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White House Edits Speech Transcript, Changes ‘Laughter’ To ‘Applause’

June 23, 2011 by  

White House Edits Speech Transcript, Changes ‘Laughter’ To ‘Applause’

On Tuesday morning, the Drudge Report prominently displayed a link to a transcript of a speech President Barack Obama gave at a fundraiser Monday night. The right-leaning website mocked the transcript for recording that some of the President’s remarks had been met with laughter.

“Over the last 15 months we’ve created over 2.1 million private sector jobs. (Laughter.)” the transcript read, according to POLITICO.

According to the article, “at 4:04 p.m. on Tuesday, the corrected transcript appeared: Laughter changed to applause, and noted with an asterisk.”

In his speech at the fundraiser, one of two held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, D.C., on Monday, the President spoke of work yet to be done. However, he acknowledged that the enthusiasm which brought him into office in 2008 has waned.

“Now I’m gray. (Laughter.) I’ve got dings and dents. The old posters are all faded. (Laughter.) People make fun of hope and change. And some folks have said, well, change didn’t happen as fast as I wanted, or it’s not exactly as I expected, or why can’t he just change the minds of all those Republicans. (Laughter.)”

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  • bsfurg

    obama is one big laugh… he laughs the hardest when hes going to tell lies…

    • Carol

      This is what is happening all over the world they are laughing so hard at all of us it is discusting.

      • Cawmun Cents

        They laugh because we speak so highly of ourselves,but when it comes to our own nation,we cant seem to stop it from hurtling into the abyss.-CC.

  • Disgusted

    I pray everyday that this man does not get re-elected next year. I laugh everytime I hear him speak – he is such a joke.

    • rosina

      Why listen to this Imposter?
      As soon as that sneaky face appears I SWITCH OFF OR CHANGE CHANNELS.
      Dear God, please do something and FAST to rid us of this illegal person who thinks HE is God!!!!

      • john

        you probably cant imagine how many people do and feel as you do.

        • April

          That’s exactly how I feel too. There are so many out there that feel and say the same thing.

          • Sikntyrd2011

            He sounds like a salesman trying to sell you a broken toy. The worse the toy…the smoother the voice. I say he is washed out! I do change the channel.

      • Joey Biden

        Rosina, I feel the same way. I cannot look at the face of a liar and his voice is like fingernails on a blackboard. I don’t know how anyone with a sane mind can follow this idiot.

        • Melanie Turner

          AMEN to all comments above. Switch channels so fast when I ever see him. But how is he being allowed to run a second time, when the controversy is still not resolved about his being in office legally, How is it that GOP is not stopping this?

          • Mike in MI

            Melanie -
            Didn’t you get the report? It’s obvious as can be.
            The leaders of the gop’s is integral to the Soros’ops’ “Headline-of-the-Day” department. They only want to look like they’re against what the Obamaphiles want without commiting to anything.
            So what if Cantor left the negotiations? When nature calls…what are you going to do? Say,…”Crap!”

  • Sam Vazquez

    It is no surprise that the obama co-horts have once again protected the pseudo-president. Major media (mostly owned by scumbag sorros) has been feeding the public BULL$#!* from the beginning of this sorry downward spiral. One
    I have little faith in the intligence of most of the citizens of these United States for falling for the hype that put this MEGALOMANIC in the Whitehouse. They should be weeping in shame.


      I want to puke every time he speaks, and his staunch supporters are too stupid to realize he is enslaving them to the government plantation, and enriching himself and all of the millionaire and bilionaire Democrats, who falsely claim to be for the “POOR”. All they care about the ‘POOR’ is that they vote Democrat every time.

      • skippy

        juke…i feel the same way exactly…even the face makes me ill.

        • Mike in MI

          Hey, skip, – what else can they do?
          He’s the Queen in the ant colony.
          That’s all socialism is – the workers go out and do their duty: bring bck the “stuff” to the Queenie. It may poison the rest of the nest and kill everybody in the thing. But hey, …it smelled good to the worker ant.

      • Jazzabelle

        JUKEBOX wrote: “All they care about the ‘POOR’ is that they vote Democrat every time.”

        Who was it who said, “The Democrats love the poor so much that they do everything in their power to make more of them”??

        • TIME


          • Mike in MI

            LMAO2 – There’s o substitue for success is there to get the attention of the un-monkified.

