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White House Reverses Condolence Letter Policy For Military Suicides

July 7, 2011 by  

White House Reverses Condolence Letter Policy For Military Suicides

According to a senior Administration official, the White House recently changed its policy of not sending condolence letters to the families of military service members who commit suicide.

“The move comes nearly six weeks after a group of senators — 10 Democrats and one Republican — asked President Barack Obama to change what they called an ‘insensitive’ policy that dates back several administrations and has been the subject of protest by some military families,” an article on reported.

“Unfortunately, perpetuating a policy that denies condolence letters to families of service members who die by suicide only serves to reinforce this stigma by overshadowing the contributions of an individual’s life with the unfortunate nature of his or her death. It is simply unacceptable for the United States to be sending the message to these families that somehow their loved ones’ sacrifices are less important,” the unnamed official’s statement to CNN reportedly said.

“The president feels strongly that we need to destigmatize the mental health costs of war to prevent these tragic deaths, and changing this policy is part of that process.”

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  • s c

    OK, I will admit that the current poser-in-chief has done something right, but if anyone thinks this is part of a master plan to get us out of that part of the world, enjoy the “relief” while you can.
    When ALL of our military people are OUT of that region and OUT of places around the world where we should NOT be, THAT will be the time to conclude that things have changed.
    Until then, we’re playing the role of a prostitute cop serving at the whim of string-pullers who would just as soon cut our throats and then sip their tea and watch their investments grow on stock exchanges around the world.
    Kindly remember with whom we are dealing, America.

  • Doc Sarvis

    I too agree that this is the right move on the part of the President.

    I also agree with s c that we need to remove ourselves from the conflicts we are currently involved in overseas. I do so with the knowledge that we are there because of our continued dependance on foreign oil reserves (and increasing competition for that oil with growing consumers such as China). The easy acquisition of oil is well on its way out. The remaining oil in the world will be harder to get (i.e. more expensive and more environmentally destructive to acquire). For our own security our country needs to move to other sources of energy.

    Sorry to have gotten off the topic of the condolence letters. Right move Mr. President.

    • Robin, Arcadia, IN

      Doc… The president did the right thing, but I can’t help but think it was his ‘team’ that encouraged him and because he is so focused on the next election already that it was more for those reasons. Either way, it was a good deed.

    • Bob from Calif.

      This is just a distraction to hide all the evil going on behind the scenes. Soldiers life insurance payouts stolen from the families, soldiers tortued to give up future medical benefits for injuries that happened in combat. This government is treating our soldiers like criminals that need to plea to a lesser offense. It is shameful.

  • Harold Olsen

    Changing this policy was the right thing to do. I wonder who did the arm twisting to get Obama to do it, because I doubt that he did it out of the goodness of his own heart. He’s not that kind or considerate. Most likely, it’s just one more phony attempt at trying to get himself reelected. The only time this scumbag does anything is for is own selfish reasons. The people be damned!

    • eddie47d

      Why would anyone have to do any arm twisting? It’s a common sense issue that should have been resolved years ago.Obama gave the issue serious consideration and moved it forward. Obama is very kind and considerate on many issues and always talks proudly of our armed forces and those in harms way. There are plenty of subjects to belittle any President on but this isn’t one of them.

      • Karolyn

        eddie – It doesn’t matter what he does. They will find some way to belittle him or disparage him.

  • Tom Anderson

    Aren’t military suicides at all time highs? Al Queada is NOT the major threat to our military – the MAJOR threat is our own guys blowing their own brains out.

    Does this mean that our current military members are facing much greater threats and anxieties than our men in WW2?

    Or does it mean that our current military is filled with a bunch of cowardly flakes who can’t handle their job and look for the EASY way out?

    Each year the military says that they are giving more resources to suicide prevention YET every year there are MORE suicides – NOT less! What is going on?

    • eddie47d

      You are making a valid point Tom. This problem has been around in every war and most of our military personel learn to suck it up or hide it. Now days everyone knows everyones elses problems and there is more pressure and guilt that goes along with that baggage.They can’t run or hide from what they are feeling so they end it all. The best we as civilians can do is to look for the signs and be there for them. Then call the closest VA hospital or local hospital and explain the individuals circumstances. There are casualties of war long after the war ends and it’s easy for most of us to put it out of our minds. For some it is never ending.

