What It Means to Be Self-Reliant… And Why We’re Hated for It


What does it mean to be self-reliant?

It means different things to different people. Some homeowners have taken the huge step of freeing themselves from a very vulnerable U.S. electrical grid and are now generating their own electricity with solar panels and wind turbines. They feel empowered by this independence because not only does it allow them to save money, but they can also keep their homes lit and either warm or cool when power outages occur.

Other people have achieved a level of self-reliance by growing their own vegetables and fruits using open-pollinated, non-genetically modified, heirloom seeds. Growing food in the warmer months, storing some of it for colder months and re-using seeds they’ve harvested from last year’s crops make them feel confident that even when food prices soar or food shortages occur, they and their families will be able to enjoy good-tasting, nutritious and inexpensive food.

For others, independence comes in the form of privacy. They’ve taken a number of important steps to keep their identities safe from thieves, their Internet browsing free from observation and their email accounts safe from hacking. They’ve also done their best to maintain privacy in their consumer, medical and financial affairs. They feel confident that they are unlikely to become victims of many of the privacy intrusions that have plagued those who are less careful.

To some, self-reliance takes the form of gun ownership. These people follow the local laws regarding their weapons and gain the necessary training. They learn how to load, use and clean their guns; and they store them properly and safely, out of the reach of children and hidden from potential intruders. They choose appropriate places to keep their guns out of sight yet easily accessible in case they ever need them in a hurry.

Of course, some people generate their own electricity and grow their own food and secure their family’s privacy and own guns to protect themselves and their families. They’re probably the most self-reliant people of all.

Think for just a moment how much self-reliant people contribute to our society. They take pressure off the overtaxed and unreliable electrical grid. They free up more food for people who can’t or don’t wish to grow their own. They reduce identity theft. They protect law-abiding citizens from lawbreakers. If the Founding Fathers were alive today, they would be handing out medals to self-reliant people because that’s the spirit that made this country great.

But what’s happening instead? Self-reliant people are scorned and held up to ridicule. They’re portrayed as dangerous wackos. They’re mistrusted. They’re watched closely by various government agencies. Why? What possible reason could anyone have to persecute people who consistently pull themselves up by their bootstraps and take care of their own needs and the needs of their families instead of sponging off society?

There’s only one explanation for why law-abiding citizens who contribute so much to society are the subjects of harassment. And that reason is control. Some people just aren’t happy unless they can control those who want nothing more than to live in peace. Unfortunately, those obsessed with controlling others often wind up in positions of authority, where they frequently choose to make life miserable for others, just because they can. They can’t stand it when they see people who are happily making it on their own.

Consider this. When people are dependent on the electrical grid, they can be controlled by an on/off switch. When people don’t grow their own food, they can be controlled by those who produce and sell food to them. When people don’t protect their privacy, they can be controlled by those who spy on them. And when people don’t own guns, they can be controlled by those who do, including criminals.

Self-reliant people, on the other hand, are much more difficult to control. They don’t need or ask for government handouts. They don’t flock to Federal Emergency Management Agency centers when their power goes out. They don’t need food stamps when food prices soar. They don’t back down from defending their families and property, meekly handing over their guns to criminals and those who wish to rob them of their 2nd Amendment rights.

There are a growing number of patriots in North America who understand that we are headed in the wrong direction as a country. We sigh in disgust as our society teaches people to rely on everyone but themselves. We cringe when we see how ill-prepared most people are to handle even the slightest of emergencies. We shake our heads in disbelief as we hear politicians claim that stricter gun control laws will save lives when we know that the exact opposite is true.

American patriots realize that the time is eventually going to come when only those who have learned to be self-reliant will survive. But that’s assuming we’re able to maintain our independence in the face of a society and a government that is increasingly hostile toward us. If you’re not self-reliant, start working on getting there. If you’re halfway there, get all the way there. If you’re all the way there, help others get there.

Here’s my advice. Get off the electrical grid as much as possible by generating your own power. Grow your own food if you can, and stockpile food and water for emergencies. Do whatever you can to maintain your privacy. And figure out a way to protect what is yours from those that want to take it from you. That’s self-reliance, and that’s what will carry us through when times are tough.

