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When Revolutions Roll Out Of Control

October 26, 2011 by  

When Revolutions Roll Out Of Control

This is the autumn of our discontent. I believe something sinister is coming down the pipe. Week after week of demonstrations around the world could be a harbinger of revolt and even mass violence.

I am in the second half-century of my life. All my life, I followed the news because I was at the side of my father, a writer and publisher whose job was to predict investment trends. Not once in all these decades have I seen such troubled times, and that includes my memories of the 1960s.

I suspect a spark has been struck and we are all headed down a very destructive path, one that will not only destroy wealth through economic deflation but something worse: a period of violence wrought by tough times and widespread anger.

It will be up to historians to decide if the genesis of economic and social implosion began with the crash of 2008, the discontent that followed in Europe, or recent events — the mass protests that have been visited on major centers from Wall Street to Warsaw, Poland.

What is certain is that Western democracies are reaping what they sowed, especially in the United States. What began as a small group of protesters in Manhattan’s financial district has grown steadily. It now encompasses student groups, labor unions and, in some cases, the dregs of society.

The protesters in the United States call themselves “the 99 percent.” They say they represent the vast numbers of Americans struggling to pay their bills, while the income gap between the rich and the middle class widens. Throughout the ages, we have seen how small protests can turn into whirlwinds of violence.

Henry Ford said, “History is bunk.” I am convinced that the good and evil that have been expressed throughout the ages reside in today’s world. The worst evils are committed by “the crowd.” It is “the crowd” that rolls forward like a hand grenade with its pin set to slip out any second. It is “the crowd” that created the bloody madness that was the French Revolution.

The similarities between those events that lead to The Terror in France and what is occurring in the citadels of today’s civilization should not be ignored. Key to anticipating the future is an understanding of the past.

Like the United States that fought both the Cold War and decade-long wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, 18th century France spent decades fighting wars it could not afford. This overextended King Louis XVI’s treasury. Rather than taxing the elite of French society in an attempt to make up the imbalance, the king taxed the commoners who faced higher inflation as well as greater demands from the crown. The Bourbon Dynasty, which had persisted for 500 years, was forced to make compromises to the French people in 1789 because masses of unemployed people drifted toward urban centers where they were stirred into a frenzy.

In 1781 Louis approved a new council. A year later, the monarchy was abolished. However, that did not save the king’s head or the head of his wife, Marie Antoinette.

France had all the ingredients for revolt that we see in the United States. It had a leader who was impotent, and an economic crisis that could not be corrected. Only the wealthy elite were protected from the ravages of rising taxes and higher inflation.

One final link: The Court of King Louis XVI was hamstrung when it came to the nation’s energy needs. Coal was in short supply in France and had to be imported at great expense from other countries, many of which were seeking France’s ruination. It sounds much like America’s reliance on Arab oil today.

Wars were crucial in the demise of Bourbon France. In his book, The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers, famous historian Paul Kennedy writes:

The cost of a sixteenth-century war could be measured in millions of pounds; by the late-seventeenth century, it had risen to tens of millions of pounds; and at the close of the Napoleonic War the outgoings of the major combatants occasionally reached a hundred million pounds a year.

Kennedy adds that, “the link between national bankruptcy and revolution was all too clear.”

No sooner had I read this than I watched Republican presidential candidate Representative Ron Paul, R-Texas, on CNN. According to Paul, military expenditures have cost the United States $4 trillion over the past decade.

The Second American Revolution

I do not believe that what is going on today around Wall Street is what Thomas Jefferson had in mind when he wrote in a letter to James Madison on Jan. 30, 1787, in reference to Shay’s Rebellion: “I hold it that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.”

I don’t think we are facing a little rebellion. All rebellions start small; but some, like the one France experienced and what we may have to endure, could be earth-shattering.

The reasons are simple: too much debt and too little economic growth. Consider the facts:

  • The U.S. unemployment rate stands above 9 percent. The true unemployment rate, which takes into account people who have given up looking for work, is close to 17 percent.
  • For the past decade, U.S. stock indexes have been flat.  Accounting for inflation, they have actually declined. Many Americans have lost a lifetime of savings.
  • The U.S. money supply has grown threefold in the past three years. If the investment banks ever stop collecting bonuses and lend this money, it will trigger double-digit inflation; an event which will make Americans even more angry.
  • Since the stock indexes peaked in 2007, real income for Americans has dropped 10 percent. Despite the addition of trillions of new dollars courtesy of the Federal Reserve, many Americans are undergoing the greatest loss of wealth since the Great Depression.

The U.S. and other Western democracies stand at a precipice. It is a situation that is sending citizens to the streets in protest. Economic collapses and protests can quickly spill over with violence.

In case you think I am exaggerating the danger, consider these recent words from columnist Frank Miele of Daily Inter Lake:

The Russian Revolution (which coincidentally was another October Revolution) started out with slogans and protests, too, just like “Occupy Wall Street.” Of course, life in 1917 Petrograd was a lot harder and a lot more desperate than it is today in Philadelphia or New York — but the ruffians on the streets don’t care about that because they don’t study history. If they did, they might be more apt to follow the Russian example and overthrow Obama’s czars who have imposed absurd and unwieldy regulations on banking and business instead of trying to destroy the capitalists who actually have the capacity to create wealth — and jobs.

Action to take: I usually sign off suggesting you buy precious metals or a resource stock that looks good. This week, I urge you to consider what you will do if you and your family are beset by an emergency. In that case, Krugerrand gold or American Silver Eagle coins will not be of much use. I suggest you store lots of fresh water, canned foods, guns and ammunition. I hope I am dead wrong, but these items may be critical. In 30 years, I have never written such extreme advice. However, we may be entering the most extreme period of our lifetimes.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers
Editor, Myers’ Energy & Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • DaveH
    • Thor

      On this…we agree. Thanks.

    • eddie47d

      Will you believe it now Dave that Americans have lost 10% of their incomes. Since the author has stated it(without references). While the income of the 1% has gone up over 7%.

      • EdinNola

        Do you understand the concept of Apples and Oranges? The 10% loss referred to above was Americans in general, overall, etc., including that famous 1%. Your reference to gains for the 1% is in context, nonsense. Also, there MIGHT be a comparison to the Russian Revolution in order IF: the Russian Czar was a Community Organizer, and it was he who called out the “protesters”, but it was not.

        • adam mickiewich

          dear Mr.Nola, I paid $3.00 for a Lb of bread in January , now I have to pay $3.52, and I could write you a long list, how much dd I loose from my standard of living?

          • 45caliber

            And whose fault is it? The Wall Street brokers who buy and sell stock? The multi-millionares who own some of that stock, the middle class who owns most of that stock, or the politicians in Washington who make all the regulations that run up the costs of making bread?

          • JeffH

            adam, I was paying $1.79 last year for a loaf of “whole grain” bread. Now I’m paying $1.49 – $1.99 because I’ve changed my shopping habits accordingly. Oh, bread prices have skyrocketed alright($3.89 – $4.29) at the standard everyday markets like Safeway, Lucky’s, SaveMart etc., so I shop at places like Smart & Final, Winco, Grocery Outlet and Food4Less where I have learned which grocery items I use are best priced.

          • Old Henry


            If you can afford a POUND of bread you are rich and you should be paying more for your fair share.

            I have to buy bread at the day-old store.

          • Old Henry


            Before long you will be shopping at the soup kitchen…

        • Old Henry

          I wonder if there are any drain pipes near the WH.

          • bob wire

            I’d stay clear of drain pipes Henry, your egress is somewhat limited.

      • DaveH

        The problem is, Eddie, not that you might get it right once in a while, but that you throw out so many Fabricated Facts that you no longer have any credibility. You know, like the guy who cried Wolf?
        Here is some reality about the real 1%:

        • tough beast

          Mr. Rockwell claims that the 99% are whiners because of public education, but he, along with you Dave don’t quite understand that it is the income disparity that is making them protest. And it is this disparity that continues unabated, with a revolution looming, as John Myers speaks about. There is intellectual and innovative wealth in the 1% Mr. Rockwell talks about, but these protests aren’t about this wealth. The continuing proliferation of wealth accumulation of the top 450 individuals and/or families has over the last decade widened the gap between the haves and the have nots, and if you get that, you will understand the reason for the unrest.

          • Kate8

            tough beast – While most of the protesters are sincere about what they are doing, this whole movement was set up by the elite to steer us right down the road they desire. Do you not find it at all questionable that we were told for the past couple of years that riots and protests were coming to America, and here they are, exactly on schedule?


            “There is nothing more manipulable than genuineness that is not streetwise”.

            If you doubt that this is part of the globalist plan, do a search on “Hegelian Dialectic”.

            We were told by PTB that it would be we, ourselves, who beg for them to implement their hideous plan. We have too many people today who have been indoctrinated into this type of thinking.

          • wrsrvn67

            So what you are saying is that the top 1% is the cause of all this because they were smart? The cause of this lies in the govt. you bonehead

          • Teresa

            The politicians in Washington are very rich. Mrs. Pelosi is so rich and owns just as much as those on Wall Street. Most in Washington have spent all the money and much of it goes out of this country, and to the United Nations. Why? Wall street may be part of the problem but so was Barney Frank, and all the rest spending and spending. Look at the past several years of wasting money, saying they were creating jobs. Also, why are we sending money to other countries to build expensive cars no one can afford? Something stinks. There are many rich kids on OWS, they have trust funds one such is Hall I forgot his name. His parents and grandparents are filthy rich he is a trust fund baby. Look at the Mother who left her kids and went to OWS…. now people are having things stolen and are being raped. This is a Soros funded revolt. People are being paid to protest. Its a big sham.

          • 45caliber


            Just for your info: Nancy Pelousy is worth an estimated $35+ million dollars. I would believe that would mean that she is one of the rich that these people want to tax – but I would bet she doesnt’ have to pay it. After all, she got an exemption for her grape vineyards so she could get all the water she wanted while at the same time she had the rest of the farmers restricted on what water they could use for their crops.

          • Void1972

            As in the Bolshevik and French revolutions, that was supported by the same “banking families” that are supporting the “dirt baggers”. Both were an experiment in creating discourse in the population and both succeeded in bringing down governments, as the flea bagger party will try to do.
            These bankers that have raped our financials are the communist that are creating the one world government system, where they will have full control over every nation. They already have full control over our government.
            I agree that our government and heads of many financial companies needs to be held accountable for the corruption they allowed in the banking industry, but this movement is all about bringing down capitalism and America.
            When our congress allows immoral, anti-Americans like Barney Frank and Dodd to extort money from banks to support these illegal mortgages and securities, and then place the same two crooks in charge of “fixing” the problem, it shows that we are not governed by men, but by corporations.
            The time has come to fight for our republic and constitution!

            “When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the
            Political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the
            earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle
            them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes
            which impel them to the separation.‖
            ―We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by
            their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of
            Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their
            just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government
            becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to
            institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in
            such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” – From the U.S.
            Declaration of Independence
            May God bless and save the United States of America!!!!

          • Nadzieja Batki

            You and other Liberals/Leftists/Socialists or whatever you call yourself today whine because you are told to whine. Boy, do you whine.
            You have no sense of basic economics and you have no sense or knowledge as to what it takes to produce that loaf of bread or to ship it to the grocery store.

          • Old Henry

            The politicians (career Criminals) have created all the problems and now they run around claiming (campaigning) how they can fix the problems.

            It puts me in mind of the days back in the 50s & 60s when we traveled on the ond U.S routes and you would pull into a gas station – usually in an isolated spot – for a fill-up, the attendent would see your out-of-state plates as he approached. He would begin pumpingthe regular or ethyl and open the hood to check the oil. While under there he would misteriously find a “cut” in your fan belt, a small “crack” in a hose, etc. and tell you he could fix it for “x amount” of dollars. YOur car then went into one of the bays and you sat in the office or went next door for lunch. When you came back you paid your bill and went on your way without knowing exactly what took place.

          • DaveH

            What income disparity, Tough Beast? Our citizens on average make 4 times what they do in Cuba.
            If you don’t like your pay, start your own companies like the people who you want to demand higher pay from did. Put your own money at risk and all the other efforts that go into starting a company, including jumping through all the hoops that have been set up by Big Government thanks to people like yourself.
            Don’t tell me I don’t understand. I have studied Economic matters for decades. I understand very well. It is you Liberals, who are dead-set on creating the same stifling Governments that have driven many other countries’ economies into the abyss, who don’t understand.
            And Lew Rockwell could run circles around your economic ignorance.

          • deport all muslims

            Of the 100 richest people in America,………………………… 60 of them are dEMOCRATS.

            BY THE WAY,… these ows’s were started by a woman and the unions, that is the facts!

      • DaveH

        Due to your lack of knowledge, Eddie, you can’t distinguish between the Crony Capitalists who wrongly use Government to gain advantage, and the rest of the Capitalists who are a great benefit to society.
        I strongly suggest that you take some of that time you spend pestering the good people on this board to instead read the book “How Capitalism Saved America” by Thomas DiLorenzo, so you can shed that ignorance of reality.

        • eddie47d

          Why should anyone take DiLorenzo’s word as the gospel. He is a Lincoln hater and an occasional bigot. He may bring up important facts(even on Lincoln) but it is from his perspective and many disagree with him. Using DiLorenzo as a source doesn’t give you clear shot at credibility either if that is the war you want with me. When it comes to crony capitalism it is becoming harder to distinguish between it and what you say is “real” capitalism. They are both in the markets together and little changes. So to insist my facts are fabricated and I am ignorant only plays to the crowd. They may eat it up but there is always another side to the story.

          • JeffH

            Actually eddie, it’s really not that difficult to distinguish the “cronies” from the free market capitalists. There is enough imfo on the internet, with a little research, to gather that information.

            Just as the US has the world’s most advanced economy, military, and technology, we also have its most advanced oligarchy.
            In a primitive political system, power is transmitted through violence, or the threat of violence: military coups, private militias, and so on. In a less primitive system more typical of emerging markets, power is transmitted via money: bribes, kickbacks, and offshore bank accounts. Although lobbying and campaign contributions certainly play major roles in the American political system, old-fashioned corruption—envelopes stuffed with $100 bills—is probably a sideshow today, Jack Abramoff notwithstanding.

            One channel of influence was, of course, the flow of individuals between Wall Street and Washington. Robert Rubin, once the co-chairman of Goldman Sachs, served in Washington as Treasury secretary under Clinton, and later became chairman of Citigroup’s executive committee. Henry Paulson, CEO of Goldman Sachs during the long boom, became Treasury secretary under George W.Bush. John Snow, Paulson’s predecessor, left to become chairman of Cerberus Capital Management, a large private-equity firm that also counts Dan Quayle among its executives. Alan Greenspan, after leaving the Federal Reserve, became a consultant to Pimco, perhaps the biggest player in international bond markets.

            These personal connections were multiplied many times over at the lower levels of the past three presidential administrations, strengthening the ties between Washington and Wall Street. It has become something of a tradition for Goldman Sachs employees to go into public service after they leave the firm. The flow of Goldman alumni—including Jon Corzine, now the governor of New Jersey, along with Rubin and Paulson—not only placed people with Wall Street’s worldview in the halls of power; it also helped create an image of Goldman (inside the Beltway, at least) as an institution that was itself almost a form of public service.

            The Way Out – Looking just at the financial crisis (and leaving aside some problems of the larger economy), we face at least two major, interrelated problems. The first is a desperately ill banking sector that threatens to choke off any incipient recovery that the fiscal stimulus might generate. The second is a political balance of power that gives the financial sector a veto over public policy, even as that sector loses popular support.

            Big banks, it seems, have only gained political strength since the crisis began. And this is not surprising. With the financial system so fragile, the damage that a major bank failure could cause—Lehman was small relative to Citigroup or Bank of America—is much greater than it would be during ordinary times. The banks have been exploiting this fear as they wring favorable deals out of Washington. Bank of America obtained its second bailout package (in January) after warning the government that it might not be able to go through with the acquisition of Merrill Lynch, a prospect that Treasury did not want to consider.

            In some ways, of course, the government has already taken control of the banking system. It has essentially guaranteed the liabilities of the biggest banks, and it is their only plausible source of capital today.

            “The purpose of this financial crisis is to take down the U.S. dollar as the stable datum of planetary finance and, in the midst of the resulting confusion, put in its place a Global Monetary Authority [GMA - run directly by international bankers freed of any government control] -a planetary financial control organization”- Bruce Wiseman

            Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws – Mayer Amschel Rothschild

            Until the bond is broken between the crony-capitalists and the government and the Federal Reserve is abolished, don’t look for any viable change to our, or the worlds, economic future.

            Start be ending the Federal Reserve and the central banking syestem.
            Regarding the power of central banks, if you will take a piece of paper money out of your wallet — any denomination — you will see these words, “Federal Reserve Note — This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private.” Ask yourself why the paper money does not state that it is a note from the Treasury of the United States? If the Federal Reserve is not the Treasury, what is it? The Federal Reserve is a “central bank.”

            “We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to office”
            - Aesop

          • DaveH

            Yet we have to listen to your uneducated dribble daily, Eddie. DiLorenzo has copious references in his books to back up everything he says. You know, Eddie, references, those things you never provide with your Fabricated Facts.
            Read the book, or are you just afraid you’ll learn what an ignoramus you are if you do?

        • JeffH

          DaveH, I can only imagine that eddie has probably never read any writings by DiLorenzo, just as I have never read DiLorenzo, yet he’s already made up his mind that DiLorenzo “…is a Lincoln hater and an occasional bigot”. To even make a comment to that effect shows that lack of credibility you mentioned…oh well, shouldn’t be surprised, it is eddie afterall.

          • Old Henry

            Jeff, My mind’s made up. Don’t cnfuse me with the facts.

          • eddie47d

            Good grief Jeff I looked that up months ago when Dave first brought it up. So maybe Dave ought to look at your fabricatd facts about me. You really shouldn’t try so hard to be wrong or obnoxious.

          • JeffH

            eddie says “I looked that up months ago”…that now makes you qualified to call Di Lorenzo wrong or an “occasional bigot”?
            FYI – If one is a bigot, one cannot be an occasional bigot. Either you are or you are not!

            Aside from “looking that up”, have you bothered to read any of the books by Di Lorenzonzo? Big Difference!

          • eddie47d

            More silliness from Jeff. Many folks hide their bigotry. You should know… like being two faced. They say they respect everyone but then mocks certain people when the situation suits them.At work they might be the best of buds with someone then at a bar they “tell it like it is” when he is not around. I guess I’ll have to spell it out for you.OCCASSIONALLY!

        • Alex

          Jeesh, DaveH, always with the Faux Noose squawking points!

          ‘crony capitalism’
          ‘New Black Panther Party’
          ‘deficit ceiling’
          ‘boots on the ground’

          • JeffH

            Jeesh Alex, always with your Marxist inspired talking points! Jeesh!

          • DaveH

            As usual, a Liberal put words in my mouth.
            Show me where, Alex, I have said any of these things:
            ‘New Black Panther Party’
            ‘deficit ceiling’
            ‘boots on the ground’

            Does the truth burn your tongues or something? I mean maybe I could understand your lack of veracity if I knew it caused you severe physical pain.

      • Phil

        You might think about the rich getting richer because of government regulations that allow it. If Warren Buffet’s secretary paid more tax than he did it’s because of the tax loop holes the government created. That’s why rich people want to pay a little more so they won’t have to pay as much. Remember the president, congress and senators all all millionairs are close to it. Obama has to raise their taxes (which they will get it all back) before he can raise our taxes (which we won’t get back). A flat tax will close the loop holes of the rich and help us.

    • USMC0351Grunt

      Saying Ron Paul is our savior is not far from those that are still drinking the kool-aid and kissing the ass of Obama.

      • Bob in Boston

        Wrong – in order for us to fix things, we need:
        1) someone who knows how they are broken (because he predicted it)
        2) someone who is willing to propose drastic measures to correct things now (aka doing what’s right) rather than worry about the political perception of his views
        3) someone who is honest and trustworthy to clearly communicate the implications of our actions (or inaction)

        Ron Paul is the only person who satisfies all three points.

        • Donald Parks

          I came up with the idea of the “koran Puffie” after Pastor Terry Jones’s burn a Koran day on 9-11-2010.

          According to the FBI I field tested a small quantity of “koran Puffies”.

          Since then, I have had my house raided by the USPS, FBI, and several other agencies (October 6, 2010). Had my computers and other materials taken. Have been in several jails, spent 4 months getting psyco testing at the FMC in Butner, NC (I passed OK), have had my Social Security suspended (my families major financial support -I will by 73 years old on Nov. 9, 2011, and am now facing felony charges in Federal Court -case 10-CR-412-VEH-JEO-2. If convicted, I will probably spend the rest of my life in prison and my totally disabled wife of 34 years will probably also die because she will no longer have my Social Security.

          • Old Henry

            Mr. Parks:

            I guess I missed it, but what is a “koran Puffie”?

            I have never heard of the USPS raiding someone’s home. What grounds did they and the FBI have for such Nazi-like activity?

            What charges are they bringing in court? 73? Sounds like age discrimination to me.

      • Candace

        You are so right! It’s the “messiah” syndrome that Ann Coulter talks about of the far left. That same mentality and tactics are the Ron Paul group. In June the Republican Leadership Conference (in New Orleans) had bus loads arrive. Rumor was that some were paid to be there and they disrupted when Cain spoke and booed when Cain said “we support Israel.” People were really mad at the Paul bunch after that.

        • DaveH

          Don’t know, and don’t care, about how overly zealous some of his young followers might be. But can anybody blame them? Thanks to my generation and those earlier the young people are inheriting a country where the American Dream is no longer attainable by anybody who wants to put in the hard work to get there. The Dream has been replaced by the Empire Builders and their Crony Capitalists who are taking advantage of their Competitors, the taxpayers, and the consumers, for their own gains.
          Our military forces are mostly well-meaning, but they are just cannon fodder for the ambitions of the Politicians and their politically-connected Cronies. The truth is that they are not securing our “Freedom” by Intervening in other countries’ politics around the world. Instead they are increasing the number of our enemies who someday will overrun us when we have finally stretched ourselves too thin to provide a decent defense. It has happened to every great empire and it will happen to ours unless we get our heads out and start understanding what it would be like if we were on the outside looking in.
          How many of the gung-ho militarists would be happy, for instance, if Mexican Soldiers were patrolling our streets? How many of them would be happy if somebody helped to assassinate our President, like he has helped to assassinate Ghadafi? Oh, but he was a Bad Guy. Sure. Many here believe that same thing about Obama. It’s time for all good people to get their heads out and realize that the Leaders are using our Propagandized Ignorance to take advantage of us.
          Ron Paul is one of the Few who is aware of that reality.

