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What’s In Your Food?

April 6, 2010 by  

What’s In Your Food?

You’re in the food store and get lost in all the claims about what is healthy and not healthy for you. So you make your way to a vitamin shop or Whole Foods and try your luck there. But when you grab a bag of this, or a bar of that and turn it to check out the label… you are just as lost. What IS all that stuff in there?

In this article I’d like to discuss the worst and the best ingredients in the so-called healthy bars and drinks. I hope you will find this information helpful in your healthful shopping adventures for the healthiest foods for you and your family.

MSG—These initials mean Monosodium Glutamate. It is the main flavor enhancer in your local Chinese take-out place. Like Mrs. Dash, MSG enhances flavor especially in frozen and processed foods… and causes people who are allergic to it to experience headaches, rashes and muscle pains. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics removed MSG from all products for infants under the age of one after injections into lab animals showed nerve cell damage!

Despite the fact that MSG has been proven a poisonous substance, it is so widely used that you might not even think where it might be. Cans of tuna? You bet! Turkey breast cold cuts? Absolutely, in some brands! And the result: an increase in neurodegerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, a serious rise in cases of asthma, Parkinson’s disease, migraine headaches and heart trouble.

Bottom line: Stay away from MSG. Check the label of everything you buy and avoid the brands that include it. And when ordering food from a restaurant, they are obligated by law to NOT include MSG if you specifically tell them you are allergic. Sounds like a plan.

Maltodextrin—Maltodextrin is essentially a powder derived from potatoes or corn and when combined with other spices and ingredients it becomes a tasty coating for snack foods. This powder food additive is found in items like flavored potato chips, pretzels and crackers.

While the FDA says this chemical is “safe,” it does not label it as being either healthy or unhealthy. That is, the content amount found in food is so low that it barely counts. Yet, in large quantities it is not healthy. So what is “non toxic” in one bag of chips may not be so healthy when one eats several bags of chips, pretzels, crackers in the course of a week, a month or a year.

And while the matodextrin processed in North America is derived from potato and corn, the Asian equivalent is manufactured from wheat and is thus not gluten free. This means that if you are prone to migraine headaches, candida or have Celiac disease… you should stay away from snacks imported from Asia.

Again, check the labels. If an item contains maltodextrin it will say so and if it contains the wheat-based form, this must also be noted on the package. In moderation, the sweet or savory aspect of this additive can be delightful. But over-consumption is unhealthy. Not just because it is a chemical but because the foods it is used to flavor are, themselves, not on the diet plan of any serious wellness program!

High Fructose Corn Syrup—This sweetener has been called the main culprit in the rise in childhood obesity in the United States… but has been given a clean bill by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Talk about bipolar! No wonder we don’t know what is going on with our health. Well, here’s the scoop…

High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is corn syrup that has undergone enzymatic processing to convert its glucose into fructose. This fructose has then been mixed with regular corn syrup, which is 100 percent glucose, and the result is a sweet liquid known as HFCS.

This liquid is the sweetener found in just about every cold beverage in your local convenience store, including iced tea, sodas and energy drinks. Not only that, but it is also found in so-called healthy foods like tomato soup and yogurt, and less healthy items such as salad dressings and cookies.

Yes it’s true that the FDA did a 30-year study and found a correlation between HFCS and obesity and that it is worse for your health than plain sugar. Yet the Corn Refiners Association has launched an aggressive advertising campaign to counter these criticisms, claiming that HFCS "is natural" and "has the same natural sweeteners as table sugar.”

Well, if you have any questions, just look to two of the largest-consumed beverages, Pepsi and Snapple. Both have ditched the nasty stuff and gone back to sweetening their drinks with plain old sugar. Stay away from the HFCS, it will make you fatter than sugar!

Partially Hydrogenated Oils—Whatever you do, stay clear of hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils. They are unnatural and very unhealthy. You see, the original oil is subjected to hydrogenation, which changes its molecular structure. This allows the oil molecules to harden thus giving it a longer shelf life, which is why manufacturers like it. But the changed oils are actually closer to plastic than to oil, and the hydrogenation process kills the omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, which are the healthy parts of the original oils.

What this means is that the body does not get the desired antioxidant affect of consuming oils, and the new hydrogenated oils are then treated in the body as fatty foods that the bloodstream can’t process. The result is fat stored in the body. Excess storage of fat in the body and arterial plaque build-up, then, are the big issues with partially hydrogenated oils.

