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When You’re Holding a Hammer (Everything Looks Like a Nail)

September 1, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Gene Hamilton


    The last presidential candidate I supported and truly believed in was Ross Perot..Why..???…When evry Republican,Democrat and member of the political spin media , Conservative and Liberal including Rush Limbaugh ganged up on him I knew he was a man of HONESTY and INTEGRITY …HE WAS THE MAN TO CLEAN UP WASHINGTON ETHICALLY..This, and he obviously did not need the SPECIAL INTEREST LOBBYIST CASH , especially from Defense Contractors and BIG OIL COMPANIES.

    “I have become convinced that when it comes to who is in the Whitehouse”..” The parties and party’s change but long term the outcome is the same for MIDDLE CLASS AMERICA”.

    You in my humble opinion are obviously no matter if they are right or wrong a Republican supporter.

    Please correct me if I am wrong…You and ALL Republican’s appear to blame the Democrat’s TOTALLY for the situation our nation is in Socially,Culturally and Economically today…In you and their opinions / perspectives EVERY Republican administration did a fine job and made not one contribution to the errosion of our country over the past 40 plus years Socially,Culturally and Economically.

    ” Although it appears he will have made some contributions…I feel that the situations our country is in Socially,Culturally and Economically did not become what they are today the day after President Obama took office”..”Should every prediction you,Rush Limbaugh,Glenn Beck etc. come to fruition, President Obama will be a small contributor compared the the combined contributions made by ALL adminiatrations over the past 40 plus years”.

    With that in mind I have four questions..???

    Regarding your Arizona ILLEGAL immigration poll…” Did not Ronald Reagan sign an “AMNESTY BILL” that made “1,400,000″ ILLEGAL’s LEGAL OVERNIGHT..???…”Why did he do that..???”
    Do you not believe that the Bush,Cheney and Rove threesome over “8″ years contributed “SOME” to where our nation is today Socially,Culturally and OBVIOUSLY Economically..???
    How can the U.S. Military action in Iraq not be considered Viet Nam II for our country in future history books”..???
    Why is it that REPUBLICAN / CONSERVATIVE writers and/or electronic media radio and TV hosts seem to ALL have the same POLITICAL SPIN ENTERTAINMENT / BUSINEES PLAN BASED UPON ” KEEP EM STIRRED UP BUT NEVER PROVIDE A SOLUTION..???

    Although I am criticle of the majority of your political writings, abit too much POLITICAL SPIN AND PERSONAL OPIINON vs. FACTUAL INFORMATION for this 64 year old guy…Regarding your articles on Nutrition and Health…”YOU SIR DO A GREAT JOB AND SERVICE FOR YOUR READERS”.

    Thanks So Much For The Opportunity..Good Luck And Best Wishes To You And Yours.

    Gene Hamilton


    • s c

      Gene, expand your circle of friends, and please don’t make sweeping generalizations until or unless you know much more about American politics. First, stop confusing ‘Republicans’ or ‘RINOs’ with conservatives. No self-respecting conservative will dare to blame ‘Dems,’ libs or progressives for “everything.”
      Most of our ills are due to both parties carrying on an incestuous relationship so they can have what amounts to instant job security. As for solutions, conservative DO offer solutions.
      Wean yourself AWAY from TV when it comes to solid information. The good old days of TV info are gone.
      Read, read and read. Think. Is your life getting better because of politicians, or is your life getting more complex?
      Good luck, and NEVER confuse promises with results.
      Do that, and you’ll be able to see through the masks of those who are anything but Americans.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Gene Hamilton,

      Thanks so much for your thoughts. Let me correct you at the outset: I am no Republican and if you read with a discerning eye the things that I write you would know this. I am an ultraconservative, and it’s true that many Republicans claim to be conservative so I can see why you would link me to that party. However, I do not consider myself a Republican and disagree with many things Republicans are doing and have done in the past.