    • Kinetic1

      By “the obama co-horts(sic)” I assume you are speaking of the press secretary? Of course they corrected their error in the transcript. The difference between this administration and the last is that they marked the change for future reference where the Bush team made all the changes they needed to make him sound good and then printed the revised version as if it were verbatim.

      • Mike in MI

        Kinetic1 – If pennies were a measure of stupidity, you’d be a fourteen trillionaire, aka: Obamaphile.

        • Jerry

          ditto dat, Mike!

  • Terry

    I try to see both sides of an issue and judge objectively. So, amid all the Obama bashing, I made a list of the significant, positive accomplishments that our President has signed into law or otherwise achieved in his first 3 years in office;
    OK, I confess: I need a little help here.
    Have we waited long enough for the ‘good’ change and the hope ‘for the better’?
    Should we give him another 4 years (based upon the above track record, to date?
    If you have any doubts, read “Trickle Up Poverty” and get back to me.

    • TIME



      • Mike in MI

        TIME – Right! For generations to come – unless our kids are smart enuf to renounce us and say we were …..(????) whatever they can find that they think is bad enuf to describe us.

    • April

      My daughter asked her friends at college why they voted for him. She said the only answer they could give her was “for change!”or “its the cool thing to do, because he will make history as the first black prez!” So she asked them “Do you know what kind of change?”, “You mean you are voting for him because of his race and that he is black and for no other reason?” And they could not answer her, nor were they interested in why she was NOT voting for the O-poster.

      • Bus

        Of course that’s why they voted for him, these young people get their psuedo news from John Stewart and don’t know how he is screwing them over. They have been raised with the Affirmative Action mantra taught in every school, but now we see what Affirmative Action really does, puts the unqualified in the job. Hopefully enough people get the message before the next election…..If there is one.

        • Ellen

          My daughter was in college during the 2008 elections and she told me that all of the professors spent class time stumping for Obama instead of teaching the material. They put up fireworks on campus when he won and everyone was running around campus screaming and cheering. I wonder if any of them now grasp the consequences of their actions.

          • Mike in MI

            Ellen -
            I’m almost sixty-eight and when I talk with my son…it’s clear he doesn’t comprehend freedom. He’s convinced what he has is “FREEDOM”.
            And I cringe inside when I think back and see my Dad realized I thought the 70′s John Birchers were too RADICALLY rightists = freedom oriented. To him, “FREEDOM” was already lost. He was born in 1914, in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He railed that things I was taught by “Progressive Education teachers” in the ’50s was awful and horrid – “How could I beleive that junk?”…I “knew” it was “true”. “Authorities” told me so. I’m ashamed I didn’t posit him as an authority – but i DIDN’T.
            What about you and your kids?
            Assume responsibility. God will hold you accountable. They’re His if you count yourself a Christian. If not, they’re just dust. So do what you want.

        • Mike in MI

          Bus – You’re not referring to the Aff. Act. presentdink are you?

        • skippy

          bus…your last 4 words sure are a mouthful!!! Great post!!!

    • wight shadow

      I can list a lot of things he has done to try and bring America down, but not one good thing…Sick isn’t it ????

  • Jerry

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, yet I am. The blatant love affair that the media has with this man is mind boggling. His administration continues to hide the truth, falsify the truth, spin the truth and on and on. Jukebox speaks the truth in his post above… the only thing Obama cares about is misleading the poor and democratic base into voting for him and his socialist agenda. And they fall for it EVERY time. The Right needs to rise up in 2012… in a BIG way. EVERY Republican, Tea Party Member and Independant needs to GO TO THE POLLS and DUMP this moron before he destroys our country beyond repair! And, we are almost there, folks!

    • Mike in MI

      OKay, everybody -
      If you doubt what Jerry said just remembeer that Proverbs says the borrower is bondman (SLAVE) to the lender.

      The Congressmen and Senators “REPRESENT” (= stand in the place of you, for you as your proxy). If you don’t know what a “PROXY” is you better look it up in an old Dictionary and understand it’s meaning.

      What they elect to do, you are responsible for. If they make you a debtor you are the SLAVE to whomever they put you in debt.

      If you and your countrymen CAN NOT GENERATE ENOUGH GDP to service the interest on the debt you owe – they own you forever…and your posterity. God holds you responsible to fulfill your word – as enacted by your representatives to the government you select…voted for as a group.

