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White House Announces Climate Change Is A National Security Threat

May 4, 2012 by  

White House Announces Climate Change Is A National Security Threat
Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta spoke recently about the national security implications of climate change.

Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta told an environmental group on May 2 that climate change is emerging as a threat to national security.

“The area of climate change has a dramatic impact on national security,” Panetta announced at a reception hosted by the Environmental Defense Fund. “Rising sea levels, severe droughts, the melting of the polar caps, the more frequent and devastating natural disasters all raise demand for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.”

Panetta is concerned about the effect of climate change as well as the “budget shortfall” due to “higher-than-expected fuel costs this year.” He vowed to invest “more than a billion dollars in more efficient aircraft and aircraft engines, in hybrid electric drives for our ships, in improved generators, in microgrids for combat bases and combat vehicle energy-efficient programs.”

He also addressed threats not related to climate change: “I have a deep interest in working to try to ensure from a security perspective that we take measures that will help facilitate and maintain power in the event of an interruption of the commercial grid that could be caused, for example, by a cyberattack which is a reality that we have to confront.”

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Doc Sarvis

    With increasing human populations and demand for finite resources (from energy to clean water) there will be huge pressures geographically to obtain and distribute necessities. Climate change will just add to the complexity in that equation.

    • Raggs

      OH come on your idiot brainwashed liberal crap…

      I’m sure that you wake in the morning thinking that the sky is falling and your screw-head oblama is going to “SAVE” the world???… Give me a break… Better yet allow me to give you a break prehaps around the neck area

      • Doc Sarvis

        Is THAT all you got?

      • DaveH

        Your Homogenic Global Warming Hoax (aka Climate Change) has been exposed long ago, Doc. But for those late-comers who just can’t get it through their heads that the Progressives are scamming us for more Power and more of our money:

    • Jonathan

      The environment is important, but at what expense, the unborn, the working class, stifling growth. Where do you draw the line? I think you’re in so deep in your love-affair with tyranny that you can’t see straight. I am so glad conservatives love liberty not tyranny.

  • FreedomFighter

    The climate has been in a flux of change for billions of years, nothing new.

    A another false pretense to spend billions, still no fix the national grid, no EMP hardening, no upgrades, just military…

    Like this government gives a rats ass about its people.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Raggs

      Hell yeah king oblama is going to save the whole freakin world…

  • JimH

    Climate has “changed” all throughout history and we’re all still here. Just another day.
    An old co-worker of mine used to say,”the main thing is not to panic.”
    He meant it as a joke,but sometimes I wonder if there was some wisdom in that joke.

  • anonymous

    there is no such thing as climate change, there is and always has been climate fluctuation

  • hoser

    Panetta you moron. In the 70′s it was Global Cooling! They said we would suffer a Man Made Ice Age in the 90′s. Quit using this stupid Global Warming scam to push Agenda-21. Most people don’t buy this scam anymore. Of course, all the chemicals the CIA is putting in the upper atmosphere might be warming things up slightly. But we can save that discussion for another day. Tell Al “Bear Pig Man” Gore to quit lying as well. People just laugh at him for the most part anyway……

    • DaveH

      There is nothing Moronic about Panetta. He is simply a Sociopath trying to take advantage of peoples’ ignorance.

    • Christin


      Panetta needs to catch up with the exposed climate change/global warming hoax…
      WE DON’T BUT THEIR LIES anymore.

      Create a CRISIS and put freedom killing laws in place and drain the people’s wallets to line theirs… yea, we got it.

      The WH is the national Security threat to a sovereign America and its citizens.

  • Raggs

    Well lets just throw in and claim king oblama as the smartest ni&&glet to ever walk on earth or by his means the heavens…

  • Syjere

    Yeah, and none of these events have happened before…no ice ages, no droughts, etc..Let’s hope their hybrid this and thats, that no one can afford, go better than the Fisker and Volt did. BTW, his first task should be to figure out whether Americans can be killed on our own soil, so We The People know when we have to start kickin arse.

  • Michael J.

