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What Would You Resolve To Do If The World Were To End In 2012?

December 29, 2010 by  

What Would You Resolve To Do If The World Were To End In 2012?

Countdown to 21.12.2012. It is called the end of time; the end of the world, a.k.a. the end of Mayan Long Count. Whether you call it that or just the apocalypse, some say that all of us have less than two years to live. That’s when the Mayan calendar runs out.

I don’t give a whole lot of weight to the Mayans and their calendar, even if they did build a great empire. If they really had a crystal ball you would think they would have been forewarned that the Spaniards were bringing smallpox to the Yucatán in the 16th Century and they wouldn’t have let themselves be enslaved to relatively few soldiers wearing funny hats and riding strange animals.

Still, there are books out there, along with text and video on the Internet, that claim we are counting down towards destruction worse than Noah faced.

I don’t know much about the Mayans or how good they or other ancients were at prophesying the future. But after almost 30 years in the business, I know a thing or two about publishing. Frankly, doom sells. After I worked as a reporter in Calgary for a year I came to work for my dad’s newsletter in 1980. I was, as he said, a dumb college kid and ill prepared to be a contributing writer to his newsletter. So I started off reading everything that came into my office. That included almost every newsletter that was published at that time.

One of those publications was The Granville Letter, written by Joe Granville, who knew my dad. Granville had a huge following at the time. In January of 1981, he had become extremely bearish. His office made 3,000 phone calls to clients urging them to sell everything. Granville didn’t make this prediction because he foresaw the Federal Reserve increasing interest rates or a sneak attack by some foreign power. Instead, he said the Dow Jones Industrial Average was going to collapse because California was going to be struck by an earthquake measuring 8.3 Richter in Los Angeles in May.

Here is the really interesting part. Some people actually believed his prediction. You don’t have to take my word for it, just Google, “Joe Granville earthquake.”

On the day of Granville’s dire forecast the Dow Industrials actually fell 24 points, or almost 3 percent, in what was then the heaviest volume in the history of the New York Stock Exchange. As it turned out, Granville had it dead wrong, and not just about the earthquake. Eight months following his prediction the Dow hit its final bottom and started an 18-year bull run which would take it from 777 to 11,750.

My doom and gloom research culminated 11 years ago this month when I was an editor for Mark Skousen’s newsletter, Forecasts & Strategies. I was reading what some others were predicting about Y2K and what they said would be the ensuing economic collapse. Over the years I have read much about coming calamities. I have even been accused of being a doomster myself. (For the record, I have never predicted an earthquake for L.A. or anyplace else, and I really don’t think the world is going to end on Dec. 21, 2012.)

I am not suggesting that you should become like Pollyanna. Like Bob Livingston, I too think we are in for some hard times. That is mostly what I write to you about. But as the clock is set to strike 2011 I thought: “How would we want to live if we thought the world was going to end in 2012?”

I don’t want to touch on pop culture, such as books like On the Beach, or movies like Armageddon, and speculate as to how society would act (probably not very well). Instead, I am interested in how you think you might act. I have a feeling it might make for some interesting New Year’s resolutions.

What Would You Invest In?
If you simply knew the world was going to end in December 2012, I have a feeling not many of you would be too worried about how your portfolio was doing. All the gold King Midas ever touched is not going to do much good in a little more than 100 weeks, and I don’t believe that the person with the most toys wins. So you wouldn’t have to buy any more gold. Finally! And you sure as heck wouldn’t be buying Treasury notes or bonds (although if you are buying them now you just might continue because you are probably crazy).

So there goes one of your biggest worries —  investing — out the door.

What’s next? Living here in cold Canada, I can tell you that I might like a warm vacation; perhaps a trip to Las Vegas or someplace less glitzy. But if you are like me you probably wouldn’t want to travel much, unless it was to visit a loved one. I think I would stick close to home.

Of course you are going to still want money. It will be fun to buy things you can share. And you will feel a lot better spending it without as much worry or guilt.

I drive an older car I like, so I would probably just keep it. Perhaps larger vehicles might come in handy, but I don’t think I would get much enjoyment out of a fancy new Cadillac or Mercedes-Benz. I also think I might want to read more. I thought back to the last time I saw something really good on television and that was 21 years ago when I watched the mini-series Lonesome Dove. (Even though the world probably isn’t ending I recommend you rent it, but be sure to get the original co-starring Robert Duvall.)

I think reading would be comforting. I don’t believe I would delve into what the great philosophers had to say. I could hardly understand them when I was in college so I am quite certain I can’t now. It would be a relief not to have to read the next stupid thing politicians are doing. I would probably turn to the Bible. And I might like to read fact, and even some fiction, about family, friendships and sacrifice.

At the end, that is what it would come down to; the family and friends we care about and letting old grudges subside — that, as well as spending less time worrying about what is going to happen tomorrow. After all, we would know what’s going to happen; if not tomorrow, then at least in 700 tomorrows. Hopefully, that is enough time to come to peace with God, ourselves and the people we love. And I think that is a resolution worth making regardless of the future.

Yours For Many Happy New Years,

John Myers
Myers’ Energy and Gold Report

P.S. Next week I will be back with my annual investment forecast column for the year ahead.

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • charleydan

    When pondering your question. I first thought not much would change but then I wonder.

    Would inflation abound with people using credit to enjoy their last fling. Figuring the dark horse would not come for the bill. Those that had money would do the same as they can not take it with them. Inflationary?

    All them crowded resorts-should I stay home.

    100 days. I think I will not plant the crops this year and avoid the strain. For the hogs and cattle. Turn them lose as it is work. Oh, I guess them city folks will have to wonder out and butcher their own for now.

    Every one spending. Who is working? I guess you go to the resort and take care of yourself. The utility worker is on vacation. Sorry but power outages are up, we have massive workers on vacation.

    I think May-hem would be in order.

    I wonder if criminals would go for the gusto as they look at it. They will not serve much time if caught. To them stealing is as much about the dare as the profit.

    As the time comes closer to the end. I think more would do as you mentioned. Pick up the Bible for read. They would start thinking of the end times as if on their death bed. Wondering-since their is no more to do here. What is the other side like? Some who did not believe in heaven and hell would now think twice about it. Those who had some belief would think longer on the subject of where they would go. Would one become a mad man or just depressed or complacent? Or would they find the answer to their question and be prepared for the other side?

    • DeJay

      2012 is great hype for the media. It is giving great material for many writers just to sell words. Did anyone ever stop to think that the Mayans chose the cutoff date figuring that at a later time they would continue with it? What will happen in 2012? No one knows for sure. All anyone can do is speculate. How can anyone prepare for something that they can’t know what to prepare for? Maybe we should let a witch-doctor tell us what to do ).

      • independant thinker

        The thing most people miss or ignore in the 2012 discussion is that the date is the end of the cycle and the start of a new cycle. It DOES NOT predict the end of the world but rather the end of the age and the start of a new age. It is quite possible it forcasts a time of upheval and disruption but NOT the end of the world.

        • David

          An end to liberals??!!

        • Richard Pawley

          I believe you are absolutely correct! The world did not end 25,000 years ago the last time this particular cycle occurred and there are no records indicating what might have happened at that time. Although America’s “Sleeping Prophet” Edgar Cayce, once said that there was a major evacuation of Atlantis 50,000 years ago (this cycle happens every 25,000 years apparently), there is no definitive proof that Atlantis even existed. I wrote about such things in both my books. While it is unlikely that 2012 is going to be the ‘end of days’ or the end of the world, the end could come for any one of us at any time. Humans are so casual about life and often don’t realize how fragile it is. It would behoove us all to realize that life could end for anyone at almost any time, a drunk driver, a severe storm, a plane crash, a heart attack, even a stoke at the latest insane thing congress has passed. All of life here is temporary and that is why I have always been interested in the afterlife. Someone who experienced that afterlife when he was 20 was Dr. George Ritchie. Based on what he saw I suspect he would be the first to say, ‘make all you can of life but it is only a tiny part of all that is’. Check here if you have an interest in what he saw. It changed his life, that’s for sure.

          • The Wiseman

            5,025 years ago (the beginning of the present Mayan cycle) is 3,114 BC (count back from 2012 AD, not counting the year “zero”). August 11, to be exact.

            Stonehenge – the ancient observatory in Britain – was first constructed that year as some sort of “listening post”. It consisted of a circle of 360 telephone pole-like objects set in a large circle; on one side was an opening that permitted direct sunlight to enter only on the Summer solstice – June 21. Exactly six months from December 21, the winter solstice. (Google this if you doubt me). Was this to give warning to “get ready” or, “only six months to go”? According to the Bible this is shortly before Noah’s Flood. More than 90 ancient societies have a legend of a huge flood about that time. There was no known communication going on between the ancient Mayans of Central America and the ancient Druids of ancient Britain as far as we know; it seems reasonable that they arrived at this warning system independently, based on some worldwide phenomena of something coming out of the sky to destroy us. Given that so many ancient civilizations with good mathematical skills (Babylon, Egypt, Sumer,the Mayans, etc.) kept close watch on the night skies, I would be concerned that something unknown at this time – a classic “Black Swan” – will envelop us in late December 2012. Exactly what it is, remains to be seen.

          • Bruce D.

            Richard, both my sister and I have had out of body experiences. My sister awake during child birth trying to avoid extreme pain saying “I do not want to be here”. For me my body was unconscious and I went above my body about ten feet and about five feet to one side. For us it was not a religious experience of any kind and it did not make us more religious in any way. But it gave us both certainty of existence apart from a body.

          • Denniso

            I’ve had that sort of thing happen as well,usually when I was sick as a kid. It is nothing more than the mind creating the illusion that you are ‘out of your body’. The mind can do that and more,as in the case of real mental illness.

          • Richard Pawley

            Well Bruce, that’s a step in the right direction. Many believe you die, they stick your body in a grave and that’s it. Did you read about Dr. Ritchie’s experience that I gave the web site to above? I first read it originally over 30 years ago but he had the advantage of already being a Christian, so it’s obvious he would be open to more than just an OTB experience. I had an OTB experience that I wrote about in my autobiography. More importantly, I believe there are as many places you might end up after your life here as there might have been for you to be born. Most religions group them into Heaven and Hell, but I believe that is only because that is ultimately where we all end up. However, as Ritchie experienced, it could be a bit more complicated than that. There were what might be called decent selfless people in the university science area who were unaware of Jesus or of Heaven (perhaps they thought they were in it, not knowing that there was more) and so they were busy doing what they loved. Some who write here are already living in what Ritchie saw as hell, they are angry and bitter and insistent that their way is the only way and that everyone who doesn’t believe that is wrong, and as we have seen in recent years in Ft. Hood and back at 9/11 there are those who will kill you because they think they are so right on. It’s all ego. Such people often oppose God, thinking He is the cause of their problems. In one of my two books I write about an Irishman I worked with for nearly four years. He was not an alcoholic or at least he never got drunk but he could put away two cases (not cartons) of beer in an afternoon or drink over two dozen martini’s at a sitting. It eventually killed him (or at least that’s what the doctors told him after they spent eleven hours on him). When they brought him back and he described what they were doing one of them was astounded and said that it was impossible because he was unconscious the entire time. Another doctor chimed in that if he was wide awake he couldn’t have seen what he was describing because the angle was wrong. Bill told me (one of the few he ever talked to about it) and the doctors years earlier, that he was behind and above them watching as they worked on him. There is a great deal we don’t know yet but as Jesus told a follower of His in Great Britain about 80 years ago (GOD CALLING edited by A. J. Russell) “you have forever to learn it,” to which I can only add, just make sure you are on His side and all will ultimately go well for you. If our country returns to the Godly principles upon which it was founded the same will be true.

          • libertytrain

            Denniso – you always remind me of the ultimate party pooper. That’s not flattery.

        • EddieW

          I believe you are 100% correct…the end of the Age…Ouur government is so corrupt, it can’t go on much further, DHS is preparing us for the Police State, Government will try to survive, and to H with the people!! I believe the US is going down the drain, like the 16th Century scotsman said, “Every Democracy Ends in a Dictatorship, and I clearly see that efven now!! They must disarm us, so they can kill an unarmed people, who are unable to defend themselves!! I believe the US will be a 3rd world country!! we are into a state of collapse even now!!!

        • Granny Mae

          If I thought the end of the world was coming in 2012 I would do just as I do every day. I would thank God for his blessings and pray for those that need prayer and I wouldn’t worry about the end. I can’t change a thing anyway. However I do have a request for today if I might be so bold. I am asking for all those that want to, to say a prayer for a little boy named Mason. Mason is 28 weeks along on his journey to be born and he is in some big trouble. His growth has slowed and the placenta has started to pull away from the wall. Doctors are going to administer steroids and hope to prolong his birth. I have been asked to administer prayer for Mason. I ask that all those that wish to join me to pray for Gods protection over this baby and that he grant him a full term delivery, long life and healthy strength for the life of a little boy. I don’t know Mason’s parents, only that a friend of theirs asked me to pray for them . I hope you will join me in offering up a prayer for a little baby that needs all the help we can give him. Thanks

          • http://none espanolarefugee

            Dear Granny Mae,

            Isaiah 53;5 Tells us that that by his(Jesus)stripes we are healed. We as people of God we must stand in the gap and pray for those in need of healing that has alredy been paid for on the day He suffered the crucifixion. Mason will be healed by the faith of those of us that name the Name of Jesus, and stand at the Throne of Grace.

          • Brad P

            I totally agree with what you posted; no need to worry if your spiritual self is in order. You also have my prayer for the child to mature full-term, to be born completely healthy and to lead a life of love and grace.

          • Granny Mae

            To those of you that are keeping little Mason in your prayers I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Mason’s mommy has noticed a little more movement since the prayer started. She told me that she is trying to keep a positive attitude and is also in constant prayer for her baby. I have sent her a message that she must believe that Jesus is watching over her and he will answer her prayers! This is a very stressful time for her and especially since Mason’s daddy has left the two of them. He said he couldn’t handle the stress and decided he didn’t want kids! I am praying for him too! Thanks for all the prayers and don’t stop.

          • Granny Mae

            UpDate on Mason,

            Praise be to God things have started to improve for Mason. It is slow but an improvement. It appears that the placenta is trying to reattach and the fluid is coming back. Thank You all for your prayers. This includes all of you from Africa, Italy, Arizona, Alabama, Michigan, Utahand Florida and anyplace I have missed. There is perpetual adoration and prayer coming from Arizona, Alabama, and Utah along with masses being said from Italy. Thank you all. Heather was worried because she wasn’t feeling a lot of movement and a nurse bought her a heart monitor so she could hear the baby’s heart beat and not panic. People in this world are truly wonderful. To pray for someone they don’t even know is such a gift ! Heather is holding the knowledge of all of you in her heart and is so greatful and wants you all to know you have given her hope when she thought she was alone and all was lost. She will remember all of you in her prayers. Thanks again and don’t stop till this little guy gets here !

          • Granny Mae

            To those who have been praying for Mason, please know that Jesus stopped his struggle and took him home today! God has a plan and we will trust in him. Thank you for all your prayers !

          • libertytrain

            Sorry Granny Mae for his mom but it’s ok for the little one now.

          • Granny Mae


            Things are going to be OK. Mommy was able to hold her baby son and grieve her loss but she knows everything is going to be alright! Her one concern now was that everyone that prayed for her and Mason know how much their prayers meant to her. She said that to find out that people that never knew her were praying for her just over whelmed her . She knew than that she could get through anything that came her way and that is just what she is doing.

          • libertytrain

            Granny Mae – thank you for the update and very happy she was able to see and hold him.

      • James D. Burke

        The only reliable source one can bank on is the Bible which has a 100% reliability record. So why go to some incredible wizzard? One must prepare for the worst and pray for the best. The personal order of business is caring for the soul through Spiritual re-birth, then studying Gods Word and learning what His program is, adhering to it then getting our families to follow our example, then working and enjoying the fruits of our labor while proselyting to keep others out of hell.
        In order to make the above easier, one should “Home School” their children or put them in a Christ centered Church school. Most of what passes for public education these days is debilitating propaganda. Thats how we arrived at where we are today, Evil people writing curriculum.

        • Denniso

          I don’t know of anything at all that the bible has correctly predicted. The early Christians and every generation since have used the bible as a predictor of the end times…I haven’t seen them yet.

