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What You Can Expect In This Election

November 5, 2012 by  

What You Can Expect In This Election

I am always excited to be able to contribute to Personal Liberty. I received an article last week from my friend Wallace Streete and I felt that I should share it with you, because I don’t think I could have put it any better. Here is what Streete had to say:

I’m really shocked that we haven’t seen more garbage along with this election, and I can’t help but think that we’re going to see it all at once.

I remember Tim Young having covered it in the past, because he seemed to think that the Occupy people were set up to scare folks in order to get people. I’m not going to lie to you; I thought they would, too. Let me tell you why.

There are some real bad people in this world. Now, I know what you’re saying, “They’re here in America, too.” You’re right.

People who run socialist parties and organizations will do anything to create dictatorships and keep their guys in office.

We have definitely seen this in Iran, and I have witnessed it personally in Russia and South America.

Do you think people actually like Hugo Chavez? Do you think that presidents can keep extending their legal terms of office without it bothering the people in their nations?

All of this is set up. I’m not saying that’s what is going on in America, because I’m not a conspiracy guy; I’m a fact guy. But I will say that you should pay close attention to everything that’s about to go down in the next few weeks.

If ever there was a time for you to be prepared, it would be now.

What happens if Mitt Romney wins? What happens if Barack Obama wins? Are you ready for everything?

Let’s take a look at what has happened around the world. Think about the Arab Spring. What happened there? Do you think organizations randomly ended up with enough weapons and support to overthrow the governments there?

If you haven’t already, get prepared and be prepared for that first full week of November.

You’re running out of time, and you need to act now.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but something will more than likely happen.

Have you seen pictures of the riots in Spain? Those people suddenly hate their government. Out of the blue, they got up and stormed the streets demanding that all government officials step down.

The same things happen all the time in South America. I have been through too many to count. They all revolve around elections.

Sometimes, they fizzle out. (I’m shocked that Occupy Wall Street fizzled the way it did.) Sometimes, they pick up pace like they did in the Mideast. But after each and every one, there is damage and gridlock and there could always end up being a police state.

Look at how everything is being charged up in this American election.

There’s the classic race card that is being played.

I don’t understand why you can automatically be called a racist if you didn’t support the President (other than for the purpose of making people angry and hateful toward one another). See how that is taking one small thing and turning it into something huge? Do you think that’s done for a reason? I do.

In the Mideast, issues of religion were brought up to anger masses of people. In the United States, people don’t care about religion as much, but they do care about race. See how that works?

Remember the Rodney King riots? They were race-related.

I can’t conclusively say something will happen. But from my experience, I just think a major storm is brewing, and we need to be ready for it.

Also, look at places around this Nation where gun-control laws are up and running. They have been tightened more and more over the past four years. Why? What would be the purpose of that? Crime is on the rise in major cities as more and more laws about owning guns go into effect. It just doesn’t make sense. Or does it?

Like I said, I don’t want to scare you. I just want to bring to your attention the things that could happen here.

You’ve seen the news, and you’ve probably even seen things with your own two eyes. And what you have been presented as bad is probably only the very tip of the iceberg of things that could go wrong.

So what are you going to do about it?

First, I say if you believe in it, you should go vote for the candidate you think should be President. You need to stand up in the face of all of this potential opposition and make a difference in this country. Not everyone in the world has the right to vote in elections, so take advantage of it.

Second, you need to be ready to be on the move just in case. As I have said many times before, you just never know when crisis can strike, but you can have a reasonable idea of situations when it is more likely. Election Day is one of them.

I have already voted early in my home State, and am going to be out of the country for the actual election on Tuesday. I’ll be on a beach in Morocco working out a couple of deals that I have with some international businesses I work with, so I’ll be clear of everything. But for some of you who can’t get out that far, you might want to make sure you have a plan to maybe even take a small drive to the countryside. You know — just in case.

I know that you all are ready for anything, so I’m sure your families will be safe. I just want to make sure you’ve got your head in the game.

Again, I’m no conspiracy guy; I just have a lot of life experience: a lot of government experience and a lot of “world crumbling around me in elections” experience.

Tim Young

is the Managing Editor at Absolute Rights and has been featured on Fox News, Forbes, and The London Daily Telegraph. You can see Tim's latest work by clicking here.

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  • Warrior

    And the “psychopath n chief” wants all his fellow comrades to go out and get their “revenge”? Some leadership qualities this fraud exhibits. Americans should be outraged by this entire progressive regime.

    • eddie47d

      You don’t hide your extremism Warrior and its in your face 24/7. You have been seeking that revenge even before Obama was elected and your posts continually prove it. I’m “outraged” by much that you have to say but with some of you that is the new normal.If you think the Bush regime was great or that a new Romney regime will save you then you will be the one who is sadly mistaken.I know you will feel better if Romney is elected but will the country be any better? Romney has already made numerous promises he either can’t keep or has little control over. The system has to change how the bankers operate and that hasn’t improved much in close to 100 years. Banks to Romney are the “useful idiots” Barb Winters and he has helped make them more powerful. So are you ready to do battle with them and the Federal Reserves?

      • momo

        eddie47d says: “If you think the Bush regime was great or that a new Romney regime will save you then you will be the one who is sadly mistaken.I know you will feel better if Romney is elected but will the country be any better?”

        I don’t know if the country will be any better, but could it be any worse? Only if Obama wins. He’s proven what he could do, with Romney we’ll go to hell a little slower.