          • Kate8

            DaveH – While everything you said is true, don’t you ever question why the NWO does not fear Ron Paul?

            Is it simply because the whole system, including the media, is rigged, and they don’t worry about him getting into office…or could it be that they are using him to draw out the opposition? After all, they’ve already labeled Ron Paul supporters as “homeland terrorists”.

            I would say both. And whether he is aware of this or not doesn’t really matter, because the result will be the same. (He is a smart man, and he sees what he is up against, so to assume that he is not aware would seem preposterous.)

            One man cannot solve the problems we face. Oh, I suppose he could make changes by doing what Obama does…simply implement his plans by Executive Order when he doesn’t have the support of the other branches. But does anyone think he’d ever get that far?

            While I really like Ron Paul, to see him as our savior is just not realistic. He is, after all, only a man…It would take a real David and Goliath scenario to make this happen.

          • DaveH

            Sure they trained him and had him vote against Unconstitutional Bills for 30 years just so he could endure severe personal attacks in his old age and fool us.
            And he preaches Freedom and Constitutional compliance to everybody he knows because his handlers like a challenge to overcome.
            Your’s must be a scary world indeed with all those conspiracies all around you.

          • Old Henry


            I think Ron Paul may pull off the “Sneaky Pete”. Hd continues to plug along building support even as he is ihgnored by the press. He is building grass-root support. It’s kind of like everyone (the MSM) watching the right hand (Perry, Romney, Cain) and not paying any attention to what the left hand is doing.

            Just look Kate, how Dr. Paul has changed the dialog. Almost to a person they are parroting him (and hoping we don’t notice).

            As DaveH succinctly reminded us several months ago, “we must keep our eye on the ball”.

          • Kate8

            DaveH – Once again you have twisted my words.

            I have made every attempt to be cordial to you, and to let you know that we are not on opposing sides. But you seem to be determined to keep the slights rolling.

            So be it.

          • DaveH

            You said “don’t you ever question why the NWO does not fear Ron Paul?”
            Given your background of embracing conspiracy theories, I thought you were implying that Ron was one of them. By the way, Big Government types do fear Ron. Why do you think they work so hard to contain his message?
            And remember I put a question mark after Savior. It was a remark that sorta was flip, and sorta was not. At least at present, he is the only one that comes even close among the Republicans to knowing what it takes to lead us out of the wilderness. Your frets about conspiracies would be moot points if we defanged the only entity in our society that is accepted by most (not me) to have the green flag for violent force. If you don’t want to work towards that goal of actually solving the Problem which is Big Government, then you’re just blowing smoke.

          • Dennis48e

            Dave if you had bothered to actualy read her post you would not have questioned her approval of Ron Paul. Instead you chose to get your panties in a knot (as you do every so often) after reading the first few lines instead of reading and considering what she actualy said..

          • Jay

            Funny Kate, about a week ago i was thinking along similar lines concerning RP. Of course, i declined to mention it, for obvious reasons. Kudos to you Kate, for being so courageous! Although i agree with your analysis, given the fact that this is a high stakes game, and as you said, rigged, i fear a second scenario with respect to RP. As Dave did make a reasonable rebuttal to your concerns, in that, suggesting that RP is knowingly playing into the conspiracy to deceive is not only intellectually absurd, but an insult to RP’s integrity, is a moot point, since it is impossible to prove. However, knowing what we know, concerning the history of our politics, and the collusion, or agreement between government and big money entities, your discernment, is not so far-fetched! But, laying all that aside, if that is even possible, let’s consider that, at least from RP’s position, that RP is operating with integrity, and, is not in any way involved, or playing part in the deception, as you suggested, and, should he be successful, how long do you suppose before RP is eliminated, one way or another? Do we not have a history of eliminating President’s, or anyone else, should they be so bold, and determined to reverse the status quo? As you said, and i agree, the system is rigged, and the stakes are very high. Add to that, a system controlled by very powerful, greedy, power-obsessed, and extremely wealthy few, whom by the way, are extremely desperate to maintain their position as lords over us all, it then seems reasonable to assume, they will say and do anything, including eliminating opposition, in any manner possible, to maintain their coveted positions. Desperate people will engage in desperate behaviour, and this principle applies to both sides of the fence. It applies to the sheep/governed, and to the psychopathic shepherds! But, having said all that, i do support, in principal, Ron Paul!

          • Kate8

            Jay – I did not imply that RP is part of the deception. I said that whether he is or is being used by the PTB doesn’t really matter insofar as the result is the same. He is drawing out the opposition to the NWO, for better or worse.

            I am a Ron Paul supporter and have been for a long time. I just can step back and see that big picture and, unlike DaveH, do understand that conspiracy is afoot, whether he wants to believe it or not.

            DaveH only looks at what he wants to see, like probably most people. I have always been one to question things that don’t make sense, and have peered into places most are afraid to go. Just because some of us are more comfortable living in denial does not make things untrue.

            I know that you are more aware than most, so you know what I am talking about. And I don’t mean to fault DaveH for his views. He just hasn’t looked far enough, because those places are not for the faint of heart.

            God bless you and everyone who sees that things are not necessarily as they seem. And I readily admit that we have no idea how much is established fact and how much is psy-ops…it is common to spread fear and dread, and the idea that those being targeted have already lost…After all, we live in a manufactured reality, and are left to try to make sense out of the senseless.

      • http://personalliberty tina


      • DaveH

        If you do some studying, Grunt, and learn some real Economics and History instead of getting your political ideas from the boob tube, you will realize that Ron Paul’s agenda would really save this country. A good first step would be to read this book:

        Of course, I was being flip when I called him our “Savior”, but he definitely is the only other Republican Candidate who can head us back in the correct direction. Gary Johnson would do a good job also, but the MSM has effectively shut him down for now.

        • wandamurline

          I believe in what Paul says, only problem with Ron Paul is that he cannot beat Obama. You have to understand that we are not just fighting to rid ouselves of Obama, we are going to have to fight the alphabet news medias who are going to crucify Paul…probably more so than they did Sarah Palin in 2008…because Paul has been in politics a lot longer than Palin and has more material from which to choose. We have got to have a candidate that can beat Obama in this upcoming election, less America is lost forever.

          • Captain Mike

            You may be right that he can’t beat Obama. But why elect another Lite Democrat like Romney? We may be too far along to be saved, but at least the danger can now be seen. If the majority wakes up in time, someone like Paul WILL be electable.

          • Kate8

            wandamurline – Don’t your realize yet that anyone who has the attention of the media is none other than the pick of the same elites who back Obama?

            It take huge funding to be at the election forefront. This means money from the NWO elite, like George Soros (yes, they fund both sides). Whoever gets the most media exposure is going to further the plans of the NWO, and will be NO DIFFERENT THAN OBAMA. So, to take an “anyone but Obama” approach is futile.

            As long as we continue to allow the media to determine the outcomes of our elections, we will continue to get more of the same, only worse.

            Actually, I have doubts that we’ll ever see another election. With the expansion of the TSA to our public buildings and highways, and the coming “emergency test system” (trial?) coming on 11/9 (just backward from 9/11), I would not be at all surprised to see the open implementation of martial law at that time.

            That’s just a few days from now, folks. I hope you are ready.


          • bp

            wandamurline: Same tired old line “he can’t beat BHO”; says who? The independents will decide the next election & Ron Paul is an independent. What we DO NOT want is another RINO like Romney, a media favorite! Hint:whomever the MSM “favors” should not be our choice!

          • DaveH

            Here we go with that same old mantra, wandamurline. Of course he can beat Obama. If he can’t nobody can because he offers Freedom for everybody, not just for the Controlling Right Wingers or the Controlling Left Wingers. He would attract Freedom Lovers from both parties.
            Don’t you know that the “can’t beat Obama scam” is promoted by those who want people to give up and vote for the same old Establishment Republicans?
            Here’s proof that he can beat Obama:

          • DaveH

            You can swallow the spoon-fed Propaganda, Wandamurline, or you can think for yourself:

          • DaveH

            Here’s more proof:

            Notice the color of California? Is California a bastion of Republicans? Not the last I heard.

          • DaveH

            And even if he couldn’t beat Obama, are you going to sacrifice your Principles and vote for the lesser of two evils knowing full-well that the result will always be more evil?

      • Alex

        You grunt so loud, Grunt—but you nothing of which you grunt…

    • al metcalf

      The real truth is just as scarey as the article.
      If we take back the control of the gov’t in 2012 from the Progressives and start dismantelling this mess. We can count on riots in the streets and maybe civil war. This will be led by Obama and his thugs who are unhappy that the gravey train is derailled.
      If Obamaa remains in office and continues his Socialist policies, there will be riots in the streets and maybe civil war. This time the riots will be from his disenchanted followers who will be joined by many other citizens who see their freedoms being trampled by this tyrant.
      Either way, stock up on ammunition, because we are going to need it.

      • Old Henry

        Actually al, I think the riots will begin on 11/07/12, but in any case you are correct, when the gravy train jumps the track the riots will begin.

  • ron

    Young Americans with a grievance. You got to love it.

    • Robert Smith

      From the article: “It is “the crowd” that rolls forward like a hand grenade with its pin set to slip out any second. It is “the crowd” that created the bloody madness that was the French Revolution.”

      What was the French Revolution? Answer:

      “French society underwent an epic transformation as feudal, aristocratic and religious privileges evaporated under a sustained assault from radical left-wing political groups, masses on the streets, and peasants in the countryside. Old ideas about tradition and hierarchy – of monarchy, aristocracy and religious authority – were abruptly overthrown by new Enlightenment principles of equality, citizenship and inalienable rights.”

      How can that be bad?


      • Vexed Vet

        It can be bad because as with any mob rule revolution labled ‘democracy’ it ended with even children being beheaded!
        Even the French collective mob finally had became sikened with blood.

        The American Revolution was conducted by a people that were GOD fearing and wanted freedom for the individual from government ensavement. One revolution was for the individual one was for mob rule.

        We are now being ruled by tyrants again. Crazy King George would salivate at the power our centeral government now has.
        Question is will this ‘people’s’ uprising end with US throwing the ruling class out or mass beheadings. Is our country moving back to freedom for the individual or ‘democratic’ mob rule/

        • DaveH

          Although I would enjoy throwing Robert’s people out on their ears, we should take pause before we advocate such things. The conditions aren’t the same as they were in the Eighteenth century. People have been heavily and effectively Propagandized to the point where few people these days understand what Freedom is all about. Most likely a Government overthrow would not result in a good outcome under these conditions.
          Read this and think:

      • USMC0351Grunt

        Rob, if you have to ask, you expose yourself to your ignorance. Do your research into the WHYs that you question.

      • Tim Kerr

        Robert… Is that why they called the French Revolution “The Reign of Terror”? Your comment “How can that be bad?” shows a lack of knowledge of the history behind the French Revolution. Maybe you should look into it a bit more?

        • Robert Smith

          And you would have left ruling to the aristrocrats?

          The PEOPLE took over.

          My guess is you don’t really consider yourself one of the people.


      • Jay

        Originally, in the eighteenth century, the goal of the Illuminati had been to separate religion from the state, to replace it with a rule of their own.

        Through the widespread propaganda of the eighteenth century, they discredited Christianity as conflicting with the findings of science, and defined the Christian Church as an organization rife with corruption and greed. While it is certainly true that the Church was fraught with abuse, the citizens of the West were told to throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater, for it was not its moral teachings, or the common worshipper, that were inherently corrupt, but the upper echelons of its politically minded hierarchy.

        Paradoxically, the secularism of the Illuminati is based not on atheism, but on ancient occult teachings.

        To the upper levels of the Illuminati, it was Lucifer who “liberated” man, showing him the truth that there is no truth. Rather, all morality is mere convention, invented by the dull masses. To them, there is only Will, and therefore, man triumphs by overcoming all apprehension, otherwise regarded as morality, that prevents him from achieving what he desires. Or, the “ends justify the means”.

        The program of the Illuminati, beginning in the eighteenth century, has been to disparage all religion as superstition, and the enemy of “Liberty”, that is, the freedom to do whatever they will.

        To inculcate the veneration of such a principle in the minds of the gullible masses of the West, history has been rewritten to present modern secular states as the culmination of centuries of progress towards “Liberty”, which is upheld as the fundamental characteristic defining the Western superiority over the East, where “despotism” supposedly perpetually reigns.

        Throughout “Western” history, we are taught, from Greece, to the Roman Empire, the Renaissance, and finally the Enlightenment, European thinkers have been progressively distancing themselves from “superstition”, or religion. The culmination of this supposed progress were the French and American Revolutions, and their implementation of secular rule, seen as the triumph of “Liberty”.

        In reality, these revolutions were coup d’etats effected through the machinations of the Illuminati. And, the first priority of the Illuminati, following the revolutions, as propounded by its prominent members, like the Marquis de Condorcet in France, Johann Fichte in Germany, and Thomas Jefferson in America, was the establishment of compulsory education.

        The first to articulate the need to interpret history as the progress of “Liberty” was Georg Hegel, German professor and member of the Illuminati. Based on Kabbalah, Hegel proposed that history was the unfolding of an idea, as God coming to know himself. To Hegel, it is man who becomes God, as Western civilization overcomes superstition, by progressively advancing towards the implementation of “Liberty.”

        However, it was not until World War I that Hegel’s mythology of Western civilization was fully established.

        America, to justify its entry into the War, presented itself and the Allied Powers as, not disparate nation-states, but members of a single “Western” civilization, and capitalized on the notion of “Liberty” and “Freedom”, to cloak its imperial strategies in high ideals.

        Known as General Education, or the Western Civ. Course, the Hegelian interpretation of history was then imposed on the American university system. The mission was accomplished through the influence of two Illuminati front organizations, boards of trustees acting as benefactors of the educational system, the General Board of Education (GEB) chartered by the John D. Rockefeller, and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (CFAT).

        As revealed by William H. McIlhany, in The Tax-Exempt Foundations, from minutes of their meetings, these foundations asked themselves the following: “is there any means known to man more effective than war, assuming you wish to alter the life of an entire people?” They could not find one, and so helped to precipitate WWI. Following the Great War, however, recognizing the need to maintain the control of the “diplomatic machinery” of the United States they had achieved, the foundations determined that “they must control education”.

        Together, as William McIlhany described, the Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations “decided the key to it is the teaching of American history and they must change that. So they then approached the most prominent of what we might call American historians at that time with the idea of getting them to alter the manner in which they presented the subject.”

        Through their influence, the entire American educational system was coordinated to serve a centralized command. Control of this system would be two-pronged, dividing study into pure and social sciences. The pure or applied sciences were to serve the emerging Military-Industrial-Complex, while the social sciences, like psychology, sociology, and anthropology, were designed to study the behaviour of human beings, towards achieving means of controlling or modifying that behaviour.

        Lastly, the remaining fields, like history of political science, were to inculcate a proper “interpretation” of history. Because, according to the boards’ directives, “history, properly studied or taught, is constantly reminding the individual of the larger life of the community… This common life and the ideals which guide it have been built up through the sacrifice of individuals in the past, and it is only by such sacrifices in the present that this generation can do its part in the continuing life of the local community, the State, and the Nation.”

        In Universities and the Capitalist State, Clyde Barrow commented that: The full-scale rewriting of history under state supervision not only facilitated a short-term justification of American participation in the war, but also helped to institutionalize a much broader and more permanent ideological conception of the United States in the social sciences and humanities.

        The first recommendations to educators, during WWI, were careful to warn them that using outright lies or false information was a “mistaken view of patriotic duty”, that was likely to be counterproductive in the long run. These recommendations went on to provide detailed suggestions on what to teach, and how to teach history “properly”. They urged teachers to stress the difference between Germany on the one hand, and France, Britain, and the United Sates on the other, as a conflict originating in the struggle between despotism and democracy. This was a continuation of the same revolutionary struggle for Liberty, which America had initiated in the American Revolution. If it had been America’s destiny to perfect democracy, it was now America’s responsibility to defend democracy wherever it was threatened and bring it to the rest of the world.

        This myth of America’s role in the preservation of “democracy” and its struggle against “depostism”, is again being resorted to, towards the build up to World War III, or the so-called War on Terror. Ultimately, according to Francis Fukuyama, in deliberate reference to Hegel, we are at the “End of History”. That is, we have achieved the pinnacle of human intellectual progress. We cannot advance further, and Western style “liberal democracy” is the final product. However, one bastion of medievalism is preventing our final step forward: “militant” Islam.

        Therefore, according to Samuel Huntington, as first published in Foreign Affairs of the Council on Foreign Relations, a front group of the secretive and elusive Illuminati, the West is headed for an inevitable confrontation with Islam, or a Clash of Civilizations.

        Author-David Livingston

        • http://usa OLGA VILLARREAL


          • Jay

            It’s never too late Olga! Better late then never!

        • Kate8

          Excellent post, Jay.

          We are at a sad place in history these days.

      • Robert Pittman

        The impetus of the French Revolution was “aristocratic privilege”, not all of those other situations described in the article.

        • dixiesuzan

          Aristocratic privilege is partly true. However France was deep in debt from Louis XIV and Louis XV. The government was spending far more than it took in. Louis XVI got a honest man, Turgot as a minister. Turgot’s reforms might have saved France, but no one wanted to give anything up. Turgot gets dumped, while Louis XVI says, “There is no one but I and Turgot that loves France.” He was pretty much right. The expenditures are incredible. Louis XVI pointed at his brother and said, “Yet here is a young gentleman, who demands one hundred and fifty horses, for a journey from Paris to Brest.” The government would not cut back. And so came Neckar who proposed many reforms similar to Turgot. He did a few but the clamour arose and he gets dismissed. Neckar was never paid anything for his efforts. Next comes Calonne who says what everybody wants to hear. Spend all you want, and he borrows on the credit of France to fund it. He never considered how the loans were to be repaid. Calonne is the wild spendthrift who refuses nothing. Such a system of extravagance could not long last, Calonne is forced to propose the reforms of Turgot and Neckar. Calonne is forced to resign. Next comes archbishop Lomenie who makeshift patchworks for 18 months. He is forced to resign and recalled is Neckar. Stock funds went up 30%. So deranged was French finances there was only 11,000 pounds in the French treasury. France is spending 12,000,000 pounds per year. And so the admission of defeat and the start of party politics and national destruction began.

      • JUKEBOX

        I have personally been to Watts after the riots there, and the riots in Memphis and Nashville after MLK’s assassination. What is left are ghettos that are worse than they were before. The dumb masses are too stupid to realize that they only destroyed their own neighborhoods, and made their plight worse.

        • eddie47d

          That is what happens when people are taken advantage of or ignored and yes it will happen again somewhere. During our Revolution houses were burned and buildings destroyed because the masses were fed up with British tyranny. They suffered for many years before and after the Revolution but that is the price you pay if you feel strong enough about change and want to right wrongs. Now if Wall Street and Washington can smell the fires burning in the peoples hearts maybe we can have a velvet revolution and avoid any malice.Is Washington and Wall Street listening?

      • DaveH

        You think we should follow France’s example, Robert?

        How long do you think they can continue to spend 18% more than they receive in tax revenues? As I’ve always taught my kids — if you can’t live within your means now, how are you possibly going to be able to live decently later when on top of your regular expenses you also have to repay your debt?

    • Nadzieja Batki

      The OWS crowd is more like malcontents with a whine.

  • s c

    Does anyone have an accurate idea of how many protestors have walked away from their jobs to demonstrate? I’d like to think that teachers, cops, firefighters and union types (especially public sector) have enough common sense to refuse to take part in the so-called demonstrations.
    As long as the #1 cheerleader for the demonstrators is in the White House, growing violence shouldn’t come as any surprise. Obummer said several years ago that he doesn’t keep an eye on Wall Street. Now, I’ll bet that has changed. Maybe he should act on his “principles,” and join the demonstrations. It would give him a chance to get back ‘into the streets.’
    As for student groups and unions, John, this is a fairly accurate way to define the dregs of society. Many students don’t know what they want or how to get it. Unions know what they want and Obummer goes out of his way to give it to them. Is this not co-dependent behavior on steroids?

    • Nadzieja Batki

      O and all politicians watch Wall Street. Don’t let any tell you otherwise.

      • Lastmanstanding

        NB of course they do! It is a huge source of campaign and other? contributions,insider trading info, etc….barry got $17 mil from WS…hell, chucky shead schumer got nearly $8 mil…infact a recent report on Fox news had most of the leading benefactor of WS were democrats! go figure.

        • Capitalist at Birth

          The Democrat Party is the party of big business and big labor. It is and always has been. Everyone should know that by now. The average contribution to the Democrat Party is twice that of the average contribution to the Republican Party. The Republican Party is the party of small business and individualists.

          • USMC0351Grunt

            Quit drinking that kool-aid and don’t give up your day job…. If you have one.

          • BigBadJohn

            try reading some headlines….

            Wall Street-Related Political Contributions Shift Toward Republicans

            Romney Beating Obama in a Fight for Wall St. Cash

            Obama’s former campaign funders on Wall Street turn against him

          • Buster the Anatolian

            “Obama’s former campaign funders on Wall Street turn against him.”

            Ah hah, to turn against him they had to first be his supporters.

          • DaveH

            You need to read Thomas DiLorenzo’s books,
            and also “The Big Ripoff: How Big Business and Big Government Steal Your Money”:

            It’s both the Republicans and the Democrats. In fact, the Republican Party at it’s very roots began the same Mercantilist Policies that the Patriots fought a revolution to rid us of.
            We need to get Government out of the Marketplace.

          • bp

            Capitalist: Can we dare to hope it’s the end of the Dem Party?

          • bob wire

            and then you’d be left to ‘yourselves’, most worthy punishment I would think. A most fitting end.

            and then when things went to hell in a hand basket and the USA resembles more like Old Mexico then Mexico itself, whom would you blame? Those mean ol nasty Cartels! How dare them! work outside government! beyond the eyes of the watchful

          • theotherrhalf

            I will also say as DaveH that you should read “The Big Ripoff” This is why the republican/democrat argument exists, to keep your eyes off of the truth.


