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When “Incendiary” Rhetoric Doesn’t Matter

September 7, 2011 by  

When “Incendiary” Rhetoric Doesn’t Matter

The Teamsters union’s lead thug Jimmy Hoffa had some profane and incendiary rhetoric in store for a crowd at a campaign event for President Barack Obama in Detroit on Monday.

"We got to keep an eye on the battle that we face: The war on workers. And you see it everywhere, it is the Tea Party. And you know, there is only one way to beat and win that war. The one thing about working people is we like a good fight. And you know what? They’ve got a war, they got a war with us and there’s only going to be one winner. It’s going to be the workers of Michigan, and America. We’re going to win that war," Jimmy Hoffa said to a heavily union crowd, according to an article on

"President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let’s take these son of bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong," Hoffa added.

In light of Obama’s call last January for “civility” in public discourse, and his recent calls for a bipartisan coming-together to tackle the economy, even The Telegraph of London is wondering whether Obama is ready to demonstrate “moral courage” and repudiate Hoffa and Vice President Joe Biden, who told an AFL-CIO rally they were keeping “barbarians from the gates.”

The White House has thus far chosen to answer questions about Hoffa’s choice of words with stony silence, and Democrat National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz has taken every opportunity to avoid the question altogether. But if a Tea Party member, or a Republican, had uttered such a thing, the progressives and media would have gone apoplectic.

Once again, the hypocrisy of the mainstream media and the left is on full display.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • DaveH

    “The one thing about working people is we like a good fight”.

    I guess that means they won’t be doing their own fighting.
    If they were working people they wouldn’t be needing a Union.

    • Polski

      So when are all you anti-union folks going to give up ALL the benefits you have that the unions got for you? You know, like the 40 hour week, SAFETY in the workplace, medical, pensions, vacations, etc. etc. YOU SHOULD ALL PAY WHAT UNION MEMBERS PAY FOR THESE BENEFITS THAT YOU WANT FOR FREE IN WHAT IS IT, RIGHT TO WORK STATES? In my industry, where I’ve worked for 55 years, it’s the union workers that are skilled, that overcome really LOUSY products produced in RIGHT TO WORK states, that have to be SCRAPPED when they arrive here. Our CEO gets $19 million a year. We don’t. Our union leaders don’t get anything close to that. Our union has been in existence since 1945. We have gone on strike ONCE!!!! All of you non-union types are jealous of us because you screwed around when you should have been studying in school and nobody except Wal-Mart will hire you now.

      • Brian

        Nice hyperbole, but Unions got me nothing. In fact, I have a better compensation package from my non-union employer than any union member I know. And what the unions did nearly a century ago has long since been unneeded. Unions do nothing but make the rich union leaders richer at the expense of the “working people.”

        • crystal


          • Handyman


        • Polski

          What a bunch of BS. Unions are needed more than ever now. Toyota is non-union, and look what they did to all of us. The icon of non-union shops really screwed everyone so that their executives could continue living “high hog”. My grandfather worked for Ford before the union. The original Henry Ford hired a union buster named Harry Bennett. No one really knows how many people he killed or maimed. You all ignore what the coal mining industry did to their workers so that the owners and executives could continue living on the “high hog”. If the unions are busted, LIKE THE REPUBLICANS WANT, then the CEOs will get $100 million a year and ALL of you RIGHT TO WORK STATERS will get a $1.50 an hour, with NO BENEFITS.

          • http://Personalliberty Tony

            To Polski:
            Right on my man!! I’m a conservative myself, yet these Tea Partiers don’t get the message. As a matter of fact the Tea Partiers will be the reason Obama gets re-elected in 2012. Thanks!!

          • DaveH

            Nobody knows how many people have been killed or maimed by Unionists, Polski. Largely because their Cronies in Government ignore their crimes.
            Union Violence:

          • Kate8

            What have I been missing? I just don’t get why the TeaParty is being blamed for the lack of jobs.

            Can someone explain this to me? Because it just seems to me that if we had less government intrusion and lower taxes, jobs would begin to come back.

            Obama wants all jobs to be government jobs, exclusively. The unions are a strong-arm of government, whether they will admit it or not.

          • Jibbs

            It’s 2011, please update yourself. I was in a union, they did nothing for the workers except collect due’s, due’s check off and look out for themselves. I’ll keep my non union job with better bennie’s and treatment and not have to pay for the job.

          • eddie47d

            Well Kate 8 if the Tea Party is the ones attacking unions and want to destroy them or make them ineffective then the lowering of wages for working people can then be tied to them. As unions disappear so do good wages in those types of jobs and those attacking unions are making it easy for companies to get away with it.

          • Jana

            All the Unions do is make the Union leaders more money. You are serving a false god.

          • eddie47d

            Few union leaders make buckets of money and most are paid pathetic wages so get off your high horse.

          • Thinking About

            Polski, I also have been a union member and the unknown and misinformed always rant and rave in their efforts to degrade unions. In the past years of decreasing union membership and targeting states getting laws passed “right to work”, wages have decreased and income has stayed flat. All the good and wonderful things which was going to occur has failed. Tax cuts sure has not helped creating jobs but unemployment has stayed high so that does not work either. I look around to our young workers whom do not make enough money to provide for their families. Until Hoffa puts out maps with crosshairs I am not going to worry about his pep rally speech.

          • Stan Smith

            @ David H Your quote {DaveH says:
            September 7, 2011 at 12:56 pm

            Nobody knows how many people have been killed or maimed by Unionists, Polski. Largely because their Cronies in Government ignore their crimes.
            Union Violence:
            No wonder why Verizon rates are high Union drives up the costs. and cry baby polski and big ed and other Libs will deny and make excuses for unions when the union scum try to commit murder, business owner John King was shot and almost killed for being non-union! And Libs flapping their yap that businesses move overseas to avoid Unions, They don’t want to pay these scums sky high wages & benefits, the unions protect lazy workers, it drives the cost of goods and services up! some things are true some business will move overseas for cheap labor it’s not unions or high taxes and over regulations that forces them out it’s just greed for cheap labor costing americans their jobs, These companies needs to be taxed heavily because of their greed. Yep I’ll buy foreign car that is non union made their quality is just as good as American counterpart and it’s cheaper than union made cars! I’ll buy American made cars when they get rid of the unions so US auto makers can compete with the foreign auto makers, When you buy over priced union made products, the $$ goes to the greedy goons plus you are helping the union slugs contributing money to the Democrap party, That’s why I will not buy union made products.

          • Jana

            Stan Smith,
            You are so very right.
            These people that love the unions but hate the corporations needs to get off their high horse eddie.
            Without most of these corporations the people who supposedly are working for them wouldn’t have a job or a salary, but oh how these union lovers hate corporations. They probably hate them because the Corps wants them to work and the unions get them out of so much work.
            My experience with union members are they are a mouthy bunch of lazy people, and from the ones I see on this site, its just drives this point in further.

          • Void1972

            The unions were created by communist, and now we have a communist president that supports everything anti-American.
            Unions should never have been allowed in the states, because of the extreme corruption in their creation.
            the BS that it saved America from child labor and horrifying working conditions is just that, BS.
            There has always been terrible owners of business, but those do not last long. As a business owner, I am only as good as the people I employ, and treat them with the respect that I would expect.
            This is the fact of good business.
            On the union dole, the real workers are discouraged to do thier job, so the lazy, useless thugs can get away with the union rule, of doing as little as possible, and making the most for it!
            This is not the American way, this is what has destroyed America.
            Unions, welfare, social services and everything else that was created by the communist that now rule America.
            It doesnt work, just like you.
            If you want communism, go live in Russia, China, Venezuela, cuba or any other third world country.
            We the people are getting tired of your ideals, and if you want a fight, you came to the wrong country.
            I look forward to the day the commies that now control the media, ghettos and white house come looking for a battle, because they will not expect what right stand for!
            God Bless America, and those who fight for her!!!!

          • brothergene

            The corporations have had low taxes and deregulation for 30 years now, and the only new jobs are in China, Brazil, even Canada. All from US companies that send entire plants and all their jobs to these other countries. The only good jobs left are in unionized industries such as mining, railroads and water transport, government and American auto companies, and they are disappearing as fast as the companies can move them. If the GOP and their masters get their way, workers in the US will be paid like Chinese and CEO’s will be megamillionaires, and those that want America to be a third-world country will finally have what they want. Be careful what you pray for, you may get it

          • eddie47d

            Jana and Void are saying you have a place in life and if you don’t like it too darn bad. Corporate executives can rip this nation off with unbelievable scams yet a person who is getting shafted by that corporation needs to roll over and accept the power they possess (because “they provide jobs”). No one needs to accept second place if a company doesn’t pay well or the conditions are lousy.That is why unions came about to give respect to the workers. When unions were formed those conditions were miserable to frightening so thank you unions for giving the little guy a voice.There are still companies in America that needs unions. Now there are those who want to shut down that voice while the overpaid executives make off with those millions.Corporations are only as good as their workers and it’s too bad we still have a few who haven’t received that message.

          • DaveH

            No, Eddie, it is people like yourself, who have voted for Big Government and the protection of their special interests, who have doomed people to a “place in life”. The burdensome rules that have been imposed on the marketplace have stifled many entrepreneurs from attempting to get ahead in life.
            If you don’t like their pay and the working conditions, Eddie, then seek employment elsewhere or pool your monies with your like-minded Unionists and start your own companies. Show them how it’s done. Put your money where your mouth is.

          • Thinking About

            Stan and Jana, when you count all you believe have been killed by union members and then start counting all employees that have been maimed and killed by corporations and poor work place safety and see which number is larger. You have a pipeline full of untruths and misconceptions who want you to believe their story and too many falls for the lies told.

          • eddie47d

            We union people did pool our resources Dave and we stood up to management and asked for good wages and benefits. It turned out to be a great place to work. Without the union our lives might have been much different. I have no regrets for helping to make our jobs better for all who worked there even for the management. It was a win win situation.

          • Stan Smith

            @Thinking About says:
            September 7, 2011 at 7:09 pm

            {Stan and Jana, when you count all you believe have been killed by union members and then start counting all employees that have been maimed and killed by corporations and poor work place safety and see which number is larger. You have a pipeline full of untruths and misconceptions who want you to believe their story and too many falls for the lies told.}
            You can live in a fantasy land all you want! The unions did good we got labor and safety laws wages laws ect. that was in the past! You can make excuses and make up lies two cover up the crooked unions! The unions out lived their usefulness, Now they are more corrupt than ever as the Govt we know today! Even if the unions never existed we would still get labor and safety laws when working people march and protest in DC. The unions don’t give a squat to the working people all they want is money and power. and Libtards believe Repubes will get rid of the safety and labor laws It will never happen people in this country will say NO WAY! Unions needs to be neutered their greed and corruption needs to be stopped! Workers in the unions have no say how their dues are spent! If I was forced to join the union because I have no choice I need the money to support my family! I be Pissed my dues going to support the Democrap party and Union fat cats getting rich off our backs and recruiting Illegals to screw the American workers! So continue living in fantasy land! The truths hurts all Libs can’t stand it!

        • Polski

          You only wish it was hyperbole. My CEO gets a lot better package than I or any of the other union members can get. He gets $19 million a year. He makes more in 1 year than any of us union folks get in our entire career. I’m sure that it never occurred to you anti-union folk that the one making decisions about what the company is doing is the corporate CEO, not anyone in the union……NAH, THAT’S TOO MUCH COMMON SENSE FOR YOU ANTI-UNION FOLK.