      • Wil

        Interesting comments coming from the party of the NBKKK, OWS and all the other groups already threatening riots and disruptions when their puppet Obama loses.

  • Barb Winters

    If Romney wins, and he will, let BO and his idiot followers try something. We are ready for them.

  • http://google gary gerke

    Let’s face it, the US has an divided like never before, we have become an us and them society. The government fears an uprising in protest no matter which person wins, there will be civil unrest even before the final results are made public. The civil unrest is not about a black man or white man, it is about idealogies. Not to long ago the Black panther leadership promised America that 2012 was the tear of the bullet….sounds like a threat to me.

    Recently, the government has provided drones to the civil authorities in stategic areas of the country, I believe this is a knee jerk reaction to monitor these potential hot spots should massive civil unrest break out.

    The US has around 90-million gun owners, I would assume that this is the largest un-standing army in the world, the government fears this, the UN fears this. They know that Americans will take only so much, eventually, if driven hard enough they will dig their heels in and say enough is enough.

    • eddie47d

      The “knee jerk reaction” is bringing up the Black Panthers who have few members and little power. They advocate from poverty and have no control over our basic economy…..The one run by the Federal Reserves. The controllers are the Banksters,the Wall Street cronies and the Washington Elites. The Black Panthers have less voice in any of those groups than you do. If you want change then go after those Elites who dominate the ups and downs of our economy. They are the ones who effect your everyday living.

      • http://speedle speedle

        Eddie, you are wrong as usual. The “power” emanates from the mainstream media and its treatment of public events and causes. That is why the idiotic “occupy Wall Street” movement received so much attention while the Tea Party movement (100 times larger) received only negative press when it received anything at all. Until we have a non corrupt non biased media there will be no reconciliation.

      • Ted Crawford

        You refer to the relatively small size of the Black Panthers, while studiously ignoring the fact that they, like Mao Tse-Tung, Ron Bloom and Anita Dunn believe that “power comes, largely, from the barrel of a gun” ! That fact alone extends their ability to “influence” the outcome of most situations to hughly exaggerated proportions!

      • eddie47d

        Oh Please Ted Crawford and Speedle “Its the economy stupid” as someone once said. Who really controls the economy? Once again I am right and you are blowing smoke. Now Ted tell the Conservatives to look in the mirror if “power comes from the barrel of a gun” then you have the future of America all wrapped up not those other dudes. Who has possession of those 180 million weapons that citizens brag about and want to” shed alittle blood for freedom.” Hmmm!

      • http://speedle speedle

        Eddie, you have just written several lines and said absolutely nothing, and completely ignored the relevant facts of the discussed subject. You are simply resorting to the “blame Bush” faulty tactic, and like the political clowns that rely on said excuse for their failures you will be proven wrong as well.

      • Wil

        Eddie,you did bring up one point I agree with,it is the economy,but rather than blame the bankers for merely trying to protect themselves,or blame the businesses for waiting to see what happens rather than spend their money creating jobs that might be shut down before they’re even started,it is exactly why we need to get the Dems, job-destroying regulations and all,out of the way so the free-market system can bring the economy back up.

      • eddie47d

        Don’t be so naive Wil and Speedle. It was the lack of regulations that gave the Banksters a free pass in doing what they wanted to. How did those fancy deals and schemes work out for you and this country? Regulations my rear!

      • Nobody’s Fool

        eddie47d, those elites to whom you refer are the oBlamers who have cost this country, just for their upkeep for four years, an average of $1.4 billion, that’s with a B, all at taxpayer expense. This includes their secret service for all their vacations, the extra plane they had fly their dog to their vacation spot, the 13 friends that Malia took to Mexico on her spring break (along with 28 Secret Service to guard all the little darlings), the 500 best and closest friends that Moochelle took to Spain with her and all their support staff, the more than 100 rounds of golf that oBlamer has played, etc. It does NOT include the onerous and backbreaking expense of oBlamercare or any of the other legislation and 900+ Executive Orders, the czars that answer to nobody but oBlamer and are exempt from the balance of power established by our Constitution, the homosexual Supreme Court Justices he has appointed that will always vote to murder babies and old people, etc. How you commies can stomach all this treachery, I don’t know. Oh wait, you’re commies, that’s how.

    • Elevenarrows

      Gary, I hope you are right that Americans will only take so much, but unfortunately, from what I’m hearing and seeing from the general populace, Americans appear to be apathetic and complacent. I have seen the food stamp grabbin’ transcend racial lines. I have yet to meet anyone that is enthusiastic about either major candidate. I say “major” because most Americans blindly embrace what MSM tells them: that we only have two candidates. I have seen good, conservative people who, in the past, would have scoffed at Romney being anything remotely resembling a “conservative”, now begging others to vote for this man who will “save” America.

      I just don’t think most Americans will stand up for right or the Constitution or their freedoms. Let’s be realistic, aren’t these the same people who meekly line up for airport molestation? Aren’t these the same people obediently filing papers for gun ownership? Aren’t these the same people looking the other way while UN representatives monitor our election process to ensure it is “fair”?! Aren’t these the same people who have never written their congressmen demanding impeachment of a constitutionally-unfit leader?!

      Some of us shout from the rooftops, write our representatives (the term seems laughable), fax the White House, canvass neighborhoods for constitutional candidates, and teach our children what the Constitution REALLY says. Some of us refuse to allow the government to brainwash our children through their “schools”…and at great personal sacrifice, I might add. Nope—I just don’t see most Americans being willing to do ANYTHING other than fuss about the systematic destruction (I mean, transformation) of America. May God have mercy on us despite the sins of our nation.