–Frank Bates

Personal Liberty

Frank Bates

is a contributing writer to Patriot Headquarters, a new website featuring 100s of articles on how to be more self-reliant. Frank is also the founder of Food4Patriots, a supplier of emergency food suitable for long-term storage, survival and emergency preparedness.

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  • http://takeamericaforward.com Peter Asher

    There is also a second factor at work:

    Those who are self reliant are the same people whose productivity the dependent class needs in order to be provided for. When we remove ourselves from the system that has us producing according to our abilities and them receiving according to their needs, they are faced with the threat of having to provide for themselves.

    • JOhnR

      Strange game… it seems the only way to win… is not to play. I built my own house… with only my own 2 hands… going from building site to building site and gathering the parts from dumpsters. It took me 5 years to build a $150,000 house. I installed Solar panels, I got generators and battery’s. I lived off grid for 4 years. Bank Fraud (they committed it not me!) put me in an unemployable position for over 10 years.. I did all of the above while un-employed and taking every $10 an hour job I could get. In the end, a Bank stole it all (Bank Fraud again), and the legal system helped them do it. So I say again “Strange game… it seems the only way to win… is not to play.”

      • Iris D. Lynch

        And that is where my book takes us, The Miracle of Self Power. You talk about physical self power, and that is indeed important, but if you do not understand the rest of self power and how to NOT get embroiled in the power structure set up by outside forces, you can get caught in a web of deceit and power games. Learn the games so you don’t get fooled into playing, because, in the end THEY will always win.

        • JOhnR

          Which also says… You’re a part of the problem! How else could you possibly know the true inner workings of such a secretive select few unless you are also a member of that select few? I live with as little money as I possibly can… I’ve lived many months, and pretty fairly too I might add, on less than $100 a month. No scams, no thievery, no lies…. just faith, honesty and a good attitude… and I’ve been doing this for years now… so… sure, I’ll read your book. I’ve been a voracious reader since I finished the Encyclopedia Britannica at age 12. But I don’t buy things without at least knowing what I’m buying and “test driving” it first. So send me a free copy and I’ll read it.

          • Iris D. Lynch

            I NEVER SAID i KNOW THE TRUE INNER WORKINGS OF A SELECT FEW. And money has nothing to do with what is in my book. You can read parts of it on Amazon.com You can also read articles I have written on my website http://www.themiracleofselfpower.com OR NOT!

          • o4heavenssake

            The negative click was for your last line. Go to the library, go on line. Your last line puts you in the “gimme” class.

      • dan

        sorry for the rough road ,friend. Been on the homestead route myself for near 30 years and lost my house to fire….try to look at it as a learning experience and start dreaming of all the ways you’ll improve things this next time. Trust me, things will go much faster and easier now that you’ve had some practice :)

      • Vis Fac

        Sounds exactly like what I have done. I have minimal cash in banks no credit cards. I have done all my preparations prior to doing so drew attention. I grow my own food have livestock and a constant water supply. Being an electrical engineer helped greatly in producing an off grid electrical system. Components don’t last forever and need reserves (inverters charging systems and batteries). You might want to look into aquaponics for self replicating food sources. and have plenty of defensive equipment. I don’t play games!!

    • Bill

      Good analogy, Peter

    • FreedomFighter

      Here’s my advice. Get off the electrical grid as much as possible by generating your own power. Grow your own food if you can, and stockpile food and water for emergencies. Do whatever you can to maintain your privacy. And figure out a way to protect what is yours from those that want to take it from you. That’s self-reliance, and that’s what will carry us through when times are tough.

      Excellent adice
      Laus DeoSemper FI

  • Timothy Sullivan

    One thing I would like to add here as an adjunct to self-reliance: we Americans have inculcated ourselves into a “throw away” society. When it breaks, just get a new one. If an item cannot be fixed,then cannibalize it for any useful parts. I can’t count how many times I have been able to use a simple screw,bolt,nut,washer,etc. that I have removed from a no longer serviceable item and employed it elsewhere. There may very well come a time when we are no longer able to run to Wal-mart or our local hardware store or any other store for that matter. Then what? Think about it!

