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What To Do When There Is No Doctor

June 11, 2012 by  

What To Do When There Is No Doctor
Kitchen cupboard medicines and old-fashioned folk remedies come in handy when someone is sick.

In the past two months, my family has been hit by several medical emergencies that could have been very serious and even fatal without medical help. Because my husband and I are both self-employed, we have no medical insurance. We pay for everything out of pocket. I have tried to get insurance three times and been denied because I had gestational diabetes 20 years ago. This was a wake-up call for me to figure out alternative ways to take care of our family in case of a disaster. What would we do if we needed medical help and there were no doctors available? That’s a scary thought.

It started off with my 33-year-old son going into surgery for what we were told was a goiter and found out was thyroid cancer. His medication has been changed several times to level out his thyroid levels. The worst part of it is the depression and mental side effects from the removal of his thyroid and the medication he is taking.

Our 2-year old grandson got strep and needed medical attention. He lay on the couch and cried for days. He was so miserable until I took him to the doctor and got antibiotics. I am a firm believer in toughing out colds, the flu and fevers. This episode was too serious.

My 20-year-old daughter spent a couple of months in the Philippines. When she returned home, she had strep and an E. coli infection. She needed antibiotics also.

About a month ago, I went to the doctor because I hadn’t been feeling well for about a year. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and I am now taking the pills recommended to bring my blood sugar levels down.

My husband, a licensed plumber, was fixing a pump in a creek that pumps water to a log cabin in the mountains. He moved a very large boulder off the lid of the pump and it slipped, smashing his finger so hard that a half-inch of it was cut off. There was no one else around, so he drove himself down the mountain to the hospital. He said his EMT skills saved his life. He was passing out while driving, so he used deep-breathing techniques he had learned. He needed antibiotics and pain meds as well as plastic surgery.

Plan Ahead

Someday, you may find yourself without the ability to get medical care. Perhaps a life-or-death situation comes up. Prepare for this type of situation in advance by getting much-needed medical supplies and information as well as honing related skills. The medical kit on my husband’s plumbing van was inadequate for the blood loss he experienced. One accident could wipe out the entire medical supply kit. We must think out the worst possible scenarios and stock the medicals supplies necessary in case there were no doctors available.

I have several medical kits for our family. I am re-evaluating the kits and am going to add to them. What do we need to stockpile that is available and can be purchased ahead of time to be prepared for a medical emergency of any kind? I suggest you consult a doctor, physician’s assistant or a nurse on this subject. Ask what the most common accidents and illnesses are.

Emergency First-Aid Skills

We never know when an accident will happen to our loved ones or us. The most important thing you can do is learn first aid skills. Take a first-aid course or become an EMT.

Medical Kits

Medical kits should include splints for broken bones, suture supplies for stitches, thermometers, blood pressure cuffs, hydrogen peroxide, antibacterial salves such as Neosporin and a good supply of bandages, gauze and medical tape.

ION Stabilized OxygenION (stabilized oxygen)

ION should be included in every medical or first-aid kit. ION can be applied straight on a wound to clean and prevent the spread of bacterial infections. ION (stabilized oxygen) kills bacteria on contact. ION can be used medicinally as well by mixing 20 drops of ION in an 8-ounce cup of water. Drinking ION water will help knock out a cold or the flu immediately. ION goes into the bloodstream and gives the body the extra oxygen it needs to fight physical problems that might occur.

Stock Up On Over-The-Counter Medicines

When my grandson got strep we spent a lot of money at the clinic to learn this remedy.

For children as well as adults with a high fever, wipe them down with rubbing alcohol or apple cider vinegar to reduce fever. Bathing in a lukewarm bath and taking acetaminophen or ibuprofen alternately every four hours will reduce a high fever also. It is important to stock up on over-the-counter medications.

Redmond ClayRedmond Clay

The Redmond Trading Co. packages a mineral-rich clay product that will detoxify the body. To pull toxins out of the body, get a tub big enough to soak both feet in. Fill it with hot water and add 2 tablespoons of Redmond Clay to the water. Mix it up well and soak your feet in it for half an hour. The clay will pull toxins out of the body and into the water. It really helps when someone is ill and needs to detoxify.

I like to mix the clay with a little water into a mud-like paste and use it on bruises, wounds, scrapes, cuts and especially burns. It takes the pain and sting out of burns instantly. I have used Redmond Clay for years and would not be without it in my medical kit. To learn more about Redmond Clay products, click here.

Kitchen Cupboard Medicines And Old-Fashioned Folk Remedies

Salt And Baking Soda Bath

A good old-fashioned salt and soda bath helps fight illnesses. Mix 1/4 cup each together and dissolve in a bathtub full of hot water. Soak for at least half an hour. This is not only a detox but is for relaxation also. The Redmond Trading Co. packages Real Salt, which is mineral rich and is a great salt, not only to consume but to use in salt baths and toothpaste as well.


A mixture of half baking soda and half salt can be used as toothpaste in an emergency. My grandmother and my mother brushed their teeth with baking soda and salt. It polishes the teeth and makes them pretty and bright. Add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to the mixture, and your teeth will sparkle.

Bee Stings And Mosquito Bites

Mix a small amount of salt and soda together with a drop of water to form a salt paste. Put this mixture on bee stings and mosquito bites. Let it stay on until it dries. It takes the sting out of the bite. It also works on poison ivy abrasions and rashes.

Muscle Cramps

Real Salt by Redmond Trading Co. will take away muscle cramps instantly. Just put a pinch of the mineral-rich salt in a small cup of water. Mix it and drink it. Redmond Trading Co. also has a product called Re-Lyte™ that is especially formulated for muscle cramping. I take liquid minerals when I feel a muscle cramp coming on. Taking calcium and magnesium together helps also.