          • s c

            P, how does it feel to have a ‘union boss’ who’s doing his best to act like a corporate CEO? He’s happy to let you and your friends have what amounts to peanuts, and he gets to see his bank account grow every year. I thought you and your union bunkies hated that behavior.
            Let’s see. It’s WRONG when a corporation CEO does it, but it’s RIGHT when a union boss does it. Hmmmm. What is the word that describes that behavior? And you, in your wisdom, are willing to look the other way while you’re bending over and pleasing that union boss.
            Oh, now I remember. It’s called hypocrisy. Look it up, bubba. By the way, your union boss doesn’t have to worry about retirement. He’s already there. How’s your retirement scheme working out for you? You’ve been had, chum.

          • DaveH

            If your CEO gets a better package, Polski, it is because the company owners, who invested their money and put in the long hours and sacrifice to make it successful, voluntarily pay that CEO his better package. Contrast that to the force and coercion of Unionists who will picket to drive away customers and replacement workers who would be glad to have the jobs that greedy Unionists turn their noses up at. I’m not even counting the property damage and muggings that we all know go on at the hands of Pushy Controlling Unionists. That’s the thanks that company owners get for giving the low-lifes a chance to make a living.

          • eddie47d

            SC needs to name one CEO of a union company where the union boss makes anywhere near what that CEO makes. I would bet it would be much less than 1/16th of what that companies honcho makes.

          • eddie47d

            Dave H needs to get over that pity party for them CEOs he likes to gloat about. The greedy and pushy are in their ranks and it’s been smelling for a long time. This nation has been sucker punched by corporate America for too dang long but what the heck. They have their lawyers to cover up their bulling.

          • DaveH

            You, Eddie, need to get over your thieving coercive ways.

          • Thinking About

            Perhaps your conception of compension executatives is a little off. Lots of executives are on different boards and they go to the board meetings and vote raises, etc for their cronies in return for having been voted for outrageous salaries, etc for themselves. Then it is the excuse “the board voted for my increase”. It is a thin line and easy money.

          • DanB

            Here’s a little “common sense” in kind.

            So someone wants to gripe that the CEO gets paid big bucks, that the CEO makes the decisions….

            First, I will acknowledge that not all CEOs are worth the money they make. In a free market (if the government would stop rewarding bad CEOs), those bad CEOs can tank a business or end up unemployed themselves (if the board of directors figures out it is in the best interest of the company).

            So we’ll start with that. If a bad CEO can tank an entire company into the dustbin of history, wouldn’t you choose to pay good money for the best CEO you can afford? Oh, wait. I think you would choose the cheapest CEO you can get and roll the dice? Based on your complaint about the big bucks they make. You know very well that if your CEO is making bad decisions that everyone down the chain can start to pick up on that and it can effect the morale of the entire company. While a good CEO makes a real positive impact. Take my current employer, just before I was hired on they went through bankruptcy and “lost” a CEO that was overspending the company funds. Now they have a new CEO making gobs of money, but the company is also making a profit now and turning around ahead of schedule. The staff might complain about the big money the CEO makes, but almost all of them would choose this CEO over the past one. Sure, there are a lot of complaints about perks that the prior CEO passed out that are gone. As I mentioned, however, the past CEO spent the company into bankruptcy. A big morale boost with the newer CEO when he can declare that we are actually making a profit within a year of bankruptcy.

            Second, and this one involves math, which I trust you can do math since you clearly can figure out that a CEO makes more money than the average worker…. Company A pays the COO big bucks (do I have to explain what the COO is?). Now the COO and CEO of Company A teamed up and bought majority shares in the company because they had a plan to expand the company but the shareholders were afraid to take the risk. Now that these two had a majority stock in the company, they had the majority vote on the board (CEOs don’t always act in a power vacuum). Well, it so happens that not only does Company A now implement the plans of the CEO and COO, the expansion is extremely successful implementing their proven strategy in new markets. Now big enough to sell on the stock market, the CEO and COO decide to sell the company to a trusted investor (translation: they made sure the company buying them out would actually do right by the business). The purchasing company offered the COO a wildly nice package to stay on with the company. The purchasing company deduced that the key to the companies success thus far and great growth was the CEO-COO duo. Deciding that it was in the best interest of his personal health, the COO decided it was time to retire from that line of work. Was the COO being overpaid? Now I haven’t given you a single figure to work with here. So why would I claim that you would need some math? Well, here’s your math. To do the one job of the COO who retired they ended up hiring three executives. Now there’s your math. Think hard upon it. Was it cheaper for them to pay big bucks for one COO? Or is it cheaper and more efficient for them to pay good money to three executives? We like to think we are as bright as the CEOs, or as knowledgeable, but only a few of us seem to realize that if the CEO is really worth their salt then they are worth the big bucks too.

            I happened to be the son of that COO in my story here, which is why I knew this story. He never did disclose to me how much he made. All I ever knew for certain that he spent as much on groceries to feed his family of eight children as some families earned (we ate a lot–I should know I was the biggest eater of the lot and somehow I was still skin and bones as a teenager–too bad that didn’t last as I became fat as an adult and had to learn some portion control). He worked his way up from banker to running a small business for his father. After he proved himself with the small business, then his father trusted him to become vice-president and COO of the family big business. When my father was a banker, he saw first-hand the impact a bad manager could have. That bank lost a lot of good talent, including my father, when a manager stole credit for all the work of others. Sure that manager worked up through the ranks fast looking great and all, but when the real talent was abandoning ship, it wasn’t long before the bank was in trouble. They then identified the rising star as their real problem, got rid of him, and righted their business. However, as you should be able to tell in this story, the good talent had already moved on, and some like my dad found opportunities to make better money and show off the skills and talents they had. Do I have the skills and talents to repeat a path similar to my father and grandfather? Don’t know. But I do know from their examples that some of these executives that we complain about making big bucks are really worth every penny they are paid and perhaps some more than that. Good CEOs and COOs do get noticed, and other companies do offer good money to encourage them to work their magic for them instead. My father may have retired from the family business after working with the CEO to expand it significantly, but even as he knew that employees complained about his wages, he did tell me that at any given moment he usually had at least one or more offers to do the same or better for another business.

        • Searcher

          Amen Brother. It’s obvious the apple didn’t fall far from the tree with Hoffa Jr. The rhetoric and he even looks a lot like his dad, even smokes cigars, probably Cuban. I wondered how long it was going to be before he and the bats and axe handles came to the front. I was a union member with Boeing, not by choice, and the only thing I got from 3 strikes was an increase in union dues, 3 cents of every nickle I got in raises went to the union. And then they have the gall to file suit against Boeing for taking over a defunct plant in the Carolina’s and keeping people working because it happens in a right to work state. I haven’t seen any complaints because GE and Ford, along with others, moved plants out of the country. Boeing paid the best wages and benefits of any company in the industry before the unions came in. I believe the unions have long since outlived their usefulness in any industry in the US.

          • Jana

            Amen and amen!

          • eddie47d

            I doubt if Boeing paid the best wages before the union came in. Unions aren’t needed where the wages are good and the safety issues are are taken care of. 3 cents out of every nickle?! Now I know you are pulling our legs.

          • http://naver samurai

            Good post Searcher and spot on! I guess that since Boeing’s South Carolina plant will be union free, there will be no strikes or other tricks to slow down production. One company that unions really want is Wal-Mart, but it is union free till this day. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Void1972

            LOL, it’s way too funny how the communist mind thinks. How a worker deserves the same pay as the owner of the company. How demented these morons really are. Now I fully understand why Obama is president. Why Al Sharpton has his own show on msnbc. Why we have a national holiday for one of the most corrupt communist in America (MLK). Why the communist Black caucus in Washington get elected year after year. Why the blacks on death row get another chance to beat the system. Why corrupt politicians of the “African” persuasion can get away with knocking the Tea Party, but if one Tea Party member says a single negative word about them, the “racist” label flies. Why it’s ok for black caucus members in congress to fly to Cuba, have a lunch with a similar communist and come back stating how wonderful Fidel is, yet slander and spew lies about the “White Tea Party” and suffer no consequence. Why blacks can stand at voting booths with clubs and knives, and be protected by our government. Why Hollywood has turned black. Why 70% of black children are born out of wedlock. Why 70% of America’s prison population is black. Why blacks are converting to Islam by the tens of thousands every year.
            Because the same communist that have created the eddies, polskis and every other clueless moron in America have also created a gang of American Haters of such strength that I really don’t know if the damage can be undone. These thugs are all products of the union label, the communist label.
            Any intelligent Black, White, Spanish or whatever knows how great America was, and how pitiful America is.
            This is not a black problem though, it’s all of our problem. We have wasted way too many trillions trying to make up for a problem of the past. Slavery is over. Communist use this BS to keep us divided. The ignorant and haters of America love it.
            Those who want to save America need to organize. Boycott, Boycott, Boycott! Boycott any company that supports these anti-American communist. Boycott GE, boycott hollywood, unions, media, NY times, banks, magazines, the white house, everything that is communist, stop supporting.
            God Bless America, and those who fight for her!!!!

      • crystal

        Unions didn’t get anyone anything that they could really use. The day of the Unions is over. People with kids need more flexibility in their schedule (I sure do), because that 40 hour straight work week doesn’t always work for people who have to pick their kids up from school. The 1800s was a really good time for unions, but if I’m on a job and I think that I should go on ahead a do a job that isn’t mine to do in order to finish what I need to get done, I don’t want some union idiot telling me I can’t do it. Keep your benefits, I’ve learned to get the benefits on my own.

        • Polski

          Yeah. They still had 5 year olds as chimney sweeps getting burned to death or maimed. That’s all the good stuff that you had before unions. I wish that all of you anti-union people could get on a science fiction type of TIME MACHINE, and be transported to a time before unions were formed so you could be in NON-UNION HEAVEN.

          • Free Mind

            where are the vast lines of people eagerly pushing and shoving to get into unions?

          • Greg

            You area communist propaganda pusher. Period.

          • DaveH

            Child labor is a typical Union Propaganda technique. The truth is that children aren’t likely to be unionized, so the Unionists wanted their competition out of the workplace.
            Here is some reality for those who want the blinders off about Unions:

          • Jibbs

            Even a moron knows that in order to clean the chimney, the fire has to be out.
            We had a forman that said, if we wanted to work four 10 hr. day’s, we could have a 3 day weekend. But the union sad if we did that they had to pay us two hours of time and a half each day. Well, we had to go back to the 5 day work week.
            I’ll never join a union again, never ever.

          • eddie47d

            Then Jibbs you should have stuck to your guns and kept pushing the issue.I’m assuming that no one would have been working on that fifth day for that would have brought up the overtime issue not a 4 day work week.

          • Searcher

            Eddie47 – The number of days worked vs. the 40 hours has nothing to do with it. It’s the fact that he would have worked 10 hours in one day vs. 8, thus time and a half for the 2 hours over the usual 8 hour shift. And yes, everyone had a specific job, I don’t know about every industry but at Boeing when I worked there, if you did someone else’s job, regardless of reason or how menial you got a reprimand from the shop steward if someone turned you in. Second offense got you a fine from the union, third offense got your union membership revoked. The union couldn’t fire you, but revocation of membership, meant the company had to because it was a union shop. God bless free enterprise and the right to work.

          • DaveH

            I was on loan to Boeing for about 3 weeks. They were using very inefficient techniques and when I dared to show them a more productive way, the Unionists came unglued. The supervisors wanted me to stay after my 3 weeks were up, but I told them it was too hard on my health to work in such an environment.

          • eddie47d

            The Right to Work is a conservative scam to get anyone to work for less and to accept crappy conditions without complaining.

          • Jana

            Most union workers are lazy and worthless.The I will only do one job mentality. The ONLY ones singing their praises are the other lazy workers.

          • eddie47d

            Jana needs to thank the unions for those paid vacations she gets. Few were given out before unions were formed.

