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What They Aren’t Telling You

September 20, 2012 by  

What They Aren’t Telling You
Protesters burn tires during a protest march to the United States embassy in Sanaa in Yemen on Sept. 13.

As I have often said, if it were my job as a liberal flack to lay in traffic for President Barack Obama, I’d be feeling a bit run down at this point. After all, Obama’s series of epic failures on virtually every front is spreading his apologists thinner than their own excuses.

Witness the aftermath of the murder of Americans by Islamofascists in Libya and the rising tide of violence across the Muslim world. Following the murders of Ambassador Chris Stevens and a number of Americans, the corporate media raced to the presses to inform us all that Mitt Romney had spoken out about the attacks — and Obama’s mishandling thereof — inappropriately. As soon as that tactic failed, the same liberals attempted to steer the ship of discourse toward the idea that the perpetrators of such nefarious overseas deeds were driven mad by a movie that makes “Ishtar” look like “Lawrence of Arabia.”

The violence abroad — in concert with rapidly declining American prestige — belies the Democrat/media narrative that Obama has ever demonstrated any more skill in the foreign arena than he clearly lacks on the domestic front.

Yet the desperate distractions continue. Even as the corporate media stagger from deserved criticism for their deliberate attempts to recast the Libyan atrocities (aided, as they were, by Obama policies that left Stevens and his fellow victims virtually defenseless), they have spun back for their masters in the Obama Administration.

As the week began, a recording of Romney surfaced through the leftward slums of the media village. Leaked by the grandson of the previous worst President and eternal national embarrassment Jimmy Carter, the tape supposedly reveals Romney writing off campaigning for the votes of 47 percent of the populace — a group he refers to as “dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it.”

Although Romney’s remarks are entirely accurate, the Democrats and their media flacks — who saw nothing worth criticizing in Obama infamous God and guns smear — have deployed denigration of Romney’s statement as yet another deflection from the chaos that has consumed the Mideast.

Romney thinks too many Americans have sold their souls to the empty promises of unquantifiable “hope and change.” Romney knows that striving for the votes of people who are still backing Obama amid the veritable misery he has inflicted on not only our Nation but members of his own Administration is a waste of resources.

Even now, Obama and Romney are racing neck and neck for the White House. Neither seems to be able to claw his way past the 50 percent mark. It would appear that somewhere between 5 and 10 percent of the actual electorate remains undecided. Romney can either devote resources targeting the 47 percent who are sticking with Obama through record unemployment, record national debt, Operation Fast and Furious, “quantitative easing” and the train wreck of a foreign policy Obama has conducted; or he can acknowledge the 47-percenters exist, target instead those who are receptive to his campaigning and play to win.

Meanwhile, as the corporate media dutifully focus on Romney’s accurate assessment of the core of Obama’s support, they’re revealing their true partisan bias. In a recent Obama presser, not one reporter asked about Stevens and his fellow martyrs. No one queried about Obama’s decision to leave them exposed. No one even asked about the rising anti-American violence in the Mideast. One reporter did ask whether Obama was privy to updates from Afghanistan (which is taking a similar turn for the worse); and another asked about the President’s golf game. No one even approached the as yet barely reported story that Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius brazenly violated the Hatch Act. That would normally result in termination, but apparently earns the violator applause in an Administration so bereft of respect for the law that the Attorney General has been found in both criminal and civil contempt of Congress — another disgrace that should have earned the violator a stretch in the pokey. The corporate media even got caught coordinating their questions for Romney.

However, while the Democrats try to keep us focused on what Romney’s saying, I can’t help but notice what Obama and his media minions aren’t saying.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • phideaux

    Not up to your usual comedic standards Ben but other wise quite good.

    • Alex

      “{C}omedic standards”—really? Ben Crystal makes Irving R. Levine seem like George Carlin…

      • joe1cr

        Obama is no Lincoln either. Consider this quote.

        “You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.
        You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
        You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
        You cannot lift the wage earner up
        by pulling the wage payer down.
        You cannot further the brotherhood of man
        by inciting class hatred.
        You cannot build character and courage
        by taking away people’s initiative and independence.
        You cannot help people permanently by doing for them,
        what they could and should do for themselves.”
        Abraham Lincoln

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Ben is a shill for the elite

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Name the “elite”. They do have names. You do know how not to be a parrot repeating Leftist cliches?

      • joe1cr

        Rhonda Reichel says:
        September 20, 2012 at 9:17 am
        Yes we should apologize….first to our soldiers, then the taxpayers and all the victims overseas. These wars were pure greed and nothing else.

        As to Romney being right that’s a laugh. 47% about 2/3 are making less than 20,000 a year (but still paying payroll taxes), about 1/3 are retirees/ elderly, and only about 6% is gaming the system. I notice he never mentioned tax cheats that off shore their millions not paying taxes.

        MORE felons in the White House? IRS says tax cheating Obama staffers owe $833,970 in back taxes. Rhonda check out the link below.

      • eddie47d

        Nadzieja; Just for you! The Bilderbergs,Rockerfellers,Rothchilds, Kennedy’s, Romney’s,Koch’s and so forth. We could probably pull several out of the Wall Street hat but you should get the drift about who the Elites are.

      • TIME

        Dear Eddie,

        WOW – you noted all the units that control Barry Omen too.

        Good for you – you’re starting to get it. ;-)

        Now work on the number’s 12 & 13 or 12 + 1 = 13 – this is when the real fun starts!

