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What The State Wants To Hide

December 29, 2010 by  

What The State Wants To Hide

A pilot with a major United States airline was confronted at his home in early December by four Federal air marshals and two sheriff’s deputies who were there to confiscate his Federally-issued firearm and his state-issued permit to carry a concealed firearm.

His crime? He posted a series of videos to YouTube that showed flaws in the Transportation Security Administration’s screening procedures.

The videos — since removed from YouTube — demonstrate how the flight crews are subjected to intensive pre-flight TSA screenings while the ground crews that service the aircraft are able to access secure areas by swiping a card, pushing tool boxes that are never searched. The videos also show a rescue ax on the airliner’s flight deck… available to pilots who have just been screened for weapons.

The pilot is Chris Liu, a 50-year-old who was deputized by the TSA to carry a gun in the cockpit and is a helicopter test pilot in the Army Reserve who has flown missions for the United Nations overseas.

The pilot’s attorney, Don Werno, said he believes the Federal government sent six people to Liu’s home to send a message: “And the message was you’ve angered us by telling the truth and by showing America that there are major security problems despite the fact that we’ve spent billions of dollars allegedly to improve airline safety,” Werno told Sacramento’s News10.

Meanwhile, new WikiLeaks revelations show that U.S. Ambassador to France Craig Stapleton believes the U.S. should “retaliate” against nations that are resisting the introduction of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

In the cable, Stapleton writes: “Mission Paris recommends that that the USG (U.S. government) reinforce our (sic) negotiating position with the EU on agricultural biotechnology by publishing a retaliation list when the extend ‘Reasonable Time Period’ expires. In our view, Europe is moving backwards not forwards on this issue with France playing a leading role, along with Austria, Italy and even the Commission. In France, the ‘Grenelle’ environment process is being implemented to circumvent science-based decisions in favor of an assessment of the ‘common interest.’ Combined with the precautionary principle, this is a precedent with implications far beyond MON-810 BT corn cultivation. Moving to retaliation will make clear that the current path has real costs to EU interests and could help strengthen European pro-biotech voices. In fact, the pro-biotech side in France — including within the farm union — have told us retaliation is the only way to begin to begin to turn this issue in France.”

MON-810 is a genetically-modified corn created by the food giant Monsanto.

What do these seemingly unrelated stories have in common? Both demonstrate how an unaccountable government reacts to opposition.

The pilot who demonstrated the folly of the TSA screening procedures — which do nothing to keep us safer — has his privileges revoked for speaking the truth. Sovereign nations expressing their desire to reject GMOs risk retaliation from the U.S. government as it seeks to do the will of its corporate masters.

Many commenters took me to task for defending Julian Assange — mindlessly suggesting he be subjected to hideous torture or calling for his immediate murder — and his efforts at outing the thuggishness of the U.S. regime and its foreign policy.

But both Liu and Assange have done us a great service in exposing secrets Big Brother wants to hide from the masses. And they did so at great risk to themselves.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • patrick

    ATTENTION: Everyone should not only read this article, but I hope they understand what it is asking or saying? I believe this is yet another example of how most of us have been brainwashed by our Gov’t through the education system since we began schooling in kindygarden. Just as years of pro queer or gay reform have now made that weird un-normal life style acceptable to society, Obammyism acceptable, redistribution of wealth acceptable, un-American and un-Christian beliefs acceptable, etc. etc. Can you not see it? Most Americans have been desensitzed to all these issues and just roll over and go to sleep while the enemy ram all these changes down our throats while we sleep! Yes change you wanted and change you got. Are you happy now? Now we have nothing and we have lost our balls… thanks a million. The only way out of this mess, as I see it, is a Revolution. Lock and Load.

    • Robert Smith


      It started with the Patriot Act from Bush. Why don’t you include such abusive stuff in your screed?


      • bear

        Actually Robert, it started long before George W. and the Patriot Act. We might not have a Patriot Act if Bill Clinton hadn’t demanded the release of Muslim terrorists which were incarcerated to include Muhammed Atta, who flew an Airliner full of passengers into tower one of our World Trade Center and if Bill Clinton hadn’t, on two occasions when we had Osama Bin Laden in sniper sights, given the order to stand down. Then, we go back to Jimmy Carter who initiated the sub-prime lending which eventually led us to the death of Fannie and Freddie. There have been opportunities to stop all of what has happened by both sides but both sides don’t care about the American citizen. They only care about their own ambitious agendas. We lost our real leaders when we allowed lawyers to become our leaders. Those who interpret the laws should never be allowed to create the laws. Can you spell C O N F L I C T O F I N T R E S T ?

        • rodney burke

          That is why there are legislators and adjudicators. Or supposed to be. Hell we have adjudicators who think they are legislators! No wonder this nation is so screwed up! You are right, lawyers should NEVER be bureaucrats. Especially legislators!

          And another posting is correct, we’ve had too many presidents and their cabinet who have done things as he pointed out. We can’t blame this on BUSH. We’ve had problems for 30 years and few who were man enough to do anything. I don’t have ANY respect for congress; they KNOW better, they don’t have the courage to DO anything.

          Talk is cheap and look where it’s got us so far? DUH! Time for new leadership from the top down and that includes the states as well. We need some massive firings in the judicial system and get some people in there who will do their job for ALL of us and NOT for the ultra liberal massive minority!

        • 928

          i said this many times and it appears that you are the only one agreeing with me.

          • JMichael

            please read more closely, both sides, dems & repubs, have done their fair share.

          • Granny Mae


            To see what it really takes to screw up a country check this out and when you are done laughing give it some serious thought. These are voters ! Lord help us !


        • James

          Bear, I believe it’s spelled ‘interest’, and if Muhammed Atta flew a plane into a building, how could he be arrested and imprisoned?

          • barbm

            are you stupid? the man was arrested, released by clinton, then flew the plane into the wtc. doesn’t take a genius to figure out the time line.

          • Carolyn

            James, the man was arrested before he flew into the trade center, then released by Clinton. Why don’t you read the history of this and quit wasting the educated’s time…Thats what I like about liberals, no education. Now on with the real news.

          • Carol

            James, otherwise known as “Dingbat”, Clinton demanded the release of Mohammed Atta from incarceration while Clinton was still President, and thereby had the authority to do so. That was quite some time before 9/11. Clearly, Atta had been incarcerated on another matter. Get your facts straight before you start trying to correct other people’s comments.

        • Jeryl

          Actually, it started long before Carter. It started at least as far back as Woodrow Wilson and, politically, maybe even before that. The screws are being put to us “here a little, there a little; line upon line and precept upon precept.” Carter, Bush I, Bush II, Clinton and Obama were just the latest. Obama, with his Democratic majority, has pushed us dangerously close to the precipice.

          • JMichael

            you forgot reagan

          • Richard Pawley

            True, but even then it was congress who went along with Democratic Progressive Wilson, and approved the privately owned FEDERAL RESERVE BANK and it was congress who approved the progressive income tax and it was congress that approved the Gramn-Leach-Bliley Act when Clinton was president that allowed the FED’s owners the freedom to cause the mess we are now in, and I could go on and on. Now with Obama, Congress is making itself irrelevant with so many CZARS and Bureaucrats making laws that will diminish the USA until we are nothing but a county in the new order of things (but after much suffering on a scale equal to war). Americans have started to wake up but the fight to save our country has just begun. If we insist upon forcing others to do what is expedient and not what is right then the Laws of the Universe will apply. You can’t disavow gravity because you don’t believe in it, and what is called the Law of Reciprocity (what you sow you will reap) equally applies. Forcing the Europeans as we are the Iraqis to use GMO seeds to replace their own may well help bring about the famine I predicted in one chapter of THE LAST DAYS OF THE LATE GREAT UNITED STATES. The CIA came to the same conclusion I did about famine even before GMO were invented. Don’t think that GMO foods are dangerous? I’m sure it’s just a mere coincidence that the Autism rate begin skyrocketing when GMO foods were introduced in the USA along with chemical sugars. How about the South African chickens who wouldn’t eat GMO corn, or the rats that got sickened from it? Here’s a reference but there are many others: I stopped eating theater popcorn when I discovered that popcorn is one of our top 12 most polluted foods. I only eat organic now. I’ve heard it said that Americans are the test subjects for GMO food that has had no long term studies done on it. Europe has had GMO corn for five years now so it will be interesting to see if after they have GMO soy and beet sugar if their Autism rates go up as well. At least they are warned that their foods are GMO when they are but the members of big agribusiness in this county that are in our government keep us for being told. We want cheap and that is what we get, the cheapest food in the world. Even Jesus said that what is done in the darkness will be exposed to the light. I don’t condone the release of secrets that might get our soldiers or our allies killed but this is one that might save millions of lives. Time will tell. God help us!

          • Gerry

            Speaking of GMO, I am a male in my 40s who has never had any food allergies. In 1999 I started developing allergies to the point where my throat swells up whenever I try to eat anything. And I know I’m not alone on this. Foods I’ve eaten my entire life I’m now allergic to. First food that got added to the list? Beans, especially soybeans. How “ironic” is that?

        • John

          In principle I agree that both sides are complicit. Let’s give credit though to division in makeup of our branches of government where everyone had to let things go through that they did not like. Reagan had to allow taxes to go up to get a budget passed. Clinton had to move back toward center to get legislation passed. They are complicit in this. Not following a single agenda/direction. The policies of the left have been tried and failed in numerous governments. The stated policies of the right have resulted in growth and strength whenever followed. Unfortunately, the only thing Congress can agree on is an increase in their own salaries. Alabama got it right this year. The Republican Governor is not taking a salary from the state. State Congress has already passed campaign reform, lobbyist reform, and anti corruption legislation. Bentley has already signed those into law. We cannot look at party, but the personal voting record to get it right.

          • Eric Bischoff

            Complete horsesh!t. The left agenda has never come close to even being tried. Only the right agenda or the center has ruled and continues to rule this country and look at the mess we’re in. And if you are one of those who think Obama is the left then you really are a moron.

          • JeffH

            Eric Bischoff is right about Obama. Obama is a Marxist socialist!
            Obama was a member of the socialist New Party in the 90′s. New Party documents clearly indicating Obama was a member of the party, received its endorsement, encouraged Party members to work with him in the Illinois statehouse, and signed a contract agreeing to maintain a relationship with the Marxist-led party during his senate term.

            The New Party was active in the United States from 1992 to 1998, and was strongly affiliated with Marxist and socialist organizations including the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). The Party’s Chicago chapter included a large number of Maoist and communist members, and a large number of members of the leftist organizing group ACORN. It was not acceptable to run for office as a mixed-market liberal while hiding a socialist or communist agenda, though that is that what Barack Obama has done.

            As for the leftists or should I say the Democratic “Socialist” Party agenda and move to transform America into full socialism, I can only say that is the “Big Lie” of the twentieth century. While it promised prosperity, equality, and security, it delivers poverty, misery, and tyranny. Equality was achieved only in the sense that everyone was equal in his or her misery. It is only the initial illusion of success that gives government intervention its pernicious, seductive appeal. In the long run, socialism has always proven to be a formula for tyranny and misery.

            Socialism does not work because it is not consistent with the fundamental principles of human behavior. The failure of socialism in countries around the world can be traced to one critical defect, it is a system that ignores “INCENTIVES”. A free market capitalist based economy is based on the theory that “INCENTIVES” matter where
            market prices, the profit-and-loss system of accounting, and private property rights all provide an efficient, interrelated system of “INCENTIVES” to guide and direct economic behavior.

        • debalazo

          bear says:
          if Clinton hadn’t demanded release of Muslim terrorists… to include Muhammed Atta, who flew an Airliner… Clinton… had Osama Bin Laden in sniper sights… yak-yak…

          How old are you, lit’l boy? Six? Muslim terrorists? How about FBI terrorists who supplied live bomb to infiltrated ‘terrorists’ so they could crack a Tower, and quick-start a war against the Arabs to steal their oil, but failed? Any FBI arrested? Their boss jailed?

          Muhammed Atta, the Joke. Paid CIA stoolie to create an illusion about most improbable ‘hijackings’ the gov has never proved.

          How about Dov Zakheim at the Pentagon, who stole 2.1 Trillion for ‘israel’, and lead an israeli corporation who makes remote control systems for airplanes? Think WTC.

          Then the personnel looking into Zakheim rapine under the nose of Rumsfeld, were blown to bits with a missile, aka, ‘hijacked 757 airplane’, which debris were never photographed or presented as evidence in that crime. Because they didn’t exist, like oBuma’s Hawaiian Birth Certificate.

          And Osama bin Bush, another CIA asset, trained in Las Vegas, NV, into terrorism for service in Afghanistan. Jerk died in Dec 2001, had no kidneys and could be hit via satellite disclosure. Was visited in hospital by CIA local to give him comfort in his ailment. The French exposed the encounter. Mass Manipulated Media? Total silence. Jokers.

          Nowhere mention of ’911 Mysteries’, ’911 Missing Links’, ’911 Zero’, movies who exposed who did 911; or ‘Final Judgment’, ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’, ‘The Hoax of the 20th Century’, ‘Architecs of Deception’, ‘Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution’, texts who expose who is behind world genocide, the real world-class terrorists.

          • Pathfinder0100

            debalazo–what a bunch of crap!–What drugs are you on??

      • TIME


        If your going to post silly quibs at least get your facts in order, ok dude?

        Now this covert behavior has been going on for well over 100 years Bob, as a matter of fact I can trace it back to the early 1800′s not long after we became a country.
        Not the Patirot act per sa’ but the slow twisting and distoring of the rights of the American people.

        As to the PA, that was written and presented by Joe Bidden during Bill Clinton’s time in office, you know who Joe is he’s the Sitting VP, that guy who lives in DC and has been there for over 40 years now and has done more to sell you out than you can grasp. Yea thats the old JOE.

        As to GWB, he is no differant than Barry Soetoro, nor Bill Clinton, nor any POTUS thats been elected in nearly 100 years.
        So get over it will you, open your bloody mind and learn something other than a one step dance.

        • S.C.Murf

          Nice, stay on him Time

          up the hill

        • Bob Wire

          You can go back to creation to find fault and blame if you want too.

          HLS is “Our Deal” today. ~ It was instituted in fear and response in the aftermath of 9-11, was needed and has served America and America’s security needs, since for better or worse. ~ We can’t account for all that hasn’t happened under their watchful eye but only what has happened.

          I want to say HLS has worked, but at a cost.

          In this particular situation, a rouge agent has went out on a limb and embarrassed superiors and a government agency with a “in your face” manner. They don’t like such behavior, it looks bad. It threatens their jobs and the confidence of everyone, from top to bottom.

          If you have a good job and want to keep it, this is a perfect example of how to lose it. While motives might be honorable you must be able to withstand a lighting strike or you will see no more tomorrows at that position of play.

          Be a part of the team or be history. An unpleasant truth.

          • DaveH

            Oh, right, Bob. Just stand down whenever Government walks on the people. That way you might keep your job.
            I’m glad you’re not on my side.

          • marvin

            Bob Wire
            and all this from a sec of dhls that won,t arrest illegals, saying it is illegal to be undocumented but not criminal, from an a t general fileing a law suit aginest a state and haveing not read the imigration law they passed he is sueing over , from a president that was and is trying to give amnesty to 20 million illegals thru exe order and by pass congress and telling hispanic to punish your enemys and reward your friends,from a speaker of the house that said we got to pass the bill to see whats in it, from a sec of the epa if congress won,t pass cap an tax we will to by pass congress ,from the ass director morton of dins to the ice agents don,t arrest illegals all great people,NOT

          • TIME


            HLS, is nothing more than trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Its nothing shoth of MAKING the Populace slaves to the state by way of a Flase Flag engagment.