      • http://google gary gerke

        You are one of the few that truly understands where the US is and where it is going!

      • momtokippy

        So right you are. I am one of those people who fights for the constitution and teached my kids about liberty but I know few who do.

      • Motov

        You have certainly nailed that one squarely, as long as we the people say it is ok to shred the constitution, we get what we deserve, We should be in the reporter’s faces screaming “Where’s our rights?”, We should be occupying Washington DC with copies of the Constitution demanding the removal TSA, the Feds, etc. And stopping our run-away spending. We should demand action instead of lip service. Instead we sit in our homes and complain as if that alone will do anything.
        Meanwhile the bankers take over the world by continuing their puppet shows.

    • Patriot

      The American people will go about their business as usual, there will always be a couple of knuckleheads regardless! We are a strong people, we will be civil, but, we cannot predict what some of these elitist politicians or others might incite! Ignore the noise!

      • Ted Crawford

        While I understand your position, and wish to believe that we still have time to respond, I can’t help but wonder, “is this the same beliefs that restrained the Citizens of Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome?” Clearly they waited far too long to respond to, what today is, the obvious collapsing of their Societys!

      • http://google gary gerke

        Ignore the noise???????? That is America’s problem, we have ignored for decades that is the reason we are where we are! Broke as a nation… morally distitude and at each others throats each others throat. We need to hear the noise and act upon it!!!!!!1

  • Cliffystones

    So, a beach in Morocco is “clear of everything”? You must know something the rest of us don’t .

    • Ted Crawford

      It at least, depending on where ones assets are located, can provide some maneuvering room!

  • http://none ron

    To Bob,
    You said in this article..
    “Also, look at places around this Nation where gun-control laws are up and running. They have been tightened more and more over the past four years. Why? What would be the purpose of that? Crime is on the rise in major cities as more and more laws about owning guns go into effect. It just doesn’t make sense. Or does it?”

    Well Bob , this is crap. This is not true. This is fear mongoring.
    Anyone that has been following the legislation of Obama knows that gun restrictions have “EASED” under Obama for hunters carrying guns in their cars and also for “carry permits between states” for people that have permits to carry a firearm on their person.

    • http://google gary gerke

      You my friend, are not keeping up with the true facts about the Obama and hillery Clinton stealthy move to eventually abolish the second amendment US. Now, before you start calling me names as most liberals do, do your research and get back yo me!

      • http://none ron

        I’ve done the research. It is false.
        It was a unique way for rand paul to scare a bunch of people and sucker them into contributing money to him.
        You can check the congressional ledger and you can also google the united nations and read it yourself.
        The U.S. position is that whatever the U.N. comes up with that it must not in any way violate the 2nd Ammendment of the U.S. and it is in writing.(documented)
        It has mostly to do with the illegal international arms trading.
        We don’t have too many illegal international arms traders in the U.S.
        We have hundreds of gun laws in the U.S. , most of them local.
        The states have only recently begun to come together on gun laws ( easing restrictions)and I’m sure it will move forward.
        Rand Paul and Dudely Brown got together and cooked up “The National Association for Gun Rights and they are making a killing (monetarily) from it.
        Romney is the one that is afraid of people having guns. Guns scare romney to the point of constipation. He will end up being the 2nd ammendments worst nightmare if he wins the election.
        The Obama administration has actually “eased” restrictions on gun owners in the area of transport and carry permits.

        • http://google gary gerke

          That is a falsehood, Hillary signing the SMALL arms treaty certainly puts the UN in charge of the second amendment! We now have the UN at our voting polls, we have UN troops in the US training for riot control including Russian troops!!!!!!

          • http://none ron

            Look it up.
            Copy and paste it on here for everyone tor read.

      • David

        Thanks Gary, you are absolutely correct.

      • Ted Crawford

        Interesting that you should reject this Ron! Most Progressives applaud it as a necessary step on their Great March towards their “Promise Land”! Ah-La, Plato. More, Hobbs and Marx!

        • http://none ron

          Just so you know, I owned my own business for 22 years.(molds & fixtures-auto industry)
          Made real good money when Clinton was president.
          Started losing money the day george took office in january. Lost contracts that week. Somebody knew some things that I was evidently not aware of.
          The bleeding never stopped and i retired out in 07′.
          I’m a gun person and supporter of the 2nd ammendment.
          The devil is in the actual “details” and not somebody’s opinion or heresay. And if you think people are “grabbing” rights from you it sure as hell is not Obama. It would be the Rothchilds, the Rockefellers, The Bilderbergs and the likes of those.
          Every president takes his marching orders from the elite of the world.
          Anyone who believes that the American president is the most powerful man in the world has not done his homework.

      • Ted Crawford

        There is one probable cause for the lose of Contracts you refer to, if, as you imply, their lose was related to the election of Bush. They were, almost certainly related, either directly or indirectly, to Governments spending!
        I looked at the risk-reward equation regarding Government contracts and decided to decline to become involved!