          • DaveH

            Here, so that Eddied won’t have to exert himself, I will re-post the link that tells the true story about the evolution of benefits, not the Union Propaganda story:

          • eddie47d

            Is that the business side of what they didn’t do but always think they were generous when they weren’t. Until the unions stepped in and put pressure on these businesses to do much better.

          • DaveH

            Pressure, Eddie? I think you meant Coercion. So let’s look at the situation:
            1) Man (or men) get together, risk their money, work long hours to create a viable company to sell product to voluntary purchasers. In the process they provide jobs to others who won’t do the sacrifice necessary to do the same.
            2) Men get together to form a coercive gang to bite the hand that feeds them, as well as the consumers, replacement workers, and taxpayers.

            Which kind of people are principled and which are crooks? Duh.

      • Free Mind

        You are so brainwahed I don’t know where to begin. I did work my job on Labor day. I didn’t get the day off with pay.
        Nobody is lazier or expects more for less than Union people and of course government workers.

        What products are you talking about? Everything I see is manufactured off shore because Unions have made it too expensive in the US.

        I worked a unioin job once for 2 wks. I had nothing to do one afternoon so I cleaned the bathroom. I got in trouble because it was someone elses job description (obviously that union someone wasn’t doing his job). I quit and went into the free enterprise system where I could be rewarded for my productivity (that is another word for an honest day’s work)

        Let’s face it; union workers are only one step above welfare losers

        • Polski

          So you’ve worked for 2 weeks? Big deal, I’ve worked for 55 years. My grandfather, father and uncle worked for 45 years. You don’t know diddly.

          • Jibbs

            Polski says:
            September 7, 2011 at 10:52 am
            So you’ve worked for 2 weeks? Big deal, I’ve worked for 55 years. My grandfather, father and uncle worked for 45 years. You don’t know diddly.


            You had to work for 55 years? WOW, I guess those union wages and pension are not with sh!t, if you have to work til you die.
            LOL, HEHEHE, ROLMFAO… you had to pay the thugs just to have that job, ahhhh hahahaha, WTF WOW they sure duped you!wooohooo!!lol

          • eddie47d

            Not everyone has/had a cushy job like you Jibbs and you are one of those that claim that union members are making much more than non-union jobs and have it so much better. Maybe that isn’t so true with that lame attack against Polski.

          • Jibbs

            eddie47d says:
            September 7, 2011 at 1:49 pm
            Not everyone has/had a cushy job like you Jibbs and you are one of those that claim that union members are making much more than non-union jobs and have it so much better. Maybe that isn’t so true with that lame attack against Polski.


            I never had a cushy job as you claim. I’ve always “worked” for my money. Please share where I made the claim about who makes more money.
            I’ve been a carpenter over 30 years, and over those same years I drove a Semi when the trades lay-off. Hmmm, I don’t consider those cushy jobs. I have had my fair share of cuts, scrapes, jabs, sliced, pinched, smashed ect, ect. to my toes and fingers and never missed a day of work, never filed an injury claim and called in sick maybe a handful of times……handful means 5 or 6! I have /do freeze in the winter and broil in the summer, and show up everyday.

            I have been smart enough to spend my money like a wise owl. We own our house outside of Chicago free and clear, never missed a payment(it’s rented now to my nephew), We own our house in Missouri free and clear, no payments. My truck is a ’97 F350 diesel that I use for work, my ’05 G6 is paid for free and clear. Hell, my puter is from 2004.
            Did I mention that my wife worked just as much as I did…about 60 hrs. a wk. running two mill cabinet companys and her own consulting bus.
            It’s not how much money you make, it’s what you do with your money!
            Now, those investments are paying off and we can relax alittle and work for fun/extra income.

            We plant a garden every year, save out money, do canning, dehydrating. We also compair prices on everything we buy to get the best price, never had to have all the new bling or latest electronic toys. I coulden’t tell you how many months upon months that I worked 7 days a week, so we could scrap and save every dime we could. And yes, we have many nice things, and are prepaired for what ever happens. We did all this so we wouldn’t have to work til we die.
            We did all this for us and our three daughters.

            I now work with a friend installing fences and overhead doors and cutting roads/driveways on private property here in Missouri.

            BTW, I forgot about all the side jobs I did back in Il. when things were slow in winter time const.
            I’ve been working since I was 14 and am now 48. Tell me, what you did to improve life for you and your family?

            Now don’t blame me because I was smart, and some work til they die, and don’t blow smoke up my azz about how great unions are. I’ve been there and I know whats up. And please stop yourself from being a defender of unions…. and no more half triths about “not all union members pay dues and the low wages down south….it’s easy to get payed what your worth. Education equals more money, not the feds setting minimum wage laws.

          • eddie47d

            That’s great Jibbs but some of you love raining on somebodies elses parade because they aren’t up to your standards. Unions leveled the playing field for allot of workers in companies that weren’t responsive to the work they were doing. This is 2011 and most companies don’t need unions but that doesn’t take away their(unions) accomplishments. Sure there are lazy union members as there are crappy bosses. We didn’t improve the work place by sitting on our butts and every single American has benefited by the efforts of unions. If unions get out of hand they do need to be told so and the same with corporations that have taken advantage of our generous free enterprise system.

          • Jibbs

            eddie47d says:
            September 7, 2011 at 9:00 pm
            That’s great Jibbs but some of you love raining on somebodies elses parade because they aren’t up to your standards. Unions leveled the playing field for allot of workers in companies that weren’t responsive to the work they were doing. This is 2011 and most companies don’t need unions but that doesn’t take away their(unions) accomplishments. Sure there are lazy union members as there are crappy bosses. We didn’t improve the work place by sitting on our butts and every single American has benefited by the efforts of unions. If unions get out of hand they do need to be told so and the same with corporations that have taken advantage of our generous free enterprise system.

            once again you didn’t provide answers to my questions about the words you put in my mouth. Just like dem or repub, when asked about what they claim, they change the subject…why?
            I noticed that Rick Perry did the same thing on the GOP debate when asked about(supposed)global warming.

        • Greg

          You hit the nail on the head!
          I wish it was Hoffas head…

          • Greg

            My first reply was to Free mind, not the commie polsky..

        • Christin

          Well said, Free Mind!

          Private citizens working in the Free-Market and business Entrepreneurs MAKE America… and we prosper, Government Employees and Unions workers DEMAND America cater to them… then it’s bye-bye American made goods … and we collapse.

          • Jana

            Right on.

          • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

            You all need to read a little history of America,What made this country great indeed was the American worker ; working for American Corporations like the steel industry the auto industry the Coal industry etc,etc.The thing about most of those American Corporations they believed that the peasants (Blue Collar Workers) deserved as close to nothing as humanly possible.Just enough so they could continue in work but no more then that.By the end of the 1800 the peasants had enough of company homes, stores,towns,etc,etc.Why this sudden turn on the master,education the peasant could read and write and realized they were not being treated fairly.Meeting did not go well between the Master and the Peasant for the Master felt that giving more to the peasant WOULD CUT INTO PROFITS so the master did a lot of evil things to the peasant.The peasant did not cave in and that’s why we as American workers were doing so good for so long.
            Remember the Corporate motto “Profit over People”

          • Jibbs

            SMSgt Z retired Nam 68,
            please share with us what union you were in, or do you only repeat what you hear, see, or read. You and most people that stick up for them, have most likley never belonged to one. For those of us that have, it is first hand knowledge. What do you bring to the table?

          • eddie47d

            We blue collar workers are a dying breed Sgt and the unions who gave them and us a leg up are dying too. The Tea Party is already dancing on the graves of those who fought to get the “peasant” out of the working class and give all of America a decent standard of living. Those who denounce the benefits that every American gained from unions deserves the 3rd world status they are taking us down too.

        • Kate8

          Free Mind – I know what you mean.

          When I was just starting out in life, I had a clerical job with a rather small plumbing and electrical company. The warehouse workers were all union.

          One day during lunch, I dropped my (then very expensive) hard contact lens down the restroom sink. I went to the guys and asked if they’d take apart the drain for me so I could retrieve it.

          Well, they were willing, but the union forbade them from doing ANYTHING until after the lunch hour.

          Of course, by that time it was long gone, and I had to fork over another couple hundred bucks for a new one, which was about 2 weeks wages in those days.

          Was this the mentality that has eliminated the humanity concept when it comes to business? Wait. It’s now everywhere.

          • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

            Possibly you treated the warehouse workers like dirt most of the time so why would they do you a favor ?

          • Kate8

            SMS – Why would you say something like that?

            I was 18 years old. I have never treated anyone like dirt. The men in the warehouse would great guys…in those days they were the same as the rest of us. We were all friends. Illegals hadn’t invaded us and taken all those jobs yet.

            That you would make such an assumption of someone you know nothing about confirms my notions of who YOU are. Just another liberal troll.

          • Jana

            I am sure there were a lot of others that had similarly bad experiencs with union people. Unions take and initiative that a person might have and quash it. How sad.
            Why are we NOT SURPRISED that SMSgt Z retired Nam 68is a union man. His values like some others on this blog are so distorted.
            These people make unions their religion.

          • eddie47d

            …and Ms Jana sarcastic makes corporate greed her God!

          • Jana

            When you have something substantial to say, and quit acting like a 10 year old girl, I will respond to you. I will not let you drag me down to your level with your snarky remarks.

          • eddie47d

            …and the Sgt shouldn’t have to put up with your snarky remarks. See you tomorrow.

      • frank

        Hey Rob… you might want to give the entire quote by Hoffa … you dropped the part about how union members should go to the polling place and vote the “SOBs out” … but then Jimmy didn’t use the verbage of Dick Cheney when he told Pat Leahey to “shut the F— up!” on the floor of the Senate ..

      • Bear

        Polski, Are you Polish? If so, let me enlighten you on something. Yes, the unions worked to bring you better working conditions, better hours, more pay, paid vacations, good health care and more but at what expense? All of these benefits you got ended up costing someone something. Guess who! It ended costing the consumer. That’s you and dme and everyone else who buys anything from bubblegum to tubless tires. The benefits you receive cost money and that means that the products you manufacture or the services you provide have to charge more to pay for your benefits. So, my friend, everyone in the United States of America had to chip in to pay for the demands that your union demanded for you and your co-workers. Now, today, these demands have driven the prices of U.S.A. products so high that consumers can no longer affore them and thus manufacturers have decided to move their plants to other countries where there are NO unions and they can produce their products at a more competitive rate and guess what that means? It means lost jobs for Americans. THAT’S WHAT YOUR UNIONS HAVE DONE FOR YOU AND WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO OUR NATION. Union demands have crippled the United States ability to compete in the world marketplace. That’s what you people need to see and understand. I doubt, however, that will happen as long as you have your union bosses telling you how great they are and much you need them.

        • Bus

          That pile of pension money and union dues is pretty tempting to the union leadership and the fear of losing it is a real threat to thier ego’s. The poor working stiff is caught in the middle, do they just work for the greedy CEO or souless corporations, or do they hand some of their hard earned money to a union and get screwed over by them? Its a tough choice but the numbers of today suggest that most workers trust their employers more than the union bosses.

        • Greg

          Dear Bear! You explaned the thing to the commie Polski as plain as possible. Hope he will understand, on the other hand….?

          • Bear

            Thanks Greg
            What I really love is the tenure bit. You know, that time in the life of a union worker where he is fully vested and can’t be fired? That’s what is really cool. Now we have a bunch of “sit on their hands” guys and gals who are virtually non-productive and you can’t get rid of them and create jobs for people who want to work. Just some more crap from those good ole unions. I’m sick and tired of hearing union people talk about their unions like they mean something. These people are so brainwashed and crap fed that they will never get it. Tell them to try and stand up to one of their union bosses sometime and watch what happens to them. Union leaders don’t like anyone to correct them or even tell them they are wrong. There have been people who have mysteriously disappeared after such encounters with union gangsters.

