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What’s Behind Obama’s Military Purge?

November 16, 2012 by  

What’s Behind Obama’s Military Purge?

Is something deep and dark afoot in the upper regions of military command?

Since the Sept. 11 Benghazi, Libya, massacre, President Barack Obama has sacked his CIA director and two of his top military commanders, demoted one and found another caught up in the scandal involving the CIA director. This many top commanders being relieved at one time is unprecedented in U.S. history.

So, are sexual misconduct and corruption that rife in the military command? Or is Obama making a point about staying on script in the Benghazi incident? Or is the President purging a group of rogue commanders who were planning a coup?

The recent casualties of the high command are CIA Director (formerly top Afghanistan commander) David Petraeus, General Carter F. Ham (AfriCOM) and Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette (Carrier Task Force Stennis), who were sacked; General William “Kip” Ward (former AfriCOM), who was stripped of a star; and Afghanistan commander Marine General John R. Allen, who has been tied to the Petraeus “sex scandal” in a guilt-by-association sort of way.

This is reminiscent of Joseph Stalin’s and Adolf Hitler’s purges and executions of top military commanders who did not toe the line — without the bullets.

Petraeus was either sacked or chose to resign, perhaps because he was galled by being forced to claim something he knew to be not true: that the attack was the result of an amateurish video denigrating Mohammed as the pedophile and murder he was. So a sex scandal story was fabricated — or used after being held in abeyance — to try to shut him up or embarrass him. Now, he says he’ll testify before Congress. He should watch his back in the coming days.

The dismissal of Ham is interesting because there are reports that he had assets in place set to rescue Libyan Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his team but was ordered to stand down. According to, Ham was receiving the same emails the White House was receiving requesting support as the attack was under way. Ham got a rapid response unit ready and communicated that with the Pentagon. When he was told to stand down, Ham responded he was not going to obey the order. Less than a minute later, his second in command told Ham that he had been relieved of his command.

In a highly unusual move, Gaouette was relieved while deployed “pending the outcome of an internal investigation into undisclosed allegations of inappropriate judgment,” according to a report by The Stars and Stripes (since scrubbed from its website). But the Russian intelligence agency GRU reports that Gaouette’s firing was due to his disobeying orders when he ordered his forces to “assist and provide intelligence for” American military forces ordered into action by Ham.”

The whole Benghazi cover-up story took an even stranger turn with revelations that the man who succeeded Petraeus in Afghanistan had sent hundreds of emails to Jill Kelley, the woman who supposedly caused the FBI to open its investigation into Petraeus. The emails were then reported to be of the “phone sex” variety.

And finally there’s Ward, who had been under investigation for a year and a half over charges he had spent $82,000 on lavish travel and other unauthorized expenses.

Being among the top brass is an increasingly dangerous business.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • GALT

    Watergate and Benghazi but not Iraq and Benghazi.

    0 deaths vs 4 deaths but not thousands or tens of thousands vs 4 deaths.

    So today we have: “Since the Sept. 11 Benghazi, Libya, massacre, President Barack Obama has sacked his CIA director and two of his top military commanders, demoted one and found another caught up in the scandal involving the CIA director. This many top commanders being relieved at one time is unprecedented in U.S. history.”

    vs Stalin’s Purges

    May 30 People’s Commissar of Ammunition Ivan Sergeyev and Major General Ernst Schacht
    May 31 Lieutenant General Pyotr Pumpur
    June 7 People’s Commissar of Armaments Boris Vannikov and Colonel General Grigory Shtern
    June 8 Lieutenant General Yakov Smushkevich
    June 18 Lieutenant General Pavel Alekseyev
    June 19 Colonel General Alexander Loktionov
    June 24 General Kirill Meretskov and Lieutenant General Pavel Rychagov
    June 27 Lieutenant General Ivan Proskurov

    Additionally, during the first months of the war, scores of commanders, most notably, General Dmitry Pavlov, were repressed as scapegoats for failures. Some of them were conveniently linked to the conspirators. Only two of the accused were spared, People’s Commissar of Armaments Boris Vannikov (released in July) and Deputy People’s Commissar of Defense General Kirill Meretskov (released in September), although at least the latter had confessed guilt under torture.[2]

    About 300 commanders, including Lieutenant Generals Nikolay Klich and Robert Klyavinsh and Major General Sergey Chernykh, were hastily executed on October 16, 1941, during the Battle of Moscow, the others were evacuated to Kuybyshev, provisional capital of the Soviet Union, on October 17. On October 28 twenty were summarily shot near Kuybyshev on Beria’s personal order of October 18, including Colonel Generals Alexander Loktionov and Grigory Shtern, Lieutenant Generals Fyodor Arzhenukhin, Ivan Proskurov, Yakov Smushkevich and Pavel Rychagov with his wife.[2]

    In November Beria successfully lobbied Stalin to simplify the procedure for carrying out death sentences issued by local military courts, which wouldn’t require approval of the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court and Politburo for the first time since the end of the Great Purge. Moreover, the right to issue extrajudicial death sentences was once again granted to the Special Council of the NKVD. Forty six persons, including 17 Generals, among them Lieutenant Generals Pyotr Pumpur, Pavel Alekseyev, Konstantin Gusev, Yevgeny Ptukhin, Nikolai Trubetskoy, Pyotr Klyonov, Ivan Selivanov, Major General Ernst Schacht, and People’s Commissar of Ammunition Ivan Sergeyev, were sentenced to death by the Special Council with the approval of Stalin and were executed on the Day of the Red Army, February 23, 1942. On February 4, 1942, Beria together with his ally Georgy Malenkov as members of the State Defense Committee were assigned to supervise production of aircraft, armaments and ammunition.

    or vs Hitler….

    In all, sources identify by name 85 persons killed in the Röhm purge; the actual toll is estimated at between 150 and 200 persons. The police took more than 1,100 persons into protective custody, including many SA officers.

    But now we get…..

    “This is reminiscent of Joseph Stalin’s and Adolf Hitler’s purges and executions of top military commanders who did not toe the line — without the bullets.”

    Actually….and this could just be me Bob, it doesn’t look all that “reminiscent”…..

    But just say that you wanted to “reform” the military………to eliminate waste corruption
    fraud and abuse……that action MIGHT involve something that involved the numbers
    for ole Stalin and Hitler…….sans the bullets…….and who knows……..they might
    even feel that they were “purged”………

    Or were you channeling Smedley Butler and that “purge”……..?
    Or the Curtis Lemay and that Purge………?

    “The Master said….If names are not correct, language is not in accordance with the truth of things. If language is not in accordance with the truth of things, affairs cannot be carried on to success……..Therefor a superior man considers it necessary that the names he uses may be spoken appropriately. What the superior man requires, is just that in his words, there may be nothing incorrect.”

    “The Master said,…..Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know men.”

    Confucious 551 -479 B.C.

    That is probably too high a standard or maybe one you just choose to ignore, after
    all there is NO COMPARISON……….or the possibility of a military coup……..

    • KG

      He thinks that Democrats can’t run the military – even though the last war we actually won was run by the Democrats.

      • rocquedog

        //He thinks that Democrats can’t run the military – even though the last war we actually won was run by the Democrats// You are right! Back in the day when Democrats were patriotic and not self serving maggots!! Not that I’m defending the Repubes. They aren’t much better. Now all we have for the most part are self serving, anti Constitutional sheeple for citizens that only care about themselves and what they can get for free from the govt. And that is manifested by the low life scum that we elect for public ofc. Now we must pay the piper..

      • NativeBlood

        I suppose you are also proud of the fact that they resorted to engaging in thermo-nuclear warfare? really!

      • Robert

        does any one ever really win a war?

      • Rhonda Reichel

        Did you say run or ruin?


        That’s where the real problem lies.
        Who gave that order to relieve him of command?

      • ibcamn

        democrate has nothing to do with it!obama flat out hates the military and any one who gets in his way!you need to read his book and others on this subject,he himself will tell you that and a great many other things he wants to do to america and its people!read what he does to his family,thats bad enough….

      • eddie47d

        Ibcamm: I would say its a far bigger plausibility that you hate Obama than saying Obama hates the military.

        • Frank Kahn

          the word hate is a very strong one. To disagree strongly with someone does not always indicate hate. We need to look at Obama’s actual actions and policies towards the military to discover if he actually hates them or just disagrees with their existence.

      • tlgeer

        Which war was that?

      • judge

        Guess I missed some election. I thought Bush was president during Iraq cause we sure haven’t won in Afgan., Vietnam, or Korea. OH! were all those run by Democrats. The only war in recent history, WWI and on has been started with Democrats in office. The Exception is Iraq. And if your story is we didnt win in Iraq. All goals of the US military were met.

      • Sol of Texas

        Cagliones! A thermonuclear war has never been fought in the recorded history of mankind. Two fission bombs were deployed against Japan in August 1945. A thermonuclear weapon is a fusion weapon.

        Fusion and fission are two very different forms of nuclear reaction.

      • Robert Smith

        Native blood says: “I suppose you are also proud of the fact that they resorted to engaging in thermo-nuclear warfare?”

        I am. We fought a nuclear war and won. I’d say that’s a pretty good record.

        BTW, it’s clear that Russia would not have hesitated to use “the bomb” had they not been convinced that we would retaliate. MAD worked.


      • old hillbilly

        It’s called Mao now!

      • granny mae

        judge, I don’t know how old you are but I’m old enough to remember that we got into Viet Nam uinder Kennedy and Johnson. My hubby went in the military at that time. If I remember correctly Kennedy and Johnson were democrats !

    • Annie

      So, let’s see here GALT, you are then in essence saying “good going obama….I just love your kind of leadership which means killing 4 Americans is A-OK by me”

      Do I have that right GALT or are you just another demented marxist trying desperately to defend the ABSOLUTELY INDEFENSIBLE!

      • GALT

        Dear Annie………I’m am sorry if the point was too subtle for you………although it is
        possible that you are simply a mushroom with a temper… being dinnertime and all?

        In a futile attempt to possibly elevate this to a slightly higher level of consideration,
        would you happen to be familiar with the following distinction?

        ” Does one have the right to shout fire in a crowded theater when there is no fire?”

        As for your rather interesting attempt at “mind reading” regarding what I was saying…..

        I said what I meant to say………where as you heard what you wanted to hear…..

        It would seem that these two things do not appear to be the same thing?

      • Stuart Shepherd

        GALT- There is no one who’s information or opinion you can trust LESS than a condescending [expletive deleted]- that would be YOU!! Whatever truths might actually be buried in all that narcissistic verbage you write are completely buried and lost and untrustworthy due to your narcissistic, superioristic, and condescending and hostile attitude toward others. It’s a shame, because it seems like you might actually have a good point or 2 in there in the midst of all your narcissism and borderline personality disorder! Operative descriptors- narcissistic borderline personality disorder- get it?!

      • Mikey

        I gave up trying to understand GALT. He can’t seem to put together a simple sentence. It’s always weird analogies and riddles. I think, he thinks he’s too brilliant for the rest of us. I also think he’s confusing on purpose. I skip his entries and move on to entries of substance anymore.

        • wheels

          AMEN MIKEY!

      • GALT

        While it is always nice to hear from my fans, who’s opinions I value for all they are worth
        and with all DUE respect ………there seems to be some confusion, regarding your confusion……..

        1.) If you find the materials too difficult to comprehend, you can always ask for
        clarification for those things that seem to be beyond your ability to grasp. Today’s
        little exercise and it’s conclusion were not especially difficult but if you can manage
        to actually frame a question that clarifies what you are having difficulty with, I shall
        be more than happy to address it. ( unfortunately, while opinions are frequently
        offered regarding questions or riddles or style or topic or intent……..what never
        seems to happen is any attempt to correct or inquire as to what you claim is
        incomprehensible………and even more interesting when you offer this “opinion”
        while claiming not to have read what it is you are offering an opinion about. )

        Seems rather disingenuous and a waste of effort and time to be complaining about
        that which you can never comprehend and therefor do not bother to read…….when
        not having read it would seem to eliminate any need for complaint?

        2.) Annie solution to this dilemma was simply to make up what she wanted it to mean
        and then offer her opinion on her opinion…….which if nothing else…….saves time.

        I know your hearts were in the right place trying to help, so much so that you were willing
        to embarrass yourselves to warn her of the dangers of engagement………and hopefully
        she will heed this advice in the future……..if this is the limit of her intellectual abilities.

        As for my “non reading” fans…….thanks for staying in touch and keeping me
        apprised of the lack of comprehension of those things written by be, which
        you are still not reading………one indeed has to be amazed at the power of
        four upper case letters and the “loyal following” they have inspired.

        • wheels


      • S.C.Murf

        Annie, galt is confused as to who he really is. I believe he thinks of himself as a superior man, as his master calls them ( by the way his master is DEAD ), he has even gone as far as to remove the picture of himself, if that was even him or just who he wanted to be. He try’s to sound enlightening but fails as usual. He needs faith in Jesus and realize that power and prestige usually ends in the type of behavior that we are seeing at the tops of our chain of command because we have turned our backs on God and most of the people leading this country are now worshiping satan.

        up the hill

      • Frank Kahn

        For those of you who might remember my encounters with GALT, you will understand how hard it is for me to take his side on this issue with Annie.

        His post was aimed at pointing out the use of HYPERBOLE in this issue. He did not say the 4 deaths were good, or acceptable, he was just pointing out that the purges of stalin and hitler were of a much more massive scale and therefor not comparable in scope to Benghazi. I did not go back and re-read his original post but I think he also alluded to the possibility that these were possibly for reasons other than those hypothesized by the author.

        Although his reasoning is sound, his narcissistic attitude makes it hard to swallow his ranting.

        • wheels

          What makes you think nobama is just satisfied or finished at 4????

      • Vigilant

        GALT says, “I said what I meant to say………where as [sic] you heard what you wanted to hear…..

        “It would seem that these two things do not appear to be the same thing?”

        You’re right. You very clearly MEANT to divert attention away from “This many top commanders being relieved at one time is unprecedented in U.S. history” with an unrelated. lengthy, boring account of Soviet purges.

        Hint: Stalin’s purges are not “US history,” This simple clarity will of course evade GALT. who’s accustomed to jumping on his horse and riding off in four directions at once.

      • eddie47d

        Far more dribble came out of Wheels mouth and he said much less! NO ONE APPROVED of those four deaths NO ONE! More right wing insanity oozing out of the woodwork!!

