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What Would You Have Done?

May 28, 2010 by  

What Would You Have Done?

For the past week, I’ve been having one of those “you should have, no you shouldn’t have” arguments with myself. Since both sides of my brain seem equally divided, I thought I’d ask you what you would have done if you’d been in my place.

Here’s what happened. A week ago Sunday, my wife and I attended a concert at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church on Amelia Island, Fla. If you live anywhere near there let me encourage you to check out the other concerts for this year’s Amelia Island Chamber Music Festival ( If you can’t attend any this season, then consider vacationing on that lovely island next May. It will definitely be worth it.

The Sunday night concert began with Christopher Rex, principle cello of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, performing Chopin’s Sonata for Cello and Violin. That was followed by William Preucil, concertmaster of the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, doing an extraordinary job on the thousand-notes-a-minute (or so it seemed) of Camille Saint-Saens’ Sonata No. 1 for Violin and Piano. Elizabeth Pridgen did an excellent job as the accompanist on both.

After a brief intermission, though, came the real piece de resistance. Valentina Lisitsa, a truly amazing pianist, performed Beethoven’s magnificent Opus 106, the “Hammerklavier” (Piano Sonata No. 29) with all of the passion, skill and artistry that the Maestro himself could have wished. When she finished the audience sat spellbound for a moment or two before bursting into thunderous applause. They had heard magic that night and they knew it.

So what was my problem? It sounds like a truly wonderful evening doesn’t it?

I won’t say the concert was spoiled for me by what I saw two rows in front of me. That wasn’t possible. But the sight did put a blemish on the evening. As you can tell, I’m still bothered by it.

A gentleman two rows away was wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt. I’m sure you’ve seen the iconic image—a saintly looking Guevara staring off into space. The outline of his face and beret are in solid black, while the shirt itself is a deep, dark red—sort of like the blood of all the innocents Che helped murder.

The person wearing the T-shirt was no teeny-bopper rock-‘n’-roller, by the way. He was a rather handsome gentleman in his 50s or 60s, wearing a grey sports coat. He seemed very pleasant as he chatted with other guests near him. But every time I saw his shirt all I could think of was asking him, “Why are you wearing a shirt that honors a Communist murderer? And to a church, for crying out loud!”

If I could, I would have added, “Your hero was more likely to herd Christians into a church and burn them alive than to participate in a program here.” I imagined an entire conversation with the man—what he might say, what I’d reply and what other attendees might say if our own conversation got somewhat heated.

But as you know from this long preamble, I didn’t say anything. As my wife and I exited our pew I let him walk a few steps ahead of me. There was plenty of time to catch up with him in the foyer or even outside, but I let the moment pass.

My question for you is; did I do the right thing? Should I have said nothing? Miss Manners would probably say that silence was the socially correct response. Don’t rock the boat; don’t embarrass a stranger. And whatever you do, don’t pick a fight—or at least an argument—in public, especially not in church. Heck, even Garrison Keillor probably couldn’t imagine such a thing happening in Lake Woebegone.

There’s a still small voice inside my head that says, “Don’t worry about, it, Chip. You did the right thing.”

But there’s an even louder voice that keeps repeating, “No, you didn’t. You should have said something. You didn’t have to insult him or try to pick a fight. You could have gently and politely told him why you were offended by his T-shirt. He’d probably tell you he had no idea what his shirt might mean to others. Heck, he’d probably thank you for saying something.”

I’ll be the first to admit that the whole “Che Guevara As Hero” thing among many young people really frosts my cookies. It may be because my family was in Cuba when Fidel Castro seized power there and he and his Communist buddies (with Che as one of his most important lieutenants) began jailing, torturing and murdering their opponents.

But you didn’t have to know any of his victims personally to know that Guevara was a truly nasty piece of work. He was petty, mean and vindictive… a murderer without conscience or remorse. I’m frankly delighted that he met his end from a soldier’s bullet while trying to lead yet another revolution in Bolivia. The world became a better place with his death.

But enough about why I despise the man—and the fools in this country who honor him. Let me climb down from my soapbox and turn the microphone over to you.

If you had been in my shoes (or, more accurately, my pew), what would you have done? Would you have said something? And if so, what? Remember, you would have only a few seconds as you both made your way out of the church.

And what if he didn’t respond kindly to your remarks? What if he got angry or belligerent? What would you do then?

In my imagination I’ve thought of numerous possible outcomes. And I have to admit I don’t like any of them. So if you can come up with a better solution, please click on the “comments” bar at the end of this column and tell me what it is. I’d really like to know what you think I should have done.

Honor Our Defenders This Memorial Day
For too many of us, Memorial Day has become just a weekend to picnic and party. We forget the original purpose of this national day of remembrance. It should be a time to honor the men and women of the armed forces who made the ultimate sacrifice for us and our country.

I hope you will pause for a few moments this Memorial Day weekend to give thanks to those who laid down their lives to defend and protect us. Make it a time of reflection and appreciation. And yes, if you have one, please proudly fly our country’s flag.

To any members of the armed forces reading this, thank you. Thank you for your service, thank you for your sacrifices. And yes, thank you for your willingness to lay your life on the line for us.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

—Chip Wood

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • Anna Mydlarz

    unfortunatly many people are not educated as to what this monster did and follow the others like sheep. I think the best thing to do is for each of us to tell as many the truth and educate them.

    • http://none Alex

      Calm down, Chippy! I remember my outrage at a stupid song by Chicago, something about “Amerika needs you, Harry Truman”, and thinking about the thousands of innocents, including sleeping babies, incinerated in Truman’s evil ploy to warn the Soviets from any postwar anti-Capitalist designs. Truman’s own White House diary confirms that he and Amerikan Unintelligence officials knew that Japan was done with the war and were prepared to sue for peace. In short: The White Estates of America lied to its own people in order to assuage any post-atomic-bombing-of-civilians guilt we might carry through the Cold War. The “hundreds of thousands of dead GIs” lost in the invasion of the Japanese mainland was a joke—there was going to be NO invasion of Japan at the end of the war. Besides, soldiers are paid to die, not civilians. Japan was cooked, and Truman knew it, and then lied to us.
      Also, there is not a darn thing wrong with Che Guevara’s attempt to liberate victims of Capitalis greed. he was WAY better a person than Truman or Paul Tibbits, who are being raked over the coals in Hell as we speak.

      • Ed

        You probably go ga ga over Obama you F#$%&@ commie. It’t scumbags like you that are a threat to the world. You probably can’t wait for the world government to take over.

        • JCfromDC

          Reply to Alex: A race baiter and another revisionist. The Japanese were in no way shape or form prepared to surrender until after Hiroshima. Look at the way their soldiers fought, if that’s any indication. Surrender was unthinkable. 150 million people were prepared with spears and hand grenades to fight us to the last man woman and child. We were in no way prepared to wipe out an entire people. The mere fact that they did NOT respond to “Little Boy” was proof enough that Tojo was still calling the shots. It HAD to take a second blow with the “fat man” to bring them to their senses, when the Emperor finally said, “enough”

          • jeronimo

            The Japanese surrendered after the incineration of Tokyo on August 3rd, 1945, 180,000 innocent civilians
            were burned alive that night by the u.s. bombers. Communism is the most extreme form of Capitalism/
            Corporatism … which sure looks alot like Fascism, WMD anyone?

            As for Che, he is a True Hero of humanity… anyone who is assassinated by the cia probably qualifies,like
            JFK for example.

            The u.s. is the only country that has used atomic weapons on innocents and continues to do so with Depleted Uranium… the u.s. is a failed experiment and its irrational behaviour worldwide is coming to a close. The u.s. is about to become a 4th world country… off to the tent city… have a nice day.

          • JeffH

            jeronimo, I’m sure you proudly wear your “Che” shirt.

          • TIME

            Yo Yo J ron O mo,

            Your need to really get your head out of your butt.

            Your so far off base its not even a joke its utterly absurd.

          • Bob Wire

            alex while I agree with the thrust of you argument,but your dead wrong about Truman and I will not sit by and allow you to tarnish his name or history. The Japanese military or Emperor was not ready to sue for peace before or after the bombing of Hiroshima or Nagasaki. It took an allied fly over of the island with every plane they could put in the sky some 1000 planes to change their minds. Let’s all be clear of Truman’s burden of decision.

          • brandon

            jeronimo, ——! i bet you werent even alive when he was and all you do is look up conspiracy theories on the net! how was he such a hero? giving people communism? well we dont want it , so if we get it shoved on us by obama, will he be a hero to? the heros are the ones who stand for our constitution and its enemies forgien and domestic, like you!

        • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Jeannie

          To Chip, I agree–I would have said something, as tactfully as poss., because these shirts are a fad, even tho bad one, and the guy may not have known what it meant. TO: jeronimo…So MANY EVIL people have permeated our America, from within, as well as from the outside,…. YOU are one of the EVIL ones.

          • Brent

            I have been curious of late about who Che was and have been researching him for the past several weeks. I have been noticing his tshirts everywhere and have seen documentaries that show there are lots of people that view him as a hero and even reference that he is Christ like in many ways. I am reading a biography on him now and he is nothing of the sort. I think people are in need of a hero and are quick to try to fit his image into this role and idolize him without knowing who he was.

        • MichelleO

          Alex: I concur you Commie Piece of ——-

          • Fernando in CA

            Im not a Communist and i think its funny that a lot of older Americans still hold on to that your a Communist stuff from the 50′s, since i didn’t grow up in that generation of propaganda, yes propaganda i think is crazy how people say that, like being Communist is bad, its just a form of government that in theory in work good…””Pure communism” in the Marxian sense refers to a classless, stateless and oppression-free society where decisions on what to produce and what policies to pursue are made democratically, allowing every member of society to participate in the decision-making process in both the political and economic spheres of life. “…so how is that bad?, i know that the Russians F!@#ed it up for everybody but in theory it looks nice. In closing im not defending Communism (see there i go participating in 50′s style House of Unamerican Activities trials) I simply stateing that it funny and a little scary that people still cling on to that notion that Communism is evil.

        • Joyce


          • capt z

            Joyce, yes, we need to deport all these undesirables. Mexicans, Muslims, Arabs, ANYONE who doesn’t think like us. And for starters, EVERYONE named Joyce, or who uses the name Joyce, should be the first group to be kicked out. The name “Joyce” is a clear indication of an anti-American, fascist, anti-rational, robotic, and treasonous spy who needs to be removed from this country. I’m certain that almost every reader of this blog agrees with me, too!

          • sthpaw

            Right on the money. Scary thing is people like Alex and Geronimo breed and vote. Case in point the current person occupying the white house. Don’t get your blood pressure up. The current state of affairs is bringing the silent majority to life. We’ll get it back. With a vengence.

          • Steve

            capt z;
            Sorry pal, you must be on the wrong blog if you think everybody’s going to agree with your ignorant post! There won’t be more than 1 or 2 because that’s all the liberal socialists there are around here. You must think you’re at the daily kos. ummm capt z….you and your ignorant opinions really zzzzzuck

        • sharon bowers

          You got that right Ed! Let those sob’s that feel like this is such a bad country to live in go live in one of those countries that have no freedoms! I bet they won’t stay long. Some people just don’t appreciate what they have. Unbelievable!

      • Larry K

        Poor alex, how is it you have your facts and values so totaly confused. Poor alex.

        • John

          It’s called revisionist history – change the facts to make them fit their agenda.

          • Guido

            Actually, it is because he knows what he is talking about. The bombs were all about sending a message to Joe Stalin.

          • Vicki

            Good to know he knows what he is talking about. Of course since you provided no cites to back up your claim that he knows what he is talking about we are left with only your word. Since we do not know you, why should we accept that you know any better then he when we have lots of written works that say otherwise.

            Give us some evidence. We wait.

      • Mike Scooter

        Alex gets to have his opinion, just like the fellow in the shirt. What Alex (and the guy in the shirt) do *not* get to do is force their point of view on others by force or through the coercion of government. I can ignore overmiseducated Berklyites spewing fractured history reorganized to fit their political agendas, but I take it as a direct assault on my personal liberties when they start passing laws based on their flawed assumptions that impact me…and I act accordingly.

        I tell you what…when I was in the US Navy, there were always some fringe protesters protesting something at the front gate…or in zodiak boats. Save the whales from sonar, calling us brown/yellow/red-people-murderers, whatever. I *defended* these morons’ rights to spout their nonsensical opinions, we all did!

        Guess what, Hippies, it is *my* turn, this time defending from Enemies Domestic. The oath I took doesn’t have an expiration date.

        • Chuck

          OOOOhhh I’m scared!

        • Darrel

          You should be…..

      • Dr Shirley Lynn

        I do think there is an agreement to whether or not Che was a mad man. He was!
        I also agree that I would have said something to this man because hopefully it was out of ignorance but knowing where he set I would have made it clear to him because he sat in a house of prayer not at a Che rally. It was a disgrace for him to wear that t-shirt. What is wrong with us as a people that we hold high such people that hate and kill.

        • Peter B

          I agree. Atheism is one of the foundations of Communism and to wear a shirt glorifying an atheist into a house of our Lord is blasphemous and must not be tolerated. I would have asked him if he knew what that shirt represents. If he did know I would suggest he leave because he is in the wrong place.

          • Vicki

            It would appear that God does indeed support freedom of expression even in “His” house since God did not incinerate the individual on the spot.

      • Dr Shirley Lynn

        Stupid says as stupid does!!

        • sharon bowers

          How appropriate is your statement! It is unbelievable, the amount of ignorance in this country. I believe these are a bunch of young people who have been indoctrinated into this kind of moronic thinking!

          • john

            i agree Sharon,these ppl whom wears the t shirts and follows him dont realize the real Che would have had contempt for these people

      • JLC

        Alex — Apologise to the lady. “Chippy” is not a complimentary label to pin on a lady, and you should damned well know it. Keep a civil tongue in your head!

      • http://n/a 2WarAbnVet

        No, Japan was not ready to surrender! It took the atomic bombs to convince the civilian leadership to surrender. When word got out that the emperor was preparing to do so, elements of the army revolted and murdered a number of officials including the general commanding the Imperial Guard. They came close to capturing the emperor, and preventing the surrender. There is no doubt that hundreds of thousands (or millions) of Japanese soldiers were fully prepared to die to continue the war.

        • Irene

          My husband was a young soldier sent to the Phillippine Islands in 1945; they were preparing for invading Japan. If the U.S. had done so it would have been one of the bloodest battles man had ever seen. The Japanes were ready to fight to their death; they were not ready to give up. The bomb saved my husband and thousands of our men. I am sad that it had to be done. It was us or them—think about it.

        • sharon bowers

          Thanks for setting things straight, but I doubt they will listen to you. Even given the cold hard facts, there will always be nonbelievers

          • Guido

            That isn’t fact, it is fiction. Propaganda.

      • TIME


        Perhap you should think about moving to Cuba, seems thats what you would really like. Or better yet perhaps any country that hates America as much as your post quite clearly shows you do.

        Thanks TIME.

      • Ken

        Alex, you poor sap! You obviously get your information from some uninformed blogger. None of what you include in your diatribe is correct. It is just sick.

      • Lane Morgan Caviness

        The suicidal maniac with the “Harry Truman did not need to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it was a big conspiracy” should not even be debated with. My grandfather and uncles were in Germany and just being deployed to Japan when they got word to “hold, new development.” My Grandfather and his brothers in arms considered the invasion of Japan to be close to a suicide mission, expecting extremely high casualties. This Jack-ball is a mal content, ner-do-well upset because he could not get Social Security disability for the corn on his left foot. Harry Truman spoke out AGAINST a Military-Industrial Complex, which is exactly what we have had from the LBJ Vietnam years through to Bush- Cheney and Halliburton. Although it may be true that Halliburton is the only company capable of completing many contracts, there is a reason Halliburton became that big. It’s just like the Federal Government making claims such as: GM and Chrysler are too big to fail, when what they are really telling (mandating and enforcing) on us is that IT AM, The Federal Government( If you do not get that hilarious one-liner, you are most likely a Godless Che lover.) decides WHO is too big to fail and then We The People who are not. “The bigger the government, the smaller the individual” as Mr. Dennis Prager says.

        My small business opened three months before 9/11, was employing people, making a profit and providing an excellent product and public service. I closed my doors on 10/31/2002. Life long dream smashed and my happy employees now searching for a way to provide for their families. That’s another story, but proves my point, there was ZERO emergency help for small enterprise whatsoever and I NEVER EXPECTED OR WANTED ANY! That is why opening a business, purchasing stock or loaning your son money to open a lemonade stand is a calculated risk that you will get more out of your effort than your effort to build and maintain it. That the endeavor is worth your time and money. Even Communism works toward that principle, they just centralize control over everything for the Pro Literate and give the people control over nothing, thereby controlling everything and ultimately dooming themselves. That is why I called the lover of Che, a “suicidal maniac”. Despotic control is just like a fire. It must destroy and consume to live, but that very action eventually destroys the fire. It runs out of fuel. Anyone who would support such control over themselves and country are by definition suicidal.

        Morons who wear Che Guevara are too stupid to understand the most simple truths in life and yet use them for their own survival. The imbeciles who wear Che Guevara shirts or who otherwise admire the maniac are the same MENSA Member, Rhodes Scholars who don’t want law abiding US Citizens to Bear Arms, while their darling Che ran around with an AK-47, blasting the life out of humanity. Of coarse it is FINE for Che because HE IS this great Communist Idol put up by US Liberals(Closet Communists). Today this jack ass is on thai died t shirts like so many Teen Idols you see on 13 year old girls boy crush magazines in the grocery store check out lane.

        These folks are too stupid to argue with. They live for demonstrations of THIER outrage at those who are “intolerant” , themselves being the most intolerant of all. They live to argue lies and unarguable stances. Nothing will change their minds until whatever they are against has become popular with the “Mainline Media” and Hollywood.

        To start an argument with such an individual would be like jumping into a pig pen to wrestle a filthy, violent animal. After the fight, both are now filthy, the pig only knows that soon it will be time to eat again and the valiant freedom lover is more exasperated and depressed than ever.

        You should always educate the open minded and even those with differing opinions, but to get into a fray with the criminally insane is itself crazy. I cannot stand to come close to them or smell them. Che Guevara shirt mean marijuana joint in mouth and LSD controlling their minds. I either wish to be apart from them or fight and destroy them.

        • uSNpops

          The thing I see here and nobody has brought up, is that our kids in the High Schools are being given the idea that this person was a hero. Our colleges as well push the same notion. The fact that Saddam Hussein killed off tens of thousands of Muslims of a different faction is irrelevant. G. Bush is the satan because he did something to stop the killings of innocents that was genocide in Iraq. And now Iraq, though on a rough road, is more stable. After the war, we rebuilt Europe and Japan. Both of whom now resent us. All the while the Russians were trying to divide europe and if possible take over all of Europe. We stood in the way and supported NATO to eventually defeat the Communist take over of Europe. Che and his ilk would have had missles and atomic bombs 90 miles fro Florida, and used them to wreak havoc on our country, but JFK and the U.S. Navy stopped it. For that I was 400 miles off Florida on a ship of the line.Bottom line, a lot of people have died for the guy to wear that Shirt freely, and for the idiot to spout his BS earlier in the thread.We can only hope that God will overlook these transgressions, and continue to Bless America as he has done for over 200 years.

          • Chava

            You are sooooo right!! Our schools and institutions of higher learning are brain-washing our kids by revising history. I’ll add one more to your list, the leftist News Media, now filled with this revisionist, Socialist education, are promoting those values over the air-waves. We now see the result of liberalism in every area of our society, from the White House on down. The World despises us because of the News Media!! They have condemned our heroes and great leaders to the rest of the world, undermining our attempts to spread freedom and Godly values around the world. Not only do we need to clean house in Washington, but in our schools as well. If we fail to do so locally and nationally, we will lose our country and our cherished freedoms. God have mercy on America and forgive us for our laziness and complacency, and for allowing His name to be removed from this great land.

        • LocalYokel

          Well said Lane.
          It should be obvious that anyone that old displaying such symbolism anywhere at any time is not worth a reaction. Maybe they were only seeking others with a familiar spirit for support of their lagging comprehension and diminishing egos. They certainly are short on historical facts and unable to provide a rational argument to support any item of truth.
          It’s better to voice objection one on one with their progeny that blindly follow the indoctrination program passed down by the real organizers. Only those at the very top realize that more than one list is being created herein. The first amendment provides for their voluntary enlistment and the second for their discharge.

        • sharon bowers

          Couldn’t have said it better myself. What a great reply!

      • JeffH

        Anna Mydlarz, yes you are correct. Some probably don’t know who or what Che Guerva did or what he was all about and wear the shirt as a form of protest. Chip Woods did the right thing by not approaching this man and possibly ending with an embarrassing moment.

        As for Alex’s comments…well, he too must be wearing the “Che Guerva” t-shirt and sporting a black beret.
        How many know his real name? Ernesto Lynch. That’s right – Che Guevara was actually plain old Mr Lynch. It doesn’t have quite the same ring to it does it? His surname comes from the fact that his family was half Irish.
        Che Guevara as a youth was nicknamed “Chancho” (pig) because of his bathing habits. All through his life people commented on his smelliness (though obviously not to his face once he had the power to execute people on a whim).
        Contrary to the image we all have of Guevara, in his youth he was quite the geek.
        While Guevara is best remembered for his actions in Cuba, he was actually born in Argentina to wealthy parents and he never became a Cuban citizen.
        Guevara became Castro’s chief lieutenant and distinguishes himself as a resourceful and ruthless tactician capable of ordering the execution of traitors and waverers.
        Guevara comes to believe in hatred as a potent revolutionary force. “Hatred (is) an element of the struggle,” he later writes in his ‘Message to the Tricontinental’. *Sound familiar? You see this “hatred” used as a tool by the liberal accusers on this website!

        Guerva was highly educated, intelligent and a doctor as well. Unfortunately, he was a true revolutionary. I think this Guerva quote sums it up pretty well:
        “Socialism cannot exist without a change in conscience to a new fraternal attitude toward humanity, not only within the societies which are building or have built socialism, but also on a world scale toward all peoples suffering from imperialist oppression,” Guevara states.
        In 1965 Guevara drafts and circulates his ‘Message to the Tricontinental(Organisation of Solidarity of the Peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America)’ in which he effectively declares war on the US. “Our every action is a battle cry against imperialism, and a battle hymn for the people’s unity against the great enemy of mankind: the United States of America,” the message says.

        He is executed in Bolivia in 1967. Guevara is dead at the age of 39.
        Castro e Castro states that Guevara’s example and ideals will be an inspiration for future generations of revolutionaries.

        “They who sing victory over his death are mistaken,” as Castro delivers a eulogy. “They are mistaken who believe that his death is the defeat of his ideas, the defeat of his tactics, the defeat of his guerrilla concepts … If we want to know how we want our children to be we should say, with all our revolutionary mind and heart: We want them to be like Che.”

        The same month, US Secretary of State Dean Rusk receives a report from his Bureau of Intelligence and Research that predicts that Guevara “will be eulogised as the model revolutionary who met a heroic death.”

        • http://MSN Joseph

          You are wrong. Che never completed his Medical Studies at the University of Argentina and the “Che El Medico” is a myth, His transcripts from the University have been purged and are not to be found.

          • JeffH

            Joseph, I’ve tried to get the information and it is very vague. I could very well be wrong about the MD status but what I find is that he qualified as an Argentinian doctor in 1953, specializing in dermatology. Enrolled in the University of Buenos Aires in 1948, he studies medicine and becomes interested in leprosy.

          • Ted Crawford

            We can be assured that he intended to use it as a biological weapon!!

          • coal miner


            Wrong,Che was a doctor.

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            What is Paula A. Sneed’s sign?

            Create a link to this page
            Copy and paste this link tag into your Web page or blog:

            Che Guevara

            Che Guevara

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            “Che Guevara.” The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2008. (May 29, 2010).

            “Che Guevara.” The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2008. Retrieved May 29, 2010 from

            Learn more about citation styles

            Che Guevara (Ernesto Guevara) , 1928-67, Cuban revolutionary and political leader, b. Argentina. Trained as a physician at the Univ. of Buenos Aires, he took part (1952) in riots against the dictator Juan Perón in Argentina, joined agitators in Bolivia, and worked in a leper colony. In 1953 he went to Guatemala, joined the leftist regime of Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán, and when Arbenz was overthrown (1954) fled to Mexico, where he met Fidel Castro and other Cuban rebels. Guevara became Castro’s chief lieutenant soon after the rebel invasion of Cuba in 1956, in which he proved to be a resourceful guerrilla leader. As president of the national bank after the fall (Jan., 1959) of Fulgencio Batista he was instrumental in cutting Cuba’s traditional ties with the United States and in directing the flow of trade to the Communist bloc. He served (1961-65) as minister of industry.

      • JCfromDC

        You seem to conveniently all the horrors the Japanese military inflicted to the millions they oppressed during WWI, even before we got involved, just like your atheist butcher Che Guevarra. Another of the worst oppressors and murderers relegated to ash heap of history, along with Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot and soon, hopefully Hugo Chavez. You people amaze me how history has taught you nothing. All us “whities” have stood up for EVERY colored people on earth then and since. whenever anyone in this world has their hat in hand for help, WHO do they come to first? The Che’s of this world? Castro? Pol Pot? NO, the come to US! And we never ask for so much as a “thank you.” AND, Mr. History Expert, most of our aid is VOLUNTARY, from “the people”, not the government. Moron!

        • JCfromDC

          That was “forget the horrors” and WWII (omissions)

        • Sheldon

          JCfromDC… you can’t seriously compare Che Guevera to the Japanese Imperial army of the the 1930s and 1940s? Check your history books… check the numbers and get back to us. Don’t apologize, just get the facts straight (and try to rise above the personal attack).
          You HOPE Hugo Chavez will aspire to the atrocities of Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and Pol Pot ? Are you sick? I hope Hugo Chavez disappears and is remembered as a brief joke and NOT as a mass murderer of millions. Sorry to disagree with you on this point. I’m not sure who taught you history… but maybe if you and your teacher took your hoods off, you might have gotten some facts straight.

      • Anna Mydlarz

        typical liberal, bring up items that have nothing to do with the fact that this guy is a brutal murderer and he ends does not justify the means

      • Chas

        As a supplement to the reply by JeffH, I offer this excerpt from a Dec.7th,1995 article by Jeff Jacoby of The Boston Globe, detailing communist atrocities and researched with non-revisionist history, puts it best.

        -For pure murderous evil, there has never been a force to compare with Communism. The Nazis didn’t come close. The Holocaust was uniquely malignant – never before or since did one people construct a vast industry of death for the sole purpose of rounding up and destroying every single member of another people. But the Nazis exterminated 11 million innocents; the Communist death toll surpasses 100 million. Nazi power lasted from 1933 to 1945. The Communist nightmare began in November 1917, and continues to this day.
        Savagery has always been a hallmark of Communism. It is an ideology that requires the destruction of human beings. “We have never rejected terror in principle,” wrote Lenin in 1901, “nor can we do so.”
        Half a century later, even as he denounced the extremes to which his predecessors went, Nikita Khrushchev vowed that the terror so esteemed by Lenin would go on. “The questioning of Stalin’s terror,” he cautioned the Twentieth Party Congress in 1956, “may lead to the questioning of terror in general. But Bolshevism believes in the use of terror.” Not long afterward, Khrushchev sent 3,000 Soviet tanks to crush the Hungarian freedom fighters.
        Communism equals murder. Everywhere. Always.
        In Ukraine, for example, where 7 million people were starved to death on the Kremlin’s orders. “If you go now to the Ukraine or the North Caucuses,” wrote British journalist Malcolm Muggeridge in 1933, “exceedingly beautiful countries and formerly amongst the most fertile in the world, you will find them like a desert; . . . no livestock or horses; villages deserted; peasants famished, often their bodies swollen, unutterably wretched.” Farmers who took grain or vegetables from their own land were shot. Dead bodies littered the streets of Kharkov, the capital. “It was,” an eyewitness later recalled, “as if the Black Death had passed through.”
        Communism equaled murder in Ethiopia, where Mengistu Haile Mariam became dictator in 1977 and embarked on what he called his “Red Terror.” Tens of thousands were massacred, including the graduating seniors of almost every high school in Addis Ababa.
        Communism equaled murder in North Vietnam as far back as 1945, when Ho Chi Minh resolved to annihilate his Nationalist rivals. “It was appalling,” recorded the historian Lucien Bodard. “Thousands, maybe tens of thousands of men had been liquidated . . .. The intention was that horror and dread should extinguish the last trace of respect for them among the masses: Their execution had to be both shameful and terrifying. That was the reason for the mass executions of hundreds at once, the fields of prisoners buried alive, the harrows dragged over men buried up to the neck.”
        Communism equaled murder in Tibet, where Mao’s campaign to extirpate Buddhist culture turned 1.2 million Tibetans into corpses. It equaled murder in gentle Cambodia, where the bloodlust of the Khmer Rouge vaporized one-third of the nation in less than four years. It equaled murder in Cuba, in East Germany, in Afghanistan. From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic – murder. In the Gulag and the laogai – murder. At Tienanmen Square – murder. In the Korean War and the Vietnam War, in the forest of Katyn and the dungeons of the Lubyanka – murder.
        One hundred million victims of Communism. And those are only the victims who were slain. It doesn’t include those who were maimed or driven mad. Those whose lives went dark when a loved one was butchered. Those who spun out their years in potato queues, in vodka stupors, in daily fear. It doesn’t include those who wasted 30 years as slaves in Siberia. The boat people who flung themselves into the South China Sea. The stifled poets, the gagged priests, the tormented refuseniks, the exiled democrats.-

        As for the comment left by Jeronimo;

        -”The Japanese surrendered after the incineration of Tokyo on August 3rd, 1945, 180,000 innocent civilians
        were burned alive that night by the u.s. bombers.”-

        What history book have you been reading? Your ignorance is breathtaking.

        • Chas

          It also amazes me that these same types of government educated drones who would wear a Che t-shirt as a fashion/political statement are also the type that would have a FREE TIBET bumper sticker on their Prius.

          • JeffH

            Chas, to some it is easier to excuse or turn a blindeye to such historicaly documented murder and mayhem and just blame it all on the Imperialists of the western world.

          • northern guy

            And who do we have running our country, now? Communists in disguise, radicals with their own agenda. All the evil that follows, for so many years. Comes down to this: Any person who puts themselves above the goodness of God as self pride is doomed to fail and cause much destruction. The one who failed the first time, filled with so much self pride has carried many souls down with him as he journeys to his end. Its just plain sad that so many people, like jeronimo are blinded from seeing the truth. What would I have done?
            Same thing! Just sit there, dissapointed in my neighbor, wondering?
            Does that person sitting in front of me, really know the truth about the person on his T-shit? Well the best thing to do, would be to pray for that person to be filled with the truth. Like we all should be doing right now, if we want to save our blessed country and the rest of the world for that matter. Thank You Chas for standing up for what is right. God Bless America!

        • TIME

          Chas, Bravo dude! Great Post. Thanks

        • sharon bowers

          Chas, you are my hero! I wish every person in this country would read this reply. What a great history lesson!

        • Guido

          Nice expose but a tad one-sided. How many people were killed in the two great capitalist wars in the early 20th century? How many people died in the Irish and India famines? How many people were killed by US Napalming in Vietnam and Cambodia? How many native Americans were killed when the Brits and Spanish took over the continent? What of the one million plus deaths of communists and leftists in Indonesia? What of all the deaths in Guatemala and El Salvador under rightwing, US supported dictatorships? Nicaragua when the US supported the Contras? Aregentina’s dirty war against leftists? Chile under Pinochet?

          Communism as a philosophy and a legitimation ideology has been responsible for millions of deaths. Capitalism and imperialism, as economic systems and legitimation ideologies, have been responsible for at least an equal number.

          It would seem the only real innocents – not responsible for millions of deaths – are capitalist states with social democratic governments and strong welfare states and national healthcare systems. These states don’t engage in imperialistic adventures, start wars, and stick their noses and militaries in other people’s domestic affairs. But you guys are all opposed to that right?

          Because he will civilize and moderate America, Obama scares the bejeezus out of you?

          • Papaspepprs


      • IsIt2012Yet?

        Buy yourself the variation of this hideous shirt which has the murderous thug inside a red circle with a slash through it, with the word “MUERTO!” stenciled across it.

      • Sheldon

        Alex… that is PURE revisionist history. IF Truman decided NOT to use the atomic bombs… far more lives would have been lost by the US military, the Japanese military and Japanese civilians in an invasion of Japan. Rest assured that Truman IS NOT roasting in hell.

      • http://MSN Joseph

        Alex and Jeronimo exhibit real ignorance of the Cuban Revolution and Che. Che was a coward who had no victories in the march to Havana. He hid behind the genius and victory of Camilo Cienfuegos . Oddly enough Camilo mysteriosly disappeared on a boat trip with Raoul Castro after the ouster of Batista. Read Che’s diaries where he brags about relishing being”insagriente” ie:drenched in blood. He made his bones executing a Cuban soldier when his Cuban troops refused to do so.HE WAS A BLOODTHIRSTY BASTARD WHO VOLUNTEERED TO EXECUTE THE FIREING SQUADS WITHOUT TRIAL IF HE HAD HIS WAY. “Shoot them first and hold the trials afterwards” the Altruistic Che is bullshit and we forgive you for your brainwashed stupidity. Talk to some Cubans who fought there and were betraayed by Castro. Che Guevara Lynch is no hero.However Lynch his surname is not as “romantic”as Guevara is it?

      • Grace

        I survived communism but you don’t know what you talking about.

      • Jackie Barnes

        You don’t have a clue what you are talking about, someone has brain washed you to a bunch of lies, or you are a commie!!!

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        @Alex, and Jeronimo: I don’t know what liberal schooling you got your information from, but you need to get your facts right. Japan did try to surrender to the USSR, NOT the USA, before the bombing of Hiroshima on 6 August 1945, but even then refused to surrender to the USA until after the bombing of Nagasaki on 9 August 1945. Even then it took ’til the 15th {still the 14th in the US} for the Emperor to do so! As for the invasion of the Japanese home Islands, it was being planned for early November of 1945, should the bombs fail to bring about surrender, and far more Japanese, including women and children, would have died had we been forced to invade. My sources are actual people who were in the Pacific theater and IN JAPAN, during those events. I think I’ll go by their version. One was a Japanese lady who subsequently married a US Marine, and came to the US to live with him, who told several of us about what was going on in Japan during that last year of the war, while a patient at USNH Quantico, for cancer, having been in Hiroshima in August of 1945.
        As for your “hero”, Che was nothing but a butcher using the rhetoric of “revolution” and “saving the people from the capitalist monsters” as a cover for his criminal activities!

      • American Citizen

        From whence did you get this revisionist history? Probably the government schools.

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Bruce D.

        Japan was not even prepared to surrender after the first nuke. They had to drop two before they surrendered. You do not understand the mindset of the Japanese at that time if you feel they were ready to surrender. The Japanese were one of the most brutal occupiers of all time. Ask any Chinese person. My father fought in that war. I am glad they dropped the bomb and my father was able to make it out alive. America did not start that war and I would not trade his life for any amount of Japanese that died in that war. We understand the left hates everything about America but what you seem to hate most is the stuff you make up that never happened or distort to make it worst than what happened.

      • OEF_Vet

        Wow Alex, it’s almost like I’ve died and gone to Red heaven. Too bad for you and the stupid moronic ossified-brained idiotic unpatriotic traitorous emotionally-childlike surrender-at-the-sight-of-a-gun-any-gun-even-a-pink-toy-squirt-gun Obama-wannabe cowards no such place exists. I wish I could understand where you would get such an idea, perhaps if I thought like you for a second. No, no…no sane American could do that. Fact: The Japanese deserved it. And the war would not have ended as it did without the 2nd atomic bombing. The Japanese high command attempted to overthrow their Emperor at the thought of him surrendering to the Allies, luckily for us they failed. Or perhaps unluckily, because you’re grandfather was probably a WW2 vet and you’re too stupid to know it because you were raised on MTV, spongebob and spoiled rotten with leftist nonsense constantly planted in your brain. Perhaps if we were forced to invade Japan and uttering destroy them all, then we would leave a lasting legacy, not the history which is attempted to be rewritten by you and your racist friends. Think Japan was the victim? Ask the Koreans what they think of the Japanese. Maybe you should ask the Chinese victims of the Nanking massacre, or maybe one of those 4 year-old chinese girls who was raped repeatedly by Japanese soldiers. Maybe you should immigrant to Japan, oh wait no one can unless you are genetically Japanese because maybe just maybe they still believe they are superior to everyone else, which may just have been one of the causes of their aggression. You are a fool. Soldiers are not paid to die. Clearly you must be 9 years old. If you’re older, then grow up. Soldiers are paid to protect and defend the constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic. I know, when I enlisted, all I was thinking was, “Man, this is awesome, I sign on the dotted line and then I get paid, then I die…” Grow up Alex and join the real world and stop watch spongebob and MTV.

      • Mary

        Alex What are you doing here? You’d bee living with the murders in Cuba or maybe with Hugo in Venezuela. I know people who lived the horror of regime. The bts, Fidel and company came down wearing rosaries and with the bible. And because they were so peaceful and wated the best for poor masses he asked for their guns because they won’t need it in the new Cuba that he’ll transform in a “Paradise”.
        Remember when a Regime ask for your guns in any way. That’s the end of Liberty and prosperity, because if you don’t agree they shoot you and you die. Fidel and company got the best houses and Cuba. All the communist are just jealous of the rich and want what they didn’t work for it and use the dumb masses are just their stairs.

      • James Barnes

        I’m going to give you a “real history lesson” passed on to me from my father in law who was there on an island not far from the coast of Japan. My father in law did not talk about what he saw and what he did in the war with Japan, I’m sure it was a very brutal experience for him just as it was for everyone else involved in combat. We some how got on the subject of Harry Truman and the A-bomb and he gave me a short glimpse into what one G.I. experienced when the bombs were dropped on Japan. (I’m sure he was telling the story of thousands of others just like him!) He proceeded to tell me about being on an island right off the coast of Japan, and the orders came to do a mainland invasion. He proceeded to tell me that he was in the first wave that was to do a beach landing. He looked at me and said, “When I got those orders I knew at that point I was not coming home.” “I was a walking dead man!” He teared up and told me, “A lot of people give Harry Truman hell for what he did to Japan by dropping those bombs, but little do they know the lives that were saved on both sides by dropping those bombs. The Japanese were fierce, brutal fighters and they would not give up if you invaded the main land with troops. You would have to kill every man woman and child on the island before they would give up” “That in the end saved tens of thousands of lives on both sides!” I believe it form someone who was actually there, “That holds water with me, Your story does not because, YOU WERE NOT THERE!” You better thank God you live in a country that you have the right to express your opinion, and not in Cuba where you will get shot in the head for expressing your opinion “LONG LIVE CAPITALISM!”

      • laura

        You are a true American and informed to Truth. The bogus US gov. crooks that run our country had no right lieing that Iraq, “might use WMD on innocent people if they had them”. The people representing the US gov. are the only ones in the “known” History of the World to use atomic WMD to vaporize, torture to death and terrorize innocent non-combatants and civilians in 2 places and 2 times (for control power, fear-promotion and financial gain).

      • Bob V.

        To Alex, My dear friend & co-worker Alfredo came from Cuba ’cause your ‘Hero’ Che was killing the people of his village who would NOT leave their farms & Mom & Pop stores to join “The”revolution,,actually
        “Their ” revolution,for their cause,,NOT the country’s cause. Che is a mass murderer & anyone wearing his image on a t-shirt,including celebs like Carlos Santana, should be reminded of that fact,over & over again,to the point of harassment. Maybe then they’ll learn.
        Alex,did you ever hear of Operation Coronet?? NO?? I thought so.
        It was similar to Oper. Overlord,,”D-Day”,,only 5 to 10 times as large
        The total amount of troops,ships,& planes moving towards the Japan coast,from staging areas,made D-Day look like a Boy Scout jamboree by
        comparison. The Japanese Military would NOT surrender,,it’s against the ‘Bushido’(?) code of death before dishonor. Just imagine (if you have an imagination) what went through their minds, after seeing 1 plane drop 1 bomb = 1 city gone,,3 days later,the same,,now 3 days later they are in Tokyo & several hundred of the same planes, B-29′s,
        fly over them & their Emperor. That was the straw that broke the Samurai sword, & they surrendered. They believed that EACH of those planes carried an A-bomb. The invasion of japan was called off & the fleets sent home after September 2nd. It was the hardest decision any Politician ever made,yet it saved lives.YOUR heros Stalin,& Mao,killed
        over 50 MILLION,a lot of them were their own people,yet people STILL wear them on t-shirts also. When Obama & his Czars cull the herd,&
        your name is on the list,what will you say to avoid the death camps,,
        ” I LOVE CHE ” Good luck with that excuse.
        If you do NOT love or even like the USA,,move to Cuba,,& see how long you last. If you go, DO NOT get sick. Free H/C does NOT mean GOOD
        H/C. Screw up once & you’ll see what a Cuban prison is like. An American Super-Max prison is like a Country Club in comparison. Do NOT
        forget to take all of the un-educated,ill-informed,hero-worshipping,
        “Guevara-ites” with you, so they too may learn 1st hand of all the great things “Che” has done. It’s time to get your cranium out of your rectum. WAKE UP !!!

      • brandon

        screw you, I support the bombing of Japan, Japan supported the bombing of pearl harbor! We were not at war yet and all of those service men , women and civilians had no idea it was comming! so rightfully so! and far as Che, shirt goes, I would have asked him who the picture was and what he did. Im sure all i would get is hes the logo for the band, rage against the machine! hes a communist just like obama and the rest of them .you can sit here and talk political correctness all day but this is our country that is certianly slipping away from us! no, being taken away from us! so screw you and your pat on the head like were some sort of little child and your more enlightened. your not, I bet you havent even left the country and if you have it was on a cruise or to urope! piss off!

      • coal miner



        Here is the truth about Che. · Cached page

      • Rob Arnold

        The only American President who could even remotely be compared with Che Guieverra is the current sitting president, some cheap conman out of Chicago, where he never ch ch ch changed a damn thing (but he’s gonna change the whole world real nice like, uh hult, uh hult). Truman is recorded in history as a great president who ended a WORLD WAR. No, Japan was not about to surrender in any way, shape, manner or form. Uhhmm, errr. Japanese Generals have come forward in the last ten years, nearing their death beds, and given interviews in which they clearly stated that that war would have been never ending. Only the strangest among us think things like that President Truman lied to us.

        And by the way, we gave Japan a warning with the first Atom Bomb… this is what we will do to you if you do not stop. We’re talking about a country who perpetrated Bloody Saturday, and the Rape of Nanking. But you, some guy who obviously has it in for this wonderfully great country, point at us, rather than the bloodlusting, bloodthirsting Japanese of WW II. Wow, what the hell happened to people like you? Were you all abducted by aliens, retooled, and sent back to us.

        Shove off pal, move the Cuba and go kiss Castro’s feet, you know, that guy who this Guiverra scum killed thousands of innocents for.

      • John R. Bloxson Jr

        When you put this Communist Murder in the same category as a nation that has freed Hundreds of Millions since W.W.I. I fill sorry for you you have a badly eschewed belief system. Has America done the wrong thing yes when we left South Vietnam promising to help if they were invaded well when it happened did we help NO and millions went under the Tyranny of the Communist hundreds of thousand died Oh and the Killing Fields of Cambodia 1.5 million murdered by Communist so get a grip America has done much more good than bad while the communist have ensured the deaths of over 100 Million so your not taking it seriously shows you really could care less who lives or dies, who is thrown into prison in China and suffers Beatings daily, or the Gulags in Siberia, or the murders of the innocent in Africa by Communist and who told you the cold war was over do you not hear the news about the New Military buildup in the Russian Federation the attacks against The republic of Georgia. Is it right for Saddam to have killed 800 Thousand innocent people is it alright then for Hitler to have killed 10 million innocent people what value do you place on Human life it sounds unfortunately like you place very little value on it with comments supporting Che and his ilk.

      • dmp says :

        ALEX :

      • Albert

        I’m rather offended by the ‘soldiers are paid to die’ comment. Democratic countries have an obligation to minimize their soldier’s lives, and whether it costs 1 or 1000 enemy military or civilian deaths to save one of ours is IRRELEVANT. Many soldiers were not even volunteers but conscripts with little knowledge of world affairs. As a soldier I actually feel that nuclear weapons democratize war, as civilians can no longer young men to die for them – everybody gets a bite of the sandwich.

      • Hard Stiff Jab

        Your high from drinking from the Liberal Progressive Obama douche bag. Capitolism is America. That will not change. Che got what he deserved. It’s what you deserve and your Liberal Obama Circle Jerk friends. Move to Cuba and live in squalor. Enjoy life under the thumb of communism.

    • Lucy


      • Dr Shirley Lynn

        Why would you wear a t-shirt with a man on it that and you had no clue who he was and what he stood for? I believe he indeed had a clue!

        • Christopher Baker

          Sorry Dr. Shirley, Thousands of people wear t-shirts and hold signs saying and portraying things they no nothing about. They have no clue who che was nor what he and others like him have done.

        • uSNpops

          From the description of him Given in the article, he may be a teacher in the local High School, and does know what the shirt means. That should be the scary part. We send our kids to school for about 8 hours a day, and they are in rooms being fed information and ideas that we as parents and grandparents only get second hand.

          Our 13 year old Granddaughter was taught in Sex Ed. that its ok at any age so long as you use protection. And Oral Sex is better as you can’t get pregnant. At 13 years old, I was more interested in improving my baseball skills thatn sex. But then I wasn’t being taught about sex 3-5 days a week in class.

        • Sandra Lee Smith

          @Dr Shirley Lynn: Look at our POTUS, Attorney General, and DHS director for the answer to that one; they’ve been lambasting and castigating Governor Jan Brewer,and the AZ state legislature for weeks over SB 1070, without ever having read it. Need I say more?

          • TIME

            A good point that our own bent BarryO can’t read a 15 page doc, yet he can make up a 2000 page doc thats so bent that its pretzel logic.

      • Westcoaster56

        Yes, I think he may have been mis-informed as many million Americans have demostrated over the years. I would have politely asked why he was wearing the shirt acting out of ignorance to see what he said. Then take it from there. You can’t fix stupidity, but if the person is curious, they may accept an alternate point of view if presented if the right way. Who knows. I would have asked why the shirt?

      • John R. Bloxson Jr

        You are right he only wore it because Sean Penn Idolizes Che and wouldn’t believe anything bad about one of his heroes. Most Young people educated in the Hate the U.S.A. Indoctrination centers in America are taught the sanitized version of the Communist revolutions around the world while being taught such trash as we blew up our own people on 911. And that the 10 million who died in the camps died from Pneumonia, which shows where this cat and his remarks are coming from sadly he believes the propaganda lies they filled his head with.
        And Chavez of Venezuela is no better than Castro of Cuba, and we just been told from one of the master Conspiracies movie director Oliver Stone how good Chavez is in a propamentery where he never interviewed any of Chavez’s opponents so we again see the bankruptcy of Holly Wood. By the way A Propamentery is a type of propaganda film flying under the false heading of Documentary

    • Doris Steiner

      I agree… I would have said something because many people are not aware of the atrocities committed by the monster…although it is unlikely that a well-dressed middle-aged man did not know about him. I always feel that it is my duty to spread the word to these idiots. Wise or unwise I do not know but I am compelled to do it!