    • ValDM

      The current wait time for anyone in the military to even begin mental therapy is upwards of 9 months. So if someone realizes they need to see/talk with a professional, by the time they get to see someone, the situation is already out of control. See stats (if you can find them) at V.A. Your best bet on finding a close approximation on these stats is through your local county mental health org. regarding discharged vets.

      And to answer your question about the nature of combat now as opposed to “then”………this time it’s MUCH worse than it’s been EVER.

  • Thinking About

    Having been close to several suicides it touches my heart in this change in policy. I have been told by professionals if you have not experienced thoughts of suicide you do not know their feelings. For me this is the best answer for the what ifs and why. My heart goes out to those families who experience this loss. I think the greatest move is focusing on our mental health and admission our military has problems in this area. Getting our troops back on our soil and moving towards independence from oil and onto alternative sources will be in the right direction. Using the funds now going towards wars and into solar and wind power would be a good use of funds. May God bless our great nation and our president.

  • Tom Anderson

    Dear Marcy,

    I contend that, instead of spending ANY effort trying to figure out how to address the military families of suicide victims (after the death), we should be expending ALL of our efforts at trying to prevent suicides.

    Our military is absolutely CLUELESS – they put more and more resources and money at trying to prevent military suicides, YET every year there is a higher percentage of military guys and gals blowing their brains out.

    Is this the result of more gays openly serving in the military? Is it simply the result of being ponds of the Military-Industrial Complex? – fighting wars simply to keep the gears of our economy humming?

    Haven’t any of you heard of General Smedley Butler? What would he have to say about these suicides? What type of letter would HE write to those families?

  • Jeep

    I hate to be “negative nellie”, but I have an issue with this one. While I have no problem with a letter from the service to the family of a military member who commits suicide, the letter should in no way be confused with a letter on behalf of a soldier, sailor, airman or marine who died in combat, as a result of an accident or natural causes while serving. In my 26 years in the Army, and as a veteran of Grenada, Panama, Gulf 1 and having been deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan I can attest to the circumstances of a small number of suicides. In every case the service member had previous mental challenges (admittedly some were exacerbated by service) that ultimately led to their demise. It is a fine line to walk, to honor the service of a soldier while keeping in mind that committing suicide is never justified. While a condolence letter to service member who dies at his own hands should recognize the service of a citizen, it should not be on par with a letter honoring the service of one who died in combat or training.

  • jopa

    Tom Anderson; One of the major problems of our all volunteer military is the number of tours if they even call them that anymore.Perhaps it’s just an occupation of a foreign country.During Nam your tour was 12 months and you could opt out or re-up.Being in an environment not knowing if you will see another sunrise the next day, tragedies and dear John letters coming from home ,and there is nothing you can do about it being thousands of miles away.Heroes yes and I would have to say that you appear to be the cowardly flake never having even thought about the conditions and terms of today’s military have you?Many books have been written over the years on war and I would suggest you read a few just to get a little bit of an idea what these folks face every day.

    • Tom Anderson


      I understand that military suicides are at ALL TIME HIGHS percentage wise!

      The miseries and threats that our troops are facing in our latest Military-Industrial Complex wars are NOTHING compared to what our troops faced against the NAZI’s and WW2 Japan YET our present troops are blowing their brains out at a MUCH HIGHER rate than during WW2.

      Our WW2 troops were heroes who faced MUCH greater depredations and misery than these yuppie suicidal guys and gals are simply cowards taking the EASY way out.

      I may be wrong, but our WW2 troops were fighting for the very survival of our way of life and families. Our troops in Iraq, Afghan and Libya are simply ponds who are the cheap lubrication for our Military-Industrial Complex wars – cannon fodder.

      Neither Iraq, Afghan or Libya was ever a threat to the USA – all of our troops are simply fighting to keep the fat cats smiling on Wall Street and our politicians waving the flag and rattling the swords – General Smedley Butler saw it THAT way and I do too.

      Explain THAT please!

      • ValDM

        Until you’ve walked in another man’s shoes, you need to sit down & SHUT UP, and unless you’re approaching 90 yrs old, YOU don’t KNOW what anyone during WWII experienced. My dad served 2 tours in WWII in Italy, serving under Patton. He came home with shrapnel still in his leg that was buried with him. My uncle lost a leg at Normandy.

        Now, if you even paid attention a LITTLE bit, you’d know that what our soldiers are experiencing in the Middle East with children dressed up with bombs & IED’s everywhere is more than a wee bit unsettling. But judging from your posts, your position is that we can all find sympathy in the dictionary between Shii & Syphilis.

