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White House Says GOP Will Ruin Christmas

November 27, 2012 by  

White House Says GOP Will Ruin Christmas

A new report from the White House says that members of the GOP in Congress will play the part of the Grinch for the Nation’s retailers this Christmas unless the lawmakers get on board with President Barack Obama’s fiscal plan.

A White House report released yesterday reads:

The National Retail Federation is forecasting that holiday sales will grow 4.1 percent this year … [but] if Congress does not act on the President’s plan to extend tax cuts for the middle-class, it will be risking one of the key contributors to growth and jobs in our economy at the most important time of the year for retail stores.

The holiday season is no time to threaten middle-class pocketbooks.

The report, titled “The Middle-Class Tax Cuts’ Impact On Consumer Spending & Retailers,” is aimed at increasing pressure on Congressional Republicans to back off of promises not to raise taxes on Americans in higher income brackets.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post reported Monday that four noteworthy Republican lawmakers had broken with anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist in recent days. Senators Lindsey Graham (S.C.), Bob Corker (Tenn.), Saxby Chambliss (Ga.) and Representative Peter King (N.Y.) all said they will not be bound by Norquist’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge as Congress moves toward the looming fiscal cliff battle.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • northbrook

    If the democrats won’t compromise on spending then the GOP should let the country go over the cliff. A second recession should cap the second term for Obama and then we will see where it takes the country. Obama will blame the GOP. Right now the GOP is being set up to take the fall as I suspect Obama has no intention of compromising on anything.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      And you may just be correct.

    • Vigilant

      So the WH says, “[but] if Congress does not act on the President’s plan to extend tax cuts for the middle-class, it will be risking one of the key contributors to growth and jobs in our economy at the most important time of the year for retail stores.”

      What a load of propaganda. Correct the statement to say, “[but] if Congress does not act on the President’s plan to increase taxes on the wealthy…” and it perfectly describes the situation. The Repubs have never been against tax cuts for the middle class.

      The whole thing is a political football. Obama and the Dems know perfectly well that increases in taxation of the rich will yield not nearly enough to even dent the deficit/debt. It’s simply a wealth redistribution move and a bone to the “hate the rich” socialists..

      The bankruptcy of the plan is best illustrated by the voodoo mathematics of Professor Barry Bluestone of Northwestern University. He says, “The math is pretty simple. If we transfer $1,000 from a rich household in the top 1% of the income distribution to a family in the first quintile, consumption falls by $490 for the rich household, but spending goes up by $990 for the low income family for a net increase in consumption of $500. Transferring $1,000 from that rich household to a family in the second quintile increases consumption by $420. A transfer to a middle quintile family boosts spending by $400.”

      What the professor fails to acknoeledge is that the lowest quintile is the only winner in the game. Net REDUCTIONS in national consumption for second and third quintiles would be $70 and $90 per family respectively. It’s called wealth redistribution for wealth redistribution’s sake only.

      • vicki

        Another detail about the tax plan that is missed by most people is the cutoff point for “middle class”. $250,000. Gross income? I.E. Most surviving small businesses?

        And let us look another detail. Inflation. With QEx inflation and possibly hyperinflation is guaranteed. That means that a lot of people will ask for and get raises taking them from the middle class into the “wealthy” that is the tax the rich target of obama’s proposal.

        You only have to look at history to see this effect.

    • Steve E

      I concur.

    • JGM

      YES !!! Cut, Cut, Cut “SPENDING” !!!

    • Benjamin Fox

      Obozo’s plan is to destroy our system and will always blame someone else for his stupid rulings as dictator-in-chief of the U.S. and soon the world for his little god allah (satan).

      • eddie47d

        Corporatism and crony Capitalism is harming our country and Lucifer is living in the basement of Wall Street. I think they call him Hedgefund which is your little god of moral decay.

    • J. Donovan

      Northbrook, you are so right on this. He will more than likely blame George Bush! But if he remembers that he wasn’t in office these past four years, he was, then he’ll gladly blame the GOP. Blame them for trying to save this country!