      • GALT

        For the “oxyMORON” ( never, ever ) Vigilant: as a functional illiterate you continue to
        demonstrate your complete lack of intellect………so that even though…….these thoughts
        are broken up in little pieces…… as not to overwhelm………..your input buffers………
        actual comprehension………does require “some assembly”………….

        It really does HELP to know where you are and what you are doing……..

        Let’s see if I can assist you……….this section down here…… for “comments”…..
        and rumor has it that………..these would be directed at the subject of the
        “article featured”……………and/or “the author”…….of said article………

        Don’t fight it……… slowly……………take notes………..if you try real hard……..
        you might be able to perform………….the “required assembly”…………regarding the
        response……………to the featured article………..since you managed to quote from it……
        and from my response…………..but failed to comprehend either……….

        For Frank: I feel your pain………and appreciate your efforts here……….especially not
        having read the “original response”…………FYI the Watergate/Benghazi comparison
        is only relevant in the first two lines……….and references Mr. Livingston’s previous
        “comparison”…………..of the mentioned events………with the approximate paraphrase,
        4 Died Obama Lied…….

        From that point, the rest of the response, is directed at today’s “comparison”…….

        which for the “functionally illiterate”……..would be

        ( 1 RESIGNATION, 2 FIRINGS, 1 demotion and 1 “caught” and “being unprecedented” )

        being = to ( “reminiscent of ” )

        ( The Hitler Purges and/or The Stalin Purges and/or possible preventative measures
        to derail an imagined “military coup” ………..”with out bullets” )

        Mr. Livingston name………in this case: Bob…………was included directly………

        I probably should have preceded my post with the “fun with Bob” identifier………
        but I doubt that would have made any difference to the “usual suspects”………

        I suppose the problem with “niche marketing” is that if you are “writing for a
        particular audience”………..within a particular frame of reference…….you are
        kinda stuck with what you find there…………and since this is “business not personal”,
        …………………the “temptations of marketing”…………might obscure other considerations.

        Since I am not burdened by these “conflicts”………my responses are composed
        accordingly………and since you all find them “incomprehensible”……….but have
        no problem at all KNOWING……both what I am and what my motivations are……
        as well as just about everything else……….about me…….the reactions are both
        hilarious and tragic………and ultimately “completely irrelevant” to me.

        ” He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past,
        controls the future.”

        Comprehension and relevance are optional. ( some assembly required )

        • Frank Kahn

          Don’t go stupid on me GALT, I did not say I didnt read the original, I said without re-reading your original post.

          And, your pretense at being somehow better and more intelligent is unsupportable.

          “he who knows” is a form of pride. The truly intelligent person knows that he does not know.

          Your “facts” are based on your “sources”, to say your sources are superior and 100% correct would be deceptive.

          Your “opinions” of the “facts” your “sources” provide is not fact.

          The FACT that MOST of us DISAGREE with your OPINIONS does not make us wi or less intelligent than you.

          Breaking your sentences into segments with ……….. is childish and made it more difficult to read.

          There was only one man ever born that has the RIGHT to talk as you do, and you are not Jesus the Christ.

          And if you dont like the Christian version of that statement, pick a religion and I will help you see the same assertion in it.

      • GALT

        Gee, Frank then I am sorry for you…….because only the paragraph that has
        your name in it in the preceding post was directed at you…….now all manner
        of possibilities have been opened up for you…..

        As for any of the opinions thoughts and ideas you have ‘expressed” in this
        response, what part of “I couldn’t care less what you think, FRANK”, have you
        really not caught on to, YET?????????

        I will how ever end your “suspense” regarding the test you failed…..the answers
        are three, two and four……and the proof of the third answer can be a bit tricky,
        although for you…….until you actually understand the “questions”…….I imagine
        why these are the correct answers……..will remain a mystery……..and even stranger
        for someone who claims to be a “programmer” ( if memory serves ) because your
        programs must be really inefficient……….

        Feel free to resort to your typical “childish tantrum”……or continue the one you are
        currently having……..when you have mastered your emotions…..if may be possible
        for you to actually engage in a productive discussion ( with me ) and MAYBE
        something of the intellect you claim to have will manage to reveal itself……..

        A good beginning to understanding what would be an “indication” of this is:
        instead of responding with another irrelevant rant……or telling me that your answers
        were not WRONG………take a deep breath, grab a cup of coffee, reconsider
        the questions you were ASKED……and why the answers you have been given
        are in FACT the correct ones…… the questions that were ACTUALLY asked…..

        That you can do this or will is highly improbable but I am always willing to
        be surprised…….but this will require some effort from you…….

        Any continuation of your present tantrum will be ignored…..have a nice weekend.

        • Frank Kahn

          You are wrong in everything you say about me, but you will never understand.

          You are still a pompous self righteous egotist.

          There were no questions you asked me that required three numerical answers so it would be futile to attempt to sift through your many pages of tiresome rhetoric.

        • Frank Kahn

          p.s. it is your endless self praise that is childish.

      • GALT

        Strange since your three numerical answers were 9,8,and 7?

        • Frank Kahn

          If that post is aimed at me, hard to tell since it is not a direct reply to my post, then you are still wrong and most delusional.

      • GALT

        These were your corrected answers from the original 18 and 2, not to mention your
        further dissembling to infinity…….and all manner of other irrelevant rambling’s……..

        I really do not have time to argue regarding whether you took the Great Tic, Tac, Toe I.Q. test………or that you failed……..any more than I have time to deal with your
        temper tantrums regarding what P.L.F. means……..or your demand that I tell you…..

        You also seem to be showing symptoms of loss of memory function which you might
        want to have checked…….

        You have been given ample opportunity to attempt to engage in discussions in
        a reasoned logical and intelligently adult manner……and have rejected these……..
        when you can make the appropriate adjustments you are welcome to try again.

        I have no doubt that you will find ample distraction here engaging others,
        so this should not be too great a loss for you to bear………have fun!

        • rocquedog

          Dude, you are obviously in love with reading your own ramblings. Sounds like you and the Illegal Alien in the WH have a lot in common. Apparently with all of the free time that you have indicated by the amount of garbage that you espouse, you must be unemployed and living off of the govt. teat. Another one of the millions of entitlement addicts that the Imposter has created. Get a job and then get a life!

        • Frank Kahn

          Your “tic tac toe test” was rigged, the answers provided by me were correct regardless of your infantile assertion to the contrary.

          It is you who exhibit childish tendancies in your professing to be morally superior to us.

          I am still working on the P in PLF but I know what ALF is and what the wi prefix means also.

          I will continue to waste MY TIME in this effort because people like you have to be opposed to prevent the corruption of intellectual pursuits.

      • Robert Smith

        Galt says: “As for your rather interesting attempt at “mind reading” regarding what I was saying…..”

        Isn’t that EXACTLY what the right is doing to Obama?

        Why is it valid when they do it to him, but you claim it isn’t valid when someone does it to you?


        • Frank Kahn

          What part of assessing policies and actions is considered “mind reading”?

      • Steve Lohrstorfer

        What we are saying Annie is your ignorant for blaming Obama for the 4 dead. The same way people like you blame him for the economy instead of the corrupt bankers and wall street criminals. You also only support the values you claim to have if your candidate wins. Thats why your a fraud and only american by birth if you are at all…

        • rocquedog

          Well aren’t you showing your ignorance? I blame the Imposter as well as the Wall St. thieves. So what does that say? Oh yeah, by the way, there’s a lawsuit that has reached the Supreme Ct. challenging the Illegal Alien in the WH’s legality and guess what??? He travelled to Pakistan in ’81 when they were on our no fly/visit list. The only way he could have done it was by being a Kenyan (British Passport) or an Indonesian passport, which he would have had to surrender any other citizenship to another country prior to applying for Indonesia. Looks like we’ll have to tolerate that Bozo the clown Biden for 4 yrs. Ahhhh!

          • tlgeer

            ” So what does that say? Oh yeah, by the way, there’s a lawsuit that has reached the Supreme Ct. challenging the Illegal Alien in the WH’s legality and guess what??? He travelled to Pakistan in ’81 when they were on our no fly/visit list.”

            What lawsuit? What is the title of the lawsuit? When did the US Supreme Court decided that they would hear it?

            As for being illegal, it has been proven by both the State of Hawaii ( and the State of Arizona, along with all of the States that looked at the evidence (Obama’s bc) and ruled that he was eligible to run for President.

            This is another pretty evident lie. Pakistan was not on a no fly/visit list when Obama went there with his friend.

          • rocquedog

            I guess we’ll just have to wait for the SCOTUS to decide, won’t we?
            And being that you are another infamous libtard, I’ll let you do your own research. That is if you can figure out how to do so!

          • Frank Kahn

            NO, tlgeer, Obama’s citizenship has not now, and probably never will be PROVEN.

    • TIME

      Dear Galt,

      With the Nazi’s the “Rohm Night of the Long Knifes” ~ there were well over 3000 who were shot within 20 day’s and the grand total was much higher ~ also as many as 6800 as I recall were tossed into camps for { “RE EDUCATION” },

      These numbers also includes many within the SS, as the SS & SA & NSKK were all under Ernst Rohm’s control pre June 1934. After this event took place ~ Himmler took control over the SS ~ then Goring was removed from his comand in the SS Police and given total control over the Luftwaffe.
      JFTR, it was in fact Goring that created the Gestapo SS, under the unit LPG Goring Police unit.

      But It was the Army who lost many of their top staff to include Field Marshall Blomberg in 1937 – 38, for his affair with an alledged prostitue of whom he married. This also intailed his total staff over a number of months after Blombergs retirement ~ who BTW ~ were also all let go,
      That included Field Marshall von Beck, who later in July 1944 was self – shot under SS Guard – for his involvment with Op ~Valkyrie.

      In total after this event the German High Comand lost well over 4000 officers who were either shot of hanged, or in the case of Field Marshal Rommel who was forced to take a pill, ~ he was just to high profile as it were for any other format After all he was a National hero who won the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves and swords with Diamonds as well being the Field Marshal who ran the whole western front. Plus as many as 3500 Family members suffered the same fate of being shot, hanged or murdered in camps. {Keeping in mind that in many cases the TRUE numbers were not posted.} So infact there may well have been far more who went missing.

      With Barry Omen ~ saddly he is a mix of all the {Best Thugs} that have come and gone over the ages.
      He really { is not unlike Hitler or Stalin who were also little more than puppet’s on strings } for the very same familys who are still running the world today. As in very little has changed after all these years.

      If anyone were to really look into all these special moments in TIME ~ what they would find is this whole plot is intertwined from start to finish.
      How bloody special for everyone, OMG it can’t be so ~ The True wealth running the world from behind the curtain, ~~ no that just can’t be. ~~ It’s not unlike the Bilderburg’s or the Grove’s yearly party where the real money tells the faces we all see on the TUBE of at your News Stand ~ what to do and how to do it.

      Oddly ~ If one digs even deeper ~ what they will find that the Rothschilds were the Money behind Lenin & Stalin, even the special ~ US State department sent our very own people over to Russia to keep them running ~ during Stalins mental break down in the early 1930′s.
      How about them apples for our alledged Commie foe’s we all hate so much, as in the United States Inc, running Russia so the Puppet could get better. Oh well, so much blood under the bridge.

      Peace and Love Got your bus tickets?

      • Rhonda Reichel

        Excellent analysis Time !

      • GALT

        Time……I included the source link for the “hitler purge”, and I ran a few more searches
        after reading your numbers…….I couldn’t find anything that got close to the figure you
        used. although I did find one that stated a thousand…….and that half of these were
        not SA……..all the “others”, were pretty much in line with the lower figures.

        The conservative estimates were sufficient for the point being made.

      • TIME

        Dear Galt,

        I have so many books on this era that it would take hours to find the totals but the point being that most ~ on line sources are vague at best, as well many written or history Channel venues are not of much real value.

        For a good amount of TIME in the past I had a lot of interest in this era for countless reasons the main one was all the intel that was hidden from the American public. ME 262 and other such items like the V 2 rockets etc..

        I have also interviewed in person countless Germans from the era when I lived in German amoung them a number of former SA and SS persons.
        Not unlike today, the German people – were either asleep or just didn’t want to know what was going on, and just as it is today ~ the NWO / Globlist who were running the show had most in small compartmental box’s ~ thus one hand never knew what the other was doing.

        On the personal interview factor as I acquired a Full Rohm dagger from a former SA Oberfuhrer who was arrested in June 1934 along with all officers within his Gau, his Gau was gau Munchen Oberbayern, he along with well over 3000 other SA leaders were sent to what was to become {Buchenwald} ~ of the 3000 he knew of, there only 300 that left the camp after “Re~Education.”
        It may be noted that you will find that this camp was alledged to not have been in operation prior to 1937 ~ as I recall in so far as whats been printed. yet it was infact in opperation in June 1934.
        Thus when the US Inc states that there are no Fema camps her in America, and yet we can find them on {Google earth} so we know that the Overt as well as Covert opts of the NWO / Globalist has not changed one bit.

        Be all that as it may an SS Officer who at the wars end was an SS Standartenfuher but was in June 1934 just a ~ Unterstrumfuher who was involved with the arrest of Ernst Rohm under the orders of Herman Goring.
        As per his words that are still clearly in my mind, the guns did not stop for 14 days and the bodys were piled twenty five high x 5 rows each day
        then burried at the days end. The SS men doing the shooting were wearing butcher coats during these shootings so as to not sully their uniforms. The SS Troops doing the body removals worked for two weeks after all the shootings ended getting rid of the bodys at night.

        Also keep in mind that the SA in June 1934 had over {3 million troops} under just the SA Banner, Plus 9500 under the SS Adolf Hitler Body Guard’s.
        Plus The LPG Herman Goring Police unit of over 5000, and the NSKK being just a tad over 800 Hundred Thousand. All of these troops were under Ernst Rohm.

        All Officers who were loyal to Rohm were removed from the living. so even being just 1% of 3 Million is 30,000 ~ and please do keep in mind they “swore an OATH to Ernst Rohm,” not Adolf Hitler,
        Only the higher ranking officers like Rohm swore and other to Hitler, these two were in fact good friends ~ Hitler even had Rohm come back from Bolivia to head up the SA, thus Hitler gave Rohm total power over all the SA.