        • eddie47d

          What is really happening Bear is that these American companies who didn’t want to pay a decent wage and wanted more profits for themselves,not the workers, can now exploit other workers in these foreign lands. I doubt if they are treating these new workers any better than the previous American workers. I bet they are treating them much worse and getting away with it.

          • Bear

            Work standards in other countries are not the same as america for sure. The price of any single item is not the same either. In those countries where American corporations have fled, prices for the same product you and I buy here in the U.S.A. is much lower. In some cases, less than half the price. Still it is cheaper for the corporations to make the procucts in another country and import it to us where we still pay a higher price for it. The corporations have merely cut out the unions and those dollars that the unions would be getting. Eddie, the unions greed is the root of the problem. Why else would they take a bunch of workers, put them on a strike or walk out for a pay raise that amounts to nothing more than a few dollars a month? The worker stays on strike for a month or two and will never recouperate the money he lost by being off work during the strike but the union bosses will have a pay raise to them in the package because they always get a percentage. It’s like the lawyers. Tey really don’t care who wins. They’re still going to get paid.

        • Polski

          No, what it does is take money away from the CEO and the other executives. You probably are too young to remember Studebaker. They took all the pension trust fund money in about 1945 and used it for the company and the executives. That’s why they passed laws protecting pensions. So now the companies don’t have pensions at all, so the CEO and the executives get all the money. You’ve probably heard of Social Security. The reason there is a problem is because the politicians took the money collected for social security and put it in the General Fund, instead of leaving it in trust so it would work like an insurance. Well, company CEOs and executives do the same thing with the cash flow of the companies. Except instead of going into a general fund, it goes into the CEO’s pocket.

          Maybe you’ve heard this joke. So the company’s vice president is saying to the CEO, your idea to make everyone a part time worker so we don’t have to pay benefits will really make US a lot of money. The CEO says to the vice president…..US?

          I know, I know, that’s too complicated for you…..LOL……

        • Robert Ahrens

          Look, the companies charge whatever they can for their products, and the difference between what it really costs them to produce that product and the price they get for it is their profit…agreed? I guess you wouldn’t mind working all day for about 2.50 like a Chinese semi-skilled worker gets for a ten hour day? Oh yes, you forgot that some companies are now outsourcing the jobs from China to Vietnam, the people’s paradise where they get 13 cents an hour for a 12 hour day, 7 days a week. If you think these Corps are going to tell the truth about how very productive a Union shop is, or even how much each widget costs, I’d like to sell you a Led Zeppelin and watch it fly away! And some say the Union workers are stupid brutes? Think about that every time you fly on a Boeing jet, they are Union, except for the parts made in China now. On second thought, maybe you should drive, a Ford. Union and NO Government Bailout!

      • DaveH

        Unions got me no benefits, Polski. They increased their wages and lessened their productivity at the expense of the company they worked for, at the expense of potential replacement workers, at the expense of the consumers of that company’s higher-priced products, and at the expense of the taxpayers who had to foot the bill for the Government’s protection of the Unionists’ special interests.
        Unions have done nothing but cost our economy Trillions of dollars.

      • iam

        Polski, I have a job that takes me to various factories where cars and heavy equipment are manufactured. The union “workers” I meet there are neither educated nor dedicated to quality. They drag out the production as long as possible, they sabotage the assembly line wherever they can, they complain if I do any work, even though I was called in to fix equipment they know nothing about. I know that you and other union apologists are going to sneer about what I have said, but years of personal experience have given me a close-up view of what goes on in union shops.

        • Polski

          You must be talking about South Carolina, a right to work state.

      • knights templer

        UNIONS ARE COMMUNIST PURE AND SIMPLE!! You get your yearly pay raises and healthcare and pensions at the expense of taxpayers. I haven’t met but a few worth the money their paid. I’ve been a union member, and a steward. Unions look out for the lazy, worthless people who call on the stewards at the drop of the hat when they’re caught sleeping on the job, or late more than on time, or when they can’t be found to do their job. Unions ski, ARE the Problem. Unions are bankrupting America. Unions had their place nearly a century ago but now you all can go. Keep a job on your own merit, see if that’ll work for ya. Wisconsin has learned and got rid of you bastards now look how well the state is doing!! RIGHT ON GOV. WALKER!!

        • eddie47d

          templer; Take your Fascist talk to the dump where it belongs.Pure and simple.

          • Stan Smith

            Ed Your Libtard quote {templer; Take your Fascist talk to the dump where it belongs.Pure and simple.}
            Why don’t you take your union Fascist talk elsewhere, All you do is squawking like a parrot! The truth hurts Libtards like you can’t take it! Why should people pay to keep their jobs?? It’s a Union mafia legal way to extort money from workers!

          • eddie47d

            Oh Boo Hoo Stan!

          • Stan Smith

            Oh poor little eddie union scum! I know scums like you are jumping for joy When your union thugs shot John King! Better get a life and wipe your ass with reality! Libtards like you blah! blah! making excuses!

        • Thinking About

          Do youvremember a company named Enron? In case you forgot the executive managed to ruin it, lies and schemes and telling their employees to continue to invest in Enron knowing they had put this company in ruins. The 401k turned out to be worthless and to go through the bankruptcy the ececutivaties stayed on with big salaries until there was not any money left. This is just one example of executatives stealing from a company and I would classify them as less than worthless. Don’t pin all problems on union workers.

      • JUKEBOX

        Evidently, you did not work in the auto industry, where my non union technicians had to spend hours trying to ferret out some sabotage problem perpertrated on a new car by some “SKILLED” union employee. I have personally heard a “SKILLED UNION WORKER” from a steel plant brag about how he slept seven hours during his eight hour shift. As for Jimmy Hoffa Jr., he could suffer the same fate that his virtuous father did in the past. I thought he was talking about taking out Obama when I first heard his vitriolic speech.

    • http://AOL.COM Ralph Valen

      Dear DaveH,

      I have to admit that if when you say they, you’re speaking of the “Unions” I must agree with you. We the people are doing the work.
      at least those who can find it. Basic truth in what say.

      Best Regards,
      R. Valen

      • Polski

        You remind me of a person I used to know that said, “I have to admit, you’re wrong”. SHEESH!!!!

        • DaveH

          You must get that a lot, Polski.

    • crystal

      LOL. Good one!

    • Greg

      He looks like he is – a real gangster/mafia boss!
      It is time for America te get rid of them all !!!!

    • wandamurline

      Being a member of several tea parties, all I have to say to Hoffa is “bring it on”. The unions will not win against the common American working people who are what makes up the tea parties….every race, every socioeconmic class, everyone who wants our government to be less intrusive, people working, constitution upheld and less spending by government. If the unions are against this, then exactly what are they for?

    • george

      Well Dave, or whoever you are, you forgot to mention who and where you are. Many union members like myself would be only too eager to meet with you personally to explain the error of what you posted about union people. Don’t be like that Dave. Don’t throw cowardly insults from your hiding place in the bushes.

      If you are just one of those internet trolls, paid by a think tank to post opinions like that, then of course there is no hope of enlightening you, because you are just a prostitute who will write (or do) anything for money, no matter how unclean, and posting anonymous meaningless insults is no big deal for you.

      Have you ever done actual physical work for a boss for a living Dave or have you always been just an internet prostitute?

      Come on Dave. Come out of hiding.



  • s c

    I can live with media pimps expecting Americans to believe that subjectivity is better than objectivity. The left’s philosophical foundation is based on hypocrisy, and I’ve seen enough of it over the years to know that nothing short of seeing the world turned upside down will get their psychosis-loving attention.
    It’s most interesting for a prez to ignore the words of a mean-spirited,
    ethics-for-sale, card-carrying mountebank. You’d think the prez has dared to ‘bless’ the words and intent of a man who doesn’t seem to know the difference between a Hollywood audition and acting like a street thug.
    It takes a gargantuan “big” tent and a host of village idiots for people like this prez to claim to be a leader. Is there anything this prez won’t tolerate in the name of greed, power, titles and money?

    • Bus

      The ultimate goal of power is more power.

  • alice garcia

    unions were good long time ago in the 30′s now they become greedy, they do not help the one that are out of work know, they have created big pension for there favorites. they have run down the economy. I was sick when they had Jimmy Hoffa speak and Obama injoyed it, calling people SOB, why do you think they buryed his father, got to be to big for his pants. he has hate in his mind. This is what Obama wants to have hate with people who intend to Keep the United States free. This the true Obama who his people want to destroy the United States economy and everything else it stands for. Vote the unions out along with Obama a person who has lied about being a natural born citizen.

    • JMJ

      Alice you are very right on, now the next question is: why is this hood (trying to be nice here) not if federal prison where he (along with Kerry, Frank, Dowd and Obama all belong)? It looks as though he wants a nice, posh job like the one that the other criminal (Sweeney) received from Obama. +JMJ+

    • Vic Bailey

      Look at what the union has given us in the last 50 years, Over priced food, cops, teachers, employees, unsatisfactory workers that CAN’T be fired, bankrupt companies, companies moving to other countries, helping the Socialist government take over GM, bankrupt post office, overpriced air travel, selling out a lot of different workers, and the hits just keep on comming. Yet, John Q public unions help the working man when all they do is line their pockets, with the workers sweat, WAKE UP!! Semper Fi.

    • http://AOL.COM Ralph Valen

      Dear Ms. Garcia,

      Quite frankly when Jimmy Hoffa’s named appeared in this article, I actually presumed they (publisher) was talking about the the one that
      disappeared, some 40 years ago. How to do you suppose today’s Hoffa got
      the king pins job? Just by name? Or was he groomed at a tender age by his dad. Even the unions make stupid mistakes. It appears to me, the
      Good Fellows never really went away.They are all well and living at the
      white house. Who knows, there may be terrorist plants, living there as well.

    • Polski

      Roger Smith of GM closed down Flint, Michigan. Jack Welch of GE outsourced all the jobs. These were the CORPORATE CEOs. They weren’t union leaders. This is typical of corporations. Enron was the corporate executives. They weren’t the union leaders. Exxon is the corporate executives. They aren’t the union leaders.

    • Kate8

      I think you are right, alice. I believe this rhetoric is just more of the set-up of conservative Americans to be targeted for elimination.

      It’s all sounding eerily like Hitler’s rhetoric against the Jews. They were to blame for all Germany’s problems, including lack of jobs. Can they really call for certain people to be “taken out” and get away with it?

      So it would seem.

      It’s history repeating. Are we going to just sit back and allow this to happen?

      • http://Personalliberty Tony

        To Kate8:
        No offense ma’am but will you knock it off with the paranoia, PLEASE
        !?! You know, as stated in an earlier post on this subject, views such as this is why we conservatives will be trounced in 2012. If anybody is acting “Nazish” then that would belong to Tea Partiers.
        They constantly verbally, sometimes physically, attack immigrants, gays, blacks, jews, along with women. As a responsible conservative, i’m going to have the integrity, and make my mission to end the Tea Party distortion of my party. The Tea Party is the equivalence of the
        HIV virus to the conservative establishment. I apologize for making such an extreme statement yet the truth has to be revealed. Thanks!!

        • Kate8

          Tony – Excuse me, but you are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine. I will not be silenced by EITHER side just because you are uncomfortable with hearing certain things. If people had stood up and spoken out when Hitler was doing the same things, perhaps some 20million people would not have died.

          YOU can call me paranoid. But really bad things are afoot by really bad people, and someone has to be willing to sound the alarm, even when they get accused by people like you.

          And I am not the only one here who sees what’s happening.

          BTW, check this out. Tell me if the Left isn’t WAYYYYYY of of line.