Avoid foods containing partially hydrogenated oils at all costs. Check the labels on spreads, crackers, cookies, cakes and even some so-called fruit snacks.

The bottom line is you should eat natural foods and fresh foods and always read the labels. When in doubt, write down the ingredient and do an online search. You just might be surprised at what you find!

The ones listed above are the worst ingredients found in the foods you eat. These are the “foods” that the FDA says are okay to feed Americans. Yet, we are becoming sicker faster than ever before and suffering long, slow deaths from heart disease, obesity and high cholesterol levels.

Now I want to tell you about the best ingredients to look for in the foods you eat. These are among the best foods you can eat and should be included in your daily diet. Let’s take a look at what they are.

Whole Grain–­Before we get to whole grain, let’s first look at “enriched flour” products. These are the breads and rolls and pastas that are first stripped of their outer grain portion, removed of their nutrients and bleached of their natural color. The product is so poor and so value-less that they are “enriched” with vitamins and nutrients. Ridiculous! Forget these products, they are scams and unnatural.

What you should be grabbing for are whole grain products. These are carbohydrates that are made from the entire grain and contain the original vitamins, nutrients and fiber and are thus good for digestive regularity, normal blood sugar levels, healthy cholesterol levels and optimal brain function.

When checking out the ingredients on carbohydrate products, looks for those where the first ingredient listed says whole grain, whole wheat, whole meal or whole corn. These will be in the form of bread, pastas, hot cereals, brown rice, bulger, buckwheat, spelt and wild rice. The United States Department Of Agriculture (USDA) suggests that each of us get at least three servings of whole grains every day.

Soy Lecithin—A product of soybean oil and also extracted from soya beans, soy lecithin is used as an emulsifier in prepared foods. It keeps chocolate from crumbling or splintering, helps dough rise in baked goods and keeps spreadable “butters” and cheeses from separating.

This product has passed the muster of the American Dietetic Association. It was found not only safe, but also good for you. As a result, soy lecithin also comes in supplement form. You see, it’s packed with choline, which is found in eggs and is known to boost brain development while also preventing heart disease, lowering cholesterol and helps treat dementia. Not too shabby.

The bottom line is, the USDA says soy lecithin is a safe emulsifier. And keeping your intake below 3.5 grams per day will yield no known side effects. So if you have to grab a bite of a processed food, look for this as its ‘hold it together’ ingredient. Better yet… go for whole, unprocessed foods instead.

Disodium Phosphate—The liver and gallbladder are so important to your health and wellness. They help purify blood and break down toxins and fats. As far as food preservatives go, disodium phosphate is one of the better ones. In fact, it helps maintain proper pH levels in the body as well as metabolizing cholesterol.

Disodium phosphate is found in products such as frozen hash browns (to keep their brown color), canned tuna (for buffering and chelating), poultry and pork (as a scalding agent) and potato products (as a sequestrant).

On the whole it is best to avoid preservatives in foods as they are generally toxic to the body and harmful to the liver. However, disodium phosphate actually supports liver and gallbladder function and has properties that foster good health. So, go ahead and eat limited amounts of preserved meats, fish and potato products—just be sure they are preserved with disodium phosphate and nothing else.

Riboflavin—Who doesn’t know how vital the B vitamins are to the body? Like magnesium, the B-complex vitamins are essential to so many vital functions of the body. And riboflavin (B2) is among the most important of the group.

In fact, a deficiency of riboflavin can cause nervous system disorders and lesions on the skin and digestive tract. This water-soluble vitamin helps maintain normal cell function and proper metabolism and aids in the production of energy.

Vitamin B2 is found in both plant and animal tissue. As such, if you eat a well-balanced diet there will be no need to take a supplement containing this vitamin. Riboflavin can be found in meat, green vegetables and dairy products.

In conclusion, there are many healthy and unhealthy foods out there. But even among prepared foods, there can be healthy options. The choice is yours to make. So next time you are out shopping, or running to grab a quick snack, check the labels. Look for those foods containing whole grains, soy lecithin, disodium phosphate and riboflavin. They can do a body good!

Dr. Mark Wiley

Dr. Mark Wiley

is an internationally renowned mind-body health practitioner, author, motivational speaker and teacher. He holds doctorates in both Oriental and alternative medicine, has done research in eight countries and has developed a model of health and wellness grounded in a self-directed, self-cure approach. The Wiley Method provides a revolutionary way of providing recovery and prevention of chronic pain, illness and disease. Grab your FREE COPY of Dr. Mark Wiley's "The 3 Secrets to Optimal Health" HERE.