        If you have a problem with the PTB for these wars, that’s fine. But don’t take out your rage & impotence on the lowly soldier……….thet’s pure cowardice on you part.

        • Tom Anderson

          Dear ValDM,

          No, not 90 yet. I just turned 62. Never been in military but was a military contractor during Nam – unloaded thousands of metal tubes (body-filled caskets) at Travis AFB during Nam – made a bundle of money. So I know something about “war-profits”.

          Most of my uncles and older relatives served in WW2 – so like your experiences with your father, I know something of what they faced. One of my uncles was a navigator on a B-17 which crashed in Germany – he was still strapped in his seat when a local German farmer pitch-forked him to death. NOTHING ever happened to the farmer after the war!

          If you have read my posts, you will see that I am NOT attacking the lowly grunt – I am attacking the MIC. But when push-comes-to-shove, it will be the lowly grunts of the world who will round you and Ron Paul supporters and other domestic terrorists into FEMA camps.

          I don’t think you realize what you are saying! There were more WW2 soldiers killed in a SINGLE DAY in WW2 than in all of Iraq!!! How can you state such malarkey? Have you ever seen photos of the Bataan Death March survivors? WHere is your memory???

          Your argument is NOT with me – you are arguing with Gen. Eisenhower, Gen. Washington and Gen. Butler – - WHY do you feed the MIC despite their warnings?

          • ValDM

            I fully understand what you are saying, AND what I am saying. First, let’s consider that comparing soldiers from WWII & soldiers now is comparing apples to oranges. The culture of our nation has changed so drastically in the last 70 yrs as to be unrecognizable. While the soldiers from both wars are chronologically about the same age, that’s about all they have in common other than being PAWNS in someone else’s chess game.

            The soldiers in WWII had a better education by 8th grade than college graduates do now. It was an option to either complete the 8th grade or quit school at 14 then. Many of these young men & women completed the requisite education(8th grade) & then went on to become employed & productive citizens. Some even graduated high school, but the current (40′s) thought that was a waste unless you were going to be a banker or businessman that required more extensive education.

            Now, we have convinced ouselves that we must coddle these teenagers, (dumbing them down & keeping them children) and when they go in the military (because there are no jobs) they are the LEAST PREPARED military on the planet. Is it any wonder suicide is so attractive to them??? The can’t cope because THEY HAVE NO LIFE SKILLS!!!!!!

            I have no solution for this dilemma, except to withdraw & bring them home, But we know that won’t happen since war is SO LUCRATIVE to not just Wall Street, but Congress & many others in positions of power.

    • s c

      J, thanks for opening yet another can of worms. While we’re still on the topic of Vietnam ‘tours,’ please explain to this reading audience how long either Gore or Kerry were in Vietnam. Good luck with that one, comrade.

  • eddie47d

    General Smedley Butler served from 1898-1931 His most famous quote was “War is a Racket” in reference to the military industrial complex. I believe he would be even more appalled today with all of our police actions. Then he would be telling these parents how proud they should be of their loved ones…but how senseless these wars are and to do everything in their power to stop them.

    • Tom Anderson


      I was very happy to see that you are aware of Smedley – a KEY player in our military history BUT you left out a few important FACTS:

      1) Smedley was the recipient of TWO!!!! Congressional Medals of Honor – How many soldiers have been awarded TWO!!!! ??? I don’t think that any of our right-wing Bible-belt War Lovers can accuse HIM of being a coward.

      2) Members of the military-industrail complex tried to recruit Smedley to have a coup-de-etat against the FDR administration – - He refused to join that attack on FDR and worked with law enforcement to prevent a violent takeover of our gubmint.

      And YOU are right! “WAR IS A RACKET” – always has been always will be.

      The Bush Family (Prescott in particular) got their family fortune from helping to finance the NAZIs – - how come you never see any of this on FAUX News?

      Obama and Obama’s Mommy and GrandMommy were CIA. What do you think he and his Mommy were doing in Pakistan all of those years? The CIA flew Obama’s Daddy from Africa to Hawaii to have sex with Obama’s Mommy – Obama and his family are ALLLL card-carrying members of the Military-Industrial Complex – JUST LIKE THE BUSH family – there is NO difference!

      It isn’t right or left, DEMO or GOP it is simply the MIC who is playing us all like puppets. Ike warned us about this and we have ALL ignored his warnings – THIS is what we reap!