        Good on ya!

        Peace & LOVE

      • Mikey

        There’s hope for eddie! (but probably none for Rhonda).

      • s c

        When you say ‘shill,’ comrade, do you mean for “elites” like Soros, Carlos Slim, Buffet, Gates and the usual crew? It seems as though you don’t really know what a ‘shill’ is. That necessitates the high degree of probability that you also don’t know know the downside of shilling for other shills.
        In a nation cursed with an obsessive need for appearances and the shunning of common sense and intelligence, comrade, I have to conclude that you are a shill who shills for those who have an old reputation for being shills ["elite," elected and appointed shills, of course]. Are you related to Lenin or Stalin?

    • Dave

      “Obama’s series of epic failures on virtually every front…” The Pundits on the Right keep saying this mantra over and over hoping that if they repeat this lie enough people will think that this is true.

  • RevNowWhileWeCan

    I know this isn’t going to be popular but it needs to be said. We should be apologizing. We should keep apologizing until we are out of every country we’re not welcome.

    • Patsy

      I don’t believe we should apologize to anyone and I have very valid reasons. We should leave every country that does not want us, but we should also pull out all of our financial assistance to those countries as well.

      • B rian

        Amen woman! They haven’t figured out that giving them support, in terms of defense, money, aid, and otherwise….. Isn’t going to make them like us….. And I’m not willing to pay them not to attack us! That the equivelant of extortion!

      • Rhonda Reichel

        Yes we should apologize….first to our soldiers, then the taxpayers and all the victims overseas. These wars were pure greed and nothing else.

        As to Romney being right that’s a laugh. 47% about 2/3 are making less than 20,000 a year (but still paying payroll taxes), about 1/3 are retirees/ elderly, and only about 6% is gaming the system. I notice he never mentioned tax cheats that off shore their millions not paying taxes.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Rhonda, you do not care about the soldiers, the taxpayers, nor the “victims” overseas.

      • Realist

        Patsy I agree all the way up til pulling finances from all we leave…We need to pull finanaces from everywhere…we can’t afford it anymore. In fact we need to deport
        and stop feeding leeches from 3rd world countries. We can’t afford it Foreign countries are bleeding us dry. Maybe when we get that 16 trillion ton elephant of our backs, we can contribute a few targeted stipends to israe….er other countries!

      • Bill

        Yea! now tell me something, did you support Ron Paul? After all he was the only candidate that was advocating your position.

      • eddie47d

        You are an extremely sad woman Nadzieja and have no clue in what Rhonda said. Maybe you are just to stubborn to admit that she could be right.

      • JC

        Patsy, Senator Rand Paul is trying to do just that, pass a bill to pull all foreign aid to Pakistan, Libya and Egypt. Naturally harry Reid was doing his best to stand in the way but finally relented. But, get this! Senators McCain and Kyl are actually doing their best to sabotage the motion. These “Republicans” from Arizona, are making themselves obvious as RINO’s. I actually voted for Kyl and I’m ashamed to admit it.

        Anyhow, these Globalists need phone calls from anyone who wants to see us pull aid from these America hating 7th century barbarians.

        From Senator Rand Paul’s Newsletter:

        There’s not a lot of time to spare.

        I need you to call your U.S. Senators immediately!

        You see, after hearing from tens of thousands of patriots like you, Harry Reid called me last night and offered to hold a vote on my bill to cut foriegn aid.

        But now, some members of my own party are attempting to sabotage the whole thing!

        That’s why I’m counting on your IMMEDIATE action right now. There’s no time to waste!

        It looks like some of my Republican colleagues are determined to continue their support for foreign aid – so much so that they are attempting to block even a vote from taking place.

        What are they afraid of?

        Only your pressure can turn this around and get us our vote!

        So please, call your U.S. Senators THIS MORNING and demand they allow a vote on my bill.

        Sen. John Kyl
        (202) 224-4521

        Sen. John McCain
        (202) 224-2235

        Pick up the phone folks.

    • Gea

      How do you call a 51 y old man who “marries” a little girl of 6y and has sex with her when she is 9 y old and he is 54 y. How do you call a man who rapes 17 y young women whose husband he had beheaded a few hours earlier. together with 900 other men and boys? How do you call a man who has 12 wives? This vile criminal would in any decent society either be executed as a pedophile polygamist and murderer or put to prison for life (In Israel where they do not have death penalty).

      This vile man is a Mohamed, whom 1.4 BILLIONS of Muslims consider a “final prophet” of the “most perfect and peaceful” religion, Islam, which in fact is a supremacist ideology similar to supremacist Nazi ideology, including its delusional Jew hate, which led to Holocaust. IF they could Muslims would have no moral qualms about committing a second Holocaust since they consider Jews as descendents of dogs and monkeys, which their imams preach all over the world.

      Muslim want respect and they are the TRUE blasphemers of civilized world! This projection of their OWN vile deeds and desires on others is typical of deranged violent men always blaming others, especially Americans and Jews. Islam is incompatible with the US Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and must be REFORMED or does not belong to any decent society that cherishes liberty and human rights as our constitution mandates.

      About 20% of ALL Muslims are fanatics ready to murder and die for Allahu Akbar, just as terrorists of 9/11 did. That means that all over the world you have 280 millions of crazy (mostly young) Muslim men ready to murder kuffar.