            In plain words to make the slaves more subservient, so they can follow orders when it comes time to rounding them up, so they will also spy on their neighbors.
            To create a new bread of Passive agressive’s, as well good little Nazi’s who will do as they are told to take away free will, to take away freedom and make you think its for your own good.

            9 / 11 was nothing short of the US Government murdering countless people for the simple method of desensitizing the populace to get them to chase a Boggie Man thats not there, so many large Corporation can make money off the Blood of our Youth.

            Now if we really look at this your first question should be; why was it Joe Bidden wrote up the PA in 1993?
            Thats the question you really need to ask.

            And when you think long and hard on it, there is only ONE conclusion, the setting up of a structure to be ready for the event your planing. Think playing CHESS. Its no differant the the HCR bill, they are now fine tuning it so when the time comes no one will question where your dad went, where was that guy from down the street who used to play the drums at night.

            Can I make it any more simple. They Create rules to a problem, a problem that you don’t have. Then all you have to do is bring the problem on stage and Whala you have the solution in hand.

            And as you may note Bob, Bob stated it was all GWB, all I said is he is no differant that Joe Bidden, or Barry Soetoro.
            And if you think Clinton had nothing to do with it either, well I have some land in Florida you may want.
            Its in North Port a really nice place, the roads are all in place and other than when the rains come its dry most of the time, well at least 1 month per year.
            How about it Bob? Wants some land I can make you a great deal.

          • debalazo

            “Bob Wire says:
            You can go back to creation to find fault and blame if you want too. HLS is “Our Deal” today. ~ It was instituted in fear and response in the aftermath of 9-11, was needed and has served America and America’s security needs, since for better or worse….”

            More yakitty-yak. Partly right, though. Go back some 4000 years to the Caucasus-Middle East, look at the prime protagonists-wanderers-squatters of the plains, trace them forefront to Washington, Tel-Aviv and The City, in London, and we have who to blame and who created all damage. Now, call me terrorist.

            911 was planned long before it happened, there were books and a movie prior to it, and the Homeland Insecurity Gestapo ordained to harrass and arrest Americans, and ‘terrorist’ patsies, to the last detail.

            If HS and tribewoman Napolitano were ANY good for the USA, they would have stopped the illegal invasion of destitutes and criminals into the US via Arizona, and elsewhere, easy and long ago. But as part of the agenda to destroy this country without firing a shot at them, the onslaught of America continues to this day.

        • Robert Smith

          Hi TIME,

          Clinton didn’t sign it.

          The PA was on GWB’s watch, he signed it, and WE have suffered since.

          It’s that simple.


          • JeffH

            Robert, such the simpleton aren’t you….Bush/Cheney…Bush/Cheney…baaaa, baaa, baaa!

            Time tells the truth, Biden took the credit and Bush was a puppet just like Barry Soetoro and your still crying Bush, Bush, Bush…next you’ll be injecting your gayness into the conversations like you always do.

          • independant thinker

            Bush ain’t in office any more Obama is now president and your hero Obammy renewed and expanded it.

          • DaveH

            Only one Democrat Senator voted against the Patriot Act.
            And only 30% of the Democrats in the House voted against the Patriot Act.

          • Eric Bischoff

            Russ Feingold

            • A champion of Campaign Finance Reform

            • The only Senator who voted against Patriot Act and then filibustered renewal in 2006 and got compromises.

            • Against NAFTA and other Free Trade agreements

            • Against pay raise in congress and has returned $70K

            • Advocate for reductions in pork barrel spending and corporate welfare which by the way is much larger than the poor people welfare most people complain about!

            and still he got dumped in the last election!

            I believe that man would make a great president.

          • Vicki

            It is amusing that people, who by their comments here are quite liberal I.E.Democrats, seem to forget that nearly all democrats voted for the Patriot act when originally presented.

            Then when they had a super majority and filibuster proof Congress and the Presidency and could do anything they wanted they voted to continue it.

            Democrat representatives are NOT our friends (nor do they represent us anymore).

          • JMichael

            every repub. senator voted for it. divide and conquer and devide again(tea party). keep the people bickering and distracted, focusing on their differences than their similarities. I think both parties are doing just fine. oh, by the way, did you see Bristol on DWTS, Sarah’s Alaska and what’s Kim Kardashian doing today?

          • http://?? Joe H.

            You wouldn’t be a little jealous of the Palins, would you?? What does it matter how they make their livings as long as YOU personally don’t have to pay them. That’s the freedom of this country at work! The dems tried to torture Sarah Palin and not only was she up to the challenge, she excelled in her persuit of a carreer while at it! That she did just rubs all you dems RAW!!!

          • JC

            The (anti) Patriot Act was passed by both houses of Congress.
            The corruption is systemic.

        • kate8

          TIME – Every time the libs post they display their astonishing ignorance of, not only history, but of how the game is being played.

          Thanks, TIME, for your persistent efforts to shed light to the clueless. The problem is, they don’t want to see it. As I said yesterday, they are already wired into the matrix.

          As an aside, as I was busy emailing, calling and faxing Congress regarding the food bill, I saw that a copy went to Obama and Sebelius. That made me nervous, as I am aware that I am already on many lists.

          • DaveH

            Sending any such thing to Obama is a waste of time. He has only one thing on his mind – subjugation of the people.

          • kate8

            DaveH – I know that. And I didn’t want the WH having my email address, either.

            These were email letters that are automatically sent to DC through organizations which were in opposition to the food bill, in order to flood them with letters.

          • Vicki

            Kate8 writes:
            “Every time the libs post they display their astonishing ignorance of, not only history, but of how the game is being played.”

            History? They are astonishingly ignorant of the PRESENT. Bush / Chaney are gone. Obama is the current president. The Democrats had a super majority in the house and a filibuster proof senate and the liberals STILL blame Bush.

          • kate8

            Vicki – LOL. Good point!

          • JeffH

            kate8, I’ve sent numerous email asking Obama to resign, requests for vetos, etc and every one worded in a very respectable manner…I’m sure I’ve been put on a government “watch” list or the DHS “extremist” watch list. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if most of us on this website weren’t being monitored in one way or another. These are definetily dangerous times and certainly will be a historic time for US history…if the truth be told.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Actually, I wonder if we don’t inflate our importance by fearing a “list”? To them, we are probably just a bunch of nobodies and if we can’t put a few million in their campaign funds, we just don’t matter!!

          • kate8

            JoeH – You don’t have to do much to get on a list, from what I’ve gathered. The list is simply of those who disagree with what the PTB are doing.

            This happened in Germany and Soviet Union, also. Ordinary people were deemed “dissidents” and taken away. Permanently.

            In a totalitarian regime, ANY dissention is seen as a threat. That’s why people become afraid to talk. They don’t want anyone going around spreading anti-regime ideas.

      • FedUpTom

        I’m with you PATRICK & BEAR !!! Rob,wake up-try reading the U.S.Constitution & the BILL of RIGHTS.We’re all getting scammed out of our personal liberties little by little by the current administration,and previous administrations as well.Who cares when,where,why,what & who ????? We are in serious trouble,PERIOD !!!

        GOD BLESS AMERICA !!! (locked & loaded) FedUpTom

      • debalazo

        Robert Smith says:
        Patrick! It started with the Patriot Act from Bush

        Yada-yada… It all started, one time or other but long ago, with the Rothschild agents inside the new US Gov, in order to recoup the lost ‘Colonies’ allegedly belonging to King George (the other one), a puppet just like the ‘presidents’ we have today and for a long time also.

        But the seizure of America took crown when the Rothschild banksters were allowed by traitors, subversives, and cryptos, to establish the ‘Federal’ ‘Reserve’ Corporate Bank, and hijacked the US Treasury Dept. and printing plates. Later, in 1933, them thieves stole Ft Knox gold bullion and spread it to their gang banks in Europe, to aid in war financing and destroying of millions of goy (cow) lives, aka, the Gentiles of the world.

        This mincing and hand-picking of subjects, incidents, and puppets, is only a distraction away from the perpetrators behind all crimes against humanity.

        False flag operations are their natural specialty, and buying government puppets with their fiat money their inherited duty. Masters of Deceit, until the internet exposed their very moves and plans.

        Read and learn.

      • http://none max penn

        The Patriot Act was writed by none other then Joe Biden, not BUSH.

        • JC

          I’ve hunted all over for anything to verify that.
          All I can find seems to point to a VietNamese guy in the Bush cabinet
          as having wrote the Patriot Act. (mostly)

    • dave

      I have been saying that for years and I’m with you, brother in arms!Need to transplant Tall oak trees in the white house lawn decorated with long strands of hemp!

    • James

      Seems to me that many people in these comments are still blinded by the illusion of a two-party system and are content to fight each other instead of waking up and seeing the truth… both parties are working towards the same goals, only one quicker than the other. I recommend that you all stop bickering over issues that you’re being told to fight about by the media and look at the real issues… socialism has come to America, and communism is almost here too. Perpare while you can and study history, things are about to get nasty regardless of what political party you defend.

      • John

        The principles of the parties are not the principles of all those who identify themselves as part of those parties. I agree with you, we should look to the candidate, not the party. If they don’t vote like we want, kick them out.

        Look at the rhetoric over “Don’t ask, Don’t tell!” The law of Don’t ask Don’t tell was voted down by congress. “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was a presidential decree by Clinton. The law repealed by Congress prohibited those with gender issues of any sort from serving in the military. Both sides refer to it as the “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” law. The study did not ask if military wanted the law repealed. Studies that asked that question found that a vast majority of our current military did not want it repealed. In addition, 25% have said that they will not sign up when their time is up with gays etc. serving in the military. That doesn’t include the loss of chaplains due to this, nor those who will face court martial for following their conscience and exercising free speech. Those for it talk about the thousands of qualified gay and lesbian people lost, yet ignore the guaranteed 25% loss of our volunteer force by letting those “thousands” serve. They ignore the protest of over 1200 high ranking officers, and more importantly the Sergeant Majors who signed the letter declaring the irreparable damage to our armed forces that will be caused by this.

        They also ignore that this precise course has been followed by every great civilization immediately prior to its fall. They can twist things all that they want to. This leads to the downfall of nations.

        • Karolyn

          Every soldier I’ve heard interviewed and the former military I have spoken to have no problem with this. My best friend said she served with gays who were better than most soldiers she served with. She suffered at the hands of the macho heterosexual soldiers, both low and high ranking. They didn’t like the idea that she was so intelligent.

          • Claire

            Karolyn—I have two cousins in the military, one was already in Afganistan, and now the other one is there. They have already been in battle alongside some gays and they told me that they have no problem with the gays, that the gays do a good job. So who knows! I am an avid supporter of our troops–I always have been.

          • kate8

            Part of the problem is that, as men and women have been separated in the military to minimize sexual tension as a distraction, what does one now do with the gays? Separate housing for them, too? We can’t be turning the barracks into playrooms.

            Having this in the open creates a whole new host of problems. There are many military in my family and circle, and not one of them thinks this is a good idea.

          • kate8

            Claire – Here is the new ad for Marine recruiting.


          • kate8

            Claire – This can be nothing less than for the purpose of weakening our military, especially in the eyes of the world.

          • libertytrain

            kate8 – was just talking to my son-in-law this weekend of Christmas about this. Says over the years soldiers have come to him to tell him they were gay. He said he told them ok, now get back to work. Said one wanted to show him pictures, he said no, get back to work. The point being those that told were just trying to get a ride out of the Army.

          • kate8

            libertytrain – One has to wonder if gays aren’t joining the military largely to further their agenda. They’ve certainly been busy pushing to get what they want.

          • Claire

            libertytrain–Pictures? Now that is going over the line. If gays want to serve in the military then they should act and BE the part. No damn hanky-panky. Personally, if I were in the military I know I would feel creepy taking a shower in the same area with them. And if one “hit” on me, I would probably freak out. I apologize to all, but I could never understand the gay life. I could never understand the “why” of it! I was “boy crazy” when I was young–good grief, give me a goodlooking guy any day!!

          • libertytrain

            Claire – Kate – there have always been gays in the military, always. Personally I see this as just another agenda that group is trying to accomplish in another flashy way. Seems so undignified, tacky and tasteless. There’s nothing dignified about a guy or gal for that matter who can’t control his/her self whether it be because of his hormonal interests in a woman or a man.

        • Pathfinder0100

          John–You sure know what you are talking about–Keep it up!!

      • Claire

        I am of the opinion that it is the two-party system that has gotten us in trouble. Personally, I think they should be done away with–I would rather vote for whomever I want, no party involved. I blindly followed parties several times during my lifetime and I sure won’t do it again.

    • DaveH

      I share your disgust over most of those things, but I don’t share your intolerance.
      The two major parties have used the intolerance of the right-wingers and the greed for other peoples’ money of the left-wingers to grow Government ever-larger.
      And you wonder why our society has degenerated. Big Government is the Problem, Not the Solution. Most of the voters have seperated into two camps, the one which doesn’t respect your right to control your own body, and the one which doesn’t respect your right to control your own property (that includes money). As a result the Sociopathic Leaders have gladly stepped in to “Protect” us (really to feather their own nests).
      Most of us have turned our heads while Government commits crimes that we would be in jail for committing. We need to get together and no longer tolerate theft by Government, or murder by Government (that committed other than in self-defense).
      To those of us who want our Freedom back: You need to shake off the 12 or more years of public school propaganda and embrace true Freedom. You need to do it now, not 10 years from now when you finally wake up to the results of evil. It will be too late then (If it isn’t already).
      Vote Libertarian, the Party with Principles. We don’t bend our Principles to suit our personal desires. For Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility, Free Markets, and Limited Government (bound by the same rules which citizens are bound by), the Libertarian Party is the only choice:

      • Robert Smith

        From DaveH,

        “Vote Libertarian, the Party with Principles.”

        Led by that right wing anti-abortion nut Bob Barr?

        Looks to me like he’s using the party like LaRoach did for their own personal objectives.


        • DaveH

          In your Liberal Zealotry, you are projecting your behavior onto others. Our members span a wide gamut of personal beliefs. Some are religious, others are not. Some are against abortions, some are not. But our overwhelming principle is Freedom which supercedes all other beliefs. You can believe what you want in our party, you just can’t impose it on others.
          I know that’s hard to grasp for somebody who believes in forcing their way on others through the use of Government bully boys. But maybe someday your brain will expand enough to grasp the concept of leaving people alone to control their own bodies and property.

          • Robert Smith

            The fact remains that Barr is a nut case.

            So was Laroach.


        • DaveH

          And, if you had read the Party Platform on the provided link instead of launching your knee-jerk ad hominem attack, Robert, you would have seen this:
          “1.4 Abortion
          Recognizing that abortion is a sensitive issue and that people can hold good-faith views on all sides, we believe that government should be kept out of the matter, leaving the question to each person for their conscientious consideration.”

        • kate8

          R S – In the Progressive world, it’s a very small leap from legalized abortion to forced abortion.

          • Robert Smith

            From kate: “In the Progressive world, it’s a very small leap from legalized abortion to forced abortion.”

            Not really. HOWEVER, if the US government gets control of a woman’s reproductive system how close are we to forced pregnancy? AND when the government GETS control then the next administration can make it forced abortion.

