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When The Sun Rises Wednesday

November 5, 2012 by  

When The Sun Rises Wednesday

I am not in the prediction business, but those who are in the business are predicting a Mitt Romney victory tomorrow. Right-wing pundits Dick Morris and Karl Rove both predict a Romney victory, with Morris saying it will be a landslide. They are number crunchers. They know what they’re talking about. Our own Wayne Allyn Root predicted a Romney landslide as well.

This much is sure: Both camps know where they stand. Their internal polling is providing data necessary to determine how the election will likely play out. Both candidates will continue the charade today and tomorrow. They’ll continue to campaign. It’s what politicians do. They are psychopaths.

George H.W. Bush and Bob Dole knew for days they would not beat Bill Clinton. Ditto John Kerry against George W. Bush. Yet they continued to lie and claim to supporters they had a chance. The media knew as well, but reporting it was out of the question. Cliff-hanger races make for good ratings. They also reinforce the left/right paradigm.

I have believed for several weeks that the race was Romney’s. It was decided in June at the Bilderberg conference. Even while President Barack Obama was polling ahead of Romney, it appeared to me that Obama had been thrown under the bus by the world’s elite. His policies, though approved by the elites, had become too toxic. Obama had overreached. He had moved too quickly. So the policies he advocated on their behalf were being rejected by most Americans.

Regardless of which man wins, the landscape on Wednesday morning will look much the same as it does today. We will be facing a fiscal cliff of tax increases. We are approaching the debt limit — again. Obama has not put forth a plan to deal with these two events. Neither has Congress, which preferred campaigning to governing.

As they both strike before Obama departs the White House on Jan. 21, they are Obama’s and Congress’ to deal with. There is no more road for kicking the can. It has dead ended. It will be done by a lame-duck Congress, unfettered by re-election concerns. This is not good news.

The Federal Reserve is printing money to infinity. The prices of gold and silver are being manipulated in order to hide the fact that there is not enough real money to cover the fake money in circulation. These facts will not be changed by the election.

The National Defense Authorization Act will remain in force. Both men agree on that. Likewise, indefinite detentions and predator drone strikes on U.S. citizens in other countries — and perhaps here.

There are some concerns about what Wednesday morning will look like. Many of those on the right believe that Obama will not willingly relinquish power. They point to myriad executive orders and the growing police state under his regime. They fear some kind of catastrophe will be used to usher in martial law. Remember that many on the left thought the same of Bush in 2008.

The calls for riots and the assassination of Romney if Obama is defeated are troubling. If the election is close, riots become likely. They are not unprecedented. In a society where people riot, burn and loot when their sports team wins a championship, is the idea of riots over election results far-fetched? Or perhaps sports championships are more important to the masses than elections. I guess we’ll soon see.

Hardships and frustration created by the storm Sandy have left many people feeling helpless, hungry and possibly disenfranchised — particularly if power outages or other obstacles hinder their ability to vote and Obama loses a State he might otherwise have won. There was unrest in New York and New Jersey over shortages of food, water and fuel late last week. If those areas don’t get satisfactory relief, it will get worse.

Ohio is shaping up to be a nightmare. Some are predicting that as many as 250,000 provisional ballots may be cast in that State as a result of changes to the absentee ballot process. If that’s the case, it may be two weeks before a winner is known. It could devolve into a Bush/Al Gore scenario.

There has been a lot of vitriol surrounding this election. The left/right paradigm has been used by the elites to full effect, with both “sides” claiming the election of the other will ruin the country. Never mind that the country has already been ruined through fiat money printing to infinity, the suspension of the rule of law and habeas corpus, and the shredding of the Constitution.

Both “sides” were complicit. With few exceptions, Republicans and Democrats supported the USA Patriot Act and NDAA. Changing horses has not halted the march to fascism. It will not this time, either.

Republicans — supposedly the party of small government — enabled Bush in his push toward “compassionate conservatism,” which was fascism under a nice label. Small-government Republicans went silent.

Democrats — supposedly the anti-war party — enabled first Bush then Obama to spread the war throughout the Mideast under the name of “War on Terror.” Anti-war Democrats have gone silent.

Obama claims authority to attack other countries (Libya, Syria, Iran) with impunity if/when he feels the time is right. Congress feigns outrage, but does nothing to stop it.

The Supreme Court ruled Obamacare Constitutional, upholding it as a tax. But bills for raising revenue must originate in the House of Representatives, which Obamacare did not.

The U.S. Constitution, if not dead, is on life support. Tomorrow’s election will not change that. Government will continue to be staffed by the closet socialists who talk in terms familiar to us — and comfortable.

These terms include “liquidity,” “monetary easing” and “stimulus” — all in a positive sense. In other words, they are for printing money. Printing excess paper money is a government scheme of transferring wealth from the people to the government via depreciation of the currency.

The closet socialists are 98 percent of Representatives and Senators and all government bureaucrats. They have the fiat paper money attraction; and, upon examination, they are opposed to the gold standard and sound finance.

They are the enemies of savers and those on fixed incomes. They are enemies of the republic. On Wednesday morning, they will have new terms to do their dirty work.


Tuesday night promises to be an interesting evening for those of us who closely follow politics. I’d like to invite you to join me as I live blog and discuss the mainstream media election coverage and the results as the States report. I’ll start promptly at 7 p.m. Eastern Time/4 p.m. Pacific. I hope you’ll join me in a lively discussion. –BL

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • independant thinker

    I dissagree that there is no difference in obama and Romney. However, I do agree the difference is in whether we go to hell slow in a horse and buggy (Romney) or fast on a runaway train (obama).

    • Vicki

      I like fast cause it wakes people up (as it did). I Romney wins it might be possible to lull Americans back to sleep.

      • deerinwater

        The elite would like that.

      • Gordon

        IMO the factor that most people fail to recognize is that our president is an indicator of the condition of our nation’s “health”. The USA as a Nation and Republic is dying of cancer and all the toxic treatments only prolong the victims agony.

      • http://speedle speedle

        Vicky, you are a very defeatist person. Being dead is not a cure for cancer. If Obama wins it may well be impossible to resuscitate the country. Actually your attitude is more like that of a child who refuses to play if not getting her way.

      • JeffH

        speedle, do you even have a clue about what vicki just said?
        I have to agree with her because I also woke up. If Obama had not been elected in 2008, we would most likely have blindly accepted the continuation of the slow demise of our freedoms and liberties that are defined by the Constitution and the Bill of ights.

        I also must agree with Mr. Livingston. Personally speaking, the powers that be haven’t supported Obama in his quest for re-election. His presidency has done more damage to them, whoever they are because so many of us have opened our eyes, thanks to websites like PLD and the internet. Even some of the MSM pundits are starting to get a little criticle, that’s a sure sign.

        Basically speaking, Obama, Axlerod, V Jarret, Gibbs and the rest of the Chicago Marxist/communists in that circle have been left to fend for themselves and because they don’t have the wherewithall to change the tone and direction of their substanceless campaign rhetoric, code words, personal attacks, condesention and the outright patronizing of the American voters…they’ll probably lose the election by a landslide. Oh, understand that Obama’s reaction to Hurricane Sandy and finally stepping up to the unfamiliar leadership role was purely a political move and nothing more. Too little too late to fool everyone. If only he had shown that kind of leadership during and after the Bengazi attack.

      • Vicki

        deerinwater says:
        “The elite would like that.”

        Of course they would. That is why they have turned on obama and are no longer working to have him as faux President. Presumes you believe in the elite. But since we all know that the pen really is “mightier than the sword” and MSM is beginning to turn against Obama and the MSM is supposed to be controlled by this ‘elite’…..

      • Vicki

        JeffH says:
        “speedle, do you even have a clue about what vicki just said?”

        Probably not. Very few understand the fable of the frog and the pot of warm water.

        “I have to agree with her because I also woke up.”

        I did not vote for Obama cause I knew his plans were VERY bad for us. I knew this BEFORE I knew his heritage or had even seen him or heard his voice. It was the content of his character by which I assessed him.

        When he won I was not initially happy till I realized that the democrats had gotten super majority of the house and a filibuster proof senate too.

        That is when I realized we had a chance. Democrats have not patience and would move way to fast to get their socialist agenda thru.

        The democrats have claimed to support many freedom loving things but when they had the full unstoppable power of the house, senate and presidency they gave us…….

        Patriot Act II
        NDAA 2012 (In all fairness to the poor weak little things the all mighty tea party swept in after 2 years of democrat failure, and “made” them do it.

        And still no budget.

        But plenty of time to blame President Bush as though he could control them from beyond the White House.

        The best thing about the 2 years of total control is to show America that the difference between republicrats and demopublicans is the speed by which they are attempting 100% government.

        You want real change? You want real freedom? You already lost the best choice for President with the defeat of Dr. Paul in the primaries.

        Your only hope is to vote libertarian as though your liberty depends on it. Because it does.

      • BR549

        “When the sun rises Wednesday”, Romney better get his head out of Queen Beatrix’ and Rockefeller’s asses or he’s going to have a lot of really angry voters over hear who realized that he, like Obama, had sold them out too in favor of the elites’ globalist takeover.

      • JeffH

        Vicki, I’ve never been a big follower of politics, mostly followed the basic news info and not much more. I spent a month in the hospital back in Jan/Feb 2008 and watched & was impressed with young Obama. All of this talk about “Hope & Change”, how he was going to fundamentally change America with promises of transparency and his support for the middle class and the underprivledged. I kept hearing the same speaches and promises over & over again but never heard any details or specific plans to make this change. I got a little suspicious. In May of 2008 I bought my first computer and started doing some research on both candidates and started listening to them. Just spending a few hours searching Obama’s background and political history told me all I ever needed to know about him.

        His parents were communist sympathizers, his mentors were known radicals and Frank Marshall Davis, his biggest mentor, was an avowed communist. His friendship with Bill Ayers, his early history of community organizing in Chicago and his links to various Marxist and communist foundtions like The Woods Fund, ACORN, the SEIU. The Midwest Academy was funded by the Woods Fund. Obama sat on the Woods Fund board alongside Bill Ayers, founder of the Weather Underground domestic terrorist organization. Midwest described itself as ‘one of the nation’s oldest and best-known schools for community organizations, citizen organizations and individuals committed to progressive social change. Midwest teaches Alinsky tactics of community organizing. Obama is a “student” of the Alinsky method. There was also his attachment to Jeremiah Wright.

        What a revelation and eye opener it was to read all of this. It has taken some of the politicians and media almost 4 years to acknowledge that Obama might be a “socialist” or even a “Marxist”.

        Yes, Rev. Wright was right alright :)
        “the chickens have come home to roost”

      • http://speedle speedle

        JeffH, yes I realize what Vicki said but I am not sure you do based upon the rest of your post. Vicki suggests that we would be better off with an Obama re-election because going to hell “taster” is better than “slower” (with Romney). I call it a charter membership in the Kamikazi party. IMHO, martyrdom is strictly for Islamists. .By the way Vicki, I used the “boiling frog analogy” on this blog months ago. I am quite aware of what it means.

      • JeffH

        speedle, says “Vicki suggests that we would be better off with an Obama re-election because going to hell “[f]taster” is better than “slower” (with Romney).

        Like I said before…you didn’t get the “gist” of Vicki’s comment.

      • deerinwater

        Vicki says:
        November 5, 2012 at 11:31 am
        deerinwater says:
        “The elite would like that.”

        Of course they would. That is why they have turned on obama and are no longer working to have him as faux President. Presumes you believe in the elite.

        Well, that don’t say much for Willard then, does it?

        And yes, ~ I most certainly believe in the elite , there is an elite to everything. ~ I question who they are exactly, how many ~ and while I don’t think that they are all bad, ~ they are not benign either.