    • Cawmun Cents

      Nobody(who is sane)doubts it MikeinMi,but we need more than just a replacement.But we are getting the same old tired nonsense from the Republican party which will perpetuate the nightmare we are in right now.What we need is for someone to campaign on fixing the conditions present in our nation,not against the evils of Omamba.Basically,anyone with half a brain(sorry all you Omamba supporters out there)knows that Balack Omamba is a poisonous snake biting the flesh of America.What we need is somebody who will crush his head with their heel,on the way to sucking the poison out and making with the antivenin.Coming to save the day like Mighty Mouse will only work if the damage caused can be reversed,or at least stopped in lieu of healing.But for the bite on the flesh to continue to fester will mean the death of our nation.The venom has been injected,so now we need a competent healer to aid in recovery.Are the folks running for resident healer competent?That would seem to be a mystery.Can we afford to base our recovery on the words of the local witchdoctors?Can we sit idly by and watch the Republicans come up with someone only slightly better than Omamba?My thought is….no.But what do we see rising out of the crowd?Is it a positive reaction to the mess we’re in,or just a campaign to remove the Omamba from the wound and press on til’ death? Fair and balanced? You decide.-CC.

      • Jerry

        While I agree that the “current” slate of Republican candidates may not be ideal, there ARE a couple in this mix that can certainly get the job done and that have plans to do so. Let’s look at Michelle Bachmann, as an example. Probably the most fiscally and constitutionally conservative in the group. A Tea Party favorite (leads this group in the house, as well) for a very good reason. She knows that by continuing to grow the socialist programs of this country that we are doomed for failure. She also knows that raising taxes only increases the burden on the private sector and is a job growth inhibitor. She knows that by relaxing the tax code that jobs CAN and WILL be created and thus the goverment revenue will go up exponentially. Both from increased tax revenues from those coming off the unemployment lines AND from the reduction of having to pay out all the unemployment and welfare formally needed for this unfortunate group. You MUST understand that whoever the Republicans choose as “their” candidate, that ALL OF US need to stand behind this person and ELECT THEM, in order to get this miserable liberal OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE! We CAN do this!

        • Sikntyrd2011

          Please, please just vote for the one who can kick the ass out of the White House and all his corrupt czars to the curb!!! Whatever you do, vote for the one with the most chance of winning!!! AND VOLUNTEER TO BE A POLL WORKER OR A POLL WATCHER, OR A POLL INSPECTOR.

  • estychic

    I can honestly say, since Obummer became prez (refuse to capitalize) my TV changer has gotten a real workout! We can’t stand his voice or his pic. I wish our TV had a delete or ignore button. Obummer has lied so much what’s the point of listening to a speech that will only “change” in 5-10 minutes??? Yeah, he’s for “CHANGE” alright (change his mind, change his promises, change content of his speeches, etc…).

    • Rick

      Now see??? My remote has had just the opposite happen to it since he got elected. I’m actually afraid my remote is going to become obese from it’s sedentary lifestyle now. The only channel it recognizes is
      FOX News.

      • Jerry

        LMAO! Excellent post, Rick! I’m having the SAME PROBLEM!

        • Kinetic1

          Rick and Jerry,
          Your problem shows in a big way. The regular stream of misinformation offered up as fact on Fox news is printed here on a regular basis.

          • Jerry

            And just where, Kinetic, do you get your FACTS that fox news (which I never said I watched…. but in fact DO!) misinforms it’s viewers. I contend that it’s CNN and especially MSNBC that does this AND while doing so creates the divisivness in the country that we are now plauged with. Grow up and look for other mediums of information. I strongly recommend you cancel your subscription to the NY Times and pick up a WSJ now and again. Jeeeez, you freaking liberals kill me sometimes!

  • i41

    Jerry, I still waiting to have any marxist/communist democrat explain why they voted for the crossbred muslim, or didn’t they check out what the bas-ard had written? Onumnutts and all the the democrat party smucks, are lap dancers on Nazi Traitor George Soros, who is their money man. See the koocoon is going to release oil from the reserves, when we have shut off oil well valves, up north, where a pipeline was supposed to have been put in over a year ago, but was stopped by the crossbred, EPA, and the Hillary and the State Department. WEhat f–king moron, probably will want some more expensiver muslim crude to be shipped in.