          • Nadzieja Batki

            The reality is that big businesses and corporations,etc.,have used the government to regulate their competitors out of existance.What remains is what we see. Those selfsame corporations and businesses,etc.,will use capitalistic methods to continue enriching themselves since they have us consumers and consumers across the globe.
            The confusion is why the CEOs and management of the corporations,etc., are Democrats or Socialists. But then we have to think that they got to the top of the heap,they have to maintain their positions and they will make sure that no others attain the same.

    • lkar

      Good point sc. I think when the sh!t hits the fan, the civil unrest will divide out the cities from the rural areas. The riots will demolish cities and freeze up commerce. That means people will be hungry. The rural Americans will fend for themselves. So I guess the Democratic line of clinging to our Bibles and guns will play out in our favor! Let’s see them city wonks come and take my garden food, chickens, and solar powered well water! My second amendment right says they won’t get it easy. And if the Bible is true (which I think it is), they can have it when I am gone!

      • Al Sieber

        Ikar. I’m with you on that, I live in a rural area also. this looks like Red October 1917 ( Russia) rather than the French Revolution.

        • Mary Fields

          They don’t know what they want. They want to take money from rich that cause devastation to our society. They don’t understand that socialism will not make them free and have a good life. See, Russia n and China they don’t have welfare and they don’t care about people. In socialism, Government elites will be rich and better life when other people will be poor and straggling with problems. Why many people want to come to U.S. because they wanted freedom and reach many opportunities. By the way, U.S is not having freedom like before because Governments are controlling the American society.

      • eddie47d

        Ikar; SC is fooling you again. That would be like saying why didn’t G Bush go out and join the Tea Party demonstrators or why didn’t John Boehner rally with them. SC is only poking nonsense without having a lick of sense. People of all persuasions have joined the OWS protests and their grievances are mostly legitimate. Some of the college students do want their loans paid off which won’t fly. They say it should be done because Wall Street was bailed out so someone should bail them out. So true in thinking that… but in reality no one should be bailed out. The banks became wealthier and the students will just have to suck it up.

    • marty

      I think referring to students, unions et el.. as the dregs of society is both wrong and contemptuous. The Soldiers and militia were referred in the same manner by King George and Cromwell during the Revolutionary War. It basically says that you are better than they are because they are “the dregs”. If the word contempt is properly defined as “making less of others or the world around you as a means of making more of yourself, than you are the perfect example of that definition. The people marching on Wall st. are organized and no more ragtag than the soldiers who fought the Revolutionary War. They are not the reason the world is going to hell. The banksters, as well as the big multinational corporations in collusion with big government have created a society of nepotism and greed. These people are sick of it and I, for one, support them wholeheartedly. It’s a good thing.

      • DAO

        No one ever said that this country owes anyone anything…but that we have the freedom to be the best that we can be and that every American has that right. Why don’t these people go to Washington and protest where the real problem lies…our out of control government!

        • db

          The only people the government owes anything to are the people you have, are, and will serve in the Armed Forces. These Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen/Airwomen are the reason why we as a people of the United States have the privilege to voice our discontent of the government and the “Elite” they choose to serve.

          Remember that the next time you say the country doesn’t owe anyone anything.

          db, Staff Sergeant, US Army (Ret)

          • DaveH

            I beg to differ. Look to Switzerland for evidence.
            Our military escapades are endangering not preserving our Freedom.
            It is all about Empire building and supporting the Military-Industrial Complex at the expense of the masses.

          • DaveH

            We are being enslaved by both the Welfare Statists and the Military Statists.

      • Alex

        I agree with you. This economy has beeen abused by wealthy and powerful people to their own end for quite some time and it’s, finally, coming to a head. The collective interests of the country and it’s people have been ignored and will not be addressed until the people stand up.

      • waveform144s16

        True the Banksters are the cause and not the protesters. Also true that the protesters are organized. The are organized by the banksters.
        Their objective is and has always been one world rule.Their means have always been deception. Problem, Reaction, Solution…its ok to wake up to the truth.

      • eddie47d

        You are correct Marty and Wall Street is a big part of the problem. There have been and will be more demonstrations in Washington for those who are wanting that. The big issue is that Wall Street has gamed the system so that is the main focus at this time.

        • DaveH

          Wall Street would have no power without the Coercive Force of Big Government. Put the blame where it belongs.

          • eddie47d

            I see only a little truth to that comment. If government disappeared Wall Street could be far worse and we may be more indebted to them with phony marketing policies. There are well respected companies who are attached to Wall Street so don’t take that as a blanket statement that every thing they touch is evil . The same with Washington. There are some darn good Congress persons who happen to be Conservative or Liberal. Yet we have a tendency to lump them all together.

          • DaveH

            There’s more than a little truth, Eddie.
            The only role Government should play in the Marketplace is to adjudicate against Force or Fraud. Other than that, if you don’t like what they sell, don’t buy it. Even a lazy Union guy can muster up that much effort. Especially nowadays when people can easily research any product on the Internet before they buy it. There are no excuses for meddling Government regulations.

          • eddie47d


          • Jay

            Eddie and Dave, i think you both make excellent points on which, it appears to me, you both could, and should agree on. Clearly, you both agree that there should be some level of government involvement. Where you both seem to part ways is in the level, or degree, of government involvement. Perhaps the reason you two do not realize, or cannot agree on this, has more to do with personal animosity towards each other, rather then disagreement on the political principal mentioned above! Clearly, what you two seem disagree on is, what the level of government intervention/involvement in our everyday affairs, should be allowed. If, as Dave mentioned, we only need government involved for the purpose to deflect fraud/corruption, the problem resurfaces, how much government, and to what level of involvement? And clearly, it seems, to me at least, that Eddie is proposing, and echoing, the same sentiments!

      • Capitalist at Birth

        So, you are one of the 32% of the people that supports these useful idiots?

        • eddie47d

          No I’m part of the 99% and you are part of the 1%.

          • DaveH

            Eddie, you are insulting the 99%.

          • eddie47d

            The Townhall cartoon today says Washington is the 1% so I will take your comment as a compliment.

      • erick

        He said ” labor unions, student groups, and in SOME cases the dregs of society.” You only need to see some of the video to know this is an apt description of SOME of the mob.

    • death to non believers

      i have a very good idea of the number of jobs these “occupy ******” slime people have walked away from, to protest. the answer is 0 (ZERO). they are all on some form of govt dole, from a wealthy family, or directly have cash from a soros backed group. they do not produce anything but violence. they are communist/socialist/elitist scum. the police should have arrested all of them, and sentence them, to whatever the max term is, and jail them. they are not above the law !!! this will not be a repeat of the 60′s violence.

      • eddie47d

        Not much of what you said is true. Their are plenty of older folks at OWS who lost their life saving and plenty more of those who are unemployed. The problems are real so get off the sofa and join them.

        • Capitalist at Birth

          You should join them. Then, we would not have to endure your stupidity.

          • eddie47d

            More Capitalist name calling. What else would I have expected.

          • DaveH

            Eddie, you would definitely bring down the average IQ of the OWS crowd if you joined them.

          • eddie47d

            There are some smart young ones down at the OWS protests and a few smart azzes right here.

        • bp

          No, ALL of it is true!

      • Karolyn

        And you know this how? You’ve been there and questioned the people involved? Many people have night jobs, and the protesters are still there overnight for those with day jobs. Also, maybe they’re taking vacation time. You don’t know anything!

    • Ellen

      An effective leader would attempt to inspire the college grads by telling them this is temporary and things will improve. They should take any job for now and, when the economy improves, get a job in their field later. I graduated college in 1983 during Carter’s administrations and the unemployment rate was higher than it is now. I took a job and waited for better time. As we know, better times came along with Reagan. I also came out with student loans that took 10 years to pay. Honestly, I resent Obama suggesting their student loans be paid for by taxpayers. If Obama is going to play this game, I would like a refund of my student loans, a refund of the loss from selling my house in 1995 during CT’s terrible financial time, a refund of the loss I’m sitting on in my current house, and a refund of all the tuition I’ve been paying for my kids who are currently in college. That seems fair to me.

      • Karolyn

        Have you looked for a job lately? Unless you live in one of the few places that are doing well, THERE ARE NO JOBS! And, yes, college grads are taking WalMart and MacDonald’s jobs, but there are only so many jobs.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          You can’t get it through your skull that no business owner owes you a job.
          Businesses are started and after they are established and survive can they think of hiring workers. Their first priority is taking care of themselves and their families.

          • Lastmanstanding

            karolyn will never get it as long as her Americorps check clears.

    • Candace

      Obama’s only real experience is being a community agitator often for ACORN. Is it any surprise how incompetent and ideology driven AND failing to “reach across the aisle” as he professed in his campaign?
      He is only comfortable being before the masses vilifying any opposition and pitching social stimulus spending to line more of his cronies pockets. It’s disgusting.

      • eddie47d

        You mean those educated college students at OWS who are wise to what Wall Street has done to this country. They have also wakened up.

      • DaveH

        The Greatest Threat to both the Republicans and the Democrats would be an educated populace.

        • DaveH

          That is why the establishment Republicans are trying so hard to silence Ron Paul’s message.
          For those who want to help Ron spread the message against the objections of the PTBs:

    • al metcalf

      The very people who are being demonstrated against, are the same who are giving untold millions of dollars to Obama for his present run for another term. It is just like the last election. Obama was supported by Wall Street, the Unions and the Banks, and who got bailed out? Need I say more. This is all a facade for the public spectacle and the fawning press.
      Wake up!

  • Insurgent

    The reason Buckwheat and Company want to take our guns is to allow the Marxist regime to capture America with the least amount of resistance. This puppet controlled Soros owned slave from Kenya is on course to bring America to its knees and eventually to third world status.
    The price America will pay for putting a LFN in the White House is yet to come and interestingly enough, there are a bunch of mental midgets still running around the country that think this lying b@$t@rd is doing a great job.

    Washington DC is America’s cesspool for liars, whores, and thieves.

    • Vagabond

      Insurgent. I couldn’t have said it better, you are so right. and I too wonder how many of those slimeballs left their jobs to participate. how many of them are on wellfare? we know a helluva lot of them are students who dont wanr=t to repay their student loans. they are all looking for something for nothing and the community organisor is incouraging them,

      • Franko

        You forgot to mention – how many of these protestors “called in sick” so they could spend time with those protesting…

  • home boy

    you are right john. something is coming down the pipe line . but it’s not what you think. the bible talks about a great tribulation and it is so bad that if god did not step in ,man would destroy the world. matt 24;21,22

  • Lance Somers

    I think you may be right, John. However stocking up your estates with water, food, and amunition will be as effective as Ms. Antoinette’s offer of cake to her 99%ers. Good luck with that.

    • RivahMitch

      So you’ve got a better idea?

    • Freedomlover

      Not withstanding the fact that Marie Antoinette never made such a ridiculous statement, stockpiling food, water, guns, and bullion along with at least enough cash for six months bills is just what the doctor ordered. It may not in the end save you, but it will keep you out of harms way and the vermin at bay for a little while if not through the crisis. It worked for the smart people in Argentina that prepared for their collapse in 2001 that went widely unreported here and in Europe because the Bankers of the U.S. and Europe caused it in complicity with the crooked politicians of Argentina. Gee, sounds very familiar.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        I have been stocking up on canned food, distilled water, ammunition, fire arms, silver coins, and books since May of 2008. I don’t have six months worth yet, but I will by the end of the year. I have recommended this too one an all since May of 2008. People still think I am crazy. It is better to be prepared than doubtful.

        • Chas

          My dad always told me “It’s better to have something and not need it, than to need something and not have it.”

        • bp


    • USMC0351Grunt


      Your comment leasds me to believe that you will end up being one of the vermin that threatens our society when the collpase ocurs.

      You need to step back, away from your computer. Un-plug all of your communication equipment, remove all batteries and we will send a technician by to collect those items.

      We guarantee you the right to free speech, not the right to spew ignorance and stupidity. You therefore lose your ability to communicate with logical human-beins.

      • DaveH

        Yikes! And who determines who those are, Grunt?

    • Rod Roberts

      So, do you have a better idea? I’m stockpiling freeze dried foods, containers for water storage, & ammunition for my several guns. I’m going to protect my family and what I own from the mobs. And their will be mobs, especially in the large cities, they’re already forming the core with #OWS. But we’re not looking for the government to cover our costs. Obummer wants to disarm us by doing away with the 2nd amendment and the UN arms treaty. Then it’s an easy take over of the American way of life. There will be no means of defense. Ever think of why the Japanese didn’t want to attack the US during WW II? An armed populace was one of the best reasons.

      • DaveH

        The Japanese didn’t want to attack us. They knew there was a very good chance that the results wouldn’t be good for them. But sneaky Roosevelt and his gang pushed them into a desperate corner:

  • Allen

    What gets me is that these groups continue to idolize people like Michael Moore and Alec Baldwin, multi-millionaires. Also, these people scream for taking the “rich” and celebrate when someone like Justin Bieber spends millions of dollars on gifts to his girlfriend. And, finally, I do not hear this bunch, or Obama, or any democrat screaming about the “greed” of the NBA basketball players.

    I do not get it.

    • Joyce from Loris

      I know what you mean! These ball players (all of them) make millions a year, but what is even more amazing to me is this… have you seen the stadiums at these games? They are FULL! And these tickets are NOT cheap. I thought we were a broke nation. Guess everyone is not broke. I guess everyone is not struggling with this economy. Maybe someone has been pulling our legs on this. Or maybe there are idiots in this world who are going to go to the ball game, even at the risk of having their lights turned off. There are idiots who are going to pay $100 a month on cable TV so they can watch all the games, never saving a dime for their kids college, and then one day, they stand up and yell “Someone needs to help my kid go to college!” They were too busy watching the game to worry about their own child’s future.

      • Lastmanstanding

        Joyce…just more proof that the masses are still asleep.

        In my everyday life it amazes me how many people in my community are ignorant to what is going on…it is not as bad where i live compared to other areas. 50/50 here. I make a mental note of who I can/can’t trust…as to be determined at a later date…

      • erick

        There is a segment of the population that lives for entertainment. They are oblivious to the deterioration of our Republic, our culture, our Constitution.They will have a rude awakening.

    • Robert Smith

      Allen says: “What gets me is that these groups continue to idolize people like Michael Moore and Alec Baldwin, multi-millionaires.”

      The poitn is Moore and Baldwin PRODUCED a product for which people traded money for it. You may not like their product but just the same they made something and sold it. They earned their money honestly.

      On the other hand the banksters sold paper back and forth ripping people off all the while generating “wealth” for themselves. ie. they are the looters as described by Ayn Rand, and the money-changers Jesus got upset with.

      Be honest… Who do you thin is a true American? Someone who honestly produces a product (even though you don’t agree with it) or a looting money-changer?

      Now do you see the difference?


      • DaveH

        Did any banks force you to do business with them?
        You call the Lies that Michael Moore produces “earning his money honestly”?
        The Looters that Ayn Rand described were the Crony Capitalists not the Market Capitalists. And Crony Capitalists are ineffective without the Force of Big Government behind them.
        Robert says “Now do you see the difference?”. No, Robert, I don’t see the difference between one set of Forcers (the set you rail against) or the other set of Forcers (those you support).
        Your morality is inconsistent.

    • bp

      Allen; that’s because you are grounded & have a firm grip on reality. These liberals live in la-la land; it’s all rhetoric.

  • Joyce from Loris

    John, I agree with you. I have, as many others have, stock piles of food, water, guns and ammo and silver. Everyday, we learn something new about living off the land, and being totally independent, so when the proverbial poo poo hits the fan, our family will still be able to maintain. The thing is this…. I am mad. I am angry that my grandchildren will never know the life, the freedoms, that I have had. They will never know how exciting life was, you get up everyday and go about building the American dream. Our government has destroyed the American dream for Americans, instead handing our dreams over to those who come here from other countries. People should really investigate what our government does with our tax dollars when it comes to foreigners. 90% of the hotels in America are owned by someone from India, who get thousands of tax payer’s dollars to invest plus 7 years of TAX FREE operation. After 7 years, they just “sell” the property to a relative, and guess what? THEY get tax payer’s dollars to invest, 7 years tax free, etc. etc. and etc. We give several thousands of tax payer’s dollar to foreigners in the form of college grants! And let’s not forget that Obama’s own aunt has been in this country for over 20 years ILLEGALLY, yet has never worked a day here, gets free housing, checks, food, medical… all TAX PAYER’S MONEY. All these people, both legal and illegal, sitting around on their butts waiting on a hand out from the working class and complaining about us wanting them to take a drug test. Yes, our nation is mad, but the TAX PAYERS are absolutely OUTRAGED. Our dreams have been destroyed. We played the game that we were told we were suppose to play. Work hard, invest your money, own a house, have a little family, go to church, play little league ball…. now, our savings are wiped out, the values of our property are almost gone, there are no jobs for our children, and nothing looks bright on the horizon.

    • Lastmanstanding

      Joyce…and we could go on for days!!!God bless you.

      Nature will soon take over and people will behave like humans or animals…it will then be sorted out.

      • Joyce from Loris

        You’re right, however, the horror of this story is this…. those who choose to be human will have to destroy those who choose to be animals. I am going to be human, but I surely hate the idea that I would have to destroy someone who has chosen to be an animal and come to take what is mine…. I don’t want to do it, I WILL do it, make no mistake about that, but I don’t WANT to, I don’t want to have to live like that. I just want my life back, my world, my AMERICA, my country. I am afraid that is all gone forever, and I just hate it.

        • Lastmanstanding

          Joyce when the smoke clears we will be left standing…

          I have 2 grand boys and another grandchild on the way…I have had my discussion with God and will do whatever it takes to get them to the other side. I will be as brutal as I have to be to get them there…whether I like it or not…he will decide if that is right or wrong.

          “give me liberty…or give me death”

      • Candace
    • eddie47d

      We all see the same problems and are awake. The Tea Party brought up many of the issues and the OWS are bringing up the rest.It’s time to join together on the common issues and demand change .

      • Capitalist at Birth

        What change is that? The Tea Party has nothing in common with the OWS. You are duped by the MSM into believing such nonsense.

        • eddie47d

          An honest Wall Street will do for starters. Many here were against Wall Street bailouts and crony capitalism or didn’t you notice. Get corporations and lobbyists out of bed in Washington too for another starter.

          • Capitalist at Birth

            May be the only intelligent thing you have ever written.

    • jacb

      except for the emminent return of King Jesus….

  • Jeryl

    As for the protestors, the vast majority are simply dupes for the far left. That being said, this is indeed a dangerous time. At the risk of being called a religious kook, the biggest sign of the end times is widespread civil unrest, the rise of a world-class leader with “all of the answers,” and a one-world government (which is now clearly on the horizen). In addition, there will be a series of Middle East Conflicts, which Israel will win. All of this is now taking shape. It was a great article and readers would be well-advised to take your final bit of advice – get ready.

    • eddie47d

      The Bible may or may not have anything to do with it. Saying that the protesters are dupes for the far left is like saying the Tea Party protesters are dupes for the far right.You are labeling and dividing which won’t bring anyone together.

      • TheRealBob

        There can be no coming together with the scum of OWS. These parasites have nothing in common with producers.

      • erick

        Some may have legitimate grievances, but they are playing into the hand of BO’s puppeteers who want to collapse the system, (Cloward and Piven), and remake it under the “New World Order.”

        • eddie47d

          Oh Please,the NWO has been around long before Obama was born. You may want to go back about 100 years in America to dig up the real facts instead of using it as a boogie man tool. There are plenty on the right(and in the NWO) who use you for their convenience also.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      The same type of dupes were called useful idiots by Lenin, and I am quite sure they were viewed in a similar light by Hitler. Just like eddie 47, don’t ya think?

      • TheRealBob

        You are correct Capitalist, eddie is indeed a useful idiot; especially the idiot part.

      • eddie47d

        So you support the Hedge Fund Managers who only produce for themselves and you attack the unemployed as lazy idiots? You’ve been scammed by Wall Street and Washington but it’s okay if you and your cronies take us off the cliff. Now if you think name calling makes you wiser then think again.

        • DaveH

          What do Hedge Fund Managers do, Eddie?

        • JeffH

          LMAO…”produce for themselves”…?

          The only goal for a hedge fund is to “turn a substantial profit for the investors” and it is the full time job of the hedge fund manager to work hard to make that a reality.

          Hedge fund managers are professionals entrusted to make hedge fund investments grow. They research, select stocks and assets for the funds, crunch numbers, implement the hedge fund strategy and monitor the daily health of the investments. If the situation requires it, the hedge fund managers will partake in short-selling or leverage strategies to help buff up the value of the hedge fund.

          The efforts of a hedge fund manager is focused on overseeing the net asset value of a hedge fund. That value typically runs into the billions of dollars range and the total amount can become even more staggering when leverage is considered in the equation. Being a hedge fund manager can be quite lucrative for the employee as they get paid both a management fee (typically 2% of the fund’s net worth) and an incentive/performance fee (composed of 20% of the fund’s profit).

          • eddie47d

            Are you the great defender of those pirates or is that The Great Pretender? Hedge Fund manager for Galleon Funds was found guilty 2 weeks ago of 14 counts of security fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud. He made $2.4 million an hour and that still wasn’t enough for him. Insider trading is common with all Hedge fund Managers. So why can’t we put more of them in jail? Why do they have their own laws that don’t even reflect the laws of the land? Tax evasion is also a big one with Hedge Fund Managers even though they only pay 15% on money earned. The average salary of a manager is 1 billion per year yet they still break the laws. Other Hedge Fund Managers have been caught in ponzi schemes and they are a snap for them. They can create such a tangled web that no one can figure out their tricks and then it becomes extremely expense to prosecute. Megatar (sp?) CDO’s was one of the biggest scams and sniffed out by a news reporter. Not sure where that case is in the court system. Hedge Fund managers also do Late Trades “after the bell”. Wall Street is technically closed to all investors but they keep on trading. Can you say illegal? Many market announcements are made shortly after the Market is closed where managers get the next days news so they know where to start at the morning bell. Yet hedge Fund Managers take that news and place “bets” after hours and squeeze in trading even though it is illegal. Remember Enron, World Com and Arthur Anderson and their accounting irregularities. It was Hedge Fund Managers who stepped in and fudged their books. They also rig securities so they are designed to fail. Then they take the winnings before the failures thus leaving regular investors to take the “hit” or loss. In 2007 they actually did that to Goldman Sacs and the Hedge Fund Managers made a killing while Goldman Sacs lost $550 million. So even the big boys (companies) on Wall Street get burnt by these traitors. You still want to defend those thieving pirates Jeff? Our economy tanked because of their shenanigans so maybe you need to pick new friends on Wall Street. These are the boys Eliot Spitzer had in his sights but the Republicans derailed him over a damn prostitute. So the cases were left to go cold. Republicans and Hedge Fund Managers go hand in hand and can indeed be blamed for the sorry state of this nation.