      • eddie47d

        Gary he is not “absolutely correct” and once AGAIN that falls at the feet of G Bush who allowed UN election observers within the US in 2000 and 2004. Love it or leave it or go to where it originated but stop blaming the other guy for something he didn’t start. Some people actually think Obama brought us the Iraq War . Some think he brought us the Afghanistan War. Some think he brought us the economic collaspe. Some think he brought us the Patriot Act. Some think he brought us the TSA. Wrong on all accounts! Once the cat is out of the bag the original person is responsible for what they endorsed and what they brought down on the heads of the American people,Regardless if they continue. Obama doesn’t get a free pass on it yet it was Bush that put him between a rock and a hard place. .

      • Nobody’s Fool

        Hey ron, you had to go out of business in 07?? Aren’t you sad you didn’t hang on until oBlamer took office, because wow, look at how fantastic things are now that he has been in charge for 3+ years!! Such a fantastic business climate–oh, except for that requirement that you purchase insurance for all your employees, pay extreme taxes because you are one of the evil ones who are making money at what you do, and regulations that choke and stifle the life out of you–except for that, oBlamer is GREAT. I hope there will come a day when you oBlamerslobberers will get over it and open your eyes to the truth. But I’m not holding my breath. Some people never learn. You appear to be one of them.

        • http://none ron

          Some people never learn. You appear to be one of them.
          At least you’ll have a job the next 4 years trolling blogs, that is if Rove decides to keep paying you and the rest of your ilk.

    • CZ52

      “Also, look at places around this Nation where gun-control laws are up and running. They have been tightened more and more over the past four years. Why? What would be the purpose of that? Crime is on the rise in major cities as more and more laws about owning guns go into effect. It just doesn’t make sense. Or does it?”

      ron show me where this quote says ANYTHING about obama and gun control. Mr. Young is talking about cities such as Chicago that pass ever more restrictive gun laws that the criminals ignore while the law abiding are left more and more helpless.

      As to obamas position on gun control:

      He has called for the re-imposition of the so called “assualt weapon ban” which in actuality only bans popular semi auto firearms.

      He has called for banning the manufacture, sale, and posession/ownership of semi-auto handguns.

      The expanded concealed cary you refer to was an amendment to a bill he wanted passed and signed more than he wanted the fight over the amendment. He had in fact overturned the Bush adminstrations NPS rule that would have allowed the carry and called for an indefinate period of further study. A pro-gun representative alertly then attached the amendment to the bill obama wanted badly.

      Obama stated after he was elected president that the only reason he would not seek any new gun control laws or restrictions on gun ownership was the fact that he did not have the votes to insure their passage.

  • mark

    Oh, but you’re not a conspiracy guy, please. What a crock of paranoid psychosis and fear mongering this article is. The United States has been and remains a strong democratic republic. All the American people, institutions, and political parties will abide by the results of a peaceful and orderly election as they always have for centuries. All the urban riots and anti-Vietnam War demonstrations of the 1960s and 1970s never fundamentally changed our society into anything remotely resembling a society-wrenching revolution. Just as riots and demonstrations in Spain and Greece have not fundamentally changed their societies. Life and the political process goes on peacefully in both of these nations. Because they are democracies.

    The Arab spring revolutions were against violent, vicious dictatorial regimes none of which were democratically elected. These circumstances do not exist in the United States, Greece, or Spain. In all three nations, change occurs through elections and representative government.. That is the strength of the Democratic West despite numerous strains and crises. The cuckoo LIbertarian right and extreme conservative conspiracy theorists are always predicting these violent revolutions and police state take-overs in the United States that NEVER occur and NEVER will. Because they have no faith in our remarkably stable democratic system forged by our Republican forebears. Well I and the vast majority of Americans do have faith in it. The election will decide the future course of our naton for the next four years and the people – Democrats, Republicans, Independents, etc. will accept it as they always have. Snap out of this will you, and join the real world.

    • http://google gary gerke

      You are living in the past, because of the internet people have learned that their government has been lying and decieving them for decades, MSM has become an arm of the Socialistic government in place right now and will not report the whole truths. Another four years of the same change going forward should just about break the US economy beyond repair!

      • mark

        No, gary, the American economy will be around for hundreds of more years into the future regardless of who wins the election tomorrow. It will have its ups and down, its boom periods and recessions as it has since 1776 but overall the trend will be upward, greater GDP, greater population growth, more and more new technology that betters our lifestyles. This bad recession too will pass as all the others of the past have and economic growth is in our future ( followed of course by recessions as always occur every six or seven year or so). It’s called the Economic History of the United States, look it up.

        • http://google gary gerke

          I gather from your comment you are an Obama guy…no problem…..Ask yourself why is unemployment still down, why is the government still spending money on losing green tech that hasn’t proven itself. Why are we putting the cart before the horse with unproven companies. Why are we still paying nations billions of dollars a year that hate us. Why has our education system so poorly administrated with absolute terrible results in teaching our children. They are dumbing down America on purpose.
          Why does the Obama administration lie about almost everything.. when caught, they tell the people you don’t understand!
          Why do we have a President that hides his scholastic records and passport data. Why does congress allow the President not to uphold his oath of office…….refuses to uphold DOMA…refuses to uphold immigration laws these are are both current federal laws. The total welfare system in the US surpasses 800-million dollars…for what, we get to do it again next year. Do you realize that every resipient could be paid 44,000 a year which is above the poverty rate, that would cut out the graft and save Americans billions of wasted dollars per year.