  • BigBen

    Everyone: Special note from the President -

    “My fellow Americans. (laughter) I ask that you stop being mean. (laughter) Stop making fun of me. (laughter) Stop that! Stop laughing at me! (laughter – someone falls of chair- Secret Services arrested the person falling of the chair) Mama! Make them stop! (roars of laughter)

    Mama? Is that you there? You laughing…at…me? (laughter of all laughters) I wanna go back to Chic-caaa-go! Boo-hoo!”

    Courtesy of ~BB

    • Jerry

      Try this, instead:

      “My faithful followers” (Praise Barrack!), “I feel your pain” (LORDY LORDY!), “And I want you to know, that as tough as it is… that it could be worse without me” (Uhhh Huh! Praise upon you!), “That you should suck it up” (Amen!), “That you should believe in ME” (Yes, teacher!), “That the only way to make things not get worse…” (Tell it, BHO!), “… to punish the unfaithful…” (LORDY LORDY!), “…those foul creatures on the right, that caused your pain…” (YES Savior!)…”Palin and Paul, Bachmann and Bush!” (Lord help us all!), “…and all the other right wing spawns of the devil!” (Yes, teacher.. tell it!), “…Get on your knees and pray for me to continue the fight…” (AMEN!), “…to stay vigilant until every penny from every wealthy man and business belongs to ME.. to do with as I please” (PRAISE BE TO OBAMA!), “…and I will share the wealth with YOU!” (AMEN!), “And you will never have to work again..” (AMEN!), “…I will feed you, clothe you, house you and take care of all of your ailments….” (PRAISE God!), “And my curse will be upon those Republicans! Thank you, and may God Bless America!” (LAUGHTER!)

      • BigBen

        Jerry, :)

        I sure hope that you are not his speechwriter. LOL


        • Jerry

          I applied, but never got a response…. :)

          • BigBen

            Typical. It went to an Illegal Immigrant. :(


      • skippy

        good one Jerry… But what I don’t understand (and I am not a stupie stupe)…if they want all the $$ from the RICH…ummm…isn’t that THEM TOO???!!! I just can’t believe that the rich dems want to SHARE with me and those worse off than me. Just who ARE the rich that they want to pay more taxes???

        • Jerry

          Skippy, you’ve got to understand the “they”, the democrats that hold office, are immune to all of this. They have implemented laws that make them immune to what they do to us. They have 100% pensions for life, after serving only 1 term in Congress. Who did that? Not the people… Congress circumvented their constituents. They do not have to abide by Obamacare as they have their own lucrative medical plan, paid for by you and I. On and on it goes my friend. As for “who is rich” by their definition? That remains to be seen, but I suspect it will be EVERYONE that pays taxes, and that is only 50% of the country. The rest “earn too little” to have to share in our goverment expenses. It’s gotten way out of control and is why we now have “career politicians”. That, sir, was never meant to be the way the Constitution was set up. Our founders are all rolling over in their graves. IT’S GOT TO STOP!

      • cheryl jessup

        Do you know the difference between God and obama? God doesn’t think he’s obama.

  • Drue

    Of course he laughs. This whole president thing is a big joke to him. The only JOBS he is concerned with is his own and those of his cronies. Not the American Voter.



  • eddie47d

    At least Obama can be honest about his faults and works to correct them instead of being bitter. You would never get Cheney to admit any wrong doing and he would even gloat over them.Cheney is still a gruff mean old fart.

    • Jerry


      What faults did Obama admit too? And how, pray tell, is he correcting them?

      Obama is an idealouge…. he will NEVER admit to doing anything wrong, only blame it on someone else!


      • TIME


        Great post.

        • Jerry


          • eddie47d

            That was at the end of Marcy’s post. Do you admit your faults?

          • Jerry

            WHAT are you SMOKING?? I don’t see ANY admission of error or fault! And, YES, I am not perfect, no one is. I make mistakes all the time and I learn from them. Perhaps your arrogant leader in the White House could learn to do the same? Somehow, I DOUBT IT! Have a nice day…. :)

          • eddie47d

            He admitted that things aren’t changing as fast as he wanted them too.Go back and read the article.

          • Jerry

            I give up on you, Eddie… He NEVER admitted anything was his fault, only that it isn’t happening fast enough. I’m not stupid, my friend, I read the article. It appears you are only reading what you want to believe. Wake up before it’s too late!