      • 45caliber

        I’ve heard a lot of bad stuff about Oblama and believe at least part of it but I’ve never heard this version! LOL. I hardly think Oblama and Mom ever worked for the CIA. They aren’t smart enough.

        • Tom Anderson

          Dear 45,

          You BET you have never hear of Obama’s Mommy’s connections to the CIA – - it is EVERY CIA’s job to make sure that no news of this ever gets out!

          How do YOU think Obama’s father got from Kenya to Hawaii???? Go look it up – it was a CIA sponsored flight. They met in a CIA sponsored party.

          What was Obama’s Mommy doing in Pakistan? Come on now – you are NOT dumb. Connect the points!

          How did a white girl from heartland have sex with a Black Commie from Kenya? Then, how did SHE hook up with her new CIA Indonesian hubby??

          Then HOW did she go to Pakistan??? And WHAT were Obama and his Mommy doing in Pakistan?

          You will NEVER see any of this from Faux News or any other news outlet – the CIA will prevent it. ANY FORMER ASSET of the CIA MUST have their identity (like Birth CERT) and history expunged!

          Also, Obama’s GrandMommy worked for the bank in Honolulu which was the designated CIA bank for funneling funds to BLACK-OPS projects in Nam, Laos and Cambodia. That old lady did NOT have ANY banking background – - the bank was simply a CIA front organization.

          How come YOU don’t know any of this – - are you hiding you head in the sand?

          Who paid for Obama’s education? NOT! some flamin pinko commie – it was the CIA. Obama’s educational certificates? I don’t know, but the CIA is known for inserting registrar certificates into University’s registrar’s office – heck, the CIA had completely infiltrated the NSA (National Student Assoc) – that all came out in Congressional hearings – WHERE were you?

          You guys have it ALL wrong – Obama is the MOST integrated MIC our country has ever faced! He LOVES our MIC – the military, the CIA, and ALL spooks – he and both Bush’s swap spit regularly.

          Are YOU getting the point about WHY Ike warned us now???? He saw Obama&Bush/CIA connections decades ago and warned us. And NONE of our news organizations can cover ANY of this.

          Why doesn’t Bob Livingston COVER THIS CIA connection to Obama, Obama’s Mommy and Obama’s GrandMommy????

          And these guys think I am attacking some grunts in Afghan?

          • 45caliber

            I would more likely believe the rumors that Oblama was in Pakistan to set up drug deals from criminals in NY area than that he was a CIA plant. As I said, he isn’t that smart.

  • jopa

    I must agree war is a racket especially when you have million dollar smart bombs controlled by dumb ass politicians.However when you have the longest war in the history of the US it is going to produce more suicides and mental breakdowns among the troops.Injecting the word coward seems like too much of a stretch in today’s world.Time has long passed for the troops to come home from a no win situation.Mission Accomplished!!

    • Tom Anderson

      Dear Jopa,

      ” a no win situation “? What are you talking about? Please tell me, then, what are:

      1) Grenada
      2) Korea
      3) Viet Nam
      4) Haiti
      5) Bosnia
      6) Cambodia
      7) Iraq
      8) Afghan
      9) Libya

      ALL of these USA military “conflicts” were, by definition, “NO WIN” – they were either “stalemates (like Korea)” or nebulous losses, or outright humiliating DEFEATS (Like Nam and Cambodia).

      What world have you been living in? The LAST time we WON a war was in WW2 – or am I wrong?

      And before you jump and say that we WON the war in Iraq, I will point out that we have simply turned Iraq from a Suuni state into a Shiite State – and, now, instead of a vicious enemy of Iran, Iraq is now in bed with the Mullahs of Iran. We not only LOST in Iraq, we spent Billions to turn it from a Suuni ally into a Shiite Enemy. Thank the Bush’s and Cheney’s for THAT!

      And I don’t recall our WW2 soldiers whimpering about their “tours” being too long, or being shot at, or fighting a war that lasted too long. No! Our WW1 and WW2 vets were REAL men! No crying, no whimpering, no excuses! They did their duty under MUCH worse circumstances that our coddled troops of today.

      Hey! These guys signed on the dotted line. I didn’t force them! So they should MAN-UP and face the consequences of their commitments. Our WW2 vets did it without whimpering so why shouldn’t they?

      If they don’t like dying for Wall Street, then they should not have signed up. Are they simply pleading ignorance?