          • Richard Pawley

            Denniso, I believe that James D. Burke was referring to those who came to a knowledge of Jesus Christ through the Bible and accepted him as their saviour. Jesus has never let them down whereas man and ministers and churches sometimes have. Many however, even Satan who was once a powerful and beautiful angel named Lucifer, prefer to do their own thing, and go their own way. There is some truth in what you said earlier about some out-of-body-experiences being delusional but that is quite different from a genuine experience. You strike me as someone who has to hold a live wire to believe that something we can’t normally see, electricity, is present. As far as the end times, they could last a thousand years. The Bible only talks about the end of the end times to any extent and it will be hell on earth (according to the Bible) before that. Now, if you are talking about predictions about the end of the world that various cults have given over the years I would have to agree with you. They have all been wrong and that is why one should stick to the basics and not get involved in cults. We have some 3,000 in this county or did 30 years ago. I suppose it’s because most people have always wanted to know when the world will end. It’s like it’s hardwired into us because we know our own personal world will end one day and so people are interested. Jesus’ own disciples asked him about the end of the world and he said it would be like it was it the time of Sodom and Gomorrah, not just a time of rampart homosexuality, but a time of great lawlessness, greed and avarice, probably worse than now. Even the Pope recently said that the future of the world is at stake and we are on the threshold of a new dark age but the media didn’t even bother to report on it. Anyway, Jesus said that the stars (a generic term that covered comets and asteroids and even meteors) would fall from the sky like figs on a fig tree during a storm. What things has the Bible prophesied accurately? Well, when Pharaoh refused to let the children of Israel go and had to be shown the way. A prophesy was given after he finally did let them go that never again would Egypt be a great country. That indicated that God knew there would always be a Egypt because many countries from that era are gone, their boundaries changed or erased and new countries have arisen but Egypt still exists.
            The Prophet Isaiah said, “Whoever heard of such a thing, a nation born in a day?” For thousands of years no one did, until May 15, 1948, when the major nation of the Bible, Israel, came back into being in a single day. Then there was Jesus, who said that every building in the great city of Jerusalem, that the people so admired, would be torn down so that no brick would be upon another. Those Christians who remembered that 40 years later got out before Rome came and destroyed the city and it’s inhabitants. This is a matter of history. I write about even more in one of my books. There are many things like that, some that I wrote about a good deal in LEAVING SOUTH CAROLINA (my autobiography) that are yet to be, one of the most dramatic being a comet or asteroid hitting an ocean and killing one third of the creatures in the sea. During Desert Storm a small one hit the Indian Ocean with the power of a nuclear weapon but this one will be as big as a burning mountain (as least that is how John described it in Revelation). In 1998 as I sat in the theater waiting for the movie DEEP IMPACT to start I heard God’s Holy Spirit say to me in the stillness before even the music had begun (or the commercials), “Someday, something similar to what you are about to see, will happen!” You can be sure I paid closer attention to what was an excellent movie. No it hasn’t happened yet, but John said it would, and so do our scientists, as we have only a few devoted to the watch of NEO’s and there are now known to be thousands of them out there. In both my books I talk about working at IBM’s system development lab decades ago and a meeting I happened to sit in on during a coffee break of top scientists from around the world discussing what the “mark of the beast” might be, what kind of computer the mark must be, but the technology did not exist then to make it. It does today, and I myself have helped make transistors so small they could not be seen with the naked eye. (The “mark of the beast” is a reference to some kind of mark that the world leader will insist every person have IN their right hand or IN forehead and which no one, not even a king, will be able to buy or sell without. It says that in the last book of the Bible and it says ‘mark in’ not mark on. A tattoo would be on but a micro-computer or even an RFID chip (which seems to a cause of cancer by the way) is IN as the Bible says. Of course you would be right in saying this hasn’t happened yet, but stick around, friend. I thank God we don’t have any world leader YET. Well, I could go on and on but you would have to have an interest in these things and want to learn about them. Do we know all there is to know yet (about the Bible or anything?). Of course not, but the Bible even has the answer to those who insist there is no God. It says, “The fool says in his heart there is no God.” That’s pretty harsh, even for the Bible, but it doesn’t mince words. The Bible says that even Satan believes in God “and trembles.” The purpose of the Bible, by the way, is to lead men to a knowledge of God and his ways and it was not until the Messiah finally came that men had a more complete understanding than just the ten commandments. In fact Jesus even gave us an eleventh commandment. Well, this is not really the place for all this but as I have answered you before in earlier comments sometimes a day or two late, if you want to know God you must seek Him. If you don’t have any faith He will give it to you but you must ask, and mean it with all your being. Faith is a gift from God but as my late mother used to say, “God is not a miracle machine, put in a dollar, and get a miracle” but He is someone who is always there for the humble and those who need Him. “Seek and ye shall find!” Just don’t be like those who are in the hell that Dr. Ritchie saw in his out of the body, after death experience, whose web address I gave a few comments back. They were all trying to kill each other to prove they were right, a living hell they could not escape from and which apparently they did not even know they were in, sort of like the mental disease you referred to but much worse.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Really denniso? Are you serious? Every single thing the Bible has predicted has happened. Everything. Thing prophecied about in the old testament were fulfilled hundreds, some a thousand or more years later. It tells about things, that todays scholars put together and find places in this current world today. Its all there, if you are seeking the truth. But if your not looking, and your eyes arent opened, you will see and know nothing, and continue to roam about the darkness, where the enemy is seeking you to devour you.

    • Eric

      What I believe is 2012 to 2014 brings a new beginning of dark times the likes which have never been seen on earth! The International Bankers plan is almost complete! Man has been trying to control man since the beginning of man and now it is possible through technology and currency! One currency to rule them all is coming and I believe it is coming between 2012 and 2014, since this is about the time the Federal Reserve owners created the FED aka THE FRAUD! I pray I am wrong but having researched and seen what the International Bankers have done to we the people of this planet for so long, I see they are nothing but pure evil and wish only one thing! Complete control over mankind! Even though it will only be for a short time and a few nations will fight against the NWO and International Bankers, I am glad I am in America because real AMERICANS will fight them all to the end with truth to freedom! Once again I pray I am wrong!

      • Richard Pawley

        Eric, this is mainly meant for Catholics but the Pope recently gave a warning about how we are on the threshold of a new dark age. Of course it was mostly ignored by the media:
        Some of my own family have long laughed at me for saying almost the same thing in two different books and saying how we are following the same path of disintegration that Rome took. It’s going to be interesting but no one can say exactly when it will begin. We will have several hundred percent inflation, and riots in this country as in Europe, and food shortages, but not necessarily in that order. Still better to be prepared than not, and God is always there for those who choose to be on His side. He is no respecter of persons.

        • ERIC

          Indeed Richard, it is all coming soon! Thank you for the info and may God watch over all of us in the dark times that lie ahead!

        • Wlmitch1

          Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting the link. I watched the entire video. I am Catholic, and I take great comfort in knowing that the Pope has the moral courage to say what needs to be said. I wonder if the infidels on the radical Left will now slander Pope Benedict XVI by accusing him of being a right-wing wacko, fascist, bigot, etc., or by falsely accusing him of hate speech, in an attempt to silence him. Probably. But thank God the Pope is finally telling it like it is!

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          It will be just as the Bible says. In Daniel Chaper 2 verse 32, Daniel is interpreting King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, in which he saw a large statue. The head of the statue was made of pure gold, its chest and arms of silver, its belly and thighs of bronze, its legs of iron, its feet partly of iron and partly of baked clay. He then states that a rock, but out, but not by human hands. Note that, “not by human hands”. It struck the statue on its feet of iron and clay and smashed them. The the iron, the clay, the bronze, the silver and teh gold were all broken to pieces and became like chaff or a threshing floor in the summer. The wind swept them away without leaving a trace. Now to those of you that dont know, chaff is all the loose stuff, that comes off of grain, so its was blown away like powder in the wind. The Gold head, represents the Babylonian Empire, whose main metal was gold. They were taken over by the Medo Persian Empire, which is represented here by the silver chest and arms. There are two arms, one for The Medes and one for the Persians, as it was a two pronged empire. Their main metal was silver. The belly and thighs were for the Greek Empire, made of bronze, which was the chief metal used by the Greek Empire, who conquered the Medes and Persians. It started as one, but split in half following the death of Alexander the Great, thus branching into the two legs. The legs of iron and feet of clay and iron, is the Roman Empire, who conquered the Greeks. Iron was their main metal used for their swords and spears. Then there was the rock that was cut out, but not by human hands. It is written in the Bible over and over, that Jesus is the rock. When the rock came and smashed the feet and broke this statue into pieces, that turned to chaff and blew away in the wind, it is symbolic of just how weak and feeble men are, when God comes to do His work. They were blown away, and left without a trace. Completely decimated. It is widely believed that the 10 toes represent the ten nations that will comprise the one world government that is coming, and we all see it coming to that. In Daniel 7:7-8, this refers to the 10 nations, and soon after forming, 3 will be removed. Shortly after that, is when Christ will come again to right all wrongs, and peace will then reign forever. Right now there are 25 countries that form the so called European Union. When you see that trimmed down to 10, hold on.

    • AllyJayne

      Praise God. Since the beginning of time man has dissed God; the Creator of all life. If there are only two years left, spend time reading the Bible and get to know Jesus personally. And, remember, those of us who serve God know that the Bible is the two edged Sword of the Spirit. Upon first reading it’s going to leave you bruised and upset and crying and Satan will be available and on-hand to accuse you. He will use your conscience against you.

      But tell him, move on. You are the Prodigal Son and Jesus is waiting for you. He is being patient while waiting for all men to serve Him. He loves you and He will welcome you into His fold if you are sincere. Drop to your knees and pray for forgiveness and do this everyday until you are assured of your salvation. And immediately begin living your life for Him. How? By serving one another.

      And those of you living like zealots accusing sinners, remember you are one too. You are playing the role of Satan when you accuse others who desire to receive Christ. It is not our place to judge individuals and sentence them. By the measure you measure others, you will be measured by God. You may yourself fall because you are setting yourselves up as God. Judgement is not your place. Let God do the judging. And thank God He is.

      Instead greet, serve, assist with understanding, and love them into submission to Christ and into His fold.

      Praise God
      Hallelujah, what a Savior

    • Larry DeBerry

      There is an old saying that yesterday is gone,tomorrow is yet to come, so take time and enjoy the “present”.

  • Ricahrd Dunn

    I figured it out an there will be survivors. It is not pretty and most will die. It is not a joke, however there is much more to this than meets the eye. So I have written a book which is being edited. To be continued…


    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Is your name really spelled that way, or is that just a typo? I do that all the time myself.

      • Bob Wire

        I like the spelling! My dyslexic mind sees and has no problem with what so ever, not noticing it until you brought it forward.

        And if the end ever does come, I too think there will be survivors. Same book, different chapter.

        • Elizabeth

          I can tell you this according to God Holy Word no man not even the angels in Heaven know when this time will be but when you see all those coming against God’s children the anger will spew up in his face and then this world will end. read the Bible and you will see

          • kate8

            The Mayan Calandar isn’t alone in its prediction of 2012. That is reflected in many ancient writings around the world. And it wasn’t based on musings from a “crystal ball”, but on astronomical cycles, which have been shown to be astonishingly accurate by today’s science. In actuality, it is the completion of several orbital cycles at one time, which culmination marks the end of the current Picean Age and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. This is not some astrological fantasy, but of heavenly cycles.

            That is the end of the world is a presumption made by those attempting to decipher its meaning, largely based on the scenario of Revelation and the writings of Nostradamas. That, and the fact that civilizations have been uncovered in many buried layers of earth, showing that humanity has been reborn, thrived, declined and suffered destruction by some larger-than-life hand time and again.

            Whether this will happen in 2012 in conjecture at this point, but an important thing to ponder is that the NWO elites seem to believe this, and have based their whole end-game on it. In seems, in fact, that they are taking steps to help along humanity’s demise and their own preservation.

            One would think that, since we are inching so close to this long-awaited time frame, more people would be interested in what it’s all about. I guess that is the nature of man, that he would prefer to just pretend it isn’t real and go on as usual, even in the face of so much obvious upheaval which just happens to reflect so many prophetic writings from all the main cultures around the world.

            Of course, one other thing prophesied is that the vast majority of people are scoffers, and are caught off-guard. Only a very small “remnant” are ever watchful and aware.

          • Granny Mae


            Yes there is something stirring in the world today! I have been studing the bible for years and also have a consuming interrest in anchient history and civilizations. It all has a lot to say about where we are going. Over the years a lot has come to light and I find that the more I know the more I don’t know. Ancient history is so facinating and mind stirring. I subscribed to great biblical archeology magazines for years along with others. In all my studying I have come to one conclusion, I can’t change one thing. I am obligated by God to do what I can and then leave the rest to him. He has the plan, whether I like it or not. So now I get up in the morning and do what I can to live life as normal as I can and to prepare for hard times and then I must leave the rest to Him. I thank God every day for the blessings I have recieved in my life and continue to recieve, I pray for those that need and ask for prayer and I trust in God to do all the rest. I know in my heart that there is a life beyond this one and I wonder what that life will be like. I can’t imagine living in another life and just floating around doing nothing, so there must be a purpose for that life just as there is for this one. I’m not believing in an after life because I’m afraid to die because I don’t have a clue if I will ever be deamed good enough to get into this place they call heaven. The way I see it I can only believe in the bible and Gods word and then do the best I can to live according to His word. I trust in him to take care of all the rest. I can only do what I can only do ! The rest is up to Him ! If the end is in 2012 then I will live as God has taught me to live until my final breath, there is nothing else that can be done if the end is truly the end !

  • http://donthaveone Beberoni

    I would worship the Lord my God and pray for his coming quick. I would give away all that I could give away in an attempt to help others as much as I could. I do this now to an extent, but I have to keep enough to house, feed and clothe my family. But if it was ending, I wouldnt be needing any of that stuff, and Id gladly give it all away. Sad thing is, as the previous poster wrote, the criminals would be busy gathering all they could in the last hours, still not understanding that you cant take it with you, and no matter how much youve got, in the end, it wont help you a bit. Only a relationship with Jesus Christ will be worth anything at all. Kind of just like now. All we have is fading and going away, but Jesus will be there for ever. That is the real worth.

    • Ken

      Awesome! I agree and we should probably be doing that at this point no matter what….try to save as many people eternally as possible.

      • Granny Mae


        Isn’t it amazing how much we need when we think we will live forever and how much we don’t need when we know we will not live forever? You are so right in saying all we need is Jesus !

    • http://aol time to act

      if your going to give it away when the world ends what good is it to anyone else

      • Karolyn

        Well, let them have joy in their lives for the rest of their time too.

      • Bruce D.

        I found that amusing Time To Act. It is kind of like, ya thanks for nothing. It has always been my though that none of knows what we will do under extreme stress until we experience it. Some think they can buy their way out of the problem by acts of good will. Money can get rid of most problems but not all.

        • Granny Mae

          Bruce D.

          It is amazing how we think sometimes. I think most people think in terms of a rapture and so there will be some that go and some that will be left behind. That could be the reason for thinking of giving away of things at the end. I’m not so sure that there will be a rapture like that. There will be some taken and some left behind but those left behind won’t need our things. They will need God and I’m afraid he won’t be there ! That of course is all speculation on my part as God has given me no special insight ! We will all see when the time comes!

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Actually Bruce, most of the people I know that have the most problems in life, also seem to be the people I know that have the most money, and it seems their constant chasing of it, leads to the very problems they have. They seem to buy large expensive houses they really cant afford, but you know, youve got to live in the right neighborhood. And of course, they have to drive a Mercedes or a Lexus or some status car, that they really cant afford. They you know, they have to have the designer shoes, and the designer purse for the wife, and heaven forbid you go out to eat at Applebee’s instead of Eddie Merlot’s or some other 125.00 steak house. It seems no matter how much money they get, they get further in debt, because they live high off the hog, and money is their god. Im glad I was never cursed with that need. Thank God for that.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        If you read my whole post, you would see that I said I give away to an extent what I can now. I cant give it all away now, as I do need a place to sleep tomorrow. However, if God moved me so, and told me to give it all away and go somewhere and be a missionary, Id leave today and give it all away today. And it might help someone in the short term in the end like I said, but it wouldnt save them, but it might offer them a little comfort that maybe they havent had before. I dont know. I guess maybe I could have worded it a little better, and said that I fully recognize the stuff I have isnt going with me and Im not going to need it anymore.

    • Dee

      Yes, JESUS is the only Person/thing that matters, all others will be gone. Stand and wait for Him, do not run for any other shelter.

      • Elizabeth

        Amen the time is coming soon look at the Christians the muslims are killing and they will be coming to our home before this world ends but if they try to take my Bible or they tell me I got to worship Allah I will die giving my soul to Jesus the ones giving up thier life for Jesus we belong to Jesus.I want ever bow before any man only God in Heaven

    • smithington

      Beberoni, I appreciate your response. I assume you also give the Gospel message to all you know and see in everyday life?

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Yes. It is the only life there is. I know, I walked 40 years without it. It was 40 empty years my friend.

    • Renee

      It’s so nice to see that people are actually thinking about what they should be doing. Only God knows the day and the hour and we should be living like we only have one more day. Have we made that decision to follow Christ as HE is the only way, the truth and the life? Also, How can we help those less fortunate, who can we share the love of Christ with and if all of us were to reach out to just one person, imagine how wide stretching that would be. That is a really large outcome for a very small act. If we all concluded that, for 2011, we purpose to help JUST ONE PERSON (spiritually and or monetarily), how many will be better off by 2012.
      As far as our government goes and those in charge over us, shouldn’t we spend more time praying for them than putting them down. All the positive energy that we could be sending out there might make a difference. “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14″. We are to blame as well because we don’t take a spiritual stand for what’s happening in our country.
      Gradualism…we have all allowed it and it isn’t a positive thing. We over look, we let slide, we are in denial that those who should be making wise choices, aren’t. Praying people, God knows we need a lot more of them!!!

  • Tim Singleton

    Well, I know where I will be on 21st of December, 2012. I will be in my driveway grilling out and watching the Interstate from afar. People are crazy and I suspect more than a few will be on the roads that day. Sadly, the world will end for some on that day, just as it did yesterday and the day before that.

    Only thing I am certain of is that the world will NOT end on 21st December, 2012. It might on the 20th. It might on the 22nd. My Bible tells me that none know the hour, not even the Son, but only the Father knows the final day, so it will not be on the 21st.

    I also choose to ignore the fact that the Mayans did indeed predict the arrival of white, bearded men in their prophecies. (It was either the Mayans or the Aztecs, I forget.)

    Enjoyed your column as always.


    • Cathy

      It really amuses me how you and others believe so much in the Bible. It’s been rewritten numerous times and it’s not really known who really wrote it. The Councils of Nicaea (AD 325 and AD 533), which took place in Constantinople, showed how “religious leaders” decided what should be left in and taken out of the Bible. Get real…

      “The word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honorable but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish.” — Albert Einstein

      • Elizabeth

        I am praying God will open your heart to see the truth

        • Granny Mae


          Sounds to me like you think the Bible was a single book that was writen by someone in times of old! Not so. The Bible is an acumulation of writings over long periods od time and were then put together in one volume to make the word of God. The Bible has not been rewriten it has been translated into other languages over time. Some of the books were originally written in other languages such as Greek or Arabic etc. It came to a time when man needed to have copies of the book in their own languages. It has been carefully done and the meanings of the original words has been held to strict truness of meaning ! You are making some very mistaken claims and accusations that are not true ! Sorry you feel that way !

      • http://nowebsite John Snow

        Cathy I’m not sure of what you said, did you mean that man wrote the bible ? if you meant that, then your right, God told them what to write and they wrote it, just as an executive who has a private secretary and wants a letter dictated, he tells her what to write and she does just that, no more or no less, and this is what God did with men of old.

      • Sam Spradling

        I’m sure Albert had the opportunity to express his views when his world ended. Whether we believe or not does not change God’s word or his promise of salvation. No we do not know when the end will come, for us as an individual or for all the world, but through Faith in his word and his promise that he will return, we need to be prepared.

        As for me, I quote George Yance “My bags are packed and I am ready to go” I’m just waiting for the train. By the way on Dec. 21,2012 I will be 73 unless Jesus returns, or calls me home. How about you? are your bags packed?

        • Granny Mae


          That is the way to think of it. We know not the day or the hour so keep the bags packed and we will be ready when ever it comes ! Lets all get together on Dec. 21 2012 on this place and we will wish you a happy birthday!

      • Dave.

        Albert’s life was like his hair – pretty messed up!!

      • Craig

        The dead sea scrolls were the same as the modern Bible….verified.

        Einstein also said that evil is the abscence of Love as cold is the absence of heat.

        Love is information God is Love… God exists though I am not all knowing I know nor are you……but Love exists therefore God exists

      • coal miner


        You hit the nail on the head. If the world were come to an end, you know what I would do.I would bend over and kiss my ass good bye.You are right,Christianity is a dangerous myth.And it is for the weak minded.Have a nice day.