      To address your questions about the social, cultural and economic rot that infests our country today I say yes, both parties are equally to blame. They are two sides of the same coin. Their biggest crime is economic, where they continue to allow the unConstitutional and illegal Federal Reserve to steal our wealth by devaluing our currency and they continue to pass laws that confiscate our wealth and property and steal our liberty. They have both contributed to the social and cultural rot of the country by abdicating their responsibilities to legislate Constitutionally, and they allow Federal judges to usurp their authority and legislate from the bench. The recent decision on California’s Prop. 8 is just one example.

      1) Reagan did pass a law granting amnesty. He did that thinking Congress would follow through with its promise to seal the border. They did not. I did not agree with Reagan on this decision.
      2) Obviously the Bush, Rove, Cheney triumvirate devastated our economy. But they are progressives and neocons so didn’t expect anything less.
      3) The invasion of Iraq should never have occurred and it was done under false pretenses to enrich the military-industrial complex. It remains to be seen how the history books will slant the story.
      4) I cannot speak for Republican/conservative writers and/or electronic media radio and TV hosts and their motivations, though I suspect it involves $$$.

      Thanks for being a regular reader. I provide commentary based on the facts and the years of research and knowledge I’ve accumulated. Sorry you disagree, but glad you can do so without being disagreeable.

      And thanks for the kind words.

      All the best,

    • Paula Gutow

      To understand the liberal progressive language read a book titled: “Shut Up and Listen” by Laura Ingraham. She also has others: “Power to the People” comes to mind. Laura Ingraham understands the political and judicial mindset. She previously worked for Clarence Thomas and now has a radio talkshow. I enjoy her as an interviewer. Michelle Malkin is a great investigative journalist. She has written a book plus has two websites. Bernie Goldberg is an excellent commentator and journalist and has worked within the liberal biased media for over 30 years. His books are excellent! I also have read Bill O’Reilly’s books to understand his Independent thinking philosophy and Glenn Beck; he’s a man that promotes good will and believes in God and this country and the true meaning of our Constitution and history of this country’s beginnings. To understand Glenn as an entertainer is to understand satire. He also has several books. I’m waiting to read his latest a thriller titled: The “Overton Window”. I am now reading: “Legacy of Ashes” History of the CIA by Tom Weiner. This book is mind boggling. I’ve also read John Stossel’s books. I also read Sarah Palin’s book “Going Rogue” and Mike Huckabee’s “Do the Right Thing.” Another political commentator,journalist and writer is Tucker Carlson.
      I am looking forward to reading a book about George Washington; his memoirs; The book title: “Sacred Fire”.
      You mentioned Rush Limbaugh! He reads the liberal journalist papers and comments on their misguided and inflationary bias!

      What are your thoughts about Rand Paul?

      Regardless of our age, we were all duped!

  • Tara

    Right is right and wrong is wrong. What Reagan did by signing that amnesty bill was not right. It does not give license for what is going on now either. It most certainly does not give license for our country to be invaded and overrun. It shouldn’t have happened then. It shouldn’t happen now.
    Its both the Democrats and Republicans fault for the mess we are in. It sickens me to see that neither side has any backbone nor is willing to do what is right anymore.
    Cutbacks started under the Rumsfeld plan- I do blame the Bush administration for that. Because while we were sending Billions to Iraq- they started cutting jobs here at home.
    I supported Bush up until that time. Until I personally was affected. However – It does not give a license for this current administration to make a bad situation worse!!!! And he has.
    Its a sad day when politics play with peoples/soldiers lives for the sake of political gain. Either let them win the war or we don’t belong there.
    I find it interesting that the federal government has more time on their hands to file suit against Arizona than they do protecting their own citizens by illegals as this country gets over run and invaded.
    How backwards is that????? I think if layoffs should happen it should happen to the ones that spend more time shoving paperwork in court to waste our tax dollars than to protect us all!!!

