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When We Were 234, it was a Very Strange Year

December 30, 2010 by  

When We Were 234, it was a Very Strange Year

As 2010 draws to a close, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to offer a few bons mots to my fellow denizens of the Personal Liberty Digest. While it is indeed a fool’s errand to encapsulate what many might describe as an annus horribilis, there were some bright spots on the calendar we’re all about to place in the circular file in the kitchen — and not just the cute puppy on the June page.

All right, perhaps “bright” is a bit of an overstatement. Let’s say: “Less dim than MSNBC’s writing staff.” I thought about ranking my picks in order of importance, chronology or geography; but I ended up leading with the WikiLeaks story — mostly because “pasty-faced ex-cyber-criminal” is more florid than “shellacking.”

Read on, MacDuff, And damn’d be him that first cries, “But I LIKE Michael Moore!”

Springing The WikiLeaks
What fun, watching some pasty-faced ex-cyber-criminal become a worldwide celebrity. Liberals who once went into paroxysms of misguided rage over the “outing” of Valerie Plame sang the praises of Julian Assange. At the same time, al-Qaida sent him a thank-you note for leads on the next recipient of the “most likely to be stoned to death for assisting the infidel crusaders” award.

Assange was quickly discovered to have a sexual history which would make even a Kennedy blanch. In a strange turn of events, Democrat Party “documentarian” Michael Moore called rape charges against Assange “hooey,” an odd choice for a party which represents itself as being deeply gender-sensitive. In an even stranger turn of events, Moore’s statement remains just about the only substantive response to the situation from the Obama Administration.

The November To Remember
In a midterm election which even President Barack Obama called a “shellacking,” GOP candidates, many backed by the liberally-reviled (and mistakenly discounted) Tea Party, treated ex-Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s floundering Democrat House contingent like a tackling dummy, taking a net 63 seats away from the Dems in the biggest House beat down since 1948.

While Pelosi went back to her “draining the swamp with a colander,” the GOP pulled the rug out from under the Democrats at the state level, snaring six Governor’s mansions and 780 (!) seats in state legislatures. Voters cited the Democrats’ disastrous handling of the economy and the government takeover of the nation’s healthcare system as primary reasons for the whipping. So, when Obama cast himself as a “uniter,” he meant AGAINST his own party.

It’s STILL The Economy, Stupid!
Bailouts and payoffs and tax fraud, oh my! Led by a Secretary of the Treasury who was evidently outsmarted by those clever cretins at H&R Block, the economy continued to backtrack like Michael Jackson moon walking through a Pepsi ad shoot — only in this case, it’s the American taxpayers whose hair was set ablaze.

Obama promised everything but a “chicken in every pot” in an effort to bolster consumer confidence; the administration even ordered the corporate media to refer to a “recovery summer.” Millions of For Sale signs in front of homes across the nation, along with the worst unemployment since the days of Hoovervilles, spoke volumes to the contrary. Four years of Democrat Congressional control and a President who dines with Oprah while citizens starve gives way to the aforementioned “November to Remember.”

The reanimated corpse of 1994′s “Hillarycare” lurched back into the spotlight with a vengeance. Although this legislative monstrosity passed after a couple of rounds, it became the biggest single factor in Democrat defeat beyond general economic malaise.

Now the clowns who make visits to the Department of Motor Vehicles such a joy will be in charge of whether you see a doctor, or someone whose first name is “Doctor.” And the death panels at which the Democrat elite scoffed are real. Have fun arguing for chemo for your aging mother with the blue-suits at the Department of Health and Human Services tasked with means-testing the viability of senior citizens. (But pray the death-panelists aren’t from the SEIU).

On The Wings Of The Turkey.
With Obama under increasing pressure to look marginally statesman-like as the world’s more unsavory nations wake up to the reality that the U.S. is now led by a second-rate pantywaist, his administration responded by… feeling up little kids at the airport.

NC-17 rated pictures of American citizens taken from “secure” machines began popping up on the Internet. Despite a spirited backlash, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano stood by the plan. In November and December, reports appear revealing that the measures don’t work. Napolitano went on TV and essentially said: “Reports? We don’t need no stinking reports.” The lone bright spot in this 4th Amendment-abrogating disaster: “If you touch my junk, I’m going to have you arrested.”

The Ground Zero Mosque.
This ended up being Ground Zero for the whole pseudo-sensitivity crowd. An Imam with ties to Islamofascism, shadowy finances and a location which had previously served as the spot where some of the wreckage from one of the 9/11 flights landed — how could anyone object? The Democrat ruling elite responded by… fumbling the ball. Pelosi suggested Federal investigations into the GZM’s opponents, followed by talking hairdo Keith Olbermann claiming that there was no Ground Zero Mosque. Not if we have anything to do with it, brainiac.