    • kuhnkat

      In tha past I have rarely said anything. With the world continuing to head down the road of good intentions I believe I will start trying to do a short and simple, “Excuse me, did you know that Che Guevara was a psychotic murderer who was also a coward?? You really should do in depth research on those lionized by popular media which is usually wrong. Have a nice day.” Of course, who knows where the conversation might go from there.

    • kuhnkat


      you are confusing YOU BELIEFS with Histories FACTS!!

    • AZ Rifleman

      Hi Chip,

      After the event I might have engaged the man by simply asking who the person was on his shirt and what he knew about him. After allowing him to elaborate a bit I would then have countered with truth and facts, thanked him for his time, invited him to respond further to this web site, and enjoy the rich education and pearls of wisdom subsequently showered on him by you and your readers.

      • John R. Bloxson Jr

        Your approach might work with some, but the facts of what teachers and Professors have told the last two generations as fact is fanciful nonsense and dribble are actual Anti American Propaganda from our Public and Private Universities and Colleges. Unfortunately many have taken the lies as the gospel truth for the are not lovers of truth so they will believe the lies. Truth Is Not Relative It is true or false there is no middle ground. What is True for all; murder is wrong, Sexual sin of any ilk is wrong, theft is wrong, lying to your parents or neighbors is wrong, and coveting someone else stuff is wrong, because it inevitably leads to stealing Lying, cheating, Adultery, and even murder. But these outdated morals are now thought by many to be old baggage best shoved under the bed and forgotten about.

    • http://LibertyAlerts Rick Morales

      Chip the hardest thing to do is to controll ure temper in a situation like that and 10 yrs ago i would’nt have even thought about it , but times have change , its amazing what a president and his administration can do to a person when question about his patronage for country , if i was in ure shoes at that moment i would like to think i would have walked up to him politely and and asked him the significance of the T-Shirt. If he had no idea which i doubt no harm no foul , there is no purpose to argue with ignorance , but if he did and explained himself i would have responded in respectful manner and if he bowed up to me in a vicious manner , i would either have been thrown in jail or dead, because i would have tried to rip his heart out in the manner he represents when wearing that t-shirt without any hesitation. I prey to God that that i never am put in that situation , i know there r many americans today that r more aware about the history of yesturday and won’t take for granted what i GREAT COUNTRY WE LIVE IN, i know i do………..

      • John R. Bloxson Jr

        Wishful thinking when they march by the hundreds of thousand in protest to support Illegal Aliens while millions of Americans are loosing their job what does that say? It tells me we as a nation are in deep trouble and that the Education system no longer teaches whats right and wrong based on a solid foundation but instead the build their truth and Laws on shifting sand. The America You and I remember is not the America these young Adults believe in they believe in networking so instead of Family and community they believe in Internationalism and Unity of Humanity. They believe in A Socialist utopia rather then the reality that Socialism is a morally ethically and inhumane unworkable government. They support OBamacare
        and socialized Rationed Health care which devalues early life and elderly life, so whether you like it or not these young will vote pro Obama and his friends. The Democratic national Committee will find a way to steal the election. When a person can put the number of a park bench down as his or her residence and Convicted Criminals are allowed to vote after having lost that right, you have to know the fix is in. And when you see the videos of 1st., and 2nd. Grade Children singing Obama Loves the Little Children and High School Students singing the Battle Hymn of the Republic but with the wording changed to honor and worship Obama, well I have lost a lot of hope that we will turn this train wreck around in time.

    • patricia

      One thing no one has thought of – what if this was the man’s only shirt? In that case it would have been fine, even if ….tacky.

    • Nosey Rosey

      I agree that education is the way to go. I think what Chip could have done is simply ask the man what (or how much) he knows about Che. A simple question would invoke conversation without confrontation. If he seemed to have no clue about what kind of person he was, you could ask, “Did you know that he was involved in…and educate him. If he doesn’t believe you, you can ask him to do some research on his own and not take your word for it.

  • Ferrosynthesis

    Typical right winger who thinks his beliefs trumps others. If you see someone with a Che tea shirt, keep it to yoursself and leave other people alone. Other people don’t have to believe the way you do to be good people or good Americans.

    • http://naver samurai

      So you don’t mind having the face of a crazed killer, no matter what the cause, on your shirt? Maybe your mommy didn’t knock enough sense into that little brain of yours.

    • cheryll

      A murderer is a good person.. Boy, what a warped sense of good. Apparently you do not know the difference..

    • Radical RW’er

      I have a General Mao and a Lenin T-shirt I’d like to sell you then. How about some Nazi swastika patches? I dare say that if you call yourself an American while wearing one of these, or Che, you symbolically have spit on the grave of every soldier who fought for the freedom of this country. These commies are the antithesis of freedom and America. Shame on you.

    • Pathfinder

      Good advice!! Now do you think your Animal rights activist friends can stop throwing blood on people who wear fur ? Or maybe we can start throwing blood on thos Che shirts. Either way, could we, please, stop the double standard.
      Chip, I am also of two minds on this. I think that avoiding a scene may be better than calling attention (and thereby giving more publicity ) to Che might be a mistake. However,as Glen above already pointed out, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke Irish orator, philosopher, & politician (1729 – 1797) Thus I am not sure. Perhaps, writing this article was a better choice than confronting this person directly. In this manner you have not “done nothing” nor have you interfered with the other person’s freedom of speech.

    • Chaos Factor

      Ferro… Agreed… The ” Christian ” right on this site believes it’s ok to murder, torture and kill as long as it’s neo cons doing the killing, murdering and torturing … They especially enjoy killing anyone speaking another language or people of a diffrent Race that they concider lesser humans…

      • Jery

        It is NEVER ‘all right’ to MURDER anybody, and most of your so-called ‘rightwingers’ on this site would not condone murder, much less prejudice against people who are ‘different’ from them.

        I have found that YOU people on the ‘left’ need to take a good, HARD look in the mirror and start asking yourselves about YOUR OWN racist, hateful motives: most people on the right, not to mention us Libertarians, are NOT racists.

        • TIME

          Jery, Good Post!

        • James A

          Well written Jery….. What the left still is too numb to see, is the fact that socialitic, statist policies lead societies rowards fascism and communism much quicker than capitalism. There is nothing wrong with capitalism, though there are abuses in our financial, and banking systems, and certain CEO’s have gotten away with murder, even though their companies were losing millions or billions of dollars. but that wasn’t the fault of capitalism, but rather the fault of bad corporate law currently in place, which was set up by lawyers and legislators. They are the ones to blame for this mess, as well as the bankers and the Federal Reserve “System”,which is really nothing more than a bunch of legal counterfeiters. Wake up-Greece, and much of Europe, is failing, plain and simply, because they became TOO SOCIALISTIC. Too much of this encourages sloth and lazyness, and people then expect that their governments will “take care” of them. Of course, it is always the other people, the WORKING people, that have to pay for evryone NOT working. That is the way the world works. I also loved how someone pointed out that it was the Democratic Congress that voted to go to war in Iraq. But blaming Bush for everything is what the left will do for many years to come.
          All I can say, is…..’Go Tea Party!”

        • Decker

          Did you say that Libertarians are not racist? I have talked to plenty that are.

          • uSNpops

            Can you say that anyone does not have some racist thought.

            Is Rev. Wright a racist, if you listen to his sermons, you would think so? His racism however is against White People, so in the present politically correct world, he cannot be called a racist.

            The rev Graham’s son was not allowed to speak at a Government function because he made a negative (Racist) statement aginst the muslims that killed 3000 people on 9/11 at one time.

            Do we all not feel uncomfortable when seeing a group of Black teenagers in their native garb come toward us on a lonly street? But is that racism, or a knowledge of what has happened to others in the same situation?

            The policeman who gives a racial slur during an arrest in return for being called a “Racist Pig” and worse, is suspended from duty and punished.

            So what I’m seeing is the general idea that racism is OK if it is a Hispanic, Black, ot Muslim slurring a White Judaeo Christian, but not the other way around.

      • Right Wing

        I see a lot of anger and hate coming from your posts. Maybe it was your Che tee shirt? Why stop at singling out the Christian and neo cons? Include white, middle-aged, rural, gun-owning, protestant, business owners…keep adding to your list of stereotypes that fit the hatred you have for something you lack.

      • Miss Debi

        Really??? Do tell when we christian right wingers kill, torture , mutilate as you so say??? Except in case of being sent to war you haven’t got a clue…And to quote or spew the same rhetoric as Murtha or Dodd, or any of the other anti-Americans in our congress don’t bother commenting…For the lies from these men mean nothing to us…your comment is not only intellectually dishonest it is always as usual, not correct!!

      • Benjamin (Ben) Dover

        Other than the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, WWI and WWII…you probably think killing has solved nothing. You’re the worse kind of fool, a willing ignorant fool. You live by the grace of those who have fought to preserve freedoms on this planet, not just in America. You have no idea what tortures and perversion or people have fought to halt and I hope that you find that promised land you think you want, and please just move there and leave this Land of the Free because of the brave.

      • Ken Roberts

        since when? are you talking about the time the catholic church killed in the name of the Lord but were not of the lord . if you want to point a finger at ones who enjoy killing look at Islam they cut heads off and beat women ,hang homosexuals, we merely offer and go our own way it is up to the individual if they come to Christ no one can force that on any one. That you get away with saying we kill innocent people or any people for that matter is a lie black as your heart .Where do you get your information MSNBC? I would add that the Christian church feeds more of the people you speak of then the left does,we also help them lift their selves out of poverty, what have you done for the disadvantaged lately ? The left killed millions by not using DDT; good job right? .

        • American Citizen

          Once again the Crusades are being labelled as something they weren’t. They were fought to try to reclaim the lands conquered by the Muslims. But the Crusades were a failure.

        • American Citizen

          Or are you talking about the Spanish Inquisition conducted by radicals just as Islam is being trashed by radicals today?

          • Darrel

            Islam seems to be doing a fine job of trashing itself. The so-called “good” members better start acting like it and put a stop to the so-called “evil factions”, and stop just talking about it. Doing nothing says you condone it. So Shut up and take care of your problem.

      • Larry K

        chaos, idiot.

      • angel-wanna-be

        Chaos factor, BULLSH*t___ you Liberals continuely support, legalized abortion, “Oh but wait,_if you can’t hear the baby scream as it dies, then it’s not murder, is it”???___Grow up idiot!!!

      • Jay

        These are not “True Christians” you speak of. I am one and I believe all murder is wrong and all torture is wrong. George W Bush is NO Christian, he just plays one on TV. He is a life long member of Skull and Bones which is an anti-Chrsitian organization to its very core. Neo-cons are really fascists in disquise as is our current administration. Another Fake Christian to watch out for is Huckabee, he in NWO all the way which contrary to the values and beliefs of true Christians. Just because someone claims to be a Christian does not make them one. Anyone who would support Che is obviously not a Christian, I dont care how uninformed they are.
        Anyone who enjoys killing and claims to be a Christian is a LIAR.

        • NM

          Schripture says, “Judge not, least ye be judged”. I would not judge whether Bush or Huckabee are christians, if I were you. I would pray for them and let God, The High Judge, make that decision. They are both good men.

        • charles

          i was not aware that huckabee supported the nwo. i emailed him a while back about the music that is played by the little rockers band on his show and told him that is you are going to proclaim to be a christian then you need to play christian music. here lately he has changed the music that is played to contemporary christian. if he does support the wno then maybe he just needs to be informed of their mission.

          • TIME

            Look music is an “art form” thus there is no such thing as Christian music per sa’. Its an art form with a twist.

            As far as being a person who will step out of the box, Mike H has shown he understands that music is no differant than food, its something that everyone enjoys and understands, its called common ground.

            So on that note he should never box himself in to a cage set by anyone its far better to be open to it all.

            And how do you know who believes in the Christian ways that are in Rock & Roll, Blues, or Jazz?
            I bet you would get the bloody shock of your life if you had a clue.

            A job is a job, its that simple and rather it be Rap, or Heavey Metal or Blues, Jazz, etc there are only 7 base notes A – G.
            So who has the ability to claim that the music they listen to is better than what someone else listens too.

        • Irene

          God is the Judge not you. How can anyone in their right mind judge whether a person is a Christian or not? That is God’s busy not yours.

      • NM

        I don’t know where you got your information on “christians”. I have never heard of them doing this stuff. We pray a lot. Most Christians are conservative but not radical. There are radical right wingers and there are Christians. I don’t think they could be compared. That is like apples and onions. I am a Christ lover first and an ultra conservative second. Most of us think smaller government, lower taxes and capitalisim is the way to go. I would go so far as to be an isolationist except in times like the earthquakes and volcano. Then only peaciful medical and clean-up help. If some country is attacked and they specificaly ask us to come and help, that is one thing, but to just go in and take over. No, in the end, that country does not really appriciate it and we loose very good people protecting some one who does not like us.

      • http://MSN Joseph

        Your Simple minded ignorant cliches are breathtaking !!

      • http://MSN Joseph

        Your simple minded cliches are breathtaking ! Please come up with something original !

      • http://MSN Joseph

        Joseph’s reply is for Chaos Factor to clear up any misunderstnading as to the sequence of my reply,

      • Bud

        Anyone who uses the phrase “neo cons” is automatically disqualified for consideration as a thinking person.

        • TIME

          Bud, Thanks for posting that, I agree with you.

    • aaron

      The truth is the truth right is right and wrong is wrong. So to you murder must be a socialy acceptable act over education? How would you feel if you were the one whos family or children were murdered? Belief has nothing to do with it!

    • Right Wing

      Ferro…as in iron? I think you believe your argument is ironclad but it looks like tin foil to me. You believe YOUR opinion trumps others and support public display of radical and extreme icons as harmless. As Pathfinder points out there has been a long standing double standard so your opinion is trumped by common sense.

      Chip, I bet you have struggled with it because that billboard tee shirt was advertising to our children. I would not want my children idolizing anything like that because it was a popular cult icon. On the culture battlefield, I am sure that person did not win any wars. I bet his tee shirt was captured by goodwill and executed to the trash bin just like Che.

    • robert nesbett

      It is this attitude that enabled Hitler and other despots to spread their poison! We have a right and indeed an obligation to speak out.

      • Right Wing

        Robert, you are absolutely spot on. I think in this case I would not have said anything directly to the person wearing the shirt. I would have pointed and loudly proclaimed that Che was the Cuban Hitler.

    • Ken Roberts

      I can not imagine that wearing a t shirt with a murderous thug on it who blew the brains of small children out and knowing he did as being a good American. As far as saying something , why? it would fall on deaf ears and he would just wear it any way . no one that is so-called right wing wants to force anything on any one . I would simply dust my feet off and go on; him being 50 or 60 you would not have much chance of enlightening him any way . As you sit there wearing your t-shirt with murderous thugs on it try to think about what you are advertising . the reason I say that I can picture you wearing one also.

    • David

      Amen, brother. The First Amendment protects the speech we hate. The speech we love doesn’t need any protection.

      • Bud

        But the speech we love DOES need protection. Seems I read a couple of days ago that the assault on free speech has already begun against a radio station in California.

        • Sandra Lee Smith

          @Bud: You’re forgetting the Internet, which is also under attack as we speak by the FCC.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      People who murder people because they think different than them, is what this Che guy did, and often. The author here wonders if he shouldnt have just asked the guy a question. If he took the Che route, he would have pulled out a knife and gutted him right there. And then there is you, who support people like this, and even determine that they are good? Give me a break. Myself, Im a Christian, I see things like this, shake my head, and go and pray to my Father above that he would forgive them for not knowing what they are doing, and this goes for guys like you. Ive prayed for the both of you allready. I cannot change the way you think, nor is it my job to. God will change it if it needs changed, not me. Have a great day.

    • maria loughlin


      • Eugene M. Ramsey

        Dear Maria, your post was well received and I hope that its strong language will make many see the real person rather than someone they think is worthy of honor. So many young people only think of Che as a revolutionary without knowing the full story.

    • Kim Pearson

      Let’s assume for the sake of argument that the wearer of the T-Shirt knew who the Che was and he supported “the cause”. He is BEGGING for an argument/discussion by wearing it in public. Do NOT give him the satisfaction of disputing the merits of the butcher by discussing it with him or disputing his right to wear the T-Shirt at any public event.

      Here is the only BELIEF relevant here – thanks to our long history of people willing to fight and die for his right to Freedom of Speech, he can wear that damn thing anywhere he likes.

      Thank your military men and women, as well as their families for your RIGHT to post idiotic responses to a valid dilemma.

      Chip – you did the right thing. Turn the other cheek, walk away – do not give him the satisfaction of a confrontation.

      • JeffH

        Kim Pearson, while I cringe with disgust at the sight of a Che shirt, I agree with you 100%.

        A confrontation would only be a “lose lose” proposition for the confronter. Afterall, it is only a shirt and I’m quite sure that most don’t know who Che Guerva is or what he represents. This is still a free America and as of yet hasn’t become the socialist AMERIKA.

        I associate his image more to the image on the “ZIG ZAG” rolling papers.

    • Larry K

      ferrosynthesis, you take the cake. Certianly we do not all think alike, God forbid we should all think like you. But then I don’t think you put much thought into what you just said.

    • refuse2lose

      And YOU are a typical liberal,America hating mental midget.Why don’t you move to one of the countries that enjoy your same sadistic values?Or do you stay here for the same reason the illegals(maybe you are one)do,they know they would be killed if they acted the way they do in their own country.

      You are a punk,a little boy in a grown up body.Next time you get one of “Che”urges give me a holler.I would love to show you what southern hospitality is all about.

    • Mike Scooter

      Ferro, you are right, as I stated above.

      The line only gets crossed when those beliefs are imposed upon others by coercion. There’s something called ‘zero aggression principle’ which I happen to agree with and it applies here. Whilst the gentleman with the misguided shirt certainly had a negative impact on the author’s evening, the author could have chosen to leave (valid), chosen to comment (valid), or as he did, chosen to ignore (valid).

      It only becomes an issue when Che acolytes get into power and start doing Che stuff to people who don’t want and don’t agree with Che stuff.

    • BH Davis

      Ferrosynthesis: Did you know that Che hated black people with a passion and thought they were just stupid and useless? Does that change the way you feel about his horrendous acts? He loved to torture and kill people who didn’t even do anything to him or if they just had a different thought about politics, etc. than he did. Thank God he is gone and can’t harm another innocent person except those who don’t know and wear this testament to him in all his glory. In answer to the article, I think I would have asked the man away from others if he knew the history of Che-it’s so fashionable now, even swimsuits had it on them this year. We need to understand that we all can do a better job of being kind to others, allowing them freedom of speech and belief, and just doing the very best we can to learn about history so that we don’t repeat the bad things because we are ignorant of the facts that harmed others.

    • Lane Morgan Caviness

      I have not read 1 response yet stating the guy could NOT wear the shirt. In fact, the whole story was about what a wimp this guy was and felt like going through and entire musical program and following the guy out after. Miraculously, this group of ( I am a 36 year old white male and am assuming) white, older, politically conservative, gun owners, lovers of individual Liberty and the United States of America—all these “Extremists” as would be described by the Government/Media Complex did not immediately stop the performance( if the Che was lucky enough to make it through the parking lot and into the facility), seize the man, ritually burning his shirt, torturing him into becoming Christian and then immediately killing him to save his soul for eternity—–did not do or say one single world about him or his Che shirt. Point made.

      That is the depiction the Government-Media Complex has portrayed the majority of America’s greatest citizen’s, instead of what they truly are; gentle and law abiding, most productive, least likely to complain and usually friendly as well as one more fact: The most generous people on the planet

    • Anna Mydlarz

      Typical Lib, It is not a belief, it is a fact.

    • Always right

      Ferro, you can’t laud a mass murdering communist and be “a good person”, except in the eyes of other communists who support mass-murder (a part of the whole communist power grab) and their “useful idiots”. Which of the two are you?

    • Nancytheframer

      If you admire Che so much, move to Cuba. You would fit right in.

      But you’re right on one thing. He has the “right” to wear his stupid T-shirt, and I have the right to say it’s stupid to do so.

  • Glen

    “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke Irish orator, philosopher, & politician (1729 – 1797)

  • BradO

    Chip, you absolutely should have asked him the questions that were running in your mind. What really is the difference between a shirt of Hitler or Che Guevara? One spoke German and the other spoke Spanish. They were both brutal killers that assassinated political opposition. Speak up. You’ll probably get more chances to do it.

  • Hflashman

    My take. It was not a church service, it was a concert put on at a venue which just happened to be a church. i doubt if the shirt had a characterture of JC that your personal reaction would have been the same. If not, why not? looking at it as a matter of personal preference, what would your reaction have been had you been wearing a t shirt of…say Reagan .. and someone came up and said they were offended? Exactly. And I must admit, had I viewed you wearing a pro Reagan Shirt, I would have been as tempted to intrude upon your private moments of enjoying a concert as you were seeing the Che’ t-shirt.

    As to your personal views concerning Che’ Guervara and his impact upon the world both during his lifetime as well as post mortem…again, it is your personal perspective and opinion isn’t it? Was Batista and his thugs any better for Cuba?

    You have your opinion, the majority have theirs. It was not a forum to express your viewpoints.

    • Pathfinder

      I find it interesting that you assume that the Che idolizers are in the majority. Anybody out there have some actual stats on that. BTW, are assessments of Hitler as a murdering thug also “just opinion” ??

    • Bill M.

      I think the point Chip was making was that he was upset by a tee shirt lionizing Che Guevara, a man who murdered a lot of people, many by his own hand. (the baseball bat was his personally preferred method, if you’re curious.)

      I am not aware of Jesus Christ, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Barack Obama (and other “controversial figures” people often think about in controversial ways) ever murdering someone with their own hands. I do not wish to get into any discussion on what anyone thinks is a just or unjust war, especially when you start to blame a particular political leader for an exaggerated number of casualties (military or civilian) in combat.

      The self-reflecting question centered on whether or not Mr. Wood should’ve spoken to a man at church (regardless of the venue) about his rationale for wearing a tee shirt depicting a murderer as martyr. I, for one, would not beat a man to death with a baseball bat for doing something that bothered me. Che Guevara might have.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      What the author said about Che is not his opinion, it is a factual piece of history. The guy out and out murdered people, and did it viciously and often, and had no conscience about it. Now the conscience part, that is my opinion. The out and out murdering people, that is a fact. Therein lies the difference between fact and opinion, capish amigo?

    • StarMind

      If you are so twisted you cannot see the difference between displaying and honoring a murderous thug and that of Jesus Christ or Ronald Regan then you are a sick individual and I hope you have no children or friends to spread you disgusting opinions with. We don’t need you in the Gene pool.
      Because one believes some this is wrong does not indicate support of its opposition. Because Che’ Guervara was a murderous thug who killed without compassion or conscious does not mean Batista was not just as bad or worse. I am glad they are both dead. To honor the lesser of two terrible Evils is still Evil.
      A typical Liberal Socialist tactic, when someone sees the Evil is Obama and his Administration you throw another name and action into the mix as if viewing Obama as the Evil he is indicates support of any other person. It does not, one can identify and point out Evil for its own merit alone.
      Personally I would have said something even after consideration of other points, in particular the point that maybe the exposure to the Church may bring him closer to God and we should pray for him.
      I feel that being silent and passive in the presence of Evil is to condone it and Jesus by example did not, especially in the House of God. We should fight Evil whenever we encounter it there is no place for it in a good and conscious society. This has prompted my response to you and your Evil disgusting remark.
      One can fight Evil without becoming Evil and doing Evil. In the case of Che’ Guervara and Batista they were both equally Evil and cut from the same mold and no doubt end up in the same place.
      My minimal response in this event, being with my wife, standing outside the Church would have been to clearly point out the individual and loudly proclaim “Murderer !” and then walk away leaving him to deal with the crowds views of contempt as they distance themselves from him. He obviously wanted to attract attention and express his Evil views, I would have given it to him but not given him an opportunity to turn the situation into a podium to spread his Evil opinions only to enjoy the attention of the crowd he deserved.
      Furthermore your ending statement “You have your Opinion, the Majority have theirs” is a typical ploy of a Propagandist to indicate their opinion is the majority and right without saying it. You are really disgusting piece of work relying on cheap word tricks to try and sway opinion. Your Opinion is not the majority by any means, it is the worship of Evil and should be revealed and squashed for its Evil merit.

      • Guido

        Che killed far fewer people than Reagan and his illegal mining of the harbours of Nicaragua and his funding or the contra war and support of central American dictators.

        Even now, Reagan’s ghost – military spending – is crippling America.

        That you think of Reagan with the same reverence most think about Jesus says all about you that anyone needs to know.

  • American Liberal

    Chip…. I believe you did the right thing….. First.. That man has every right in the world to wear that shirt if he wants…He also may have worn the shirt to get a responce and start a back and forth conversation…….I get the same feeling everytime I see George W.Bush or Dick Cheney On the Television .. Both Bush and Cheney are guilty of the samethings you accuse Che of doing… I see the articals this site as offensive as you felt offended by this persons Tee shirt … And I get the same feeling that I must respond also in defense of President Obama….would you feel offended seeing those tee shirts with our Presidents face painted up like the Joker and accusing him of being a Marxist ?.. Of course not… But it offends me and most other Americans…as of yet I don’t believe Healthcare bill has killed a single person … But Bush and Cheney are responsible for 100′s of thousands of Deaths…..I doubt you’ll understand how offensive i find the views and articals on this site but it’s my right to respond as it was your right to be offended by the tee shirt.. I just find it hypocritical of you…. What don’t you write and artical about how offensive and disrespectful those joker tee shirtts and posters are to our country as well they offend “We The people” that voted for president Obama….. Not to longago I found myself driving behind a car with a picture of our president painted up like the joker.. But the real offensive part was the crosshairs they had added … That’s not exceptable…. So how about an artical on respect for the office of our president and country…I too wanted a word with the driver of that car.. But I couldn’t catch up…. Think about it… How could you have been offended by that tee shirt but condone the joker poster and condone Bushs personal war in Iraq… Thanks..

    • Sabra Reese

      You are really to be pitied. You don’t understand what our country or our history is all about. If, by some reason, you do know our history and want to change it, then you are not a true American.

    • Radical RW’er

      Please get a clue.

    • Miss Debi

      “”Both Bush and Cheney are guilty of the same things you accuse Che of doing”” REALLY???? Did Bush and Cheney go around killing men of their own country with baseball bats??? With Machetes??? Starting violent uprising against families of dissenting politicians who did not like their views??? REALLY????? You really are ignorant of the ways of this man aren’t you??? Go do a google on this man and read up b/4 you make asinine comments like this one again…it may save face for yourself one day!!

    • Big Sandy

      Do you mean ‘Article’ ? Your response shows how inadequate the educational system is in America . It is time to create a second America of Washington DC and many of the major cities and allow ‘flyover country’ to return to our Constitutional roots .

    • red

      Respect is earned and so far he has only embarrassed our great nation.and if bush had not gone to irag we would be at war in the usa fighting on american soil.

    • Benjamin (Ben) Dover

      Amerikan Liberal, YOU are the epitome of leftist ignorance. Do you think for one moment, that when Islamo-facists overtake Eurabia and other regions, that liberal throats will somehow NOT be the first to get slit? You are Hollywood, you are decadence to them, you are part of the Godless hoards, you are dead meat to them.

      You fantasize that Obama’s rhetoric and golden B.S. will magically convince Iran, North Korea and other despotic regimes to halt their weapons programs? You can’t see that Obama is trying to create the Emerald City, and he’s just as much as sham as the Wizard of Oz.

      Bush’s war, huh? You knowledge of the intelligence estimates is absent, as you have no privilege to see such information. And if Obama were to actually run a critical check of his past, he’d FAIL to get a clearance, and now we have this communist in office. What a bloody shame.

      • uSNpops

        So far our present president has not been faced with anything like 9/11, and being told that Saddam Hussein was stockpiling weapons of mass destruction. Which indeed got us into 2 wars – on foreign soil. Not here at home!!

        But if Mr. Obama’s actions since going into office are any indication of what he might do in a similar situation, we are in deep trouble.

        Like it or not, we are being invaded on a daily basis. From Mexico. They are not firing bullets at us, but people to overload our economy, medical system, and law enforcement. His response, the Arizona law is imprudent. He is supposed to be enforcing Federal Law, which is the same as what Arizona passed almost word for word. And it’s not even considered an invasion.

        He refused to hold the traditional National Day of Prayer event at the white house. Did have an event for the Muslim religeon however. Will not lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns on Memorial Day. Says that there is a point where a person has earned enough money, and the government whould take the rest. Has put in place taking over the internet, the entire healthcare system, control of the Auto companies, giving the unions more power, running up the national debt so high that it may never be paid off. Etc. Etc. Etc.

        Based on the actions so far, if we were to have another 9/11, or should I say when we have another 9/11, I suppose he will have a talk with the perpetrators, and ask them to not do it again.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      And what are these thousands of deaths? Of terrorist who want to blow you up, like the ones under Bill Clinton that blew up the World Trade Center’s basement, then the USS Cole, and many other attempts? Or the 2000 plus they killed when they blew up the WTC. And you would propose to sit there and do nothing? Your crazy bub. I myself, applaud Bush for having a pair to start hitting back. Only difference is, I would have ended this terrorist fiasco right now, and I would have turned Iraq or Iran into a stinking sheet of glass, then asked the rest of them if they have any questions. This is the only language they understand, and I would have spoken it loudly for them. And just like Nagasaki and Hiroshima, in the long run, it would have saved thousands of lives. Bush is a hero to America and all of the free world for taking the fight to these guys. And while your liberal agenda bias shows against him, I applaud the democratic congress that voted to do this war, so if your going to point fingers, remember the president cannot do whatever he wants, he has to do what congress wants, and the democrat congress wanted this war, or they wouldnt have voted for it. So put your Bush hate agenda away. Its been a year and a half and he is gone, so get over it. Understand the sorry state we are in now because this current admin doesnt have a clue what they are doing, and it is evident in every misstep they take. You do need to stop hating, and how dare you call yourself an American, and you back murdering thugs like Che. And it is a fact, that he was a murdering thug. Killing with his own hands.

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        Go Beberoni! Great post!


        Right On!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Save America Susie

        I think History will vindicate “W” in the long view of things! He was NOT the perfect President of course, by any means. No president is. He had his issues I objected to, like leaving our borders wide open. He had blind spots. But his instincts with the Iraq War were to protect us, and we didn’t have another 9/11 during his 2 terms. He didn’t even go to war for 2 years after 9/11. So it was not something he rushed into lightly. And yes, he did have the Congressional Dems backing PLUS the U.N.’s backing!, unlike Clinton he had no one’s backing and went to Bosnia as a “police action”. That may be “W’s” legacy. FAR CRY for Che!

        If “W” was so bad, why was he re-elected to a 2nd term? Obviously people thought he was good enough for another go-round.

        I notice BO has still not pulled us out of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am sure the Left thought he would do that by the end of the first year. Harder than BO thought…for sure!

        * Check out “Truth or Fiction” site for quotes by Dems, BEFORE “W” even took the office of Prez, that general consensus was there were WDMs there in Iraq. The Clintons, Gore, et al, Bush was just the Left’s “scape goat”.

    • maria loughlin


    • JeffH

      American Liberal, I choose to only ask you one question.
      Would Obama/Biden not be guilty of the same “Bush/Cheney crimes” for continuing the “war” in Iraq and escalating “drone” attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan?

      A simple Yes or No will suffice.

    • Always right

      “Amerikan Gliberal” mewls “Both Bush and Cheney are guilty of the samethings you accuse Che of doing”

      Wait a minute! Bush and cheney had people tied to poles and shot them with a pistol at close range? They beat people to death with baseball bats? They did “hands-on” murder of unarmed civilians for simply speaking out against their mass-murder of civilians? Got any corroboration for your charges?

      With all due respect, unamerican, you need to lay off the ganja. Its fried your brain, or what passes for a brain

    • charles

      obammy is a marxist. that is not debatable. the health care laws don’t kick in for nearly 4 yrs. the only thing it will have a chance to kill before then is jobs. besides the fact that their is already talk of how care will have to be rationed…the democratic party was hijacked long ago by socialist. obammy has surrounded himself with nothing but socialist and communist…

      • uSNpops

        Right on about the Health care bill. None of the so called benefits kick in for years. But the Taxes start next year. Both on individuals and companies. It takes a lot of time to get 135 new Beauracracies up and running and hiring in excess of 60,000 new Government workers and get them signed into the appropriate unions so they can never be fired.

    • independant thinker

      AL……………get the wad out of your panties, sit down, and play with your Barbies it will make you feel you will feel much better.

  • Bruce Eden

    I would have said “Nice T-shirt of that murdering communist” and walked on by. I’ve done that before when I saw someone down at the New Jersey shore on the boardwalk. They had a Che’ t-shirt on, and I said, “Nice t-shirt”. The guy said “Thanks.” That’s when I said Che’ was a murdering communist, and you better read your history–right in front of his girlfriend. I just kept walking at that point. He didn’t say a word.

  • Sabra Reese

    The man was not a problem, nor you for not saying anything. The people who “chatted” with him are the ones who were wrong.

  • Ron Edwards

    I would personally buy him a plane ticket out of the country,one-way…..

  • Doug Reiber

    Political correctness is part of the problem in our Country these days. You should have told him how offensive the shirt is and was to you. If he got angry too bad. If he got violent you should have met that challenge head on and lived with the consequences or you really are not entitled to have passion against his political statement. You let yourself become one of the sheep in this instance. Your choice but too bad. Opportunity lost.

  • cheryll

    That’s what’s wrong with the world today, too many people trying to be politically correct.. Stand up for what you believe in.. Kudos to Glen, and to Edmund Burke, as he was sooooooooo right.

  • Kara Schoepfer

    I probably would have done exactly the same thing you did but I think you should have said the things you mentioned above. And I wish I would have the courage to speak up every time I am bothered by something like this that bothers me. I think the people who have morals and manners have kept silent for far too long, allowing those without to gain exposure and a voice and the upper hand. They have run with their ideas while we have been silent. Now we are in the fight of our lives to regain decency.

  • RuthieB

    I wouldn’t have said anything. I have encountered not only the tee shirts, but a home in which decorative plates of Chairman Mao were the highlight of the kitchen. (I nearly threw up, but I said nothing. I did not go back there, either.) I would, however, have written a letter to the editor of the local paper. Maybe the idiot or his friends would have seen it. A teachable moment?

    Of course I have been unable to get through to either of my two children who have totally embraced liberalism. A lifetime in sales has been of no help. These people (and the man in the concert) live in their own reality and no amount of logic will reach them.
    Sad thing is, they never connect the dots on the consequences of their actions or the actions of their politicians–just as this man cannot connect the dots with the murderous consequences inflicted by Che.

    Sad, isn’t it?

    • Allan

      Hang in there. Experience may change your kids.

    • Miss Debi

      Hang in there!! Prayer can change the heart of your kids if you are diligent!!

    • uSNpops

      I know the same. I have 3 family members laid off in the past year. They are on Un-employment and having a good time on the dole. When asked about looking for work, they laugh and asy “Why bother, I’m getting money from the government and will look for work when it runs out.” And now the Congress is going to extend Unemployment for another year or so.

  • Mark Kleinberg

    Dear Chip,

    Either the wearer of the t-shirt is oblivious to the real history of Che Guevara or he is an admirer of the man. In the first case, you would simply have embarrassed him ; in the second case you would at best have angered yourself even more by engaging him in discussion. A third possiblility, that you could educate him as to what Che really represented is so remote that i don’t even consider it.

  • Frank the Libertarian

    A few ways of looking at it; 1-It is his right to wear it like it or not. 2-He has a Right to be wrong. 3-Morons serve a very useful purpose-they show the good what not to do and the intelligent look even smarter.
    Honestly..someone who Violates the US Constitution is NO BETTER.

    • Pathfinder

      Frank, as a fellow Libertarian I see and agree with your point. However, I also know how the liberals react to my t-shirts: the yelling and angry confrontational tone, etc. Fortunately as I retired, army, airborne, infantryman there is nothing that walks on two feet which can cow me. So, when will the double standard end ? When will it be socially unacceptable for the liberals to proclaim their own right to wear what offends us, while interfering in our right to exercise a similar right ??? I think Chip did do the right thing. And I think that his article shows he was NOT willing to do nothing.

      • Frank the Libertarian

        You are right, the Liberals who react like that are Just as guilty as the ones they criticize! Its funny how a person justifies their own poor behavior in light of what they view as someone elses poor behavior. Its actually very childish, I have kids and most children and Immature adults behave like this hypocritical behavior.
        I also see the trait of “Tunnel vision” permeating across ALL party lines these days and its as disturbing as the double standard behavior. I see it these days as being very dangerous and distructive. I can see where it really got going strong after 911 as almost everyone was seeking revenge without looking at our own laws and making a conscience decision to folllow our laws in the persuit of the criminals & terrorists.
        Two wrongs NEVER make a right and only serve to weaken our principals as a nation.

  • Gayle


    You did the right thing. He has just as much right to be uninformed as you have to be informed. I always hope the informed side has more participants, and try to help that happen. Now, it’s time to let it go, for the sake of your own mental health.

    My small community always has a Memorial Day ceremony at the cemetery. There are usually about 20 people there. It is a meaningful time for us to recognize and be grateful for the ones who have offered their lives for the rest of us.

    Blessings to you!

  • Dave Burge

    Obama or Che…what’s the difference? Applauding repressive communists is bad form, whoever they may be. I’d have probably dropped a snide one-liner, but you were probably correct.

  • Dave

    The next time I wear my KKK t-shirt I will quote you OK? (being sarcastic here) That is why I despise the Liberal way of thinking. The Liberals could find good in Hitler. I would have confronted the man and asked him why he supports this murderous communist? By the way that is not my OPINION but the facts. You state “It was not a forum to express your viewpoints”, so why do you defend someone that did what you said should have not been done? Your thinking is warped. A-typical Liberal…..

  • Tom Halleck

    Just one thing, a man wearing a “Che” shirt is not a “gentleman”.

    He is an admirer of a murdering thug.

  • Pamela Dale

    My opinion is that any comment to him, other than admiration of his stylish look, would have been for naught. You would have made a lot of people uncomfortable, and you would have been seen as the attacker. The venue for comment was not good. He appears, by your description of his age and the accompanying jacket, to have been stuck somewhere other than reality – perhaps his youth. I revile Che-the murderer as much as anyone, but alas, sometimes it is better just to move on.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      You are right. The liberals there would have made Chip the bad guy. Like the Marine at the Zoo, who pulled the guy back from a Lion that had grabbed him, thus saving his life. When the press interviewed him, he told them that he was a marine, a Christian and a Republican. So they wrote in the paper that a republican marine came to the zoo and stole the lunch of a poor african. That is how they spin things, as the truth is not in them.

  • Thomas Murray

    As a Veteran, and a disabled one at that, Che’s actions were to say the least, unconscionable. His kind were in force in Nam, and other countries around the world, and created need to retaliate, causing more deaths. As we know, the Campaign offices of Obama had Che posters hanging in them. Miss Manners was probably a Correct way to go for some though I would have had to make a scene. I find the t-shirt insulting.

  • Dick Gadd

    Chip, you should have done what Che would have done! Then he would know peace . . .

  • http://none Jim


    Find a T-shirt that has Che blowing off someone’s head and wear that in retaliation. The man in the Che T-shirt knew he would provoke conservatives and that’s what the Left likes to do. Conservatives, by nature, are reserved. Unless the Left can get their blood to boil they cannot elicit a response for which the conservative would later regret. “Render unto Caesar …,” but be sure to vote.

    • Pathfinder

      Jim, on a similar note, we conservatives should be proudly wearing our own pro Regan or Anti-Obama or other political message apparel. Then we can see just how dedicated these liberals are to freedom of speech. I wonder how soon they will stop throwing blood on those who choose to wear fur ?

  • old sarge

    I would have asked him when did he change his party affiliation from democrat to socialist.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni


  • http://URL helena


    • BH Davis

      HELENA: Well spoken and I am so grateful that you and your people are safe from him now. I saw a woman and her daughter whose husband and father was a teacher in Cuba and was arrested for writing an article or something-they were not able to visit him in prison and then they were watching TV and soldiers brought out the man and executed him within 3 days of his arrest-no trial, nothing. They are now Americans but the widow still cries when she speaks of her beloved husband and the gruesome thing she had to see that day so long ago. Thank God that we all beleive that only God will deliver our great country from these liberals and administration that are seeking to destroy us, economically and otherwise. Thank you for the article and all the responses.

  • The Epicure

    I would have said to someone else, but making sure the idiot overheard, “Too bad … I didn’t know it was ‘mass murderer day’ today! My Hitler and Stalin T-shirts are at the laundry.”

    Or if it looked like the guy wouldn’t get the hint, again I’d make sure he overheard me and said “How stupid can you
    be if you don a shirt of a mass-murderer, torturer and Communist, and think that this somehow makes you “cool” or “grown-up.”.

  • American Liberal

    You saw posters of Bush equated to you feel justified calling Obama hitler?…Healthcare hasn’t killed anyone….and Bush wasn’t equated to Hitler till he bypassed Afghanistan and set his sights on Iraq…Bushs polls were almost 90% after 9/11… We didn’t turn on him till he went after his and Cheneys ” personal” war aginst Iraq….. Both Bush and Cheney should be spending the rest of their misrable lives behind bars…Iraq accplished nothing except to guarenteed that were gonna have even more Terrorist to fight for decades

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      American Liberal… I could be wrong, but I thought it was up to Congress to vote on the attacks and the troops sent to Iraq and the funding for it.

      • Frank the Libertarian

        No Declaration of War was ever issued. If its worth doing, its worth doing right. They had the courage to vote for the funding, but not to declare war. Nothing like breaking the law!

        • Pathfinder

          Thanks Frank, you hit the nail right on the head. I too am tired of undeclared wars. Either go big (declare war) or stay on the porch (keep the troops home).

        • Dan Burke

          So was it earlier precedent on “deem to pass?” I have no idea when that whole thing started. It disgusts me. So in the case of the war, if we pass funding and this other thing giving the President possible right to wage the war, then we can have the war without officially giving our names on a vote for specific approval of the war. Oh my, would not want that approval of the war come back to haunt us when we find a way to attack the President because of the war effort….

          Anyways, as for the original topic, I think I read someone’s idea to post an editorial with the local paper. That was probably one of the best ideas I heard. I also liked the one where they started with “nice t-shirt” and then clarified that it was a murderer being pictured….. :)

      • Chaos Factor

        Robin… You are wrong….the vote was to give the president ” the power” to wage war as a last resort … Bush stated before he was elected that if he was elected he was going to invade Iraq … It’s public record….Bush ordered the inspectors out of Iraq while they were inspecting…. By the way…president Obama voted not to give Bush the power to wage war….you’ve convinced yourself that the voted was to give Bush the Go ahead to invade… I doubt you know who Bushs main source of intelligence was… But his code name was ” curveball” he was a known drunk and Hadnt even been in Iraq for more than 20 years…and German intelligence warned Bush curveball had no credibility….

        • Robin from Arcadia, IN

          Chaos Factor… I don’t pretend to know everything. However, I think President Bush had better advisors than our current administration. Obama is surrounded by many people who he has as ‘czars’ that have shady pasts. This is scary to me. I don’t think they have the best interest of America in mind. In fact, I think most of Washington is corrupt and that includes not just Democrats, but Republicans as well.

          We are off the subject now. I honestly don’t think the gentleman knew what significance the t shirt he was wearing was all about. People just need to be informed.

          • Pathfinder

            Yep, we sure have gotten off of the original topic. I do agree, however, that both the democrats and the republicans are corrupt.
            That is why I VOTE LIBERTARIAN !!

          • http://Whatwouldyouhavedone?/PersonallibertyD faithtygmat

            Obama shows where he stands by the choice of people he has directly under him. Many of us tried to warn of that before he was elected. Remember how his wife had never been proud of America before? We had very clear signs, but they were not taken.

    • Right Wing

      Big yawn here to see Am lib post about Bush. It was all Bush’s fault.

      • JeffH

        Right Wing, I too find myself yawning. Like listening to the same music over and over, after awhile you kinda dose off. Afterall, you’ve heard it over and over.

    • wad

      when the media finally tells the truth about iraq, you are going to look like the fool you are

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Yeah, I remember all you liberals crying about this was Bush/Cheney/Haliburton’s war for oil. Question is, if this were really true, where the hell is the oil? Hmm. I guess you guys made up a lie again, and your still living it. How long will it take, before you accept the truth, that the DEMOCRAT CONGRESS voted to go to war. Not Bush and Cheney, THE DEMOCRAT CONGRESS. And rightfully so in my opinion. So put your pathetic little pointy finger away, youve worn it out. Thats how you idiots got elected, pointing a finger, and now that you are trashing America, your still trying to point the finger. Im just curious, when the democrats throw Obama to the curb in 2012, and run Hillery for president, how you gonna blame that on on Bush? Im just saying.

    • Pathfinder

      American Liberal, Since Bush was supposedly the capitalist and Obama the Socialist. Obama is a much better candidate for Nazi (National Socialist) than Bush. It is time for the left to realize that Communists, Fascists, and Nazis all follow a socialist doctrine. This is why it is so laughable when you try to portray capitalists as Nazis.


      Ignorance is ignoring facts. Is it blissful for you? Why are you here. The majority of people in this country believe that the Republican form of Government we had is the most free in history. You obviously believe in totalitarian socialism. So, why don’t you spare us your ignorant rants and go to the dailykos?

    • uSNpops

      Healthcare has’nt killed any one YET! The beancounters won’t go to work for 3-4 years and determine if you are worth spending the money to save.

      Ask any 60 year old Dialysis patient in England about that. Oh! Wait there arent any, if you are over 60 years old your free medical care won’t cover dialysis.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    I see offensive t shirts worn by students all the time; I work in a public high school. I don’t say anything to a student, as I am not a teacher, regardless if I am offended or not.
    This man has a right to wear what he wants. I don’t know if I would have had the courage to say anything to him or not. However, if I had encountered him and mustered up the courage, I wouldn’t tell him I was offended, but I would ask him if he knew the history of the murderer. Perhaps he doesn’t.
    It’s a difficult call, that’s for sure.
    I liked the post where the suggestion was made to write a letter to the editor with your views. I wouldn’t use the word ‘offended’, but a history lesson for all to read about may open the eyes of many who don’t know.

    • Miss Debi

      Yes he has the right to wear what he wants, but so too does Chip havethe right to speak his mind on the cruelness of this murdering egomaniac…I would have approached him and at least asked the man if he was aware that the man was a murdering, torturing madman of hte worst kind, right up there with Hitler!! Can’t hurt to ask if he KNEW this at all!! If a conversation got started so as to teach this man about him w/out any offense intended and applied then all the better!!No harm done…If the man did not choose to discuss it then I would have just been on my way after asking him my question!! Again, no harm done! But, my question could have possibly planted a seed, especially if I prayed about it b/4 and afterwards!!
      Good Day to all and God Bless!!

  • Ted

    What did Jesus DO when the money changers turned The Temple into a flea market while he was gone? There’s your answer. Those who attack Christianity often like to quote things that Jesus said like “Don’t judge. Turn the other cheek, etc.” But it’s also worth looking at what Jesus did, not just what he said. Jesus wasn’t a wimp, not even close. That entire characterization of Him is a lie. Now as a man, just a man, who isn’t Jesus I would have talked to the Che-man as nicely and firmly as is possible about his shirt and if the situation escalated then it was on him and not me. I used to live in a bad neighborhood and that’s how I handled confrontations.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      You are correct. There is such thing as “righteous anger”, as it is written in the Bible. People take Christianity as a sign of weakness sometimes, when its a sign of strength. They take turn the other cheek out of context. Guess what, a guy takes a swing at me, he is getting decked and put on the ground, by my “righteous anger”. The Lord will make my enemies as my footstool, and thats just the way it is written.

