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When the People Are Well Informed

December 31, 2009 by  

I’m not exactly sure when it happened, but at some point—150 years ago or more—the American public went to sleep.

While we (I use this as a collective, all-encompassing ‘we’) slept robbers, thieves and liars invaded our House—that is the White House and Congress. They’ve been there ever since.

They stole our money. They stole many of our freedoms. They lied about their motives. They lied about their goals. And still we slept.

If we happened to awaken for a short time and notice the robbers, thieves and liars, we’d squeak and squawk. We’d throw a hissy fit. Occasionally we’d even vote a few of them out of office.

Then we’d roll over, and sleep would return.

This emboldened the robbers, thieves and liars.

Last yearl we slept through yet another election. A few got out and voted, almost 57 percent of those of voting age. Some of them voted, reluctantly, for the man it was thought would steal the least from us. A few voted for the lady on the bottom half of the ticket, seeing her as a sheriff who might sweep out the criminals.

But most who bothered to wake up enough to vote dreamed of “Hope and Change.” Dumbed down by government schools, pop culture and a sycophantic media, fed up with the flailings of W., driven by emotion and enticed by a silver tongue, they bought the lie. Then they smiled, turned over and went back to sleep.

By summer we woke up, and most didn’t like what we saw. We realized we’d been had. Hope and Change became Little Hope and No Change and a leftward lurch that most didn’t like.

We found the robbers, thieves and liars getting too comfortable in our digs, helping themselves to our comfy chair, warm bed and our snacks and looking for even more ways to steal from us.

Many got angry, got informed and confronted the robbers, thieves and liars. When confronted they showed their arrogance.

Emboldened by huge infusions of cash from corporatocracy and union thugs and by a ready pool of illegal and non-existent voters rounded up by community organizing groups, they dismissed us as irrelevant.

We realized they had begun to think they lorded over us rather than worked for us. The Tea Parties formed, took root and coalesced. And more and more of us became informed.

The thieves, robbers and liars got desperate. They saw their easy life being challenged and they sought to ram their Socialist agenda through very quickly, seeking to turn America into a European-style Socialist Democracy. The harder they worked the more informed we became. And that is good.

As Thomas Jefferson wrote in a letter to Richard Price in 1789, “Whenever the people are well informed, they can be trusted with their own government; that whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights.”

Now things have gone so far wrong they’ve finally attracted our notice. It’s time “to set them to rights.”

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Bill Fox

    About 7,000 years ago, God threw Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden, and He basically told them, “Go rule yourselves.” Only 1,000 years later, He destroyed all men, except for eight. Whether using the Bible or secular history, man continues to fail in his efforts to rule himself. This excellent article points this out.

    Knowing this, it is our duty to not become corrupted by the evil that is our government. We can vote. We can avoid earning too much. We can avoid owning too much. We can share what we have with those who have less. And, we can certainly avoid murdering, stealing, lying, coveting, and defiling our neighbor’s wife (or husband). We still have an opportunity to live our lives, leave the world no worse than when we arrived, and disappear into history, as if we had never been.


  • home boy

    well bill that would be great if it was possible to occur buy lets get real. corruption is so huge and wide spread in this world that yes man has proven time and time again that he can not live without GOD’S supervision. the good news is that a new world government is coming soon to a neighborhood near you . first though you will have to go through a great tribulation that will be so bad that if god did not step in man would destroy himself.matthew24;20,21. so heed the warning . we’re talking billions will perish the earth. satan is in control of our system and has been since adam and eve. but hey, what do i know. i only believe in the bible.

  • TeresaE

    Inertia and apathy, the bane of human traits.

    And the more your basic needs (food, water, housing) are met – especially with minimal effort – the more prevalent such traits become.

    In Michigan, a single mother with 3 kids can get free housing ($700 month), free food ($600), free health care with no deductibles/co-pays ($1500+) and a check for a utility allowance ($150). Grand total annually? $35,000. Net. After taxes. With no effort at all. For years. Plus, nearly every welfare recipient cheats the system – they have to unless you really think that they buy toilet paper, clothes and cable without cash (the only cash they get is the utility allowance which doesn’t cover basic utilities). Every single one cheats, or wouldn’t be able to wipe, so come on, they have to!

    And we wonder why our country is changing for the worst. I truly believe starvation is one heck of a work motivator. I am no better than anyone else, and I once (in 1982) was reduced to welfare. My new husband, baby & myself were on it for 6 months. Then my husband found a job for $4 an hour (our rent was $300) and they took the free stuff away. Amazingly, he worked, we survived.