AZ 1070
Frustrated with years of Federal refusal to deal with a flood of illegal immigrants, and overwhelmed with the illegals themselves, the State of Arizona passed a law to combat the problem on its own battlefield. Despite tremendous support from not only a majority of Arizonans, but American citizens as a whole, Arizona found itself defamed by the Democrat ruling elite who continue to deliberately confuse patriotism with racism. Obama even dispatched a report to the clown-car drivers at the United Nations implying Arizona is violating human rights. True to form, the Feds sued Arizona, hoping to find a judge who missed 10th Amendment day in Bill of Rights class.

A Taxing Compromise
The GOP won the majority in the House and agreed to a partial extension of the Bush-era tax relief without the accompaniment of spending cuts. I’m hoping this may be a ploy to show the Democrats the folly of their “tax’n’spend” stupidity. At least they got the stupid part right.

Federal Oil and Vinegar
In a flashback to Hurricane Katrina, bad Democrat decision making leads to an unmitigated environmental disaster. While oil washed ashore along the Gulf coast, Obama roared into action by… hitting the links. U.S. — and foreign-flagged skimmers sat idle while the Obama administration checked to make sure they had the appropriate number of life vests and fire extinguishers.

The State of Louisiana began building sand berms to protect itself from the spreading oil, only to be stopped by the Obama administration out of concern for… wait for it… environmental damages. Even First Daughter Malia questions Obama’s acumen: “Did you plug the hole yet, Daddy?” If by “hole,” she meant “the 18th at Congressional,” then the answer is “double-bogey.”

Iraq ‘em Up
As August gave way to September, Obama announced the end of combat operations in Iraq. Unfortunately, few of the Islamofascists have cable so they missed the announcement. Somehow, the success of the “surge” (which Obama opposed) was missed in the corporate media’s fawning efforts to present Obama as a wartime leader. They also missed the 48,000 troops who still have boots on the ground in Iraq (not to mention the many more who contend with life in fabulous Afghanistan!)

Of course, a year like 2010 presents far more noteworthy moments than I can adequately cover in one trip Outside The Asylum. Honorable mention goes to Scott Brown’s Massachusetts Senate victory, the abominable real estate market, Obama’s repopulation attempts at the Supreme Court and the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

Feel free to add your own choices in the comments section. You have all year.

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Dan

    Well said Mr. Riley…This is the best damn article I’ve seen in 2010

    • Keith Lang

      Dan, the author of ‘the best damn article I’ve seen in 2010′ is Ben Crystal, not Mr. Riley. Credit where credit is due.

  • Al Sieber

    I think we’re headed for N. Korea next, and hyperinflation.

    • kate8

      Al – From what I’ve been able to gather, N. Korea is being left alone, to continue with their nuclear arms building. They are seen as a likely trigger for an attack against the US, and WW111. This is what they want to happen, to bring us under the NWO.

      Instead, they plan to go after Iran.

      America is being deliberately portrayed as the bully of the world in order to provoke another country into attacking us. We are standing down with our nukes, and giving the clear message that we won’t retaliate if attacked.

      We’ve been utterly betrayed by our government. In fact, we really have no government. We are under the world elites.

  • Hale Meserow

    I vote for the “November to Remember” as the most significant event in 2010. This was the year, and the Tea Party was the impetus, where Americans stopped and said “Hey, wait a minute! I didn’t vote for this socialist b__sh_t when I heard ‘Hope and Change’! You ain’t gettin’ in MY pocket, Mr. Kenyan!”

    It may all fizzle if the incoming GOP-dominated House plays pattycake with the beltway bureaucrats and folds, but I don’t see that happening. There are too many ways to keep the heat on Congress for them to hide, and 2012 is only a few short months away.

    • HHH

      You need to take your meds….

    • http://Illinois'17th William


      Remember: Little Barry campaigned on FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGING our country. He also stated during the campaign: “My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you’ll join with me, as we change it.”

      Anyone who is not brain-dead, and there obviously are about 62 million of them, whould have known what the Kenyan was going to do because he TOLD us.

      The surprise on people’s faces just makes me shake my head and laugh at them.

      • James

        William you are correct,many failed to see the writing on the wall or take the literal meaning of what obummer was planning to do. Just as many in the seats of power failed to understand that Hitler also told the world what he was planning when he wrote Mein Kampf. The were to wrapped up with trying to feed their families and find work. Seems we are heading back in the same direction we just came from. At deja veu there was a very large and messy war at the end of the final chapter.

      • Dan az

        Out of that 62 million people they are not only brain dead but at least half of them are in the ground.

    • Carole Howell

      Hale Messerow,
      I have not seen you on here before. I repeat often it matters not who is in the WH or who is in control of the Senate or the House.

      There has been no change in the direction this country is going in under Obama, it is in fact, on the exact same course it was on under Bush. Check it out. Don’t know who is in fact doing the steering, but it is not our puppet president. So all this arguing about right/left, liberal/conservative, socialist/capitalist crap just serves to distract us from what is really important. We all are after all on the same sinking ship. Let us stop the finger pointing and find the cause of the problem and a way to solve the problem. A house divided will not stand.