Baking soda can be used as a deodorant. Just pat some of the powder under your armpits, and it will absorb and neutralize perspiration.

Alkalize The Body

Studies have shown that if the body is in an alkaline state that disease in the body will be neutralized. Mix baking soda and water together and drink. This helps with acid reflux and indigestion as well.

Magic Mustard Plaster Recipe

When someone was suffering from a chest cold with congestion and sore throat, my grandmother mixed up a mustard plaster and put it on the person’s chest, covered with plastic wrap or a rag.

1/4 cup flour
1.5 teaspoons dry mustard
3 tablespoons olive, almond or vegetable oil

Mix a small amount of water into the dry ingredients. Add more water until it is thick like mud and spreadable like a paste. Plaster it on the sick person’s chest, covering it with plastic wrap or a rag. Have the person lie still while the plaster does its magic.

Itching Bites

Rubbing alcohol mixed with a little crushed aspirin will make a paste that takes the itch out of bites. The aspirin takes the pain away, and the alcohol soothes it.


Honey has antibacterial properties and will promote healing. Cool then apply the honey and cover the area with dry dressing.


Honey also has mildly laxative properties. Start by taking a tablespoon three times a day or add to foods or drinks.


Combine 1/2 cup honey and 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a small bowl. You can slightly warm it up to get it to dissolve. Take 1 tablespoon every time you feel like coughing. It will soothe the throat and stop a cough.

Or take rubbing alcohol from the medical kit and soak a lightweight rag in it. Wrap the rag around the neck of the sick person to relieve cough and cold symptoms. My grandmother use to make us go to bed with this on our throats. It reduces fever and cools the body as well as knocks out the cough.

Sore throat

Honey and lemon in equal portions mixed together will sooth a sore throat. Combine 1 tablespoon of each and gargle with it.

Or make a solution of 1 teaspoon salt to ½ cup water. Dissolve and gargle with the salt water. It helps a sore throat.


Put honey on a burn and put a bandage over it or use plastic wrap to keep it moist.


Cayenne pepper is also known as capsicum. Put 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a glass of hot water and drink it. It is hot and might be hard to swallow, but do it anyway. This works because the cayenne travels through the entire circulatory system and regulates blood pressure. Cayenne pepper is noted for its ability to stop both internal and external bleeding.

When used as a poultice, it will stop bleeding. Just take a small amount of cayenne pepper and put it right on a wound that is bleeding. If taken internally, it can help someone that is having a heart attack or stroke symptoms because it dilates the blood vessels and helps open up the blood flow. (Note: The person still should go to the hospital.) This must be taken internally as a drink.

If someone is in shock, they may not be willing to take cayenne pepper. Try to get it down the person. I keep cayenne pepper oil in my medical kit because it can be used under the tongue and is easier to take. 

Cayenne Lemonade

This drink is used to cleanse the body. Drink this every day and your health will improve.

6.5 cups water
1/2 cup fresh-squeezed lemon juice
1/2 cup maple syrup (grade B) from the health food store
1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper

Mix well and sip on this drink all day. This recipe will make 7.5 cups. Drink 2.5 cups per day. This recipe will last for three days. Keep refrigerated.


Make a poultice with chopped garlic and onions. Put them on the bottom of a sick person’s feet, wrapped with plastic wrap to hold it in place. Leave it on all night so the poultice has a chance to pull the toxins out of the feet. Feed the sick person soup made with lots of onions and garlic. This will help them feel better.


Using a garlic press or a blender, mix 2 cloves of garlic in a blender with a drop of water or smash it. Put the garlic juice on a cotton ball and stick it in the ear that is hurting. Garlic has antibacterial properties.

Boost The Immune System

Eating yogurt will put friendly bacteria into the intestinal track. These active cultures are friendly to the gut and are needed to boost the immune system and ward off bacterial infections such as colds and flu.

Abdominal Cramps

Add 1 teaspoon powdered ginger to 1 cup boiling water. Drink 1 cup of ginger water to stop abdominal cramps.


Soak the outer leaves of cabbage or lettuce in warm water, then wrap several layers around the sprain and tie it up with a rag or plastic wrap. Go to sleep with it wrapped. It helps the sprain heal faster.

Upset Stomach

I always have peppermint tea leaves on hand to make herbal peppermint tea for an upset stomach. Take a heaping tablespoon of peppermint tea leaf or one tea bag of peppermint tea and steep it in boiling water then add a little sweetener. Seriously diluted peppermint oil also helps with an upset stomach and with colic in babies. Put 1-2 drops in an 8-ounce baby bottle of purified water. Let the baby sip the peppermint water or the tea and it will help an upset stomach within minutes.

Electrolyte Balance

Combine 1 cup of raw rice or barley and 1 quart of boiling water. Let it steep for 20 minutes. Strain the water and drink it. This will help restore electrolyte balance and feel good on the tummy. Barley water is a great substitute for coffee and does not have the tannic acid.

Food Poisoning

Eat a piece of burned toast and drink a cup of black tea. This may absorb some of the food poisoning and help settle the stomach.


Clove oil helps with toothache. Soak cloves in water. When they are soft, chew them up a little and pack them between the tooth that hurts and the gum for at least a half hour.


Combine the following ingredients together and make an electrolyte drink to restore the body fluids lost with throwing up or diarrhea. Drink 1/2 cup at a time every few hours until you feel better.

4 cups water
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
3 tablespoons of honey or sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt

Cookin' With Home StorageTo learn more about kitchen cupboard medicine and old-fashioned folk remedies, check out the book Cookin’ With Home Storage as well as information on how to purchase ION, Redmond Trading Co. products and many other great emergency-preparedness products. Click here.