        I’m not sure how to say this without sounding precocious but for several years I travel among an elite circle of scholars ~it’s a long story but, ~ I assure you their conversation is much different from ours, I found it elevating to be among such people that seen no need to impress or prove themselves bright ~ they had the documentation and years of scholar work and going for they second and third doctorate.

        Bright people rarely talk about people but places, things and ideas.

      • Ron Christopher

        These post remind me of a black fellow I saw today who was crossing a 4 land. He pushed the button for him to walk but when the light did not change immediately for him, he started waving his fist. The all across the street he waived his fist. Once across the street he cussed out the machine that changes the light, telling the machine that it did not operate quickly enough for him. He was a black man who demanded immediate attention. And then down the sidewalk he went, shaking his arm, fist clinched, and smacking the hedge along the side walk. And that fellow was an obama supporter.
        Also listed above is some fellow saying the Nazi’s were socialists. Not true. The Nazis were fascists. And that is exactly what obama is. Just listen to him rant. Just like Hitler. Of course, I am old enough to remember Hitler’s loud voice.

      • http://naver samurai

        I understand what you are saying Vicki, but I’ve been awake to the problems since 1992. Though being in the army, I was not allowed to speak out against the president (Due to him being the CIC.). Here are somethings that you may like and some of them are small victories against the establishment.

        There are plenty more, but you understand what I’m saying. We are praying that Romney wins the election. Not saying Romney will do good or bad, for he knows that he too is at the mercy of the voters. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

      • phideaux

        “Also listed above is some fellow saying the Nazi’s were socialists. Not true. The Nazis were fascists.”

        Ah, but it is true. A socialist and a fascist both believe in total government control of the economy.

      • Vicki

        JeffH says (to speedle):
        “Like I said before…you didn’t get the “gist” of Vicki’s comment.”

        You are correct. He missed entirely the time frame and the point.

      • http://speedle speedle

        Jeff, one last time, the “gist” of Vicki’s opinion is her post

        “Your only hope is to vote libertarian as though your liberty depends on it. Because it does.”

        I don’t need to know anything else about Vicki’s opinion.

    • TIME

      Dear IT,

      You got that right, ~ but saddly its was all taken over some time ago ~ as the odds are saddly the sheep have allowed Barry Omen to take his place at th helm of destruction yet again.

      Look not a single one of us has ever had the ability to vote for a “TRUE AMERICAN leader,” ~ nor a leader who believes in what this nation was founded on.
      Nor will the American people ever have such. ~ I will say this yet again, the CEO of the UNITED STATES, of American is appointed ~ and not by the people nor with the people in mind.

      We lost that ability way back in 1861. Its only been more so set in stone since these dates, 1878 – 1913, 1933, ~ 1988, ~ 1993, ~ 2000, ~ 2004, ~ 2008, and now for the last call 2012,

      There may well be a fake election of some type in 2016 but it will be even more so FAKE than 2012, and 1 Billion times more fake than 2008.

      All of you need to do the following; Look into: ” Eustace Mullins” ~ if you liked the Monster from Jeckel Island, then look into Eustace work ~ to learn even more details as he was the first one who broke the whole deal in B&W ~ he holds back nothing, you get the picture the way it really is as well ~~~ all the Who’s – Why’s and Where’s & WHEN’S.

      Peace and Love be with you. Got your bus tickets yet?

    • steve

      it really doesn’t matter who wins. it’s the same body with a different face . you can’t erase 16 trillion in a few years. there is a reason why history repeats itself. man does not learn from his mistakes and refuses to change. we’ve had 6000 yrs since adam and eve and still we get it wrong. maybe one of these days people will finally realize how much they need god in their daly life. no i am not giving up . i came to this realization back in the 80′s when i saw how important the electorial vote is. ask al gore . you vote means nothing because you always get the same . dem or rep same thing you just don’t see it. politicians are you enemy along with the rest of government. get rid of them and maybe then you have a chance to turn things around . and that’s a big maybe.

      • Jack Worthington

        I think you are on the right track. One must be armed with the knowledge that helps him see through the commie/socialist lies proffered by politicians, particularly Democrats but not exclusively. We live in a Lootocracy run by Kakistocrats. We are conditioned to vote for the one that promises to loot A and satisfy B. We are an unethical/immoral lot and lost our focus. Boétie (below ref.) suggests that we need education so as to know we can refuse to consent to our enslavement. No court/judge will inform you as a juror that you have the natural right and power to judge the law, not just the facts. So, if everyone went to court and demanded a jury trial on every speeding ticket or other where no damage or injury occurred, then he could bring in a not quilty verdict, which is not the same as innocent. By doing this, we remove our concent to being looted and that removes the power from those who rule us via near tyranny and thus we terminate the voluntary servitude that has so long burdened us, i.e. we reacquire true freedom. May I suggest the following:

        The Political Thought of Étienne de la Boétie
        By Murray N. Rothbard
        Audio at:

        Economics in One Lesson and The Inflation Crisis and How to Resolve It, both by Henry Hazlitt
        The Law by Frederic Bastiat and his essay: That Which is Seen and That Which is Not Seen
        Also, Rothbard’s: America’s Great Depression

    • Peter Sagi

      When the sun rises on Wednesday, there will be more of the same horse bag full of fresh fragrant road apples, only from a different patout.


    • Ron Christopher

      I believe his essay, however, if America has a chance, it will be Romney. We already know what obama is going to doing. I am not sure Romney will raise taxes. But what I do know is what he has to do and first, get our financial budget in order. No more money for foolish projects. No more money to foreign nations, at least not for a long while. Let them fend for themselves for awhile. I remember the Panama president, Omar Torrijos. All the money we sent to Panama for leasing the Canal went into his pocket, not to the country. We need to stop that also. The same thing happened in Iraq and all the other foreign countries we send money to. Stop it and do it now. We need to drill for our own oil, make it successful in one year (which can be done) and then tell the middle east to bug off. It is time we take care of America and get us back on solid ground. All lobbyist are to be forced our of DC. No more lobbying for the tax dollar. I hope Romney enforces some of these and that for sure will make it very interesting.

      • http://none ede

        It’s not practical for Romney to implement these changes.

    • ron . r

      Well Bob, YOU LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear ron.r.,

        You write: “Well Bob, YOU LOST!” If you are implying that I lost because Romney lost, you have not been paying attention. I was no fan of Romney’s and did not vote for him. America lost. But that happened years ago.

        Best wishes,

  • Harold Olsen

    With very few exceptions, political “experts” like Morris and Rove do not really give their opinions as to how an election comes out. What they really do is say what they hope will happen. If you pay attention to the pundits when they go on news shows their opinions always favor the party with whom they affiliate themselves with. I do not particularly like either Rove or Morris and I do not trust Morris one bit. I think Romney is going to win, if it’s an honest election, but it will not be a landslide, though I’d like to see that happen. There are too many America-haters in this country who still support Obama in his efforts to destroy our country by destroying the economy.

    • http://aol j.m. olson

      harold: couldnt agree with you more….i am hopeful that romney will win solidly and i have personally called and visited at least 2500 voters on my own, to make sure they will get out and vote…i live in new york state, though 4 hours away from the city itself, and this area generally is for smaller government and rights of the people, less taxes and more take home pay for those who are still employed..

    • Flashy

      “I am not in the prediction business, but those who are in the business are predicting a Mitt Romney victory tomorrow”

      Good thing you chose not to Mr. Livingston. Those ‘who are in the business” that you cited…ya really think they’ll state anything other?

      I agree the race is close. the Right Wing extremists have done their job extremely well…lied through their teeth and counted on the extremists to ignore the realities. The Independents are split…with the higher level educated going Obama, the lesser educated showing unswerving want of cutting their own throats and swinging Romney.

      All but one major poll has Obama clinging to slim leads Nationally as well as swing states.

      Paul Weyrich in 1980 stated time and again, the key to Conservatives winning is to ensure the less numbers voted. The more people that voted, the less the Conservative chances of winning a major election. We have ballots missing, by the thousands already. Last minute ‘election procedures” by Republican State AGs, harassment, long lines, “poll watchers” taking photographs of voters, and becoming aggressive in avoiding having thier pictures taken

      Cmes down to it…Obama will pull it off with the momentum of positivism swinging his way and the mistrust of Romney and the extremists on the Right being the final arbiter of the majority of Indpendents.

      My guess? Staying with what i forecast about a month ago. Obama will carry the popular by a very slim margin, and garner 312 in Electoral votes carrying all but one of the swing states.

      • APN

        Flash-in-the pan said:My guess? Staying with what i forecast about a month ago. Obama will carry the popular by a very slim margin, and garner 312 in Electoral votes carrying all but one of the swing states.

        ….and I will stick with my projection since the 2010 election……ODUMBO will get smoked tomorrow beyond the imagination.

        Romney will win both the popular and electoral vote. He will get 315 Electoral votes.

        After the election tomorrow, let ODUMBO concentrate on his REVENGE on the AMERICAN people with his fellow “commirades” in Chi-town and leave getting America back on a path to prosperity and unity with someone who is capable of the job.

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “with the higher level educated going Obama, the lesser educated showing unswerving want of cutting their own throats and swinging Romney”.
        Flashman must be voting for Romney then, as I’ve demonstrated time after time that his Liberal Progressive conjecture is untrue and ignorant, if not outright lies.

        Unfortunately, as Bob says, it won’t matter anyway, as the 1% has our future all mapped out, as to how best they can take advantage of the rest of us. And that won’t change until the masses wake up to that reality:

      • Flashy

        APN…my numbers are based on polls, figures, demographics, usual GOP ballot box shenanigans, voter restrictions, and the fact that the nails are being hammered into the coffins of the extremist TP and American Taliban.

        The TP cost the GOP the Senate in ’10, will cost the GOP the Senate this year as well. And likely cost the GOP the presidency. Christie cemented his own re-election next year, and will be the front runner coming out of this year’s election should the likely loss by Romney occur. With four years running hammering the extremists, and the GOP clogging up Congress as they place the interests of the wealthy and Big Corporate elite against all of America …

      • Flashy

        DaveH…study after study, vote pattern analysis after vote pattern analysis, reflected as base as the gerrymandering of state districts…all cite as significant the level of education and the conservative voter. GOP voters are either the wealthy or lower intellectual groups. Democrat voters are usually higher educated and if wealthy, moderately so. Interestingly, most small business owners vote Democrat.

        That’s not conjecture…the data is there should you have the mental capability to study it…

      • momo

        Care to name those studies flashman? Or is this just more of your BS?

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “GOP voters are either the wealthy or lower intellectual groups”.
        So the wealthy got wealthy by being ignorant?
        That’s funny, Flashman, but not unusual coming from you.
        Your Propaganda won’t work here, Flashman, because as much as you’d like to keep the two-party rivalry going, the readers are here to learn the concepts of Freedom — Something you’d rather they not know.

      • Mikey

        Fleshy says: “Paul Weyrich in 1980 stated time and again, the key to Conservatives winning is to ensure the less numbers voted. The more people that voted, the less the Conservative chances of winning a major election.” This is probably true.
        Yet, he also states, ” The Independents are split…with the higher level educated going Obama, the lesser educated showing unswerving want of cutting their own throats and swinging Romney.”
        His argument might be valid, if not for the statistic that there are more uneducated people than educated (overall), and especially in the large cities where Obama is the most popular.
        So it’s clearly the uninformed, uneducated that are supporting socialism….they are the ones who benefit from all the free programs and will vote for Obama. Independents that have businesses (usually better educated) certainly wouldn’t vote for more taxation. Independents who saved money all their lives for retirement, certainly wouldn’t vote for a president who wants to bankrupt Social Security, then take over their 401k’s.
        Fleshy is wrong. Period.