      • Patriot38

        You’re quite correct, the current administration is working well together like a WMD (Weapon of Mass Distraction}. If you are looking for a place to start to make corrections, try the NEA since this socialist crap is being force taught by them. This trend began long before Obama. The NWO goes back even before FDR, and now they are entrenched to the point that we may not be able to unseat them by voting, particularly if the SEIU continues to fix voting machines. The Labor Unions had a purpose when they started, but the labor force of the country didn’t realize just what it was back then, but I think it is quite obvious now that they are socialist operations we should get rid of. Actually, the Federal Reserve system is a major cause of our money problems and since we are on their fiat monetary system now with Bernanke pumping more and more paper into the system to inflate the dollar we can never balance the budget because we have to borrow to get the money to do it an that will put us further in debt; the way out of this is to go back to a credit money system backed by a finite amount of gold or silver or both, and issue only a finite amount of money into the system backed by this solid reserve. Right now the dollar is simply an IOU backed by the word of the government, and you know how good the word of the government is!

        The puppet, Virtual President Obama, is not the thing I worry most about; what I worry most about is the vast sea of micro-cephalic fools with such a flawed intellect that they put him in office! We have our work cut out for us in getting these fools to realize what is actually happening to the country they think they are helping, else we all go down together. Socialism only works until the elites run out of other peoples money! I’m not ready to move into Hooverville, are you? I still believe it is better to be Dead Than Red. But this is just my opinion. God Bless the US.

  • Bitter Libertarian

    My Favorites are:

    1-A large number of my fellow Americans remain with their heads stuck firmly in the sand. By Sand I refer to the mainstream media distraction campaign. The good side is that the scales are tipping very slowly

    2-Max Kaiser’s “Crash JP Morgan buy Silver” campaign is moving forward nicely. Convert paper to something tangible. Good thing is that those who dropped the “paper delusion” are now making huge profits!

    3- The US Dollar continues its plummet, and many around the globe are abandoning ship. I have except for paying taxes & bills. The good side is that in order for things to get better, they first have to get real bad…guess the future has some real hope.

    4- The campaign against the Constitution prevails..the old document continues to get stained from all those in power wiping their behinds on it. The Good part see #3.


  • robert seddon

    The BEST part? I think it was when the “World” got a good look at how much of a pushover Obama is, on every major front on the planet. He has the political presence of a turd in a punch bowl at a 3 year old’s birthday party. Maybe some people will wake up, like last November?

    • Carole Howell

      Robert, What? Like you are awake?

  • Elizabeth

    ATLAS is beginning to shrug!!!!!!!!

    • DaveH

      I sure hope so, Elizabeth, but I won’t hold my breath. Remember when Scott Brown was going to save us from the Healthcare Bill? Well, he did actually vote against that one, but not much else afterward. When people wake up and realize that the Republican Party isn’t going to shrink the size of Government, then maybe I will breathe a sigh of relief.

      • TIME

        Wise words Dave….. How bloody sad is that.

  • Fergie

    Waking up those whose brains have been anesthetized by the venom of “hope and change” brought to us by the progressive socialist democrats’ media machine is like watching a parade where the participants march off the cliff, as the band plays on.

    You know the media darlings at MSNBC and the other main stream media hacks.

    Will we ever forget the screaming red-faced Keith Ubernutt as he ranted until he created a self-induced state of insanity, foaming at the mouth, spittle flying from his mouth at every utterance of his vitriol against people like Sara Palin or any Conservative for that matter. His eyes wildly rolling in his head, and his white hair literally standing on end. What a horror show that has been, all of 2009 and 10. Keith ended up getting married to what? Someone who loves watching him wig out over . . . someone’s normal life . . . guess that’s because abnormal was the new normal of 2010 and most likely will be the new normal of 2011 and 12.

    We can’t leave out the perverted Chris Matthews, who became sexually aroused by Obama’s speeches and admitted getting a thrill up his body just by listening to them. I was taken back when I heard and then saw this clip on YouTube. I think it went viral, if not, it should have! How scary is this lover of Obama — how objective can someone like this really be? Can anyone be objective when they suddenly acquire a fetish for the sound of someone’s voice? Good God, he would have been thrown off the air, if this were during the Kennedy administration or any other administration but this one, and he would have been forced into a mental hospital . . . or some sort of “spa” for the uber rich so he could “dry” out.

    We would be derelict in our duty if we did not add the insanity filled rhetoric of the s/he, Rachel Madcow. This wo-man is the epitome of the self-righteous arrogant leftist that we all know she is. She believes that she is handing out “real” observations in her upper-class elitist sarcastically witty manner. Little does she realize there is a fine line between being witty and just being stupidly crass and we all know which she is, right?