–Peggy Layton

Editor’s Note: Information in this article is for educational purposes only. Always consult with a qualified medical physician. ION has had many great results and has testimonials from many satisfied customers; however, is not intended to treat any medical condition. It is sold only as a dietary supplement or water treatment.

Peggy Layton

a home economist and licensed nutritionist, holds a B.S. in Home Economics Education with a minor in Food Science and Nutrition from Brigham Young University. Peggy lives in Manti, Utah with her husband Scott. Together they have raised seven children. Peggy owns and operates two businesses: One called "The Therapy Center", where she is a licensed massage therapist and hypnotherapist, and the other an online cookbook and preparedness products business. She is nationally known for publishing a series of seven books on the subject of food storage and also lectures and teaches seminars about preparedness and using food storage products. Peggy practices what she preaches, has no debt, grows a huge garden, lives off the land, raises chickens, bottles and dehydrates food and has time left over to operate her businesses. To check out Peggy's cookbooks and self sufficiency products go to her website To get a free sample of three different storable meals that have a 15-year shelf life go here.

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  • Robert Smith

    It’s great to be self reliant. In an emergency it can save your life. But, with something like cancer, or any condition that takes long term care a lifetime of work can go in a very short time.

    All of the above is yet another reason that hard working people in America should be able to participate in all the health care that’s available. Americans shouldn’t be forced to pick and choose medical care by choosing between food or oil and medical care.

    America NEEDS universal health care.


    • rendarsmith

      Robert, I’ve visited other countries where they use remedies like this all the time and the people do just fine. These people take less prescribed medications and put far less chemicals in their bodies, and lo and behold, they have far lower rates of cancer! Taking care of yourself is not as hard as you think. We don’t need the government to take care of us.

      • Robert Smith

        “We don’t need the government to take care of us.”

        Really? Work all your life and then have to decide: Do I get the operation to save my life and lose all I’ve worked for or…

        It’s not 100% certain. No matter how well you treat yourself at some point there is always a possibility of a catastrophic illness. In America we should take care of our own.


      • Ken

        There you go agin Wobby, spouting off your communist manifesto…. guess who tends to the Queen of England…..her one and only health care provider is an herbalist.

        Why don’t you move to communist China? I hear the weather is beautiful this time of year…

      • Old Henry


        If the ObamaCare deal is Nirvana a thinking individual has to continually ask oneself why did Congress exepmt themselves, and the rest of the government, from it and keep their Cadillac plan?

        It’s kinda like Social Security. It was good enough for their employers, but they wanted something better.

      • Bimbam

        It’s not what there doing but what they are AVOIDING from modern medicine. Modern pharmaceuticals are so toxic with side-effects they often send you to an early death, worsen the condition so another toxic pharmaceutical must be administered often with frightening visits to the ER always wondering if the funeral home is next!

    • Vigilannie

      America DOES NOT NEED universal health care……if you want that move to a communist/socialist country!

      • rendarsmith

        You know what’s funny about that? The ex-Communist countries are actually the countries I’m talking about. The people there couldn’t afford health care (many still cannot) so they learned how to take care of themselves with these remedies. It’s amazing!

      • Robert Smith

        We are on par with Cuba in health care as far as longevity and infant mortality go. Those are the usual measures of a health care system.


      • eddie47d

        Sorry that everyone got off subject Peggy and I do appreciate all your articles. I saw that detox of the feet procedure when I went to the chiropractor 3 years ago and didn’t think much of it (thought it was hype). Next time I’ll reconsider it.

    • Penny R. Freeman

      You subscribe to Obama’s healthcare reforms I guess. If you do you’ve never talked to people who live under that type of healthcare system. If that type of healthcare system is so great why is it that people with money in countries that have those healthcare systems always come to the U.S. for treatment? My best guess is that they are aware of the flaws in those systems and know they will get much better care here. Yes we all need to be as self-reliant as possible. Not only emergencies when you can’t easily get to a doctor or hospital are good reasons to be self-reliant. If you haven’t noticed Obamacare is already having huge negative impact on care for senior citizens and reducing the number of physicians available for senior care. How do I know that? Most of my church friends are older than me and on Medicare. They tell me how many of their doctors are retiring early or refusing to take ANY new Medicare patients. I also have been affected by Congress’s bumbling mishandling of pay standards for doctors who see Medicare patients. I am considered disabled because I have epilepsy and my seizures are somewhat, but not completely, controlled. I am not old enough to retire, but was unable to find work after I lost a job I’d held for seveteen years. I don’t know why-maybe my age, years of experience that might make me eligible for higher pay, legally restricted from driving becaused my seizures are not controlled and I am in an area where mass transit is non-existent. Who knows why I can’t work, but I am on Medicare. I was notified the last time that Congress postponed making a decision on doctor pay for Medicare patients that the clinic my neurologist is a part of would no longer see Medicare patients. And that’s even current patients! You think Obamacare will improve that? No! It will force a vast number of folks like myself into Medicaid since I won’t be able to pay all of my healthcare costs myself and Medicare is being seriously cut under Obamacare. If you were a physician would you be in favor of these reforms? As if our government’s control over Medicare and Medicaid weren’t insulting enough and enough of a strain on physicians, now Medicaid will have to absorb a huge number of patients dropped from Medicare and current Medicare patients will have fewer physicians to turn to for treatment. I live in an area that is flush with medical resources, but I’m already seeing the negative impact of government control. I worked years ago for a dentist who saw Medicaid patients. My advice to anyone considering it, if you absolutely don’t have to get treatment through Medicaid DON’T! There are very few doctors willing to see Medicaid patients and the ones I am familiar with do that only because they can take a much larger number of patients and give them very fast and not as “quality” care that they give to patients with insurance or who pay themselves. Want to know why my neurologist was willing to drop all Medicare patients if Cogress didn’t come through with increased pay levels for doctors seeing Medicare patients? Medicare paid my neurologist twenty-five dollars for an office visit! Does that seem reasonable to you? I paid my children’s pediatrician more than that years ago when they were still young enough to be under his care! My three kids are all now in their forties! Yes I believe all of us need to be as self-reliant as possible, and not just on healthcare.