        So my numbers are more than likly {very soft } as all Higher ranking SA officers who swore their oath to Rohm were taken out, so with that in mind odd ball officers such as Victor Lutze who took over the SA after Rohm the ranks of the SA was reduced to only a little over 2 million as on the end July 1934
        This Should give a more clear picture of the depth and the level of reduction of SA leaders.

        Peace and Love be with you.

    • jt

      Thanks for the little history sideshow. The point is that obama is well aware that the images and inconsistencies surrounding the consulate attacks are rapidly evaporating from the public’s short attention while this “oh-so-convenient” little soap opera plays out.

      It also seems evident (to anyone even REMOTELY paying attention), that obama has been busily replacing those loyal to the nation and the Constitution with others loyal to HIM. This is not a recent development, as he has been doing this since his first week in office.

      The fact that he uses different means to accomplish this does not indicate that his goals are different than those of Hitler or Stalin. He doesn’t want an American military….he wants an obama military.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        History repeats itself. Those who forget history are condemned to relive it.

        I think Time refined it well for all of us & it is all interconnected which is not what we are being told.

      • TIME

        Dear jt,

        { You must understand that the WEB is very large, and can not have just a small piece broken out to try and lay remedy to only that nano fragment.}
        It must be ~ a Total and Complete, cleaning of all the evils.

        Thus what needs to be done is as follows; { Its really quite simple,} ~ Each state must reject all Federal issued laws, each take back that states “SOVEREIGN” status. Its that simple,
        Reject the Global Bankers, keep in mind they number less than .00005% of
        this nations population. Yet control the world by Covert and Overt Deception’s through GREED and LUST.

        {If you would all ~ “PLEASE” ~ I am BEGGING all of you – to review ~ Dr. Ron Paul’s Retirement speach, within its text you will find the TRUTHS we face as a nation, that has been Divided / Fragmented and is at the very edge of the abyss of HELL its self!

        It’s not hype, its the TRUTH, and if any of you know any of the TRUTH of “HISTORY”
        you would clearly see what is unfolding before your very eyes.

        I can only hope that “TRUE AMERICANS” will start using what YAH, gave us all ~ that graymatter between your ears, I beg of you all to PLEASE start using it.

        We must come down on the side of ~ “HIGH MORAL GROUND” ~ I have said this many times now, the PEN is far greater than the Sword, if used properly.

        Please ~ you must all start with your STATES Governor’s, as the Federal platform is no longer valid ~ nor has not been for so many years its not even worth the effort to go over this again.
        The system was taken over, its that simple ~ if you so wish to REGAIN your Freedoms that are YAH has given us the Human race his children. let alone the 13 Original Amendments and the ” ORIGINAL CONSTITUTION.”

        We as “TRUE AMERICANS” must stand as ONE, Lets toss out the Pledge of Alligance, as it was written by: Francis Bellamy in 1892, ~ he was a Fabian Socialist.
        Can you now see the webs depth, this trash was adopted under FDR who was a major fan of the Fabian Socialist. People this has been going on for so long its bloody sick.
        Please ~ wake up.

        Let’s use these Global Bankers own words and actions ~ as well deeds to remove them from power and Restart our ~ “ORIGINAL CONSTITUTION” bring back our FREEDOM based REPUBLIC.

        We must find it within ourself to stand as a MORAL people. If you’re like myself you have done things that you may not be proud of, so be it ~ ask for FROGIVNESS, YAH will grant you a clean bill of health. Please do so and lets get busy.

        May you allow the Holy Sprit into your soul to bless you with Peace and Love.
        To open your eyes to Your GOD ~ to stand for the MORAL High Ground to stand as a FREE PEOPLE blessed ~ by God’s own hand as his own beloved Children.

      • Matrix


        Great history lesson for the ignorant, Godless liberals!

        Can you imagine the horror for white America, when obamas SS, the million plus black prisoners and the Nation of Islam, start rounding them up for the camps?

        This is what the liberal has brought upon itself, and pity the persecutor, for there are greater horrors planned for them!

        The evil bankers are losing the battle to the demonic communist they created.

        Obama is a puppet for the Communist, and has been placed in power to bring America to its knees, as a politically correct nation cannot fight against evil when it hides behind “racism” or anti-Semitism.

        After the savages murder and rape most of white America, China will move in and exterminate every minority, liberal and banker that created the evil.

        The battle between the bankers and Communism is at hand, and America must be eliminated for one of these two evils to survive.

        We the people are the only chance for humanity, and if we fail, so go the world!

        They have taken our homes, wealth and jobs, but they have not taken our lives…..yet.

        Fight for God, fight for your family, your America and your soul!

        • rocquedog

          Matrix, you could be right on track with your assessment. Look up George Washington’s revelation about America’s future. It may shock you to see the similarity of events.

      • Robert Smith

        Matrix claims: “They have taken our homes, wealth and jobs, but they have not taken our lives…..yet.”

        Actually housing starts are up, they did steal a lot of our money and will continue to do so as long as the top 1% retain the Bush status, and jobs are coming back.


    • James L.

      UN Agenda 21

    • Pebbles

      Unsure of the validity of this…hopefully we will soon get answers as to what is and is not true.

      From my retired general friend-not verified, not surprising-Chicago politics


      This is from a retired officer from Army intelligence.

      Among certain Army Officers, this is the talk. For several years, it was known by the WH that Petraeus had a mistress. It was not raised as a “big deal,” however, the issue was subtly held over his head. Petraeus had disagreements with the WH over the handling of Afghanistan, and he was told to get in line, or else. The termination of General McChrystal was offered as an example of Petraeus’ fate. Petraeus continued to battle with Obama and the WH over the handling of Afghanistan. As a result, Obama ordered Eric Holder to sick the FBI on Petraeus to find dirt to blackmail him into submission and silence. The CIA position was given to Petraeus to insure his cooperation and silence—so Obama thought.

      Petraeus still refused to play ball with Obama. After Benghazi-Gate, Petraeus notified the WH that the CIA would be releasing facts re the incident and he would testify under oath to the same (all damaging to the Obama and the WH.) Petraeus was, again, threatened. This time, though, Petraeus was so pissed off that Obama had let CIA personnel and the Ambassador die, that he outed himself and resigned, rather than be blackmailed about the matter by Obama. Thereafter, Obama ordered him to wait until after the election, but before the Congressional hearings to resign. Obama, the WH, and the FBI have already concocted cover stories and allegations to counter Petraeus.

      How many of our Generals and Admirals will be punished for standing up to Obama’s incompetence and corruption?

      • wheels


      • eddie47d

        Your WHEELS are turning but you said nothing. Try starting the engine first instead of pushing what little you have upstairs! Unless ignorance behoves you.

        • rocquedog

          It’s spelled //behooves// tardo’! But what can one expect from someone that has never got as far as the 6th grade???

      • tlgeer

        When you get official documentation please let us know. Until then it is just gossip.

    • JuanRA

      Who is John Galt?
      Ayn Ran couldn’t put it any better.
      Why did Atlas Shrugged?
      To make me shoulder the world.
      Why with your talent, could you do any good?
      Dart Vader is your father.
      Come to the dark side. Retoric is for lost souls. Productive humans comunicate without faux french pretention. Excuse my french sire; Chinga tu Madre Galt!

      Sincerely: someone you consider your fan.
      Nothing further from the truth, thanks for reading Mr Galt.
      But, frankly my dear, some things are gone with the wind. And I don’t give a……get my drift, while carried by your flatulent writtings.Think you enjoy the attentio darling.

      • Frank Kahn

        I thought you were actually using french, and could not translate as such. then I realized it was a different member of the Latin languages. Interesting how you can say that first word in Spanish without getting edited, but would have it removed in english.

      • GALT

        Yes, juan, my functionally illiterate fans all seem to share the same problem…..
        and they just keep on sharing it………..BTW the word is shrug…..

        And the name is GALT………

        Please feel free to continue to SHARE……

    • nickkin

      It still adds up to 4 Dead Americans… can add and subtract all you want Galt but all the arithmatic equals a corrupt islam loving obama and his admin. that has only their best interests at hand. Also , there is more than just four….fast & furious and open borders. With 4 more years there will be more to the totals.

      • rocquedog

        The Illegal Alien in the WH loves all life especially if you’re Muslim or Black.

    • nabiru

      Mr. Galt. Purge is a purge.What method were chosen , makes no differece. The bullets or autobobile accidents might come later.Beria was not satisfied by Stalin’s method. It was not fast enough for him. And if you argue that 5 or 10 generals are not the same as Hitler’s , Stalin’s thausands , than you sound like Beria himself.
      I think you like to confuse people because your are confused too. Read more from Confucious. It might help you a little more to confuse.

      • GALT

        purge [pɜːdʒ]
        1. (tr) to rid (something) of (impure or undesirable elements)
        2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (tr) to rid (a state, political party, etc.) of (dissident or troublesome people)
        3. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Physiology) (tr)
        a. to empty (the bowels) by evacuation of faeces
        b. to cause (a person) to evacuate his bowels
        4. (Law)
        a. to clear (a person) of a charge
        b. to free (oneself) of guilt, as by atonement to purge contempt
        5. (intr) to be cleansed or purified

        When the “purging” actually starts, now that you know what the word means,
        you may be able to recognize it……… little mushroom…….

    • Vicki

      Galt writes:
      “This many top commanders being relieved at one time is unprecedented in U.S. history.”

      vs Stalin’s Purges

      May 30 People’s Commissar of Ammunition Ivan Sergeyev and Major General Ernst Schacht
      May 31 Lieutenant General Pyotr Pumpur
      June 7 People’s Commissar of Armaments Boris Vannikov and Colonel General Grigory Shtern………”

      They compare pretty closely don’t they. If anything obama is ahead. Check back in a year and see what the totals are.

      • GALT

        If you scroll down a bit you will see 300 ……

        and no one has been killed…….

        but thanks for sharing Vicki………if you wish to believe that you are living under
        a Stalin or a Hitler or any other maniac from history… my guest…….

        Mostly though when this does occur…….I’m pretty sure you will be able to tell
        the difference……….but given the actual “intelligence” of the “victims”……or
        their ability to know who is making them victims…….such actions are completely

        “To conquer, first DIVIDE!!!!!” ( and then HANG, separately. )

    • Steve Lohrstorfer

      Your first clue to the propaganda on this site is “he sacked his cia director” So according to wayne we should have not accepted his resignation and instead just look the other way about his affair even though he’s married. That’s the kind of conservative thinking that’s older than picture wayne still uses of himself on this website, do as I say not as I do…..

  • Dave67

    I wonder if this idiots was upset when over 55 Embassy workers died under Bush Inc?

    How about the lie that was Iraq? 9/11.

    Nah…. If the GOP can’t use a tragedy for political gain, I guess life is no fun for them.

    Maybe they would have more info about Bengazi if the could make the briefings….

    Its funny though, we are deep in debt but this idiot thinks cutting the bloated military budget down from 700B a year iis a awful thing. I guess programs to help the poor and middle class are the only ones worthy to be cut.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Dave67,

      You write: “I wonder if this idiots (sic) was upset when over 55 Embassy workers died under Bush Inc?” If you spent a little time reading and educating yourself rather than wondering and casting about childish ad hominems, you would know the answer to this question.

      You write: “How about the lie that was Iraq? 9/11. Nah…. If the GOP can’t use a tragedy for political gain, I guess life is no fun for them.” Still caught up in the false left/right paradigm? Who is the idiot here?

      You write: “Its funny though, we are deep in debt but this idiot thinks cutting the bloated military budget down from 700B a year iis (sic) a (sic) awful thing.” Again with ad hominem? Can’t make a cogent argument without one, can you? And again with the ignorance. You won’t be making many more comments here unless you learn that this is not the school yard we aren’t all in 6th grade.

      Best wishes,

      • sandman4X4

        Very well stated Bob! and just who was it the said’ don’t ever let a disaster go to waste”?

      • Karolyn

        Bob, I am not siding with the the use of the word “idiot” for you; (I thik it is appalling.) however, I wonder if you don’t have a double standard. Is it only when people attack you with ad hominems that it is unacceptable? Day-in, day-out, people posting on this site call others worse than idiot and even wish death on others. I’ve seen it on both sides, but it has appeared to be liberals that most often suffer from moderation due to their lack of propriety. I am aware that you just gave a warning. Yes, these people do act like it is a schoolyard and we are in third grade.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Karolyn,

          You write: “I wonder if you don’t have a double standard. Is it only when people attack you with ad hominems that it is unacceptable?” I find it unacceptable in all cases. Unfortunately it appears the U.S. noneducation system has dumbed the masses down to the point where name-calling and condescension is considered discourse. Double standard? Perhaps. But to moderate all comments containing ad hominems would require a far bigger team than I can employ and bring about cries of “censorship!” from the worst offenders. You may or may not know that there have been many times that ad hominems directed at you have been either deleted or edited by me or the moderator.

          You write: “Day-in, day-out, people posting on this site call others worse than idiot and even wish death on others. I’ve seen it on both sides, but it has appeared to be liberals that most often suffer from moderation due to their lack of propriety.” Yes. We are starting to look like Huffington Post or a similar leftist site–sans the vulgarity. Since last Tuesday we’ve been inundated with a new host of gloating liberals. I’m glad you noticed their lack of propriety. However, as you don’t see the comments that never make it through the filters, you have no idea whether we moderate mostly liberal or conservative comments. I will say that, as a staunch defender of the 1st Amendment, it is difficult to know where to draw the line.

          Best wishes,

      • Annie

        Thank you Bob for your sage words. Clearly, there are very very many Americans who are completely “fed up” with the demons that are desperate to constantly defend obama……an absolutely indefensible persona non grata!

      • Bill Scantlen

        What we really need is, “Seven Days in May” without hesitation.

      • jopa

        Dave67;Well I guess you are about to lose your freedom of speech on this site Dave if you don’t start marching lock step with the rest of the yes dear Bob’s on this site.Next thing you know he may be knocking on your door looking for your guns and grabbing your keyboard on the way out.We must stand up and fight for our liberties Dave so be brave through these times of being muzzled and censored.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear jopa,

          You write: “Dave67;Well I guess you are about to lose your freedom of speech on this site Dave if you don’t start marching lock step with the rest of the yes dear Bob’s on this site.” You know very well that intelligent discussion is encouraged (intelligent being the operative word). If I were interested in only sycophantic comments, you would have blacklisted long ago.