      • DaveH

        I once had a college Professor who told the class that mentally handicapped people were conservative. After he explained that they were that way because they were afraid of change, he stated the disclaimer that he didn’t mean to imply that Conservatives were mentally handicapped. Sure. He knew exactly what he was doing — Propagandizing vulnerable young adults. Even at that young age I knew the difference between education and manipulation.
        Speaking of manipulators, how’s it going Flashman?

      • Flashy

        Not too bad DaveH…not too bad. As for the studies and patterns, they are well known and may be found in any quick ‘net search.

        Those states having more than 25% of the voters having a higher education, those states with union presence, higher wages, higher standards of living…are Blue States. Those states with less than 25% having a college degree…are red states, mostly non-union, have higher unemployment, lower incomes, and lower standards of living.

        The other facts are..the higher the percentage of people voting, the m,ore liberal the state. Again…these stats may be found very easily with a ‘net search.

        So one should be asking…if the higher numbers voting are choosing a political landscape which is against my preference…is it American to try and thwart the will of the majority? Is it American to support policies which act to increase voting difficulty and ensure lower numbers at the polls?

      • 2bvictorius

        If uninformed, uneducated school dropouts,dope pushers, dope users,anarchists, communists, Marxists, racists,illegals aliens,convicted criminals, marxists professors,and welfare recipients were not allowed to vote,the democrat communist party would not win a single election.

        The fact is, if all elected officials were required to embrace the Constitution and the declaration of independence there would be no democrat communist party for which you could vote for.

        • Larry KING

          Gee if only it was as simplistic as that, being as most of the Democrats i know care just as much about our countries future as so called conservatives and republicans profess, it’s just they see the other side as more as money grubbers that would trade our liberties for wealth.

      • momo

        I see that flashman didn’t name any studies, probably because they draw conclusions like this:—-put-simply-conservatives-are-smarter/question-2456985/

      • JeffH

        Falsy, no surprises coming from you, the same “whoever you are” that keeps parroting the “Obama is a moderate” line of BS.
        Your presence here had been greatly diminished over the last year or so…no credibility and nobody(but maybe eddie) buys into your “krapp” anymore.

        Whoever you’re working for, I’d hope you would give them some return on their money…well at least a moral person would.

        To even infer that liberals/progressives are somehow intellectually superior to anybody else is just just another example of why nobody believes you and why you’ve become the “laughing stock” of PLD. Since when has the progressive/liberals had a monopoly on brains? NEVER!

      • Vicki

        Flashy writes:
        “Democrat voters are usually higher educated and if wealthy, moderately so.”

        That explains a lot. Democrats are usually exposed to public school propaganda longer.
        People forced out into the real world miss some key brainwashing.

      • Flashy

        JeffH….where did I state any inference. I stated those with higher education tend to be in Blue States. Though…in your case it would prove intellectual inferiority…

        As for discreditation…y’all have personally slammed every Progressive, every moderate, anyone other than those kowtowing to the TP trilogy of fear, hate and ignorance. i’m in good company there. What you cannot discredit is Thought. And there, Sparky, you lack any substance.

      • Vicki

        Larry KING says:
        “Gee if only it was as simplistic as that, being as most of the Democrats i know care just as much about our countries future as so called conservatives and republicans profess, it’s just they see the other side as more as money grubbers that would trade our liberties for wealth.”

        IF democrats cared as much about liberties as you assert, why did they give us Obamacare? Why did they not strike down the Patriot Act? Why did they not create a budget? They blamed President Bush and / or Republicans but they had full control of the House, Senate and Presidency?

        Nope. The facts are clear. Democrats, with a super majority in the house, a filibuster proof senate and the presidency proved that the 2 party system is just an illusion to keep the masses entertained. Kinda like a foot ball game.

      • Vicki

        Flashy writes:
        “What you cannot discredit is Thought. And there, Sparky, you lack any substance.”

        Talking to yourself again?

      • JeffH

        Falsy, baaaaahhhh, baaaaaahhhhh, baaaahhhhh!
        As if what you’ve have to say matters to anybody but you.
        You made your bed, now sleep in it…as I’m LMAO at you. :) :) :)

      • Mikey

        Based on my own personal experiences, the most intelligent people I know also happen to be conservative. Not necessarily Republican, but conservative in values. My brother, with a P.E. degree, a very gifted engineer is quite conservative. My father was similar. Many of my bosses, whose wisdom grew businesses that we all enjoyed the benefits of were of like mind.
        I have relatives, kind hearted as they are, who lack understanding. Some of them are well educated, but have a hard time functioning on any other lever. Yep you guessed it, liberals. So my opinion is based upon what I see around me, not a media or education institution biased study.
        Not to mention the droves of uneducated, uninformed masses in the inner cities. I’ll bet they are voting for Obama.

      • Ron Christopher

        You apparently do not listen or you ignore what obama has done to our nation. To get you up to speed, he just murdered our ambassador and a few aides. Then he had Bill Clinton campaign for him. Clinton had Rangers killed in Somalia due to his failure to act. If you vote for obama, you vote against America. It is really that simple. You people gave obama a chance and he blew it. How about giving Romney a chance.

  • RevNowWhileWeCan

    Not that I like either one but the fix is in and Obama will win as planned. I’ve already laid $1,100 to win 500. Stone cold lock of the century. If you have access to Vegas or bookies, cash in your 401k and bet it now.

    • Warrior

      Did you get any “points” with that bet? I think you’re going to need them.

    • KG

      How was this “fix” planned? By the Bilderbergs, as Bob said, or is it the Greys? Ya know, the Aliens? Now, about that ‘bet” you were making. what if I placed the same bet on Social Security in 1984. Would I have won? Who would have made that bet? Oh – the ENTIRE RIGHT WING NAZIS THAT ARE IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. You guys lost, and now you are trying to play “catch up” in the stock market.

      • DaveH

        Nazis? The Nazis were Socialists. The National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

      • Flashy

        Yeah…sure they were DaveH…sure they were …..

      • Dennis Phelps

        you guys sound like a bunch of children arguing about who’s uncle or cousin is the biggest and baddest

      • Capitalist at Birth

        F.D.R. admired Hitler, Moussolini, and Stalin. Any wonder why he ruined this country economically and led us into a war?

      • Vicki

        Flashy says:
        “Yeah…sure they were DaveH…sure they were ….. ”

        Denying history does not make it go away.

        That blue thing is one of those links flashy hates to use cause they tend to defeat his (lack of ) thought. Which is why you will rarely, if ever, see flashy back up any of his “proof by bald assertion”s cause they have no substance.

        It also tends to explain why his credibility on this board is 0.

      • Flashy

        Vicki….all you have done is display your total lack of knowledge as to political theory and government.

      • JeffH

        Falsy says, “Vicki….all you have done is display your total lack of knowledge as to political theory and government.”

        Could it be that Vicki’s “political theory” is one that advocates a system of government according to constitutional principles rather than the belief in a gradual transition from capitalism to socialism by democratic means?

        We’ve got a pretty good idea of Falsy’s brand of “political theory”. Can you narrow it down for us Falsy? Is it progressivism, liberalism, social democracy, totalism, totalitarianism, absolutism, democracy? I suppose, in your case, we could write off any theory of “Utopianism”.

        What is “political theory” anyway? Political theory is an orientation that characterizes the thinking of a group or nation. There are dozens of different types of “political theory”…flip a coin, pin the tail on the donkey or throw darts…who really cares!

      • Flashy

        JeffH…political theory details out the spectrum of ideological basis one adheres to. nearest i can tell from your posts, yours is ignorance. Vicki relies on the name. Intelligent people rely on the substance…

        Which all explains why you and Vicki are so far out there, it’s a wonder y’all haven’t yet been committed to the lunatic asylum.

        So tell us about those FEMA camps again…and for further laughs, about the Death Panels …

      • JeffH

        Falsy, one of us ignorant folks, as you have lead yourself to believe, have to ask one more time.

        We’ve got a pretty good idea of Falsy’s brand of “political theory”. Can you narrow it down for us Falsy? Is it progressivism, liberalism, social democracy, totalism, totalitarianism, absolutism, democracy? I suppose, in your case, we could write off any theory of “Utopianism”.

        I’m sure you’ll spin your answer just a tad rather than be honest.

        One more point, you’re not bright enough to school myself or Vicki. As a matter of fact, you’re not smart enough to figure out that nobody, except maybe your newfound friend eddie, really takes anything you have say with anything more than a grain of salt. Remember, it is you who is immoral, dishonest and has no credibility.

        Now what was it you had against the Tea Party?

      • Vicki

        Flashy says:
        “Vicki….all you have done is display your total lack of knowledge as to political theory and government.”

        I am reasonably sure that I do in fact have a total lack of knowledge is to your political theory and government. I do have a tiny bit of knowledge about actual political theory and government and have displayed it here from time to time. Here is one of those times

        It will require a paradigm shift in thinking. Going from left vs right to total gov vs limited gov vs no gov. We shall lead. Flashy will likely not follow.

      • Vicki

        Flashy says:
        “JeffH…political theory details out the spectrum of ideological basis one adheres to. nearest i can tell from your posts, yours is ignorance. Vicki relies on the name. Intelligent people rely on the substance…”

        Name? What name would that be? As to substance were you planning to bring some to this discussion?

      • KG

        The Nazis were socialist, but only for the “pure” Germans – white, aryan, and no ancestery from eastern europe. So, in that sense, they were very much like the Right Wing Religious “White” Republicans in America. They have no problem spending money on themselves, It’s just that the “undesirables” shouldn’t get anything.

      • http://naver samurai

        How about we do this:

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 마라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

    • Palin16

      Total hogwash! I live in Vegas and we don’t wager on elections.

  • deerinwater

    I know that Oprah Winfrey is a large woman, but to call her a world elite is a bit of a stretch , maybe a zip code at best .

    • DaveH

      Isn’t it a bit early to come out of hibernation?

  • http://mozilla robert e. lee

    if you are not a big prayer, make an exception and pray all day today and tomorrow for the salvation of our nation…….

    • Jonathan

      Boy, you’ve sure fallen into the trap!!!!!

  • James Andrews

    I’m not worried about riots, up nere in northern New England. BEsides, most of us are armed up here-heck, it’s deer season!

  • http://mozilla robert e. lee

    the obama crooks are out in force;; so the only way to win this is for everyone Catholic, Evangelical, Jew , protestant; heterosexual ; white working class; anti Marxist, anti green energy; pro Constitutionalist; pro small business; pro coal miner; pro small government person to vote;; and complain in writing to your circuit/county clerk if you see fraud,,,,,,

  • Paul Wells

    I can make this prediction, and it will come true with unfailing accuracy! Whoever wins, there will be at least 30 to 40% of the electorate that will be disappointed. Go Romney/Ryan!

    • DaveH

      Exactly, because one size does not fit all, and never will. The chance we have at changing that is to recognize the wisdom of our Founders and get Big Government out of our Marketplaces and out of our everyday lives, so we can determine our own happiness absent Big Government trying to cram that off-sized shoe onto our foot.
      Vote Libertarian. Take us back to that wonderful experiment that once made us the Freest and the most Prosperous nation in the world:

  • http://Liberty Tony

    To Everyone: This article, no offense, is nothing but conspiracy thinking. There are not going to be “widespread” riots regardless who wins. But, Obama will win. The decision was made along time ago. Look at this updated info. Next to Mr. robert e. lee, it’s obvious you believe in lost causes. Anyway, it’s because of your exclusive/alienating views towards others is why the GOP plus conservatives will lose tomorrow. I said this upteen times,yet,i’ll say again. If we would of listened to the late Wiiliam f.Buckley, the lalate Jack Kemp, with recent retired talk show host tony Brown, the GOP wouldn’t be in this mess. Well, i hope this lesson will be learned and corrected in 2016. Thanks!!

