fell for people living in Western countries while those in Asian and Pacific areas showed increased cholesterol levels.

However, the news is not all good for Western regions. Rates of obesity nearly doubled for U.S. residents from 1980 to 2008. Americans also have the highest body mass index in the world.  

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  • Teresa

    Know what…would be great if we could all watch our diet, eat well, exercise daily…etc. But the way I see it stress is #1 killer and the way people are pushed to work, find work, worry about bills, the state of our nation, world, what the government is pumping into us, juggling kids w/work, heck is a miracle ANY of us live past 50 anymore! So for all of you who CAN….kudos to ya!

    • karolyn

      Teresa – Life doesn’t have to be stressful. It’s all in how you view it! Taking time for one’s self, meditation and putting things in the proper perspective take away stress.

    • EddieW

      Why woiuld WHO be wanting all this information…no good would come of it, just to add more tryanny!!! I had an appointment with a new doctor, I had a few questions, when she said, “WHO recommends this dosage”, I cut her off and said, “I’ve heard enough!!” One appointment I did NOT make!! They lie, cheat make up “facts” and are pushing for one world government!! They are also part of the Eugenics movement, that wants to kill off a few billion of us!!

  • eddie47d

    Those in America who want to be healthy are keeping those figures high. These folks know that a healthy lifestyle will keep you out of the Doctors office. On the other side we have an obesity problem and that is growing. Will we soon be like those Baltic nations?

  • karolyn

    I live in one of the fattest states in the country, SC. The problem is that people in lower socio-economic levels don’t know how to eat well, and junk food is cheaper. You can fill up very well on half a bag of $3 potato chips. Sugar is real big here. The sweet tea is so sweet I can’t drink it without diluting it. I think that came down through the generations because sugar was always a cheap source of calories, especially with sugar cane abundant at one time.

    • Richard Pawley

      Karolyn, growing up in South Carolina and hearing many years ago that we were always on the bottom for health statistics and longevity is what got me started on the long road to leaning all I could to stay healthy and away from drugs and doctors. I hated the idea of pulling weeds after school when I was eight to eleven, in the acre garden we had in West Columbia but I realize today that those chemical free vegetables may well have been what started me on the path to good health. Autism was rare as it is today among the AMISH who grow their own without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. I had the usual childhood diseases like measles and now have a lifetime immunity. I was concerned when I got to high school in Florence and learned that SC had a very low amount of minerals in their soil and this was believed to be one of the causes of heart disease but after serving in the USAF I returned to Columbia for school at USC. Eventually I moved to upstate NY and began to learn more about nutrition and supplements. Fortunately I’ve never been one to go for shots unless I had no choice (like in basic training). Thank God I didn’t have to get all the experimental shots that were given to our poor troops during Desert Storm and which apparently did them much harm. SC still has a higher death rate than many states but my mom never learned to drive so for a good part of my life she cooked from scratch. High Fructose Corn Syrup (a cheap filler in many processed foods) had not been invented in Japan yet so we missed most of that and the Canadians hadn’t invented canola oil (I use neither) but HFCS is a major cause of obesity. The molecules of corn sugar as the billion dollar industry likes to call it nowadays don’t assimilate in the body like cane sugar and they actually make one hungrier. These molecules also don’t cause the part of the brain that normally tells you when you are not hungry to work properly so you can’t even tell when you are hungry. A human being can only eat so much but by adding the cheap filler (HFCS) – I’ve even found it in breaded fish – people eat but are not filled so they eat more. Very profitable to Agribusiness and to the medical industry and the big pharmaceutical companies who now have many more patients to treat. My mom passed on at 92 several months ago and my dad, 97, followed her by less than six weeks so I guess eating home made food from scratch from real food made a difference. Both took a few supplements and I recently updated LEAVING SOUTH CAROLINA to include what I take and to explain why I believe the “big one” the Great Earthquake will not hit Los Angeles until the summer of 2014 although our scientists say it is overdue. By the way, I have never come across anyone who has read my whole autobiography who did not get something out of it, a few even raving about it and buying more than one copy. I leave SC every year, three times last year, and in March I visited my namesake, Pawley’s Island, and even took my mom to Brookgreen Gardens, the former rice plantations that are now the largest outdoor exhibit of sculpture on earth, just a few miles away. I recommend you spend a day there sometime if you want the stress to melt away. The flowers are beautiful in the spring, around the middle of next month or so. Wish I could be there again myself. All the best to you and yours.