      …and you want US to apologize to those murderers and fanatics?! Obama had committed treason and should be impeached because he helped those vile Muslim fanatics come to power in Arab countries, and because he prevented US marines to carry live munition, and thus save the lives of diplomats in Libya. America is in Afghanistan because the Saudi terrorists of 9/11 were trained there!

      Muslim Brotherhood to whom Obama gave $1.5 BILLIONS has a long plan stated goal “destruction of Western civilization by infiltrating America and destroying it within”. Obama has them in the White house, thus the infiltration is finished and now destruction had begone. Obama should be impeached for treason! Impeach Obama!

    • RevNowWhileWeCan
  • Warrior

    Can’t get their facts straight and can’t conceal their lies. This is some regime we have representing us wouldn’t you say? And the head dufus in the senate continues to throw out head fakes about romney’s taxes. Representing the people is about leadership and leadership is not in the “progressives” vocabulary. These excuses for Americans are disgusting. It’s way past time you leave. This experiment is over and we’ll be extremely fortunate if the lab doesn’t blow up before you’re gone. If you care to look at the results of their policies and ineptitude all you have to do is view the difference between North and South Korea.

  • peter

    Well, for me I always prefer people who tell it like it is, no lies, no twisting the facts and no need to remember later what was said because it was true and speaking the truth is something no politician is remotely capable of anyway, so Romney must keep going, keep telling it like it is and if he loses, then maybe he will understand just how many Americans today are unlike their forefathers who were men and not flowers. If the useless and pathetic are all Obama has left, then God help America.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      When the evil are in power the good suffer. The caveat is that people must know what good is and what evil is and don’t exchange one for the other.

      • Patsy

        Well said.

      • uvuvuv

        the trouble is, hypothetically if obama is re-elected, everyone who pauses reverantly at the mention of his name will find out just what a danger he is, but then it will be too late. when a truck stop waitress has to choose between a $600 a month health insurance policy or a $1200 irs fine, that will actually be the least of her concerns.

      • eddie47d

        Then the Restaurant Association better start paying a better wage or come up with better benefits such as health care. $2.13 doesn’t go very far and never has.

  • cawmun cents

    Them Media minions havent told me its thursday yet today….but I doubt I’d believe them if they did.-CC.

  • Alex

    You lose again, Ben!

    The “forty-seven” per cent that Mitt declines to care about include children, seniors, the disabled, and military veterans.

    So fun to watch you squirm, Ben—hysterically attempting to spin each successive GOP
    pratfall as another failure of President Obama.

    It is one thing to pretend to be a hip political humorist (which you decidedly are NOT), but another altogether to fancy yourself a keen and insightful political scientist while constantly running from truth when it does not fit into your frightfully narrow world view.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You like people being victims so you and O can trot them out before elections to get votes. Would you and O and others of your mindset admit that you are failures at caring for people? Would you admit that it might be better if people developed themselves to take care of themselves and their children and their elderly?
      By your own admission Leftist you don’t trust people of your own ideology to do the right thing so you use the heavy hand of government.

    • http://charter jo smith

      Well Alex thay are people who just want to set on there buts and not work.Like the two women in the store one of them said I got to have another baby so I can get more welfair.

    • Patsy

      Alex, I am the wife of a retired military vet. With Obama trying to reduce our retiree pay, make active military and retired pay for their health coverage, reduce the size of the active military, and cut benefits for retirees, do you think that we would even think of voting for Obama? Also I believe the 47% that they talk about are actual voter qualified people.

      • Realist

        Patsy, Patsy….Go read the article in about the cut in retired benefits and Tricare….You will find brother John McCain at the helm of that one…He seems to think that social security and military retirement is an entitlement. He has openly stated that the military is paying way too little for healthcare and Tricare premiums should go up. He and Ryan both have plans for the future about cuts in retired military benefits and that is just a start to balance the 16 trillion by screwing the troops! They are worse than Obama and unless you can prove otherwise…be careful who you choose. BTW, 27 year retired veteran too.

    • Ted Crawford

      Au contraire mon frair! I happen to fall into many of those groups you delusional Progressives would like to believe are angry with Romney! I’m a Veteran, a disabled veteran even and a retired Senior citizen! I agree fully with what Romney stated!
      Most of my peers are equipt with the ability to use cognative logic. We are well aware that Mr. Romney was not refering to those of us that have earned and paid into, our benefits over our lifetimes, but rather to that group that have spent their lifetime drawing from the Public Treasury!

      • Ted Crawford

        I should have added that we are also well aware of the fact that, if they are to survive for our Children and Grandchildren, the programs of Social Security and Medicare will need to be revised! The fact that they should never have been created in the first place not with standing, they were and most of us have been forced to pay into them for our entire working lifetimes. The bulk of the problems with these programs were created in the Johnson administration( medicare was born & SS was removed from it’s Trust Fund) that was on my watch! It’s fitting that I and my generation should shoulder the responsibilitys to correct them!

      • Realist

        Ted, You do the family name justice..Good on you bro!

    • Hedgehog

      This sounds familiar. If you don’t like the message, shoot the messenger!

    • joe1cr

      What about the other 53 % of men,women and childeren having their hard earned money taken away fron them to support the life style of Obama’s 47% ????

      • phideaux

        Alex doesn’t care about the 53% or at least he doesn’t care as long as they can be taxed so he can continue to get his welfare check.