      • Doctor Mom

        Amen, Penny.
        As a practicing physician, I was TOLD what I could charge my Medicare patients, no matter what my overhead. Then I was paid sometime in the future…maybe…after many hassles. Not an great way to run a business, which is what it is if a doc wants to pay her staff, her utility bills, her liability bills, and herself.
        A number of times I attended Medicaid patients. After seeing how that system worked, my husband, who managed the office financial, said, “See them gratis. The huge amount of paper work to be reimbursed 5 cents on the dollar isn’t worth it.”
        And now it has worsened by an order of magnitude.
        Due to a number of family/personal issues, I’ve not resumed an active practice for 8 years. Would I return to practice under Obamacare? Not on your life!!

      • eddie47d

        Doctor Mom got out of the business long before The Affordable Health Care Plan was in effect. Sounds like you have a bigger beef with the previous administration. So many complain that the government spends too much but when they are stingy you then double up on the complaints. Sorry you can’t have it both ways. I will agree that the billings (paperwork) that is involved is outrageous. Yet it’s the same with my private insurance company and it goes back and forth for months on end.

      • Old Henry

        Doctor Mom:

        You expect to pay yourself?? Why, why, you rich people are all the same… LOL!

        I have paid close attention to my doctor bills and noticed right off the bat how badly the government shafts medical providers on charges.

        However, the U.S. “guvment” is the world’s largest criminal enterprise…

      • Robert Smith

        Penny asks: “why is it that people with money in countries that have those healthcare systems always come to the U.S. for treatment?”

        Because America does have the best health care for those WHO CAN PAY FOR IT.

        For everyone else it’s pay or die.

        It’s that simple.


        • Jacki

          People can go to the emergency room, tell them that they have no money, and they still get treated. Yes not idea. Yes the hospital will send them a bill anyway. We already have programs to get “poor” kids health care. The hospital will write off the bill to the government. So tell me again why did we need this crap that congress sent us. And if it was so good, why did they Op – out of it. Growing up that is what my parents did. We were poor.

      • Robert Smith

        Posted: “I’ve not resumed an active practice for 8 years. Would I return to practice under Obamacare? Not on your life!!”

        Riiiiiiiiight! People DIE because doctors LIKE YOU are only interested in the money.

        When GREED runs medicine it gets expensive and folks without lots of money don’t get treatment.

        Not all doctors are that way, thank goodness. The military doctors are a good example. Those who work in charitable hospitals (Catholic and Shriners’) are also not so interested in the money as they are in helping people.

        Anyhow, thanks for being honest about your greed.


      • Robert Smith

        From Penny: “Yes I believe all of us need to be as self-reliant as possible, and not just on healthcare.”

        Yes, pick up that pocket knife, pray, and take your own appendex out. I’d almost pay money to watch that “self-reliant” medical care.

        IOW, “self-reliant” only goes so far. Then the need for real doctors, nurses, and technology kicks in. In America we should be taking care of our own.

        I’m really sad if I’m an American and all that greed is what others see.


    • AZ-Ike

      Healthcare is not a right–it is a personal responsibility.

      The healthcare industry is a private sector industry of products and services.

      Universal healthcare means expecting someone else to pay for your healthcare–and if it’s run by governments, they’ve taken someone else’s money/resources/work, against their will and/or inclination, in order to provide your healthcare. That is theft.

      • Robert Smith

        “The healthcare industry is a private sector industry of products and services.”

        Yup… How was that last call from India? Did you get the care you wanted?


      • eddie47d

        Go back 20 years where Private Health Insurance controlled the purse strings. Remember the rising costs of newer and larger hospitals and more expensive drugs? Remember all those pharmaceutical companies and hospital systems that flocked to the stock market. The cost of medical care skyrocketed and administrators within the Private Plans and Corporate offices had their salary increases grow 10 fold. That tells you exactly why the costs have risen. Maybe government sponsered healthcare sucks but don’t blame the rising costs on the AHCP.

  • Jacki

    Hummm. The way things are going I am really glad to have found this. Health care was expensive enough as it was. Now the health care is even MORE expensive due to the health care bill that was passed. Thanks dems, like people needed this trash from you.

    • Daveh234

      The rise in price in health care has little to do with the health care bill. Some say the meddling from Repubs kicked the can for while longer.
      Insurance companies have lobbied hard to keep their money coming in. And it is!

      • wandamurline

        Unfortunately, you have it wrong. We were told by the Dems that our policies would go down with Obamacare…, due to this legislation, the insurance premiums have gone up….Medicare premiums for the elderly will go from $100 a month now to $250 a month for each person by 2016….if you are 70 or older, there will be a Commission of bureaucrats that will determine whether you get treatment or pain pills and a life counseling. Not to mention that hospitals will be unable to expand without government approval, doctors and hospitals will be paying “fees” to the government to remain in business, there will be new fees/taxes on medical equipment, and everything pertaining to health care will go up, the government will decide who goes to college as they will be the only one making student loans….soooo tell me, what the h#*l does any of this have to do with health care? This legislation is about control, not health care….it was made to have everyone drop out, insurance companies expire and the government be the single payer. Do we need real health care reform? Yes, but Obamacare is not the answer.

      • Daveh234

        Sounds like partisan crap to me.

      • Robert Smith

        “Commission of bureaucrats that will determine whether you get treatment or pain pills and a life counseling.”

        That’s the lie of the decade from Sarah.

        There will be NO death pannels.