          • DaveH

            Why so verbose, Eddie?
            You surely don’t expect anybody to take your word, do you, without any references? You can spin your tales all day long, but since you have no credibility, no sensible people on this board are going to pay any attention to what you say unless you link to an article by a respectable author.

          • JeffH

            eddie, one difference between you and I is that I don’t lump all “hedge managers” into the “thieves” category. Just s I don’t lump all of the “Wall Streeters” into the “thieves” category and I don’t lump all “corporations and CEO’s” into the thieves category and, unlike you, I can differentiate the two and, unlike you, I can understand the difference between capitalism and crony-capitalism.
            Unlike you, I also realize that not all hedge fund managers are thieves and anybody that makes investments with hedge funds should do their homework.

            We can find bad apples in every barrel if we look for them eddie, but that doesn’t make all the apples in the barrel bad…does it?

            Of course, if you re-read what I posted and then try your hardest to comprehend, then you would see that I was simply describing what a hedge fund manager’s role is…is that so difficult to understand?

          • eddie47d

            Still hiding from the truth Jeff? You and Dave constantly say that Liberals are Socialist/Communists/Marxists and attempt to back it up by saying 80 members of Congress are Communists. What pathetic swill and such a bogus lie. But you keep repeating it. Hedge Fund Managers will be around and playing their tricks whether it’s Capitalism or crony Capitalism. The fact that there have been so much devious behavior on Wall Street only proves that Capitalism can’t and won’t police itself as Dave constantly boasts about. We had a headline yesterday in the business section Top Executives to Face Criminal Charges. It was prominent businessman Rajat Gupta this time and those who worked for him. Last month it was Mr Brownstein and the month before it was Mr Peterson whom I brought up at that time. The news article went on to say “Most of the defendants charged with Insider Trading over the past two years have plied their trade exclusively on Wall Street” (Oct 26,2011 in Denver Post). You and Dave play loose and fast by saying someone lacks credibility and you bring it up often. That doesn’t make either of you credible especially when Inside Traders are everywhere and yes they are thieves.

          • Jay

            For the most part, hedge funds (unlike mutual funds) are unregulated because they cater to sophisticated investors. In the U.S., laws require that the majority of investors in the fund be accredited. That is, they must earn a minimum amount of money annually and have a net worth of more than $1 million, along with a significant amount of investment knowledge. You can think of hedge funds as mutual funds for the super rich. They are similar to mutual funds in that investments are pooled and professionally managed, but differ in that the fund has far more flexibility in its investment strategies.   

            It is important to note that hedging is actually the practice of attempting to reduce risk, but the goal of most hedge funds is to maximize return on investment. The name is mostly historical, as the first hedge funds tried to hedge against the downside risk of a bear market by shorting the market (mutual funds generally can’t enter into short positions as one of their primary goals). Nowadays, hedge funds use dozens of different strategies, so it isn’t accurate to say that hedge funds just “hedge risk”. In fact, because hedge fund managers make speculative investments, these funds can carry more risk than the overall market. -Definition provided by investopedia.

            Every agency of the federal government is controlled by corporate power. The U.S. is essentially a “plutocracy” (government by the wealthy), run by “speculators and crooks” on Wall Street. The evidence? The $700 billion financial-rescue package that Congress approved, which, rewards “deceivers” for the “looting and swindling.” There can be no doubt that Wall Street is responsible for the current financial crisis, and should be prosecuted.

            A transaction tax on the sale of financial derivatives — contracts whose values are linked to assets such as mortgages or stocks — to raise money to fund the rescue package, would have been a better solution than using taxpayer dollars.

            Our problem is that we have a two-party political system, which is upheld not by the Constitution but rather by “political bigotry,” corporate interests and the mainstream media.

          • Opal the Gem

            eddie says all hedge fund managers are crooks, thieves, and worse. I say eddie and all other union members are lazy bums who are only out to screw the company out of everything they can while doing as little productive work as possible.

        • Capitalist at Birth

          I have no cronies. I predicted in 1999 that there would be economic problems coming in about 5 to 8 years due to the revocation of the Glass-Steaqall Act and the ridiculous policies followed by the Clinton administration in regards to the CRA. I was correct in my predictions. I must deserve the Nobel Prize for Economics, don’t ya think. I bought my home in 1991 for 128K it was supposedly valued at $ 284k in 2006. I put a down payment of 20%, when 10% down was the minimum required at the time, because I did not feel comfortable with only 10% down. Today, If I chose to sell, which I will not, it would probably fetch $ 225k, only because of the fact that it is the best lot in our subdivision. I warned anyone who would listen, not to refinance and take their equity to 0, because the inflated values of homes was a bubble that someday would have to burst. It did. The derivatives market and default credit swaps were illegal until the revocation of the Glass-Steagll Act. Care to debate me on Economics?

          • eddie47d

            It was FDR who gave us Glass-Steagall and the Republicans and banks hated Roosevelt for it way back then. It was also the banks and Republicans in the 90′s who pressured to have it thrown out. Naturally with more false promises that banks would behave. The government giveth and the government taketh with the help of the banks of coarse.

          • DaveH

            According to this article, Eddie — “In the case of Roosevelt, he was greatly influenced, even controlled at times, by the Anglo-American establishment, which was composed of prominent businessmen and bankers who owned or represented large economic interests, both domestically and globally”:

            Let’s see, who should we believe, Eddie or Mr. Denson? Ummmmmmmm

          • eddie47d

            Hmmm! Who do we believe Dave or all the other Conservative commenter’s who bring FDR into the conversation. It’s going to be interesting to see how Dave takes them on. But will he?

  • Douglas MacIlroy

    Religion is like history class but without all the facts. We’ve got trouble enough without dragging gods into the equation. If I had a nickel for every time someone predicted what was ‘coming’ based on the collected writings of religious proponents with an agenda from thousands of years ago, i’d be able to buy more guns, ammunition, water and food.

    All Empires fall. I’ll bet none of you ever thought you be around to dodge the pieces. We keep printing money out of thin air then that’s what it will be worth. Time’s coming soon. Get ready.

    When the dust clears we can try it again.

    • Jeryl

      I agree with you concerning the printing of money. As regards religion: well, religion is largely negative. While the Bible uses the word several times, only once is it used in a positive light. Religion is simply the outer manifestation of an inward belief system. Belief in Christ and acceptance of Him as Lord and Savior is not religion, it’s a relationship with Almighty God. So, I agree with you reference to “religion.”

      • Douglas MacIlroy

        Dear Jeryl,

        A well written missive and one I happen to agree with. Religion is a cancer on humanity. Your personal relationship with whomever/whatever you chose to ‘worship’ is your business. That you see the difference between the two speaks well of you.

      • Jay

        Jeryl stated:Religion is simply the outer manifestation of an inward belief system. Belief in Christ and acceptance of Him as Lord and Savior is not religion, it’s a relationship with Almighty God.

        Finally, somebody who actually gets it, and has succinctly articulated it!

    • DaveH

      I disagree.
      While I do believe that Religion was invented as a means for the Controlling Leaders to rally the masses behind them, what would it be like if Religion wasn’t teaching people good moral codes? I sure haven’t seen much of that morality coming from the Liberals. It scares me to think what might happen if the anti-religious crowd gets their way and abolishes religion. Watch out what you wish for, because it might come true.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Religion will never be abolished by any people. People will create their own “gods” and will create religion to accomodate their “gods”.
        It comes down to following the GOD of the Bible or following the god that people make for themself.

  • http://PersonalLiberty Edward

    I am 67 going on 68 in Jan. My life is 3/4 over. I can not change the whole world or the USA. Our lives are all planned out. When I hear on the news some political leader in CT. wants to change holloween from the 31st. of October to the last Sat. in October, I am thinking what kind of drug is he on. Lets get people back to work. Krushchef of Russia once said, “we will take the USA over without firing a single shot. He was right. Today we are poisoned with socialism, communism and Fachist. I feel sorry for the future of the younger generation. Once we reach the point of no return, it will be too late to turn back. The end………….

    • Lance Somers

      Ed, you’re an optimist.

    • Ellen

      OMG! Halloween’s date is based on a religious holiday. Are our Congressmen really this uneducated?

      • DaveH

        It’s all about Power.
        Look at Daylight Savings for a good example.



  • Henry

    I think jealousy and envy are the driving forces in these protests. They are not addressing the real facts how the housing bubble was created. They just blame Wall Street. The housing bubble which in my opionion is the bubble of all times. It has stopped the mobility for everyone who owns a home. Every home owner has lost a great deal of the value before the bubble burst. There was this great buildup of housing. Just think of this. Normally, 64 percent of Americans owned homes. During the bubble, this increased to 72percent. This extra 8 percent increased demand and the price of homes to very high levels. Now, the prices are coming down as they must. I am being hurt. Everyone is being hurt, except in Washington DC, where all the money is from government. They are like untouched in that particular market.

    These loans were taken out in fradulent ways. People lied and no checks were made that made any difference in the making or not making of that loan. It wasn’t Wall Street. It wasn’t the bankers. It was some mortgage companies and the government along with Fannie Mae and Mac. Preceding government wanted everyone to have a home. Having government involvement was and is a disaster as is readily seen today.

    All those people who worked on those “new homes” are now out of work for the most part. Just think about those people who did the work. They were working in this bubble enviroment and now they will have to find another line of work.

    So, you Wall Street Protestors, go protest the White House and the senate and the house of representatives. This is where it all started from.

    • Ellen

      I agree on the housing issue. It was an idealistic policy to think that everyone should own a home regardless of their ability to pay for it. I think the reason our government pushed this is that construction was our biggest manufacturing industry since most manufacturing jobs went overseas. Pushing the housing market kept people employed in constuction, as well as in the mortgage industry. Unfortunately, the bad loans caught up to us and those industries collapsed. Anyone who owns a home (majority of Americans) was negatively impacted by the dropping home values. Many of us paid more for our homes than they are worth. As long as we don’t need to sell, that loss is only on paper. This is the same as our 401k plans. We need the economy to get rolling again so they will increase in value, but as long as Obama is president our economy will remain stalled.

      • Joyce from Loris

        Ellen, you said the key word here… LOANS! We have changed our nation to believe that they must be IN DEBT to own anything! I remember (yes, I am older) the days when you worked and SAVED YOUR MONEY to make major purchases such as a home, a car, a television. Now days, people go out to dinner and put the bill on a charge card! We paid cash for our house and farm, our cars, etc. If people would go back to those standards, you would see the cost of EVERYTHING come down. If you don’t have the money to make your purchase, DON’T BUY IT UNTIL YOU DO. Even our nation is drowning in debt because it can’t wait, all our government can think about is borrow, borrow, borrow!

        • DaveH

          The fly in the ointment, Joyce, is the Federal Reserve. Due to their inflationary policies, you might set money aside for a future purpose only to find out by then that the price has increased to such an extent that your savings are only a fraction of the new purchase price. We need to end the Federal Reserve and get back to sound money so people can once again save safely for the future.

      • erick

        Ellen, you need to look at the big picture. The collapse was planned by the international banksters long ago. A God fearing America as we knew it was always a threat to one world government. Google: Tri-lateral commission, Agenda 21, George Soros, and Georgia guide stones.

  • S.C. Murf

    Good article John, everything is coming to a head and it will affect the U.S. bigtime. Got to remember the 7 P’s, prior proper planning prevents piss poor performance. Time to stock up on everything including Faith.

    up the hill

    • John Myers

      Dear S.C. Murf,

      I liked what you had to say.

      To all you readers, I learn as much or more from your comments (good and bad), each week, than I probably provide.

      So I thank all of you who take time out of your busy day to read what I have to say and to Bob who gives me an opportunity to say it.


      John Myers

  • Glenn Smith

    If we could get rid of the people problem in this nation….The leader problem would go away! Until we as a Nation return to GOD…Nothing we do is going to help! We need to change the way people think…one at a time! We have lost our moral compass and our family values…John3:16

    • DaveH

      We can start by getting our kids out of the Propaganda schools, and by pushing hard for Educational Freedom for our children.

  • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

    Again you are wrong I quote you bellow but if you go to the supplied link you will see that the US only imports 16% of our oil from the Persian gulf (Arab country’s)
    The unwashed mob at WAll Street and around the rest of the Country and world for that matter;want accountability in the banking system and the government.
    The banking system through it’s greed has shown that it needs to be regulated and watched very closely.
    Our Government is in shambles do to the fact the political party’s are more interested in there survival then the work of the people.The Revolution will be in the ballot box not in the street

    “One final link: The Court of King Louis XVI was hamstrung when it came to the nation’s energy needs. Coal was in short supply in France and had to be imported at great expense from other countries, many of which were seeking France’s ruination. It sounds much like America’s reliance on Arab oil today”

    • Capitalist at Birth

      I was going to point that out to John as well. I believe that it is actually less than16% today. But, the percentage of oil Europe gets from the Arab and Persians is much greater, therefore still a threat to U.S. National Security.

    • DaveH

      The Liberals through their greed have shown that they need to be regulated and watched very closely.

      • eddie47d

        Your too funny Dave. You must have friends in high places to generalize like that. Who are you protecting? Those “honest” hedge Fund Managers. LOL

        • DaveH

          I was paraphrasing the sgt.
          There are immoral people in all walks of life, Eddie. Unions, for instance, are inherently immoral because they coercively extract money from the company owners. But that doesn’t mean ALL workers are bad.

          • eddie47d

            There again several commenter’s condemn all unions although few are corrupt. Yet it still gets played out as if they are. Dave is 100% against unions and brags about it often. Unions members are all thieves according to Dave but Hedge Fund managers aren’t when there is ample proof that there is.


    If we can defeat this America hater and get someone in with guts, we can take back this country in a hurry. An election victory alone would help markedly. Just the knowledge that he’s gone should improve morale.
    We then need a President who will eliminate agencies, depts. and cabinet positions as well as czars. Let’s start there. I’m not necessarily an optimist but we can change things and save our country. Despite some similarities we are not 18th century France or 2oth century Russia. We are like no other country on earth. Remember both those nations had no experience with democracy they had always been ruled by autocrats. That’s not us. We need to be vigilant and support those who will take our country forward in the way the founding fathers hoped.

  • Fox

    Storing food, water, guns, and ammunition is never a bad idea. But how is your soul prepared?

    I’m a retired Marine, so I’d guess I have a fair chance of surviving, but I also fear Yahweh more than any man. I figured several years ago to make sure my soul was prepared, then the rest would take care of itself.

    I have heard it said, and I believe, “God does not call the equipped; He equips the called.”

    When you run out of food, water, and ammo, what are ya gonna do then, give up?

  • peter

    I have had this gut feeling for a few years now that “something ain’t right and things are’nt how they should be”. but somehow, try as I may, I could,nt say for sure why I thought so. Now it is becoming a lot clearer as I realize that we have gone so far as to become stymied. With the if’s, maybe’s and possibilities preached daily by the media and economists, few of whom are in agreement, it is no wonder that not only myself but many others became bewildered.
    Well, I for one am no longer bewildered. I have come to realize that our leaders have made a mess of things and are blatantly incapable of doing anything about it. I do not have the answer but then, in my humble opinion, I sincerely do believe that no one has, everybody is just guessing and that we are in very serious trouble when it comes to money matters. Spiritually of course, the matter is quite the reverse. It does not matter that you have very little or very much, what matters is that you appreciate whatever you have, be grateful and try to extend some respect and decency to those with whom you come into contact as well as the environment and all the creatures that inhabit that environment. If you do not have such thoughts, beliefs and honest intentions in that direction, then it matters not how wealthy you may be – you will be spiritually destitute. Bet on it. Hopefully the Wall Street tycoons and the step sitters will find some common ground. I seriously doubt it and trust that there will be no violence as I await the unfolding of the rest of this play which promises extraordinary and unbelievable scenes with an awe inspiring climax which will leave most of us in shock and totally dumbstruck. See you through the window. Take care and good luck.

  • sean murrey ILLIniois

    We dont owe those bastards.

  • JC

    From Bill Bonner at the Daily Reckoning:

    We stick to our guns. Yes, dear readers, guns are what you are probably going to want. Right now, the revolutionaries are mostly peaceful. That’s how revolutions begin. The elites think they can manage the situation. They express their sympathies to the protestors. They promise reforms.

    “We are on their side,” says President Obama.

    New Yorkers are overwhelmingly behind them. And the press — which ignored them for weeks — suddenly finds nice things to say about their cause, when they can figure out what their cause is.

    Later on…when the protestors become more violent and more determined…and after the elites push back…then you’ll wish you had guns.

    The police will shoot the protestors. Then, the protestors will shoot the police. They’ll probably both be shooting at you. It will be a real revolution!

    And what’s behind it?

    Forty-six million people on food stamps.

    One hundred million who have not had a real raise in 40 years.

    Twenty-five million without real jobs. Twenty million who will never have real jobs.

    One out of five mortgaged homeowners who are underwater.

    But that’s just the beginning. Wait until the hoi polloi begin to realize how things work.

    We remember when the government was throwing money at “minority” contractors back in the ’70s and ’80s. Politicians and lobbyists hustled to find a ‘person of color’ who could be a front man. Savvy businessmen formed new enterprises in their wives’ names. How women got to be a minority we never did understand, but that is how it worked. Maybe it still does. If you were a ‘minority’ you could get special treatment… You could become a zombie.

    The next big feeding frenzy was the ‘War on Terror.’ Billions were being spent. Again, the insiders got on the phone and invented businesses to take the money — ‘security’ firms…logistics support…armor and equipment…food…training. Software was a favorite. You could spend billions developing software. Who knew if it worked or not? Arnaud de Borchgrave describes how the supply chain worked:

    Billions have vanished into the offshore accounts of American and foreign contractors. In Iraq, an estimated $6.6 billion are unaccounted for.

    To power anything at a remote outpost, a gallon of fuel has to be shipped into Karachi, Pakistan, and then driven 800 miles over 18 days to Afghanistan on roads that are sometimes little more than improved goat trails.

    There are frequent ambushes by Pakistani bandits or Taliban guerrillas who impose “tolls” — and occasionally blow up tankers so others get the message.

    Then, as “green” legislation became a fad, the insiders saw another opportunity. They called in brothers-in-law and old friends. Engineers were hired. Contracts were let. Companies were listed on the public markets. The Bay Citizen, from San Jose, CA, reports:

    Three weeks before Solyndra, the solar-panel manufacturer, based in Fremont, declared bankruptcy, the United States Department of Energy issued a $197 million loan guarantee to another Bay Area solar company…

    Like Solyndra, which failed despite a $535 million federal loan guarantee, SoloPower, based in San Jose, is a politically connected firm that produces thin film panels built with copper, indium, gallium and selenium (or CIGS) instead of silicon, the basis of most photovoltaic panels.

    Energy Department officials have cited a worldwide drop in silicon prices as a major factor in Solyndra’s demise. Some analysts are now looking at SoloPower and asking why the federal government — as it worked furiously to keep Solyndra from going bankrupt — made a major investment in a company that relied on a similar technology.

    In its six-year existence, SoloPower has experienced internal discord — it paid a $20 million buyout to its founders — and has yet to turn a profit.

    Pretty sweet, huh? You start a business. The feds get behind it. The business never makes a penny. But you leave with a cool $20 million.

    Good work if you can get it. And the people who can’t get it — the people without connections to the elite — are getting pretty upset about it.


    Bill Bonner
    for The Daily Reckoning

    • Lastmanstanding

      JC. Thanks for this post…many of us that have been researching and reading know that this is the truth.

      The problem is that many/most are oblivious.

    • DaveH

      He forgot to mention the Drug Wars.

      • JC

        Which one Dave? The one the Government is supposedly waging on drug cartels, or the one that Big Pharma is waging on us and our children with all the help they can get from DC?

        • Jay

          I don’t profess to speak for Dave, JC, but i would think he meant both!

    • John Myers

      Dear Bill,

      I am thrilled that you read my column. I so much enjoyed the opportunity I had writing for you and Agora. I have tried to cultivate the independent thinking that you and the terrific writers that work with you. I consider you, my late dad C.V., and Chip Wood, to be my mentors.



  • Dagger

    I would like to know why these “experts” continue to recommend that we buy and hold precious metals(ie: gold Krugerrands or silver coins)? What good is gold or silver going to be if there is no food nor water to buy and you are dying from thirst and hunger? Besides that point considering that the fabric of society descends into anarchy and there are violent riots and people killing people for food and water, the rioters will just kill you and take your gold and silver. Most likely, there will not be any stores left that will not have been destroyed by the rioters and looters. Banks will not be open, money will be worthless and this includes gold and silver. I ask the question again; what the hell good is it to hoard gold and silver when you are dying of thirst and starvation and there is no place to spend your gold or silver?

    • JC

      This was part of the article above…

      Action to take: I usually sign off suggesting you buy precious metals or a resource stock that looks good. This week, I urge you to consider what you will do if you and your family are beset by an emergency. In that case, Krugerrand gold or American Silver Eagle coins will not be of much use. I suggest you store lots of fresh water, canned foods, guns and ammunition. I hope I am dead wrong, but these items may be critical. In 30 years, I have never written such extreme advice. However, we may be entering the most extreme period of our lifetimes.

      Yours in good times and bad,

      –John Myers
      Editor, Myers’ Energy & Gold Report

    • Lastmanstanding

      Dagger…if/when shtf and you live in a community that is away from the bigger cities, the govt will pretty much cease to exist…people will barter for things that they need…some have excesses of items and will trade them for pms because they know that they canuse them to get items from elsewhere…You must think outside the box!!!