    • American Conservative

      Yep, I’m in agreement with Ted. If you can’t confront this kind of foolhardiness in church, then where can you confront it? That said, I don’t think he was as guilty as the money-changers in the temple were, and so you probably didn’t need to get out your whip.

      I think the best place to start with these kinds of unknown situations is to ask questions. You could have asked him what he liked about Che. This would allow you to find out if he was ignorant or malicious without necessarily starting an open conflict.

      Obviously this is a political issue, but since communists tend to be violently atheistic (by that, I mean that they usually violently attack any religion other than their own), it does become a religious issue as well, and so it should be perfectly fine to bring it up in church.

  • john

    You just wrote this to test how we feel and think about our freedoms as Americans that we sometimes take for granted, didn’t you Chip? This man’s right to wear that shirt is what this country is all about! Of course it was your right to say something to him, as long as it remained civil, but not to request or demand that he not wear it.

    You mentioned the Church several times in the above article. It made me wonder; who has murdered and caused to be murdered more people in the name of ideology, Che Guevara or the various factions of the Christian church?

    • Chaos Factor

      John… You are correct… Christianity is responsible for multiple millions of deaths…all in the name of Jesus.. Just about every brutal murderer throughout history claimed to have God on their side…the KKK, skinheads, aryan brotherhood, American Nazi party and just about all rightwing racist radicals claim to be a Christian movement…it makes th feel better….Bush even called his invasion of Iraq” Gods work”… And a crusade ….

      • Right Wing

        You have a big black void to fill and it won’t be healed by your rantings here. Try something spiritual.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        If you believe that, then you dont know history. The muslim religion is responsible for more killing that any, and they still are rolling up mass numbers today, and the shiites and the sunni’s are killing each other by the hundreds around the world each day. Christianity had a dark period, and that is a fact, but it did go through a reformation, and this behavior stopped all those hundreds of years ago. But there will be a lot of deaths coming soon, when Jesus comes again, all those who rejected Him and didnt want to hear about him, will be granted the desires of their heart, as He will come and send them to a place where they will never hear his name again. And then, there will finally be peace on earth, where only Christians will be. Only then, will everyone live in truth and peace and harmony. Evidently, I mean going on the hatefilled words you write, you wont be there to join us. But I will pray that you have your heart changed between now and then, so that you can have this also. You see, while you seek to lambast and destroy me and my kind, my Christian brothers and sisters will pray for you to have better things. That is the difference between Christians and you and all the other false religions out there.

      • JeffH

        All too often the direction of these comments get pointed in another direction. Sometimes by manipulation, sometimes through shortsidedness, often through ignorance and emotion.

        “Let not your heart be troubled”

      • uSNpops

        Saddam Hussein killed and buried in mass graves tens of thousands of his Iraqui citizens because they were of a faction of Muslim different than his. I believe our soldiers are still coming across these graves after all these years.

      • coal miner

        Chaos Faactor,

        You are right. My website. · Cached page

        • Right Wing

          I think you are a miner of some black stinking material but it sure is not coal. Your mission to “expose” Christianity is about as exciting and meaningless as determining how dust settles. Maybe you should try digging for gold instead? The work is harder but the payoff is better. Unless you are engineering a mine disaster and and a subsequent payoff from the company. Good plan…just remember to be in the mine that day.

          • Al Sieber

            Good post.

        • Right Wing

          Nice website. I think anyone with a fascination for torture would find your site informative. Fortunately, as many civilizations have previously performed torture your blanket use of this disdainful practice as “christian” can be categorized as mission specific propaganda. I’m not even christian but your weak attempts to demonize the religion through your mis-advertised website speaks volumes to the deep and dark shame you must feel. I urge you to seek help and by all means to avoid taking any high-powered rifles into tall buildings.

        • coal miner

          Coal miner’s corner,

          Che Guvera; website there are monsters on both the right and the left,take your pick.

 · Cached page

  • Ruthie

    Chip, you should have said something, but perhaps not saying that you were offended, but should have asked him where he got it and if he understood who Che was. Then you could explain that you were there when he was in Cuba and saw for yourself what he did. But to say that the shirt offends you would not be a good way to start a conversation.

  • Renee Harl

    What can we expect when our own President had a poster of Che in his offices. I spotted it during the campaign. In my opinion, his shirt was probably an attempt to see if anyone would notice and challenge him. You did the right thing not speaking to him. He could be just as dangerous as his hero. He could have worn the shirt to cause trouble and ruin the concert. Since his shirt was not given any notice he might not wear it again.

  • http://Pennteledata Ozzyboy

    Perhaps now is the time to make USA made t shirts that counters the worshiping of murderers and tormenters in the name of politics and/or religion. would anyone be bold enough to wear that? I think not, it is too scary to have a conservative opinion.

  • Rich

    The man was / is a fool and as our most ancient & fundamental teaching come from our Creator, if I may paraphrase, “It is indeed fruitless to argue with a fool.”

  • cemott3rd

    I am a ‘JFK left of center’ type living in Key West and I deal with the public professionally all the time. Quite often I see someone wearing these Che shirts and many times I’ve said something, usually they are young and clueless and believe he was a 60′s rockstar or something. Nothing wrong with gently informing in polite company…on the otherhand would you have been as offended if it was say a vintage “Nixon/Agnew in ’72″ button? How many carpet bombs did he drop on Cambodia and Laos?

    • Sue

      If I remember right it was JFK who got us into vietnam and Nixon who brought us out.

      • Frank the Libertarian

        Actually…Kennedy had written plans to pull us out of Vietnam, he was eliminating the US Debt with Silver Certificates (executive order 11110), he was going to dissolve the CIA for its criminal actions and he was having talks with The Russian Leader of a Joint Mission to the Moon. After he was “removed from Office”, less then a year later the Russian Leader was removed as well. Just another coincidence.

      • Save America Susie

        LBJ actually sent us in to the Vietnam War after JFK’s death. But you are right, it was Nixon (a Republican) who brought us out! I remember when it happened. My husband got an early-out from the army at the time (1972 is when the troop withdrawal began). It is also a matter of public record. Plus even though the Space Program and landing on the moon was JFK’s dream, it was Nixon who sent the men up there and gave the Presidential speech after they landed many years later in 1968. It was Nixon & the Republican administration that is responsible for carrying that out & getting us to the moon! Nixon had many good things about his presidency. But the Left likes to think in “black and white” terms.

    • Benjamin (Ben) Dover

      If JFK were evaluated politically by today’s standards, he would NOT be left of center, unlike the way his brother Ted (Mary Jo Kopeckne killer) Kennedy.

    • uSNpops

      After we were pulled out of Vietnam, there were tens of thousands of vietnamese killed by the Communist regime that took over. And we did nothing to stop it.

  • tazio2013

    cheney-bush and his gang of wealth, white, homophobic, xenophobic, pro-israel, war-mongering, crusading evangelical christian conservative republicans have murdered many more than ten-thousand times as many innocents as che, and where was the chipsters outrage then? Semper fi!

    • JeffH

      tazio, it is your right to spew your racist tainted hate at Chip while cloaking yourself with the stars and stripes of Semper Fi.
      I commend you for being a Marine, but I’m quite sure that the Marine Corp as well as most military vetrans do not share in your un-patriotic vitriol.

      • tazio2013

        Truth and reality are typically only understood and expressed by a small minority – currently fewer than 2% of the electorate – of open-minded, clear-thinking, freedom-loving, non-theistic, objectively patriotic individuals; I am unconcerned with the lack of rational thought commonly expressed by the regular knee-jerk contributors to this right wing wacko website and the majority hoi poloi! Suggest you turn off Fox Noise and the palin/beck/coulter/hannity/et. al. crowd and start reading “The Daily Bell” and other more objective and intelligently written publications. I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed man. Semper fi!

        • Ron Johnson

          Tizo. I’m calling you out. I think you are a jerk who perhaps knew a Marine once. I’m retired Army and know a lot of Marines. If you would ever have opened your mouth and spurted out the garbage you have spurted here they would have lined uo to kick your rear. I really dislike tretenders like yourself and I don’t think you could handle a 58 year old retired SF soldier. I wouldn’t advise you to go around to a MArine watering hole or any number of bars in Fayetteville NC and run off with your garbage mouth. I can assure you you won’t do it twice…………Ol Sarge

      • uSNpops

        I know a lot of Marines, and this guys not one, no matter what he says. In fact if he were to speak like that in the presence of a real marine, he would probably get his but kicked – or worse.

      • JeffH

        tazio2013, you refuse because there is no intellect to be exchanged, either by yourself or myself…bye now, gotta get back to my next program on FOX!

    • charles

      your gay and your life style will land you in hell….


    Some interesting responses Chip. Some, unfortunately, still don’t know how to spell and they’re giving YOU advice. I guess you did the right thing by clamming up. However, if the guy was disruptive and started yelling “Che Rules!” or something like that then you’d have your moment. But this IS America, and again, unfortunately it IS what it’s become; its own worst enemy. Most people don’t know the history and monsters of our past-this will be THEIR shame, not yours or mine.

    We let the Muslims in and they enjoying the freedom to plot our demise from within. How messed up is that? Yes, come to America: we promise to not offend you. And if we happen to, our president will bow to yours and apologize.

  • Mary

    I think that church is about the last place that is open to everybody! Everyone should be welcome, that’s the only way we can change this world.

  • http://URL helena


    • Becky

      Respect to you too dear Helena. God bless you.

  • Peter Diaz

    I was born in Cuba and I recall when “the Revolution” over threw the Batista regime and how Che Guevara personally signed the death sentence of thousands and thousands of Cubans without even a trial.
    This man was a murderer but he paid with his own life when a bigger murderer (Fidel Castro), sent him and abandoned him to a sure death in Bolivia just a few years later to get him out of his way and make him a “martyr”.
    It served him right.
    Most people in the Western Hemisphere don’t have a clue who Che Guevara was. The only thing they think they know, is that he was a “romantic” guerrilla fighter who fought for the “people” just like a modern Robin Hood because that’s how the media has portraited him around the world.
    We Cubans know better.

    • JeffH

      Peter Diaz, after having done a bit of background research on Che “Ernesto Lynch” Guerva I have have to say…well said…

  • T E Nelson

    Most people today aren’t aware of who Che’ was. I think that even though this individual seemed to be glorifying an evil murderous individual you should remember you and he were attending church. You don’t know the individual’s level of relationship with God and you should be careful to do nothing that would stop him from getting closer to God.

    Everyone comes to God from someplace and the Holy Spirit is quite capable of cleaning them up and growing them up. Think spiritually not politically.

    Just pray for him. God deals with each one of us with forgiveness and loving kindness. We can all come to Him without fear of reproach at church.Let him come to God for redemption and don’t get in his way.

    If you see him in another setting or he is disrupting the service , it is a nother matter.

  • Leo 1000

    You made the right decision. Anyone who selects a forum such as your church to display his political and social deferences is simply looking for an opportunity to express himself and obviously has a problem with ethical standards. Ignoring this type of person and refusing to acknowledge his ignorance is the best way to communicate to him that his belief system has no worth and is too outrageous to even address. Obviously this man is battling with other issues in his life and he has chosen this direction to express exactly that. You did not accept his invitation. That, in itself, makes a statement. You are not a cowering sheep, just level headed and considered the source. Don’t lose any sleep over this. You used good judgment.

  • Ian Rayburn

    Let me get this right! You think Fulgencio Batista was a better dictator than Castro. After all, Batista was only under the control of the mob. Secondly, is the T shirt any worse than those who defend the Second Amendment? You Americans are so into “free speech” that when someone uses it you get your shorts in a knot

    • Pathfinder

      Actually, the ones who get their shorts in a knot are the left wingers who are offende by my right wing apparel. And let us not forget the animal rights activists who throw blood on people who choose to wear fur. So much for respecting freedom of speech.

    • LocalYokel

      You missed the point Ian. The second amendment was purposefully included in that position as a clear guarantee to practice the first even when the practice approached the level of sedition. Silence only becomes golden when revolution is inevitable. Your concern should strive to place “where they stand” above “what they pretend to represent.”. Patrick Henry said it all.

  • Mike Hatton

    Political correctness is a cancer in our society. We’ve let left wing, communist worshipping, European wannabe, anti-American propogandists go unchecked and unchallenged for too long and now they believe they speak for the majority. They spew their venomous nonsense and try to tear down anyone who steps forward with a differing idea, then become indignant when they are challenged. I say speak up and stand by your beliefs. If it becomes heated or even physical, be prepared for it and so be it.

  • RuthieB

    So American Liberal, you think Bush caused terrorism. Apparently you hasn’t been keeping up with the news. The Times Square (attempted) bomber said he did it because Obama is using drones to kill “innocent” citizens in the areas populated mostly by Taliban and Al-Quida in hiding in Pakistan.

    If you say Bush caused terrorism without saying Obama now causes it, you are a supreme hypocrite. Proof came right out of the mouth of the terrorist (Ohhh, I forgot–the man made disaster-maker)

    You, sir, have been hoisted on your own petard (look it up). While you have the dictionary, learn to spell “article”. If you try a little education, you might learn than you have been greatly misled by the propaganda machines you watch on TV.

    • American Liberal

      Ruthie… I’m probley just wasting my time….. But the drones were in use long before Obama even ran for president…..let me guess… You’re a Fox news watcher, love Glenn Beck and listen to Rush everyday?.. Right?

      • maria loughlin


    • American Liberal

      RuthieB… That’s true… I often misspell words…and I know it’s ” article”….I post so much that you could find bad spelling in about every post…. But you know what I’ve noticed?… That the people who trash my horrible spelling usually are guilty also….. Like you…. It’s haven’t .. And it’s Al Qaeda ….so if you read my post in the future you’re going to find bad grammer and spelling at times… And if you look you’ll notice you rightys aren’t much better… But I’ll make an effort…just for you…

  • Abilio Leon

    At the Miami protest for the movie about the pig (che) by Dionisio de la Vaca, because he lacks the “testicles” of the bull.
    He never entered the theater by the front door.
    I brought a poster that read:
    “The only thing a civic minded person should rejoice about the pig(che) is 10/9/67 when justice reached a communist terrorist”.
    There is a problem with remaining silent about this abuse of democracy……if you remain silent….you are part of the problem.
    The silent mayority needs to awaken and fight for it’s rights.
    It is offensive to wear the image of a murdered pig.
    Communist control the media and education and will lie and lie and lie until the ignorants and imbecils believe is true.
    Do you still believe about Hope and Change?
    Nov 2010 will be the most important election in our lives. Vote early and let’s keep the country in the center.
    May God continue to Bless America!!!

    • Pathfinder

      The problem this Nov 2010 AD is that while republicans will vote early: democrats will vote both early AND OFTEN. Election fraud is an old tradition with the democrats. As for me I will VOTE LIBERTARIAN !!

    • Becky S

      What movie was this? I’d like to find it and view it. Thanks for your post. Che was just evil.

  • sara tucker

    We are Seniors. My husband would have it out right there verbally!
    TOOOOOOOOOOOO much is happening FAST ! We both would have told him he is not welcome in our country. My husband would not have stayed when he saw the shirt…he would have walked out!
    We are not Veterans but we love them and back them. We are conservatives. Exteremly CONSERVATIVE!
    We neeed this Obama/Pelosie government Out !

  • Ron Simard

    Chip I have opted out on the same situation many times, I live in Panama and see the T-shirt on many occasions. I am convinced it is worn by many that do not really know what he stood for and did. He is looked on by a significant group of people in the region as a hero,which is likely what is taught in the schools! I think we should try to educate people by asking why they wear the T shirt and maybe this would open up the conversation to allow one to explain the facts! However it will be a drop in the bucket compared to the thousands of children coming out of schools with a different view! In the USA and most countries history is as taught from texts that are biased politically.It is a shame but true.

    Chip your article has made me think and in the future I will ask people why they wear Che’s T shirt may be I can make a difference.

    WRT to Obama and some of the above comments, I can’t understand how an informed electorate would put in a totally inexperienced person regardless of how intelligent he is. The job of President of the USA is an excellent venue for on the job training but it will likely be painful.

    • Pathfinder

      Dear Ron, I sympathize. Please realize that the American people were sold a bill of goods by oue lying, decietful media. Obama was portrayed as a moderate. No mention was made of his poster of Che in the campaign office. Obama’s association with William Ayers was ignored. The Rev. Wrong (Wright) and many other things which would have harmed his image were spiked by the media. So the problem was that the American public were deliberately misinformed by a media machine with a decidedly liberal bias.

  • Barbara


    I would hope, I waited till he was outside the church. Then I would have approached him and asked him if he knew the history of the man on his T shirt. If not, I would have informed him. If he did and wore it anyway..then I would have told him what I thought of Che….and that Any REAL red blooded American would NOT wear that T shirt!

  • Mark

    The answer is – I think – to fight T-shirts with T-shirts.
    We should have T-shirt companies make a variety of T-shirts targeting the heroes of the left. E.g., the classic Che picture with the legend: X Million killed; or the like.
    Quotes from his diary or other writings. Counts of the homosexuals, non-combatants or other innocents he killed.
    Leftists who have know idea who their heroes really are will be startled to see the truth. More importantly, the uninformed who are not yet committed to either the left or right will become informed.
    Why confront a single T-shirt wearer when you could confront thousands of non-T-shirt wearers who are leftist or non-committed.
    Eventually, such a T-shirt campaign should wear the patina of the murder-leftists a bit thin.

    • Pathfinder

      Great idea !!! I like it.

    • libertytrain

      Mark – you might be on to something. I;ve read many of these posts and while we know who Hitler really was and Che really was – do the young people really have any sense of what these two did – are they even taught about them in school – So your t-shirt might possibly be a teaching tool for them —-

  • uponroof

    Simple…Ask the gentleman, who’s no doubt wearing the shirt as a means to define his ‘cool’ (rather than seeking serious intellectual debate) how things are in Cuba… and if he’d be happier relocating. Then remind him that there’s not much in the way of wine and cheese down there…on the other hand no shortage of very cool 50s and 60s American cars in need of work. LOL

    Semper Fi 911 you moron.

  • Al Sieber

    Well in the old days I would ripped his shirt off and kicked him in the a$$, now, I would say nothing because its a waste of time trying to educate most people. I think you should of asked him what that picture on his shirt represented? and if that was his beliefs, maybe try and educate him a little, hard question in this day and age.

  • Becky

    This is how I would have approached him:
    “Hey, wasn’t that an amazing concert? Have you heard so-n-so before?
    (smile, wait for response).
    Say, where did you find that t-shirt? I saw one of those for sell and noticed it is a depiction of Che. Are you familiar with him? (wait for response)…if he blast you, stop. If he seems interested you are interested then continue with; “Che was actually a revolutionary murderer and….so forth”.
    Then politely say, “those shirts are really popular right now,but most don’t know who he was or what he did to innocent people”.
    His grandkid could have given it to him and he thought he was ‘hip’ to wear it.
    We can develope a safe relationship in a moment when we show we are interested in the person, more than their behavior; then when they are receptive we can share our views.
    JMHO :) God bless!

  • EltonJ

    Why are people buying Che t-shirts in the first place? Are they stupid or something? Ignorant? I never learned about Che in the History books. He had been omitted for some reason. So I wonder if everyone is ignorant of Che (I learned about Che from Glenn Beck).

    • Chaos Factor

      Elton… You learned about Che from ” Glenn Beck?…. Sheessh…Beck only finished high school because the teachers were tired of listening to him whine and Cry

      • Right Wing

        You must have dropped out just before he graduated.

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        Chaos Factor… You are so threatened by Glenn Beck… What about him scares you? Is it the fact that he has so many ‘fans’ and his following is so large and he speaks the truth? What has he ever lied about? What has he ever been wrong about? IF you can come up with something, anything, you better include proof. He always does!

        • http://Whatwouldyouhavedone?/PersonallibertyD faithtygmat

          AMEN to that, Robin!

      • Pathfinder

        Oh God !! Not that same old “Conservatives are stupid” lie again. Psychologists call this phenominon “projection.” The sheeple of the “intellectual” left do nothing but rebleet what they hear from the TV screen. Conservatives with PhDs and genius level IQs still get refered to as “stupid” by liberal morons. It would be funny if it were not so tragic.

  • Barbara

    You really can’t do too much. These idiots have a right to wear whatever they want BUT – you can give an astonished look to the person and say right outloud and up close that the guy/girl is wearing the picture of a murderer, torturer etc. If someone gets enough of those types of looks and comments, the shirt will stay home.

  • Ray K

    Chip, the man with the Che shirt was either ignorant of Che’s murderous acts against innocents, or he condoned them. Therefore, he was either an intellectual moron or a moral moron. Either way, he’s beyond help.

    Your writing about the experience helps all of us to think about the stupidity of glorifying oppressors, when we are a safe distance from them.

  • Noell

    Well Sir, I would have politely asked the man why he honors such a bad man. I’m sure he would’ve said something if you were wearing a t-shirt with Hitler or a KKK Grand Dragon on it. If this had been a teenager, one could chalk it up to ignorance, but it wasn’t. Besides, we all know ignorance is no real excuse. So yes, I would have said something.

  • Ray

    Remember this:
    There is no arguing with Stupid, it is just not possible.

  • John

    I’d like to make a couple of observations. Let me begin by saying that I share Chip’s opinions of Che. He was an enemy to Christianity, true freedom, and mankind in general. Ferrosynthesis (comment just previous) advises that conservatives should keep our mouths shut – live and let live. Too bad Che, and his compatriots, didn’t believe in that same philosophy. “Join me or be killed” was the garbage they spewed! Sounds a lot like the ideology of the muslims – convert or be killed – required by their koran. Very Interesting, could it be that birds of a feather… If we are to stand for truth – correcting, educating, and enlightening those in error are required! Pick a fight? Maybe not physically but standing for truth requires exposing error. Could this concert attendee’s opinion have been changed? Maybe not but Che’s style of “meeting friends and influencing people” would not be tacitly endorsed by our silence. Others probably felt the same way Chip did but didn’t speak up. Truth has no problem speaking out. Jesus said, in John 8:32, “you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free”. In other words, in order to enjoy real freedom, truth is essential!

    This brings me to my final observation. The venue of this concert, as great as it might have been, was not the church! It was in a building that may house “the church” but the building IS NOT the church! The church is the body of Christian believers, the building simply houses them. If the building was destroyed but the faithful gathered under a tree for prayer, fellowship, and Bible study – THEY would still constitute the church. The fact that the building was being used for a secular purpose, made it just another building. It does raise the question, however, as to where were the church members – especially since this was on a Sunday evening?

    Keep standing for truth!

    Rev. John Stones

  • Markus

    Chip and the rest of sleeping beauties,
    We are about to lose our country and you people are talking about being politically correct to a bunch of traitors!!! WE need to get as intense, vitriolic, demanding as the left treasonists. Not saying anything is the same as agreeing with it, or better yet, not taking a stand against something is just as bad as being for it….OUR COUNTRY IS BEING TAKEN AWAY RIGHT NOW, HOW MUCH MORE EVIDENCE DO YOU APATHETIC, SIT ON THE COUCH BOZOS NEED??? “Should I say something?”, are you kidding me????????? WAKE UP!!!!!!

    • Al Sieber

      Markus, I have to agree with you, there’s too much of a diversion on this topic, but, people have to know who this guy was also.

  • history student

    this from Pastor Martin Niemoeller (1892-1984) inscribed on a stone in the New England Holocaust Memorial

    “In Germany, they came first for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist;

    And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist;

    And then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.

    And then. . .they came for me. . .And by that time there was no one left to speak up.”

  • misskarenl

    I work in a pet store. One of the humane volunteers wore a “Mercy for animals” tee shirt with a large Che belt buckle. I very nicely complimented him on all his kind work he did for animals, then commented on the buckle, stating that Che had not had mercy on people. His comment was that sometimes people do bad things for a greater good, as Che believed he was overcoming a bad dictator, and George Bush had done just as bad by bombing childrens orfphanges. He also stated he was a registered communist and admired the communist leaders. Nice he lives in America where these opinions can be expressed! I believe we should be silent no longer.

  • Last Word

    Che started out with good intentions. Somewhere along the way he lost his humanity and became a cold blooded murderer. I admire his original heart. His enemies were nasty people. I wear a Che tee shirt.
    It looks cool. Stop me when I wear it – we can school each other.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Last Word… Good intentions? What were they?

    • uSNpops

      Absolute power corrupts, absolutely. But his kind of Evil had to come from a pact with the devil.

  • Dean

    Try this – Approach the person and cordially introduce yourself. Comment that you noticed his T-shirt and that you would like to send him documentation regarding Guevara’s life. Offer to have a conversation with him after he has had a chance to read what you send him. If your approach is cordial, he will accept and you will have an opportunity to convert someone who may not have taken the time to check the facts. If he is offended or turns down your offer, you will know he does not have, and never did have a viable defense. It will also mean you have either a marxist or a fashionista in your flock. You may also try humor – buy a Guevara T-shirt, paint a red bull’s eye on it; wear it to your next concert, seek him out and introduce yourself (cordially, of course. Always the high road.)

  • Don Balya

    Why do you let a tee shirt ruin your evening? I have a Che tee shirt I wear solely for the purpose of aggravating people like yourself. Che was/is a footnote to history. I am leftist in my view, but never thought of Che Guevara as a hero. But I have great fun irritating the Rightists who, in effect, are really the ones who lionise him. Relax and enjoy your concert. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

    • Luis J. Menendez

      Why don’t you also wear a Hitler or a Stalin tee-shirt. Moron!

      • Dogma-Free

        Yes, or a George W. Bush t-shirt, moron. (oooh…name-calling…how catty…)

        I find it funny that this went down in church, and yet judging others doesn’t seem very Christ-like…or at least, not as understood as a heathen such as myself. It never ceases to amaze me how un-christian most so-called ‘christians’ are these days…but then, that’s how you’re taught to be, I suppose…and you’re also taught not to question the mob-mentality that is church doctrine.

        Also…not a huge fan of Socialism, but then it would appear your system of ‘Free Enterprise/Capitalism’ has failed you. The problem, of course, is not the system itself, but the weakness and greed of the people who run the system. Maybe it’s time to look at adopting some socialist style ideas, and creating a new hybrid system to replace your old broken system.

        One last thought: America started out as ‘terrorists’ in the eyes of Britain, but I would imagine American history, as told in American schools, paints a much different picture. My point? Sometimes it just all depends on our viewpoint.
        Look into the history of the CIA, and then you may begin to understand why the Taliban and Al Quaeda also see themselves as rebel heroes…just like your forefathers saw themselves.


        • John

          You might be dogma free but hell bound! It’s been said, “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”. You’re living proof!

          • TIME

            John, Thats great! Thanks

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Don Balya… Do you wear your T shirt in hopes of a confrontation?

      • TIME

        He is a classic Passive Agressive wimp. Think of it as a wind bag thats full of brown waste materials. That should give you a good laugh.

    • John

      It’s a sad individual that can only improve his own self image by getting their kicks out of seeking to irritate others. Somehow the term “get a life” seems to apply here. Get your head on straight and study history, if that’s not too difficult.

  • Ben Duncan

    I think I would have done a stage whisper to the person with me that his t-shirt brings back so many unhappy memories of how Che was one of Fidel’s right hand men and how many of your family’s friends were jailed or murdered by him. Makes it a sad night seeing that shirt.

  • Aric

    The guy wearing the che shirt probably thought he was being hip and cool – he should have been enlightened. “Forget political correctness” – liberalism is a mental disorder (American liberal)!!!

  • Luis J. Menendez

    I’m not surprised with this display of stupidity. A lot of people in this country don’t know who really the che guevara was.He was a murderer that had no qualms to kill cubans with his own hands. We are horrified in this country when a terrorist is arrested and is not mirandized, because terrorists in this country have rigths; well, el che sent inocent cubans to the firing squad with no or pre-arranged trials, and himself discharged his pistol on their heads. Anyway, this people that show how glamorous el che was, have been educated in american colleges where the communist thinking prevails, and it is glorified by the morons in Hollywood. They don’t have an idea of what is to live in a communist country under a che, a fidel, or a raul.You didn’t say anything, and that is the problem, we are shy to fight these commies, and they use their rights to advance their ideas.

  • rikk

    Sould you saying anything to someone wearing a Hilter shirt to a Synagogue? And Alex sounds like the American hating know-nothing and do-nothing that wore the Che Guevara shirt.

  • Bob Butters


    I’m a gun carrying Massachusetts Conservative…but this is still, for the moment, America and if he’s not an undocumented democrat he can wear anything he wants. If you said something to me we would have had more than a heated discussion. Not in Church of course.

  • Bill M.

    Just because Che Guevara personally murdered a lot of people doesn’t mean we all have to think of him as a bad man… I mean, did he kick kittens?… heck, if the answer is “no,” then he can’t be ALL that bad! (maybe I’ll market a tee shirt of Che petting a kitten saying “Kittens for Kommunists!”)

  • Wm Spencer

    I have had the opportunity more than once, albeit younger folks on each account.
    the first time was a young lady who was with my son’s girlfriend one evening. I simply asked her who Che was, to which see responded, “a Latin American Freedom fighter”. I just informed her that he was a murderous psychopath, who was a well know racist and bigot, and who actually banned rock-n-roll music. She just seemed embarrassed.
    The second was a kid at the auto parts store, I simply asked him if he knew that Che had banned rock music.. to which he responded ” No he didn’t”. I asserted then that not only did he do that, he was a bigot, and a cold-blooded murderer.. he turned and walked off. I hope he went and educated himself and took that shirt and made it a car wash rag..

    Keep up the fight!

  • Dolores/Born American

    This is our society now, they have no history, just instant gratification and fear not being socialy accepted.
    Che Guevera, fought with Castro for communist control. Guevera was a communist.
    And what he was the proudest of ,

  • Martha A. Durham

    It is so simple! Put on your Che Guevera T-Shirt and buy a plane ticket to Cuba.

    When you come back to this free country tell us how many Cuban citizens were wearing Che’s T-shirt!

  • Hurricane Glenn


    I have been in that position many times but have always grumbled under my breath and agonized like you afterwards. I try to avoid confrontation most of the time because I get so upset that I am fearful of becoming too aggresive and causing a scene. As for Ernesto the murdering communist thug that Castro couldn’t even trust and that’s why he ended up in Bolivia. As it always happens with leftys, truth gets twisted and revised over time. Just look at text books our youngsters are forced to read. Five years ago I was in Durban, South Africa on business and my host took me to dinner one night at a very nice restaurant in a local casino complex. The name was “Che’s”. All the wait staff wore fatigues with Che t-shirts and they sold all kinds of Che garb. They even sold Cuban cigars. A few days later while strolling along the strand by the beach I actually saw Che sitting on a wall smoking a cigar!!! Yes, some guy had made himself over to look like his “hero Che”. It never ceases to amaze?

  • MikeM

    I believe that you acted prudently and avoided an unpleasant or even violent confrontation. Wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt in front of Cuban Americans is much like wearing a Hitler or Eichmann T-shirt in front of Jews. Public displays of bad taste or even hatred are the price we pay for a free society. Expressing indignation as you have is probably the best way to fight these travesties in the long term. I only hope we are allowed to express ourselves in the face of an increasingly controlled society which may in the future limit any speech the government disapproves of by means of new “hate speech” legislation.

  • Marilyn

    Anyone wearing a Che T-shirt knows exactly what they are doing. Ignor the stupid man was the best decision. He wore it to get a rise out of someone. No one says anything, his fun is ruined.

  • My Name’s Fred

    Chip – That’s where we are in America, actually the World, today isn’t it. What’s Truth? What’s Fact? If we all came from the same mold and were exposed to the same information and had the same influences on our lives then we would all believe the same way. The only difference between me and the man with the Che Guevara T Shirt, or Che Guevara himself, is what lies above our shoulders i.e. what’s in our head. Muslim have been brain washed from Birth to believe all Infidels (non-believers) to be evil and not worthy of life. They are and have been instructed to kill as many as possible and their reward for themselves and their family lies in Paradise (re. 9/11, etc.). Are we to hate all Muslim because of their circumstance as humans to be raised in that ideology and subjected to that programmed mind set? Are we to hate Obama because he was subjected to that same ideology?

    As we watch him orchestrate the Islamization of our country as instructed by the Koran (Ex. “If you don’t chop off their – Infidel’s – head tax them into submission” – who’s going to pay for the multi Trillion’s in debt he is accumulating?) Do we blame him or his upbringing? He’s a gifted orator but one who will destroy our Democracy and Constitutional Foundation if allowed to continue. Muslim are taught to lie if it furthers their cause. When do we draw a line and say enough is enough and go about reclaiming our One Nation under God. We didn’t ask immigrants to come here, they came because we were the land of Opportunity, Freedom, and Promise. Now our President says for all to come (Open Borders) and I will include you in my Pseudo Paradise where there are no Jews. He’s wearing a “Mohammed T Shirt” because he’s Mohammed’s Puppet as was Hitler.

    Would I have confronted the man with the Che Guevara T Shirt? You Betcha! Either he is totally ignorant of what he’s wearing and the message he conveys or he supports and condones the acts of Che Guevara. Do we confront our President and all other Liberals who are caught up in the movement to destroy everything our Founding Fathers created and ancestor’s have fought and died to preserve and protect because of one man’s revenge on humanity over 1400 years ago. You Betcha and hopefully before it’s to late to save the USA that many have sacrificed for to protect and sustain.

    • Beachangel

      Amen Fred!!!!!

  • Stewart

    In reading your article, a thousand thoughts raced through my head, but the theme running through all those thoughts was the that of education and reasoning. I totally agree that it would have been no different if the guy had been wearing a Hitler tee shirt, but the primary difference is that millions and millions of people know that Hitler was responsible for the dead of millions of Jews, Catholics, Russians, Americans, British, etc. The knowledge of his acts are so well known, that most people would not think of wearing anything that would idolize Hitler, and those that do are out casts. Idolizing Che is a bit different in terms of general knowledge of his acts; people are not as aware of his actions and the murders he was responsible for. Having travelled in Bolivia, I was surprised to learn that Che is regarded as a hero to many in that part of the world. My point is, many just see Che as a rebel, and ignor or do not know him for the animal he was. I think you did thwe right thing in ignoring him.

  • Zig

    I would have taken my dress shirt off, had my wife take something out of her purse (eye liner or lip stick, etc.) and use it to write on the back of my T-shirt “I’m talking to an idiot who is wearing a shirt representing a murdering thug” in bold letters. Then I would have walked directly to the man and struck up a conversation, about the concert, the music, the facilities, the weather, etc…for as long as I could. I would have told my wife to come get me after 10 minutes or so, long enough that everyone would have seen MY SHIRT, then she could hand me my dress shirt, I would have put it back on over my T-shirt while smiling and continuing to talk to the man, then, after my T-shirt was covered, turned and walked away, leaving him smug and thinking he just met the nicest guy.

    • Ron Johnson

      Zig, you are one sneaky son of a gun. I really like your idea and I may use it next time I’m engauging one of these idiots. That way I’ll get a double pleasure.

  • truth

    Ha hA – you guys are upset because Che murdered with his own hands, God forbid a man do his own killing instead of sitting back and hiring others to do it for him — which probably every American president has done.

    • uSNpops

      In the military, you are taught to kill the enemy. But you are also taught that killing someone should be the last resort after all else fails.

      I spent 20 years in the Navy in defense of my country. I was there when our troops coming back from Vietnam were called Baby Killers etc. by Jane Fonda and others. I served with pride, because it was the right thing to do.

      But now we have a generation of people that do not realize that those in the military spend every day putting their lives on the line, so they can live free in this country.

      Every time a ship leaves port, or a pilot gets in the cockpit, it could be his last day on earth. It’s a dangerous business, but those that do it do it for others.

      They do it for the people that can come into this forum and say anything they wish, without fear of reprisal (For Now). Including bashing the same folks that are putting their lives on the line daily for them.

  • Bill Hopper

    In my opinion, your circumstances had nothing to do with politics and belief systems. You and the rest of the crowd had just been transported into a special place by some wonderfully talented people, performing such beautiful music, and to created a spectical there would had left all those within earshot with memories of that, rather than the concert.


    It’s just another horror of what are children are being taught in schools and colleges and grow up to accept as facts. So sad for them to never ever get the real truth as they so gladly accept the brainwashing. If only they would read about real history, if only they would read about the suppression in these countries, if only they would believe in America, if only they would leave!

  • Cheree

    I think he was hoping to provoke a confrontation. If I had been in your shoes, I might have given him the benefit of the doubt by asking him WHY he chose to wear that particular t-shirt.

    This guy was like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He came into the church looking all handsome, harmless and charming in his grey jacket. But if he removed the jacket, everyone would literally see the murderer beneath.

    A Tree and Its Fruit
    15(A) “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are(B) ravenous wolves. 16You will recognize them(C) by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17So,(D) every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit. 18A healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a diseased tree bear good fruit. 19(E) Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20Thus you will recognize them(F) by their fruits.
    Matthew 7:15-20 (English Standard Version)

  • Another Voice

    You wouldn’t have changed his mind my saying anything, so you were smart to leave him alone. Why risk starting a fight and being thrown out?

  • http://??? joe momma

    ……you truly are a threat…..proof?….count how many milque toast morons that feel compelled to read your posts…….doggone radio show hosts trying to change history……et tu chippee?…..

  • truth

    the fact of the matter is that America cannot afford this constant Left-Right, Repub – Dem, Liberal – Conservative fighting. Make up your own minds about things and then take action according to your conscience. No harm in asking someone why they have a Che t-shirt on and asking if he knows what you have learned about Che, but for people on here to then go on a complete rant against how “THEY” are ruining our country – Liberals say conservatives ruined it, and vice versa, ad infinitum – is just ridiculous.

    • Benjamin (Ben) Dover

      And you would likely place a bumpersticker on your car which says, “Jesus was a liberal”. That’s representative of how misguided this nation has become, politically and morally. That’s tragically offensive on many levels.

      The progressives in both parties have indeed influenced this nation in dire ways, and the price has yet to be paid economically. There IS a difference between Liberals and Conservatives, in the main, and most people follow what they have been born into amongst their families. The Truth will set you Free alright, but truth is not the aim of revisionist liberals who are dominant in all levels of education from kindergarten to college.

      • Benjamin (Ben) Dover

        Addendum: And yes Dorothy, this isn’t Kansas, and the Liberals ARE ruining this country.

  • Jennifer Hanson

    That was one of those times that if you open your mouth you can lower yourself to his level. If he is so stupid to know who this person REALLY is, your arguing with him will get you nowhere. You just need to keep the word out through the media as to Che’s agenda.

  • David

    One man’s communist murderer is another man’s hero. I am glad you didn’t create a spectacle. The government of the time was at the very least corrupt (american puppet) and did a hell of a lot more murdering of his own people to line his pockets with absolutely no intervention from the American government that put him into power. 26 of July movement did the right thing and yes Che was part of that movement.

  • maria loughlin


  • Truth Be Told

    “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

    Do not beat yourself up over this. You will be given many chances in life to voice your heartfelt conscience…such as you are now. All you need to know is that you’ve been heard, and this acknowledgement is like the ripple, though ever so slight, will grow…

  • Dumok

    Well every sunday, the Judeo-Christians celebrate Mass Murderers like Moses, Joshua, David and Many others who killed people in the name of their god…I don’t see much of a difference.

    • Pathfinder

      Thanks Dumb Ox, At least your are both blunt and honest in your idiotic statement. I can appreciate the honesty and the plain speaking.

  • Homer

    Sir, of course you did the “WRONG” thing, and that thing is that when “good” men do nothing “Evil” prospers! When good ceases to rule, evil will take over! When there is NO morale footing an amoral state will flourish as it now is! When men of contention to good rule, they are hated! when good men rule by a GOOD book, and that happens to be a KING JAMES VERSION! Men and countries prosper: NO matter what you have been told! (look what that BOOK did for England/Germany/Spain/and the U.S.A. Now what is happening! You ought to read the proverbs to get wisdom, daily! Ecclesiastes ch 3 says there is a time to kill and a time to heal a time to die and a time to live. There is a time to stand for the truth and a time to be silent! IF you were silent when you knew what was wrong, and did nothing, that man has gotten it in his mind that if there is NO opposition to what he is doing, it must be OK! SO, there is NO middle ground, one side of the fence or the other! Next time stand UPON the “WORD(S) of God John 1:1 KJV and say what needs to be said, ONLY use discretion. “Homer” P.S. sir, this is GOOD solid counsel, take it and do so as need be! STAND (Eph 6:13b) If we can’t stand we will fall and someone will be there to fill that vacuum, and it will not be pretty Thanks

  • BenDover

    At least he wasn’t wearing a shirt with international war criminals Bush and Cheney on it. These guys killed over 100,000 innocent men, women and children in Iraq. Oh, but wait. These “people” were collateral damage, their skin was dark and they didn’t speak English (neither could Bush).

    • DCK

      Bend Over, you need to pull your head out of your A$$ and stand up straight. I fear you’re drowning in your own excrement…

  • elaine



  • truth

    Homer: are you Homer Simpson?

  • fumbulit

    I think wearing a Che T-Shirt is positively fashionable. I believe the leaders of the Democrat Party are all Che fans. They wine and dine every commie who visits the UN. Many Americans support Democrats.

  • truth

    Divide and conquer, divide and conquer, divide and conquer . . . America of the Great Left-Right Continental Divide

    • Frank the Libertarian

      Great Point! Coke-Pepsi, Ford-Chevy, Harley-Honda, North vs South, FOX-MSN, Black-White, God-Athiest, ProLife-Prochoice, Boarders-No Boarders, Peace-War, Welfare-Worker, Union-NonUnion, Catholic-Protestent, Christian-Muslim, (not a perfect list feel free to correct or add/delete)

      Chip did OK IMHO…why kick a pile of’ll only start stinking. :P

      • Pathfinder

        Yep!! And get on your shoes too.

  • truth

    Yeah, it’s funny that you call Dems Communists, and then every friggin’ Republican business leader is bending over backwards and giving Vaseline to the Chinese COMMUNISTS so they can make money there.

    • Pathfinder

      I think those beasts are called RINOs BTW that is why I always VOTE LIBERTARIAN !!

  • Bambi

    I think you did the right thing, in not saying anything. The person was in church, let that speak to his heart. If you’d spoken, he probably just would of labeled you a hypocrite and the sermon would of been of no effect.

  • Homer

    I need to say that this nation has been DUMBED down by the “boob” tube! People say, I want no drama, I don’t want to argue, I won’t stand for anything, I don’t want to hurt anyones feelings etc etc BUT I say again when GOOD ceases to exist EVIL will prosper! A mans days are few and full of trouble, DRAMA will never cease. Men and women MUST stand UP against evil and rebuke it soundly! Evil must be rebelled against and it must cease! SO stop acting as if the world loves you and you love it! This world will get you killed, the News and the Media will get you killed and govt will seek to control us IF we do nothing! Stop being a baby and get off that fat back side and do the labor fit for the TRUTH John!7:17 KJV We get what we allow! We allowed the man who is a Muslim and from a foreign country to have rule over us so….what are we going to do about it? Resist it, resist the evil!!! Stop complaining and resist! VOTE em all out!!! Where is the Birth cert Mr. Obama???

    • Pathfinder

      Kenya show us a birth certificate (NOT a COLB)? Huh?? Kenya ???

  • Gayle

    Once I got over my dismay, I would have said “Interesting shirt–now who is that again?” (possible he didn’t even know!) and then I would have asked, “I’m curious; what do you admire about Che?” We need to help each other think through the things we do without thinking. Our guy might have gone home and Googled Che Guevera. Then he might have burned the shirt! Stranger things have happened!!

  • Joe G

    Chip, I think the only burning question that you needed to have answered was did this guy have any clue about the person on his shirt. I would have approached him outside the church, mention that you noticed the shirt and were curious about the person. If he said he had no idea who he was but his daughter said it was a cool shirt, you could have taken the moment to briefly enlightened him. If he proudly said that the man was his hero, I would have just said OK. I’ll have to look into it and walk away. All the facts in the world wouldn’t have changed his mind at that point. Why wreck the rest of the day. We know people like that are out there.

  • Foot

    You are a right wing weenie. So you were in Havana during the revolution? Was Batista as wonderful a person as you imply. After all, Che apparently operated in a vacuum, randomly killing and torturing.

    Talking to the losers, i.e. those who were on the losing side of the revolution, Cuba was a paradise. The people were duped by a smooth talking communist. I guess Cubans are just unreasonably stupid, or…

    maybe, just maybe there was a reason for a revolution. If ignorati of this site and the Cuban community would read something of the banana wars of the 30s, maybe they would understand why the compesinos of Cuba rose up and threw out the murdering, raping, and thieving American Stooge, Bautista.

    • Pathfinder

      Foot, I see an interesting analogy here. I must concur that Batista was a rotten leader. However, I find that Castro has been even worse. In like manner I do believe that Bush 43 was also a very bad president. But Obama is even worse and is not even a natural born citizen.
      Are you familiar with the phrase, “Out of the frying pan and into the fire.” ???

    • NM

      i had a horse named Foot. He was an idiot too.

  • truth

    Yes, you are definitely Homer Simpson, I love your TV show.

  • David

    Just do like me, wear an Anti-che t-shirt. . . I have two of them, one for gym, and one for going out on the town. Mind you I live in Alberta where commies, and libs are in the extreme minority. . .

  • Mark Foley

    “your hero was more likely to herd Christians into a church and burn them alive than to participate in a program here.” That reminds of what Ronnie Reagan authorized during the psychological warfare in El Salvador and Guatemala in the 1980s – luring families to church to take out the adult males. Anyone heard of the El Mozote massacre (the most notable but by no means the only example). Education yourselves, you hypocrites!

  • Lee

    I am one of those “ignorant” people that did not know until recently who was on the t-shirt. I thought it was a pretty lame t-shirt before I knew but didn’t know it was Che. I only recently found out who it was and what he was. So, I probably would have said “That is an interesting t-shirt, can you tell me more about it”. And let the conversation progress from there. If he answered Che. Then I would have asked “do you know what he did or something similar. Sometimes, as unbelievable as it seems, people where things that others gave them and they know nothing about the symbol. It might have been an opportunity to enlighten instead of incite. But I would have been ready for the reverse, because it is quite possible he did know and was looking for a confrontation.

  • Karen

    Politely and quietly inform the gentleman that the image on his shirt was a mass murderer and request that he google his name for more information.

  • Stan Lee

    Che Guevara tee shirt? Wow! It must have been a full-dress occasion.
    At a church, no less! Well, I too, would have considered such a tee- shirt display to be in poor taste. But, obviously the person wearing it was proud to invoke the name and image of the late Communist killer.
    And, what if that tee-shirt would have had an immage of Hitler, Stalin, or Mao Tse Tung? I say grin and bear it, there is no law against the guy wearing such a shirt, he had a complete right to be a damned fool (in my opinion) as long as he wasn’t causing public disturbance or physical injury to those attending the function.
    That’s “freedom” folks!

    • Pathfinder

      Wow!! Is this “THE” Stan Lee, famous creator of Spider Man ? Or did you just borrow the name ?
      In any case, I do agree, that is freedom. Now can we get the animal rights activists to stop throwing blood on those who exercise the freedom to wear fur ?? And when I wear my conservative apparel can the yelling and combative tone of the liberals that I offend cease ?? Maybe Environmentalists will stop burning automobile dealerships and homes too.