      • eddie47d

        First of all the economy will not change much no matter who is elected. There will be positives and negatives from both. Unemployment is stagnant or slowly going down because the job creators are sitting on piles of money. So the dollars are there yet Mitch McConnell insisted he will do anything to stop Obama from achieving a second term . Including sabotaging the economy until they get back it. That seems to be working Gary. Another is most jobs that went overseas occurred under Clinton and G Bush not Obama and he is trying to bring them back. Romney’s Bain was a big part of the USA losing its edge to outsourcing also. Green Tech actually works but expensive yet the kicker there is China and our own Congress. Congress refused to help these companies until it was too late and then China stepped in and took over the markets. Our loss and China who poured trillions into their Green Tech became the winner. We are still sending billions to countries that hate us because its been done for 60 years. It will be a slow process turning that off because of the old excuse that if we pay them they won’t harm us. The education failures have been around for at least 30 years and buried in debt. All Presidents promise success and nothing changes. So that like most problems are a bipartisan issue but we know no one wants to work together for our future. Obama has done more for the immigration issue that any of the previous 3 administrations and there have been successes in criminal deportations. Clinton had successes with welfare reform but now we have the economic collaspe and more food stamps. Yes that is a serious problem and I hope whoever gets elected will meet that head on but I am not holding my breath.

    • http://speedle speedle

      Mark, I think perhaps you have been seduced by the ease and comfort of watching everything from the safety of your den television. Yes, there are still a few drones out there who are oblivious to what is going on (as they live their lives around survival TV, “Entertainment Tonight”, and the Letterman show. Most are very young and ignorant of the real world (as most of us were at that age). But the difference is that until now there were not nearly as many clearly defined options.

      The country is more divided than in 1861, and if you think the results of this election are going to go down like a glass of milk at bedtime you are sadly mistaken. If you think it is going to be “business as usual” by November 10 you are naive as a newborn pup. If the
      Statists are righteous defeated the “free phone” group will raise hell and the corrupt media will give them publicity, and stir the pot as much as possible. If the Statists remain in power it will be far worse, but it won’t be happening in the streets. It will be happening in the economy in a way that will shake us like never before.

      This is THE election of the last 200 years.

      • mark

        No, I don’t think much will change either way since both candidates, Romney and Obama, are so similar and as you note so statist. We will continue to have a slow recovery for the next couple of years until more personal debt is paid down and the housing market and consumption improve enough for our traditions 3-4% post World War II growth rates. But this prosperous period of course will be followed by another recession which have occured every six-to-eight years in our post-Great Depression economy.

      • http://speedle speedle

        No Mark, Obama and Romney are no where near alike. In fact they are economically polar opposites, and it really makes you sound stupid to maintain that line. If you want to suggest that Romney is going to go at a safer speed in undoing the damage (than say a speed Paul might pursue in doing the same), you can make a case. No, Romney is not going to abolish the Fed overnight and put us on the gold standard (that would be disastrous). There is a process that will take time to return this country to libertarian economic principles. It is politically impossible to do it any other way.

    • Patriot

      “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of liberalism, they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened. I no longer need to run for President for the Socialist Party, the Democratic Party has adopted our platform.” Norman Thomas head of the Socilaist Pary, 1944.

      The choice could not be more clear tomorrow, let the process begin, the future of our nation is at stake for your kids sake!

      • Ted Crawford

        This should have become even clearer recently. In 2010, CPUSA filed a Copyright Law Suit against the Democrat Party, claiming that ” They stole our entire platform, rebranded it ‘Progressive’, and claimed it as their own” ! They went on to explain they were refering to the CPUSA’s 1963 platform!
        It seems that Obama and company has mended the fences between themselves and CPUSA, who is now actively supporting Obama!

      • eddie47d

        The Socialist Worker Party and CPUSA don’t hold any power is swaying anyone. Sad that you have to go back to 1944 and 1963 to try and prove a point. They have very few members and like the John Birch Society on the right their extreme positions are not generally welcomed. Other right wing groups have increased by large percentages in the last 4 years and in all states. Such as militia movements,neo-Nazi’s Sovereign Citizens and so forth so who have more enfluence than the others.

      • Nobody’s Fool

        Yeah, eddie47d, the Communists and CPUSA are few in number because their people are now all democRATS since the democRAT platform supports all their main principles of destroying America.

  • Rennie

    With the distraction do Sandy relief efforts (there are efforts, right? FEMA not ordering bottled water until friday, sending the ice to ME and AZ, fuel deliveries way behind on promises, hoarding survival food the past few years that SHOULD be on it’s way to NY/NJ? and of course their massive spending on unexplained ammo purchases) there is a vacuum created that might allow riots in other places, I don’t see it being widespread but with sensational media coverage it doesn’t have to be. DO NOT TAKE THE BAIT! Head down, butt covered, have that safe destination if you need to leave, but keep food/water stored in an auxillary location in case you are raided, keep an extra can of gas in a safe location. If you live in an urban area and are worried about leaving, ALWAYS keep your tanks full, it does not cost any extra. I am dumbfounded that with the storm so accurately modeled before hand so many sat and waited unprepared for it to hit, and all those boats, I would have headed up the Hudson until the keel dragged. this was just a Cat 1, and the possibility of landfall in this region has been discussed for years, even a tv episode of “It Could Happen Toimorrow” has aired for years on this theme. There is no excuse, Bloomberg should resign, and anyone who thinks Obama has “handled the situation well” should get their head examined or removed from their posterior. Send children and pets to stay with friends or relatives outside the effected area because food, fuel, power shortages will inevitably lead to disease outbreaks, it will get uglier before it gets better there. And for teh rest of teh country, if you own or lease land or just have friends in suburban/rural areas, get waterproof containers like blue plastic barrels, stock it with long term shelf life food, clothes and basic survival supplies and bury or secrete them into the landscaping or buildings, etc. in case you have to evacuate immediately without going home. Avoid attention, don’t take the bait, they want justification for martial law, don’t give it to them.