        • DeJay

          I’m with you Cathy. An archeologist by the name of Zecharia Sitchin wrote many books on past civilations dating back to 6000 B.C and Sumeria. Civilation did not evolve on planet earth. It was planted by beings from the planet Nibaru by the Annanuki. It appears that anyone one with a little power was called a god. Each god want given control of a large piece of land like a state. Then they started warring among themselves. Which proves that there will always be men who will fight each other as is happening today. Has anyone ever seen this GOD? All we have to go by is an average person saying he was told by God. Suppose we spell that backward and say we must worship Dog.

          • http://Illinois'17th William


            Wow. You be smokin some perty good stuff. When did the mother ship drop you off? Did you “grow up” during the 60s and 70s?

            I have never seen the wind, but I have seen, and felt, the results of the wind.

          • coal miner


            Innocent people were slaughter in the name of Christianity,including children.

            Christian Emperor Theodosius (408-450) even had children executed, because they had been playing with remains of pagan statues. [DA469]
            According to Christian chroniclers he “followed meticulously all Christian teachings…” All this world end is crap,nothing more.Lets end all religious myths.

          • Bruce D.

            DeJay I have read all Zecharia Sitchin’s books. Some based on the cuneiform language written on clay tablets over 25,000 years ago. I have always wondered why more research was never put into the understanding and relevance of the old clay tablets. It seems like it should be an important part of history but as is largely ignored.

        • Granny Mae

          coal miner,

          I hope you don’t have arthritis or it is going to be mighty painful to bend over to kiss youself good-bye !

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          You couldnt be more wrong. Christianity takes strength to embrace, as when you do this, satan uses people in the dark, like you, to constantly attack us. Christians are under more duress, more scrutiny and more prejudice and persecution than anyone on earth. Its a harder walk, much harder, than being a heathen walking in the dark following satan from sin to sin. No sir, Christianity takes strength, a lot of strength. The strength that is give to us by Jesus taking the nails on the cross. Through that, we live forever, and thats a fact. He is the only living God. And it is proven by original manuscripts by eye witnesses. He is recorded in more original manuscripts than Julius Caesar and Nero combined, and yet I suppose you believe in those guys? Thats what I thought. You are so wrong, and what you dont know can hurt you bad.

          • Granny Mae


            So very well said ! I too am a Christian and the walk is very difficult at times and yet at those times for me it seems to get better. I get stronger and find courage to keep on keeping on ! When I see and recieve those attacks I have come to see them for who they are and from who they come. It is Satan, so I don’t even bother with him now ! He is desend for hell and he knows it so he is just going around trying to give hell to all he meets. For me that kind of hell is nothing because it is only for a moment but his hell is eternal and the sad thing is he chose it himself ! That is real stupidity !

      • http://na. Robert Bradfield

        Cathy, its that South African again. We all accept that the Bible have been written by many authors. Moses the first 5 books in the Bible, and many more after that. The New Testament were written by a handful of authors all who had a close relationship with Jesus Christ. The Old Testament would not have survived scrutiny by orthodox Jews if there were any major discrepancies in that part. So I must conclude that there is truth in the writings in the Bible. As our knowledge of the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek languages increase then of course translations will differ, the question is whether there is a total new interpretation of the Bible – there mostly is not. Compare this to some of the other sciences and one will see that there are continually new discoveries that change ones understanding of so-called facts. We are continually discovering new medical science, new interpretations of biology, even mathematics and physics go through changes in understanding, but we believe what they are telling us. The moment the Bible comes under scrutiny then we do not believe it, “because there are different interpretation and or translations.” I do not think that is really fair, do you?

        The Bible shows us what we should do to receive salvation from sin and it is so easy: “just believe that Jesus, the Son of God, became flesh and died on a cross and rose from the grave to ascend to heaven to be our Savior.” We just have to ask forgiveness for our sins and profess Jesus to our fellow worldly travelers. That is all, it is not difficult at all.

        Should the world end tomorrow, in 100 weeks, a 100 years or a 1000 years, it does not matter as I believe in an eternity with Jesus in a new recreated world and I am looking forward to that happening.

        • Will-CA

          Your so right Robert if only science and religion could come together think of what could be accomplished. I’m sure allot of the Atheist including those who post here will have a 180 degree change of heart in the last moments of this life. Thanks to Jesus the one they believe a myth still loves them and is willing to give them one last chance.

          • Granny Mae


            You said it all! I agree !

        • smithington

          Robert, AMEN and Amen!!! Do you think there are any atheists in foxholes??

          • http://na. Robert Bradfield

            Hi it is that South African again. Thank you for your answers, there are no-one that I know of that does not know God at the moment of peril whether it is in a foxhole or at the dangerous end of a gun, knife, a bully or if something happens that they have no control over. I was the same a long time ago, but so much changed in my life after I met Jesus as Savior that I do not even recognize myself sometimes. Unless one has gone through that transformation one will never believe in the saving grace of God and the changes in one’s life.

      • James D. Burke

        Well Cathy, Einstein recanted much of his former statements about God. As a matter of fact, he saw a universe so finetuned and orderly, he concluded a superior being HAD to be the originator. Furthermore, Charles Darwin admitted before passing away that his work, essentially was false.
        Again, why wonder about the end? The Bible has a 100% record of being correct. The Bible teaches that God would spread the Jews around the world and would call them back to Israel just before His second return. Israel became a nation again in 1948 after 2000 years of despersion. He (God) said the Jews would be hated by all nations. They are. He (God) indicated that the generation which saw the return of Israel to their homeland would be the generation which would see the 2ond return of Christ. We should be setting aside what the incredible wizzards are saying and studying what the credible Creator God revealed about HIS program. Doesn’t that make more sense/

        • Granny Mae

          James D. Burke,

          Sure makes more sense to me !

      • James D. Burke

        Cathy, Einstein was a scientiest, not a theologian, who couldn’nt see the forest for the trees. Albert was a great scientist in the secular sense. He studied what God had created as do all scientists. How many scientists in the past have studied their topics while denying God, then suddenly, they see Gods hand in everything and are converted by the eternal depth perceived in their work. It has happened many times Cathy. Eventually the greatest skeptics finally see Gods hand in the whole of creation. The Bible, a credible work was written by men moved by God The Holy Spirit and instructed there-by what to write. All books have Authors who obeyed what the Holy Spirit instructed them to write and their names are included in the somewhere in the Bible. You mentioned the Bible had been re-written many times. That is partially true because thousands of tribes and tens of thousands of cultures must have translations which can be understood in their own languages but the essential message is not lost in the translations. Trnslating the Bible is a difficult endeavor. I know of one Translator who looked for 25 years before finding a single word in a Papua New Guinea tribe before hearing a small boy use a word he hadn’t heard before. When inquiring about the word with the tribal Chief, that single word, put in order enabled the New Bible to be published in the heart language of the tribe.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        I know the Bible is God’s word Cathy, without a doubt. And believe me, until your eyes and ears are opened by inviting Jesus Christ into your life, it will mean absolutely nothing to you, because you wont know. And that is right where the enemy, satan wants to keep you. Not knowing. And in this, what you dont know, can hurt you very much. You know inside of you right from wrong. That is the voice of God dwelling in you, telling you what is right. When you see helpful actions by people, and hateful actions by people, you see God in the good, and evil in the bad. That is how we are wired. You know deep inside, that you didnt just crawl out from under a rock. You were created by a kind and loving God, who has rooms full of blessings to bestow on you, but you havent asked Him for them yet. They are there, I know. I asked, I received, and I have seen. At least take the time to investigate this. There was a famous atheist named Lee Strobel. He investigated it, and now he is a famous Christian author, because when he looked for the truth, he found it. Give it a look. What you find will save your life. I guarantee it.

    • Elizabeth

      Glory to God Tim you are so very right on all you said we do know he is so very close to coming back.God Bless you Tim

    • http://Illinois'17th William

      Tim, you are correct. Only the Father knows the day and the hour and He may pull the plug on the 20th, or the 22nd, but not on the 21st as He will prove man’s folly.

      I am enjoying the way He is shaming the likes of Algore and his ilk this winter. In 2000 Algore told Britains they would never see snow again in England. Now look what He has done! You can’t see England! Atlanta has the first Christmas snow in almost 130 years.

      This week the New England area was buired, but D.C. is bare. Who is missing from D.C. right now? He is in HA on yet ANOTHER vacation and it is almost constangly raining and cloudy.

      For those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear…..

      • independant thinker

        As I said above 12 21 2012 is the end of one cycle and the start of a new cycle not the end of the world. God might decide to end the world then or not for as others have said only he knows when it will all end.

    • http://ThankYOU,GOD!! DevilDog911

      I would catch a quick ride down to the ‘border’, with a few explosive ‘friends’!! Pop some WELL-EARNED CAPS in the NASTY INVADERS,hopefully before the monkey factories DROP ANOTHER disease-producing,screaming, waste of space that’s sucked the life & resources of United States!!
      But, I almost forgot: Swing by the Capital to pick up DHS loser, babbling dumb ass & throw her in with the other trash!!

      After all that work, I’ll be looking for all of my friends and family and GIVE THANKS TO GOD!!

    • fedupwidit

      The world will NOT end in 2012. Read your Bibles, it is a world without end. It will be transformed into what God makes it, and it will hapeen according to His plan in His timing and there is nothing that Pelosi, Reid, Dodd and Barack Hussein (The long-legged mack daddy) will be able to do about it!

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      I agree. Live life to the fullest, share and help each other, and witness the light of life, Jesus Christ, until its time to go home. Worrying is a sin, so I dont worry, I just do what I can do.

    • JC

      I took the oath also; but now that I am older and experienced, I wonder who will define/be the domestic enemy?

    • Robert L. Macosko

      Ignorance is blissful, the Myan Calander has nothing to do with the planet earth but is the tracking of the planet Venus as a commet when it was captured into our solar system some 4,300 years ago. Totalitarian governments and social engineers need fear to control the masses. Wake up!

    • Randy G

      If there were any Mayans left they would do what we do every December 31th. Namely take down the old calender & put up the new one!!!!

    • Thomas Avery Blair EA

      I suggest that perhaps that date in December 2012 will simply be the so-called last day of “The Days of the Gentiles” and that Israel/Jerusalem will become the new center of world power and commerce. One would-be world ruler, unceasing demand for a one-world religion, unceasing demand for a one-world currency and economy, perhaps the new center for the United Nations assembly? Who knows, maybe even the division by treaty of Israel/Jerusalem into two states…one Jewish, the other Islam? Who knows, maybe 3.5 years of “peace and safety?”

      I hold the position that there will be “a carrot before the stick” event. Imagine if we were told to expect collision with an asteroid around that date and the nations of the world collectively found the alternatives to such a catastrophe under “a (temporary) new world order” in order to accomplish the feat?

      Or maybe the planet earth will flip its’ electro-magnetic poles and expose the frozen continent of Antartica as a new “Eden” while putting other portions of planet earth into a deep freeze?

      In any event, I expect 90% of the world will eventually take the concept of 12/21/2012 “with a grain of salt” and decide to “eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we _____.”

      I’ve learned so far in my 63 years of life that 90% of the things I choose to worry about never happen, and the other 10%

    • Awake-now

      People have believed that the world was ending at numerous points in history. Look back at the not so distant past of Y2K. There has always been a certain portion of the human population that believes that “the end” is imminent. In a particular way, they are correct. The world is ending… in time, that is. How much time, who knows? The same way we are all in the process of dying. From the moment of our birth we start the aging process, which is, in a way, the path to our own mortality. The same can be said of the earth. Science has shown that the Sun will only last another 5 billion years… give or take. So, eventually, no matter what, the earth and all life on it will be destroyed. Some believe that way before that event, Christ will return and we’ll all join Him in heaven. The timing of this, as many have stated is known only to God above. It could be tomorrow or it could be a million years from now. The point is that, if some people HAVE always believed and some WILL always believe that the world’s end is near, logically thinking then, some people will eventually be right.

    • The Kirch

      I seriously doubt that the world will come to an end in the year 2012. If I did have fore warning though what I would do is get together with my family, have a feast, some cold adult beverages and then sit back and light up a good cigar and watch it all come down. No sense getting all upset.

  • philroy

    I’m glad it’s going to come like a thief in the night. If we knew for sure what the date was…….society would undoubtedly fly apart in a very short time. Some would turn to their Bibles of course, but what about all the people that have no spiritual foundation? Panic….anger….it would get ugly in short fashion.
    There’s a movie I watched a few years ago. Elizabeth Shoe is in it, about a couple in south Cal. The power goes out for four days….you never find out why it happened, just watch as people start out helping and gradually end up at each others throats. It’s a tough movie to watch to be honest. But and accurate one…

  • Sheryl

    First of all, there’s absolutely no way anyone can know when the end will come; God’s own son didn’t know the day when He was here, and the Bible tells us we won’t know.

    Now then, theoretically speaking, I wouldn’t change anything in my life if I knew the end would come in less than two years. While I’m still a sinner as is all of mankind, I’ve been saved and cleansed, and try very hard to walk with my Lord and Savior on a daily basis. I therefore have no fear and actually look forward to His return.

    • Fay

      I agree with you if some things don’t change in this World Now there will be an end to life as We know it. But put Your Faith in God Now and read Your Bible Now and yes I know I am using Now a lot. Act like the end of the World will be today or tomorrow and live accordingly.

    • Elizabeth

      Praise the name of the Lord Sheryl you are right on target at what you said,there will be those begging for the rocks to fall on them to hide them from his face when he comes back. We all are sinnrs saved by his Grace no one is perfect and we never will be but oh the thought of seeing those Pearly gates and walking with Jesus.God Bless you I am praying for you

    • http://nowebsite John Snow

      Sheryl your right on target, and I can’t wait either, because I gave my heart to the Lord a long time ago, and he forgave me of all my sin’s my past sin’s my present sin’s and also my future sin’s, I wii see you there God be with you.

    • What If You Could Just Believe

      I am happy to say that since the age of 13 I have been ready for the end, I have asked the my Lord JESUS CHRIST to please spare me pain and suffering. I have never in all my 33 years of salvation had any doubt or fear of the end of this life. And

      I pray that anyone that does not feel this kind of security in their hearts, that they will have a moment that will show them that without JESUS CHRIST they are without comfort and peace. AMEN

  • philroy

    As far as I understand, the end of the long count is not the END. It is a major change, and new count starts…..what the major change will be, only He knows.

    • Karolyn

      I believe as you do. And I feel that we each only have one day, so if we live it to its fullest and work at being joyful and helping others, there’s nothing more or different to do.

      • http://nowebsite John Snow

        Karolyn if you mean by getting to heaven by doing good works, you better read the word of God who says i am the way the truth and the life and there is no other way to the father but by me, this is scriptural.

        • independant thinker

          “i am the way the truth and the life and there is no other way to the father but by me,”.

          Good point John. The good works are supposed to show evidence of your acceptance of Christ not be an alternate to it.

        • eddie47d

          John Snow,you are correct yet the Bible has several passages about doing good works and we all should be doing them. As you say though: you must believe in the faith of God or those good works will mean nothing.

        • Angel Wannabe

          John your right!_-its your faith in God, That causes you to do good works__The heart alone doesn’t cut it!

        • Karolyn

          John, I am not a Biblical scholar, but I have read much to influence my belief in the usually accepted translations. I believe what I believe, and you can believe what you believe. I believe that God is in all of us and in every thing and that he is not a punishing God testing us our whole lives. I believe that Jesus is my brother, as are you. According to the Bible Jesus is A son of God, not THE son of God. We are all energy and will all live forever, choosing to come back via reincarnation if we want to. We are not the only intelligent creatures in the Universe, and there are many civilizations that have come before us that destroyed themselves through technology and greed. Think Atlantis. I was a Christian until I saw the light.

          • kate8

            Karolyn – God is not a tyrant doling out rewards and punishments. He has set up the Universe to function according to His Laws, and when we choose to violate those Laws, things do not go well for us.

            If we jump off a tall building, He will, most likely, allow us to suffer the consequence. Does that make Him a punisher? NO! He allows us to be stupid! He does not force us to adhere to His Laws, and He does allow us to reap the consequences of not doing so.

            Yeshua showed us the Way of the Heart. The Heart is where Spirit resides, where the Christ is born within us. There is NO other way to the Father. We can’t do it through the mind, which is caught up in physicality.

          • Bruce D.

            KateH, you have a lot of knowledge about a lot of things and I like your common sense approach. Aside from what is written in books I truly sense my location as spirit a liitle bit above and between the eyebrows. To me the idea of the spirits location in the heart is symbolic as I perceive the head to be the center of activity. The heart being just an organ that pumps blood as other body parts have their functions. My thought aside from books is that your location in space would be from where you emanate out to focus and direct things in your life.

          • kate8

            BruceD. The third-eye center you describe is, indeed, a center of insight and a connection to Spirit. Anyone can utilize this, or any other, of the body’s power centers. In fact, we do it automatically as a matter of survival. Most of the world’s spiritual masters focus on the third-eye and crown centers to reach “enlightenment”.

            Consciousness, however, does not “reside” in the brain (which is a transmitter/receiver). Consciousness is alive within every cell, as our DNA is antennae to the Divine.

            The power center below the navel is the seat of energetic power, where we get “gut feelings” and experience primitive emotional responses, or the “lower” unconscious. The heart center opens and evolves when we begin to bring up the “gut” energy and bring down the divine through the crown and through the third-eye, or “higher” unconsious (which is the doorway to Spirit). This is when we begin to experience Divine Love, which is the Path to the Father.

            Love is the ONLY Path to God. Love flows through the heart, not the mind. Yeshua was Divine Love incarnate. This is why He said, “No one comes to the Father except by Me”.

        • michelleo

          John, I dont always agree with Karolyn but I believe she is saying to live and love like never before, God see’s and knows what’s in your heart and to do the best you can by everyone and yourself while your here.

    • http://yahoo richard

      i was reading through these responses and was about to make one of my own when i read yours and its almost word for word what i was going to write

      • http://nowebsite John Snow

        Richar what response was that ?

  • SS McDonald

    Why speculate on 2012 NONSENSE? The 7 year tribulation has not occurred and the antichrist has not yet stepped on the world stage (although I believe he is alive but probably does not yet know his destiny). It is possible that 2012 could be the beginning of the Great Tribulation. “Nobody know the day nor the hour”….but the signs of the times will be evident that it will not sneak up on you like a thief in the night.