          You write: “Next thing you know he may be knocking on your door looking for your guns and grabbing your keyboard on the way out.” Now that is funny.

          You write: “We must stand up and fight for our liberties Dave so be brave through these times of being muzzled and censored.” There is no “censoring” going on here–unlike most sites that advocate both so-called “left” and “right” political thought. You should re-read the policy if you don’t understand.

          Best wishes,

      • Gordon

        Bob L= sexual mis-conduct? Someone needs to address the issue of the “key clubs” that permeate throughout the military branches. They are real. And facts are that if a non-com or even lesser refuses to allow his wife to participate, their career is doomed to mediocrity and hell duty. Gawfaw if youze want, this is a real problem throughout the military… and sometimes we hear of rape of enlisted women? Wonder why it happens?

      • Karolyn

        Thanks, Bob. I can only imagine how much you weed through. At least the profanity does not get throgh. It is very sad indeed what has happened. It appears that we really cannot have intelligent discourse anymore. People are so inflamed that propriety means nothing to them. The only important thing is “I am right, and you are WRONG and should be banished to another country or worse.

      • Dave67


        Sorry, this was a particularly weak effort on your part… Obama sacked Patreaus?

        No He quit… He is getting ready to testify that NO pressure was given by Obama with the end game being because of what he knew about the Libyan attack.

        You know however that this attack is a cover-up. You have no proof whatsoever and your agent Mr McCain in the Senate rails against how little info he is getting from the Adminstration while missing a crucial closed door meeting on the subject because of a “scheduling error”


        This is a idiotic story. Sorry if I called you an idiot but you “patriots” since the election have none nothing but be unpatriotic in your secession talk, your unwillingness to possibly see that maybe its not “free stuff” or a hand out or the [expletive deleted] around voter fraud in this election why your ideology lost. It makes me angry that you can’t take a step back and see it may be your stances on the issues, the fear you peddle the big corp monied interests that fuel your side’s ideology.

        You and many like you claim Obama is the absolute worst president we have ever had with absolutely NO evidence to support the claim. When George W Bush tragically won the WH in 2000, I did not ever think “secession!!!” You and others like you are at the height of your arrogance to believe the founding fathers agreed with what you stand for or the idea that compromise is weakness.

        Unfortunately Bob, you do so few articles on the war machine, bringing home the troops from the lands we occupy like western Europe or Japan, the evils of big money in the political arena, The K Street, Wall Street swindles… But boy you do love talking about your guns that Obama has not taken from you or plans ever to… The HC law, Entitlements, the Evil that liberals (who have had little power since the early 1970′s) do.

        This story is just another in a long line of crock.

        How about writing something that helps bring the country together? Because what you are writing about isn’t it. It may bring together the religious nuts, conspiracy morons, and extremist right wing types but they are the minority. The majority are tired of the partisan, conspiratory, divisive BS.

        That would be a lovely change of pace.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Dave67,

          You write: “No He quit… He is getting ready to testify that NO pressure was given by Obama with the end game being because of what he knew about the Libyan attack.” I didn’t realize you had both Obama’s and Petaeus’ ear. Perhaps Congress should call you to testify since you know so much.

          Regarding you paragraphs 5-7, apparently you don’t read very well or you haven’t been paying attention.

          You write: “How about writing something that helps bring the country together?” Because I choose not join with the 1 percenters nor the fascists and communists who support them.

          Best wishes,

          P.S. You would do well to divest yourself of the false left/right paradigm. Perhaps then you would be on the road to understanding.

      • Dave67


        Seriously… I get your alerts (do you read them?)… I see every day the subjects that you and your writers put forth… the “false left/right paradigm” as you put it is what you deal in. (when convenient)

        I remember the subject was racism and I put forth the history of conservatives as it pretains to racism and in your response, you made the point that many KKK members were Democrats… That is a false paradigm because you know as I know the parties have changed their identities especially from the 1950′s til the 1980′s.

        This story is sad… This site is sad with all the “we was robbed” because somehow Mitt Romeny gave some “hope” (for what, I have no idea)… BTW planning on doing a story on why 300K votes in the great “patriot” state of AZ have not been counted yet in mostly hispanic areas yet? But somehow Romney losing has to be due to voter fraud… Then there is the 2nd Amendment militants who believe Obama is after your guns when he has not done anything to take them away. We also have the faction that still believes Obama is a Muslim (I could care or less) and not a citizen (completely debunked)

        I know as a conservative, you feel a special right or place were you feel that only you and your conservatives friends are true Patriots and therefore “real” Americans. The idea that Obama won a second term so disturbs the racists and the fearful that their old white men controlled country is slipping away from there grasp and understanding. Even though Obama has shown himself to just another corporatist just like Reagan and Clinton in many ways… except Obama is tasked to clean up the mess that the former played a large role in creating.

        You and many here trade on the Dem vs Rep/ Left vs Right/ Liberal vs Conservative labels just like the blowhards on Fox and MSNBC do. I am a liberal… this will blow your mind….I don’t want a handout, I believe in hard/smart work, I believe that HC is a right, not a commodity, I believe in equal opportunity in education and opportunity and I am for getting big money out of the political process. Like most liberals do… But you and your fellow conservatives portray us as the right wing spin machine always do… Looking for the Gov to solve all of our problems, morally inferior and looking to force you to have an abortion as you marry someone of the same sex.

        As for knowing what is going on is DC, I look at multiple sites both internationally and internally for my info (Including your site). The Gen is testifying in part to dispell the right wing myths and propaganda you are helping along. Growning up in the DC area and having politics as a part of my everyday life, I know the game… I know both parties are corrupt. Do you seriously believe the tea party are a group of spontaniously fed up Patriots? I believe them to be the product of a clever marketing scheme back in 2008 when the GOP brand tanked started by Dick Armey and the Koch Brothers who’s purpose to to destroy unions while giving corporations more power on Capitol Hill.

        After 9/11… I was was not interested in hanging George W Bush for his failures in security leading up to the attack, I was more interested in getting behind the President and getting those who did this and helping the victims… Pity the conservatives in this country didn’t have the same sense of duty when Obama was elected during the greatest economic calamity in my lifetime or after the attack in Libya. They instead jockeyed to see how much it can help them.

        I know I have covered much and a large area but I must say the way conservatives have behaved after this election and during the past for years have been shameful. I go to many conservative sites and I common thread is a belief that they are always right, conservatives are never responsible for anything bad in this country and refuse to listen and comprehend differing points of view. Its especially true here.

        I want to the best for this country and garbage like this article and the fear that gets peddled here is no help to that end.



        • Frank Kahn

          I would usually interject here about how your assertions about Obama are wrong, but it would not change your mind so I wont.

          I will, however, point out some hypocrisy in your post. The following is a quote from your post that I cut and pasted here.

          ” You and many here trade on the Dem vs Rep/ Left vs Right/ Liberal vs Conservative labels just like the blowhards on Fox and MSNBC do. I am a liberal… this will blow your mind….I don’t want a handout, I believe in hard/smart work, I believe that HC is a right, not a commodity, I believe in equal opportunity in education and opportunity and I am for getting big money out of the political process. Like most liberals do… But you and your fellow conservatives portray us as the right wing spin machine always do… Looking for the Gov to solve all of our problems, morally inferior and looking to force you to have an abortion as you marry someone of the same sex.”

          While, I agree that many here fall into the category, you describe, as pushing the left vs right argument, it is not such a large percentage as you might think. But, you have shown yourself to be one of those people that you seem to claim to despise. You are trashing the right wing and taking sides with the left. Not only do you take sides, but you also use HYPERBOLE to push a point that is false.

          I have yet to see anyone, left or right that has made the claim in the last part of that quote. The right wing people dont think that the left wing is trying to force them to have abortions or to marry a same sex partner. They say that both are wrong, usually for moral reasons, which might thrust some to feel you are morally inferior. And to say that all right wing people spin the truth is not a fair statement either. In fact, you are lumping all conservatives together as right wing spin machine supporters.

          You also make a generalized statement about liberals that may not be factual. Anytime you generalize about a vast group of people you are probably wrong. While many liberals might want big money out of the political process, it is a fact that the re-election funding for Obama received money from the big money contributors. It would be hypocritical to say “we want all big money influence removed from government, but not till after they help us win the election.”. So, is it true that most liberals want big money out of government? I dont know, because I dont know millions of people. But, it really does not matter if most liberals want something or not, it is what actually happens in their administration that is the key.

          On the statement of conservatives (over generalization) believing that liberals (over generalization again) are looking for gov. to solve all their problems (over stating the scope). There might be some basis in facts to support this type of sentiment. There is a very large list of items, which are governments attempts to solve problems. Since the current administration (perceived as liberals) supports these measures, it is logical to say that liberals support them.

          What is probably more damning is the tendency for us to pigeonhole groups, like saying all democrats are liberals or the opposite, all republicans are conservatives. And, even more frustrating to some of us, assuming that all of us that disagree with the Obama administration are conservatives (republicans).

          I do have a question about one part of that quote. You say that healthcare is a right not a commodity. What exactly do you mean by that? I might agree with you, depending on the intent of the statement.

          Actually HC is both a right and a commodity.

          And, by right, I mean it is a privileged extended to citizens in the guise of a right. Words are very slippery in our language, you have to be careful to explain what you mean by right.

          A commodity is a good or service that you need, by that definition, healthcare is a commodity. Usually it is something that you have to pay to get. It will remain a commodity even with the disastrous AHCA being enforced. You might not have to personally pay for your healthcare, but someone does. You wont pay directly for it either, but you will pay for the insurance that does.

      • eddie47d

        Dave67; When they bring up honest comparisons in discussing these issues then we will listen and know its all real. On this particular issue you are absolutely correct and there is a double standard. I’ve brought that up on a few occassions and they still do it.

        • Frank Kahn

          Did you know our reactions in the past situations you are always bringing up for comparison? Do you have some idea how we felt or thought about them?

          Saying we have a double standard requires knowledge of both sides of the standard to be truthful.

      • Vicki

        Dave67 writes (a lot) but I will concentrate on one point where we agree and then expand on it.
        ” I am a liberal… this will blow your mind….I don’t want a handout, I believe in hard/smart work, I believe that HC is a right, not a commodity,”

        I am going to make some assumptions. HC = Health Care. Now what exactly is “health care”? My definition of HC is the right and power to seek out smart people who know a lot about biology and contract with them to share their knowledge with me and or to use their knowledge to operate tools to in various ways help me to take care of my health.

        What the right does NOT do is give me the right to make YOU pay for that contract or portions thereof. NOR does it give me the right to force those smart people to serve me even if I do it thru government proxy agents.

        Since you say you do not want a handout I will assume you are with us in wanting Obamacare repealed in total.

      • Sol of Texas

        Thanks, Bob. Very understandable.

    • TIME

      Dear Dave 67,

      There is no DIFFERANCE between the R’s and the D’s, there is but ONE UNIT, with two faces to fool the simple minded.

      Peace and Love

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Dave excusing bad behavior with other bad behavior doesn’t cut it….
      I have some posings that will show nothing is different between the 2 administrations regarding Petraeus

      Something very fishy about this whole Petraeus thing….looks to me like he was used. He is smarter than this. Did he fall on his sword to protect Obama? Or did he unwittingly become a scape goat? One thing for sure he lied to congress.

      audio of Judge Napolitano on Gen Petraeus….is he being silenced? He’s got a good point.

      That Broadwell affair was general knowledge among Petraeus’ staff BEFORE he went to the CIA….surely the 2 month preemployment investigation they perform uncovered this already and he was still vetted for the job.

      BOTTOM LINE He lied to congress to cover for Obama….he of all people knew that was a terrorist attack. There were films from the compound and real time drone filming.
      Let’s see if he gets a presidential pardon if congress charges him with perjury —or will Obama just let him twist in the wind. He could go to jail for perjury.

      Petraeus told the Senate and House Intelligence Committees on September 14, 2012, that the mob attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, three days earlier, was a spontaneous reaction of Libyans angered over a YouTube clip some believed insulted the prophet Muhammad. He even referred to that assault—which resulted in the murders of four Americans, now all thought to have been CIA agents—as a “flash mob.” His scheduled secret testimony this week before the same congressional committees will produce a chastened, diminished Petraeus who will be confronted with a mountain of evidence contradicting his September testimony, perhaps exposing him to charges of perjury or lying to Congress and causing substantial embarrassment to the president.

      You have to wonder why he would be so stupid to put his own neck on the line. If they threatened him with exposing the affair if he didn’t lie what went wrong? Is the FBI trying to expose Obama through this or setting up Petraeus to take all the blame for Obama?

      • Carlucci

        I just received the following email this morning from Liberty Guard. I’ve been wondering about the same points below ever since this alleged Petraeus affair began:

        “The media circus surrounding the resignation of General Petraeus has largely overlooked one very important fact.

        Namely, that an FBI agent accessed and read the private emails of an American citizen – Petraeus biographer Paula Broadwell – without a warrant or even a reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing!

        While some people may disapprove of Ms. Broadwell, like every other American she is under the protection of the Fourth Amendment. That means she has the right to be secure in her “persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.”

        Yet even the FBI has admitted that her email correspondence broke no laws. In other words, there should never have been an investigation in the first place.

        Unfortunately the federal government – in particular the Executive Branch – no longer seems to recognize the constitutional limits on its own power.

        Not long ago, we wrote on the Liberty Guard blog about the new FBI training manual, which promotes exactly the sort of unconstitutional spying that brought down General Petraeus.

        All over the country, federal agents are digging through the trash, combing the cell phone records, and even tracking the movements of Americans who never even know they’re being watched.

        Even the head of the CIA is a target!

        General Petraeus is just one more in a long line of powerful people who have fallen victim to their own egos, but the unconstitutional way in which his mistakes were discovered and publicized is very troubling indeed.

        From the FBI to the DHS to the TSA, our public servants have forgotten they work for us – and broken their oath to uphold the very document that gives them their legal authority”.

        • wheels

          The FBI had all the authority that was needed. And it was more powerful than any judge or court in the land. They had the nobama authority! AND THAT IS VERY SCARY AS WE ALL KNOW WHAT HE THINKS ABOUT OUR CONSTITUTION!!!!!!!