    • Old Henry

      The spineless Republicans in the House could take out the communist foreign national Kenyan next month by not certifying him as qualified to occupy OUR White House.

      The treasonous half-breed is NOT a Natural Born Citizen and is NOT legally allowed to occupy OUR White House.

    • Old Henry
  • yosef

    The government of these united states is so corrupt they forget they work for we the people. They don’t care who gets hurt as long as we keep paying there wages and for there health care

    • Gary

      “When the people find they can vote themselves money,
      that will herald the end of the republic.”
      – Benjamin Franklin
      (1706-1790) US Founding Father

      • TIME

        Dear Gary,

        You sir have nailed the puppy.

        The Illiterate have bagged their man, saddly these very people will also be the first in line to head off to their special new FEMA home.,
        That begs the question ~ Is that whats called Poetic Justice?

        Peace and Love be with you. Got your bus tickets yet?

      • Old Henry

        I don’t know if it’s Poetic TIME, but it will be Justice.

        Do you live close enough to an interstate to watch go by? See Joe, der dey go. Tousand buses in a row…

  • Tony Newbill

    Question regarding the Fiscal Cliff , has President Obama become the Monte Hall in the Game Show ” Let’s Make a Fiscal Deal ” , , making promises to provide the voter/taxpayers with items behind doors to the future which he cannot guarantee without a solid economic growth , something the President promised is on the right path but just needs more time and has offered hope for a Consolation Prize called Stimulus Debt these past 4 years and now has the American people Hooked on the hand out prizes instead of growing and expanding the supply-side economy to grow tax revenues ?

    See the problem still comes back to a fundamental of this Game Show using the same stagnate supply source while more and more people want to play the game , and this is where the debate needs to go , because the world is still growing in Population but the economy is not and that makes INFLATION unsustainable !!!! ht tp://

    President Obama needs to define his Fair Share vision and how this will bring Growth at a GDP rate in the 4 % to calculate tax profits at levels that can pay this DEBT back to replace the loss in these cuts to subsidies that are bridging the loss in Revenues and are shoring up peoples loss of economic growth that creates jobs !!!
    And ask him if he thinks the Environmentalists are pushing Regulatory agencies to hard causing stagnate growth and that if President Obama needs to try and separate his policies some from these extremists in the environmental sectors of his support structure to solve this fiscal crisis ????

  • Breeze

    This idiot won’t mention God in his thanksgiving address, he brings up big bird, and now santa? He can’t really blame Bush anymore, so he has to blame all his failed policys on the GOP now? Grow some cahones barrack. Stop acting like a 5 year old.

    • eddie47d

      Republican lies and overt negativity are classic and displayed by you Breeze, Hipshotpercusion and others. Do using words like Idiot and Heathen make you proud Republicans? It was Romney that brought Big Bird into the fray Ms Breeze and what is this bussiness about dragging Santa into it. I think you are the 5 year old! Obama in his Thanksgiving Proclamation said. “Let us spend this day by lifting up those we love mindful of the grace bestowed upon us by GOD and by all who have made our lives richer with their presence”. He also mentioned GOD again in reference to Hurricane Sandy so what part of GOD don’t you understand. Putting it a different way what part of childish hatred of Obama do you want the world to see? In his Thanksgiving Address he also said “Today we give thanks for blessings that are all too rare in this world” and to “worship as we please”. As always he also made a special tribute to our troops but you wouldn’t have noticed because you have been too busy looking for your own cajones.

      • Dale left coast

        Repubs have destroyed Christmas . . . but the Dimmicraps destroyed the other 364 days of the year.
        Eddie . . . the O is a serial liar . . . and if you picked someone at random out of the Dallas phone book you could find a more qualified leader.

        • Tony Newbill

          Putting it into Perspective ……. Dale left coast , they have exactly what they want …..

          Ben Franklin to President Obama , “When the people find they can vote themselves money,
          that will herald the end of the republic.”