        • Jibbs


          • eddie47d

            No one should make shoot to kill videos on anyone. Yet when Jeff H brought up a shoot to kill game against illegal immigrants(over a year ago) there were a few who thought it was a hoot.So there are sad desperate people on both sides of every issue Kate.

    • eddie47d

      Then stop attacking unions and making them your(Jewish) scapegoats. The more you dispise them the harder it is to find a decent paying job. You are enabling the corporate CEOs in screwing the workers in this country.What a shameful tactic for keeping your fellow American down.

      • MelHal


        You seem to be using the words “union” and “workers” interchangably. However, there are plenty of us who are workers that are non-union, but we are not ANTI-union. I grew up in a union household. My father was in a union; one that did a lot for him. I was also in a union for several years, and mine did absolutely nothing for me except take too much money from my paycheck, never come around or hold meetings, and save the job at my workplace of two individuals who stole from our company! The only time any union officials did come around was when we were deciding whether or not to vote out the union, and interestingly enough, the managers at the store repeatedly, within a 3 week time frame, had the windows in their cars smashed. Never happened before, and never happened again afterwards.
        These are not “tactics” that occur at Tea Party events.

  • Dan L

    I would really like to see what kind of luxury Hoffa lives in. If it is like his father, it is something to behold. All of his high living is on the backs of his union members. I like to think that American workers are smarter than to let thugs like Hoffa pull the wool over their eyes. Union leaders are all about personal power and nothing else.

    • frank

      To Dan L .. actually .. Jimmy Hoffa, the disappeared, lived a rather frugal life … no fancy house … no fancy car … kids went to public schools … and the reason’s alledged .. that he disappeared .. was that he was going to spill the beans on some very well known mafia and government types …
      and as for the blogger who sed his company had better bennies than a union shop .. you really think that would be the case if unions weren’t around ???

    • Don

      Dan, i think he needs to be fitted with a new pair of shoes, a size i yard should be sufficient, might keep him down to earth !!

  • Jeff in OH

    Well the Union Terrorist are at it again…

  • Ray

    Unions have long outlived their usefulness, and we have seen how they have put companies under, with the ever-increasing and never-ending demands for better wages and benefits that most non-union people can only dream about. Then you have owe-bum-uh bin lyin just going along with these goons – Wisconsin has been making progress financially, I hear, since finally implementing those much-fought collective bargaining amendments.

    Hoffa’s slogan should be ” When I want your opinion, I’ll give it to you ! ! “

    • coal miner


      Wrong,wrong, wrong

      What about the West Virginian coal miners? The company they work for was scab through and through. It had the worst safety violations on record.I don’t see how the mines lasted that long,without a major mishap. Unions are now needed more than ever.Scabs we don’t need.Make them,like small pox,a disease of the past.

      • Brian

        Thanks to unions, a car worth about $10,000 costs $20,000.

        • Alex

          Why is the bottom line always about money?

          • Kate8

            Alex – People have to be able to afford goods and products to live.

            Have you figured out an alternative?

          • eddie47d

            When are the corporate Elites going to realize that?The workers give and the corporates keep on taking.

      • Don

        coal miner, i think what your trying to say is, union worker’s are to dumb to work, if the conditions are to bad, refuse , you A$$ wholes need to take responsibility of your own life, or hire a babysitter, unions will go down and so will pigface with cigar and hat above !!

        • eddie47d

          When are the corporates going to go down Don? When will they start working and stop stealing from our economy?

          • Mary Kay Andrews

            Oh!! My God!! Just who the he!! do you idiots think owns these corporations? You do? Union workers are paid employees, period! The people who own these corporations and businesses are the people who invest their hard earned money in them. Do you unionists ever think about that? I own stock in a couple of companies. That means that I own a partial share in those companies. I own them! I put my trust in the people who run those companies so that I can get the benefit of their hard work. You want to get all the benefits and perks that come with owning a business, then go start one. You will work your hiney off with 12 and 14 hour days, no holidays, no vacations, no perks until that business is solid and making a profit. Oh, and you hate corporations so much. Well, I have news for you! Stop buying food, cars, electronics, clothes and gas. How dare you purchase anything from these evil corporations, you hypocrites!

    • Andrew

      its o’s admin who told hoffa, this is your speech today. hoffa would say that on his own, but not before the potus speaks, unless he was told, explicitly to say it. more disgraceful actions of our govt.
      what is hoffa’s salary ?

      • eddie47d

        What is the salary of anyone who has influence in the political arena? That includes the Chamber of Commerce and corporate executives. Let’s expose them all and see who has the most power over whom. The do nothing Congress doesn’t seem to be doing their job for anyone and someone needs to kick them in the pants. I would’ve hoped that Hoffa could have been more civil yet we need someone to wake up the morbid and lackluster performance in Washington. A few of you say that Washington needs to be taken back by any means( refreshed with blood) so you should love the tough talking Hoffa. At least he is not spilling blood like you advocate.

        • Song

          Eddie you are truly shameful. What, are you really surprised at this latest hate mongering rhetoric of the left? LOL

          • eddie47d

            Song; How about all the slander from Ann Coulter and the Right. Do you have a clue shameful one? Heck I can pull up a few shameful ones right here on this page and on each and everyday.

        • Brad

          eddie eddie eddie, these are the union thuggs you are protecting, what a shame, atleast call them out and demand a retraction. God only knows this President and the unions are deviding this country even more then before. Now we have the CBC calling out blacks to attack all white’s and for what, because of the color of their skin, you need to open your eye’s and see that the demoncrats have you and the minority enslaved to them and government welfare programs.

          • eddie47d

            You are an odd ball Brad. The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) is calling on blacks to attack white. No matter what CBC you are referring to I think you are full of it.

  • nick beck

    Alice may be a little short on her way of expressing english [and we should not hold that against her] BUT she does have the situation nailed down. I personally knew Jimmy Hoffa and his kid couldnt BEGIN to fill his shoes. Jimmy was a man of his own convictions and at the end he was NOT a bought man. JUNIOR is and always will be, he looks out for himself and does NOT give a hoot about his constituants. HE plays on his name and ill bet his father is rolling over in the landfill.

    • http://AOL BOB Robbins

      If u knew Junny u would know this kid was adopted.

    • Jibbs

      Were you a member of Local 705?

  • James Kirksey

    The Hoffa’s have dominated unions for years. The Tea Party is now a threat to that power and money collected from unwilling union members, who must pay dues to hold a job. This is not far from the old shake down of gangs that demand “protection money” from merchants or the bully, who takes a kid’s “milk money” every day. Our current subversive government depends upon the union thugs to influence votes and prevent votes of opposition. If you recall voter frauds and violent “Panthers” were present in 2008 at many mid-western polls. Mr. Holder’s DOJ freed them and refused to process the cases against them.

    Recent announcements of AFL-CIO leaders that they would not pass the large sums of money, as in the past, and support President Obama in 2012, has caused President Obama to “court” their support. Thus, you can see him appearing with Jimmy Hoffa Jr. in this slanderous cursing of Tea Party participants and those of us leaning toward the Tea Party agenda, for more freedoms.

    The “Sons of Bitches,” curse of the Tea Party by Mr. Hoffa, was an act of desperation. His back is to the wall and his reign as “Union Boss” is in jeopardy. The losses in Wisconsin by unions have impacted the entire nation. The deep pockets of “dues collecting unions,” are not sufficient to stand against “freedom loving patriots.”

    Tea Party participants and other conservatives should be glad to hear Mr. Hoffa’s comments. We have heard that the hit dog does the howling. Indeed these unions have felt the sting of patriots, especially the Tea Party. The Tea Party should keep pitching as long as they can hear the howling. Inversely, we should not retaliate by calling Union folks dogs of sons of dogs. This would be insulting to the dogs and the many dog owners in this great free land of ours. God bless Americans, who fear and serve Him.

    • eddie47d

      I hear that the Tea Party is only 12% of the American people yet they have the Republican Party running scared. So who is doing the arm twisting to make them shake in their boots. Unions have nothing on the Tea Party tactics. I hate to tell you James but few union members are forced to pay dues so that was a nice fairy tale. Also there have been no violent acts by the panthers as you stated.There could have been but it never happened.That also was wishful thinking by the Right.

      • Song

        As usual Eddie, you would be mis-informed. Keep your head in the sand. It’t not even worth trying to discuss facts or anything of merit with you.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        “I hate to tell you James but few union members are forced to pay dues so that was a nice fairy tale.”

        And just what unions would it be that let you join and remain a member without paying any dues?

        • Big Mike

          Exactly, Buster! And there are some shops where people are required to pay dues even if they refuse to join the union. For example, in the school district where my wife teaches, from teachers who do not become members the NEA affiliate collects 80% of what their dues would be and calls it an “agency fee” (for negotiating the contract which sets the salaries and job rules for everybody in the district), and those persons don’t get any of the union’s services (grievances, etc.) by not joining.

      • Jibbs

        eddie47d says:
        September 7, 2011 at 9:43 am
        I hear that the Tea Party is only 12% of the American people yet they have the Republican Party running scared. So who is doing the arm twisting to make them shake in their boots. Unions have nothing on the Tea Party tactics. I hate to tell you James but few union members are forced to pay dues so that was a nice fairy tale. Also there have been no violent acts by the panthers as you stated.There could have been but it never happened.That also was wishful thinking by the Right.


        I’ve around unions my whole life and I never met a union member that didn’t pay due’s. You don’t pay due’s, you don’t work.
        Who do you think your fooling?

        • eddie47d

          Never had that problem while in the union for 40 years. It was an open shop and there were about 10 who didn’t belong to the union and gee no tires slashes. They didn’t have to pay dues but if they got into trouble the union had to represent them as according to company policy. They got the raises and benefits the union fought for and even got representation. ( In other words they knew it and took the union for a free ride)

  • William

    Right, the Union of the 30,s fought against greedy millionairs and now they are just like them and are only concerned with their pockets, not unlike Russian thugs and their mafia.I can understand Hoffas concern with what big business is doing by cutting back and downgrading jobs to keep their pockets full and he’s right in wanting to fight that however the bent of Obama is to bring the US economy lower so that when the monetary system changes there won’t be a revolution because the American worker will be getting about the same pay as the poorest of the workers in Europe and Asia and then he can say well now you’r all equal, you’re, thanks to me, all poor now so that’s fair isn’t it?. If he did that now there would be a revolution for sure.

  • dan

    Marxist thug or useful idiot…more of the same from the fearless leader of New Falusia…hatehate fearfear fightfight. If only they weren’t too blind to see who their REAL enemies are…but that’s what happens when you let others do you thinking for you.

  • 1minuteman

    what i noticed was that when hoffa said that he did not get a tremendous applause. it seemed to me that most of the union workers were not of the same mind as him. he has his thugs but alot of union workers don’t agree with him. the union leaders lead by fear and they better fear us the tea party because we are not going away we will win just like we won in wisconsin and last november.

  • Donald

    I was once one of those loyal “Union members”. After surviving cancer, chronic depression and overcoming alcoholism,I was fired due to my absentiism. When I went to the “Union”(IAM&AW LL#709),I talked with the Business Rep. at the union hall in Marietta, Ga. He told me that if I needed any help that I should “go to a food bank”. After over 13 years with the company, I couldn’t have been treated any worse than if I had been an illegal alien! This is the same “union” that had previously gotten people their jobs back after being caught red handed on video stealing very expensive company property,doing drugs on the job,downloading porn etc…etc…This is your tax dollars at work, people! The company’s name is Lockheed Martin Marietta, Ga. 30063. Thank you for your time.

  • Dan

    Obama called for a civilian army. I guess this is what he was talking about.