    • eddie47d

      Wrong again Nadzieja. You just make it too easy! I take care of my 3 year old grandson since birth and now my 16 year old granddaughter until she goes to school in South Dakota in November . I worked 43 years and my wife worked 32 years so stop assuming people are lazy and uncaring. My wife’s sister takes care of their father for over 20 years now. You desperately want to believe the talking points on the right but you are not always right.

    • JC

      Alex I take it you’re in complete denial of the phenomenon known as generational welfare.
      Well here’s a first hand look for you, if you have the nerve…

      Obama’s Plantation –

      “I’m here for my Obama Bucks”

  • John Woodbury

    Not only Mid-East, China is chanting anti-American Protests and our Ambassador’s car damaged in Beijing. Americans have been advised to stay home and not travel during this time. The difference is Beijing is furious over the protests and warned citizens they would not enjoy life (maybe literally) if this continues. No words from Obama, he is way too busy with the stupid stars of Hip-Hop and Hollywood. And you freaking liberals need to STFU I live in China so I think I have a much better idea of you man/child leader’s impact here than you clueless Kool-aid drinkers.

  • jopa

    What’s with that 47% that are clinging to Obama.All he did was bring the stock market from 6500 to 13500, then he went on to save the auto industry of America and that only saved about 500,000 jobs.So he stopped the war in Iraq and brought our troops home and now he is going to bring them home from Afghanistan.What if the troops like it there?Then he went on to kill Usama Bin Laden and another thirty some top terrorists within the Usama organization.If all the terrorists are wiped out how will we keep our war machine running?Then he went on to have the ACA passed and that means a healthier population.Now the hospitals, morticians grave diggers, body bag manufacturers and big pharma will see a slowdown in their business.He even wants to preserve Medicare, Medicaid , student loan programs and everything else that you should have saved up for or inherited the money for.Why are they clinging to Obama? You decide.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Keep on thinking that O is your messiah since you are believing that he will provide all your life’s goodies for free.
      You have been dancing around your Leftist ideology but at some point the piper will be asking for his pay. Ignoring the piper won’t help you now, Leftist, you and your kind have used up all the money and there is noone to Borrow from. You can always Steal but isn’t that what you and your kind are adept at doing.

    • http://charter jo smith

      why not tell how we have no jobs and prices keep going and he keeps lawoff people who what to work.Don’t tell he has only being in office 4 years . He could have don something.

    • Ted Crawford

      “Why are they clinging to Obama”? This phenomenon was predicted and explained over 200 years ago! We were warned that if we allowed our Republic to degenerate into a Democracy, exactly this would take place! The outcome of this is always the same throughout history!
      ” A Democracy cannot exist as a permenant form of government. It can only exist untill the voters discover that they can vote themse;ves largesse from the Public Treasury! From that moment on the majority will always vote for the candidates promising the most benefits from the Public Treasury, with the results that a Democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy and is always followed by a Dictatorship” Alexander Fraser Tytler 1787

    • huntmann

      Jopa it is (for those who don’t speak Russian, it means a..hole). Just wait until QE15 comes and the $ is worth 5 cents. See how high the stock market will go then! I will be over 50K or more, and the loaf of bread will be $100. Wiehmar Republic anyone?

    • joe1cr

      I broke it down for you, jopa , so it’s easier for you to process the questions. I have not seen any of your posts supported by anything of value so I will wait impatiently for your FACTS!

      Fact supported examples?
      The role of the government in the economic sphere is simply to be a “referee”, catching thieves, murderers, robbers and making laws that protect the right of each person to do his business as he sees fit, as long as each person does not violate the economic and political rights of anyone else. This is very important today to understand that the government can function mainly as a referee and a law enforcer, NOT as a provider of goods, services, welfare, subsidies, favors and other things that are subject to political whim and power group.
      1. General Motors
      3. Companies Granted Waivers to Opt Out of Obamacare.
      4. GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt GET’S GE out from paying any US taxes.
      5. Bailing out big wall St. Banks and Insurance co.
      Do you need more examples ?

      , his war on America,
      Fact supported examples?
      1. He is destroying this country, our power, our economic engine, our sovereignty. Standard & Poor’s Downgrades U.S. Credit Rating to AA+
      2. His war on the oil and coal industries through his EPA regulations.
      3. More people now on unemployment,welfare and living below poverty level. Welfare 1964 was 1.2 percent of GDP 2011 it was over 12 percent of GDP.
      4. President Obama’s time in office has been marked by political payoffs to the donor class and layoffs for the middle class. He showered his friends with stimulus funds and sent millions of taxpayer dollars overseas via the stimulus
      Money. Windmills from China and Cars from Finland.
      5. You remember, all the jobs the stimulus was going to provide? Where are those “shovel-ready jobs?
      6. Obama Trashed Medicare and threw the seniors under the Obamacare bus.
      Obamacare’s total cuts to Medicare run to over $1 trillion over the first 10 years of full implementation, and to nearly $5 trillion over the first 20 years. These are cuts for seniors who are already retired!
      Ultimately, by the end of the Trustees’ Report projection period, Medicare Part A is cut by 60%. Medicare Part B is cut by 43%. Translation: this means the end of Medicare as we know it.
      7. Today the “official” CPI is about 3 percent. But if you use the “old” 1980 formula, the real CPI is closer to 12 percent
      Need more ?