    What Penheada means by “national security threat” is our nation, along with the Russians and quite probably the Chinese new ablity to control weather by means of HAARP and it’s foreign equivilents.

  • Vigilant

    First, Obama turns NASA into the “Muslim Appreciation Agency,” now he wants to modify the mission of the Armed Forces toward “humanitarian assistance and disaster relief” as a result of the ever elusive global warming hoax.

    If he were truly interested in national security, he would tackle the number one problem: illegal immigration.

    • DaveH

      Our number one problem is a Government that spends over 40% of our GDP. To put that in perspective — In 1900 Government consumed less than 7% of our GDP. Are we 7 times needier of Government protection than our ancestors 110 years ago? I think not.

  • cawmun cents

    Funny how these folks can worry so darn much about fixing the world,but cant even clean up their own house?
    What of the economic climate?
    What of the societal climate?
    What of the political climate?
    These scientists with dark and confused minds,can pontificate about their save-the-world complex,but they are fresh out of ideology about how to fix the gubments that provide their grant money.How quaint.Let me say this again…..
    It extends from birth to death,and all parts in between.
    How can you fix the climate sliver in the eye of the planet,with a universe of bullscat stuck in your own eye,blocking your vision?
    I’ll give you a hint.
    First you fix the Micro,before you concentrate on the Macro.
    The Micro has to have stability to affect the Macro.
    The Micro makes up the Macro….(ergo)the micro(human and financial aspects when dealing with economical disproportion)must therefore be made stable,before concentration on the Macro can be attained.
    The solution?
    Adopt Marxism,and control all the other micro-apects of note.(problem is,it wont work,much like the Standard Model,without a little dark matter thrown in)
    Marxism=Dark Energy.
    Black Science=Dark Matter
    So then Marxism combined with psychological indoctrination,equals the preponderance of the Progressive universe.
    But without these two unknown quantities,their Standard Model wont work out mathematically.
    Micro=FUBAR(for the puposes of this equation,the acronym means”fouled up beyond any repair”)
    Macro=SNAFU(retains the normal functional acronymal meaning”situation normal all fouled up”)
    So then it would seem that the Standard Model is in need of progressive prodding about to fix the Micro end of the scale,while getting everyone else to watch the Macro end of the spectrum.The need to place their Marxism where it previously did not exist,to affect the Black Science which makes up everything they do,is stagnating in its scope of effect.
    But the tendency to find that this creates a FUBAR situation in the Macro as well has escaped their ideological grasp.
    Brought to us by the pre-emminent science of Dr. Ron White….
    ,”you cant fix stupid.”

  • old hillbilly

    Is the night of long knives upon us???? The loonies are comming out of the woodwork – swarming like termites. If Obama is the Moussilini clone, where’s the 21st Century Hitler. Both were bad – bad- dudes. Watch our man speak – tone & gestures, head movement, then close your eyes and listen to the choppy barking voice. Bennito is back & back is really bad for the little people of America.

    It is the aged and lower income citizens who are being crushed by Obama’s progressives – no jobs, higer taxes, maddening regulation & regimentation, zero interest on savings-retirement fund – a fire for an uprising – a reason for government to take over! We’re homebound facing economic disaster, herded into clusters waiting for the next train to Aushwitz! Just like the Van Jones & the Harvard professors planed it! Like Anita Dunn says, her hero Mau brought order (leaving a trail of countless millions of bodies)!

    Home land security preparing to launch war against freedom? It’s time to stop playing with Holder – time for legislators to enforce sane legislation, stop the insurrection, and establish a legitimate DOJ that follows the Constitution!

    Obama has tasted blood – He’s excited. His word controls the ultimate power!

  • jopa

    My goodness old hillbilly where do you get your information?

  • DaveH

    Cyber attacks, Global Warming? Who do the fear mongers think they’re kidding? They want to stop our Free Exchange of Ideas, build their power, and take our money. That is all.

  • nursetrixie

    If you wanted to take over the world, you will create a problem that doesnt exist….offer a solution which will rape the world of all their money…..then go sit on your throne! They print money out of thin air…now they are going to tax that so called free air!!!


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