  • Warrior

    I’m telling ya folks, the progressives and all their keynesian friends have to go. Money printing, borrowing, infrastructure banks, crony capitalism, education system run by guvmint, man-made global warming…all follies, all of them. This period will go down in history as our bleakest moment. Will enough citizens wake up to reverse this course? For the people who can’t see where this path is leading….pull your collective heads out of your butts!

    • steve in AZ

      Oh that you might be correct in your assessment, Warrior. I don’t know which will be our “bleakest moment in history” but I’m pretty sure we haven’t seen it yet. I pray you ARE correct, but I doubt it.

      My Grandfather used to say “When you reach the end of your rope – tie a knot and hang on!”

      DONATE NOW so you can VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • Jeryl

    Hoffa used profane and incendiary rhetoric because he is, by nature, profane and incendiary. And, given the chance to do so without severe repercussions, Hoffa would quite literally “take out” anyone who stands in the way of union power. The man is dangerous and I would not be surprised at anything he said or did. He needs to go.

  • Everyday Politics

    They are like a bully stalking around the playground looking for a fight.

  • Russell Smith USMC VET RVN

    Hoffa you are a terrorist making statements like you made and should be takin out, deported or whatever and take your union with you. You and your kind scared people in the past, but those days are long gone. You are a dinosaur and should be extinct. I’m one of those Tea party members you want to take out. I’m a Marine Corps Veteran of Vietnam and damn proud of it. I am A God fearin, bible lovin, gun totin conservitive, a true American Patriot(not like you.) We will not bend

    • mtnmantn

      If we’re lucky, he’ll follow in his father’s footsteps…right down to between the bases on a baseball field (supposedly).

    • RivahMitch

      Semper Fi, Russell!

      Like you, this ‘Nam vet is locked and loaded. Could be fun when they come;-)

      • Missouri Boy

        I know down here in the hills we would love to see some union dogs try to take our rights away. Watched both my parents jobs takin overseas or closed due to the unions. I think its time for a good cleansing. Locked and Loaded. Union Boys set an appointment.

    • Don


  • Nancy Norris

    SIMPLE TRASH. Trash smells bad and will continue in this administration. Thank God some of us know trash when we smell it.

    • Polski

      So why did you keep DUBYA/CHENEY in for 8 unbelievably LOUSY years?

      • Big Mike

        Those “lousy” years included 4.6% unemployment, $1.85 gas, 56 CONTINUOUS months of positive GDP growth, etc.

        It all started to turn to $h!+ when Nancy peLOUSY and Hairy Roid took over both chambers of congress and then put Chris d’Odd and Bonnie Frank in charge of banking.

        And now after totally bankrupting the country by shoving Øbamacare down our throats and failed stimulus, Øbama wants to turn his re-election efforts over to organized crime chief Jimmy Hoffa and his hired thugs and goons.


  • bill

    A good thing for present union members to do,is speak to some of their ex-union,brothers and sisters who showed up to their place of employment ,to find out,the company had folded and the assets had been sold. Talking to union stewards
    won’t help !

  • Mike P

    Follow the money !

    Decades ago there was legitimate reason to align oneself with either the Republican or Democratic party. Today there is no legitimate reason to align with either as corruption is rampant within both.

    Unions contribute approximately equal amounts to each party as do corporations. But after the election the whole game changes dramatically.
    Because there is no philosophical difference in existence between these parties today, the flow of money, from both factions flows directly to those elected, who are corrupt enough to accept it, in payment for whatever political favors demanded.

    The end result of this insanity is Fascism, which any thinking individual should be able to identify as our present system of government.

    You need to establish your own personal plan to save our Republic !

    • Alan H

      Right on Brother! You nailed this one to the point! I hope “We the People.” wake up before Nov. 2012. There is a Plutocrat stalking the Republican primaries right now! I won’t mention any names, but he’s a Governor from a State down south.

    • Big Mike

      “Unions contribute approximately equal amounts to each party…”
      OH REALLY???? Let’s see…

      Union $ contributed D R
      AFSCME $45,792,853 94% 1%
      SEIU $37,130,289 75% 2%
      NEA $36,433,425 81% 5%
      IBEW $33,824,355 97% 2%
      Laborers Union $31,415,067 89% 7%
      AFT $31,342,403 91% 0%
      Teamsters $30,855,809 89% 6%
      Carpentr/Joinrs $30,550,937 86% 9%
      CWA $29,952,424 94% 0%
      UAW $27,108,182 98% 0%
      Machinists $26,747,874 98% 1%
      Letter Carriers $22,188,393 85% 10%
      AFL-CIO $19,487,329 92% 4%
      Sheet Metl Wkrs $18,955,848 95% 2%
      IAFF $18,533,507 78% 17%
      Plumbers $17,906,285 94% 4%
      Oper Engineers $17,113,390 85% 13%
      Airline Pilots $16,784,447 83% 15%
      UTU $14,794,360 88% 11%
      Steelworkers $14,632,651 99% 0%
      Ironworkers $14,459,298 92% 6%
      Postal Workers $13,669,853 96% 3%
      Air Tfc Control $12,238,018 79% 20%
      Transport Wkrs $9,002,599 95% 4%
      Seafarers $8,840,765 84% 14%
      Painters/Allied $8,732,370 87% 11%
      Amalg. Transit $8,732,370 87% 11%

      If that’s “approximately equal amounts,” you definitely flunked math! Or maybe you’re just incapable of telling the truth…kinda like our current president!

  • Dan

    Hypocrisy comes in all colors, ages, and sexes … Hypocrisy comes in all religious faiths, or those who have no religious faith at all … Hypocrisy is everywhere, every day, and never goes away . . .

    Jesus Christ is never hypocritical … Jesus Christ died for all colors, ages, and sexes … Jesus Christ is the answer for people of all religions and those who have no religious belief at all . . . Jesus Christ is everywhere, every day, and never goes away.

    God sent His Son, Jesus, to be born and live among humans as one of us, to suffer the things that we all go through, and then allowed us to crucify Him. He died on that Cross, was buried in a stone tomb, and rose from the dead on the third day. He did all of this to provide a way for sinful Man to have a means to be forgiven of Sin and to be worthy, in the eyes of God the Father, to have eternal life and to enter into Heaven.

    Jesus paid the price for your sins and for mine. To claim this gift of salvation, forgiveness, and eternal life, you must willingly and genuinely accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. This is a decision that only you can make.

    If you believe that you are a sinner, as is everyone, and you want the peace, love, and joy that comes from having a personal relationship with God, please open your heart and earnestly pray this prayer:

    Lord Jesus,

    I am a sinner and know that I deserve an eternity of punishment in Hell for my sins. I believe that You are the Son of God and that You came to Earth to pay the price for my Sins. I ask You to be my personal Lord and Savior and to come into my heart and completely fill me with your Holy Spirit. Forgive me my sins, cleanse me from all unrighteousness, and abide with me forever. Thank You , Lord Jesus for loving me and saving me !


    If you sincerely prayed that prayer, you are now a Christian. The next thing you should do is to find a local Bible-believing, church to help you grow in your faith and to learn more about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. The prayer you prayed above is the start and now you should seek to learn more and grow stronger in your faith.

    Avoid so-called “churches” that try to “sugar-coat” what they tell their members. If the church you find does not talk about Sin and Hell or only talks in non-specific terms about Jesus, find a Bible-Believing church instead.

    Avoid “mega-churches”, as most of them are only in it for the money and tell people what they want to hear and/or preach the “prosperity gospel” to draw people in … Find a small, local church and start attending regularly !

    • Erik

      Jesus is a fairy tale. Please grow up and look for intelligent solutions.
      Try praying to Darth Vader and see if the results aren’t the same.

  • Sam I am

    In all fairness, it sounds to me like Hoffa meant to “take the SOBs out” by voting them out. I am a tea partier and “real” founding father style conservative like Alex Jones and not a neo conservative who beleives in unlimited war mongering to solve all problems. So understand that I don’t have an axe to grind against the tea party. I have been to many events and have seen signs that basically amount to “taking them out” (our fearless leaders). Now, the peaceful tea party didn’t mean to take them out with the AR-15, but rather to take them out of office with the voting machine or through 10th amendment proecedures at the states. In this infowar as Alex Jones puts it, he who fires first losses. We, as Ghandi, need to be bold, even civilally disobedient if necessary and to force the feds to get so desperate that they decide to repeat another Waco or Ruby Ridge. Then, no matter how much the media spins it, when troops are firing on American Citizens it doesn’t look good for the feds. Just look at the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. The feds imposed practical martial law after that hurricane and it backfired. Whatever short term power and control they gained, the feds paid the price a thousand fold. Martial law is desperation. Its hard to argue that hum Vs and battle tanks on the streets are from a benevelent government in even the most dimwitted moron’s eyes.

    I say bring it on. Bring troops into our cities. Show us, our fearless leaders, how truly rotten and evil our government really is. We know that evil can only exist in the shadows and through deception. Why don’t you just come out of hiding and get it over with an throw us all into FEMA camps.

  • http://yahoo Benjo4677

    Quote: ” The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of Patriots and tyrants.”—Thomas Jefferson—So keep your eyes down range the liberals are coming but they can not shoot that well. I have watched them at the range. Our second amendment protects our first amendment.

    • Cawmun Cents

      So you have seen them at the range too huh?
      Fancy rifle aiming gunrest.
      I stand and fire from the shoulder.Hitting objects at 300 yards without benefit of a leaning post.
      If the rangemaster would let me…I’d do it while walking and chewing gum too.
      I love being American.
      Where I can own the firearm of my desire and learn to shoot it efficiently.
      Where I can easily obtain what I want via the black market if I so desire.
      There are laws against such things.
      Yeah….those righteously indignant state legislators,will tell me they know what is best for me.
      But I know better.
      Buck them and the jackasses they rode in on.

      • 45caliber


        I’ve watched the libs in battle. When I was in Vietnam we had a good sprinkling of libs in our unit due to the draft. When the shooting started, most would be hidden carefully behind trees, praying. They only became atheists when they got out. As someone once said, “There are no atheists in foxholes.” If they fired a shot at all it was by shoving their gun around the tree and blindly blazing away.

        That’s why I’ve never been really conserned about them. Their real intention is not to fight us anyway. Instead they want to ORDER the military and the police to do it for them – and they actually expect them to obey.

        Reminds me of Rosy O’Donnal. She is a raving anti-gun nut – but she goes everywhere with armed guards. What is the difference between carrying a gun and hiring a gun? The fact that they don’t have to actually pull the trigger while they are running away.


    The Unions,the Black Caucus and the rest of the Dumocrats are getting worried cause “THE CHOSEN ONE” has run out of ideas to scam the real Americans.Hoffa and his ilk need to quit milking the Union members.What is the difference between Hoffa’s union thugs or the Mafia?They both get paid for protection.The Union is ruining this country along with Obama’s amnesty plan.

    • 45caliber


      And the really sad thing about this is that the “protection” they both provide is only protection from their own violence. Not a protection from anything else.

  • http://n/a John Beach

    It is telling that the President did NOT distance himself from the remarks of the head of the IBT, nor have anything to say about the remarks of Ms. Waters concerning where the Tea Party should go or choose to somehow expend his power in mollification of the heated political rhetoric that so characterizes our national debate and which was blamed for the tragic events in Arizona earlier this year. Situation ethics have long determined the actions and pronouncements of politicians and the electorate is expected to recognize that they are a reflection of winning or losing. For this leader to not uphold principle with non-partisan consistency makes him look dishonest, untrustworthy and obviously biased with regard to those principles. Those principles don’t matter enough to put into practice. The people really need to remember this when they choose because all of the problems that go unsolved are soluble by adherence to principle. He is perpetuating what he claims to want to change. The American people were fools for giving him an opportunity to prove that his need is greater than his ability and his ability will do little to foster either their need or their abilities.