      Look back in time 200 years for the answers. People lived without all this crap that we have today…WITH THE KEY WORD BEING “LIVED”

      If I lived in the city, I would be armed to the teeth and looking for an escape plan as the 2012 election may be the breaking point.

      For those of you who are squeemish about protecting yourself and your family…get over it! have your discussion with God now and continue to do so until there is no other choice as to whether you will live or die…

      God bless America…hopefully he will forgive us as we could have behaved much better.

    • S Barringer

      I fully agree. Also, in many cases, the people who buy the gold don’t have physical possession of it. If it’s in someone else’s vault 500 miles away, what good is it?
      Sunday, a friend of mine who is just beginning to wake up to the humongous mess we’re in, told me he wanted to buy some gold. I told him, unless you have (even then) physical possession, you don’t own anything. Your number one investment should be weapons; after that, goods that can be bartered since the money system (especially dollars) will not be recognized by anyone.

      • DaveH

        I like silver. Smaller values, easier to trade, and when things get really bad, you can use it to make bullets for the Werewolves.

    • ExCaliBagger

      We can melt them down an make bullets……

    • Alej

      Sounds like Dagger is irritated that he didn’t start “stacking” when the price of gold and silver was 1/3 or 1/4 of what it is now. Late for the party ?

      When you straggle by my front gate and want some food, you’d best have something to trade for it. You be de grasshopper, and we’s be de ants !!

      • Nadzieja Batki

        The ants were not stockpiling gold and silver.What will you do when your own stock piles of food run out and other peoples’ as well? How much water do you plan to stock pile? What will you do when water runs out and there are water shortages or the rivers run dry and there is no rain?

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Thank you for pointing out the obvious.

  • Malocchio

    Congressmen live in a glass house. They are unwilling to live as their “subjects” do i.e. recieve Social Security and Medicare. They create rules whereby full pension can be drawn (at the taxpayers expense) after a few years of service in Congress and want the age limit risen to 67 for the public to get Social Security? It sounds like they are SETTING THEMSELVES UP FOR A REVOLUTION . They consider themselves above the law. Mel Martinez has free Healthcare and Pension for life after 6 years of public service. Larry Craig, who solicited (while in office) men in a public restroom will STILL collect a pension and free healthcare.

  • Dagger

    I have noticed that these so-called peaceful demonstrations are beginning to take a turn towards violence and attacks on police. Surely, they will grow more violent as time passes.

  • the survivor

    there’ll be no blood shed til the entitlements are cut and the governments know that, that’s why they’ll beg, borrow and take everything you have to keep the have nots happy. When the 47 million on food stampe get hungry, all bets are off, they may protest the first week when they can’t get their drugs,doritos,chips and soda, after that when they start getting hunger pains, I wouldn’t want to be in any city, not that I would want to be in one now.

    Fox says:

    When you run out of food, water, and ammo, what are ya gonna do then, give up?

    then you either become a taker like the people who took from you or you’ll be in one of the mass graves that someone may or not dig up in the next century.

    • Lastmanstanding

      Survivor you are right on. I have been making that same prediction for a long time. I don’t know why that it is hard for so many to understand…

      “give me liberty, or give me death.”

  • Douglas MacIlroy

    There is no god. There is only you. Please, please wake up. If we could crawl out of our stone age mind set and stop believing in supernatural beings dreamed up thousands of years ago we’d be a lot farther along the road toward reaching our true potential as sentient beings.

    “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
    Then he is not omnipotent.
    Is he able, but not willing?
    Then he is malevolent.
    Is he both able and willing?
    Then whence cometh evil?
    Is he neither able nor willing?
    Then why call him God?”

    Epicurus – Greek philosopher, BC 341-270

    If I run out of ammo its because I didn’t store enough. If I give up it’s because I chose to. I alone am responsible for my survival. Quoting verses from religious writings of dubious origins adds no power to arguments. I understand that some people need to find answers and support in the ether. but it’s all smoke and mirrors. There’s very little difference between communion wine and Jim Jones’ Kool-Aid.

    Think for yourselves.

    • Kim

      Really? WE create the evil. Why should God stop it when people continually thumb their nose’s at Him and tell Him to get out of the way, or even worse, deny His existence all together? I will just ask you one question Douglas. Do you know ALL things? If you can admit that you can’t know all things, then you have to admit that there is a possibility that God does exist. God put in all of us the knowledge that He does exist. Whether you admit it to yourself or not, you will face His judgement in the end, and for that reason, I pray for you.

      • Douglas MacIlroy

        Kim, I do not dispute that we create the evil, but we also created the notion of gods. I will also admit that I do not know everything and freely admit that there might be a ‘god’. (If there is, he/she/it has the manners and morals of a spoiled child.) Try to get the same sort of admission (that there might not be a ‘god’)from most adherents to various faiths and you will begin to grasp the depths of their double standard when it come to ‘reasoning’ with self actualized people like me.

        Pray for me if it makes you feel better. I thank you for that.

        • Capitalist at Birth

          There may or may not be a God. Organized religion was created by man to control the masses. It has not been a good thing all of the time. I don’t think religion should be brought into the equation at any time.

        • S Barringer

          I hear people saying that there are no atheists in foxholes. Some knowing they will die and have steeped in religion do turn to begging for some god’s help when facing death; they know that’s all they have left. But, having been in a foxhold, I can say that, in the do or die situation, the realization strikes you that it’s up to you, and only you, now to get your butt out of this mess–or it’s all over. That’s reality and the truth of a harsh, uncaring world.

      • Thor

        “Epicurus – Greek philosopher” overlooked one important fact: God gave man the ability to choose between good and evil, which defines ‘freewill.’ And giving humankind that choice is not identical to a lack of omnipotence.

        Can we now get back to the discussion of the coming revolution?

        • Douglas MacIlroy

          God didn’t give man anything. Man invented god. Is that so hard to grasp. Epicurus’ questions elegantly refute your circular logic and blind faith.

          We now return you to the revolution preparedness channel.

          The revolution is coming. Stock up on what you think you’ll need.

          • ExCaliBagger

            You have that backwards. GOD invented man.

          • Jay

            If God didn’t exist, neither would atheists!

            GOD and the Atheist

            GOD was bored again. It doesn’t happen a lot but every now and then it happens. After all, GOD knew everything that had happened, everything that was happening and knew everything that was going to happen. And to make matters more boring, GOD had been doing this for eternity.

            At that moment an atheist wrote in his journal, just as he was about to go to sleep, that he had come up with a way to prove GOD did not exist. GOD was familiar with this individual’s particular obsession of proving that GOD did not exist. What the atheist didn’t know was that tonight GOD would enter his dreams and prove he did exist.

            That night when the atheist was in dream mode, GOD entered his dream and made introductions by saying, “I hear you have a way to prove I don’t exist.”

            Now the atheist was able to realize he was dreaming and knew that obviously GOD was a projection of his own subconscious, so felt no paradox in addressing GOD by saying, “Actually I have proven that GOD does not exist, and obviously neither do you.”

            GOD was impressed enough to no longer be bored and decided to see if the atheist was right. “Well, if you can prove I don’t exist then I will leave. If you can’t prove I don’t exist, I will never leave.”

            The atheist smiled for he knew he had his subconscious beat and replied, “I know you don’t exist for I can name an activity that GOD cannot do. If GOD can do anything, and I can name something GOD can’t do, then I prove GOD doesn’t exist.” Laughing in his dream, the atheist almost woke himself up laughing out loud in his bed for he was so pleased he had baited GOD onto proving he doesn’t exist.

            GOD was patient and eager simultaneously and replied, “Please tell me what I cannot do and I will do it.”

            Realizing that he had tricked GOD he said in triumph, “If GOD knows everything then it is impossible for GOD to forget everything.”

            GOD paused and remembered he was bored. If I forgot everything, including I was GOD, I wouldn’t be bored for a very long time if I was trying to remember who I am. With that profound conclusion made the atheist a deal. “I will prove I exist if you are willing to trade places with me.”

            The atheist was stunned. Of all of the replies he had anticipated, he hadn’t expected this one. “Well, since you don’t exist, I can’t trade places with you, but if you did exist, I would be happy to become the all powerful, the all knowing GOD.” Before GOD could reply, the genius of the atheist made a leap of brilliance and continued with another requirement, “And when you wake up as me you cannot remember this happened or it proves you really don’t exist.”

            And GOD said without hesitation, “Deal.”

            At that moment the atheist switched places with GOD and instantly in a flash knew everything that had ever happened, including every mystery, secret conspiracy and lost treasure in an infinite number of worlds. The atheist felt unbearable joy at knowing everything that was happening at that moment and was pleased to see everything would happen in the future exactly as he had planned it all along.

            At that exact moment the atheist, now as GOD unaware, woke himself up laughing. He sat up laughing and when he had finally quit hooping and hollering he said, “Wow, what did I just dream that was so funny?”

    • Jay

      The normal “idolater” creates a version of God to which he can snuggle up. In his mind, he creates an all-loving, kind, and forgiving God. He leaves out the fact that the Bible tells us that God is holy and just, and will by no means clear the guilty. He passes over verses such as “Everyone proud in heart is an abomination to the Lord; though they join forces, none will go unpunished” (Proverbs 16:5). Then once he has created his benevolent image of God, he bows before it, and it is to that image that he brings his prayerful petitions. The problem is, his god doesn’t exist. But that is of no consequence to him, because the idolater can easily find a church that preaches the attributes of his idol.

      The atheist does the exact opposite of the regular idolater. He constructs his idol with material from the Scriptures, and he may even call it a “Megalo-maniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.” Then, once he has made his idol, he flatly rejects it. And so he should. The image that he has made of God, is evil. It is without love and mercy.

      And so the atheist has the same result as the idolater. The image only exists in his mind–in the place of imagery…in his imagination.

  • John

    #1 cheerleader for the demonstrators is in the White House,Why do you think Obbumer is for that? Because that is what the NWO’s agenda is. Obama and Soreass want violence in the streets so Obama can declare Marshal law and suspend the elections and become self appointed dictator by something good old G. W. Bush put in place. We’re all in for a bit of fleecing and it won’t be prety.

  • Kim

    Good article but Scary! I still can’t understand why no one listened to Glenn Beck 3 years ago when he started outlining what is going to happen. His accuracy rate is uncanny. It is coming, and whoa is me to America for turning her back on the Lord. You’re right Fox, we better be ready to depend on our Lord!

  • http://yahoo jeff

    The scary thing is not what the protesters gripes are; but, the simple fact of all these protests occurring. The anger in our once great country is escalating to say the least; and, I am afraid of the potential violence that may come out of it.
    Unquestionably big business and big government are in bed together and in many ways they are destructive. Take the case of Jeffrey Immelt CEO of General Electric who is very close to Obama and heads up his Jobs Panel. General Electric is heavily invested in alternative energy ergo against coal and oil production. Coal produces approximately 75% of the energy consumed today. Closing coal mines and power plants creates more unemployment and drastically raises the cost of energy to the consumer. This partnership also produced Cap and Trade which ends up costing the consumer. Another person heavily involved in this is Al Gore. The American public, you and me are being screwed by big some big business and especially our government because big business would not be able to do their thing without our politicians clearing the way.

    • DaveH

      Vote for Ron Paul.
      Vote Libertarian.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      If all these OWS are nothing but angry then they definitely are useful idiots.
      You have to be THINKING clearly and rationally and maintain that thinking to see past all the verbiage that is thrown out by people who want to control other people.

  • Tom Lauer

    Our nice shiny guns are worthless. Imagine you in a riot with your handy dandy popgun. I know old folks who acquired assault rifles several years ago; reality disrupts fantasy. The rioter will not slowly advance, alone, waving a pocketknife. And the mass killer is the threatened authority. Research Romania. Nothing was accomplished at terrible cost. Simon Bolivar achieved nothing. The Bastille was a success but I don’t know why; perhaps things were at such a state that there was no serious opposition. Live and love as best you can.

    • theodorej

      Tom ….. For one …The huge numbers of decenters and the limited amount of fire power in conjunction with a lack of communications contributed to the success of the french … It is completely diferent these days … Rest assured this government may not be able to protect us but it certainly will protect its self against us…This OW movement is so multifacited and without any established directives while it is increasing in numbers it can quickly evolve into an inflamatory situation…. Do Not think for one second that washington is not looking forward to that….

      • JC

        Martial Law? Another reason to arm up.

      • S Barringer

        Exactly right. That’s what the elite want; rebellion in the streets so that they can implement martial law that has been elaborately set up and can be triggered in a heartbeat.
        But, I think revolution is going to happen, despite trying to remain non-violent, and martial law is going to happen, so do be prepared to defend yourself against the chaos in the streets. It’s going to happen. The American people (and the world community) are in survival mode; they know they are at the point of fighting or dying. And, the elite want us to die–the worthless eaters, you know.

  • theodorej

    Cops,Firemen and teachers are part of the problem with their absurd pensions that are draining the resources of local municipalities… I seriously doubt that the cops will be available to check the violence should Johns’future predictions take hold… It will surely be every man for himself and that is scary … We must be in the company of people who think as we do,if you live in an established community start to act like a community,identify decenters early and as a community act to protect the body of like thinkers…. forget about any selfish comforts be prepared to share with your neigbor…. If we can do these few things we will all survive..

  • 4-just_us

    Obama is a deceiving orator, a corporation puppet, he has no vision of running a nation, a reaction president, its all Bushes fault, irresponsible financially, wall street hero president.

  • TheRealBob

    Violence and the left have been connected at least since the French Revolution when the monsters of the socialist Jacobins carried out their campaign of murder that became know as the “Terror”. This relationship continued with the marxists Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and the National Socialist Hitler. It continues today in Red China, Vietnam, Cuba and the rest of the socialist cesspools. In the USA the leftists continue the tradition with the mass murder of babies, drive by shootings, union thuggery, and crimes of violence perpetrated by gangs of democrats such as the New Black Panthers. Inside every leftist like eddie and his buddies there is a Mao, a Hitler, or a SEIU thug. We have to quit thinking of these vermin as just people with different opinions; they all have the capacity for violence; it is in their mutated genes.

    • Moby49

      Let me guess, your solution is denial of 1st amendment rights, incarceration or maybe even the People’s Razor.

      • TheRealBob

        And how did you come up with that brilliant observation?? It sounds like you are just fine with the violence of the vermin.

        • eddie47d

          The Real Bob is always the Horseman of the Apocalypse. Slashing and burning throughout life. Those he mentioned must be his heros and you are one dangerous man.

          • TheRealBob

            If they were my heros, I wouldn’t have compared them to lying, leftist vermin such as you. Make a real, honest statement sometime eddie and surprise us.

          • eddie47d

            I did and you are still the Apocalypse!

          • DaveH

            “The Real Bob is always the Horseman of the Apocalypse. Slashing and burning throughout life”?
            You’ve known Bob all his life, Eddie?
            I think you’re a few loads shy of a full load, Eddie. Actually, quite a few loads shy.

          • eddie47d

            Actually his life is a short story and very negative.

  • Moby49

    You can only kick a dog so long before he bites you the saying goes. Go ahead 1%, keep kicking dog. See what happens when the TPers and OWSers figure out they are fighting the same enemy and join forces.

    While I don’t believe the hyperbolic predictions of Mr Myers with heads rolling down the street, the outcome will be much bigger than the Vietnam protests or the riots of 67. Think Tahrir Square for a model.

    • TheRealBob

      I hope that we who are non-parasites, non-loafers, non-whiners, non-degenerates, and non-tax-consuming scum are ready to defend ourselves from these leftist vermin.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        We will.

    • Patriot

      Who are the 1%? They reside in Washington DC and are their handlers, this has been going on for over 100 years, we need to stand together to fight this tyranny, before it is too late!

      • Capitalist at Birth

        Are you suggesting we stand with the useful idiots currently occupying space illegally? I think that is a bad idea. I choose to stand with The Real Bob, thank you. Who will you stand with?

        • DaveH

          I stand with those who know what the real problems are — The Libertarians.

  • Jim

    Why do “Revolutions” succeed? Because they are ALWAYS operated from the top, by hidden personages. And why is it that Uprisings never win? It is because they start from the bottom, where the powerless live. “Uprisings” never succeed because there is no money power, no professional secret operatives, no organizaton, no experience, no connections, no focus, no staying power.

    As the totalitarian FDR himself once observed: “Nothing happens by accident in politics. If it occurs, you can bet that it was planned that way.” Similarly, “Presidents are SELECTED, not elected.”

    The TSA is now performing highway inspections. Our own government is behind every “terrorist” horror–as a pretext to justify complete loss of our human freedoms. We are regarded by our criminal overlords
    as mere human livestock … to be herded, taxed, depopulated.

    Both political parties are operated by the same Global Syndicate–like pincers. A vote for any of the usual candidates (vetted for treason by the Elite) will only accelerate our doom. The Libertarian ideal,
    however, does offer hope. By its very definition, it is as Judge Andrew Napolitano would put it: That government is best that governs least; the People are entitled to a government that stays within the confines of the Constitution; the Constitution was written to keep the government off the Peoples’ backs.

    Ron Paul, and those like him, are our only hope for a return to the nation our Founding Fathers created:
    End the Fed … End the IRS (the Fed’s repo arm) … Return to honest, Constitutional money … No more warfare/welfare State.

    Nothing so concentrates power as “war.” And now, our occupying overlords war against their own citizens . . . to keep us “safe.”

    • Awake

      YOu are so right……I fear that this is secretly being led from the top but made to LOOK like it is grass roots. So when they (the top) claim they must intercede the OWS will provide the cover and the scapegoat for the tops actions
      For change(transformation as Obama said).

    • DaveH

      Very Good, Jim.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Years ago there was a picture which showed two predators fighting over the prey animal lying on the ground. While the two predators were occupied snarling and growling at each other, off to the side a third predator which the two were not watching walked off with the prey.
      Let us be careful that we do not become victims of the real predator who takes away America’s Freedoms.

  • Malocchio

    Tsar Nicholas of Russia had the choice of giving freight cars full of grain to starving peasants before the Russian Revolution. He unwisely chose not to. The ruling class does not realize that the GESTURE of goodwill towards the People is almost as important as what is given. Wrapped up in luxury neither the pre revolutionary French or Russian aristocracy seemed to have a clue as to what was going on in the lives of the commoners. This refusal and/or inability to face reality cost them their lives. We are now merging on a dangerous and fragile precipice. Our unwary Congressmen have just enough inate narcissism to think it can’t happen to them. BUT IT CAN AND IT WILL. p.s. Mel Martinez wore a mighty smug arrogant smile as he sauntered around U.C.F. 2 days ago. It must be the pension and free healthcare he’s collecting out of the suckered taxpayers pockets.

    • TheRealBob

      Your analogy is ridiculous – there are very few truly poor people in the USA and they have chosen to be be poor by the life choices they have made – choices to use drugs and alcohol, choices to fail to get an education, choices to be lazy and irresponsible, choices to have children they can’t afford and so on. Most of the poor today are rich in the eyes of the world and millions in other countries would love to change places with them. The people making the noise are just angry that effort is required to succeed in this country and that interferes with their drug use and fornicating. It is time to recongnize these people as being the problem and then telling them to get off their lazy butts or starve.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        What you wrote is the hard reality that people don’t like being told.

    • dixiesuzan

      My family on my fathers side comes from Russia through Sweden. I have ancestors born in the Tsar’s Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. In 1905 there was a famine in Russia. St. Petersburg had riots and rioters attempts to storm the grain reserves in public warehouses. The grain was being rationed out so people could be fed. Bosheviks promoted storming these warehouses and loot it all. Cossacks were called out, a night time curfew was called. Public announcement was that those out after curfew would be cut down in the streets by Cossacks on horseback riding at full tilt. Many Bolsheviks promoted violating the curfew. The Cossacks rode down the street and cut them down with sabers. Bolsheviks called for nation wide revolt to topple the Tsar for killing “The People”. A woman ancestor with her only son and pregnant with another one fled to Stockholm where the second son was born and they all stayed there. The Russian government declared war on Japan, whipped up patriotic fervor and stopped the Bolsheviks as traitors in war. This saved the Tsarist government until 1917. The Tsar abdicated in 1916 and Russia had its first election of a popular government in its entire history. That was the Kerensky government. More than 130 family members remained in Russia. Many supported Kerensky. None supported the Bolsheviks. The Bolsheviks toppled the Kerensky government in Oct 1917, less than 1 year after its founding. None of my ancestors in Russia died a natural death. 3 alone lived, the ones in Stockholm. The ones in Russia were shot, drowned, buried alive, gutted, and hung among other things. Our family had legal depositions of all of their deaths from eye witnesses to prove none survived. More than 130 people killed to get V. I. Lenin into power. The Revolutionary Workers Paradise was now in place and finally run by Papa Joe Stalin.

  • http://charter howe

    I grew up in a ghetto and struggled for many of my meals for 17 years until I joined the military and after a two year attitude adjustment period I decided I had a purpose in life. After 29 years in the military fighting against the communist and dictatorial enemies of our country and having the advantage of seeing countries that lived under communism, I was able come home to work and enjoy family albeit with a few service connected disabilities. Like everyone else I knew our country had its problems but never could I have guessed we had over 100 socialist democrats in Congress and the Whitehouse and for the people who do not know what a socialist is do some research. These socialist communists like Pelosi are 70 strong in the House of Representatives. They are not hiding the fact that they are socialist democrats, they are self admitted. Obama’s main agenda has everything to do with socilaism and persuing the goals of Marxist philanthropist Saul Alinsky. If you don’t get enagaed to learn of these facts on your own, you may see you country become a chaotic banana repblic. We have shamefully turned a blind eye to hundreds of ghettos in our great Nation, but there is a way out for the motivated amonst us, but if Obama and the socialist democrats remain in power that window of opportunity will slip away, because without a strong free market system there is no economy or wealth to allow us to reach the poorest and most needy of our citizens. November 12th 2012 may be a life or death vote for our Constitution and way of life, so I would suggest voting these commies out of office if we have the chance to do so.

    • mark

      Yeah there is a way out for the poor in our ghettos. Send them overseas to slaughter hundreds of thousands of people who never invaded us? But don’t dare criticize the corporate structure that imprisons them. That would be treason. Social democracy. Just lick the boot of Wall Street and kill whoever they tell you to eliminate next. Corporate exploiters at home and corporate killers overseas. And the Tea Pary worships them both. All hail the monster corporate state! Sieg Heil! Death to all traitors who speak treason against it. Sieg Heil!