    This won’t even begin to scratch the surface of all of the tag-along local media talking heads, who repeated the words of these inept classless lying automatons being used by the Obama Administration’s Department of Propaganda and Population Control, Robert Gibbs, Janet Nopalofus, and Cass Sunstein, the hidden power behind this Administration’s WAR on American Citizens.

    So many players, so many freedoms on the verge of being lost, but so little time . . .

    • Bus

      Lets not forget his very presidential visits to John Stewey’s Comedy Central and the Sketchers on The View.


      Fergie – you rock!! keep writing these summations. I missed so much; I don’t have cable channels.

    • michelleo


    • working man

      I agree. What you left our is that this country has a
      significiant number of sheeple who have been dumbed down
      by our publc education system that is more concerned over
      global warming, political correctness, and encouraging all
      of the affored mention sheeple that they are entitled to
      free healthcare, vehicles, and cell phones. Of course,
      these dumbed-down sheeple are to distracted by the “shinny
      objects” that our pop culture worships that these sheeple
      can’t see, or even care about that this great nation is on
      a steady downward slide. Nope, these sheeple are more
      concerned about who they will vote for on American Idol
      or how long will they have to stand in line to buy the
      latest hi-tech toy.

      Get ready, America, things are going to get worse in the
      next 2 years, regardless of who is in the White House or
      controls Congress or the Senate.

    • Carole Howell

      Do you mean when Keith got angry over the Patriot Act? Have you read it? Read it, then read our ‘Bill of Rights’ and see how many of them we have lost. That did not happen under Obama, the puppet he is, he did not raise a finger to get rid of that piece of UnAmerican crap either.

      I am sick of you people who allow yourselves to help the powers that be that want to divide this country. That is one of the biggest problems we have. This sick-assed division that is going on.

      I cannot believe you do not idolize Obama, he is paying multi billions of dollars right and left to stop the UK, Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany and other countries to drop their charges against Bush/Cheney. Charges of kidnapping and torture and other crimes against humanity.

      • steffan61784

        We should NOT be paying Europe ANYTHING to begin with. I agree that the Patriot Act was a major blunder as well. But you are assuming that all of the people who post messages on this website are simply die-hard Republicans. The fact of the matter is, we should not be giving Euro countries money at this point for anything, considering our own economic crises and our own wars. Europe tried massive socialistic programs and is watching its ignorant programs blow up in its “collective” (thank you, Mr. Marx) face. American political parties have no substance here. There is only the Constitution vs. Progressive, er, REGRESSIVISM.

  • Joyce from Loris

    The best part to me was the fact that more Americans WOKE UP, looked around and did not like what they saw, and they got involved. After sitting home and missing the 2008 elections, they really stood up at the mid-term election polls and shouted loudly, NO MORE. And, by golly, if the GOP did not hear that roar and realize it was meant for them as well as the dems, they are more deaf than we thought, and should be voted out in a couple more years. We are ON TO THEM now, and WE THE PEOPLE will NOT go back to sleep.

    • mike

      an excellent summation and rallying point. true enough – if all the entrenched politicos didn’t get it last November, they surely will the next one. We just have to stay focused and active till then.

  • Owarsfeather

    “The November To Remember”
    A cast of Loyal Americans Initiated tuning keys in a concerted endeavor. These same people intend to:
    upset/unseat/undo/unelect RHINOs, Libs and their grandiose storms.

    Ben Crystal quite the writer, capturing a unique style and his words flow with humor.

    A treat to read the 2010 recap.

  • Frederick H

    Well folks, however loudly you want to spread your venom around here, fact is that America’s days ARE DEFINITELY OVER, whichever government you care to elect or not. The meltdown started with the Bush administration, who dumped us nicely into a totally moronic war in the Middle-East and gave away trillions of dollars to let our soldiers be killed and let the poor Iraqi and Afhani people be tortured and slaughtered by a handful of American perverts. And now we’ve got a fine economic crisis at our hands and China, india and Brazil are way past our petty dollar crawling. Nobody in their right mind even wants to do business the “dollar way” any longer. Great, eh? Adieu America, WELCOME CHINA.


      Overboard there FH!! Continue your meds and review history. It started way before Bush and we all know it. (FDR and Wilson). And plse don’t call American soldiers “perverts”. the perverts work for Obama and the TSA.

      • Keith Lang

        You go, Pete! You are right on all points!