      • ibcamn

        if you ever want to find out how much obama really hates you,is when he sends the IRS after you or any family members or anyone youve ever known,if you own a business you are really gonna know how much he hates you.wonder how many military families are losing everything do to his hand…oops…too soon?!!own a business and cross obama,that can answer some of your questions on how well this man and his henchmen have things planned out!take time and do the long math,he needed to take the healthcare system over first,communication(paper,tv,etc..)military,its all in a marxist handbook he reads….check it will answer the arguments you all are having…..the vets complained and look what happened….i think obama must have yerned to be a magician and vantriliquest when he was a little kid growing up in kenya!hehe..had to throw that in!

        • wheels

          Liked the last line…made me chuckle. But you are alot closer to the truth than anybody else that has posted!!!

      • Kate8

        Carlucci – I heard an interview with a fellow who had worked in intel, and among high-profile figures. He said that what people are not understanding is that people in such positions as Petraeus DO NOT USE EMAIL. He said that this is nothing but a cover-up, making him the skapegoat.

        They are well aware of how insecure email is. They have their own ways of secure communicating, and that this whole thing is a fabrication.

        We are not being told the reason for this, or the other, firings. It’s along the same lines as the “sexual misconduct” ruse that targeted secret service agents awhile back.

        More than likely there was no affair. But think how ridiculous this seems considering the level of perversion among people of wealth and power, and an affair would seem moral.

        Most likely this woman was paid to be part of this.

        There is so much treachery and high-level intrigue going on, we can be sure that we will not be told anything even close to the truth. It’s all about manipulation, payback, cover-up and advancement of their agendas.

        • wheels

          You are so right! While everyone is digging into what the government (and it’s impartial- ha media) have let drop here and there, nobody is following up on the real issues. IN PARTICULAR what and what not did the H.N.I.C. know and when!!!!!

  • yankee doodle dandy

    It would appear that some of our top commanders have too much time on their hands. A four star general sending out thousands of emails to a socialite in Florida is a littel too much. General Carter Ham was on the base when the mess hall was attacked and 22 americans were killed in Iraqi. The surge in Afganistan was the idea of General Petraeus, one of the most glaring errors of our engagement in Afganistan. When a the going gets tough, it appears that our generals take a quick retirement. It has been said that our military training programs do not stress modern stratergies in training our military officers. They are not prepared to handle non goverment insurgencies. The wars in Iraq and Afganistan are both cases in point. The president depends on these men for sound military advise, when he doesn’t get it, he needs to take corrective action. Anything less would be a dereliction of duty.

    • sandman4X4

      yep you are a dandy all right, these honorable men have more honor and love of Country it their little finger than your boi bho will ever have, not only that they are self made men in an atmosphere of death and distruction, and military discipline, and with no help from the media, not community organizing! that and your hero clinton had sex in the oval office, not e-mails but a B[owjob!

      • Rhonda Reichel

        Lying to congress and cheating on your wife are not honorable

      • mark

        Apparently “Hero Boy” Petraeus was getting the same from Paula Broadwell. By violating his oath of marriage and the military, Petraeus left himself open to this kind of ridicule. A sad end to an otherwise exemplary career.

      • vicki

        Mark writes:
        ” By violating his oath of marriage and the military,..”

        Were you there at his wedding or are you making assumptions about what he and his wife promised each other?

        What did you say or do about President Clinton’s little violations?
        Clinton even did them while at work.

    • mary beardslee

      Rep. Issa took it upon himself to hold a politically charged hearing on the tragedy. Hearing uncovered no relevant information aside from accidently blowing the CIA cover in Libya.Paula, Petrasus girlfriend said ” I don’t know if you have heard this but the CIA actually have taken a few Libyan militia members prisoners. And they think the attack on the consulate was an effort to try and get the prisoners back.”””The compound where they held the prisoners was next to the consulate. This Could be why the CIA refused requests for military backup. I have read since that day 9/11 they have torn down the annex next to the consulate. Also, if you remember Obama sent a directive order awhile back “No More Secret Prisons” Petrasus defied that order. I personally am sick of the whole situation and would like to move on or should I say move forward to JOBS…

      • rocquedog

        M, you need to quit speculating about unsubstantiated rumors and look at the facts. 4 American patriots were slaughtered! And let’s not forget about agt. B. Terry who was also murdered by the admin. (Accomplice to murder) nor the 300+ Mex. citizens (women and children) at the hands of the Mex. cartels using Holder/Obama supplied assault weapons. Until the facts come out on Benghazigate, I would suggest you deal with the facts only. Besides, wasn’t it Obama that claimed they could deal with more than one issue at a time. Hell, he hasn’t done anything for the last 4 yrs . about jobs, why would he start now???

    • Rhonda Reichel

      If I were them I’d be retiring before we attack Iran and start WWIII

    • vicki

      yankee doodle dandy writes:
      “The president depends on these men for sound military advise, when he doesn’t get it, he needs to take corrective action. Anything less would be a dereliction of duty.”

      And when he does get sound military advice he tells them to stand down. Now let us again talk about dereliction of duty and by whom and when.

  • Gea

    Either the guys are leaving the sinking ship of Obama treason, or Barak Hussein Obama wants to replace those competent guys are are fightiung against Jihad, with some guys who are sympathethic to Muslims and their JIhad.

    Obama clearly is a traitor of American values and perhaps his cavorting with enemies of US and Western civilization and financing him, Muslim Brotherhood, is enough to convict him for treason and put behind bars, even if he is not builty of ordering US Marines to have blacks rather then live munition in Arab countries. Obama is making US citizens into sitting ducks for JIhadists and is giving them money in Egypt for their war on women and again agaisnt Israel.

    If 20% of US population was tocketted daily from Mexico, as Israelis are from Gaza from terrorist organization Hamas, would Ameriocans just do nothing, as apparently Israelis are suypposed to do. Where do those rtockets come from? From the friends of Barak Hussein Obama from Egypt, paid for by US Taxpayers. Obama is an enemy of America, liberty and human rights, just as Islamic teachings are, which Obama extolls, while dissing Bible.

    • RivahMitch

      Additionally, the Kenyan Marxist doesn’t want a military to defend the Constitution. He wants a praetorian guard to protect himself against the citizens and Constitution he is working so hard to destroy.

      • Hedgehog

        Sorry, I just have to butt in here. Obama doesn’t need a Praetorian Guard. He already has the best protection any president could possibly have, Joe Biden. If you think Obama is the prince of darkness, imagine him replaced by the emperor of fools!

    • Warrior

      Is all of this just “coincidence”? Not. All in an attempt to discredit the military. Barry’s civilian army is coming to a neighborhood near you. Anyone notice after the election there appears to be much more “chatter” from the “komrades” in the bloggersphere? This Gubmint is NOT your friend.

      • rocquedog

        Spot on, Warrior! The Imposter in chief just signed another EO authorizing more and broader powers of enforcement to the TSA (Tit’S and Ass Gropers). Also, an EO giving private security forces the right to interact with govt. forces. Real Americans need to prepare. It’s coming and coming soon!!!

        • Gea

          It would not be so bad is Obama was only an “Imposter-in-Chief”! He actually is a Caliph-in-Chief, as his helping to subvert US Constitution in order to openly promote Islamic ideology in the world, as his speech at the UN clearly demonstrated. Essentially Obama said that: the future does not belong to Americans, but to those who follow Mohamed,the “final” prophet of Islam, who was a pedophile, polygamist and murderer.

          Islam MUST reform and not be white washed by an US President! Read Koran and Hadith to see for yourself what Muslims are being taught by their leaders, imams and mullahs around the world Here is a summary of the Koranic teaching: This should help you navigate readings of the original Koran, which is a randomized jumble of verses, ordered by the length of suras, not in any logical way, such as time line or story line, as are Hebrew Bible, Christian Bible, Bhagavat Gita, or Buddhist literature. :

          You can read in one hour to see what Islam really teaches: a supremacist ideology, similar to supremacist Nazi ideology, including its delusional Jew hatred, which led to Holocaust. If Muslims could they would have no moral scruples to commit a second Holocaust in the Middle East, and they would do it for Allahu Akbar, just as they did 9/11/2001 in US and 9/11/2012 in Libya.

          The Muslim Brotherhood openly states that their goal is “to infiltrate America and destroy Western civilization from within, and establish the only true religion of Islam to rule over others”. They are now in the Oval Office, implementing their goal. I think that there is enough evidence of treason to put Barack Hussein Obama on trial and behind bars ;-)!

    • Flashy

      Military purge? LOL …. yeah…ok. Sure.

      Let’s look at this in a sane light.

      Allen. Long slated to be reassigned to another command. his hearings were about to begin and were long scheduled. The Code of Military Conduct is demanding as to punishment for having an adulterous affair. So we have a commander of combat, who tells the grunts ‘go out there in the mud and snow and risk a bullet’…while he flies back home to have a night of monkey sex with his married mistress. OK…go explain that to the guys out taking on the Taliban. He hasn’t been dismissed or fired, currently under investigation and his new appointment held up. Anyone have a problem with that? y’all think his affair with a married socialite while his troops are under fire is all okey dokey?

      Petraeus. He is insisting on testifying. In his own words…to silence the wacko’s on the right who are yelling conspiracy. We have the Director of the CIA having an affair…a security breach. his bimbo KNEW HIS SCHEDULE AND WAS USING EMAIL ABOUT IT. You don’t think the Israeli’s, the Russians, the Chinese…none would have salivated having that secret? He could have stayed on…he resigned. he wasn’t asked for his resignation. (you might want to add that Cantor, not exactly a friend of the administration, knew about the investigation a month before the election. And the President not until after the election. Y’all want to make a conspiracy about that?)

      Hall, Ward and Gaouette. Let’s assume for this conversation they were about to disobey orders. Seems to me it was more of an attempted military coup rather than a purge. They were planning on disobeying orders not knowing the entire situation. Criminey, they were going to send combat ground troops into a sovereign nation without authorization from the ones in charge of our country! For a military commander to make such a decision???? they should be drawn up before a formal court martial, stripped of all rank, and spend some time making little rocks out of big ones if such is true. (of course, had a colonel tried to disobey their orders…they would have let it slide…right?)

      What does all that spell out for you? A group of military generals running amok and needing to be replaced. They decided they were above the law, above their CONSTITUTIONAL commanders, and above reproach…they thought they were gods in and of themselves.

      Benghazi. Anyone try to think this one through? THINK. We have an ambassador, two former SEALS and an “independent” contractor with CIA ties. Meeting without security at a consulate (not the embassy). OK…you don’t think the ambassador could have ordered more security for that consulate? You really really think he was that powerless?

      They were meeting…but note no one has said what about? And Romney..quick in the beginning to criticize and shoot his mouth off…went silent once he had his security briefing on the affair? And the terrorist attack? Spending all those assets for what? bear in mind, they expended a huge amount of assets in the attack. And took huge chances and risks.

      Something is indeed under the covers with Benghazi. the question is…should the security blanket be tossed aside for outside disclosure? heck…just reading this board that answer is simple…a resounding NO. Too many nutcases who would fly off the wall and endanger the situation for anything to be outed.

      • texastwin827

        Flashy, do you ever even attempt to keep your “characters” straight??

        Based on preliminary investigation, Genl Allen was NOT having an affair with Mrs Kelly. NY Times 1/13/2012
        President Obama, however, voiced support for General Allen through his spokesman on Tuesday. “The president thinks very highly of General Allen,” the spokesman, Jay Carney, said at a White House news briefing. “He has faith in General Allen.”

        By the way, Genl Allen was NEVER scheduled for any hearings. The only thing he was up for, his nomination for NATO’s top military officer.

        You are crediting Genl Allen with Patraeus’ wrong doing. Please try to stay up to date with Current Events.

        As for the men disobeying an order to “stand down”….keep in mind, the military is allowed to question and, even disobey, an order, under the right circumstances if they deem the order to be an “unlawful order”. To date, we have no idea who gave that order…think about it…WHO TOLD THEM TO STAND DOWN? Somebody had to have told them to stand down, as Genl Ham & Adml Gaouette are both being disciplined for refusing the order to stand down. These two men are career military men…they didn’t risk their rank & careers, without just cause.

      • Flashy

        Texastwin. you exemplify the situation. Allen may or may not have been having monkey sex with kelly. true enough. it’s being investigated. his nomination to NATO is being held up because of the situation. I believe the vetting process is on hold 9wasn’t that why he was in DC when the whole schebang blew up? his vetting and hearings?).

        Ham etc…I think it is clear from subsequent actions…they disobeyed orders from the higher command. ’nuff said. They took it upon themselves to act unilaterally and in disobeyance of orders. to the extent Ham was immediately relieved of command. Career military men who understood their oath would not have disobeyed orders unless those orders were crimes against humanity. They forgot the oath they took…if what is alleged in the article above is accurate, what they received is mild…

        Thanks for the updates and corrections. My main point though i believe is correct …

    • Ned Roberts

      Do you actually believe this, or are you making a joke?

      Does it make you feel better to believe it?

      How would you feel if the opposite was true?

  • Ithamar

    Dave, the “poor and the middle class” have no constitutional business sucking from the government teat! You ignorant socialist posit the US in the light of your own statist presuppositions and then condemn constitutionalist because they don’t follow your play book.
    Galt and KG, the only reasons that the lying, criminal Obama-Chicago slime balls do not physically execute military commanders is because they don’t have the power and our military leaders don’t have the courage to tell the bastard where to go.

    • mary beardslee

      What about all the gifts given to the oil companies? What about all the tax breaks given to corporations? Romney promised bigger and new tax breaks for corporations and huge increases in military spending that would swell their profits you fail to metion those gifts.Or should I say entitlements. Time to stop the bs about the 47% and move forward to Jobs and making our country a better place for all.

      • rocquedog

        Typical libtard response. Change the subject to Romney. It is a well known fact that atleast 51% of the population is on the dole. About half are legit the rest are lazy entitlement addicts that refuse to get jobs. Many are illegal aliens (kind of like the sicko in the WH.). It’s no wonder that so many Americans are talking Secession!!!

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear mary beardslee,

        You write: ” Romney promised bigger and new tax breaks for corporations and huge increases in military spending that would swell their profits you fail to metion those gifts.Or should I say entitlements.” You may have missed it, but the election is over.