    • Bill Roth

      Does anyone know how much a ticket to Australia runs?

      • Mike Hennessy

        Do you know how socialist Australia is? They have a national health care system ( yes it works quite well thanks ) They have the dole which is a welfare safety net for the poor. They have a subsidised higher education system called hex tat helps to pays for citizens to go to University. It all works well inside a democratic government. All this and Australia has the best economy in the world right now according to many experts.Yes people its a.lot like what Obama has in mind for America. And it works! I lived there for 11 years. We as Americans have had social programs from day one,. Those programs have helped to build America and have benefited all its citizens. If socieity is better educated, healthy and we care for the poor and homeless we have less crime better production and business. This is what can save America this is how we get better for all. Vote Obama.

    • Ralph “Livingston”

      Seriously: The Bilderberg’s? I agree with you 100% Tony! This is Jesse Ventura manure at its best, and absolute Drivel at its worst! Where are the Flying Saucers and Black Suburbans? I guess Bob must have forgotten about them? The election is about Good vs Evil, plain and simple, In my opinion. We know That Mitt Romney is a practicing Mormon, Christian, business wiz, and a fairly pleasant fellow! We don’t have a bleeding clue where Obama came from, where he matriculated, what his religious beliefs are, or much of anything else! We do know that he likes “Revenge”, Socialism, and sporting around in Air Force like it’s his private Leer Jet! So, I’ll place trust in God that Mr. Romney will do the right thing, and get us out of the mess that Barack Hussein has put us all in! Final thought: The Bilderberg’s? Come On BOB! Sheesh!

      • Ralph “Livingston”

        Excuse me, I don’t agree with Tony that obama will win. It would appear that we are going to have a Chic-Fil-A Election Day! Good bye Barry! Time to crawl back under your Socialist Rock! As Dennis Miller might say: HE IS OUTTA HERE!!!

      • http://Liberty Tony

        To Mr. Livingston: I hate to burst your bubble but,unfortunately, Obama will win again. Every poll is showing this. Also, Wall street investors have it at 67%-33% or 2 to 1. If an incumbent is above 55%, that means he or she will win. Check this out. Later on!!

      • JeffH

        Tony says “To Mr. Livingston: I hate to burst your bubble but,unfortunately, Obama will win again. Every poll is showing this.”

        Ever heard of “propaganda”? Seems not!

        The “Perception of Reality” is easily distorted by propaganda from government and the media.

  • Lorbee

    I agree with Robert…I’m done with attempting to open the eyes of those who are unable to see beyond the scope of a day or a week or a month and simply refuse to see the big picture–it is in the hands of our Creator now and it is He to whom I direct and focus many, many prayers.

    • Aberdeem

      If this mess is truly just in the hands of our Creator I am very pleased. He is the only one
      who can truly take care of it.

    • DaveH

      The Lord helps those who help themselves.

    • Gordon

      People on both sides of a football game pray to win. God loves a good football game, and the result is the immediate playing ability of the individuals of each team involved. God leaves the outcome to the voters…. players.

  • Larry KING

    About all i have to say is were no different in the long run than the Greek or Roman empires were as Sporting events become more popular than controlling government and the Government continued to pacify the people with gifts from the treasury that was disappearing from corrupt government officials but they made sure the people had there sports and freedom of sexual activities draw attention from them the politicians.We can scream and complain and threaten all we want as Americans but the fact is were collapsing from within just as Krushev back in the early 60′s said we would. Any student of history recognizes the true human spirit which is to struggle means a willingness to fight for that internal desire for individual freedom and once gained the comforts of life become the desire thus complacensy takes over and from that men who seek power over all you have and want follows.Like i believe Benjamin Franklin answered a person who after the constitution was aoproved asked him what kind of government did you give us and Franklin replied a Republic if you can keep it.

  • Bill Scantlen

    I have come to the conclusion that all politicians are like ‘slinkys’ They’re not good for anything but they are fun to watch when you push them down the stairs.

    • RobinPC

      Hahahaha, that’s a good one

  • http://yahoo javaid

    i find it amazing that many americans are aware of the ills that affect the republic’s health, yet have chosen to remain bystander and see the country rot away. the very fact that it has deviated from the Constitution should have been a source for concern to all good and patriotic americans. ron paul, and very few other poiticians, have been crying hoarse on this unsavory development, to no effect. it is heartening to note that Occupy Wall Street movement has been vocal and persistent. the powers that be have been very dismissive about this movement. for how long? time will tell. i feel that a similar movement should also be started by concerned americans in support of adherence to the Constitution by the Administration and the Congress. america, at present, appears to be drunk with power. being the sole super power, it is behaving like a bull in a china shop, not realising that another super is rising fast while another one is just behind it. together they can challenge the U.S. and find worldwide suport. that would not be good for america.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      The American people are awake and have been but Dems/Progs/Leftists are like weeds that overtake a garden the more you pull out the more seem to grow and weeds weaken the plants you want to grow.

      • Gordon

        Back in the 1960s a great social / socialism experiment was begun. i.e. diverting the nation’s children and populace from the knowledge of the workings of government and business principles and the inclusion of the premise that government is the solution to all mankind’s problems, not God. Ethics, integrity, morals, and honor have been perverted into non-existence. NOW that social experiment has come to fruition, and we as a nation must face the inevitable and imminent consequences. GOD help us. HE will let us reap what we have sown.

      • Dennis Phelps

        They only grow back if you leave seeds or remnants, you must pluck them out in entirety!

  • Paul

    Sometimes when I read this column I feel like I am seated at the “mad hatters tea party”. Romney is not part of some giant “bilderberg” conspiracy. Rumors, conspiracy fears, and outright bigotry displayed by this column is just as damaging to the republic as Obama’s policies. Although I agree with a lot of your ideas, I group some of the material presented right up there with “black panther” party leaders, Louie Farrakan, and others who make up their facts and present them as truth. As I have said before, I sometimes think this site is an Obama plant to divide conservatives.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      No, this site is not here to divide the Conservatives. It is your own job to keep up with politics, the news, religion, philosophy, etc., what the Dems/Progs/Leftists believe and how they act. You are frustrated and need someone to blame because you have been asleep to what went on around you. Differentiate between what is good and what is evil, the Democrats/Progs/Leftitsts cannot create anything of value themselves but they will counterfeit to get their way.

      • deerinwater

        “Differentiate between what is good and what is evil, the Democrats/Progs/Leftitsts cannot create anything of value themselves but they will counterfeit to get their way.”

        What is NASA?
        What is a 40 hour work week?
        What is overtime pay?
        What is Unemployment Insurance?
        What is Social Security?
        What is Medicare?
        What were Nazis ?

      • DaveH

        Deer says — “What is NASA?”.
        A typical example of Government spending other unwilling peoples’ money to do the things of their choice?

        Deer says — “What is a 40 hour work week?”.
        A typical example of Government Forcing the wishes of some people on everybody else?

        Deer says — “What is Unemployment Insurance?”
        How Government rewards the non-producers with the producers’ money? How Government creates the moral hazard that encourages people to not save for their own misfortune, because they can just ride on the shoulders of others when it comes? How Government rewards people who don’t bother looking for a job until the Payments run out?

        Deer says — “What is Social Security?”.
        An Unconstitutional intrusion by the Federal Government into the life-choices of formerly Free individuals, who could have bought insurance for future misfortune anytime they wanted, instead of Forcing their way on people who didn’t want untrustworthy Big Government managing their money?

        Deer says — “What were Nazis?”.
        People who thought they could manage an economy by Force, like the Progressives think?

      • Vicki

        Deerinwater says:
        “What is a 40 hour work week?”.

        Being a salaried employee for many years I have no idea. What is it?

      • Vicki

        Deerinwater writes:
        “What is overtime pay?”

        Since I am paid to do a job, and not by the hours I stare at a clock, it remains a mystery.

      • deerinwater

        ““What is overtime pay?”

        Since I am paid to do a job, and not by the hours I stare at a clock, it remains a mystery.”

        So you don’t get comp time?

        And without the benchmark of a 40 hour work week set by progressive, ~ you think things would still be the same for you?

        ” Hours of Work in U.S. History
        Posted Mon, 2010-02-01 17:21 by Anonymous
        Robert Whaples, Wake Forest University
        In the 1800s, many Americans worked seventy hours or more per week and the length of the workweek became an important political issue. Since then the workweek’s length has decreased considerably. This article presents estimates of the length of the historical workweek in the U.S., describes the history of the shorter-hours “movement,” and examines the forces that drove the workweek’s decline over time.”

        “Manufacturing Hours before 1890
        Our most reliable estimates of the workweek come from manufacturing, since most employers required that manufacturing workers remain at work during precisely specified hours. The Census of Manufactures began to collect this information in 1880 but earlier estimates are available. Much of what is known about average work hours in the nineteenth century comes from two surveys of manufacturing hours taken by the federal government. The first survey, known as the Weeks Report, was prepared by Joseph Weeks as part of the Census of 1880. The second was prepared in 1893 by Commissioner of Labor Carroll D. Wright, for the Senate Committee on Finance”

        “1886: Year of Dashed Hopes
        In the early 1880s organized labor in the U.S. was fairly weak. In 1884, the short-lived Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions (FOTLU) fired a “shot in the dark.” During its final meeting, before dissolving, the Federation “ordained” May 1, 1886 as the date on which workers would cease working beyond eight hours per day. Meanwhile, the Knights of Labor, which had begun as a secret fraternal society and evolved a labor union, began to gain strength. It appears that many nonunionized workers, especially the unskilled, came to see in the Knights a chance to obtain a better deal from their employers, perhaps even to obtain the eight-hour day. FOTLU’s call for workers to simply walk off the job after eight hours beginning on May 1, plus the activities of socialist and anarchist labor organizers and politicians, and the apparent strength of the Knights combined to attract members in record numbers. The Knights mushroomed and its new membership demanded that their local leaders support them in attaining the eight-hour day. Many smelled victory in the air — the movement to win the eight-hour day became frenzied and the goal became “almost a religious crusade”

        “Changing Attitudes in the 1920s
        Hunnicutt (1988) argues that during the 1920s businessmen and economists began to see shorter hours as a threat to future economic growth. With the development of advertising — the “gospel of consumption” — a new vision of progress was proposed to American workers. It replaced the goal of leisure time with a list of things to buy and business began to persuade workers that more work brought more tangible rewards. Many workers began to oppose further decreases in the length of the workweek. Hunnicutt concludes that a new work ethic arose as Americans threw off the psychology of scarcity for one of abundance.”

      • Karolyn

        Gee. I guess another prediction has fallen by the wayside – “The election will not even be held.” and “Obama will declare marshall law.”

      • Vicki

        Karolyn says:
        “Gee. I guess another prediction has fallen by the wayside – “The election will not even be held.” and “Obama will declare marshall law.” ”

        Wed morning we can laugh at those who predicted that Obama would block the election some way. Till then there is still time to postpone the election due to “weather” :)

    • deerinwater

      Well Paul, the bar to get in here is low, ~ access to a PC, can read write in English is about it. ~ but don’t you want to know ~ what behind inappropriate behavior? Dysfunction comes in degrees.

      I look at it like mining for gold, ~ to find a nugget requires moving a ton of dirt. ~ The nugget needs to be worth the effort and that is for you to decide.

    • John Douglas

      Quite depressing, I might as well vote for Obama or not vote at all, according to these folks it makes no difference

      I have found this site to be quite negative re conservatism: basically their message seems to be that all Democrats and all Republicans are all the same and all are active participants of the same master scheme to take over the world. (Cue in maniacal laughter)

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Playing cute and childish and we are supposed to say “oh the poor little darling he doesn’t know how to vote”. You were not going to vote for anyone else but O so why the snow job?

