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What I Did On My Debate Monday

October 23, 2012 by  

What I Did On My Debate Monday

As I write this, the hours tick inexorably toward the final Presidential debate of the 2012 electoral season. Millions, if not hundreds of millions, of  people the world over will sit in rapt attention as Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama tear into each other for our ballots like crackheads fighting over the wallet they just grabbed from the mugging victim. Candidates will bloviate; the moderator, CBS News anchor Bob Schieffer, will try to steer the forum to port while pretending to appear impartial; pundits will mock the participants; “fact-checkers” will eviscerate the candidates’ remarks in an effort to promote the agenda they swear they’re not promoting; and MSNBC hosts will suffer various degrees of mental breakdown — again.

Since the debate is supposed to focus on foreign affairs, Obama will point to our exit from Iraq combat operations as an accomplishment worthy of re-election. Romney will respond that Iraq is still a hellhole and has been reformulated with even more Islamofascist terrorism. Obama will claim to have delivered the promise of Nobel-worthy peace to the world. Romney will retort that the promise of peace carries about the same worth as all of Obama’s other promises and his Nobel Prize combined and that the situation in the Mideast is every bit the powder keg it was 40 years ago. Obama will then suggest that Romney lacks the experience to step into the Presidency. And Romney will say something like: “If I do the opposite of what you’ve done over the past four years, that’s probably a good start.”

Obama will note that “I” got Osama bin Laden. Romney will note that SEAL Team 6 “got” bin Laden and then Obama took credit for it — even forcing active duty personnel to sit for interviews with Hollywood vultures for some movie that will probably enrage Muslims. Obama will state that, under his watch, terrorism is on the run globally. Romney will state that terrorism may be on the run, but under Obama’s watch, it’s running at a dead sprint. Romney will express his revulsion at Obama’s mishandling of Benghazi, Libya; Obama will tell either the fifth or sixth version (I’ve lost count) of that sad story.

Obama will point to Romney’s finances in the Caymans and business interests in China. Romney will point to Obama’s finances in the Caymans and business interests in China. Obama will blame Romney for “outsourcing jobs to China.” Romney will blame Obama for forcing businesses to outsource jobs in order to stay in business despite union thugs, regulatory storm troopers and Obamacare costs.

On immigration, Romney will promise to enact stringent enforcement of illegal alien laws and increase border security. Obama will say he’s already done that. Romney will ask how Operation Fast and Furious fits into that claim. Obama will ask if “that’s the one with both Vin Diesel and ‘The Rock.’”

They’ll hem; they’ll haw; they’ll push and pull, accuse and counter-accuse, flex and bow, and try desperately to paint the other as grossly unqualified to lead America, much less the world, into the future. Their respective supporters will crow over their candidates’ victorious performance as their detractors shriek of lies and failings. It ought to be some spectacle.

Someone tell me how it turns out. I’m tired of these debate dog and pony shows and have the same respect for them that I reserve for “The Real Housewives of the Jerry Springer Shore” or whatever. I’m going to be watching the Bears-Lions Monday night football game. It’s not that I’m a big fan of either team; it’s just that I can always tell the two teams apart.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Meli

    You didn’t miss much. They were supposed to talk about foreign policy, but they talked about everything else.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Yep That’s because both their foreign policy stances STINK

      War on Terror is an utter failure like the war on drugs…..fake wars

      We need to close all those bases overseas, bring our troops home and rebuild America

      • DaveH

        Wise woman.

      • Jayson

        In agreement, Rhonda. Btw, Ron Paul had the same sensible-foreign-policy in mind, the same foriegn-policy for which he was marginalized, and made irrelevant by the media. But that only confirmed/confirms that Ron Paul was on the right-track, and Gary Johnson, unfortunately, will suffers the same ill-treatment. The up-side to this, i suppose, is that the media, unknowingly, confirms a candidates’ authenticity to do what is proper and good for this country, by their refusal to make any mention of them!