        Best wishes,

      • jopa

        mary b;Romney is really ticked off about the gift he wanted to give himself that would have amounted to tens of millions and then he would try and portray himself as an American hero and say thanks but no thanks to his $400,000 a year presidential salary.The clueless of the Americans would say give him another four years he is working for no salary and that’s what we like.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        How about making a better life for yourself first and learn how to live in spite of the government messes. It appears that you are more preoccupied with looking to government to fix problems. No government official or agency will fix anyone’s life for them, they are only qualified to make bigger messes.

      • eddie47d

        The election cycle is never over and Bob should know that better than anyone.

  • John R. Howell

    Even after World War II ended, Stalin was openly planning another purge of his top military, and it was in all the newspapers. Shortly thereafter, Stalin died of what was
    reported as a “stomach ailment”. I laughed when I read that, because I figured his “stomach ailment” was a bullet in the belly from some group of generals who had had enough. [comment has been edited]
    John R. Howell

    • rocquedog

      //I figured his “stomach ailment” was a bullet in the belly from some group of generals who had had enough. [comment has been edited]

      • mark

        What you have written here is an appeal for the President’s assassination. I sincerely hope that you will be hearing soon from the Secret Service.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        mark, you would probably get a visit from them because you are so eager to throw another to the wolves.Better check out other character defects, treachery is the most glaring.

      • eddie47d

        You know Mark we just can’t stop the ignorant comments from the far right. Rocquedog is very typical and he is not the first to make such a hideous statement.

        • rocquedog

          The only thing “hideous” around here is the garbage that is coming out of your mouth.

        • Frank Kahn

          If you are responding to the post that you replied to, you seem to have a problem with comprehension. He was simply alluding to the fact that the persons stomach problem may have been artificially inflicted.

          And once again you are attacking the integrity of the messenger rather than responding with rational questions or rebuttal.

  • geode

    The real question is – “if and when Obama is determined/concluded by the American people to have damaged this country, in direct violation of the constitution, will there be anybody left who has the cohones to bring him and his regime to justice? Or will he have already supplanted those with his own complicit brethren/comrades?”

    • Warrior

      And I heard our favorite “crony capitalist” warren buffet has already announced his support for 2016 prez. None other than billary. Hey warren, have you found your checkbook yet? You owe the gubmint your “fair share”. Pay up dude.

      • dave s

        what most people do not know about warren buffet is that he only takes a salary of one hundred thousand dollars a year, for his role at berkshire hathaways chair position and he already made the taxpayers mad this past year when the mayor of omaha ne { democrat} wanted to put in more taxes the citizens of omaha complained buffet stated that they needed just to accept and pay the new taxes like him all the taxes he was reporting was for the capitol gains tax only, not his salary many people do not seem to understand this major difference in the tax codes

    • Gea

      Yes, there are not many Americans who would have balls to confront the treason of the newly re-elected US President who is cleraly subverting US constitution and is dancing with the enemy of US and Western civilization, the Muslim Brotherhood.

      Obama clearly stated in UN that “the future does not belong to those who “blaspheme” Islam”, I,e, to those who tell the truth that Mohamed was a pedophlie, polygamist and murderer and that teachings of Islam are a supremacist Nazi-like ideology, which does not belong to any country that respects liberty and human righgs.

      Islam must REFORM and Obama must be put behind the bars for treason of America.

    • mark

      The election is over. You lost. The Dems also have 55 senators in the Senate which makes it impeachment-proof. You need 67 votes to convict. As for the Army, the overwhelming majority of officers would never even consider a coup. It would touch off a civil war within the miitary where over 50% of uniformed personnel are minorities and women, strong supporters of the recently reelected President. Obama is particularly popular with the military rank-and-file because he pulled all U.S. troops from Iraq in 2011 and will have them all out of Afghanistan in 2014. Get over it. Obama is here until Jan. 20, 2017. On that date, we may very well have a Republican president as the political pendulum swings back and forth, as throughout all our entire history. No political triumph of either the right or the left is permanent. You will no doubt see a more traditional, Republican president in future election cycles.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Yes the election is over, your man O won. So why are you not happy with O?

      • geode

        Regardless of the election, even though it may have been fixed as we are now finding out about rampant voter fraud in Virginia and elsewhere. I don’t care if he is Democrat or whatever. What I care about is truth and justice. If he is found to have committed fraud/deceit of the American public. He needs to be brought to justice regardless of the make-up of the Senate. I hope you agree to that, because if you don’t then you are part of the problem and not a REAL AMERICAN.

    • Steve E

      During the Revolutionary War, there was only 20% of Americans that supported separation from England. There was only 10% of Americans that actually took action by joining the Army or providing other some type of support for the Revolution. So, this concludes that a small percentage can win back America.

      • Flashy

        Steve E… you are erroneous. the figures you cite are taken somewhat from a letter Pres. Adams wrote during the War when he resided in Paris for negotiations with the French. And they are taken way out of context . it’s another hyped twist by the extremists in attempting to change the reality of history. Most historians now say that about 40% supported the revolution, about 20% were Tory and trhe rest “neutral”.

        Jeesh…try researching on your own instead of relying on twsited falsehoods

      • Sol of Texas

        Flash —

        Can you please cite one or two “modern history” references?

        I was taught Adams 1/3 division was accurate, though that has been called into question suggesting Adams may have been referring to the American attitudes toward the French Revolution (but the second item below mentioned only one historian):

        I haven’t seen anything definite.

  • braindeadus

    All hail our King Obama long live the king.

    • rocquedog

      Zieg Hiel!

    • mark

      It’s actually President Obama. Kings don’t run for election or for reelection. And neither of Obama’s daughters will rule the country as queen under hereditary divine right after the President’s death.

  • mark

    Dear Bob,

    You write: “This is reminiscent of Joseph Stalin’s and Adolf Hitler’s purges and executions of top military commanders who did not toe the line — without the bullets.” Very bizarre mental gymnastics. If bullets are not used, and they have not, this action is not reminescent at all of Hitler and Stalin’s purges of their militaries. A few generals have resigned or been fired. Not tens of thousands shot or hung on piano wire after appearing before kangaroo courts on charges of mass treason.. The American generals you mention will all return to civilan life with fat pensions and benefits for the rest of their lives. They will write books critical of Obama’s foreign policy, no doubt as well, after being paid handsomely by publishers for writing them. (A couple of them may “kiss and tell” on their mistresses and make even bigger bucks in juicier accounts). The tens of thousands of slaughered military victims of communist and fascist purges never had such privileges. This constant effort to turn Obama into Hitler and/or Stalin really gets to be ridiculous after a while.

    Sincerely, mark

    • eddie47d

      Who allowed these right wingers to escape from the asylum?

      • Frank Kahn

        dont blame the liberals, the conservatives are very intelligent and sneaky, they pretended to be liberals and the liberals embraced them.

        • wheels

          And what does thhat say about the liberals intelliggence? Just lost in the dust………….

  • 3legchicken

    Read all the way to and had to stop. Was laughing so hard could’nt continue.

    • jopa

      3legs;Last week one of their sources was


    The question of truth is so uncertain since tyhis administration came to “power”. It is a scary set of cercumstanse that sees senior military leaders being demonized by the civilian commander in chief’s political appointees. “Talking points” are the words most often used to describe the words of “SPIN DOCTORS” sent out to obfuscate the facts or make the APPEARANCE OF THE FACTS FIT THE POSITION THAT IS ADVANTAGEOUS TO THE SUPPORTED BENEFACTOR OF THE SPIN.


  • T. Jefferson

    He must eliminate all who would stand against him

  • geode
  • FreedomRanger

    Does anyone remember the “Fast & Furious ” gun running scandal ? And what were the findings of the congressional investigation? The truth is it has dropped off the radar screen and the public has about the same level of interest in it as they do for last weeks weather forecast.

  • Letitia

    This is crazy. You republican phonies purporting to be such patriotic God fearing country loving conservative wonderful people. Actually talking this Racist hateful most Ungodly hypocritical talk of murdering the President. Do you see the strife and dissension you are inciting? You have hatred and wars and murders in your hearts because you did not get your way. You phonies better check yourselves.! Not amusing.

    • Gea

      Those who still support Obama, are supporting his subversion of the US Constitution and freedom of speech, in order to protect his Muslim Brotherhood, which clearly states that their goal is “:infiltrating America, destroying Western civilization from within, and establishing the only true religion of Islam to rule over others”.

      Those who still support Obama, with all the evidence of his treason of American values, both in Libya and in allowing enemies of America into the White house and giving them money (which they use for war on women and on Israel, via their terrorist proxy in Gaza), are also traitors of America. They had breen brain washed by our ever failing educational system that teaches political correctness and not how to think critically.

      Barack Hussein Obama is a traitor of America and needs to be impeached and put into prison for his cavorting with terrorists of Muslim Brotherhood, who want to destroy Western civilization, and for his subverting US Constitution.

      Islam is a supremacist ideology, similar to Nazi ideology, including its delusional Jew hatred that caused Holocaust and which Muslims would have no problem repeating in the Middle East if given a chance. Islam MUST REFORM and not be white washed by the American Muslims with the help of Barack Hussein Obama. Political correctness that is being practiced in America is very dangerous to our freedoms and sanity.

      • rocquedog

        Soon, the Imposter POTUS will declare martial law, probably as a result of massive rioting. It will morph into a civil war as Americans, the real ones, are fed up with this wannabe tyrants treasonous behavior. We The People will remember those who supported the Imposter. Just as in the first Rev. War, they too will be dealt with.

      • mark

        Dream on, or should I say, hate on. Impeachment is NEVER going to happen. Obama will be in the White House until Jan. 20, 2017. And no Mulsim Brotherhood is ever going to take over the United States. How delusional can you get! Take a pill and a nap, maybe you will get over this.

      • Flashy

        “Soon, the Imposter POTUS will declare martial law”<—roquedog

        Shhhh…he was supposed to do that before the election remember? He must have missed it on his calendar… Jeesh …

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Better that you should take a hard look at yourself because your descriptions are not of posters worth their salt.
      If there people making threats against any agencies or any people you find that they are your typical Dems/Progs/Leftists. Wisdom is sorely lacking in your particular group.

      • http://yahoo bob peters

        Obama was right to fire those generals..They are a threat to the movement..Replace them with political Generals and infest the military with blacks and Illegals so we have an army loyal to Our Presidente…We must thank the president for his wisdom to see these generals didn’t serve his best interests..America is now in safe hands away from the capitalist pigs,,Soon you will all come to realize you are in the graces of Presidente Obamas wise leadership.. There is nothing anyone can do to reverse this course ..Do you think this all happened overnight?? Think again..The party has been workiing hard over 60 years to get to the prosperity we now have…God didn’t build that,Presidente Obama did! come to realize your fates and you will be happier comrades.

      • mark

        None of this would have happened if these general could keep their pants on in the presence of married ladies while the generals themselves were away from their own wives. These guys needed a little more self-discipline. Time to practice what they themselves always preach to the rank-and-file GIs.

    • Gea

      Political correctness of the bleeding hearts activists, who had helped Barack Hussein Obama retain his failing anti-American Presidency is the major danger in America, just as German antisemitism brought Hitler into power. You are supporting Islamic terrorists of the friends of Obama, Muslim Brotherhood, whom he gave money for their war on the women in Egypt and the war against Israel, through their proxy in Gaza.

      Islam is not compatible with US Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and therefore Obama subverting the First Amendment of the US Constitution is a treason of American values and anybody who still supports Obama is a traitor of those values too. Perhaps you want to put all the American women into burkhas and all the men becoming Muslims or be beheaded, as Islam does to those who do not obey.

      Islam MUST reform and not be white washed by an US President! Read Koran and Hadith to see for yourself what Muslims are being taught by their leaders, imams and mullahs around the world Here is a summary of the Koranic teaching to help you navigate reading of the original Koran, which is a randomized jumble of verses, ordered by the length of suras, not in any way that logic demands(time line or story line), as are Hebrew Bible, Christian Bible, Bhagavat Gita, or Buddhist literature. :

      Read this Koran to understand why Obama is a traitor of America when he extolls Islam and Koran, and bowed to Saudi king whose subjects committed crimes of 9/11. If you still do not get it, then you deserve to have this Caliph-in-Chief but America must defend itself from his policies that are both Marxist and Islamist, both ideology not compatible with human life, as history teaches us, if you are willing to learn from history.

    • Frank Kahn

      Please help me, Letitia, I dont want to be ignorant. Show me the posts, that I have missed, where people are advocating the murder of Obama. That, by the way, is a federal offense, and would be swiftly dealt with by the government.

      • Kate8

        Why is it that Obama and company can commit murder and mayhem against the American (or whoever) people on a daily basis, and the outrage comes if any of us so much as THINK about reprisal.

        Personally, I wouldn’t hold it against anyone if a mob stormed the WH and dealt them their just desserts.

        Think about it. Not only to they claim the right to take any of us out for any reason, by drone or method of their choosing, but they are now detaining and drugging people for speaking out against this administration. On top of that, they’ve been abducting our children and young people for decades for horrendous purposes (around a million kids every year in the US go missing).

        Add the poisoning of our food, water and air; medical abuse; and the general treason against us through stupid laws, regulations and persecution…

        And we can’t even dream about getting rid of them?

        What a world we live in. I guess we are seeing ourselves as they see us: livestock.

        • Frank Kahn

          I did not say that some of us dont consider that option in extreme cases. It is a fact that something must be done to address the many crimes against the citizens, but it is something that we have to use the legal system to do. Advocating violence against the president is illegal so we have to put that option on a back burner.

    • eddie47d

      These right wingers are playing a very sick game Letitia. One of them threatened to kill Obama when he was out here just before the election. No different than when they encouraged the killing of abortion doctors. Then attacking gays. What’s next?

      • rocquedog

        And how many death threats did Romney get??? The tardo’s even went as far as posting some of them on Youtube!

      • Frank Kahn

        So, a little HYPERBOLE is okay if it comes from you?

        You make it sound like all right wingers encourage murder of abortion doctors. Can you name and quote the right wingers who advocated this criminal activity?

        Can you give facts about Who, When and Where SOMEONE actually threatened to kill Obama when he was here (where ever here is)? And can you prove he/she is a right winger?