      • DaveH

        The problem is obviously, John, that you don’t know the difference between Conservative and NeoConservative.

    • DaveH
  • JON

    When the sun rises on Wednesday, Romney will being calling Obama and congratulating him! Sorry Mitt!

    • hangman

      If that happens, it will show that Mitt Romney is a polished individual, with all the professionalism that that jungle ape lacks.

    • http://naver samurai

      Let’s see what happens labtard. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

      You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot. This leaves JON and his ilk out of the picture.

  • deerinwater

    Obama has made some mistakes, ~ he, along with everyone else did not know exactly just how bad the economy was in 2008. We were left to live through it to know. He mad claims and plans that interfered with each other. Before he was elected his plan was use his equity early to address health care reform knowing it would be a very hard fight that prior administration had tried but failed. Knowing full well, if he was to succeed, he must do it early.

    Obama’s plans for economic improvement are based on long term gains, To put more discretionary spending back in the peoples pocket will assist in doing that. While the fight for this HCR was long and hard and alarmed conservatives that seen it as a repeat of the LBJ administration and all the social programs that were enacted.

    This fear decision stiffen conservative opposition early and it has not let up.

    Other mistakes has been taking on unpopular issues, like Gay Rights, same sex , marriages, don’t ask, don’t tell. ~ He could have avoid that and been better off for it. But that is not Obama’s way.

    The closing of Gitmo, proved to be more difficult then first thought, ~ other nations do not want these people being the main problem.

    The number one mistake?

    ~ While stumping Outside Toledo, Ohio, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., was approached by plumber Joe Wurzelbacher, a big, bald man with a goatee who asked Obama if he believes in the American dream. The conversation was several paragraphs long, while only one sentence has been used out of context for the last four years to beat Obama up and justify fears of a his Socialist intentions.

    “Obama said, “My attitude is that if the economy’s good for folks from the bottom up, it’s gonna be good for everybody. If you’ve got a plumbing business, you’re gonna be better off if you’re gonna be better off if you’ve got a whole bunch of customers who can afford to hire you, and right now everybody’s so pinched that business is bad for everybody and I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

    ~ Will Willard WIN? ~ the popular vote will be close ~

    • DaveH

      Deer says — “The closing of Gitmo, proved to be more difficult then first thought”.
      There is nothing “difficult” about morality. One just needs to start practicing it.

      • deerinwater

        No David, life is full of irony, morality can be very difficult at times. The only thing that prevents morality from being difficult, is you not having any skin in the game.

        I had a short Jewish criminal attorney working for me once time, named Snodgrass. ~ The DA’s office was attempting to railroad me and up the ante of the legal proceeding, attempting to price me out , hoping II would cop a plea. ~ My lack of guilt was not relevant or a concern to the DA, they thought they had a victim and a case (as marginal as it might be) and was working a bluff to line the government coffers and feel justice somehow served.

        I told Snodgrass, ~ Hey look! I know this is small potatoes to you Marvin but I need some help here! He looked up at me in his $1500.00 suit and said, well they maybe small potatoes but they are your potatoes Mr. Deerinwater. I said , that’s the way I see it too. He said , cut me a blank check and i’ll do what I can.

        You got to have some skin in the game David and notions of morality and what is right gets expensive and you just might not be able to afford it.

        We can’t just open the gate and let these inmates loose on Cuban soil and no nation wants them without a heavy price attached.

        Now if you what to blame Bronco Bama for the immoral aspects of this situation left over from W’s leadership, ~ you are not half the person I thought you might be.

    • Dennis Phelps

      Fruit comes from the top of the tree not the bottom.
      When the fruit falls down from the top to the bottom.
      You eat some and you plant some.
      That way you can have your own fruit tree.
      Problem is most of the people on the bottom just eat seeds and all.
      Then they expect to have more fall just for them.

      If Obama knew the laws of prosperity, he could have approached all the needs of the people more effectively.

      His problem is he wants to climb the ladder from the top down.

      If you can’t understand this that is your problem!

      • deerinwater

        “Problem is most of the people on the bottom just eat seeds and all.
        Then they expect to have more fall just for them.”

        So we have bottom feeders that eat seeds , restricting new growth? As I understand it , the wealthy are still doing very well today and have not suffered any setback, much less any federal tax increases.

        The Tree start with with fertile soil ~ this fertile soil has been shipped overseas for greater margins by corporate and not by Obama.

        Why blame this business economical on the peoples need to eat what ever they can find to eat?

        Example; My business is doing great! ~ Why? ~ because there is so little to eat and the price of copper had exploded. Replacing and repairing a nights work of Copper thieves has puts thousands of dollars in my pocket this year. I’ve had one city block business park hit three times this year alone.

        Needless to say, this activity can not continue as long as I can or I too will be someday out of work. In each event security was reviewed by corporate and strengthened.

        This is not what I want to “eat” ~ but I eat what is there just like everybody else.

        I like you analogy , but it needs work. but ~ Higher fruit only require more investment and why I’m in the market for bucket truck.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      You need to educate yourself on how communism actually works. When you have read maybe thirty books on the subject, come back and someone may actually read your drivel. Start with Animal Farm by George Orwell.

      • deerinwater

        Well, I’ve read five or so and took world history in college ~ I enjoyed Russia history the best, ~ but thirty books on the subject ~ when so many other issue demand my attention is totally out of the question. i’ll work with what needs dictates at this point.

        • BR549

          There is nothing wrong with communism, socialism, despotism, monarchies, plutocracies, oligarchies, dictatorships, or capitalism ….. so long as the true well being of the people becomes the foremost goal. The problem comes in how we define corruption within each one of them. Once corruption squeezes in, they all suck and, especially as is the case with the US, no one is better than another.

          Sooner or later, the people on the plantation decide they’ve taken enough abuse and start putting heads on pikes.

    • alpha-lemming

      Sorry Dear…. oops I mean Deer…….
      Chairman Oba-Mao knew EXACTLY what he was inheriting. The problem was NOT the bottom falling out in ’09, but rather the groundwork laid in ’07 when the Dems retook Congress….you know.. the check writers… of which BHO was a prominent member (was he inept due to naivete and campaigning or criminal in the conspiracy??? those ARE you choices) !!! Dodd and Frank assumed Chairmen-ship of banking and housing (and supplied BHO with MAJOR kick-backs via Frannie) and rope-a-doped the problems with continuing resolutions ’til ’09. Then the REAL fun began and “the grits hit the pan” in???? yep…. banking and housing. Couple that with trillion dollar deficit spending and… well, we know the rest…. it was Bushes fault…

      • deerinwater

        “Chairman Oba-Mao knew EXACTLY what he was inheriting. ” I don’t believe he or anyone else did alpha-lemming. Mc Cain certainly didn’t. And It was the paid Historian GOP Newt Gingrich that got the kickbacks from FannyMae.

        Both of my statements are documented, ~ where as your’s statements are purely contrived speculation.

  • mark

    Dear Bob,

    Since the election has already been decided by the Bilderberg Conference, I guess there is no reason for any of us to vote tomorrow. Thanks for the info.

    Sincerely, mark

  • DaveH

    Bob says — “They are psychopaths”.
    Indeed, many (if not most) of them are:

    • deerinwater

      “Psychopaths lack a sense of remorse or empathy with others. They can be extremely charming and are experts at using talk to charm and hypnotize their prey. They are also irresponsible. Nothing is ever their fault; someone else or the world at large is always to blame for all of their problems or their mistakes. Martha Stout, in her book The Sociopath Next Door, identifies what she calls the pity ploy. Psychopaths use pity to manipulate. They convince you to give them one more chance, and to not tell anyone about what they have done. So another trait — and a very important one — is their ability to control the flow of information.”

      Sounds like half of the GOP.

      • DaveH

        Sounds like Progressives to me. They’re in both Parties.

      • Dennis Phelps

        Are you kidding? Sounds like half of the GOP
        you sound like phycodumb! With a statement like that!

      • Capitalist at Birth

        Dave H. You see a Progressive under every bed, don’t you?

      • Vicki

        deerinwater says:
        “Psychopaths lack a sense of remorse or empathy with others. They can be extremely charming and are experts at using talk to charm and hypnotize their prey. They are also irresponsible. Nothing is ever their fault; someone else or the world at large is always to blame for all of their problems or their mistakes.”

        Wow. Such an accurate description of all the liberals who to this day still blame President Bush.

        Even sounds like Obama.

      • DaveH

        Don’t know about that, Crony Capitalist, but I do see one when I look at you.

      • deerinwater

        Bush wasted 8 years ~while the rest of the developed nations moved on and a lot of loot ~ not to mention the lives of 9,700 Collation forces ~ and a countless numbers of arms, legs , eyes and skin.

        • BR549

          Do you really think Bush wasted 8 years? The man was a dolt, but with an education (on paper, anyway). Those eight years were certainly not wasted from a globalist’s perspective. They got so much mileage out of that idiot.

    • Gordon

      Narcissists at least.

  • Tom Cook

    Too paranoid. Some truth. But, I don’t buy the Bilderburg conspiracy while it is obvious that brack obama is the enemy not only of civilized society and our nation, but mankind in its entirety. He is one hundred percent pathologically self-centered and he embodies all that is wrong in man: lusting after other men, being a muslim which means he is dedicated to enslaving man, being a communist which means he believes that he and only he has any worth and at the same time being totally worthless, having less intelligence than the average man, and overall being a cowardly lying vicious racist just like his hideous mate.

    • DaveH

      You don’t buy a group of self-interested people getting together and planning to feather their own nests? You don’t buy history?

    • mark

      Thats a nice balanced view of the man, Tom. Your note is so spewing with hate and bile, I had to wipe down my computer screen after reading it. Well, hate to tell you Tom but Barack Obama is going to be our president till January 2017. Hang out your Confederate flag on election day but I doubt that it will help.

  • Gillysrooms from Australia

    I keep hearing from Mitt that he can do better because Obama has failed over last 4 years, but have your voters ever considered the probability that your country have been very lucky not to have had the same unemployment rates as are common in Europe and that the next 4 years might see much worse unemployment or more of the the same.?

    What makes Romney think or be so confident that he can improve and reduce the unemployment rate in the USA and to go against the trend everywhere else in the world?

    • DaveH

      It has nothing to do with luck, Gilly, and everything to do with Government meddling in the economy.
      Read this to learn the hows and whys:

    • B-rad


      Which voters? The legal ones or the illegal ones? Same question goes for workers. The US has a very large population of illegal immigrants. How many does Australia, Spain, Greece have? THis one factor changes your logic considerably. Not to mention how socialist these countries are. Capitalism does work, and if you have listened to Romney, he has put forth capitalistic concepts as his idea for this to work. Loosen the burden on Business to be able to create and grow jobs and in the process grow the economy.

  • Paul

    Sounds like half the readers of this column.

  • Gillysrooms from Australia

    If we consdered that Spain, France, Italy have over 25% unemployment and Greece has 50% unemployment you should conclude the Obama has done very well in such poor economic circumstances? Mitt might be able to get it up to 15% by causing a further credit squeeze and if it meant sacking all those useless government workers …. will a higher rate be a good unemployment at 15% but how will the voters react at the next elections or maybe much sooner if twice as many people become unemployed ? Will those sacked government workers follow the law themselves or will they try mount a revolution to get their jobs back by voting for the Democrats who are keeping them in jobs they dont deserve now?

    Any comments?

    • Gordon

      Gillys you have it. MOST of the left side voters are government workers and those receiving a gov check that they didn’t earn (not counting SS, etc.). Everybody wants things changed, just as long as it doesn’t affect “me”.