  • jopa

    I have to take back the last comment.The Mission Accomplished banner shouldn’t be put up until the troops are home.

    • Tom Anderson

      Dear Jopa,

      Again, I must respectfully disagree with you. Your TROOPS will never “arrive home”. I am afraid to say that you are living in LA-LA land.

      The GOP and DEMOS both will indulge and feed the MIC – Bush and Obama give the MIC whatever it wants. If there is no threat to our country, the MIC will form a threat (just like it did with Osama) – or escorting the underwear bomber on board the plane – despite ALL warnings from his father.

      Our war-based economy DEMANDS that we are constantly at war. Those poor military whiners in Iraq and Afghan and Libya are simply upset because they realize they are NOT fighting for our Constitution or our Liberty – they are fighting to maintain OUR MIC – to keep the right-wing war-mongers and the Left Wing Commie War-Mongers in office and in power and to keep the BIG MILITARY money flowing into their coffers and to Wall Street.

      Who knew better than Ike and Butler about the existential threat from our OWN MILITARY – don’t attack me – attack Ike and Butler, I am simply regurgitating the strident warnings they left for us.

      We ignore Gen Eisenhower, Gen. Washington and Gen. Butler’s warnings at our own peril – our children and grandchildren will suffer for our negligence. It isn’t going to be Muslims or Walmart which will destroy our liberties and round us up into FEMA camps – it will be our OWN MILITARY (WHO drove those Tanks at WACO which killed women, children and babies? – it wasn’t a local yocal). Thank GOD for our Oath-Keepers!

      Remember, Obama is simply the sexual bi-product of our MIC! His Mommy and Daddy sexually conceived him under CIA cover and financing! His Mommy and GrandMommy were CIA assets and his Daddy was flown by a CIA flight from Africa to Hawaii to have sex with his Mommy and conceive him – THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A BETTER DEFINED PRODUCT OF OUR MIC THAN OBAMA! He was conceived by CIA members under CIA plans and financed by CIA funds.

      W. BUsh and Obama regularly swap spit in bed together! Laura Bush has always been a life-long Democrat so it is hard for her to sleep with W – unless he has been hitting the bottle.

      • 45caliber

        It wasn’t the military who drove the tanks at Waco. It was Federal marshalls. But that’s beside the point. Actually, I don’t really fear the military. I fear any special force that Oblama is putting together that is loyal only to him. Most of our military is overseas – and I expect it to stay there to keep them out of our country.

        • Tom Anderson

          Dear 45,

          Please don’t dance around the point. Who sent those tanks to WACO? Who paid for those tanks? Who maintained those tanks? Who paid for the gas for those tanks? Are Fed Marshals qualified to operate US Army Tanks? I understand that those tanks came from Fort Hood – they were US Army Tanks – some NAZI US General had to order them to WACO – US bullets killing US Citizens – women and children.

          And I will point out – US Army, CIA, US Marines, US Air Force, US Justice Dept, US Marshals – - EXCUSE me but they are ALL card carrying members of the MIC!!!! THAT is my point exactly – - they were NOT local yocals.

          YOU may not be worried about the MIC, but Ike spent ALL of his political capital when he gave his farewell speech to the nation – AND HE WAS VERY FEARFUL FOR THE FATE OF OUR NATION FROM THE MIC.

          I contend that there is NO difference between the GOP and the DEMOS – both are simply poorly paid puppets of the MIC.

          The ONLY military I trust are the Oath-Keepers. Why haven’t ALL of our military taken the OATH?

          Remember, when Obama or Cheney orders our MIC to put us in FEMA camps because we are Ron Paul supporters or because we believe in the 2nd amendment – - it will be the US MILITARY and MIC which will round our families up and put us behind barbed wire – - OUR MILITARY ALWAYS OBEYS ORDERS!!! They let the lawyers argue about which orders are constitutional – they SIMPLY follow orders!

          • 45caliber


            Those tanks were provided to the marshalls at Waco by the NG at the express wish of Janet Reno (at least) from Ft. Hood. (Clinton was able to keep his nose out of it.) Supposedly they were meant solely to give the marshalls the chance to shoot tear gas in without being shot themselves. However I think they hit the flame thrower switch instead.