        • steffan61784

          I agree with you both, Pete and Keith, in your assessments. Why, for over the last 100 years, have certain Americans in positions of power deferred to the political ideals of a continent which routinely and systematically screws up? Europe will fail, over and over, because it is in their “collective” souls to look to a “higher power” (from government to monarchy) to coddle and diaper them. America is, or perhaps was, superior in that we never were founded or subjugated to those tyrannical principles. What we have to do is study (ACCURATELY) the last 100-plus years and eliminate all of the unconstitutional programs that were ineffective and stick to principles that were best illustrated by Madison, Hamilton, and Jay in the Federalist Papers. The constitution is like the “10 Commandments” of politics- it is full of ideas that will endure throughout time, no matter what technology exists because it reflects- and defends- against the inherent beast within ALL of us- the desire for POWER. As the saying goes: “Power corrupts… and ABSOLUTE power corrupts ABSOLUTELY.” Anyone who suggests that the constitution is a “living document” is either a fool or a despot.

    • Anthony

      Well….. I wasn’t going to post anything. That WAS my intent.

      THEN, I read this bit of hooey Frederick H (Flintstone?)

      The FALL of this Great Nation, as you put it, did not begin with Bush 2, or even Bush 1. Oh ye, of little research. Did you bother to Google at all? That line was a major PARROT-ing of Mainstream Media blanche….

      This Good Nation fell from grace with the Media decided to go into cahoots with the Money Masters. That happened right around the time of the Revolutionary War. Still, we did have some truly GREAT MEN in Congress … Fred? They’re called STATESMEN. Men like Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and many others who knew the dangers of Hamiltonian-ism, aka: Federalism.

      This Country has been arguing about having a REAL & FREE Press during its entire existence. And, Organizations like the NY Times would rather we simply quit our existence. They have done whatever is necessary to pervert spock logic in favour of their preferred communistic viewpoint – as long as THEY are the “protected”, that is. That’s the way it always seems to be, with those that are well off. They find themselves being wooed by the sophistry of Socialism. The words can be slid together to make it all sound glorious. Yet, our first Settlers gave that a stab, and they all died. They died from laziness, in waiting for “someone else” to go out and plow the fields, and do the work. Doesn’t that have a familiar ring to it, here these days?

      No – the real death of this Country occurred with the creation of our 3rd Central Bank, almost 100 years ago …. NOT with the Bush 2 Adminstration, you misguided poor soul. What’s more, that very same Central Bank, run by a Cabal from overseas I might add, has been who is changing the fabric of this Country ever since. You really need to get out more, Frederick. Seriously!

      • steffan61784

        Hamilton’s ideas about a central bank, in this day and age, would be averse to my beliefs- and would be a bad consolidation of power within the interests of a very small and unelected few. I feel the same way about the current Federal Reserve. It should be dissolved (amongst countless other government “departments”). However, you have to view Hamilton within the context of his time: America was in its infancy at that point to a HUGE degree and the adoption of a national bank at that point was simply to safeguard our young nation against a possible invasion from a foreign European naval and military attack. Of course, in the Jefferson and Madison (whom I admire, for the most part, greatly) years following Hamilton’s untimely death, the bank was diminished to the point of non-existence. Thus, there were no reserve funds to tap into when the British invaded for the second time in 1812 and summarily crushed U.S. forces. That was America’s first military defeat, but, luckily, Britain was rendered incapable, for a number of reasons, of restoring occupying colonial residence. In turn, Hamilton’s national bank was timely, today it DEFINATELY IS NOT.

      • kate8

        Anthony – There are some who will simply never get it.

        Besides, it doesn’t matter when anything happened, it’s still Bush’s fault. Even if he wasn’t born yet.

        He’s become the quintessential bogeyman to the Left.

  • Karolyn

    Who sang the praises of Assange? I heard some conservatives on this site backing him up! I certainly wasn’t singing his praises.

    • Les


      Assange is not relevant to the issue, as the elite would make it out to be. It is about secret, deceptive government. The government rejected the offer to redact the leaks to protect actual information the would endanger more than their agenda. They chose the all or nothing at all option. If we survive their plans we must never again allow elite rulers to walk in the shadows of secrecy and privilege. Make them accountable for all that they aspire to. We the people do NOT need to be protected from The TRUTH. Darkness enslaves but the Truth shall make you free.


        Well said, Les. Deception and secrecy only bring misery. Hurray for Assange and all the whistleblowers before him and after. Ron Paul made solid speech in support of Assange on the House Floor. Sorry, no link but its a YOUTUBE item. Read my book about the year 2017.

    • DaveH

      Whether I like his politics or not is not the issue, Karolyn. The issue is the Second Amendment, which DOESN’T say “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech ‘unless the Government doesn’t like what you say’”

    • Anthony

      If anyone has checked lately – it’s now common knowledge that teh Julian Assange gig was all a setup … and he has been outed with ties to not only the CIA – hence the incredibly LIMITED intel about ISRAEL – but, he’s also been found to have direct ties to the Family Rothschild.

      I suggest all of you find something ELSE to discuss besides the Wiki-Leaks FALSE drama. It was all a decoy.

      • Carlucci

        EXACTLY – !!! Everybody, take a few minutes to watch this and learn the
        real truth about Wikileaks and Julian Assange.

        Hint: Another false flag operation.