            It’s best to leave it in the hands of each individual woman to decide what is best for her. That way NO government messing around at all. Isn’t that what you advocate? No government intervention. Let folks think for themselves. Even that their christian god gave folks free choice. Who are YOU to overule that god?


    • EddieW

      I truly believe the US is going to totally collapse, our government is so corrupt, it simply cannot continue!! DHS is even now preparing us for the Police State, but…they need to disarm us, so they can kill an unarmed people, unable to defend themselves…When they come to move you to some other state, to keep you off balance, and incapable of organising resistance…keep your gun handy..whoever they are, police, army or foreign army…if you can take two out, and all those with arms do this, they cannot succeed!! Many will be sacrificing their lives so others can live free…

      • Robert Smith

        From Eddie: “When they come to move you to some other state, to keep you off balance, and incapable of organising resistance”

        That is EXACTLY what corporate America did through the last half of the 20th centuery. They broke up families, offered an affarticial “family” through the folks met at work…

        Yup, sure looks to me like corporations are making an effort to destroy the generational family unit, kill loyalties to all but itself, and take over. It ain’t the government, it’s the corporations.


  • Karolyn

    IMHO, after seeing this guy on GMA, he’s just a pretty dumb guy. He said he didn’t think many people would see his video on YouTube! In the interview, he didn’t seem too bright. American Airlines wouldn’t even acknowledge that he was one of theirs. The airport said that the doorways he showed that only needed a passcode to enter just went into the cafeteria. At any rate, I do believe the govt. over-reacted. As far as the GMO corn goes – DOWN WITH MONSANTO!! Where are they located anyway? Anybody who lives near their plants should picket them.

    • Robert Smith


      You posted: “IMHO, after seeing this guy on GMA, he’s just a pretty dumb guy.”

      Actually contrary to the image of Homer Simpson those who work in nuclear power plants are among the most intelligent folks in the workforce. Pilots are next and the USPS actually tests folks and puts a lot of weight on intelligence in hiring decisions.

      Chris Liu may have done a dumb thing by not understanding You Tube but he is certainly very smart.


      • DaveH

        Wow, both of you are exhibiting very elitist attitudes.
        Even Rocket Science is not Rocket Science. Most people in our population could learn any of those “brainy” disciplines if they wanted to. The key is Motivation. Something the Liberals need to learn about. People aren’t motivated to be the best they can be when the non-motivated people get to share their rewards against their will. Or to put it another way ‘ride on their unwilling backs’ (slavery).

        • Robert Smith

          From DaveH: “Or to put it another way ‘ride on their unwilling backs’ (slavery).”

          That’s just what a woman feels when she’s told to remain pregnant when she doesn’t want to be.


          • marvin

            Robert Smith
            IT IS CALLED BIRTH CONTROL been around for 50 years you have unprotected sex thats called stuped,you will most likely get pregnant,if a woman kills a baby in her belly it,s called abortion if you kill a baby in her belly it called murder,but illegal hispanic don,t know about birth control,it is call anchor babys,one more thing if your mom and dad did not have any kids their a good chance you won,t ether

          • kate8

            Robert Smith – What do you know of what a woman wants or feels?

            Having seen a great deal of the pain wrought on humanity by the sexual revolution, I can tell you that, in all but the most soulless of women, terminating a pregnancy is an agonizing process, and usually leaves scars (albeit unconscious ones) that last a lifetime.

            Stick to what you know, which isn’t much.

          • DaveH

            Two wrongs don’t make a right, Robert (except maybe in a Liberal Mind).

          • DaveH

            Some Libertarians are anti-abortion, some are pro-abortion, but the overriding belief is that the act is between a woman and her conscience (or maker), and nobody else.
            I, personally feel that abortions are usually a mistake, but there are times when extenuating circumstances dictate otherwise. The rest of us should butt out of that Womans very difficult decision (other than an advisory role). I would a lot rather see a woman have an abortion than to force her to bring up a child in a potentially loveless family.

          • Dan az

            Here we go again with the killing of doctors that kill babies what is it with you anyway?You seem to bring it up allot,there seems to be more to the story than meets the eye with you.Please stick with the issues at hand that at least has some form of relation to the subject at hand.

          • kate8

            Dan az – Robert Smith appears to be a typical liberal, completely controlled and motivated by emotion. Mostly anger. He is also, like liberals, totally self-absorbed.

            He probably had a mommy who didn’t so something right, or a dad who was absent. Someone, no doubt, told him that he is entitled to his feelings and deserves to be heard.

            You know the drill. The victim mentality.

          • Karolyn

            Kate said: “He probably had a mommy who didn’t so something right, or a dad who was absent. Someone, no doubt, told him that he is entitled to his feelings and deserves to be heard.” Wow, Kate, are you a psychologist? I’ve never heard you being quite so judgmental as in the last week or so. Everyone IS entitled to his feelings and DOES deserve to be heard. Do you have a problem with that? Sounds very un-American to me.

          • independant thinker

            Perhaps Robert Smith is flashinthepans surrogate spokesman today.

          • kate8

            Karolyn – Going through life basing all judgments and choices on emotional reactions is juvenile, at best, and never leads to wise decisions.

            No one is entitled to anything in life. We get what we get, with whatever cards we’re dealt and whatever choices we make.

            Life goes better if we follow God’s Laws and principles, such as the Golden Rule. If we live as self-indulgent children, we usually have trouble getting along. That’s why the world is such a mess.

          • Dan az

            the fact is that he has brought this issue up in just about every post.I asked him if he had a child that was aboarded or a doctor friend that was shot or killed but he denide it.But he keeps bringing up the same thing over and over again.I feel kate has him pegged but who knows!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Dan az,
            My opinion, for what it’s worth, is that Robert has been forced to support a child he didn’t want. About now the child is 18 or 20 and he has had to pay through the nose for it all twenty years. The way he looks at it is how much more he could have had if he hadn’t had to support the child all this time.

          • Dan az

            That’s another good point!

          • Robert Smith

            I find it amazing that I would be hounded for “not sticking to the subject” and then so many of you DO make me the subject.

            BTW, quit lying about me. You have absolutely no idea who or where I am and as you make stuff up you are generally wrong.


    • SteveB


      Dumb or not, you have to admit one thing. This guy got “action”. Sometimes this works much faster and better than going through normal channels. By the time you call the right people and get through all their automated phone systems or write a letter to the person in charge….”and actually get a positive response”….it’s too late. It may seem too revealing to our enemies to bring this to public attention…but…really….it seems to me, such obvious flaws are quickly noticed by any terrorist with half a brain.


    • James

      Karolyn, a bonafied licensed pilot, with a license to carry a conceiled weapon was disarmed by the federal government. Let’s not lose sight of the subject here.

      • Karolyn

        James – I did say the government overreacted.

        • DaveH

          but you also determined his level of knowledge from a short interview. Just a little prejudiced, Karolyn.

          • Karolyn

            Dave – I’m just syin’ the guy seemed a little naive in the interview. And his website is called “Hero Pilot” or something like that. It just seems a little weird to me, like he’s just looking for his 15 minutes.

        • kate8

          Karolyn – I’d say this is more than just a single incident of government overreaction. More like planned, increasing intimidation.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I just don’t understand the screening of pilots on flights, anyway! I mean, if he wanted to kill Americans, he sure as hell wouldn’t need a gun or a bomb!! He has the greatest “bomb” he would ever need! Push the wheel foreward and big baddaboom!!!!

          • kate8

            Joe H – Exactly!

      • Robert Smith

        From James: “…a bonafied licensed pilot, with a license to carry a conceiled weapon was disarmed by the federal government.”

        Sometimes it’s simply a short term policy to keep individuals from doing something tragic.

        Let’s see if he gets it back in the next few days.


  • Eric

    You cannot lump the wikileaks in with what this pilot did, that is stupid and reactionary. The pilot showed a flaw in the safety of flight and I grant you this administration is out of control with these wanna be communist.

    In know way can this be joined, what Julian assange did was reckless,reprehensible,and has gotten people killed.
    What this pilot did was a positive act to enhance safety in air travel by showing the weakness in the system.
    I dont however think the way he did this was right as it showed our enemies also how to defeat the TSA security measures.

    The response to his exposure was monumentaly stupid and in a democratic country as the USA used to be where we had laws against such bullying and this type of behavior by federal law enforcement which in a lot of agencies is out of control.

    I was in the law enforcement community for thirty years and this type of crap is reprehensible, that said it in no way compares to the Wikileaks compromise of WORLD security, not just the USA. I think Asaange needs to be thoroughly debriefed by the very people he put in danger and then disposed of accordingly, by incrceration at a facility preferably very hot and not hospitable, or any other punishment the little bastard is deemed to deserve.
    Semper Fidelis to the Constitution

    • thinking

      Eric are you saying it is ok for the criminal/terrorist to know the weakness of security but not good for customers to know that they really are not secure? I am sure criminals/terrorist don’t look to come in the front door, they look for the weak area’s this stuff is in movies all the time!

    • post_turtle_hunter

      If a pilot can see the breaches in security, doesn’t it make sense that someone with ill-intent has ALREADY found them? If the breaches are so evident, so blatantly glaring that anyone can watch and see the lack of security, that the criminal mindset hasn’t already contemplated these routes of entry or pre-placement. the 9/11 monkeys didn’t carry box-cutters with them, they were pre-positioned on the aircraft by accomplices that were never discovered. We are oiling the squeeky barn door long after the livestock has wondered over the horizon. Oh, let’s scan the passengers, never mind that murdering muslims flew almost a decade ago, and didn’t carry anything on board with them to be refused or pull aside! the “duh” factor is pegging the meter.

      • rodney burke

        DUH! How long do anyone suppose the terrorists have been looking for such weaknesses? A LONG time. And we PUNISH PEOPLE for telling us we have problems. What the hell is this! Someone should be thanking this pilot for telling them what they need to know. If this is any indication of what the so called “government” is, then it is pretty obvious they who are supposed to be “protecting us” could care less about our individual safety! This is an outrage. The TSA as it is has to go, Tomorrow at 1600 will be fine.

    • Robert Smith

      Eric says: “What this pilot did was a positive act to enhance safety in air travel by showing the weakness in the system.”

      Actually because of his knowledge of how the system works (or is supposed to) he should be given a medal if he had pointed out to someone in his chain of command who cared.

      “I dont however think the way he did this was right as it showed our enemies also how to defeat the TSA security measures.”

      They will pass presuming that those breaches in security will be quickly covered.

      BTW, Tom Clancy had a 747 going into the U.S. Capital (it’s how Ryan got to be President) long before 911. Are you going to blame Clancy for 911?


    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Eric,

      You write: “In know way can this be joined, what Julian assange did was reckless,reprehensible,and has gotten people killed.”

      Who was killed as a result of the leaked information? Cite your sources please.

      You write: “The response to his exposure was monumentaly stupid and in a democratic country as the USA used to be where we had laws against such bullying and this type of behavior by federal law enforcement which in a lot of agencies is out of control.
      I was in the law enforcement community for thirty years and this type of crap is reprehensible, that said it in no way compares to the Wikileaks compromise of WORLD security, not just the USA. I think Asaange needs to be thoroughly debriefed by the very people he put in danger and then disposed of accordingly, by incrceration at a facility preferably very hot and not hospitable, or any other punishment the little bastard is deemed to deserve.”

      You contradict yourself in these two paragraphs, noting that Federal agencies are out of control then suggesting that these same out of control agencies should “dispose” of Assange. You close with “Semper Fidelis to the Constitution” yet suggest very unconstitutional treatment of Mr. Assange. I am so glad you are no longer in law enforcement.

      Please listen to yourself. Pardon me for saying so, but you are lost in a mindless, government-induced trance where you have accepted the lie of a lying government as the truth.

      Best wishes,

      • Gary G.

        Bob, you are right on, I agree 100%,when will the American people pull finally pull their heads out of the sand, take a deep breath and acknowledge that the government has been lying to everyone for years.

      • DaveH

        While Eric is looking for sources to cite for the murders resulting from Wikileaks, readers can view these videos of murders that have been committed in our names:

      • What the Heck

        You sooooo, right and I thank you for being the voice of reason.

    • BillyBob

      You contradict yourself. Being faithful to the Constitution means ALL provisions mandated therein, e.g. Amendment 1 – “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”


      Amendment 4 – “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

      In the case of Cpt. Chris Liu, both of the above provisions were violated, and in the case of TSA – the same applies on a daily basis. There is no provision for deviation from these rights for any reason or specific to location, i.e. on an airplane, in schools, places of worship, litigation, etc. No, when you pilot for a commercial, privately owned airline, you do NOT give up your Constitutionally protected rights.

    • bear

      Glad to hear you are out of law enforcement.

      No. 1 Who has died as a result of Julian Assange’s acts? I need to see your sources to validate your statement.

      No. 2 Why is he a traitor and Bill Clinton is not?

      True enough, there are ways to make a point about the holes in airport security without going to You tube but you gotta admit, You Tube gets it out there pretty fast. Maybe what Chris Liu was really trying to tell us is that we are being subjected to police State indoctrination. Think outside the box and look at the bigger picture. Nothing the TSA and the Federal Government has done has made us any safer. Think about it for a minute. Each stupid act of attempted terrorism has been followed by a knee jerk reaction to add something to further humiliate and inconvenience air travelers. Did you ever stop to think that perhaps these “stupid acts” were fabricated by an ever controlling government to further their agenda by implementing fear tactics? Let me enlighten you a bit. There was a time when there was no airport security. During that time, everyone could walk their loved ones to the gate and meet them there when their loved ones returned. NO ONE was checked for a knife, gun or fingernail file and NO ONE tried to hurt anybody else. So, how did all of this get created? If you don’t know, you’re the one in the fog.

      • One Still Patriotic

        Bear and Dave,

        Well said, well thought out. I do remember when you could accompany your family/friend to the gate of their flight, and could/did wait at the same location for their return, in the areas the passengers now occupy.

        Does anyone really remember when that came to a halt? Or when the first of the screenings began? Or why? Just askin’, ’cause it doesn’t take long for these kinds of things to gain the momentum it takes to get it to where it is now.

        I do agree with you about these incidences the government reacts to, underwear, shoe, liquid bombers, etc. How often in movies do you see where the terrorist gains his/her weapon from an onboard plant, facilitated by some airport worker? Leave it to Jokeywood to give the criminals there methods of operation!! Where’s the accountability on their part?

        You do have to ask yourself, why do these certain airport employees get to pass thru certain areas without being checked, with tool boxes, aircraft support and re-supply, etc? Anyone out there know if this is not true? And has anyone witnessed a person of assumed muslim affiliation, i.e. the head wraps, veils, etc, whom have not had to go thru the same security humiliations as a grandma, or 4 year old child?

        You might ask yourself, what this present group of tyrants, in our governments, has as an agenda for criminalizing everyday, compliant, citizens, while giving carte blanche to the very type of persons who would fit the catagory of those who would see us destroyed?

        If you do not ever contemplate these sorts of things, then perhaps this is the reason that the Commies-in-Charge are in fact, in charge.

        If our fellow black Americans wanted to be historical in having the first black president, it would have been great if they had also expected, no, insisted, that he have great character, not that he is a great character.

        They might have chosen someone who had a history of being an American. This Imposter-in-Cheif, this foreign import, has little, if any, historical loyalties and life investments in this great nation of ours.

        So Black America,why not a Thomas Sowell, or a Frances Rice, just to name a few? People who are really black, really American, not ‘RACIST’, who have a history of being here, not that they just “‘stopped by’ to see what they could do to us”. Are they not Socialist enough for you, not welfare enough, subsidizing enough,not provisional or providing enough ‘freebee-wise’? Are they not liberal enough, not loose enough, don’t have enough ‘grey’ areas in their morals and philosophies? Why didn’t you insist the ‘First Black President’ have some INTEGRITY?????!!!!