    • philroy

      I’m not speculating. Jesus himself said it would come like a thief in the night. And the end of the long count has been determined by those who study it, to be a major change,(maybe epic, but not the end)….not speculation, just searching for knowledge of their culture. (the scientists that is, not me, I don’t believe it, it’s irrelevant anyways)

      • eddie47d

        That could be true since the end of times has been predicted before the birth of Christ and many times afterwards. I believe things will be about the same next year and better in 2012. I certainly Don’t believe the end of the world is coming … especially not because of all the talk of financial doom and gloom that get’s spread around. Those folks are like a school of piranhas in their predictions. Last week one said that there will be Marshall law by Dec of next year. Another said a few months back that by the end of March 2011 there will be total chaos in the USA. I see nothing wrong with being prepared (with supplies or setting yourself straight with God). At least be better informed with facts if making wild predictions.

        • independant thinker

          All this talk about the Mayan calender predicting the end of the world 12 21 2012 is at best a miss-understanding of what that date means. It mearly means the end of one cycle and the start of a new one. It can be infered by what we know from other Mayan writings that they would expect a time of upheavel and possible natural disasters but they DO NOT predict the end of the world on that date.

    • kate8

      SS – I would argue that we’ve been in the Tribulation for some time now.

  • sean murrey

    i think we would be at each other throats and be fighting over food, gas, other things.

  • Kerry Mercer

    I would stop worrying about my health problems, embrace my immediate family more, read the Bible and look forward to the new world to come. I would also stockpile enough food, ammunition, firearms to protect my love ones from the breakdown of society that would surely occur. Take pride in turning my home into a fortress to repel the rabble and fly Old Glory, the Betsy Ross and Bennington flags high above my defensive walls and just have fun at home without ever having to step outside our perimeter and just await for the end of time to come.

    • Fay

      I like Your Answer

    • kate8

      Kerry – Sounds like a good thing to do now, anyway!

  • Charlie Frederick

    2012 is not the end. Many prophecies have not yet been fulfilled. I would think that the writer of the article would want to know more about end-times events and besides….why lay up your treasures???

  • Larry

    What can you do when something happens beyond your control it does no good to worry yourself to death about it.

  • TIME

    A fun question.

    Though the Mayan’s were long gone before to the Spanish came to “New Israel,” is it not odd that the Hopi had also predicted a new world after the fall of this one all on the same time table? Strange how they spoke of great floods, great fires from the sky.
    Or that the Egyptain’s & Babylonian’s & Chinese as well most all cultures from long past had the same time lines too?

    Be all that as it may, one can’t argue that on 12 /21 / 2012 all the planets will be in a “straight line” for the first time in thousands of years, (that we can say with true certainty) as thats fact of truth proven by science as well?

    One other thing we can say is this all the Planets have a direct effect on this planet, so its highly possible that we may have a {pole shift.}
    If that happens, then in a way yes there would be a mass amount of people who would die many would say its the end of the world.
    This would in fact be not unlike in Noha’s time.

    And if one looks deeper into it, oddly that was about the same time as the end of the last age on the Mayan charts. We also know that water levels grew by more than 50 feet, thus what was once above water in now 50 plus feet under water, as well what was once dence jungle are now frozen tundra’s.

    So all of these factors should make one think in larger terms, as well we do know in life there are cycles, thus in time these cycles will repete themselfs, thats pure logic as well proven science.

    • Al Sieber

      TIME, I have a book “Pole Shift” by John White, see if you can find it somewhere. or “Earth in Upheaval” by Immanuel Velikovsky, they explain a lot.

      • TIME

        Hi Al,

        Thanks for the Intel, I may have that book I know I have a number on like topic’s.

        • Al Sieber

          TIME, what do you think about the $5.00- $10.00 a gal. gas coming our way? I’ve always figured Lindsay Williams was right.

          • TIME

            It will not be long in coming, the Controlling Powers are loosing control thus they must inflict as much damage on us as they can to get us back under control.

            As you know if gas is $10.00 PG, all other items will go up as well, such as FOOD, Electric power, Water, Interest rates.
            The only thing that will come down in value is the Dollar as the world Reserve standard. I feel that we will be going to the Yen or to the Chiniese counter within 18 months.

          • Karolyn

            Just like two years ago when all the “experts” claimed that gas would reach $5.00 over that summer, only to have it not even reach $3 and to go down substantially here in SC (Where we have the cheapest gas.)

          • Claire

            Al Sieber– Here in town the cost of gas is raised on Wednesday evenings. Then on Monday and Tuesday it goes down. All filling stations here in town do this. They know people will be traveling over the weekend. Well, it is Wednesday evening and I noticed on my way home tonight the price was $3.19 a gallon. It was the same price right before Christmas. This has been happening for a long time. Right before Thanksgiving it was $2.83 a gallon. My neighbor tells me cigarettes are $54-$56 a carton. The Illinois lottery was supposed to create money for education. What the hell happened here in Illlinois??!!

          • libertytrain

            Claire – that lottery money must be bogus. They said it was for education and say it’s for education but instead I think whatever they give to the schools gets subtracted from some other school program. So in the end it means nothing yet they still tell us it does good. Baloney.

          • Al Sieber

            Claire, gas was $2.64 in Nov., $2.68 the middle of Dec. and now it’s $2.74. I don’t get to town much, maybe every 2 weeks, so, it surprises me how much the price of things go up.

          • Claire

            Al and libertytrain–You know, I get so tired of being “fleeced” every time I turn around. The filling stations, the grocery stores, “China”, insurance companies, –I could go on and on. There is no end in sight.

      • http://PersonalLiberty Fran Greenfield

        Good heavens, you are the first person whom I’ve come across to have actually READ Velikovsky. As to the ending of what we know….not likely, but perhaps a change in attitudes and aggressiveness etc. No more WAR etc.

        • kate8

          Fran, A Golden Age is, indeed, prophesied to follow the end of the one now passing. I can’t see, however, how that could happen except for something happening BIG enough to change the hearts of humanity from where it is now.

          Scripture says, “As it was in the days of Noah”. At that time, God looked down and declared humanity “basar v’adam!”, which, in Hebrew, means “flesh/meat”. They were flesh without souls, and He destroyed them. Just take a look around today and see if that is not again the case.

  • Strawberry Shortcake

    I realize that this wasn’t the complete point but the Mayans were pagans…I highly doubt (from a judeo/christian aspect)that the biblical end would come from the prophecies of pagans…

    • TIME

      Pegan is a Roman word that simply means; “One who dose not live in ROME.”

      It really has nothing to do with anything else as in a Godless person or one who follows Satan.

      • Strawberry Shortcake

        Time there are a few definitions of the term “pagan” and it’s still pretty murky as to what the true origin is.

        So for my purpose in the use of the word it would be describing those that made offerings to sun gods, deities, etc. Anything that would be considered an abomination to the one true God. Not sure why you think I believe that they are without God. They most definitely had their Gods. I know much much more than you may realize on this subject. I just don’t want to open a can of worms to be honest. I won’t have the time to get as involved in the conversation as I would like.

        • Strawberry Shortcake

          …and that is not a cop out, I home-school my kindergartner and second grader and it takes up pretty much my entire day, in addition to chasing my three year old and a one year around…

          • TIME


            Good for you that you home school thats a positive thing.

            I have studied History all my life now 61 I am still digging, thus when I post something as in a words meaning etc. I do so due to my finding not just a single ray of light but many that make words meanings more concrete.

            Best of luck with your Home schooling.


    If people knew the day and time the world would end, JESUS CHRIST would have BILLIONS more BELIEVERS than what will in fact be when he “COMES AS A THIEF IN THE NIGHT”!

  • Tazio2013

    TO: All you crusading christians, white wing wackos, and watchers/listeners of the fixed news network

    Here are three items you will want to read for an alternative POV and if, and only if, you can handle objectivity, truth and reality re 2012 and beyond:

    Happy New Year!

    • Dr. Mabuse

      Damn Taz, you ain’t a gonna get no thanks for hittin’ ‘em up side the head like that, LOL !!! All 3 articles were excellent, exposing the more salient features of being drunk on that fool aid, I mean kool aid. The observation on the Weimar Republic was particularly chilling in its comparison to what we see here today in the U.S. (You and I both know that the Nazis didn’t lose the war they just relocated).
      Actually, I’m kinda lookin’ forward to the end of the world, I’ll probably spark up a fat one, crack open a fresh bottle of Jamisons, kick my feet up and watch the Saints go marchin’ in.

      • TIME

        Dr, Mabuse,

        Man you hit that dead on the head dude.

        For any of you who really wnat the TRUTH – please look at the NATO Symbol, now take a good look at it again, note that each of the four arms when you take the solid color side, now with the outer edge of the circle, ~ now just note that the darker side has a line above its point, now just connect the dots, what do you have sitting there looking back at you?
        Can you say Whats a “Sun Wheel Swastika” Alex for $100,000?

        Now will all of you that are still working on the DemO V RebO gaggel please wake up.

        • kate8

          TIME – It has always struck me the the Swastika also resembles the pinwheel design of the Milkey Way galaxy. Viewed from the side, the Milkey Way looks like a snake (or dragon) swallowing its tail. Sound familiar?

          It moves in a spiral orbit around a larger matrix. I have often wondered if our galaxy is set up to keep us on a spiraling wheel of life-cycles until, at some specific point in that cycle, a galactic doorway opens to allow those who are ready to pass through into another, higher, realm of existence.

          • TIME


            Frist off I am so happy to see you grasp what I posted in its deepest meaning, Thank you, you just made my day.

            When you look into the Tibentan’s and their beliefs what you will find they use whats called the “Wheel of Life” this can be found on many a Thangka it grants one peace within their soul and guides them in the after life to Heaven.
            As well they also use a “LIFE WHEEL” for prayers, this looks like a stick with a hollow silver top that has a small chain with a weight that moves the sliver wheel on the stick, it is said to allow GOD to bring light to one.

            We see the same patterns over and over no matter what culture, this is a science called “Symbology,” from this science also comes the Science of “Iconography.”
            These sciences are used to dig deep into the Human base line thinking as they are from our deep past that held great meaning.
            Today mostly these are used for less than POSITIVE results, yet they are all based in TRUE GOODNESS. Strange how preverted things get over time.

            Much of what we have been dumbed down to not full grasp wht these things mean.
            This behavior again saddly goes straight back to CONTROL by the few over the mass’s. Or Politic’s, ~ man o man talk about the begining and end, the snake who eats its own tail. Some of you will get that one others, if not,
            If not That clearly displays how much you need to grow as well OPEN your MINDS, and Hearts.

          • kate8

            TIME – I know what you mean. In my whole life I’ve never known a single person with whom I could discuss these things in any meaningful way. I can’t tell you how I’ve longed for that.

            I have a lifetime of study, and only now is much of my search beginning to come to real fruition. Those things I’ve puzzled over and prayed about are now beginning to dawn on me in amazing ways and at amazing times. It’s brought joy to my heart to see that God really does answer prayer in His perfect time.

            Scripture prophesies that, at the end of days, what has been hidden will be revealed. Until now, much of those things COULD NOT be understood.

            It also tells us that we must WATCH and be aware, as most people won’t read the signs.

            Here is the site of a program I heard on the radio while driving the other day. Let me know what you think.


            Thanks for all that you contribute in your posts.

          • Strawberry Shortcake

            Read Jeremiah 10

          • kate8

            strawberry – Thanks. What is it you wanted me to get from that?

          • Karolyn

            Kate – I used that link and have to say I am having a hard time correlating the prediction and that I have always heard that the end of days would not come until all of mankind had been given the opportunity to hear the word of God and be “saved.” Well, there are a lot of people out there who have not been introduced to the Word of God. Like the primitive tribes in the rain forest and even so many people living in repression like the North Koreans. How can that be?

          • kate8

            Karolyn – Why are you asking me that question?

            That would be a question to ask of the group who put up the site. They have an email address for questions.

            I neither believe nor disbelieve their contention. I just thought is was another interesting idea.

          • kate8

            That’s Milky Way.

            Geez. Fingers have minds of their own lately.

      • Al Sieber

        Dr. Mabuse, I agree that the Nazi relocated, the main ones left when they knew the war was lost.

      • Tazio2013

        Dr. Mabuse & Time,

        Welcome to the “onepercenters”; the few, the proud, the neo-objectivists, the enlightened truth-tellers and reality-junkies!

        The revolution will be televised and on the Internet!

        Semper fi!

      • Vigilant


        “Actually, I’m kinda lookin’ forward to the end of the world, I’ll probably spark up a fat one, crack open a fresh bottle of Jamisons, kick my feet up and watch the Saints go marchin’ in.”

        I’ve gone about half way down the reponses so far, and have seen very few actual reponses to the initial question, “How would we want to live if we thought the world was going to end in 2012?” Predictably, the discussion went off into the weeds with comments about the legitimacy of Mayan prophecies, the Apocolypse, and the usual God vs. atheism arguments. DM, you’re one of the very few who actually read and answered the question.

        Almost everyone else missed the point. The question was intended to reveal the aspirations of each person in how they would handle such a catastrophe, as remote as that possibility may be.

        I’ve lived long enough to know that people often say how they will react during a particularly stressful situation, and then act very differently when subjected to that situation. I can only expect that humanity in general would repeat the ways of the past when great tumult and adversity occur. Some will rise to the occasion, some will self-destruct, others will revert to that Limbic Region barbarity and bestiality. Many of the religious will seek comfort in their religion, and some will turn away. Many of the athiests will come to religion.

        I truly don’t know how I would react if I were given a certainty of destruction within a given time frame. My spirituality would probably deepen, and I would probably like to have my far flung family back together to face the end. Other than that, I couldn’t see much different, with the possible exception of further arming myself to ensure my family was safe from the “Book of Eli” marauders.

    • JC

      Let me get this straight Taz….you hate Christians and White people but want us to listen to your message.
      You point out ways to understand what the Globalists are doing (good) but the underlying message is that White People and Christians should suffer the same contempt.

      I don’t think I want you on my side.

      • Tazio2013

        JC (the “JC”?),

        99% of the Global Power Elites or “Globalists” ARE White People and Crusading Christians. And, in my considered analysis, you will NEVER be on the side of the “Onepercenters” because of your apparent closed-mindedness, irrationality and ignorance of the things that matter most.

        • JC

          I see, I’m “unaware” because I reject your racist overtones.
          The Global elite are Zionists who’ve been attacking and trashing Christianity for at least 50 years.
          I think you’ve got your wires crossed Taz.

          • kate8

            JC – The only ‘hate’ I ever see comes out of Taz’s side.

          • Dr. Mabuse

            Racism aside for the moment, the majority of the Zionists are Ashkenazi. And the Ashkenazi are White, not Semitic.

          • kate8

            Zionists are counterfeit “Jews”.

            BTW, Jews come in all races.

    • Carlucci

      Those articles are excellent. I hope all of the participants on this blog will take a few minutes to read them. Thanks for posting the links.

    • TIME

      After standing at Puma Punku with experts on rock cutting, as well as geologist’s, the only words they could utter was ” this is inexplicable,” when I told them the age of the ruins they were even more awe struck.

      So knowing that these ruins were build over 20 thousand years ago, and that even with modern technology it would be nearly impossible to even come close today and the cost would be prohibitive. Thats when the door opened and I understood that we are the “PRIMITIVES”.
      Thus it leaves only this; to whom ever built these ruins ~ we are little more than what Monkeys in tree’s are to us.

      I understood at that moment as I do now that nothing I ever learned is even worth the paper it was printed on. That we were being programed to think and act like droids.

      So let me just say, I am happy to be in that 1%. I learn something new every day thats really what keeps me young.

      • libertytrain

        I agree, I came to the conclusion some years back that we were indeed the primitives and have lost so much.

      • Karolyn

        Amen to that Time!

      • kate8

        TIME – This is what I came to realize also. The only way we can hope to catch a glimmer of Truth is to let go of EVERYTHING we’ve ever been taught or believed, open to infinite possibility and go to Source with our questions.

        All on the Earth plane is deception. Truth is so much larger, grander and more astonishing that we can comprehend. We know absolutely nothing. All of science is laughable, since it is based on the senses and is illusory.

        If we can view the universe with wonder, like a child, we may learn something.

  • Bus

    This is a perfect illustration of a publication once established, having to fill its allotted space. A total waste of time.

    • TIME

      Why would you say that? Its all well within reason and has a vast range of possible responces.
      Some who have studied, yet some who are totaly clueless.

      “The mind is like a parachute, it has to be OPEN to WORK.”

    • Bob Wire

      Bus, ~ writing is a craft, an art form like brush and paint.

      Today it’s Doom & Gloom and the exercise offered, is to gather a collective response from people who bother to show up and engage the “art” and quandary.

      Thanks for your contribution and taking the time to respond, you did very well!

      I’m inclined to believe Mayan Long Count was only commissioned to craft a 2012 calendar. If they could foretell the future they would have handled their natural resources better.

      That said, we might too consider man and his nature. Any one generation of leadership could be found lacking and not truly an accurate representation of the people.

      • JC

        Depends on your perspective Bob. Doom and Gloom? I don’t think so, in fact I’m actually looking very much forward to major changes. The system we have is a corrupt system run by a den of thieves.
        I’m all for wiping that out and see it as a happy thing.:)
        Mind you I’m also very well prepared so I can go ahead and feel like that. Someone living on the tenth floor of a building in the middle of an urban center probably won’t feel the same way.

        • Carlucci

          I agree. I’d like to see the whole thing collapse like a house of cards (which is what it is anyway) and we can start all over again with common sense.

  • http://same Carole

    Right now I am sitting in bed enjoying a great cup of coffee in my Moms’ China, in a little while I will walk the dog, in the cold, brisk air. Come back and exercise while I am watching Regis $ Kelly, the only host anywhere equal to the old Parr and Carson demeanors. Look through a few bills, straighten the house and probably read some more of Tolstoys’ ” The Kingdom Of God Is Within You”. Later on have an appointment at the Old Orchard Store to learn more about my Apple computer.
    My point is that I watched 2 men drop dead in front of me of heart attacks, one being my husband. You could die today, forget 2012. When the end comes in 2012, I hope to be there and if it doesn’t come. ditto. I have learned to enjoy life each day and to try my best to be kind and God Fearing.

    • Carlucci

      Carole, you are exactly right. A similar thing happened to me. Five years ago my husband woke up one morning, stood up out of bed, and collapsed due to a TIA. He came around after a few minutes and our lives were turned upside down from that moment on. He passed away three months later from pancreatic cancer. Since then, I’ve learned that we all have to live for today. Nobody knows when the end is coming, whether the end is their own passing or TEOTWAWKI. I’ve focused on getting closer to my family, friends, and neighbors, and maintaining my health. Those are the true blessings that you just can’t put a price on.