  • ssgrick

    @ron I think you should take your own advice and re-check your entire statement about Gun Control. Nothing has changed as far as transporting firearms whether you’re a “hunter” or not. Also you need to look at the interstate reciprocity agreement that like everything else sits in a Senators office because Refusal Reid won’t bring that legislation up for a vote. As a matter of fact if you had watched any C-SPAN at all this year about the only thing you could have seen the Senate voting on were new names for Post Offices and other stupid waste of time legislation.
    No, nothing has changed under obaMAO except that his latest gun grab through the UN that was rejected by other signatory Countries to the treaty otherwise the Senate would be looking at jamming that down our throats in a lame duck session.

    • http://none ron

      What is your “documented” source??? Reciprosity is growing every year. I carry from Michigan to Florida and back every year with no problem. There is a reciprosity website you can go to.
      I have not heard of a reciprocity agreement that reid is “holding up” most likely because there is none.
      Reciprosity is handled by agreements between the states.
      You can also google that and read it. You can read every states position.
      Florida and Georgia are actually the most dilligent. They require you to notify the authorities when you are in there state and show your permit but nobody ever does.

      • phideaux

        “I have not heard of a reciprocity agreement that reid is “holding up” most likely because there is none.”

        If that is the case then you do not follow any information about gun legislation. In fact because of your ignorance on the subject I doubt you have ever carried from “Michigan to Florida and back every year”. There is a bill stating that any state that allows concealed cary must honor the concealed cary permit from any other state that allows it. The last i heard that bill had passed the house but has never been brought up in the senate.

        • http://none ron

          go to the reciprocity website. there is more info there. There may or may not be a bill held up in the senate because you did not put the house bill number in your comment so anyone could double check it before you ran their blowhole in the manner of a dumb SOB ,which would be you.
          As I stated, the states are making agreements between states regarding carry permits. It is sourcable via the internet. They may be making state to state agreements to circumvent this alledged house bill you speak of without documentation. What is the house bill number?
          The states may also be making state to state agreements to circumvent all the right wing evangelical a$$hole whack jobs out there that would vote it down in their states.
          “The last I heard”. = A comment like this without any documentation to back it up would most definitely come from an ignoramus like you.
          Your language is indicative of an internet “Troll”.
          You probably wonder why this country is in such dispair , well just take a good look in the mirror and you’ll have your answer. It’s people like you.

  • Daveh234

    I cannot understand people don’t understand that their really is a scary premise in play here.
    If this election turns out unfavorably I am damn scared.
    The hate shown during this race has been exponential to past elections. Yes, the social medias provide quite a platform for opposition prancing, lying and falsehoods to fuel conspiracies.
    We are being pulled into the gutter of one-sided demagoguery.
    If Obama wins I certainly can see the wing-nuts pulling out all the stops and creating massive problems. Lawsuits over the elections, they did it before.
    And the armed militia….God save us all.

    • momo

      And if Romney wins? What can we expect? Riots in the streets? Assassination attempts? These ideas were floated on social media by the left wing nut jobs. Or are we going to dimiss them as “only joking” like Bill Maher did with his comments concerning blacks hunting down whites if Obama loses.

      • Betty O’Dell

        Kathy Baker in her book, “A Room Nearby” had a near death experience in 1985 ahd relates she saw what would be starting in 2011. Pg 255″.The infrastructure for Marshall Law has already been put place. ..I see the economy continuing to falter and will not bottom until around 2015. The United States as we have known it will be a shell of its former self… Justice will be swift and there will be no traditional trials.” There are four pages describing her vision. Our job is to show love and do the best we can.

  • Gillysrooms from Australia

    I keep hearing from Mitt Romney that he can do better because Obama has failed over last 4 years, but have your voters ever considered the probability that your country has been very lucky not to have had the same unemployment rates as are common in Europe and that the next 4 years might see much worse unemployment or more of the the same.?

    What makes Romney think or be so confident that he can improve and reduce the unemployment rate in the USA and to go against the trend everywhere else in the world?

    If we considered that Spain, France, Italy have over 25% unemployment and Greece has 50% unemployment, you should conclude the Obama has done very well in such poor world economic circumstances? Mitt might be able to get it up to 15% by causing a further credit squeeze by deflating the economy by ordering the Federal Reserve to back off pumping more money into the economy and if it meant sacking all those useless government workers …. will a higher rate be a good unemployment at 15% but how will the voters and their families react at the next elections or maybe much sooner if twice as many people become unemployed without more food stamps Mitt wants to reduce? Will those sacked government workers follow the law themselves or will they try mount a revolution to get their jobs back by voting for the Democrats who are keeping them in jobs they dont really deserve now?

    Any comments?

    • Ted Crawford

      One reason , it seems to me, is the fact that we are not, YET, a Social Democracy! While we have, over many generations, allowed our Government to devolve from a true Republic into a simple Representative Democracy, If we are successful in removeing Obama from power, we haven’t taken that last step!
      That ‘Last Step’ would, of course, be to re-elect him!