        • kate8

          The REAL TRUTH? What an elusive thing that is.

          Depends on who you ask, doesn’t it? I doubt we’ll ever know. Everything is spun to fit THE AGENDA. If it’s presented to the public, you can be sure what you see isn’t it.

          TRUTH is never to be found these days. The best we can hope for is to glean a morsel at a time, with the hope of putting together possible scenarios.

  • Scott

    We have had the second Tea Party, better hope you have a gun hidden in the rafters, the road to Concord is next. Will you be there?

    • DaveH

      Government leaders are chomping at the bit for that to happen. Then they can rationalize unleashing the power of the United States Military on the citizens.
      We need to be smarter than that. Violence should be a last resort only in response to a Government that is operating totally outside the Framework of Law. Because the only chance we would have is if the vast majority of the citizens realize that the Government is operating outside the law.
      So our most viable pathway is to educate ourselves, our relatives, and our friends to the reality that the Federal Government is operating way outside its Constitutional Powers and that Government at all levels is stepping on our Freedom. People are already awakening in vast numbers. We just need to continue the progress.
      Of utmost importance is to take the propagandists away from the education of our children. A big step in that direction is to get Government out of the education business with vouchers and other actions. Obviously if Government is involved in education there is an almost irresistible urge to convince the children of their indispensable nature (and they are anything BUT indispensable).

      • kate8

        DaveH – I heard a political scientist speak on late-night radio, and he had much to say about what our government is hiding from us. We have been betrayed beyond what we even thought.

        We are being set up to be attacked by Russia or China, or both. Our military is being decimated, our economy wiped out…and our ability to respond to a nuclear attack has been reduced to woefully inadequate. Clinton signed an order that, if we are attacked with a nuke, we will not necessarily respond. In fact, he supposedly lost the “code” for awhile. Now, Obama just bent over again to Russia. If we are attacked, which is what they plan will happen, the code will not be given…

        They plan for 15 – 18 major cities to be hit. Our power grid will be gone.

        This will bring us under the world government, as we will be virtually a third-world. The government elites will emerge from their bunkers intact, ready to take their places with the PTB, or so they think.

        I have read of Obama’s Soviet ties, even though most don’t believe it. There is much more, as in CIA covert operations which are blamed on “terrorists” (which we already know), but it goes deeper than we can imagine.

        Also, whenever anyone gets elected to high office, he/she is paid a visit by someone like Kissinger to explain to them how the world “works”. That is why they readly fall into line. He said that Ron Paul, a personal friend of his, is one of the very few who won’t be bought.

        Check this guy out. He says no one is telling us the truth.

  • Radio Dynamo

    Frederick is mostly right, only it did not begin with Bush. I began long, long ago, at least as far back as Roosevelt if not further. We have been on the slide for a long time. The people have turned their own backs on America by electing foxes to guard the hen house and then going back to sleep thinking all is well.

    In my opinion this nation was doomed way back into the beginning of the 19th century when the government refused to honor it’s own constitution way back then. The stink has only gotten worse since then.

    You may think there has been a waking up, but I’ll bet dollar to a donut’s hole nothing changes with the new congress. If folks were as awake as everyone thinks, why did Reid and Palosi get back in and why is there not a call for impeachment of the impostor in the white house?

    • DaveH

      There are several problems with the nature of politics that make it difficult to elect good leaders.
      One is that the kind of people that are drawn to power are generally self-righteous controlling types who are the least likely to be judicious in their leadership.
      Another is the fact that we have let the Government assume too much power in our personal choices. By exercising that excessive power it is inevitable that they are going to piss off one large class of people or another because one size does not fit all. So we have constant turmoil in our society. And since no man can please everybody, they have to lie to get elected. So we have a bunch of liars representing us.
      Can people ever remove the blinders and realize that the most important thing in a leader is honesty? Even if he doesn’t tell them what they want to hear? I doubt it. But I am hopeful.
      In politics, as in love, people tend to gravitate away from the honest people and towards those who tell them what they want to hear (even though there is no way they can keep those promises in the long run).

    • Keith Lang

      I am in agreement with all you say, and also to DaveH’s response. Dave reminds me of myself when I was still a hopeful idealist. Now I agree more with Scott in his suggestion that armed violence may be the only effective outcome. I don’t necessarily agree that the government is eager for this to happen, so they can unleash the military upon the citizenry. Many in the military are disgusted with BO and his minions and might in fact turn on him instead. For my part, I fear that things will become progressively worse, though I pray otherwise. Pray for the best, prepare for the worst. And if you’ve not yet read it, The Creature from Jekyll Island is and excellent read and makes it clear that our march toward self destruction as a nation began early in the 20th century. We may have awakened to late to turn the ship around.

      • DaveH

        If you think that violence is likely to have a beneficial outcome, you haven’t grown out of your idealistic stage yet, Keith.

