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White House Notes Contraception Compromise Is Done Deal

February 14, 2012 by  

White House Notes Contraception Compromise Is Done Deal

White House Chief of Staff Jacob Lew announced that the Administration of Barack Obama has no plans to compromise further on its mandate that requires all employer-based healthcare plans provide women with free contraceptives, The Washington Times reported.

According to the newspaper, this reaffirming from the White House came despite the harsh criticism from conservatives, Catholic bishops and other religious leaders.

The Times reported that the outcry had Obama backpedaling a bit, as he announced that the religious employers such as universities, charities and hospitals would not have to pay for contraceptive coverage. However, Lew told Fox News that this was as far as the White House would go in terms of a compromise.

“We didn’t expect to get universal support of the bishops or all Catholics,” Lew told the news outlet. “We think that this is something that should put this issue to rest. The President was expecting this policy to be reached over a longer period of time.”

Though the President made a slight compromise by relieving religious organizations of this responsibility, as the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a statement declaring the new policy of “grave moral concern.”

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    This treasonous userper in the White House must be defeated and replaced with a true and competent “citizen” of the USA!!!!

    • Deerinwater

      Charles Manson might be out someday, I certain he is a citizen of the US.

    • Norm

      Do you know anyone?
      Surely you can’t be thinking of the clowns the GOP is running with.

      • cawmun cents

        I cry foul!
        I still have to pay for my rubbers,likely because I am a caucasian male.
        Can you say discrimination?
        I knew that you could.
        But arent the liberals out there tryingto make equal rights for everyone?
        Apparently not.
        Gee Wally,does that make liberals hypocrites like they claim Christians are?
        Yes beaver….I guess it does.

        • Deerinwater

          Surely that’s not why you buy “rubbers”. You buy them because you want them and foresee a future need.

          I hate washing my feet with my socks on myself.

          • Mom Henning

            What America needs is a good male contraceptive.

          • libertytrain

            I don’t think men could be counted on to remember to take it.. :)

          • cawmun cents

            Actually Diw,
            Wearing a condom is like wearing a rain jacket on a sunny day.
            I will never use them.
            But the gubment needs to supply them to me free of charge,or be discriminatory hypocrites.
            Availabilty being the key.
            I expect a lifetime supply to be shipped to my door immediately.
            At least two,maybe three foklift pallets to start with,followed by one per year after that.
            They will merely gather dust,but at leat I will be secure in the knowledge that I am safe and secure from disease and or pregnancy of whoever I decide to sleep with.
            Of course the gubment may not send them,but that would be unwise as then I will shout from the highest soapbox that I am being discriminated against.I will waive signs and march in front of gubment buildings,claiming discrimination.
            Soon perhaps,I will be joined by others and we will march on DC,asking for our free rights.Of course I could ask my son to obtain some from the girls at his school,who obtain them for free from the school nurse.But I’d rather be a pain in the posterior of the gubment and create a movement to give free contraceptives,and prophylactics to everyone.
            See what a nice guy I am?

          • Joe H.

            Gee Cawmun Cents,
            Like the kid in the movie,” kid, you what those are for?? Yup they make real good waterballoons!!!” See, now you know why they don’t help in the liberal camp. they enjoy waterballoon fights too much!!!

        • Bellagram

          Not sure why you would separate liberal and Christian as if one cannot be both. I am a devout Christian and also very liberal. Complaining about having to pay for your own rubbers? You may have a point, so at least now you understand how some women felt when men’s viagra was covered by insurance, but not women’s birth control pills.

  • Deerinwater

    Employer based Insurance has many weak points and we have already started off on the wrong foot.

    Why not church based insurance?

    What if basic care was made affordable out of pocket. Accepting the fact if your illness exceeded your “worth” leaving one to find a sponsor or accept your demise.

    Sponsorship would be based on what the community thought of you and your good works. Leaving each of us to depend on our own merits and social fabric that we ourselves helped create.