        Oh, you just wanted a ‘Black’ President, no conditions or standards required? What? Why?

        And finally, for those of you who are still ‘stuck on stupid’, WHY DO YOU THINK this ‘poser’ is spending so much of your heard earned tax dollars, preventing you from finding out who he really is?????????? Could it be that if it sounds to good to be true, it is????????????

        Come on, people!!! “America’s a great country! Won’t you help me change it?” HUH?? Change IT To What…….and WHY????? JUST-STUCK-ON-STUPIIIIIDD!!!!! Yeahhh!

        Wake the F— Up, America, we’ve been hijacked, and ‘Hairy’ Reed, and Nonesense Pulloneoveronyousi are the pilots of complicity flying the USSAmerikan Airliner. And we’re the dumb pas-sheep-engers!!!

        Nuff Said! Semper Fi!! And keep your powder dry!!
        One Still Patriotic

    • DaveH

      Wikileaks didn’t compromise “World Security”, they compromised the security of certain leaders who are operating in an unethical way.
      Remember, the Government (in this country) works for us. How long as a business owner would you stand idly by, Eric, while your employees did things secretly in your name?

      • DaveH

        By the way, I believe people who are self-blindered and give the Government carte-blanche to do as they please are endangering my security.

    • marvin

      this was never a democratic country it was set up as a republic,as per i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united of america and to the [REPUBLIC] for which it stands one nation under GOD with liberty and justice all,this is saying some things, one we where set up as a republic two a christan nation, three liberty and justice for all legal american citizen,point being if you are here illegally you owe no allegiance their for you have no rights but to be arrested and deported as for abortion god said anyone that would harm a little one it would be best if a rock was placed around your neck and you be cast in to the sea

      • Robert Smith

        Guess what…

        Adding the words “under God” in 1954 was the action of some zealots who were fighting the godless menace of the commies.

        And, most folks who actually think about it can easily see that it IS the establishment of a state religion, rather than under goddess, or any other name for a diety.

        If you want to discuss treason, that’s what putting that garbage in the pledge was. It is totally unAmerican.


  • Don Smith

    I have come to learn that the GMO products they are making are to feed humans as a part of population control. At least this is to be one of the uses anyway. I have learned this from a couple of sources can anyone else shed some light on this.One source told me this product was given to mice and after 3 years of taking this their chances of reproducing went down like 30% but after 5 years they could not reproduce at all. Sounds like the new world order, world health organization,the free masons and the illuminati have their hands all in this.

    • Robert Smith

      Hey Dock,

      If churches weren’t teaching people to breed breed breed there wouldn’t be as much of a population problem.


      • bear

        Tell that to the Muslims!

        • Robert Smith

          Hey Muslums!

          Quit your breed and breed and breed policy.

          Catholics too.

          Anyone who encourages breeding of humans quit it. Population is our worst polution problem.


          • kate8

            Robert Smith – Too bad your mom didn’t think of that.

          • Dan az

            Kate you go girl!

          • Robert Smith

            Shucks, Can I get you a Dr. Kavorkian gift certificate? They you two can offer post-natal abortions and demonstrate it to the rest of us.


      • Doug in Michigan

        As one who has been a preacher for more than twenty years I would like to know which church or churches you have in mind that (supposedly) are teaching people to “breed, breed, breed.”

        • S.C.Murf

          Don’t bother Doug, bob doesn’t believe in God the Father and I doubt he has ever seen the inside of a church, much less listened to a preacher talk. The only thing he knows about is pentagrams and chicken blood!

        • rodney burke

          The Mormons. And likely those organizations that were founded in the 19th century when God told them “I am going to found a new church” Check the JWs and some of the 20th century black movement, such is the Muslims! That MAY be where all this is coming from.

        • Robert Smith

          Christian: Go forth and multiply.

          • kate8

            Robert Smith – Until recently it was the liberals who were going around encouraging poor, even single, and especially minority, women to have more kids so they could get bigger government checks. Which would lead to, not only bankrupting the system, but millions more of the poor and aimless.

            Be careful where you point your fingers. As least most of the children of those of whom you spoke go on to lead productive lives.

          • Karolyn

            Kate, Just who were these liberals encouraging women to have babies to get more?

          • kate8

            Karolyn – Where were you back in the ’70s onward, I think, when the big push by democrats for welfare entitlement became a big issue?

            Welfare workers were going everywhere, signing up poor women for welfare. The more kids they had, the bigger the checks. So women began having as many kids as they could, and made a nice living that way.

            Some states tried to do away with the program, but met with a huge fight from the left. Soon it was entrenched in society, never to be questioned again. Of course, the big reason was future liberal votes by those on permanent assistance.

            Now that the purpose has been accomplished, Congress is taking away the incentive. Now, parents will not only have the child credit removed, but will have to pay more for each child.

            See how progressivism comes around to bite you in the b*tt?

          • Karolyn

            I think that’s way off base. If workers were “recruiting” people, it was not to make future voters. They just wanted everybody who needed help to know they would get it. I worked for the State of NJ Division of Youth and Family Services back in those days, and I do not recall hearing anything about what your referring to. Our social workers were too busy with high caseloads already without “recruiting” new clients. Encouraging women to have more babies? That’s a REAL stretch. Have you ever known any social workers? Why would they go against everything they believe in?

          • kate8

            Karolyn – It’s not rocket science. You may more money for more kids, you get more kids.

            It was common to see poor (especially black) women with numerous children, all with different fathers. And their only source of income was a welfare check.

            This was, in fact, part of the Progressive agenda. It’s all part of how to collapse a nation. One day, if I get around to it, I’ll look up the documents and post the links.

          • What the Heck

            The welfare workers themselves did not and I repeat did not tell anyone to have more children to make more money. What happened as some women seen that to have more children gave them more, but that was not from some social worker telling them to. I really think that as with anything if your handing out something there is someone trying to get back in line to get more than their share.

          • kate8

            What the Heck – If you read my posts, you would see that pointed out that whether the recruiting was overt or implied, the result was the same.

            For many years welfare workers have been falling all over themselves to push on us government assistance. I have seen this myself.

            BTW, I just read where welfare money is now being used for vacations to Hawaii and Las Vegas. Geez. While the rest of us struggle to make ends meet, others get free money (courtesy of us) and live it up.

            Don’t have the link handy, but it’s on YouTube.

          • kate8

            Years ago, 60 Minutes did a whole hour on the subject of how social workers went around telling poor women that they could get money for having kids. I’m sure that was not the language they used, but the intent was, in fact, to get as many on the government dole as possible.

            Can you say Cloward and Pivvens?

          • Robert Smith

            Hey Kate8, Cloward and Pivvens hasn’t worked for about 30 years. Another failed conservative plan to hurt people failed thank goodness.

            Remember, it was LED by the RIGHT. But the alleged far left did NOT follow them as predicted because they are generally more reasonable than what is projected upon them from the extreme right.

            Yup, another screwed up hateful shot heard from the right. Thanks for yet another example, kate8.


      • marvin

        Robert Smith
        not all churches preach to have one baby after another most think birth control is good,as per your thinking,, most whites have 2 children most blacks 3 and most hispanic,s seven

        • Robert Smith

          Hi marvin,

          The FACT is that birth control needs to be taught at some age appropriate level in schools. Parents CAN opt their kids out if they want to keep them ignorant (or teach “Sara’s Birth Control Method” (we all know how well that works).

          Do you realize that by teaching and making available birth control Planned Parenthood has PREVENTED more abortions than any other organization?


      • debalazo

        Robert Smith says: Hey Dock, If churches weren’t teaching people….

        The entire pop of the world, 6.7 Billion, fits comfortably into the State of Texas, 33 sq.ft. per person, the wild beast not included, but with the rest of the planet all for itself.

        The problem is, the manipulators of humanity crowd industrialized cities through ‘multiculturalism’, while they deprive the open fields of their natural resources to create the illusion of ‘overpopulation’, then carry on their genocidal agenda against humanity to the tune today of 95% of Gentiles to be murdered.

        Agenda 21 of the United Nations, from back in the mid-seventies, and still alive, enlighten yourself, sponsored by ‘chosenite’ Henry Killinger, aka, Kissinger, is the main tool to ‘control population growth’ by murdering through FED-IMF-World Bank bankster financed world wars, and paid by US tax-robbed victims.

        The ignorant rants on this site tells pretty quick who is behind it, and who its principal strollers (trolls) are. Read English?

        • Robert Smith

          He deballzap!

          Agenda 21 is a STUDY, not a plan of action.

          Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.


    • sherry

      as you know aspertine will eventually kill you,,china is killing our dogs with their cheap dog food. china will kill us with their vegetables too.
      beef thats been implanted with harmones, so they gain more weight>> will eventually give you cancer, or some other dreadful desease. milk with all the preservitaves>> can’t be good for you..have ya ever seen so many cancer hospitals, no,, i didn’t think so.
      monsanto, and our gov’t. want to close dairys and stop back yard gardening, thoes are the only foods you can trust to be good, ohh, unless you raise your own beef..and pork..

      • marvin

        over my 60 plus years i have saw young girls age 14 to 15 go from average ht 5;2 or 3 ,100 lbs to 5,6 125 lbs over developed young ladies is it are food is better or whats in are food you be the judge just my opinion

        • Karolyn

          It’s probably the hormones that were fed to the livestock that are in the meat and milk.

          • Claire

            karolyn–I edited a manuscript last year–according to this manuscript you are correct in what you posted. The chemicals, hormones, etc. fed to cattle have caused a lot of changes. And not necessarily for the good of mankind.

    • ValDM

      Don Smith,
      Unbeknownst to you and many others there are currently more than 700 products on the grocery shelves that are GMO. Corn, Soy, Wheat, Sweeteners, and many fruits and vegetables: tomatoes and strawberries are the two that come to mind most readily. Corn (Round-Up Ready) was meant as animal food. When it was found that the animals couldn’t digest it, it was then put to use as ethanol. If you want to avoid Frankenfoods, suggest you go to a whole food diet and cook your own. It may be more work, but in the long run is well worth it.

      • Karolyn

        If you go to or other such sites, you can find which foods are usually gmo and also which vegetables contain the most pesticides.

    • DaveH

      Who knows, Don? We sure can’t expect the truth from Government leaders and their crony-capitalists. At any rate, none of that would matter if we shrunk the Government back to its Constitutionally mandated powers, and got it out of the Marketplace. Then, each of us could decide for ourselves what we put in our bodies or not. Personally, I would stay away from GMO products. But that would be my choice. And I wouldn’t dream of imposing my choices on others.

      • Claire

        We have never been told the truth about anything. This has been going on for years, decades.

  • Eric

    Sorry about spacing and spelling in previous comments as arthritis is a terrible thing.

    • DaveH

      No apology necessary, Eric. Sorry to hear about that. Hopefully, you are taking some form of Glucosamine supplements to fight that condition. My heredity has bestowed Rheumatoid Arthritis on me since about age 26. But exercise and Glucosamine supplements have kept it at bay so far (age 61).

      • kate8

        Eric and DaveH – Another great thing is a good oxygen supplement. I’ve used one for years and not only did all trace of arthritis disappear within a few months, but I’ve had smooth, flexible joints ever since.

        Oxygenation detoxifies, removing all toxic buildup in the joints.

        • DaveH

          I think that’s what exercise does for us – more oxygen and better circulation.
          What supplement are you talking about?

          • kate8

            DaveH – I like the one from, or oxygenamerica, or It’s called OxyLift, and is drops you put in water and drink. You can also apply it topically to wounds to quickly heal them.

            I used to use OxygenElementsPlus, from GHT, but they are more expensive. Ed McCabe, or Mr. Oxygen, has spent his life researching the healing ability of oxygen, and has written a few books. One is called “Flood Your Body With Oxygen”.

            BTW, simple O2 won’t work. It must be in an unstable form.

          • JeffH

            Kate8, thanks for the info, I’ll be looking into OxyLift and probably ordr some up. I’ll check the website out. Thanks.

          • JeffH

            …meant to mention that I usually take a couple of 650mg acetominaphine(Tylenol-generic)which seems to help me out. I’m allergic to motrin and aspirin.

          • Dan az

            watch out for that tylenol it kills the lever and kidneys and you can over dose on it.I was taking it for awhile but had to stop because I couldnt pee anymore,not good.My friend was taking it for his head and OD on it he went into seizures.For me the asprin works but not for him he is allergic to it.

          • Claire

            Dan az–Tylenol does kill the liver and kidneys and hospitals/doctors prescribe it! It will also kill dogs.

          • JeffH

            Guys and gals, Thanks for the heads up, I always watch my intake and use only when my elbow starts to ache.

        • marvin

          old arther is a killer i have been disabeled for 9 years and arther is taking it toll in my whole body and some days it is just bearable but i have no plans of giving in or up the fight must go on againist liberal stupedity as long as i breath liberals will never win for the fight for this great coutry will never end

          • kate8

            marvin, God bless you, brother. I know from your posts that you have a true heart.

            I will pray for you.

          • Robert Smith

            Why do you prey upon those who want you to stay out of their lives?

            I consider that to be spiritual rape.


        • Dan az

          I always listen to your advice now what can be done for degenerative bone disease?I was 6’1″ in my twenties and now I’m 5’10″ They tell me there is nothing they can do about my joints the arthritus is to far gone and now is clamping down on my nerves through the spine which makes it tuff to walk some times or to lay down it sucks!

          • kate8

            Dan az, I have spoken on other threads about the benefits of oxygenation, whether by using drops or using ozone therapies. Oxygen is the first requirement in any healing regimen. It also increases the effectiveness of whatever else you choose to do.

            Acupuncture is good to clear the energy channels and relieve pain. I have always found that asking God to show you what to do always brings an answer.

            I’m so sorry for your suffering. I will pray for you also.

          • Dan az

            Thanks kate AGAIN!

          • kate8

            Dan az – I’m supposing that you are using a calcium support. Another great thing for the bones is silica. I used to use a liquid silica from GHT and it was great, not only for bones, but for skin and everything else.

            Like with the magnesium, it also comes in homeopathic form.

            BTW, calcium cell salts are very good, as you get all of the calciums in a form readily available to your body. Calc phos, calc fluor, mag phos and silica would be a good place to start. These are inexpensive and easy to use. Try to get 12x to 30x. Generally you get a better price on line.

        • Claire

          kate8–If you will, please give me the brand name. Thanks.

          • Claire

            kate8–the oxygenation…

          • kate8

            Claire – Mr.Oxygen* OxyLift.

          • Claire

            Kate8–thanks! I am going to look for some tomorrow.

      • Karolyn

        Glucosamine never did anything for my arthritis. I think I have a high tolerance for supplents. My pain comes and goes. I can have no pain anywhere for months and then it will come back. I can’t figure out if it is something I’m eating or what. It really is strange. My hands/wrists used to bother me terribly a couple of years ago, but I’ve not had any pain for over a year, although my joints are still enlarged.

        • kate8

          Karolyn – Eating some foods that disagree can cause this, for sure. My sister gets pain from lemons and wheat.

          You might try the oxygen. Also, I would recommend to everyone the “Eat for Your Blood-type” program. This includes a list of foods that are beneficial, neutral and harmful.

          • kate8

            Another thing for all of you is to take a GOOD magnesium supplement, like Calm or Calm plus. Or use the homeopathic mag phos cell salt.