    • daniel

      Gilley, Mitt Romney would not be creating inflation if he were to halt the printing of money the day after taking office. There is nothing to back up that money and it is an increase in our debt. Inflation would be because of the lack of resources to back our money up. If we were to stop the and revers the flow or printing of money and reduse our debt then our money would be worth more. As it stands now between the printing of money, the inflation of prices, and the added taxes the average American family has seen a four thousand dollar drop in realized income from the time Obama has taken office. I do count food and energy into inflation index as I really do not know people who can actually live without any of them and yet officially they are not counted.
      Obama has ruled by division and placation. By division he has used class warfare and his minions do the race card bit. It has been too convenient for it to be coincidence. He placates the various groups more and more by executive orders.
      O’s incompetence(yes I am being nice) was shown in the response to Libya. It was so much so that Benghazi Barak seems to be a fitting moniker for him. A lot of americans are tired of his lies the he has no respect. There are others unfortunately that grasp at straws to excuse this man for what they would have burned Bush at the stake for.
      Americans will not stand for the unemployment rates you mention. They are the results of bad policies that can be reversed but with sacrifice.

  • Rosech

    To state things succinctly: anyone with half a brain and eyes that see should have been able to see this happening on day 1 of Obama’s presidency. It was obvious to many of before and we did NOT vote for Obama. Socialism, I know. Communism, my spouse knows and we could feel the wind going in that direction. Stop blaming Bush. Most of the egregious stuff has happened under Obama’s watch. Stomps our constitution, 139 executive orders to take more control of us and America, the housing market and other misery created by 40 years of Democrat control and their blaming everyone, including the Republicans (many of whom we want to get out of government and have so stated), for their blocking and lack of negotiation, bipartisanship, and lack of a budget for 3+ years, speaks loudly and clearly to any thinking person that this presidency and Senate carry the majority load of wrong. The Demo party started changing to this garbage in the mid-60′s – I was there and saw and heard even though I lived outside the US at that time. RINOs started getting re-elected by voters who were spoiled and thought they were being represented when lots of “pork” came to their states (talk about buying votes!!), and public education (I had been a teacher but got smart and moved on) started teaching nothing of America’s history, valor, and the Constitution that our forefathers so wisely crafted, and then the unions which had once been good, turned around and started paving and paying their way to control votes. There it is all is: succinctly stated. We need R&R to start restoration of this country. It won’t be easy nor done over a short time, but we need to start with R&R and overtake control of the US Senate and retire the brain-dead and mean-hearted unAmerican Harry Reid. Do you know how he got his money? Thief, liar, crook. We should be ashamed of ourselves for letting this happen, so it is up to us to clean up the mess we have allowed to take place. America is good, true Americans are good, and we can do it! We are the original CAN DO PEOPLE!

    • http://google gary gerke

      You are right on the money!!!!! As Americans, we need to squelch the politicians that are getting rich on the backs of the American people. We need to demand the end to lobbyists we need to pass a law that effectively makes it a federal crime! We need to do away with new laws that have the federal pork in them, one law without the fine print that the public never finds out about. We need term limits, it takes three terms to start eating out of the trough of misery, that trough keeps the American people in poverty or worse. You all have to ask yourself one question…..Who in their right mind would spend millions of personal dollars on a job that only pays a couple of hundred thousand a year???? Insider trading, political paybacks by corporations along with paper bags filled with huge amounts of money from political interest groups.

      We need to stop the insanity!!!!!!!!

  • Joy Compton

    What may seem like old news to some is still very relevant and has been ignored by nearly all the media. At the very core of the financial crisis were policies forced onto the banking industry by powerful liberals in Congress. They dictated that banks WOULD make risky loans to unqualified borrowers. They did this for votes and personal monetary gain. Bankers do not like being told how to run banks by politicians so they found a way to minimize their risk and still make money. Then the house of cards fell. Many publicaly well known players/politicians decided to move on. Dodd left almost immediately then Frank announced retirement and even Pelosi hints at leaving. The various officers at Freddie and Fannie have bailed after cashing in huge contractual severance packages. For every well known name there are many others who took their payoffs and quietly left from view but coverly remain behind the scenes neck deep in the on going corruption. When Frank said we are looking for the culprits all he needed to do was look in the nearest mirror and he knew it. Many will think or say I do not know anything –my response; I have common sense. Look around you, think about your daily lives. The truth is in plain sight and denial is as dangerous as building on sand. Yet there are millions who think denial is a safe haven. Look at the northeastern United States–lots of denial residents live there. Voting for Obama is the ultimate display of denial.

  • http://n/a DaleH

    Gun Control—Illinois is the only state that does not allow Concealed Carry–and just now the Chicago City Council voted to approve a $25 tax on guns–not sure if that is hunting rifles and hand guns or just hnadguns—cause the criminals iN Chicago , thata re killing people are costing too much in healthcare—-they also were considering a tax on each round (bullet)—for me to own a weapon in my own home , I need a permit from the State Police that is good for 10 years—

    I am origianlly form a State that did not require apermit to own a weapon in the home –to hunt you needed a hunting license—those are nothing but taxes that someone thought up to make money for the State—

    When I went to Korea in 1951 , no one required me to have a permit to use the Browning Automatic Rifleor M1Garand Rifle that was issued to me , or the Model 1911, 45 Automatic.