      • Karolyn

        Gordon: “MOST of the left side voters are government workers and those receiving a gov check that they didn’t earn” And you know this how? Care to cite your sources?

  • http://none roberta higgins

    amen to your comment. I have prayed and will continue to do so in hopes of saving our nation and perhaps even the world. Roberta , nonagenarian from Mo.

  • c t frank

    I shall vote tomorrow. I fear for the future regardless of who wins, but I have a slight preference for one candidate.on one issue. Races for other offices are also important. When I finish voting, I’ll rush home to vomit.

  • Gillysrooms from Australia

    If Mitt Romney orders the Federal Reserve to hold back and stop pumping liquidity into your economy and if Mitt Stops the Food Stamp program to help feed the rising enemployment as more businesses fail and more of the middle classes lose the investments and savings in the failed businesses…do you think all the extra unemployed government workers will just take it without a fight because they are law abiding citizens or do you think they might attempt a revolution so that the Democrats might get back in to re-empoly them again in their useless overpaid jobs?

    • The Christian American

      An unemployed government worker means the people that paid his salary have their overhead reduced. What’s wrong with that?

      • Gillysrooms from Australia

        i’m not saying there is anything wrong with that at all. but I am posing the question of who is going the feed them and their families and will the government be able to control and suppress their anger at losing their cushy jobs if there are another 1,000,000 of them grouping together to to form revolutionary groups just like when crims get sent to jail they spend a lot of time thinking of how they going to pay back anyone that cost them their liberty when they get out?

        Lets face it who will want to employ any overpaid and generally lazy smart a…. government worker once they get dismissed unless they can be used by private industry as lobbyists or getting government contracts because of the people they know in the departments?
        If they have no further value …then they will surley starve unless they can start a lobby business or other useful activity….but in meantime their own family lives are going to suffer…house and car payments may go into arrears…children moved to public schools etc unless they are single and renting apartments in which case they may need to move downtown to cheaper rented premises or their landlords will need to renegotiate lower rents amd their bank lenders may decide to foreclose etc this will of course create buying opportunities by people with money to buy foreclosed homes like Bain Capital….. so i agree lots of good business opportuntities will follow reducing the numbers of government workers …but you must see some security risks increase in the transision period during a Republican administration if they do all the things they have promised to do from day one.

      • DaveH

        You could make that argument about putting any thief in jail, Gilly. But most people are smart enough to know that ignoring them will be worse.
        The longer we practice Socialism, the further our economy will decline (in real terms), and eventually, as in Greece, the Grim Reaper will come for his due. There is never any better time to start improving things than right now.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Get a grip. Your thoughts and ideas are pure fantasy and not based on any economic law other that of atheory of a man who later denounced hi own ideas. Keynes. If the liquidity is not stopped soon the bursting of the bubble will make the mortgage bubble bust look like child’s play. Like it or not this liquidity bubble will burst and there is nothing anybody can do about it except to slow it down.

  • The Christian American

    This election is to decide who’s going to replace God in America, at least that’s what the candidates and people think. Our votes in the legislature have given that body of s— the power to give the executive the power to play God, and the two candidates know it. What wattage bulb can I have? What foods can I eat? What school can my children attend? They’re going down different roads to the same location. Romney was rejected the last time but today he’s Gods gift to America. Obama crawled out from under a rock and charmed America the same as a snake charming a mouse. Both sides are looking for security from their man and have shown their lack of responsibility for jobs that are their’s. Repentance to God and kicking out the residents in the District of Criminals is the only answer to save America.

  • Gillysrooms from Australia

    How many Christians are left in America?

    • Gordon

      True Christians? Those who believe that Jesus The Christ is actually God the Creator (the definition of Chrisitianity, big C)?? Those that Jesus Himself said, “My sheep hear My voice and they follow ME”? Those that Jesus Himself said, “those that do MY will”?…..

      oh Gilly, I’d say, “Pretty damn few” and you may quote me.

      • Gordon

        The honesty, integrity, and honor of the American culture in general is …… a JOKE.

      • DaveH

        Yep. As noted by one of Gilly’s countrymen, we have become a Society of Criminals:

    • B-rad

      How many illegal immigrants are in Australia?

      • deerinwater

        Considering it is a large island completely surround by deep water that is load with the most death things that swim in the sea, ~ I’d say off hand , not too many. Am I right?

        58,000 illegal immigrants in Australia have arrived by plane

  • pia

    The United States is the world’ oldes democracy. some people say that the USA is not just a geographical country but a living idea, an idea of freedom, as a beacon on a hill tha inspires and draws people of diverse backgrounds and cultures to follow… but this idea, this shining light is fragile and must be nurtured and preserved because it is just an idea… 2008 Enter Obama the leader of the “Free World”. Obama is not a bad man he is a misguided by his idea of governance by a socialistic philosophy. Socialism is also an idea an idea that history has proven time and time again that socialism ends in poverty, chaos and destruction. The fact is that Socialism always diminishes freedom and free enterprise the hallmark of a free society. We as a free people have a choice, our freedom is under attack, the idea of the USA is under attack, and the beacon of light has been dimmed. ROMNEY and RYAN will repair and restore the American idea, the beacon of fredom.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      The United States is not a Democracy. Our form of Government is a Constitutional Republic. Where were you educate, France? You should suit them for mis-informing you.

  • Clint Holey

    Another good article Mr. Livingston. The grand illusion of choice once again has many unwitting participants expending time, energy, and finances. The (S)ophisticated (S)ociopaths have muddied the minds and intertwined all facets of society throughout the world to form an interdependent system. Every angle of reproach that threatens their system is either marginalized or squashed. Their profound understanding of humans allows them to steer the majority every which way they please. Thats why; Democracy=Hypocrisy and consensus is for fools. Our only real hope on earth derives from above. When humanity starts to manipulate the DNA structure of living organisms, it’s only a matter of time before the living universe will cleanse itself pure AGAIN.


    Little John:
    Just a short one. I believe that this country started a down fall when they (the government) took Prayer and the Flag out of the schools.

    • Gordon

      When ya really think about it…….

      When women got to vote is when the MEN abdicated their authority as men in families and business

      and things went to [expletive deleted] soon after.

      • Karolyn

        if women ran the world, it would be in much better shape. Where do you see evil, savage women raping and pillaging their own people? Who starts wars? Who controls the wealth?

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Started much sooner than that. (1860) Then they gradually pile it on Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, F.D.R., Truman, Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43, and now the worst in history: Obama.

  • http://Yahoo Peter Barney

    List of Obama’s accomplishments: 1. Federal debt has increased by 43% from $10.6 trillion to $15 trillion dollars. 2. Americans living in poverty have increased by 16% from 39.8 million to 46.2 million people. 3. Total unemployment (U6) has increased by 68% from 13.7 million to 23 million. 4. Price of gasoline has doubled from $1.86/ gal to $3.75/ gallon. 5. Americans on food stamps have increased 45% from 31.8 million to 45.2 million people. 6. Home foreclosures per year have increased by 34% from 850,000 to 1,140,000. 7. Total bankruptcy filings per year has increased to 42% from 1,117,641 to 1,593,081. 8. Median household incomes have declined by 4%. 9. Average selling price of new homes has declined by 10%. 10. US dollar compared to foreign currencies has declined by 8.7% [ US dollar index of 85.9 in Jan. 2009 to 78.5 in Dec. 2011]. 11. US dollar compared to gold has declined 105% [ $855/ounce to $1750/ounce]. the Obama Regime debt is now $50,038 per person!! .. That is $20,000 higher than when Obama took office!!

    • Gillysrooms from Australia

      WOW a lot of broken records in that list.

  • http://none David Sanders

    It bewilders me that the people here consider that the intelligencia will be the ones supporting Obama. Do they not realize that every action Obama has made for the past 3 plus years has been a minus for our country. Someone please awaken them so they can see for themselves the approaching tragedy! Dave Sanders

    • DaveH

      Flashman is not “people”.

      • Flashy

        DaveH….considering you received an “a” for a philosophy course which you never read any of the Greats of Philosophy, …. you claiming to be a member if the Intellectual class/ ‘Cause it sure as heck ain’t a member of the higher level educated …

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Hopefully, you and they will be proven right. I only Hope that Romney does not move to the left. I would hope that he appoints Ron Paul Secretary of the Treasury, Newt Gingrich Secretary of Defense, John Bolton Secretary of State. No moderates allowed. If he does not appoint people like them it will be another sad day in America.

    • DaveH

      CC says — “I only Hope that Romney does not move to the left”.
      You mean there’s something Left of Romney?

  • http://thisone hangman

    People say there is no difference between obama and Romney. I see many. Obama is anti-America, a socialist, marksist. communist, muslim. gay. a traitor, anti christian, and no respect for himself or the people that he should be serving. He cannot even be trusted as a dogcatcher, as he would probably eat the ‘captives’. He certainly cannot be trusted with our money, military secrets, and seems to feel that gunnrunning are the norm. Also , that the muslim brotherhood have a right to unlimited ammounts of our money.
    Romney is a God fearing Christian, respects our country, flag, and constitution. Unlike Obama, he is intelligent, has bussiness savy, has morals, and has a wife that would not embarass the U.S. with her apperiance. (Ann will do us proud.)

    • Vicki

      I predict that IF Romney wins and actually takes the oath of office in Jan 2013 that he will

      NOT work to repeal Obamacare
      NOT work to repeal the Patriot Act (in any or all of its forms)
      NOT work to repeal NDAA2012
      NOT repeal any of the executive orders that give him lots of unconstitutional power.

      His religion does not matter if he is not going to support the Supreme Law of this Land.
      (Presumes that the Constitution really is and not some corporate bylaws as some folk on this board tell us about)

    • DaveH

      Romney has morals?
      The question is — How much more flip-flopping does he need to do before he decides what they are?

  • http://google redbull

    Anything from governmenmore traffic, more vehicle deaths to humans and t costs 3 times more than GMO estimates, never is cost effective or makes society better As for the socialist democrats whining about rebuilding our infra stucture, it now costs 52 cents out of every dollar to meet all the BS requirements, book trained, degreed idoits supposedly EPA requirements. Will a safer highway harm turtles and all wildlife, yes higher traffic human deaths avoiding animals, and a bumper thinning of wilf animals. It used to take 1 1/2 years ferom planning to project starting, now it takes 8-11 years, after passing paper between agencies for signatures and endless hearings. If this jug eared, clown in the WH who has always been a lap rat, living on some else’s dollar, not his ability to earn a honest wage, or should both him and his wif. ,

  • timothywilliamson

    would you take a moment to read this please?

    ****This is addressed to OBAMA and ROMNEY supporters****

    Over the past 24 to 48 hours there has been in increase in violent language and threats from the right and the left toward supporters of either side in this election. We need to counsel and pray for civility, calm and restraint so that this does not turn violent after the election – regardless of the outcome. Democracy works! The Constitution of our great country is sound and secure.

    We firmly believe in the process of the election and that no matter who wins, the system works. But some on both sides are promoting violence. The trash talking from both sides adds fuel to a fire we may not be able to stop if allowed to continue. Freedom of speech is one thing all of us value, but to incite violence is wrong on moral and legal grounds.

    Would you be willing to join with us in issuing a statement of calm and peace and restraint regardless of the outcome? Will you stand for and pray for calm and peace and civility? Will you too promote restraint and reason?

    We do not hate either candidate. We do not want nor encourage violence. We just differ in our political views. We believe in America. We believe in the people and the communities of this country, from sea to sea and from north to south. We are a great and indomitable people of all races, national origins, beliefs and creeds.

    America is a great nation, and will continue to be great after the election.