    Now, there is no incentive – and HUGE penalities – to go to work.

    How much money do you have to gross to earn $36k net, or $18,000 if your boss picks up 100% of your health care (plus co-pays out of pocket)?

    Easy to figure out if you wake up and look. Nearly impossible to undo once implemented. Those that pay are just beginning to wake up, and those that do nothing are highly motivated to leave the status quo as is.

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      WhenWelfare was put in the Govt. system in the 60′s, the donkeys purchased their votes and reduced the receiver’s to slavery. The black man says the white put them in slavery, sure did under Welfare and were too stupid or lazy to get out. While visiting in Ohio many years ago, we were at a Campground when a big semi-truck pulled in and the driver said, I need a sandwich and something to drink very quickly as I have to get this Cargo to Cleveland post haste. We asked what he was carrying that was that important and he said “votes”, we said what do you mean, he said “food samps that are going to be handed out in poor neighborhoods to buy votes!!!!!

  • Robert

    the point is organization of the disgruntled and outraged. tea parties are beginning, but it will take much more work and once it starts going along well for the people we can expect another john f kennedy, robert kennedy, and martin luther king assassinations by the desperate elitists. they always revert back to their desperation to maintain their stronghold(s)… with a couple hundred million people out to kick their elitist butts though, we will have no problem winning, but the cost will be much higher than in times past. as always, desperate times call for desperate measures.

  • Frank

    Roughly 57% of eligible adults voted? Not bad, I figure that only half of that 57% was awake. Now all we can hope for is that the Unemployed citizens are awake and they combine with the half that is awake and vote in every independent (or decent party candidate) on the ticket!

  • scott NM

    It is a great thing when the public wakes up to the fact that your government has become your tyrannical overlord whose desire is to control every aspect of your life through the control of the economy.Lets face it whithout economic freedom(freedom to fail or succeed)our political freedom means nothing,we will all be big government serfs bowing to the state,making a government paycheck basically living in government housing because that will be what you can afford,we will all have lousy government healthcare.government run anything is the most wasteful way to operate any enterprise because without competition they have no way of calculating efficiency nor can they control fraud because there is no real incentive to do so! Depending on the government to make our lives more comfortable is a copout on our personal responsibility to workhard to better socity,we owe this to one another as members of a civil society. when we pass this responsibility to central planners who limit your payment for risk and success our spirit to strive for success is quashed, and people will stop trying to better themselves and society will suffer the loss.Tyranny in any form is evil and destructive to society.Tu Ne Cede Malis Sed Contra Audentior Ito(Do not give into evil but proceed ever more boldly against it)

  • Steve

    I would have once said education – real education – would solve the problem. Teach kids from day 1 the basics of their founding documents, and expand that knowledge each year as their intellectual development allows. Once older, explain the theory and successes/failures of various types of government and do a comparison with our Republic. Teach them the value of hard work and the dollar, while preparing them for something other than a liberal arts degree in college.

    Obviously, this is not happening. Kids aren’t even being taught their most fundamental history, without it being colored in such a way as to make it nearly meaningless (or outright wrong, in some cases). I was taught that the original Thanksgiving was giving thanks to the Indians for helping the settlers. This is the “value” of many public schools in a nut shell, as they are afraid to touch upon the real history, which includes much evokation of God, faith, and reason – not warm and fuzzy, feel good, inaccurate fluff, devoid of any “illegal” key words that give the historical teachings meaning or accuracy. How can they grow up and take over running the country if they don’t have an understanding of its history or the rationale behind the Constitution. Why not have them read the Federalist Papers? These help greatly in understanding the arguments that helped form the Constitution, as well as dispel many of the myths perpetrated by the mainstream media, as well as representatives in Congress and elsewhere. It would be an absolute eye-opener as to how far we’ve strayed from our founding documents.

    Today, it just seems like we’re too far gone. I’ve had many discussions/arguments with many different people of liberal bent, and there is simply no breaking through the mental barriers erected. No amount of fact or logical reasoning seems to be enough. After many years, I’ve found that the fundamental lynchpin of liberal argument is really emotion, motivated by an unnatural (irrational, even) faith in government. This rationale begins and ends with the many entitlement programs that are bankrupting our nation (approximately 66% of every tax dollar collected today goes to “entitlements”… and this % is growing). Entitlement spending (before health care, before the medicare add-on) is unsustainable. These bleak facts don’t deter these people from piling on, as apparently, it makes them feel good, even though these programs, in general, are failures on many levels, and could be better accomplished without federal intervention. It’s not just illogical to propose new entitlements, but it’s fiscal insanity.