  • Wm. A. “Bill” Fisher

    Chip, I would have quietly walked up to him and told him “The pig you honor with your T-shirt would have slaughtered you for being here tonight and he would have found out who your family members are and done the same thing to them.

    As to the loons who are spouting their nihilistic hatred at anything having to do with those of us supporting the Constitution as written (and which has sustained this Nation through thick and thin with Amendments as necessary and sometimes overdue) and their hatred for anyone belonging to their Creator through the Blood Redemption of their Savior, they are consumed by their own father, who is the father of lies. I shudder for their future, but not his. They’d better examine their own hearts and ask Jesus to reveal Himself to them “if He’s real”. He will, they’ll have their opportunity and if they don’t take, their eternal damnation will be on their own heads.

    I look forwards to that day when evil is cast into a literal lake of fire, and before that to the “Great Gettin’ Up” day when multitudes of the redeemed slain by Che and his ilk through the ages will and all others who have died knowing Jesus as their personal Savior will “get up” along with us who remain, and stand with the Lord in our responsibility of eternal judgement over the souls of the lost- from your Tshirt wearing fool, to the demoniacs posting on this blog, to the possessed Che to Lucifer himself. “Come quickly Lord Jesus.”

    • DCK

      Amen Mr. Fisher…Amen

  • Lefty


    The thing that really bothers right-wingers about people like Che Guevara is the effort to level the income and wealth distribution of the society that they are in at the time–not that they kill because in any armed conflict there are many deaths. Mass murder is done by both the right and left. When the right does it like for instance when we expanded the US by taking land frome the Indians (and there aint too many Indians around anymore) which by the way could be seen as genocide, it was OK because they lost, we won, we now have their land and we write the history books. I guess it depends on who’s ox is being gored. I get a little tired of the sanctimonious rantings of the right when they do the same things that they accuse others of doing. The right needs to portray themselves as being more respectable than the rest while doing the dirty little things they say they are against. I guess it’s the hypocrisy that really turns me off to right wingers.



    • Elwin

      You are so CORRECT!

    • Pathfinder

      Lefty, if you hate hypocrisy; then you must really hate the environmental movement. Flying jets and drivimg SUVs to their rallies. And let us not forget Al Gore who uses more electricity in one day and has a bigger carbon footprint than my entire usage for a month; and then tries to tell me that I need to change my lifestyle. Or how about the hypocrites on the left who talk about racial equlity and elect Robert Byrd (former grand kleagle of the KKK) to the senate, or throw oreo cookies at black conservatives.
      Tell me about freedom of speech, then cut off the microphone of a valedictorian for daring to mentio Jesus in her speech.
      Just remember, when you point to the right and say hypocrite; your other three fingers are pointing right back at you.

      • Lefty

        Hey Pathfinder,

        You are sooo indoctrinated. I bet you watch Faux News (We distort, You decide). You guys have become Limbaughotomized Didiots. The thing I love about Right-Wingers is that I am never surprised and they never fail to show how brainwashed they are. It does not take much to trip their triggers.



        • TIME

          You wouldn’t know the truth if it slaped you smack in the face.

          Now lets talk about how brain washed you are. If you watch TV news from any GE product’s or others held by the progressive media that would include 98% of all papers printed as well magazines then you know nothing at all of the truth.
          As a matter of fact your as dumb as box of rocks, that is
          unless your a progressive then your just plain old malicious.

  • Hofmanndawg

    Those who’ve posted the 50-60 yr old man, who was at Fernandina Beach to see and hear Christopher Rex, principle cello of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, performing Chopin’s Sonata for Cello and Violin, are totally naive if they didn’t think he knew ‘who’ Che was. Of course he did!

    Had I been you I would have made it a point to engage him in conversation about being a member of “that old commie Che’s” fan club.

    By the way, I live across the river from Amelia Island in Georgia and visit there weekly. If I see the dude in his Che T-shirt you can write it down on the refrigerator door I’ll confront the commie about it!

  • Bill

    I think that I would have asked him if he knew my Jesus, and if he didn’t now would be a good time to get to know HIM.

  • Ono Nadagin

    LOL so you people can compare wearing a T-shirt with Che’s likeness to someone wearing a T-shirt with Jesus Christ, Ronald Reagan, George Bush or Dick Cheney and conisder yourself intellectually honest?

    If so you need to quit reading websites like this and study history.

  • Marine Vet Conservative

    My instinct would be also to ‘get in the face’ of such blatant ignorance, but my training directs me to 1. Accept the individuals Right to Expression that many of us fought for (and many died); 2 And to consider the concept of the the church building as a sanctuary, and let the individual be subject to a Higher Power for correction.
    On the other hand, if verbaly challanged, I would be able to kindly express a distaste for a blatant murder, whether righ or left wing.

    • JeffH

      Marine Vet Conservative, Thanks for a good stable comment and thanks for your sevice.

  • Ono Nadagin

    Lefty you are sorely mistaken… what bothers most here about Che Guevara is he was a murderous madman…. he killed well over one hundred people… with his own hands.. a gun or a knife.
    The people he killed were not soldiers in an armed conflict they were people that had an opinion he thought was dangerous and should not be allowed to spread… so he killed them

  • liberty for just us

    So far it has been my experience with these organizations that promoate liberty, what you really promoted is liberty for your particular group. I bet you would have really come unglued if the shirt supported gay marriage.

    Seriously you are complaining about a t-shirt that someone wore to a church concert. Oh the inconvenience of a free nation, you are forced to see shirts you do not like. Really, if felt the need to discuss the man’s shirt, then perhaps you should have said something.

    • Pathfinder

      What a wonderful double standard. Conservatives who choose to exercise their freedom of speech by wearing apperal are often confronted by red faced, screaming, swearing, vulgar liberals. I know this from personal experience. Dare to wear fur and have blood thrown on you. (I am not wealthy enough to wear fur so I know of this from FOX news.) So, when will this double standard end and when will liberals respect the freedom of speech of conservatives ???

  • Frank the Libertarian

    Offensive T-Shirt on a clueless citizen-irritating

    Congress voting in more ILLEGAL Bills – Treason

    Presidents for the last 20 years shredding the Constitution =


    Lets cant the T shirt concerns and move on to more important issues like Learning our Constitution and developing a plan to get The Right Candidates in Office Rehgardless of what their political Party is.
    Loyalty should Lie in the Constitution

  • American Liberal

    If you supported Bush and Cheney , then you supported evil… Calling yourself Christians only makes you feel better…i’m sure they’ve had more people killed than Che….Ronald Reagan supported Saddam… What’s that make him..?… The Bush family did Business with the Bin Laden family for decades….When Saddam Gassed the Kurds Reagan condoned it because Iraq was killing Iranians….so you rightwing hypocrites are no better than Che..You could be thought of as worse…it amazes me that a tee shirt would bother you when torturing prisoners was looked on as a good thing by you rightys…. I don’t believe in your heaven or hell but if there is a hell I’m sure a lot of you rightwingers will have a very much deserving place there.

    • Pathfinder

      American Liberal, I know you are going to hate this one. As a Christian, I think it is time we declare a new crusade and wipe the satanic religion of Islam off of the face of the Earth. If we don’t do this; then not only Christians like me but athiests, and liberals, and even the religious left (I assume that you have heard of liberation theology) will be eliminated along with yourself. Please remember that the first crusades were NOT an unprovoked attack; but a response to Moslem aggression. (THEY had advanced all the way to the gates of Vienna before being repulsed.) I guess, that in your eyes, to fight back and actually start killing your enemies, makes one a mass murderer. OK then I will be a mass murderer. I find that preferable to becoming a corpse.

      • Bill M.

        Hey Pathfinder,
        If you chose not to fight back, would that make you one of the corpse-men that Mr. Obama mentioned repeatedly in one of his telepromter speeches a few months back? Just curious!!!

        ‘Viva Los Federales’ (which is Spanish for ‘Viva The Federales’)

    • RChick

      You really MUST be on the govt dole, as the five times I have read Chip’s blog, you have been involved spouting the same old sorry uneducated crap message. “It’s Bush’s fault!!!” Don’t you work? Who pays your bills? Does “The Regime” pay you to spout your crap day after day? You’re getting very tiresome; you bore me to tears. Go get a real job and see what it’s really like to be a contributor rather than a blood-sucking leech! You might find that it helps your self esteem. God knows you need some kind help, other than all the help the govt gives you.

  • Ono Nadagin

    Libertyfor Just us…

    By wearing a Che T-shirt he was promoting death to all Gays… Che murdered many homosexuals he said they should all be killed as well as all Blacks… little history lesson for you. If you doubt me I can post links to many books available online where you can learn the truth in his own words as well as others.

    • Mochona

      Please educate me. If Che hated blacks how comes he spent part of his life amongst Africans to fight apartheid in South Africa? He was one of the tacticians in fighting apartheid South Africa aggressions in the Congo, Angola, Zambia, Mozambique, etc,etc. To AFRICAN (Blacks) of this region Che was a freedom Fighter.
      Remember one’s FREEDOM FIGHTER may be the MURDERER to the OPPRESSOR. I guess that how things are gong to be up to when we find alternative to shooting Wars.

      • RChick

        How were the Cuban people “opressors?”

        • Mochona

          Where were you? or if you are that young why not read your history books?
          The Batista Regime as a Stooge of ours (The Mafia Crime families and by extension all of us for the US government was also supporting the Batista Regime) was oppressing the Cuban people especially those of Color (Blacks).

      • Ron Johnson

        YOU ARE BADLY MISTAKEN! He got his rear handed to him before he ever got started with his spread of communisim in Africa and returned to Cuba after loosing the bulk of his men and equipment all in one night. He was in Castro’s dog house for over a year when he was allowed to go to Bolivia where he managed to anger the Bolivian people by stealing from them and trying to force them to support him. The Bolivian people helped the Bolivian Commando’s/Rangers bring his little adventure to an end and he rest in an UNMARKED grave in the mountains there. He didn’t give a fat rats rear about the African people; he just wanted to spread communisim and figured Africa would be an easy place to take over. I didn’t just read on the issue, I spoke to people who were there to get my facts.

        I would have asked the man in the T-shirt what he knew of Che. The wrong answer and I would have invited him to Little Havanna for a drink. Being a gentleman I would have allowed him to enter the bar ahead of me and then slamed the door shut and leaned my back againt it!

  • doug

    I would have walked behind him and pretended to sneeze and spit on his back. a big luggie right in the middle of his back.

  • Frank Lopez

    Hello everyone,
    I’m Cuban American and proud to live in this great country but let me put some thoughts of that “Che” Guevara mass-murder.
    “Hatred as an element of the struggle; a relentless hatred of the enemy, impelling us over and beyond the natural limitations that man is heir to and transforming him into an effective, violent, selective, and cold killing machine. Our soldiers must be thus; a people without hatred cannot vanquish a brutal enemy. We must carry the war into every corner the enemy happens to carry it: to his home, to his centers of entertainment; a total war.”
    And another thought:
    “Crazy with fury I will stain my rifle red while slaughtering any enemy that falls in my hands! My nostrils dilate while savoring the acrid odor of gunpowder and blood. With the deaths of my enemies I prepare my being for the sacred fight and join the triumphant proletariat with a bestial howl!”
    He killed a Cuban farmer accused of traison because he expressed the desire to leave the mountains when fighting against Batista:
    “I carried out a very summary inquiry and then the peasant
    Aristidio was executed. … It is not possible to tolerate even
    the suspicion of treason.
    And he “loved” New York, he wrote:
    “If the missiles had remained (in Cuba),We would have used them against the very heart of the U.S., including New York City. The victory of Socialism is well worth millions of atomic victims.”
    And he used to love American people:
    “The U.S. is the great enemy of mankind!. Against those hyenas there is no option but extermination. We will bring the war to the imperialist enemies to very home, to his places of work and recreation. The imperialist enemy must feel like a hunted animal wherever he moves. Thus we’ll destroy him! We must keep our hatred against them alive and fan it to paroxysms!” – Ernesto “Ché” Guevara, 1961
    Oh, he was a “justice” man:
    “…to send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is unnecessary…These procedures are an archaic bourgeois detail. This is a revolution! And a revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate. We must create the pedagogy of The Wall? (El Paredón)”
    In United State Assembly, December 11 1964″
    “…shootings, yes, we’ve shot, shot shot and will continue as necessary. Our struggle is a struggle to death.”, –Ernesto “Che” Guevara. United State Assembly, December , 11 1964
    Killing a peasant and army guide:
    “I fired a .32-caliber bullet into the right hemisphere of his brain, which came through his left temple. He moaned for a few moments, then died.”
    I can give you the names of almost all his victimes. People hat he killed by himself, people that were killed by firing squad without a taking to court and people that were accused and sent to the “paredon” the same day they were judge without a lawyer (you could not appeal a decission by a millitary court)
    “Che” Guevara killed thousands of people.

    • JeffH

      Frank Lopez…I have also read this information…

  • Ono Nadagin

    Che shot prisoners… we waterboarded them… like I said you are iintelectually dishonest.

    • Pathfinder

      Your right, we should have shoot rather than water boarded those ba#$%@ds. We should adopt the same rules of conduct as your hero, and then conduct ourselves toward you in the manner you find so admirable.

  • ComancheFlyer

    I few years ago while shopping in TARGET, I noticed a carrying case for CD’s that had the Che image. Being calm, I took it to the cashier and asked if she knew who this was? She didn’t know. I asked for the manager and asked him if he knew who this was? He said he had seen it, but was not aware of who this person was. I asked him if the image had been of Adolf Hitler, would they be selling it? The manager said, “well this is something that marketing does and he has no control.” I asked if he knew something in his store was “unsafe” would he leave in on the shelf? He said he would not leave it on the shelf. Then I explained to him who Che was, how many people he was responsible for killing and if Che was here, how he might feel about the manage. The store manager went to the isle where the carrying cases were, and removed them from the shelf and said he would contact his management and marketing! I often check to see if they “reappear!” So far, they have not. But, I always check!

  • freedom

    As I read these letters I can certainly see there will be no problem finding people in the future to man the gas chambers and ovens to rid the USA of Conservatives.The Liberal Propaganda machine has done it’s thing in taking minds that were weak to begin with and transforming them to Morons.Look at the admitted Marxists and Socialists in this adminstation.The Obama Staff member who gave a speach telling college people how she had a great like for Ho Chi Min should tell a story.
    The country is headed for collapse simply because no one can read or write or think anymore.But they can buy houses they cannot afford.Drive cars they can not afford and live way over their heads to make up for their ignorance.This gives these people peace of mind as they go their merry way in the bliss of stupidity.Not many people even know who Che was nor Pol Pot or Stalin or other world killers because the education system has worked well for the Liberals in dumbing down america.Kinda like Ignorance is Bliss thing.
    It is possible this person with the Che shirt on had no clue who guy was and may if he did know he could care less because he had food to eat,good transportation,a home to sleep in,and other things of confort.Comfort in this country has bred complacity and arrongance in people to allow them to defend their ignorance.

  • Barbara

    Write an article to your local newspaper. Fact by fact lay out the conduct of CG. You can not argue the facts. The CG fans can only excuse the conduct but not argue the facts.

  • refuse2lose

    I would have confronted the gentleman,and found out if he was aware that Che was a murdering maniac.If he was aware of this I would have asked him why he thought it was a good idea to wear that shirt in a church.If he was not aware then I would have offered to tell him of the millions of innocents that were killed by him.If he was a good person he would have ripped the shirt off right there.

  • Ono Nadagin

    You guys cant even keep the discussion to whether or not Che was a good or bad person, you use it as a spring board to attack people and institutions you dont agree with rather than discussing or argueing the real facts of the matter.

    stop the left vs. right diatribes… Was Che or was Che not a murserous madman. Killer of all those that opposed his political/social ideals… non communists, Gays,Blacks and anyone else he found disagreeable. I contend he was just such a man.

    And the article we are to be commenting on is asking the question should we or should we not try to ask someone why they would wear such a garment and if they are aware of the truth about the person they are glamorizing.

    I as you can probably tell by my posting my opinions here, I would have made my opinion known there as well

  • John W

    How about something a little different? I think I would have asked him what the t-shirt was about, as if I didn’t know, and see whether he even knew. Then maybe a reasonable dialogue could be started. As you can see here there are many among your readers who have differing perceptions of history. Our American society and it’s freedoms and the capitalist system though now flawed by our greed and corruption, is from my view the best there is. The current problem we as a society seem to face is that we’ve moved from worshipping the Creator, God to the created, money. Freedom is the ability to succeed with hard work and ingenuity, but also with that comes the possibility of failure. Freedom is not living in a nanny state with “free” healthcare, housing, food stamps welfare etc. A very good book has a statement worth hearing. “If a man will not work, he shall not eat.” If we as a country continue to foster this welfare state we are surely doomed.
    Anyone who thinks that guy was some sort of hero is welcome to go ahead and move to Cuba, or wherever. The USA does not restrict us from leaving.
    I challenge anyone to show me any communist country or even socialist country where one of their most serious problems is people trying to get IN.

  • Dean

    I was in a retail store with another half dozen patrons. I heard the others murmuring and turned to see what it was about. A 20-something young man had entered wearing a black T-shirt with 8-inch white letters that read “F— Off”. Like the other patrons, I was offended and furious. There were 2-3 children with the other patrons. I approached the store owner, who hadn’t noticed the T-shirt and told him he should consider escorting the young man from his shop. He saw the T-shirt, swiftly approached the offender and ordered him from his store. The patrons thanked him.

    • Pathfinder

      Dean, at this point I am debating with myself. Did you violate that person’s right to free speech; OR was he yelling fire in a crowded theater ? I am leaning toward being on your side. I think this person did, indeed, cross the line.

  • Pete Kleff

    When a professor at UTB I had a young female student in my class one day sporting a Che T-shirt. I approached her after class and asked if she knew anything about Che. She said he was a famous Chicano. I told her indeed he was famous, but for being a murderer. She did not know, apologized, and reportedly thew it away. Don’t be bashful.

    • Arcadia CA once

      Good approach.

    • Becky S

      Pete Kleff –
      Kudos to you. I know there are many great intelligent PhD Professors who can think independently and see the truth.
      You’re the kind of professor that I want our children to study under.

  • Ray

    Freedom of speech does not guarantee freedom from stupidity. Perhaps this gentlemen is ignorant of the facts, or perhaps he truly believes in the communist manifesto. Or perhaps he was just making a fashion statement. Who knows. A polite discussion would not have been inappropriate. If the gentleman turned out to be a true believer, then perhaps a more passionate debate could have followed. Either way, you will not change his mind any more than he will change yours. This is one fact I have learned over the years and it helps me overcome the deep frustration we often feel when confronting someone with a different philosophical or political perspective on life.

  • Gayle

    To Frank the Libertarian, et al.: Your heart may be in the right place, but it strikes me as arrogant when others try to decide what’s “important enough” for me to think and/or talk about. Yes, people get bogged down, off track and yammer away instead of taking action. BUT, there is nothing more important than what people think, because what they do, and how they behave and vote FLOW from what they think! The mind is ground zero, and we will not influence the behavior of citizens without confronting thoughts, ours and others. Che knew that. The difference is he intimidated and eliminated those who refused to see things his way!

  • http://ChipWood Jim

    Dear Sir , I was thinking this morning about a similar thought of imtimidation. I,m sure you are aware of what happened in Maryland.The SEIU thugs being escorted by DC police to the Maryland State line.The escort was continuied by Maryland law enforcement to an AIG executives home.These 500 thugs surrounded the house terrorizing alittle boy.Three police officers responded after calls for help were ignored for an hour. Being out numbered 500 to 3 they did nothing.They should have enforced the Law !!!They should have enforced the law or died trying. Think about it,its MEMORIAL DAY weekend.Think of the odds they faced at Wake Island or Bataan.Or the fate of the USS Houston which fought alone against an entire Japanese landing force and was sunk. The fates of these men were not known until the war was over.Its called courage. For you sports people you play the game with the team you have. Not with the one you wished you had.Has anyone noticed the similarity between Hitlers, SA and the SEIU? Their leaders use(d) both to violently silence any opposition.

  • Wm. A. “Bill” Fisher

    By the way, I have my own “Viva La Reagan Revolucion” red Tshirt I wear with an iconic image of Ronald Reagan (in the same manner as the Che shirts) as he spoke out for freedom. 98% of the resonses I get are positive, but I’m too intimidating of a guy to have received anything more than furtive looks from those who don’t like it. Too bad for them.

  • Frank

    Che Guevara was an advocate of the execution of ANY dissidents, and even shot one personally, a fellow radical suspected of treason.
    He hated modern music and would roll over in his grave if he knew his image was on the T-0shirts of so many young rockers.
    He was adamantly opposed to free elections, and advocated only extreme dictatorship as the only form of government.
    He greatly admired Stalin, and thought it tritorous that the Soviets and Cubans did not want to fight to the death in the Cuban Missle Crisis. He was a murderer without fear of death or of God.
    He abandoned two wives and left dozens of legitimate and illegitimate children in his philandering wake. Many reject his “legacy” as fake.
    A true “Peter Pan”, he was a graduate medical doctor, but never had a practice, and secretly hated the general public.
    Being a bold revolutionary was his way of punishing the world for his inability to deal with it as a man should.
    If he was alive and well today and he saw someone wearing a T-shirt which was made for profit, he would undoubtedly execute them on the spot for traitorous activity.

  • Doc Savage

    This is not a liberal vs conservative issue (for all those who toss the words around like an unwanted pile of crap), this is a human vs human issue.

    20th century murders and their causes
    Che – in the name of Communism
    Stalin – in the name of Marxist Socialism
    Mao – in the name of Communism
    Ho Chi Min – in the name communism
    Tojo – in the name of Imperialism
    Hitler – in the name of Nationalism
    Johnson, Bush I & II – In the name of Democracy
    Gen. de Gaul – in the name of Nationalism
    Daniel Francios Malan – in the name of Afrikaner Nationalism
    Mussolini – in the name of Fascism
    Franco – in the name of Fascism

    Chiang Kai-shek (China: 1928-49)
    Enver Pasha (Turkey: 1913-18)
    Hirohito (Japan: 1926-89)
    Hirota Koki (Japan: 1936-37)
    Kim Il Sung (North Korea: 1948-94)
    Lenin (USSR: 1917-24)
    Leopold II (Belgium: 1865-1909)
    Nicholas II (Russia: 1894-1917)
    Pol Pot (Cambodia: 1975-79)
    Saddam Hussein (Iraq: 1969- )
    Tojo Hideki (Japan: 1941-44)
    Wilhelm II (Germany: 1888-1918)
    Yahya Khan (Pakistan: 1969-71)
    Idi Amin (Uganda: 1971-80)
    Ion Antonescu (Romania: 1940-44)
    Ataturk (Turkey: 1920-38)
    Francisco Franco (Spain: 1939-75)
    Gheoghe Gheorghiu-Dej (Romania: 1945-65)
    Yakubu Gowon (Nigeria: 1966-76)
    Radovan Karadzic (Serbian Bosnia: 1991-96)
    Babrac Kemal (Afghanistan: 1979-87)
    Le Duan (Vietnam: 1976-86)
    Haile Mengistu (Ethiopia: 1974-91)
    Ante Pavelic (Croatia: 1941-45)
    Antonio de Salazar (Portugal: 1932-68)
    Hadji Suharto (Indonesia: 1967-97)
    Tito (Yugoslavia: 1945-80)

    For more see

  • Mochona

    Hello Chip,

    Everything in life resembles a coin. It has two sides, the tail side and the head side. Thus one’s perspective on any issue depends on what side of the coin s/he is looking at. Most of us may (will) agree that APARTHEID in South Africa was evil. For those holding such outlook will always cherish those who helped to fight it. Che Guevara was a leader and a Master Tactician in fighting Apatheid in South Africa. I hope at least you will try to understand when the victims of apartheid honor Che.

    Remember your freedom fighter may be the terrorist of someone on the other side (your oppressor). I see your predicament and I understand where you are coming from. I believe the course you took, i.e. not to confront the guy with Che Image T-shirt, was the right one.
    May Piece be with you.


  • Arcadia CA once

    Next time just ask your wife to talk to him for no other reason than it’s more effective. This might be a generalization, but where I might be hot headed they can usually do a better job of invoking the art of grocery line diplomacy. It’s got to be a genetic difference.

  • Annie

    Although I sometimes let things go, I would have asked that man why he chose to wear that shirt to a concert in a church. Perhaps he was wearing it as a conversation starter.

    This begs the question: Why do some of us wear the shirts with slogans on them? To start a conversation, to imitate dialogue or to piss people off. I have a genuine US Border Patrol baseball call I like to wear at our local Wal Mart when the illegals come in to send money back to Mexico. One came over to me one day and asked “Are you Border Patrol?” I replied, “How can I help you?” He quickly walked away.

  • Doug

    Just because you are in a pew does not mean you have to raise a stink.
    Ignorance could be corrected by knowledge. But a a zealot is blind to any other light. I once taught a black kid in a housing project who came to school wearing stars and bars, He had no idea that that flag stood for any thing more than rebellion.

  • charlie

    Unfortunately I have seen the Che shirts all too frequently, and I try to always say something. I do try to be nice and light yet still bite them with cynicism. Once I took a guy really off guard with something like, ‘I see you’re wearing a Che tee shirt. Wow, there’s been so many great Communist dictators, why pick Che? After all, Mao killed 70 million. Of course, Stalin killed close to 20 million, and Pol Pot around 2 million. But Che? He only murdered a few hundred thousand people in his reign of terror! I think Mao has to be my favorite!

  • Gene Notkin

    IIt would have been appropriate to yell at him “GO BACK TO CUBA” while eith spitting on him or peeing on him, or both!

    • Pathfinder

      No Gene, that is the liberal way. Not polite conversation, but yelling and spitting or throwing blood on those who wear fur. Of course, anyone who spits on me will both get a serious, physical confrontation and I will press charges for assault. In addition I will sue and seek damages. If one chooses not to confront another due to place and circumstances, that is acceptable. If, instead, they choose a polite tone of voice and civilized debate, that is also acceptable. Start spitting, yelling, and otherwise being abusive; now you are acting just like a liberal. THAT is not our way.

  • John Silver

    Chip: what I would have done was educate myself about the politics of the times before judging someone’s t-shirt. The Bautista government, funded by America, also committed incredibly violent atrocities- including murdering children- in order to ferret out the revolutionaries. Would you therefore call out someone wearing an Eisenhower t-shirt? Or how about someone wearing a George W. Bush t-shirt? Would you go up to him and remind him that the President needlessly (or, more accurately, dishonestly) started a war with Iraq that has cost the lives of thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis?

    • Pathfinder

      John, I think that you fail to realize that Chip already IS educated. This idiotic “moral equivilancy” has some serious flaws. I suppose you think that Germans killed by our military in WWII makes the US as bad as Hitler. Please consider the difference between murder and justifible homocide. It is often debateable, but approveing of use of violence in one case and not another does not automatically make one a hypocrite. As a case in point, if you kill someone in order to steal their money, I think we will both agree that it is murder. But if your home is imvaded and you shoot and kill the invader, I would say that was not murder but justifiable homocide. I am thinking that you would agree. In like manner I find the bloody regimes of socialists (Nazis, Facists, Communists) guilty of muderous repression of their own citizens. (Perhaps Ruby Ridge and Waco Texas make the US guilty too.) But I do fail to see how your own analogy is valid.

      • John Silver

        Pathfinder: yes, that was my point exactly. The Bautista regime did all of the things you’re talking about, only it was friendly to American “business” interests so the American government was okay with it. Chip only seems to take issue with the side that fought bloody repression of the Bautista regime on the basis that Guevera was a communist. Well, the non-communists in that fight were pretty barbaric too and, what’s worse, they were supported by the American government. I’m by no means defending violence but don’t be hypocritical about it. It shouldn’t only be bad when “communists” do it but okay when American-supported dictators do it. And let’s not even get started on Iraq. Can you call that justifiable?

  • crystal

    I’m starting to see bumper stickers on cars with his picture and slogan.

  • Michael Utley

    I wonder if people will have the same respect for my freedom of speech when I put my “Impeach Obama” bumper sticker on my car?

    • Save America Susie

      You certainly have that Right to put your bumper sticker on….But I think it is better if we let BO prove what a Failure he is instead. He won’t be re-elected. If he is impeached, it is similar to being bumped off. He becomes a Martyr in the eyes of the Left. Having BO for a President is a “shot in the arm” for the Conservative movement! He’s a walking illustration of what NOT to do. Unfortunately destroying the country in the process. I think the momentum will slow by November however.

    • Joe K

      Any effort to impeach Barack Obama, if successful,would make Joe Biden president of the United States and Nancy Pelosi would walk all over him like a cheap rug. It would also put her closer to the presidency. I say leave well enough alone for now and when the time comes, every American with a brain needs to vote in order to out vote the illegals, the cartoon characters, the multi-voting dead people and the foreign money suppliers who put Obama in office contrary to what most Americans wanted (by the way, what most Americans wanted was definitely NOT John McCain either. It was a lot like choosing between a poke in the eye with a stick or a kick in the teeth)

      If the American people are no longer able to assert themselves as a whole and emerge victorious in a presidential election, we are already as good as dead nationally. My personal opinion is that Obama has proven we are not and that is why he has so little regard for what we think as a whole. To him, the will of the majority of Americans is a mute issue. In his arrogance he is confident that he can always drum up another dirty trick. I am inclined to agree with him. The next election will tell.

  • Leo Leon

    As the grand son of a man sentenced to 20 years force labor by the mass murderer Che, I get emotionally disturbed every time I see his image, but unless I am able to engage the person in an amicable and friendly educational discourse, I tend to ignore the person. The freedom we enjoy and our rights to free expression is more important to me than to deal with ignorance. I respect diferences of oppinion and expect the same in return, although this is not always true from those on the left or center left.
    Maybe after a few years, after our country is owned by China, we would feel anger when we see the picture of President Obama which is not too different than that of Che. Time will tell. Respect our freedoms and our constitution!!!

  • http://optionline Don

    I wish I could see a preview of what happens on judgement day. These Che types have to get whats coming to them.

    • Mochona

      What about the assassins of Bishop Romero, Patrice Lumumba, Allende and many other CIA victims?

      • Pathfinder

        Patrice Lamumba !!! You have got to be kidding me!! That mudering thug. Are you totally ignorant of the invasion of Katanga. President Moise Tshombe and his people declared their independance from the rest of the congo. Of course this led to civil war as Lamumba tried to force them to remain. Then the wonderful UN bombs hospitals that were clearly marked by red crosses. You need to read the report of the 46 doctors who were eye witnesses to the atrocities done in order to prevent Katanga from keeping its independance.

        • Mochona

          Moise Tshombe was nothing but an agent of the exploitative western regimes. I will say the first of the stooges to come to the Congo Basin, i.e. Joseph Mobutu, should I also say Pat Robertson (Reverend == SIC). The return of Jesus is coming soon, recall signs of the times, Rev. Robertson scrambling for gold in the Congo rather than preaching the Good News of Our Lord.

          • Mochona

            More on Robertson and the exploitation of the Congo. Patrice Lumumba was opposing Moise Tshome to keep these type of characters away. CIA killed him for that.

            Pat Robertson has a long history of cozying up to Third World dictators. This tendency first earned a lot of attention in the mid-90s, when his dealings with the bloody kleptocrat Mobutu of Zaire [now Congo] became known.

            Robertson, loyal to a friend, criticized the State Department on the “700 Club” for refusing to allow Mobutu into the country. What the dictator would be doing here is unknown; being detained for an international tribunal might have been a good idea. Robertson also lobbied Congress to modify sanctions against the Mobutu regime, as if we were somehow being unfair to one of the worst rulers in African history.

            To judge by Robertson’s attitude, Mobutu was not a bad guy at all. Robertson may actually have believed this nonsense. But his real interest involved the African Development Corporation, his for-profit multi-venture in Zaire that ultimately concentrated on a diamond mining operation. The enterprise failed, but not before a little problem surfaced regarding Robertson’s use of planes from his nonprofit “Operation Blessing” charity used almost exclusively for transporting equipment and supplies for the mining operation.

            When it appeared that the beleaguered (and terminal) Mobutu was losing a protracted struggle with rebels, Robertson tried to get in good with rebel leader Laurent Kabila, a former Maoist whose faction was known to kidnap Americans. Kabila, however, would not be enticed by someone who had been cozy with his enemy.

            Around this time, Robertson had struck up a relationship with Liberian dictator Charles Taylor. Taylor instigated a bloody civil war that lasted seven years and reduced his country to chaos and devastation, and pointlessly financed rebels in neighboring Sierra Leone who have done the same thing there. Robertson, it should come as no surprise, has invested in a gold mining operation in Liberia.

            Robertson attempted to bring Charles Taylor to Virginia Beach for a big VIP treatment, without success. Robertson allies are in utter denial about any problem involving the Liberian tyrant. Taylor apparently passed muster with Robertson by cloaking his atrocities in religiosity. In one instance, he dismissed his entire cabinet for missing a national prayer service. Such piety apparently justifies a man who ordered a hit on his own vice president. (His henchmen also hacked the guy’s wife to pieces, for good measure.)

            In September of ’98 Robertson was up to his familiar tricks again: praising China for having religious freedom. This is something that persecuted Christians and Falun Gong adherents alike would roundly dispute (if only they could). This came after Robertson’s US Media Corporation entered into a partnership with China’s government-owned television for joint production efforts.

            It would seem that Robertson’s morality is highly convenient, and can be readily bought. While he remains quite intolerant of such relatively minor matters as private sexual morality (or simply being a Democrat), he is most tolerant of oppression, fiscal corruption, and wholesale slaughter, if he stands to make a killing in some dictator’s pitiful country.

            The question is, has Robertson only recently become totally venal? Almost 20 years ago, he was a booster of El Salvador’s Roberto D’ Aubuisson, head of an extremely right-wing faction that, not surprisingly, had a nasty habit of eliminating opponents, including an archbishop. Robertson has no known financial interests in El Salvador; his support for D’ Aubuisson was apparently based solely on the fact that D’ Aubuisson was a staunch evangelical Protestant in a predominantly Catholic country. Compared to Robertson’s later venality, this motive seems almost simon-pure.

            Once again, religious affinity rather than personal gain motivated Robertson when he hosted Zambia’s president in 1995. On the April edition of the “700 Club,” Robertson praised Frederick Chiluba, who in 1991 had declared Zambia a Christian nation. “Your country is a standard for not only Africa, but the entire world,” he gushed, and to the audience said, “Wouldn’t you like to have someone like that as President of the United States?”

            So we return to the shady connection between piety and greed. Robertson’s morality is so convenient that it doesn’t merit the term at all. In fact, it is debatable whether Robertson is really a Christian at all. In addition to his egocentric self, Robertson seems to actually be a worshipper of Mammon.

            It’s long past time that he was taken to task for his financial shenanigans and convenient morality. Either he should stop pretending to be a Christian, or he should follow Jesus’ advice in Matthew 19:16-22. This parable, followed by few Catholics and virtually no Protestants, advised a wealthy man to give up all his wealth and follow him. Verses 23-24 also say that it is nearly impossible for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

            Pat, it’s time for you to put your money where your mouth is! Will he follow Jesus’ advice? My advice is, don’t hold your breath, folks. Put your money on Mammon to win this one.

  • American Liberal

    The discussion isn’t if Che was good or bad…. The question is ” what would you have done”?…. And I’m saying nothing … It’s the personas right to wear anything he wanted… And it’s hypocritical to condem anyone wearing a Che tee shirt if you have supported Bush , Cheney or Ronald Reagan…..unless you want to deny Reagan supported Saddam while he killed the Kurds and while Saddam murdered Iranians with Regans help…..and plenty of Iraqi prisoners were more than waterboarded…. Their was sexual torture as well outright murdering prisoners… They won’t tell you that on Fox news… It’s out of your comfort zone to hear real news ..

    • TIME

      Nano I bet you $100K you would be screaming your ass off if it were a Nazi party members face on the shirt like old Sichelgruber himself, or a big PHAT Nazi style Swastika flag!

      I had some people near as bent as you, who came to my home a while back and went bonkers over my 500 year old Tibetan rug with Swastika’s on it.
      I though for sure I would need to call 911 as these buffoon went balastic over something they were 100% ignorant of.

      As I explained to these brain trust what the rug was – it made no differance at all as in their twisted and bend little minds a swastika is for Nazis.

      I guess its a good thing that they din’t make it to my music room where I have 20 Native American rugs on the walls of what 5 have Swastika’s on them as the main symbol.

      • American Liberal

        Time… I happen to be a native American…. I’m well aware of the native American symbol and the Nazis… Very diffrent meaning…I also understand the mans right to wear his Che shirt …. And the very fact that I spend my time on all these rightwing sites is proof I understand freedom of speech … You’ve seen people on this site ask me why I’m here…. My answer is ” because I can “… And I see no point of expressing my opinion to my fellow liberals that will just sit around and agree with eachother allday long…. That’s what you people do… Your scope is very narrow and most rightwingers are not comfortable listening to anything outside of what Fox or Rush tells you..,.I’m not at all intesested in hearing the same opinions I have day in and day out… I will say this site is more fun ( interesting) than Hannitys….yahoos rm 4 is pretty funny… But very ingnorant vulgar people… And they all claim the cover of being Christians ..

        • TIME

          Well AL,
          I see we have something else in common, my father was a Native American from upstate New York. As I have said many times I am a real American, I am a “100% MUT.”

          So my question to you is out of all people here you should better understand “FREEDOM” as Native Americans were free to roam the country from coast to coast, yet – where are they now? In small camps set up to hold them in. Is that what you really want?
          I can’t fathom that as thats what the Progressives want, thats even if they allow the native Americans to exist, you know they want all the blacks gone as the “progressive movement is the most raciest gang of thugs” going. They are using all of us to split and splinted the USA into small groups that can be controlled better that way.

          Now as far as the Swastika its most common meaning is the symbol of the SUN, or of positive enerys that the SUN brings.
          But the only thing most see is a Nazi symbol. They can’t grasp that its part of all the first written languages, and was used from China to the Uk to AZ.

          I guess I would then ask you how you would feel if someone were wearing a Custer Tee shirt?

          So you see there are always to sides to any issue. Just as there is a Pro & Con, Ying & Yang, Night and Day.
          But again saddly we live in a time where rhetoric has been used to void the nasty parts of issues, or rewrite history to make nasty good or good nasty.

          Please do yourself a major favor; Do some reading about these people, I had to study their works when in school years ago.
          These people are the main reason I woke up to whats been going on as I awoke years ago, in the 1970′s when I was still just a kid.
          Edward Bernays, Walter Lipman, Geroge Creel when you understand who they are and what they did and how things work as far as the press you may find yourself chaning your views rather fast.

          As once you read their works you will understand how the media is working against you, they are using you.

    • Pathfinder

      American liberal, you like to equate battle field casualties with murder of non-combatants. That does not wash with me. Besides, are you on America’s side or are you on the side of the enemy??

      • Mochona

        The story will always be about the hunter up to when Lions become Historians. Remember One’s Freedom Fighter is the enemy of the other side. Just like a coin everything has two sides, the it is human my side is the better one regardless. This altitude left unchecked may lead to a rise of a Hitler with the support of the gullible masses as was the case of German.
        Remember the elites in power must always invent an outside enemy so as to prevent the masses from questioning the ever increasing gap between the haves and have-nots.

  • Terry

    I confronted a guy wearing a large wooden cross around his neck one time. A little different but we need to know where people stand and let them know they can only wear and do some of the things they do because we live in a free America. These guys they “worship” wouldn’t let them get by with the stuff they say and do if they were living under their regime.

    • Pathfinder

      WOW!! Terry, a large wooden cross!! How dare he. Doesen’t he know the first amendment forbids that. I guess I should e glad that you are here to defend me from such religious fanatics. (Yeah, right. As if.)

  • http://n/a 2WarAbnVet

    As a young officer, it was my privilege to be commanded by a MAJ Ed Fricke. Ed was a great soldier and warrior. One of the things he had done was to serve as XO of the team that trained the Bolivian Airborne Brigade to get Che. I never got the full story, and I never will, since Ed is no longer with us, but I know he was there at the end.
    It id Ed and men like him that we should remember on Memorial Day.

    • Pathfinder

      OK, a fellow paratrooper. Hopefully you recognize the significance of my screen name, “Pathfinder”. Airborne!! All the way!!

  • eddie47d

    Jery at6:38; right wingers don’t condone murder on this site ?!! They do it on a regular basis and no one speaks up. Especially againt “illegals”.

    • Pathfinder

      Eddie, killing an invader is not murder. Besides, we like immigrants, immigrants enter legally and they try to assimilate. Invaders enter without permission and try to force us to adopt their ways. Got the difference? Or is this too complex a distinction for you ?

  • Shannon

    In my opinion the *ideal* response would have been to have a simple, non-confrontational, open-minded discussion with the gentleman, about what he knows about Che Guevarra, how he feels about the man and what he has done, and why he wears the T-shirt. Perhaps he would have learned from you; perhaps you would have learned from him–perhaps even you might *both* have learned something. What I *am* sure of, is that learning exchanges seldom begin in an attack/defense format, so your best bet for learning *or* teaching, would have been to begin from a standpoint of simple curiosity!

  • Mike DeNoyer

    Yes, your remorse is well placed. You should have politely said something. The remorse that you feel is rooted in apathy. With many Americans, there is no resultant remorse as a result of their apathy, and hence the problems are not confronted head-on. This is end stage political correctness. This is where it leads us a society.

  • John J. Taylor

    Dear Chip,
    I agree with your thoughts about the person who wore that despicable shirt. I have had the same trouble with my thoughts. Sometimes I commented when I should have kept my mouth shut, and sometimes I wish I had said something. Are you the same Chip Wood who used to do talk radio over WSB in Atlanta, Ga. many years ago?
    Thank you,
    John J. Taylor

  • Big Al 1952

    You could have said, “Pick that shirt up while you where in Cuba?”

  • Cindy

    I think you should have said something to him.

  • nimoxt

    Why bother? This country is divided to the MAX. And yes, Che Guevara, was a murderer and an Argentinian, not “cuban hitler”.

  • http://n/a johnny marks

    “Howdy” from San Antonio, Chip! Before it slips, you have a twin brother here..spittin’ image AND named Chip Wood! He has a large Ad Agency here…is that a hoot or what? Now, to your question: Let’s get “Free Speech” out of the way. He, thank the good Lord, has a right to express his views and we will honor those that make that possible Monday on Memorial Day. I pray for my son and all our troops in the Gulf and all over the World.

    Given your situation and being who I am… a former Broadcaster that helped build Clear Channel Communications here in San Antonio many years ago, I couldn’t help but ask why he was honoring a man that ranks right up there, IMO, with Pol Pot, Hitler, etc. A man with twisted morals, if any, being worn on a shirt in church. The temptation would have overwhelmed me. I’d have to know if he was (1) Mentally impaired (2) a true Communist touting one of his heros in church or..and most probable, I believe, (3) someone looking for attention. Yes, I’d be giving him the attention he wanted, but in doing so would give me a pulpit to verbally shred this person so viciously that he might not do it again and save whatever kind of life he has. Short, to be sure, if he keeps this up.

    I’m an Independent and and having worked in broadcasting some 40 years, met everyone from Bush 1 and 2… I much prefer the the last President Bush. From Joe Lewis to Hank Aaron. I discussed the making of “Citizen Kane” with John Houseman..his classic arguments with Orson Wells were amazing. The two men I’ve spent time with and admire most wouldn’t have hesitated to ask about the shirt. Retired General Chuck Yeager, who I asked how he shot down 5 enemy fighters in one day! He said, “Johnny, I just got in behind ‘em and blasted ‘em up the a**.” To put it another way:”The great German ace, Erich Hartmann, said “Get close enough until the airplane fills the whole windscreen; then you can’t miss.” General Yeager is alive and Very well.

    Lastly, in the spirit of Memorial Day, my afternoon with Retired General Joe Foss, Medal Of Honor recipient and former President Of The NRA told me to always remember the men and women who died defending America. I know he would have asked about the shirt.

  • VK VET

    Perhaps you could have said to the t-shirt wearer: “I was thrilled to see your shirt celebrating the death of Che! Without his death, I would probably not be a free or living man able to be here to listen to music in this great Church!”

    • Save America Susie

      Excellent, VK VET! That is the BEST ANSWER of all! You get the award.

  • TIME

    Its a hard call dude, I would have asked the person why he had the shirt on, but thats just me, I am as agressive as a pit bull, but I have to be as thats my job.
    I have to ask questions, I have to be in peoples faces no matter what.

    I would have explained who Che’ was and what he did, not the clean cover story but the fact based story, then again asked why?

    But by the same token we do live in a “free” country, but as the times we live in are getting more bent by the day. I guess we who know far better need to start acting that way and explain to people whats wrong with it, as its “OFFENCIVE” to any one who “LOVES FREEDOM.”

    Yet as I bite my tongue, I also understand that Freedom also means the ability to be Offended.

  • KBR

    I would have engaged him, and discerned his civility. If I found him to be foolish, I would have let it go. Having my spouse with me, I would desire not tot spoil the evening engaging a fool.

  • David

    It depends:
    Does he look like he could and/or would kick your @#$ and would the people around you likely support him or you? My bet in a venue like where you were at that he was in the minority of his oppinion. I beleive the majority would have acted like you have in this situation and feeling the same way as you. It is however imparitive that people start to stand up and voice there oppinion to these freaks of nature. They continue to do what they do because nobody confronts them (embarasses them). I do however commend you for writing the story to start the discussion. Everybody please STAND UP (when it’s safe)!

  • kyril

    MY neighbor wore a che t shirt to our block party and we are28 dems and 2 rep families. My son stood up and told him what che did.The neighbours got upset at him(17),I backed him up and got papers my dad had,my dad was part of a team looking for che,before my dad was murdered by a cuban.My neighbours backed off ,but do not invite us to the parties anymore.I guess they love che.

  • joe berger

    The most salient of all human characteristics is STUPIDITY
    Of course Che was a misguided murderous thug, but he is in no way excused by the fact that most Americans have a worse record.
    Americans hold all teh world records for the indescriminate slaughter of women and children.e.g. Tens of thousands of women and children were deliberately slaughtered in a few hours at each of Dresden, Hamburg, Tokyo HIroshima and Nagasacki with countless lesser sites thrown in for good measure….. More women and children slaughtered in a few hours than all the saddams and Osamas combined in their entire lifetimes. For all you stupid war mongers, tell me what was achieved in Vietnam?? 58,000 stupid Americans and millions of Vietnamese died for absoluetly nothing.
    In WW2 we in the West all died so “Uncle Joe” Stalin could install communist dictatorships in a dozen countries in central Europe, and later throughout the world. All the prattle about “freedom and democracy” is nothing more than the mindless, repetitious rantings of the ignorant and the stupid.
    The supposition that Germany had any interest in interfering in any Western country is 100% falacious, non-sensical war propaganda.

    • Pathfinder

      Joe Berger, what total horse manure you spew. The German Nazis, Italian Fascists, and Japanese Imperialists had a plan to divide the entire world, including the western hemisphere, among themselves. Just who do you think you are fooling?? If your previous statement were on paper rather than a computer screen, it would render the paper unfit, even for the lining of a birdcage.