            We are all dreadfully deficient in magnesium because of depleted soil, and also the barium in the chemtrails, which depletes magnesium from the body.

            Magnesium will relax and regulate muscle function, and works right away. It will also fix many cases of heart arrhythmia, which is prevalent among us.

          • Karolyn

            Maybe that’s it, Kate. I’ve been taking magnesium for quite some time now, primarily for regulation, though I always get the cheap stuff. Tht might be why my pain is generally so much less now.

          • Robert Smith

            Hey kate8…

            Didn’t you pile on to try to keep me on subject? Seems to me you have drifted a bunch from a pilot having his gun taken away.

            But thanks for showing us that old right wing double standard where you want others to follow your religion while you exempt yourself from the rules just like Congress does. Again, thanks for such a fine example.


        • DaveH

          I’ve had lots of people tell me, Karolyn, that glucosamine didn’t do any good. So I ask them how long they took it and they’ll say oh, a few weeks, or a month or so.
          It takes several months of consistent usage, generally, before you will notice the beneficial effects. You can’t repair damage done to your body over years in just a few weeks or a month.

          • Karolyn

            Dave – I did a lot of study and research over the past 10 years, so I know what you’re talking about. I am quite aware that supplements and herbs do not work quickly; and I know I was taking it for several months.

        • Carlucci

          Stop eating sugar and anything containing sugar because sugar causes inflammation in the body. Inflammation = pain.

          • Karolyn

            THAT is one thing I have a really hard time with. ESPECIALLY DARK CHOCOLATE!!

          • kate8

            Carlucci – Good advice. And NEVER use anything with beat sugar especially. It’s all GMO.

            Sugar also creates acidity. You need to alkalize.

        • Claire

          I have taken Gloucosamine/Chondroiten for years–I take one every morning when I feed the dogs and they each get one too. I now have arthritis-in my right wrist. So I wonder did it really help? Is it helping my dogs as they age?

          • kate8

            Claire – Some people say it helps. It probably has something to do with the quality.

            I’ve heard that some get good results with MSM.

          • Claire

            Kate8–My Mother had arthritis–perhaps mine is inherited. If it is, then there probably isn’t much I can do about it.

          • kate8

            Claire – It makes no difference. In today’s world, everyone is toxic. There is no condition that can’t be improved by good oxygenation and detoxification. A spoonful of raw apple cider vinegar in water twice daily will work wonders, too, as it will improve digestion and help to alkalize. You must try to get pH up to 7.4. Most people today are in the 6 range (way too acid).

          • Claire

            Kate8–Thanks for the info tonight. I am going to pursue the advice.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    All Hail the Federal Gvt. and it’s Brown Shirts !!! Heil Obumma !!

  • Larry

    The Government did say he did not show anything that may be considered sensitive or show show holes in the security but when they send six of there enforcers to take a firearm they have issued to him because they are angry that he embarrassed them whats next the secret police and the firing squads.People need to look very close at this and take action to put a stop to what our government is turning into because it wont be long until no one can trust there own family for fear of them telling the government something that will get you locked up in the work camps they will be putting around the country so be careful.

    • DaveH

      And that is what wikileaks crime was – embarrassing the leaders.

      • kate8

        DaveH – You made a good call on that one, and stuck to your guns. It seems that most people lost their heads, as usual.

        What sheep we all are.

        • JeffH

          Second that!

    • marvin

      that day is here now goverment put cameras up tosee if you run red lights have vans that can see thru your car and home want your fellow american to call if you are acting [not doing anything]differantly my 28 year old son was stopped walking down the street coming from the store with a back pack at 3pm sun shine small town because the cop with no reason but said he looked suspect

  • HenryfromFlorida

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We have a clause in the constitution that allows us to put on every state ballot a referendum to remove the current government and install a new one. I say we do just that. And reinstall the exact government that the founding fathers envisioned when they wrote the constitution. Removing all that they have voted for themselves over the years.

    • Jemave

      I think this is a great idea. What is this clause you are referring to? I am not aware of it but sure would be willing to learn about and mobilize people to put it on the ballot

    • Fay

      this sounds good to Me but how do We go about getting it started and getting all to join in.?? Who do You put in that You can trust.??

      • DaveH

        And that is the problem, Fay. Getting the people to join in would be difficult given that such a large portion of the population is feeding at the Government trough.

    • rodney burke

      I think I will find out who I can contact for that very thing! We have government that does NOT represent “US the people”. Thomas Jefferson was right, get rid of such a government that does NOT serve you! I sometimes find it difficult to find even municipal governments that are serving anyone but themselves@!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        rodney burke,
        If you FOUND a muny government that represents the people, you are doing better than me!!

    • James

      Henry, Would you please cite the constitutional clause you are referring to? Double-dog dare ya!

    • DaveH

      One route, Henry, would be nullification by the States.
      Personally, I think secession is the answer. Why should the States abide by a contract (the Constitution) when the Federal Government isn’t abiding by that contract?
      Would anybody on this site even continue to play a game with someone who purposely wasn’t obeying the rules?

      • DaveH
      • Dan az

        Thats what Ive been saying if all of the states would succeed from the union the NWO would not have a chance to take over.The UN could not invade our state because we could now be a country on to our selves.Of course this will also be divide and conqueror but if there where more states that joined on eventually we would be the new nation with the constitution and bill of rights that we once had.No UN no federal reserve and a third party that could exist on the ballot not by way of sorass but by libertarians.I think there are 15 sates already willing to do it so its just a matter of getting it done.

        • DaveH

          Yes, and we would need to amend the New Constitution a little by clarifying the “general welfare” phrase and the “regulation of commerce” power so that even the most wily Liberals couldn’t bend and twist it to cover any old thing they wanted to use as an excuse for more Government power.

          • Dan az

            Dave you mean they have to stay to?
            I agree there needs to be some changes.

          • DaveH

            Lol. I hear you Dan. But we don’t always get what we wish for.

    • kate8

      Henryfrom – What happens when those in power no longer honor the Constitution, nor any of its provisions? What happens when they refuse to accept said referendum?

      What about when they have way bigger weapons than we do?

      I’m open to suggestions.

      • kate8

        Also, what states would be the most likely to move on this? I live in CA, so we’re already socialist.

        And lastly, what’s to stop the feds from simply nuking those states who refuse to comply?

        • DaveH

          They wouldn’t do that because the contamination might kill people they love in other states. Yeah, I know, I’m being just a bit cynical.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            The REAL stopper on that is THEY might get contaminated!! There isn’t anyone they love more than themselves!! Remember, unless they are ALL on the west coast, the prevailing winds in the US go from the west to the east!!!

        • Dan az

          Every state has an army and bases which are also armed to the teeth.I would not hesitate to guess that they would be used to warn off an invasion.

      • marvin

        you maybe right but people like obama holder nepolitano biden are just talking heads won,t fight and all in goverment are not trators to the constitution and never under estimate the poor old hard working true americans their are way more of us then them and we still have the vote for now don,t pick a fight with the 800 lbs gorilla start with the monkey,s in the room

        • kate8

          marvin – I do hope you all are right.

        • Dan az

          I have always found that is you take the biggest down first the small ones tend to leave you alone!

  • Tom McWilliams

    Unless Americans wake up and begin the quiet revolution of cutting governments funds (and I really mean cutting by at least 50%) the beast will consume us all

    • LimestoneFreedom

      And that means getting rid of the (un)Federal Reserve and their ability to print money!

  • Bitter Libertarian

    Not defending the situation, at all, I believe the TSA is dead wrong…
    Problem is when you work for a major airline, that is “SUBJECT TO” the TSA, you are in a different world then us. The fact that he filmed it and put it on U-Tube is obviously considered a security breech that he should have taken his concern through certain channels, DOCUMENTED HIS STEPS, and if they blew him off, then go public.
    After working for Uncle sam for 20+ years I can assure you that there is always fine print, and working for the US Govt you are subject to (love that phrase) different laws & rules. I know it says he worked for a “private” airline, but remember that the TSA has “authority over” the actions of private individuals.

    I know it sounds like I am defending the TSA, and maybe I am in a way. I know that if I were in charge of things I’d want a chance to know about problems before seeing them blown all over the internet. I realize though that the TSA is a Govt run, highly ignorant and inefficient organization with overpaid undertrained arrogant morons.

    • LimestoneFreedom

      All of which says the TSA is another government boondoggle that needs to be discarded.

    • DaveH

      The Free way to solve this is to let the Airlines, and their customers, decide what security rules are to be implemented in a Free Market. Those who wanted to suffer the indignity of scanning machines, intrusive pat-downs and higher ticket prices, could choose those airlines that offer that illusion of security. Other people could choose the less intrusive airlines. Freedom. Get it?
      Personally, I would choose the airlines that let licensed passengers carry on board. I would rather go down fighting than to be subjugated to the bullying by TSA.
      Personally, I blame the Government for 911, because they have turned we the passengers into helpless unarmed sheep who can’t even stop a handful of wackos with boxknives. And the one plane full of passengers who did make an attempt (though unarmed) did so because a passenger broke the “rules” and made a cell phone call which revealed that it was a suicide mission. Speaking of that, my understanding is that many of the terrorists didn’t even know it was a suicide mission.
      And for those who would argue that the plane can be used as a weapon against non-passengers (as in 911), I say that can occur anytime, anyplace at the hands of a terrorist pilot. We all know the patience certain terrorists have exhibited.

    • independant thinker

      The problems he documented have been reported on by the various news services more than once but nothing has been done to correct them.

  • post_turtle_hunter

    The truth is becoming either illegal or denied:

    Why would this despicable liar from kalifornya continue to remain available on the web, and someone who speaks the absolute truth–Chris Liu–have his videos removed?

    • DaveH

      Good Point.

  • jb80538

    I’ve thought for a long time, the people that really need to be heavily screened are the ground crews. That seems to be where the greatest threat to security lies. It would be easy for a ground crew to work with someone that will be on a given flight. Ok, so now I’m probably going to get phone calls from the feds for this comment but I know I’m not alone with this thinking.

    • Robert Smith

      Don’t worry jb…

      The mession of the bad guys isn’t to accomplish any particular attack. Their mission is to disrupt our economy and give our leaders who came up with things like the patriot act a faster track to controlling Americans.

      The bad guys don’t have to do anything but keep making threats and the American public will continue to be tightened down upon. They don’t have to do much, our government does it for them.


      • LimestoneFreedom

        Anyone willing to give up freedom for security deserves neither. (Paraphrased from Benjamin Franklin)

        • DaveH

          I would change that to read “for the illusion of security”.

    • Teresa

      not only that, do you know who all is being trained as TSA workers???

    • rodney burke

      Far from it. There are I’m sure ground crew both civilian and military who recognize the same thing! I am ex- avionics in the Air force and they are right. It is not secure enough and no one is PAYING attention.

  • Lew

    Damn here we go again, lets shoot all the messengers in the name of keeping us safe by our government which are nothing more than your neighbors that are doing this nonsense to us!!! If they where that good 9-11 would have never happened in the first place as they knew already that this was in the works yet they let those indivduals pass with out even raising an eyebrow. Wake up people and make those accountable that are responsible or remove them from office.

    • James

      Lew, Everyone who will be awake is awake. There are over 2000 architects and architecural engineers who have signed a document that the World Trade Center buildings, that were destroyed, could not possibly have collapsed from a mere jet fuel fire, or any fire such as building 7. And, because of that, we all know that the government officials who had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attack have now confessed for their crimes and are in jail. Isn’t life wonderful?

      • Robert Smith

        From James: “And, because of that, we all know that the government officials who had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attack have now confessed for their crimes and are in jail.”

        Name some.

        BTW, I know a liscensed Ham who was on the scene at the Pentagon. He is also a private pilot who recognized and saw parts from the plane that hit the Pentagon. It was real.

        Are those architects also birthers? Figures.


  • Cheryl

    The two are being lumped together because each gives more examples of how our government is continuing to ignore the Constitution and our our rights as American citizens. The nightly news programs many times give more information on the current wars and international as well as national affairs than anything I’ve heard from the Wikileaks. In my opinion the Wikileaks are proving to be more of an embarrassment to many in our self-righteous arrogant gov’t than anything else. I and my family would support a referendum to remove the current gov’t as I believe the majority of Americans would – the question is how long would it take to get it in place and would it be too late by then?

  • joe sun

    Some times u have to throw a little fit to get your point across,most department heads do not like to make waves.

  • Tom SC

    The name of the game is control. We need to curb the TSA,FDA,FCC and investigate Monsanto,Archer Danials Midland and all who produce food or food additives. I don’t know how we would go about this since they and Congress are all in bed with each other and most seem to be shacked up with Obama. Maybe thats why they are pushing the gay agenda so hard.

  • dave

    There is not to much more to be done in D.C. to bring us to the situation in ancient Egypt under Ramses rule! What the hell is everyone waiting for !We will all be under the task-masters rule if we wait much longer! LOCK AND LOAD!

    • DaveH

      Calm down, Dave. More people than ever before are waking up to the reality of the failure of Big Government. Have you ever before witnessed Libertarians having any exposure on TV, let alone their own shows as do John Stossel, and Judge Napolitano on the Fox Business Channel?
      I think this momentum will be difficult to stop. The genie is out of the bottle. Government knew the dangers of the Internet (to their absolute power) in the early years. They tried their best to convince people that we needed to enlist their aid to control the Internet to protect our children from the Internet Porn (Oh, the horrors). Of course their real intent was to get their foot in the door and censor the Internet. And now the Obama administration is trying to make it a matter of “access” with their ‘net neutrality’ scam, but who are they kidding? You can buy a nice computer now from Costco or other sources for a few hundred dollars. And even if you can’t afford that, the Libraries offer free access to the Internet.
      We need to protest loud and clear, any such attempts by Government to get their meddlesome paws into the Internet.

    • JC

      Amend that to Lock/Load, Wait and Watch.

  • Suzette

    We need to start supporting anti-gmo politicians.
    This GMO stuff is total garbage. The Feds complain about high health costs while shoving garbage down the throats of the American public. Who gave us Nicotine, who gave us transfats?, who gave us additives in foods, who gave us 52% sodium – which has put everyone on high blood pressure meds and water pills? Our pal the FDA (FEDERAL DEPT OF AGRICULTURE) – Get it in your heads they care about the big bucks they get kicked back and they don’t care what they feed us.
    It’s time we stop accepting this… them all out and start writing your congresspeople – and if they do nothing – penalize them next election.

    • DaveH

      The Politicians don’t need to be anti-GMO. They need to be Pro-Freedom. They need to get out of the marketplace and give the throne back to the Consumer, so the Consumer can decide what they want to put in their own bodies. And so the Companies that don’t please the consumer can fail (as they should).
      As Government Grows, Corruption Flows.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I thought about your saying the other day. Perhaps it should be as government grows, corruption flows and as corruption flows, slavery grows!!

  • Joseph

    Stepping back to see the “big picture” one realizes that government is the root cause of most societal problems and does not serve the best interest of the people. Government’s main purpose is control of the people through the use of force or the threat of force. This power makes government personnel the target of corporate cartels for bribes and kick-backs.

    Conclusion: government serves the interests of corporate cartels at the expense of the people. That is THE problem to correct if you anyone wants to make a difference. Treating symptoms with force only increases government’s control and perpetuates THE problem. Working within the system is futile. The cancer runs too deep to be cured. It must be cut out.