    We are not a lawless nation. We are a people of strong emotions, but reason and the rule of law and the processes established by our constitution are also important to us. If Romney wins, then the process works as defined. If Obama wins, the process works as defined.

    Know this…If Gov. Romney is elected President, then he should get the respect and recognition as such from the left. If Pres. Obama is re-elected, then we should expect the same from the right. This is America, not some third world country. We may not like the politics of the particular candidate, but, he will have been duly elected according to the constitution.

    Join with us in telling all our friends and family members and other associates to calm down, and be proud to be an American.

    Join us in praying for calm, peace, civility, restraint.

    Join us in praying for our next president – regardless of who wins after the election.

    Join us in praying for the prosperity and success of these United States of America.


    Add your name to our list today.

    Tim Williamson, Obama Supporter, Alabama
    Tom Woodard, Romney Supporter, Alabama & Tennessee
    Hernandez Stroud, Obama supporter
    Curtis Rider, Obama supporter
    James Bromley, Romney supporter
    Paul Hughes, Romney supporter, Alabama
    Patrick Branch, Romney supporter, and GOP of West Alabama.

    Would you add your name to this list too?

    • cello player

      Very well said. suggesting violence is in my view irresposible

      • timothywilliamson


  • http://google redbull

    Another lie of the maddrass educated,marxist loving/socislist, and the socialist/communist democrats blab on about is the job creations. First of all the {jobs) are mostly increase of paper chasing overpaid non producing vacum lipped gronies, and lots of termpories part time minium wage eaners. What a great stat to crow about! One area that is never mentioned is the high cost of food, from growing, processing and delivery. Omoron hates anything carbon based, claim we can operate off of the electric grid, we see how well the stackks of taxpayers’ money wasted on his boot lickers, Oidoit claims he loves LPG but he stopped over 600 gas wells being drilled in southern Wyo., just another lie from his lips. Another lie of these uneducated beltway morons, is that freight fleets can can run on LPG all across the USA, as long as it is in the very south, freezing temps and straight water don;t work to well together when it starts freezing. Every tried to correct our beltway elected shulbs, or a book trained,degreed, unelected agency idoit where they are spouting BS and theorizing waste doesn’t work in the real world.

  • Fred

    I agree about more status quo and the facade of choosing sides but, being in the petroleum business, I can assure you that a Romney win will start U.S. domestic energy capital flowing again immediately simply on the news of election results and the resulting jobs and economic boost will be evident.
    I would have liked to have voted for Gary Johnson but felt truly stuck once again having to choose the slightly lesser of two evils.

    • Vicki

      And voting for the lessor of 2 evils will get you EVIL every time.

      Perhaps a new strategy. Vote Principle. Vote

  • http://PLD FRENCHIE


  • Kinetic1

    Are you really quoting Dick Morris? Do you truly expect us to accept the predictions of the nations worst political pundit? Look at this man’s record:
    2002 – Morris said that President Bush’s approval rating would remain in the 80s so long as we were fighting overseas. Of course his numbers fell to the low 50s by 2004.
    2004 – Bush’s foreign policy was going to bring Iran and North Korea to their knees. Need I say more?
    2005 – Dick’s book “Condi vs Hillary, the next great presidential race” hits the stands, but Condi never even considers entering the race.
    2008 – Despite polls showing a 10 point lead for McCain, Morris holds that Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, and West Virginia were all toss up states leaning towards Obama. All four go to McCain by 12 to 20 points.
    2010 – Republicans will take as many as 80 seats in the house. He later ups the ante and predicts as many as 100! Final total, 63.
    2010 – Republicans will shut down the government over some unnamed issue, and as a result will win their way. Reality; Republicans never go through with a shut down, instead choosing to cave to the President.
    2012 – Back in July, Morris claimed to have the “real polls”, though he “can’t name” them. They have Romney winning 228 electoral votes and he feels Romney will also win Ohio, Florida and Virginia for 288 electoral votes. Iowa, New Mexico, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and maybe New Jersey for a total of 351. Well, it’s 359 if you know how to count, but maybe he has a different electoral college?

    Bottom line, this man is a joke. It should be fun ticking off Morris’ errors tomorrow night. Those of you who are into self medication for depression may want to take a drink for every point he’s off.

    • Larry King

      I have to agree with you about Morris he is the biggest joke fox news ever hired. He made one call in his life when with Clinton that got Clinton re-elected which was Clinton signing the welfare bill at the time. Other than that he is nothing more than a political opinion hustler who should be selling used cars for a living.

    • Kinetic1

      HEY KIDS! It’s time to play “Dick Click” where we tick of the projections of Dick “King of Wrong Mountain” Morris. when we left him, Dick was projecting that Romney would winn all the states that McCain won (duh) and add Ohio, Florida and Virginia. He also felt strongly that Romney would take Iowa, New Mexico, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and maybe New Jersey. So, how’s he doin’?
      McCain states – Good call Prof. obvious!
      Ohio – looking good for Obama, not for Dick.
      Florida – Better than Ohio at this point.
      Virginia – Hey, this could be a clean sweep!
      Iowa – Whoops!
      New Mexico – Oh no!
      Michigan – Wrong again.
      Minnesota – Ooof da!
      Pennsylvania – Soooo close (not really, but I don’t want to hurt Dick’s feelings too bad.)
      New Jersey – Well, he did say maybe.

      I guess we won’t know for certain until tomorrow, but it appears that Dick will retain his title as “KING OF WRONG MOUNTAIN”!

      • Michael J.

        Kinetic Gloating 1,
        Reality can be cruel, in a nation where fool’s rule.

      • Michael J.

        Kinetic Gloating 1,
        I hope you’ll consider jumping from the peak of “Wrong Mountain” with [comment has been edited] in your hand.

      • Kinetic1

        Sorry Michael J., but when you’re foolish enough to go that far out on a limb you can’t expect people to feel sorry for you when you fall.
        Bob chose to site the projections of Morris, Root and Rove. He even lauded them with praise. “They are number crunchers. They know what they’re talking about.” (did you see Carl’s face wen Fox called Ohio for Obama? Even Gretchen Carlson couldn’t believe his attempts to deny the facts!) These men encourage such adulation by presenting themselves as “experts” whose’ years of experience can be counted on. They make wild, unreasonable claims, and then they act as if the results were some sort of unexplainable act of God. To Morris’ credit, he at least admitted that he had mud on his face, but he then resorted to flailing about with the same old excuses meant to “explain” why he was soooo wrong.

        I admit that my reaction was a bit childish, but the facts were there from the beginning. Anyone with any political sense knew that the Hispanic vote was of growing importance and that the Republican party was doing little to sway them. Everyone knew that Romney was a weak candidate with a history of pandering. We all saw the trouble he caused himself with the auto industry. It wasn’t a certainty that either man would win, but THEY were certain. So when these men (and their supporters) put themselves on such high pedestals only to fall flat on their faces, can you really blame me for calling them out?

  • Liberterian

    Well spoken, Bob Livingston, could not be plainer, the sharks wade in the pool, and consume all the prey, everything and anything which might stray into their path. The constitution stands between all the beauracrats and their commands. For how long who knows.

  • cello player

    Of course if you already predict maybe riots and such things there will eventually happen. Nothing like stirring up the pot. I find it irresponsible journalism. Unfortunately a lot of the US is now in crisis mode and being whipped up. Most of the news media is constantly telling people about bad things and predicting doom and gloom. It makes for good news. I find it fascinating when i watch people having their breakfast in hotels in the morning all glued to watching either Fox or CNN and absorbing one crisis after another, fabricated in large part by the media people. I prefer to go for a walk and enjoy life. You have been predicting disaster for years now. We are still here in spite of your forebodings. Get a life.

    • Karolyn

      AMEN!! I have been posting here for a couple of years, and don’t believe I have ever seen a good news story! Bad news sells!

  • hangman

    It is sad how quickly people forget. Before the muslim came in, we had a MERRY CHRISTMAS, not a happy holidays. We had ‘In God We Trust on our money,” now the marksists wanrs to remove that. We had traditional marriage, now the homo wants everyone to marry one of their own sex. We had peace through power, now the weasel remains on his knees, disgracing America. We had medicare and social security. which Obumbo has robbed. Forty seven percent are on welfare. Blacks are allowed to riot, while Obama encourages them, ‘Cause the thug could have been my son’. Moosechelle spending millions on her world wide trips, because it is ‘free money’. She is not the president, nor were those trips for national purposes. Obama refuses to respect our flag, wlile desecrating it with a bastardized version of his own making. He is a gun runner, in mexico and in Lybia. a murderer, and a traitor. Opens the borderrs so drug cartels and wetbacks can stream on in. Sues Arizona for being sovern. AND BUYS VOTE WITH FALSE PROMISES AN BY GIVING AWAY oBAMA-PHONES.


    • Vicki

      They voted for Nancy (we have to pass this bill so YOU can find out what is in it) Pelosi. Even after she made the above statement. Are you at all surprized that they don’t bother with thought?

    • Kinetic1

      “It is sad how quickly people forget. Before the muslim came in, we had a MERRY CHRISTMAS, not a happy holidays. ”
      No, in realty the Bush Administration sent out cards with the message “Best Wishes for the Holiday Season”. Yes, there was a bit of scripture on the card, but this was the beginning of the “non-Christmas” Christmas cards. News reports of major retailers instructing their employees to say “Happy Holidays” came as early as 2004. It’s hard for those of us who grew up in a “Merry Christmas” world, but the religious landscape in the U.S. is changing. This doesn’t mean you and I have to stop saying what we want, but we can’t expect our political leaders to ignore reality. After all, this is THE nation of religious freedom.

      As for our money, The president has never said anything about removing “In God We Trust” from our money. This was an issue with the early Presidential Dollar Coins of the 2000s, but that was resolved before Obama was elected.

      “We had traditional marriage, now the homo wants everyone to marry one of their own sex. We had peace through power, now the weasel remains on his knees, disgracing America. We had medicare and social security. which Obumbo has robbed”
      Ending “don’t ask, don’t tell” and supporting legislation that prevents the federal government from denying same-sex couples the same protections received by their straight counterparts is not the same as wanting “everyone to marry one of their own sex.” What it is is promoting policies that the majority of Americans support. And what is this about his being on his knees? Taking out Bin Laden is weak? The serge in Afghanistan was weak? Just because Romney paints a picture of our military as weak does not mean it is so. The last thing Obama wants is the sequester, so if you’re worried about the military being cut, talk to the Republicans in Congress.

      Oh I could go on and on with your list, but it’s a waste of time. Most everything on your list is easily debunked propaganda from right wing talking heads. Instead of telling me what is so wrong with the President, why not tell me what’s so good about Romney?

    • Karolyn

      Oh, puhlease! blame Obama for EVERYTHING, why don’t you! ‘Happy Holidays’ started way before Obama. Where have you been?

  • Vicki

    Youtube wants Obama. Their home page has a big ad at the top. (Paid ad so maybe they just had more money to spend then Romney :) )

  • alpha-lemming

    Another consequence not mentioned in the article, and the one I’m most fearful of…
    I feel a BHO razor-thin victory can almost guarantee the nationaliztion of the debt racked up in all the Socialist utopias of California, New York, Massachusetts etal.. Once again, the responsible will have to foot the bill for the frivolous.

    • Kinetic1

      So what state are you from? My guess would be one of the red states that depends on Federal funds well above what your state puts in. “the Socialist utopias of California, New York, Massachusetts”, all states that pay out more than they receive. These are the states that allow rural states to pay their bills. Imagine how much better off California might be if they weren’t paying for Tennessee and Arkansas. And isn’t it funny that these states have Republican representatives? They pontificate and bluster, give speeches about wasteful Federal spending and point at the fiscal troubles in states like California. Then they direct all these federal dollars to their home states. Hypocrites, every one.