      And his war on Family Values.
      Fact supported examples

      1. Pro Gay,Lesibien and Athiest agenda. We were all socked and discussed about the Penn State pedophile case. But we are keeping silent on them entering our public schools to express their lifestyles and world views, while trying to indoctrinate our young..
      Too bad, their life style takes precedence over the safety and morality of our young.
      2. Obama cancels White House ceremony of a national day of prayer .
      3. Christians under attack for their beliefs case in point, the owners of Chick-fil-A

      Matthew 7: 15 – 20
      “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles? So, every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit. A healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a diseased tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus you will recognize them by their fruits.”

      • B rian

        “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.”.

        Alright…. This is understandable!

        But who is going to protect us from their Shepard (Obama).


      • Karolyn

        Are you aware that Chik Fil A is withdrawing funding to hate groups? In other words, Christian groups that are actively anti-gay. Why do you folks consistently believe that kids learning about homosexuality will “turn” them gay? You must not have much faith in the upbringing they are getting. Oh, wait, people are BORN THAT WAY!

      • B rian

        karolyn….. We don’t believe that way…. We look at these issues as social problems….. As such they need to be addressed when there are less issues with the economy. Frankly what people do in their own homes and behind doors of personal spaces is protected bY the constitution of America! I don’t speak for everyone…. But frankly it doesn’t matter to me…. I have much larger things to worry about…. Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness is the basis of your argument! Constitutional based. If you want my personal opinion, ive talked with many a lesbian couple…. And they have no purpose for kids, nor marriage. Thats their opinions…. Never met gay couple that advocated for these things and I’ve met quite a few… But I’m sure they are out there that would like them…. Welcome to America! Land of the free! Enjoy yourselves as you see fit!

      • JC

        Karolyn says:
        September 20, 2012 at 6:47 pm
        Are you aware that Chik Fil A is withdrawing funding to hate groups? In other words, Christian groups that are actively anti-gay. Why do you folks consistently believe that kids learning about homosexuality will “turn” them gay? You must not have much faith in the upbringing they are getting. Oh, wait, people are BORN THAT WAY!

        It is not up to the state to indoctrinate children into any paradigm other than that which they arrive at naturally and from their own experiences. I am very much offended at graphic teaching of homosexuality in public schools that children must attend “by law”.
        That’s not education, it’s indoctrination.

    • eddie47d

      Now Nadzieja assumes everyone she disagrees with is out there stealing! You are worst than sad …its pathetic!!

  • B rian

    For those that are wondering this is what Romney paid last year!

    This is what Obama paid last year!

    Romney paid 9 times what Obama made! And Obama is going to complain about what? He didn’t get enough of romneys money to pay down obamas national deficit and make him look bad!

    Let’s do the math everyone….. Get out you pens papers and IPads….

    16,000,000,000,000 divided by 6,200,000….. That’s right! It would take 2,500,000 romney households to NEUTRALIZE the deficit today! Tomorrow we would be 3,800,000,000 in debt tomorrow! And 7,600,000,000 the next day…. So I ask you….. Where is the issue? Is it that Romney isn’t paying his fair share of the national debt….. Or that the money Obama has going out as per his policies, is beyond our means as a nation to pay!

    Do the math again…… Ready!

    16,000,000,000,000 divided by 300,000,000 people in the united states!

    Wow…. Romneys fair share per capita is 53,000…. Coincidentally that my share and you share as well!

    Do the math again…..

    6,200,000 divided by his fair share of 53,000….. That right Romney paid off 116 times his fair share last year!

    Let’s talk about this deficit here a second…. You share of the debt is you lifetime debt to the deficit! It keeps getting bigger. And Romney just paid off his lifetime fair share as well as 116 other people’s share! And he’ll do it again next year! 47% of people won’t ever made a dent in their fair share! And 30 percent of people will contribute to everybody else’s lifetime burden!

    Any more questions regarding romneys fair share of lifetime deficit burden…. Cause he paid 6,150,000 more this last year, than his own personal burden! Consider his burden paid off! And 116 of the rest of yours paid off too! Last year! He’ll do it again this year! So what does he owe you, or the government? And you want to ridicule him for being successful?! He just paid off 116 government dependents burdens as well as his own! Use your brains!!!!! Deal with the real issues and stop trying to deflect and finger point away from obamas complete and utter failures!

    So go ahead! Talk to me like I’m an idiot! Defend your messiah! At least I can do 4th grade math! Call me a right wing extremist! Cause I can do 4th grade math! If we step up to sixth grade social studies we can have a discussion as to what Obama is doing wrong running his presidency! Any takers! Bring it on!

  • Fedup

    The only thing more stupid than a democrat is an “undecided” voter. UNDECIDED?! What the hell more do you have to see to make a decision?!

    • B rian

      fedup….. There is some importance to an undecided voter…..

      Registered voters in the us…..

      26% republican
      34% democrat
      And 40% independent

      If the registered traitors of a party averages 7 percent and votes for the other guy, Romney comes out ahead. Then you have the 40 percent that have to decide who wins the election…. This 40% is stuck between a rock and a hard place! Neither party represents them, yet somehow they are the majority! Independents decide winners of elections….. And this comes down to the lesser of two evils. Not who they would prefer…. They decide on who is gonna do less damage! So try not to be so hard on them….. Use things like facts, and references in your statements to sway them. Use things like constitutional infringements to help hem understand the greater of two evils so they can vote for the lesser!