      • http://na Mike in NE

        I’ll take Rhonda for President, except her views are too Constitutional. How simple are the solutions? Much to simple for the American voter. The voters are convoluted with stupidty and denial, arrogance, all thanks to propaganda and ignorance of such.

  • Warrior

    I learned “everything” is just glorious on all the foreign fronts and we’ve made more friends then ever before. This new economy is “built to last”. We’re no longer fighting wars with bows and arrows. Pretty much, this is now become “utopia”. Don’t believe me? Just turn on the LSM. Everybody sing along…..Happy days are here again!

  • Gary L

    I didn’t bother watching. At this point in the game there is nothing that they could say they would make a difference in my vote.

  • Johnny

    Romney just showed what an amateur he is when it comes to foreign policy and that that part of a Romney administration will probably be run by the same hawks that ran the Bush administration….really, not surprisingly, he didnt disagree with Obama on much of anything because MItt isnt one to have his OWN positions. He is one who will do and say anything to get into the Whitehouse and like Steve Schmidt said, they did some calculations and figured there would be more heat in going against Obama than reversing their positions on just about everything. The only way to show what a flip flopper he is is to to show it by voting at the polls. Unfortunately, most people who are undecided at this late point probably havent been paying much attention until right now.

    • Tony Newbill

      President Obama’s sign of Foreign Policy inexperience .

      The Real Reason Behind Benghazigate? President Obama why can’t you tell us the truth , is it because you misjudged who it was you are trying to build an alliance with in the Middle East ???

      • PoliTecs

        No, it’s because Obama has outsourced his job to everyone and anyone in his administration that’s willing and ready to do it.

        So while Romney get accused of outsourcing job, like that’s somehow universally bad, Obama has been partying and golfing and outsourcing his job to the incompetent like Hillary Clinton.

    • Warrior

      Hey little johnny, I thought one of the top highlights of the evening was when the “community organizer” spilled the beans on the fact that we now have boats that airplanes land on and boats that actually go under the water! Yep, this guy is genuinely the “real deal” and I do think he needs your support.

      • Johnny

        yeah that is in response to your man whining about us having like 20 fewer “BOATS” than we had, like it is going to matter….I think Romney needs it explained to him in baby steps since this moron wants to add on an additional 2 trillion dollars in military spending when we are winding down the wars and really cant afford it when we need to spend money here at home….maybe they should spend more money on military pay and benefits than on equipment…..

      • Rob Zombie

        Romney “The Navy says it needs 328 ships” Obama “we have fewer horses or bayonets too, Oh, and we have boats that go underwater”

    • eddie47d

      Obama was referring to Romney on that one Warrior and how clueless Romney was on several fronts. That would be on foreign affairs and what the military really needs. That must have escaped you!

      • JeffH

        Oh eddie, why don’t you enlighten the rest of us and tell us just what fronts Romney is clueless about? Be specific…no talking points, generalities or rhetoric…just real facts!

        ROFLMAO…can’t wait to see what oddities you’ll respond with…again.

        Ta da!

      • e

        Its nice to see that Romney is in agreement with many of Obama’s Middle East policies. All of a sudden! Go back a month and he wasn’t on Syria,Iran,Libya or even Israel. Its been said by Romney and several folks on the right that Obama is weak on Israel. When all along he was communicating with them and they have his full support if attacked. More egg on the face for the right wing trollops. Obama has also been in contact with all the Middle East countries and that is what a leader is supposed to do. Romney seems to have changed in this last debate to calm the fears he is a warmonger but there is still time for him to change back again.

      • eddie47d

        Clicked too fast (e)

      • JeffH

        Again, be specific…no talking points, generalities or rhetoric…just real facts!