    • Dead_Right

      Way ahead of you there. Been doing this all my life. But I also have become very un-portable with a vast amount of old items’ components neatly sorted into plastic drawers and 33-gallon tubs.

    • http://takeamericaforward.com Peter Asher

      Good point:

      Spare parts for all sorts of things could be a very good currency.

      It could take along time for a rebuilding to bring that kind of production on line.

      Might be good to read those Sci-Fi’s that take place on planets without metal and everything is made of wood

  • Robbie

    “No man is an island.”

    • dan

      …but an island is a welcome sight in a sea of troubles.

      • Dead_Right

        We the self reliant also need to understand “interdependency” to help each other to survive or push back. One realization about independent self reliance, is that it has tendencies toward isolation. Keep and nurture a good group of friends and family so as to help each other ride out hard times.

  • Chuck

    The government hates and don’t trust people who are self reliant because it can’t be taxed. This is their biggest form of control. The taxes we fought against in 1776 was a joke considering the taxes we face today.

    • Dead_Right

      Not quite right. Self empowered and self employed PAY through taxation, for everyone else. They tax us on the front end of every entrepreneurial thing we start.

  • Quester55

    Much of what was said here is true, Yet NOT ALL of us are in the same Group, when it comes to those that depend on Government handouts.
    Yet over the years, I’ve taught Many how to Build more than just shelters, How to defend themselves & make their own weapons, Tools for building, gardening, defense, & Cooking on Homemade ovens.
    Yet these things are from a Man that Can not Walk. I myself don’t care if I Live or Die, My Soul is Ready, Is yours?
    All of this talk about Survival, From What?, Natural Disasters are one thing, But War is Quite Another! & If the Enemy is our own Government, Knowing what we know today, It would become a Loosing battle. any Attacks we make, could be compared to A ROBIN trying to stop a TANK!

    • wandamurline

      Our forefathers fought a war with a large trained army and they won….I believe that most of the soldiers would be on our side, so we might have a better chance than you think. It is coming to that if things don’t change….how did we allow 546 people to destroy our country and our freedoms?

      • Robbie

        The country has NOT been destroyed and you have NOT lost your freedoms. WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???

        • Dead_Right

          Those to insecure in themselves and like others to do things for them have no clue as to freedoms lost.

        • Vis Fac

          Think again Robbie: You are not allowed freedom to express yourself in a public forum without scrutiny you cannot pray at a public function 1st Amendment usurpation.

          Any and all gun control laws are an infringement on OUR 2nd Amendment rights.

          Your local police department can commandeer your house or vehicle for “tactical” advantage usurping the 3rd Amendment

          You are constantly being monitored you are subject to random searches by DHS, TSA, and local police all without a warrant 4th Amendment usurped.

          Usurpation of the 5th Amendment is made clear by the Zimmerman trial with warrant of exclusion of an incitement by a grand jury Public lynching demanded a trial despite no evidence being presented.

          Bypassing the 9th and 10th Amendments by executive order.

          I guess this is why they no longer teach government in public schools. SO they can pull the wool over your eyes.

          It is reported that ODUMBO taught Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago, who knows best on how to bypass the Constitution than a slick law professor? Think about it.

        • Quester55

          Robbie, As I’ve explained to many others of your Kind, pull your head out of it’s confines & See the world for what it is & not for what OBAMA says it is!
          Rome Wasn’t built in a day, Nor was it Defeated in a day as well.

          As such, America is a Big Country, Any laws passed may take time to be fully implemented, But in the end they will close the doors & We’ll all Know First Hand, How the Russians Liked their Freedom to go Nowhere Fast!

          • Robbie

            What I find here is that most of the participants seem to be dramatically paranoid and fearful and imagine the sky falling. Of course certain changes/laws are not loved by every last person but so far America has done well and – in my opinion – is a lot better than it was in, say, the 1950’s. You mentioned Rome in your posting and it might be instructive to remember that Rome was a powerful state for at least 400 years. So America has a ways to go hopefully especially when you realize (as you do) that the biggest rival (the Soviet Union) is now a thing of the past!