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  • Jim Gaming

    Aspertame , monosodium glutamate, excitotoxin,citric acid, CARRAGEENAN, Natural Flavors, Spices, Malted Barley, Autolyzed Yeast

    ***********What is Food METH ? –

    Food METH is NOT a MYTH!

    Fast food is so addictive, BECAUSE IT CONTAINS “HIDDEN MSG” (monosodium glutamate), the ‘METH’ of the Processed Food Industry!
    SEE: “” ‘/HiddenSources.html’
    for 25 plus Names used for “HIDDEN MSG.” You will never guess their names!
    The “HIDDEN MSG” has clever names! The MSG is hiding right under the public’s noses. MSG (an ‘excitotoxin’) only purpose in food, is to make you eat more and more and more and….
    ‘’ lists the huge number of names for the “HIDDEN MSG,”
    so you won’t be fooled any more !!!!

    For example, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (HVP) is made by boiling junk vegetables in vats of sulfuric acid and then doused with caustic soda.
    –Sounds like the making of METH!–
    But HVP is “only one” of the new FOOD METHs. It was recently, recalled by the FDA for salmonella contamination.
    “Citric acid”, made from “CORN and BLACK MOLD,” is another clever name.
    Everyone thinks it is made from citrus. LOL
    Try a few more names on for size: CARRAGEENAN, Natural Flavors, Spices, Malted Barley, Autolyzed Yeast, Enzyme Modified, etc….
    “HIDDEN MSG” is in Baby formula, sauces, dips, garden burgers, chili, etc.
    I lost 12 pounds immediately after I eliminated food with “HIDDEN MSG!”
    And I ask you, “Would you knowingly consume MSG or feed it to your BABY?”
    Most would answer, “Absolutely NOT!”
    I hate to tell you, but you are eating it if you are eating FAST FOOD! or Processed Foods!

  • Carol

    My parents were both farm raised, so we always had a garden. Fresh tomatoes, potatoes, beans, carrots, peas, etc. always seem to taste better. I don’t use pesticides either. Every year I buy a package of ladybugs and turn them loose. This year I’ve noticed there are still some left from last year. I read all can labels, and don’t buy any that say product of China, or any other Asian nation. I wonder about the claims that aspartame is poisonous since it’s also a natural plant sugar. MSG!!! Look how long the Chinese live, and they use it all their lives. I’m allergic to several foods, but as long as I take at least 2000 mg of Vitamin C a day, have no breakouts. Been doing that since I was 9 months old. It’s the preservatives that I worry about. I bought a loaf of Russian Rye bread from a discount store. I figure it is almost all preservative. Had the last 5 slices sitting here for 3 months now, and not a sign of deterioration or drying out. Fresh veggies and fresh meat, fish and poultry are your best bets.
    Some of the responses I’ve seen today though, make me wonder just where some of you are getting your info.

    • Mike In MI

      Be more specific about who you’re referring to regarding where some of us get our info. I think most of the posters here are usually more than willing to share their sources. Or, if you’ve got a beef – air it.

      • Carol

        Just remember that some foods get declared bad, and then suddenly they’re good for you. Best case is chocolate. For years it was bad for you, then it is healthy. Of course, us chocoholics have always known it was good for you

  • Diana

    Please note that MSG comes with many names, read the following website to read more about it.

    • Jim Gaming

      I met a lady in the store who was buying food items for her son in IRAQ. He had told her, “Do not get anything that has APARTAME in it! When overheated in the IRAQ heat, the ASPARTAME turns into Formic Acid (Ant Poison) and Formaldehyde, and soldiers are getting poisoned!”

      A real authoritive source is Neurosurgeon, Russell L. Blaylock, MD, who wrote two books:
      “Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills” and
      “Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life.”

      Doctor Blaylock explains how ‘excitotoxins’ excite brain cells to death, and destroys retinal eye cells in newborn infants.

      Doctor Blaylock has some video seminars on excitotoxins. I will get the links and provide them later.

  • kids martial arts houston

    Bakeries were an early form of cooking beyond your home, and bakeries previously often offered the cooking of foods supplied by their customers as an additional service.

  • TIME

    Doc Mark,
    Thanks a Great thread, people need to better understand all the “sub base materials” as you noted just due to its FDA notation – that fails to make it GOOD for you.

    I feel that most people really do think if its gets a thumbs up from the government’s FDA that makes it just fine. Thats 100% just wrong.