  • Eagleeye

    PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR LEADERS! Then PREPARE FOR SATAN! STAND AND FIGHT! Never back down as FEMA has an Temporary bed surrounded by RAZOR-WIRE for “WE THE LEGAL LIBERTY LOVING FREEDOM FIGHTERS PEOPLE”! Once they place you in the WIRE, your breaths shall be short! For that is when WE shall PAY OUR FAIR SHARE! Is that even an option? Freedom to do as “The Father of Abraham” wishes, or SLAVERY to LIVE ON YOUR KNEES? Very soon WE ALL SHALL HAVE TO MAKE THE CHOICE! Make the wrong choice and good-bye forever. Make the right choice to stand with “The Father of Abraham” and PRAY for HIS SALVATION AND SHIELD as YOU DEFEND YOUR LIFE AND FREEDOM! I pray to choose the LATER! To keep it simple which is what we must do to WIN, “DIE STANDING AND FIGHTING” or “LIVE KNEELING AND BOWING TO SLAVERY AND DEATH”!!! FOR THEY SHALL USE DEATH AS AN DETERRENT! I prefer to die on the FREE SIDE OF THE WIRE!!!! I PRAY WE SHALL NEVER BE FORCED TO ACT TO DEFEND, yet know “The Constitution” and our founding fathers “DEMANDED IT”!!! THAT SHALL BE OUR DUTY AS FREE PEOPLE!!! GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

    • John Lilleburnes Ghost

      Go One Then You make a sacrifice of something of yours. No! Thought Not

  • wheels

    Has anybody but me noticed the fact that nobama’s rein has been filled with one controversy after another, after another. Am I surprised by this fact? Not in the least! This is what you get when the person you elect to the HIGHEST OFFICE OF THE LAND is not fully vetted so you know his background. And now it is impossible to do so as that person has spent millions of dollars to seal the records of that past! And now that person is slowly running this country into the ground and I still do not hear the question being asked, “Just who the hell are you Barry?”

    • eddie47d

      Actually not that many and then mostly out of control Conservatives lying up a storm to make headlines!

  • Kinetic1

    Mr. Livingston,
    “Or is the President purging a group of rogue commanders who were planning a coup?” “This is reminiscent of Joseph Stalin’s and Adolf Hitler’s purges and executions of top military commanders who did not toe the line” “So a sex scandal story was fabricated — or used after being held in abeyance — to try to shut him up or embarrass him. ”

    So, Bob, are you still beating your wife? All these “suppositions” are reminiscent of Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler’s propaganda minister. Is it possible that you have been paid by the far right to create doubt with twisted logic and hearsay in an effort to bring down the Obama administration following an embarrassing loss?

    This reads like a FOX news report, filled with “some say” and “it has been suggested”s. If you want to make trouble, just feed the suspicions of your readers. No facts are needed. Point out early on that General William “Kip” Ward was stripped of a star, but wait till the end to mention that he as been under investigation for over a year. Most of these readers will never get that far. They’ll be so riled up by your accusations that they’ll move right to comment! News or propaganda, which is it?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Kinetic1,

      You write: ” Is it possible that you have been paid by the far right to create doubt with twisted logic and hearsay in an effort to bring down the Obama administration following an embarrassing loss?” You have figured me out. Shhh! Please don’t tell anyone our little secret.

      Best wishes,

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Bob L., isn’t wonderful to have a sick sense of humor?

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)


      • Nadzieja Batki

        Bob L., I am surprised kinetic1 has not accused you and the Conservatives or the Libertarians or Republicans of being the source of all the troubles in America. Ahab used that accusation against Elijah so maybe the Leftists have to word this accusation differently.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Nadzieja Batki,

          You write: ” I am surprised kinetic1 has not accused you and the Conservatives or the Libertarians or Republicans of being the source of all the troubles in America.” I actually believe he has at one time or another.

          Best wishes,

    • Kinetic1

      For those of you who failed to grasp the point, I was simply reflecting Bobs use of questions to plant a thought.

      When you don’t have any proof that there is anything really going on, just offer up a suggestion. I’m not SAYING Bob is a paid operative, I was just suggesting a possible scenario, just like Bob wasn’t SAYING Obama is purging a threat, just offering it up for thought. It’s a cheep trick, but it works when those you are speaking to are already suspicious and fearful of anything and everything. Suggest a correlation to Nazis and you have a home run.

    • Kinetic1

      Nadzieja & Bob,
      Conservatives, Libertarians or Republicans the source of all the troubles in America? No, not all ;-)

      • Hedgehog

        Gee! I thought everyone in the world knew the source of all the nation’s troubles! It’s the government. Your government is the problem masquerading as the solution! Get rid of your government and all your problems will disappear. Go back to being a constitutional republic, instead of a half-a$$ed democracy. I know it sounds a bit simplistic, but remember: “The best government is the least government and the least government is no government at all!”(Thomas Jefferson (I think))

      • Kinetic1

        ” The quotation “That government is best which governs least” is often attributed to Thomas Jefferson, but without any specific source. No source is given because, as noted by Jefferson scholars and books like Not So!: Popular Myths About America From Columbus to Clinton, there is no record that Jefferson ever said it. Nor did Thomas Paine, another “Founding Father” who is sometimes wrongly credited with the quote. Henry David Thoreau did use the line in “Civil Disobedience”

  • John Kennedy

    We now live in a Dictatorship.

    • Joan

      I think you are correct saying we now live in a dictatorship country! and qho takes the credit for that!!

    • http://google brand inspector

      It has been the goal of the socialist democrats from the party’s start, of having total government control of everything. Read Blarry,s books about he admirers Karl Marx, and any other anti-American freak he could cuddle up with, any party that would endorse a questionable person of such a caliber. The same “commander” who leaves any human being, friend or foe, to be tortured, left in a building to be burnt, and bodily abused, has any empathy for USA citizens. This site is loaded with idoits who live off of everyone’s taxes and must still live with their village idoits, since they think it takes a group socialist to correct and raise someones offspring, not their parents. Think socialist/communist veiw points.

    • walter agard

      Who give you that name “John Kennedy” that is a wrong name for you.

  • AWKingsley

    I wondered about this myself. Who wouldn’t want to mutiny against Obama? All I can say about situation is that the real citizens militia all volunteer revolutionary army will certainly have lots of generals available as talent. Obama needs to start obeying the Constitution and giving American citizens respect. Over 50% of American citizens do not want to follow his orders. It is no wonder the generals balked.

    • Flashy

      “Over 50% of American citizens do not want to follow his orders.”…ummm got any hard data showing that? nawww…didn’t think so.

      • wheels

        With so many citizens in support of nobama, why have there been petitions to secede filed by all 50 states? Just wondering, Pal.

      • eddie47d

        The sore anti-American losers will try anything Wheels. Your attempt to turn defeat into victory is cheap and classical Conservative.

        • wheels

          eddie47d, if you can’t come up with real and substantial criticism of what others write, please keep your comments to yourself. Unless, and this seems to be your case, you love to see your written word in print.
          Have a great weekend.

        • Frank Kahn

          Expecting the president to tell the truth is un-American?

  • T. Jefferson

    Obama must remove any military leaders who he thinks will not support his subjugation of the American people. Look for martial law and forced confiscation of private weapons and ammo.

    • wheels

      And that has already begun with nobama and mz. clinton (not capped as neither have earned them). Both are drones of the u.n. (intentional) and the most aggressive gun control laws ever to be placed upon U. S. Citizens. And it is only the beginning of 100%
      gun control.

      • jopa

        Looks as though the “Wheels “have fallen off the wagon on the way to the loony bin.

        • wheels

          jopa, say sometine constructive or nothing at all. But just a second, that IS what most of your comments state…………..nothing!

  • Dixie Suzan Davis

    Our Ovbama is simply doing the Chicago gangster operation. You threaten statutory extortion to gain compliance. The threat of using the law to compell someone to do what you want. The Mafia did this routinely. You want the bank director to launder the money. He won’t. You let him know that $100,000 has been embezzled from hsi bank by your boys. All the Mafia insiders will swear under oath and present fabricated evidence that the bank director did it all. Witnesses aplenty and evidence to boot. 20 years in prison using the law. BUT if he launders the Mafia money the $100,000 will be replaced. He will receive a fee for laundering the money. No crimes of embezzlement occurred and he gets rich. A offer he can’t refuse. It’s called statutory extortion.
    So Our Obama gets dirt on everybody but doesn’t use it. He saves it for when the leverage is needed. Then the folks toe the line. By the way adultery is prosecutable for those in military service under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. It is a crime. Those in the military with little dalliances here and there with the Obama offical authorized courtesans can be blackmailed. By Obama, forget the foreign governments.

    • wheels

      This is the only way a slime-ball from Chi-town knows how to be a politician. And the longer he stays, the worse it will get until the only one left will be king nobama stiitling on his slimy throne with a slimy little smile on his face. And where might all his “friend” be, you ask? Dishonored, in jail, waiting to be sentenced to jail, disowned and completely forgotten by “his highness”. But what else could you expect from a CHICAGO STYLE HOOD!!

      • eddie47d

        Who’s behind your Mafia training.. Wheels?

  • Catherine (@VictorsDaughter)

    You can argue details all you want. it is obvious that this president is an imposter, a stooge that is being used, and is implementing the end of the Republic as we know it. ALL SHOULD HEAR RON PAUL’S “FAREWELL SPEECH.” I hadn’t listened to Ron Paul at any great length before, but he nailed it.

    We either protect our liberties guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, or we become part of a One World Order. I do not want that for my children. 620,000,000 voters (of which many cast were fraudulent) are blind, deaf and dumb to this “liar in chief.” And so anxious to rid government and its people of our God. It’s no wonder that we are in chaos. This was all foretold, and if souls don’t turn around, and recognize the gift that this country was from the very beginning, and get their arrogant heads out of their asses, it’s going down, and fast. And I mean, to hell, because that is what it will be like, if we lose our freedom. (Hmmm, free will, that’s a gift from God also.) I hate to say it, but those who choose to keep the blinders on, will get what they deserve. Hell. A God-less world.

  • Joan

    I think Obama wants his military!!!!

  • Jack

    Did any of you bother to check the Tigerdroping and GRU sites that Mr. Livingston cites
    as sources for his story?

    If you had you would see that Tigerdropping was reporting a “RUMOR” that the guy heard while GRU, an obvious nut job site, said in an October 28th posting that people in the Kremlin had said that Obama was purging people because he was afraid of a military
    over through of our government.

    Really Mr. Livingston, why do you stoop this so low in your efforts to bash Obama?

    • http://google brand inspector

      Jack, either you have ur nose and ears inserted some where but it isn’t in the real world. Obama can not tell the truth on what he has supposedlt done for this country. No jobs, except in worth government agencies, who inflict 70 new regulations on businesses and citizens 24/7. That is unless you are ward of the government or a generational welfare shulb. No wonder blacks and other”minorities” vote for the maddrass educated marxist and socialist democrats for more freebies, they are just to damn lazy to work like taxpayers have to!

      • eddie47d

        Your BRAND is pathetic, I’d rather buy generic than the swill you are peddling!

        • Frank Kahn

          wow, eddie47d, so many personal attacks in rapid succession, I am proud of you. It might be your personal best at attacking the messenger instead of confronting the message.

  • Deborah

    Our political process has become so deluted and intangled through our politicians they don’t even have a clue anymore. All they exude is ambition and power. If you think any of them care a fig about the people you better look closer. It’s doesn’t take a genuis to figureout what our problems as a country are and even where to start to fix them, but if it doesn’t fit our politicians agenda then they feign bewilderment or out right indifference and make out as if nothing could ever done. When any of them talk about cuts not many even talk about cuts that would make a real differnece & that won’t hurt Americans. It’s all a stage and they’re all actors pulling the wool over the peoples eyes with tricks and magic shows. While we fight amongst ourselves their running amok and doing all kinds of wonderful things that will only destroy us, more regulations, more usless laws. It’s the people who need to quit attacking each other and start working together. After all everything they do only seems to hurt us more. Don’t fool yourself; it’s all of them. They are laughing at us while we are at each others throats. Control, control, control.

  • Tom Daily

    Hey Galt boy – I strongly suggest a thesaurus and dictionary – your spelling is simply not up to the task, nor is your concept of reality. I wish no reply.

  • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

    David Petraeus was set up, in the same way Clinton was set up. This may be nothing more then a distraction as a way to keep us busy foraging in the media’s garbage bin, while the political crooks and psychopaths carry out their plans out of sight. On the other hand, our President Mussolini could be getting worried about the military turning on him, which wouldn’t be such a bad thing. One thing’s for sure, this has nothing to do with the trumped-up accusation of marital infidelity, and more then likely, everything to do with our Fascist President’s continued desire to give us more of his “hope and change”! Hmm, yummy, can’t wait! Hail to the President! So far, and to his credit, he has kept his word, and carried it out to the letter. You have to admire a man that means what he says, and says what he means, and does what he said he would do. And contrary to what his accusers say; this man is not a liar, as his actions thus far, clearly prove. No no, he promised he would take this country in a new direction, and he did. He promised that the best is yet to come, and i believe him. In fact, i believe him so much, i have my soup-bowl ready, and have been practising my line; “please, sir, could i have some more”?

  • Charles Johnson

    I’ve got a question. How is it that the military has no right to tell a homosexual to behave while in the service but can fire even the highest ranking for adultery. I see a very wierd double standard here.

    • Kinetic1

      What military are you talking about? The military was instructed to accept homosexuals into the services, but there was no change to the rules of conduct.

      • eddie47d

        Conservative logic doesn’t exists!

        • Frank Kahn

          Really? nobody that is politically conservative has any logic? Amazing how only the liberals have logic in this country.

      • Charles Johnson

        Try again. Don’t ask don’t Y(T)ell was you have to accept them in. The new rules say they can be actively sexual while serving.

      • Frank Kahn

        Actually, Kinetic1, there is a major change in the code of conduct. Article 125 of the UCMJ specifically prohibits sodomy and bestiality. Sodomy is defined, in part, as same sex penetration (homosexual sex). To, openly, allow homosexuals in the military and not prohibit their sex lives is a violation of the UCMJ. This would require, either removing article 125, or rewriting its definition of Sodomy. There is an attempt to remove it in the National Defense Authorization Act. I am not sure about it having passed or not at this time. Without changing the UCMJ, there would indeed be an inability of the military to enforce the current code of conduct on homosexuals.