      • Vis Fac

        We let them by our apathy and sloth.

      • Quester55

        Easy Answer, WE LET THEM!
        Wanda Murline, Do to our own Assumption that All Americans had since, We Allowed Many Communist into offices in Government & instead of tossing their sorry butts in the Gray-Bar hotel, We Encouraged them to stay.
        Many Known SPY or Terrorist after WW2 became well versed in our Constitution & Bill of Rights & We Allowed them to use OUR own Laws Against Us.
        Groups like the KKK, White Supremest, Black Panthers, American Communist Society & The American NAZI Foundation, To name some, Couldn’t be Kicked out due to our Freedoms of Speech,

        So you see, Our Rights, Are like a 2 Sided Sword in that it Cuts, Both ways.

    • Vis Fac

      David slew Goliath didn’t he? There are plenty of former military personnel that can mount an effective deterrent to many offensive acts, as well as several active military who would not participate in military actions against US Citizens. I think we need to worry more about total economic collapse and the ensuing anarchy. That is the reason for being self reliant.

      • Quester55

        This is true Forced Recon, Yet those that Choose to obey Obama will be the ones that Get the ” Food, Medical Aid, Ammo & Heavy Artillery & Supply’s While we will have to fight a Gorilla war with them. Yes, We could win a few battles, But in the End, Obama or those Socialist that survive him, Will end up winning the War by Shear Numbers!
        In the end, With a whole country to rebuild 7 the Mass Graves, will we Still want to LIVE HERE?
        U.S.N. Retired.

        • Vis Fac

          I would have a hard time believing our military would take up arms against the American people Being in the military yourself I think deep down you do as well. However if ODUMBO enlists aid of the UN that would be a horse of a different color (blue helmets) which in any case I feel they aren’t a real fighting force but merely window dressing. Possibly the DHS (ODUMBO’s Army) might pose a threat but then again would you risk YOUR life for a narcissistic buffoon?

    • Earl Thomas Gurganus

      sounds a lot similar to the time that our founders, a ragtag group of ‘almost-soldiers’ defeated the largest, best trained military in the world.

      Tell me that a robin can’t win.

      • Quester55

        Our Founders Won their Battles & in the End, The War!
        Our Forefathers had many things in their favor, When The War of Independence came about.
        Perhaps the most telling of those things Was,” The Back-Bone, The Strength & knowhow Or Will to Survive.

        Not to mention the Ability to Kill their fellow man if Need Arises.
        We had Excellent Hunters in the Military, They were so good BACK HOME that No Deer was safe in the woods, Yet, when it came time ti Shoot a HUMAN, These Brave Animal Hunters, found it nearly impossible To Pull the trigger & Yes, Many Died!
        Not so in the Wild Wilderness days. As for being an Ill Trained Army, I’d agree,

        Yet, How Many of your Friends & Neighbors are Willing to shoot a Man or Woman, In a National Conflict??
        I hope you find out soon, Because Obama & his Traitorous Goon’s are Getting ready to attack.

  • dan

    My philosophy has always been ; if a someone has been able to do something before…then I should be able to figure out a way to do it again….
    then I keep trying until I get it right or at least functional . I’ll perfect things when I’ve got extra time on my hands … and if they lock me up my body, at least I’ll have nice memories. Control is an illusion.

    • Quester55

      Sorry DAN, Your Wrong, ” Control Is Very Real,” ” It’s FREEDOM,” That is the ILLUSION!