          Analyze this picture and you can see the Plan to Develop Class warfare was On the Chalk Board years earlier , ht tp://

          This story is going viral ,
          Op-Ed: Pravda, former Soviet Communist paper, says Obama is ‘Communist’

          Read more: ht tp://

      • Mable8

        You are a lying sack of garbage eddie…yozero did NOT mention GOD in his “Thanksgiving Day Address,” and he did NOT mention GOD in the Sandy storm. He certainly did not invoke GOD or GOD’s mercies during the Benghazi affair nor did he tell the families of the 4 victims that he would pray for them. He doesn’t mention GOD because he is afraid to do so, because that would put his unholy allah beneath our Creator.

      • eddie47d

        Look in the mirror Mabel and get your elbows off the table! I looked it up or didn’t you see the direct quotes. That makes you the “sack off garbage” (your words).

      • Breeze

        OK Ms. Edy, I am not a republican, I didn’t mention “heathen”, so why are you making things up? I WILL classify you the same as obama. You ARE an idiot too.

      • eddie47d

        Learn to read Breeze I also mentioned Hipshotpercusion and he said Heathen. Please tell us what political party you belong too so I can correctly address you . Deal!

      • Old Henry

        eddie, Big Bird is a non-issue. I ate him last Thursday afternoon. What was left we put out for the ferral cats. I told all the kids after dinner we ate Big Bird.

  • eddie47d

    Republicans tried to destroy Obama over the last four years by tripping up the economy. Their thinking was that if the economy tanked even further they would be a shoe in for reelection. The American people apparently saw through their wrong headed stubbornness and looked beyond the harm they were doing. As opposed to the reckless debt the Democrats left us with. Obama had a plan and all the Republicans had was self loathing and morass. Consumer spending was up to 6% here in Colorado last week. The housing market returned with new developements and prices are stabilized. Auto sales are up again this year. Oil and gas drilling are up and in some places going gang busters. That didn’t matter to the Republicans and you never heard about the positive from them. The right wing media was so negative I had to go back to the mainstream media to find out what was really going on. If the Republicans have their way maybe we should cancel Christmas and go live in a cave.Their new flag is that of gloom and doom and they have waved it proudly for the last four years.

    • Breeze

      And obamas flag should have chains and a whip!

      • Tony Newbill

        Breeze check this flag out the Russians have for Obama , you will have to close the web address back together this was the only way I could get it to Post , ht tp : / /xle rma.word

      • eddie47d

        You tell a whopper of a lie Breeze and that is all you can come up with. Still nothing but garbage between your bookend comments.

        • Breeze

          Ms. Edy,Don’t you have something better to do like collect shiny things, or save toenails

          • Tony Newbill

            I knew an Alaskan tat went into the bush every year and didn’t come out for 6 months and while he was there he would collect his toe jam …. then he would open the can which contained the trophy and pass it around and ask people in the gathering to smell it and ask what it was ……

          • Breeze

            LOL Tony. This might be the same guy.

      • eddie47d

        I’ll leave you two old crows to your own imaginations! Yuck!

    • Mable8

      eddie: don’t you ever get tired of your lies? Obviously you don’t because you are so busy condemning everyone who disagrees with your zero propaganda. Sure wish I could use some words not permitted here, but would certainly aptly describe you and your kind to a tee. You and your kind are disruptive, destructive, and are unable to exist without hate. Even a Neanderthal has better character than the likes of you and yours…

      • eddie47d

        I proved you are a liar Mabel. Next!

    • Old Henry

      No eddie, the problem is we now have too many parasites living off the producers in this country. They simply voted their self-interest rather than what was best fro the nation.

      “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”

      Little Barry and his Communist Party have now managed to reverse that idea. That, plus the massive nation-wide voter fraud.

  • hipshotpercusion

    Why should that heathen care. He doesn’t believe in Christ anyway!

    • Mable8

      Even a heathen believes in God, hipshot, even though how they practice their beliefs is alien to you. Please don’t insult these people by putting zero in their midst.