    Solution: Refuse government support whenever possible. Refuse to serve on any jury. Encourage our children to avoid military service. And, above all refuse to vote in any election. To continue these activities places our children in grave jeopardy.

  • LiarsMustBeDefeated

    The puppet masters are hard at work. AND they pull their pay. Reduce government spending by voting with your bucks. Buy only what you need to survive and stock your pantry.

  • Linda

    I feel the pilot should have gone through normal channels first and if no reaction or changes then maybe post publically. It is hard to say what he really did, each step he took. He has to know Utube is open to the world and one should be very careful what they post on there. A lot of frustration could bring you to that point. However, he is absolutely right, the ground crews are a real danger or can be. Yes the 911 definitely had help as will the next attacks and this is an area that must be screened and done well. It is a weak spot and must be taken care of immediately. The reaction to this pilot was nothing more than a “bully” move and a msg to anyone else who thinks they are going to spew out some truth. It is no longer allowed, you will be dealt with severely. Get those pilots into a private room and ask them if they noticed any weak spots often and listen to them and fix it. Their lives and that of many of us depends on it, not the reaction that was taken.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      how do you know he didn’t try channels first? He could have told his boss first and getting no response he then went to you tube!

  • Bob Wire

    ~ I don’t know if everyone has got the message yet, HLS and the TSA are serious as cancer about their jobs and national security.

    Now you can accept that they are not in the “Friend Business” but biting guard dogs and will bite you if you show so much as contempt for their authority.

    I have accepted that, understand and know exactly what it means. Some of our liberties have been amended. It’s a pain in the butt, yet necessary if we are to consider some Muslim’s want us all dead and think nothing about killing anyone, anywhere, at any time.

    My only hope is there has been oversight put in place “that really works” to contain such a powerful agency.

    If you don’t understand or accept this, ground travel is you best option.

    • ValDM

      The TSA isn’t concerned with security, never has been, never will be. Their sole occupation is to defile and demean in a purely cretinous manner. I don’t choose to lose freedoms even if you don’t mind. BTW, ground transpo will have these new procedures soon, as well as freeways. And don’t forget that they’ve made the backscatter scanners portable so they can come around to your neighborhood and observe you in your home. YOU CALL THAT SECURITY? AND NECESSARY?

      • Karolyn

        They seem to be pretty ridiculous paranoid statements, Val.

      • Adam

        Lets face it..we are now living in a flegling DICTORRSHIP! It always starts as an oligary with population support. Remmeber Lenin and the Russian revolution? Hitler did it in a somewhat different manner. This guy in the Whitehouse has the same mentality. They all KNEW what was right for all of us!

    • DaveH

      Get real, Bob. You are the one afraid to fly without the intrusion on your liberty for the false sense of security. You do your travel on the ground. Which by the way has taken vastly more lives in our country than any terrorists have.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it Bob Wire that a few months ago when we were saying that the muslims wanted to kill us that was saying we were all overreacting? Now because he agrees with the TSA all of a sudden the muslims are trying to kill us all!! I do wish he would make up his mind!!

  • LEEH


  • 928


    • DaveH

      More Government to solve the problems created by too much Government already?
      And why are you yelling, 928?

    • http://?? Joe H.

      the ones that are sleeping under cars(?) and other conveyances don’t have visas believe me. they are the ones that have come across the border illegally and are not just Mexican people!! The ones that have overstayed visas are the students and other terrorists that have jobs biding their time till people stop paying ANY attention and BOOOM!!!

  • Dan

    We are no different than the Israelites when they turned away from God.
    We have our version of the golden calf and are hell bent in doing it our way. The greatness of this country is only because of our obediance to God. Our judges are Quickly making it illegal to be a Christian. Our president says we are not a Christian nation and he is consistently pushing Islamm as the preferred religion. Whatever happened to the separation of church and state? Understand the moslems kill there own countrymen without a thought, so do not doubt they will kill American infidels at every opportunity, and they will do it with enthusiasm. LEEH says all we can do is pray, I say that is the first thing we have to do. We need to beg for forgiveness and ask God to restore us to Him. Then we must get involved by voting, running for office, networking with other Christians and work together just as the current government, and moslems have been doing. It will be a long, difficult road and there will no doubt be many martyrs, but it has to start somewhere.

    • Karolyn

      Why is there such a big push to separate Christians from everyone else? What’s with this constant “us s. them” mentality. We are all human beings, brothers and sisters, all God’s children, and he loves us all equally.

      • kate8

        Karolyn – Because we think too differently. Christians are too often mocked, derided, marginalized and even persecuted today.

        I don’t see anyone on your side doing any reaching out, either. We live in different worlds.

        • Karolyn

          I have never seen Christians being subjected to what you say. Of course, now I live in the Bible Belt. However, I lived in NJ my whole life. I would say someone who believes as I do has more of a chance of being treated that way. I am almost afraid to tell people here what I really believe. I just might have a cross burning on my front lawn. Fortunately, I have found some enlightened individuals who accept what I believe and don’t force their beliefs on me. Then there’s the Jehovah’s Witness couple………..

          • kate8

            Karolyn – And that’s another thing. Progressives think of themselves as more enlightened than we neanderthal Christians.

            I’m here to tell you that you don’t know what you think you do. Nor do many Christians, or Muslims, or anyone else.

            It’s time to get over feeling superior. Nothing is what we think. Soon we will see just where arrogance leads us.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            A couple of examples. We are told that no government moneies can be spent for anything labled Christian yet a state college used state funds to install separate baths for the muslim girls who were required to take gym!
            If we were to hold a christian meeting that spilled out into the streets and stopped traffic, we would be fined, and jailed, yet there is a mosque in New York City that does that very thing weekly and the law does NOTHING!!
            Christians are required under the healthcare act to purchase insurance yet muslims are exempt as they consider it Gamboling!!
            There have been Christian teachers fired for leading prayers in school, yet there are muslims that are allowed to lead call to prayers in a few public schools!! you still say Christians aren’t looked down on?? Still say they aren’t persecuted? Look it up!!

  • Jon Weiss

    The current oligarchy in DC is the best argument there is for TERM LIMITS!

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear John Weiss,

      I’m afraid that you are about to learn that changing one elected elite for another–no matter what they say about wanting to shrink government–will make no difference. The entrenched, faceless bureaucrats will continue to serve as their advisers, steering them in the direction of ever bigger, more totalitarian government.

      Best wishes,

      • kate8

        Bob, Unfortunately, I believe you are right about that.

  • chvietvet

    Homeland security agents are really serious about their jobs, right? Not long ago the head of Homeland Security classified all veterans of the armed forces as potential terrorists. The agents in the airports have made a name for themselves by pilfering items out of the luggage they inspect. The items included guns, which the agents apparently sold on the black market. One was used for a murder. They are now getting their enjoyment by sending good-looking women through the body scanner. We just have to love our government! Or else.

    • JC

      A bunch of sick perverts and criminals in uniform is what they are.

  • jopa

    I don’t believe this so called pilot should be allowed in an airport when he takes a bunch of home movies to place on You Tube showing the weak points in airport security.What he did with the films is the problem.He didn’t use them to improve security but to show terrorists how to beat the system.I almost had my camera confiscated last January for taking a picture of a cruise ship I was about to board while it was still in home port.Security said I could take all the pictures I wanted to but not until we left port, what the difference is who knows.Then we have all the news networks over the years showing all the weaknesses in our country and how easy it would be to sabotage this and that but I guess that is one of our freedoms so we have to live with it or maybe die some day because of it.

    • independant thinker

      The pilot posted nothing that was not already common knowledge. The problems with maintaince security had been reported on TV and in the newspaper weeks if not months before he posted it on U-tube.

  • Patriot

    This is all by design to Police the Web! Wake up it is coming! The only way the Money Masters can control us is through debt and media control, seeing that we are over our heads with debt, they own most of the media outlets (TV, papers), the last Frontier is the internet, which they are working on now! What will we do then?

  • Howard R Gray

    The pilot did the right thing by putting the details on the internet, merely phoning in the problem, or sending an email, would have resulted in the matter being spiked. Remember all that pilot training for Arabs and the like before 911, it never got up the system to where it mattered, or did it? Perhaps it would be instructive to know how many times the weaknesses in the system have been reported and nothing has been done. Now a dose of embarrassment might do the trick, until Mr. Liu nothing appears to have happened.

    Assange, as I said before on this response column, is largely irrelevant. Who was it that allowed a private soldier access to diplomatic traffic, not just military cables, and, more to the point, how so for so many cables? Isn’t there a watch mechanism in the network to review mass downloads? Apparently there isn’t such an apparatus so we are led to believe. To date, no one has been sacked for this debacle now we are given to accept the idea that a whistle blower or helpful citizen is to be pilloried for pointing out a defect in the cordon sanitaire. The security services should be grateful for mere embarrassment rather than a real incident. It is irremediably gutless to attack Mr. Liu. He merely shone light on what has been a serious defect for years not just months, are we expected to believe this issue hasn’t been canvassed before? Those who take umbrage over this matter need to examine their motives, security of the nation won’t be at the top of their list.

    The scale of the response by the Feds says more than they perhaps intended, they are clearly weak and poorly commanded with respect to this incident, no way should such a show of force be needed just to retrieve a gun that they had absolutely no need to collect. They know full well Chris Liu is no threat to the United States, someone at the political level felt the need to order this silly street theatre for public consumption. Remember these are the same kind of people who missed 911 for which no one appears to have been awarded the hessian bag. The truth is this is more akin to keystone kops than genuine secret plod work. The problem here is not the agents per se, but the command and political control that is being exercised unwisely. Mr. Liu would have been, I believe, more than pleased to hand in his gun, since it is Federal property, at the local police station until further notice.

    So why the agitprop street theatre? There is only one conclusion here, the population at large are viewed as more the adversary than the terrorists. Evidence of potentially catastrophic incompetence has caused immense embarrassment, so those in political control attack the messenger; nothing sends a message more potently to our enemies than this whole shoddy episode. There are staggering weaknesses in the security systems at our airports, Mr. Liu in putting the details up on You Tube did us all a favour, as I said, if he phoned in the point, or sent an email, it would have ended up on the same spike that the pupil flying bomb pilots did back in 9/11/2001. What beggars the imagination is the lack of humility of those in command who got lucky and now have the opportunity to put right a severe hole in the system. Remember no one got killed here!

    Removal of his concealed carry license is entirely another matter; here is where it gets interesting. There is an imputation, or to put it in legalese there is an innuendo, that he is untrustworthy and a person who is to be shunned by the government and, by association, everyone else. This is defamatory, the mere presence of the agents at Mr. Liu’s door step is an imputation of criminality and, since there are no charges that can be laid that won’t further defame this man, the government has put itself in a head lock of its own making. Mr. Liu will no doubt settle the matter for a significant sum of our tax dollars.

    The only conclusion I can draw from this ridiculous situation is that the government in this case isn’t staffed by savvy commanders who have the initiative to ignore the public eye and just do the job of tightening up security. The idea that the terrorists are being shown any secrets in Mr. Liu’s film is absurd, they are already well aware of the loop holes in the system. The whole TSA debacle couldn’t do more than draw their attention to alternative routes around airport security irrespective of Mr. Liu. Now thanks to him, and not those in charge, there might be a chance of closing up that route to mass murder.

    There is no excuse for what has happened to Mr. Liu, attacking the messenger won’t do, those commanders who ordered this specious exercise of force majeure know full well that Mr. Liu is merely showing up a weak link in the system. Here is the clincher, some operative attempted to impute the Mr. Liu’s highlighting of a recreation room door was somehow evidence of irrelevance of his film. Nothing could be further from the truth; the official making such a point needs to be investigated for incompetence. The issue is either there is a security risk or their isn’t. Which is it? Any supposedly secured door means that breach of it would permit a terrorist access to card holders who no doubt would allow admission to more sensitive areas of the airport. Merely trying to impugn Mr. Liu is pathetic; will there be any hessian bags for those who attacked Mr. Liu? If embarrassment is the issue here, all those who are involved in this silly matter should be ashamed of themselves and should do us a favour and resign or be sacked. Somehow I don’t think that will happen but Mr. Liu will be put through the ringer instead. Shameful!

    At some level the system does work, there have been few attacks on US soil until the present administration took office. Those people clearly did their jobs quietly and that is how it should be. Mr. Liu should be given his pistol back and nothing more needs to be heard. Ever! If security embarrassments occur so much the better, merely pointing them out often won’t do, forthright action is essential as Mr. Liu did for which he is to be applauded. My father worked for MI6 many years ago, to this day that is all I know about what he did. Security should be like the submariners service a silent service. Publicity hounds should be sent back to their kennels.

  • Dave

    I don’t understand what law the pilot broke, if any. It looks like another case of Statism at work. The pace at which basic freedoms are being eroded is accelerating every week. Soon the west will overtake the countries like Cuba in squashing freedom.

    • JC

      You don’t make the State look bad unless you want their undivided attention. Sad but true.

  • Kris

    Wow, good fights folks! If you can’t get along on a discussion board, how will you get along running a govt. or deciding who should govern? A house divided cannot stand!

    • DaveH

      You want peace, Kris. Then join the Libertarian Party. We believe people should make their own choices, and pay for their own mistakes, free from Government coercion. Then the only people they could blame for the mess they are in would be their parents for not raising them to be more capable.

  • Average Joe

    This comes from A group of lawyers who have been doing research for a number of years concerning our nation and how we got to this point. I advise all to read this and attempt to disprove any of it ( I really don’t care about your personal opinions on the matters herein…only any poven facts refuting them).I have looked into what has been written here and can find no flaws. I also, recommend going to the site and reading more from these lawyers….learn the truth…it will set you free!

    Historical Outline

    1st: Martial Law is declared by President Lincoln on April 24th, 1863, with General Orders No. 100; under martial law authority, Congress and President Lincoln institute continuous martial law by ordering the states (people) either conscribe troops and or provide money in support of the North or be recognized as enemies of the nation; this martial law Act of Congress is still in effect today. This martial law authority gives the President (with or without Congress) the dictatorial authority to do anything that can be done by government in accord with the Constitution of the United States of America. This conscription act remains in effect to this very day and is the foundation of Presidential Executive Orders authority; it was magnified in 1917 with The Trading with the Enemy Act (Public Law 65-91, 65th Congress, Session I, Chapters 105, 106, October 6, 1917). and again in 1933 with the Emergency War Powers Act, which is ratified and enhanced almost every year to this date by Congress. Today these Acts address the people of the United States themselves as their enemy.

    2nd: The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 created a “municipal corporation” to govern the District of Columbia. Considering the fact that the municipal government itself was incorporated in 1808, an “Organic Act” (first Act) using the term “municipal corporation” in 1871 can only mean a private corporation owned by the municipality. Hereinafter we will call that private corporation, “Corp. U.S.” By consistent usage, Corp. U.S. trademarked the name, “United States Government” referring to themselves. The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 places Congress in control (like a corporate board) and gives the purpose of the act to form a governing body over the municipality; this allowed Congress to direct the business needs of the government under the existent martial law and provided them with corporate abilities they would not otherwise have. This was done under the constitutional authority for Congress to pass any law within the ten mile square of the District of Columbia. Follow this link to see the effect of the District of Columbia Act of 1871.

    3rd: In said Act, Corp. U.S. adopted their own constitution (United States Constitution), which was identical to the national Constitution (Constitution of the United States of America) except that it was missing the national constitution’s 13th Amendment and the national constitution’s 14th, 15th and 16th amendments are respectively numbered 13th, 14th and 15th amendments in the Corp. U.S. Constitution. At this point take special notice and remember this Corp. U.S. method of adopting their own Constitution, they will add to it in the same manner in 1913.