      • eddie47d

        Hospitals didn’t have to control costs and Pharmaceutical companies could charge what ever they wanted and boy did they gouge the public. Private entities also controlled the Insurance companies who continually raised their rates. Now please tell me why did the government have to step in if private companies are so responsible? Why did Americans have to scramble for generic drugs or have them shipped from foreign countries? Plain and simple the Private Companies were screwing their customers. For those of you who have short or selective memories go back and look at the real culprits.

      • Jacki

        Yep, the insurance companies won big time with the health care bill. Now everyone is REQUIRED to have it. SO they get more $. What ever happened to personnel responsibility, if you chose not to get it (insurance), then take the bad that goes with that choice. Why should I have to pay for others not choosing wisely. And yes I know, what about those that can not afford it, then cut something out, like all of the expensive clothes, cars, boats, having your nails and hair done all of the time. The list goes on. That is how my husband and I do it. We do without so that we can afford the insurance.

      • Old Henry

        Hellava way to run a rail road. Sort of like Amtrak…

      • Old Henry

        Yes Wanda, I remember little Barry saying our health care premiums would go down 300%.

        When my policy came up for renewal I told the woman that I dealt with I was expecting my check in the mail, and why. She laughed and told me not to hold my breath.

      • Robert Smith

        Hey Henry, aren’t you spouting garbage again? Check it out: “I remember little Barry saying our health care premiums would go down 300%.”

        Can you give us a reference on that besides your “memory?”

        I remember Santa, but that isn’t real either.

        Maybe you should consider a little truth in debate.


  • Doctor Mom

    Bottom line: Sadly, universal health care has never been a “right”. Throughout history the folks who took care of themselves did the best…and this coming from an MD!

    Learn to care for yourself and your loved ones and your neighbors.
    There is a pharmacy in the fields and vacant lots unpolluted by engine exhaust; there is health in sprouted seeds and grains that will store in your home for years; there is health waiting in your back and front yards if you’ll stop growing that useless grass and regularly spraying it with chemicals. Grow some food.
    Learn about herbal meds.
    Learn about the folk remedies Peggy writes about.

    What we don’t need is a government breathing down our necks and deciding not only who gets what treatments, but what we eat, and all in collusion with Big Pharma.

    • Daveh234

      Good advice on the grow your own and take care of your own. Peggy sometimes reads as an ad for a product line sometimes. The methods and info though is good advice.
      Big Pharma and Insurance Companies are bloated greedy types who I have always tried to avoid.

    • Robert Smith

      AwwwDr. Mom: “Sadly, universal health care has never been a “right”.”

      Let’s see if this sounds familiar from the extreme right: “Life, Liberty, and the…”

      Well???? Life? Are you willing to deny it to another?


      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Robert Smith,

        You write: “Well???? Life? Are you willing to deny it to another?”

        Interesting comment from a man who constantly advocates for the murder of unborn children.

        Best wishes,

      • Robert Smith

        In YOUR point of view. In my mind it isn’t a “child” until the woman carrying it says it is or it is born.

        Particularly just after conception it doesn’t even have two brain cells to rub together.

        You have YOUR religion, I have mine.

        BTW, thanks for such a fine example of a cheap shot.

        Can you answer the question why “pro-life” dosn’t advocate the life saving nature of universal health care?


      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Robert Smith,

        You write: “In YOUR point of view. In my mind it isn’t a “child” until the woman carrying it says it is or it is born.” There you go again—changing the meaning of words to suit your own twisted view. That makes it easy for you to justify your immorality, doesn’t it?

        You write: “BTW, thanks for such a fine example of a cheap shot.” Not a cheap shot. Just the truth; which is sometimes painful to hear and therefore could seem like a “cheap shot.”

        You write: “Can you answer the question why “pro-life” dosn’t advocate the life saving nature of universal health care?” You have been here long enough to know what I think of the so-called “healthcare” system.

        Best wishes,

      • Robert Smith

        From Bob Livingston: “Not a cheap shot. Just the truth;”

        ONLY from your perspective.

        Legally abortion is NOT “murder.”

        The TRUTH is that abortion is mostly legal in most of America. Remember, “murder” is a legal term.

        You can’t call abortion “murder” EXCEPT in the context of your point of view that you are imposing upon another. IOW, a cheap shot.


        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Robert Smith,

          You write: “Legally abortion is NOT “murder.”

          The TRUTH is that abortion is mostly legal in most of America. Remember, “murder” is a legal term.” Regardless what YOU call it, the baby is just as dead. Hence, its murder morally, even if not “legally.”

          You write: “You can’t call abortion “murder” EXCEPT in the context of your point of view that you are imposing upon another. IOW, a cheap shot.” You say I can’t call abortion murder, but you can call a baby something other than a baby? Double standard and circular logic.

          Best wishes,

      • Robert Smith

        From Bob Livingston: “Regardless what YOU call it, the baby is just as dead. Hence, its murder morally, even if not “legally.”

        “morally” by the standards of YOUR religion, NOT that of the law in America. Please keep in mind we are a nation of laws, NOT RELIGION.

        “You say I can’t call abortion murder, but you can call a baby something other than a baby?”

        Sure, egg, sperm (does someone get credit for killing half of a “baby” by eliminating them), zygote (or fertilized ovum), morula (pre-embryo), blastocyst, embryo, etc. These are all stages in the PROCESS that will eventually result in the birth of a “baby.” While it’s inside her she gets to decide what it is and what’s going to happen to it. ONLY after it comes out can society decide to do anything to take care of it without enslaving the woman. Then automatically society can bestow all the rights and privelages it feels it is entitld to. But, it is NOT entitled to take from any individual woman without her consent.

        The “murder” you are yammering about is in the context of YOUR morality and your religion. Just like pot is “moral” for Rostifarians, it is illegla. Well, “murder” is defined in the context of your religion, but it is still legal.

