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White House: Iran Threatening Over Strait Of Hormuz Because It’s Weak

January 5, 2012 by  

White House: Iran Threatening Over Strait Of Hormuz Because It’s Weak

In another installation of the dramatic series of exchanges between the U.S. and Iran, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Iran is making threats on the Strait of Hormuz because the country is in a position of weakness, The Hill reported.

“It’s the latest round of Iranian threats and it’s confirmation that Tehran is under increasing pressure for its continued failure to live up to its international obligations,” Carney said at a press briefing on Tuesday. “Iran is isolated and seeking to divert attention from its domestic problems.”

According to the news outlet, U.S. and Iranian officials have been launching proverbial volleys since Iran threatened last week to close the Strait of Hormuz. This waterway is a key passage into the Persian Gulf through which nearly 20 percent of the world’s oil supply travels.

Bloomberg reported that Iran’s closing of the Strait would cut demand for the largest tankers by blocking their busiest route. Erik Nikolai Stavseth, an Oslo-based analyst at Arctic Securities ASA, noted that the closing of the passage would lead to a drop in volumes and negative ton-miles for oil companies and their vessels.

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  • ROGER, Canadian Libertarian

    Interesting…. so since America has been threatening Iran for much longer and therefore FIRST, I guess that means America is WEAKER???

    That is good “ol” American good as Apple Pie..they do make Apple Pie still,dont they?

    • Deerinwater

      Iran has threaten American allies first and longer ~ yes, that is correct. America defends her allies even on cloudy days.

      As for “weaker” , a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. If you find a weak one my dearest allies, please let us know.

      You want pie, we got pie.

      • TML

        “Iran has threaten American allies first and longer”

        Are we seriously going to be like school children here and argue over who threatened who first?

        Case in point… making a threat such as this one indicates anything but weakness. To bring it down to your level of understanding; you don’t threaten the big bully in school if you’re not able, or willing, to back it up. The logic does not follow that such a threat is made because they are weak.

        I guess they want them to threaten with violence, eh? Yeah, that will project strength.

        “America defends her allies even on cloudy days.”

        This is why the founders warned… trade with all, alliance with none. It is immoral to bind your children, and your children’s children, with a pact of alliance with any foreign country…. Especially on the mere grounds of religious conviction, such as we do with Israel. Besides… defending our allies, should not include the “offense” of preemptive war or acting as a despotic ruler to anyone our “allies” pick a fight with.

        • http://naver samurai

          What is wrong with using your faith to help guide you in your decision making? It is our faith and beliefs that guice our conscience. There is nothing wrong with defending Israel. I also remember something from avery old book, “Whoever blesses you, I will bless. And whoever curses you, I will curse.” This is our reason to defend Israel, not just mere ideology. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • simian pete

          Actually TML, Foreign aid to Israel could be given from the private sector – instead of thru the Federal Government. I can imagine what will happen if aid ( via the federal government) was ever cut off to ISRAEL !!!

          You would see many of the Evangelical and/or Fundamentalist churches taking up “offerings” for ISrael’s support. They even may receive much more money, yearly, by those so theologically motivated…

          As far as I can see, Ron Paul would have no quarrel with such a development !!! Israel could buy more cost effective weaponry from other suppliers, and not be coerced in buying expensive weapons from the USA…

      • James

        What allies do we have in the Middle East?

    • Marco


      The only reason you have a country is because you have a military superpower as your friend and neighbor to the South! Maybe the US should just annex Canada as our 51st state!

      • eddie47d

        Since the Canadian economy is doing fairly well maybe they should annex us. LOL


          PS – from Canada…
          We got oil. Let Obama know eh! Oh darn, he shut the oil line down, now he will have to fight Iran for oil. Tch! Tch!. More burning oil wells and/or tankers. Oh well whats a little more polution,eh!

  • Sirian

    This is primarily nothing more than “saber rattling”, period. Iran and its radical leaders are fully aware that it would be to their disadvantage to close the Strait of Hormuz. Anyone with a smidgen of common sense can see this. They close it down, sure, then just how are they going to ship their oil and continue making money to support their military, nuclear program and proxies? This in turn would get the people of Iran in a turmoil against the all knowing Imams and initiate a much dreaded uprising such as what is happening in Syria, then what? As I said, if you have a smidgen of common sense you should be able to see through. Obviously, some haven’t been blessed with any.