  • TIME

    John Myers,

    A very unique Blog and really stepping out of the box dude. Good for you. Thanks I enjoyed reading it.

  • Noel Murphy

    Nothing will happen in 2012.Yes things are getting hard globally and this will continue before,during and after 2012.Yashua is comming back but a lot more (good&bad ) has to happen first.E.G WORLD GOVERNMENT, GLOBAL CURRENCY, PERSECUTION, WAR, i don,t see all this happening in the next 24months.

  • Bob Wire

    I don’t think there is much to do really. If you haven’t lived a full live, it’s too late with any attempt to finally start.

    As you said, “Doom sales”, leaving everyone in the position of buyer or seller.

    Any ending, will be a random scuffle, much like life has always been. War vets know of this probably more then most. Some live and some die and there little rhyme or reason to reasons why. To be the last man standing comes with guilt and confusion that most find hard to carry.

    There are things in this world much worse then death, a life of fear, or guilt being but a few.

    I say, live your minutes well and stay in the present, yesterday is gone and tomorrow never promised.

    Breath the air, smell the rain, the scent of her hair, hold a baby child, listen to the innocence of childrens laughter, soak it all in and keep these things close as you make your day.

    • Al Sieber

      Bob Wire, good post, what else can you do? we all die anyways, it’s part of the life cycle.

    • Dr. Mabuse

      Bob, U da man !!!

  • dannysteel

    “Quote” John Myers “and I really don’t think the world is going to end on Dec. 21, 2012.)”

    You might want to rethink that Mr. Myers? Maybe not “an end” as you might think, but I think “the end” is inevitable. Just look at all the signs we’re getting, nevermind the Myans and Nostrdamus writings! Be forewarned I think is the real message!

  • Renate

    The Mayan Calendar is like the odometer of a car once it gets to 12/21/2012 it goes back to the beginning. Just because it is the end of the calendar it does not mean that it is the end of physical time and space. Although earthquakes and natural disasters are ever prevalent, as well as our own self destruction, though war etc. I believe that a global economic collapse is far more likely.

  • Anthony Mammano

    End of the world? Don’t think so. End of this funny little production we have established, possibly. My investment would be in myself. On the outside chance that there may be something ending on 21 December, I would get fit, check my camping gear, and steel my mind. Reading would be important, and I would agree on your choice of material, the Bible, as it is the very book I read today. All in all, my confidence lies in the promises of God as put forth in that Book, and I have no reservations to seeing that date fulfilled. I pray that there are many others of like mind. Be well.

  • DaveC.

    Well, all I can say is what the Bible says, and it clearly states no man knows the hour, so like many of you have said, don’t put too much weight in to it. However, there will be a lot of nuts out there in the world who will believe this stuff and start small wars all based on some group called the Mayans. Do you ever wonder where the Mayans are now? They do not exist anymore, so why should we put any weight in to what they said. My only advice, and I saw that in a few messages, is to get as many people saved before Christ returns for His church. This has nothing to do with 2012 or any other time but this is and should be our MAIN focus. Bring people to Christ. THAT’S what it’s all about. I too look forward to His return but our mission here on earth, while we are here, is to bring people to Him. Amen!!!!!!

    • independant thinker

      “Do you ever wonder where the Mayans are now? They do not exist anymore,”

      Wrong. The Mayans do still exist They are no longer a major “world power” (refering to their world not the world as a whole) but they do still exist in Mexico especialy some of the mountain jungle areas.

  • Bitter Libertarian

    If I knew the world would was going to end I’d take a trip with my family (a one way trip) to Alaska and find an acre or 2 to either rent/buy/squat. Live peacefully till it was over since I am already at peace with my Creator. So in essence peacefully disconnect from the rest of the insane world.

    That aside since its not, I do follow multiple sources of information. Since there is almost always a bit of truth somewhere in everyones story’s, I like to gather those pieces and assemble it like a puzzle. Hes what I have so far;
    For the last few years our “Climate” & Weather has been behaving a bit strangely-facts. Theis may be a repeat, but for the sake of discussion lets just deal with the recent extremes of heat (Russia) and Cold (North America). NASA has a Video on the web that very clearly describes that our planet will be in alignment (NOT a planatary one) between the Sun and the center of our galexy. A place it is only every 3600 years IIRC. NASA clearly states that they have no clue what will happen. On the same note NASA is forecasting solar flares which if combined with this “crossing of the equanox” seems like something could happen. Now logically if there is an effect awaiting earth, its not going to turn on like a switch on 12/21/2012 but we will more or less (like feeling the effects of a magnet) experience a gradual increasing change to a peak (12/21/12) and then again a tapering off. So nature could very well throw some natural stuff at us that could make it extremely difficult for business as usual.
    Lets presume that NASA knows a little more then what that video put out, just a little. All this mounting global debt, wild printing of money, the US Govt behaving like there is “no tomorrow” to contend with…Just maybe there will be some natural event to cause all debts to be wiped out in leiu of the “event”. While I have no clue, I do not dismiss the posibility of an earth changing event, and yes I believe that if it is significant enough many will perish. What event IMHO would fit perfectly into this and still further the NWO adjenda is a solar storm strong enough to shut down power grids for 4-6 months. I’m no science expert or astrologer, but it seems to me based on the information I have pieced together over the past 2-3 years that something along this type of event is what lies ahead.
    Its going to take something significant to enable the NWO to step up and into power, while at the same time offering elimination of debts (resetting the financial clock so to say) and a unified world effort to pull humanity out of the problem.

    • Al Sieber

      Bitter Libertarian, I’m a geologist and have been studying the earth for years, and I’m outdoors 95% of the time and can tell things are different. I recently read some of info. you posted and I agree with you.

  • Tom

    Well done…..simply take tomorrow as it comes with faith. I especially liked the comment “letting old grudges subside.” Resentment never profited anyone, especially the one carrying it.

  • Strawberry Shortcake
    • Tazio2013

      Thanks for the video link; it said a lot in only 4 minutes.

      “It is error only, and not truth, that shrinks from inquiry” – Thomas Paine

    • JC

      Excellent Link. :)

    • Carlucci

      Thanks for sending that link, Strawberry. I am going to forward it to my email list. Some of the recipients might get mad, but I’ll remind them that this same thoughtless “herd” mentality was what we experienced here in Southeast Texas when the local lame stream media hacks scared the poo out of hundreds of thousands of people when Hurricanes Katrina and Rita were supposed to hit here in 2005. Thankfully our city was spared the storms, but so many nitwit lame brains got out on the roads and freeways to “escape”, that many died being trapped in the enormous traffic jams created by the hysteria. They ran out of water, food, and gas running their air conditioners, because the heat was stifling. Naturally “law enforcement” BLOCKED OFF all the freeway exits, so there was no escape. Obviously the message was that government is not on the side of the citizen, (and never is).

      Being a native of my city and seeing many storms through the years, I boarded up my windows, put the pool furniture and potted plants in the storage shed, and hunkered down.

      I keep telling my family and friends not to watch the lame stream media reports because the media lies about everything and they do it all the time. Like Orwell’s 1984, the “news” is like “double speak” exactly the opposite of what they are saying.

  • Teresa

    Nobody knows when the Lord will come back to this earth rather it be 2012 or not, yes that is the date the Mayan calendar predicts but I do know this much if it is then it will be only because the Lord is ready to. The angels in heaven do not even know the time of his arrival but we better be ready. The signs are coming at such an alarming speed and catching everyone off guard that they are still in denial. Everyone hears this lil voice in the back of their head that tells them things in society are right when they are wrong as predicted….it’s satan calling to you and your unaware! If you please just open your Bible, please seek God for your strength he will not fail you! I hear people all the time say…”how does it feel to live in fear all the time of such a God”….I never understood that question. When you truly have God in your heart, you have such an overwhelming joy and peace like never before. We are not perfect, no man is. Everyone sins, is only natural…if only in our thoughts, but w/God you know you will have everlasting life and you are forgiven of your sins! Can you close your eyes and imagine for one minute sending your son to die on a cross for US???

    • Rex

      Everyone sins, is only natural…if only in our thoughts, but w/God you know you will have everlasting life and you are forgiven of your sins!

      Wow! What a revelation that everyone naturally sins. And not only that, sinning is only natural. Wow! Where in the world did you get that bunk at? Oh, I’m sorry maybe it was your preacher, or some tele-evangelist that told you this crap! Wasn’t it Charles Stanley that said, we don’t even have to ask forgiveness anymore, or repent, because past sins, forgiven, present sins, forgiven, future sins, forgiven. What NONSENSE! The only way one gets forgiveness of sins is repentance of their sins. He has people believing that one does not have to ask forgiveness of their sins because they’re already forgiven. NONSENSE! To make people believe that sinning is natural is also NONSENSE. Well, I suppose because people do not even know what sin is nowadays, they think it’s only — natural. The bunk preachers are teaching their people these days.

      No wonder, with all the crap that Christianity teaches, people will fall for anything, including the ending of a stupid pagan calendar. I say, let it end, and let’s on with the Word of YHWH!

      • Teresa

        Sir I do not need a preacher to tell me Gods word or what is written. I will pray for your soul and actually the more people like you try to discredit the word of God only strenghtens their faith more so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

      • Karolyn

        So, I guess you are without sin? Why would God punish us for being exactly as he made us? Life is not a test, as you so believe. It is just an exercise in living, and we are all here to be joyful.

    • independant thinker

      Teresa, the Mayan calender does not predict the end of the world, Christ return, etc. on 12 21 2012. What it predicts is the end of one cycle and the start of a new cycle just like we will have in a couple of more days. The calender does not say what the end of wne cycle and start of a new one will entail but from other writings by the Mayans it is a pretty good guess that they expected a great disruption with possible great wars and natural disasters but not the literal end of the world.

      Someone mentioned the Hopi above. From what I remember of their beliefs they say we are in the fourth world and when this one ends we will move into the fifth world.

      • Al Sieber

        independent thinker, that’s in the Book of The Hopi (Waters). I read that years ago. thanks for reminding me.

  • ojd

    Maybe those in politics would consider working for the people
    instead of trying to get re-elected. Possibly not even go to Washington , that might stop the bleeding.
    For me ,There are some friends & relatives I need to tell that
    I love them…I have not always done a good job of that.
    Come to think of it there are a few people that tend to gossip a lot..Maybe I should tell them God doesn’t like that very much,
    and might hold it against them some day.
    I remember Dec 31st 1999 when lots of people had sold everything to move to their paradise , because at midnight the world would end. Lots of
    churches tend to make predictions that the world would end , but didn’t…With that said , I suspect , when its our time to go we go.

  • http://Persoanllibertydigest Jim

    Maybe I will freeze during Al Gores global warming — And if I could see the future maybe I’d be the richest person on earth and give away all my secrets for only 19.99 — Give me a break –

  • Bruce

    What ever happens you can bet the world governments will use it to their full advantage. I am more than sure major plans are allready in the works and have been for some time.

    • http://yahoo Lyon

      I’ve got to agree with you Bruce…I say the Governments will use and are using the basis of Religeon and also invisionists to further their Agenda’s..They put more emphasis on disaster and fear against us than anything else..In our situation here in America,the 111th Congress is on a rapid pace to dissarm us,starve us,make us sick and make us go broke so as they can impliment their One world Currency and eventualyy their one world order on us..If Barry Soetero which is Obama’s real name,can declare Martial Law before 2012 re-elections then he stays in, and they come knocking for our Guns..I see Martial Law happening before i see the end of days…

  • Rennie

    I would invest in booze, because it won’t happen and there is justified arguement of some funny math to have all the various cultures cite the same date. Aug. 21, 2017, with a total solar eclipse across North America, over Cascadia and New Madrid, so there is your “Joe Granville Earthquake” date. But don’t bet more than a few drinks on it.

  • JC

    I don’t believe the planet will physicaly end. I do believe that life as we know it is on the way out, but that it is not directly tied to the Mayan Prophesy.
    The events that will lead to cataclysmic change are already in motion and “may” culminate by 2012. Certainly within the next few years.
    The economy will likely crash. We may see Martial Law followed by a great round up and genocide. (Which we will fight) We are seeing the selling out of our sovereignty to Globalist interests of communism and population control.
    If the world ends, so be it.
    If it does not…you better be ready for what is coming down the pipe.

    • http://yahoo Lyon

      I just replied to Bruce about the same sentiment…That’s what the Police State has been built for..Overstaffed Cops, Homeland security beefed up, Fema camps built all around.. Thanks 111th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JC

      Seems obvious enough doesn’t it?

    • Strawberry Shortcake

      JC you are obviously familiar with FEMA camps. Any of you aware of Agenda 21? Fema camps tie directly into that bill. Anyway, you realize if FEMA camps are real, our chances of fighting then are impossible. If it’s tied to the UN bill we have no allies. They can call in troops from other countries. We were an ally in WW2, who is America’s ally? Who will come in to save us from such a fate? I lost a lot of sleep over this last night…the evidence against these camps is staggering…I once thought it was a tin foil hat kinda thing…until I started researching Agenda 21…the green movement, the reduction of the global populus, vaccines, the food bill that was just passed (which I read two years ago would be passed by the end of 2010 where all food would be regulated), heathcare bill…it all makes sense now.

      If this stuff is true, I’d rather take the Mayan pill please.

      • JC

        You’re right about all of that except one part Strawberry…

        We have a very good chance against all comers.
        Americans are the most armed population in the world and have historically shown great resolve in the face of tyranny here and abroad.
        And there is a natural tendency to fight to the death on your own turf. Whereas UN-GI Joe wherever he’s from, probably isn’t interested in dying on an American street thousands of miles from home.
        That and for the most part, people don’t fight because they hate what is in front of them, they fight because they love what is behind them.
        I also doubt that any kid who grew up playing baseball and football down the street will be taking up arme against Americans.

        And I’ll bet you wouldn’t hesitate to unload a 12ga semi auto at the front door if men with guns you didn’t know were coming after you and your kids…

        How many UN Soldiers do you think will be kicking in doors when even Soccer Mom’s are waiting to shoot them in the face?

        Never forget Strawberry…we’re Americans.

        • Strawberry Shortcake

          Oh you better believe it, lol. And that is exactly what I own.

          • JC

            Freedom suppressed and again regained bites with keener fangs than freedom never endangered.
            Marcus Tullius Cicero

        • kate8

          JC – There exist now weapons that can incapacitate everyone in the house before they reach your doorstep.

          Don’t underestimate how prepared the elites are for this.

          On the other hand, we mustn’t underestimate Divine Prividence.

          • JC

            They can’t possibly have the resources to hit every street in every city in America, let alone all of the western nations…at the same time. If anything like that happens it will be in the inner city areas first, keep your ear to the ground.

          • kate8

            JC – If they knock out the power grid, it would create mass pandemonium. They wouldn’t have to do anything but sit by and watch.

          • JC

            I’ve considered that and prepared for it. And I intend to sit by and watch too, until someone personally endangers my life or property or
            that of my neighbors.
            How about you? Prepared?

          • Granny Mae


            Yes I am prepared too ! Just waiting now !

    • kate8

      I think that you are right, JC. Somehow, though, I don’t think it is a coincidence that it coincides with celestial cycles.

      I don’t believe the world will end, but it does look like great death will ensue. Scripture tells us that there will remain a “remnant” to begin again.

      • JC

        There are a great many coincidences, spiritually, scientifically and historically pointing to changes in Dec 2012. But do they really add up to anything? I don`t know. All we can do is be prepared on whatever level our understanding of events allows us to be.
        Personally, I`m watching very closely the de-evolution of the American experiment and the growth of the American Police State and preparing with that in mind.

  • LeRoy Reed

    What will be will be!!!!!

  • Rex

    Wow! Since when did this country start looking to a pagan calendar for direction. You see, this is the problem with this country. Sheeple have their eyes on everything else but what they’re supposed to have their eyes on. The Mayan calender, ending? SO WHAT?! Big Deal! Is this another Y2K bug, or the end of the world is coming as in 1984 when some of the planets lined up. Get real people! For all those that claim, even half way to believe in the Scriptures of the Torah and Prophets and New Testament, should not even be giving credence to such an idea! The prophesies of Yochanan (John) in Revelation tell some very different, than some stupid Mayan (pagan) calendar. No wonder the people can be led around by the nose by the politians and filthy lucre loving preeachers in Christianity. Wake up sheeple, the time is now to stop with the playing around and get right with the Most High and live His Torah. Forget the pagan calendars, and holidays and beliefs that has been spouted out to you for years. It is high time to get ready, for the time of the Master Yeshua’s return is near. The Day of YHWH is near! Repent!

    • http://nowebsite John Snow

      Say Rex, I believe that you don’t know the word og God and I’m going to pray for you, the clock is winding down, and Jesus IS comming back to gather up his church, and if you miss the rapture and have to go through the terrible tribulation it will be then you wil say I wish I would have listen, too little too late, change your mind before it is to late jesus is real and so is His word.

    • Teresa

      Perhaps some Hebrews are implying since the Savior was Jewish they themselves are special people in God’s sight. In contrast, God wants all to know the following:
      A man is not a Jew if he is only one outwardly, nor is circumcision merely outward and physical. No, a man is a Jew if he is one inwardly; and circumcision is circumcision of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the written code. Such a man’s praise is not from men, but from God (Rom 2:28,29).
      Hence, in this manner all Christians are this type of Jew because their hearts have been circumcised by God’s Spirit. This is what the greatest example of Christianity ever produced wrote, who also happened to be of Hebrew descent.
      For The Record
      · Jesus is not derived from the pagan source of Isus.
      · Jesus is not a false name.
      · Jesus is not of pagan origins.
      · Jesus is not a false name for Messiah.
      · Jesus is not a twice-removed translation of the name.
      · Jesus is not merely a name used by boastful Christians who killed Jews.
      · Jesus is not being used for the sake of (antitorah, antijewish) tradition.
      · There is no emphasis in the Bible to restore to the Savior His Jewish identity.
      · Jesus is the only name in which salvation is found (Acts 4:12).

      • Strawberry Shortcake

        Theresa you should be careful what you are saying. His name is Yeshua, Jesus is a transliteration from Hebrew to Greek (Latin) to probably German and then English. What is the problem with that? The problem is that we don’t translate any other name. If Paulo comes here from Italy, do we call him Paulo or Paul? His name is His name.

        Maybe you should research the origins of Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc. Start there…and then come back and tell me…but those meanings no longer apply because the roman catholic church said so…err Constantine said so. Eh…what’s the point. This conversation never ever works. One day all will be revealed…those that are willing to hear will hear, the rest…well…God knows your hearts so I cannot speak for it.