    The growing tea party movement gives me hope that at least we can slow things down come 2010. However, the last time the GOP owned Congress, we got nothing done on illegal immigration, we expanded spending (war in Iraq/Afghanistan – going well beyond what most though this would cost), created a new, expensive bureaucracy that we really don’t need (DOHS – we could improve communications between CIA/FBI/NSA/etc. and increase security without this behemoth), and even added a new entitlement program (an add-on to medicare, which is already deep in the red ink to the tune of 10′s of trillions in unfunded liabilities).

    With this track record, even with a GOP majority come 2010, I’m not convinced we can right the ship. I’m not even sure we can slow down before the US Titanic hits the fiscal iceberg. I’m not sure enough are capable or willing to make the hard decisions necessary to right the ship. I hope I’m wrong. But if you think the corruption is limited to the Democrats, you’re only fooling yourself. Special interest owns just about everyone on the hill. Therein lies one of the key problems that has to be overcome prior to any real (i.e. effective, long term) reforms can take place.

    • Meteorlady

      I asked my 17 nephew if they studied American History, if he know about the Constitution and our Founding Fathers – the answer as no – he didn’t know about any of this and he’s the product of public education. If I had children in school today I would remove them and either Home School them or place them in a private institution that teaches instead of brainwashing – it’s the only way to get a good education in America anymore.

      • Meteorlady

        Ups – “knew” I’m really not illiterate.

      • Skip None

        Maybe he’s just stupid and / or not willing to learn or pay attention. Don’t put all the blame on schools. The kids and the parents are to blame too. Parents don’t want to be bothered with teaching their kids. They don’t even bother to teach simple manners, such as not jumping around and being loud when out to eat. They just let the kids go. They don’t make them do chores at home, they just let them sit and watch TV or play video games. Everything has to be organized by someone else these days. Kids don’t even know how to play. When I was a kid we had a batt and ball. We played baseball. No coaches, umps, or supervision. Just a bunch of kids playing in someone’s back yard. We would also build forts and play cops and robbers. All unsupervised. When we went home we washed dishes, cut the lawn and took out the trash. We cleaned our own rooms too. Now the parents take their kids to little legue games to play and get mad at them when they lose. It’s not just the schools but parents. When are they going to start raising their kids instead of letting someone else or the TV do it fo them?

  • Cathy S

    “When the people fear the government, that is tyranny. When the government fears the people, that is liberty.” –Thomas Jefferson

    Unfortunately, what’s going on is the first statement. And it’s become that way because of all the sleeping people in this country, too mesmerized by American Idol and all the other idiotic realty shows, video games, and celebrity gossip (real good, watching everyone else living their dreams while you whither away)…

    The dumbing down of America continues. I’ll bet if you asked…most people know who won the last American Idol award and maybe even every single winner since the inception of the program. But they most likely don’t know who is the vice president, speaker of the house, or even who their own congressman is or two senators are. And I further believe they have NO idea what party controls Congress. Hell, many can’t even find Washington DC on a map. But oh, can they ever play those video games!

    BTW, I have never watched American Idol and couldn’t care less about that show. I used to tell my mother before she passed away that people in this country are stupid, and do you know how I know? Just look at the magazine covers at the grocery store and what’s on TV. “They” wouldn’t keep on churning out these magazines and programs if no one was buying and watching them!

    What a sad state of affairs our country has become…

  • scott NM

    I would like to recite two speeches that were given in parliament after the Americans opposed the stamp act of March 1765. One of them Mr. Grenville, said, the Americans ought not to object to assist in paying the debts of the English government, for they were “children of their planting,and were nourished by their indulgence,and protected by their arms,until they had grown up to a good degree of strength and opulence.” Colonel Barre, a member who was desirous that the Americans be treated justly,said in answer,”children planted by your care! No your oppression planted them in America!They fled from your tyranny into a then uncultivated land,where they were exposed to all the hardships to which nature is liable.’They nourished by your indulgence!’ No they grew by your neglect! When you began to care about them,that care was exercised in sending people to rule over them,whose behaviour,on many occasions,has caused the blood of those sons of liberty to boil within them!’They protected by your arms!’They have nobly taken up arms in your defence;have exerted their valour amidst their constant and laborious industry,for the defence of a country,the interior of which, while its frontiers were drenched in blood,has yielded all its little savings to your enlargement.” I believe Mr. Barre defines the true American spirit which built this nation.We must take this nation back from big government idealist.Don’t vote the party vote the person!