    • DCK

      Hey JOE BERGER: “The supposition that Germany had any interest in interfering in any Western country is 100% falacious, non-sensical (sic) war propaganda.” Thanks for clearing that up for me. I guess massive bombings of England by the Nazis, after they had signed a peace accord with Chamberlain, was just nonsensical war propaganda. I guess all of those people who lost loved-ones during the London Blitz can rest easy now, because it never really happened.

  • Marlin Brown

    While the person you observed ghas every right to display his ignorance, you also have the right to tell him he is wrong-headed for doing so. He obviously wore the shirt for shock value and has no respect for others around him. This type of person is a narcissist who must be at the center of attention to feel accepted. He covers his own shortcomings by ourageous behavior.

  • Anthony

    Someone in their 50-60′s should know what Che represented. Young people don’t seem to understand and why because education in this subject is not taught in the classroom. At home parents now more than ever need to explain the dangers of Communism, Socialism, Liberalism, Marxism, terrorism, how even our own so called leaders have a way of spinning what is good for the individual. It does sicken me to see a person in clothing that has a portrait of a mass murder. So should you have said anything, absolutely. Don’t dwell on it to long because the opportunity will present itself again.

  • American Liberal

    Don’t forget the Korean refugees killed as they fled the war just because N .Koreans may have been mixed in with them….our country has it’s share of blood on it’s hands…just something to think about…. You might also remember some American history called the ” trail of Tears”…or the fact that Indians were given blankets infected with smallpox….

    • Pathfinder

      American Liberal, you finally got a few right. Smallpox infected blankets, Gulilty as charged. BTW can you name any nation on the face of the earth that does not have blood on its hands ??

      • Mochona

        That is exactly why all the hate mongers must stop and think before condemning Che. To one who suffered under oppression such as apartheid in South Africa, they have all the right to thank all those who voiced concerns or even better participated in their fight just as Che Guevara did against apartheid. Remember your freedom fighters may be someone else’s terrorist. To Regan the Contras and the El-Salvadorian murder squads were freedom fighters despite the havoc they caused. Remember the murder of Bishop Romero?. Let us be real folks. There are a number of people you consider as your hero that were worst than Che when it comes to taking the lifes of non-combatants (in today’s jargon: COLLATERAL DAMAGE !!!!).

    • Ron Johnson

      As long as your bringing up a few memories. How many did Stalin, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, Chairman Mao, and even today the North Koren chairman murder and now right next door to the U.S. Hugo Chavez has had more than a few of his citizens shut-up and disappear. I can sure tell your a graduate of public education. Che is where he belongs; in an unmarked grave in the Bolivian mountains!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam

    You could’ve addressed the culprit by saying, “Sir, I don’t know about the sanitary condition of the rest of your shirt, but you have the likeness of a dirtbag on the soiled front”.

  • eddie47d

    BadO 5:51am; Hitler was a mass murderer who ordered the killing of millions (same as PolPot in Cambodia). Hitler slaughtered Jews,homos catholics,union workers,ect. Anyone who wouldn’t support his white race mentality. Che never came close to being that delusional and mainly was a liberation fighter. Batista was a cowardly dictator and had to go so the stage was set. Whether it matters or not Che never lived to see the outcome of the communist overthrow and how things never really changed.People look at Che as an icon because they believe he fought the good fight for liberation and was doing the right thing at the time. (helping the supressed,which initially he did). His image is frozen in time from when he died not the final outcome.

  • Bill Merrell

    I think lovers of liberty should love it enough to at least, speak! Many people have loved it to grave sacrifice, even of their lives.

    It’s beside the point to emphasize his right to wear a t-shirt that places a monstrous murderer in a good light. You also have a right — and an obligation, to object to it.

  • DR. D

    Chip, ask your self W.W.J.D. It’s a tough world we live in. I feel your pain!

  • Bob Freiheit

    Castro and Che would not have come to power had the USA not backed the murderous fascist regime of Battista. Some revolutions are good—the USA had a revolution against King George. If the USA does not want to sew the seeds of communism, it should not support fascist repressive governments in other in Central America, the Middle East, or anywhere in the world. Big business and greed are the reasons we support thugs and repression. Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein also recieved US support and funds. When you do business with crooks, Mafia, and thugs you are going to get bitten in the ass one day.

    • DCK

      Difference between Che and the American revolution. George Washington and his soldiers fought against British troops. There were many Colonials who did not want a separation from England. They were not dragged out into the streets and murdered in front of their family members. George Washington was a general in a war. Che was a masochistic murderer. If you can not see the difference, I feel sorry for you.

  • Greg

    Alex, American Liberal, et all…..
    More clueless @#$ks we’ll have to deal with in November.

  • Bob Freiheit

    Castro and Che would not have come to power had the USA not backed the murderous fascist regime of Battista. Some revolutions are good—the USA had a revolution against King George. If the USA does not want to sow the seeds of communism, it should not support fascist repressive governments in Central America, the Middle East, or anywhere in the world. Big business and greed are the reasons we support thugs and repression. Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein also recieved US support and funds. When you do business with crooks, Mafia, and thugs you are going to get bitten in the ass one day.

  • Robert

    This was indeed a disturbing event but despite the good manners our parents taught us the push-back must start somewhere.
    The Strength to change what may be changed.
    The courage to accept what can’t be changed.
    The wisdom to know the difference.

    It is unlikely you could influence this fool with the shirt but you could influence those he was interacting with….maybe positively maybe negatively but we must try….if we don’t try we are indeed lost.
    A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

  • mario menendez

    Chip,i think not talking to this guy was the best thing,we are surraunded by communist people starting in the white house.How about the students that were send home for having a t-shirt of our flag on 5 de mayo because it was offensive to mexican? why they can do this in our own country and have people tell you that this guy has the right to have a murderer picture on a t-shirt?what is constitutional and what is not?Che guevara was a murderer and i agree with you his death was a blessing.

  • William

    I would have said, “DO YOU KNOW WHO THAT GUY IS?” If yes, say who? Await his answer and then beat him with in an inch of his…. no i digress. Why do you feel this way? Unless of course he has been told he is a good guy. If NO, enlighten the man. Maybe he will burn the T.

  • Bob Freiheit

    Castro and Che would not have come to power had the USA not backed the murderous fascist regime of Battista. Some revolutions are good—the USA had a revolution against King George. If the USA does not want to sow the seeds of communism, it should not support fascist repressive governments in Central America, the Middle East, or anywhere in the world. Big business and greed are the reasons we support thugs and repression. Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein also recieved US support and funds. When you do business with crooks, Mafia, and thugs you are going to get bitten in the ass one day. How about a little Christian self examination before we condemn others? Christ hated hyprocisy more than anything. What about the million innocent Iraqis Bush Jr. just murdered? No WMD found, it was all based on lies and oil greed.

    • Pathfinder

      There are no innocent Moslems. Kill them all and let God sort them out.

      • Mochona


        If you believe in what you wrote you are NOT different from Osama Bin Laden. He preaches exactly the same thing. Killing even the innocent.
        You are a hateful person.

    • Ron Johnson

      Bob, you sir sound like a stuck Chris Mathews record. Do you liberals have a mass issued reply book that you use? By the way you know you wasted your time in school because it’s apparent you didn’t learn one thing. I’ve traveled the world and I can tell you a little secret. One Iraqi General stated they got the bulk of the chemical weapons out of country, along with a lot of gold and U.S. dollars 72 hours before the crap hit the fan! If Saddam never had any chemical weapons then how did he gas those Kurdish villages and the Iranian troops during their war? But what the heck, if you don’t like the U.S. you can leave. unlike Communist countries.

  • Leo Leon

    American liberal must be Obama’s apologetic speach writer to the world, as to how bad Americans are and that we are so sorry…I guess we would be speaking Japanese or German, maybe even Russian, or maybe we should tell the world that we are so sorry for being the largest contributor to all distress countries in the world, if it wasn’t for America, many more innocent and impoverished people in the world would be dead than all those that died in all of the wars.
    Maybe while American liberal writes this, he should mourn the death of another soldier( 1000 dead in afghanistan) fighting for his piece of mind, freedom of speach and being able to sleep at night, knowing that terrorist are always trying to kill us on our own turf. Or maybe he/she should go to spend a year living in Cuba, not as a guest of the Communist government but like a regular person.

  • Veldon

    America has become a county of cowards, while the country is being taken over but communists they sit silently like dogs with their tails between their legs and do nothing. If nobody stands up to the enemy who is going to stop it. Silence is aiding and abetting when you do nothing it makes you as guilty as them. When you are standing before a firing squad or whatever method they choose to eliminate you think about it, you did nothing to stop it, so in reality you ask for it.

    • Pathfinder

      Veldon, it is often a wise strategy to pick and choose the time and place for one’s battles. It may be that confronting this person at this particular time would have done more harm than good. Then again I often wear t-shirts that offend the socialists. I have no trouble shouting back when they choose to confront me in their own impolite way.

  • Linda

    For whatever they are worth, here are some of my thoughts.
    I truly can’t say what Mr. Wood “should have” done in this situation. Personally, I don’t believe he did anything wrong in saying nothing to the gentleman in the “Che shirt”. I did not experience what he did, living in Cuba at such a time. Being in the know, up close and personal, gives one a far different perspective than what can possibly be held by anyone who is has not had the “benefit” of first-hand knowledge. In such a situation, I believe it is human nature to mentally kick ourselves if we let any potential opportunities pass us by to speak up about how wrong it is to excuse, or worse yet, glorify, that which is inhuman, brutal, and evil to its core. On the flip side, we can mentally berate ourselves when silence for the sake of peace loses out to our sense of moral outrage, and we say what what think and feel with no immediate thought to possible outcomes; outcomes sometimes become messy, or even tragic. I’m not sure there is a pat answer to Mr. Wood’s question, but it is something we should all give some careful consideration. None of us knows when something will come up that will prompt us to speak. Once an opportunity is lost, it is usually gone for good.

  • Shari Bradley

    I would’ve have definitely talked to the man. However, it would not be with malice, but with a gentle spirit, in love. This man probably did not wear the shirt with knowledge. As mentioned, he was not a punk kid; and once informed he probably would’ve discarded the shirt. I would’ve tried to talk to him at the very end, so it did not ruin his evening. To hurt him would serve no value. Done right, hopefully, he would’ve welcomed the information. God is not looking to condemn. In fact, condemnation brings out a spirit of divination which is the spirit of witchcraft (control).

  • John Wagerer

    Very difficult to have to have to “bite one’s tounge”, but you were correct in not responding. Tried that once at a state fair and the jerk insisted we go to the parking lot & “slug it out”….very civilized! I declined as my dental insurance had lapsed. Anyhooo, Che was such a jerk that his hero, Castro abandoned him to death during Che’s ill fated revolutionary efforts in Bolivia. The Castro brothers always considered him a useful tool, but were glad to be rid of his threat to their power!

    • Hank Miller Sr.

      Have you read any books, papers, articles about the other sides to the ‘Che story? I highly recommend ” Open Veins of Latin America.” And other items/articles by that author. I think Amazon can provide information about the author, the book I recommended, and other items we victims of a mostly one-sided media do not know about. There really are at least two sides to every story.

      Former RA13626982

      • John Wagerer

        Sorry, I believed my friend Dr. Manual Artime BA-2506 and I believe he died for a Cuba Libre, not for a bunch of left wing liberals!

  • Biene Vallee

    You did the right thing, unfortunately. However, you knew that you had a personal forum in which to castigate this guy, at your/our leisure.
    Remember when the Supreme Court ruled it was ok to desecrate the American flag, that f–k was a socially acceptable word? We are being forced to live by the rules our forefathers set down for us and precedent and review at times make my teeth ache. The guy was entitled to wear his shirt, and deliberately wore it in a church! Think of the ramifications of this one act. It was his right. I, personally, would have said or done something, because I have a big mouth and am opinionated.
    What I want to know is: Where did you learn such self-control and good manners? Is it too late for me? Right now I am proudly wearing an Arizona “D-backs” shirt! :)

  • Chaos factor

    You conservatives should keep in mind that your opinions on the scale of world opinion is very small… Who you see as ” heros ” might be villians on the world stage…and to just disregard their opinions is a fault and arrogant …

    • Right Wing

      Words of wisdom from CF. Remember even the dimmest torch of truth illuminates the darkest opinions. Your thoughts are almost transparent from the light here!

  • Pete

    Guevara wanted to replace right wing dictatorships with left wing dictatorship. Friends, there is no difference. The people are the pawns in this deadly game for power. Lenin lived in luxury after the fall of the Romanov’s were butchered in 1917. He thought everyone should live the penurious lifestyle except the communist aparatchik. Folks, it’s all about money and “spread the wealth around.” Something like robbery without the gun. Otherwise know as theft. Obama wants to tax the rich to such an extent that the rich won’t have a desire to build businesses or hire workers. Obama’s goal: Zimbabwe-West. Otherwise known as the USA.

  • Robert L. Jungers

    I don’t think that question has been been definitively answered, ever since Wm. Shakespear first penned it. “whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows……..”
    Suffice it to say that the abysmal ignorance of history that most American enjoy is almost iconic. On the roots of Fascism, ask anyone who Edward Bellamy was, and how he influenced Benito Mussolini. Count the blank stares. If your curious, get “Looking Backward”, written by him over 100 years ago. Amazon has it for about three bucks. After reading it, google his cousin, Francis Bellamy, and see what he wrote.

  • Glenn

    Chip, there no right or wrong answer to you dilemma. There always a place and time to act in a certain manner and I believe you felt that letting the ignorant man walk away undisturbed was the right thing to do for you given where you were. There I one approach I didn’t read you considered, you yourself could act ignorant and ask the guy who that was on his shirt and tell him you’ve seen several of them around. That would surely at least open up a peaceful dialog you take in any direction you choose. Good luck to you and keep up the good work you do.

  • Chaos factor

    Wear an” I love Bush ” t shirt in Iraq … You believe youve done them a favor…. But they see it once again of Westerners killing their children , brothers and sisters… And butting in on Arab lands …

  • Cecilio

    Governments are run by idiots, mostly. So to say that the US, Cuba, China did or did not do something, somewhere in time, is confusing the facts. Individuals are who make all countries. Chip, you should have spoken there and then. No matter how much you talk now, that moment will be lost forever. An intelligent person as you are, you would have spoken in a truthful, sincere and calm tone and react accordingly to the other guy’s response. You will have that blank/empty space in your memory forever. I know, I have a few of those! That is why I stopped my PC meter, it was ruining my life. As an in-country Viet-Nam veteran, I kept silent for some years, to no avail. Now, if someone or something pushes my buttons, I am going to be heard then and there.

  • Marc de Piolenc

    Few people today have any idea who and what the “Ché” was. My son came home with a brightly silkscreened tee shirt with that “hero” on it. Instead of yelling at him, I asked him who that was on his shirt. He had no idea. It looked cool, his friends were wearing similar stuff, so why not? I explained, calmly, who Guevara was and outlined his career. I never saw the shirt again. In the church scenario you mentioned, I would have used a similar approach, approaching the wearer and saying something like “I’ve seen that face on posters – who is it?”

  • Joe K


    Not saying anything, as it could have led to an argument with a man who evidently is incapable of sound reasoning any way, in a church, or in front of it.

    I wish I had a dollar for every time I wanted to tell someone to pull his pants up above his butt cheeks and did not.

    I wish I had a dime for every disgusting, high volume piece of foul mouthed music I have heard early in the morning at convenience stores.

    I wish I had a nickle for every one I have met who is dumb enough to think our current president is a hero.

    I wish I had a dollar for every time I see someone walking around with a face that looks like they fell into a tackle box and not told them that they could have achieved the same end, endured less pain and probably saved a great deal of money if they had just had “I’m Stupid” tattooed on their forehead.

    Who was it any way that uttered that now famous phrase “You can’t fix stupid”?

    You could have discussed things logically with that man, or ranted and raved, or poured your heart and soul into educating him with patience and understanding, but most likely he would still find a hero in his murdering communist. He would have just taken advantage of an opportunity to pretend to moral and intellectual high ground at your expense.

    I mean, after all, any one who would find a hero in a murdering communist is a liberal, and that’s just how they deal with the world.

    You did not fall victim to the a fan of a murdering communist. If you had said anything to him, perhaps a scene would have been created whereby he would have loudly proclaimed his moral and intellectual superiority (which I am sure exists only in his own mind) and you would have just come away wishing you had kept your mouth shut. Casting pearls of intelligence and sense before swine does have a tendency to get one ripped up.

    By remaining silent, if you fell victim to anything at all, it was grace. Sometimes, turning the other cheek has nothing to do with our face, but with our spirit.

    • Save America Susie

      Very Good, Joe K! And I am thinking that “T-Shirt Boy” only idealizes Che’ because he NEVER met him & knows nothing about history. They don’t teach history in schools anymore, sadly!

  • ttellerx

    We have freedom of speech in this country. It has a price. Firstly, someone has to fight for it. Its rarely given out freely. Second, you have to keep on fighting for it because it is constantly under assault. Thirdly, it means that we are required to endure opinions and expressions which we disagree with.

    • Save America Susie

      Ttellerx, You are so RIGHT! Freedom of Speech is for those we disagree with, as much as ourselves. And yes, AMERICA would NOT be here, if it were not for war. The Revolutionary War. If we sat by and let the Government control us (taxation without representation), we’d all be BRITISH subjects right now. And America is FREE because of the BRAVE who fought. Not because of the passive. No country is perfect, but we have the BEST FREEDOM there is. That is why we are the best. But not if we VOTE it away into a system that takes our freedoms away. Once our VOTE is gone, we’re “goners”!

  • shawn howard

    I am not an ultra liberal, I have voted Republican since /I was 18 years old. But, I have a mind and am able to think on my own. I saw the Glen Beck program on Che, and it was disgusting that he could portray this man from such a revisionist perspective. Che loved the people of Latin America, and hated the fact that they lived in poverty and destitution among great natural resources. He saw, as many people even today see, that greed and corruption robbed people of the opportunity to have prosperous and dignified lives. Cuba at the time of the revolution was under the control of a murderous dictator who was cozy with the U.S. mafia, U.S. oil industry, and the U.S. government. Even today we see many examples of our government propping up heinous criminals as leaders as long as they do our bidding. Only, when they threaten the oil trade, do their crimes become distasteful.

    Che helped liberate the people of Cuba from a murderous dictator, and do you know that at the time of the revolution, there were NO ties to communism. Fidel Castro was in the process of negotiating ties with the U.S., but the oil industry put so much pressure on Kennedy to ignore him until he gave back their property(we are still doing this over 40 years later). The Russians saw a perfect opportunity.

    I admire him, and I am not ignorant or a “commy”, or anything like that. People, please stop being a mouthpiece for the oil industry by disrespecting Che. Because… the ONLY thing our government has against communist/socialist states is the fact that they often nationalize the oil and gas resources and use that money to build schools, clinics etc. (that is truly evil isn’t it… that money should be going in stockholders and executives pockets), Exxon Shell control our points of view too often. What I hate about communism is the fact that people are not free, but don’t be so delusional that you don’t see that we are losing freedoms everyday, and we have more of an illusion of freedom than anything else. don’t believe everything you are told. Educate yourself, and please form your own opinions.

    • Sam

      Have you ever noticed how some guy like this always portends to be a longtime Republican?

    • Save America Susie

      Shawn, Many people who live in poverty are actually happier than rich people. They live a simple & peaceful life, and it is HOW they are treated that is the issue. Mass murder is not something I revere. Just because someone loves his people, doesn’t make him a good person. Sadam Hussein loved his family too. But butchered and bombed his own people. Over 10,000 in the 90′s to be exact. He was a sadist.

    • Pathfinder

      I am old enough to remember how Castro appeared on the ED Sullivan show and was hailed as “The Geo Washington” of Cuba. The US state department helped him come to power. Castro was in bed with the Russians from early on; yet warnings from our agents in cuba were ignored in DC. Your posting above is pure communist propaganda. I am sorry that they have been able to dupe you so throughly.

      • Save America Susie

        What you have said here is true, Pathfinder….The devil is not ugly! And often times people are attracted to a “hero” who they think will be their savior, when in reality he is their oppressor down the road. They didn’t take the time to find out everything about him first. The Bible says the devil “may” 1st appear as an Angel of Light. That applies to bad men as well.

  • Ali

    I have very good sources of information. My father was in the hills with Fidel, Che and all of them for 1 1/2 years. He did this because it was the only thing going against Batista, who was a ruthless dictator at that time, although not as ruthless as Castro’s communist dictatorship. My father started fighting against Fidel’s revolution as soon as the war was over and eventually was executed by Castro.

    Che was a radical communist with only one thing in mind — establish communist dictatorships wherever he could. That’s why he was in Cuba and then went to Bolivia, which has always been a country in trouble. In addition to being a radical communist Che was a ruthless murderer. He had no respect for life; he liked killing.

    I have no idea why Che has become such an icon. I do not understand it. As all the other Castro people he was an incompetent in everything other than guerrilla fighting. That’s why Cuba is the disaster it is and the economy has been destroyed. Nothing to do with the U.S. embargo. The rest of the world trades with Cuba.

    • Save America Susie

      Ali…Thank you for you comment! It is always good to hear first hand from experience of people one knows personally. Text books these kids read now a days leave much to be desired.

  • ttellerx

    We have freedom of speech in this country. It has a price. Firstly, someone has to fight for it. Its rarely given out freely. Second, you have to keep on fighting for it because it is constantly under assault. Thirdly, it means that we are required to endure opinions and expressions which we disagree with.
    Lastly, there is a strong temptation to set other people straight when they express themselves. The fact is, no one from the cacophony opinions already expressed knows what was in that guy’s head. Did he support Che Guevara? Was he trying to piss of his wife? Was he a performance artist? You don’t know. And unless he is engaging in actions which are directly harmful to you, it’s really none of your business.

  • gymbo

    You could have pulled the bottom of the T-shirt over his head and bitch-slapped the teeth out of his head, like several posters here are in dire need of.

  • Pete

    The guy in the shirt knew what he was doing. From his description, he is an aging hippie. By the way, are there any Charles Manson shirts out there available? I guess that I could have one made up. I did it with Crockett and Tubbs once, years ago.

  • William

    In response to the statement from Alex, that the Japanese were about to abdicate power and we didn’t need to drop the bomb–and that there was no plan to invade Japan–and, that dying is what soldiers get paid to do.
    First, though Hirohito wanted to sue for peace, his Generals were dedicated to fighting to the last man. When he abdicated power at the end of the war there was a move to stop the recording of his surrender that the Army was trying to stop from being played. It was a coup on the Army’s part to keep the war going. This is evidenced in many places. So, though the Emporer wanted peace it did not mean the Army was going along with him; quite the contrary.

    As for “no plans to invade Japan.” Although he was an enlisted man, my uncle served an important role in WWII by being a member of a UDT team–what we today call SEALs. He and his team were on the north shore of Hawaii training for that invasion by being dropped off 2 miles from the beach and swimming in all the while fighting undertows and other hazards not related to war. He told me that all of them knew they were going to die and had come to terms with that. “Then,” he said,”we heard they dropped the bomb and I knew I was going to live to get home.”

    Finally, “they are paid to die.” Only a very cynical and selfish person who has never served their country could make a statement like that. It is offensive to everyone who ever served. It makes me wish that I hadn’t given those years on active duty so that a person like Alex could say something so dispicable. God bless the men who have made this country safe for people like you who hold them is so much contempt.

  • eddie47d

    Spencer; Christians in America tried to ban rock & roll also in the early 60′s . Do that make them communists ?

    • Pathfinder

      Kinda like you liberals do right now with talk radio. Looks like you are having about the same amount of success as those folks in the 60s did.

  • Gayle

    Why is it that those of us who are obviously so much smarter and more tolerant than the rest of us average folk just can’t stay on topic? Uh huh, there surenuff are/were other evil people and evil deeds in the world!! So that gives the likes of Che a pass?? Are you serious??

    Okay, tell you what–Let’s not wear THEIR likenesses on a t-shirt either!! No Hitler T’s, no oil company T’s, no Castro T’s, no Batista T’s, no Korean military T’s, no Korean refugee T’s, no U.S. President T’s (at ALL–all bad, bad presidents!), no Gumby T’s, no Jane Fonda T’s, no Paris Hilton T’s, no Bart Simpson T’s–okay, now that we have resolved the hypocrisy issue, can we get back to the topic at hand?

    WHICH IS…when someone communicates what to you is an offensive message in an inappropriate place (which is what this T-shirt is, if you will be as intellectually honest as you are intellectually superior and distractable!), how do you in good conscience respond? Try to focus!

    • Pathfinder

      At your own discretion you may confront them or ignore them as you see fit. I would advise that confrontation be done in a polite tone of voice and a peaceful manner. However liberals often corsen the debate with yelling, threats, ad hominem attacks, and the like. Please note that when conservatives exercise their own freedom of speech; liberals feel as if they have a right to spit, physically assault and otherwise interfere.

  • Carmela O. Harmon

    How about seeing a shirt IN CHURCH that read “I’m so happy to be here I could just [offensive word removed]!” It both cases, it showed disrespect for God, his teachings and certainly marked the wearer as a dim-wit. (The scarey thing is these people breed and vote!!!!)

  • Ali

    Shawn, you do not know what you are talking about. Have you ever been in Cuba? And I don’t mean now. I mean before Castro and also now.

    Fidel did not liberate anyone. He used Batista’s dictatorship to do what he has done. He lied to the Cuban people about his intentions. He received the help of the Cuban people to win his war. The Cuban people were not oppressed; we only wanted to get Batista out of there and go back to elections and a Democratic government which we had before Batista.

    I was born and raised in Cuba and did not come to the US until I was 19. I would have never left my beautiful country if it had not been taken over and ruined by the communist thugs of Fidel. Believe me, living in Cuba at that time was like living in a concentration camp, and it was not as bad as it is today because the destruction had only started.

    So please, Shawn and all of you defending and adoring Che: instruct yourselves before you make fools of yourselves by showing how ignorant you are. Please, do us all a favor, do a little research to find out the truth and stop spewing about what you know nothing about.

    • Guido

      Cuba is a paradise compared to some of the Latin American countries where you people have maintained control or are in control. It hasn’t had all the death squads, extra-judicial executions, interments and poverty. If people like you actually gave a ra about the poor and improving their living conditions, communist movements and leaders like Fidel would get no traction.

      You have only yourselves to blame for the loss of your perks and status.

      Viva Che.

      • Steve

        Guido, you’re one ignorant Che lovin dumbazz aren’t you? Did you even bother to read Alis post above before you spewed your socialist crap?
        Ali was there, and you weren’t, therefore we give Alis post credence and your post none, zero, zip, zilch, nada

        • Guido

          (Words removed for offensive content) you’d never know it. Che was responsible for far fewer deaths and much less suffereing than Cheney.

          And yes Steve, I am a socialist. And there are way more of us in this world than there are you fascist dinosaurs.

          • Steve

            Sorry Guido, but I’m sticking with “DUMBAZZ” Your pro Che posts and your communist/socialist loving diatribe all over this page has shown us nothing else.

          • Sandra

            To commie Guido;
            Take your commie lovin ass back to where you came from. We don’t allow your kind in America. You can hide behind your computer keyboard but you better not brag about your commie socialist ideals in public. Skive off you communist wanker!

    • shawn howard

      I have done MUCH research on the issue. More than probably anyone on this site. I am not saying Che was a great person. I do admire him after all of the research I have done. He gave his life for something he believed in. And originally he was NOT about communism. He may have been about socialism and social justice, which I also do not agree with. I know for a fact that MUCH of the U.S. Cuban resistance to the whole Castro/Che issue stems from the fact that fortunes were lost by those displaced families, and they rightfully have much hatred toward the regime after having their property seized and loved ones murdered. I’m not saying it was a good thing. It was bad… it is bad…

      I do know a lot about it… obviously not as much as you, but you will be much more educated on a subject if you look at it from multiple perspectives.

      • Pathfinder

        Yeah! And Mussolini made the trains run on time.

  • Mike Rodriquez

    As Ron White the comedian says “you can’t fix stupid”.

    Left-wing followers of Marxism, like Che, and Castro don’t even realize that the political philosophy they love and adore is based upon a self-hating Jew. Karl Marx.
    Excerpted from: Assimilation, Normalcy and Jewish Self-Hatred by Shlomo Sharan “In the 19th century, it was formulated unequivocally and aggressively by infamous anti-Semites including Karl Marx. In our day, Jewish intellectuals seriously suggest that the Jews or the Jewish nation should disappear in order to fulfill the “liberal” ideas of democratic society. Some notable Jewish anti-Semites have offered “plans” on how Israel can be eliminated without murdering all of its Jewish citizens (Schoenfeld, 2004, chapter 5).”

    Now you understand why the fifth column Democrat Party in the United States is so dangerous to Jewish people.

    • JeffH

      Mike Rodriquez, I know this is off subject, but…isn’t the Democratic “Socialist” Party controlled by the jews? Several readily come to mind…Rothschilds, J.P. Morgan and Soros and the Marro Jews like the Rockerfellers…

    • coal miner

      mike, · Cached page

  • Charlie

    Nothing should Have been done. You should not feel guilty or bad. You went for a wonderful concert and that was the focus.

  • Pete

    When I would drive along and come up behind a horse trailer, I always saw Harry Truman looking back at me.
    However, he did do one thing that I like. He dropped the big babies on the Nips (as they were known then, Remember Pearl Harbor) to end the war. My brother was in the paratroops, and he was preparing to drop in on the emperor. He came back from there in one piece.

    On Cuba, a book was written in 1968 called ” American Policy Failures in Cuba,” –Dagger in The Heart. It was written by a man named Mario Lazo, who had a law practice in Cuba, but who was jailed by Castro, slated for execution, and managed to escape.
    It would behoove millions in this country to take a genuine interest in what is going on, and do some reading, and get facts. Ignorance is bliss, I hear. Some posters are in Heaven here, in that case.

  • Duende

    if any of you.. lefties or righties can’t realize America is a country being manipulated by people with imperial designs.. the desire to control the masses for the gain of a few (and has been since it’s inception). Then you have your heads up your asses. People who resisted this control and have in many cases resorted to some pretty horrific actions them selves have been demonized by every available means the empire has available while the empire draws itself as a victim while claiming to be trying to better mankind. Spreading democracy for instance and even more insidious “progress”. The current administration and the previous dance to the music of their masters and all the “patriots” on this list have their heads as far up their asses as do those who think the current administration really wants to do good but is hampered by the republicans. It’s all an illusion. Enjoy your day.


    • Pathfinder

      Duende, if you mean that both the democrats and the republicans are being controlled from behind the scenes; I agree. How familiar are you with the CFR and its control of the media and the government ?

      • Duende

        Hi Pathfinder. I’m definitely familiar with the CFR. Just another front organization. Every time I see an acronym I always wonder who’s behind it. Every time some one wants to say corporations are a problem I want to remind them that corporations answer to people. Who are those people and who are those people working for. The “bankers” as a description at least seem a bit more human, but the question of who comes up again. Once that views in place there may be a chance of changing things but as long as everyone is distracted with their favorite grievance or prejudice (which is gladly flamed by the medias of both supposed points of views right and left) we’ll never get past infancy. Well you asked :-)

  • WTK

    Very interesting discussion about Che. It meets all the requirements of Saul Alinsky in his Rules For Radicals. One individual wearing a Che t-shirt has distracted dozens of conservatives from the facts of the Obama administration and what he is doing. Another distraction is the oil spill in the Gulf. As we rend our hands and rue the fact that the oil spill is not being dealt with effectively, Obama is quietly passing CAP and Trade, cancelling all off-shore drilling permits (let the foreigners drill for it and sell it back to us),international gun control through Brussels and the UN, the E.U. is collapsing and will drag our economy into an even deeper recession allowing Obama to pass even more controls over our economy, and Congress has passed the requirement that the military become Socially and politically correct over the examples of European militaries that are Socially correct and lack the cohesiveness to function in combat.

    Read “Rules for Radicals”. Compare its strategies to what our “single-party” government is doing, as well as what our “progressive” President is doing.

    Oh and keep an eye on the Constitution. It is growing smaller and smaller daily. Soon it will be too small to find let alone refer to.


    • Pathfinder

      WTK, I think that you are right. We are provided with many distractions. I would like to know your thoughts on Carroll Quigley’s book “Tragedy and Hope” also any thoughts you may have on the CFR and their quarterly magazine, “Foreign Affairs.”

  • chuck b

    bob freihelt

    you evidently weren’t around when castro started his revolution, the hollywood type liberals all supported castro and the media made him out a robin hood, i ddin’t see any u.s. forces involved. i don’t remember batista slaughtering people like pigs such as castro did, however, batista was corrupt, had mafia influence in gambling interest and had the backing of the u.s. he was the usual latin dictator . apparently you were in school at that time or later, a lot of the left wing teachers made “che” out as a robin hood,che was a murderous terrorist thug.

    everywhere the left supported and sympathized with the communist types we caused more harm, iran (kohmeni) “islam” jimmy carters buddy.

    niacarauga “ortega” another jimmy carter screw up helping another communist regime take hold. eventually the u.s. backed contras forced the sandinistas (communist) gov’t to hold new elections and they were voted out. even though the liberal left in our congress tried every trick to save the sandinistas.

    you, like a few others who insert their thoughts here are more or less sympathize with these communist regimes and don’t have a clue what you are talking about, chaos factor, amer lib. anf of course you.
    the new age students of the far far left.

    • Sam Berg

      People like you are the reason I think the radical far right are all idiots. My mother used to say “Better you should keep your mouth shut and allow people to think you’re stupid than to open it and prove them right.” ‘nough said.

      • chuck b

        sam berg

        you should follow your own advise. your mother may need some help too!!

      • Pathfinder

        Definately Sam Berg, nuff said. BTW Why did you, yourself, ignore your mom’s great advice ??

    • Guido

      You are a fascist nutbar. The Sandinistas won two free and fair democratic elections before they were voted out, on the promise of the USA to pay a 1 billion dollar world court judgment against it for its illegal Contra war if the people defeated the Sandinistas and voted in UNO. They did but your government failed to keep the promise.

      The Sandinistas did great things for Nicarqua – reducing the mortality rate and raising the literacy rate, reducing the poverty rate, etc. And they are back in power again.

      • chuck b


        as usual, the left wing commies like you, heep reading revised history books. probably, you are a student of our great liberal education system.
        your hero ortega lost in a landslide to violeta chamorro in 1990. he was nothing but a communist puppet influenced by the cubans and soviets. probably with your blessings

        • Guido

          At least I have an education,(words removed for offensive content). UNO didn’t win by a landslide, they won by a narrow margin and only after the US promised to pay that 1 billion dollar world court judgment if the people of Nicaragua voted them into power. What was that world court judgment for again? Oh yeah, illegaly mining harbours and funding the Contra terrorists and all their mayhem.

          And Ortega, God bless him, is again President of Nicaragua, and the Sandinistas – who did such great things – are again the government of Nicaragua.

  • eddie47d

    There are right wing and left wing bumper stickers on alot of cars. Should we all go ballistic and cause road rage because we are mad? Not much difference yet Chip is baiting you all in to at least doing alittle “road rage”. He wants you to be mad and mad people take action. Should you give the driver the finger, shoot him, egg his car,scream out your window and cause an accident. I think Chip is overreacting to a minor situation. To think that this site wants everyone to be armed even in churches. We all know where that would lead.

    • JeffH

      Oh fast are totally hung up on the gun violence thing…give it a rest will ya?

      You live in a totally paranoid state of fear…you say: “He wants you to be mad and mad people take action. Should you give the driver the finger, shoot him, egg his car,scream out your window and cause an accident. I think Chip is overreacting to a minor situation. To think that this site wants everyone to be armed even in churches. We all know where that would lead.”

      As one of your so called “right wingers” I read nothing of the sort nor have I ever read that in any article on this website…you’re free to express your views here and so are the rest of us.

      Paranoia mind detroia is clearly what you have displayed in your comment.

      • JeffH

        eddie, a simpler question to ask is who’s really over reacting?
        You or Chip Woods?

    • Chaos factor

      Eddie… Good point….. It’s usually the ones that stand up and pound their chest the most that would incite the others into action…. Like the people who always post ” keep your powder dry”… What they really mean is you do the fighting and I’ll cheer you on…. Rush is a perfect example…and Bushs administration… They were all gung ho to fight Iraq but had never been in the service themselves…Rushs excuse was he had a Zit on his butt… Cheney ” had more important things to do”….

      • TIME

        Well Der Chaos, You have said something thats based in logic for the first time that I have seen.
        Bravo for you, or as they say in the UK Spot on.

        Yes; the ones who make the most noise are the empty barrels.

        And saddly now thats your WH gang of thugs, As well the Democratic party has been that way ever since they became the Progressive Party.

        As well The Unions and all the SPECIAL INTEREST groups. The Illegals here in the United States also fit that profile.
        The Gays, the people on Welfair!

        Wow again you sure have hit the nail on the head.

        It just goes to show that you know that the ones you support with your highly twisted post time after time, that are done for no other reason than to inflame.

        Bullie for you you exposed yourself. Thanks and Good day.

    • Pathfinder

      Yes we do know where that would lead. The same place it led before when Americans were required to bring their firearms to church with them so the militia could drill after services. It led to freedom and no king but king Jesus. Were you not aware of these things ? Shame on me for bothering to learn AMERICAN history.

  • Charlie

    Another thought was that was his choice to wear and maybe he got it at a rummage sale for 50 cents.If I would have had it On I would not have known. But it is my freedom to choose. You would have been out of place and rude to interfer. LA streets have pink hair people and I see skulls on things I dont under stand, however its not my choice. But the man did go to church in a sport jacket. I dont approve of Catholics wear shorts and not dressing up for God either but that is their choice. The bigger issue is what is the government doing to take away our freedom and choice of HC and breaking the Consitution You are very deep and concerning and the love of Classical music show you have wonderful in deepth knowledge and apprectiation, So maybe you should save and share you thoughts to give positive hope to our economy and building our great America back up. There are now problems to solve and united one and all.. Rest your mind you did right and I know you will continue to do so. My best to you

  • http://hotmail Joe Dennison

    You did the right thing at the wrong time. I let people know and that gets me alot free time. Meaning they get away as fast as they can.

  • JeffH

    five teens — Galli, Austin Carvalho, Matt Dariano, Dominic Maciel and Clayton Howard — were sitting at a table outside Live Oak High School Wednesday morning when Assistant Principal Miguel Rodriguez asked them to remove their American flag bandanas and T-shirts.
    Asked if he wore the shirt to make a statement related to the ongoing immigration debate, Galli said, “No, it had absolutely nothing to do with that.”
    The students were then told they must turn their T-shirts inside-out or be sent home.

    Dos Palos students protest after school forces sophomore to remove American flag shirt. School officials have apologized to student.

    Officials at the Merced County school confirmed Thursday that Jake Shelly was forced to take off a red, white and blue tie-dyed American flag T-shirt on Tuesday. The shirt said nothing offensive, just: “United States of America, Washington, D.C.”

    The school’s assistant principal issued Shelly an embarrassing bright yellow T-shirt that read “DCV: Dress Code Violator” to wear for the rest of the day. He was given his shirt back after classes ended.

    Earlier in the day, Jake Shelly was speaking with a local news station when an unidentified teacher walked up to him, ripped off the microphone clipped to his shirt and told him he was not allowed to talk to the media.

    This is where we, as a free nation, are at right now. Some feel it necessary to deprive us and our children from showing a sense of patriotism.

    Where can the line be drawn? Does Freedom of expression prevail?

    Sweatshirt Sparks School Controversy
    Hoodie Contains Image Of World Trade Center Towers…
    DEARBORN, Mich. — About 15 Arab-American students at Edsel Ford High School are in trouble over a class sweatshirt they had made over the holiday break. The class of 2011 sweatshirt has the number 11 made to look like the World Trade Center Towers. The school’s mascot, a Thunderbird, is seen flying toward the number.
    Under the graphic, a tagline reads, “You can’t bring us down.”
    The students wore the hooded sweatshirts to school Monday. They were immediately sent to the principal’s office.

    The sweatshirts were confiscated.

    “What took place here today was an inappropriate, distasteful act,” said David Mustonen, a spokesman for Dearborn Schools. “(It was) totally inappropriate, totally disrespectful, and they just were not thinking.”

  • Sheryl Mercado

    To all who have replied to Chip’s question so far, if I read it correctly, Chip simply asked our opinion as to whether or not he should have said something to the gentlemen wearing the T-shirt – no more, no less. Like all of you, I too have very strong feelings about those in power who justify the means to their end regardless of where in the world and what time in history it has happened. But this does not seem to be the venue for this kind of unsolicited responses. So Chip, in answer to your question, I would not have confronted the man in church for numerous reasons. One, he is expressing his right to free speech, regardless of how vile it may seem to you. Secondly, I seriously doubt that he is ignorant of who Che Guevara was and what role he played in history, and therefore nothing you could have said would have changed his mind about wearing the T-shirt. But, having said this, I do believe you have the right (in this case not an obligation) to speak your mind. Myself,I don’t have much use for political correctness and by the way, I agree with you – I would have been offended as well.

  • Sam Berg

    Get a grip, people. How can you say you are for freedom of speech and civil liberties in one breath, and then condemn someone for wearing a shirt that you don’t like in the next? Freedom of speech means EVERY AMERICAN, not just the ones with whom you agree. Besides, that Che Guevera shirt has been around since I was a young and blushing maid lo these many years ago. Have you been living under a rock?

    • John Wagerer

      Shabot Shalom Sam: Wear a HITLER shirt when you visit Israel & then tell me what flight from which you are rapidly returning to your dream world!!

      • TIME

        John, Bravo!

  • william ahrens

    Che was a simbol of revolution for which many have a romantic attachment in ignorance. He was a Commie, a political philosophy, which has largely been a failure in the pure sense as written by Marx. There are many versions of Communism, the most successful of which appears to be in China where they’ve mixed Capitolism in to the system liberally, while maintaining central control of society, sometimes violenty. The idealism represented by Marx and embraced by millions (including Che) who suffered from the excesses of the power elite, greed and corruption, created anger, frustration and hopelesness in the ranks of the common people. Desperation. The redistribution of wealth in society to ostensibly create equity was the Communists mantra. Trouble is absolute power corrupts absolutely, which we saw in Russia where the roughly 14% of the Communist elite lived a life well in excess of the proletariate, the common people. So much for equity. Presumably discontent was somewhat mitigated by the availability of cheap Vodca and potatoes as well as assurance of work regardless of the often uselessness of the effort because of centrial control. At least you didn’t starve in the cold such as many did under the Tczar.
    We’ve seen something like this rising in the US. The Republicans, who were thought to be for small and conservative government had it all for 8 years and blew it because of greed and corruption. The Democrats who now have it all are blowing it also. The greed and corruption controlling us in America are not politicians, who are simply pawns. It is lobbiests who buy our government. Our representive form of government is corrupted by the wealthy and powerful. This has happened because we as a people allowed our representatives do the bidding of their masters with impunity while filling their pockets under the auspisis of “campaign contributions”. They live much like the Russian power elite did under Communism by giving themselves privleges not available to the majority of people. They give enough to the poor to keep them somewhat content while putting the burden on the middle class who are kept busy trying to maintain their position in life who have little time or inclination to get involved. This appears to be changing however.
    Che is simply the symbol of something much larger than Capitalism or Communism.

    • Pathfinder

      Sorry, but that crap about starving under the tsar is a bunch of hooey. Under the tsars Russia was a food exporting nation. The steepes were the “breadbasket of europe.” Compare this to Stalin’s deliberate starvation of kulak pesant farmers.

    • chuck b

      w ahrens

      thatsd exactly what i have wanted to say. good comment.

    • Steve

      William Ahrens;
      Good post, but with one minor correction. The rinos did not have complete control for 8 years, only 6. The dims took control in 2006.

  • Eric Seyferth

    To the individual in the t-shirt I would have simply asked one question. “Please explain to me where your loyalties lie, and why?”

  • Todd

    I remember what my dear old Dad used to say at times like this, “What the hell are you doing in the bathroom day and night? Why don’t you get out of there and give someone else a chance?” (Igor – Young Frankenstein)

  • JeffH

    I simply would have ignored him!

  • Jimmy Satterwhite

    I would have very likely asked him what does your shirt mean?
    Let him explain.

    Yes we know what it means but he may not.

    I then would share Jesus with him.

  • Melissa Barlow

    Two possibilities here: He either bought the shirt and had no idea who this guy was and what he did, or he was well aware and wanted to express his contempt for a capitalistic and free society by wearing this shirt. I am sure that Jesus Christ would not be happy to know that someone was wearing a shirt condoning mass murder, in His house.

    • LaVonne

      I think the man, described by Chip as appearing gentlemanly, was NOT wearing the teeshirt to extol a mass murderer but rather to honour a doctor of medicine (Che) who abhored the evil he had lived and known, i.e., the exploitation of the poor by the wealthy and corrupt, an intelligent man who chose a cause he viewed as social justice and for which he was courageously willing to lay down his life (and did). There’s more than one side to this argument.

      I don’t think Chip is in a position to judge this person. Better he did not create a scene in that church. Probably this person would not have been beligerent, but Chip may not have been able to control his own temper. He didn’t know this person or the level of his investigations or intelligence, his heart or his conscience. Jesus appalled the conservatives of his time (and every time) by sitting down with tax collectors and sinners. He knew their heart and their conscience and the experiences they had lived. He called Matthew, a dreaded tax collector, and Simon the Zealot (aka challenger of the status quo, a politically active “rebel”), to be his disciples. He knew their hearts and the experiences that had affected them.

      Is Jesus not Lord?

      Mary’s “Magnificat” is a very political statement. She extols the LORD for scattering whose who are proud in their inmost thoughts, and for bringing down rulers and their thrones and lifting up the humble, for filling the hungry and sending the rich away empty.

      James, her other son (fathered by Joseph, not God), says, “Go to, you rich. Weep and wail because of the misery that is coming upon you.” There’s more. Read it for yourselves, New Testament, Bk of James, chapter 5. Read it all.

      Possibly Che had the same desire for social justice that Mary hungered for – she who was chosen by the Father in Heaven to be the mother of the Messiah. We know (those who care to find out) that Castro led a very significant revolution. As a consequence, he has provided free education for all Cubans (including university), has greened the agriculture and agronomy of the island, and has sent more doctors than any other nation, from that small island, to places in the world where they are needed. This would not be general knowledge in the USA. All this while America maintains an ancient embargo around this little island, contributing to the poverty of the people rather than being the good Samaritan.

      I think the pulpits of the western nations are failing the people. There would be less corruption and fewer wars if they would do their job – apply the Word to enlighten and educate the conscience of the people, elevate their humanity. However, no doubt the yappy mouths of the CNN troop would rush to take them out of context in order to create controversy and enjoy a sense of success and self righteousness when they succeed in shutting such preachers down.

      I don’t see much hope for the enlightenment of the people of the USA.

      I think your president is well aware of this and that he is a man of intelligence far above the general run of the Americian people, I think you have a fine person as your president. You should support him. I hate to see the way he is badgered and abused.

      -a Canadian.

      • Sandra

        Well blah, blah, blah, freaking blah LaVonne!
        WTF do you know about our country? You only hear the liberally spun news from the lame stream media.
        Please stay on your side of the border. We prefer patriotic intelligent immigrants, and you ain’t makin the grade!

      • libertytrain

        LaVonne – as you profess to be a Canadian – I don’t know your age – probably to young to remember how to distinguish historic fact – perhaps if you just had a few conversations with a few Cubans (and you wouldn’t need to discuss anything with “us” US Americans), and you’d actually get the truth about the murderer, Che from those that actually know what he did.