      • DaveH

        So, Mark, can I assume then that you are against Obama’s military escapades and killings?

    • eddie47d

      They don’t know how to put that piece of the puzzle together so they pull out the commie card and accuse everyone in Washington of being one. Washington sucks but they can never be honest and spread falsehoods to prove their points.Wall Street is the other side of the coin and they need to flip it over if they want to gain credibility.

  • http://yahoo lee

    listen up “ask not for whom the bell tolls…it tolls for thee”.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    This “ObaMob” may well be the private army the Dear Ruler has always dreamed of. Of course the Dems and the “ObaMedia” have rushed to embrace these dope-smoking lice-ridden imbeciles.
    Unfortunately, those who gleefully call for class warfare are abysmally ignorant of history. Most of the leaders of the French Revolution ended up with their heads in baskets.

    • mark

      Right! Always lick the boot of Wall Street. Serve your masters well and they may let you have a few crumbs from their table. Kneel before the corporate conquerors. You obviously know very little about the French Revolution. Yes it was very violent and killed many innocents. But it also destroyed forever the feudal serf system that killed and impoverished millions for centuries: the ancien regime. You can no longer buy and sell people in France when you purchase their land as you could for a thousand years in every country in Europe. Robespierre smashed that system forever. But you and your Wall Street masters want to bring it back! Well not everyone is a coward who licks the boot of Wall Street and the banks. Some will stand against them. Even after the brave heroic police shoot them down in the streets. That is no doubt coming. What heroes these police are when it comes to killing unarmed civilians. But turn a gun on them and they all wet their pants.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        You are a perfect example of a useful idiot. Why aren’t you out in the street with your brethren?

        • ExCaliBagger

          He probably is. He is just busy using his iPad or iPhone or droid or whatever the he** they are called. You know, one of those products made by one of the evil corporations they are protesting. Oh yeah, and getting internet service from another. They are nothing but hypocrites.

      • dixiesuzan

        Messianic Robespierre gave folks atheism, promoted riot and dis-order. He smashed the old regime by smashing society. Mob guillotining is not a society of well disposed people any more than mass beheadings in Mexico by drug cartels is the solution to a corrupt Mexican national government. Mass genocide to solve famine, no jobs, arbitrary government, poor housing etc. does not then make a nation of people prone to loving their neighbor, no greed, and peaceful and ordered social life under law.
        Read about what was the New Religion in the New Revoltuiton France run by the Age of Reason. Paris and Notre Dame Cathedral was the great setting place. All Christian symbols removed. The worsip of Prostitution upon the Cathedral altar as the most reasonable thing people could possibly do for a religion.

      • DaveH

        Why lick their boots, Mark?
        Why stand against them? Just start your own companies and compete. Offer malcontents like yourself a choice.
        What, you can’t do that easily because Big Government has set up huge regulatory hoops to hurdle? The Big Government that you blindered Liberals have promoted in your jealous raging?
        So instead of getting educated, your choice is to tear down our institutions and become like the ignorant third-world countries have become?

  • Ken

    I have two points. First, the people who are protesting have plenty to be angry about. The kids out there have had their futures sold down the river so our country can keep spending. Everyone who blames unions has to remember that the bosses are corrupt but the workers are regular Americans trying to hold onto prosperity. The construction industry has been decimated and while the bosses work, the regular guy has not worked in a year or more. Second, at this point, I think we can all agree that obama is either incredibly stupid or ruining America on purpose. I believe it is the second of those two choices. He is a bilderberg attender. This downfall is by design and so is the civil unrest. He came into office with orders to cause this calamity and has pulled it off while the people sleep. Now he’s backing the protestors and for what? Socialism? Communism? No, he’s dividing us to be conquered. If violence erupts, egged on by his administration, he’s only a stroke of the pen away from negating the second amendment and declaring martial law. There is, in existence, an executive order to do just that.

    We need to fight this intelligently and the unification of the people should be our goal. There needs to be some kind of meeting at the national level to get together with these protestors, negotiate, wake them up completely, and unify us all. Then, for sure, we could change things. Essentially, they want the same things that we want. They just don’t know how to get them and some think that they should be free. These protestors are not stupid or hippies, they are our fellow Americans who are beginning to awaken and see what’s really going on. They are still in the stupor that exists in all of us when we are awoken from a deep sleep. Let’s do something radical. Let’s just talk to them. We can find common ground and our lives depend on it.

    • TheRealBob

      I have worked with union memebers all my life and they are not decent people; they are the sludge at the bottom of the human barrel.

      • eddie47d

        Remember “real bob” you are the Apocalypse and a sadistic person with an even eviler heart so why should anyone believe your swill?

        • DaveH

          Case in point.

      • ExCaliBagger

        Not all union members are willing members. In fact, most have the money stolen from their paycheck before they get anything. Just like the gooberment does.

      • Karolyn

        I would love for you to have said that to my ex father-in-law, my father and all of my uncles. They would have had you for breakfast, Bob the hypocrit Christian.

    • AJ

      Ken Yes indeed these kids who are protesting have plenty to be angry about. However they’re marching on the wrong lawn. It should be the Occupy the White House not Occupy Wall Street. The White house is in bed with Wall Street. An old say that peceeded an assasination in the sixties was “Cut the head of the dog off and the tail will stop waging.” The protesters should be on the White House lawn.

      • DaveH

        Or at the Capital Building.

    • dixiesuzan

      And who exactly are “the kids out there”? If they are 20 years old they were born in 1991. And who are their parents? Well assuming 20 years earlier, born in 1971. And who were their parents? Another 20 years, born in about 1951.

      So for the kids out there, grandpa and grandma are born after WW2. They inherit the most prosperous nation and most powerful nation on Earth. They decide to consume it for themselves. That is the 1960′s Revolution if you will. Drugs, do your own thing, free love and new kids without families, just Mom. These individuals become Maoists to a great extent and promote riots on college campuses, in the streets, burning American flags and spiting on American military men in the public streets. Hollywood promotes it, loves it, films it, and makes movies making that a noble cause for doper heroins and heros. By 1973 children are a burden on dopers and anarchists. Abortion is easier. More than 50 million infants in utero are killed in order to not infringe on consuming the national inheritance. The surviers of this carnage grow up in a nation extolling the same anti-Christian, atheistic all for your self values. They too become dopers, anarchists, and Socialists. And now the kids in the street are their children. Mom, pop, Grandpa and Grandma, all basicly anti-family, antisocial order, and left with not a whole lot of national inheritance left to consume for themselves. They have been robbed of their right to eat the seed corn thats left. Who did this to them? Wall Street.

      • DaveH

        Who did this to them?
        It was the voters who bought into the Siren Song of the Welfare/Warfare State.
        The solution — get us back to Limited Government and Freedom. Government should not be in the business of helping themselves to the money of others. Until we get back to strict adherence to Property Rights (that includes the property of money), we are going to continue to have turmoil.

        • dixiesuzan

          My “Who did this to them?” answer of “Wall Street” was supposed to be a answer of irony.

          Christianity taught God owns all. Your right to property, life and liberty is a stewards right only, not an absolute right of autonomous man. Every generation had a duty as a steward to maintain those things for others in the future who then had their stewards duty to do the same. When men believe they are the absolute autonomous owners of anything, the social order containing them is out of whack with the operating principles of the Godly created universe. A moral God creates a moral universe. A God of law creates a universe of law. A God of mercy puts mercy in his universe. A God of retribution puts retribution in his universe. People who see themselves as the absolute autonomous owner of all national morals, all national property and all national laws will consume the nation for themselves. They are not stewards, they are heirs of riches to be spent in the ways autonomous man wishes for themselves. Abort the children for they are a impediment to personal pleasure. Spend the property and money wealth for personal enjoyment. Use your liberty as license for if there is no God then all things are permissible. 3 generations of that and there will not be much left. And a universe of retribution will become evident. So will a universe of maral law. Violate the laws of physic and there are consequences. Violate the moral laws and there are consequences. All things are not permissible and violate that and there are consequences. So the nation does it to themselves.

          • Nadzieja Batki

            Thanks for a good post.

          • DaveH

            I love how people put their words in God’s mouth.
            You are conveniently leaving out those who don’t believe in a supernatural being. I’m one of them.
            I’m talking about the best way for people to get along. And there is no better way than to respect property rights.
            If the person who puts their toil and money into a property isn’t the owner then nobody is. If nobody owns the property, then everybody owns it and we get rule by committee which inevitably leads to corruption and dissension where the few who claim to represent the many treat themselves to the benefits of the property.
            We see examples of that with vast stretches of public land which can only be used by the Politically Connected even though it supposedly belongs to the public.

  • Patriot

    The people to blame for our current economic disaster reside in Washington DC, end of story! Many should be held to the highest standards and should be put on trial for economic treason at the minimum.

  • carlos myers

    the whole idea is work hard be smart and join the 1% not envy

    • John Myers

      Carlos Myers,
      Any relation?

  • Bob McCormick

    BHO better take heed, he who doesn’t learn from history is doomed to repeat it. Here’s another useful adage he should take note of; idle hands are the devils workshop. For many decades the people have been fat happy and employed, that is no longer the case. These 21st century hippy protesters don’t need a handout, they need jobs. Keep them and the rest of us busy trying to make enough money to pay the bills, chasing the ever more elusive American dream, then O can get back to doing whatever crooked thing he wants.


  • dixiesuzan

    Revolution, and by that I mean a violent upheaval.
    The first Great Cause, destruction of national morals and family.

    It should be remembered that by the time of the French Revolution it is estimated at least 70% of the French population was illegitimate. No family, just a French population producing children for adventure and fun. From the top of the Monarchy to the bottom of the social order. It was de rigueur. Formal visits were done in the bedroom. The ladies in negligee, lace and trappings lying abed. “Romantique” encounters, Biblically defined as adultery, was the social order. Ongoing random short term concubinage and sexual intrigue, that was the French court. Publicly Roman Catholic, privately atheistic.

    The rise of the French Philosophes, Diderot, Rousseau, and Voltaire etc., were quoted denigrators of morals, the regime, and all personal restraint beside being publicly atheistic. Louis XV had a prosthetic rubber nose because his own had rotted away due to venereal disease. Marquise de Pompadour, also known as Madame de Pompadour, was the official chief mistress of Louis XV. She received her title because she was a great Paris whore who had learned all kinds of new tricks. The King was enamored. When she ran out of tricks, she became the Kings official procuress, using French military to kidnap young virgin French maids to amuse the King for the night.

    Louis XVI was never intended to become King. His older brother was to become King, but he fell and broke his neck as an adult and died. Louis XVI had no Kingly training whatsoever, an was probably not too bright, but he was a real family man, didn’t want to go out conquering the world, like staying home with the wife and kids. Marie Antoinette was Anne of Austria and a spoiled brat. Once she had her first child she became a wife and a mother. No one ever let her early wild years as queen be forgotten. To France she was Anne of Austria to the end, never Queen of France in the people’s minds. These are the ones to get the axe.

    The French Revolution is based in Atheism, no morals, no family and the plan to create a Heaven on Earth since there is no Heaven in existence. All Revolutions since are of the same type. Marxist, Anarchist, I.W.W. and Socialist. None are to create a Christianity based nation, they are Revolutions to destroy Christianity based nations. The American Revolution was the last based in Christianity. You know then what to expect from any new Revolutions. Guillotine, the pockmarked wall, and barbarism.

    • mark

      Who cares what the corrupt people at the top of that rotten French system did? You seemed obsessed with such cretins like Star Magazine is with degenerate movie stars. The great and enduring victory of the French Revolution was that it smashed forever the feudal serf system that impoverished and killed millions of French men, women, and children for centuries. This is why that Great Revolution is celebrated all around the world on July 14. It wasn’t led by slaveholder hypocrites like the American Revolution but by men who actually wanted to set the slaves free! And they had to kill an awful lot of nobility and priests to do so. But today in France and all Europe thanks to that Revolution, people can no longer be bought and sold with the land as they were for centuries. You and your buddies on this site would like to bring that serf system back again. As you’re all a bunch of Wall Street bootlickers who wouldn’t dare speak a word against capitalism if it sold your own family into slavery. The more this corporate system exploits you, the more you love it! No wonder the bankers laugh at the Tea Party. They know they have those suckers in their hip pocket- along with change for the beggars!

      • The_Butter_on_your_Bread

        The freedoms the French got were surrendered to Napoleon after a few murders, and surfaced some 80 years later in 1870__
        Or do you think the “Reign of Terror” is a misnomer? The Bourbon Restoration an act of enlightenment? Or Louis Napoleon, “His Benevolence”?

        PS I’m atheist, and I have morals – you too do not need a despotic overlord, whether you call him King or God or State.
        Jut use your mind..

      • dixiesuzan

        July 14th is celebrated because it is Bastille Day. The capture of the old fortress in Paris, built in the 14th century. When built it was in the country. By July 14, 1789 it was in the center of Paris and had command of the city with cannon. It had been converted into a prison. Mob rumors went wild about hundreds of tortured and arbitrarily jailed Frenchmen were spread and a mob went to the Bastille to “free” them. The commander of the Bastille hadn’t the faintest idea of what they were talking about, as he spoke the tthe mob leaders through a small door in the fortress gate. So he opened the fortress gate to let them inspect the prison. The mob surged in. In the prison cells they found a total of 7 (as I recall) men. ^ were violant convicted prisoners and the 7th was a madman of a wealthy family confined to protect him and society from this raging lunatic. The mob through its leaders decided all this was abuse of the French people. The killed the Bastille commander put his head on a pike and paraded it through the streets. The mob tore down the Bastille to ensure the French people would never be abused like that again. That is what is celebrated every July 14th, Bastille Day.

      • Monte

        You are delusional!

        • dixiesuzan

          I wrote that from memory of historical college studies as a History major. I double checked and a few slight errors. There were 7 people in the Bastille prison but the Marques de Sade (a aristocrat) was transfered in early July. That left 6. There were no political prisoners there when the mob took the Bastille. The mob promised the commander safety as well as the guards, but the mob massacred them without mercy. 4 of the prisoners were convicted criminal forgers. One other was the Compte de Solages (an aristocrat) committed by his family for incest and libertinism, and considered mad. The last was not even French, he was a mad Irishman known as Major Whyte. Whyte believed himself to be Julius Caesar and had been there for years. He was thin with a long white beard. He looked like a political prisoner ought to look. So the mob put him in a cart and crowds cheered and waved and Whyte waved back and cheered because he thought they were Romans paying homage to Julius Caesar for a great Roman victory. The the story of the Bastille was made to fit the expectations and thus it is now a great victory over tyranny and celebrated as such every July 14th in remembrance.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          The woman knows her history.
          You appear as if you didn’t bother to study history. By the way, history has a way of repeating itself on a regular basis because of people who don’t bother to learn.

      • DaveH

        It depends on what your definition of Serfdom is, Mark. The French Government consumes 53% of that countries production. You consider giving 53% of your money unwillingly to those people in Government to be Freedom? I don’t.

    • Monte

      Great comment. The leftist dreamers thought that by destroying everything traditional they would create a better world, a utopia. Instead, all they got was anarchy, chaos and blood. After more than 200 years there are still lefist dreaming scum, destroying everything around them. Their failed systems and policies do more than cost us enormous amounts of money, they destroy the very fabric of our civilization and leave ruins in its place. Take family, a biological and cultural necessity. 41% of children are born into a single parent family; 71% among the blacks. Howabout education. Our educational system, turned indoctrination camps, is rated the lowest in the industrial world. lower than even some third world countries. The damage these dreaming idiots do is costly and disastrous. They know how to destroy but not how to build. All we have to do is throw more money at it and everything will be fine. Idiots!

  • AJ

    Yes indeed these kids who are protesting have plenty to be angry about. However they’re marching on the wrong lawn. It should be the Occupy the White House not Occupy Wall Street. The White house is in bed with Wall Street. An old say that peceeded an assasination in the sixties was “Cut the head of the dog off and the tail will stop waging.” The protesters should be on the White House lawn.

    • mark

      But Corporate America and Wall Street owns the White House! They own all of Congress, both political parties, and all the presidential candidates,too. (The one or two they don’t own will never win!) What does it matter who wins elections or who sits in the Oval Office when Wall Street calls the tune and owns every single one of them! If you want to cut off the head of the serpent, don’t go to the White House or the Congress – go to the people who own them! The bankers, the hedge fund wizards, the investment firms, the giant corporations! Don’t you get that! Don’t you see that politics in this country is just theater for the masses like Jerry Springer, Judge Judy, and the soap operas. Wall Street calls the tune. They make the rules! They buy, sell, and own everybody. We live in a capitalist system and they are the biggest and most powerful capitalists. What part of this don’t you understand? Have they got you brainwashed too?

      • DaveH

        And green-eyed people like yourself, Mark, enable that situation. With your well-intentioned but ignorant support of heavy regulations, you play right into the hands of the Big Politically Connected Corporations that you claim to dislike. Do not Confuse Capitalism with Crony Capitalism. With True Capitalism, the Government is not involved. Companies sink or swim based on whether or not they please the consumers. With True Capitalism, those companies are essentially slaves to the consumers because if they don’t please the consumers they perish. With Crony Capitalism, those Companies who pay the right Politicians or Bureaucrats succeed at the expense of their non-politically-connected competitors, the consumers, and the taxpayers.
        The regulations that the blindered Liberal followers support are almost always tailored by and for the Crony Capitalists that are the true problem.
        The Leaders play ignorant Liberals like a fiddle.

  • Change?

    Barack Obama is doing exactly what he was chosen to do – collapse the U.S. by Soro’s and Rothschild’s demands. He knows this country is failing but he is standing on the sidelines and doing nothing because his hands are tied by those in charge. Obama was an unemployed bum who was more interested in fame, fortune, and prestige than saving this country from the hell it’s going through and standing up to those who have drained it.

    The big bosses want to see the total collapse of all the Arab countries, except Israel because the Rothschild’s own Israel. Fortunately, there are some Arab leaders who know what’s going on and they will fight back, but unfortunately that’s when WWIII will begin and there will be nothing that will stop the elite’s NWO just as there was nothing that stopped Rosevelt’s unconstitutional 3rd presidential term.

    It’s been a game by the bankers of ‘let’s make this country fight against that country and we’ll step in and take over the resources or loan them money to rebuild.’ It’s been going on for deccades and the Rothschild’s will stoop to any level, including murder, to see that their plans are carried out. We are dealing with some very sick, reprobated beings who have collected all the wealth and don’t have any other game to play except a power play to take control of the world and enslave people as if they were nothing more than four-legged animals. After animals are no longer producing anything, they’re usually slaughtered.

    Protesting falls on deaf ears to the elite. What this country and world needs is leaders with some gonads who will stand up for the people and dismantle the elite’s plans. Obviously that’s not going to happen so it’s up to the people to save themselves. We need to set up a citizen’s tribunal and bring charges against everyone who dipped their hands into the cookie jar. We start by bringing charges against Obama, Holder, Clinton, and Napolitano for MURDER, and to hell with Issa’s and his cronie ass pansies who are again trying to blame Bush for everything. Next, we get rid of the dual citizenship, blood thirsty heathens who are running this country and put real Americans in leadership. As long as the current individials are in command, this country will continue to build a bigger trash heap that’s already begun. We must get rid of the trash by any means possible and show the trash that this is our country and we’ve had more than enough of their sickness and we no longer welcome their rules and laws because we have our own and they’re called the Constitution and Bill of Rights which are inalienable and cannot be changed, given away, and especially taken from us by force.

    I know I’ve been rambling, but it hurts and angers me to see so many Americans going hungry and becoming homeless and jobless because of our ball-less politicians whom we’ve hired to do the exact opposite of what they’re doing. It’s time for a change, and not the ‘CHANGE’ that Obama preached about. Get your brooms ready America because we have a lot of sweeping to do. But first, do what John suggested and begin stocking up on necessities, especially firearms and ammunitions before Holder outlaws them. I hope I’m wrong, but I think what’s coming down will be greater than anyone ever imagined, but it’s our FREEDOM we will be fighting for. Without freedom there is no existence. Just ask any slave from a third world country whose life is controlled by a tyrant. Now imagine the world population’s entire existence controlled by a small group of individuals who will make all the rules and laws to benefit themselves. It’s not a pretty picture.

  • Rich

    “…something sinister is coming down the PIKE.” ((Not the pipe)

  • Raggs

    I wonder if this so-called occupy movement are anticipating a violent movement if their messiah oblama is not re-eleceted?

    • dixiesuzan

      Read about the end of the Roman Republic. Every political figure had his own public mob. They murdered rivals.

      • mark

        Yes but like the U.S. republic, the Roman Republic was a slave republic. It was rotten and corrupt to begin with. Just like our country founded by those noble slaveholders whose writing we are all supposed to worship. Please. What a joke!

        • Monte

          If it wasn’t for those noble slave holders we might be living in cardboard boxes today like they do in Mexico. They cleared a wilderness and built a civilization, facing threats you can’t even imagine. They didn’t have the time to whine and complain like you. For them, it was life or death. You talk foolish talk and live in a dream world.

          • DaveH

            And the Mexicans live that way because ignorant people like Mark have allowed them to regulate their economy into a hole under the guise of “protecting the people”.
            As Government Grows, Corruption Flows. And people like Mark help it grow.
            Ironically, Mexico is economically freer than France which Mark wants us to emulate:

    • Karolyn

      Why do you assume that everyone who does not support your philosophy is pro-Obama?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Because as much as you like to lie otherwise, you are for O.

        • Karolyn

          The all-knowing clairvoyant, Nadzieja, has spoken! And I was not speaking of myself anyway! I neither support, nor oppose Obama, although I do agree with him on some things. Why do you feel the need to make personal comments on a general post? IF you would bother to look at other material online, you would see that not all liberals are supporting Obama. As a matter of fact, there are a great many who see him as too conservative and having compromised his values.