  • http://Don'thaveone Sally

    Knowing all the problems etc., its too bad we don’t have a place like America to go to and start over but of course in a couple of hundred years, it would be right back where it is today because of the almighty buck, greed. However, come elections in 2010, on throw out the incumbants, make laws like if your state is receiving extra from a bill that congressman(s) or senator(s) cannot vote on the bill, a president in 2012 who isn’t afraid to stand up to lobbist and when a bill is presented won’t sign if it includes port or raising of taxes lke Obamacare. All that bill is an added tax of the Am. people without any benefit, pure and simple, impeachment of Obummer who isn’t suppose to be there in the first place, all Czars fired – Whew! in the 2011 we would be well on our way of cuttng out excess spending. Give the states back the right to control their schools alng with the fiscal responsibility (most collect an enormous amount of property taxes and lotteries for this purpose). The Govt is only their to protect us from terriorits (which they certainly are doing very well), fund our armed forces and provide good infrastucture. That’s it. We have plenty of money to do that. All other agencies should be shut down including IRS (flat tax or Value added tax only – everyone pays not just middle america) Sorry I got so carried away.

    • Meteorlady

      Maybe Texas should get out of the Union and then maybe other states will declare themselves sovereign and we would get rid of our corrupt central government. Our central government was originally set up to give us a Judicial system and a military to protect us – nothing more. That meant that the States had all the rights and were in charge of their own destiny. Then the states let themselves be bribed by the federal government and it all fell apart. It’s much easier to control our State government officials than the federal so we should all file for a national referendum that allows us to take back our state rights and put the federal government back where it should be – judicial and military. Would save a lot of money and then we could just go to the state that has the same views as us and see how lives long and prospers.

  • Maxine Jensen

    Sally says it best. She is pretty all-inclusive. So why is her message last, so many will not read down this far. Many of these messages have it right. Come on folks. let’s wake up , not to merely smell the roses, but to fight for the privilege of raising roses in a peaceful nation. Some of us can still remember what that is like.
    God Bless America, is great. But remember, His Son, Jesus, chose 12 humans to change the world from it’s evil ways about 2,000 years ago. Can He use you and me, now, to change our part of the world, once again. It’s really up to us. Let’s go. Those Apostles, did.

  • Samuel

    I Samuel: 7-22
    No matter how wise or stupid people may be they will demand that one of their own, also no wiser nor, possibly, stupider than all the rest, be given authority and dominion over them, their families and all their property. Furthermore, they will react with irrational violence if any of their peers should seek to take away their kings, princes and legislators. Government is a narcotic and we are all addicted.

  • Schroedes

    Yes…this is all very scary, and everyone here make excellent points. So let’s all meet at the capital on April 15th and keep moving forward….now’s the time to talk to your family, co-workers and friends, and drag them out there with you. Not only is this just starting, but it is the strongest of starts for many years since T. Jeffersons letter in 1776 describing distrust and injustice from the gov’t. I crave better for my grandkids….

    we can do this…. Jim

  • scott NM

    ” I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them!” Thomas Jefferson had a vision of the difficulties the American people would face in controlling a run away out of control tyrannical federal government help put people in office who will fight for states rights,who will fight for a constitutional convention of the states to take away the ability of congress to tax at will!Take away the money we take away the power!

  • Meteorlady

    I think we need ONE Senator and one Representative from each state. Then they would only get three staff members. They would actually have to read some of the crap bills that they vote for and we would same billions of dollars. We need to take back our State rights and tell the Feds to get lost.

  • Joseph Blazewicz

    The way the world is now. It is what it is.

  • Annie Ladysmith

    Here’s a few facts i’v discovered about American history which i am sure will make you all hiss and yell at me. Not one of the “founding fathers” was a true follower of Jesus Christ. Not even John Adams had a personal encounter at the well, or anywhere else, with the Savior of the world. Most of them, if not all, were Masons, and that is not a good thing. “Honest” Abe was from “illuminati” lineage and married into the illuminati TODD family. There is no difference to the future outcome of American history wither Democrats are Republicans rule. It is the covert unseen structure that is playing with humanity and calling the shots. On the bright side, they fear the masses, they know if the masses storm the Bastille they will be undone. It is not a time for fatalism, it is a time to take a stand and have an opinion. People are not asleep, they are deceived. Mack Daddy is a deception but even the people who voted for him and cried tears of joy are having serious misgivings, they all know they have been deceived. Now what ya going to do about it?


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