    • Realist

      Undecided……Hmmm what would you call a informed disenfranchised independent voter?
      Neither the democrats nor the Republicans are doing a thing to retire the debt without screwing the little guy. It has long been abused by using an income tax system from the general population to pay annual budgets. When NAFTA and GATT took hold, the middle class immediately shrunk (under both democrat and republican rule) and the tax base is now gone. Bush and Obama continued to borrow and spend to finance their illegal wars. (and they were baseless) We need a leader with a pair of NUTZ to parlay and flat out write off the useless debt spent recklessly that never benefited our citizens.

      I would say 2.5 trillion deficit with a 25 percent reduction in welfare spending…e.g. eliminate all benefits for the undocumented 3rd world…stop medicating, feeding, employing them. We cannot afford them! Stop all…ALL.. foreign aide. The ones who will hate us for it hated us anyway! Make the fed print out enough to pay off the remainder of the debt and pay any us contractors for their troubles and just make do with what comes in from tax revenues.

      We need to reinstate tariffs on imports US and foreign owned. Either we pay more for inferior goods or enterprise zones will appear as competitive markets locally will be revived and more tax revenues brought to the treasury.

      Healing is coming from neither the democrats or republicans..They have been paid
      and they have to repay their debt to the lobbyists who are bent on keeping Global trade very much alive and our artificially booming economy suppressed.

      • B rian

        you call a disenfranchised registered independent voter like me you and I the deciding votes…. You also call us the unrepresented majority! You can additionally call a disenfranchised independent voter screwed by either choice we make….. Gwb screwed me with the PATROIT act, Obama screwed me with NDAA, executive orders, and if you combined the two….. They’ve turned our constitution in to toilet paper.

        That’s on the top level….. Congress is to busy to read the bills that cross their desk and can’t be burdened by such things like representing the interest of their people or state. That’s on the mid level…..

        On the bottom level, we find the disenfranchised independent voter writing our congressman demanding explination as to why they voted away their rights, violating their oath of office! And all of the sudden we are not disenfranchised independent voters….

        Now we are right wing extremists, looked down upon by the representatives we elected to represent us. As independent voters, we look at the situation, with a need to become informed of the issues, because we cannot just look at a ballot check the everything box!

        Where is our representation? With 40% of voters registered voters overall, we are the majority 1/3….. The majority 1/3 without representation! We just settle for the lesser of two evils! We vote back and forth between parties, because we cannot allow the incumbent to continue his current policies! Only….. We vote for the lesser of two evils on the premise that this once can’t possibly do more damage than the last…. Only to be proven wrong time and time again.

  • forgotten but not gone

    I would like one good reason to vote for obama and not the hogwash that the media has adopted. Bernake just released a lot of m oney to the mortgage market making the housing market rise……..a buy of votes, the mexican amnesty…..a buy of votes. taxes on people who have insurance already. Insurance companies will have to pay so much for each policy. cap and trade act, power companies will have to pay taxes on each ton of coal and we will have to pay taxes on each gallon of gas. B rand name drugs made overseas will cause the pharmacies to have to pay taxes on them(obama care) tax will have to be paid on using diagnostic. equipment(obama care) tanning booths users will have to pay tax on that(obama care) Now what was that about all the good things he has done. funny the poor people in the embassies that were sitting ducks and were slaughtered. would they vote for him.

  • uvuvuv

    i have observed that obama has very few foreign dignitaries visiting. we are all familiar with those photos showing the presidents and this or that prime minister awkwardly sitting in those armchairs. this used to be a regular occurance in the news, a real ho-hum but reassuring also in a way. remember that party crasher episode for the reception when that indian p/m was here? up until then that was all he could draw, and i can’t recall any since but i do think they had another visitor. he couldn’t even get invited to the prince william wedding (nor chelsea’s), and when he turned 50 there should have been greetings pouring in from all over the world, plus a gala birthday party at one of the foreign embassies. he is as cut off from the rest of the world as jimmy carter was cut off from washington society. once they figured out he was a dud he was dropped.

    • Patriot1776

      He’s too busy on the campaign trail to entertain at the White House.

      • Gea

        Barak Hussein Obama is too busy spreading his taqiyya (lies commended by Islam to all Muslimls who live in countries where Muslims are minority) in US so that he can bring Islam into power, as he had already done with getting Muslim Brotherhood into whitehouse, to infiltrate Amnerica and destroy Western civilizaation. Obama is a great storey teller that is destroying America and if he manages 4 more yours he will make US into a basket case econolmy too,pusiong his Marxist Islamist agenda.

  • Diane Opp

    Our Country will never be the same,however, if Obama wins this election it will be the end of our country.

  • Nick Cz

    Ben. While I read your rant, it was obvious that you were putting forward all of the claims and buzz words that are standard, accepted fare, on the GOP side. They readily accept all of those things as gospel. But for some one with a who can think for myself, and is independent, I get immediately turned off from accepting your words of wisdom, because my brain starts blocking all unsubstantiated claims and opinions. If you are to get to me, make a claim that is true and not just partisan rhetoric. Then prove it. For example, if I hear about Obama’s failed policies again, I will puke. Not all of his policies have failed and I get it. The GOP want to make him look bad. But most of those claims are lies and nothing but rhetoric. So do not keep spouting them as I am not one of the faithful patriots. But the reality as I see it is that Obama’s foreign, policy has decreased the hatred that most of the world had for the USA. The amount of terrorist attacks on the USA are far lower than what we would have if we had policies of threatening and waving our sabres at everyone. I know that the far right would love a policy of the big bully, USA, pushing everyone around. This will only make more countries hate us and increase the violence against the USA. We would be better of to just slowly and quietly back out of other countries and concentrate on upgrading and improving conditions here at home.