    Fresh foods that you make from scratch are the best for you.
    If you can grow your own foods its 100% better for you, Its also easy to grown all kinds of herbs and spices that will enhance the flavor of your fresh foods.
    Kids should be eating snacks of apples, oranges, fresh grapes etc. not these pre made garbage kits that are sold in stores.
    The amounts of processed sugars alone in all these snacks and pre made foods is just scary. Also “adults” should not be eating this garbage.

    The real question we all need to ask is – what are the long term effects going to be? How many cases of Cancer will there be in the next 10 years from kids who were branded on this garbage.

  • Bones

    The FDA is one of the crookiest Departments in the Government.
    Everyone pays them off to get thier products approved. MSG
    should have been ban long ago. High Fructose Corn Syrup should
    be ban also Diabetes is riseing rapidly because of these two

  • Mike In MI

    Jim Gaming, RE the monosodium glutamate link:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. That is absolutely invaluable to me.
    I checked some of the foods in our pantry I thought were safe. Got a lot of cleaning out to do. I figured we were a pretty clean crew – I’ve got some refiguring to do. That list of MSG related reactions and conditions is the most comprehensive I have seen – but it makes sense neuro-immunologically. An hyper-, out of control nervous system is going to produce allergies, pain and brain dysfunction.

    Thanks again.

  • s c

    Thanks for the article, Dr. Mark. Please note, folks, we didn’t ask the government to ‘step in’ and exert its heavy-handed presence to persuade us that it needed to do America yet another unrequested “favor.” The boys and girls in Washington need a serious lesson in minding their own damned business.
    Keep the articles coming, Dr. Mark. Good health is a topic that will NOT go away, especially since Uncle ScamSham is bound and determined to control everyone who’s not elected (for our own good, of course).
    Here’s to your good health, America. Uncle ScamSham, whiz off.

  • TeresaE

    Nice info.

    Two years ago I decided that continuing to go to the doctor and be force fed pills was killing me.

    So, I started the simplest plan ever and I know look better at 43, than I did at 38. I aiming for 32, I was hot at 32.

    Anyway, here are my big secrets.

    Eat as close to nature as possible. Raw, homemade juices, lightly/quickly cooked and as little processed foods as possible. They are poison and a waste of money.

    Eat half your normal serving of anything that is cooked or processed. Choose one bad habit a month and eliminate (soda, too much juice, french fries – you know it).

    Figure out what your body is lacking in real nutrients and supplement. For instance I now take raw apple cider vinegar & raw honey daily and eliminated my allergies in the process. I also supplement with iodine because I, and 90% of America, are horribly deficient.

    Move your butt. High intensity, low reps, less than 5-10 minutes a day will dramatically change your body.

    The government and most “experts” haven’t a clue.

  • Betty Tharp

    Thank you so much for this information. I’m going to read the labels more carefully from now on…

  • s c

    TeresaE, your last comment really slam dunks our ‘leaders.’ They don’t have a clue because a) they don’t want a clue and b) they’re too busy making ‘friends’ with all the billions of dollars it takes to get and keep America ill (they’re always making new friends via tons of easy MONEY, and that money is always changing hands and making more new friends).
    NOTE: this ‘process’ also helps our “leaders” get elected, re-elected and stay permanently entrenched in Washington.

  • Sandy in NY

    Kate8 You are right on! I too began to change the way I eat about 2 years ago and went to organic and freshly prepared foods. I also began taking cinn-a-boost to aid in my metabolism and blood sugar. I have lost 30 pounds and as it came off slowly have not regained any of it, even during the holidays when we eat more “goodies” than usual. I have since added coq10, kelp, and flax seed oil to my supplements to my diet and have as well seen a noticeable improvement in my skin! I find organic is more expensive but I find as well “less is better” in meal portions and do not crave sweets anymore and if I eat out, I feel sick afterward. We can change our eating habits as you say and our bodies will begin to tell us when we have ingested something that’s not good for us! Thanks Dr.Wiley for your help in understanding additives. Something most of us don’t have a clue. One thing I know Kate8 said it right. Eat right America! Live longer and defy those who count riches more important than Americans’ health! Bless you all!

  • wordmaster

    High fructose corn syrup comes in two strengths. 42 and 52% fructose. Plain table sugar is 50% fructose. There is chemically no difference in the fructose in HFCS and plain table sugar. Most studies agree that obesity is more due to lack of exercise than to what is eaten. The HFCS causing obesity is more junk science being pushed to give grounds for more taxation, regulation and government interference with your eating rather than a real problem.