        • Teresa

          Regarding the Jewish Messianic ministries, we have learned that some of them emphasize the word “Yeshua” to such a degree that they say this is the name in which salvation is found and not Jesus. (Furthermore, many of them also believe in the heresy of eternal security!)

          In an article entitled, We Call Him Yeshua it was written:

          One of the aspects of Messianic Judaism that stands out the most is the fact we usually refer to the Messiah as Yeshua instead of Jesus. Here is why.
          Messianic Jews tend to refer to Messiah as Yeshua. Why do we do this? To put it simply, in calling Him Yeshua we are restoring to Him His Jewish identity. Yeshua was and is the name He was called when He walked on this Earth.

          But what does Jesus’ Jewish identity have to do with anything? This is never magnified in the New Testament. Jesus is the Savior of all who will repent and submissively trust in him. Rev. 7 states there will be people in God’s kingdom from every tribe, people, language and nation all redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus. Of what nationality Messiah was as He walked the earth is totally irrelevant.

          • kate8

            Yeshua never renounced his Jewish roots, nor did He renounce his Name. He was a faithful Jew to the end, as were his followers up until Constantine. I understand that a small group still lays claim to the original followers.

            Constantine “reworked” Christ’s teachings into a controllable religion, changing “times and days” and God’s Feasts and precepts. He changed the natual calandar and brought in pagan festivals, merging the very teachings.

            I don’t think today’s Christianity bears much resemblance to the message Yeshua brought us. He did not come to bring another religion. In fact, he had contempt for the religious, such as the Pharisees.

  • Peggy Harris

    I am a spiritual teacher & the world will not be coming to the end.
    Our World affairs are changing but the future will continue on for many years.


    December 21, 2012 may very likely be the rapture of God’s church
    as millions of people suddenly disappear and are “caught up” in the sky in the “twinkling of an eye,”. Global chaos will ensue and set the stage for the Antichrist to assume global leadership, and later proclaim himself to be God, create a universal religion and currency thus, ushering the new world order. Only with the Christian church out of the way, could he ever succeed at this. Currently NATO, the U.N. and the World Trade Organization have begun laying the blueprint for the NWO. As another poster mentioned above, we need to be spending our time living a godly life and witnessing to the unsaved who will be eternally lost without accepting Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

    • Granny Mae


      Are you a GRANNY? Like me ? It may be as you said, I don’t know. Sometimes I think the rapture has already started with all the things that have happened and mass losses of life. It doesn’t matter to me exactly what or when it happens, all that matters is I know it is going to happen and I believe in God. What will be will be ! God Bless !

  • JLC

    For the record, I do not believe that the world will end on 21 December, 2012. But, should it become an established FACT that it will, I can safely predict that there will be one hell of a line at the confessional on the evening of the 20th!

  • http://google Richard Stone

    God will prevail in serving his wrath upon the wicked.

  • Jake Reed

    If we knew the world was ending we could all stop this worrying about Global Warming. Who knows, Al Gore might bring his Hummer out of his garage.

  • Angel Wannabe

    Personally I don’t hold much truths in other cultural calendars or religions. I have enough to think about with being a Christian. I think we’ve been in tribulation for quite some time. But our time in which we watch the clock, is not Gods time. Our time of 5 min, can mean a millennia in Gods time. At the risk of sounding like a smart alec, There isn’t much any of us are going to do about the end of times! Biblical prophecy is what it is, whether you want to believe it or not. We are told by God to remain awake, alert and to be prepared. I’d suggest if someone feels a pull to get right with their Creator, then I think they should do it. Accept him when he calls. We don’t call God,(we can call on him in prayer after we accept him) he calls us. It’s our choice to answer yes or no. If we choose to answer yes, then we pick up our own crosses and follow him, to wherever it may lead. As for me, I wouldn’t want the world to end without Christ in my life, but it is a choice.

  • ladykroft

    About three years ago, I once sort of saw a tv program, by “sort of” I mean that I was cleaning house not sitting focused on the tv, just listening as I walked from room to room, and it was about asteroids. Discovery or History channel, I don’t remember. The subject was strictly about asteroids…nothing mentioned about the end of the world according to the Mayans or any other culture. About the last 15 minutes, I sat down to rest and watch the program. The scientists were studying this one particular asteroid and watching its trajectory towards earth, describing what would happen to earth if it collided with us, which was; shock wave, massive earthquakes, firestorms everywhere, sun blocked out by debris, and the list goes on ending all life on earth.The last couple of minutes of this program was the scientists predicting through mathematics the ETA of this asteroid…December 22, 2012. I could never find reference to this program since then. Not in the archives of the Discovery Channel or History channel, or entering the subject is “search”.
    Chilling…just chilling.

    • http://nowebsite John Snow

      Ladykroft, just remember that the history channel isn’t always right, and also nothing can happen to ol planet earth unless God allows it to happen, even the elements of the universe as well as on earth is under his control.

  • John Spooner Sr.

    At age 84, since there is noting I can do to change natures actions I accept and deal with it when it happens. A long time ago I adopted the “Archie Bunker Philosophy.” What was, was. What is, is. What will be will be!”

    There is a ring of asteroids scattered in an orbital tract of what may have been a planet that Nibiru may have destroyed on one of its trips thru our solar system. This could be a worse case scenario for planet earth. My relationship with Divine Providence, if one exists is not one that I fear to face. If there is no Divine Providence, it doesn’t matter. Whatever Nature has in store is what I accept. A planetary disaster like that could straighted out the mess humans have caused and are causing. Nature has a way of cleaning itself.

  • Henry Ledbetter

    I would probably do much of what I am doing now, rejoicing in the Lord and looking to the day I will be eternally with Him. It would be nice to take a trip to Israel, especially if it is the time the armies of the world come to destroy them. It would be interesting to see how Our Lord defeats them. In the meantime I guess I will try to lay up a few treasures in heaven where moth, corruption and thieves can’t break thru to steal. I am more convinced than ever that Our Lord knew the character of men when He Said, “where your treasure is there will your heart be also.” If you Know for sure you know Jesus, we can “rejoice in The Lord always and again I say rejoice.” Even so come quickly Lord Jesus for as the world hated You, they hate those of us that know you, just as You said it would be.

  • Jon Weiss

    When I was a kid I read a magazine that had some predictions, and as an ignorant child I was scared to death, the magazine predicted that the world would end in earthquakes, fire, and war, multiple disasters everywhere at once and no one would survive. This was all to occur in the year 1984, so much for their predictions. I see the 2012 predictions as pretty much the same thing. If the Mayans were correct, and the indicators of the orbital mechanics say they are, then the cycle of their calendar will indeed end in Dec 2012, but that is no sign that the end of the earth must by default, happen at the end of that cycle. But if it happens, then it happens. I don’t think that anything humans do will prevent it. Also, as that time line would relate to the Bible, 2012 does not fit the timeline of the Bible, but then who’s to say that God cannot alter time, the laws of physics, or the movement of the planets. after all, he created them.

  • PRESIDENT stephen anderson

    hi mr president….
    seasoned greatings this winter with prosperous mystyreous holiday celebration , it is so high and awesome to know the kingdom of heaven and earth is fading away just like the scripture of our lord and magesty prophesied , we are guided by the sovereigh host of supernatural angels the watcheth over the city of holly of hollies , if the world ends by 2012the world of the lord prophesiesd fullfilled , we have to eliminate the infilling of allianated flesh from the kingdom……because we share thurth the songs of the psalmist will manifest in awe for our upkeep….sound sila sela.
    long live bob livinstone.

    • JC

      Ok, new meds for this one. -)

      • Granny Mae

        You said it ! ??????????????????

  • JimH


  • http://facebook Connie

    if i knew when the last days were, i would thank the Lord and pray for the fools that don’t know the true meaning of life.
    our Father is in control of all the things that will come to pass and no MAN will know the day, hour,or minute when it happens. So why don’t man stop trying to figure out something that only GOD knows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://nowebsite John Snow

      Your right Connie, but also the Word of God also say’s call no one a fool, or and idiot, because we have all sometime or other have done something that someone else looked at the same thing.

  • Ben little eagle Stephens

    Being Native american I would go back and look at what you wrote the forieners that your ancestors are did the same to the american Indian which we prefer to be call the true native of this our land Turtle Island. And if you look back at history every sencethe pilgrams as you people called them from the day they landed and untill this day History proves this the Native tried to help these people and they have help them fight every War they have been in and Each and every president they have had has done away with the native after they used them in there wars and the Most liked for example (licoln) he was nothing but a murder he hung 20 Of my native Brothers with out even a trial. Not much good to say about what the people have done sence they stole our land and tride to kill us off . Just look at the results all our land is under concret or assfault. and fenced off. and each thing mentioned above is is in dire straights today Yes the Mayan’s Knew How to build a beautiful city just as we all have but we like liveing in the open and being healthy and how were the mayans to know just as th native that the whiteman gave the Blankets with the deasesof Small pox. sme thin the Greed of the white man and the people in power cause these things to happen because of there greed. Wado and ah nah gee sss dee an h nah squah ooo nee tlah nah he Domadegoqvi ognali. Kwaynee ( Ben)

    • coal miner

      Little Eagle,

      I am from Native American descent.You are right.Here is a shameful part of history.Massacre of Sand Creek, Colorado 11/29/1864. Colonel John Chivington, a former Methodist minister and still elder in the church (“I long to be wading in gore”) had a Cheyenne village of about 600, mostly women and children, gunned down despite the chiefs’ waving with a white flag: 400-500 killed.
      From an eye-witness account: “There were some thirty or forty squaws collected in a hole for protection; they sent out a little girl about six years old with a white flag on a stick; she had not proceeded but a few steps when she was shot and killed. All the squaws in that hole were afterwards killed …” This is Christianity? I belive it.Christianity has killed 150 million Indians ,North,Central and South American.It wasn’t murder,it was genocide.JoeH,that is history,that is the sad truth.

      • http://nowebsite John Snow

        Hey coal miner, remember not all white are bad just like the native american indian some were bad and some were good and that is how it is with the world today, just can’t blame everyone to what happened back then and it is still going on today the bad man killing the good man it will never stop untill Jesus comes back and then it will stop.

      • Granny Mae

        coal miner,

        You are not the only one who can claim native American decent! Andrew Jackson was a dispicable human being and all who know what he did will agree with that, but that doesn’t mean that all were like him. Native Americans should be held in higher esteam than they are. The blacks are always crying poor me and they have never given a thought about the Native American ! However, there is a lot the Native American can do to help himself too. My family is of Native American decent too along with decent of the first settlers from the Mayflower. The ancestor from the Mayflower was a servant to a rich man. We came from humble beginnings and struggled through a lot of difficulties but I don’t remember hearing in all the accounts ever handed down that any of them complained or blamed anyone else for their hard life. All of them simply gave thanks to the Almight for his guidence . What is in the past is gone and it will never return. It is over so get over it and move on if you want your life to change ! Native Americans were brave intelligent human beings but guess what science is proving that they were not the first humans here . It is a childish waste of time and energy to constantly claim (we were here first). At this point in time it looks like the important thing is who is here last ! Please turn out the lights !

  • John W Goerger

    Suggest you folks locate Sky & Telescope Mag of last year with an article dealing with the “BS” of the end of the world and the year “2012. written by Dr Krupp, the Director of Griffith Observatory/Planetarium located in Los Angeles CA.
    You are all gonna look like a lot of fools when 2012 comes and goes with the planet Earth still the way it is and us people still here! When are you folks gonna grow up and act like adults rather a bunch of wing-nuts like those who think “flying saucers” are from outer space (Hal Lindsey–another Big Time WING-NUT” claims “UFOS” are actually operated by “Demons” disguised to look like “Space Aliens”)?
    You folks that “buy” into this crap of “the end of times/planet/universe” suggests you are not operating on all 8 cyls! Not rational at all!

    • JimH

      John, The article was a “what if” you knew the world was ending. The responces were, what would I do “if” the world were ending. I doubt anyone believes that in 2012 we’re done. Just have fun with it.

      • TIME


        Saddly way to many can’t see the forest through the tree’s, thus they strike out in anger and hate.

        • Strawberry Shortcake

          I think this is true in some cases, but overall I think that people are just stressed out. Most people that visit this site and blog on these forums have a pretty good understanding of what we are up against. This can lend itself quickly to more intense conversation I think. It’s a difficult lump to swallow…especially when you just want to go about your life, minding your own business, watching your children/grandchildren grow…just enjoying life whatever that may be with the normal stresses. Not the ones where you have to wonder every day if the most clear and present dangers are/will be perpetrated by those who we are supposed to be “protected” by. These kind of fears and thoughts swiftly correlate to spirituality…whatever that may be for each person…and many people have many views, opinions and understandings.

    • coal miner

      John W Goerger,

      Thousands of years predicting,nothing happen.

      “The Earth is degenerating today. Bribery and corruption abound. Children no longer obey their parents, every man wants to write a book, and it is evident that the end of the world is fast approaching.” From an Assyrian tablet, c. 2800 BCE.

      • Karolyn

        Great post Coal Miner!

      • independant thinker

        The earth itself is still here but the Asyrian world ended thousands of years ago.

      • JC

        The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance.
        Marcus Tullius Cicero

    • independant thinker

      John I suggest you actually read and COMPREHEND the article and the 99% of the posts that while admitting something could happen do not accept 12 21 2012 as the definitive end of the world.

  • Dan az

    I try not to get into any religious posts,Yes I am a christian and believe in God.The only churches that I have ever went to was when I was in boot camp just to see the differences in religion between other faiths.What I found was that all of them believed in God just some of the wording was changed in there bibles.I dont feel that it makes any difference as long as you believe that there is more to life than this mere existence that we are all in now.Some times I feel this is hell now and we are to pay our penance here before moving to the next plane.I see God not as a man or being but energy of all things even thought.If Christ were to return 2012 would seem as good a time as any and what I think would happen would be those who chose to follow they would merely walk through dimensional time to the same planet but with a new beginning.All the rest that dont believe will remain here in hell until they figure it out.But thats just my feelings on the subject.

    • hundabuxt

      Dan Az

      The fundamental issue in christian belief is accepting the sacrafice of Christ Jesus on the cross for the sins of all mankind IF you accept him. It matters not how sinful you’ve been; all who believe and accept will go to Heaven after they close their eyes the last time. Christ is Gods son and God will have no sense of humor with those who reject the benifit of unimaginable suffering endured nailed to that cross for the potential benifit of all mankind. Not all will believe for whatever reason but as a result many will suffer the horrible nature of hell. Believe it or not, I do. If I’m wrong then nothing is nothing but I’m completely content with my decision.


    Well, there’s still time for many of the posters here to get educated and learn proper grammar, punctuation and spelling. Whoa!

    • Angel Wannabe

      Babushka, in all due respect, we concentrate on content & heart of the post here, not necessarily on spelling or grammar. Noone’s perfect!

  • BonnieMW

    I think there would be two kinds of people, if we all knew it was going to be our last year on earth. Ones who would live life at its fullest whether it was good or bad and ones that would live life like there was an eternal afterlife that depended on how good they lived this life on earth.

    I think I would choose a little of both. I would do some soul searching and then go sky diving.

  • Mark M

    Well don’t tell Harold Camping of American Family Radio because he’s convinced the world will end on May 21, 2011. Of course he’s told us
    he had a lock on the date for Christ’s return four times before.
    I thought about asking him to sell me all his radio stations for $1
    effective May 22, 2011 to find out if even he really believed this
    or if it was just a trick to increase his listenership.
    I’m not saying he’s wrong but Christ could return at any time and as
    for me the sooner the better.

    • kate8

      Mark M – He’s not saying the world will end on May 21. He’s saying that’s the day of the Rapture.

      Some believe that Christ will return on the Feast of Trumpets. Interestingly, that is the only one of the Lord’s Feasts that has a 2 day window, as 2 witnesses watched for the moon to come into position. It was said that “No one knows the day nor the hour”. Also interesting is that this Feast day falls on Sept. 29 in 2011, which is the date biblical scholars say was the true birth date of Christ.

      It is said that Christ’s first coming was in fulfillment of the Spring Feasts: Passover (crucifixion); Unleavened Bread (removal of sin); First Fruits (Resurrection); Pentecost (Holy Spirit descends in tongues of fire in the “upper room”).

      His second coming is in fulfillment of the Fall Feasts (Trumpets, Atonement, Judgment).

      Amazing how all these things are beginning to coincide. Including the astronomical and astrological alignments.

      God made it all. He told us to read the signs in the heavens.

      • kate8

        BTW, I know nothing of Harold Camping. I take everything with a grain of salt.

  • BonnieMW

    Some of the greatest thinkers, artists and musicians are not good spellers. I told my daughter when she was having a terrible time spelling. Most good secretaries have perfect grammar and spelling earn minimum wages while many of their bosses who can’t spell at all make six figure wages. Don’t get me wrong it is very nice for everyone if people know how to spell and have good grammar but for some people spelling is as difficult as math or art is for others.

    • Carlucci

      I agree. For many people spelling and grammar is a “left brain/right brain” thing. Those people are usually great at math and other technical stuff. I’m one of those who suck at math, but I’m a great speller and a wiz at grammar. I also love english lit and the humanities. Sometimes I wish I was like the mathaletes.

      • Karolyn

        I’m just like you. I’m back in school at 63, and math is killing me! Everything other than math and science I can breeze through with As and Bs.

  • Wim Vonk

    I agree with your sentiments to go away from money and concentrate on worthwhile relationships etc. But I am sick of your kind forever promoting the end of the world. This has been done so many times that it gets silly. Remember all the prophesies for the year 2000? And nothing happened. You Americans continually like to whip up fear in the people and even use religion to control peoples feelings. You are a nation living in constant fear because of the poor education levels, so many are not bright enough to see through it. America is becoming and already is in some area a third world country. You have a declining middle class. The top 5% rich are Ok and they brainwash the rest. Loss of jobs outsorcing labor to China etc are all things that cause this. Without a strong middle class you are doomed.

    • JC

      Hate to say it, but that’s fairly accurate.
      And it goes to show we need a nation where people take more personal responsibility for themselves and their communities well being.
      Obviously, leaving our care and responsibilities to the government is a ridiculous notion that hasn’t worked at all well.
      Time to Restore the Republic.

      • Claire

        I hate to say this, but I also agree. America rates far below China and Japan in the education department. Like my neighbor said, we aren’t as smart as we used to be. Our kids are not getting a good education, but truthfully, I think some of the kids just don’t care. They live for today and never think about tomorrow or all the things they could learn. Seems like some of them don’t even want to learn.