      • dan

        lol….Freedom is a state of mind and is real enough
        in a sense
        those who worship the god of force…are deceived
        you speak of the physical and I refer to the meta-physical

  • hungry4food

    Dear Barack Obama , what are you doing about the Rise of the Yuan and
    its threat to the US Dollars status as Worlds Trade Currency ??? This
    is an oath you took to defend the US Currency’s Value and that has to
    be done with a Supply expansion that stabilizes demand driven Inflation
    on human Life’s Needed Supply !!! You are Not accomplishing this and
    the proof in this report shows that Faith in the Fiat Currency you are
    Custodian of is failing under your Watch !!!! You must take Action now
    or Resign from Office before the Crisis reaches the point of Defection
    by world Economies !!! Tell your Environmentalist Marxist Supporters
    they do not control your Oath to defend the US Currency’s Solvency NOW

    Report on the Asian consumption of World Gold sales


    • Quester55

      Hungry4food, Your words are at a Level that Obama could never hear or care about.
      As for his ” taking an Oath to Protect Anything, Forget it. First the Man would have to have a sense of Honor, yet he has NONE!
      He Swore an Oath to Defend this Country, Yet all he has defended thus far is His Muslim Brotherhoods & the Countries they Control.

      He’s Done his level best to Destroy The American Citizen’s Faith in the American Constitution & The Bill Of Rights, Removing Our FREEDOMS & Rights, in favor of his MUSLIM FAITH!
      So when you try to say He’s Sworn an Oath, on a Christian Bible, Obama laughs in your face & calls you a fool!
      OBAMA HAS NO, NONE, NADA, HONOR. So Don’t Expect him to Keep his Word about ANYTHING!!.

      • hungry4food

        I think Obamas Grand bargain proposal is reasonable if it is
        based on checks and balances that create relief in issues that need more
        transparency in agency operations . Faith in the buy and hold economic
        structure is waning because of the level of trust that is not adequate to
        maintain the will to hold investment positions yet . Capital markets need
        to know that the Bureaucracy is Not wildly running fast and loose with
        regulatory capability that could cause interruptions to the various
        institutions that make up long term private sector investments in public and
        private sector industry .

        This is why the direct Infrastructure investment that
        the president wants to make needs to be a Partnership between public and
        private sector institutions so that some form of Transparency can be maintained
        as Oversight to the implementation and how these funds are utilized . If this
        does not take place then corruption will have the potential to evolve with the
        Bureaucracy covering up for and enabling select corporations for the
        infrastructure investments that could take the same paths as say a Solendra did.

        At any rate the idea that what is being proposed by the
        president can be a altering factor in what is being described in this article
        and I think working with the President on this to create stabilization on this
        will also help with Foreign Relations .

        Get ready for deflation


        And this is more reason why a Sharing of Oversight in the Administrations policies between parties would be a better way to check and balance the activities of the bureaucracy rather than waiting until fraud and corruption and just stupid policies like this happen ,

  • laura merrone

    The dollar continues to sink against the Euro here in Germany so that’s distressful thanks to our terrible economic policies. I was just reading about China and it’s gov’t’s total control over its people or attempt at. Its really scary and I hope that never happens in the USA or Europe. But the way things are going, it may be more and more oppressive in the future to be a US citizen. I’m glad there are still some folks out there that are physically prepared to resist total gov’t control. I’m not there at all but at least I am spiritually prepared as much as I can be. I do also want to start a veggie garden in the spring…

  • FreedomFighter

    NASA: The End Of Mankind “Leaked Document” 2013http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eN4XICOyRb8&feature=youtu.be
    Laus DeoSemper FI

    • KG

      Debora Tavares is Alex Jones in drag. That ‘official looking document’ is nothing more than science fiction. All it contains are what NASA scientists “dream” about. There is not a shred of legitimacy in Mrs. Tavares alarmist comments. She believes that the fictional book “The Iron Mountain report is a legitimate government document even though the author sued over copyright infringement.


      • FreedomFighter

        “There is not a shred of legitimacy in Mrs. Tavares alarmist comments. ”
        You say she is quoting a legitimate NASA document — then say she is confused, an alarmist, only reading a NASA dream list, and then comes the character attack.
        KG, I am not impressed with a standard smear job like the above – put the playbook down and use your brain – if you can.

        With unlimited funds and the best scientific brains on the planet working on it, some dreams become real, many are already real
        BTW Alex Jones has a hit rate for being correct that is thru the roof, if she is like Alex, we best pay attention.
        Laus DeoSemper FI