        • tony newbill

          Obama is dictating his Foreign Policy image Covering up the truth about his Failed attempt to Untie the Middle east through the Muslim Brotherhood and it be a Ally of the USA , Ha Ha Ha what a Load of Crap !!!!! This is the reason why Obama has Gotten away with a failing foreign Policy that Now has erupted into a Full blown destabilization of the Middle east and is a complete failure as everything that the USA the Blood and treasure of the last 10 years plus all the development and foreign aid will be Lost . This is what happens when the truth is Suppressed for ideological purposes and when Humanity gets a little trickle down totalitarianism with the Truth ?
          Blurred Line Between Espionage and Truth

      • tony newbill

        If Bush would have tried this they would have put him i n Guantanamo without trial indefinitely Obama’s War on Journalism

        • politecs


          And for those of you, especially you Libertarians-pay attention here!, if you think there is no difference between the two parties… HERE IS YOUR EXAMPLE!

          • tony newbill

            If we do not vote this dictatorship evolution out NOW and Interrupt this Power building up it will be the last vote of a Legitimate kind , it will look a lot like how Chavez and Putin were recently voted into office . WAKE UP because what Obama stands for is not in your best Interest , LOOK at what His CZARS stand for , Global DEPOPULATION is on their Minds , and that starts with first establishing the mechanization ( OBAMACARE ) in the Free World , Don’t be FOOLED , Don’t think you will get a Free Ride for Voting this fraud back into power !!!!

      • tony newbill

        Obama is causing the trust and verify system to break down because he and his minions are so Ideologically dangerous that we the people have to vote them out oh the USA will go down !!!!! Stand Up and SPEAK OUT !!!! Obama targets journalists

    • S.C.Murf

      johnny time for you to make that POPPING sound.

      up the hill

    • Tony Newbill

      Obama said to Romney Last Night he did not know how to Execute Foreign Policy , you call this the right strategy ? I call this a Execution of US Liberty !!!!!!!

      You want to talk about a very serious issue regarding the way Women want to feel secure in knowing they have a President looking out for their Communities , families , children’s best most security Concerns then this has to be the thing that needs to be stopped NOW with the elections of a President that will not BOW DOWN like this !!!! I bet Romney won’t do this if he’s President , It’s a disgrace against all those who have been defending the USA !!!!! How can you consider this being a defense of USA Women Men and children , we the people did not start this , tell us why we deserve this kind of Leadership thats just a salt being rubbed in the wound of a nations people that just want to be left alone ?

    • momo

      Johnny says: “Romney just showed what an amateur he is when it comes to foreign policy and that that part of a Romney administration will probably be run by the same hawks that ran the Bush administration….really, not surprisingly, he didnt disagree with Obama on much of anything because MItt isnt one to have his OWN positions. He is one who will do and say anything to get into the Whitehouse and like Steve Schmidt said, they did some calculations and figured there would be more heat in going against Obama than reversing their positions on just about everything. The only way to show what a flip flopper he is is to to show it by voting at the polls

      And Obama is a pro at foreign policy? Yeah, right, that’s why we have four dead Americans in Libya. As for Romney being a flip flopper, is that like calling Obama “evolved”?

  • politecs

    And so what the hell is your point besides the fact you are one of those tuned out morons from pooi shore… or what ever!

  • Nancy in Nebraska

    As far as I’m concerned, there’s no difference between the two!

    • James Andrews

      Expcept that BOTH of those parties are now DANGEROUS foer our Constitution and our Bill of Rights!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      I will be expecting that Romney gets rid of the Czars and their offices that were spawned by O, not just a shuffle of personnel and name changes. That there will be unmanning of Dems/Progs/Leftists that have taken over the alphabet agencies. The agencies themselves will not be shut down because there is nothing so permanent as temporary government agencies.

    • Shelia

      well don’t vote then, problem solved.

    • Shelia

      well then don’t vote Nancy, geez

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Shelia, go read a book!!! Learn something!!! You’re a gnat!!!

  • TIME


    Could anyone tell who was who? I mean really ~~~ Lets see, ~~ I agree with you, ~~ No I agree with you, ~~ oh lets just kiss and say I Love your ideas ~~ and I too woukld do the same things ~~ to these mindless sheep who support our LUSH ~ life style’s….