  • eddie47d

    The banks in America have failed us and some of them still think they are too big to fail. Matter of fact some of them got bigger and are bloated with cash. Many were correct to say that banks should never have been bailed out and should have been taught a lesson. Bailing them out was a gamble and the banks refused to do their part in healing the failed economy they helped create. They are now finding evermore ways of nickel and diming the consumer especially with credit cards but also with loans. It’s all a shell game to them and they laughed at the Frank-Dodds reforms. Those reforms were so weakened they became useless and will not stop another downturn. Nothing has changed on the derivative shell game either and they are nothing more than bets on the market. The banks are flush with money yet they still try and sell derivatives which are nothing more than uncollateralized (unfunded) scams. Which still leaves our economy open to losses. The OWS folks know this and I believe many of you also do. Who is going to be the willing ones to correct these major faults,

  • TheRealBob

    The OWS know nothing but what their marxists masters tell them. They are the toxic waste of humanity just like all leftists. While I agree that the banks need reforming, I also know that no good reform will come from the left.

    • eddie47d

      Apocalypse bob has spoken and only venom drips from his poisonous tongue.

  • The_Butter_on_your_Bread

    Yay .. the more we protest, the better, even if it is to protest the protesters
    Slavery is still an unacceptable social construct

    • mark

      Exactly. The more protests there are the healthier a society we are. There were no protests against the system in Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, or Maoist China. Dissent is measure of greatness. Better for people to speak out and protest no matter what their political ideology. When protest ends, so does America.

    • DaveH

      And just who is enslaving us?

  • RonS

    This is only a political choreographed stunt, organized by the Democrat party. Watch and listen to the democrat politicians they are in support of them support of what? Obama just anounced that he is cutting student loans and bypassing Congress, exsecutive order!!
    There is no unified message other than most are antarchist and partiers! Most of these young people have never had a job. The older people are just old communists and hippies!! Once the cities wake up and stop allowing them to destroy city parks and take down their tents this will all go away. This is made for TV news cameras…
    Don’t give them any credibility, there is no movement or revolt!!

    • Raggs

      You are allowed your opinion but, what if.
      Is this a created crisis?… oblama knows full well that he is un-electable so is he creating an intentional disaster for the next administration?… Student loans that he took control over as soon as his black ass hit the white house lawn and now housing “relief” by executive order to ensure that low income folks have some “change” in their pockets and that they keep their home on the backs of the 50% that pay taxes…. He is creating yet another bubble and it more than likely will burst after he is well gone from the throne.

      • RonS

        Don’t think for a minute Obama doesn’t want to be re-elected! All he is doing in his little mind is trying to buy the college vote.

    • DaveH

      Where do you get, Ron, that “most are antarchist”?
      I think most are looking for More Government, not less.

      • RonS

        Dave you might be right, But when I see scum trying to tear down the capitalist system wanting to loot and pillage I call them anarchists. Maybe a better name would be socialists or communists?

  • Bandit

    Looks like im a day late, but, as soon as the 1st protester gets hurt or killed for being an idiot or antagonist its gonna b on! These people have no idea what they r tryin to accomplish yet they r willin to throw away their incomes and families to camp out w a bunch of other lost in the fog followers(sheep)This whole thing will not enrich ANY of them monetarily . It may however set up some the local businesses around these protesters the ability to open new shops and more evil retail big money venues who would have the ability to give employment to these bums when they have figured out that in AMERICA you fend for yourself and people r rewarded according to their abilities. Not waitin ea month for a gov. check. Was Steve jobs greedy or just intelligent ? Have we all benefited from his abilities? Any of the protesters would not turn down the chance to become the next Bill Gates or Sam Walton. They have completely forgotten that is the opportunity AMERICA gives to them(not the country we have right now but,) Get your research done, dig deep, on the people running for office, find what they really stand for and vote! That is how to effect change in the USA !!!

    • eddie47d

      Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were Liberals who rebelled against the system. They experimented throughout their lives (socially and intellectually) and did well. Great things do happen to people who are willing to stick their necks out and take a chance. The OWS folks are not sheep and are willing to take a chance that they can make a difference. Those who fight for fairness or a level playing field aren’t always in it for the money. Steve Jobs was a perfect example of that.

      • JeffH

        I have to question whether Steve Jobs really was a liberal. If so, he seemed to have transformed from a liberal into a conservative.

        Jobs, who was known for his prickly, stubborn personality, almost missed meeting President Obama in the fall of 2010 because he insisted that the president personally ask him for a meeting. When he finally relented and they met at the Westin San Francisco Airport, Jobs was characteristically blunt.

        “You’re headed for a one-term presidency,” he told Obama at the start of their meeting, insisting that the administration needed to be more business-friendly. As an example, Jobs described the ease with which companies can build factories in China compared to the United States, where “regulations and unnecessary costs” make it difficult for them.

        Jobs also criticized America’s education system, saying it was “crippled by union work rules,” noted Isaacson. “Until the teachers’ unions were broken, there was almost no hope for education reform.” Jobs proposed allowing principals to hire and fire teachers based on merit, that schools stay open until 6 p.m. and that they be open 11 months a year.

        It’s obvious that Jobs wisdom was falling on the deaf ears of Obama the community organizer.

        • JeffH

          I’ll add this little snippet on Jobs. Twice he offered to help Obama in his campaign for president, 2008 & the 2012 campaign. Though Jobs was not that impressed by Obama, later telling Isaacson that his focus on the reasons that things can’t get done “infuriates” him, they kept in touch and talked by phone a few more times. Jobs even offered to help create Obama’s political ads for the 2012 campaign. “He had made the same offer in 2008, but he’d become annoyed when Obama’s strategist David Axelrod wasn’t totally deferential,” writes Isaacson. Jobs later told the author that he wanted to do for Obama what the legendary “morning in America” ads did for Ronald Reagan.

          Jobs had suggested that Obama meet six or seven other CEOs who could express the needs of innovative businesses — but when White House aides added more names to the list, Jobs insisted that it was growing too big and that “he had no intention of coming.”

          • JeffH

            FYI – Walter Isaacson authored “Steve Jobs” biography.

          • eddie47d

            Being a Liberal doesn’t mean you can’t be a tough businessman and want the best for your company and I don’t believe Jobs got any special favors from the White House. In your second comment it sounded like he was willing to go all out for Obama.

          • JeffH

            …yes, but Jobs also realized that Obama’s(ideology)business policies were not even remotely business friendly and that Obama’s policies would ultimately lead to this countries failure.

      • Lastmanstanding

        Eddie i can’t take it anymore…Jobs,gates,etc are capitalists that enjoy taking advantage of your dumb fkg libs/progs that must have their products!!!

        They only care about building their business… they need dupes to buy their crap and if you look around there are no shortage of dupes.

        If you want to survive, you better start thinking outside the box!

        • eddie47d

          Thy were Liberals who happen to make lots of money and I bet you have owned one of their products so does that make you a dupe or just a name calling expert?

  • Doug Rodrigues

    If a violent revolution does start in this country, then the people to be eliminated (via firing squad or hanging) are the people who fomented this mess: Soros; Obama; all of the “Progressives”; all of the do nothing Republican “Leadership” who do nothing to stop it; anyone attached to the ACLU; anyone attached to the anti-Constitutional groups like the Communist Party USA, the American Socialist Party, the Workers Party, etc. etc. Added to the list would be the propaganda spewers such as left-wing “News” people or talk show hosts such as Rachel Maddow, Keith Olberman, Ed Schultz. Also the major “News” media controllers who have the press functioning as a propaganda arm for “Change.” And finally, get rid of any and all in the “Educational” community who express Marxist and Socialist preachings to students. All of the above are a cancer to freedom. Get rid of them! If they are stupid enough to want to bring revolution upon us, then they can pay the ultimate price for it! There are more of us than they are of them.

    • 45caliber

      There are indeed more of us than there are of them – but keep in mind, they have control of the nukes and we don’t.

    • DaveH

      The thing is, Doug, that the citizens have allowed our Freedom-robbing Governments to grow administration after administration because they have been too lazy to educate themselves and work for True Freedom for a century and a half now.
      Maybe they are finally waking up. Is it too late? I hope not.
      Learn your History (the real story, not the propaganda version), and learn your Economics (again, real economics not the politicized propaganda version).
      Go here to start your education:

  • BigBadJohn

    Protesters on the left
    tea baggers on the right

    One thing is for sure – people are not happy. This applies to countries outside of the USA also.

    Historically speaking, over population leads to poor opportunities for the masses and mass revolts. The solution from the ruling elites has always been to start a BIG war to cut down on the population and create opportunities for the survivors.
    If left to the masses they will create a cult of personality and a blood bath will follow. Hitler deflected this anger to the jews. Who will it be next? Mexicans?

    Buy some supplies it most likely will come to either war or revolution.

    • FreedomFighter

      /agree, prep now just in case.

      code RED SPRING-activate/all

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • Raggs

      Little john, your rant is inexcusably vulgar.
      But at least you have read the writing on the wall.

      • eddie47d

        As opposed to your usual inexcusable vulgar.You need to read your writings.

        • Raggs

          I don’t remember asking you… But sence you stuck your head in the bucket once again I will give you a little advice….

          Look to see how much chit is in the bucket prior to sticking your face in it.

          • eddie47d

            Way too much and it’s over flowing.

    • DaveH

      Population has nothing to do with it, BigBad. Politics has everything to do with it.
      Hong Kong has 3 times the population of our most densely populated state, and they spend less than half on Government that we spend, yet their economy is robust.

      • BigBadJohn

        beg to disagree…
        PROSPERITY has everything to do with it. We have out sourced all of our manufacturing and a lot of our “white collar” engineering jobs to China , Hong Kong was the first to prosper. If the US started isolationist trade policies or even equal trade policies with China, there would very soon be a lot of unrest in China also.

        • DaveH

          Our Government and Unions have chased our companies from our country. There is nobody else to blame. If a company owner can’t get a return on his investment, why would he want to stay here? Masochistic maybe?
          Perhaps you could post some references to your position that Hong Kong wouldn’t do well without the US? I say they would.
          Read this free online book, and get some wisdom about the follies of Government meddling in our economy:

  • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

    thought you would be interested in this story do not be afraid
    Occupy Wall Street, Tea Party: United In Distrust

    • eddie47d

      They are eerily similar in protest especially when it comes to big money manipulating everyone. Whether politicians or Wall Street are doing it to them.

  • Freeman

    As I stated a few years ago, there are limitations, and our government has every intention of seeing how far they can push the average person.
    Oakland was being cleared out today 10/26/11 starting at 7:30 AM.
    This was a forced removal, thus showing that violence is a standard operational procedure.
    Between these acts, the suicidings, and murders, is it any wonder that a normally law abiding citizen would consider armed revolt?
    Refusing to listen to the people, outright theft, and then using a boot on your head to tell you how to be, what to think, and how to act?!!!
    I doubt it will take much more to put the citizenry over the top…
    We The People are looking down the barrel of a super committee and/or a legal CUT to everything…thing I earned and paid for. Yes these systems need correction, too.
    A real reformation is desperately needed with a return to our founding documents, etc.
    I offer that the idea of a revolt/revolution gets closer the longer it takes to prosecute the crooks in power…
    Shortly, the basis of real economics wil be catching up to the printing presses and those who run them…
    Are We The People going to once again decorate every tree in our parks with the evidence of the results?
    If the WW III plan fails, revolution will be close on its heels.
    A few months at most and we’ll see.
    November 9th at 2:00 PM ALL Broadcast is supposed to be shut down according to FEMA, FCC, etc. A ‘test’ they say…
    No one knows IF other forms of communication will be working, internet, etc…?
    Don’t say how long either…
    Just how far are WE willing to let everything go?

    • 45caliber

      Hummm … I’m interested. How would you move these people out of Oakland without using violence by forcibly moving them? It might be an excellent way to move them elsewhere…

      • Karolyn

        Did you see where the Albany defied orders and refused to remove the protesters in their city?

        • DaveH

          Why would they? They’re peas in a pod.
          Common Dreams. Sheesh. Get real, Karolyn. You need to start expanding your education.

          • Karolyn

            Dave, Maybe if you read some things outside your little realm, you wouldn’t be so angry and anti-social. You should read sonme of the blogs on Common Dreams. It’s not all you think it is. However, we do all have common dreams; do we not?

          • DaveH

            I’ve witnessed Liberal Propaganda for more than 40 years, Karolyn. I’ve seen just about every bogus argument the Liberals can come up with.
            And I would put up my volume of reading against yours any day of the week.

          • DaveH

            By the way, Karolyn — I’m anti-social? Am I the one voting to forcibly take the property of others? Am I the one who votes to force my choices on others? You are the anti-social one, Karolyn, but you don’t recognize it because you have that smooth-talking magic mirror to convince you otherwise.

          • Karolyn

            Dave – I am merely reiterating what you said in a post some time ago. I don’t remember your exact words, but it was to the effect that you don’t care much for people. At least I don’t speak out against something I haven’t even read or investigated. And you didn’t answer my question: Don’t we all have common dreams?

    • eddie47d

      Police are trying to evict all OWS’s in every city where they are protesting. In Portland,Maine someone threw a firebomb at OWS at 4:00am three days ago. Thankfully no one was hurt.So far only violence has come from the outside.

      • Raggs

        ed.. is there any chance that you are in relations with allen colmes?

        I had to ask since you seem to be a braindead twit like allen…

        • DaveH

          Have you noticed how angry and combative Alan is these days? Things must not be going his way.

          • Raggs

            Alan is a clone of micheal moore, a total nutcase loon.
            He squeaks when you twist his tit and then you can’t shut the fool up.

        • Karolyn

          “colmes”? Won’t you be surpsied when you find out there really are beings in this universe other than us.

  • Greg

    I have been a lifelong conservative/Repub. I now see these issues from 2 sides. First is the greed of the so called 1%, which is real. There are no longer absolute morals to guide the justice of rewarding ALL of the workers if a company does well. Second is the agenda of the people using these events to effect change that fits a global agenda. I know the “Progressives” created a lot of the problems, but the greed of the wealthy is only augmenting their credibility in the eyes of the majority. The Socialist message will only sell better as the gap grows. The anger is real.

    • DaveH

      So, it’s greedy to conduct successful voluntary trades with others, but it’s not Greedy to want to take the money from those who have become successful?

  • FreedomFighter
    • DaveH

      Good one Freedom Fighter.
      Funny that the Armed Police would talk about the armed citizens scaring the kids. The Armed Police are the ones that scare me.
      I do think it would be better if people were allowed to carry concealed though, so as not to scare the propagandized sheeple.

  • JeffH

    The Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are demanding “people before profits” — as if profit motivation were the source of mankind’s troubles — when it’s often the absence of profit motivation that’s the true villain

    Free market capitalism is unforgiving. Producers please customers, in a cost-minimizing fashion, and make a profit, or they face losses or go bankrupt. It’s this market discipline that some businesses seek to avoid. That’s why they descend upon Washington calling for crony capitalism — government bailouts, subsidies and special privileges. They wish to reduce the power of consumers and stockholders, who hold little sympathy for blunders and will give them the ax on a moment’s notice.

    Having Congress on their side means business can be less attentive to the will of consumers. Congress can keep them afloat with bailouts, as it did in the cases of General Motors and Chrysler, with the justification that such companies are “too big to fail.” Nonsense! If General Motors and Chrysler had been allowed to go bankrupt, it wouldn’t have meant that their productive assets, such as assembly lines and tools, would have gone poof and disappeared into thin air. Bankruptcy would have led to a change in ownership of those assets by someone who might have managed them better. The bailout enabled them to avoid the full consequences of their blunders.

    By the way, we often hear people say, with a tone of saintliness, “We’re a nonprofit organization,” as if that alone translates into decency, objectivity and selflessness. They want us to think they’re in it for the good of society and not for those “evil” profits. If we gave it just a little thought and asked what kind of organization throughout mankind’s history has accounted for his greatest grief, the answer wouldn’t be a free market, private, profit-making enterprise; it would be government, the largest nonprofit organization.

    The Occupy Wall Street protesters are following the path predicted by the great philosopher-economist Frederic Bastiat, who said in “The Law” that “instead of rooting out the injustices found in society, they make these injustices general.” In other words, the protesters don’t want to end crony capitalism, with its handouts and government favoritism; they want to participate in it.
    - Walter E. Williams

  • Dennis

    Greed is destroying this country,Ronny Reagan and his trickle down theory didn’t take into account that greed has no bounds and nothing would get by into the hands of the workers “there will come a time when those in their gilded halls will feel the wrath of the men in overhauls” I have a fealing it’s comming soon.

    • bob wire

      Well Ronnie wasn’t always that way. He obtained enough success he drew the attention of the devil and was offered a good deal by first the government and then corporate America to be their pitch man.

      When you get to the point in life where you feel you have got a lot to lose we tend to change our thinking about life. You forget how you got to where you are and start worrying about how to keep it and maybe gets some more. You change, but life doesn’t change. You quickly start having less fun and feel heavy and threatened. Fences and locked doors and safes become something to buy along with guns and bullets , lots of bullets.

      I’ve gotta cut this short, darn it ~ I was on a roll! LOL ☺


    • DaveH

      Oh, I beg to differ. Reagan knew full well the Greed of those who wanted to forcibly share the property that others had legally acquired through hard work, sacrifice, and educated risk-taking.
      Reagan knew the Liberals well. He worked with them on a daily basis while head of the Screen Actors Guild.

  • DaveW

    What we have is an extremely toxic status quo driven by a singular Statist agenda within the illusion of a two-party system. In my opinion time will run out before grassroots, true liberty loving Americans can ascend the ranks and take this country back. The only way for this status quo to remain in power is by way of the extreme rise of the Police State and descent into Fascism/Socialism and an escalating divide and conquer strategy between right and left. I believe this is a much more dire threat “right now” than the 1st amendment right of the socialists to express themselves.

    At some point moderate Dems, Libertarian left, Libertarian right, moderate Repubs (sans the Socialists, sans the neo-con Warhawks) must join and resista descent into the tyranny of police state Fascism, or police state Socialism. Remember ‘join or die’? Would this line of thinking be called ‘radical revolutionary’? Or should we just wait and welcome civil war?

  • Raggs

    I’m left with the conclusion that this is a “created crisis”..

    • bob wire

      right, and any great food shortage will be as well. And anyone engage worthy of being drawn and quartered very slowly.

      • Raggs

        Well.. ok good for you…
        Do you think that I care how you feel?
        As far as I’m concerned ( and I’m not ) you can be maggot food.
        Why don’t you waste your time with the rest of your buddies in the sewer of NY?.. And you expect me to give a chit about your pouting for more handouts.. F-U dude you go to hell!

      • Raggs

        Your are a POS slimeball.. just like your democrats that lie… It dosen’t matter anymore you sick basturd.

  • leo corion

    The 2012 Manifesto Civis

    When an issue is so broad that it divides a Nation,
    Attention must be directed to its resolve.
    For: Every kingdom divided against itself
    Will be laid waste … … … and if the Republicans
    Drive out the Democrats,
    Satan would be divided against Himself;
    How, then, would his kingdom stand?”
    Is a hangover from Feudalism? Even today corporations
    Hold dead peasant insurance policies on their employees,
    Naming themselves as the beneficiary.

    That ruling power elite does indeed control the U.S. government behind the scenes has been attested to by many Americans in a position to know. Felix Frankfurter, Justice of the Supreme Court (1939-1962), said: “The real rulers in Washington are invisible and exercise power from behind the scenes.” In a letter to an associate dated November 21, 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt wrote, “The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.” February 23, 1954
    The CFR is the promotional arm of the Ruling Elite in the United States of America. Most influential politicians, academics and media personalities are members, and it uses its influence to infiltrate the New World Order into American life. Its’ “experts” write scholarly pieces to be used in decision making, the academics expound on the wisdom of a united world, and the media members disseminate the message.
    These Corporate elite control the media, government, and all that supports their means of gaining power and wealth.

    The Federal Reserve is the Central Bank of this New World Order and has even gained control of the Activist Supreme Court.

    A large percentage of the people believe that their congressmen would SELL their votes.

    The Corporations and the Wall Street investment bankers funnel the money through their lobbyists, while the People are fed the Opiate that the right to vote will prevail., or that they too may become one of the Ruling Elite.

    Are we really to believe that our Founding Fathers, with all their wit and deliberation, concluded that to be born in this country and having reached the age of thirty-five were ample qualifications to be President?

    Or did they plant an Ambiguity in the second amendment of the US Constitution to obviate the incapacity of the illiterate Mob to comprehend what even today the Supreme Court can not.
    The clue can be found in their use of a Hebrew Pun: i.e. when two words are given the same pronunciation but have a different meaning, as President and Precedent, the ploy can be seen.
    When George Washington was elected he was given the title of Mr.Precedent!

  • ICE

    This applies to all government workers as well.

    I was thinking, what does someone need to do to become an attorney? Law school, the bar, but what most people don’t realize is they have to swear an oath to the supreme court of the united states of america, to be an officer of the court. Also, they must uphold the constitution of the united states of america. There are no exceptions allowed, under constitutional law.
    My thought is, these muslim attorneys are not really attorneys, or they are not muslim. Which is it? If they proclaim to be muslim, their only allegiance is to islam and sharia, by their own definition and admission. They are then guilty of perjury, treason, sedition, high crimes and misdemeanors and many other crimes. This is punishable by death in time of war. Are we not at war? If they have sworn allegiance to the united states supreme court, and to uphold the constitution of the united states of america, thus they are apostate and subject to death by sharia.
    If they have not denounced islam and sharia publicly, then they have not denounced islam or sharia.
    They cannot advocate sharia and islam, and say they denounced sharia and islam. Again perjury, high crimes and misdemeanors, treason, sedition. Again, the death penalty is on the table.
    If our politicians do not proceed after these muslim attorney’s and charge them with treason, sedition, high crimes and misdemeanors, then those that do not charge these people with said crimes against the people of the united states of america and the constitution of the united states of america, will be charged with treason, aiding and abetting, sedition and aiding and abetting. High crimes and misdemeanors, aiding and abetting. And both will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
    Anyone running for office that tries to side step this issue does not get my vote, that would make them co-conspirators. That means they could be charged with crimes against the constitution of the united states of america.

  • Mel

    For the past 2+ years I have been investing in “lead” (if you know what I mean).

  • Bob

    I wish things were so simple as Mr.Myers describes. But it’s much more complicated. We never won the Cold War. We lost- which we refuse to admit- and now we have to live with consequences. As a former political refuge from Czechoslovakia I had to live and suffer with consequences of three revolutions. Now the fourth one is catching up with me and nobody seems to care. This one is nothing new. The same old scenario played over again because people have no memory. Just read mu book “And Reality be Damned…Undoing America” and you will get a picture.