    • Jay

      Eddie, stop clowning around. I realize you place a lot of faith in Obama, but are you serious? He admits his faults and tries to fix them? Can you site some examples? I seriously doubt it! Eddie, you would have made a good disciple of reverend Jim Jones with that kind of blind faith!

      • Jerry

        Well said… Eddie is indeed another “kool aid drinker”!

  • Susan Clark

    I think you all need to step back and look at what he has done and realize that it is being deliberately. This ‘individual’ has had the destruction of our Country as his aim from first to last. Just as Sorros and that person who owns Progressive Insurance fund many groups that are working to do the same (i.e., ACLU ARE FUNDED BY THESE TWO.)

  • Charles

    Sad and heart broken.

  • Longboat

    All you who voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you weren’t racist, vote against him in 2012 to prove you’re not idiots.

    • Jerry

      I just saw a new bumper sticker:

      If it’s racisit NOT to vote for a black person
      Then it’s racisit TO vote for a black person

      True dat…..

      • Jerry

        By the way….. what makes Obama black? Wasn’t his mother white and his father black? He’s neither black nor white, yet the media and all his liberal cronies insist he’s a black man. What’s up with that?

        AND…. didn’t his father leave him at a very young age? Raised by his white mother and grandmother? I’m confused…..

  • Handyman

    Please, leave our King, obummer alone, let him keep talking to the little children, as he has done since the first time he opened his mouth in public.

  • CanCan

    If dumbed down, fluoridated Americans vote for this joker for a second presidential term, we deserve everything we get from him. And putting in some RHINO, I do not think will be any better. Obama is the butt of other countries jokes, and thanks to him, we could not have picked a better man to show the world what donkeys we are. However, as one newsletter author and editor I read often reminds readers, “never under estimate the gullibility and stupidity of the American public”. Never mind the irony and humor that, when I put this comment through the Microsoft Word, spell check before posting, it does not recognize “Obama” as a word.

  • Raggs

    If I had to listen to obama I would fart.

  • Bob

    I AM poor through no fault of my own, but the Dummycraps continue to shower their love on the “middle class” while not giving a tinker’s damn for those who live in poverty day after day.
    Does Obama speak for me? Hell no!
    He jabbers on for the elitist scum who support him and shows absolutely no compassion towards those of us whose feet are dangling way below the poverty line.
    I’m so sick and tired of these “New World Order” idiots, with allegiances on both the Republican and Democrat sides of the hill.
    All they wish to do is keep us underwater at all costs.
    To hell with all of them!!!

    • Jerry


      I truly am sorry to hear about your situation. It’s true… there are folks out there, through no fault of their own, live in poverty and isolation. Unable to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. They try EVERY DAY to raise themselves up, find a job or a better job that will begin to pull them out of a dire situation. They are good people, honest and respectful, and I am sure that you are one of those people Bob. However, there are people that are living in poverty by their own choice. They choose not to work, but collect welfare in the form of government assistance, food stamps, housing, wic, health care, etc. etc. They are fully capable of hard work to try and get ahead and remove themselves from the poverty and welfare roles. Yet they don’t want too. They are perfectly happy taking their middle class neighbors money for themselves. They are peerfectly happy spending their food stamps on lobsters and luxuries that middle america cannot afford to do because their tax burden to support these low lifes is too high for them to be “extravagant”. Bob, it’s true….. there are more of these than there are of you. The middle class suffers, right along with you. The tax money that goes to support these socialist programs is taken from hard working every day americans trying to live the american dream, raise a family and do their best to save a little money so that one day they can retire. Likely WITHOUT Social Security. We are broke… there’s nothing left and our debt continues to soar into mind boggling trillions upon trillions of dollars. Obama doesn’t care… he see’s his opportunity for a second term at the lowest level of the economic scale. By promising the illegals, the poverty stricken, the lame and the lazy a “free ride” taken from middle, upper class and american businesses, he is buying their vote. And he KNOWS that he has created tens of millions more poverty stricken americans in a very short 2 years.

      He is evil, Bob…… and he knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. One day, he and Reverand Wright will meet the TRUE Savior and they will answer to him. Until then, we can only do our best to remove the beast from office.

      Good luck to you, sir!

  • TIME

    Just adding that it seems thay Barry and his staff are really great at editing things, just look at his Birth Certificate!