            The point is – to me – the military as such did not do the shooting. The government in the form of the marshalls did. And the marshalls are known to settle many of their standoffs by burning out the people on the other side. (They did it in Philidelphia some years before Waco and tried at Ruby Ridge.) I don’t think the Military, if they had been driving those tanks, would have used the flame throwers or the guns.

            I served in the military myself. I doubt that you have. They might be acting as the MIC want, BUT they are not doing it on their own. If ordered, I don’t believe they would fire upon Americans who weren’t shooting at them and I don’t believe that they would go around collecting guns either. That’s what Oblama’s special force is meant to do.

  • i41

    jopa, you forgot to mention the billions of contract LBJ and his Turd Bird made under the Viet Nam War. Since the Onumnutts is jumping in to all the muslim pedophile goat abusing squabbles for the hell of it. Who is greasing him or is just Nazi George Soros. You know the money man for the marxist/communist democrat party, trying to help his Wall Street stooges and make more money. Like they did with their bonuses from the Stimulas Program. Since all the marxist/communist democrats are as quiet as a stretched rope burnt neck of a rustler, there is some nigggardly behavior that is making some pukes rich. Since the marxist/communist democrat constantly use the same play book all the time, remember LBJ. When facts are coming out it cost $278,000 a peice to create one job, sure shows how (word removed) beltway behavior can waste money that doesn’t have anything positive.

    • Tom Anderson

      Dear I41,

      I agree with you – I despise LBJ also. The ONLY good thing he did was have JFK murdered.

      But for REAL Maxist/Commie change you have to look towards the GOP. In reality, the DEMOS are simply neophytes when it comes to attacking and destroying our liberty and Constitution.

      For example, WHO unconstitutionally and unilaterally took the USA off of the GOLD STANDARD – Nixon (I think he was a GOP wasn’t he?)

      Who signed the amnesty law into effect – wasn’t it R. Reagan? Was Reagan a flaming pinko commie lover?

      Attack the GOP!!! They have ALWAYS been MUCH worse and effective at destroying our liberties and Constitution. The DEMOS as simply nasty mosquitoes, the GOP are the Rattle Snakes.

      • 45caliber

        LOL. Have you taken your meds today?

        • Tom Anderson

          Dear 45,

          Yes, this morning – and religiously twice a day!

          And I haven’t blown my brains out yet (thank God for Xanax and Prozac) – if our soldiers took their meds like their puppet masters instruct them then there wouldn’t be all these GI brains splattered over Iraq and Afghan.

          You raise a VERY important point – our GIs simply are NOT taking their meds – they can’t wait to grab a gun and turn it on themselves.

          Perhaps the US Military simply needs to increase the GI’s dosage by a factor of 3 to 10. Remember, Hashish worked well for the Arabs.

    • 45caliber


      I understand that several of Oblama’s “gifts” to other nations such as his multi-billion dollar deal given to Brazil Oil has been returned. Supposedly he is now worth over a billion dollars since he took office. He gives away billions and they give back part of it. Most of Brazil Oil’s gifts were stock in their company. True or not, I can’t prove it.

      • eddie47d

        Obama isn’t the one that authorized that Brazil oil deal. He wouldn’t get a dime of that money.Too many of you are playing with fire with these issues.

  • 45caliber

    The policy to not send letters should never have been set up in the first place.

  • jopa

    Tom Anderson: Looking back now when George W. had the Mission Accomplished banner hung up he was probably right in that he got his war machine off to a good start and the money was rolling in.All of the defense contractors and outfits like Blackwater were getting filthy rich.Not to mention his daddy, when he was given eight million dollars to play a game of golf and give one little speech.I will never forget when Ashcroft came out on a Friday evening saying they couldn’t find any evidence of wrong doing against GHB and the executive of that company that gave him all the money just before their company crashed.They raised the color of the threat level to extreme danger due to a lot of chatter so this story wouldn’t be in the news on Monday.One of the blond bimboes on Fox accidentally mentioned it and I never saw her again.Welcome to America!

  • coal miner


    George Bush’s mission accomplished, should read, mission was a disaster.

  • Gina Whitcomb

    The reason a military person dies does not make it any easier on the family. In fact, a suicide is even harder. I know for a fact! My son, 82nd Airborne engineer, demolitians, Desert Storm, could not take his illnesses any longer when he and his wife separated. He was tired of VA and DoD lying about what happened in Iraq, the exposures and toxins he was exposed to and shots received. He shot himself Sept. 24, 1999. I will never stop missing him.

  • Gina Whitcomb



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