        Remember, America is NOT run by your morality or religion.

        You may feel that is a sham and use your “arguments” to deny reproductive freedoms to the women, just as in China women are heavily coersed into abortions, it’s only a matter of point of view who is right.

        That’s why it’s so important that in America we keep control of abortion out of the hands of government.

        Please, feel free to NOT have any abortions as you don’t want to have for your own flock. For others please remember that this is America and we aren’t run by a religious taliban.


    • Robert Smith

      From Dr. Mom: “What we don’t need is a government breathing down our necks and deciding not only who gets what treatments, but what we eat, and all in collusion with Big Pharma.”

      You mean like big agriculture that’s modified wheat so much it’s almost impossible to digest as anything but carbs?

      Let’s hear it for Monsanto! They must be your heros for all the growing they do.

      Remember, it was the witches who used the herbal remedies and common sense who were hunded down and their health efforts crushed by modern medicine.

      Be careful, you might run into that bible thing about not suffering them.

      Check out what the Druids are doing:


  • Richard Walker

    Daveh, do us all a favor and go live in either Zimbabwe (a marxist/socialist paradise) or North Korea (another marxist/socialist paradise) for at least two years under the health care system they have and then come back here and tell us that you think the socialist crap Obama is selling us is valid for anything but flushing down the toilet.

    I was going to go to Viet Nam as a fighter pilot to fight the communists and now they are running our government. I didn’t go because I was told the war was over and no more fighter pilots were needed. We won the war and the Dems gave it back to the North Vietnamese…

    • Robert Smith

      Richared, Richard, Richard… America is right there with Cuba when it comes to health care AND they spend a much much smaller portion of their GNP for health care than we do.

      Your “socialist country” argument is flat out false.


      • duane

        His argument is not false your argument is not only false but absurd. But that comes from being a left wing zombie who cannot think for himself.

      • Ken

        Oh MY GOODNESS Wobby, you’ve been unmasked once again!

    • Robert Smith

      “We won the war and the Dems gave it back to the North Vietnamese…”

      I thought tricky Dicky was a Republican…

      He was the one who got us out of that place.

      And it was Bush who got us into Iraq and Afganastan.


  • Evelyn Haley

    Am I allowed to send this article to friends

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Evelyn Haley,

      Yes. Just click on the “Email” button at the end of the article.

      Best wishes,

    • Jacki

      I can not see why not. The more people that know of this the better.

  • Sad Swan

    Mitt romney will fix it so that only the healthy people and rich ones can get insurance. Watch the interview he had with Jay Leno.

    • Robert Smith

      “Mitt romney will fix it so that only the healthy people and rich ones can get insurance.”

      Yup, Mitler and his buddies (1%) WILL get the best medical care money can buy.

      And then there those who get none and die.


      • Robert Smith

        How can anyone be “pro-life” and not support universal health care?


      • duane

        Why are you even here? Go puke up liberal crap on your liberal blogs with the rest of your brain dead ZOMBIE DEMOCRAPS.

      • Robert Smith

        I take it you are not pro=life, Duane?


  • jann

    I wish people would would change their belief that mainstream medical offers health care. Doctors in this country are not trained to be healers. They are taught to treat symptoms by prescribing pharmaceuticals. Only you can care for your own health. The doctors role is to enrich big pharmacy corporations. It is all about the money.

    • duane


      Yours is the only intelligent comment on this site for this article. I would also, like to point out to Peggy, the author of this article that there are loads of natural health sites that would give you healthy alternatives to the medication that you are taking for type II diabetes. is a wonderful site to log on to to get the truth about mainstream medicine.

      • Robert Smith

        Next time you get into a car accident please report back how it went without the paramedics, nurses, and doctors.

        Who nows… I may be wrong. You can get the deacon from your church to sew your injuries and maybe you can use some of that holy water to wash them out.


  • Cliffystones

    One thing Peggy didn’t mention. If you get burned, get ice on that sucker ASAP! Ice that burn down so much that it’s painful from the cold. This will reverse the “fire” that continues after the initial burn and prevent a burn from developing a blister.

    Many years ago I ran a machine that made glass bottles. I had a really stupid moment where I picked up a bottle off of my workbench that I had just taken off of the machine with my bare hand. I took only a fraction of a second to react, but the damage was done. Anyway the plant nurse had me put ice packs on that burn and keep it painfully frozen for about an hour. When she finally let me remove the ice, the burn didn’t burn anymore! And the skin that would ahve blistered simply became hard like a callous and peeled off over the next few weeks. Beyond the hour in deep freeze i didn’t even miss any time from work!

    Maybe Doctor Mom can elaborate on how this treatment works?

  • Ken

    Dear Peggy;

    Great article – one mention on baking soda; “Arm-And-Hammer” brand is loaded with aluminum and is reported to be a by product of aluminum processing.

    Thanks again. ; )

    • Jacki

      Thanks for the heads up. I did not know that arm and hammer was loaded with aluminum.

  • bob mcbob

    This whole column is an ad for mud. At least 2 of these “people” are not real and are just here to sell product/sell ideology. It’s amazing that people write about wanting to keep government out of healthcare. what do you think medicare is? WAKE UP! medicare is run by the government. You want government out of healthcare? Vote for Romney. Wait a year or two and you will be entirely on your own – he and his rich friends want to be rid of it and social security. Then let’s listen to you cry! They won’t wait a generation to make the changes and kill the system they’ve hated for 80 years.


  • Kay

    Check out Miracle Mineral Solution by Jim Humble. He advocates it but doesn’t sell it.