    • Jagans

      Serian, I agree with you completely. As to Iran closing the strait, it would require air superiority, lets see, an F-18 Hornet VS an F4 Phantom……..Oh yeah, I just saw an F4 in the air force armament museum in Florida. We decommissioned them about 30 years ago.

      What really bothers me is the greedy monger oil brokers that have already raised the price of a barrel of crude 4 dollars. Greed, It is the root of all evil.

      • slapjack

        Don’t be so cock sure of yourselves. Remember the USS Cole A speed boat and some nitwits killed 17 sailors and put a gaping hole in the ship. An F-4 Phantom and a suicide pilot could do serious damage to an Aircraft Carrier. We need to be vigilant in our defense. Our world is a very dangerious place. With the Nitwit we have for a Prez it is even more dangerious.

      • eddie47d

        Too much saber rattling and not enough common sense.Dozens of other countries buy their oil from that region. China and India would also be blocked and they need the oil more than we do. It’s a serious bluff from Iran but I believe we can handle it without war.

        • http://naver samurai

          This could be true, but couldn’t they also be selective about who they allow to enter? If the country is friendly to them, like China and Russia, they will most certainly let them enter. But if the country is not friendly with them, like the USA and others, they would “close the gate” and we wouldn’t be able to enter. Iran’s military is not as strong as ours, this is true, but they have a fleet of 60 – 100 ships. This is enough for them to efficiently defend the Persian Gulf, Straights of Hormuz, and the Arabian Sea. If you don’t think so, remember that Hitler’s navy wasn’t that big, but his admirals were able to place them in certain areas, control stretches of ocean, and cause maximum damage. Just a thought though. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Ted Crawford

    What they are most likely responding to is the weakness of will irradiated by this administration, bolstered by people like Ron Paul and his fawning minions, proportedly from the other side!
    Our problem is that they just might be right!

    • Joe H.

      you are so immature at times I can’t believe it!! What is “unwilling” about letting CONGRESS decide and then kicking their ass as fast as possible??? THAT is what R. Paul has said! OH, I know, you LIKE the FACT that all “wars” since Korea have taken infinitally too long???
      Nam should have been over in less than a year, Iraq should have been over after the FIRST conflict there! Better still, WE SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN THERE AT ALL!!! I was in Nam, and i saw us fighting for a people unable and unwilling to defend themselves. Except for a small contingent, they had no backbone to fight. Yet we expended over 50,000 lives to “keep them safe”!!!

  • Deerinwater

    I fail to see Iran making it’s self a “No Fly” zone would serve it’s long term goals.

    The sinking of one US support vessel by one top shelf cruse missile would make that a reality Iran would have to deal with.

    Iran needs to accept Israel right to exist and closed doors would then be open to her. It’s not complicated.

  • Jagans

    Dosent anyone else see that it would really not be that hard for us to make ourselves independent of foreign oil. We must for the sake of this planet, or this planet will take her own measures to correct her environment. If we divert the money going to Afghanistan which is 350,000,000.00 per day at last count, we can be energy independent in a couple of months.

    Ron Paul wants to end these riduculous foreign entanglements that cost us billions and billions of dollars so we can concentrate on rebuilding the US, and making her independent once again. It is the oil companies that are sacrificing our childrens blood on foreign soil. Dosent anybody see this???????