        • Karolyn

          I just heard a report on the radio about the differences in the Chinese education system and ours. The Chinese kids learn by rote, which give them knowledge but does not teach them how to use it. They do no critical thinking or creative writing in their schools. The questions they answer on their tests are one word. In that regard, our education system is better. They might have a lot of smarter kids, but those kids won’t know how to use the knowledge.

          • Claire

            I often think that schools should never have allowed the kids to use calculators for math–my son thinks the same way. He is an engineer with IDOT and he excelled in all the math. He is brilliant in math, he used to tutor his sister when they were middle school and high school. He can figure out a lot of math problems in his head, he doesn’t have to use a calculator!! It is awesome. I have noticed that a lot of the young people do not even know the multiplication table unless they do it on a calculator. I am from the “old school” when we had to “store” this knowledge in our brain-we had to “use” our brain. With calculators they don’t have to “use” their brains much. At least this is what I think. A lady I work with used to work at a bank here in town-she did not know how to figure percentages, even by using a calculator. She didn’t know the decimal point system. With computers-hit a few keys and there is the answer, but maybe a person will remember that answer and “store” it in their brain for the future. Technology is great and easy answers are acquired, but has this been good for our kids? I don’t know the answer to this, but sometimes I think the brain is not used like it was in the past. Geez, I guess this comment really shows my age!

    • Richard Pawley

      The problems with the potential Y2K computer disaster were averted because all around the world hundreds of millions of dollars were spent getting the computers ready for the “00″ year. My brother was in charge of getting every computer on every ship and every port and every building for the entire United States Navy up to date and ready for the big event. He did so six months early and under budget, almost Un-American these days. Because we prepared so much we averted the dangers the year 2000 could been. However, the dangers of owing more than we can pay are no idle threat. Try to imagine that you owe 42 credit cards for a total of $2 million dollars. I don’t even know your salary but it doesn’t take a genius or a prophet to predict what is going to happen. The “when” is a bit harder to be accurate about but we (the FED’s US Treasury) is creating 75 thousand million dollars a month our of thin air – every month! If you do this it’s called counterfeiting but we call it quantitative easing because monetizing the debt sounds to much like what Germany in 1921, but it’s the same thing. It never ends well for the citizens of the country involved. In Germany it helped create Hitler. Ask people in Zimbabwe where a loaf of bread cost about $2 to $3 when Bill Clinton was our president. It cost over Eleven Trillion dollars there last I heard. Here are a few shocking statistics about the United States:

      #1 In the past decade we have fallen from holding the number one ranking in the average wealth per adult to the seventh. As congress squanders our money it’s value drops, and it has dropped about a third in value since 2001.

      #2 The United States has long held the distinction of having the highest percentage of young adults with post-secondary degrees in the world. Now we are twelfth.

      #3 We have fallen five places in the 2009 “prosperity index” published by the Legatum Institute. The United States is now ranked as the ninth most prosperous country in the world, down five places since 2008. A popular book on the best seller list is called BROKE!

      #4 In 2001, the United States ranked fourth in the world in per capita broadband Internet use. We have now fallen to 15th place.

      #5 According to a new study conducted by Thompson Reuters, China is on its way to becoming the global leader in patent filings.

      #6 The United States has “lost” over 40,000 factories since 2001. Three-fourths of those factories provided at least 500 jobs each to local workers.

      #7 The United States has seen 32 percent of its manufacturing jobs slip through its fingers since the year 2000.

      #8 Manufacturing employment in the U.S. computer industry was higher back in 1975 than it is today. Three different computer companies I worked for no longer exist in this country.

      #9 U.S. manufacturing represented 29 percent of our economic output in 1959. That number has dropped to 11.5 percent.

      #10 Even though the television manufacturing industry originated in the United States, absolutely ZERO are manufactured in the United States today. Even the Japanese who are also greatly in debt have to build most of their TV’s in China.

      #11 There are currently less than 12 million Americans employed in manufacturing. We have not had numbers that low since 1941.

      #12 In the 80′s we only imported 37 percent of the oil we used. That number has risen to nearly 60 percent (and it seems to me the present administration and the environmentalists want that to be 100%, having us totally dependent on foreigners for our oil – heat, transportation, jet fuel, fertilizer, and everything else we make from oil…then when we are sitting ducks those who hate us so much can turn off the spicket and that will be the end of the United States economy….R)

      #13 The U.S. trade deficit averages about 40 or 50 billion dollars a month. That means that by the end of the year approximately half a trillion dollars will have left the United States shores forever.

      #14 Our trade deficit with China has increased nearly 300 percent since the year 2000.

      #15 For every $3.90 we spend buying Chinese goods, they only spend $1 buying goods from us. Keep that in mind when you are buying Chinese goods.

      #16 According to a new study conducted by the Economic Policy Institute, if the U.S. trade deficit with China continues to increase at its current rate, is will cost the United States nearly another million jobs before 2012.

      #17 American 15-year-olds are not even in the top 50 percent when compared with other advanced nations in the areas of math and science literacy.

      #18 For the second year in a row, the median household income in the U.S. declined. It slipped from $51,726 in 2008 to $50,221 in 2009. (Half of households earn over the median and half earn under it).

      #19 The purchasing power of the U.S. dollar has plummeted over 95 percent since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913.

      #20 When I was a child we were 5th in the world in longevity, we are now approaching 50th, yet we already spend twice as much on health as anyone else on earth and with the new health bill prices have already begun to go higher.

      If we have any chance at all we must stay on top of the new congress, and assure that the new people do not get seduced and that the old establishment stop with their games and squandering of all they can get their hands on, or you are not going to like the future one little bit. God help us!

  • John W Goerger

    Just looked over (AGAIN) the comments before I made mine and after and tells me there are lots of folks out there who used illegal drugs in the 70′s and into the present day—only place for a drug user is Prison or six-feet under—boot hill.
    Given the responses to “2012″ looks like we could be heading for another “Dark Ages” with all this BS thinking about 2012, the end of times/earth—how many of you wear foil hats?

    • Karolyn

      Come on, John, anything’s possible! “One never knows; do one?” Who said that? I know it was a black guy on TV a long time ago. Anybody know? Was it “Amos & Andy?”

    • Karolyn

      And another thing, John, who made you God to judge drug users? I would bet you’re a really old man, right? No space in your head for anything but what you’ve KNOWN to be true all your life; no room for change or flexibility. Just closed and shut-down. Oh, well, I can just feel sorry for you.

  • Rusty AA

    One made reference to the rapture. That reference is a scriptural fact. There will be 7 years following that event and then Christ will come and defeat the devil and his angels and Jesus Christ will reign for 1,000 years. After that earthly reign the world as we know it will end and the new heaven and earth will be established following God’s White throne judgment. Those who know Christ and are His shall be saved forever. those who have not belived nor received Him as their savior will be cast into the lake of fire at the White Throne judgment and will forever be lost. That is a spiritual fact that will not be done away with. The rapture can happen at any instant. The rest has designated time spaces that must be fulfilled. Jesus told His disciples that in the last days there would be wars and rumors of wars, all manor of diseases that are incurable, famine, pestilence and when these things begin to come to pass look up for His coming draweth nigh. My answer is “start looking up!”

    • Richard Pawley

      While these things are possible this is a theory. There are many theories based on scripture. There are even many different churches based on various interpretations of scripture. Jesus said that there would be people who had so much faith that they would work miracles in His name, but their hearts weren’t right, and He would say to them “Depart from Me” (in other words they would not be going to the third heaven that St. Paul describes in the Bible), and some don’t even believe in one heaven much less three. Do you believe that Satan believes in Jesus? The scriptures say he does, “and trembles.”
      There are those in hell who are still arguing scripture rather than living it (see ) Don’t be like some who are arguing that they are right rather than trying to live in the light they have been given. They are trying to make disciples to their beliefs or to their church, rather than lead people to a meaningful relationship with God. It’s easy to do when you know something that many don’t but you have to distinguish between what is true and what may be true. The point is that God loves us all and it is we who choose to do our own thing rather than accept the simple basic truths He gave us in the Bible. Remember, He said that we cannot love God if we don’t love our fellow man, but it all starts with having a relationship with him. Many who oppose God have never read the gospels or ACTS which immediately follows them. You can’t go wrong going to the source. ACTS is one of my favorites. It’s so down to earth (with miracles). I have to laugh when I think of one of the disciples who met a group of Christians and asked them if they had been baptized in the Holy Spirit, and they answered, “We haven’t even heard that there is a Holy Spirit!” May God bless all who read this and may you have a blessed 2011.

  • Bert Cundle

    No CHANGE! I Live Day to Day!

  • Another Voice

    Well, I guess I won’t need to buy a whole roll of postage stamps.

  • smithington

    None of us are guaranteed tomorrow, nevermind 2012. You need to make your decision about Jesus Christ TODAY, for “tomorrow” may be too late.

    • Bert Cundle

      REJECTION IS & WAS MY CHOICE! That legon is even loosing in its modern teachings. ( People are getting Smarter.)

      • dr reality check

        Saying that your atheism is based on your being smart would have more credibility if you were able to spell your words correctly. People are not getting smarter; As a baby boomer, I’m painfully aware that mine is the first generation better educated than the next one, and the next generation is the second. Yet, people in this country appear less spiritually inclined with each generation. Put these two observations together for the conclusion.

  • chuckb

    the end will come in november 2012 if barry is re-elected.

    • Bob Wire

      the end, or your end?

      I think the Mayan’s just ran out of rock to hammer on.

      I remember having the same problem with my Big Chief tablet!

      I never could get the hang of spacing.

    • Bob Wire

      You planning some 2nd amendment solution or just drink some Kool-Aid?

      You know, I don’t remember hearing such threats when Democrats loose elections unless we go back to Lincoln’s Day and that was a different time with different issues, I think states rights discussion has been concluded.

      “O” just might pull off a second term, I don’t seen any serious threat coming over the hill. Shame too!

  • Leelee

    I don’t believe in the 2012 end of the world propecy. But I do believe distructive things will happen in the near future. Likr nuclear war and the one world currency mess. Man will destroy man, that is all there is to it. I also think that in 2012, especially towards the end of the year, there will be price gouging big time! Gas prices, airline tickets, food and water. Anything that has to do with travel and survival. Well what I know for sure is that if my life doesn’t end before then, I am staying indoors for most of December 2012! There’s gonna be a butt load of crazies out there.

    • Wim Vonk

      Pretty accurate. This prophesy nonsense is all over the map. But ther is trouble ahead caused by man and often in the name of Chtisdtianity.

    • independant thinker

      “I also think that in 2012, especially towards the end of the year, there will be price gouging big time! Gas prices, airline tickets, food and water. Anything that has to do with travel and survival. Well what I know for sure is that if my life doesn’t end before then, I am staying indoors for most of December 2012! There’s gonna be a butt load of crazies out there.”

      If the Mayan calender predicts anything for 12 21 2012 this is what it would be. It does not predict the end of the world but rather notes the end of the cycle and the start of a new cycle just like we will have in another day or so. Based on their other writings you can make an educated guess that the Mayans expected a great upheaval on or around that date though.

  • Bill

    Well, after a considerable amount of thought about this.I am reminded of my Christian Faith and God’s omnipotence.For me to consider that there is the suggestion of our civilization’s demise made by an extinct culture, and give it credibility,that would prove grievous to my spirit.I would be enabling the futile efforts of man over God’s promise to never leave me nor forsake me and His always being in control. So, I would not do anything different to prepare for this ambiguous event. For me to choose to do anything different would make me question why it would take the threat of impending doom to motivate me to live a better life?

  • Cachondeo

    While I don’t believe 12-21-2012 will be the end of the world I do believe that we are in the prophesied “last days” before there will be a “new heaven and a new earth” (Rev 21:1). I think it is wise to start preparing now spiritually, and temporally for the day will come when Jesus Christ returns as Lord of Lords, King of Kings to reign and rule with His people for 1,000 years in peace and righteousness.

    But not all of the “signs of the times have yet been fulfilled and although no one knows the day nor the hour of his return save His Father only we can see and be aware of the signs as foretold by prophets past and reiterated by prophets present. Many of the signs that will happen before his second coming listed in the scriptures are as follows:

    * The mountain of the Lord’s house shall be established in the top of the mountains, Isa. 2:2–3 (i.e. temple of God built in the mountains)
    * The Lord shall lift an ensign and gather Israel, Isa. 5:26 (i.e. the Lord, Jesus Christ will restore the fullness of His everlasting gospel Acts 3:19-21)
    * The sun shall be darkened and the moon shall not cause her light to shine, Isa. 13:10; Joel 3:15
    * Men shall transgress the law and break the everlasting covenant, Isa. 24:5
    * Israel shall be gathered with power, Isa. 49:22–23
    * God shall set up a kingdom which shall not be destroyed, Dan. 2:44 (i.e. the Lord, Jesus Christ will restore and establish his true church on the earth once more consisting of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. Eph 4:11)
    * War, dreams, and visions shall precede the Second Coming, Joel 2
    * All nations will gather against Jerusalem to battle, Zech. 14:2; Ezek. 38–39
    * The day cometh that shall burn as an oven, Mal. 4:1
    * Great calamities shall precede the Second Coming, Matt. 24
    * Paul described apostasy and perilous times of the last days, 2 Tim. 3–4
    * Two prophets will be slain and resurrected in Jerusalem, Rev. 11
    * The gospel shall be restored in the last days by angelic ministry, Rev. 14:6–7
    * Babylon will be established and fall, Rev. 17–18
    * Israel shall be gathered with power, Isa. 49:13–26
    * The wicked to slay the wicked, Rev. 9
    * War will be poured out upon all nations, D&C 87:2
    * Signs, upheavals of the elements, and angels prepare the way for the coming of the Lord, D&C 88:86–94
    * Darkness to cover the earth, D&C 112:23–24
    * The Lord commanded the Saints to prepare for the Second Coming, D&C 133

  • Dave

    If I thought the world would end in 2012 I would try and visit as many of my old friends and relatives as possible. Oh…I would take out a huge loan at the bank to finance my vacation as well!

    The Mayan calender thing is ridiculous. I got a calender in the mail a few days ago and it ended in 2011. Was I worried? Why would they want to make a longer calender? If they were still around they had lots of time to update it.

    • Down-under

      Hey, this is a “what if” column… the kind Chip Wood writes so well. Read it. The writer says the world is NOT going to end. He is asking a “what if question” at an appropriate time of year. The headline even says what would you resolve… as in New Year’s Resolutions. Get it?

      What is with all this Rapture talk and Jesus this and Jesus that?

      If you are not offended by what I said the my tiny gift:

      For auld lang syne,

      We’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet,

      For auld lang syne.

      Should auld acquaintance be forgot,

      And never brought to min’?

      Should auld acquaintance be forgot,

      And days o’ lang syne?

      • libertytrain


  • Cachondeo

    But if we believe in Christ we will look forward for this day with joy and thanksgiving for it will be the day when all evil is trampled under the foot of God. For the righteous and prepared it will be a day of peace, joy, and gladness for the wicked it will be a day of fear and trembling. Let us turn to our Savior and be prepared. For Christ lives and reigns and rules in the heavens and soon will reign on earth. He has made it possible through His atonement that all may come unto him and receive his blessings. This is a link from some of His Apostles testifying of Him and His divinity. It is a link you must see because it could change your life:

    • Bob Wire

      Yea BuT! Evil is not giving me that much of a problem!

    • Bob Wire

      It’s all the “Do Right” boys that’s kicking my butt!

  • Jim Hi

    it is best to keep an open mind
    if you watch all the informative shows on TV that refer to 20/12 it is hard to discount that this date could effect all of us on our planet.
    the scientist geologist astronomy an people past and present have predicted that we are at a very special time. do your research you may be like me and think there is a 50/50 chance that something big is upon us.
    God only gave man one rule and one religion if we all lived by the golden rule to do on to others as you would want others to do to you. that is all God asked of us!
    Our world is a mess the greed power hunger nations and people. all working against us in the eyes of the good God.
    My idea is do some things that you have wanted to do travel see America Canada take time to Love and have adventures with your family and love ones. there may not be an opportunity tomorrow!!!


  • http://GOGGLE vaksal

    I would thank God for the gift of life that was given to me and pray to GOD that mankind in most part be spared suffering and be given a second chance at saving their immortal souls,and to impart on to mankind that they are just humanbeings not chosen god rulers of this small enity called Earth. for we all are mortal humanbeings that have made many mistakes in our history.

  • chuckb

    we don’t have to worry about the end of times. what we think of as god is a superior being from another universe who planted the different race’s of humans and animals as an experiment. he sent his son to look in on us at one time and you know what happened. so he is leaving us to our own demise and it seems to me we are well on our way of destroying the human element of this life. it may not be in 2012, but, we will accomplish the job in the near future.

  • Dave

    This is getting a little nutty, I have always lived like today may be the last. Really you don’t know if it isn’t! If I die tomorrow I will meet my maker with a few regrets but I tried to do what was right.

    To give any creadence to the Mayans predicting the future is crazy. The buildings and temples they used were beyond their own technology. At the time of Cortez they were unable to even repair parts of their own cities. Many have speculated that the Mayan’s were not the originators of their own culture but were mimicking what Egyptian travelers taught them.

    • Karolyn

      It was extra-terrestrials.

    • TIME


      If you look into it you will find that even in places like Ohio there are Pyramid structures, strange? No not really, why do I say that easy more than likly at one point in time we had the ability to travel from one place to the next, not unlike now but even faster.

      Look into the Peru gold plane, strange how some 15 thousand years ago they were smelting gold, let alone creating air planes out of gold.
      Yet Smelting would not take place until 2000 BC according to History books.

      Again back to Puma Punku, what I did not note is that steal I beams were used, now the part that will blow anyone’s mind who can think out side the box.
      We as a modern age people did not start using Steal I beams until the early 1900′s. Ok thats mind blowing in and of its self.

      Now to really blow your mind, where Puma Punku sits, its above the TREE LINE, as in what did they used to smelt this steal?

      And as noted the mega sized Quarts rocks were cut from a mine over 60 miles away, and these rocks the smallest ones are 30 Tons, as in larger than 5 Bus’s, and if that still fails to blow your mind keep in mind that these were built over 25 thousand years ago!

      But what should leave you with out words is that a even harder rock was used called Dirorite, now think about this for a moment, we did not have the abilitys to even cut Dirorite until the 1970′s when we first starting using Diamond tiped drills and saws.

      Dude, we are like monkeys in tree’s to what these people were.

      Explore what is out there it will BLOW YOUR MIND!

  • Vicki

    Our calendar runs out in 2 days. What is the concern?

  • JimH

    No one ever made it out of life alive. If it happens to everyone all at once, that means I’ll be in line with 6 billion others to get into heaven or hell. I HATE long lines.