  • Malibu Kim

    Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) was recently renamed by Jim Humble to “Master” Mineral Solution. He said he originally called it “Miracle” to give it a snake-oil name to throw the powers-that-be off – while he got it out to as many people as possible (5 million & counting). He wanted to assure this cutting-edge health discovery would not be stopped by BigPharma – as they have done with all health technologies that actually HEAL PEOPLE. My family has warded off viral attacks for over a year now with MMS. Humble states MMS can cure over 98% of man’s ills – I fully believe so from my own experience with it and of those around me who have also been healed.

    • Robert Smith

      “Miracle Mineral Solution or MMS, is the colloquial product name for an aqueous solution of 28% sodium chlorite in distilled water. The name was first coined by Jim Humble in his 2006 self-published book, The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century.[1] The compound is essentially the same as industrial-strength bleach.[2]”

      That’s from:

      It is apparently very dangerous stuff according to the article. If you don’t want to believe the article check with a chemist.


    • Robert Smith

      Is it possible to post here?

      • Robert Smith

        Ah, had some difficulty that seems to have worked itself out.

        “Miracle Mineral Solution or MMS, is the colloquial product name for an aqueous solution of 28% sodium chlorite in distilled water. The name was first coined by Jim Humble in his 2006 self-published book, The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century.[1] The compound is essentially the same as industrial-strength bleach.[2]”


        I’m not sure I even want that stuff in my house.


      • Robert Smith

        Something strange is going on with anything in it with mriacle Mineral Suppliment in it.

        Are there no discenting points of view permitted about it?


  • M

    I was surprised at the suggestion for Redmond clay. There are hundreds of types of clays that are available other than that, and beyond that, clay is not that effective other than as a cosmetic.
    A better idea would be activated charcoal, which is produced by a few companies in the states. It is the most powerful clinical absorbent I have ever heard of. It will absorb most chemicals, either ingested or on the surface of the skin. It has been a lifesaver for me, treating bee stings, spider bites, scorpion stings, allergic reactions to chemicals I either accidentally ingested or was exposed to on the skin, and food poisoning from bacteria.
    I’ve even heard of it being the only thing that helped an infection from a cat scratch. It is sold as capsules and in bulk cans, usually for gas relief in the capsule form. Chaser caplets contain the same thing too.
    For those of you with a knowledge of chemistry, you remember carbon bonds to almost everything. The only thing it is not effective at absorbing is oils, so it would be of relatively little worth at getting oil or gasoline off, which clay is usually good at absorbing.
    As for clay, kaolin, french green clay, and even potters or the red clay found in the southeast would probably be similarly effective, if you could find a source of it that was not polluted.

  • Tim

    I like this so much.I have to think a bit here and pounder what i just read.Ok let me get this strait so if i have a heart problem (and i do) or kidney problem or like the lady said a loss of limb im to treat myself.Also ill add this people with streph have died from treating themselfs.Here is the problem folks need to look at in the long run and as a whole.Joe plumber has a wife and 2 kids he makes fair money but by no means rich.Say he makes 70k a year after cost ect ect.Joe is the plumber joes wife takes care of the office and paper work ect.Now Joe comes down with cancer, treatment is costly and without insurance they pay for it themselfs.2 months in with no income Joes wife fall and shatters her knee.Now here they are with a small amount of money in the bank and 2 kids and both parents are down.No insurance course they could apply for free health care at the treating hospital but wait a second they made a net income of 70k this year the hospital looks at the past 6 months and can not help with the bill.Joe and Joes wife has to pay the cancer dr and the bone dr per visit befor even walking into the office.Joes cost is about 300 per visit and Joes wifes visit is 220.Sorry Joe and to your wife without insurance or a pay upfront we cant see you.Who is there to help theses people are you going to or the next person and so on? Joe did not like Obama and Joe hated united health care that Obama is trying to pass.Bet Joe wish he had it now!What will Joe do now?

    • Robert Smith

      Hi Tim,

      Medical costs are a common reason many folks lose their financial lives to bankrupcy and go from middle class to poverty.

      They can’t work, the kids can’t go to much after high school (if they finish) and it is a loss to ALL Americans that we simply have so many families trashed.

      Where are the “family values” from the right? Get sick… Into poverty. That’s one heck of a fmily value system.


      • Tim

        Its true Robert it really is.Joe plumber will loose everything he has worked so hard to have and he has worked hard for it.Its sad he has seen things as he has and felt he could do it without insurance.Joe has nobody to back him up, he is it.No sick pay no long term anything.Saddly everything he has will be lost worse perhaps his life!Now i know this is fiction but if you remember there was a guy that was boosting the republicans in the 08 elections and and he called himself Joe Plumber!And Joe Plumber could be in this seat of loss.My uncle is retired from the air force he hates Obama and the health care plan course he has a life time of insurance the the VA so you know he dont care.Course he is in a united health care for the arm forces same diff really.Now he blows his mouth about him fighting for his country and he deserves it ect.Well i reminded him what i do.I own a farm i grow produce and a whole lot of it.3000 apple trees and ground crops on a large scale.Its very possible despite were you live in the us you might have had my apples.Now i feed alot of american people, thats my service dont i deserve to be able to go to the dr’s feel safe i can been seen to treat my problems.Well here is my storey I have a bad heart didnt know it till i was 37 then it came at me hardcore.Im treated with medication however i should have surgery to help my problem.Im uninsured so no surgery i also live in ohio near the Cleveland Clinic.When you call up there they say thank you for calling can we set you up a time today to be seen.This is what i say yes please first question is what is your name i tell them and they say and what insurance do you have.I say im am self pay they take my number and say ok a financial counselor will contact you in 2-4 days.So ok they call me in 4 days and i do my stuff and they say ok we can see you in 6 weeks i said what when i called 4 days ago they said i could get in the same day.She said sorry about that but its diffrent when your self pay!If you think im kidding look up the Cleveland Clinic call and see what they say!So people that say you should be self reliant can let me know how to do that when they themselfs fail to have any insurance at all.Well the hospitals in the usa are far better then anyplace in the world well thats all true however if you dont have insurance they are worthless.People need to live and feel both sides of the street.I have worked in union and non union work places i have worked for companies that have had no insurance some that had insurance but was to costly and i also worked for a union company that paid well and had great insurance.I took over the farm to prevent it shutting down.So unlike to many others i have played both sides of the field and i had the chance to feel what so so many people feel in so so many ways!The grass isnt always greener on the otherside.I talked to a person that hates the unions just hates them.He is a lawyer,when we was talking he was bad mouthing the unions.I said have you ever worked for one and he said no and nor would i.So in truth you have really no clue what a union is about.I ended the talk with well if i was going to get into a dispute with someone over a union i woudl want to argue with someone thats been there and done that!