    Of course most of the “obesity” epidemic came about when around 60 million Americans became over weight over night due to the BMI being changed by the government for no particular reason…just more junk science.

    I am certainly no fan of the FDA, but I also hate to see junk science published as truth.

  • Peter Carminati

    You left off ASPARTAME !!
    This ant hill exterminator is found in most prepared foods including one yogurt that is supposed to be the best for one’s health.

    When I was involved in Operation Desert Storm, I was in air cargo and virtually tons of diet soda was shipped to Kuwait where it was stored in the open under the plastic covers on the pallets. The desert heat muted the aspartame into formaldahyde. Then the soda was cooled off and our GIs poisoned themselves drinking that stuff. The Pentagon called it a syndrome that was a mystery to protect the reputation of the then Secretary of Defense, since he was the Aspartame King.

  • kate8

    Anyone who doesn’t think the slow poisoning and degeneration caused from eating foods that are tampered with isn’t part of the depopulation agenda is fooling themselves. Sure, the profit motive is a huge plus, but they are continually researching ways to poison us slowly (and covertly), and then marketing the products to us so we gobble them up.

    Then they get us at the other end, too, when we go for medical help because we can’t figure out why we are sick. So we get more poisons in the form of drugs that help speed the process along.

    If that weren’t enough, we wash it all down with fluoridated water.

    And don’t forget that the Codus Aliamentarius laws went into effect Jan. 1, which is slowly phasing out our access to nutritional and natural health products, and replacing all organic foods with GMO.

    Are we fed up yet?

  • s c

    A relevant documentary [Food, Inc.] is about to be run on public TV again in a few days. It will overlap with this article. If nothing else, people should be able to get better understand why quality
    food is more important than having access to crap quality ‘in quantity.’
    America has many major food producers who need to be taken to court and summarily put OUT OF BUSINESS. They DO NOT care about the quality or the nutrition content of the food they produce and sell, and they DON’T give a damn about America (especially your kids).

  • Margaret

    Wordmaster, What about the other 48% & 58% in high fructose corn syrup, and the 50% in table sugar?

  • 14Freedomfighter88

    I want suggest the following for all of you who wants to stay healthy
    1. do not use refined (white) sugar. I use brown sugar or better yet, now I changed to organic Palm Sugar. It contains essential nutritians for the body even lowering blood pressure and maintain normal blood sugar.
    2. do not use refined salt. Instead look for Sea Salt which has not less than 75 different minerals, including Iodine which is essential to maintain – believe it or not – normal blood pressure. Refined salt has almost NOTHING after the process.
    3. do not use bleached flour, instead unbleached ones. The bleached flours go thru a process of bleaching to look “desirebale” white with chemical chlorine, the same chemicasl you use for whitening your laundries…

    Even I take sea salt for cooking and flavoring and organic palm sugar for coffee and hot chocolade, I use only moderately all.

  • Kuby 3

    Junk science ? If one is not able to determine that the so called additives are the reason for muh of the health concerns facing the general public then you are of the system that is among the greedest, most arrogant and corrupt we have ever had. The people have/are being sheepeld for that sensationable appetite of greed over the well being of the people. The average american is realizing the autrocieties put upon us form those in the positions determinating our lively hood. They are starting to shake in their shoes because a bafooning may come to an end. I for one back the people, not the greed arrogance and corruption. Check out the one that developed aspertame, on the board of the FDA. Enough said, cause that one says it all.

  • Ardus B

    Good Article. I have found a source for raw milk. Tastes great. Cream on top. The more natural the way God made it the better. Have found a source for buffalo meat. Not many organic veggies around, but the stores seem to be including more all the time. Meat, salad, veggie and fruit consists of our main meals. Excluding white products, using evaporated cane juice or stevia. The more we can do for ourselves the better we feel – plus moderate exercise. Have you tried Spry toothpaste and gum. Very good too.
    Stay healthy

  • s c

    Peter, the article should be viewed as basic or intro-level information. A comprehensive article would take up a lot of space (and probably bore most readers). You’re right to be upset about chemical toxins like aspartame, BUT you need to direct your anger at the manufacturer, Congress, the FDA, the AMA and MOST American MDs.
    Take the time to ask an MD about how “safe” aspartame is (supposed to be, i. e.). You’ll be told to go ahead and drink it because it’s ‘safe.’ If you’re told that, you’ll know you’re dealing with someone who has a head start on being an overpaid, over-educated, uninformed quack.
    Because of the incestuous relationship the FDA has with most American MDs, the info MDs get is written from the manufacturer’s slant [$MONEY$]. I’d love to hear ANY American MD say HOW he/she can tell a diabetic to ‘go ahead and drink that stuff’ and do it with a clear conscience.
    In your case, the military was probably used as an experiment. It’s the same approach taken after Vietnam, when the maker didn’t want to talk about the many side-effects of Agent Orange. Whether I like it or not, it’s MONEY over LIVES, Peter.
    It would be interesting to hear Obummer’s position on aspartame and Agent Orange. After all, he’s supposed to be the new ‘King of Concern.’ He DOES care, doesn’t he?