    Lets not fight in front of the mindless zombies, ~~ it may make them so uneasy~~~~ Ok Barry lets keep it PC we sure don’t want the sheep to start thinking again..
    Hey ~ Mittie would you like to come back to the WH with me for dinner?

    Oh Barry ~~ that would be such fun, lets talk about how we can get this WW III going and then arrest all the ~ stupid mindless ~ Americans ~ who just will not don’t do as we say,
    Wow ~ Barry, can I watch your guys beat the living day lights out of a few of these pesky Americans?
    Why sure you can Mittie, ~~ we can have a seat up in the upper level, ~ hey no one knows about these special seats ~ no one ~ even knows your watching them.
    Oh its such fun, Mittie you just will love it!

    Hey Barry, ~ can I have a Base ball cap too? Why ~~ Sure you can Mittie, and I will give you one for your wife!

    Now thats what I call Forign Polic Barryy, ~~ Mittie our FP is really quite simple ~~ we ~~ just kill anyone who’s not us! Ha ha ha ha ~~ now thats really funny Barry!

    Then we can rob their nation blind, ~~ tell the stupid American people we saved them from yet one more nasty nation who “HATES us for being US!” Hell ~~ It works every time ~~ They never get it! My Good Bud GWB, started it in 2001 and it still works even today!

    Its good to so special, ~~ hey Mittie did you know that I am a direct decendant of Amun Ra? Why ~ Barry ~ No ~ I didn’t know that.

    Hey Barry, ~~ if I get to sit in the WH next year would it be ok if I used all your policys?
    Why ~~ Mittie ~~ that would do me proud, ~~ thanks for asking, ~~ yes and if you get us in to WW III by Febuary 2013 ~ I will have the Rothschilds send you a special gift of a Trillion Dollars!

    Next week’s show will be when Barry ask Mittie for a little kiss again, but this time Barry has a BIG Suprise for him.

    Be sure to tune in for more of who’s your RULER next week ~~ same time ~~ same bat brain channel!
    Oh Ha ~ Ha ~ Ha thats all the same single Channel and the stupid Americans still have yet to figure that out yet! ~ Now WOW Barry ~ talk about stupid idiots.

    But Mittie ~ I am so glad we have all of them as if we didn’t ~~ we sure would be in a world of trouble! Soon Barry, very soon we can just send them all to camps for a holiday where they will loose their heads. ~~ Oh, Darn ~~ Mittie ~you say the cutest things!

    Peace and Love, .

    To Vote for the Lesser of { TWO EVILS} ~~ is still voting for the “same EVIL!”

    • Warrior

      Yea but, I saw obammie give more “stearn” stares. There’s your winner!

      • Nadzieja Batki

        The debate favored Romney. O didn’t say a thing that was worth the debate. O also behaved like the proverabial whipped and defeated dog.

    • TIME


      Look there is no winner, “” WE all LOOSE”” no matter what one of these FREAKS of nature wins, ~~ the KEY is ~~~ YOU ~ LOOSE.
      How on earth can anyone think otherwise?

      EVIL is EVIL, YOU as an AMERICAN LOOSE, its that bloody simple. Look the Whole World is watching, they are waiting for YOU to wake up, there is no place else to run for them ~~ and for sure not for YOU.

      May ~~ The Beautiful Christ open your minds, OPEN your Souls to allow the Holy Sprit in, ~~ to awaken you to the deception’s you ‘re being fed on mass by this machine of political madness.

      A ~ Lie is a lie ~ no matter who speaks it, ~~ there is no truth in anything but the words of The Christ, ~~ all else is worthless rhetoric based in its roots of PURE EVIL.
      Please open your minds and hearts to The Christ and his message, that he left you, so you can better understand the massive Deceptions that you face.

      Peace and Love be with you.

      • politecs

        Seriously!? If you couldn’t tell the difference then you have you head up your Libertarian bunghole!