  • traderphil

    Obesity in the USA is going down, says the WHO??? LOL!! What planet are they living on?? HAHAHHA What a bald faced lie that is! The USA has the fattest, most sickly, PHARMACEUTICALLY dependent people on earth!! PERIOD! The Western “Medical System”(Including and especially the WHO) is really a PHARMACEUTICAL SYSTEM!!! There is now MANY more diseases than there ever has been! Diseases that did NOT even exist before this plague of PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS and IMMUNIZATIONS! The GP’s should be called PHARMACOLOGISTS because that is all they know how to do, dispense drugs!!! Now Govt wants to eliminate all natural foods(Bill 501) so they can keep you sickly! Thank Monsanto and friends for that, and their Gov’t “bought and paid for” buddies, like the FDA!! What a joke they are! How many millions of Americans have been killed or injured by FDA “approved” drugs!??? Wake up and TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN HEALTH!! YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!! PERIOD!!!

    • Ellen

      I find it hard to believe obesity has gone down in the US – unless it’s by .000000001%. We are 5% of the world’s population, yet we use more pharmaceuticals than the rest of the world combined. And, we are fat and unhealthy. Nations with universal healthcare rarely use pharmaceuticals and they are still only able to provide long waits and limited services in order to control costs. Can you imagine what universal healthcare would cost in the US? Big pharm owns our govt, so we won’t see the needed reduction in pharm. use.

  • s c

    Now that American food producers have figured out ways to ‘create’ health problems in all economic groups, they can concentrate their efforts on politicians. Fair is fair. Besides, we deserve to know if they can handle stress.
    Redistribute the wealth, redistribute the misery. Level the playing field. Let them join the ultimate “big tent.” Call it democracy in action.

  • http://com i41

    Ever since the “experts on child care, most are unmarried queers and steers, with out any kids and are only children them selves! These idoits do studies and “collect” dreamed up theories, don’t know s–t. These simple minded crap heads neverrt have worked, were problably top of their class in grades, but couldn’t drive a nail or change a tire, these idoits over the past several decades have pusified our boys and made a notion of slubs. My grand dads and my Dad lived to their 80 and middle 90′s. Oner thing in common was working everyday but Sunday unless harvest season, always were building something and considered a small garden at least a full acre, by the time they dies they has 5 acres going something and were always giving food away if they would come out and get the food. The last few years there were people whining about not being employed and were offered to come out and get all the food they wanted if they would do the gardening and help put up feed and grain for a free beef. Yo uknow how many takers were willing to work 2. It was too far to drive 15 miles, to hard, cut in to free time of golf, tennis, and baseball. Too many welfare programs and lazy f–king people. The 2 families that did help were a white family with 3 kids and a mexican-white family with 5 kids. They mother and dads were laid off and were on welfare but didn’t like being on the the dole. The families are now still working with severalof my families members. We have too many democrat stupidity laws not letting anyone under 14, to have the right to work and learn a skill. I went to work on weekends sorting livestock in salebarns, or assembled equipment when it was too wet to farm or build fences. Had alott of classmates that din’t do s–t but lay on the couch and watch TV all the time. Now mowing lawns cities and towns require permits and liecenes costing a $1000 dollars befoore every turning a wheel. To many do gooders and mental idoits of the progressive liberial pursuasion.

  • http://n/a SAM

    And one Reason is ALCOHOL….Yes Booze Kills 2.5 Billion people a year and most of them NOT THE DRINKER,Its the DEADLIEST SOURCE of Legal POISON in the WORLD..Its not SMOKING PEOPLE its ALCOHOL


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