When The Sun Rises Wednesday


I am not in the prediction business, but those who are in the business are predicting a Mitt Romney victory tomorrow. Right-wing pundits Dick Morris and Karl Rove both predict a Romney victory, with Morris saying it will be a landslide. They are number crunchers. They know what they’re talking about. Our own Wayne Allyn Root predicted a Romney landslide as well.

This much is sure: Both camps know where they stand. Their internal polling is providing data necessary to determine how the election will likely play out. Both candidates will continue the charade today and tomorrow. They’ll continue to campaign. It’s what politicians do. They are psychopaths.

George H.W. Bush and Bob Dole knew for days they would not beat Bill Clinton. Ditto John Kerry against George W. Bush. Yet they continued to lie and claim to supporters they had a chance. The media knew as well, but reporting it was out of the question. Cliff-hanger races make for good ratings. They also reinforce the left/right paradigm.

I have believed for several weeks that the race was Romney’s. It was decided in June at the Bilderberg conference. Even while President Barack Obama was polling ahead of Romney, it appeared to me that Obama had been thrown under the bus by the world’s elite. His policies, though approved by the elites, had become too toxic. Obama had overreached. He had moved too quickly. So the policies he advocated on their behalf were being rejected by most Americans.

Regardless of which man wins, the landscape on Wednesday morning will look much the same as it does today. We will be facing a fiscal cliff of tax increases. We are approaching the debt limit — again. Obama has not put forth a plan to deal with these two events. Neither has Congress, which preferred campaigning to governing.

As they both strike before Obama departs the White House on Jan. 21, they are Obama’s and Congress’ to deal with. There is no more road for kicking the can. It has dead ended. It will be done by a lame-duck Congress, unfettered by re-election concerns. This is not good news.

The Federal Reserve is printing money to infinity. The prices of gold and silver are being manipulated in order to hide the fact that there is not enough real money to cover the fake money in circulation. These facts will not be changed by the election.

The National Defense Authorization Act will remain in force. Both men agree on that. Likewise, indefinite detentions and predator drone strikes on U.S. citizens in other countries — and perhaps here.

There are some concerns about what Wednesday morning will look like. Many of those on the right believe that Obama will not willingly relinquish power. They point to myriad executive orders and the growing police state under his regime. They fear some kind of catastrophe will be used to usher in martial law. Remember that many on the left thought the same of Bush in 2008.

The calls for riots and the assassination of Romney if Obama is defeated are troubling. If the election is close, riots become likely. They are not unprecedented. In a society where people riot, burn and loot when their sports team wins a championship, is the idea of riots over election results far-fetched? Or perhaps sports championships are more important to the masses than elections. I guess we’ll soon see.

Hardships and frustration created by the storm Sandy have left many people feeling helpless, hungry and possibly disenfranchised — particularly if power outages or other obstacles hinder their ability to vote and Obama loses a State he might otherwise have won. There was unrest in New York and New Jersey over shortages of food, water and fuel late last week. If those areas don’t get satisfactory relief, it will get worse.

Ohio is shaping up to be a nightmare. Some are predicting that as many as 250,000 provisional ballots may be cast in that State as a result of changes to the absentee ballot process. If that’s the case, it may be two weeks before a winner is known. It could devolve into a Bush/Al Gore scenario.

There has been a lot of vitriol surrounding this election. The left/right paradigm has been used by the elites to full effect, with both “sides” claiming the election of the other will ruin the country. Never mind that the country has already been ruined through fiat money printing to infinity, the suspension of the rule of law and habeas corpus, and the shredding of the Constitution.

Both “sides” were complicit. With few exceptions, Republicans and Democrats supported the USA Patriot Act and NDAA. Changing horses has not halted the march to fascism. It will not this time, either.

Republicans — supposedly the party of small government — enabled Bush in his push toward “compassionate conservatism,” which was fascism under a nice label. Small-government Republicans went silent.

Democrats — supposedly the anti-war party — enabled first Bush then Obama to spread the war throughout the Mideast under the name of “War on Terror.” Anti-war Democrats have gone silent.

Obama claims authority to attack other countries (Libya, Syria, Iran) with impunity if/when he feels the time is right. Congress feigns outrage, but does nothing to stop it.

The Supreme Court ruled Obamacare Constitutional, upholding it as a tax. But bills for raising revenue must originate in the House of Representatives, which Obamacare did not.

The U.S. Constitution, if not dead, is on life support. Tomorrow’s election will not change that. Government will continue to be staffed by the closet socialists who talk in terms familiar to us — and comfortable.

These terms include “liquidity,” “monetary easing” and “stimulus” — all in a positive sense. In other words, they are for printing money. Printing excess paper money is a government scheme of transferring wealth from the people to the government via depreciation of the currency.

The closet socialists are 98 percent of Representatives and Senators and all government bureaucrats. They have the fiat paper money attraction; and, upon examination, they are opposed to the gold standard and sound finance.

They are the enemies of savers and those on fixed incomes. They are enemies of the republic. On Wednesday morning, they will have new terms to do their dirty work.


Tuesday night promises to be an interesting evening for those of us who closely follow politics. I’d like to invite you to join me as I live blog and discuss the mainstream media election coverage and the results as the States report. I’ll start promptly at 7 p.m. Eastern Time/4 p.m. Pacific. I hope you’ll join me in a lively discussion. —BL

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