    • Sirian

      I agree with you insofar as we could become totally independent of imported oil – yes, we most certainly could. But it could not be accomplished in two months, no, not possible. If everything was reopened, drilling for oil, natural gas etc., yes, we could become totally independent with probably five to ten years. But again, that is something that I seriously doubt if we may ever see happen. To accomplish this 90% of present day regulations and moratoriums would have to be removed and ended. There is more than merely the oil companies involved in this predicament, much more. You have the political influences which are directed by special interest groups, environmentalists, speculators and the oil market on a whole. Each state has its own set of rules and regs that oil companies must adhere to also. They are involved, in a minor role perhaps, but they are still involved. Tack on additional taxes and various other Federal/State surcharges and such that they too lend to the entire problem. Sure, oil companies are fairing very well, without question, but you have to understand that they keep the majority of their capital off shore. Why? Easy, as I said, taxes etc. etc. etc. – don’t forget the loopholes conveniently worked into place by the political side of this equation.
      I agree that we are in to many places, Afghanistan and elsewhere, involved with to many things world wide and it would be to our advantage to get out of them. The more troops we can bring home the better! But it isn’t, in actuality, the oil companies that are sacrificing our troops – they have no control over that whatsoever. Our troops go where they are ordered to go and those orders come out of first and foremost the Oval Office. The Pentagon next and so on and so forth. But such orders or directives are not in reality issued by the board room of some oil company. Am I defending the oil companies – no chance! It’s simply a much larger problem with so many various factors involved in the entire equation. That’s why you very seldom, if hardly ever, see any actual effort brought forward by the Congress. As to what extent R.P. could refurbish our domestic oil, natural gas and goal production remains questionable. The same applies to any candidate when you really look at it equally. Yet, yes, it would be so much better to once again be totally independent of energy production. HA, one of our best customers would be China – go figure.

      • Joe H.

        On the news the other day they had a story about America’s biggest EXPORT. Guess what it was??? OIL!!! We are exporting our oil as it brings a bigger profit on the open market that it would on the domestic market!! We might not be able to go 100% independant, but we could probably be damn CLOSE!!!

        • Sirian

          Joe H.,
          Yes, I know this but try to imagine what effect it would have on our overall economic stand in comparison to today’s if we were totally energy independent. As I said at the end, “one of our best customers would be China – go figure.” would hold true without any doubt whatsoever. Of course there would be plenty of other customers from around the world but China and India would probably be the biggest. You see, there is another side to this that Congress and previous Presidents have continuously ignored due to their political/ideological stands as well as the major influences special interest groups and environmentalists have been pushing for a very long time. That all started back in the sixties and has grown way out of proportion since.
          The profits our oil, natural gas and coal would be capable of pulling down is almost unimaginable if we were the worlds primary source. Yet, again, that is not a very foreseeable position to gain any time soon. Could we actually do it? You Bet!! Will we? That is the elusive unknown.

  • jplandry

    RE: Jagans, “Dosent”, is that a new word? Do you know how to spell dummy? Prime example of where our educational system has gone.

    • independant thinker

      You are saying you have NEVER misspelled a word huh. dosent is a simple reversal of two letters. It happens to me all the time. I try to proofread my posts before I hit the post button but sometimes miss something. How about taking your “better than thou” attitude to huff-n-puff post and don’t come back until you actually have something to say.

    • Ray

      What are you an English teacher, or more than likely a liberal…….
      Mind your own business – especially about spelling, sheesh.

    • http://naver samurai

      Troll alert! Troll alert! Must be a lib. How so? The person used the classic liberal strategies of a personal attack, no facts, and no sources. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • eddie47d

        hmmmm! At it again Samurai?

        • http://naver Samurai

          Et tu brute? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Joe H.

      Gee, I wush I cud spull as gud as yu!!! Cud you tull me wher yu gotted yur edumacashun??? Get real, dude!! The whole world is going to $hit and you worry about SPELLING??? you’re a lot more ignorant than him!!!

      • http://naver Samurai

        100% agree with you, fellow patriot. These are the people that seem not to care about anything. Notice no response from the person either. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Ray

    Iran is chock full of barking mad lunatics that (like our politicians) talk a lot, but say nothing.
    If they try to block the waterway we should merely send a small missle, one for each blocking and just blow them away – all fixed. If they esculate it then we send in more missles and bombs, no ground troops this time. They need to be put in their place once and for all, maybe the Iranians will revolt against their misfit leaders at that point?

    • Bus

      According to Isaiah 14 or 15 the Medes will be destroyed and their land become a haven for birds of prey and other wild beasts, maybe we are going to see the fulfillment of prophesy?