    Cut the middleman out of Health care that’s only interest is profit motivated.

    People would place more effort in being kinder to each other and see a personal need to engage the system.

    This couldn’t be an wilder of an idea then what we have today.

    I am self employed, and the last time I tried I was refused health Care coverage. So far it’s worked out rather well, I pay out of pocket and accept I can only afford so much medical care. If I get very ill, I’m a dead man and have accepted it as so.

    With home remedies and taking care of myself and a doctor visit on occasion I get by. This will work until it don’t and then it’s in Gods hands.

    “blessed are the Care givers”

    • Kinetic1

      Your plan might work in a utopian world, but it is ripe for corruption in the real world. As for your assertion that you will die if you become to ill to afford treatment, it’s more likely that you will be hospitalized and our tax dollars spent for your care.

      • Mike in MI

        Kinetic! -Oh Really, Now?
        It seems rather beyond belief to read such a post from one of the world’s #1 liberals. Since when does it seem out of order to you to have the entire U.S. taxpaying public have to ante up for anything (or everything) that would or could be charged to any thing or any one, irrespective of whether or not they ever did or ever might do anything responsible or productive?
        Do you ever…EVER…think about how what you say relates to your beliefs? Probably not, since little of what libs come up with passes muster as it relates to reality. The only thing that speaks deafeningly loudly is your utter silence when asked to point to a verfiable instance of Socialism working. It only “works” if the socialist leaders have rich neighbors to invade with the goals of enslavement, thievery, coercion and the most hideous brutality for worship of the god(s) of the leading academics and aristocrats.So don’t get down on him if he shows up at your hospital without means to pay caused by the confiscatory taxes on his business demanded by some repressive regime. (Besides, if the medical profession weren’t totally in bed with socialists medical care would be affordable to working people. It always was before Medicare and earlier inroads of government depressed health and suppressed healthful professions – largely because medics bought legislation and beauracracies to suppress health.)

        • Mom Henning

          Socialism works in two places: Heaven where they don’t need it and Hell where they have already got it.

        • Kinetic1

          You don’t know me personally and I don’t post here that often, so how did you come to the conclusion that I was “one of the world’s #1 liberals.”? My views may seem to suggest that when held up to the often extreme views on this site, but in the real world I would say I am rather moderate.

          As to Socialism (which I never suggested should be our sole form of government) you will find it working well throughout our Nation. Many states receive more from the Federal government than they put in. Our military is loaded with Socialist perks. We pick and choose what socialist programs work within our Republic and most Americans would scream bloody murder if you took those programs away. I, for one believe that socializing medicine is better than letting the poorest among us suffer ill health and emergency care paid for by taxpayer funds. We pay for it anyway, why not do so in a controlled and fiscally responsible manner?

          • Mike in MI

            Kinetic1 – “…you will find it working well throughout our nation.”
            Is that why Obama has to misrepresent the unemployment figures so grossly, partly because so many medium and small businesses are totally defunct, partly because he has allowed Government Motors, his green energy darlings and favored campaign contributors to hie their butts and manufactories overseas? The resultant drop in the universe of available jobs therefore plummets but is no longer counted for unemployment figuring.
            Obama is again doing the same thing to the housing industry that started this depression and will keep it going until drastic changes occur – very painfully to everyone…or the economy founders completely. Also, Obama, by Executive Order has decreed (like a king) that new housing sandards and codes will be much more stringent and demanding (therefore, expensive). His decree will guarantee that few houses will be sold or built – further depressing the housing industry, jobs and investment.
            Did you ever stop to think that his hatred of the profit motive guarantees very few people will ever be able to get investors who can or will release venture capital to re-start businesses again – as long as his socializing policies countermand business requirements?

            Did you ever stop to think that socialism can not exist without a prospering, profitable business realm to parasitize? What happens to a parasite when that parasite kills its host because of its rapacity and voracious appetite? The parasite dies, too.
            I could go on, but to what avail? You don’t care anything about biology or you would despise socialism.