    • bob wire

      Boy! Reagan loves will hate to hear that Bob! I was lead to believe that the US won by out producing the USSR and finical restraints lead to it’s demise. ~ I never really understood exactly where it went but it make for a nice story.

      Short one boogie man,a new one had to be found to justify huge military spending ASAP! The powers that shall be nameless and faceless and maybe even imaginary was left to create evil for a focus point of our fear and loathing. Osama been the tallest, took on the the job thinking the rewards great and the purpose noble, finding opening and mid game play to his liking.

      (you can stop me anytime)

      So we lost by winning? That sounds soo~O GOP!

      Well, I agree that we’ve lost something dear and are in the process of losing even more.

      This today, ~ is not what America was about when I was a younger man. Honest hard work and sweat was once respected and gambling was seen as a cousin to stealing. Old men use to enjoy what few retirement years they had with a little truck garden and to gather, spit and whittle with their pocket knives at the Town Square, to tell large yarns and lies to each other and be grateful they could get their pants on every morning to do it.

  • bob wire

    Oh! Pin the tail on the donkey it it now Mc Murphy?

    blind folded no less!

    Good luck with that one, I’ll pass on the blind fold if I were you, somethings just require a good view.

  • http://slayerwulfe slayerwulfe

    Whats to worry about except the fact of age, a persons age within an age known as eras or even eons trying to define it into it’s smaller category to give you a personal point of reference. The world is going to go on without you, come to terms with it already. This concept that you have to do something to save the world is absolutely ridiculous. There have been great tragedies in the past and this extends into the future, it’s just not going to be your future, you have to get over it already. The world will go on.

    • DaveW

      Not sure if you’re advocating silence or personal freedom. Personal freedom begins from within and entails minimizing ones integration into a corrupt system. Then, surrounding oneself with like-minded freemen, forming resilient communities. Liberty is happiness, that is what life is about.

      • bob wire

        So liberty is walking in step with like minds?

        Liberty is being joined at the hip with kind minds?

        If that your notions of liberty, I think I’ll pass.

        Being free is a large part of liberty and very few people are free. We imprison ourselves with our ideas, words, hopes and dreams. We imprison ourselves with our possessions.

        To be free is to be void of a bias. To be free is to have little to lose and everything to gain. Only then might one be truly free.

        I don’t believe You want to be free. If you did, you would be. So don’t blame anyone but yourself for your lack of freedom.

        If you want something in this world, you invest and spent some of your freedom. You commit to serving others for a wage or agreement and waive some of your freedoms. In so doing, you are no longer free.

        If you commit to marriage, you are no longer free but committed to another.

        If you want a taste of freedom, go spend a few months down in Mexico City living among her people. They don’t have many laws and enforcement is lacking of them, until there is a obvious problem.

        Enforcement works like this in Mexico, “Don’t make me come down there and enforce the law because if I do, you won’t like it” So for most part, each neighborhood is self-regulated. People just end up dead and no one has seen or heard a thing. If the Policia must get involved, the price goes up and ride down town is a rough one. You find yourself in jail, you will find that feeding you is optional. If you don’t have friend or family on the outside that give a damn about you and bring you food, you can get awfully hungry in short time. If you don’t have friends outside the jail, you won’t find many inside the jail. Maybe this might explain something about freedom to you. You have freedom out of jail and no freedom in jail ~ so it’s understood, no one wants to go to jail and so calling the Policia is not one of the smartest thing to do.

        There no handicap parking, park where you dare. Television is open to just about anything, fat people jokes are still fun. If you want to go into business, there is nothing to stop you, just don’t step on a neighbors toes in the process and you are free to you what you big enough to do.

        Government is not in the business of protecting citizens from themselves. You are FREE!

        If you are powerful enough to control what you claim as yours, few will interfere.

        Now, is that any kind of freedom you are interested in? I enjoyed it for several years and sometimes wish we could return to such times.

        But freedom come at a cost and paying for it is never over.

        • msh


  • Donald

    Vox Populi, Vox Dei!

  • Old Henry

    Mr. Myers:

    It appears your article set off the comment section like a hot pan of pop corn.

    I am glad to see you finally “see the light” about storing up basic necissities. I feel for the folks who live in the urban areas as there will be much blood shed and loss of like. I am sure Little Barry the communist Chi Ka Go ganster is sitting in OUR WH rubbing his hands together in delight – just waitng for the right moment.

    Yesterday, 10/25, I heard one of the Chi Ka Go protesters lamenting on how they were going to be able to get shelter for the winter protests.

    Thankfully I live in a semi-rual

    • Nadzieja Batki

      There will be many enablers to take care of the OWS crowd and provide the food, clothing, and shelter during the winter.
      Those protests will become the OWS protestors jobs.

    • John Myers

      Another great addition to the article Old Henry. I always look forward to what you have to say,

  • Mad Max

    Oh brother, you ain’t seen nothing yet. This is cake walk. Wait to we start runing out food. Then I would get worried. In the mean time -

    Don’t be Afraid!

    The Revolution has started -
    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )


  • Dennis

    Sinister indeed.Anybody remember who the first rebel was and lead a rebellion? There is a spirit alright and its not a spirit of true freedom or patriotism but of greed and degenerance.

  • Donald

    RELAX! It ain’t gonna happen.

    • bob wire

      right~ it will not happen, not quickly anyway and I doubt if it will happen slowly. I’ll be long dead and have someone else eat my strawberries. Like George Burns once said, being opportunistic is buying green bananas.

      It’s wise to think of such things but unwise to fear and allow obsession to enter your mind.

      Think responsibly. There is little to fear but fear. Dance like the music will never stop, for when it does it will no longer matter anyway. Anticipate the next 3 notes and step well, with certainty and conviction.

      Walk by faith and not by sight as you were instructed.

      Mr. Myer has made it his job, looking into a crystal ball and forecasting tends and up coming events. It’s his profession to worry and perhaps make you worry if you gamble on future events as he does. He frets a lot, is my guess as things and events are in constant play and ever changing.

      So you have both brought much of this worry upon yourselves.

      If I might say that I’m not affected by all of this, I would be wrong, for I am but not by my choice. I am being held hostage and left to accept the only position offered to a hostage. Change what little I can and accept the rest. Wall Street bankers and those that embrace this system of wagering hold all Americans hostage but to see it as a World over problem, I don’t feel so lonely.

      When you swim with sharks, swim with friends, as many as possible and never get caught on a boundary line or leading edge.

      • Karolyn

        Thanks, Bob. It’s too bad many will scoff at your words and not understand.

      • bob wire

        Oh well? It’s okay Karolyn. More the ever, I understand John the Baptist and the voice that cried out from the wilderness to “repent!”

        It’s good to have tried and reached a few, then not tried at all.

        Unlike John, I do try to keep my words soft and sweet, avoid my head being served up on a platter for pointing out transgressions of the lofty and positioned in crass regard.

        I don’t ask for personal repentance but simply consideration, a new deck of cards and dealer. They can stay their same old nasty selves as I find ways their predisposed behavior might serve me well.

        It not that important that everyone be correct or righteous as long as I’ve got a firm grasp of matters afoot. For as you and I both know so well, the Truth will set you free. So the only questions left to ponder is “what truth?” and “set free from what?”

        You know, ~ I know these answers and it for us to share and enjoy them for those that might find interest to listen.

  • Raggs

    I have just heard yet another rant from oblama on the silly tube. As always he is thrashing his hands and turning his head ( towards the teleprompter ) yelling and screaming, shouting and spitting, stomping his feet and cursing everyone but himself for what he alone has done to America.

    I keep saying this but I cannot get it through the many.. This man is an imitation of sir adolf.

  • Tazio2013

    Taibbi: Occupy Wall Street Aimed at WS Corruption NOT Money or Banking

    OWS’s Beef: Wall Street Isn’t Winning It’s Cheating … All weekend I was thinking about this “jealousy” question, and I just kept coming back to all the different ways the game is rigged. “Dude,” I said. “These people aren’t protesting money. They’re not protesting banking. They’re protesting corruption on Wall Street.” … When you take into consideration all the theft and fraud and market manipulation and other evil s–t Wall Street bankers have been guilty of in the last ten-fifteen years, you have to have balls like church bells to trot out a propaganda line that says the protesters are just jealous of their hard-earned money. People aren’t jealous and they don’t want privileges. They just want a level playing field, and they want Wall Street to give up its cheat codes. – Rolling Stone/Matt Taibbi

    We can see from Matt Taibbi’s statements that central banking, the corrupt US judicial system and many other facets of Leviathan including the political system itself are not the priority of OWS from his point of view. Only flagellating the banksters. As brilliant and sincere as Taibbi may be, such a narrow focus would seem to provide us with evidence that this is a manipulated “populist” movement not a genuine groundswell of indignation at the way the world currently works. In fact, it may have started that way, but it is not now.

    Conclusion: Libertarians might consider leaving OWS, as we have mentioned before, to try to push for real reforms of the system in another way using another platform. There will be, eventually, significant unrest in the US, as elsewhere in the world. But if we are correct in our analysis, much of this unrest may escape the control of the elites evidently and obviously behind OWS. This is their attempt at creating controlled social upheaval. The real thing may be yet to come.

  • allosaur

    Van Jones: Bottom up, top down, inside-out. He refers to useful idiots rising up, the government clamping down and change you wish they would keep.

    • Raggs

      You are one of the very few that understand this.

      • bob wire

        Oh ! It’s less to do with understanding and more to do with disagreeing Raggs.

        Your decent is worthy while others offering decent is not and seen a dangerous and threatening.

  • jessie

    Things are really tough out there its hard to make ends meet.The price of heating your home is eating up most of the money when you use oil to heat your home.I now make my own bread.I get really heated up as i watch Obama wasting our money and taking all our Liberties away.Our elected officials sit and do nothing,its way past time impeach him and get rid of all the czars and we will save alot of money.

  • Bob

    A guy goes into a bar and notices that the bartender is a robot. He goes in and sits at the bar. The robot asks “what will you have?” The guy asks for a martini shaken not stirred. The robot brings him the best martini he ever had and asks “what is your IQ?” The man tells him his IQ is 160. The robot then starts a conversation on Astrophysics, Broadway plays and fine wines. He left the bar and then came in to try this again.

    He goes in and sits down and the robot repeats the routine. The robot again asks for the mans IQ and he says “100″ this time. The robot then proceeds to talk NASCAR, John Deere tractors and Budweiser with him. The man leaves after the conversation and then thinks that he must try this one more time.

    He goes in and we have the same routine. The robot again asks for the IQ and the man this time answers “uh, about 50.”

    The robot leans in and asks “so how do you feel now about voting for Obama?”

    • Raggs

      :) cheers :) punn intended…

    • AJ

      A muslum and a communist and an illegal alien walk into a bar and sit down. The bar tender looks up and says,
      “Hello Mr. President”!

      • bob wire

        A Tea Partier walks into the doctors office with a frog on top of his head. The doctors says, “Can I help you” and the frog says,”yea doc, could you cut this wart off my a$$?”

      • DoubleE

        Good one. How about:
        Two muslim mothers are looking at pictures of their children. First mother says, “This is Akmed. He was twenty when he became a martyr. And this is Jamel. He was 18 when he became a martyr.” Second mother states, “You are truly blessed,” and shows her picture. “This is my Karim. He was only 16 when he became a martyr.” First mother sighs and says, “Oh, they blow up so fast, don’t they?”

  • Thinking About

    Why is so surprising to many on the OWS. This has been predicted two years by Zbigniew Brzezinski because of the disparity and all the “smart ones” continued to give outrageous salaries to each other by stacking the boards and playing puppet when raises comes up. These thieves needs to resign from their current positions and all the boards. Stand tall OWS, it is time to expose the crooks.

  • Peter

    This is the most lucid piece ever written by John Myers, with whom I usually find something to disagree. Not this time! My only thing is this, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Plus the fact I feel BO’s biggest mistake apart from being a totally ineffectual disappointment to all, was to bail out the financial industry. Better to let the bogus dealers fail and allow a natural correction, than to prop up a system that has vast criminality at its core.

    • DoubleE

      How so many could be so ignorantly fooled by Barry in 2008 is mind boggling! I started reading about him when he served in Ill. as a Senator, albeit later than some more informed than I (read some of the exposes about him that are out there in the non-fiction isle). He was corrupt as a community organizer and a terrible Senator. I truly think he is suffering due to his experiences as a youth. The only problem is we are suffering right along with him. His rhetoric was framed to make you believe anything you wished to believe. I hope the electorate not only rejects his reelection, but vets their choice more carefully in 2012. “We won’t get fooled again!” [The WHO] Those who voted for him: I hope you’re pleased with yourselves!

  • Chucknoland

    Lend an ear, sell stock mostly owned by mid class made up mostly of American co. shares. Buy gold invest in you no american business is supported. help destroy american business. I’m just guessing on this but it smells like part of a plan. I have had this bad gut feeling for about 4 years now. We the sheeple have been warned about riots and protests to soften the blow and just let it go because it ok. something is coming down the ‘PIPE’ Remember hearing about army new training for urban warfare and fema camps prepping, not to long ago you could not buy a #10 can of mountain house food. Just saying I am ready brothers and sisters I still think this is the greatest country ever and I know a lot out there would agree. I have visited other countries and know what freedom means and what poor is and would encourage disbelievers to do the same. I leave u with the immortal words of RJD ” if you listen to fools the mob rules “

  • William Bolton

    Just today I saw a distasteful example of Washington at work when they gave away the largest mineral reserve of copper, not to mention the unwanted by products of Gold and other lesser minerals to a Foreign Conglomerate. I’m sure that parties on both sides of the aisle got their share and again the taxpayer got screwed. I was turned down for mining the same areas by the EPA because I am an American citizen and disabled Veteran and because I wanted to mine it for America. Same number of jobs created but no bucks to foreign jet setters. If I had set up my programs the huge profits would have maintained the standard of living, created jobs and paid down the debt. I guess that is what I get for being a conservative disabled Veteran and part time geologist. Why do we give away the very resources to Foreign Conglomerates that would pay our national debt? The only Americans to profit are those with the stock in those companies! Hope you enjoy the ill gotten gains at the expense of our people. They are just ignorant of what went on , but I’m not.

  • William Bolton

    By the way this wasn’t the first time for this kind of deal as I remember Clinton doing it the first time and everyone knows what a great guy he was. Largest copper reserve in the world for just a plain land swap. If we keep up the game of trusting Washington self promoters it will end with us being third world poor.

  • Tony N

    The Obama Machine of Technocratic Elite ie;( Communists and Marxists who make up the Environmentalists ), are Freaked out about worldwide Overpopulation is why they have the Economy stalled out with Over regulation on all cylinders of the capital formation and operational aspects of industry . Then they are going around and dividing the Classes of society with Government bribes and handouts to keep the public on the dole and bleed out the others that resist , its the old Bolsheviks method .
    Here a example , and if you Google the word , ” OVERPOPULATION ” you will see lots more .

    “Seven big problems for 7 billion people . Experts weigh in on predicaments caused by a burgeoning world population , but are they experts or just 21st Century Marxists” ?

  • jay

    I see where you used your letter to get paid $200,000.00 to promote
    Lone Star Gold LSTG. This is a slime ball tactic in my opinion to the likes of Amok and CGFIA.I read your dad’s letter C.V.Myers for a long time as he was an honorable man. It says in the fine print you know nothing of the situation and yet you disguise all this as if you’re
    the expert and expect it to go to the moon. Why anyone would believe anything you say in the future is more than i can understand. I can’t imagine why Personal liberty would continue to allow you to write for them.

  • Alex Frazier

    What a tremendous load of garbage. I can’t believe some of what I read on this post. The article was good, if a bit dooms-dayish. I don’t doubt for a second that it COULD happen. I’m sure if Louis XVI and Marie had the slightest inclination to believe it could happen in France, they’d have left or taken action to prevent it. It’s always the mistake of convincing yourself something CAN’T happen that ends up seeing that very thing destroy you. It is quite literally the Noah scenario Jesus referenced. We’ll be eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, and we won’t believe it until the flood comes upon us and it’s too late to board the ark.

    So to ignore this article as purely doomsday speculation is the stuff of fools. Preparation is not fanaticism. Some canned goods, a few firearms and several thousand rounds of amunition, and some clean water will all go a long way, as well as some gold or silver bullion that can be converted into whatever new monetary system we end up with when the global meltdown is over.

    As for the rest, many of you commenting here are completely ignorant of what you’re talking about. You desperately need to pick up some books on economics. Central planning (i.e. socialism) is the destruction of all freedom, and it has led to revolution in almost every civilized nation in the history of the world. Those few nations where it has NOT resulted in revolution are on the cusp of it now.

    As a simple start, try The Road to Serfdom by F. A. Hayek, Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt, and The Law and That Which is Seen and That Which is Not Seen by Claude Frederic Bastiat.

    Until you grasp some of the concepts in these few starter books (or others of similar merit), you have no idea what you’re talking about. And it shows in some of the posts here.

  • michael

    i own a bread maker and have been putting it to good use.i no longer have to pay high prices for any bread and thats just for starters

  • Tony N

    The war on Capitalism and individual prosperity is why they want to take away private property rights and control all world resources ,

  • D.Mastramlaw

    The momentum of history determines,or predetermines,the fate of men and nations. As the Egyptian priests told Solon,the Greek who sought to know more of the history of ages past,the eras,or ages,come and go in a cyclic fashion. Between the “ages” is interspersed a period of darkness as a few survivors struggle and begin to relearn what was common knowledge in the preceding age.

    Presently,the earth is approaching the end of a cycle and chaos becomes the norm. Populations have proliferated and,as the Prophet Isaiah stated, — men have “defiled the earth”. The densely packed inhabitants are becoming restive, riotous, unruly and ungovernable.
    The insatiable expectations of the masses for a better,materialistic life have not been,and cannot be,realized. In 1995, a survey of the world work force (male/female persons, ages 18 thru 50)found that 3 out of 5 persons in the WWF were unneeded! This situation due to robotics, automation, computer technologies, and JIT manufacturing methods in offices and workplaces around the world.

    No political party and no combination of heads from around the world has a solution for this grievious matter. Over time, disturbances such as the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street will surely become more frequent and more violent. In the moribund USA, a gathering of ethnic and religious factions with a mutual distrust and hatred for each other sets the stage for the hostilities predicted in Thomas Chittum’s book, “Civil War 2:The Coming Breakup of America”. Earlier (circa 1920?), Oswald Spengler foresaw trouble ahead for Western Culture and Civilization. His book, “Decline of the West”. In 1936, Spengler stated that the Third Reich would be gone in 10 years! Sir Isaac Newton applied the “scientific method” and calculated that this age would end in 2060 AD.

  • hitthedeck

    Green Pastures?
    The protesters have to be hungry to continue their protest through a cold winter. Believe me, these people are not hungry but have enough of fat to hibernate throughout the winter. Maybe enough common sense will filter through their sheep like brains to figure out that they were making war on a scapegoat rather than the politicians that caused all the woes in the first place. This movement is coming from a bunch of users that have fathered their Marxist movement in a stealthy show of power. The sheep follow their directions thinking they will see green pastures. The end results could be a pasture of contaminated ground where nothing will grow.

  • bob wire

    A smug and self-righteously bunch we seem to be as we proclaim to champion Personal Liberties and to live free in un-free world. As it seems so “just” for us to protest and offer descent, to organize and rally but it is not right for others. There much be something inherently un-American and wrong with these people. We find ourselves unsympathetic with their views, cause and approach.

    And who are we? Well hmm? ~ I think it would be much more fun to define who we are not.

    We certainly are not young students carrying $20,000.00 worth of indebtedness before we enter the job market a the age of 23.

    We certainly not healers or health care providers.

    We are not educators or masters of learning.

    We are not current soldiers, but possibly vets, with a dash of war vets that have done well for ourselves,in spite of the baggage of survivors remorse.

    I seriously doubt is 70% of us are currently employed but retired and receiving checks in the mail, live on a fixed income and enjoy ample free time.

    We are not public workers or union worker or labors.

    98% of US are Anglo Saxons so we are not Mexicans or Arabs or Jews

    99% of US claim some sort of a Christian affiliation, so we not infidels.

    100% of us is pro gun and pro life (THAT’S CLEAVER) So we are quick to defend life and take life.

    99% of us has at some point in life affiliated ourselves with the GOP, so we are not communist!

    Our average age would be somewhere in the area of 49 to 52 and maybe even higher. (myself, I’m 63) So we are not the youth and future of America.

    Less then 10% of us actually work at a job today while left to guess maybe 35% of us dabble in day trading,futures, stock market or currency trading directly.

    ALL & ALL a bunch of Desperado’s waiting for a train, trying to hang on to what talents we have acquired ago life’s highway and live in the comfort we have became accustom.

    I hate to disrupt your slumber at such a critical time in your autumn years but the ladder that you used to climb to this lofty position you enjoy today as been removed, kicked down by Ronnie Reagan and his pirates 30 years ago, making the route that you took to get where you find yourself today no longer accessible.

    Most Americans today are not in the position we are presently in. After 30 years,~ today, we no longer represent the majority of Americans.

    What a drag to hear, I’m sure. Oh well, let’s just ignore it and maybe it’ll go away, maybe these fires of descent will just burn themselves out and not interfere with our sweet dreams and illusions of personal freedoms.

  • http://na Jim

    I’m not a economist, finacialist or intilectual but it still disturbs me to see these things happening. It appears to me that no one really cares that the rich get richer. They just don’t like to see it when they are struggling so hard. When they can’t get a job to feed there families or turn on the heat in winter. It doesn’t help to see things like Madof situations either. If a family or person is getting by then the difference between incomes or life styles usually doesn’t matter. These are hard times and seeing extavagence by the selected few does not help.

  • beacon

    Just watching, final game of baseball, for the season. Someone sang, God bless America our home, sweet home.

    You want answers to your economic problems? Stay home, mind your own
    buisness. Bring your troups home, now.

    Who is the one person, in the presidential search, who has stated the facts.

    Search this out, you just might have an answer.

    North of border.

  • Another Voice

    Just wait until the middle class is so poor that they are eating the bark off of trees. THEN they’ll storm the Bastille. THEN you can say that the revolution has gotten out of hand.

  • http://Yahoo Sue C

    #1: You have seen the OMEN, in the right LIGHT. Too Late. The damage is already done.









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