      • Robert Smith

        Hi Tim,

        I too have had a small business in my life. For the first years we were healthy and then we got a very bad scare from a kidney stone. That got us into the health care treadmill. We had to limit the number of folks we hired partly because health care was so expensive.

        “I ended the talk with well if i was going to get into a dispute with someone over a union i woudl want to argue with someone thats been there and done that!”

        I’ve been in a union and they did absolutely nothing for me but take my money. Union management is just as bad as corporate management only not quite as polite.

        Unions have done some good over the years to curb the wholsale abuses but in today’s world they are simply a part of the corporate dance.


    • Barbara Taylor

      It won’t matter what you can afford if the fecal matter hits the air circulator — once the grid goes down and the fuel can’t be pumped, NO ONE will have access to advanced medical care or life saving medicine.

  • Family Physicians

    Direct care enables us to work with and for the patient, period. You never have to worry about insurance claims, deductibles, exclusions, and all the confusing hassles.

  • Drop Dead Fred

    The real problems with universal healthcare are these.

    It is wrong to expect everyone to pay for the minority. Some of which do not like mainstream healthcare already with its lack of privacy rights, Double billing of the insurance and medicare industries etc… and simply wish to not participate in this charade.
    How these new policies (which have not been implemented or tested out yet) are projected to not help the populace overall makes this group more resistant to such a potential calamity. Many of us believe we have that right and that it is protected by the constitution.

    Many people in this already burgeoning socialist mass hysteria welfare nation are nothing more than leaches. A drain on sociaties already over abused entitlement systems. Social security, Medicare and Welfare (in all their forms) which where never mentioned as Constitutionally permitted powers of the government to begin with.
    How many herion addicted prostitute single mothers like my ex does society NEED to take care of to aussage its self imposed artificial guilt trip.
    How many dead beat drop outs, drunkards and social misfits who litterally believe that we owe them everything.
    Perhaps you may belong to this second group.

    I do not believe that I owe any one (save for any children of mine or other family members) an existance in any way shape or form.
    You are not my responsibility.
    I do believe that government does have “limited” responsibility to regulate health care. That those limitations are to protecting the public from the preditory practices of super conglomerate insurance companies whos only real concerns are their bottom lines and the uber bonuses they pay to their elitist CEO’s and other management officers.

    Our government has yet to perform satisfactorily in any of its money grabbing programs. The likely hood that it has got its act together now is less than slim. Its none. Even the thought of allowing it even more opportunity to mismanage yet another program is ludicris. To allow them to herd us like cattle into any program where they have total controle over the quality of healthcare we recieve is insane.
    I’d sooner trust a rabid squirrel to guard my nuts.
    Thanx but no thanx. I’ll pass.

  • Karen

    Just a few rambling thoughts: Used an MD who was ALSO a Homeopath. When my son was 3 or 4, had a lymph node that was enlarged from repeated infections. Pediatrician said as he got older it would be less noticeable. Homeopath got it gone. When we had strep, our dual/duty MD gave us antibiotics. Can’t understand how/why we’ve gotten stuck in these extreme patterns of thinking – all this or all that. It’s one of the main reasons I went Independent a number of years ago. The Obama healthcare bill is fully understood by NO ONE. Of the things in it we can/do understand, some are worth keeping. Some worth changing. Problem is the all or nothing setup we’re in. Dems want all or nothing. Same with Repubs. We sorely need to cut spending. Doesn’t matter how noble/moral the issue, if there’s no $$$$$ there’s no $$$$$. We also could tax a little more, but no. Cuz of the ‘slippery slope’ it’s all or nothing on that decision too.
    These swings are killing our ability to create and choose viable solutions (not perfect – nothing is). Who here doesn’t know that the more tools, resources you have the better you are able to survive. Just sayin.
    Some home remedies are beneficial and effective. Some aren’t. IF there was a serious interruption in the availability of your medications, isn’t it worth at least trying to survive/supplement with naturals that may keep you alive till things get better? BUT, if you have the better western medicine, why not take it?

  • jennifer moore

    that funny I had the same thing with no insurance it might be a suggestion but i heard a man robbed a bank just so that he could get free medical insurance not that im suggesting such a thing but think about it ….. mj

  • Sarah

    No need to skip quality affordable physician healthcare. My doctor has a direct pay medical practice in miami florida my fee for a visit is the same as my copay was and labs are dirt cheap his number is 786-373-7975 the office email





    • Jacki

      It is not so much a matter of Negro or Caucasians. It is a matter that negros are less trusting of authoritative figures. They will hold off until they have no choice. They are scared of what it might be, so they put it off. It will be a matter of breaking thru to them that they need to go sooner rather than latter. And before anyone beats me up for using the word Negro, or Caucasian I was using the word that Christopher used.





  • tshering wangmo

    i used to get headach in in different part and the pain hit me. sometimes i used to get headach only the half.i can’t open my eye when i got headach.what was the solution.


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