      • TIME

        Dear POL POT,

        Saddly your illness is not uncommon among small minded freaks of nature ~ whos box is so tight that it hurts just to think.

        Thank God for people like you ~ as your illustration of the lacking gray matter you have is worth ten thousand words in print by anyone who’s eyes are truly open to the EVILS at hand.

        *** >In plain words you would commit evil due to your lacking any form of moral substance thus you are no better than any other CRIMINAL ~ who would commit “MASS MURDER.”

        May YAH, Bless even you.

      • r.p.

        Keep it up TIME. I don’t always agree with you but I do this TIME. But mostly I like how you say it. Ye ole pirate, ye shivver me timbers!!!!!

  • Dwight Mann

    These candidates are both inept. . .
    Ron Paul is the only paulitician that ever made any sense. . .

    • Rhonda Reichel

      no difference between Rombama

      Ron Paul should have been the nominee—that would have been a REAL debate

      Screw the GOP….I’m tired of their progressive twit candidates

      • Eddie G.

        I agree but Romney’s what we have and he’s a better alternative to what we’ve been stuck with for four years thanks to American stupidity. Otherwise, Ron Paul or Newt Gingrich were the better standouts that the stupid GOP establishment put down. I almost think it was Herman Cain’s own party that sabotaged him via Gloria Allred. The GOP establishment is as crooked as are the Dummycrats. It’d be best for the stupids who put Obama in to stay home and just let us “real savvy” voters do the voting to clean house in D.C. Every incumbent bum gets thrown out.

      • Vicki

        Eddie G. Though I like your idea of voting EVERY incumbent out, I fail to see how replacing them with a new set of bums will improve our situation. Voting for evil is still voting for evil.

      • r.p.

        Wrong Eddie G. Romney is what you have if that’s whom you accept. And He’s not a better alternative. You need to expand your education and your vision. Accepting “evil” is not an alternative, but a disease.

      • Carl Manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis

        Eddie G,

        Your senses are keen about the GOP RINO Establishment. Let me enlighten you a little further: The GOP Establishment has been co-opted by former Democrats just as the GOP co-opted the TEA Parties early on to neutralize them politically. It’s that simple. That’s why ALL of the GOP are Socialists, too, supporting Big Government insanity.

        If the American Sheeple could just understand this, they could break this monopoly of socialist insanity and bring new political parties to the forefront instead of taking for granted and surrendering their vote to the District of Criminals, giving further credence to their policies of socialist insanity and insanely immoral wars based on the 9/11/01 false-flag lie perpetrated by the US government and many other governments.

    • George Rebman

      1st, learn to spell, 2nd, Ron Paul isn’t a candidate and 3rd, pay attention.

      • DaveH

        The Spelling Police have arrived.
        Pay attention, George. He didn’t say that Ron Paul was a candidate.

      • TIME

        Oh Dear George,

        WOW ~ I see your priorities are well in order.

        I mean OMG, really misspelled words offend you, ~~ WOWIE ~ and you were able to be so perservative in just a few words, ~ well ~ really ~ NOT!

        Its little people like you in your “tight little box” who really are the root of the very problem’s we all face.
        small people ~ with small minds who are at ~ best Parrots, with little to nothing else to offer human kind ~ that is other than your passive aggressive mindless sheep like rhetoric.

        Good on Ya ~ Bubba Sheep. Hey ~ BTW ~ Thanks for the very clear display of whats wrong with this nation. I could have written a thousand words ~ yet you did it in all of 20.

        Peace and Love

    • r.p.

      Your right Dwight!! Ron Paul is a Paulitician, not a politician. I didn’t see any misspelling!

    • Shelia

      forget about Ron Paul, he is not winning nothing.

      • politecs

        And the only candidate that will NEVER GET ELECTED. [comment has been edited]

  • Jayson

    Same old [comment edited]-talking-points from both [comment edited]. The debate, if you want to call it that, was a joke. What i saw was two pathetic-wanna-be’s applying for the same job!!!

