Which flag represents the greatest tyranny?

rally in south carolina

A concerted effort is afoot to remove all vestiges of Southern heritage from existence.

The perpetually offended, their propagandists on the left and their political correctness enablers, hangers on and bandwagon jumpers have gone apoplectic over the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, aka the Confederate battle flag, since a psychopathic, drug-addled bigot blew away a group of black Christians in a church and drove away in a car sporting a tag bearing three Confederate flags.

The perpetually offended crowd — the statists, leftists, white apologists, their propagandists and the ignorant suffering under years of historical revisionism and public (non)education — call the Confederate battle flag racist. But a flag is not a sentient being and cannot, therefore, see, know or understand race or racial differences (or anything else). It is, therefore, not racist.

But is it a symbol of racism? Hardly. The war that is euphemistically called the Civil War but is in fact the War of Northern Aggression or the War to Prevent Separation was not solely about slavery. In fact, the highly revered but despotic Abraham Lincoln said as much in a letter to Horace Greeley on Aug. 22, 1862 in which he wrote:

My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that. What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the Union; and what I forbear, I forbear because I do not believe it would help to save the Union.

The slave-holding border states of Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky and Missouri did not secede but kept their slaves through the war. The Union Army never attacked Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky and Missouri. Virginia did not secede until after Fort Sumter and did not attack any Northern state, yet the Union Army of Northeast Virginia (what would become the Army of the Potomac) marched from Washington, D.C. into Virginia in July of 1861 with designs on attacking Richmond, only to be repulsed at Bull Run.

The Confederate battle flag — which the perpetually offended crowd views as a symbol of racism — was carried onto Virginia battlefields by young men who did not own slaves but were fighting to push back an invader of their state.

As Clyde Wilson, professor emeritus of the University of South Carolina wrote:

The most basic simple fact about the War is that it was a war of invasion and conquest. Once you get clear on this basic fact, everything else falls into place. This is no secret. It is plain in the record. The rulers of the North openly declared that it was a war of conquest, to crush and punish disobedience to government, to create a powerful centralised (sic) state, and to keep the South as a captive source of wealth for Northern business and politicians. Lincoln’s pretty words about saving government of, by, and for the people are window dressing and the exact opposite of the truth. This is not preserving the Union. It is using war to turn the Union into something else that it was not meant to be.

The U.S. government, under the control of a minority party, launched a massive invasion of the South. They destroyed the democratic, legitimate, elected governments of fourteen States, killed as many of our forefathers as they could, deprived them of their citizenship, subjected them to military occupation, and did many other things that no American, North or South, could previously have imagined were possible.

Though they had four times our resources, they were not able to defeat our men, so the U.S. government launched an unprecedentedly brutal war of terrorism again Southern women and children, white and black. The war was so unpopular in the North that thousands of people were imprisoned by the army without due process, elections were conducted at bayonet point, and they had to import 300,000 foreigners to fill up the army.

During the 14-year civil rights struggle of the 1950s and 1960s, did some people use the Confederate battle flag as a symbol of racism of hate and do some continue to? Yes, but Klansmen, racists and those of their ilk carried as many American flags as Confederate battle flags.

But from the nation’s founding, the Stars and Stripes flew over an America that tolerated slavery. That’s a period from 1776 until 1865. During the Civil War, Union troops under the Stars and Stripes abused, left destitute and killed Southerners — including women and children — and destroyed their crops, livestock and property in Lincoln’s total war under Gens. Ulysses Grant and William Sherman.

Following the war, agents of provisional governments established under the authority of Congress plundered and abused Southerners, white and black alike.

Then, U.S. Army troops operating underneath the Stars and Stripes slaughtered tens of thousands of American Indians (simply because they were Indians), drove them into the ground on the Trail of Tears, massacred them — women and children alike — and locked them onto reservations.

In World War II, airplanes with the Stars and Stripes emblazoned on their sides and wings firebombed the city of Dresden, Germany, four times, burning to death some 25,000 civilians. U.S. aircraft later dropped two atomic weapons on Japan, which incinerated or radiation poisoned to death at least 129,000 Japanese.

Even today, drones and aircraft operating under U.S. command are bombing and killing brown civilians in the Middle East and Africa.

So which flag is more a symbol of oppression and racism?

But the perpetually offended crowd is not content with just eliminating the Confederate battle flag from history. They have gone after all vestiges of Southern heritage. Not stopping with the Confederate Battle flag, they are also targeting all statues of and monuments to Civil War heroes and battles.

Will they stop there? Or is their next target the race-owning slave holders? The Jefferson Memorial has been brought up as a target. What about the Washington Monument? Are they likewise going to erase the names of slave-holding Declaration of Independence signers as well?

Don’t be deceived. This purge is not about racism — perceived or real. The races hucksters and the elites who sow division and profit from it were confounded that rather than Charleston being torn apart and becoming another Ferguson or Baltimore by the actions of a racist murderer, the city came together. White and black — led by the Christian family members of those shot down in cold blood who offered up forgiveness for the shooter rather than hatred — were all equally appalled and equally offended by the actions and equally sympathetic to the victims.

So the elites and the race hucksters who profit off division needed something else with which to drive a wedge between the races. The flag was a convenient tool.

In the Middle East, ISIS is destroying history and historical artifacts with explosives. The Taliban did the same thing in Afghanistan.

In America, history and historical artifacts are being destroyed with political correctness and pseudo-history. Whether it is burning books or destroying historical artifacts, fascist regimes throughout history have sought to erase heritage and the history of liberty in order to ease the transition into totalitarianism.

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