  • gigi 81

    get the overbearing government and overbearing unions out….
    we are tried of being told and forced to do what they think is best for us. if the Tea Party can make it happen or at least get our heads out of the sand more power to them and all the slang and ugly words of Watters and Hoffa only show how ignorant and scared they are that changes may affect them or there jobs.

  • Brian

    Why do these union fools insist that only union members are “working people?”

    • 45caliber

      Particularly when they are the minority …

  • Spider Dalton

    Yea uninion workers are the only workers. What a joke. The only place I,ve ever seen where younneed a particular person to plug in an electrical cord and have to wait a half hour to get one…you aren’t allowed to yourself. Your also not allow tofire workers that are slackers… Get rid of the unions! their positions will be filled with people that want to work.

    • Jibbs

      I always thought is was stupid when I was on a construction site in Chicago, and they had to have an Operating Engineer push the buttons in the elevator.

      Or the time I needed power and I hooked up my own outlet, and the sparky came over an hour and removed it, then he put his own in…all I could do was shake my head.

      • Don

        Amen Jibbs,, i’ve been there.

  • crystal

    During the last election they asked the presidential contenders what their favorite movie was…

    … Obama said the “Godfather.”

    Look it up. I remember that.

  • 45caliber

    I wouldn’t mind a war with the unions – if we were allowed to fight using the same rules.

    But union thugs can gang up and attack an elderly man or a woman without any problem and no charges filed against them. But if one of us tried to step in and stop their attack, we would be charged with “strike breaking” and go to the pen. Odd, isn’t it?

    • Alan H

      Not odd at all! This is how the Unions started with sticks and clubs beating them on the street as they approached the factory. The cops used to have to protect the business from striking union thugs. Now, the unionized cops are in it with the beligerant unions. These ranting thugs are exactly what is wrong with society today. You can’t talk to a ranting thug, no matter how hard you try!

    • Sam I am

      Come on 45caliber. Certainly a supposed Nam’ vet such as yourself realizes there is only one true “law” in warfare: kill or maim so you can get away or be killed. When society breaks down soon enough take solice that most police are absolute cowards who will just run and cry and wait for the military to come. Afterall after Katrina, it was “EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF!!!” from the wuss police. During the Rodney King riots, the coward police had to hide in their stations. Police men on average don’t have near the grit, discipline, or determination to face death in the face and laugh like the military does. No one will have any protections during anarchy that will result after currency collapse. As the Joker said in Batman Forever: “You know the thing about anarchy? Its fair. hehehehehehehhe (Joker laugh)”

      • 45caliber


        I know I killed a few in Nam but I prefer to not kill here – even if they do PO me. And I really don’t want to have to run the rest of my life. Nor do I believe that all police are cowards. Many are not. In fact, many are vets too. If I have to get into a shooting war, I intend it to go all the way … but only after I’ve tried everything short of war first.

        That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t at least attempt to deck a union thug beating a helpless person. But I wouldn’t try to kill him. Broken bones, maybe. Depends upon how good he is since I’m getting a little gray.

  • Jody Forman

    Your reporting is not honest. Mr. Hoffa was referring to using the VOTE to take out the current right-wing Republican obstructionists. Just like Fox New, you have edited out the important part. Talk about “lame stream media”! That’s you and Fox.

    We need unions.

    • Alan H

      “We got to keep an eye on the battle that we face: The war on workers. And you see it everywhere, it is the Tea Party. And you know, there is only one way to beat and win that war. The one thing about working people is we like a good fight. And you know what? They’ve got a war, they got a war with us and there’s only going to be one winner. It’s going to be the workers of Michigan, and America. We’re going to win that war,” Jimmy Hoffa said to a heavily union crowd.

      “President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let’s take these son of bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong,” Hoffa added.

      Ok – now I’m befuddled…. What America does Hoffa think union workers belong in? “Workers around the World Unite!” Karl Marx ca. 1848 Maybe Hoffa thinks that an America where we belong is Communistic? I can only imagine what Lenin and the red shirts where saying as they fought the white shirts: “We’ve got to take these sons-a-bitches out!” Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

    • Brad

      Why Jody,

      The unions only take from their members to pad their leaderships azzes and pay for political clout in washington and the workers have no say where the money goes. That’s the type of unions organization you are talking about…what none sence, get a life lady.

    • http://centurylink Jim

      How do you know what “Jimmyboy” Jr. meant by the phrase “taking them out”? Haven’t you watched enough Mafia inspired TV shows to know what “takinf them out” really means?

  • http://aol Mike

    Way back when, my Dad preached to me: “you are known by the company you keep”. Apparently BHO as the titular head of the most corrupt admistration in recent history, fits that description. He has chosen the verbal intimidation of a union thug as his public voice, ergo his public image.

    Regarding unions: I once worked for a company whose arbitrary labor policies were the very reason that unions exist. After much trial and error, we finaly came up with what appeared to be a “strong union” that would work in our interests. What finaly evolved was yet another tier of company management. Too many of our union reps later found plush positions in management as a reward for their duplicity. The inescapable conclusion was that ultimately we were no better off with a union than without.

  • Alex

    Like Fox “News”, this article totally misses the fact that Mr Hoffa clearly indicated that the way to “take the sons of bitches out” was through the ballot, while cretins like Sharon Angle advocate clearly more violent “Second Amendment remedies”.

    Fright Wingers are such hypocrites!

    • Alan H

      “Second Amendment remedies” are for protection from thugs, such as yourself, who would rather see all of us live in your misery together.
      I have yet to meet a happy union member that is self-sufficient and doesn’t complain about everything they can’t control. Unions, the Government, or thugs – you can’t control me and I will defend my rights. There is my answer to your “Fright Wingers” vitriol and your hypocricy!

    • Sunny

      Oh, yeah, right. Hoffa “clearly” meant the ballot box just as clearly as MS Waters “clearly” said that the Tea Party can go straight to hell. And obama’s silence “clearly” means that he strongly disagrees with such hateful rhetoric. Yeah, right!

  • Downs1

    There was a time in the past when unions did a great thing in this country. But in recent times, some unions have unfortunately become rather corrupt. They tell their members what to do (like who to vote for . . . or else). Shop stewards don’t necessarily care what happens to the individual members, but those in authority do want leverage and power and they want money. In order to get that, they have been known to resort to violence at times. At that point, they lose! There are those who will stand up against them, with force if necessary! There are any number of videos and testimonies from people that confirm union “pressure” and some that show violence. Wisconsin is a good example. The bottom line is “Back off, unions. Not all of us like to be called “sons of bitches”!

    • 45caliber

      The problem is that when violence begins they don’t necessarily lose! I know of at least two cases in the last twenty years or so where a man was murdered by someone in the union – and the government agreed to not look for the murderer or charge him as part of the strike settlement. On the other hand if someone harms a striker, then they definately get charged!

  • whistlestop

    I wonder who Mr Jimmy is talking about when he said “President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let’s take these son of bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong.” Who is it he is willing to march against? Who are the S.O.B’s? Take America back from who amd give it back to whom? If he, Mr Jimmy, is for Obama then I know who he wants to kick a$$ on, who the S.O.B. is and who he wants to take away from and give it to. I am not a rocket scientist to realize that I, as well as any other working Citizens are the S.O.B.’s that he wants to march against and kick a$$ on, take the gold away and give it to the Obama thugs. WHO ELSE IS THERE?

  • Robert Ahrens

    I hope all of you Sheeple enjoy the third world conditions and pay that Komrade Obama is working so hard to bring about. The unions fought and Bled (see railroad strikes, Pullman strikes, West Virginia coal mines and company towns) for benefits and simple humane conditions for all workers.
    Now that their industrial base has crumbled, real working Union labor is in trouble. The real trouble with unions now is most of their members are in public service areas, like firefighters, police, mass transit and school teachers, et. al. When unions strike, companies can close factories or hire replacement workers. Public service unions however, do not suffer from the same threats that limit the power of manufacturing based unions, and they have run wild. Politicians could always be bought, and the votes of the unions put in place the very best of those who promised the moon and stars because they could always raise taxes to pay for it. The debts they ran up over the last four decades have now brought America to her knees, and there is little doubt that our beloved country is now just a fascist police state with little of the freedoms that we enjoyed just a few decades ago. Now we have lost the war on terrorism, because we have given up our freedoms in a misguided attempt to stop attacks like 9-11 ever again. Weep for the lost ‘shining city on the hill’ and accept the fact that, ‘those who would give up their liberty for the sake of safety deserve neither freedom nor security’. You all should be grateful to the unions for the good they did for this country, and should open your eyes to the real menaces of ‘one world order’.

  • http://centurylink Jim

    Where did the idea come from that tea party people are against unions? Why don”t you people take the time to find out what we want? Is following the constitution, asking for smaller Federal Government, and reducing crippling regulations too much to ask for?

    • Jeep

      Jim, it is the “crippling regulations” that they want protected. They want to ensure that their “space” is not violated by non-union companies that would be able to compete in whatever their niche is. From car companies to mom and pop manufacturing, unions want, no…need govt to ensure that there is no competition.

  • George

    Way back in the day when the companies tried to get over on its workers maybe the unions were a good thing but today the same crap happens..before it was white workers who were treated badly but now it the illegals who are treated badly so the unions are still doing the same things as back in the old days..they burn the candle at both ends (company against the workers) they profit either way..the worker usually loses..the unions are as corrupt as our government and thats why they want to unite against Joe Worker..the companies see this as a problem to their profits and they leave the country for better climes..

  • Sunny

    To put it simply: Government of the people, by the people and for the people is a workable deal for obvious reasons. BIG government and BIG unions are a disaster because the “people” get removed from the equation and that is never good. As Thomas Jefferson said, “A government (read union)that is big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.” When you rely on BIG Brother, Big Union to provide for you, you are subject to their rules, their politics, their control over you. No thanks.

  • Frank

    At one time I conceed, we did have a great need for Unions when there were no laws to protect the U.S. workers, but for the most part I think State and Federal laws have that corrected. If you look you can see the modern Union label successes all around. Our booming textile mills, Pittsburgh steel, automobile quality and value second to none. No…That’s not right. Most went out of business in the U.S. due to labor costs, or let quality suffer to stay in business here or have to use foreign labor. Lets not forget our public union USPS, and teachers public union. Lets not forget how well the public union, government subsidized USPS is doing. Need for a 5 billion dollar bailout just to pay into union pensions for employees. Oregon, 2011-Postal worker takes “dump” between houses in subdivision while working his route, caught on film. No corrective actions taken except given different route. Teachers union. Idaho Teacher found to be using student teacher to teach class while she worked for public union officials making flyers and doing other union related jobs instead of what she was hired for. No corrective action taken. Further investigations show this kind of misuse of taxpayers money all over the country. I have worked in Union shops for many of the last 40 years, and the one thing I find that all Unions have in common is, Unions further support and promote the democratic mantra of ‘Entitlement’.

  • brothergene

    These things come full circle. If the GOP/TP get their way and the American Worker is reduced to Jim Crow status, America becomes a third world nation and what is now the Tea Party finds out how they have been played, they will be the ones that revive the union movements. These workers believe that the corporations have their interests in mind, but all they care about is their shareholders, and all they care about is profits, which are not shared with their workers. The day will come when workers will demand a fair share of those profits, and when they don’t get them, history will repeat itself

    • Raggs

      Complete looney tunes dude…

      If you wish to be a slave to you master unions so be it fool on the other hand I prefer to be a free man you fool….

  • chuckb

    brothergene, sounds exactly like communist propaganda

  • Raggs

    It is obvious that the people that depend on the unions have no mind of their own, they are told everything by their masters.. Have you talked with a union member lately?.. I have and they are very stupid people lacking the ability to make a decision of any kind on their own.