  • T. Jefferson

    More lies from the party that has almost destroyed the country. The next four years will probably see it’s conclusion.

    • Tony Newbill
      • eddie47d

        Tony;Those were mostly the words of Xavier Lerma and not Putin or Pravda. Lerma is the one putting the anti-Obama spin on this report. Besides why gloat about Putin or even use him as a reference considering how he wants to rebuild the Soviet Empire himself. He may want to do it Capitalistic style yet he still has a few gulags to contend with. Maybe his war in Chechnya should be an eye opener in what he really thinks and what he really is like. Did you know that Moscow has the most billionaires in the world so maybe that is why Conservatives are so enthralled with him yet are blind to his dark side.

        • Tony Newbill

          Eddie47d ,,, AWESOME SPIN DUDE !!!!!

        • Tony Newbill

          Eddie47d WHAT ABOUT Obama wanting to be More flexible with Russia now that they have expressed their opinion of Obama ????
          And You cannot spin this as the authors own opinion there are too many Quotes in this from Putin about Obama !!!

      • Jonathan

        That would have also been their point of view of Mitt Romney!!!!!! Russia was hopping for Ron Paul.

      • BradW

        Hey, Eddie, what’s wrong with billionaires? You sound like having the most is a bad thing.

        • Tony Newbill

          While we Argue over each others Money and how much we should get from each other Overall Supply production is stalled out with a GDP thats Next to ZERO and the World Population is still growing ….. just what Cliff are we really going over ?????

      • eddie47d

        Don’t worry Tony, Obama won’t let Putin walk all over this country or are you hoping for a test run? The world markets are give and take and the Republicans have given away plenty. If we don’t need what Russia is selling then ignore Putin and his government!

        • Tony Newbill

          Eddie47d what Russians are selling is the Armaments to destabilize the Middle East and once this Happens and the Dollar is rejected as the Petrol Dollar pricing , world Oil markets settlements will Send the Price of Oil in the USA to an unsustainable level and crash the markets overall , and it seems all President Obama has done and is still doing is getting the USA Government in a Position to react to this .

          Republicans and democrats together have gave away Our Liberty that was embedded in our ability to be self Supplied with our Industrial Capabilities , so don’t try and make this a Republican issue there Eddie47d because its Both sides that have screwed up . But I think they thought is was for the best … but now seeing what this kind of Power forming alliances that are excluding USA Officials are now second guessing this plight they set us on … Obama thought he could keep the Muslim Brotherhood Loyal , HA , Benghazi showed us thats Impossible , Libya , Egypt , Syria , Yemen , all Iran proxies and all Russian Armed !!!!! Get Ready for a nationalization of the USA markets once this dollar trade currency hits the International Financial wall !!!

          • Breeze

            Tony, you see things as they really are. I commend you.

      • eddie47d

        Russia and Syria are allies and yes they do arm them. Unlike the USA who has armed all the other Arab countries for decades.

      • Old Henry

        And…. we must not overlook the fact that Little Barry was ENTHUSIASTICALLY endorsed last summer by the CPUSA. That alone should raise a flag – most lilely with a hammer and sycle on it.

  • T. Tonita

    A man who doesn’t believe in Christ will fail in every corner of the world.

    • Doc Sarvis

      It is good that President Obama is a true Christian.

      • OneGuess

        I guess you don’t count O’s multiple references to “my muslim faith”.

      • Ron

        Pull your head out of the sand. Going through life with blinders on is no way to understand what is really going on. Only by listening to the crap you are being fed can you possibly make a comment like that. Do a little research.

      • Kinetic1

        One Guess,
        The “my muslim faith” scam has been debunked over and over. A comment edited and taken out of context is not proof of anything other than the opposition’s desperation.

        • Breeze

          Then, why doesn’t he release, at the very least, his school records? Why does he have a SS card for someone else? Proof? obama needs to show us proof.

      • Steve E

        A good Christian does not take money from one person by force and give it to another.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Steve E,
        Every President since FDR (and probably before) has done that through taxes. Are ALL of them non-Christians? Even the “hallowed” Ronnie R.?