    • Richard Pawley

      Ha ha! One of the attributes of a godly person is that is seldom mentioned is that they have some sense of humor. God has a great one.

  • James Graham

    : Mosque near Ground Zero.

    I am perplexed that so many of my friends are against a mosque being built
    near Ground Zero. I think it should be the goal of every American to be
    tolerant. The mosque should be allowed, in an effort to promote tolerance.

    That is why I also propose, that two gay nightclubs be opened next door
    to the mosque thereby promoting tolerance within the mosque. We could call
    the clubs “The Turban Cowboy” and “You Mecca Me So Hot”.

    Next door should be a butcher shop that specializes in pork and have an
    open barbeque with spare ribs as its daily special. Across the street a
    very daring lingerie store called “Victoria Keeps Nothing Secret” with sexy
    mannequins in the window modeling the goods.

    Next door to the lingerie shop, there would be room for an Adult Toy Shop
    (Koranal Knowledge?), its name in flashing neon lights, and on the other
    side a liquor store, maybe call it “Morehammered”? If you agree in promoting
    tolerance and you think this is a good plan, pass it on.

  • Claire

    My dogs wake us up every morning between 4:30 and 5:00 a.m. Do I get crabby? No. I get up, get them out, feed them and make them rest for an hour before they can start their “running around.” I try my best to enjoy every day, come what may. I appreciate the earth and the environment. I love the snow, the cold brisk and clean air, throwing snowballs at the dogs and laugh when they catch them. I love the spring (without tornadoes), summer and the fall. I love this world God has given me, and I appreciate all the years he has given me with my husband, my son and daughter,grandkids, my family and of course the dogs. I have had a good life, complete with trials and tribulations and we weathered many storms but but I am very happy to be alive. In all honesty, I am not ready to leave this earth. I want more time here. I am greedy, I want more time to enjoy all that is around me.
    If I actually knew the world was going to end in 2012, I would quit my job. I would enjoy every day to the max. I would be outside enjoying this earth. I would go for more long walks in the woods, I would stay up late at night and look at the moon and stars. I would watch the sun rise and the sun set. And yes, I would hug my trees. I would tell my husband how much I love him on a daily basis, and also tell him every day that he is the best thing that ever happened to me, even after 51 years of marriage. Without him, I am nothing. He is my rock, my friend, my soulmate. I thank God I have him. I would thank God daily for this wonderful world despite the problems. I would be more thankful that I can see, can walk, and hear everything that is going on around me, for there are many people that cannot see, walk, or hear. I would pray for peace and goodness to come to all people, and pray that all evil would be wiped from the face of the earth before it ends.

    • Richard Pawley

      Dear Claire,
      Please pray before quitting your job in these hard times, but let me say that God appreciates your appreciation of Him and all He has provided for you. But as you must know there is nothing that is keeping you from doing these things you talk about now. My 92 year old mom and 97 year old dad just passed away within six weeks of each other just two months ago. We, my seven brothers and sisters, will miss them, but we had them longer than most, and they will not have to worry about higher taxes and the big inflation that congress’s incessant spending has made inevitable in the years ahead, nor the fact that the new health care bill would have eliminated them years ago. Fortunately they were able to take care of themselves up until the last year. Yes, there is much to be thankful for and it is good to see someone who appreciates that. God bless you and have a great 2011!

      • Claire

        Richard Pawley–Thank you for your comments. They are appreciated. I am sorry to hear about your parents but rest assured they are in a better place. This is what I tell myself whenever I feel grief for the passing of my mother. My mother passed away in 1991 and I still miss her. As I have said before, I think of her every day. And I remember all her words of wisdom. Oh, that I could be more like her!
        When I said I would quit my job, I am working to support my dog showing habit, plus with caring for 8 dogs, it is expensive. I do take time to enjoy the great outdoors. I am outside a lot with the dogs. Yes, I do appreciate this wonderful earth of ours, and I try my best to “soak” up every aspect of it.
        God bless you and my wishes and prayers to you for a great 2011.

    • libertytrain

      Claire – lovely thoughts – thanks!

  • William Barry

    I personally believe that there will be not just one Great Trial or Tribulation but a whole series of them. Each will be like a test and not all will pass. But with each test endured, we will come out the better for it. After each test something that holds us apart from God will no longer be there… it will fade away and be gone forever. Finally the day will come when the last barrier, the last chain that binds us, the last dragging anchor will be loosed from us, and on that day we will be one with God. That is what I believe.

  • Pat

    I have read that it is not the death of the world, but the beginning of a new way of life. Is is coincidence that it is shortly after the 2012 elections? That Americans will be taking back their country from the greed and sleaze that has almost destroyed the country? That Christians will fight back against the liberal agenda that has tried to dump our Judeo-Christian heritage and our Constitution in the garbage bin? Please Lord, let it be the start of rebuilding America…

    • Richard Pawley

      Pat, pray every day or everytime you think about it that God will work His will on all of Washington, DC. If all of Jesus followers and all devout Jews did that, there would be a high probability that God would not only guide our legistlators and judges but some less than good-for-American politicians would suddenly retire or have a heart attack and new long shots would be elected and there would be much change for the good. Never pray for evil, wish only God’s will on good and bad alike. God hates no one but he changes hearts and if your enemy becomes your friend your enemy has been destroyed. Abe Lincoln said that but somewhat better than I did. The bible says to pray always and who can read a paper or watch the news without praying, if they know the value of prayer. Even if we don’t succeed in making the country better we will be making our own lives better and that is a beginning. God bless you and have a great 2011!

  • CJM

    Actually, the Mayan Calander does not predict the end of the world; it does accurately foretell the alignment of the earth and planets and this naturally would signal a change of some type. No one knows when the “world will end” let alone when Christ is scheduled to return. We have no history that tells us–and do we really want to know? As human beings we are supposed to be learning something from our time on earth, but it is obvious that we are learning and doing the wrong things. There is no such thing as “global warming” or “global cooling” in the sense that some of the doomsdayers speak of; what we are experiencing is a natural change in climate and we should accept that. Al Gore, Soros, et al, are simply using natural events to frighten people into believing what doesn’t exist; if they are successful, then they have control over the masses. Some people just don’t get it–most of all, Soros and company. If we live our lives in the gracious manner some speak of thinking the world will end, shouldn’t that be what we do at this time? Why wait and ponder the eventuality; just start living as if it were coming to an end. To new beginnings and a Happy New Year to all.

    • independant thinker

      “Actually, the Mayan Calander does not predict the end of the world; it does accurately foretell the alignment of the earth and planets and this naturally would signal a change of some type.”

      Nice to know there are a few who understand that it does not predict the end of the world. The Mayans used 4 or 5 calanders of different lengths to keep track of their ceramonies among other things. The end of these different calanders would coinside every 3,200 years or so and signify the end of one age or cycle and the start of a new one. Based on other Mayan writings one can say the Mayans expected the end of the cycle on 12 21 2012 to be accompnied by a great upheaval with disasters both natural and man made occuring but they did not say it was the end of the world.

    • Leelee

      Yeah, this alignment of planets and even the sun sounds like it could definitely cause many natural disasters. Like tornadoes in California and heavy snow in Florida. Ya never know…

  • Practicality

    I don’t believe they ment the world would end only that life as we know it now would change forever…If you do a little research the Maya’s were not the only ones to single out that date as a date of great changes….What would I do—-Deal with it! Would there be a choice? probably not…Tehe way thing are now starting over would not be bad.

  • Evie

    Reading so many different opinions be it the Mayans, God, Planets, one has to wonder if there are issues we will have to contend with, why isn’t our government more transparent (a promise of transparency when running for President) to the American people There are many underground cities being built, NASA tells half the story, and the news media keeps anything concerning this topic non-verbal. So, is this a conspiracy to scare the people or is it real? Bob asked for comments what would you do, and wow – what reactions have come from so many of you in so many different ways of thinking. To me, the most serious issue would be the planets lining up that could cause some issues, if we could get decent answers from NASA perhaps we would know what we are faced with in the future and what could effect the our planet, if anything. As for survival there are so many out there on the internet telling you that you should stock pile food, and that the nuclear power plants will explode, earth quakes, water rising to flood levels, and the list goes on and on. Yet, have all of you noticed there is not one word that comes from government – why? I have also read that we will have a DNA upgrade – so many different opinions, so if facts were available regarding the planet line-up and possible issues we could encounter, rather than being hush hush about everything, perhaps we would have some sense of what to do, where to go, pray, get together with our families and open safe havens should it be necessary for all. (I recently read that Sweden is building many underground cities along with other countries in preparation) – so if we could have more transparency of what our government knows, perhaps we all could live a lot less “up in the air.” Personally, the main concern I have is the effect of the planets lining up nothing more, as that is the only thing that could cause Earth to have the serious issues that you are talking about. So true knowledge as to how this would effect our planet could be the answer. Yes, I believe God will protect us and give us eternal life should we be faced with losing our lives as we know them. However, it certainly would be nice if our government told us what they know, we could all be aware of the consequences and act appropriately, rather than keep everything quiet! We could then figure out a means of survival, if we will be able to survive but to keep the people in the dark when we all know they know a lot more than they are saying (which is nothing)is a real “cop out.”

    • Antonio

      Evie the reason the government does not tell you is becaus while they are preparing themselves for the desasters they want you and many others to perish. they want to decrease the world population to 500 million it say that on the stone walls that they built in georgia, so you have to take care of you and quit waiting on the government to take care of you. god bless you and read MATHEW 24

    • Leelee

      True. But it’s possible that the government does not want chaos. If the government and NASA told the people what’s really gonna happen. Like severe natural disasters and explosions and what not, how do you think everyone will react? Some will be okay and prepare quietly while others will start going crazy and looting. If you’ve seen that movie Deep Impact, then perhaps something similar would happen. A lottery to save some people to live in these safer places and leave others who hold no real importance or skills to society to die. I dunno, just my opinion.

  • Practicality

    Maybe too many people would freak out instead of looking for ways to weather whatever happens….But yes they do know more than they are admiting to…Last year they completed a seed vault of all plant life and they also have a vault with all the DNA of all animal life plus a supper bunker in Russia that can sustain 600,000 long term and that little secret place in Navada where they alegedly store toxic waste the name eludes me at this moment—Could it be another super bunker like the one in Russia? who knows but trust me we won’t get an invitation if it is…so what ever happens or not we have to deal with it.

  • Antonio

    I have been researching the new world order for several years. There is so much to talk about that i am not going to waste my time. The thing about 2012 is that every 25800 the planets line which causes “solar storms” and on earth it will cause a “pole shift”. Millions will die and after the pole shift the governments will martial law the world and begin their new world order. hence “order from caos”
    I have videos on youtude for anyone who wishes to see must watch in order from 1 to 12

  • independant thinker

    If I knew with absolute certainty that the world would cease to exist on 12 21 2012 I would buy a bottle of Glynfidch single malt scotch, and a van load of Jack Daniels. Then I would visit a couple of places in the US I have always wanted to see and spend the rest of my time praying, attending church, and helping others less fortunate than I both two legged and four legged.

    • Down-under

      Dear independant,
      Best answer of all! Would love to join you!

      • independant thinker


  • Effin Reed Tard

    If the world were to end in 2012 what would I do ?

    I would do everything I could to insure my survival. If the Earth was going to explode I would build a space ship. If the Oceans stayed intact, but the land was inhabitable, I would build a submarine.

    Whatever it took to survive ….

  • ridge runner

    I want try to change any ones mind or thoughts but there is too much unexsplained things to just throw every thing out it would be like throwing the baby out with the water.Edgar cayce was born and lived close to wherei wasborn and raised i know the country so maybe that is why i read about him.He was born close to hopkinsville ky.And only got a high school education. He had no medical training but could go into a self induced hipnotic trance and spout all kinds of medical langueage and talk seven different languages. to me that is unusal for any one.He predicted the start and the end of the second world war who would be in it when we would be engaged who our allies would be all be fore it started.I have read several things inventors came up with and when asked where they got their knowledge from they sais from the ones that went before.I am not a scienest so i don’t know what but i seen a news paper clipping published in a nashville tenn, paper that had a picture that said it was an atomic reactor built in the 1400s.The U.S sent a scienest to japan to study the effects of the atomic bomb droped on them .He said when he got there it struck him that he had see tne same thing before. when he remwmbered where it was he went there with a instrument for reading radiation and he got a reading. what ever happened was so long ago that no body living there knew any thing about itnot even from folk lore.peru had paved roads (asphalt) that the people said had been there as long as they knew.they didn’t know who paved them.Edgar cayce didn’t say that the world would be completly destroyed he said as we know it today.He also said that the world hay been up and down several times.I can’t exsplain this but my youngest son when he was starting to stand up in his crib as a babywhen i woke up after sleeping for a while it was like a dream some thing was telling me to look in his ear and when i did his ear was infected and almost closedup. where did that come from.

  • James

    Where the Bible speaks of the end of the world, it’s referring to the end of the present world system, not the planet. This time of trouble, like the world has never seen (Armageddon), will be a nuclear holocaust that occurs just before Christ’s Return and His thousand year reign here, but I don’t expect anyone here to believe that.

  • John Marsh

    That’s what all the pundits said about Y2K the world will end well we are still here nothing cataclysmic happened. Just a new era/age the age of the water carrier.

  • Tazio2013

    Something from Dec 29th’s Daily Bell:

    Posted by ScipioNasica on 12/30/2010 8:07:35 AM
    I have been forced to come to the conclusion that you guys at the Bell shine a light on a hopeless situation. The successful shattering of the family was a shattering of our chief protection. By removing the selective breeding and cultural stability and enhancement that family gives human society, the elite have sent plebs into a steep regression spiritually, intellectually, and even physically.

    The elite meanwhile continue to breed selectively via carefully thought out marriages, and divorce rarely. Consequently,they can play us like a fiddle. They have a grand design, we’re living for the weekend. Even when the reality of central banking is made clear, along with the farce of freedom in such an economy, most people are fine with it. People are fine with a lifetime of perpetual unpayable debt, so long as they are promised a job that will enable them to make the minimum payments.

    These people are being told to lump in Ron Paul and Bob Barr followers with Al Qaeda. Ron Paul’s greatest threat? A lone feminist gunmyn. At any time, the elite can trigger a disruptive cyberattack on a major bank, and that will be all it takes to round up all the constitution zealots and fed critics with public approval.

    The battle-hardened marines from Afghanistan and Iraq can easily be persuaded to turn their guns on the domestic enemies “attacking our way of life”. Especially for bonuses and debt forgiveness. Yes, the fiat money system failed in 2008. And yes, the elite is in big trouble. And yes, because of that, they will now begin to curtail liberty on a massive scale.

    It is safe to assume that whatever NATO does to the inhabitants along the Paki/Afghan border, it is willing to do to it’s own people, since the crime would be the same. Our plebs are not cut from the type of cloth to resist that. In the end, all places like the Bell offer is frightening uncertainty to this new humanity which is born like weeds and looks to the state to provide.

    Yes Bell, individual liberty is going…going…gone. Give it maybe a thousand years. Gonna need a new Jesus, a demagogue who can shame people into having dignity and moral standards again. Personally, I don’t see how you ever put the genie of amoral, shameless living back in the bottle again. We lost our freedom with our families.

    • Karolyn

      “Woe is me”. Why is all you see immorality and the demise of the family? Can you not see that just the opposite is in the majority? Why the constant, continuous highlighting of the negative to the detriment of the positive. “As ye think, so shall ye be.” Negativity begets more negativity.

  • Doug

    The Federal Reserve is going to destroy the world.

  • Doug

    The Federal reserve plans to use the media speculation of 2012 as an excuse to implement its New World Order, and take tyrannical control of the world just in time for its 100 year anniversary.

    • Denniso

      Those are two of the dumbest comments I’ve seen in a day or so here. My point being that dumb comments are common on this site,but yours are at least as silly and non thinking.

    • dr reality check

      The Federal Reserve? Don’t you have to be competent to take over the world? People always attribute conspiracy theories to the government. Well, for those of us who’ve actually worked for government, here’s a deep dark secret; government is far too stupid and ineffective to pull off any such plans.

  • FreedomFighter

    I would get do my best to get a ride for myself and a really pretty woman to the space station and watch as the world ends…then when it was over fly back down to a nice spot and start it all over again.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Cachondeo

    As I said before I don’t believe the world will end on 12-21-2012, but really for anyone of us we don’t know when our life will end so we should live each day to the fullest and focus on what matters most:

  • independant thinker

    Here is a tidbit I find interesting but attach no significance to it beyond that. 199 years ago the first of the major New Madrid earthquakes struck. They started on Dec 16 1811 and continued into 1812.

  • Steve

    Ater reading at least a hundred of the comments posted, some good, some worse, I concluded that if I were to go sleep and wake up a hundred years from now, the same rhetoric would be taking place only a different time, different problems, but the same human element. The only pleasure of waking a hundred years from now the progressive socialist element had self destruct. Oh well, humor for the last of the year, Happy New Year to all and may ground zero never be violated by the violators of our country. God Bless those lost.

  • Nancy Norris

    Since we are believers in Christ and read our Bible, we don’t have to be worried about a certain date. It will come when He is ready and no one will know that. We should live each day as if it were our last. Love, nurture, be kind and show that we are in Christ.

  • chilimama

    Pawley, off the bleeping charts!!!

  • chilimama

    Anybody that pays any attention to the NBA knows that the “end of The World” refers to the retirement of World B. Free, a real sharpshooter.

  • Snazzee

    Of all the posts, nobody has memtioned the 24th chapter of Isaiah.
    I wonder why?

  • Adam

    I cant believe that this list of comments on this question have been made here. I was going to print it out but I am afraid that the printer will come to its end sooner than two years from now.

    Now let us face the truth..the end of the world comes to each of us when we die!

    I can see a nuclear world war soon and that will or at least might mean the end of our world as we know it!

    You don’t have to be a prophet to see that. Therefore just live as you have been living but keep in mind that today may be your last and keep reading as if you will live forever. BTW what IS FOREVER? AS the song says “but after all, after all is a lot shortness than it was before!

  • Charlie Solender

    i am a bible believer so the word says no man knoeth the day nor hour.
    We certaily are in the end times though

  • dr reality check

    The Mayans were not gods, just humans, and had no special knowledge (and I’ve traveled thru Mayan areas and studied them, just for the history and archeology). Also, they never said the world was going to end. This is New Age Religion, which belongs on a liberal, not a conservative website. This is the same superstition we heard on the so-called Y2K. If you have to espouse a religious belief, stick with Christianity. At least there, you have written eye witness accounts to back up what happened and prayers that get answered,which is evidence enough for me.


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