    • s c

      Tara, please try to see what’s going on NOW. Reagan is gone. GB is not in the WH (the fact that some people claim he’s still there says much about what’s between their ears). At this very moment, the new prez [aka The Anointed One] is turning a blind eye to two California professors who are giving cell phones to people who want to come into the US ILLEGALLY. Those cell phones are equipped with satellite positioning technology that will let them take a ‘safe route’ into America.
      In other words, this prez is comfy with aiding and abetting ILLEGALS. Anyone who is prepared to walk into America (and I DO mean ANYONE) can do so and know that this disgusting prez couldn’t care less about who enters this nation or how they do it.
      This is far beyond irresponsible. This amounts to a subtle form of treason, Tara. Any adult who looks the other way when tax dollars are being spent to keep our borders open so the prez can have easy votes is no American. This prez is not entitled to ANY benefit of ANY doubt. He knows who and what he is. Are you starting to see what you need to see, or do you see what you want to see?

  • Joe’s Grandma

    Are you people overlooking the good that both President’s Reagan and GW Bush HAVE done for us? Everyone makes mistakes, particularly when there are so many advisors with differing opinions pushing for what they think will be the big cure. Sometimes they get it right, sometimes they get it wrong. We didn’t have mega-unemployment under Reagan even with the amnesty, and he didn’t do it for votes. We also got lower taxes, better wages and a growing economy. When Ronald Reagan said something, he meant it and lived by it. GW Bush also gave us tax cuts after the hikes by Clinton, who started taxing Social Security and tried to give us an Obama-like health care plan that fortunately failed. At least President Bush gave up golfing and vacations while we were at war, and he visited the troops and was caring about the suffering of those who lost loved ones. #44 is a complete egomaniac and doesn’t care about anyone but himself and his plan for One World Order and government take-over of everything not nailed down. Let’s forget about political parties and start looking at whether or not we’re going to vote for pure constitutional conservatives to get us back on track. We need to stand for what our forefathers intended or we will lose our sovereignty — and our way of life to Sharia law.

    • PatriotSara

      Joe’s Grandma–

      Very well said! If I may add, “Amen.” (Adherence to our greater being is especially what we will need to get out of this (seemingly insurmountable) mess! Along with keeping our representatives’ toes to the fire.)

      • Wanda

        I do agree with this. It is time to get back to what got us to be the greatest country. We need a true revival in this land. We need to get back to being brothers and sisters instead of right, left, radical etc. There is no longer communication between people–turn on your tv. Everyone is right, no one is wrong and even if they know something is wrong, they still try to tell you that it is right. I agree with Glen Beck. We need to restore HONOR. Each one of us must not start with anyone othe than self first, Humility is lacking. I blame this on the mainstream media. They are out for a news story and ratings, instead of caring for the people and true journalism.


      Yep Reagan tripled the deficit and GHW Bush was forced to raise taxes … and 23 million jobs were created under President Clinton, who left office with a surplus – REMEMBER? And GWBush destroyed all the progress Clinton had made and left office with a huge deficit. Now President Obama is working to fix the mess he was given. Yes much of the blame does belong to #43! Now we have had eight months of job growth, and President Obama has kept Chrysler and General Motors in business! Much more needs to be done, of course. And healthcare reform is a reality, soon all Americans will be thankful. Already children up to age 26 can stay on their parent’s policies. One third of the stimulus program Obama signed was tax cuts to the middle class! 98% of all Americans have already received a tax cut.

      • Wanda

        You are so wrong. But you have a right to deceive yourself. All of Obamanomics will destroy me. I am a single mother, I have a good job and health insurance already. But come 2011–my employer will be required to submit anoter W2 for my health insurance policy–I will have to pay taxes on that. You say that is not a tax on the middle class???? I make under 35K a year. I will not be able to pay my bills because of Obummers wonderful socialists plan……………Wake up man. You must be wealthy. I have worked hard all my life and I have a home, but maynot be able to pay for it much longer. I am sure there are many more stories like mine. And if they add cap and tax, I will not be able to pay my electric bill. Way to go……………….


          Wanda, were you one of the idiotic teabaggers (maybe the fat one with no clue) interviewed at the Glenn Beck rally the other weekend?