      • Vigilant

        Sorry to burst the bubble on BOTH sides of the question, but it doesn’t matter whether he’s Christian, Muslim, Rastafarian, Scientologist, atheist, vegetarian, or a Chevrolet man.

        What matters is whether or not he preserves, protects and defends the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. THAT is the only consideration that the Founders imposed upon elected officials.

      • Bruce Buckhalt

        If Obama is a true christian & you believe that then I have some desert land in the swamp I wish to sell you. You probably even believe in Sharia law & are a muslim just like your buddy obama!! He is a muslim & not even an American!! If so why has he spent millions to hide every fact of his life from his birt to now ?!!

      • Steve E

        Doc, you asked: Are ALL of them non-Christians? My answer is they are not good Christians.

      • eddie47d

        Bruce: Obama is not now a practicing Muslim, period! Is he a strong Christian? Probably not but that still makes him a Christian. Not every Christian is Born Again or reads the Bible daily so there are different degrees of faithfulness. God in the afterlife will be the judge of that not you or I.

      • Old Henry

        A Chevrolet Man Vigilant?! Come on! We gotta draw the line somewhere!

      • Old Henry

        eddie, eddie, eddie:

        Little Barry is a practicing Muslim. He removes all jewelry on, what holiday is it those rag-heads practice? Ramadam? He cancells the Christian Day of Prayer and has Muslim prayers.

        Wake up eddie. He is laughing AT you, not with you.

      • Vigilant

        Good one, OH. LOL!

  • Doc Sarvis

    Actually, it looks like the National Retail Federation is the one spelling economic doom, no the White House.

    • Vigilant

      Sarvis, once again, doesn’t just get it wrong, he gets it egregiously wrong. The statement from the WH was “The National Retail Federation is forecasting that holiday sales will grow 4.1 percent this year …”

      The rest of the statement was from the WH, NOT the National Retail Federation. Pull your head out, Sarvis.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Opps Vigilant, you stepped in it again.
        From the NRF website at:

        “This is the most optimistic forecast NRF has released since the recession. In spite of the uncertainties that exist in our economy and among consumers, we believe we’ll see solid holiday sales growth this year,” said NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay. “Variables including an upcoming presidential election, confusion surrounding the ‘fiscal cliff’ and concern relating to future economic growth could all combine to affect consumers’ spending plans, but overall we are optimistic that retailers promotions will hit the right chord with holiday shoppers.”

        • Tony Newbill

          Doc its small Potatoes . Retail only makes up 8 % of total GDP growth

      • Vigilant

        Sarvis gives new meaning to words in the English language every day.

        “…but overall we are optimistic that retailers promotions will hit the right chord with holiday shoppers.”

        And “This is the most optimistic forecast NRF has released since the recession.”

        Now, to what distortion of the English language do you appeal when you translate the NRF’s statement as “the…spelling [of] economic doom?

        You lost your footing (and reading comprehension) some time ago, fool.

        • Tony Newbill

          Doc peoples incomes have to go up in order for this to be reflected in the retail sales , and that has not happened but in fact the incomes have went down due to stagnate GDP growth . And the very People Obama bailed out that saw a Rise in the incomes from the crash , he artfully was able to target as the Villains of his Class warfare to get reelected , HOW IRONIC this was overlooked so masterfully !!!

      • momo

        I guess that PHD, (piled higher and deeper), that Sarvis has wasn’t in English.

      • Vigilant

        Naivete and ignorance can be forgiven; stupidity is incurable. However, outright duplicity and mendacity is Sarvis’ stock in trade, and that’s unforgivable.

      • Old Henry


        I wonder if we are paying too much attention to one hand (as planned) and not watching the other – which is pulling the strings. (NWO, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Soros)

  • Corkey

    The country’s currency value continues its plummet towards zero and these two sorry excuses for political parties are arguing over the seasonal sales of mostly junk produced in foreign countries which people do not need or can afford to buy. If you want to buy gifts, make sure it is made of gold or silver. Pathetic!!

