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White House Targets Pentagon For Budget Cuts

October 6, 2011 by  

White House Targets Pentagon For Budget CutsThe White House is seeking an additional $25 billion in long-term budget cuts for the Pentagon, as the Administration of President Barack Obama looks to eliminate some key programs in an effort to reduce spending, Reuters reported.

Officials from the Office of Management and Budget called for the Defense Department to locate $489 billion in spending cuts, an increase from the original $464 billion that was proposed, according to the news source.

“It appears that the White House is making a political calculation that there will be less election fallout from cutting weapons programs than from cutting veterans’ benefits,” Loren Thompson, chief operating officer for the Lexington Institute, told Reuters.

The Hill reported that these cuts have drawn criticism from the Republican Party, as they have argued that a decrease in the Pentagon’s budget could hurt the military. Officials noted that it would disrupt the technical edge, hurt the manufacturing sector and could prompt a return of conscription.

According to the news source, the Republican staff report predicted that the Navy would have to retire 60 ships, including two aircraft carriers, and the Army vehicle programs may also face extinction.

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  • Dan

    “Peace” dividends have hurt the military badly in the past. It looks like with the withdrawal of troops from our current wars they are using the “peace” dividend before it’s actually realized. Our military can not take much more cutting and soon it will be a hollow shell much like it was when Reagan took over as Commander in Chief.
    That is one thing the public (we are not grouping informed conservatives in this assertion) doesn’t understand, As Commander in Chief it is Obmam’s job to ensure the military is the best trained and armed in the world. If he was CEO of the Military he would be fired for misuse of funds by using our tax dollars for his green agenda instead of his constitutional duties as Commanding in Chief.

    • Disgusted

      Obama’s goal is to weaken this country and what better way to do that than weaken our military. When the strike happens we won’t have the military to defend ourselves. Exactly what he wants.

    • Christine

      You CAN cut our military budget significantly, albeit intelligently, if you cut our worldwide commitments. We do not need 100′s of overseas military bases. We do not need to pay to protect half the countries in the world. They should be protecting themselves. We do not need to spend more money on the military than all other countries in the world, combined. We do not need to ask our troops to risk their lives in actions where Congress is not willing to declare war.

      We do need to supply all active-duty troops with all the tools they could possibly need to defend themselves & to win the wars that we ask them to fight. We do need to maintain the strongest & most advanced military in the world. We do need to straigten out our budget so we can continue to pay for our military. Cutting our committments will allow us to properly support our troops and defend our nation into the foreseeable future.

      • libertytrain

        Near as I can tell and have personally witnessed, our worldwide bases overseas are closing daily. Two that I just visited — Mannheim installation is but a ghost town right this day, Heidelberg installation almost a ghost town. Things have changed over the last few years.

      • Earl

        I agree with you ,what I’ve noticed about most of these idiots on here comments are talkin two sised either we want our troops to return and not continue the casualty count. And save our tax dollars being waisted or we continue the Bush act,most of the people against Obama on here commenting were never for the President and its a shame that all the name calling but for the last 8 years prior to this. Nothing was accomplished with that administration,and it what it is what got us in tbhis mess that now they expect this. President to wave some magic wand and make it all right,just shows we still live in a hostile,judgemental rascist society.They hate it because we don’t say yes master and hold. Our heads down.

        • Jeep

          earl, there is your rock, please go crawl back underneath and leave the thinking to those who can. Apparently you have not been above ground in a while, but the blame Bush bus left a while ago. And, the race card has been all used up. This economy, the wars (including the new ones) and the disaster on WS are all oman’s now. I hear Alinsky calling your name…be a good little parasite and run along now. Go see what his new marching orders for “hope and change” are.

      • 45caliber


        Keep in mind that we CANNOT fight a war with our present military unless we call in the National Guard. And that was not the intended plan of the NG. We need to be able to fight at least one war with our military – and officially we are supposed to be able to fight two wars since that was decided decades ago. It doesn’t matter if we strip all our overseas bases or not.

  • 1minuteman

    obama will do anything to help the muslim caliphate by cutting the defense budget. we are in maybe the most dangerous time in our history with iran and n. korea as well as china. our guys have been fighting for 10 years with equipment that is wearing out or outdated. our best ally in the middle east israel is surrounded by countries that want to wipe them out and all obama wants to cut is defense. whose side is he on?

    • djdrew103

      I don’t believe how low you all will go to spread your rhetorical crappola abotu Obama all the time. Here is a serious subject and we al know that miltary spending in the US is one of the largest percentage wise, of any country in the world.

      But all that coem come out of your mouths to “point counter point” is, “Obama is bolstering his Muslim friends”, “Obama’s main goal is to weaken our nation”…what BS!

      You don’t have enough intelligence than to merely look at military spending and claim opposite of the facts, just to fuel your hype as opponents to the current administration. You don’t have enough brains to gather information on how much is spent, or how much more is needed, than to spread gossip and you think its intellectual replies to further your cause. Your no smarter than the people that bolster the Taliban overseas, as they misuse their uneducated simple mentalities as a tool to find their suicide bombers. You’re worse enemies of our country from within our very borders than they are from outside.