          • Wanda

            Steven, No and I see no reason to insult people. That is what people do when they have no clue what they are talking about. Nothing I said in my comment to you called for such a single minded attack on my character. I was pointing out to you just the truth. Look it up, maybe Obama has helped you. I can see nothing but destruction that he has done and what is more, 2/3rds of the American people feel much as I do. Tea Party people are conservative Americans that care about our country. No need to insult people for their moral standing.

          • Claire

            Wanda–He nailed me with that same video garbage too. lol

  • Brian

    It is naive of us to not be aware that what is behind the scenes controlling ALL these people is what we need to fear. Politics is now more of a spectator sport than ever. Monday night football up a notch. Who really believes that people like Glenn Beck making fortunes by turning the installation of Neofeudalism into subject matter for sensational entertainment can actually change anything? We should be concerned about the UN, G. Soros Et al if we want something to focus on. And what can be done about THAT I ask! Any ideas? I say “nothing!” Unless you believe in David and Goliath, of course. Let’s see…was his last name Crockett?

    • http://yahoo Stan Blanchard

      Brian I’m getting sick and tired of people like you that makes remarks about Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, how much money they make, well if you saw the 8/28 rally in DC Glenn and Sarah didn’t make one penny for them selfs over 500,000 people were there, and they are going to do some thing to change the countrys direction, if you don’t know this country is a REPUBIC, that means we have a right to make money for what we do, and thank god (yes) I do believe and love god whom I took into my heart in 1953, and yes I’m a veteran, USAF for 8 years very proud of my country and love it with all my heart, GOD, my wife,and country in that order, I’m not dem or repub I’m a patriot, an american, I’m 74 in NOV I would suggest to you and all americans get off your BUTTS and listen to Glenn and Sarah, they tell you the truth, if you want to live in a communist coutry be my guest and move to one, because this country will never become one under dead head obummao, over my dead body, you better stop and smell the roses, so you can see the forest thru the trees….have a great day…PS_ both Glenn and Sarah are great wonderful patriots, if it wasn’t for them we would already be a socialist coutry on its way to communist..In god I trust and love, he has saved my life more then once, and he will save our COUNTRY…..

      • Denis

        Stan, I am sure you already know but let me gige my Insight. I debate Liberal, progressives at every chance I get and I find for the most part they are clueless Obots that are like deer in the headlights they are transfixed with he common good yet they unlike Glenn and Sarah expect the governmnt and taxpayers to fix things, again you are Wasting your time. I was banned from the HUFFINGTON COMPOSTE after 1 Hour of Drive By comments to the Liberals, they could not debate me and did as Obama is trying to do with the Internet, pulled the Plug, I used no language or Profanity on comments unlike them so that was not the reason,

  • BrotherPatriot

    Love that SONG!

    Regarding Mr. Hamilton’s questions…I’ll do my best to answer…coming from an former military background and 41 years of life here in America…

    1) Granting amnesty to illegals is wrong. Period. Reagan was wrong for allowing this to occur but he did have pressure from the goons who actually have been running the show since Isenhower & the 3rd central bank got put back into place. You simply can’t forget they are pursuing an Agenda for their one world corporation.

    2) Of course they did…they are part of the NWO as well. They all are influenced by the annual meetings of the Bilderbergs. See answer to question #1.

    3) Agreed…they use War to generate money and continue their Agenda. This time however, now that they are smarter & see what works…their false flag attacks give them the backing of the average American & lets them implement more control tactics such as the Patriot Act, etc…it’s part of their strategy and it’s been working great for them. Now…with the awakening of the average american…we’ll see what the future brings us.

    4) I beg to differ. The Tea Party is indeed true American’s standing up for the Constitution & Bill of Rights. There is a solution being presented by them. They call for smaller government & fiscal responcibility. Also, in regards to the Main STream Media…who are bought & paid for by the same one world corporate thugs (Bilderbergs) you will never get the truth from them so stop watching MSM…it’s a farse.