  • Chuck

    Just let is go over and collapse then when all is dark there will not a single liberal with a useful idea…….. Epic fail is what is need to awaken the sheeple.

    • Breeze

      Chuck, I agree.

    • Steve E

      That’s what I want to see also. It’s the only way to clean up this crap.

    • Old Henry

      Chuck, I do not entirely disagree, but we must always be careful of what we wish for. A collapse now with the Communist foreign national Kenyan “in charge” could result in some disasterous consequences – for all of us.

      Grnated, the parasites will suffer first and the most, but it will catch up with all of us eventually – even those of us who are, and have been, preparing.

      I become distraut when I think of my kids, and grandkids.

      I have neighbors who have / are predicting a civil war – and are armed to the teeth – with this Communist foreign national userper. I tell them that I am not sure the American people are up to the task nowadays.
      It took us 150 years to heal from the last one – and we were a solidly Christioan nation then.

  • Bob Rice

    Im really curious,What happens,when China,or anyone,says,NO MORE LOANS,does that mean,no more welfare,food stamps or oreo phones,Folks,its coming..but,dont come to my house,im armed….

    • hipshotpercusion

      Same here, Bob! .308 holes make invisible souls. Come and get some jacketed hot lead, you zombies.

    • Steve E

      I hope China does dumb our bonds so I can watch all the mooches of the government starve. You will be able to hear me laugh out loud in the distance when that happens.

      • Mable8

        Maybe the mooches of the government will starve, but so will those who receive government assistance legitimately. This is your idea of entertainment? Hope none of your relatives are on the dole, regardless of the reason. Oh, that will also include the neonates in NICU and the elderly in the Nursing Homes. But that’s okay because it is in the zero’s plans anyway–and if China does dumb down the bonds as you hope, then zero gets yet another face to blame instead of being held accountable for his own actions. Real brotherly of you Steve E. Have a nice day.

      • Steve E

        I’m not worried, my family is smart enough to know what’s coming. They are prepared. The Obama voters are not.

      • Old Henry

        Steve, I hope none of your family is located in an urban area where the vast majority of the parasites live.

        If they are, do they keep the tank filled and several jump and go bags ready?

        We folks “in the sticks” will fare much better than those in, and near, cities – at least initially.

  • Gayle Naar

    I guess I have spent a lifetime of believing if someone believes in Jesus Christ as their savior then I would classify them as a Christian but it appears some of those who post here classify them as a heathern. I will continue to believe this person is a Christian, maybe it is the heatherns who does not know what it means as a Christian seeing others as Christians also.

    For anyone to have lived and listened for the past two years and not realize we have a Congress which may know how to govern but has chosen not to do so, this is not leadership but failure on their part. It will require some cuts in spending and increase in revenue, anything less is failure on the part of our Congress to govern.

    • Mable8

      While congress chooses not to legislate as they are supposed to do, you cannot excuse that liar in the oval office. He is supposed to lead this country, not destroy it. The liar in the oval office has committed numerous crimes while in office; he has violated the public trust on a daily basis; he has insulted and alienated our allies; he has aided and abetted the enemy…..and you apparently think that lying conniving coward who cheats, robs and steals from the American public deserves any form of respect? NEVER.

      • Mable8

        Furthermore, that liar in the oval office is certainly NO Christian, but he is a hateful muslim islamists.

      • eddie47d

        Nixon committed crimes while in office so did Reagan,Bush/Cheney. Probably most Presidents have besides Obama is only a Muslim in your dark dreams Mabel.

      • Old Henry

        Whoa Mable8! That sounds very racist! LOL!

        He is, indeed, all of that and much, much more. He should be swinging from a tree on the front lawn of OUR White House, for the 4 dead Americans alone.

    • Old Henry

      Gayle, there is absolutely no shortage of income in DC. There is, however, a massive over abundance of spending.