    • Rhonda Reichel

      I think Ben has the right idea….stop watching…not just the debates but all the policial commentary shows

      Vote 3rd party if you want to show your disgust or don’t vote at all. The more we prop up these losers that are picked for us we are assured of never getting a good candidate.

      • http://speedle speedle

        Help me Rhonda once again. “vote third party” and be irrelevant. Blah blah blah.

      • Vicki

        Actually voting third party is VERY relevant. If the 2 common parties get substantially less votes than they are used to then the looser will start looking seriously at what they can do to attract that “missing” vote.

        If you don’t vote at all they won’t care about you cause they won’t know how to get your vote. If you vote 3rd party they can see what those people want and they can craft their campaigns (lies) to attract those votes.

        And when enough of you stop falling for the lessor of 2 evils you will find that the third party will be the Democrats or Republicans (or both). It has happened before and can happen again. (Clue. The Republican party is the new kid on the party block.)

        • politecs

          Your an idiot!

      • JeffH

        politecs, much like shelia you’re obviously a person that comments with deep thought and a substantial amount of substance…at least based on the posts you’ve made that I’ve read.

      • TIME

        Dear Pol Pot,

        Saddly if you think you have a clue about Politics let alone whats going on in the world today ~~ let alone in the past, ~ [comment has been edited]

        But I digress, ~ as you really do express a very clear example of the very “ROOT” of the problem this nation ~ let alone the whole world face today.

        Mindless Idiots who think they know something of value, ~ when in fact your total net worth of knoledge is the vast sum of ~ “NOTHING.”

        [comment has been edited]

        • http://Yahoo Merriel

          If you vote for a 3rd party or don’t vote at all is a vote for another 4 years of obumba! Romney/Ryan in 2012

      • http://speedle speedle

        Vicki, you don’t seem to understand. This is THE national election, not a town hall meeting. One of the two major parties will win and we will be governed by that party for at least the next four years. Hellooooooooo. The time for getting attention as a 3rd party (or flexing muscles for attention) is before the party platforms are adopted. If Obama wins your third party opinions won’t be worth a cup of coffee out of a vending machine.

  • Gordon in Texas

    You didn’t miss a damn thing Ben. Every time each of the contestants had a chance, they diverted back to domestic issues and regurgitated the same leftovers I heard during the last two “debates.” I’m sure this is the result of both being inexperienced in foreign affairs and the real world, in general. Lucky for Romney, he only lacks experience. Obama lacks experience AND has shown that, not only can he screw up the US economy; he can also further alienate the entire world: East and West. Not sure about you, but I wouldn’t get into a bar fight knowing that my backup was actually “watching” my six instead of protecting it. I’m sure that’s the way the rest of the world feels about the US right now.

    All in all, I thought the moderator did a fairly good job. No gloves were required but it was clear that the Crazy Glue that held both contestants to their seats was very uncomfortable at times. Both contestants put on a weak performance but it was clear that Romney ruffled Obama’s feathers again. The smile was on Obama’s face but his neck (swallowing a cotton ball) and jaw (clenched teeth) told the real story as to how he felt: tense…very tense. The only fatality of the night was the Fib-O-Meter: spun around so many times that the needle flew across the room and hit a member of the ACLU, which will provide the next script for Judge Judy. A few jabs by both, a few interruptions—mostly by Obama—and it was over. Smiles for everyone and a huge hug fest after the show. During the social, I could have sworn I heard one of Romney’s grandkids ask Obama if he could see his magic ring.

    Both contestants looked relieved after their last debate and both left the stage wondering what the hell just happened. Guess they’ll wake up this morning and realize that, yes, they’re still in Kansas, the wicked witch (Ahmadinejad) is still alive, and Osama bin Laden is still dead. I’m just glad that Big Bird didn’t get pulled into the fracas this time around.

  • 45caliber

    I sat and read a nice book last night. It was far more entertaining and was also far more educational – even if it was fiction.