    • B rian

      i agree with you nick on many things….

      But I’m going to have to ask you respectfully which Obama policies you believe have not failed?

      As for terrorist attacks in the USA…… Continued attacks only perpetuate fear…. 1 every 2-4 years is enough to be effective for its cause…… Terror is rule by fear and emotion…. Therefore they only need to remind us every once in a while! 911 was their point to us. The point being you are not as safe as you have always thought you were.

      Now, I’m seriously asking for you to offer me an actual, factual, and evidence supported policy of obamas, that (1) was constitutional, (2) not achieved by bypassing congress with executive orders, (3) was representing the will of the people he was elected to represent.

      Offer is open to anybody! But nick brought it up so I would like his reply! This actually sounds like a productive conversation. But….. References count towards credibility. Not taking you word for it!

      • John Woodbury

        You want one, here it is. “I will fundamentally change America.”. He has done that in spades and I for one do not like the change.

    • JC

      Sorry Nick, but ALL of the Kenyan’s policies have failed…everyone.
      Most especially Barry’s Soetoro’s policies have failed blacks by further entrenching them
      on the welfare plantation.

  • joe1cr

    @B rian says:

    September 20, 2012 at 10:28 am

    “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.”.

    Alright…. This is understandable!

    But who is going to protect us from their Shepard (Obama).


    B rian Obama is the ravenous Wolf, his shepherd would be George Soros.

    • B rian

      obama has never lashed out at me for challenging his policies….. But his sheep sure have! Hahahaha!

      You’d think I could get an evidence based, factual, referenced response from somebody defending this man. But I’m just supposed to take their word for it….. And if I don’t do that, the wolves come out!

      Just looking for slice of creditability from these people….. I’ve been trying for days! There has to be an educated, informed, reasonable democrat out there somewhere that realizes the value of evidential references to have an intellegent productive conversation that would actually sway swing voters on way or the other.

      My replies usually end up with someone agreeing with me 100%, or telling me that I’m just stupid for not taking their word for it! And it’s never properly referenced…… I would even take an extremist reference if I could get one! But facts don’t exist in obamaland! Just finger pointing, directing traffic, and abuse! Trying to figure out what motivations people have for supporting him! No deal! They wont do it!

      • joe1cr

        RIGHT ON BROTHER!!!!

      • Realist

        B rian! Bravo…Your challenge will evidently go unanswered. I one accepts, it is only to his folly or another moral equivalent will jump out at you in a feverish defense move to justify his/her admiration of this horriblest clown of the decade and pizz poor excuse of a so-called leader. (sarcasm maxxed out)

    • eddie47d

      The problem is B rian is that you talk a good talk but offer nothing yourself. Nick just provided more meat than you have so I’m going to assume you only like to hear yourself chatter. We could all just look in the mirror and converse with ourselves and it would be as useful as talking to you. So what’s the point!

      • B rian

        Eddie….. I’ve tried to have an intellegent conversation with you….. But you refuse to say anything that could substantiate your positions. I have nothing to offer you…. Because I’m not on your side! And that all you truly care about! If I was on your side you’d be my best friend. I’ve tried to entice you into an intellegent conversation….

        I offer much…. But the things I offer don’t affiliate with your beliefs! Therefore I’m not even an American citizen to you.

        You are accusing me of talking to hear myself talk! Have you read through any of your own posts Eddie….. I’ve read them all…. And your bottom line is simple,” either you are with me or you are not!”. And if they are not, you attempt to belittle them.

        Any reasonable person would look at the information that I’ve offered and agree that it is (1) a creditable opinion back up by a reference, (2) challenging an idea, (3) challenging others to take part in a legitimate conversation! Even if people disagree with my ideas or points they can agree that I have offered valuable info!

        Those are my motivations….. What are yours? Common Eddie…. Why dont you try to take part in a productive conversation. Cause all you are doing right now is completely, and amazingly proving my point for me! I can’t prove my point better than you are doin it for me! Much appreciated Eddie!

      • B rian

        and another thing Eddie

        If you read my reply to nick, a lot of them meat he provided, I agreed with….. And I respectfully asked him or anybody else to offer up a very well defined, systematic approach, to tell me specifically which of obamas policies is not a complete failure. And to back up the response with a reasonable explination, and evidence/references! Neither nick or you or anybody else responded. But you did go out of my way to belittle me over it! Cause ” I only like to hear myself chatter”. Apearantly other people like to hear my chatter as well….. RiGHT ON BROTHER! And BRIAN, BRAVO. Again all evidence you seem to have dismissed or overlooked becuase I’m not a fan of obamanomics!

        So Eddie! Either take me up on my offer……. Or don’t! Your not constructively helping your cause. It is what it is!

      • Gea

        Obama should be impeached for betraying America and letting Muslim Brotherhood into thte white house. This Muslim Brotherhood stated goal is to infiltrate America and destroy Western civlization to impose Islam (the only true religion) on all Americans. Obama should be impreached also for his role in the gruesome murder of the US Ambassador in Libyta. OIbama helped those Islamists get into power, and had prevented US marines from carrying live munition, with which they could have defended American lives.

        Therefore Obama should resign immediately and not seek a second tertm.