      We need budget cuts from all areas of government, from military abuses in outrageous contracts out of the tax payer’s pockets, to outrageous expenditures like the Transportation department spending $5m to ship all their officials to a high end hotel for lavish parties at tax payer expenses, to merely hod a one hour meeting to explain Air Traffic Control policies. They spend a fortune sending uneducated (in the field) officials on world trips to look at billboards and roadways, people who are not even experienced in those fields of advertisement or engineering, on paid for world travel vacations under the guise of departmental duties, and lecherously leech monies from the system as a parasitical power in a time when we need to tighten our belts and stay afloat.

      Your babble and dribble here does nothing for your companion lords. It merely shows the combined stupidity of the puppets they master in the populace, people who are so easily fooled into thinking they are real Americans. News Flash! Being a citizen isn’t the same as being an American!

  • Jonhu

    Let’s keep it simple. Maintain a strong military to protect our country and borders, first. Honor the commitment and sacrifice made by military members to keep us safe, second. And lastly, let the private sector manage itself, without government manipulation. Otherwise, we end up with an entitlement society that includes all classes, from needy welfare recipients, to financial leaders and corporate executives. It’s time to stop the internal pillagers and replace the political leaders that allow them unbridled access to our national treasures.

  • Jim

    The socialist party when it is in office has always cut the military since Nam. Of course Obozo just wanted the military to push his homosexual agenda on to minority status, he could care less about the military then to use it for his own devices. The GOP is no where lately to be heard from. When are they going to stand up and do things. Evil days ahead I am afraid.

  • kyl

    If they want to target the Pentagon, fine. The very first thing they should do is take away everybody’s government credit card so they can’t use them to pay their mortgages, car payments, buy groceries, booze, strippers, and any other fraudulent and unapproved purchases! Then they should terminate, arrest, charge, prosecute, and convict these ‘crats and make full restitution part of the punishment.

  • 45caliber

    As one of the big libs (Jesse Jackson) once said, “We’re the strongest nation in the world. We can completely get rid of our military since no one anywhere in the world would ever consider attacking us.”

    Yeah, right.

  • 45caliber

    The National Guard was meant to provide services for the states – and were to remain in the states UNLESS a major war (like WWII) came along that could not be handled by our standing military. And our military was supposed to be designed to handle two major wars at the same time.

    However, the libs want to do away with the military and take over the National Guard since it isn’t financed by them.

    We need to go back to the full military and REMAIN the strongest nation in the world.

  • Rayma Dorsa

    Whats really bad of the USA we have a lot of “cop outs” who wont even sign a petetion they are so fed up…I am glad we have the Military as they “don’t give up” they will work it out…I am convinced…
    God Bless the USA

  • Jeffrey A. Williams

    We as Americans must face the fact that we can no longer be the policemen of the world. Too many DoD projects have had huge cost overruns for the past 25 years and many projects such as flying Hummvies
    are simply ludicrous.

    • eddie47d

      These Conservatives demand budget cuts and want to do away with whole departments unless it is something on their wish list. Everything should be on the table from welfare benefits to the military. Bring our defense home and make sure they have the best equipment that is well maintained. That’s in the Constitution not all these foreign wars and interventions. The world is not a pie for everyone to slice up anymore and that includes for us.

      • Jeep

        eddie I am so proud of you citing the Constitution! I am so with you on that! So, lets eliminate anything outside the bounds of constraint formulated in the Constitution. We can start with all the Czars, and then reach out for the EPA, FEMA, BATF, TSA and, well…just about all those unConstitutional three letter agencies. Then, we’ll end the unConstitutional welfare state and return the power back to the states where it Constitutionally resides. Good to see you are on board! Oh and as for the military, since it may be one of the few Constitutional roles of the federal govt, we can discuss what is appropriate for national defense after all the other cuts.

  • s c

    45caliber, Jesse Jackson is a self-made dolt. He’s a one-trick pony. He whizzes and moans and plays the race card. That’s not a reputation. He thinks it is. It’s more like a dunce’s hat (grade school). He has yet to notice people laughing behind his back.
    In the matter of Oishouldbeworshipped and the Pentagon, the Pentagon will take care of itself. If they have to take a cut, they’ll do it and compensate. However, if the Navy has to take a hard hit, it’s probably time to hang on and endure the rough ride. Any superpower that has a Navy and loses it is screwed.
    Odumberbummer can flap his big mouth only so much. Then, he has to wait for new orders from his puppet masters. 45caliber, you don’t think Opraiseme would try to buck the MIC, do you? JFK never got the chance to learn the downside of that lesson.

  • CanCan

    How about getting rid of the ten ton elephant in the room called the- health-care-bill-no-one-wanted, but everyone passed-and before reading, no less? There is a trillion dollars for you right there. Then, make all members of Congress work for minimum wage without benefits, including the President-who seems to do nothing but play golf and go on endless vacations. Doing so will not solve our debt problem by a long shot, but it might give a few of us who are still paying taxes (the ones who still have jobs anyway) a bit of satisfaction seeing Congress in the bread lines.


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