  • TIME

    Hi Peter,
    One thing more on the soda in cans, all cans have a sprayed on linning of “phenolic resin,” / also known as Bakelite as well amny other names, that its self contains formaldahyde, so your getting a double wammy on that can of soda.

  • Mike In MI

    Hey, TIME, great questions and recommendations. You are right in all the things you say for they go a long way towards keeping us healthy. But, no matter how hard we try it is impossible to avoid all the thousands of toxic products and chemical onslaughts that can get in us by various means, not just edibles. Add to that the normal production of cellular and metabolic wastes our bodies must make and excrete just in the course of living. But it is definitely nonsense
    to get paranoid about it because that fear is so stressful.
    Fear adds tremendously to the toxic load our systems must handle and cripples our immune system’s ability to deal with it. The results of this toxic load predisposes us to the development of chronic inflammatory processes, diabetes, obesity (often water retention), nervous system hyperfunction, vague pains and infectious susceptibility.

    What I have found to be immensely helpful is to attack the toxicity problem straight on. Since it takes a lot of energy to detoxify, nutrient supplementation is vital, higher than minimum required dosages. (Spend the money on good stuff or you will be spending it on doctor visits. Which do you prefer?) Milk Thistle (silymarin) detoxifies the liver and rejuvenates hepatic functions (don’t over do this). Saunas, hot baths, steam baths or such non-exercise heat exposure that initiates sweating allows your body to mobilize poisons into the blood to dump the poisons through the pores. It also helps you relax so your sleep time is more restful (extremely important).

    If you think this is not all that important, stop and think about something: Why are medical facilities, medical stocks and investments, medical implements and technologies among the greatest, most desireable – even preferred – places to put your “smart money”? If we were actually being treated by the health system to make us HEALTHIER, wouldn’t there be fewer and fewer sick and impaired people? Would you want to invest in something you planned or knew was going to grow? Or, become less important, smaller, decrease in demand for it? What if you knew that, to the greatest extent, “health” insurers demand proof a disease exists, a “diagnosis code”, before paying the first penny? It is virtually impossible to get payment for keeping us healthy – health evidently is not the desired state. Somebody seems to want you in a condition that calls for drugs, surgery and radiation.

    Do you expect ObamaCare to change this state of affairs? Why do you think they are going to force you to buy “health” insurance or else go to prison? Now, there’s an investment for you!!!

  • TIME

    Hi Mike,

    Forgive me I have had a lot of things going on or I would have gotten back faster.
    I feel its very important that {everyone} do some excercise daily, a 3-5 mile walk will do wonders for anyones health.
    I do it rain, snow, sunshine, hot, cold, dry, if you need to heat up to push toxins – just go during hotter time of the day, “but be sure you pump in a ton of water prior to hitting the trail.”

    I also do weights 3 times per week for an hour long – I don’t use heavy weights – I use ligher with total control of the movement.

    When eating out, I have my food steamed or par boiled – yea that goes over like a brick, but I figure its better to be safe.
    I don’t have them use anything but sea salt. I add my own amounts of pepper to taste.

    I don’t eat any sugars now at all, the only sweetness I take in is from natural honey, I know what a pant load.

    But As I now know that sugar feeds cancer and as I have survived cancer I have changed up a lot of my eating habbits. And I never really was a poor eater as in bad habbits, the cancer was from a tooth implant. YEA thats special.

    No more Sun Chips, and I loved these as a snack, no more store bought dryed fruits, again something I used to eat daily. I now make my own and its all going on when I am working, how cool is that.

    Its a pain in the butt to switch things around – but in the long run it will make you feel better and live a better life.

    Let be clear it takes about 4 months to rid yourself of (sugars) and man you will get cravings like mad, just do something else that takes your mind off them, I play guitar thats worked well for me, lets face it with both hands busy there is no way you can eat too!


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