    • steffan61784

      Radio Dynamo, I respect your opinions, but the first SUBTLE abortion of the original constitution came from the ALIEN AND SEDITION ACTS of the second president, Mr. John Adams. Adams was a far greater man than he was given credit for, but I disagree with this decision. He believed that the move kept the country out of war. I believe that he simply was castrating the country. However, I WILL agree that the most aggregious offenses to the Constitution began with the likes of T.R. (govt. absortion of private property), FDR (where do I start? How ’bout the New Deal?), Woodrow Wilson (cutting freedom of speech, the Treaty of Versailles), and Herbert Hoover (spend, spend, spend to create growth; continuing the Smoot-Hawley Tariff). The last 100-plus years is an acceleration of a problem that has existed from the beginning.

  • Jan Scallan

    Frederic H. are you serious? So Bush is all to blame for all the problems of America? What a party hack! It’s fools like you that adhere to whatever PARTY line they lean towards that has brought this country down. It started long before BUSH. I can’t think of ANY president outside of Washington and Jefferson that was worth a tinkers damn. Blaming Bush or Obama or any of the other fools that have held that office isn’t going to help or solve anything now. It’s gone on for too long and we are too far down the road for anything to bring us back from what’s facing us. Republicans – Democrats, got no use for any of them. Name one politician outside of Ron Paul that says the truth. So stop all this BS about Party affiliations, or Conservative/Liberal. None of it serves any purpose other than to keep us at each others throats and away from the politicians necks.


      May I nominate Andrew Jackson as one of the greats. He refused to extend the private Central Bank contract with the US and returned the power of control over the nation’s money supply to Congress where it belongs.

      The thesis of my book is to carefully eliminate the Federal Reserve and thereafter the Federal government, starved for fiat cash, will have to shrink down to manageable size. Then and only then will Americans have their country back. (Yes. There will be pain and suffering but the idle poor will discover gainful employment.)

      • steffan61784

        Pete, be careful with your elevation of everything that Andrew Jackson partook in. I believe that he was a good, and for the most part, strong, president. Yet his ego seemed to make him almost want to resort to an old-school “executive order” to brow-beat those who “didn’t go with HIS program” into submission. Then, there was also the TINY matter of the Trail of Tears. That whole people would have been moved either way, I just feel it could have been handled better- and I normally can take a hard-line stance on most matters. Anyways, his bull-headedness made him look like an early American version of the Communist Manifesto. Most scholars (albeit, how much can you trust them…) hail him as a “man of the people”. After communism, facism, and Obama, I no longer trust propaganda that labels any single human being a “man of the people.”

        • steffan61784

          By the way, I am fully aware that Jackson was the last president to run a fiscal surplus. That is why I do not completely condemn him. However, with an ego such as his, I wonder (and this is wholly through my experiences), by victimizing wealth in a spot I agree with, would he simply stop there? National Bank/Federal Reserve is one thing- would the “man of people” continue to punish success had he had the chance? I smell primitive wealth redistribution here. If you penalize success, you will inevitably (if you take things far enough) bankrupt the country. Then, all will suffer. It is ironic that the last president to run a surplus probably set a bad example economically for those who post-dated him.

  • DaveH

    If we ever want peace in our society, then the only way to achieve that is to get back to respecting peoples’ natural right to control their own bodies and legally acquired property.
    For the Democrats that would mean not using the Force of Government to extract money and property from unwilling donors.
    For the Republicans that would mean butting out of what people choose to put in their own bodies and to butt out of activities that only harm the willing participants.
    And since people would be responsible for their own fates, they would either wise up or suffer. They would have nobody else to blame for the suffering they have brought upon themselves.
    By observing those natural rights the size of Government (at all levels) would shrink dramatically. That would leave much more money in the hands of the people to spend as each thinks best for themselves.


    I read one of the most encouraging articles in this morning newspaper I’ve read in a while. The story said that the GOP–when they take over the H.of R. in January, will READ ALOUD THE U.S. CONSTITUTION in the first open session. The first time it has been done in 221 years! And, they will require the author of any new legislation to cite the constitutional authority for such a bill to be introduced! It’s encouraging that, at least some congress members, will have actually heard what the Constitution is all about! Now the senate, next!!

    • michelleo


  • LiarsMustBeDefeated

    What surprises lie in store for us in 2011?

  • Teresa
  • St. Charles, MO

    Obamacare is really Romercare, if you care to kwow the truth.

  • Anthony


    1. HR 5741 and HR 4646 were submitted for review, and will be with us as the War-mongering Right take back Congress, on queue, like the 2nd coming of a Wag-the-Dog movie Script. The “essence” of this is that YOU will always be told to view the Republicans as those who take your rights away. This is on purpose. You are to HATE the Republicans, especially the Conservatives. You will have this ingrained upon you, until you do the dance, or at least until YOUR CHILDREN DO.