    This is exactly what oblama wants, more mindless sheeple to control.

  • jopa

    What Fox news has done is make another news story out of nothing and have their ignorant followers believe their edited version of what Jimmy Hoffa actually said.The line in his speech clearly stated that he said take them out in the next election and no other way as Fox and I am surprised that Mr. Livingston are trying to portray.Both are losing credibility with these edited comments that just try to incite anger in their followers.

    • Raggs

      Have you ever read your own post and realized just how sheeple you are?

    • 45caliber


      It depends upon who they lose credibility with. They probably lose it with all you libs since you consider it wrong to point out the problems in your own group. But not with most of us, who know where the problems mostly are.

      • eddie47d

        That is horse manure Caliber! I would think it would be the other way around. If the author says something you all follow like sheep. Very few of you vary your talking points from what the author states even those that are a stretch to the imagination.

    • Jibbs

      I was wondering when you would show up to defend Hoffa and the unions.
      BTW, have you ever belonged to a union?

  • chuckb

    has anyone seen the spin on hoffa re: take these son of b%%%ches out, you have to hand it to them, they are masters at the art. the funny part is the rank and file bolsheviks go right along with it. something like bill clinton and “is”. now they are saying fox news lied, lol
    when they get through with this it will be, hoffa never said that, fox news made it up, transposed his voice on the tape. lol
    and yet they believe. are these people for real?

    • Raggs

      Maybe hoffa was reading oblamas teleprompter by mistake?

  • Buck

    I can remember back fifty years when unions were pro-American and good for the american worker . Now they are clearly anti-American and communist connected . My future includes not buying anything with a union label until they no longer support communists . progressives , or even socialists .

  • trp878

    Reading articles about the Union “thugs” statements of taking out the “Tea Party People” and more “hype” created by Obama and Biden was totally uncalled for by these 2 office holders. This whole fiasco is a BIG joke. Hearing the Pres., the V.P. out in the public eye besmirching “We the People”, concerned Americans and even rubbing elbows with goons and thugs that call concerned Americans S.O.B.’s. This is a disgusting picture and shows me that none of these people are worthy of holding any offices let alone the highest offices in the greatest
    country in the world.

  • jopa

    chuckb;What Hoffa had said was take these sons of bitches out in the next election nothing else.Listen to the speech in it’s entire format and you will see how you have been mislead again.That is why 80% of Fox news viewers are the most uninformed people in America.They believe most of what Fox puts on the air.I remember one post saying it has to be true if it was said on TV even after Fox news announced they were really not a news organization but were there for entertainment.Ding Ding time to wake up sonny boy.

    • coal miner


      This website never mentions Rupert Murdoch’s hacking scandal and they got the balls to call James Hoffa Jr a union thug and a crook.Boy, I admire their courage.
      Here is a quote by the Coal Miner:
      You don’t have to be crooked to be a conservative,but most conservatives are crooked.Ha HA Ha

  • realgm

    If labor unions had stood up to saying no to free trade and kept our manufacturing jobs here which were mostly union, we wouldn’t be in this unemployment and economic mess. Also, if the unions are so in the know why are so many rules and regulations being put into force through various agencies and not through Congress or the Senate. Unions used to be very good at representing the worker as the “elite” would walk allover the laborers, but then the upper levels of the unions became part of the “elite”.

    We need to band together, as the Unions once did and take our Nation back from people like the Greedy Soros and the One World Order advocates and the puppets of the Rothschild who belong to the Bilderberg group, CFR etc. and eliminate anyone in Washington DC who voted for, votes for, okay-ed or okays an agency rule or regulations or bill that is against We The People and for We the Corporations including the financial institutions. These rules and regulations need to be transparent. It appears that no matter what We The People want it falls on deaf ears and those who we stupidly kept in office vote the way they want and not what their constituents don’t want i.e. free trade agreements, health care reform, conflicts, etc.

    We are becoming more and more a police state and We the People are losing or have lost any control of what little they might have had do to complacency, non transparency and violation of the Constitution

    You can scream and holler all you want, but until those entrenched with Street, Wall street and the Industrial-military complex, nothing will be done. It appears if you are an attorney, have money and a good gift of gab, people elect you.

    Again, why didn’t labor rally everyone to really put the breaks on these trade agreements that sent our jobs out of the country and push for anyone who voted for these trade agreements to be recalled as being un American and not representing their constituents We the People. People have to stop voting party lines as they appear to be one of the same. They Need to check voting records and bill presented and how thee bills impact their daily lives. New rules and regulations for any agency need to be put forth before the US Citizen and voted on by Congress after receiving input from the voters if a certain rule or regulation should be put in force. No foreign corporation should be able to bid on any government contract and the US company winning the bid should not be able to job it out to any foreign Country and all parts for these contracts should be made in the US. Where is the Union fighting for American workers making government contract items such as infrastructure, military equipment, fancy embassies, etc. The cost would not be more, maybe even less but the jobs would be here and the quality of work would be better. Where are the Unions fighting to have our food grown here and not imported and containing dangerous insecticides and herbicides. Unions used to be the spokes people of the American worker, now the just climb into bed with the corporations
    BTW Social Security and Medicare are not an entitlement, as those “in power” say. It is a forced insurance premium FICA that anyone earning money has to pay. Unlike the salaries and health care benefits and First Lady vacations, we cannot opt out of this payment as the IRS comes after you. It was put under the IRS to make sure this was paid as this corrupt agency collecting the lower classes income tax and their handling it would facilitate implementing the program. However, they do a lousy job of making sure that this so-called trust fund is not raped for other issues such as illegal wars, illegal embassies, illegal military bases, etc.

    It is simple to create jobs, bring them back here. Oh wit we can’t do that. We gave all the patents to China, China owns the colonies that are used to produce thee goods. It would cost too much to start up your toy industry, per product industry, shoe industry, carpet and rug industry, material industry, garment industry as all thee industries had even their equipment sent to China. but we can give the chicken industry 40 million dollars o support their arsenic hormone polluted chicken that is shot up with chicken broth to make it weight more and is actually cut up and packaged in China.

    When I was younger, the unions worked for better working conditions, breaks, higher pay, pensions, sick leave, etc. Union made and made in the United States (America) were proud labels that have disappeared as the Unions failed to fight for workers’ right to work and earn a decent living.

  • chuckb

    jopa, this is exactly what i saw and heard on fox news, are you sure weren’t watching cnn or abc

    Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa today refused to back down following criticism about comments he made about Tea Party Republicans during a Labor Day speech in Detroit suggesting that voters “take these sons-of-bitches out.”

    His controversial words Monday came after he told the crowd they needed to help President Barack Obama in 2012. “Everybody here has got a vote,” he said.

    In his statement today, Hoffa said: “We didn’t start this war – the right wing did. My comments on Labor Day in Detroit echo the anger and frustration of American workers who are under attack by corporate-funded politicians who want to destroy the middle class.”

    • Transcript: Hoffa’s speech from Monday

    Hoffa, the son of the iconic Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa, was among many labor leaders and politicians who spoke Monday in Detroit before U.S. President Barack Obama’s Labor Day speech.

    Hoffa’s comments generated a firestorm of criticism from the Tea Party and other Republicans.

    Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, in a Facebook post Tuesday, characterized Hoffa’s comments as “thuggery.”

    “These union bosses are desperately trying to cast the grassroots Tea Party Movement as being ‘against the workingman,’ ” Palin said. “How outrageously wrong this unapologetic Jim Hoffa is, for the people’s movement is the real movement for working class men and women.”

    Tea Party Express Chairwoman Amy Kremer said the comments were “dangerous and irresponsible.”

    “Lying attacks on the tea party movement have disturbingly increased in recent days,” Kremer said in a statement.

    Rick Berman, executive director of the Center for Union Facts, said Hoffa’s remarks were not suprising considering his union’s “history of violence.”

    UAW President Bob King, in an interview on WJR-760 AM today, declined to defend Hoffa’s “choice of words,” but said he understood why Hoffa made the comments.

    “He’s expressing a lot of frustration and anger in what he is saying,” King said. “We see workers going backwards and CEO’s making more than they have ever made….I think what you heard yesterday is some of that anger and frustration.”

    Hoffa’s remark came at the end of his four-minute speech.

    “President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march,” Hoffa said. “Everybody here has got a vote. If we go back, keep your eye on the prize, lets take these sons-of-bitches out and give America back (inaudible) America where we belong.”

  • chuckb

    here’s the entire speech jopa:

    Are there any Teamsters in the house? This is Motown, but today, this is union town. We are union, we are workers. That is the message that we send today, and that is the message that we send to America.

    There is a war on workers. You see it everywhere: It is in the unemployment, it is in the Tea Party, it is in the people that fight what we believe in. And we see the war in Wisconsin where they try to take collective bargaining from our public employees. We took two senate seats back, we are taking Wisconsin back.

    That’s number one. Number two, in Ohio, we are fighting a battle there with regard to taking away collective bargaining. We will beat SB5. We’ve got a million signatures. We are going to win in Ohio — that is our number two. And in Michigan, they are thinking about right to work. It ain’t going to happen in Michigan. No way.

    We have to keep an eye on the battle we face — a war on workers. And you see it everywhere there is the Tea Party. And you know there is only one way to beat and win that war.

    The one thing about working people is we like a good fight. And you know what, they’ve got a war, they’ve got a war with us and there is only going to be one winner. It is going to be the workers of Michigan and America – we are going to win that war. All the way.

    But it starts with your involvement, it starts with next November. We’ve got a bunch of people there that don’t’ want the president to succeed, and they are called the Tea Party – the people who don’t want him to do anything right and he is working hard for us.

    President Obama is frustrated by what’s going on. Well, guess what, we’ve got the vote. And the answer to what we say is, we remember in November. We will beat the Tea Party and give this country back to workers and America. We can do it together.”

    We’ve also got to talk about jobs. I get so tired about people who …(inaudible) these big corporations that send our jobs to Mexico, they send our jobs to China, and they’ve got the audacity to say ‘where are the jobs?’

    Well I’ve got news for you. It’s time to bring those jobs back to America and bring America back to work. That’s what we’ve got to do.

    We are going to hear from President Obama in a few minutes, and I am so glad that he has come to Michigan because this is where he sees the real America. He looks out on this army of people and you know what I say? President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. President Obama, we want one thing: Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs…(The crowd joins the chant.)

    That’s what we are going to tell America…..When he sees what we are doing here, he will be inspired, but he needs help. And you know what? Everybody here has got a vote. If we go back, we keep the eye on the prize, lets take these sons-of-bitches out and give America back to America where we belong.”

  • Void1972

    Obama was home in Michigan among the largest Muslim population in America, black slums created by corrupt unions, and thugs like hoffa. This is where the obama is most at home. This is where the obama belongs. Lets send him home in 2012!

  • Thinking About

    Mr Livingston is it only incendiary when Hoffa uses the term or does this also apply when S C uses the tere sob. Seems like it will apply in both cases

  • chuckb

    thinking about,

    sc is not a public figure and doesn’t speak to a national audience.

  • Dingo


  • jopa

    chuckb; You have it exactly right but Fox news did edit the part of the voters taking them out with their votes.Fox was insinuating voters do harm to the teabaggers and that wasn’t the case.Good job on the clarification.

  • Stan Smith
  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    Remember the Union Motto; ” More pay for less work.”
    I worked as a sales rep for several years. In that capacity I did projects and sales calls in auto plants and steel mills. I could write a book on the sloth and waste i saw in these plants. One of the major reasons the US has lost it’s mfg. base is the rediculously high cost of labor and the low productivity in union controlled operations. When they wonder why there’s no jobs for their children because the plants and mills have closed, they only need to look in the mirror. They choked the Golden Goose so long and so hard that they killed it.


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