    Of course, these are but my opinions but I feel I have researched enough truth to know when to call a duck a duck & my friend…Obama is indeed a Muslim. To much evidence is pointing that we need to remove him as he’s not qualified to sit in the office he holds. No need to impeach…that would imply he had a right to hold the highest office in our land. I honestly dont’ think he’s actually even a American.

    Also…the 9/11 Architects & Engineers petition calling for a TRUE independant investigation into what the evidence they have compiled is calling a Controlled Demoltion needs to be done. What about building #7? The official investigation said they had no answer & then didn’t investigate it. <— What? WTF? Seriously…some true American patriots need to get into the middle of all this crap & expose it for what it is. A huge cover up that involves the majority of our Government. Time to weed it out & replace with proven servants to the Costitution. Not servants who are pushing for the NWO.

  • Larry Templeton

    I love the “Holding the Hammer” video. Can we make it a theme for our meetings leading up to the elections this fall? I am looking forward to the big party after the election.


      Why wait, start drinkin now.


        I*ve heard people saying that exact phrase, but the*ve amended it to* Have a beer, Take a shot* Seriously, I would love to see new statistics on the last 4 decades of our country*s welfare population. A high school friend of mine moved away 40 years ago to California. He just came back to town to stay with his ailing mother. When he left, our local town was flourishing! Jobs everywhere, people sitting outside talking, and playing cards until 1:00 in the morning, and car doors and windows always open, toys left outside in their yards, and all the businesses doing well. He comes to visit me, and says *What the hell happened to this town*? Well, Jim, as you can see, the streets are still full of people, but they are drug dealers, thugs, prostitutes. Our police force is 10x more, but that doesn*t help. These people beat you, stab you, and kill you. Now good people are locked in their homes by nightfall. Daytime has all these welfare people walking around looking for their daily fix, and businesses have packed up and went elsewhere. Low housing is everywhere, and police sirens, are an hourly event. It*s a crying shame that you and I have to submit to a random drug test to maintain our jobs, but these welfare people get their free paycheck from us hard working taxpayors, and use that paycheck to get beer, liqour, and drugs. Why aren*t they subjected to a drug test? Oh, I know–They have rights!!!Jim, more and more cities have fallen into this scenario, and still nothing is ever done about it. Amazing, but true! The 10% of bad, overwhelm the 90% good. Crazy system we got here.

  • Linda L.

    I have read all of the above replies. Basically, this November is the time to speak loud and clear. I advocate, if the last name is Incumbent, vote the S.O.Bs out. It is time for new thinkers AND shakers. The old farts have not done the job or have done it very poorly. Once you have hit your thumb with a hammer, learn to swing it correctly, choke it, or put it down and let someone else do it. The next political swing with the same previous results will be beyond excruciating! It could even be terminal for America. Vote with the knowledge of the past, your eyes on the present and your heart for the future success of America the Free. God Bless America!

  • Al Monn

    I for one don’t see much difference in the goals of the Republicans and the Democrats. They both want to destroy this country, they are just arguing on how to get it done. The Democrats want to give the country away and the Republicans want to sell it.

  • David J. Sanchez

    We have our choice of Progressive/Light which currently is most or a good number of Republicans, and Progressive politics on steroids which is the current Democrat Party. We need to be alert when we vote for any of our leaders and hold their feet to the fire in order to keep them honest, and if they cannot perform the duties for which they were elected, then vote them out of office. We need Constitutionally responsible laws from our leaders, and should expect nothing less than that—so wake up America, this Fall 2010. Dave S.

  • Laverne Kilner(Vernie)

    Wake up America! When you let the ‘left’ run a country ,and let the ‘left wing’ social’engineers’ run everything , like we have here in Canmada ,where we have had a left leaning administration, you will have ‘safe injection sites’ with nurses, Dr.,. on hand , and are now creeping into ‘safe pipe inhaling sites’,Etc .Since the last election, we now have a minority Conservative gov’t ,but can you imagine the problem to try to turn THAT ship around with vestiges of the ‘left’still around . The(minority) Prime Minister’s hands here are tied the same as the Bush’s inability to influence policy was in his last term.