  • Chaos factor

    Jimmy… Yes Jesus… One of my Liberal pals…

    • TIME

      Your not a liberal, so your case is very flawed.

      Christ felt its better to teach a man to fish rather than give him a fish.
      Then the man can take care of himself.

      • Joe K

        Just as a point of interest, not intended as criticism or to favor chaos factor, Mother Teresa taught that a man must be made strong enough to hold a fishing pole, then he can be taught how to fish.

        • TIME

          Just for the record, Fishing poles were not used until the mid 1500′s.
          Prior to that Nets were used as they still are today.

          Thus in Christ time nets were the norm for fishing.

          Back during the cave man period sticks were used with a sharp point to stick the fish, but thats really not quite a fishing pole.

          But keep trying.

  • Always right

    When I see those I just ask “why would you wear a shirt with a picture on it of a cowardly communist who murdered women and children for fun? Have you no clue who that filthy creature was?” That put it right back on them to respond, and of course they can’t do anything but sputter and backpedal because obviously, its just a fashhion statement to them. Most are clueless.

  • Donna

    This story is indicative of our own political correctness. We SHOULD express our FACTS with those who are (a)unaware, or (b) obviously out to taunt those of us who are conservative. Either way, if we keep our own counsel, our viewpoints will never be heard and we will be run over, roughshod. Why not OUTLAW political correctness by answering each and every ploy out there that makes us mad?

    Is it because we just don’t want any TRAH-BBLE???

  • yeshuafollower

    Chip, Assuming you’ll ever read this reply, I’ll leave my comment then will probably never come back to this thread again because I’m very busy.

    Was this church event an actual Christ-centered event whereby Christ is preached, souls are saved, or believers are encouraged? Or, was it simply just an orchestra or an enjoyable show?

    If it was a Christ-centered event, then let me tell you that some people in my church also wear questionable shirts, the last one I recall being of a satanic rock band. But what, or rather Who, is on the inside is more important.

    The Lord Jesus is more concerned about the inside of a person (the heart and soul) than the outer garb. The religious folk who hated Christ was more concerned about the outer appearance of a person. True change and relationship with God comes from the inside of a person and, over time, works its way outward. However, religion tells us to clean the perishable outside first, which is really pointless and impossible, which is why Jesus had to die for us in the first place.

    So I suggest you listen to the “still small voice” you mentioned hearing in your head. Pray for the man, asking God to bring him into his fold, if he’s not already. Also, ask God to reveal to this man what his shirt really represents. But bottom line, to this man, you’re just another man with an opinion and, really, it’s just a shirt that will perish with time.

    If you need any further clarification, just put the “at” symbol and “yahoo” dot “com” after the name you see listed for me and I’d be happy to oblige.

  • Carl

    Unfortunately, most people wear these T-shirts without even know what sort of statement they may be making because they are completely ignorant of the facts behind such images. I would have probably done the same thing you did, including suffering from guilt feelings about not having at least brought the matter up. However, had you done so – you would either have been confronted with a far left leaning liberal (Obamanite comes to mind) who would have defended Che as some sort of hero or a complete idiot unaware of who Che is or what he did. Either way a lose, lose situation which would likely have left you even more angry with yourself.

  • gymbo

    Too many of you needed to get the crap kicked out of you in your youngin’ days. Let’s talk our way out of stuff. Pacifist pabulum pukin’ morons that deserve your outcomes. Fate? that’s for wimps, just like you. May your ends justify the means. “We will fundamentally transform America”. As ye’ sow, so shall ye’ reap.

  • eddie47d

    Why did Chip use the analysis that Che rounded up people and shot them in church.He certainly wasn’t looking for a calm discussion for that “incident” never happened,but it always works to bring out the nooses. We love war heros and liberaters as long as they are American and no matter what they did to achieve that status.

    • TIME

      Did you know that sweet old dead Che’, hated music, the arts, let alone anyone who didn’t like killing others.
      Hey why let facts get in the way.

      Do you know anything at all about history – or are you just a wind up wanker?

  • Sue C

    What’s new Chip? CIA, FBI, NSA, & COMPANY OF “HOME GROWN TERRORISTS” ALL DO THE SAME. I am ashamed of you. You were in Church, and you were paying attention to a man’s T-Shirt? How very American! The man is dead, and so is Hitler, and so is Ronald Reagan, who locked up 50 of his fellow Americans, in Afghanistan, for 444 days, to dethrone Jimmy Carter so that he could become President of the USA! What’s new Chip? You probably have some skeletons in your closet, yourself!

    Please challenge my brain, with smart issues. You are surviving on FALSE ALARMS! Tell me something new, and beneficial for me to pass on to my wonderful world of all races, beautiful minds, that are waiting to be touched my smart issues, and the warm friendliness of real people!*****CHALLENGE YOUR OWN MIND TO DO HIGHER, AND GREATER THINGS!*****

    • chuck b

      sue c

      what school are you attending? or what school did you come from?
      ronald regan locked up 444 u.s. citizens in afghanistan to cause jimmy carter to lose the prseidency. i’ve heard it all now, you liberals get more far out everyday. it has to be the schools no one could be born that way. try “iran” then explain to me how ronald reagan locked these people up?? my my, are you related to amer lib or chaos factor.

      • Joe K

        I believe she probably attended a local college somewhere in the United States. They are, after all, the ones cranking out mis-educated liberals by the buses full.

    • Pathfinder

      Sue C, havent you heard ? There is nothing new under the sun. (Book of Eccleiastes. {Hope I spelled that right.})

    • JeffH

      Sue C, based on your past and current comments, I can only see that you must challenge yourself for it is only in your head what can be challenged and it would not be a challenge to anyone else to challenge the unchallegeable, in you head of course.

    • Always right

      Sue, the historically illiterate; Prior to Ronaldus Magnus’ (The last AMERICAN president) election, the USSR (more communists) were in AFGHANISTAN dropping toy shaped explosives trying to kill and maim the children of the Afghan people. We were providing the “Mooj” with weapons to kill the Russians (commies, like you and Che) who were targeting, killing and maiming children.
      You’re likely thinking of the IRANIAN hostages, taken hostage because a demoncrap by the name of Jimmy Carter encouraged the fall of the Shah to the islamfascists led by the Ayatollah Khomeini by refusing to support him because he wasn’t a socialist and anti-semite like jimmy. By his inaction, he gave the green light to the same islamofacists we are now facing all over the world. In fact, Ahmadinijad was one of the people who took our people hostage. If you do some actual research you’ll find every word I write is 100% correct.

      • Steve

        Always Right:
        You ARE Always Right. I guess that’s why you picked that for your name. Sue C. who thinks she is never wrong, IS WRONG. It is the Iranian hostages she is talking about not Afghan hostages. (There never were any Afghan hostages) ha ha ha
        You are also correct about Machmoud Amadimijhad being one of the kidnappers. In addition to easily being able to identify his face from then to now, the CIA did overlays of the skeletal structure of his face and it was a perfect match.

        Score: Always Right 1
        Score: Sue C. Wrong so many times I can’t count that high! ;-)

    • Save America Susie

      Sue, If you look it up in any encyclopedia, Reagan wasn’t in that kind of political power at the time. He had only been a 2 term Governor. Prez. Jimmy failed to retrieve the Iranian hostages because he was too soft. Reagan takes office and they were released pretty quickly. He was for a strong military. That is why. Sometimes that is the only language people understand.


    The enjoyment of Chip Woods musical arrangements is among the things I enjoy the most.

    Mr. Woods,

    The ignoramus that you encountered is deserving of your scorn, there are cases where his ilk will see the light and a baseball bat is not needed, if enough people remind him of who this buried trash really was. Your asking others to resolve the conflict within you to confront is a fair issue, it is readily resolved when we repeat the quote, “Evil survives when good men sit idly by and do nothing.”

    I hope this will help you and others who seem to think being outspoken about worshipping a man as full of hate and evil is best not said. You can write pointedly about the incident and the person or speak out at the lectern and you can openly display your disdain. Remember doing nothing is a crime also.

  • Laurie

    I have done the same thing, not said anything, so I feel your pain! I normally would not say anything, but have recently decided to SPEAK UP. I would keep it simple, like someone else posted, “did you know he was a psychotic murderer? Just curious.” I also submit, due to his age, that he is a professor and knows exactly who Che was.

  • Dean

    See why they had to control our schools? Our school system is the largest producer of idiots in world. It’s time to call a spade a spade and run this commie scum out of our country.

  • eddie47d

    Pathfinder; Were civilians killed while Che was alive.Probably but was it in a war situation or someone who got in the way during a battle,or was it as you are implying shooting innocents for the heck of it? I doubt if Che was nearly as evil as you are trying to imply. Americans kill alot of civilians in wars also. Some are accidental and some are very diliberate. So where’s your visable outrage when we do it? Too much stone cold silence when we are responsible. Take a look at the Vietnam War and our search and destroy missions. Che was a choir boy compared to those days. Look deeper into what Lt. Calley did in the diliberate killing of 540 women and children in My Lai. Many babies died that day right infront of him and he approved it. He also threatened his own men with death if they didn’t participate. When he came home they gave him a parade and then Nixon exonerated him. Calleys actions helped destroy our credibility in that war and did more damage than a hundred Che’s. I think Chip should have left well enough alone and put his outrage to better use.

    • Pathfinder

      Well I guess we can tell whose side you are on can’t we eddie.

    • uSNpops

      You really need to go and read history. After we left Vietnam, there were far more killings by the new regime than we did in the entire war. All in the interest of purging those that could dissent with them. And yup, women and children as well.

      • uSNpops

        Addendum: Calley was following orders from his superior officer, which is why his sentence was reduced by Nixon. And was this a correct incident? No! But bear in mind that this is only one bad mission out of thousands.

    • Always right

      Eddie 47, nice of you to include your IQ in your nic here. Using your lame argument, I guess we should put out T-shirts with Calley on them if what Che did was OK with you? Or is it only OK when psychopatic commies do it for fun?

    • JeffH

      fast eddie, you should realize that Lt.Calley WAS tried in a murder trial and sentenced to life imprisonment at hard labor at Fort Leavenworth for the premeditated murder of Vietnamese civilians at My Lai.

      • JeffH

        …U.S. President Richard Nixon ordered him transferred from Leavenworth prison to house arrest at Fort Benning, pending appeal.
        On August 20, 1971, the convening authority — the Commanding General of Fort Benning — reduced Calley’s sentence to 20 years. Ultimately, Calley served only three and a half years of house arrest in his quarters at Fort Benning. He petitioned the federal district court for habeas corpus on February 11, 1974, which was granted on September 25, 1974, along with his immediate release, by federal judge J. Robert Elliott. On November 9, 1974, the Court noted that although by now Calley had been “paroled” from confinement by the Army, that did not moot the habeas corpus proceedings.

        While Calley’s actions were tragic and despicable…they are no better or worse than Che Guerva, and this is about Che Guerva…not America nor Lt. Calley.

  • Boris Guralnik

    I’d wear another T-Shirt that is sold online. It shows the dead Che and says: “Dead Che: Your Tax Dollars at Work!

  • Da Norseman

    Anyone who reveres Che Guevara and sporting him on a tee shirt certainly did not know what he was all about. What they may know was that he was some guerrilla fighter without knowing his dark side. Many of us old school types, who have actually learned history, knew that he was a murderous revolutionary that helped bring Fidel Castro into power by overthrowing the Batista regime in Cuba, but failed in an attempt to overthrow the government of the Dominican Republic and bringing about a Marxist regime there.

    Most who wear these tee shirts are usually juvenile delinquent dropouts who have attended some of our nation’s worst schools with a faculty staff so dedicated to their unions (who don’t care about teaching young minds about our traditions, our cultures and our history on what America really stood for) that they only teach garbage related to socialism, Marxism or communism and promoting it by praising the founders of all that trash and shoving it down the throats of pupils. the fact remains that these teachers are unionized and are only in it for the money.

    Guevara was an idiot just like the other bozos such as Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and Mao to name a few. There are a few I can name in Washington that are just as dumb and ignorant that promote this kind of crap without knowing what it is really all about. It has gotten to the point that most people involved in education don’t give a crap what our kids learn these days just as long as it is within their belief system.

  • Sandy Buchanan

    Chip, what you have to say and what you think is important to me. What was said by Alex and Ed is not worth my time or temper. I think that you were correct in not approaching the t-shirt imbecile (definition of imbecile is a person with the mental age of 7 or 8 years)in the church. He probably wore the shirt because he thought it was hip and perhaps could have been told outside that you were offended by his choice of attire.

    • JeffH

      Sandy Buchanan, right on the money…in all areas of your comment.

  • Glenn

    America has lost its saltiness.

    • TIME

      Glenn, I don’t think I grasp your comment, but try the beach for salt.

  • Staci.Jeep Girl

    Perhaps a simple, “Do you know who that is on your shirt, and what he stands for?” could have been sufficient. If he would have answered, “Yes” proudly, then there’s no sense in arguing with him and just left the conversation with a friendly, “OK, I was just wondering, have a nice evening.” If he had answered, “No”, then you could’ve nicely suggested that he look him up online and again, left it at that and tell him to have a nice evening. I would guarantee, if he DID’T know who he was, the first thing he would do when he got home was to look him up online! The problem is hindsight is 20/20!

  • don viel

    I would engage the man in conversation as to if he knew who Che was. People often where t shirts not knowing what they mean. Kids today wear yankee baseball caps that refect gangs not baseball. As to the bomb, my father barely sevived the battle for Okinawa after being wounded in the Philipines. I of course support Truman.

  • Max

    I would like to use the 45cal. lobotomy process to remove these mental defectives from interbreeding!

  • Mike

    The gentleman, like you was expressing his own views. That is the beauty of the First Amendment. I do not agree with his view, but I would defend to the death his right to expresas it, as I would your right to object.

    Speech that we all agree on is easy. Speech that we disagree with is why we have the First Amendment.

    You ask that on this Memorial Day we honor those that served our country. I will, but I am mindful that the reason that they served was to protect our right to express ourselves, even if we don’t like what others have to say.

    • JeffH

      Mike, well said and to everyone…have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day celebration…God Bless America…

  • JeffH

    This commentary is just for Am Lib, Chaos, eddie, lefty, timr and those I failed to mention. Something to enjoy to replace the Memorial Day holiday that you most likely don’t celebrate.

    Biden’s Prediction: Obama Failed the ‘Test’
    Thursday, 27 May 2010 11:36 PM

    In the opening days of the Obama administration, there was this idea floating around that Obama was the new FDR.

    A new president arrives with a “New Deal” in the midst of a great economic crisis. He later leads the nation in a great war against fascism.

    As we see the Obama administration unraveling before our eyes, we know one thing for sure: Obama isn’t an FDR. And he isn’t a JFK or even a Reagan, after whom he said he would model his “transformative” change presidency.

    He may, sadly, turn out to be worse than Jimmy Carter. It is sad because, when the American people need a president to assert strong, positive leadership at home and abroad, Obama is failing us.

    Is the BP Crisis Obama’s Katrina?

    • John Silver

      Jeff: what specifically about Obama do you take issue with? I’m sure he hasn’t been perfect but I’m not sure I understand the rabid, frothing at the mouth hatred of him that I often see among conservatives. So what is it that he’s done exactly that makes you and others villify him so much? I’m not taunting here, I’d really like to hear it.

      • JeffH

        John Silver, spare me your Alinsky inspired questions. Perhaps you should tell me where I might be wrong? Turnabout is fair play.

      • JeffH

        …I forgot to mention that your giveaway was the subtle mention of the “rabid, frothing at the mouth hatred of him that I often see among conservatives” line.

        Hatred is a word most commonly associated to the liberal left and I do appreciate that you didn’t use “racist” also in your attempt to taunt me. OOPS, I forgot you weren’t attempting to taunt an answer out of me.

      • TIME

        I may not be Jeff, but I don’t like BarryO for the following reasons.
        I am a business man have been for over 40 years. I have used my brain power to make a living, I don’t lie, cheet, or steel from others.

        I have made no less than 80 people more money then they could ever spend in ten life times. I may have been very agressive and I may have been ICE cold but I never hurt anyone with my actions as I used the TRUTH as my sword.

        Thus to sum it up I don’t like Marxist, who lie cheet and steel from those that worked hard for what they have, nor distort the truth to gain the upper hand by any means.

        I say this as it TRUTH, to get a job one must show their records to the employer, Thus – until BarryO shows his records and I mean all of them to US his employers, he will remain as nothing less than a mouth piece Marxist with a $3K well tailored Armani suit.

        • John Silver

          TIME: like Jeff before you you haven’t identified any actual policies you disagree with. It’s fine to say you’re against Marxism or lying or any other bad quality, but what exactly has Obama done that you disagree with? It strikes me that every time I ask this question (yes I’ve done it before) of conservatives I get the same general comments and nothing specific. If you ask liberals what they hate about GW Bush they’ll give you a list a mile long. But what is so radical about Obama? Believe it or not in any other country he’d be considered a centre-Right politician. (Compare him to Conservative Pres. Sarkozy in France, or Conservative PM Harper in Canada or even new Conservative PM Cameron in Britain and you’ll see there’s very little difference.) So again I ask you, never mind the sweeping generalizations- what exactly do you disagree with?

  • jeff

    If I could have caught up with him to have a private conversation — meaning I wouldn’t interrupt if he were engaged with others — I’d have said “Seeing your shirt, and especially here in church, made me wonder if you really know what Che really did to so many innocents, including Christians.” and then let him respond…. lots of folks rather mindlessly use the icons others accept or offer, without ever evaluating what they really mean. (Look at all the thugs/gangstas wearing crosses, for example.) I’d be prepared with specific historical examples, such as the Guatemala murders and massacres; but I’d remain civil and gentle (unless he were not; or perhaps even so), not only because it’s the right thing but also because (a) it’s more effective, especially with bystanders, and (b) it’s likely he’s rather uneducated or brainwashed re Che etc., and wasn’t paying any serious attention when Che’s crimes were exposed at the time and later. Maybe have 1 or 2 book titles in mind, too.

    But the overarching sad truth is that while such a confrontation is a good thing and should be done, it’s extremely rare that such an individual can be reached with facts and reason; and never with forceful denunciations. The only chance you/we have is to gently offer the right perspective and facts, while of course never giving in to the many forms of bullying or enforcement that committed liberals or leftists regularly resort to.

    The tack to take is to invalidate his attitudes and false facts with real facts plus real authorities or documentation, such as books. The tone and volume depend on him: you start slow and gentle, and escalate only as he does, thus remaining both principled and assertive of truth without attempts to overwhelm, and not yielding to such attempts either.

  • Pete

    Sue tells us that Reagan locked up 50 Americans so that he could become president. I never knew that before. Keep on voting and breeding, Sue. You are just what this country needs. LOL!!

  • LeeS

    As to all these idiots that lionize Che and condemn Truman for using the bomb, I would say this: Had Truman not used the bomb and we then invaded Japan, possibly it would be the father or grandfather of these a..holes that would have been killed and we would not have to put up with such idiots today.

    • Sheldon

      I kind of agree with you Lee. Hundreds of thousands of US GIs would have died in an attempted invasion of Japan. For every American that died in an invasion attempt, how many more Japanese civilians and military personnel would have died with them?? Truman’s use of the a-bomb was totally justified.

  • Paul Mannix

    The motto of a group I have joined- The Conservative Society for Action on Long Island, NY- is “Silent No More” and that is how I have always operated. Silence is consent. You could have started off by questioning the man (remember, whoever is asking the questions is winning the debate)about Che and why he supports him. I would venture to guess he would not have had a substantive answer. Even if he did, you could then point out the true nature of Che(hopefully just loud enough for those around you to hear)and put the supporter on the defensive. If he were to become loud or profane you could remind him that name-calling or profanity indicates the lack of both a winning argument and high intelligence. Then smile.
    Whatever you do, don’t let such idiocy go unchallenged ever again.

  • Norma Delgado

    I would have said, ” I can’t understand why a church going gentleman like you would wear such an offensive shirt. My family was separated and my country destroyed by the government he supported. This is a man who enjoyed giving the coup de grace to his victims and he would send innocent men and children to the firing squad for voicing an opinion against Castro. He was not shy about confiscating fancy cars from their owners who knew better than dispute his actions. Why would you wear such a shirt? I am sure I would get a nasty response from such a brainless clod. I have engaged in this discussion before and the people have been defensive about their choice of false heroes.

    • Sheldon

      Really? I would have kept my mouth shut and respected his right to free speech.

      • Always right

        That’s because you’re a sissy-la-la, Sheldon. I’d have EXERCISED my right to free speech, or does that right only belong to those who offend others buy promoting mass-murdering commies?

        • Sheldon

          “…buy promoting…”??? I would respect your right to free speech a lot more if you learned how to spell. At least try to understand that “by” and “buy” are not interchangeable.
          As for being “a sissy la-la” well, I won’t be baited by a little man who thinks he’s ‘always right”. Besides, I thought “turning the other cheek” was popular with you religious folk.

  • chuck b


    i doubt it, they are an offspring s of an individual that that has passed that traitorous gene to them and probably were conscientious objectors and never served.

  • A pen

    You would have been right to simply inquire as to who the man was on the shirt. Conversation is proper. You may have discovered that was his intent, to start a conversation. He may have any number of motives however yours was a natural curiosity which you feared since your first impression was to judge the man a supporter of Che without knowing. Never judge a man by his clothes. Now your guilt is eating you. You surely see the mistake don’t you? Let it go as a lesson of life. Next time you will think differently.

  • Bob

    Something has happened in America that started in the 60′s. That is a belief that our government is the enemy. That people that attack us have a good reason to and it is somehow our fault that they do. This Che bastard is the enemy of freedom. He was a communist murder that that is now a good communist. He is dead. Like Musliums, he places the communist party above freedom. Real Americans don’t. Real Americans know that when freedom dies then we all die. Go stand on a street corner in Havana and denounce Castro and watch what happens. When we teach our kids that communism and Islam are the enemies of freedom, then there will be fewer of them doing stupid things like wearing shirts with that scumbag Che’s picture on it. It won’t stop stupid but it will help. (“you can’t fix stupid” is the saying) Some stupid people wear “Charles Manson” shirts.. how dumb is that.

    • Always right

      “The Government” IS the emeny now, Bob. They sure don’t either represent us nor serve us anymore. They’re owned by the special interests, multinationals, Tri-lateralists, NWO (both parties), Bilderbergs & World Banksters.

  • Joe W.

    I don’t think that I would have cared one way or another whether the man was with anyone else or not. Without interrupting any conversation, I would have simply told him the shirt he had on was of an interesting design. The ones I’d seen prior had bricks behind the man representing the wall he was standing in front of when the Bolivian police executed him after being found guilty of heinious Marxist crimes. I would have then simply walked away, refusing any further conversation. Perhaps the thought may have had the same effects as his seeing his shirt did on you, Chip.

  • Sue

    From the history I’ve read Guevara began as a freedom fighter. Now he’s reached the level of an American politician and you call him a communist murderer.

    Go read up on American ‘Military aid’ over the last 50 years. But beware, the atrocities enacted complements of American money will turn your stomach.

    Isn’t there something in that bible about ‘casting the first stone’?

    • JeffH

      Sue, if memory serves me right, the “world” seems to be full of mass murderers. Who knows, perhaps you live with a mass murderer and don’t even know it.

    • Always right

      Sue, wake up call here. Show me ONE communist nation that lives in “freedom” (waits…….waits…….waits…)
      Ergo, a communist CANNOT be a “freedom fighter” as communist governments are, ipso facto, tyrannical; the opposite of “free”.
      People who enjoy murdering unarmed others for thought crimes cannot be “freedom fighters” as the taking of life for free speech is the polar opposite of providing freedom.
      You really need to read books written by people who aren’t Marxist hippies left over from the 60′s.
      Here’s some truth about your “freedom fighter” & his “freedom”:
      Guevara was born in Argentina in 1928 and originally trained to become a doctor at the University of Buenos Aires. In 1952, he embarked on the trip dramatized in “The Motorcycle Diaries” across South America. After returning to Buenos Aires to complete his medical degree, Guevara set off again to travel through the Americas. He participated in leftist movements in Guatemala and Mexico and became acquainted with Cuban expatriates in those countries. He joined Castro’s revolutionary Cuban army in 1956 as a top commander and Castro’s personal physician. He helped Castro topple the regime in Havana in 1959.

      As Castro’s right-hand man in the new regime, Guevara ordered the execution of hundreds of people while in charge of the notorious La Caba?a prison in Havana. He was unapologetic about the mass killings of innocent people, explaining, “To send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is unnecessary. These procedures are an archaic bourgeois detail. This is a revolution! And a revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate.”

      Pure hate. It wasn’t the first time Guevara used the expression, nor the last. He explained how it must be a tool in the arsenal of revolutionary terrorists – permitting them to do things they would otherwise never be able to accomplish.

      “Hatred as an element of struggle; unbending hatred for the enemy, which pushes a human being beyond his natural limitations, making him into an effective, violent, selective, and cold-blooded killing machine – this is what our soldiers must become,” Guevara said.

      During the Cuban missile crisis, Guevara was in favor of a nuclear war with the U.S. because he believed that a better world could be built from the ashes, regardless of the cost in millions of lives. He was overruled by cooler heads in the Kremlin and in Cuba. The nuclear missiles headed for Cuba, 90 miles from the U.S., were returned to Russia.

      Disgraced by the slight, Guevara went to create new revolutionary movements and wage armed struggle in Africa and Latin America. He was killed in the jungles of Bolivia in 1967.

      Guevara was proud of the fact that he personally put bullets in the backs of the heads of many he considered counter-revolutionary.

      Once again, in rallying his guerrillas in Angola, he wrote: “Blind hate against the enemy creates a forceful impulse that cracks the boundaries of natural human limitations, transforming the soldier in an effective, selective and cold killing machine. A people without hate cannot triumph against the adversary.”

      • Cindy

        GREAT POST!!

      • Ron Johnson

        A true pleasure to read something written so accurately. I wish I could shake your hand. I would like to add a request; say a prayer for the Bolivian officer that was in charge during Che’s capture, he’s a retired Bolivian General now and was recently arrested and charged with being a part of a group planning a coup there.

        Ron Johnson
        Master Sergeant (Retired)
        U.S. Army, Special Forces

  • victor

    I’m not giving you a puritan view, however, if you are a christian should believe that Jesus would have a very interesting reaction.
    What do you think that Jesus would have done if Barrabas (The Che of Jesus time) had come to visit him.
    Interesting isn’t it?

  • http://N/A Idalia Gracia

    Che Guevara was not only a cold blooded criminal but a very coward person – At the beginning of Castro taking over el Che put in jail this young Cuban man – and sentenced him to die by the firing squad-why such a sentence? just because the young man was against Castro, Communism, etc. – This jailed young man’s mother went to visit him before he would be executed. Che Guevara and his people knew the mother was going to visit her son – while Che was talking to the mother he had already ordered that the young man be executed by the firing squad – the mother told el Che that she wanted to know when his son would be executed and that she wanted to see him before then. The xxqqq%%%% Che told the mother that she wouldn’t be able to see her son because he was just executed……Now tell me – does that make him a hero? No that makes him a monster with his hands tinted with thousands of Cubans’ blood……..Whoever wears the shirt with el Che’s face must be one of these – ignorant – communist – masochist…

    • John Wagerer

      Hola Idalia: You said it all!!!! Glad Che received the same treatment while on his knees in Bolivia, this message from one who was there!!

  • Regni

    How many W killed?

    • Always right

      Well Regni, so far the count is exactly ZERO

  • lighterknot

    You asked the question Chip; did you get an answer? I hope you have a splitting head ach from reading these posts, if you do read them. But I’ll say this flame blower you are as good as a little boy with matches.
    Hang in there American Liberal; no use preaching to the converted.
    Don’t remind me JeffH… I’ll ride my unicorn on out of OZ.

  • Mr. T

    There is the possibility that there was something on the reverse side of the ‘older gentlemen’s’ shirt. However, as chip had mentioned, it was blocked by a grey sports coat. Maybe there was a funny one liner on the back, who knows. Mr. Grey, as I will be calling him from now on, may not have even been aware of what he was expressing while wearing the shirt. I think Mr. Wood did the right thing for him, you can’t go back in time. It is fun to wonder what Mr. Grey was thinking when he showered, put on his pants and decided, “Hey honey! I think I’m going to put the C.G. shirt on. The A.H. is in the dirty pile”. On a last note, I just maneuvered a few clicks and looked up some info on Amelia Island and its history. Amelia Island was the final location of Santa Catalina de Guale, the main mission of Spanish Florida to the Guale chiefdom. Ahh missions and colonialism, another can of worms.

  • Irwin

    Our Constitution allows that we have freedom of speach. Let him wear his shirt. At least he had the courage to identify himself as a Communist. I do wish he would relocate to Cuba or some equaly nasty place.

  • cris

    Though I did not now about his past, i have heard the name…Killing people, never heard that about him! But in the case pf all the killing, I would say you did the right thing…Maybe he didn’t know he was a killer! But even if he knew, You did the right thing and was the bigger man for holding your tongue! The church was not the right place to advetise such a man!

  • http://gmail i41

    Well, now we all know what am lib does in life, he claims he is an indain. A welfare, lazy assed, government ward, who will do aanything. I can call the socialist lazy asses, just that because my mother was a of indian heritage, she wanted nothing to do with the indain tag, because tribal style of life was so damn socialist. Lib or what ever name he uses, is still a retarded government lazy assed organism in life. The best thing my relatives still point out, is to do away with the “soveriegn nation” b–l s–t. Indian could not support themselves, from decades of being welfare rats. They have not a nano impulse to do anything in life, well they piss and moan, paint, drink, and do drugs. Dems are loved down on the rezs, because it means big feasts, plenty hoochy pop and crooked deals. Indians don’t have to abide by EPA and DEQ rules, and spout the BS they love mother earth, Now I know why am lib is such a dumbass, a definition of mass confusion, is father’s day on the rez. Dems love the beads and braids ignorance style, if they leave get an education, they will do great things, but if they wander back to the rez and they will revert to welfare lazy assed rats!

    • Bob Wire

      more content and less expletives would be must helpful in understanding your posting, or is this encrypted for a select few?

  • William Hatter

    Response to Alex: Ladies & Gentlemen of REAL AMERICA; lets allow the very uneducated cerebally challenged to have their say. Granted, if he or his idot commie collegues were running the country, he wouldn’t be able to have his say. But then his type would be carrying tales to “the man” on the true patriots.

    • Bob Wire

      Sounds exclusive! do tell us more!

  • gofer

    Why would someone spend hundreds of thousands of $$ to keep evidence from being entered that would completely exonerate him of what he was accused of??? Does that make one lick of sense???

    That’s exactly what Obama is doing to keep ALL his records from being disclosed. He sends a team of lawyers to prevent the release of his long-form birth certificate and his records at Occidental College. Nobody can give any rational explantion for this and if this was Bush or any conservative, it would be front page news every day.

    This is very disturbing and to quote Tom Brokaw, “We know very little about Obama and what we do know came from his own books.”

    • TIME

      Good points dude.

  • Sheldon

    Oh Chip… I thought that you were all about the US Constitution? I thought you believed in the Constitution? Defended the Constitution? I do believe your fellow concert goer was protected from your sanctimonious rant by the First Amendment. I do believe his t-shirt, no matter how empty a gesture it represented, is protected by his right to free speech.
    I find it ironic that you get all p!ssy about a Che t-shirt? Che Guevera is a murderer? The death that Che Guevera is responsible for pales in comparison to that of your church. Christianity is the leading cause of premature death in the history of mankind. The Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the Incas, the Mayans, North American Natives, the “troubles” in Ireland…. You get upset at a picture of Che Guevera? You can’t imagine the revulsion I feel when I see a picture of your Jesus on a t-shirt. But I always respect the wearer’s first amendment rights. Glad to hear you did too.

    • JeffH

      Sheldon, do you feel much better now? You liberals just have a special way of articulating your anti-christian thoughts! To think that you know about Chip’s church is even more astounding. Congratulations!

      Hmmm! It seems both your revulsion to a “jesus” t-shirt and Chip’s reaction to the “Che” t-shirt were very similer. Perhaps you have more in common with Chip than you realize.

      • Bob Wire

        I’d like to hear more about these liberal anti-christian thoughts!

        • JeffH

          …keep your ear close to the phone…and your eyes on the prize…

      • Sheldon

        JeffH… I got news for you, atheists can be conservatives too. So personal attack #1… missed.
        When I referred to “your church” it was a reference to Christianity, not the exact church that Mr. Woods goes to. You play a boring intellectual game JeffH. You take one phrase out of context, bend it and then try to disprove the phrase hoping it renders the entire argument false. It might work for the simple folk that fall for Faux News or the lunatic fringe that Glenn Beck deludes daily… but most people see right through that intellectually bankrupt school of debate.
        Yes, I have a lot in common with Chip. We’re both conservatives, we both believe in the Constitution, and it appears we both believe in the First Amendment. I personally found his blog ironic from MY point of view. I might not agree with everything he says and I know I don’t agree with MOST of what you say, but I would give my life to defend your first amendment right to speak freely.

        • JeffH

          Sheldon, well I guess we also have more in common that we realize. Now isn’t that just peachy keen!

          A for the rest of your comment, I’ll credit that to the “lunatic fringe” that doesn’t watch “FAUX” News or Glen Beck.

    • Always right

      “sheldon” writes: “You can’t imagine the revulsion I feel when I see a picture of your Jesus on a t-shirt.”
      isn’t it ironic that the “liberals” act and feel the same way around pictures of jesus and Christianity as the demon-possesed in the Bible reportedly acted? You’d think they’d catch the hint, but since most have never read the Bible, their ignornace blinds them.
      Mark 5:5. Constantly, night and day, he was screaming among the tombs and in the mountains, and gashing himself with stones.
      6. Seeing Jesus from a distance, he ran up and bowed down before Him;
      7. and shouting with a loud voice, he *said, “What business do we have with each other, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? I implore You by God, do not torment me!”

      yep, sounds like sheldon and the other demon oppressed in here

      • Sheldon

        Always Right… you keep trying to prove what an oxymoron your name really is. For the record… I am an atheist. I am a conservative. A very Christian friend of mine once said that I know more about the Bible and Christianity than most of his congregation. (I’m also quite knowledgeable about Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and the Tao). I do not believe in abortion, but I also believe it is the right of the mother to make whatever choice she feels is right for herself (and it’s no one else’s business).
        So “AR” play your game, quote some scripture (which will always have contradictory passages) and call me some names (oh, I see the name is “demon”… yawn). Don’t forget to reply, quote some more biblical verses and let everyone know how you’re going to pray for me tonight.

  • eddie47d

    Jeff H. Now you are and yes they incite at least once a day.

    • JeffH

      eddie, perhaps you could right click on the reply button so more people can associate your replies to the intended comments.

      Never want to dissapoint you.

      • American Citizen

        There isn’t always a “reply” under a reply to a post.

        • JeffH

          American Citizen, I do realize that it depends upon the number of replies to a particular comment…in this case there must be no “reply” 100% of the time…

        • libertytrain

          Also, keep in mind you need to see which box you are answering in. If you notice, each comments, sub-comments, etc are surrounded by boxes. Try and notice the box, find the reply closest to the person you want to answer and use their name – Jeff’s right – so much depends on how many questions get asked. And I bet this answer will fall under below Jeff’s “box” and may get lost if he gets a lot of comments under his.

  • no1rightway

    Good heavens, Chip. I feel the same outrage when I see a shirt supporting GWB, R.R., or the recent teabagger nonesense. Free speech, pal.

    • Bob Wire

      There you go, tolerance for the foolish among us.

  • Hondo

    Alex, you need a history book. I would love to make you a prisoner of che. I’ll add in thatcher and you will really be in deep s–t!

  • http://gmail i41

    sheldon, what are you a muslim pedophile worshipper, muslims make the “church” seem pretty mild. Muslims still go around wacking people in the most barbaric ways, for some of the real or imagined slights. Cut the b–l sh-t on indians, way before whites or the church was ever in the USA, indians wiped out a lot of their brothers. Go along the Missiori River banks, and the National Geographic Society has found areas of massive indian slaughters, with scalp marks on skulls. Whites are always blamed for teaching indians to scalp, In the 1300′s white weren’t even here. More historical bull revision! The troubles in Ireland, hell bells, the shias and shiittes kill just for the hell of it. And you mentions the Mexican’s linage, pulling hearts and defleshing people while alive, with 1000′s being killed day after day. shelly, you a a real moronic dumb butt, you are definetly a socialist dictator swill head


    • Sheldon

      You know what they say about making assumptions? Well, it just applies to you. You make a great leap when you assume I must be a Muslim. The sad fact is that while I find Christianity nothing more than a heap of contradictions… I truly detest Islam. While I believe Christianity to be banal and obviously made-up, Islam is utterly vile and contemptible for so many reasons. Islam is really just about power and control. A religious form of communism. So nice guess, but wrong.
      As for the “Indians” yes their forms of tribal warfare were particularly brutal, but the Incas and the Mayans were wiped out by the “Christian” Conquistadors. (And until you mentioned it I HAVE NEVER heard ANYONE say the whites taught the native American population how to scalp their enemies. Talk about making stuff up.)
      I’m sorry. I guess the leading cause of death in ALL of history is just plain RELIGION… be it Christian, Muslim or Jewish. You talk about the “Mexican lineage” killing 1000s daily… that was to appease their Gods… more religious deaths.
      Yeah, religion. like communism… is just another lame excuse to kill people not like you.

      • Don

        First, there seems to be some confusion in regards to Chrisianity. There is a clear separation between Christians and Believers. Secondly, there are in reality no contradictions. What is perceived as contradictory is really a lack of wisdom on the part of the reader.
        Finally, there has not been 1 soul saved by any church. There is only one source from which any person can become saved.
        I will tell you this. If you truly did some serious reading and comparing scriptures you would be awed by what you would find. That is not taught in any church, nor is it found in plain sight, but is hidden by words and statements.
        Within each person there dwells a spirit. This spirit is as unique and individual each person who resides in body. It is not the house that benefits from salvation, but that which dwells within the house. And yes, indeed sin did not begin with Adam, but did begin in the spiritual realm where we all began. It only takes some serious reading with opened eyes and without a negative atitude.

    • Bob Wire

      thanks for the content! I understood it! I’m not some peachy keen on Ali either. Stone Age belief among stone age people. The humanities failing to keep up with grander human endeavor not to mention the treatment of women like property.

      Crown me KING, and it would go away, one way or the other. But you wouldn’t enjoy it, Nobody would. I promise you a dark day.

  • Bob Wire

    Well Skippy, I was once young and full of ideas of right too! At least you have a wife offering you solid council and you might make it to old age. Old enough to understand just how great at nation might be that permits freedom of expression.

  • KooKKy

    I saw a young boy with a T-Shirt showing Che with guns in Disney World. It was so inappropriate…I wasn’t going to ruin my own time by even addressing it with his parents. But, it was offensive.

  • Chuck

    Mr. Wood I know exactly how you feel. Seeing seemingly upright citezens displaying anti American & un G-Dly symbols, worn by people who often don’t know, tho mostly don’t care about how horribly offensive these images are, particullarly to better informed people.
    Also add that I know the apprehension of setting an unpopular mood at a social or cultural event,so believe me when I tell you that I suffer ten times more than you do, for me the rebel flag is one of the most heinous declarations of treason, terrorism, & is just plain anti American. That reprehensible image is displayed, appreciated, misunderstood(heritage not hate), & even protected, it is a hate symbol. I would be institutionallized if I said something every time I saw some idiot wearing that. Remember, every time you see one che, I’ll bet youv’e seen at least ten rebel crossses. Welcome to hell for learned patriots. C.U.F.

  • http://none Glenn

    Alex probably was not alive when the Japanese surrendered. I’m sure he would like to ignore the fact that they refused to surrender until we dropped a SECOND A-bomb, and the Emperor ordered the surrender.

    Similarly, I’ll bet Alex was not alive when, day after day, Che marched thousands of civilians into the soccer stadium in Havana and executed them following the “glorious” commie takeover.

    I would hope I had the guts to confront the jackass who wore the Che t-shirt and ask him why he exalted a mass murderer.

  • Claire

    This creep Che is dead, gone, kaput. He is the least of my worries.

    The oil spill is bothering me at this moment. Thanks to deregulations and inspectors NOT doing their jobs we have one hell of a mess. All done in the name of “greed.” They have to make those big profits regardless of what happens to humanity and wildlife. Damn, I wish I was in charge, I would sure make some heads roll. They should never have drilled that deep without the proper equipment that could stop such a leak as this. It seems some of the people are hellbent to destroy America in many ways. All for the sake of money.
    There was a cartoon in my town’s paper today that upset the hell out of me. The top half of the cartoon was labeled “Top Kill” and showed dead birds. The “Middle Kill” showed dead turtles, dead dolphins etc. The “Bottom Kill” showed the dead clams, lobsters, etc. Although this cartoon upset me, it sure as hell made its point.
    As far as I am concerned, we DO need government to regulate these oil companies. Somebody sure needs to keep an eye on them. These oil companies only care about one thing–money! They have made billions in profits. Just how much money does a person need to be happy?
    Go ahead, deregulate everything– and see what happens. Total deregulation means one thing–everything and everyone will be running amok.
    After 20 plus years, they are still cleaning up the Valdez fiasco. We all worry about what our kids and grandkids will face in the future, this is a prime example.

    • Bob Wire

      ” Let’s wake up this Industrial Giant and get the Federal Government off the people’s backs”

      Okay! a little steering to the right when it’s needed is a good thing! Great things were accomplished in short time. But this steering to the right continued long after it was needed. Wealth was changing hands and many loved the life it offered and afforded them.

      And here we find ourselves today, victims of our own medicine, overdosed on too much “right” ~ Nobody shut the valve off Ronnie opened 30 years ago.

    • ThornBully

      Oh yeah! What did Obama tell you? The regulators were in the pockets of the oil companies, but it was Bush’s fault – not his. Or, maybe it was the thought police who said “No drilling in shallow water close to America’s shores”. We already know what huge victims we already are from such greedy efforts – following the malicious “disaster” off the coast of Santa Barbara in 1969. Nope, we don’t want to have to clean up a mess (or even after ourselves) caused by someone else.

      Such a “dangerous”, “foolish” and “risky” undertaking, drilling for oil in the ocean, especially by the corporate greed that brings us ridiculous modern intrusions. What nasty providers they are of such things – things like modern transportation, tools, power, hydraulics, science, research, clothes, electrical distribution transformers, gas fired electrical power, electrical insulation for power cords, convenient appliances, jobs, livelihoods, medicine, understanding, opportunity, carbon fiber, fishing poles, golf clubs, lithographic printing, and fabulous colorful fabrics – the list is too big to bore you.

      Nope! We must remain the drone embodiment of our victim status to the perceived crisis de joir. Time stands still, as we point our collective fingers of blame at the stained guilt hands of fault attached to the greedy arms of the purveyors of industry, information, and modern civilization. Let’s all crawl back into our “ivory tower” principled perfect places, and to the Che agrarian (and hopefully socially acceptable) simple equal lifestyles that have never existed on the planet. What putrid puke your comments smell like when you regurgitate this rubbish by impugning an entity you loosely know anything about.

      What do you know? Eleven men died, oil is spewing into the ocean, and it will come ashore. Reviewing history – it’s a sad thing that wild sea life are lost. More importantly peoples lives and livelihoods will be temporarily lost, displaced, or changed forever. The earth will recover with or without your input. History shows us the mess will be cleaned-up, not because you did anything to help, or joined the right, left (or wrong) political persuasion.

      The oil spill in the gulf will leave a mark – on written history, but people will survive and get on with their lives. There is an end to the crisis – in the very near future. But, not until the collective “victims” – the least of whom are the true victims – have insinuated themselves into the mess, and cause more problems for the rest of us by blaming impostors – dangerous, foolish, risky business ventures in the name of progress for greed.

      What should we expect when we force those who seek to provide us with energy to go find it a mile down in the deep of the ocean – far off the shores of our coast? Can’t we just learn from our mistakes and move forward, or do we always need to penalize the entity who suffered from their mistake (worsening their peril) and then ban the activity which taught the lesson? What use is that lesson? Those who tell you risk is averse and not to be taken don’t live in the real world, and certainly will not be a cause for progress – let alone change.


      • Claire

        Thornbully—My gripe was not having the proper equipment and the wherewithal to take care of any accident. Until such time, then I do not believe in offshore drilling. Progress is great but use common sense, don’t go off half-cocked. I would think people would be smart enough to be prepared–what is wrong with preparedness? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
        I am fully aware of the need for oil. I don’t live in an ivory tower or in a dream world. And I don’t give a plugged nickle for either party. Both parties have been and still are on the “take.”
        What do I know? I can tell you I know a heck of a lot more than you give me and other people credit for. I could also ask you “What do you know.” Are you an expert on everything?
        You have your opinion and I have mine. The difference between the two of us is that I do not imply that others are dumb just because they don’t agree with me.
        And another tidbit–I make up my own mind about issues, I do not rely on others to form my opinions.
        Putrid puke? Regurgitated rubbish? Re-read some of your own posts.

        • Claire


        • libertytrain

          Claire – excellent reply and I do so agree with your logic.

  • eddie47d

    Jeff H’: Please answer John Silvers question instead of evading.

    • Claire

      eddie47d—Give it a rest. All you want to do is argue.

      • JeffH

        Claire, unhappy people like to make those around them unhappy. Poor eddie, nobody wants to play with him no matter how hard he tries. Rejection can be lonely!

        How’s Robin and Tim doing? Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day.

        • Claire

          JeffH–Hi!! Personally I want everyone to be happy but it doesn’t work that way.
          Robin still has her eye, the vets thought she would lose it, but so far so good. Now I just take her to my regular vet every week so they can “monitor” it. She has lost some sight but it looks so much better.
          Tim is doing okay. He sure misses Smokey. He has a rescue female shorthair but she does not have the temperament my guys have. He has had her for 5 years and she is still aloof. She always tries to get out of Tim’s backyard. He has to watch her like a hawk. We think she ran wild for a long time before Tim rescued her. She is different. More like a loner-type dog.
          You have a wonderful weekend too!!

    • JeffH

      fast eddie…You read my answer to JS. Remember that I can play your game better than you can. I again appeal to you to post your replies accordingly…I’m sure you’re sharp enough to hit the reply button.

      You’re also trying to change the direction of the article with your Obama’esk and almost apologetic excuse of your American citizenship by emphasizing American military atrocities. I suppose you feel it fair to compare Guerva to, and attempt to dehumanize the American soldier as, only killers of women and children. Just the fact that you can express yourself freely this way isn’t enough of a slap at the American soldier, you are supporting Che’s existence as a murderer based on a lack of knowledge about whether he “lined up hundreds of innocents” and killed them. Make no mistake about it, when “hundreds” are killed like this, the enemy is amongst them and they do dress the same and look alike. Ask a war veteran if you dare!

      That I know from first the hand accounts by my older brother, who served in Nam through 1970. War is hell and also brutal.

      You have at it with your anti-American soldier rhetoric..and I’ll continue with my pro-American rhetoric and when all is said and done…to the victor goes the spoils.

  • http://n/a dcwike

    Mr. Wood,

    Prejudging a person by what he wears may be a great loss.

    Why, if you were so curios, did you not approach him after the concert and just ask, “Great concert, wasn’t it?”