      It matters not if you give them another $100, $200, or whatever. They will simply spend twice as much to enrich themselves and their fellow parasites around the nation.

      It’s time for a radicl masectomy.

  • Mable8

    All this talk about the economy and how the lying zero in the Oval Office plans to “tax the rich, making them pay their fair share.” Now, for some, that has a nice ring, The reality is this: has no one noticed that the zero in the Oval Office and all those in high places (congress, cabinet members, supreme court, etc, including the zero’s demigod, soros) have said NOT ONE WORD about how much THEY WILL PAY? Reason: They have exempted themselves. And why haven’t those who really are wealthy (Trump, Rockerfellas, etc) said NOT ONE WORD about how these new “tax laws” are affecting them? Another thing, those at $250,000 income levels are the ONLY ONES TARGETED–that is, so far. Who said these individuals are “rich” and represent the “wealthiest in the USA”? zero the dictator says so. Those who really are targeted are the individuals making $20 – 250K and not the other way around. When that group’s money is exhausted, then the zero will go after those making $250K – $1M. Multimillionaires and Billionaires will continue to enjoy their current tax status because ther income comes from the backs of the lowly worker and they mean to keep it that way. If I am wrong, then let’s hear from those considered ‘wealthy’ and what they think of the up-coming tax hikes that allegedly will have an affect on them.

    • Tony Newbill

      Mable8 you know it could be that this time Instead of Rounding up the actual people that are the subject of class division politics it will be their Money that will be sent to the Gulags and Concentration Camps …. but then once everyone is disarmed financially how will we re-arm ourselves when they come for what we have left that sustains their lives because this Progression leads to supply shortages ?

    • Old Henry

      Mable, I have asked several times for one of our resident communsts to define “rich” and enlighten us with how they come up with that particular figure, the reasoning behind it, their qualifications for defining “rich”. To a communist anyone with a dollar more than them is “rich”.

      It is all simply a tool to keep our eyes off the ball, or what the other hand is doing.

  • James

    I guess the GOPwill get the blame, when Obama has gotten us 16 trillion in debt. Can’t blame George Bush for the last four years. Have to have someone to blame. Now they want the GOP to help them out!!!!

  • Meg

    If there is no spending cuts, there should be no deal. If taxes are raised on the rich, that is just that much more for the administration to spend and spend they will. Cut spending or go ahead and raise taxes on everyone.

  • Dee

    I can’t believe how many American people were so stupid to vote this POS back in.
    He is the one ruining this country. He is a statist and follows his father who abandoned him
    early in his years. Why he would want to follow him, I just don’t know.

    • Old Henry

      Dee, we cannot be sure that the POS was indeed voted back in. There was MASSIVE voter fraud nation-wide. And nary a peep.

  • Jim

    Everyone keeps referring to “Obama’s Plan” to keep us from going over the “cliff”. Obama was elected President; it is his job to lead. Where is the Bill he presented to congress? They don’t vote on plans, they vote on Bills. Where is Obama’s budget that shows how his “plan” will affect government spending. Obama was able to mealy-mouth enough people to reelect him, but congress needs to hold tight until he shows some leadership and then not pass any bills that don’t cut spending without increasing taxes. Congress passed a budget even though it was not considered by the Senate. They need to base their actions on that budget.

  • chuckb

    jim, barry has a plan, you saw it work out very well for him, he got re-elected.
    his plan was illegal voter registration and the entitlement crowd along with millions of fed and state workers plus most all the unions. they now are the majority vote, the weak republican congress will not be an obstacle for this bunch. they will cave in and boehner and barry will meet on the golf course. the american people will suffer as they should they just voted away their country for a government like venezuela, hugo must be proud of barry.

    • Old Henry

      Let’s hope Little Barry somehow pisses off the CIA like JFK did. He may have a golf ball packed with C-4….

  • Hedgehog

    Send us your rich, your overtaxed, your over burdened middle classes, yearning to breathe free! The wretched refugees from Barry’s tyranny. Canada is an O’dogma free zone, so far!


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