          • Joe H.

            you have posted enough for any to know! Please name ONE TIME the government has EVER been fiscally responsible???

  • Patriot1776

    There has been no compromise on this. The mandate from the economic/social disaster called obamacare still requires that the contraceptives be supplied as part of the health care plan of the employer. The technicality that the insurance company doesn’t put a line item in the invoice for the health care plan that states “supplying contraceptives” so that it appears that the employer isn’t paying for them directly is nothing more than the same type of deception that is used daily in DC to cover the truth. Nothing is free. The costs for contraceptives will be recovered by rises in prices for other services. There is a cost for the manufacture and supply of the contraceptives, everyone in the supply chain has to be paid.

    To say nothing of the obliteration of the religious freedoms that had been our right until this week. King obama declares that he now has the right to demand that private industries give products away at no cost? This is America. This autocratic attitude of the self-declared aristocracy in Washington must end.

    • Norm

      Contraceptives are cheaper than abortions and welfare paid to unwed mothers.

      • Flashy

        The vast majority of women use contraceptives. This doesn’t affect the Church, it affects the church connected activities who employ people. Employees need health insurance.

        I don’t hear the church or it’s supporters screaming about the fact iagra is covered under the plans. I don’t hear the church or its supporters screaming about the majority of states which already have a version of this mandate in their state law.

        Don’t forget, this is the religious sect that states, as doctrine, women cannot be priests because they are inferior and cannot issue orders to men making men subordinate to them in the “Holy Order”.

        Just another con job from the Right continuing its showing of anti-Americanism and attacking Middle America and smearing the administration

        • libertytrain

          again with the Viagra…you are really goofy. What is the correlation between birth control and Viagra?

          • Flashy

            If you don’t see the ironic, forget about it. Better yet, ask your wife…

          • Mike in MI

            libertytrain – The connexion:
            The Big “V” makes it possible for ‘em to get up w/o normal human arousal (something necessary in the case of home beaus) which is twice good because that act precludes their procreation and according to the research assures their early demise.

          • libertytrain

            Apparently I’m not as “bright” as you. The Church isn’t against sex for married couples. There is no connection unless Viagra is now a birth control pill. Perhaps flash you should ask your husband.

          • Joe H.

            Mike says “ask your wife” hy mikey do you need to ask your wifey on everything? you DO know, for instance, they are working and have almost perfected a female brand of viagra?? Actually mikey, the two have no real connection as one allows procreation that under normal instances may not happen. the other is to ban all procreation, IF it works! Let’s see, it also can cause certain cancers in women, it can tear up their natural cycle, that in itself has not been proven to not harm.

        • eddie47d

          I don’t believe Viagra should be covered and look at it as a luxury item like a face lift. Now contraceptives should be covered because it is for prevention and helps to avoid other problems such as unwanted pregnancies and some diseases.

          • Patriot1776

            Self control, discipline and accepting consequences for your own actions also works to prevent pregnancy and some diseases.

          • libertytrain

            Viagra is accepted because of the way so many men think – with their lower body parts – far too often – no logic or thought.

          • Joe H.

            I know of two couples that would have probably broken up had it not been for it. not having the closness of making love can result in a strain on the wedded bliss of couples. I have diabetes and probably can look towards this happening to me as well. no fault of mine or the men in those two couples. As far as myself, if it happens to me I will do what ever it takes to keep my wife happy. i care enough for her that when she is happy, then I am! All you guys out there want to start on me now?? go ahead, doesn’t bother me in the least. THAT is why I have been married 35 years and look forward to 45 more. Course, a few of you wouldn’t be able to understand that but that is YOUR loss, not mine!