    That War was against Communism /Socialism and now we have a president that wants our Government to be what we fought against for South Korea and the rest of the World–
    There is no way I could support a man with those beliefs, no matter what color he is–

    He has no love of American History in his beliefs , due to his upbringing, his belief is that America is the satan that Iran calls us –listen closely to his speeches– he was a lecturerer on the Constitution in Chicago — but his belief ,is the Constitution means nothing–he has proven that for sure the past almost 4 years–

    He has caused more division in this country in his time in office than any other person you ccan name —-he never was a uniter and never will be unless it is for his own personal gain–he can make pretty speeched with a teleprompter , but with out it , he doesn’t sound any better than the average speech maker–he is a phony, an empty suit and has never been qualified for the presidency–it was the same as an Illinois State Senator and as the Senator from Illinois — dirty tricks got him elected to both jobs—but in Illinois that is standard for politicians—

    • http://none Jim

      Most of us are forgetting one BIG thing….Who is really in charge……Yes God tells us that the last days will bring problems that no one will be able to solve:Famine, earthquakes and all kind of sickness, things happening that we don’t understand and not able to solve.Tomorrow is the day that will tell us what side we are on, will we be on the Bible side or on the the other side. It is time for America to decide which way we want our Nation to go. We have seen the last 4 yrs has led us further away from the principals that America was founded upon. Our whole core of America has been thrown aside, our nation divided,It make me sick to realize just how far down the road we have gone, no one wants to see the CLIFF ahead. Slowly,slowly…America has forgotten who is really in charge.

      • The Jig is up….

        Doesnt Christianity teach that God provides us his leaders? If that’s true,isn’t Barry Hussein Soetoro, the alleged Mans Country attendee (Chicago club), isn’t he from God?

    • chuckb

      daleh, the communist influence in this country caused a stalemate in korea as well as our withdrawal from vietnam. unfortunately, most people pay little attention and vote their party line irregardless. our education system to breeds socialism and now we pay the bill.
      there is little power in the republican party, they have gone the route of personal concern rather than fighting the corruption in the white house they have a do nothing speaker and the minority whip in the senate is nothing but title only. the republicans have turncoats such as chief justice roberts, colin powell and gov. christie, even condeleeza rice made excuses for barry and hillary for the benghazi tragedy. so with members such as these who needs democrats.

      dirty tricks may get barry a second term, the seiu has been busy for the past years registering illegal voters, nevada probably has more illegal votes than they need.
      if barry gets the nod, we can look forward to hillary for the following eight years, that is if the country still exists.

      it may take a revolt to straighten out this mess.

    • Daveh234

      Actually it is people like you DaleH that have created more division in this country. Blind opposition to anything being done by the administration.

      • http://n/a DaleH

        People Like me , divisive?? Because I don’t want this country that I put my life on the line for to have a socialist/communist govt that controls everything we do ?? You have to be smoking some bad stuff to believe that –or that I don’t want any islamic influence in our laws or judicial systems??
        I suggest if you want to live that way , there are other countries you can live in that will provide you with those systems–
        The govt is already too deep in our private lives , we do not need anymore intervention by the government–and you call that divisve , because I wnat to make my own decisions that impact my life?? I do not need some idiot working for the government to make decisions for me , GOD gave me my own brain an ability to do that , to know what is right and what is wrong–evidently you missed out on that –

  • http://thisone hangman

    Cannot agree with you on that one, that we have not seen more garbage on this election.
    While I respect the OFFICE of the president, I do not for one second have any respect for the sitting (rather, out golfing, empty chair) president. So, that said, when the snake eating golfer comes on t.v., all I see is GARBAGE. If he was white, he would be refered to as TRASH.

  • Barry forever!

    Ha ha ha! If my guy Obama loses, there are several months until the Romney (Bush) swear in. Insert Iranian war. Add a healthy dose of police state. Apply all Executive Order. Nullify results of election. My guy wins.

  • Motov

    There is one thing these candidates for president have been ignoring,..and that is our spending. They speak of reducing spending but come up with “plans” that cost us even more! And these plans make the federal government even bigger than before.
    So now they eye “entitlements” like Social Security as leverage to get what they want.
    If we fired at least 50% of Washington DC’s bureaucrats, by removing what is constitutionally not theirs to begin with,.. We would be far better off. Get rid of the TSA and give that duty back to the private sector, along with education, Make all politicians follow the same rules we all have to live with, make lying to the american people a criminal offense, as we are expected to be truthful with them.
    Take away their ritzy retirement/medical “benefits” and make them all use the same systems they crammed down our throats, I can bet they’d fix it and fix it right.
    How about have them pay for every dollar over budget they go over instead of sticking the bill to us?.

    We cannot continue living beyond our means,.. that day is rapidly approaching us, the sooner we deal with it the better, but it looks like we are headed for one mighty crash,…
    Then what are we gonna do?

    • Be. Hussein Soetoro or, find my college transcrips gud luck…

      Both parties want to crash the system. This way it can be reoriented along lines consonant with hemipheric currency equilibrium (n/s Americas, Asian/pacific, etc) so as to more easily subsume disparate values. Moral: expect a third world style rectification.

      • Motov

        Yup and we will all lose to the real puppet handlers,… Which is why WE NEED TO DO A FULL AUDIT on the federal reserve!!


    You should not worry too much about inflation now, as many corporations are living off inflation to report their large profits with the $US dollar which is already worthless like many other currencies in Europe and it wont suddenly be worth more by stopping the printing presses by creating a credit squeeze Daniel.


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