  • Carol

    He is so laughable it is discusting and the fact of the matter is he always has been but now we have to get rid of him the sooner the later.

  • s c

    For the twisted apologists in the crowd, Cheney was never in the W H (prez or VP). It does not surprise me that Obummer’s robots would try to revise history on a daily basis.
    Is he so afraid of reality that his speeches have to be edited? The only way we’ll ever have a prez who’s worse than this poser is if Hitler is reincarnated.
    Then again, if it meant getting another arrogant, delusional social engineer with no conscience in the W H, the huge block of dead voters around the US are working on it right now. Anything for power, eh?

    • Kinetic1

      s c,
      “For the twisted apologists in the crowd, Cheney was never in the W H (prez or VP).” Would you care to explain your comment and point?

  • JoMama

    I’m STILL not laughing. The more he laughs – the more he pisses me off!!! It could be nervous laughter – I hope so.
    I read this morning that Obama signed the Nightmare Act today first thing.

  • Charles

    Jo Mama,
    I think Obama never realized how dumb and stupid Americans are. Now that he has,he thinks we are a big joke and he can`t help but laugh
    when he can tell us anything and a great number of people hang on his
    every word
    and believe anything he tells them. I can`t blame him for laughing.however, I hope the joke is on him come election time.

  • Charles

    I guess he can admit his faults when he has people like you that
    believe everything he says. He could say the suns out when it`s really
    dark outside. You would say,Oh! what he really meant was the sun is out somewhere in the world and he would problely be right. I hope you have a lot of money or wealth because you are without a doubt going to
    be poor the rest of your life under Obama. Enjoy your life of water
    and crumbs. Instead of doing better for yourself, you would rather see the rich and middle class drug down to your leval. Obama promised
    this in case you missed it. I will transform America and spread the wealth. Of course you would like this, instead of trying to help yourself, you could set back and wait as one women said. I will wait for money from Obamas stash. God save us from people as yourself.You
    are more dangerous than Obama himself.

  • Charles

    Get of your ass and try to make something of your self. Nobody said it was going to be easy. Just because your poor to-day, dosen`t mean you have to be poor tomorow. First you don`t suceed, try,try again.
    Sometimes you have to wait on the better things of life,but please don`t give up. If you try enough things and work hard, something will come your way. I know, I was as poor as one could be and to-day with a lot of hard work and many failers and my trust in God I no longer have to worry where my next meal is comming from. Life is good and if we don`t let people like Obama and his Marxist goons take this away
    from us,they will stay good. You may not realize at this time but you have already one of the greatest riches a man can have,FRREDOM !! Just
    add a few more things to this and you can become a very happy person.

  • Charles

    FREEDOM>> Corection

  • Steve

    This “guy” must really stink. “he always has his nose in the air, trying to get a clean breath. I know that a lot of you writinh are VETS of onme of the Military. How would you like to go to a VET. Hospital, feeling great and you see that picture as you enter the front door. You get deathly sick.

  • Charles

    Very well put,unless Bob`s health is so bad he can`t do any work at all,if not then he needs to get out and do something. There are programs to
    help people to be trained to do things. I don`t know what Bob`s
    problems are. I have no idea how much schooling he has. Did he waste his time growing up and not put an effort in his education? There are to many people who think they should be making what a Doctor makes,
    yet they are lucky to have a high school, let alone a college degree.
    There are jobs for these people, it`s called hard labor. The illigals
    come by the thousands to this country every year to do these jobs.
    Some Americans would rather starve than do these jobs,so they wait for the goverment to take care of them.Some set around in dark dingey
    apartments, with their drugey friends, doing drugs and with what they
    feel are their superior brains solving all the world problems. If uneducated Americans would take these jobs, there would not be a illigal alien problem in this country. When I grew up,we didn`t have
    welfare and you took what ever job you were qualified to do. Some of the jobs I had where really crapey and it made you work harder to
    better yourself. Not so to-day, people feel, lets let the goverment
    take care of us. If people only realize, along with the goverment
    taking care of them,many of their freedoms that they enjoy to-day
    will be lost forever.Many Americans who get unemployement will collect
    every check, because they feel they have it comming and never think about looking or getting a job till they have collected every one of those checks. I can tell you this, you may not find a job that paid what you were making,however, it is eaiser to find a job if you are presently working at something. SO BE IT AMERICA !!!


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