    It’s real easy to blame Bush for everything . Nobody reminds those people that Bush’s first term was going fine until the Democrats won the House in ’94.. Bush ,then, had no POWER ,except for a rarely used “VETO” . I follow politics regularly ,and if you check back into history, you will see that whenever the Republicans controlled the house ,prosperity reigned, and EVERY time the Democrats controlled the house, everything deteriorated. Check it out !!

  • Mr. TAS

    I love the song/video. Very well written and produced! I don’t want to sound like a whacko here but voting alone for some facade of political party or candidate who is an expert at lip service is bunk! There are already many laws and policies in place that strip the wealth and freedom right out of the patriotic Americans’ hands! The Constitution squashing “patriot act” is the first to come to mind, and to propel the BIGGEST LIE in world history….TERRORISM!!! What a crock of warm B.S.!!! The Bush family is the third most evil, wicked family ever to hate America in line behind second place Rockefellers’, and first place Rothschilds’. There will be a New World Order, a One World government, and an antichrist to deceive billions of souls. Nothing can stop it! It is God’s plan, it is and WILL happen. A bunch of votes from Americans hoping to choose the right “actors” to represent us in a dog-n-pony show of politics that died of conspiracy convulsions brought on by greed and lust for power a century ago isn’t going to remove the cancer that is the Federal Government of the United States of America/London!!! (Here’s where the whacko part comes in)….. Only our hearts set on the hope that what is RIGHT and JUST will prosper with victory and our patriotic determination backed by the might of our arms and our bullets is going to kill that cancer!!! I am a non-violent person, father of three, veteran, God fearing, Jesus loving, America loving tax-payer who is going to wipe my butt with the notion of “political correctness” !!! IBM, Verichip, and the Military Industrial Complex are going to have to bury some of the drones they send out to implant me with an RFID chip, or round up my family to a FEMA camp to vaccinate us for a government created virus. Research folks! Look these terms up on YouTube or Google Videos, or Veoh videos, or just Google them and read and watch and learn. Look up Verichip, owned by IBM the company that gave Hitler the machine to count the Jews in WWII. American politics is a show to distract from the reality of what’s happening behind the scenes in the real world of the United Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations (which several prominent American politicians belong to), the World Health Organization!!! There is lots and lots of info on these subjects on the Internet while it is still uncensored. The New World Order is well on its way, almost here, and worthless, professional politicians aren’t going to stop or change anything!!! Obama is groomed, bought and paid for Illuminati property just like Bush Jr. and Bush Sr. They worship and serve Satan, Baphomet, Lucipher, the enemy of the Creator and eternal God. The antichrist is not going to show up one day with 666 stamped on his forehead and say “Here I am, you must take my mark!” That would be easy to recognize and resist. Instead, it will be subtle by steps and measures, a little at a time. Methodically, psychologically removing your red flags of protest, conditioning you to see it, get used to it, understand it, accept it, desire it, need it, demand it!!! It has been a long time in the making, starting in 1776 with the Knights of the Templar, Illuminati, Freemasons, and many other secret societies, groups, and orders. All of the planning, infiltrating, deceiving, and conditioning is flowering into a bloom of death for our distracted world, dumbed down by technological gadgets, and worthless nonsense. Our options are running out, we are being corralled into a corner, backs against the wall. We will fight back, to the death, for our beliefs and convictions, for our faith, our country, what is right and just, and for our Creator. Or we will be enslaved, against our will, against our principles, against what is just and right, against logic, against our memory of what America was, and against our God. I do not believe that killing is OK, and I shudder to think about actually doing it. But hundreds of thousands, if not more, deaths were ordered by God to undo unrighteousness. Unrighteousness is what is happening to America by our Federal Govt. against the standard of all American law, the U.S. Constitution!!! And not only is nothing being done to counter that assault, but it is getting more intrusive, personal and costly. And we are force fed policies that we do not believe in, haven’t voted for, do not want to implement or pay for, AND that allow a small immoral minority to rule a moral majority!!! I am not God, I am not anything but a man whose entire existence and beliefs are being wrestled down to the ground and put in hand-cuffs, to be hauled off to prison because someone snaked his way on his belly into a place of power over a bunch of power hungry demons called the Federal Govt. which has stolen the authority over my life to do such a thing to me!!! Voting, even 100% correctly and effectively will only delay the inevitable temporarily! The US govt. is a corporate business front for the owners who remain unseen. The super-wealthy, the elitists, the “royalty”, the members of the Bilderberg group, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the U.N. These are very, very bad people who have all the power to do whatever they want and make happen whatever they want to happen. You can’t win against this enemy/power. But you can get a good ratio happening. I will take a minimum of three lives for mine. If this was multiplied by say 1 million strong, like-minded people, that would definitely have an impact! More than votes in a bogus election that’s already rigged to turn out how the Illuminati want it to. Again I must emphasize that this is merely the desperate thoughts of a man who is being suffocated along with his fellow Americans, fantasizing, dreaming of the American prosperity that once was, but probably never will be again… We must pray for our country, our leaders, our world like our lives depend on it, BECAUSE THEY DO !!!!!