  • ranger hall

    Well some one said MISFIT LEADERS. Maybe we should clean our own house be before run down other world leaders. Study history, history shows us alot about the world and its leaders. Iran started problems with us BECAUSE of THE SHAH OF IRAN. If you remember the Iranians revolted againest the Shah, And they WON, BUT we Flew the Shah and his illgotten LOOT out of the Country, TO AMERICA. The People wanted the CROOK and KILLER OF citizens returned to there country to stand Trial. WE gave them The Big Finger and told them he was our Friend and would not return him. Iran has been upset with us ever since. and our Way of Double standard Justice.

  • Americanfreedom70

    2012 Political Reform Petition

    All public servants i.e. senators, congress persons, judges, governors, and all appointees shall from this day forth be restricted to no more than 8 years in office.
    No members of the above mentioned group shall receive compensation to exceed $60,000.00 annually.
    No public servants shall receive any insurance paid out of public funds with a co-pay of less than 50% including but not limited to premiums.
    No public servants shall receive any retirement paid out of public funds.
    No public servants shall be eligible to trade in open markets during their time in office.
    No public servants shall receive any additional funds, or other means of compensation from private individuals or corporations during their time in office.
    Housing outside of the public servants home area will be provided by the people in the form of public housing not to exceed 1500 square feet per family. Any deviation will be paid “out of pocket” by the public servant seeking such accommodations.
    Meals will be provided at public expence to include no more than 2000 calories per day of the basic staples of good nutrition.
    All special interest groups, labor unions, and corporate officials shall be restricted from any public buildings in an official capacity.
    Violations of the above binding guidelines will result in immediate termination and loss of benefits.

  • ranger hall

    OK People, What would you do if i took away your Income, took away your house, took away 75% of your food for you and your family. What if i backed you into this corner. WHAT WOULD YOU DO. Most likely YOU would do nothing. Our Govt and the Powers to be WANT a WAR with IRAN, Then maybe they can put in there OWN CONFORMING Govt.That abides by our RULES. Afganistan Maybe, Iraq Maybe. Now that we have lost our buddy the ruler of Egypt Big. Question. But we have the other Arab countries some what own our Payroll and Protection, Im sure you know who they are.NOW if only the People of Saudi Arabia would kick out and put the Royal family on Trial ??? What would we then DOOO.

    • hithadeck

      Our dictator Commander and Chief could very well divert the tension with Iran by giving Americans permission to drill for our domestic oil. He would put thousands of Americans to work and we could break all ties to the countries who hold us hostage with the high cost of oil. As far as being a nuclear threat they could be no more of a threat than Pakistan who are starting to burn American flags in the streets. We need a president who will tell our enemies that we will take out their leaders rather than their armies if they tread on us. We have something that they don’t and that’s technology to single out a target from space and zap it out without using boots on the ground.

    • GRUMPY

      Relax, in 20 to 25 years the U.S. and Canada will be islamic nations anyway….Problem solved !!!!!!! ?

  • eddie47d

    Oman is also a player in the Strait of Hormuz for they are opposite Iran. The channel is 21 miles wide with only a 2 miles shipping lane. Oman should have a say unless that shipping lane is totally within Iran’s territorial limits.

    • http://naver Samurai

      Oman’s navy is very small and may not have a voice as to what is going on. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • eddie47d

      I’m thinking in terms of territorial waters in who has the right to use those waterways and who legally doesn’t. Not the size of anyone’s navy. We could say that Iran’s navy is rather puny compared to ours but that wasn’t the point. Legal reasons can give the International community a more legitimate reason for sanctions if needed.