    This is by design … as it has always been the Democrat Party that sold out first to the Rites of Communism, which “requires” a Central Bank, to become successful. Our Media has been faithful to that Script and will continue to be so. In a Righteous America, Alec Baldwin would have been arrested for inciting his fellow Anarchists to go commit atrocities to the Family of The Speaker of the House on the David Letterman Show. Instead, the Left played it right out of Stalin’s Soviet Union / Fascistic Communism.

    2. Ben did not discuss the Small Arms Treaty global efforts of Hillary Clinton. Did he do this by design? Has he forgotten that when they take the guns away, only criminals and cops have guns. Has he also forgotten, that when they take our guns away, can they not also take away our food? How would we be able to STOP them?

    3. BEN DID NOT MENTION … the Food Safety Bill … where it is now (right now, people) illegal to have your own Gardens. It is now illegal to store SEEDS. With the Patriot Act, they can already break into your Home, at any time, and commit NAZI/FASCIST style searches for whatever they want… and even “plant” the evidence they need to throw you away into one of those hundreds of FEMA CAMPS that YOUR tax dollars have been building since the days of Ollie North. Whether you have the hootspa or not, Jesse Ventura’s Show “Conspiracy Theory” is not a fraud. The problem with the Show, is they won’t ask the HARD questions. This is the Elite’s way of rubbing YOUR noses in it, as a test. A test to see if you will remain docile. A test to remind them of how well the flouride toxic effects on the center of the brain are working on you, since you probably don’t have a water filter on any tap in your house.

    NO – there are several other items that BEN decided not to discuss, because the HARD discussions might get people looking in his direction – as if they aren’t already.

    Understand this – if it considered good political logic, in Washington, that an International Treaty “supercedes” our own Constitution. Guess what they will insist this does to the 2nd Amendment…..

    If you believe in all that Occult stuff and the Numerology invocations of this silent entity called The Illuminati … the next real date that favors them… is 01/11/11.

    And, guess what, BEN … Hillary Clinton is “suddenly” stepping aside as Secretary of State. Are the Bilderbergers moving her out of the way for no reason at all? Trust me, a move such as this is almost NEVER done. So, the spock logic bear tells me something BIG is about to hit and they want Hillary out of the line of fire. Of course, if you buy into all the Bohemian Grove nonsense, she is also sorta considered a Witch of that Coven. But, what do I know…. I just read Al Gore’s Internet, like all of you.

    Still – WHY would Hillary want to walk away from a more powerful post in the State Department, than what Obama/Soetoro/Davis has as POTUS..??? Seriously, she has more pull with the Heads of State around the Planet than ol’ Barry ever will have in his lifetime. WHY WALK AWAY ???

    No – 2011 will be full of surprises while those that voted for CHANGE get to reap the profits of their “lack of initiative” when it comes to really knowing what they’re doing. We got change alright … from our hands, to the Bilderbergers … and those 300 Families whose names are listed as to avoid the coming confraglation. You have read the Rosacrucians’ Georgia Guidestones? Yes?

    - Let’s see my disagree-ers prove that S.510 isn’t about stopping us from growing our own food in our own backyards.

    - Let’s see those same detractors prove the Small Arms Treat isn’t about forcibly disarming America.

    What say ye, Ben?

  • Gayle

    Here’s a thought, b clinton spent his time during vietnam in russia. h clinton started health care reform when she let b. be president. No way could obama write a paragraph much less the power grab obamacare is. b clinton still thinks he’s in charge. I also read where a lot of the demo elite have places in Australia, where clinton was when 9/11 happened. Bush is not totally innocent, but he was more American than these others. I do not want Jeb to run. A total stranger would suit me in 2012, one of us with no connection or no secret agenda. When did elections become about how much money is spent, why don’t we listen to the message. Okay with any race, but when I heard the name Barack Hussien obama,I knew that was not right. That name by itself told the story. When he starts his campainging I hope people walk out on him.

  • Maria

    Hey guys:
    First of all I agree with mostly Carole’s comments. But lets take another look at this: It really doesn’t matter who is in the presidential hot seat, its the all the politicians, were they be Dems, Reps, Libs or whatever, they are the ones who brought us to this mess in the first place and it started way, way back before Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, etc. It actually all began in the late 60′s, although most of the average americans were not aware of it. No matter who is or will be in the presential hot seat, nobody will be happy. This country is in deep KaKaDoohs BECAUSE of the greedy policitians….all of them. So what should we do? I mean, really, besides bitch and complain and let our Congressmen know how we feel, do we really think these uppidity politicians are going to listen to the average american? Hell no, they pretend to listen but go about their own plans. And commentators, yeah, well, they are just the average american also, speaking out how this country feels, again, do the politicians “listen”…not really. So we go on and continue to do our best to be heard, loud enough to make a difference so that at least one politician will finally get the point and speak for us and set the ball rolling……but I fear that day is very far and few inbetween, as it were.


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