    • BrotherPatriot

      Obviously we are a bird of a feather, Mr. Tas. Yep…all my research has pointed me to the same truths that you describe…and you do describe them well. Others who see clearly are kate8, J C, & Andrew. There are others who have been chirping up about the truth…but it’s nice to have another Brother stepping forward speaking truth because I know your out there spreading it in real life.

      You are not alone. Those of moral fiber do exist & yes…we’ll stand together or with others like each other if the time comes. Have faith brother & keep up the good work/fight.

      Yol Bolsun.

      P.S…I really, really am upset about how things are & have been allowed to become. Just you & me reading the history on the various organizations, cults, family tree’s, etc…gives credence to all that you have said to be true…as others that have taken the time to research these topics also have told me the same information. These people really do exist & they indeed are following an Agenda. I personally refer to them as the Virus that infects the body of Humanity. It seems indeed that we are going to live through some tough times ahead. Remember…even if you are about to perish…God is with you and will pull you to him if you hold true in your heart to him & morality. What happens to your mortal body is temporary…but your choices in life affect your soul’s energy forever. We are here to evolve & make choices…I will evolve in God’s light & I know what side I am alighned with.

  • Claire

    Which party/candidate is going to get America out of this mess? Take a good look at each and every candidate. Check them out. Exactly what are their plans? Which ones are for or against amnesty? Seems to me a lot of them are awfully “quiet” about the illegals. What is their agenda? The Republicans want to do away with Social Security–ask the senior citizens you know about this. They also want to give Wall Street a free rein. The Democrats aren’t any better with their ideas. Both parties are guilty of dishonesty. They are both guilty of backroom dealings. They both want to keep the lobbyists. How are we going to stop this type of political corruption? Do you honestly think you can believe everything they say? A politician is a politician no matter what party he/she belongs to. Do you honestly think the ones that are elected are going to stand up for all Americans or will they “change” the minute they get into Congress/White House? The chaos America is in has been going on for decades. It will take years to get out of this mess. All administrations have contributed to this debacle. At this moment, I cannot think of one politician I want to vote for. I am not in favor of either party.
    Everyone was screaming about McCain and he won the nomination. Go figure. November could turn out to be a disaster. I hope not. I do not trust the voting system/polls. I haven’t trusted it for years.

  • Scott

    There’s a simple solution to most of our problems. S-can the political parties. Make every candidate run, not on political party lines, but based on his or her INDIVIDUAL POLICY VIEWS. The political parties where relevant back when news took days to reach the more remote parts of the country. However, nowdays, news is nearly instantanious. At any given moment, you can look up any candidate and listen or read about his/her views. The Political parties have made us lazy. We vote democrat or republican simply because that’s the way we’ve always voted. We don’t do any indepth research into the candidates. Do away with the political parties and we will, by default, need to become more educated on who we are voting for. This is good.
    Candidates no longer represent the people, they represent the political party that will help them get elected. If we do away with the political parties, those candidates will have to run on their individual ideals and values. And they will have to be able to present those values to the people in a manner that will get them elected. How many lawyers do you know who could do this without the political parties to tail them up?
    We need real, working class american people in office, not more lawyers. A lawyer’s answer to everything is to make another law. We need teachers, doctors, construction workers, truck drivers, farmers. We need people who represent the majority of working class citizens.