          • libertytrain

            Joe, I have no problem with guys using it. I think that it has such high esteem because guys feel the need for it. And I’m not talking about those that it actually is meant to help. My father’s doctor had my father on it. He was 86, suffering from Parkinson’s and dementia and didn’t date. Fortunately his Parkinson’s doctor took one look at what he was on, shook his head and took it off his list of drugs. I was there – I saw his face when his assistant pointed it out to him. The doctor was visibly shocked that the other doctor had him on it…

      • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

        Norm, Norm, who do you think is going to pay for all those so-called freebes: no the insurance companies that’s for sure? I’ll tell you: you, me and every other person that buys Health insurance thru HIGHER premeums (sorry about the spelling) and co-payments that’s who.

        I don’t like paying for something that some jerk is to d..n lazy to get a job and pay for it and I further beleive that if the person doesn’t want to get preg. keep your legs closed and your pants on.

    • Kinetic1

      What is often lost in this debate is that these rules define what is the base for comprehensive insurance and nothing more. The Catholic church is insanely wealthy. The limit of wealth and waste in the church knows no limit, including the Tomb of John Paul II being nailed shut with solid gold nails! If they are so concerned about the insurance rules they must follow in those Catholic institutions that receive U.S. Government funding then they can choose to self insure.

      • libertytrain

        Odd, so many dioceses are going bankrupt these days…. I think perhaps one doesn’t always understand how that can be. Perhaps you ought do a little research.

      • Patriot1776

        This isn’t about the cost of the contraceptives. Currently anyone can go to the Public Health department and get free contraceptives. The issue is whether we want to allow the government to have the power to tell a business that regardless of their beliefs, they must provide the coverage for this. It is about what kind of government that we want and how far we are willing to let them control our lives and how much or our freedom we are willing to give away, not just for ourselves, but for our children and grandchildren. What kind of country do we want to leave for them? A Soviet Russian communistic country or a land with freedom of speach, freedom of religion, freedom to make their own choices?

      • Mom Henning

        Why should churches get tax breaks? Freedom of religion shouldn’t mean it is free from taxation at the level of organized religion.

        • Joe H.

          spoken like a true athiest!

    • Bellagram

      Funny about the stepping on religious freedom thing. I agree that my Church should not have to pay for or distribute anything that She teaches is wrong, but I also do not think my Church has the right to force their teachings on people who do not share that faith – as Rick Santorum is advocating with his saying that contraception is wrong and should not be paid for by any insurance company period.

  • Ellen

    How can Obama presume he can just tell these insurers that they have to eat the cost of contraception on these policies? That is not his call to make. Obviously, someone will have to pay the cost, so it will be spread out among all the people who do pay for insurance. Who exactly does Obama think he can tell to cover the cost on all self-insured policies? On self-insured policies, insurance companies are nothing more than processors and all claim money is paid by the self-insured organization. Obama should be aware of self-insurance, as many governments do it. Who does Obama think used to pay for contraceptives prior to prescription drug policies that only came about in the 1990s? Responsible people are capable of providing their own contraceptives. Obama is again catering to the crowd that wants the government to provide for all their needs. The ironic part of this is that our biggest contraceptive problem is lack of use by African Americans, which is why they are the great majority of abortions. They choose not to use them; it’s not about money.

    • Mike in MI

      Ellen -
      In all actuality I think it doesn’t have much of anything to do with contraception, abortion or who pays or anything like that which they show on the surface.
      There are two things the socialists have been shooting to get for a long time. But, they can’t come straight out and advertize what they’re up to – not in America…yet.
      What they really want is eugenics (race cleansing and getting rid of “genetically” weak people) – abortion just isn’t fast enough. Note how many diseases are now being blamed on “defects” and assumed-to-be mutations of various sorts in the DNA strings of those they seek to “put aside”. It will give them reasons for the next thing they seek – forced sterilization and castration to “purify the race”. (It is, will be, couched in the term Women’s Health, or some such thing.) Of course no one or few among the elites will be identified as “weaklings” – or else they may be allowed DNA splicing/replacement. They, after all, can be shown to be evolutionarily superior in having climbed to the top of the progressive genetic pile.
      The real thing they want, that the Devil needs, is control of and replacement of “old beliefs” and doctrines. If you find and examine the “Humanist Manifesto” you will see the belief system they have prepared for everybody’s consumption. But first they must adduce and declare some evidence everybody who believes in God is genetically defective and should be “put aside”. Or else, they will require of us abandonment of every vestige of traditional belief systems in favor of what the socialists believe – their manifesto, which gets rid of anything that smacks of a need for or desire for a god (or the God).
      See? Obama is aiming at our “belief” to marginalize and diss it. He wants his to be the only belief that “IS”. Goverment control of religion is his aim for his undeclared “god”…himself. He is erecting a wall between the “government religion” and “our religion” – whatever it might be. His belief system is his philosophy. He just will not admit that it is also a religious system with out the trappings, rites, hierarchy or central Book of one.
      That’s what he’s ultimately after in my opinion.