    • nabiru

      You see Charles this is what happens when homosexuals taking over the leadership of a country. All of a sadden hetrosexul conduct becomes taboo. But homosexuality is OK.

  • Ranchman

    So, why is it that the one commenter, who goes by “Galt” always replies to others comments, never having an original thought of his own? And his replies to others are, without exception, always rude, insulting and demeaning. Why is that as well? Where do his insecurities lie? Or is he trying to overcompensate for a lack of something, and if so, what might that be? Guesses, anyone?

    • Frank Kahn

      He has an over-inflated ego, he believes he is more intelligent and on a higher moral plain that all the rest of us. He is delusional in that respect, which is what drives his megalomaniacal tendencies in his mannerisms towards the rest of us.

  • Bimbam

    Being on the top brass is not extremely dangerous. This is what happens when you put in an unqualified street agitator who has NO BUSINESS IN THAT OFFICE!

    He does not belong there and he is having a corrupting infuence on everything to the point that NOBODY CARES THAT SHOULD BE CARING!

    The left should not be in any business of authority from civil to government to schools and especially to the military. GET THEM OUTTA THERE! None of them belong there.

    Many liberals need psychiatric help as they are deranged people who love to see human misery and suffering.

    The reason why most people don’t realize this is they don’t act deranged. But their actions speak volumes of it and they simply suspending their disbelief much to their own demise. But by that time it is too late.

    A good example is Hurricane Sandy.

    • Kinetic1

      If this is your way of demonstrating what deranged and out of touch looks like, you’re doing a great job.

      • Bimbam

        It’s funny how liberals get abosolutely terrified when I tell them they must be removed from positions of authority.

        They know they are a teeny-tiny minority and they need the reigns of control that conservatives have built up for the people to control.

        Liberals cannot create any positions of authority themselves because people will not accept them. They will soon out themselves when they bring human misery and destruction.

        So they must STEAL them from conservatives and the right like the way obama and obamanites did with the recent election.

        So, I’m gonna give Kinecit a big scare again. WE MUST REMOVE ALL LIBERALS FROM POSITIONS OF POWER AND PUT THEM IN PYSCHATRIC WARDS, where we can observe them as warning to our kids.

      • Rob (StGeorge) Manwiller

        The simple equation : Galt + Kinetic1 = Hopelessly Ignorant supported by blind faith.

      • Rob (StGeorge) Manwiller

        Bimbam, to liberals, it’s all about ‘winning’ and as in ‘arguments and elections’ and the ‘power’ that they feel it has. When they lose an argument they chande the subject and get pissy and demeaning. They could give a damn about America the way it was founded and it’s original worth. They will blame conservatives for their own misgivings and failed policies. Their ‘Humpty Dumpty’ moral compasses are broken, never to be fixed again by their own choices.

      • Rob (StGeorge) Manwiller

        Oops! “chande” = “change”. But to continue a final thought here – liberals and the Obama zombies have no clue what this Marxist dictator is about to wield upon them and America. No clue whatsoever. They will learn a hard lesson. Whether they’ll actually blame themselves is doubtful.

  • Jan

    Just a word to the Galt weary. Some people just like to hear themselves talk(or read their own written word). I think he’s harmless, if not boring. His heart is in the right place.

    • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

      Who’s Galt?

  • WhiteRabbit

    In the 1960′s “Anti-racists” forced ALL and ONLY white countries to open their borders to non-white immigration. Then “Anti-racists” forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face consequences for being “naziswhowanttokill6millionjews.” Now “Anti-racists” are calculating that ALL and ONLY white children will become minorities and eventually EXTINCT. If “Anti-racists” did this to ALL and ONLY black countries, it would be called a genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

  • Jim Wright

    For those who may remember, this is the same kind of thing that went on with Pres. Clinton, Sec Def Aspen and the whole Black Hawk Down episode. Clinton and Aspen didn’t send reinforcements and heavy weapons to the situation because it “would send the wrong message”. So brave service men DIED. Now Mr. Obama refused to send help and an Ambassador and three other brave men died while he and his staff watched on live video sent from an armed drone over head while he refused to aid the men again because it would send the wrong message that our enemies that he said were defeated were alive and well.

  • Jim

    Those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Remember the night of the long knives?

  • Carl Manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis

    The latest word is that 16 generals or admirals have been relieved of their command in this new administration. Could it be that Obama’s Communist handlers sauch as Valerie Jarrett who has “vowed revenge” in the 2nd term are preparing to install their own Communist generals and admirals in key positions of US military power to thwart and suppress a possibly planned coup against these psychopaths and to cement their control of martial law when they utterly destroy the economy???

  • Thinking About

    Are you saying to overlook the short comings of our military top brass just because they are the top brass? There rules and as leaders they should be setting the example of a leader and not one who takes privileges not becoming to an officer of the military.

  • RevNowWhileWeCan

    It’s well known in the “intelligence community” that Petraeus was/is unfaithful and that was also known to the SCOTUS that confirmed him as director. That said, the question should be, with all of this “old news” why is it coming to the forefront now and why is an obvious purge taking place?
    Also, why is THIS front page news that military men are unfaithful when the MIC is supplying terrorists and WWIII may be starting with the criminal Israeli Zionists picking on Gaza yet again? The cognitive dissonance by the MSM of it’s super coverage of the former and it’s intentional ignoring of the latter is appalling!

    • rocquedog

      Most Americans support Israel. Anyone who is against Israel better pucker up!! They only wish to live in peace as opposed to Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah. To go against Israel, you go against God and side with those ragheads that wish to annihilate anyone that isn’t Muslim.

      • Gea

        Politically correct college educated bleeding hearts Americans have been so brain washed that they accept any lie as truth from the Arabs, while denying truth from Israel and Jews. Arabs had become masters of propaganda, which is taught by Qur’an as taqiyya, a Muslim obligation to lie when living among non-Muslims (Kafir as non-Muslims are called as a derogatory term, because Kafir is a lower being than Muslims).

        Islam is a supremacist ideology, similar to Nazi ideology, including its delusional Jew hatred, which led to Holocaust in WWII (which Muslims deny) and which Muslims would have no problem committing again by wiping out Israel from the face of the earth, as Ahmedinijad recommends to his death to the Jews screaming Muslim mobs.

        Those rockets falling on the 1/3 of territory of Israel may have been paid for by US taxpayers, courtesy of Barack Hussein Obama, who gave his Muslims Brotherhood $1,600 millions for their war on women and on Israel. Way to go BIG Brother Obama!

    • tlgeer

      “It’s well known in the “intelligence community” that Petraeus was/is unfaithful and that was also known to the SCOTUS that confirmed him as director. That said, the question should be, with all of this “old news” why is it coming to the forefront now and why is an obvious purge taking place?”

      Because it came to the forefront because he was being threatened (Patraeus).

    • Frank Kahn

      So, RNWWC, Israel RETALIATING against the ILLEGAL, IMMORAL and GENOCIDAL Palestinians is ILLEGAL? If Palestinians dont want Israel kicking their butts, they should shut up, sit down and stop antagonizing them. Israel owns that land, have for thousands of years, any claim by the Muslim extremists to the contrary is pure BS.

      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        Israel has been overtaking more land than what was partitioned to them in 1948. They break their own laws as well as international laws. You won’t get the Palestinian side of the story here in the west. The true story doesn’t fit with US/Israeli policy. Israel fights for conquest and not “self-defense” like your T.V.’s tell you. The will of the world is for Palestine to be a free and recognized state! I know this is true because the US/Israeli controlled UN will not let a vote come to the UN floor without threats of pulling monetary aide from those countries whom would support a vote. When ashing why they would do that, the answer is quite clear. Also, to those who say the Palestinians hide behind women and children. That is false! The Palestinian people have NO air force, navy or and armed forces as does Israel! They live and walk freely in their ever shrinking land and have nowhere to hide. They are with their families when brutally attacked because there is nowhere else to be and like any human being, they wish to be with their families when facing desperate times! The Zionist regimes that rule Israel and here in the US are the most brutal and dishonest in the world! The very act of using nationalism/patriotism to kill is against the foundation of every great religion in the world. End Zionism! BTW Frank and all that support the Zionist regime. Your indoctrination is appalling and to use anti-semitism and other “Jew hating” argument as justification for war again proves your naivety and reaffirms the people of the worlds position!

        • Frank Kahn

          You need to read the Bible and check the map again, the House of Israel owns 20 times the amount of land they currently occupy, and the Palestinians are not a nation, they are a group of muslims that pretend to be one.

      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        The Zionist’s themselves promote anti-semitism for the purpose of bringing Jews back “home to the motherland”. Again Frank, et al, turn off you T.V.’s and look for yourselves please.

        • Frank Kahn

          That is an invalid argument for indiscriminate killing of civilians with rockets and suicide bombers. What the terrorist Palestinians are doing is wrong and Israel should kick their criminal butts back to the dark ages. The “Zionists” are the people in power, the ruling class, they are not the common citizens that are being killed by the terrorists. The only way you can justify this attack on Israel is if you are a part of the fringe occult that Charlie belongs to, and believe that the citizens of the nation of Israel are not actually from the house of Judah (Jews).

      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        If you had 10 acres of land and I came in, killed some of your family then offered you 1 acre what would you say? I have looked at maps. There was no “Israel” before 1947. There only exist’s an Israel because the “winners” gave them a land. I put a picture of a map here for your viewing. Now tell me again who is the aggressor?

        • rocquedog

          Yo’ tardo! Read your history!! This land belonged to the Jewish people almost 4,000 yrs. ago. Only when the Babylonians invaded and disspersed the Jews, did they not actually have possession of it. Just because a bunch of “homesteaders” moved in while they were gone, is there the problems that we are witnessing today. Then the Israelies gave the “homesteaders” the Gaza strip but they then allowed themselves to become inflitrated with the pigscum referred to as Hamas that was only interested in destroying Israel. The Jews need to go in their and level the strip and take back their land for good.

        • Frank Kahn

          The land was give to the Nation of Israel (the people) by God. He gave it to them for eternity, no time limit. What the Jews (Zionists) did, was to take back what was rightfully theirs. Palestine is a term used for the area, not necessarily as a nation. By inference you might say that the ancient Israelis were actually Palestinians.

  • joyce

    Whoever galt is, he seems to have made this discussion about him r/t the issue. What a shame that one egomaniac can ruin an interesting discussion.

    • rocquedog

      Simple, succinct and accurate. No BS unlike the drivel that G puts out.

  • jeanniemac

    Would-be dictators first deprive citizens of weapons. tThen they purge the military of top officers who might stage a coup to remove the dictator.

    • Rob (StGeorge) Manwiller

      “We, the people…and our citizen militia do not need the military to ‘remove’ a dictator. He will not get the guns. That’s all I’ll say for now.

      • tlgeer

        “He will not get the guns. That’s all I’ll say for now.”

        He hasn’t tried to.

  • George Smiley

    One has to believe there is more than meets the eye in these situations. General Patraeus served his counrty his entire life and lived a life of high standards. Our President has had questionable affiliations. Reverend Wright for example. Bill Ayers for another two men very much against the ideals of America. Something is up. We have got to regain control of our country. Lest we forget that this country was founded by the people for the people. Government is supposed to serve us not the other way around.

  • T. Jefferson

    He must eliminate those who may rally the troops against him

  • Mikey

    God bless these men for their service to the country and not. Comrades obama and soros.I wish hackworth was still alive

  • ilyas

    are you talking of Congo, Ruanda etc or US?
    Petraeus had a very questionable approach to wars in Iraq/Af-Pak. He is regarded as a war-criminal in these areas/Asia. He may have been a good Director CIA. As regards the scandal, that was his personal matter. He salvaged some reputation by resigning despite the Ben Ghazi Albatross!

  • Janet Thomas

    There are a good variety of comments here but after 30+ years as a military wife..I’ve tried to connect the dots of what we now know about the Bengazue happening. There are too many cover-ups ,tip of the iceberg statements.I see somewhat of a parallel with the Fast & Furoius guns to Mexico., If the US was transporting guns to the rebel Libyans, did the Al Quada’s react by massacring the Ambassador & 3 others ? The navy could not respect the order to ‘stand down’ for they don’t leave a comrade in such danger. Some other heads may roll but there’s not the truth coming out yet. The media can help by keeping this situation before the public

    • CaroleAnn

      Janet I agree with you, we just do not know enough yet about the situation.

  • Tom

    Due to Petraeus’s past actions he was a perfect target for a “honey pot” operation against him ;and the other woman Paula Broadwell, the deputy director of the Jebsen Center is a specialist in “black ops”. Also lest we forget the assassination attempt of General Martin Dempsey in Afghanistan!

  • Robert Myles

    When you want the upper echelon’s of the Military to pledge allegience to you the POTUS over the oath taken to protect the country and our constitution, then you remove by any means possible those that refuse to do so. Avery typical Dictator wanna bee’s moves and Obama is a 3rd world dictator wannabee if i ever saw one. He will if allwoed take this country down to the level of a meaningless 3rd world banana republic. Queen Moochee has been spending the People’s Money as fast as the fed can print it for her lavish vacation’s and if you expect these 2 to leave the whitehouse peacefully in 4 yr’s you are indeed living in a dream world

  • joe

    No democratic president ever won a war . ww 2 was won buy russia .

  • Rob1931

    All the above bickering was not worth reading – please purge the list. Rob1931


    something wierd is going on. In about a year and a half,,many navy seales and special opt meilitary killed. CIA captured, moreleaks in the last year of our top secrets than in the history of the U.S. and generals getting the boot or demoted .

  • MasterBlaster

    All of you bleeding hearts out there, get used to the fact that as long the current administration is in power we, the people, will not be told the truth. Have ya’ll forgotten the last four years? Racist Holder getting away with F&F and protecting the New Black Panthers; that senator from NY, what’s-his-name, who embezzled funds and lied about his earnings…oh, yeah, Charlie Rangel; and, of course, the Benghazi caper. America voted for it, at least half of it did, so bite the bullet and live with it. By the looks of things, things ain’t gettin no better even after 2016…Ms Hilary is paving her road to the presidency, and more than likely the American people will vote her in. Next is a Latino president, who will probably be an illegal immigrant; and why not, America elected an alleged not-natural-born person to the White House…viva la raza!!

    • rocquedog

      Yo’ Raza retard! Just one thing that is going to stop all of this. Civil War and it’s coming to a neighborhood near you.

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