    Who knows what you would have discovered about the man? He may have chosen to wear that shirt just because he liked the colors in it.

    I am a firm believer in freedom to express yourself. I saw what I though was a teen punk rocker, gum chewing girl who dressed like a street hooker walking down town. No, I did not approach her in person at the time, and, yes, I found her attire disgusting. But, a week later, I realized she had the most beautiful voice when she sang a solo in a church choir that visited my church.

    We will never know whether or not that man dressed to express his views or not, but, who has the right to prejudge any person’s character before getting to know them?

    Sad to say, though, we ALL do it at one time or another, huh?

    Now, had the guy been with a group of people wearing the same shirt……….

    • Claire

      dcwike—A person cannot be judged from the “outside”— it is what is on the “inside” that counts.
      A person can look like a movie star and be a pitiful example for a human being. A person can be ugly as sin and yes have a beautiful soul.

    • American Citizen

      The way a person dresses makes a statement. Growing up, we were taught to dress modestly. We were also told that a woman’s best asset is a man’s imagination.

      • Claire

        American Citizen–I am not condoning the Che t-shirt and I agree to a certain extent that the way a person dresses can indicate the “type” of person they are. However, I know a few people that dress like maniacs BUT they are good people. It is puzzling to me why they dress the way they do but they still live decent lives.

  • Jeanjeanie

    We as a society have been guilted into silence. We’ve been called names and belittled every time we speak against the leftist/anti American indoctrination that is coming out of our schools and universities.

    We need to speak up. At first you many feel a bit embarrassed at the attention you get, but after a few goes at it you start to feel empowered and very good about being honest to yourself and those who haven’t gained the courage to stand up.

    I too have friends whose family members were killed by Che. They were the first to inform me of what a killing animal Che was. But like me, most don’t know. Speak up and let others know.

  • eddie47d

    Pathfinder; Not hardly, But now we know which side you are on. That would be a defender of a true mass murderer. You glorify your mass murderers just like there are people in Rwanda who felt justified in killing the Tutsis’. That doesn’t wash and you are a fool to believe it. I’m not denying Che killed people but did he line hundreds up like Calley did and actually commit mass murder. By your way of thinking Gen. Sherman would have been a mass murderer as he rode through the South. Was Che like Col.Chivington who slaughtered hundreds of innocents on the Colorado prarie. Not hardly but you would think so by some of the one sided comments.Anyone who kills has their life altered even if it’s self defense. So Che was probably a little demented by the time he bit the dust but that still doesn’t make him a mass murderer.

    • JeffH

      Young Argentines have taken to sporting shirts emblazoned with the putdown, “I have a Che T-Shirt and I don’t know why.” The Australian band The Clap sings of the “Che Guevara T-Shirt Wearer” who has “no idea” of who he is. The Cuban punk band, Porno para Ricardo, which has been arrested for “social dangerousness,” openly declaims the Castro regime and its heroes such as Guevara.

      Che rarely missed an opportunity to make life miserable for those who opposed him. During the fight against the Batista regime, Che ordered the summary executions of dozens of real and suspected enemies, becoming the very thing he said revolutionaries must be: a “cold-blooded killing machine.” As a leader in post-Revolution Cuba, Che became known as the “butcher of La Cabaña” prison, where he oversaw hundreds of murders of political prisoners and “counter-revolutionaries.”

      Karl Marx, of all people, once remarked that history repeats itself, the first time as tragedy and the second time as farce. Marx argued that history was the key to understanding the real world, and history is certainly no friend to Che Guevara. If his younger admirers study the historical Che–the one reputed to have declared “I feel my nostrils dilate savoring the acrid smell of gunpowder and blood of the enemy”–they will understand that Che’s original influence was indeed tragic, not just for Cubans but for many others as well. And they just might skip the farce phase, out of deference to the many victims of the butcher of La Cabaña.

      • John L. Wagerer

        Che received his moment of glory while kneeling… with a bullet through the back of his head… one eye survived..he did not have to see the lone shooter….which was much more sympathy than he gave to his victims!! Anyone who KNOWLING worships this animal deserves the same…except with a frontal firing squad !!!

  • Save America Susie

    The bottom line is: If they are already wearing the CHE’ T Shirt, it is too late…Doubt they would welcome a conversation over it. So I would just leave them alone. In a way, maybe they want it that way. The T-Shirt is just a double dare you kind of thing.

  • Colony14Author

    Most people are ignorant about Che Guevara’s barbaric “career.” I have confronted people wearing Che T-shirts in the past, but always politely, simply asking that they may want to research his history. Usually they are young people. usually they say, “%#^& you, old man.” (Not that I am an old man, but I am old enough to have attended school when they taught history.)

    Read The Obama Timeline.

  • http://yahoo Jack Ferrel

    I’d have done nothing. To many Che was a hero. Who am I to tell them they’re wrong. It’s their business, not mine.

    Secondly, people wear T-Shirts with all sorts of things on them and I’d venture to say the people wearing them have no idea what it means, but wear it because they think it looks “cool”. I think that is the case most of time.

    Why get upset about something you can’t change? It’s a waste of time and energy.

  • BonnieMW

    I am quit sure you did the right thing. More than likely he wore the shirt to get the attention of someone like you.

  • Donna R

    As vicious as that man was, Chip, I, being such a weakling, would have said nothing. I would be wishing I could just ask the Lord “Why do you let him walk among us?” I’m proud you stayed calm, quiet, and civil. That seemed to be a challenge for you. You would have gained NOTHING by voicing your disaproval.

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart for being the “bigger man” and walking on.

    A faithful follower of your writings and opinions. Donna R.

  • ThornBully

    I think a better picture of Che to print on a T-shirt (billboard) would be the one of him laying in repose on the day after his execution. Quite the poetic epitaph for such a lover of poems as Guveara – sardonically speaking.

  • Don B

    I have made up my mind on things such as this quite a while back. If I should encounter someone wearing a T-shirt like this and I was a paying customer or memeber of an organization that had a function and something like this occurred, I would ask for my money back. I have made up my mind if the Priest at the church I go to mentions “Social Justice” or some such non-sense, I will get up and walk out that very moment. I have already instructed the wife that is what will happen and it will, PERIOD.

    • JeffH

      …can’t argue with you…always stand by your convictions…

  • Norma

    There will always be people to stupid to live but what can you do its against the law to kill them so just lock them in the nut house and leave them to their own stupidiuty it will bore them to death and to all the people who think I am cruel or nuts just wait till your child marries one of these freaks and brings them home for you to support

    • Claire

      Norma–you are not cruel. I feel the same way. This is a different generation, they were not brought up the way you and I were. While there are still some good kids, some of the others do not have the same beliefs, it is a “do as I please” on a daily basis and “to heck with the outcome” world now. In fact, they don’t even think of the outcome. They believe in a “if it feels good, do it” mentality. What bothers me is the lack of any guilt feelings.

  • Norma

    OH by the way Alex you idiot our soldiers are not Paid to DIE they are paid to protect the lives of idiots who dont know anything about them and probably are not smart eneough to even pass the test to get intio the military like hmmmmm maybe YOU

  • Hank

    The young left wingers don’t know jack about WWII and the A-bomb, and a lot of baby boomers are clueless as well. Though I was a young sailor,just getting out of boot camp with others my age, we grew up fast,and we all knew we were headed for a huge invasion mission about November. I consider that Truman was right and honorable about ordering the bombing. The Japanese command was not about to surrender; that’s wrong headed revisionists’ dreaming. It took a second bomb and the belief we had more that convinced them to give up. Personally, I was not a Truman fan. In fact, I didn’t like him nor do I honor his memory. He was soft on Stalin and communism. I’m 83, a Pacific sea duty veteran; my few remaining shipmates and I know the truth that the brainwashed idiots wish to destroy.

  • Hank

    The young left wingers don’t know jack about WWII and the A-bomb, and a lot of baby boomers are clueless as well. Though I was a young sailor,just getting out of boot camp with others my age, we grew up fast,and we all knew we were headed for a huge invasion mission about November. I consider that Truman was right and honorable about ordering the bombing. The Japanese command was not about to surrender; that’s wrong headed revisionists’ dreaming. It took a second bomb and the belief we had more that convinced them to give up. Personally, I was not a Truman fan. In fact, I didn’t like him nor do I honor his memory. He was soft on Stalin and communism. I’m 83, a Pacific sea duty veteran; my few remaining shipmates and I know the truth that the brainwashed idiots wish to destroy.

    I am proud of that one of my grandsons is training to be a SEAL.

    • Chuck

      By the way, it may help the pro-drop the bomb on Japan, argument if when I argue to the anti PDB on J crowed by saying “look what they,(the Japanese), did to the Chinese”, that you folks whom I agree with could contain your rascism & not scowl at me,for the crime of thinking that whites can justify drastic action based on the fate of asians. I’m sure that foaming at the mouth about “sneaky jap bastards etc”, vents the anger for what ever your fathers did to you, but my objective is to suuccintly debate & hopefully win the argument. That being the fact that Japan’s extremism justified our’s.

  • http://________ Pearl

    well….not knowing either of you guys I believe keeping your mouth

    shut, ignoring the situation was beneficial to both parties. The more

    you stir a stink the more it smells. If by expressing your opinion

    ‘u’ could have lost your..shirt..or even your life. By wearing the

    shirt, maybe that was his MOTIVE to irritate that small voice the

    demon from h–l which was sitting next to your ear coaxing. This is

    supposedly a free country and everyone supposedly has rights.

    Blessed are the peacemakers.

    • ThornBully

      Whatever you do, don’t stand-up in a canoe, don’t forget to wear clean underwear when you leave the house, but most of all, don’t stand-up for what you believe in. For crying out loud, someone might get hurt – and it might be you. Just sit idly-by while the whole mess boils over, and don’t pick a fight for what’s right “in your opinion”. Those foolish signers of our Declaration of Independence – how dare they! What business did they have risking their lives, their honor, and their fortunes to do what, make things better for everybody else? How selfish they were causing all a ruckus and that Revolution. Oh what a mess!


    • Claire

      “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall inherit the Earth.”

      • ThornBully

        Let’s get our verses strait Claire. Quoting scripture Mathew 5:9 “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.”

        To inherit the earth the appropriate life attribute is meekness not humility as you suggest. Not because meekness is such a winning trait, but because God promises to bless the meek with an inheritance through the work of the righteous “sons of God.” Quoting scripture Mathew 5:5 “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”

        God’s promise in Mathew 5:5 is actually restating the promise from the song of King David Ps 37:11 which says, “But the meek will inherit the land and enjoy great peace.”

        If you know what’s in the Word you wouldn’t hesitate to to speak the truth to anyone.


        • Claire

          Anything else?

          • Claire

            BTW–I wasn’t quoting from the Bible. I used my own terminology, that is why I put quotation marks before and after the sentence. I am sure we all know that the word is “meek” and not “peacemakers.”
            If and when I quote from the Bible you can be sure I will have my verses “straight.”
            I do not necessarily like to be pounced on if I post something incorrect.

  • Leslie Fish

    No, it was proper to say nothing at the concert. Che was a raving murderer in real life, which is why Castro sent him off to fight and die somewhere else, but Che as Revolutionary Hero is a myth. His mythic icon — that famous high-contrast portrait — has become simply a symbol for revolutionary sympathies, nothing more. Interrupting a concert in a church to point out to some naif that his mythic icon was in real life a worthless murderer would be as rude and pointless as complaining (in public, on the day before Christmans) about depictions of Santa Claus, on the grounds that the original Saint Nicholas didn’t do half the things his legend says.

    The real answer to this ignorance is to debunk it in public. You can do that in a calm and scholarly manner, now that Che himself has been dead for decades. Write this as a simple explanation, as if you were describing the myths behind the Easter Bunny — which are a lot more benign than Che ever was. That kind of treatment will get your myth-debunking essays far wider coverage than any passionate denunciation, in a church or anywhere else, and that’s the surest way to kill a myth.

    Always remember: passion is never a substitute for facts.

    For example: not that rather passionate fellow (with the poor spelling, punctuation and grammar) who insists that America is evil-evil because we’re the only nation ever to have used the atomic bomb in war. It never occurs to him that, yes, we used The Bomb in war — exactly twice: on Hiroshima and Nakasaki — and *never again*, in the 60 years since. How many other nations on Earth would have that kind of forbearance?

    –Leslie <

  • Glen Ethier

    I would have said, in a friendly manner, “Sir can I ask you a question? And whatever his reply, I’d say “I know several people who idolize Che Guevera, and I just wondered if you know his complete history.” If necessary, depending on his attitude, I would admit that he had some noble intentions, “but do you know the whole story?”
    I wouldn’t get into a major debate, I’d just suggest that he do some detailed research. And I might add, “you should really know what message you are displaying.”

  • JeffH

    World’s Shortest Books:

    by Barack Obama

    by Tiger Woods


    by Jane Fonda & Cindy Sheehan
    Illustrated by Michael Moore



    by Rev Jesse Jackson & Rev Al Sharpton

    by Hillary Clinton

    By Bill Clinton

    by Bill Gates

    by Dennis Rodman

    by Al Gore & John Kerry

    by Dr. J. Kevorkian

    by Ellen de Generes & Rosie O’Donnell

    by Mike Tyson


    by O. J. Simpson

    by Ted Kennedy
    by Bill Clinton
    with introduction
    by the
    Rev. Jesse Jackson

    My Complete Knowledge of Military Strategy
    by Nancy Pelosi

    • capt z

      You forgot these:
      “Reasons Why I Was a Great President” by Bush 43
      “Being President Without Cheney” by Bush 43
      “My Military Knowledge and Experience” by Dick Cheney
      “My Mistakes as President” by Bush 43
      “Honesty on Wall Street” by Henry Paulson
      “My Search for Truth” by Karl Rove
      “What I Know” by Sarah Palin
      “The Plan to Capture bin-Ladin” by Donald Rumsfeld
      “Honesty and Truth in Washington” a collection

      • Right Wing

        Jeff’s post was funny…your was not.

      • Norm

        I like your titles except “My Mistakes as President” by Bush 43 would be longer than an Encyclopedia.

        How about for shortest books:
        “My core principles” by John McCain
        “What I love about the US Constition” by Rand Paul
        “My Vocabulary” by George W. Bush
        “Effective Government” by Jim Demint
        “The Art of Compromise” by John Boehner
        “The Power of Truth” by Rush Limbaugh
        “A Healthy Mind” by Glenn Beck
        “Stand on your Principles” by Mitt Romney

        • Norm

          This reply is to capt z.

          • Norm

            What I love about the US Constitution” by Rand Paul

          • Right Wing

            A very good short read…”My Life” Che Guevara

      • JeffH

        I suppose I did leave one and probably the most important shortest story out…

        by Barack H Obama

        • Guido

          The ultimate in short books:
          Intelligent Conservatives – A Comprehensive Compendium.

    • Steve

      LMAO Jeff;
      Every one of those was just hilarious. Thanks buddy, I needed that :-)
      capt z;
      Your list really zzzzucked. It wasn’t funny, didn’t make sense, and was rather ignorant and pathetic. Kind of reminded me of the most inept comic on open mic night. Did your 6 year old make it up for you?

      • Claire

        I can see the humor in both lists. Neither party walks on water.

      • JeffH

        Steve , I’m offended by your remarks…where is your sense of humor?
        My bad manners have offended another liberal, the shame of it all…NOT!

        • Steve

          What the heck are you talking about? I said I LIKED it. I thought it was so damn funny I copied and sent to all on my email list.

          I said capt z’s zucked, not yours! What are you reading?

          • JeffH

            Steve…OOPs! Sorry bout that, your right…my very bad!
            Have a great Memorial weekend and I apologise for my stupid sarcasm.

          • Steve

            OK Jeff, you’re forgiven, but for your punishment, you have to come up with something even funnier, and that may not be possible. ha ha ha… good luck :-)

    • Chuck

      You forgot the pi’ece de la resis’tance’

      Coherent thoughts during my final two years in the white house. By Ronald W Reagan

      My absolute favorite is a lenghthy book by Reagan,known as,..How I conducted a 19th century Indian policy in the 20th century, & succesfully used fascist & communist ideals to justify it.

      • Steve

        The Number #1 shortest book of all time however is:

        “My Intelligent Thoughts”
        by Chuck

        There is only 1 page, and it’s blank!

        • Chuck

          Gee that was SOOO deep steve, do you think you could respond with something substantial?, concerning Reagan’s 1986 attempted executive order that would have forcefully removed Hopi & Din e’ indians off of their final reservation in Arizona, (big mountain); or his reasoning that “OUR” need for the uranium discovered on the reservation outweighed the needs of the Indians,(commie). Not the mention that this particular “NEED” was a lie, manufactured by millitary industrial interests that Reagan represented(fascist).


          • Steve

            Sorry Chuckie, but when you leave an opening that big, somebodies going to walk through it. You liberals need to remember that when you come on a conservative blog, and spread your socialist crap, you’re going to get some of it back. You blast conservatives, we blast liberals.

            “Life’s tough.
            It’s even tougher when you’re stupid”
            -John Wayne

  • bedbug

    I’d just ask him if che was one of his relatives? And if he didnt speak Cubano, he didnt qualify to wear it!!

  • Keith

    Seems to me that this tee shirt wearer should be knee capped with a lead pipe as an example to others. Too damn many commie lovers enjoying the efforts and deaths of our heroic military personel.

    Retired USN.

    • Norm

      Yeah. I think I remember that in the Constitution. Maybe it was the Nazi German Constitution!

  • diane

    I would have started a converstion however small about anything then in passing ask him who wa that on his shirt? That leaves the door wide open for any further converstaion in a very polite loving manner. Some times you just need to leave them wondering and let them ask and answer thier own questions>

  • Chava

    I would have simply said “interesting shirt”. Do you subscribe to those views? Depending on his answer, I would proceed from there.

  • william ahrens

    All of this debate about Che gives him far more credibility dead than he ever had alive. People who lionize him are either ignorant or are looking for attention like a spoiled attention deficit child. He ended up a failure killed while promoting a failed philosophy. If you emulate him I pity you. You’re a loser because Cuba is not the garden spot of the western hemisphere. Seems to me there’s a hell of alot of Cuban boat people trying at great risk to come to the States. We are fortunate to live in such a wonderful country much of the rest of the world admires no matter what they say because its likely their country is a POS. 14 million undocumented Mexicans can’t be wrong. Let us not allow the Obama’s, the greedy and corrupt among us prevert it. God bless America.`

  • Andres Orokl

    As a Cuban who had both his parents imprisoned and torture in 1962, I would have kicked his ass!

    • Right Wing

      In your case, I would have had your back.

    • Norm

      Andres Orokl
      Unfortunatly for you this is not Cuba. I suggest you return and kick all the butts you want.

      • TIME

        So Normie baby,
        There you go and show your true color!

        As its 100% obvious that Andres is a legal citizen of the United States just like my Grandmother who was Cuban.

        Yet you seem to be more interested in the rights of people here that are Illegal’s. Thus the question remains why is that?

        Well dude you have now clearly shown that you “condone Murder by Marxist.” Well we all had your number long ago, but thanks for making it “”Crystal Clear”” as to what you really are.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Bruce D.

    It is a free country. The man can wear any shirt he wants to. I would only make it an issue if you came into contact with him or introduced to him. Then I would just state my case without emotion for the sake of intellectual integrity and move on. The right to freely associate and not associate is surely a great freedom that is under appreciated.

  • Steve

    We are surrounded by idiots and ignorance all day, every day. If you were to address it every time you saw it, you would not have time to eat, sleep, or go to work. Now WHAT WOULD WE DO, if you didn’t go to work?

    If the man is still that ignorant at that age, nothing you could have said would have made any difference. The best example I can give you is a poster on this site. I wont mention any names but his initials are American Liberal……. ooops ;-)

  • Norm

    The T-shirt wearer is entititled to his opinions just like anybody else in this country. That’s one of the great things about the USA.
    I get upset when I see Palin or Cheney gear but I don’t seek violence or retribution.
    The simple answer to you right wing nuts is live and let live. Obey your Constition and your version of God.

    • Steve

      Comparing a mass murderer like Che Guevara to Sarah Palin is just plain IGNORANT! Do you even think before you post your crap?

      • Guido

        I’ll correct your sentence for you Steve.
        “Sarah Palin is just plain ignorant.”

        What else can you say of someone who wants to destroy the environment and proudly proclaims “Drill baby drill?”

        • Steve

          Hey Guido;
          What’s the matter buddy? Are you jealous of an intelligent, successful white woman? Are you afraid of her because she was going to take your welfare check and food stamps away, and make you earn your living instead of stealing it from the backs of hard working American citizens?

          Sorry pal, but you and your radical environmentalist friends are the ignorant ones. Any one who would believe Al Gores “inconvenient lies” has no standing to slander Sarah Palin.
          FYI Guido, I.N.S. is looking for you. They’re not deporting you only for being an illegal alien. They put you on the top of their list for being an IGNORANT illegal alien. Buenos dias you blood sucker

          • Cindy

            Guido isn’t just afraid of successful intelligent women, they all scare the hell out of him. Run Guido run…..Run like your life depended on it…. ha ha ha

          • Guido

            Sarah Palin an intelligent white woman? Well, she might look intelligent to a (offensive words removed) like you, but people who are actually intelligent laugh at her stupidity. She is probably a step down from the previous moron your republicunt Supreme Court selected as President.

            And thanks for showing what a racist (offensive word removed) you are. I’ll be sure to show your post to all my friends.

          • Guido

            I’m no fan of Al Gore. I think he’s a snake oil salesman. But at least he isn’t an idiot which is more than can be said of Palin or Bush.

          • Jim

            Leave it to a Guido to stick his big nose in Norms business, instead of letting him respond. A typical elitist libturd. Take a flying f… you socialist Che lovin moron.

          • Steve

            So Guido, you’re an admitted socialist and a Che lover, and you’re going to show “my racist” post to your friend(s)? How many friends do you have? One? Are you talking about your cellmate Bubba? Gee, I’m impressed. But I’m less than impressed with your excessive use of 4 letter words in your posts above, where you expound on Ches’ greatness. I don’t think you’re the sharpest tool in the socialist/communistas shed Guido. Maybe your handlers will realize that you just aren’t bright enough for this forum, and will reassign you to the daily kos with all the other ignorant commie/socialist/liberals. Your intellectual ineptitude will better suit their purpose over there.

        • I’m just sayin

          Guido? Do you live in Nicaragua? I read your post from above and you seem to know some about the place.

        • Sandra

          To commie Guido;
          Take your commie lovin ass back to where you came from. We don’t allow your kind in America. You can hide behind your computer keyboard but you better not brag about your commie socialist ideals in public.
          Skive off you communist wanker!

          • Guido

            I’m not a commie, I’m a socialist. To you idiotic fascists it may look the same, but it isn’t. I don’t believe in the revolutionary overthrow of the government. I believe in its change through democratic processes, the kind that allow the people to elect a great President like Obama.

            But communist and socialist movements in America have as deep roots as you fascist repugtards do. They haven’t butchered near as many people though. Centralia, Maitwan, 9-11??.

          • Sandra

            Oh… Well let me correct myself then…
            Skive off you “socialist” wanker. We don’t want you here either!

  • Letemdangle

    I used to get upset and sometimes angry at people who I perceived as being rude, ignorant or careless. Many times I approached them, but it was never at a public venue where I could embarrass them. These people would ruin my day. After complaining to my wife about people who offended me, she said,”don’t let people you don’t like ruin your day. Instead, be the best you can be and hopefully that will rub off on other people”.
    In regards to Che. “You are judged by the company you keep”. Che kept some really ruthless company.

  • StacN

    It’s amazing to me how easily people get so defensive. I can plainly see that Chip has amazing manners & he has politely asked a question.It is not hard to tell that we have alot of radical people in this country with no respect & manners whatsoever. They seem to feel that they have a right to put anyone down anyone that doesn’t agree with their ungodly & radical ways. What has happened to commonsense people? Has America forgotten how God has blessed us.

    It is so easy to pick out the radicals because they start insulting & calling people racists,no manners or class whatsoever. I am sorry but the Leftists are the problem, not the solution! If you have such hate in your heart, then why don’t you go back to where you came from?

  • Anna Mydlarz

    Lidnsey lohan was just seen wearing this shirt on the Disney Channel, confessions of a teenage drama queen on May 28, It was the exact same colors as the one the guy was wearing in the church. This is part of the problem I believe the young people think she has a clue and mimic her wearing that. very sad

  • June

    Innocent or not, people in this country get away with such wrongs because it’s a rare individual who sticks up for his beliefs is such situations. In some instances it takes ‘baby steps’ and I would have asked if he knew whose picture adorned his shirt. If the response was no – edify him. If his response was yes – call him a scum bag – God will forgive you.

  • PatriotDiva

    Dear Chip, I can imagine a conversation with the fellow going something like this, “Hello sir. We’ve never met before, but I couldn’t help noticing your Che Guevera t-shirt. It’s an interesting choice of shirts to wear to church. If you don’t mind, could you tell me what you know about him?” Then pause and wait for his response. I personally couldn’t have remained silent. I would at least have had to know if the man actually admired the communist scum.

  • Frank in Arizona

    You were in a church! A simple way to address the idiot in the designer “Che” uniform was to pray out loud.
    - LORD, your signs are everywhere, if we just pay attention. YOU have spoken to us through the gentleman two rows ahead me. I remember now that man can put an end to the evil that fallen souls will attempt to perpetrate on others. Che’ was such a perpetrator: a communist; an anti-Christ with a small a; a murderer; and with pure evil in his heart. Men have a choice to submit to evil or submit to YOU. In the recent past, men had chose YOU over Che; we will continue to choose YOU over any likeness of Che or his followers. We will also pray for the lost souls that follow Che and men like him. – Amen
    Prayers like this can sure help sort out the flock.

  • eddie47d

    Good ol’ Jeff,always misconstruing somebody elses words but you are excellent at it. I have asked Veterans to answer your remark. I am a Vietnam Veteran and Lt. Calley (an American soldier) and even Col. Medina is no mentor of mine. So you can stand behind them all you want. Earlier I stated that some look at Che as a hero and a liberator for he tried to give an impoverished people a voice. Lt. Calley took away the voice of an impoverished people so there is quite a difference. You can stand behind your American killers and spoilers all you want. There morality is not mine and I will not accept their behavior,anymore than I would accept Pol Pot’s. By accepting their evil acts you become that slap against American decency.You quietly say it’s okay because he’s an American. Evil is evil no matter who does it and that includes us. Now let’s go out and salute those Veterans who maintain that decency. Have a great Memorial Day.

    • JeffH

      fast eddie47d, no matter how you try to spin your way out, you have slapped the American veteran once more. I never stood behind nor supported Calley in my comment, I supported our American fighting man.

      You, on the other hand have said: “You can stand behind your American killers and spoilers all you want.” As a veteran, you must have something better to show for your service than a backhand slap at all of the Americas military veterans and active duty personnel.

      I doubt very much that you HAVE asked any veterans to answer my remark as I only made them last night, unless you spent the night searching out veterans of war just for that purpose. Be real about it!

      • eddie47d

        Jeff,Are you always so clueless about what people say. Must be your Cheney or Beck school of manipulative charm where you got your nasty habit. I,ve talked to many Veterans over many years so this must be one of your pissing contests. You loose again.

        • Steve

          You have the same problem as the anti-American liberal does with reading comprehension. Do you just read every other word or sentence. Pay attention to what is actually written, not what you think was written.

  • Al


    Being a Veteran and Cuban born “American” I’m totally offended when I see anyone with a “Che Guevara” image on a shirt, hat etc.. They don’t understand that he murdered thousands of Cubans and he is definitely no hero!!

  • chuck b


    people can say all kinds of things about their service to the country especially when there’s no way to confirm it. when these so called veterans start defending the enemy they place themselves in a class of their own. eddie was probably a veteran of the anti war crowd who protested the war at the berkeley campus. most likely he ‘s still a student. the communist influence in the u.s. used every incident like the one with lt.calley, i didn’t condemn calley for what happened. none of us have an idea what we would do under the same circumstance and the pressure these young men were under at the time. so i’ll stand behind calley. when people defend scum like “el che” it only tells me they are ignorant to the facts and have been heavily indoctrinated by the communist type teachers in our schools, they prey on the weak minds.

    • JeffH

      chuck b, a rat will always be a rat. I just listened to a local radio show called Hometown Hero’s and the interview was with a very proud ‘Nam veteran who mentioned a notice passed out to returning military to change into civilian cloths before they got home to avoid the anti-war protesters. He said it still shames him today that he changed into his civies. Soldiers are trained to follow orders. I was raised just a few miles north of Berkely, Ca and never considered participating at any anti-war protest rallies.

      Have a great Memorial Day! Everyone.

  • http://libertyboblivingston Col. Robert Eskins, Retired

    We fought for the freedom of agree to disagree. You may disagree with him, but if you were a Cuban who lived under Batista, you might like Che Guevara. On the other hand, as a veteran, I honor our nation, our flag and our presidents, but I must admit I liked George Bush Sr.,but have no respect for him, Clinton or Obama. I think Guevara was at least honest about what he believed in,as are you, me and Congressman Livingston. So, I believe it was best that you respectd our First Amendment to the Constitution and let the man alone, even if you disagreed with him.
    If you wished to discuss with him after the concert that would be o.k, but not be disruptive nor to abuse him or any other person, even if you disagree with him or her. We are lucky we do not have a Batista, but we’ve had enough erosion of our democracy under Clinton,Bush Jr. and Obama to wonder how long our country will last.
    Col. Robert Eskins, USMC,retired

  • http://libertyboblivingston Col. Robert Eskins, Retired

    Sorry, I meant to say I have respect for President George Bush Sr,I did, and I do, but not for Clinton, GW Bush Jr, or Obama.
    I am for the good of the country, I fear the latter three are only for themselves and not for our country, just as the bankers and Wall Street gang are only interested in money and their power.
    Col. Robert Eskins, USMC, retired

  • chuck b

    col robert eskins

    yes, i’m sure the cuban people welcomed the land reform that fidel and che were responsible for, a half million acres of u.s propety distributed to the peasants, however, they found out giving people land and expecting good results don’t always work. that turned into complete failure. with all the liberal pres making el che and fidel as robin hoods its no wonder a lot of people that tend to the socialist side admired them. che was a very intelligent man, however, his marxist type mind led him to his downfall, from africa to bolivia he failed and was nothing more than a muderous thug in the end.

  • bmarfra

    you should have at least asked if he was aware of how many people this man has personally killed. I belive we are doomed simply because the youth have bee n soo dumbed down

  • chuck b


    we can thank the liberal education system, i’m sure lenin would be proud of this accomplishment.

    most people haven’t learned the lesson even “che” discovered, if people do not earn what they get, they soon become complacent and fail.

    yes, che’s instinct’s came out when he commandeered the havana prison and slaughtered political opponents. our media even in those days were starting to sympathize with the communist movement and really didn’t put much emphasis on this, even when you search google, the
    information is slanted and they have a hard time telling the truth about this man. “el che” jane fondas hero!!!

  • Robert

    i wouldn’t worry about it. imagine if God bolted us every time we did something stupid/wrong/etc. if after getting to know the person later on God opens up an opportunity then so be it. the main thing is that he get saved; that God speaks to him in church. quite frankly we have a history of strange deaths surrounding our president’s – especially when someone has information that can get the president impeached or worse, hauled off to prison. so there is a lot of cleanup in our country before we start whining about all the murders in other countries.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Bruce D.

      Robert you should not make lightly of murder just because it happened in another country and does not affect you personally. America has its problems like anywhere else but you should not use any problems America might have as an excuse to close your eyes to what is happening elsewhere.

  • chuck b


    the article on this page is about the shirt and picture of che and the church, remember! its not about god forgiving anyone. the discussion is about che and should people wear a picture of this man in church. so we are not whining just reiterating the truth about him. if god wants to forgive him, that’s up to the almighty god.

  • Linda

    Though he is very good looking in his youth, the history speaks for himself. The man needs to be educated – send him some info, since you didn’t say anything to him that night.

  • Lizzie

    If you support the Constitution, which I’m sure you would shout from the housetops that you do, then you should know that a citizen is free to wear whatever shirt he or she wants to wear. It is called freedom of speech, and it is guaranteed under the Constitution. I may or may not agree with him, but I suport his constitutional rights to state his opinion, as long as it is not done violently. You should be glad that both he and you have this right. Many people in the world do not.

  • Martha Wilson

    I would have handed him a note on the way out.

  • Gale Hamilton

    One of the major problems with the American society today is that most of its “silent majority” citizens are more concerned with “not rocking the boat”, “not making waves”, and “being politically correct”, than they are with holding the rest of the citizens accountable for their actions. True, in this case the “gentleman” you spoke of did not personally affront you directly, but in reality his thoughtless actions were a direct overt insult and an affront to everyone that he openly displayed his shirt to. Broadcasting the message that he did in a church was a prime example of unacceptable and irreverent behavior.
    I would have confronted the man and asked him if he was personally aware of who Che Guevara was, and how many thousands of people he was responsible for slaughtering? My personal guess is that he wouldn’t have known, that he was just wearing the shirt in honor of a revolutionary activist, without any knowledge of what he really did. It was sacrilegious to wear that shirt in a church, and the man really needed to be educated. Failure to educate the man on the spot just insures that he will repeat his thoughtless and ignorant actions again in the future.

    • trut

      You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs , Gale.

  • Ron Johnson

    I would have ask him if he was a Communist. His reply and follow up actions would have dictated what happened afterwards. He would not be the first person I have asked about his Che T-shirt. I would also like to ask for everyone to say a prayer for the safety of the Bolivian General who was arrested in Bolivia two weeks ago. He was a young Bolivian Ranger Captain when his group caught up with the mudering bandit Che. He has been accused of being a member of a group planning a coup. I also would sugest that next time if you don’t want to be confrentational offer him a ride and drop him off in Little Havanna; that way you can have a cold Cuba-libre and watch the entertainment.

  • Dan O’Connor

    This article sure stirred up a hornets nest. I won’t comment on what
    has been said, pro and con. I’ll keep my comments to the question at
    hand,”what would you have done?”
    If my wife was with me she would have asked me to not embarrass
    her. This has happened many times, because of her I held my tongue
    and then later when I had time to give the incident some thought I
    regreted my desion to listen to her. The thought comes back to
    haunt me, again and again. I should have said this or done that.
    I’m sure that not getting involved has saved me from paying the
    consequences of shooting off my mouth but I still regreat it and
    always will. Someday I’ll tell her to act like she dosen’t know me
    and I’ll do what I think should be done or said to the person who
    offended me and let the righteous man win.
    Dan O’Connor

  • lighterknot

    Well I finely found a gate out of OZ right into the swampland of reality, blind men were promoting their view of the elephant and making video’s very confusing all 12 versions – my Unicorn was wise though he could smell bull shit a mile away.

    • Right Wing

      knot head. You should have stayed at your local Judy Garland club instead of skipping onto this blog. Maybe you are pissed because a house fell on your sister?

    • TIME

      lighter bone,

      Try changing your socks that and smell will dissipate.

    • Steve

      Liberal knot;
      Those sound like some really good drugs you’re on. Some of the liberals on here were asking if you would mind sharing some with them? You know, kind of “sharing the wealth” like you libs like to do…..

  • lighterknot

    The awful truth is …I love my unicorn the rainbow of colors and the surreal American dream. I visited a liberal blog and they hate Obama as much as you right wing racist. While both camps are sitting there in that little smoke filled inferno of hate between your ears; I sub jest you find a unicorn and look for the 21st century… Neither camp is going to rule and that includes third parties.

    Robots and technology are going to put humanity in a comfortable padded cell where it belongs. To keep it from using the amoral weapons it created. Call it hell; I do, still better than the alternative. We can only be saved by morality which would require reenacting dueling so true heroes of honor can get rid of the scum bag liars. Who are mostly Doctors, lawyers and CEO’s .

    • Right Wing


      • TIME

        RW, I think that may be to light a drug for that nut job.

      • JeffH

        Right Wing & Time…or maybe just let him ride the Unicorn in his fog…

      • Right Wing

        Maybe hemlock?

  • Longrider

    hey Chip… i think the guy with the Che shirt was looking for attention and he would have won even if you said a disparaging word to him about it. Around here, we call them ‘the lunatic fringe’. Maybe i would say to him “nice t-shirt, i should have wore my ‘Hitler’ shirt.” But then…

  • trut

    Thank God for CHE. He did a lot of good for South America and Cuba. How many CIA planes filled with cocaine and/or heroine did he smuggle into the states? None. Well there the number one reason why he was assassinated.

    • TIME

      They have pills for people like you, you know the ones that are NUTZS just like yourself.
      If the Company wacked someone there was a very GOOD REASON for it.
      The Company is not in the drug biz you wacko.

    • Dale

      Che was a gutless little coward . . . who when surrendering to the Bolivian army in 1967, handing over his loaded gun, telling them “I am Che . . . I surrender, do not kill me! I am worth more alive than dead”. Next day the Bolivians shot the little clown.

      Read Humberto Fontova’s fact-filled book “Exposing the Real Che Guevara . . . and the Usefull Idiots Who Idolize Him”

  • Jim H.

    I would have asked if he wanted to buy a Pol Pot shirt, to complete the set. He would have said Pol Who? After saying Che Who? The people to write the letters to is the producers and sellers of the shirts. Maybe the question to ask is what store sold him the shirt, so I would know where NOT to shop.

  • Rob Arnold

    I, while living in NYC, did confront a man with such a ridiculous t-shirt. I simply asked him why he was so enthralled with this man. He automatically became angry. He was a violent man, which most of those wearing such a shirt are. I just told him that he was misguided and needed to look into Che Gueverea to learn the truth. The man then put his hands on me, grabbing me by the front of my shirt and started yelling in my face. I grabbed him by his throat, firm, he let go, and I hit him so hard that when he hit the sidewalk I was concerned for his life, and by that, I mean my own. The police arrived and I simply explained the situation. He was hateful towards the police, pretty much typical of anyone stupid enough to wear this man’s face on their chest in the first place, and I declined to press charges. This was not the only such instance.

    The reality is that Gueverra started out as a freedom fighter, ostensibly, and was against Castro. Soon, though, he joined Castro. A miniature version of Stalin and Hitler they were. Gueverra killed thousands and was no less than a Castro Henchman. A disgusting little man, rotten to the core. My guess is that he thought at first that he could become the dicatator, and was only a freedom fighter in disguise, but if he truly meant good in the beginning, then took the “if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em” tack, he remains on the exact wrong side of history as it goes to human rights and good vs. evil.

    I will pretty much always make a remark to someone wearing such a filthy and pathetically stupid garment. I think it is worth it. So should we all. It’s fight the good fight, and you will win. At least, if you are truly a God fearing God loving man and merit His blessings.

  • Charles Clock

    I would have introduced myself as a member of the church’s parish, and welcomed him to the attendance if he was not a member; and then stated that I am always curious regarding the views and statements of members and visitors regarding the church, its theology and workings, then asked him if his visible presentation of Che Guevera was a statement on his behalf, what that statement might be and how, if at all, it ties in with Guevera and his well documented actions.

    Then I would have listened, thanked him for his response, and bid farewell.

    And reported what he said in a column.

    • Andy1

      And the person was there to enjoy a concert, so you would have been violating his right to have a pleasant night, which wouldn’t have been a very Christian thing to do: Lord it over another person and cause some kind of stress for that person who probably bought the shirt on a holiday or received it as a gift, knows nothing about the person. Perhaps carry a portable printer with you along with a computer and print out something for various people wherever you go, kind of like a my way or the highway kind of Johnny Appleseed of info. If every person who doesn’t believe in Jesus came up to you and accosted you with their beliefs, you wouldn’t have a moment’s peace. Sometimes harshly dogmatic people who need to control others are not radiating out love and caring, drawing individuals to them; they are alienating everyone in their path. Would Jesus do/have done that? – accost someone with negativity? Doubtful.

  • Emily

    The Number #1 shortest book of all time however is:

    “My Intelligent Thoughts”
    by Chuck

    There is only 1 page, and it’s blank!

  • JeffH

    It is the
    not the preacher,
    who has given us freedom of religion.

    It is
    the VETERAN,
    not the reporter,
    who has given us freedom of the press.

    It is
    the VETERAN,
    not the poet,
    who has given us freedom of speech.

    It is
    the VETERAN,
    not the campus organizer,
    who has given us freedom to assemble.

    It is
    the VETERAN,
    not the lawyer,
    who has given us the right to a fair trial.

    It is
    the VETERAN,
    not the politician,
    Who has given us the right to vote.

    It is the
    VETERAN who
    salutes the Flag,

    It is
    who serves
    under the Flag,


    God Bless them all!!!

    • Jim H.

      Jeff, AMEN.

    • James Barnes

      I agree with Jeff, “AMEN!”

    • Rob Arnold

      A hardy thank you to Jeff. Nice. Happy Memorial Day.

      The Veteren’s flag: “The flag presented here is dedicated to those who served and sacrificed so that we all may live under freedom’s wing”.

  • allen

    Seeing the che shirt was probably like breaking a tooth right after taking a bite of ice cream, ouch! I wore a queen t-shirt ” day at the races” the image was wonder women posing as the statue of liberty. The preacher gave up a prepared sermon just to preach at me. The right attire for the right gathering. Free speech is one of the most important rights we have, ignorance is not one of the bill of rights, or is it? God bless our troops, God bless our country, and God bless all of ya’ll. No oppression aloud.

  • Denise

    I have to confess, I do not know who Che Guevara is. I am 41 and only knew his first name after seeing him on a Conservative T-shirt crossed out.

    I will look him up on wikipedia and get an education.

    Now, had the man had a Hitler T-shirt on I would have reacted to him and had a nice little conversation about why he was pro Hitler. But, that is just me.

  • http://na night-hunter

    On the question of approaching someone that wears a Che Guevara t-shirt to a concert in a church, I believe the best course of action, having given it some thought, is to state:

    “Thankfully, we live in the United States, where you have the freedom to express your admiration for murderers, rather than in the country where he was, where you would be executed for expressing opinions that were politically opposed to the people in power. I also believe your taste in t-shirts to be rude and uncouth for the venue, whether you wear it as a political statement, as a means of inciting attention, or out of sheer ignorance. I hope you enjoyed the music. Goodbye!”

    Of course, I, too, probably would have at the time simply ignored him and left.

    For the rest of the folks that have commented here, it is your right to have and express an opinion. It behooves everyone to determine fact as opposed to mere belief, and especially do research on anything anyone asserts without adequate documentation.

  • Mick for thought

    What I have discovered in my reading is that the monstrous actions of this man have been forgotten and he is merely a symbol of counter culture idolized without any knowledge much like Bonnie and Clyde. I would have ignored the idiot.

  • Mick for thought

    Off subject:

    Call a vet tomorrow and thank him or her for serving.

    • JeffH

      Good Idea Mick and take it one step further…say thanks to any military personnel you might run across and possibly even pay for their meal if feasible.

      • Mick for thought

        This vet is working today, but would be a great idea if I wasn’t.

        • JeffH

          Mick, Thank you for your service and for helping to keep America free.

  • Avis Grandon

    Because you were where you were and with your wife, I applaud your keeping your temper. If it had been anywhere else, then go for it.

    My husband faught in two wars so our kids could be free. Now he is gone so who is going to fight for your kids?

    Who is going to inform them that most of the stuff they learned in school and college is just a bunch of cr**. I applaud the people that home school their kids, bet you don’t see them wearing this tee shirt.

    • Ronda

      I think you should have said something. I would assume that anyone who wears a Che shirt has no idea that this guy was a racist murderer. I myself did not know who he was until about a month ago. I never wore his image, but I would have thought nothing of wearing it. If I had, and someone had told me what had done I would have been grateful. I think we need to take every opportunity to educate people. By educating, I don’t mean trying to change one’s beliefs, just spreading the truth. Once people hear the truth, they can do their own research to verify and then they can make up their own minds. I would have approached the guy wearing the Che shirt with the assumption that he didn’t know who Che was and if the person did know and was a supporter of racisim and murder I would have walked away before the conversation got confrontationial.

  • Mike

    Just ask the man to come on stage with you and ask the fans what they think. He will change his mind after the fans explain freedom.

    • Ronda

      Hey jeronimo, we didn’t attack Tokyo – that was Godzilla. :) Communism is Extreme Capitalism? Weird, the actual definition of capitalism is an economic system based on a free market, open competition, profit motive and private ownership of the means of production. None of which can exist under commmunist rule. Maybe you’re spending too much time watching the same television station. Even if you don’t agree with the views of other resources you should at least tune in occassionally – you might just learn something.

      • Steve

        Jeronimos strong suit is not history. “Misquoting” it is his forte’ ;-)
        He’s not too big on spelling Geronimo either.

  • Boo Ewald Taylor

    As for your Che shirt dilemma, I would have to ask the man if he knew what murderer was on his t-shirt or did he just think it was a “cool” shirt? My bet is that he was a misguided ex-hippie pinko kind of guy. Poor guy.

  • Steve Bouton

    I lean towards saying something. I had a coworker (a twenty-something) who had a notepad with that sadist’s face on it. He made it as part of some art class. And can you believe that he is of Cuban descent? Yes, I did scold him. I told him what Che really is. Not a heroic icon, but a sadistic killer. He was totally clueless about Che, but not any more. Education is the best way to fight this kind of ignorance.

  • Andy1

    More and more Canadians are travelling to Cuba and they buy items with Che’s picture on them not knowing anything about him, in many cases. There was an interesting discussion on The Daly Show – just saw a bit of it – fellow promoting his book about how America is fixating on all kinds of things while their society is collapsing; meanwhile, China has fewer individuals (even those who can speak out) who are criticizing their country. Their currency didn’t collapse and is being kept low; and other points were also made I missed, but the point was the the U.S. is in decline and China and India are on the way up in various ways. I just had an operation (live in Alberta, Canada) and am so greatful that I got in with NO expenses to me, NO health care fees, just some taxation as for everyone. The health care was great – just waiting for tests to come back (free). Socialism, it is said by many in the U.S. – well, I would prefer that to the capitalist system in the U.S. where so many don’t have coverage and the wealthy bemoan helping those without health care (very unChristian). It is said that Jesus and early Christianity was really the earliest form of communism – take what you need, put in what you have – but leaders were never equal to others in communism and there really wasn’t a total plan. Still, though, we all know what true communism should be which is what Christianity should be – sharing what we have with others and taking what we need. Where is the chart for all countries in the world – how many have health care and how it is paid for, how many have free-ish university, and additional. It is so weird that America has so many drug issues, immigration issues, gun issues, jail issues, people on the street issues, health care issues, enclave/ghetto issues, stratified issues ref. rich vs. poor, etc. for the greatest country on earth. I just clicked onto this site and don’t know much about it, what it is all about, but I think Obama is an honourable, caring, well intentioned person who is an incredible leader who connects with people – and I also think that too many think that Jesus is the end all and be all, that because they believe in Jesus they have an out for everything. I think it should say that God so loved the world that . . . whosoever believeth in him OR THE CONCEPT shall not perish, but have everlasting life. Too many believe in the man, not what he represented, so too many Christians are almost Taliban-like in their need for power and control and superiority. Spirituality, love, and enlightenment – not dogma itself mean more ref. Christianity, really. The Daoists believe in reincarnation and that Jesus was a good person, but not necessarily the Son of God – and work toward enlightenment. Maybe they are wrong and maybe they aren’t, but too many Christians I know are as judgmental as radical anyone’s, inherited their religion without much thought, and are not what I would call Christian except for having convinced themselves that Jesus is their ticket to heaven, should heaven exist (and it may include reincarnation to learn life’s lessons). I think that without enlightenment and awareness of what so much means, the Jesus ticket is really not going to do them much good at the end of the day – but what do I know – what does anyone, really. Ref. the Che shirt again. For heaven’s sake. You want to cram your thoughts down another’s throat at a concert because you fancy yourself to be right? At your moment of needing to Lord it over another, I wonder if your enlightened Christian self would have drawn that person to you, or if your harsh dogma on various levels would have made him think you need to have some kind of power and control over others. Seriously, the need for control is a bit of an issue. I don’t think that Christians are often very Christian, but should I debate issues re. that at a concert? I think what I think and may be just as right as you are, if not more so, but I should probably be an illustrative example of enlightenment, not some kind of bulldog God him or herself might probably not even be able to stand. I think when many die they will, in a blaze of enlightenment, see that we should simply have loved each other more, but too many feel they have to be right and don’t show any love at all. WWJD re. the shirt? Probably radiated out love toward the person.