    • Claire

      Scott–I agree with your post 100%.

  • Daniel Brown

    Great video and song with more truth than most will admit. However, as to most of the comments I’ve read, we must remember that what a politician says is just that, “what he says”. We all know Obama ran ran as a kind of left of center centrist. Yes those of us that follow politics knew just how left leaning he really was, but political correctness kept very many people from exposing him for just how radicle he really was, for fear of sounding like a right wing nut.
    The point I’m trying to make, is that what these people say is less important than what they have done during their life, whether it be private enterprise or public service. I give you Chris Christy. Does anyone doubt his conservative credentials. How about Newt Gingrich’s conservative credentials. Then I hear people mention Mitt Romney, just what has he done other than create a socialist health care system in the state where he was governor. Lets all be aware that we need is people that not only talk the talk, but have and do walk the walk. How many of us thought Gov. Crist in Florida was a conservative? Well that sure proves that moderate conservatives are not what we are looking for in this period of dire danger to our country and way of life. Also know that those true conservatives will be ridiculed and attacked by the left, much like what we saw happen to Palin and Gingrich, but we must not let their attacks succeed in limiting usselecting the best candidates.

  • Deborah

    We lost the war!

  • Jacki

    One comment, one question:
    1. We will never win the war on terror until we stop murdering our children in the wombs of women…bloody hands cannot defeat bloody hands. We are reaping only what we have sown here.
    2. The Arizona border deal…who are the fat cats that are profiting from all the drug trafficing that are keeping the borders from begin secure? Has anyone read the Constitution Article 4, Section 4. Each state has a right to protection against invasion and viotence. Obama swore to uphold the Constitution, and he is not. Doesn’t that mean he needs to be impeached? Why isn’t this being done….loveing to learn.

    • s c

      Good luck, Jacki. I brought up Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution at least a month ago, and it went nowhere. Apparently, the point is a waste of time. Normally, it would seem to be a simple matter of people being able to read and understand.
      If you know some lawyers who aren’t government prostitutes and are tired of the Constitution being used and abused, ask them about Article 4, Section 4 and what we have to do to see that it’s protected and implemented. Good luck, and I hope you’re not easily frustrated.

  • We’re Already Gone

    As my sign-in name implies, I believe we’ve gone well beyond a fatal tipping point in this country and it’s only a matter of time before the entire economy and currency collapses – that’s then the real “fun” begins. “Fun” being widespread rioting, looting, murdering, hoarding of resources by thugs, race wars, and ultimately, either full-blown civil war or a totalitarian regime seizing power in the vacuum that follows. I know, I’m such an optimist! Great song, though!

  • We’re Already Gone

    Oh, and to you tri-lateralists and bilderburg-believers: You’re all crazy!

    • BrotherPatriot

      Go do some research and see what History says to you. It’s irrefutable, historical evidence that brings people such as me out screaming about Bilderberg/Knights Templar/Deep level Masons/Illuminati/CFR/TC/and the UN’s goals. It stops being a Conspiracy THEORY when it’s FACT’s that reveal the truth.

      If you wish to continue to believe otherwise…previous Patriots have died to give you the right to allow you to continue to have your head up your ASS. However, as more & more of us become informed to the truth…it’s easy to see how the dots of information that make up history paints a picture of their Agenda.

      People, it will take hours & days to actively research the truth that many such as I am talking about. But if you follow the trail of clues that have been left behind in History, including following the money trail (Rothschild fortune made through deceit by lying about Napolean’s victory as evidence of their morality) will lead you to the Truth and indeed, the Truth will set you Free.

      GOD Bless America and all those here that wish to stop their Agenda!


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