      • http://naver Samurai

        I understand what you are saying, but the international community can’t really enforce anything about what someone does with their own territory or someone elses. Why always the international community, ed-duh? Why always the U.N.? The U.N. is not the answer, but I’ll agree on diplomacy. If diplomacy doesn’t work, which it doesn’t sometimes, get ready to be reading about launching missiles and troops landing in the Middle East. Last resort of course. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • hithadeck

    It takes a team!
    Let’s remember that socialist quote from Hillary Clinton that it takes a village to raise a child! I am saying it’s going to take nationwide team to get rid of Obama. Obama has a billion dollars in his campaign treasury chest. The biggest part of that money was stole from the American tax payer in the form of missing stimulus money and kickbacks of stimulus that he dished out to the Company’s and Banks he said were to big to fail.
    This election will be the most corrupt election in the history of our country and we can see evidence of Obama’s Justice Department blocking legalities that protect the polls from fraudulent actions. The American public have been duped into believing organizations like ACRON were shutdown but with Obama’s support and help from his czar’s they have chose another name and names approved with more granted tax payer money to operate. The American people are being attacked by a stealthy enemy of people and organizations who are residing in the halls of congress and in the Obama administration that are determined to override our constitution to give us the impression that they are saving us from ourselves.
    Mark my words of predicting that Obama will start a war with Iran just to keep his office. It is rare for an American to be voted out of office in wartime! We will loose the war even if we win because it will send America into bankruptcy. A broke America will in place for full blown socialism and Obama’s grand plan will be achieved.

    • Joe H.

      So let’s DEMAND an accounting on his war chest!!! According to election laws, he has to be able to account for every dollar in his chest!! If he names citizens, then go out and ASK them personally if they donated to him and how much. I’d be willing to bet there would be some that denied ever donating to him!!

  • simian pete

    If Iran enacts a blockade, it will probably result in an ecological disaster. Many Oil Tankers, full of oil, could be sunk in the beginning of the conflict.

    Also don’t forget the “infernal weapon” tactical brilliancy that can be used against the US forces. Iran may not be so constrained in what they will do, and what they will use – if push to the wall.
    We could see an attack against Kuwait and Saudi Arabia – like in destroying industrial (oil) infrastructure. Look at all the oil wells Iraq put on fire when they left Kuwait !!! This could happen again, by Iran, in Saudi Arabia…

    Hey ! I’m just full of cheerfulness today !!! Right ?

    Good ol’ infernal weapons ! like Chemical and Biological !!!!
    HA HA HA !!! Probably be used by Iran during escalation !!!

    Don’t forget Electromagnetic Pulse weapons, Microwave weapons, and good ol’ RUssian/Chinese supplied antiship missiles. Toss some electromagnetic scalar weapons onto the heap of possibilities !!!! WHo needs a nuclear program ?

    I hope Ron Paul get’s elected before all this happens !!!!

    Ron Paul for President !!!

    We may witness F-18′s, F-15′s etc, just falling out of the sky ! Probably due to electromagnetice scalar weapons ? “Tesla Cannons ?” ..
    Who knows what hose Iranians have….

    • hithadeck

      For some reason the leaders of countries that are the cause of aggression seem to have an immunity under some ancient international code of chivalry. They invoke the aggression and start a war. They send out tens of thousands of their citizens on the battlefields to die at their direction. Thousands of soldiers will die on both sides and the winner will punish the leaders with war crimes. It is time to change the rules and save tens of thousands of lives on both sides. Target and kill the leaders of aggression are the most sensible answer! We are doing that now with the drone attacks on Al Qaida leaders. Its time for an American President to get personal with leaders who have intentions of doing harm to our country and make the fight between the heads of state rather the sacrificial slather of thousands. We have the technology to take out individual targets any place on this planet even if they hide underground. War is dirty so lets clean the source of the dirt first?

  • ranger hall

    lets talk about the word PEACE. PEACE ON EARTH. You hear a lot of talk from Leaders on this topic, POLITICIANS and PREACHERS. But do you see any one of them practice this. NO YOU DO NOT. For there is Huge Profits in war. There is no huge Profits in World Peace. MONEY and POWER will control the world, And the People of the World are doing nothing to stop it The Powers to be will CONTROL all The MONEY,All the LAND, All the FOOD, and All the WATER.Then the People of the world will be Sheep,Controlled by a small group of Wolves. Some People have a miss understanding about the UN. The UN is suppose to help control and Police the Countries of the World. BUT do they do this. HECK NO The UN is Mostly Funded by the US and controlled by the US. Now you no why they are incompatant.


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