  • Norm

    56% of voters generally support the birth control benefit, while 37% are opposed. Independents strongly favor it, 55/36, and a lot more Republicans (36%) support it than Democrats (20%) oppose it. Women are for it by a 63/29 margin.

    Only 39% of voters support an exemption for Catholic hospitals and universities from providing the benefit, while 57% are opposed to one.

    Republicans, so out to destroy Obama, are only making asses of themselves. maybe they should spend more time on PRESSING issues.

    • eddie47d

      The local paper two days ago said that Catholic women use contraceptives and will go against the church if those devices are taken away from them again(was considered a sin). All churches should be on the side of wise family planning and give credit to those women who have only what they can manage. Children should always be welcomed but not for the sake of the church.

      • Patriot1776

        The issue is the right of the government to mandate what you will buy. The first attack is on the Catholic religion. If government is given the right to order business’ or citizen to buy their specified product, the freedom to choose is gone. What will the next mandate be from his highness? It is our government, we are not their subjects.

      • Ellen

        Eddie, No one is taking away a woman’s right to use birth control. This is about the fact that the Catholic religion shouldn’t be required to pay for it since it goes against their beliefs. Every woman can go to the drugstore and pay for her own contraception – you know like we did until 20 years ago.

    • Joe H.

      I could care in the least WHO uses contraceptives, they are, in my opine, better than abortion. The problem I have is in the Government telling ANY religeon that they have to go against church doctrine, as long as said doctrine does not go against our laws of murder, assault, abuse or others. Once they force them to pay for this, it is just a short hop to over rulling the hyde ammendment and forcing ALL to pay to fund abortions, a ruling I will fight against with every breath in my body!

  • jopa

    The problem with the above story was it was a Fox news based story and skirts around the facts for some reason.There was a compromise with the Catholic church and the insurance companies stated it would be more cost effective for them to provide women with contraception than insuring dependents of these women.The polls claim ninety five per cent of Catholic women already are on the pill and would love to have coverage.This issue is mainly a smoke screen now that the economy is improving and the Republicans want to change the topic.No thanks to the Republicans however.

    • Sirian

      Apparently jopa joke you aren’t paying for any form of insurance or better yet, haven’t one iota of association with any religion/church. HA, such an idiot. Standby jopa joke, when your mom and dads insurance rates go up due to this you won’t mind at all will you. Sure, same old same – blame the others – never realize how big a fool you truly are. Now go change your diaper – you can do that can’t you? Maybe.

    • eddie47d

      Preventive medicine can keep the cost of insurance down and insurance companies see contraceptives in the same light.

    • Ellen

      Jopa, The compromise was not a compromise at all. Obama declared that the insurance companies will have to provide this benefit for free so the churches won’t be required to pay for it. Do you think that’s how life works? Insurance companies can provide free services because some fool proclaimed they must. Well, I’ll proclaim now that you must provide your work services for free to your employer from now on. That was easy enough.

    • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

      Jopa, better watch out your cost for your Health insurance or anything else that your think is your right (without having to pay for it) is about to go up to pay for all those freebes that your beloved leader is demanding.