  • Randy131

    Obama’s ‘Foreign Policy’ being a failure at this point has to be a given, just by the 20 plus US Embassies under attack around the world, proving that Obama’s pandering, bowing, and apologizing to foreign dignitaries does not work. An American Abassador, and 3 of his staff, being killed at a US Installation in Libya, on the first 9/11 Anniversity after the killing of Ossama Bin Laden, to commemorate his greatest achievemnet of destroying the ‘World Tade Center’ and part of the ‘US Pentagon’, done by Al Queda terrorists, also proves Obama, as Commander-in-Chief, is a failure in protecting Americans in the ‘War on Terror’. But even these two Obama failures pale in comparison to his domestic and economic policy failures here in the USA. Obama’s media buddies and political henchmen, including Bill Clinton, claim that he was saddled with the worst recession since the ‘Great Depression’ of 70 plus years ago, but is that really the truth? One of Obama’s own political adds to convince the American public of this, starts out with a talking head of one of the mainstream media claiming that this is the worst financial crisis since the ‘Great Depression’, and another talking head from another mainstream media comes on saying this recession has had the worst lost of jobs in the last 31 years. In the last 31 years? What happened to since the ‘Great Depression’? Must mean that there was another recession that lost more jobs than the one inherited by Obama, some 31 years ago, which was the Jimmy Carter recession, inherited by Ronald Reagan. Jimmy Carter’s recession was so bad that they invented a new word to descibe it, ‘Stagflation’, and invented the ‘Double Digit Triple Index’ (double digit unemployment, double digit inflation, and double digit interest rates) to help explain why Carter’s economy was so bad, and much worse than what Obama inherited from Bush. I was in business during Carter’s administration and have lived through many other recessions, and Carter’s was the worst recession by far, despite what Obama, his media henchmen, and Bill Clinton, want the American people to believe. Ronald Reagan, in his first 4 year term, caused through his policies described as ‘Trickle-Down Economics’, the creation of more than 9 million jobs, and at the end of that first 4 year term, had unemployment under 6% and the economy booming. Recessions come and go in cycles, but are always short-lived, unless like Obama has done, you put policies into effect not unlike the policies Carter used to put the country into a recession, and therefore prolonged the recession he inherited from Bush, and even made it much worse. Bush too inherited a recession from Bill Clinton, but in just 6 months extricated the US Economy from that recession. Romney wants to use the same policies as Ronald Reagan did in order to extricate us from Obama’s never-ending recession, but Obama, his media henchman, and even Bill Clinton claim that Romney wants to take us back to failed policies, that Obama has supposedly corrected for the benefit of the economy and the American people. Obama’s policies can best be described as ‘Trickle-Up Economics’, by flooding the poor with government tax dollars through welfare, food stamps, extended unemployment benefits, Social Security Disability enrolment, and other entitlements, that he expects will trickle up to the middle class and cause an economic recovery, but after 3 1/2 years has been proven a failure. I for one would rather see ‘Trickle-Down Economics’, proven by Ronald Reagan to work against a recession, than ‘Trickle-Up Economics’, proven by Obama to be a failure over the last 3 1/2 years, and has caused the recession to last longer than any in our history, and has made it worst for the American people who need jobs in order to keep their homes and feed their families. So despite the lies by Obama, and his henchmen media types, about Obama’s policies not being failures, the choice is more of the same as the last 3 1/2 years under Obama, or change to Mitt Romney’s policies, like Ronald Reagan used, to be successful in improving the American Economy. Mitt Romney has been successful in every endeavor he’s ever participated in, isn’t that record the American people want a President to have?

  • SJJolly

    Obama is bad at foreign relations? On his tour of parts of Europe and the Middle East a few months back, Mitt Romney kept sticking his foot in his mouth! If elected, he’d best stick to using a teleprompter.

    • Gea

      Political correctness is destroying America, because it destroys free thought and free speech that the current Caliph-in-Chief is in the White house is destroying under a guise “respect for Islam”. Barak Hussein Obama is a traitor of American values and Constitution. His allowing an Islamist organization, Muslim Brotherhood, which stated goal is “infiltrating America and destroying Western civilization from within, and establish the true religion of Islam”, is a treason for which Obama should be impeached.

      Barak Hussein Obama administration had caused numerous death of Americans and other people by helping Islamists get into power. If Mubarak and Gaddafi were alive, they would have not allowed Muslim mobs to sodomize and murder US Ambassador in Libya and if US marines were allowed to have live munition they could have defended lives of Americans against those Islamic barbarians.

      Obama is now trying to overturn First Amendment which he already did in UN, where 57 Muslim-majority countries want to prevent the world from telling truth about Islam and Mohamed, which is that Islam is a supremacist ideology similar to supremacist Nazi ideology and that Mohamed is a pedophile polygamist and murderer, who any decent society would be execute for pedophilia, rapes and murders and not be emulated as a role model. With such a role model, it is no wander that 95% of terrorist attacks are by Muslims.

      Barak Hussein OBama also bowed to Saudi king, whose subjects committed crimes of 9/11 although NO American President should EVER bow to any other chief of a country, and particularly not this vile kingdom chief where they behead “witches”, stone adulteresses, promote pedophilia (Sundausky could have a field day legally in Saudi Arabia) and lash women for driving or not wearing niquab. Saudis and Iranians support terrorism with the money from oil that we buy. Obama should be impeached for treason of American values and for endangerment of the Western civilization..

  • swampfox

    Yeah,good post,uhrahhh!


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