    4th: Corp. U.S. began to generate debts via bonds etc., which came due in 1912, but they could not pay their debts so the 7 families that bought up the bonds demanded payment and Corp. U.S. could not pay. Said families settled the debt for the payments of all of Corp. U.S.’ assets and for all of the assets of the Treasury of the United States of America.

    5th: As 1913 began, Corp. U.S. had no funds to carry out the necessary business needs of the government so they went to said families and asked if they could borrow some money. The families said no (Corp. U.S. had already demonstrated that they would not repay their debts in full). The families had foreseen this situation and had the year before finalized the creation of a private corporation of the name “Federal Reserve Bank”. Corp. U.S. formed a relationship with the Federal Reserve Bank whereby they could transact their business via note rather than with money. Notice that this relationship was one made between two private corporations and did not involve government; that is where most people error in understanding the Federal Reserve Bank system—again it has no government relation at all. The private contracts that set the whole system up even recognize that if anything therein proposed is found illegal or impossible to perform it is excluded from the agreements and the remaining elements remain in full force and effect.

    6th: Almost simultaneously with the last fact (also in 1913), Corp. U.S. adopts (as if ratified) their own 16th amendment. Tax protesters challenge the IRS tax collection system based on this fact, however when we remember that Corp. U.S. originally created their constitution by simply drafting it and adopting it; there is no difference between that adoption and this—such is the nature of corporate enactments—when the corporate board (Congress) tells the secretary to enter the amendment as ratified (even thought the States had not ratified it) the Se3cretary was instructed that the Representatives word alone was sufficient for ratification. You must also note, this amendment has nothing to do with our nation, with our people or with our national Constitution, which already had its own 16th amendment. The Supreme Court (in BRUSHABER v. UNION PACIFIC R. CO., 240 U.S. 1 (1916)) ruled the 16th amendment did nothing that was not already done other than to make plain and clear the right of the United States (Corp. U.S.) to tax corporations and government employees. We agree, considering that they were created under the authority of Corp. U.S.

    7th: Next (also 1913) Corp. U.S., through Congress, adopts (as if ratified) its 17th amendment. This amendment is not only not ratified, it is not constitutional; the nation’s Constitution forbids Congress from even discussing the matter of where Senators are elected, which is the subject matter of this amendment; therefore they cannot pass such and Act and then of their own volition, order it entered as ratified. According to the United States Supreme Court, for Congress to propose such an amendment they would first have to pass an amendment that gave them the authority to discuss the matter.

    8th: Accordingly, in 1914, the Freshman class and all Senators that successfully ran for reelection in 1913 by popular vote were seated in Corp. U.S. Senate capacity only; their respective seats from their States remained vacant because neither the State Senates nor the State Governors appointed new Senators to replace them as is still required by the national Constitution for placement of a national Senator.

    9th: In 1916, President Wilson is reelected by the Electoral College but their election is required to be confirmed by the constitutionally set Senate; where the new Corp. U.S. only Senators were allowed to participate in the Electoral College vote confirmation the only authority that could possibly have been used for electoral confirmation was corporate only. Therefore, President Wilson was not confirmed into office for his second term as President of the United States of America and was only seated in the Corp. U.S. Presidential capacity. Therefore the original jurisdiction government’s seats were vacated because the people didn’t seat any original jurisdiction government officers. It is important to note here that President Wilson retained his capacity as Commander in Chief of the military. Many people wonder about this fact imagining that such a capacity is bound to the President of the nation; however, When John Adams was President he assigned George Washington to the capacity of Commander in Chief of the military in preparation for an impending war with France. During this period, Mr. Adams became quite concerned because Mr. Washington became quite ill and passed on his acting military authority through his lead General Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Adams was concerned that if war did break out Mr. Hamilton would use that authority to create a military dictatorship of the nation. Mr. Adams averted the war through diplomacy and the title of Commander in Chief was returned to him.
    (See: John Adams, by David McCullough, this book covers Mr. Adams concerns over this matter quite well. Mr. Adams was a fascinating man.)

    10th: In 1917, Corp. U.S. enters W.W. I and passes their Trading with the Enemies Act.

    11th: In 1933, Corp. U.S. is bankrupt, they force a banking holiday to exchange money backed Federal Reserve Notes with “legal tender” Federal Reserve Notes the Trading with the Enemies Act is adjusted to recognize the people of the United States as enemies of Corp. U.S.

    12th: Some time after 1935, you ask Social Security Administration for a relationship with their program. With the express purpose of generating Beneficiary funds to United States General Trust Fund (GTF) the Social Security Administration creates an entity with a name (that sounds like your name but is spelled with all capital letters) and an account number (Social Security number). They give you the Social Security card and let you know that the card does not belong to you but you are to hold it for them until they want it back. If you are willing to accept that responsibility over the card you activate the card by signing it, which gives you the ability to act as the fiduciary for the cards actual owner Corp. U.S. and you can use the card’s name and number to thus transact business relations for the card’s actual owner. You are also to note that though the card verifies its agency (you as the single person with authority to control the entity so created) it is not for use as identification. On review: notice the Social Security Administration was the creator of the entity, they offered you the opportunity to serve its Trustee capacity (by lending it actual consciousness and physical capacity), they gave you something (the card) that does not belong to you to hold in trust and they reserved the actual owner of the thing (Corp. U.S.) as the beneficiary of the entity—by definition, this only describes the creation and existence of a Trust. More importantly: the name they gave this Trust is not your name, the number they gave the Trust is not your number and your lending actual consciousness and physical capacity to this Trust’s Trustee capacity does not limit you or your capacity to separately act in your natural sovereign capacity in any way—what you do, when you do it and how you do it is still totally up to you.

    13th: In 1944, under the Bretton Woods Agreement, Corp. U.S. is quit claimed to the International Monetary Fund, and becomes a foreign controlled private corporation.

    14th: In 1962, considering the states were forced to carry out their business dealings in terms of Federal Reserve Notes (foreign notes), which is forbidden in the national and State constitutions, out of the necessity the states began protecting themselves from the people by forming corporations like Corp. U.S. Accordingly, those newly formed corporate state administrations began adopting Corp. U.S. suggested uniform codes and licensing structures that allowed better and more powerful control over the people, which thing the original jurisdiction governments of this nation had no capacity to do. Our Constitutions secure that the governments do not govern the people rather they govern themselves in accord with the limits of Law. The people govern themselves. Such is the foundational nature of our Constitutional Republic.

    15th: By 1971, every State government in the union of States had formed such private corporations (Corp. State), in accord with the IMF admonition, and the people ceased to seat original jurisdiction government officials in their State government seats.

    Now, having stated these historical facts, we ask you not to believe us, but rather prove these facts for yourself. We then ask you to contact us and share your discovery with us.

    When you find there is no error in this historical outline, then remember these simple facts and let no one dissuade you from the truth.

    The Bottom Line: when you speak about these private foreign corporations remember that is what they are and stop calling them government.

    Further, it is very important that we cease to attempt to fix them. It is far more important that we learn how to reseat our original jurisdiction government and spread the word about the truth. By reseating our State and national governments in their original jurisdiction nature, we gain the capacity to hold these private foreign corporations accountable. They owe us a lot of money, in fact they owe us more money than there is available in the world. In fact it is impossible for them to pay and that gives us the leverage we need to take back our nation and put things right. The process is a simple one. The difficulty is in getting our people to wake up to the truth. That’s why we ask you to prove the truth for yourself and contact us with your discovery.

    That means that you must stop acting and communicating like you are anything other than the sovereign that God created you to be. And, stop referring to Corp. U.S. or the STATE OF ‘X’ as anything other than the private foreign corporations that they are. And, finally, stop listening to the Bigfoot Patriot Mythology that is espoused by those that only give these facts lip service.

    It’s time to wake up and follow the truth, time to repent and become a moral and honorable society instead of lauding our Piety while we stand guilty of:
    a) not knowing the truth;
    b) not living the truth;
    c) believing God will save us even though we have the tools to know the truth the ability to use the tools but we refuse to live by the truth and use the tools we have to save ourselves and thereby become free.

    The biggest problem with that get all excited about uniting against the tyranny of Corp. U.S. is that they are blind to the truth having no remedy so they bail out of “the system” hell bent for a rebellion even the scripture says cannot be won with conventional weapons of war. Would that we could instead follow the admonition of the King of Kings and unite with truth to legally, lawfully and peacefully reseat our original jurisdiction government thereby taking back the control our nation in accord with law.

    • DaveH

      I would rather that people spent their time learning from the wisdom of our Founders than to have them learn how the Government over the years has usurped the Original Constitution. Read the Federalist papers, read the Declaration of Independence, Read the original Constitution. For the Federalist Papers:

      • DaveH

        For the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution:

      • Average Joe

        While I agree with you that people need to know original intent (founders thoughts) they also need to know how we got here and how to get back to the original intent of those documents.

        • DaveH

          For sure.

        • Dan az

          Average Joe
          that has got to be one of the best sites so far thanks!I will be spreading the word and the site! please people take a look at the laws and history that you where never taught and you will be surprised at the efforts that this site has gone to just to bring you the truth.

  • Average Joe

    BTW, the links mentioned are available on the team law website, which will show all of the actual records as given by congress etc…good hunting.

    • Average Joe
      • Dave

        Hey Average Joe,

        Thanks for posting that link! Very interesting site I must say.

      • Average Joe

        I have always felt that Knowledge is power and this is one of the best places that I have found for that knowledge over the years. Bob’s site is a great place to find knowledge as well…thanks to so many people posting links that they have found over the course of finding the “Truth”. I am glad that so many of you have decided to check out the site…May you all find the Truth…it is out there if we just take the time to find it….beware though..many of your personal beliefs will be shaken at their very foundations.



    • debalazo

      ‘JUST AND OLD MAN says:

      Just an old man, yes, most written here is bull to deceive ignorants about the real cause of our problems, and the real manipulators of all our disgrace and sorrow.

      But men, in all American wars, except the Independence, didn’t die to protect nothing American, but simply to die in a REAL holocaust to Moloch, the satanic god that rejoices on the blood of Gentile children. Google it.

      All major wars of rapine have been premeditated by the same tribe who today owns American money, and holds Americans by the throat. The internet exposed them and they lost their millenary cover.

      The Zionist Occupation Government has declared war on Americans and the world at large, just like they declared world war on Germany, because Hitler wouldn’t let them steal their money and set their rapine banks, like today in America.

      if you don’t know all this, just Google these topics and unmask the Beast from Babylon, under the guise of Askhenazi-Khazar-Turk-Mongol world parasites.



  • Another Voice

    It is getting harder and harder for any government to keep secrets from the people, and personally I’m happy about that. We pay taxes to keep the government running, and we a have a right to know.

  • Mac

    Everybody is blaming Bush for the Patriot Act. I have to admit culpability in that myself, as I suspect many of you also should. On the heels of the attack on the US in 2001, we were all in a state of shock. It took almost a year for me to realize that the government reaction was the wrong thing to do. Today I realize that finger pointing is not helping, but we should do what we can to change the dictatorial powers bestowed upon the country by the DHS and TSA. These entities really need to be reigned in; completely abolished as I have come to believe.

    Everyone thinks the government failed in preventing the attacks of 9/11. In my view, to have been able to prevent them would be to turn the country into a police state far worse than what we have now with TSA occupying the airline travel system, yet I suspect that none of the procedures in effect today would have prevented 9/11. I believe that the most effective prevention would have been for the Immigration Service to have kept better track of – yes, profiling of Middle Easterners – the muslims who had been living in the country for years, learning to fly airliners.

    It is time we as a country learned that being Politically Correct is seriously harming the basic freedoms that we once knew. In the name of Political Correctness, we are enslaving the great majority of harmless citizens. If I were to be a visitor in the Middle East, I would expect to looked upon as an outsider and subject to being watched closely by the Muslim enforcers. Why not return the favor?

    • debalazo

      “Mac says:
      …the attack in 2001… Everyone thinks government failed preventing the attacks… to prevent them would turn country into a police state… yet I suspect that none of procedures in effect today would have prevented 9/11… Imigration Service better track Middle Easterners – muslims living in the country for years, learning to fly airliners… If I were visitor in the Middle East, I expect to looked upon as outsider subject to being watched closely by the Muslim enforcers…”

      Mac, sweet thing, are you a Tel-Aviv ‘ambassador to the net’, or a USA sayan popping out of your predetermined silence? Else, your ignorance is unexcusable by now. Let’s see…

      The ‘attack’, more like rigging the Towers under the watchful eye of Marvin Bush and cousin, by Mossad terrorists. Govermnet abetted the attack, ZOG pulling the strings.

      Get rid of all Mossad terrorists; throw out all dual-passport traitors in government; seek and punish each and every criminal behind 911, heads already known; end billions in dollars and arms to ‘israel’ from tax-robbed money; jail the FED banksters; abolish fiat money; declare wars only under Constitutional law, not Zionist manipulation of puppets; restore the Republic and Bill of Rights; and follow the advise of the Founders to stay out of trouble and corrupt, criminal or complicit alliances with international terrorists. And Americans can walk free their streets again.

      No such ‘hijackers’. Remote controlled planes and missiles. This is history, who you are going to deceive? Elementary schoolers? 911 mysteries and 911 Missing Links will smack your lies out.

      If you were (or rather a goy) a visitor to ‘israel’, you would know the meaning of being watched. Worse, a visitor to Palestine, and would know the horror and misery of being the victim of world-class terrorism. You are as lame as the rest of sayans posting on this site.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        go back to your eastern facing prayers!!

  • Polski

    It’s amazing to me that anyone would believe that any politician is honest, or that any corporate CEO or executive is honest. So since the media is a corporation(s), they are crooks too. When this country was founded, media people were honest, so they got special privileges. That is no longer true, and their privileges should be adjusted.

    • Carlucci

      I say throw all the bums out and start all over.

  • JeffH

    Just recieved this email and thought I would share it here, although it has no bearing one way or another with this article…

    Tale of a Coyote

    California: The Governor of California is jogging with his dog along
    a nature trail. A coyote jumps out, bites the Governor and attacks his

    1. The Governor starts to intervene, but reflects upon the movie
    “Bambi” and then realizes he should stop; the coyote is only doing
    what is natural.

    2. He calls animal control. Animal Control captures coyote and bills
    the State $200 testing it for diseases and $500 for relocating it.

    3. He calls a veterinarian. The vet collects the dead dog and bills
    the State $200 testing it for diseases.

    4. The Governor goes to hospital and spends $3,500 getting checked
    for diseases from the coyote and on getting his bite wound bandaged.

    5. The running trail gets shut down for 6 months while Fish & Game
    conducts a $100,000 survey to make sure the area is free of dangerous

    6. The Governor spends $50,000 in state funds implementing a “coyote
    awareness” program for residents of the area.

    7. The State Legislature spends $2 million to study how to better
    treat rabies and how to permanently eradicate the disease throughout
    the world.

    8. The Governor’s security agent is fired for not stopping the
    attack somehow and for letting the Governor attempt to intervene.

    9. Additional cost to State of California : $75,000 to hire and
    train a new security agent with additional special training re: the
    nature of coyotes.

    10. PETA protests the coyote’s relocation and files suit against
    the State.

    Arizona: The Governor of Arizona is jogging with her dog along a
    nature trail. A Coyote jumps out and attacks her dog.