      I for one don’t like paying for some jerk that is to lazy to get up off his/her fat A… to find a job any job and pay for his/her things. What next the Government telling you that you must pay for Mr/Ms X’s car along with your’s because it their right to have a car.

      Get real!

      • Joe H.

        John Wilch,
        Right now it’s just a free cell phone, the car comes NEXT!!!

  • Jimbo

    What Obama and his Democrat thugs in the Administration and Congress fail to understand (or maybe they do), is that the Catholic Church has teachings and laws that aren’t changed by personal whim or political expediency. They’re based on the Bible and 2000 years of history and tradition. Any attempt to water down or change these thing destroys the foundation of the church. The church HAS to oppose it. It’s like the 10 commandments. They can’t tell members of the church that they’re free to disobey one or more of them! They also can’t tell people they’re free to deny the divine presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. Reason being is they are central tenets of the fait. It doesn’t matter one bit that many (even a majority) of Catholics don’t adhere to church law. The law exists, it’s part of the faith, and the church isn’t going to change it to accomdate the loose morals of the day. To do so, it would destroy itself. People who don’t agree with this are free to LEAVE the church, or the employment of Catholic charities, hospitals, etc. The Catholic church is not a democracy, run by majority rule. (Def. of Democracy – two wolves and a sheep having a debate about what they are going to have for lunch.)

    I find it incredibly arrogant that the people who swear an oath to uphold the Constitution, would do this. Our country was FOUNDED by people who escaped religious persecution. The Constitution they created contains guarantees of the right to practice religion. Obama’s “compromise” I.E. saying the church only has to pay premiums to insurers that offer these things is a slap in the face.

  • David in MA

    HA HA HA, this is making me LMAO!
    obozo has devised a plan which hits America on
    several fronts, Religion, Privicy, Loss of Personal
    Liberty, Conflict with the Constitution, Interfearance in Private Commerce, and an attack on his personnal voter base, the abortion of black babies, his future supporters, only someone who felt he would not
    need future voters is someone who visions himself as a dictator for life, exclusivly placing the entire country under his control……and folks, he (soros & communist party)has placed “his people” in stratigate places in and outside of government, before November 2012 obozo will suspend the Constitution and declare martial law and he will have in place government, military and civilian support, due to uprisings in Chicago, New York and several places in California.
    Get ready for the FEMA Camps, there real and they ARE waiting.

    • Bellagram

      Really? I hope you are equally outraged at those republicans (i.e. Rick Santorum and others) who think that no insurance company should pay for contraceptives period – because he thinks they are wrong – because of the teachings of his (and my) Church. Trying to force one’s religious views on others lives is just as much against the constitution as telling the Church she has to pay for contraception.

      • Joe H.

        you are the one who should examine your common sense!!! you say it is santorums (and yours) church that is FORCING their beliefs on you???? what you can’t get up off your wide load and leave that church??? If you don’t agree with the teachings of any church, you are FREE TO LEAVE, IF YOU AREN’T TOO LAZY!!

  • http://msn Kerri

    Why does anyone have to pay for these services? Why is it not the responsibility of the woman to pay for her own contraception, morning after pill and serization? We are broke, we have no money, so why does our govt. still insist on giveing everyone everything for free?

  • 45caliber

    I personally would prefer to provide free contraceptives to women than free abortions.

    But I don’t like the stand that the White House has the right to set these requirements and that no further discussion will be allowed.

  • Deerinwater

    Who is it exactly that is being forced to do anything?

    Name them.

  • http://personallibertydigest Gottaplenty

    All those libs need to have is a suggestion from their commie leader what to do to create more control over the people that doesn’t see it as they do. They have to have a leader to tell them what and how to think. Seems to be working pretty well.