      • chuckb

        kenetic1, you better check out your info a little better, california is dominated by liberal democrats and have been for decades, even when they elect a republican governor the state legislature (majority liberal democrats) shut him down and he becomes powerless.
        the electorate is heavily democratic. california is a socialist state and has a large illegal vote.

      • Kinetic1

        Sorry if I wasn’t clear, but I was talking about the red states that live off of the Federal tax revenues from California, New York, etc. Republicans from the midwest and south pay a lot of lip service to stopping wasteful Federal spending, but have no issue with spending more than their own state pays in.

  • RevNowWhileWeCan

    Via Ben Swann:
    “I have been asked by so many people: Is a vote for Gary Johnson or writing in Ron Paul just a vote for Obama? Here is my response to them and you…

    I think the claim that voting for an alternative candidate, ie. libertarian, green party or writing in a candidate like Ron Paul is actually a vote for Obama is simply not true. A vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Gary Johnson, a vote for Jill Stein is a vote for Jill Stein, a vote Ron Paul is a vote for Ron Paul. Voting isn’t about picking the winner.. it is about casting a vote for the person you believe is the best to lead our nation. To say otherwise simply means that you believe that a vote AGAINST a candidate is more legitimate than a vote FOR a candidate. Welcome to Upside down town.”

  • Munnster

    The first thing we need to do is get Obama out of office. If he is elected again, we will have a total police state in a year or two, mark my word. As I have stated on this website before, I do not think Romney is an ideal candidate, far from it. However, he does not HATE the United States as Obama does. Also, a vote for Paul or whomever, IS a vote from Obama. We need to get Romney elected first and then put his feet to the fire. That is our ONLY chance. Otherwise, we are done.

    • Vicki

      Why is a total police state in 3-4 years better than a total police state in 1-2 years?

      Vote freedom.
      Vote liberty
      Vote (actual) justice
      Vote to support the Constitution of the United States of America


    • millie

      sounds like a good plan and that is what I will do, vote for Romney

  • Linda from NYC

    Romney will win, most Americans do not want 4 mores of obama’s failed polices. What Ameicans want most of all are jobs. The sad truth is no matter who wins the economy is hanging by a thread and it could crash, I pray that it won’t happen, this is what the elites been working for many years and now they may get. That is when the NWO begins and it will lead to a global monetary system.

  • James Corbin

    I think before people go to the polls tomorrow, they should go on Google, type in Obama’s 50 lies and pay close attention to number 7 and number 11.

    • millie

      I already know obama is a liar, he has told over 50 lies since 2008 to now

    • Kinetic1

      Read it, investigated and found that this list is mostly the same old lies and innuendo that the right has been painting Obama with since day 1. If the facts are of no interest to you, so be it, but don’t expect the rest of us to buy into all of this.

      • Vicki

        We notice that Kinetic1 offers no evidence to support his “proof by bald assertion”. At least James gave us a useful search term.

      • Kinetic1

        Sorry Vicki, but a list of “Obama’s 50 lies” that turns out to be more like 45 lies about Obama would require so many links that it’s just not worth my time. Besides, so many of these were debunked years ago, and if you still buy into them then no proof is going to change your mind.

        Since we were called to “pay close attention to number 7 and number 11″ I’ll address those two.
        “7) I Never Practiced Islam – WRONG!
        You practiced it daily at school, where you were registered as a Muslim and kept that faith for 31 years,until your wife made you change, so you could run for office.”

        Obama was baptized into the United Church of Christ 1988 at the age of 27. He only spent about 4 years in Indonesia, and during that time he spent at least 2 years in the Roman Catholic “St. Francis Assisi School” where he was registered as a Muslim (since his step father was official a Muslim) but attended Catholic services twice a day. The rest of the time he attended a public school which might be called Muslim since most of the students were Muslim, and they did spend an hour or so each day studying the koran, but it was not a Madrasah. By 1971 he was living with his Grand Parents, members of the East Shore Unitarian Church. Do the math and it would have been very difficult to be a practicing Muslim for 31 years, unless you subscribe to the “secret Muslim” conspiracy.

        11) I Am Stronger On Foreign Affairs – WRONG!
        Except for Africa (surprise) and the Middle East (bigger surprise), you have never been anywhere else on the planet and thus have NO experience with our closest allies. You seek to disarm America while our avowed enemy, Iran, will not subject itself to a nuclear ban. Top Hamas political adviser Ahmed Yousef said the Hamas terrorist group ‘supports Obama’s foreign policy vision’.

        “Barrack Obama has lived in, traveled to, or otherwise spent time in countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, including Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Israel, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, the Palestinian territories, Afghanistan, Chad, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa, as well as serving on the Senate Foreign Relations committee. Whether his experiences make him “Stronger On Foreign Affairs” is argumentative, but again, people other than Obama have suggested it might;”
        Among the “others” would be Zibigniew Brzezinski, a man who knows a little about foreign relations.

        Now, long after this was originally written, we have seen a few samples of Gov. Romney’s skills in foreign affairs. He traveled to and offended leaders and citizens in England, Israel and Palestine. He failed foreign affairs so badly in the debate that the American Conservative wrote;
        “Romney has no foreign policy experience, and tonight everyone clearly saw that. He is superficially conversant with foreign policy issues, but hasn’t taken the time to learn enough about them to speak about them effectively or persuasively. Romney’s bad judgment and his lack of preparation on this front were on display, and it has probably become clear to a much wider audience that Romney lacks important qualifications for the Presidency.”

        So there are a few of the links you wanted. I could go on and on picking apart this list, but why bother?

  • James Corbin

    Obama, has put us in debt more than all the presidents——Think!!!! and it isn’t getting any better—–we need change. Obama had his chance and failed—-time to move on with Mitt Romney. People say about his faith—Obama is a muslim. They talk about Romoney’s money, so what?? The Kennedy’s had money.

    • Kinetic1

      When Obama took office, Jan. 20, 2009, the public debt stood at $6.307 trillion; gross federal debt stood at $10.627 trillion. Today it stands at $11,394 trillion and $16,206 trillion. In neither case does the increase exceed the total of all other Presidents. This also ignores the fact that the first budget was not his, so the real total of debt incurred by his administration is actually about a trillion dollars less.

      The Obama Administration also made changes to more accurately report the total spending. Changes that the Bush administration avoided.
      1) Accounting for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (“overseas military contingencies”) in the budget rather than through the use of supplemental appropriations;

      2) Assuming the Alternative Minimum Tax will be indexed for inflation;

      3) Accounting for the full costs of Medicare reimbursements;

      $) Anticipating the inevitable expenditures for natural disaster relief.

      According to administration officials, these changes will make the debt over ten years look $2.7 trillion larger than it would otherwise appear.

      Let’s also look at debt to GDP increases.
      Reagan averaged a 10.3% increase (11.3% & 9.3%)
      Bush 1 – 13.0%
      Clinton – averaged a 4.85% decrese (-.07% & -9%)
      Bush 2 – averaged a 12.6% increase (7.1% & 18.2%)
      Obama (to date) about 11%

      Hmm, down from 18.2% and about the same as Reagans’ first term. Not good, but on the right path.

  • James Corbin

    I don’t think Obama was thrown under the bus——-he wants his chance to throw us under the bus!!!! You better wake up. How do you think Obama got elected? Nobody knew anything about him and we don’t to this day. All the other presidents, we knew everything about them—-but this one is a mystery and the funny thing is nobody can or is allowed to find out. Everything is covered up!!!!!!!

  • Larry King

    Red Bull you sound absolutely stupid and sadly sound like a redneck hillbilly. It is obvious you believe all that email garbage that is going round. Did you or any one ever ask your self why none of there attacks against Romney are not in junk e mail.Let me help you out redbull the next time you get some political e mail before you buy into it go to to verify it.

  • Jim Moore

    Right on target. With this article. No matter who wins, we are in real trouble. I voted early for Mitt Romney as I think he has a much better chance of success than the failed socialist ideas. You are right about so many bureaucrats who buy into the idea of socialism. We must somehow stop that train.

  • Dave

    I hope Romney wins; i truly do. But one thing i’ve learned by viewing the American political landscape; is NEVER; NEVER; underestimate the absolute stupidity of the average American voter. Stupid; politically naive; and easily led is a poor combination for anyone. Next time anyone here on this board decides to visit your local Wal-Mart; take a hard look around you. Do you see a group individually; or collectively that are nation builders; or pretty useless drones? Be honest. Uh – huh.

  • Sandy Oden

    I agree with “Independent Thinker”. There IS a distinct difference between Obama and Romney. I’m voting for Romney now and teaching citizens about a third party later. I learned about the dangers of a two party system when I was in 8th grade and the common thought was people who believed that were just “making trouble”. I think Obama’s presidency has given us “rebels” a chance to open eyes. By the way, I’m 60 now.

    • deerinwater

      If you are blaming today’s problems all on one man or one party , your eyes still are still not open wide.

      If you want to teach about a third party, now is the time to start and not when you think you might find it easy to do.

      Where your conviction? It seems that you don’t really have one. Ok, ~ you can talk the talk, tomorrow it’s time to walk the walk.

  • FreeGeezer

    Of course it will look the same because the incompetent interloper will be in power, but there will be a much brighter horizon! We have to make sure he doesn’t issue any Executive Orders or circumvent the Constitution for any reason.

    • FreeGeezer

      That should be “the incompetent interloper will stiil be in power.

  • Karolyn

    This got posted in the wrong place:
    Gee. I guess another prediction has fallen by the wayside – “The election will not even be held.” and “Obama will declare marshall law.”

    • Fred

      Mam ,”marshall law” is fun. Martial law means scary business.

  • CompasionateOne

    No matter who wins, God has not and WILL not fall off His throne!

  • Eric Jones (@EricJonesson19)

    Mr livingston i was with you right up untill the end of your article. the right/left sectrem between the two parties IS a crock. the republicans HAVE abandend the idea of small-goverment. the democrats HAVE abandend peace. this countrey IS headed for FASCISM. but then you started hermen cain ” the goverment is full of commies ” line. i shall say to you what i would have loved to say to him. [expletive deleted] that is just something he said to scare the klan and ther ilk and frankly i am suprised someone as smart as you would give it a second thought but i diegress. the point i am making is you contradicted yourself. you can not say the goverment is headed for fascism ( which it is ) then turn around and say it,s run by socialists ( which it is not trust me i know ) because despite what the elite backed historical revisionists would tell you there is a DIFFERENCE. aside from that a fine piece sir.

  • Jayson

    Mexican Drug Cartels vs. Mitt Romney’s Mormon Family.

  • JON

    OBAMA WON!!!!!!!
    OBAMA WON!!!!!!!
    OBAMA WON!!!!!!!
    OBAMA WON!!!!!!!
    OBAMA WON!!!!!!!
    OBAMA WON!!!!!!!
    OBAMA WON!!!!!!!
    OBAMA WON!!!!!!!

  • Katrael

    Looks to me like the “elite” didn’t throw Obama under the bus. Hindsight…isn’t it wonderful.

  • jopa

    The “elite” may have thrown him under the bus and that is why he stands up for middle class Americans.Sure is funny to go back and read the first couple of paragraphs in this article proclaiming how smart they are.LOLTime for them to buy a new Chrystal Ball.Or was that a Chrystal Ben?

  • Hazel seamans

    I new this so cal president was bad long time ago(4years). haze

  • James Buchanan

    Don’t believe in fortune tellers! NOBODY knows the future. Predictions are just guesses. Obama is our president for four more years… it or not. Time to act like adults and try to help America instead of bringing her down by infighting. If and when America falls it won’t matter one i-o-da who you voted for. Maybe then we’ll all be on the same side.


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