    1. The Governor shoots the coyote with her State-issued pistol and
    keeps jogging. The Governor has spent $0.50 on a .45 ACP hollow point

    2. The Buzzards eat the dead coyote.

    And that, boys and girls, is why California is broke
    And more importantly, why too much government doesn’t work.

    And if you understand this, you understand the Tea Party

    • kate8

      JeffH – You got that right.

      Only in California. Liberalism is insanity.

    • DaveH

      Good one, Jeff.

    • JC


  • Dan az

    The results will be: All federal personal and corporate income taxes will cease! We will go back on the gold and silver monetary standard (which the nation never left but Corp. U.S. did). The alleged National Debt will be ended and what is owed to us will be returned. The Fascistic Regime operated by Corp. U.S., which they call a Democracy, will be peacefully and lawfully ended in favor of our national Republic’s Laws. This will happen when Corp. U.S. is brought back into our nation’s ownership and control. The real national government will be reset on our Constitution. All of your rights will once again be recognized and secured. Private Land will once again be secure to the individual sovereign nature of the people as their own private kingdoms. And, we will have our nation back!
    If you would like to see what leads up to this then read this site please.

  • Julian Newton

    All it takes for tyranny to succeede is a few good men to do nothing.

  • Stan Smith

    Bob’s quote-But both Liu and Assange have done us a great service in exposing secrets Big Brother wants to hide from the masses. And they did so at great risk to themselves.
    I disagree somewhat on Assange! Assange Claimed to be a somewhat of a journalist I say he is no journalist Just a arrogant looking for attention and fame, and he decide to post some info that should never published who is helping The US AKA snitches and what plans The US going to do against the terrorist ect.. The taliban and other radical muzzie is going to use wikki to their advantage!
    So if Assange claim to be a journalist he would have the common sense not put the list who is snitching on the taliban and scums and list where the US will strike next! ect.. he would have the morals not to post the info that will help out the enemy! But I’m glad he put the dirty laundry out on the scums of DC The question is why Wikkileaks have not post more dirty laundry between DC & UK who gave Jacqui Smith the order to Ban Micheal Savage to the UK????

  • James Graham

    The old man sat in his gas station on a cold Christmas Eve. He hadn’t been anywhere in years since his wife had passed away. It was just another day to him. He didn’t hate Christmas, just couldn’t find a reason to celebrate. He was sitting there looking at the snow that had been falling for the last hour and wondering what it was all about when the door opened and a homeless man stepped through.

    Instead of throwing the man out, Old George as he was known by his customers, told the man to come and sit by the heater and warm up. “Thank you, but I don’t mean to intrude,” said the stranger. “I see you’re busy, I’ll just go.”

    “Not without something hot in your belly.” George said.

    He turned and opened a wide mouth Thermos and handed it to the stranger. “It ain’t much, but it’s hot and tasty. Stew … Made it myself. When you’re done, there’s coffee and it’s fresh.”

    Just at that moment he heard the “ding” of the driveway bell. “Excuse me, be right back,” George said. There in the driveway was an old ’53 Chevy. Steam was rolling out of the front. The driver was panicked. “Mister can you help me!” said the driver, with a deep Spanish accent. “My wife is with child and my car is broken.” George opened the hood. It was bad. The block looked cracked from the cold, the car was dead.

    “You ain’t going in this thing,” George said as he turned away.

    “But Mister, please help …” The door of the office closed behind George as he went inside. He went to the office wall and got the keys to his old truck, and went back outside. He walked around the building, opened the garage, started the truck and drove it around to where the couple was waiting. “Here, take my truck,” he said. “She ain’t the best thing you ever looked at, but she runs real good.”

    George helped put the woman in the truck and watched as it sped off into the night. He turned and walked back inside the office. “Glad I gave ‘em the truck, their tires were shot too. That ‘ol truck has brand new .” George thought he was talking to the stranger, but the man had gone. The Thermos was on the desk, empty, with a used coffee cup beside it. “Well, at least he got something in his belly,” George thought.

    George went back outside to see if the old Chevy would start. It cranked slowly, but it started. He pulled it into the garage where the truck had been. He thought he would tinker with it for something to do. Christmas Eve meant no customers. He discovered the the block hadn’t cracked, it was just the bottom hose on the radiator. “Well, shoot, I can fix this,” he said to
    himself. So he put a new one on.

    “Those tires ain’t gonna get ‘em through the winter either.” He took the snow treads off of his wife’s old Lincoln . They were like new and he wasn’t going to drive the car anyway.

    As he was working, he heard shots being fired. He ran outside and beside a police car an officer lay on the cold ground. Bleeding from the left shoulder, the officer moaned, “Please help me.”

    George helped the officer inside as he remembered the training he had received in the Army as a medic. He knew the wound needed attention. “Pressure to stop the bleeding,” he thought. The uniform company had been there that morning and had left clean shop towels. He used those and duct tape to bind the wound. “Hey, they say duct tape can fix anythin’,” he said, trying to make the policeman feel at ease.

    “Something for pain,” George thought. All he had was the pills he used for his back. “These ought to work.” He put some water in a cup and gave the policeman the pills. “You hang in there, I’m going to get you an ambulance.”

    The phone was dead. “Maybe I can get one of your buddies on that there talk box out in your car.” He went out only to find that a bullet had gone into the dashboard destroying the two way radio.

    He went back in to find the policeman sitting up. “Thanks,” said the officer. “You could have left me there. The guy that shot me is still in the area.”

    George sat down beside him, “I would never leave an injured man in the Army and I ain’t gonna leave you.” George pulled back the bandage to check for bleeding. “Looks worse than what it is. Bullet passed right through ‘ya. Good thing it missed the important stuff though. I think with time your gonna be right as rain.”

    George got up and poured a cup of coffee. “How do you take it?” he asked.

    “None for me,” said the officer.

    “Oh, yer gonna drink this. Best in the city. Too bad I ain’t got no donuts.” The officer laughed and winced at the same time.

    The front door of the office flew open. In burst a young man with a gun. “Give me all your cash! Do it now!” the young man yelled. His hand was shaking and George could tell that he had never done anything like this before.

    “That’s the guy that shot me!” exclaimed the officer.

    “Son, why are you doing this?” asked George, “You need to put the cannon away. Somebody else might get hurt.”

    The young man was confused. “Shut up old man, or I’ll shoot you, too. Now give me the cash!”

    The cop was reaching for his gun. “Put that thing away,” George said to the cop, “we got one too many in here now.”

    He turned his attention to the young man. “Son, it’s Christmas Eve. If you need money, well then, here. It ain’t much but it’s all I got. Now put that pea shooter away.”

    George pulled $150 out of his pocket and handed it to the young man, reaching for the barrel of the gun at the same time. The young man released his grip on the gun, fell to his knees and began to cry. “I’m not very good at this am I? All I wanted was to buy something for my wife and son,” he went on. “I’ve lost my job, my rent is due, my car got repossessed last week.”

    George handed the gun to the cop. “Son, we all get in a bit of squeeze now and then. The road gets hard sometimes, but we make it through the best we can.”

    He got the young man to his feet, and sat him down on a chair across from the cop. “Sometimes we do stupid things.” George handed the young man a cup of coffee. “Bein’ stupid is one of the things that makes us human. Comin’ in here with a gun ain’t the answer. Now sit there and get warm and we’ll sort this thing out.”

    The young man had stopped crying. He looked over to the cop. “Sorry I shot you. It just went off. I’m sorry officer.”

    “Shut up and drink your coffee ” the cop said.

    George could hear the sounds of sirens outside. A police car and an ambulance skidded to a halt. Two cops came through the door, guns drawn. “Chuck! You ok?” one of the cops asked the wounded officer.

    “Not bad for a guy who took a bullet. How did you find me?”

    “GPS locator in the car. Best thing since sliced bread. Who did this?” the other cop asked as he approached the young man.

    Chuck answered him, “I don’t know. The guy ran off into the dark. Just dropped his gun and ran.”

    George and the young man both looked puzzled at each other.

    “That guy work here?” the wounded cop continued.

    “Yep,” George said, “just hired him this morning. Boy lost his job.”

    The paramedics came in and loaded Chuck onto the stretcher. The young man leaned over the wounded cop and whispered, “Why?”

    Chuck just said, “Merry Christmas boy … and you too, George, and thanks for everything.”

    “Well, looks like you got one doozy of a break there. That ought to solve some of your problems.”

    George went into the back room and came out with a box. He pulled out a ring box. “Here you go, something for the little woman. I don’t think Martha would mind. She said it would come in handy some day.”

    The young man looked inside to see the biggest diamond ring he ever saw. “I can’t take this,” said the young man. “It means something to you.”

    “And now it means something to you,” replied George. “I got my memories. That’s all I need.”

    George reached into the box again. An airplane, a car and a truck appeared next. They were toys that the oil company had left for him to sell. “Here’s something for that little man of yours.”

    The young man began to cry again as he handed back the $150 that the old man had handed him earlier.

    “And what are you supposed to buy Christmas dinner with? You keep that too,” George said. “Now git home to your family.”

    The young man turned with tears streaming down his face. “I’ll be here in the morning for work, if that job offer is still good.”

    “Nope. I’m closed Christmas day,” George said. “See ya the day after.”

    George turned around to find that the stranger had returned. “Where’d you come from? I thought you left?”

    “I have been here. I have always been here,” said the stranger. “You say you don’t celebrate Christmas. Why?”

    “Well, after my wife passed away, I just couldn’t see what all the bother was. Puttin’ up a tree and all seemed a waste of a good pine tree. Bakin’ cookies like I used to with Martha just wasn’t the same by myself and besides I was gettin’ a little chubby.”

    The stranger put his hand on George’s shoulder. “But you do celebrate the holiday, George. You gave me food and drink and warmed me when I was cold and hungry. The woman with child will bear a son and he will become a great doctor.

    The policeman you helped will go on to save 19 people from being killed by terrorists. The young man who tried to rob you will make you a rich man and not take any for himself. “That is the spirit of the season and you keep it as good as any man.”

    George was taken aback by all this stranger had said. “And how do you know all this?” asked the old man.

    “Trust me, George. I have the inside track on this sort of thing. And when your days are done you will be with Martha again.”

    The stranger moved toward the door. “If you will excuse me, George, I have to go now. I have to go home where there is a big celebration planned.”

    George watched as the old leather jacket and the torn pants that the stranger was wearing turned into a white robe. A golden light began to fill the room.

    “You see, George … it’s My birthday. Merry Christmas.”

    George fell to his knees and replied, “Happy Birthday, Lord Jesus”

    Merry Christmas!!

    This story is better than any greeting card.


  • Ellen

    I haven’t read through the NUMEROUS posts but does anyone realize that carrying a gun is a RIGHT, not a privilege? They had no right to demand anything from this pilot.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      His pistol was government issued! Therefore they CAN confiscate it at any time. What they had no right to do was pull his ccw permit without being convicted of a crime!

  • Howie

    Who cares now when it all started and who was at fault. Passing the blame reguardless who’s at fault is not going to solve a darn thing.

    Folks, I hate to be the one to say so but I’m wondering if we are not all in over our head. Can things possibly be turned around now? If so, who can do it? I know, most of you are going to say “Well, we the people are going to turn things around” And, I say how are we going to go about that? You say, with our congressmen…that’s how. And , I say, OK, we are going to turn it all around with a majority of crooked congressmen and congresswomen. In other words we got into this mess with good ole Congress people. Is that right? Look, by the time we got a good congress in office this country as we knew it is going to be a faint memory.

    • kate8

      Howie, We are definitely in over our heads. Congress is not going to be of any help. They are more interested in saving their own backsides.

      ALL we have is God Almighty.

      We’d best be prayin’.

      • Robert Smith

        Hey kate!

        Maybe all that preying has already failed and it’s time to get onto something else. After all, if your god is so powerful why are things the mess they are?

        Goddess bless you kate,


        • libertytrain

          I am confused with your use of preying – are you being tongue in cheek or did you mean to spell it correctly but did not?

  • cal

    the old man is about 100% correct. unless we the ( gentiles ) awaken from this deep sleep and take a good hard look at the race of the group of people who rule us in usa uk europe we will be destroyed. all of the ruling political parties in the western world are simply traitors,puppets for the small group of zionists(racial group). this racial group has nothing but contempt for gentiles, thats you and me. ihave spent 35 years researching history,finances , one thing is always true when these people rule, truth of what ,how and why they do things must always be kept hidden from the ordinary (person) gentile. even though i am an englishman i have lived in usa a couple of times and have a great love for the good things of usa. i see the american people as the last bastion of the western world for the simple reason a huge part of the civilian population is armed. the american people are the only nation that is capable of ousting the traitors/government as the rest of the western world population is disarmed. so if and when the american people take control i believe it will start the brits and europeans to do the same. other wise its going to get very very bleak for the western world .

    wether its financial, military, government

  • Michael Lynch

    When people stop voting along party lines and realize that neither party has done its job representing the people of the United States instead of speacial interests and foreign interests,only then will things change for the better.The only thing that I forsee in the future for the people in this country is a Godless corupt government exersizing absolute control over them.”HOPE FOR THE BEST,PREPARE FOR THE WORST.” quote: Thomas Jefferson- We are apt to shut our eyes to a painful truth,for my part,I will know the truth,no matter the pain or anguish that it carries,and I shall provide for it.

  • Dan

    We have to wake up and push back although I fear it may be too late.

  • profilename

    I see people on too many websites, this one and others, who appear to hold Julian Assange / WikiLeaks with extremely high regard, as if everything he says is the ultimate unquestionable truth, as if his words are direct from the mouth of God.

    Has it occurred to anyone that he could be a setup?
    #1- Has he released anything truly shocking? Sure the collateral murder video was bad but it’s not on the level of a 9/11 cover-up.
    #2- It’s convenient that he’s an Australian. Had he been American, he would’ve been arrested/killed in no time.
    #3- Some people suspect that Bradley Manning is not real. I’ve done my own independent research and I’m honestly sketchy on this one. I have yet to see anywhere his parents supporting him.
    #4- The US military has admitted it is extremely difficult to locate potential terrorists within the US. Therefore I believe any loud/vocal supporters of Assange/WikiLeaks could blatantly make themselves be known, and then get added to a secret watchlist.

    So, any blind Assange/WikiLeaks supporters could theoretically be lemmings.

    I don’t the answer either way, I’ve just learned to question everything.

  • UnpopedKernels

    Glad to see that the “Policy” of the US Government gets some of its own medicine from France. Protecting the “common interest” in the US has gone too far. I do not know about France’s efforts to protect the “common interest” there as I do not care to go there. But, judging from the paintings of France’s last few Kings, the common interest may be having enough children to keep the country going. The common man is all too common and not much of a man.

  • Ranchman

    The thing about Assange is that he is a puppet acting out the wishes of his boss Soros to bring about the destruction of the gov’t. Assange, by leaking stuff about the gov;t will bring about anarchy, allowing the people who bankroll Assange to come into power. It’s gone beyond just a “game” to these people, they’re implementing their takeover. It will only get worse, with the people crying out for a solution to the very people that are doing this to us.

  • Marnie

    I just read many of the comments below. I am conservative in all aspects of my life. I read all the pros and cons, what I don’t understand is why we “Joe Public,” supposedly better than the dang politicos, and yet I see name calling, and blame “finger pointing” just like the game players in DC. I feel absolutely sick when WE as the people can’t even agree as a whole to try to cure the ailments of this nation. How can we expect those in power to really even give a darn. I wish they would, I do, but that is only wishful thinking.

    God Help Us!!!


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