  • JimH

    Eddie, jopa, Kinetic1, The issue isn’t really about contraception, or how much money the Vatican has.
    The main issue is can the government force someone whose religious rights are protected by the Bill of Rights to support something that goes against their doctrine.
    Freedom to worships is in the Bill of rights. Contraception isn’t.
    Eddie I agree viagra should be elective but also should contaception.
    Pills are relitivly inexpensive, therefor afordable. Getting tubes tied or a vacectomy(not WOMANS health care,so who cares) can run into some money. A co-pay maybe?
    Since the Bill of Rights are about individual rights, any owner of any business should not be mandated into supporting something that goes against their religion. Obama falls short, again.

  • Wyatt

    I wish Obama’s parent’s had used a contraception , we’d have been spared this wannabe Dictator in a cheap suit

  • ChristyK

    Nothing is free. Mandating coverage just makes people who don’t use contraceptives subsidize people who do use contraceptives. This is even worse because many of the non-users don’t use for conscience sake. They are stolen from, in order to pay for something they morally disagree with. This is the definition of tyrrany.

    Insurance only works if it spreads risks. Some people make claims but all people pay premiums. When the only claims are major expenses such as cancer, heart attack, pneumonia, etc. then people are covered for those exorbitant expenses that they would be unable to plan and save for. When insurance covers every little expense that could be easily planned for and saved for, it causes people to over use service (might as well since it’s free) and everyone’s expenses go up. People should learn to save for the predictable expenses and have insurance for the great emergencies that cannot be prepared for.

  • Buck

    RON PAUL for president , because HE will not circumvent the constituttion with illegal mandates and executive orders . RON PAUL will in fact re-institute the constitution and put the fed. back in its place .

  • Gringo Infidel

    Compromise to the usurper in the White House means giving him what he wants.

    No compromise to him or his fringe supporters.

    NULLIFICATION by the states is the answer to the Barrack Hussein Obama question.

    vote the bum out

  • Ted Crawford

    This issue is about contraception , only to the same degree that the Civil War was about Slavery! Contraception and are only the positions offered for public consumption. The Civil War was about the Tenth Amendment, and this is about the First Amendment!

  • DavidL

    This is neither a constitutional nor a religious issue, it is an employment issue. Can the Catholic Church, which in many states already provides the health coverage the Bishops are presently complaining about, get around an employer obligation to provide a safe work environment? No. Can the Church, any church, get around the minimum wage laws? No. Can the Church, any church, require their employees to work ten hours for which, on religious grounds, they only pay them for eight hours? Again, no.

    When someone says it’s not the money but the principle of the thing, it’s usually the money. I won’t ascribe that much cynicism to the Catholic Church in this case, but eliminating the obligation of the church to pay for contraception coverage has dramatically diffused the energy in the proffered religious objections. If it eliminated all objections by the Catholic Church, the above assessment might very well be the bull point of the matter.

    If conservative Republicans continue to push this issue for self-serving political reasons, they will suffer the same fate they did over their Terry Schiovo (?) fiasco. Go for it!


    • JimH

      DavidL, It IS a Constitutional issue. All the other stuff about cotracepion is secondary to the real issue. That’s why other groups other than Catholics are speaking up.

      • Joe H.

        Jim H,
        I am not, have never been, and never will be a catholic. I do, however, support their cause in this. If the doctrine of the church goes against the members ideals, they are free to leave and take up the practices of another. If the government forces the church to supply or pay for something they are diametrically against it is very easy to see them forcing the people to do ANYTHING they damn well want! i know there are some very short sighted people out there that can’t see this or they do and just don’t care, but what are they going to say when the government starts stepping on THEIR rights???

    • libertytrain

      Not to mention, the Catholic Church is worldwide – not just in the US where it seems people feel the US runs the Catholic Church… It is not, it never will be. 1.18 billion Catholics in the World. About 69 million in the US.

  • GregS

    This latest implementation of socialism and attack of the government on the conscience of the Catholic Church is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come, with the rollout of ObamaCare. As Nasty Pelouzy very eloquently pointed out, we have to pass this bill to see what’s in it.


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