  • william ahrens

    chuck b

    All the previous text re illegal’s has dissapeared. Guess we hit a nerve

  • Guido

    Steve, you aren’t bright enough to recognize stupidity, let alone intelligence or brilliance.

    • Steve

      Oh… I wouldn’t?? Well it didn’t take me long to ferret out your Che lovin, commie sympathizing, ignorant socialist dumbazz did it Guido?
      It was obvious to me, as well as everybody else, in your very first post.

      • Guido

        I applauded Che and I proclaimed myself a socialist – you didn’t ferret out anything you (words removed for offensive content)

        • Steve

          Hey, who’s turn is it to babysit Guido? I’m getting bored with him and kind of slezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzepy zzzzzzzzz

          • Guido

            Translation: I’m tired of Guido showing the world that I’m an idiot.

  • Guido

    Steve, my “handlers” exist only in your tinfoil hat covered head. And if I am not smart enough for this forum, you aren’t smart enough for any forum.

  • Sandra

    Anybody want to play with Guido this afternoon?
    Keep in mind, he’s an admitted socialist, he sings the praises of Che Guevara, and is a nutzoid! anybody?
    He can be controlled with lithium, and the orderly will be standing by the sandbox. anybody?

    • Cindy

      Sorry, NOT interested. I don’t think the lithium will help Guido.
      He has not had a single rational post on this entire page.

      My suggestion:
      Try leaving the playground gate open. Maybe Guido will crawl into the street and get run over by some illegal alien on his way to the welfare office.

      • Guido

        I’m so glad. I’m not interested in playing with the likes of you either. But this has been so enlightening. Besides all the red baiting and hysteria and myth, I have found that the rightards posting here are racist, have attitudes towards the mentally ill that are worthy of the neanderthal, and seem to hate the poor – well that wasn’t a surprise. And like Steve is incapable of recognizing intelligence since is so far beyond him, you are incapable of recognizing rationality.

        And I don’t need to collect welfare you #@$#@$ %ow, I’m well-educated and own my own company. Thank god I don’t live in a blue state – you fascists are more than I can fathom.

        Viva Chavez. Viva Obama!

        • Jim H.

          Guido, You’re glad you don’t live in a BLUE state? Do you like being the only socialist on the block? Maybe living in a RED state is the reason your business is OK, you don’t have to pay for the other socialists.

          • Guido

            I meant to write “thank god I live in a blue state” or “don’t live in a red state” and conflated the two thoughts.

        • Steve

          LOL Guido….
          Does anybody here recognize Guido as “being intelligent”? Other than Guido himself of course. We all know that HE THINKS he’s intelligent.
          Note to Guido: 99% of the time, people who have to brag about being intelligent (like you do), are actually not the brightest bulbs in the string. Ones like you, are actually self conscious about their lack of knowledge, and intelligence, and find it necessary to brag about it in order to make themselves feel better.
          It is easy to recognize truly intelligent people by the way they put their thoughts into words. There is actually one liberal on here who is very intelligent, and is easily recognizable by the ease and fluidity of his writing, but it is not you.
          You on the other hand, are just a liberal pompous azz, “holier than thou” blowhard, trying to inflate his ego by posturing with your chest puffed out, and posting your braggart blather on here, in the hopes that it will somehow give you some sense of pride and accomplishment, and hopefully diminish your insecurity. I’m sorry Guido, but a truly intelligent person would know that never works.

          • Cindy

            Ha Ha Ha, Guido intelligent? Ummmm NO! Was that a joke? Maybe Guidos smart in a grade school sort of way. He strikes me as kind of a “boy trying to make it in a mans world”. I suspect he is young, and that is why he’s the way he is, thinking he’s intelligent, and bragging that he is, but hasn’t had the education or the life experiences yet. I get kind of a “third grade recess on the playground” feeling from him.

            BTW I know the intelligent liberal you were describing. It’s B.W. isn’t it? I have thought the same thing about him. Very intelligent. Just a shame he’s a liberal.

          • Guido

            Yes, everyone who is posting here that isn’t a brain dead fascist repugtard (censors get ready to delete those offensive words again – lol) recognizes that I am intelligent.……………………………………………………………………………………………….
            Note to———-: I didn’t brag about being intelligent, I bragged about being well-educated and owning my own company, in response to some fascist nutter who was asserting that I collect food stamps or some such. And fwiw, even if I weren’t the brightest bulb in a string – holy mental metaphors batbrain – I’d still appear bright when contrasted with you.

            Again, a dumb— fascist repugtard (go for it censors) like you doesn’t have enough neurons firing to be able to recognize stupidity. Intelligence and the traits of those who are intelligent are completely unfamiliar and alien to you. If you weren’t such a dimwit, you’d appreciate that and stop trying to give your intellectual betters advice.

          • Judy

            Based on the appearance and content of Guidos posts:
            sloppily written, didn’t stay within the margins, improper punctuation, incorrect verbalization, flighty and random word usage, waves and waves of ANGER, atrocious spelling, and just poor overall construction, both in the thought process of his post, the rambling nature, and the general physical construction of it, I would have to say, NO he is not well educated, and is NOT intelligent! If I was grading Guido, I would give him a D- for his overall score on intelligence for the posts he has made on this blog.
            I am inclined to agree with the girl that said she thought he was young. I would guess he is in his late teenage years, or early twenties, with not much formal education. (I’m sure he will deny both his young age and education) If he is not under 17 or 18, then he is very immature for his age, as evidenced by his braggadocio personality. There is a 90% probability that he was not raised in the United States, or Canada.
            I also think he might have been raised by a parent or other relative who was in some way related to the countries military, or police force, because he exhibits characteristics of having been raised under a strict home life regimen ie: where the parent/government/president/dictator/country is always right, (and he believes and agrees this is the way it should be), quite probably under a socialist, Marxist, fascist, or communist regime, or a country that was in transition, toward or away from one of those.

          • Steve

            Guido says:
            June 2, 2010 at 5:53 pm
            Yes, Steve, everyone who is posting here that isn’t a brain dead fascist repugtard lol) recognizes that I am intelligent.………………………………………………………………………………

            Really Guido? Who are all these people who think you’re intelligent?
            EVERYONE is a pretty big word. I’ll bet you can’t come up with just one who will admit that, unless they’re a card carrying socialist or communist, or a figment of your imagination….

          • I’m just sayin

            (offensive comment removed)

    • Guido

      Why would I want to play with a fascist like you who even uses mental illness as something with which to insult people with? You are probably as ugly on the outside as you are on the inside.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Katherine K

    Sadly, I have to confess my ignorance until reading this, as to who Che was. Thus, let me offer my relatively new strategy when approaching people pertaining to political/worldview conversations. I begin by asking them to enlighten me as to who, why, what…ie “What can you tell me about the picture on your T-shirt?” That question gives me discernment as to how or even if I should waste my time “throwing pearls to the swine.”
    Addtionally, since we arrived at the current political position in this nation due to unchecked propaganda, I tend to be of the disposition, of challenging blatant statements such as those discribed. Yes, Miss Manners may have her opinions, but this individual changed the rules by forcing others to ‘listen’ to his opinion in a totally inappropriate location. Those of his persuasion typically believe church and state are not to be mixed; Yet he did not seperate the two and abide by the rule he would likely have imposed on others. (Of course there is no documentation of the such seperation in the founding documents.)
    In short, I will not sit and passively allow others to rip my nation apart with no fight. Thus unless God is telling you to hold your tongue, as He sometimes does with me, I say SPEAK UP.

  • Dolores

    In response to people like Fernando:

    ””Pure communism” in the Marxian sense refers to a classless, stateless and oppression-free society where decisions on what to produce and what policies to pursue are made democratically, allowing every member of society to participate in the decision-making process in both the political and economic spheres of life. “…so how is that bad?

    Communism is Atheistic which makes it Anti-God/ Anti-Christ – pure Evil.
    Communism PROMISES all the things you list, it does NOT deliver anything but fear, oppression, and death. Read History, not propaganda.

  • lighterknot

    Why didn’t you shoot him? The New Republican Revolution has broken every law known to man; starting with Newt Gingrich and Tom DeLay and ending with Bush / Chaney. They’ve gutted the constitution International treaties and laws “hammered” civility into the ground, amassed a vast following of pseudo Christen morons to cheer the cause, who would not recognize liberty if she pissed in their faces.

    They no doubt would have come to your risqué.

    • Cindy

      Guido the socialist is looking for a playmate today, but like you, he has not taken his lithium. Would you like to join him in the sandbox?
      He doesn’t really play well with others, but he has a certain affinity for socialist wankers like you.

      • Guido

        You seem to spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about wanking.

        • Cindy

          It’s Brittspeak for little boys like you that pretend they are men. Now go have some milk and cookies with your mama.

          • Guido

            Actually, it is Brit-speak for something else. And you seem to think about it alot.

          • Cindy

            Only when you’re hovering around little boy. If I give you a quarter will you go away?

  • Ellen

    Because I have a big mouth and consider myself to be fairly well educated, I would have approached the poor guy with a polite question about the history of the man whose image he was wearing, then the conversation could have gone from there. Where, I don’t know, of course, but at the very least I would have suggested that he do some research on Che.

    I remember how shocked I was when I saw a newspaper picture of an Obama campaign office in Houston that had a Che poster on their wall. That was all I needed to steer myself clear of any Obama.

    And to those who support Che and think Cuba is such a great country, I want to know why you think so many Cubans risked life and limb by floating through shark-infested waters on leaky innertubes to the shores of this awful country. Hmmmmmm? And why did they have to leave in the middle of the night, instead of freely getting on a plane or boat headed anywhere away from Cuba! Answer: No self-respecting Communist country could allow that much freedom of their citizens for fear of losing them ALL! There aren’t so many Cubans trying to escape these days because Castro has either murdered or imprisoned most of those who would be free. One of the first things an oppressive government does is start murdering those who are old enough or educated enough to remember the truth.

    And anyone believing that Communism and Capitalism are alike, I suggest you read the Communist Manifesto.

    Che Guevarro, indeed! I’d as soon wear a picture of Satan, who, it appears, strides the earth unfettered, as evidenced by Guido and others who think like him.

    • Guido

      I don’t think Cuba is such a great country but it is better than many countries. And I don’t think capitalism and communism are that different: without checks and balances to keep them democratic and inclusive both lead to exploitation and oppression.

      You would rather wear a picture of Satan that Guevarro – perhaps this is because you are already in league with Satan? (I too can usurp the power of the Divine to pass judgments and pass it off as political polemic) If you weren’t already in league with Satan, wouldn’t you understand why people are driven to revolt against Kings, against despotic regimes, against imperialist puppets, against Czars, against Commissars?

      If you were really not in league with Satan, why wouldn’t you realize that men like Che are far better men than people like Somoza, Reagan, Rios Montt or Augusto Pinochet?

      • Cheryl

        After having read all your posts Guido, I gotta say, you’re one sick puppy! It’s just a shame you’re wasting all that good oxygen that the rest of us need. What a pathetic excuse for a human being in this day and age.

        • Guido

          A sick puppy… no Cheryl, I am normal and sane. —————- that those traits appear “sick” to you.

          And how could I be wasting your oxygen? I always thought —————–

          • northwoods

            I’m seeing a lot of blank lines in your posts Guido. Are you having trouble assembling any RATIONAL THOUGHTS?

  • Flor

    You could have asked that man with the T-shirt, if he knew WHO Che Guevara was? He might have been an ignoramus; but if he replied that he knew. That Che was a murderer of hundreds (and enjoyed it!) and he still agreed – you would have found out that he was a Liberal/Socialist.

    To all those that answered that this great Nation has been murdering innocents for years… I would invite them to LEAVE this horrible nation. In fact, you could fly to Cuba and stay there. Enjoy!

    If I ever had the power to govern this wonderful USA – I would place an invicible fence all around the States; deport all those that do not agree with our Founding Fathers and are terrorists themselves (or in their hearts). And THEN, whenever ANY of those innocent countries all over the world asked for HELP, or needed help – I would respond SORRY, NO – We do not get involved with any foreign countries ANYMORE – fend for yourself or ask all those other socialist/communist countries that are SO great. I would only take care of OUR CITIZENS who love this Nation.

    See this way, all those ingrates, envious, good-for-nothing individuals would have no reason to complain about the “bad American.”
    Don’t you think this would be the answer…?

    God Bless the USA! Hurray for Freedom and Individual Initiatives!!

  • lighterknot

    Flor; The founding fathers would have thrown the constution in the trash if they had known DUALING would not be around to preserve the honor system. So scum bags, Idiots, women, the insane, the old, the crippled, blacks, Indians you name it – anyone not a gentleman of courage and means; would be cared for or enslaved as second class citizens, good thing you were not around then.

  • lighterknot

    I’m seventh generation American and I’ll guaran-damn-tee you; all my military ancestors from the revolutionary war, civil war, ww1, ww2 and possibly Korea would not condone what we are doing today in ether party but especially the GOP. They would be ready to march again – and I doubt they would have fought if they could have seen this country coming to what it is today. The amoral opportunist who loves money more than life or country would doubtless be their target.
    I’m probably wrong about that and they no-doubt would shoot me for believing Jesus Christ to be a man made deity like all the rest

  • Jim

    How long have Guido and lighterknot been off their meds? Who’s responsible for taking care of them?

    • Cheryl

      Guido and Lighterknot are the socialists responsibility. They spawned the pathetic morons so they have to take care of them from “cradle to grave”

  • Jess Webb

    You were in a church. Confrontation would probaply would at best lead to a verbale argument and could lead to a physical altrication. You did the right thing. I have found that I can’t confront all the idiots in this world, it made me way to busy.

  • Ono Nadagin


    Learn your history the founding fathers were friends with both blacks and indians.

    and on a side note it is spelled DUELING…

    Also your family members went to war to secure your right to believe in or not believe in what ever God you want… so I doubt they would shoot you.

    Study history, read many books find out the truths for yourself… if you keep buying what your history professors are selling you and your opinions have been sold for a pitance.

  • http://Yahoo Judy Jenkins

    I would have gently informed the wearer of all the innocent people who were murdered by this man.

  • lighterknot

    Ono Nadagin;
    Thanks for correcting my spelling and enlightening me on history, I could have sworn Blacks were slaves and Indians kept on reservations except the ones we were still fighting. In which case they would not be privileged to vote or be first class citizens. Though I’m sure the Founding Fathers LOVED their slaves probably some Indians too.

  • Terrence Snyder

    I’ve seen many Mao images on shirts, and Guevara too…Ho Chi Minh in earlier years…not many Stalins, or Hitlers, or Pol Pots, or Idi Amins, or any of the other mass murdering despots… But, what I do know is that the devil is alive and well and doing his work all the time… To glorify a murderer is his work… It’s the upside down and backwards image of evil is good…in fact satan wants his evil to be seen as good…an ultimate lie…from the father of lies… Most who subscribe are already on his side…or just ignorant…gullible…or leftists/commies/marxists/etc… Evil is all around and it takes strength to confront it on a regular basis… I do from time to time…but, it’s enervating…and sometimes dangerous… It also takes guts and fortitude to confront evil… You can take your chances Chip…if the timing were right, I might have said something…but, most likely it wouldn’t have changed much with the wearer…but, perhaps with someone else overhearing… You taking action could influence someone to later take action on some matter… Often leading by example produces excellent results.

  • Ono Nadagin


    No problem on correcting your spelling.

    And to inform you some more, there were many free black men during the revolution.. and there were no indian reservation at that time.

    history and reading are obviously not your forte, no worries there are many ppl here that can help keep you informed of the truths. Also if ever you decide to get hooked on phonics you can pick up some books an learn some truths for yourself.

  • Ellen

    So, Guido. If the USA is so bad, why do so many people want to come here, even illegally and risking their lives? (Other than terrorists who are plotting to blow us to smithereens, that is.) And what other countries are better than the U.S.? We have our problems and drawbacks, but most of those have been created by socialist/progressive governing, starting with Presidents Woodrow Wilson and FDR, and now the Obama administration.

    And for your information, the USA and even the world, was a far better country after Reagan’s presidency than countries that have been affected by revolutionaries such as Che Guevarra, Fidel Castro, Mao, Lenin,

    It’s a simple question, Guido: If the USA is so bad, why do so many people want to come here, even illegally and risking their lives? As a seemingly good little America- hating,communist/socialist/progressive, you should have THE answer to that question.

    • Guido

      They come to the US for economic opportunity, and to escape poverty and oppression. They also come because the American TV shows they watch give them a misguided notion as to the way they will live here.

      And I never said it was so bad… there are many places that are worse and a number that are better. Where it is evil is when it intervenes militarily in other countries affairs to steal their oil, destroy their labour unions, or topple their democratically elected governments, ala Chile and Nicaragua. Where it is evil is when it acts to prevent true people’s governments from attaining power ala Guatemala and El Salvador.

      Reagan was the worst President in history. His militaristic madness bankrupted the USSR and it is bankrupted the US today. He also caused almost as much damage to the US reputation abroad as Bush Jr.

      • I’m just sayin

        You are laughable. The only reason you think Reagan was the worst president is because he bankrupted YOUR COMMUNIST/SOCIALIST SOVIET UNION!! Too damn bad you ignorant commie socialist. That just shows you are NOT REALLY FOR FREE PEOPLE ANYWHERE!! YOU’RE JUST ONE BIG LIAR!!

        • Guido

          No moron, that isn’t right. I think RWR was the worst president because he bankrupted the SOVIET UNION and caused unnecessary hardship for millions throughout the world, including Cuba; because he funded the Contras in Nicaragua; and because his militarism and dead spending on weapons of war has brought the US to the brink of bankruptcy. Sure, Bush JR’s military misadventure bears much of the responsiblity but Bush was only following in Rotten Ronnie Raygun’s foot steps.

          And sorry, stupid, I’m not a commie – though I do prefer them to dumbass fascist repugtards like you – I’m a socialist.

          And I have no doubt my conception of freedom is different than yours, and considerably broader. The funniest thing of all is that I am being accused of being a liar by a carsalesperson… which puts you on par with a common thief.

          Stick to what you know bozo. We both know it isn’t much.

  • lighterknot

    Ono Nadagin.
    Well next you will tell me that those free blacks along with women and Indians helped to write the Constitution. I was living when women and blacks finely became first class citizens and allowed to vote. And there were no first class citizens except English Aristocracy before the Revolution.
    I don’t know where you received your education but it was a waste of time.
    Why don’t you consider my point instead of attacking my intelligence? Back then HONOR was so strong it was taken for granted. It was the first line of defense for INDIVIDUAL autonomy – and still is for real freedom. It is insane however to think it possible in modern society, we find it necessary now to depend entirely on the state for our protection – so we are right back where we started.

  • http://na Oldgreydog

    The power of the question? Never attack ignorance. The most powerful voice in anyone’s head is his/her own head. His/her favorite answer to any question is his/her own. Ask that person. Are you racist? Why do you honor one. Do you condone televised murder? Che committed them. Ask if he/she knows how to check it all out.

  • Guido

    Judy, there is a 90% probability that you are a brain dead fascist repugtard.

    • I’m just sayin

      (offensive comment removed)

  • Raleigh T.

    To Chip…
    Tough call on a ‘proper’ response; my dilemma is the same as yours…how to respond to something totally repugnant in a House of the Lord. A subtle comment as to the offensive nature of the shirts’ message would have been my call, I guess. If that person chose to get loud and belligerent, that would have been THEIR choice. I would have chosen Jesus’ path and let them rant and spew….and prayed for them… THEY will be judged later.
    On the street, a not-at-all subtle comment on the repugnancy of their fashion sense. Question their knowledge of the REAL Che. If they chose a violent response…tell them I also support Che’s method of dealing with controversy….with a slug from my .38 between the eyes.
    Mike Scooter….AMEN!! THE Oath does NOT expire….RE: “…Foreign AND DOMESTIC !!!”
    RE: Alex and Geronimo….” USEFULL IDIOTS…” Enuff said. R.

  • Judy

    Everyone stop being antagonistic toward Guido. He has a very fragile Psyche and you will push him farther over the edge. Engage him in friendly conversation. Ask him about his life and tell him about yours. Small steps people, small steps.

  • NRA-Tea Party

    I’m sorry. I’m for free speech, no matter what the situation.

  • Ellen

    Guido, thank you for responding civilly and without name-calling. Now, I can’t disagree with you more about Ronald Reagan’s bankrupting the USSR. The USSR bankrupted itself. They had been under communist rule and had taxed and oppressed its people for so long that it didn’t have any wealth left with which to compete in “Star Wars”. To paraphrase Maggie Thatcher, they simply ran out of their citizens’ money, which happens in ALL socialistic countries. (Witness Greece, Spain, France, etc.)

    Check out the reaction of the satellite nations that the USSR had taken over by force. They have enjoyed a couple of decades of freedom, and if Reagan was responsible for bankrupting the USSR and the resulting freeing of those satellite states, then I’m happy to credit him with that. BTW, Reagan had help from Maggie Thatcher and Pope John Paul.

    Do you think the destruction of the Berlin Wall was a bad thing? “Mr. Gorbachov, tear down this wall!” was Reagan’s clarion call, and voila! down it came — after he bankrupted the USSR, of course. And he didn’t bankrupt the United States. “Starwars” created a large deficit, and don’t you know that all spending is controlled by the House of Representatives, which had a Democrat majority at the time? Now, if you want to see deficit and bankruptcy, just look at the abyss we’re looking at right now, and which party is the majority in both Houses?

    Whether this country intervenes in other countries’ affairs or not is an ongoing, chronic argument. There are good arguments on both sides.
    We really saw that argument before WWII, and I’m so glad the isolationists lost that one. Otherwise, we would now be serfs to either Nazi Germany or Imperialist Japan, depending on how they would have wanted to divide the spoils. Who knows? Maybe they would have split America up and built a wall, like the USSR and the U.S. Allies did Germany.

    And, Lighterknot, the Civil War is over. Hundreds of thousands of Americans died in the cause of freeing slaves. Another thing — Ono Nodagin is right. Blacks did play a part in the construction of the Constitution. You need to go further back in early American history to find the truth that has since been covered up and not taught in governnment schools. Don’t believe me? Go to the founders’ own words. It will take some effort, but you might be pleasantly surprised. Stop taking the word of those who would destroy this country by revising history and by burying the truth.

    • northwoods

      I have read your posts and your history is right on. I have a friend who immigrated from Bulgaria. She is a school teacher here in the US now. She lived under socialism all her life, and there is no way Guido would ever convince her that socialism is good, or in any way, better than the freedom we have here, because she has lived under both now.
      I also worked with a guy that escaped from Romania in the “70′s (iron curtain still up, Soviet Union still intact) and he obviously felt the same way. He risked his life many times in the 3 weeks that it took escaping/hiding/traveling/ to come here.
      Why do you think Guido is so confused. Why do you suppose he wants to live here if he thinks freedom is so bad, and socialism is so good?
      How can he be so blind as to who, and what, Che Guevara really was?

  • Sherry

    Hi Guido,
    My name is Sherry. I’m an R.N. and I work in the emergency room at a large hospital. I was born in the USA and have lived here all my life.
    Where were you born. Where do you live? Have you always been a socialist? Were your parents socialists too? Why do you think socialism is good? What is your job? What is the business that you own?

    • Always right

      Sherry, he’s got a business printing commie pamphlets, making commie flags and printing bump stickers insulting the right and “tards” for being “intolerant”

      • Jim

        (offensive comment removed)

      • Guido

        (sentences removed for offensive content) fascism and nazism are very much movements of the political right. Nazi Germany’s government wasn’t socialist but capitalist. Hitler hated socialists and communists and was very big on law and order and getting tough on criminals and immigrants.

        • Jim

          Hey Guido, don’t get all pissy with me. You’re the Che Guevera lover, and it was ALL YOUR IDEA about putting his picture on the jockey shorts and the see through pants. I was just surprised that you had gone from socialist to capitalist in the course of a couple days, and I thought you deserved some credit for it. We are all capitalists here for the most part, and are just happy to see you expand your business. We’re hoping you will turn completely capitalist, and leave that socialism stuff behind, that’s all.

  • northwoods

    Guido says:
    June 1, 2010 at 6:34 pm
    I have found that the rightards posting here are racist, have attitudes towards the mentally ill that are worthy of the neanderthal
    Guido says:
    June 2, 2010 at 10:07 pm
    Judy, there is a 90% probability that you are a brain dead fascist repugtard.
    Viva Chavez. Viva Obama!

    In addition to calling us rightards, you have also called us “brain dead fascist repubtards, but you claim that we have “attitudes toward the mentally ill” How do you explain your hypocrisy when you use the “TARD” suffix every time you go into one of your name calling rants. You are calling us “tards” because it refers to “retards” which is a name synonymous with retardation which means mental illness.
    How do you justify this?
    No one here has called you retarded, or a socialisttard, or a libtard or made any reference to you being mentally ill or retarded.

    How is it that you complain about us haveing attitudes toward the mentally ill, when it is you that use these words that are offensive to the mentally ill?

    • Hard Stiff Jab

      Northwood. You drink from the Obama Douche Bag. Move to Cuba and live in squalor. And take your “spread the wealth” Obama Circle Jerk friends. You’ll love it.

      • northwoods

        LOL Hard Stiff Jab:
        You might try reading my entire post next time. The part you read was copied and pasted from “Guido the socialists” post. My response to the little socialist dirt bag is posted in the bottom half.

  • Michelle

    I might have asked him politely “Excuse me, I was interested in your shirt.” to open a dialog. Then, if he appeared ignorant of Che’s history, “Wow, I read that he murdered thousands in Cuba.” The guy would either get offended & hostile, or shocked. Either way, he might have done a little homework…

  • AJay

    Everybody has their own opinions about Che. Yeah he may have did some “bad” things, but lets not forget Bush the baby killer and the Vietnam war. these also were horrible things. so if u supported bushes war, then ur no better than the supposive bad guy Che. I could go on about all the bad things amerikkka has done but I would have to write a book.

    • Sandra

      Well Ajay we won’t be holding our breath waiting for your book.
      It’s obvious since you called Bush a baby killer, but conveniently forgot to mention your leftist liberal Bill Clinton as a baby killer, (oh did you forget Clinton and Bosnia) we can assume that your book would be nothing but a sleazy, leftist, liberal, socialist rag full of lies, spin, altered facts, inconsistencies, and pretty much nothing else that could be considered truth or facts.
      You probably better just stick with collecting your welfare check, and food stamps, because I don’t think you have much of a future in writing.

      FYI You should probably research a bit about history for yourself, in books, rather than believe what your ex-hippie liberal parents, and liberal socialist adult friends tell you about the Viet Nam war, because you, and they haven’t got a clue.

      p.s. You also need to learn how to use proper grammar, construct a proper sentence, punctuate, and spell. Home schooling is great, but not if your parents were drugged up hippies, that didn’t go to school themselves.

  • lighterknot

    In the thousands of colors out there; there is only three that make up the primary base – same with sound. Color can be made light or dark by the dualistic contrast or tone, music by speed. I could not function with out this knowledge.
    In the conception of master / slave both are entrapped or employed in the doing. A mother’s love is a form of tyranny for both so is the father’s authority.
    What I tried to say is; conservatism has such a base MORALITY; leave god out of it its based on the single relationship of two people. If the relationship goes bad because of lies or cheating…The honor system allowed one to formally duel to correct it. As I pointed out only gentleman were considered. That was the fundamental life style of the founders of our constitution; and it was based on individual freedom. That we cannot go back too. The other extreme is a totalitarian state. We have sensibly enjoyed a grand compromise but by lowering our values and morals to accept weapons of mass destruction and indiscriminate slaughter; we forces upon the world the need for world governance, so dose pollution environmental destruction and I could go on. We have no choice – human kind must be incarcerated to be saved for he/she no longer knows what morality and honor is. He /she thinks it’s something God will take care of and forgive.
    I believe we will return to the honor system however as soon as the monetary economy collapses we will become little warring groups grabbling for substance for the community pot to be rationed among us. We might even hunt down the rich take their possessions and put them in the pot for pork stew.

  • Ellen

    Northwood, your friends were lucky to have survived their escapes from their prisons called Bulgaria and Romania under communist rule. Those who have “been there, done that” are living testimony to the horrors visited upon human beings in the name of “equal justice”. You have probably read Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” and “We the Living”. Ayn was a Russian who escaped that unfortunate country, and became a national treasure when she immigrated to the U.S. Her personal experiences formed her very conservative political philosophy, which made her message so powerful.

    I have another question for Guido. Your answer to my question of why so many people come to America was that they are searching for economic opportunity and to escape poverty and oppression. What? I thought you were anti-capitalist, Guido. The U.S. is and has been a capitalist country for, let’s see, a couple of hundred years, which is why it became the greatest tribute to freedom and prosperity the world has ever known or will ever know again. It’s also interesting that you claim to be a socialist, yet one of your pet invictives that you hurl toward those who disagree with you is “Nazi”. Don’t you know that Nazi Germany’s government was socialism? And BTW, are you British by chance?

    To lighterknot: you need to get some sleep, child. I notice that your post was made at 2:18 a.m. and it shows. Sleep deprivation can cause all kinds of problems such as slurred speech, paranoia, and murky thought processes.

    • northwoods

      I hate to admit it but I have not read either book. I just don’t have enough time. You’re right about being able to get the truth from someone who has been there and lived through socialism/communism etc. They are able to give a more accurate account of everything.
      My Romanian friends account of his escape would rival any movie that was ever made on the subject, especially the thought and the planning that was involved ahead of time, and the situations that he came up against during his escape.
      Hollywood movies make it appear that you just decide to escape, and then you just go the next day, with not much more thought, but it takes a much more sophisticated plan than that to be successful. The decide one day, and go the next day plan, only worked if you were making a mad dash over the wall in Berlin, and many times that was not successful.
      He and his friend spent about 4 months on the planning, and waiting for the right time. Even the time of year that you’re going to go is extremely important, but it’s not because of the weather. It’s something most people would never think of.
      One clarification: My friend who immigrated from Bulgaria, came here post 1990. She didn’t have to escape like he did, but she’s just as happy to be here :-)

  • Hard Stiff Jab

    Northwood. You drink from the Obama Douche Bag. Move to Cuba and live in squalor. And take your “spread the wealth” Obama Circle Jerk friends. You’ll love it.

    • northwoods

      Hard Stiff Jab:
      You might try reading my entire post next time. The part you read was copied and pasted from “Guido the socialists” post. My response to the little socialist dirt bag is posted in the bottom half.

      • Guido

        And here I was actually thinking about apologizing for my insensitive – to the parents of mentally handicapped children – use of the term “rightard.”

        But it describes you to a tee – you are too stupid to know there is a difference between mental illness and someone who is mentally handicapped. And you are a fascist gas bag too boot.

        • CHE WAS GAY

          Hay GUIDO;
          Did you know that your idol CHE WAS GAY ?
          That’s why he loved killing people. He was so mixed up in his thoughts and emotions, and the battle going on in his mind, that his only escape was to kill people, to take his mind off those thoughts.

          • Guido

            I don’t have a Che t-shirt and Che isn’t my hero. But I don’t think he is evil incarnate either. He saw the suffering that imperialism was causing and acted against it…. helping Castro in Cuba and trying to help the oppressed in Bolivia. His methods wouldn’t be my methods but he is no Pinochet, Bush, Rios Montt, or Hitler, nor was he a Pol Pot or Stalin. Nor was a an Adi Amin or Saddam Hussein.

            And I could care less if he was gay. Why should anyone?

      • Guido

        BTW, are you really so stupid as not to know the “___________________” in my posting were not because I posted them there, but because this site’s censors put them there to replace words they felt needed to be deleted?

        • northwoods

          I’ll keep this short because I know you’re in a hurry to herd some Christians into a church somewhere, and burn them alive, ala your hero Che Guevara.

          I have a distant cousin who is mentally retarded, and yes mentally retarded is synonymous with mentally handicapped, which there is no cure for.

          You on the other hand, have what is known as mental illness. Your sickness can be cured. All you have to do is ask for help.

          • Guido

            1. Northwoods, I have no desire to herd Christians into a church to burn them alive. I am one. Early Christians were communalists, and Che probably had more in common with them than you do. He believed no one should have to endure grinding poverty and live at less than a subsistence level.

            2. I bet your distant cousin probably says the same thing about you.

            3. Another rightard using mental illness as as slam. Call me surprised.

          • northwoods

            Sorry I’m late getting back Guido. I caught this 14 year old kid wearing a Che T shirt. He had no clue who Che was. He thought it was Louis Farakans picture. He ended up ripping it off, spitting on it and stomping it into the gutter. I liked his reaction so I gave him $5 bucks to go buy another shirt.

            As for your post items,
            #1. You are a Christian AND you idolize Che? How can that be? Is that even possible? Do the words conundrum, and oxymoron come to mind? What about hypocritical?

            #2 My cousin likes me just fine. There is no anger or hate in a retarded persons heart. You have so much pure hate and evil in yours, that you just assume that everybody is like you, but if you were really a Christian you would know better.

            #3There is so much wrong with #3 I can hardly keep from laughing.

            Your words Guido –>> Another rightard using mental illness as as slam. Call me surprised.

            Guido, do you know how hypocritical that is? In that one sentence you slam me for using mental illness as a slam and then call me a rightard in the same sentence. When you’re nearing the end of the sentence, can’t you remember what you wrote 3 words before?
            Remember Guido “tard” is short for retarded. Perfectly ok for you to use such words but not ok for anybody else. LOL
            Guido, if I ever feel the need to slam you in the future I will address you as a libTURD, or a liberal TURD. Do I need to explain to you what that is? For all I know you might think it’s lunch or something. Any questions Guido?

          • Steve

            A better question for Guido than that would be, How does Guido explain that to Himself?
            Think about it. He doesn’t just have 2 battles going on inside him, he has 3. Get this….

            #1. Politically he’s a socialist, a socialist ideology. They hate capitalism.

            #2. Economically he’s a capitalist. Capitalists hate socialists and socialism.

            This battle between the first two he can rationalize away in his own mind and he can lie to other people about without a problem. He can switch these two ideologies back and forth at will, depending on whether he wants to be “politically pure socialist” one day, or make some more “capital” the next day..Not really a problem with those two, but here’s the kicker, #3…..

            #3. Spiritually he’s a Christian, so Guidos Christian conscience sees this battle raging between his Political self (socialist) and his economic self (capitalist) and sees his mind in a constant state of turmoil arguing and lying between the first two factions. BUT his Christian conscience sees what is really happening MORALLY.
            Christians can lie to other people if they wish, (though it isn’t right), because God gives us free will. So Guido can lie about how he is not a Socialist AND a Capitalist both at the same time to other people, BUT he can’t lie to HIMSELF, because his Christian conscience sees the truth, and knows he can’t be both, and also be a Christian at the same time. It’s like he has 3 different parts of his brain trying to pull him 3 different directions at the same time.
            I know this is not considered 3 different personalities, or 3 different psyches,?
            Isn’t this an example of 2 personalities, and one psyche?
            I know you’re taking psych classes. What do you think?

          • northwoods

            Yes you’re correct, providing certain conditions are met.

            CONDITIONS a. The patient has to “believe in his own mind that he is telling the TRUTH” when he states that he is #1 a socialist, #2 a capitalist, and #3 a Christian.
            (Note: What they believe and if they are lying about it: These are the two main reasons psychiatrists often fail at helping people because they are unsure of what they believe or lie to them. If a patient lies in any way, about anything, it is almost impossible to diagnose the malady and help them. The main reason patients lie is because they don’t think there is anything wrong with them, and they have been forced, or coerced into seeking help by family of friends, instead of seeking help voluntarily.)
            #BTW, I noticed somewhere before I started writing this that Guido has now stated he is not 100% capitalist. This may be a way of rationalizing to that he can be all 3 because of what you wrote in your post, or he may not be 100% capitalist. This now becomes an unknown and confuses the issue.
            FYI: I was hoping to determine if he actually believed he was all three, but you opened the oven door with your post before the souffle’ was done, so this changes things.

            CONDITIONS b. Guido has to understand what all three definitions of #1, #2, #3 are, and honestly believe he is all three.

            I am printing all of Guidos posts and all of the replies to them, and am including yours and mine here, and I will show them to prof. I’m in the 90′s as far as far as him concurring. I’m hoping he will give me an indepth analy. but he probably won’t have time.

            Many of the posters on here have come real close with their observations. The women especially have been accurate with their reads. Not to single out Judys as the only good one because there are many, but hers was quite detailed and accurate, and you’ll notice Guido didn’t dispute anything she said. He only attacked her as not knowing anything because she was a rightard. Read hers again, and read his reply. Hers bothered him the most, and he had no rational reply because of her accuracy.

            Guido is definitely an interesting subject. The things I note as germane contradictions to his personalities, and his psyche, are his boasting of his intelligence and education, but yet he doesn’t act like an educated and intelligent man with all of his responses and attacks. An educated, intelligent man responds much differently. These inconsistencies are evidenced throughout his posts, often times displaying two contradictions in one sentence. Inconsistencies are evidence of more than one p. Always right but never correct, always confident but never sure, always defining but only as to his p. All opinions no facts, opinions stated as facts. All of them include much anger, and only one with any humor and that one also included anger, so he is a very complex being.
            Watch to see how Guido replies to our conversations. There are 8 different ways that he can respond. Do you know what they are? Be sure and read btw the lines. There is as much info there as in the words.
            Do you study Psy? If yes and you’re +1.1/2 you can read –> My d. “^m” sny or neu, or “b” discon. du. t ~ d or a or “b”. I also res. an alt. but it is only +40% so I didn’t list it….. If you can’t read it, don’t ask me because I don’t want to put it out there for everyone to read.

            Personally I like Guido. I think we could sit and have a beer and maybe an hour conversation without killing each other. He’s not as angry in real life as he is here. If he’d tone down his anger he’d be likable on here too.

          • northwoods

            I left out the word “himself” in the original post. This paragraph should read:
            #BTW, I noticed somewhere before I started writing this that Guido has now stated he is not 100% capitalist. This may be a way of rationalizing to **himself** that he can be all 3 because of what you wrote in your post, or he may not be 100% capitalist. This now becomes an unknown and confuses the issue.
            also note Guidos continuous and multiple use of these:
            brain dead fascist repubtards
            dumbazz fascist rightards
            bozos, morons, stupid, and many times all multiples of each other and never ending. Many people use them occasionally, but he is constantly and consistently using them.
            These are his power, he does not use his intellect.

          • Steve

            No I can’t read your “crypt” diagnosis of Guido. I don’t study psyche, and am not a student. This stuff is just interesting to me because my sister has been a shrink for 15 years and I have learned a lot of stuff from her.
            I have copied and pasted all Guidos posts and all replies to him and his replies etc. I emailed them to her and asked if she would do a work up on him, and for her diag.
            I did NOT SEND her yours or my last posts OR your cryptic diagnosis because I didn’t want to “influence her opinion”. When she sends hers back to me, I will send her our last posts and have her read me what your crypt diagnosis says. I’m not checking on your ability, lol but I tried to fit every profile that I could think of into your crypt, and could not come up with anything, and you said not to ask because you weren’t going to post it here in norm readable text.
            She prob. won’t send it back till tomorrow because she was busy tonight.

          • Steve

            Sorry it took me so long to get back here. My sister says you’re right. Her diagnosis of Guido was exactly the same as yours, and she explained what your cryptic script meant word for word. She says you are probably getting good grades considering your knowledge at this point.
            She was curious what your secondary diagnosis or alternate was, since you didn’t post it. (The one you said was 40%?) She had a secondary too, but is 99% sure Guidos diag. is the main that you and she had.

        • JeffH

          Guido, don’t fib about the censorship as being “___________________________”.

          Everybody already knows what is used to replace censored comments. Pretty simple to see…example: (offensive comment removed)

          • Guido

            I don’t lie. The censors apparently use both. You are just too stupid to figure that out. But what should we expect from a rightard?

  • Guido

    northwoods says:

    >Sorry I’m late getting back Guido. I caught this 14 year old kid >wearing a Che T shirt. He had no clue who Che was. He thought it was >Louis Farakans picture. He ended up ripping it off, spitting on it >and stomping it into the gutter. I liked his reaction so I gave him >>$5 bucks to go buy another shirt.

    Sure you did. And $5.00 for a tshirt? You are like the former President being amazed by price scanners.

    >As for your post items,
    >#1. You are a Christian AND you idolize Che? How can that be? Is >that even possible? Do the words conundrum, and oxymoron come to >mind? What about hypocritical?

    Yes stupid, it is very possible. The first Christians were communalists who believed in sharing and helping others, according to their ability and need. In Italy, and in most countries of western Europe, Christians are members of social democratic parties or socialist parties. In Nicaragua, a Catholic Priest was a member of the Sandinista government.

    What is an oxymoron is the claim to be a Christian and a believer in dog-eat-dog, F%^& the poor capitalism. Did the Sermon on the Mount pass you by?

    >#2 My cousin likes me just fine. There is no anger or hate in a >retarded persons heart. You have so much pure hate and evil in >yours, that you just assume that everybody is like you, but if you >were really a Christian you would know better.

    LOL. What I meant was that your cousin probably refers to you as retarded.

    >#3There is so much wrong with #3 I can hardly keep from laughing.

    >Your words Guido –>> Another rightard using mental illness as as >slam. Call me surprised.

    Idiots do seem to laugh a lot.

    >Guido, do you know how hypocritical that is? In that one sentence >you slam me for using mental illness as a slam and then call me a >rightard in the same sentence.
    >When you’re nearing the end of the sentence, can’t you remember what >you wrote 3 words before?
    >Remember Guido “tard” is short for retarded. Perfectly ok for you to >use such words but not ok for anybody else. LOL.

    There is nothing hypocritical about it. Two entirely different concepts are in play, and so are two entirely different constituencies.

    >Guido, if I ever feel the need to slam you in the future I will >address you as a libTURD, or a liberal TURD.

    That’s original.

    >Do I need to explain to you what that is? For all I know you might >think it’s lunch or something.

    I’m not a rightard like you. Stop projecting.

    >Any questions Guido?

    None that a rightard like you would be capable of answering.

    >p.s. Congratulations on expanding your business Guido. I really mean >that, sincerely. I saw Jims post above @ June 4, 2010 at 3:48 pm >telling the other guy about it. I don’t care that you’re a >SOCIALIST. I admire you for being a successful CAPITALIST, though >that should cause some argument within yourself since you don’t >believe in CAPITALISM with you being a SOCIALIST and all.

    Didn’t Stupid Steve say this already? And see-thru pants are not my business, they are Jim’s fantasy.

    >Doesn’t that present sort of a problem for you, being a SOCIALIST, >and a CAPITALIST AT THE SAME TIME? How do you explain that to people?

    America’s best capitalists are Liberals. George Soros is a socialist. America’s best thinker, Einstein, was a socialist. If you weren’t such a rightard, you’d be aware of all that.

    • northwoods

      I’m not going to respond to your post because I don’t want to anger you any longer. I thought we could spar, but you never exude any signs of humor, only anger, so I will withdraw until such time as you want to start over, and have a civil conversation. When I first saw you on here, I thought you were a different psyche than you are, so I took a different tack than I should have. Mea Culpa

  • Guido

    Jim, you are too stupid for words. Putting Che’s image on jockey shorts and see through pants was your idea, your fantasy.

    And I will never turn competely capitalist since that would make me vile, hateful and selfish – the antithesis of a Christian.

    • Cindy

      Guido, Nice to see you’re reinforcing the doctors diagnosis. I have gone back and reread all your posts just so I could see for myself. Yep, it’s a good read. Way more interesting than a book. Oh wait, you are a book….. an open one

  • Cindy

    Guido says; America’s best capitalists are Liberals. George Soros is a socialist. If you weren’t such a rightard, you’d be aware of all that.
    Hey Guido, George Soros is NOT a capitalist! HE IS A THIEF! He didn’t earn his money by being a capitalist, HE STOLE IT BY BEING……. A THIEF!!! HA HA HA

    Glad to see you’re being consistent with your use of slander and slurs Guido. thedrwasrightaboutguidousingslanderforhispowerratherthanhisintellectlol

  • Ellen

    Er, Guido, Nazi Germany was controlled by the National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party. And I agree with you that Hitler was a “law and order” kind of guy. What he ordered was law, and if you disagreed you either kept your mouth shut or you became history. He was a real prince.

    It would be interesting to know where you went to school, and if they taught any WWII history. That’s a pretty significant event in the course of world history, IMO.

    And northwoods, I would love to meet your immigrant friends. Those are the kind of people who are the backbone of this country. Too bad there’s a cancer growing that threatens their and our freedom.

    Remember in November!!

    • Guido

      “Nazi Germany was controlled by the National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party” but that doesn’t make them a socialist party, no more so than the German Democratic Republic was a “democratic” state.

      The Nazi party chose to include the “Socialist” in its name as a way to appeal to disaffected workers. It was funded by capitalists and financiers, and its policies were very much in opposition to the policies of actual socialist parties. In fact, the persons it first sent to the concentration camps were socialists. Then they went after the communists, then the Gyspies, then the left Catholics and then the Jews.

  • anita jones

    Mr. Wood You probably did the right thing at that time. You didnot want to embarrass your wife, and cause a scene in a church. This man probably did not know who Che was. I didnot until recently. He probably sees the Che shirt as a fashion statement. You would be susprise how little young people know about Stalin, Mao, and Castro also. I know them as murders but the history books in schools today in many states do not. It is up to us to teach people the truth about these leaders who killed millions of their people. You can teach the ignorant the truth about these people they admire and glorify. You have the means, and the skills. Use your ability to inform what others are trying to hide and deny which is the truth about history.

  • Ralph Handler

    SOCCER historians have often claimed that Durban was quickly as the home of South African football. Without a doubt, it nonetheless is.

  • John

    Just stumbled upon this blog, and I’m not the least interested in defending or castigating Guevara, but am amazed at the absence of any discussion of conditions in Cuba BEFORE Castro. Batista was a bastard who was in bed with the mob and home-grown gangsters and murderers. The Cuban army treated Cubans like animals and many are the stories of young Cuban girls being kidnapped for the sexual pleasure of these monsters and being killed and dumped at the side of the road once they had been used. Male farmers and peasants were merely murdered so their land could be absorbed into the holdings of the rich and powerful. There are many, many problems with and failures of the current Cuban state, but what alternatives were available to those powerless Cubans oppressed by the Batista dictatorship?

  • http://, Shelley A

    Hello Everyone, I’m new on here and excited to be a part of the discussion.


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