    • jopa

      45 cal.You did watch the debate then if you found that your candidate lost and that made your book more entertaining.LOL

      • PoliTecs

        So you think a debate between the men running to take charge of the most powerful nation in the free world is entertaining? One man that is trying to take your freedom away is entertaining!?

        You are THE REASON we have Obama as president!!!
        You are more dangerous than Obama himself!!!

        You are an IDIOT and THIS is why our founders did NOT WANT JUST ANYONE TO VOTE!!!

  • Netterella

    I’ve never heard Romney say he wants to add to the Military spending. What he has said is that he’s not going to cut Military spending. And as for the boats that he “whined” about needing…he said that the Navy had asked for them. (In response to Obama saying that the military hasn’t asked for anything more) “Funny” that Obama would refute that and say that things have changed and Romney needs to learn about the military because using horses and bayonets is outdated. Guess the joke is on Obama and HE needs to learn about the military himself. It just so happens that bayonets AND horses are still used in the military. Just maybe he ought to take a look at “his” troops!

    I was disappointed that Romney didn’t approach Obama about the cover-up in Benghazi but I’m sure that was probably because Obama would have come back with more lies. That’s all he knows how to do. First it takes more than 2 weeks to admit it’s a terrorist attack, and then he still talks about an internet video being the cause. Finally Hilary comes out and says she takes responsibility but Obama can’t have her make him look bad so the next day the President takes responsibility that it’s his fault!?! But yet he still refuses to do anything about it. No press conference. No nothing. Just say…I take responsibility and the buck stops here. And I guess he thinks if the “buck stops here” then so does the story? The truth will come out. Oh he knows it. But he doesn’t want it to come out until AFTER the elections (just like everything else he’s got on the table to come out AFTER THE elections)

    To you who thought it was terrible that the debate would keep coming back to the economy…what do you think foreign policies are based on? It all comes down to the economy.

    But…I thought the highlight of the debates was when we heard the moderator say Obama sin Laden!!

    • Meli

      Well, at least the Prez did take responsibility. I certainly don’t remember Dubya taking responsibility for the 9/11 attacks.

      • http://Yahoo Merriel

        Meli! Which 9/11 are you talking about? Neither 9/11 can be blamed on President Bush.

  • Jake Green

    Didn’t watch,I’ve seen this movie before. It always ends the same way, Obama lies to cover lies, he’ll talk about making everyone middle class he’ll speak in commie code about creating jobs etc, but the reality of his actions are and will always be the destruction of the Untited States of America. His policies were intentionally designed to destroy our economy and make Americans wards of the state. If he were to resume power, America is over.

    • Paul Wells

      I watched all three debates. It never ceases to amaze me at the lies that roll off Obama’s tongue, and the way he sounds almost conservative in the debates, but his policies are completely opposite of what he says in the debates! The simple fact is, that idiots that vote for Obama are taken in by this, and actually believe he is a lot more conservative than he is. Folks, don’t pay attention to what he says, pay attention to what he DOES. There is a huge chasm between his speechs and how he positions himself as candidate Obama, and President Obama. HUGE!

  • Smitty

    QUESTION: Does anyone know what Obama said to Romney in the very beginning during the handshake ? Just curious, because it did not appear that Romney said anything in return. My thoughts are that Obama said something to rattle Romney. No guesses, please. I prefer the truth.

    • JeffH

      Guess you’ll have to wait for the little bird to spill the beans on that conversation.

    • politecs

      I know you want the truth but lets conjecture…
      We can do so based on Obama’s petty little man-child performance.

      Obama made a classic Blazing Saddles quote: “UP YOUR’S NI****!”
      And he did it before Romney said it… HAHAHA

      OK, where are the racists now that I have shot the word everyone will hear around the Net.

      • Shelia

        you are just plain stupid, nobody cares

      • politecs

        @ Shelia

        Post a stupid comment or question… EXPECT TO GET A STUPID REPLY OR COMMENT!!!

        That goes for this DUMB ASS STORY!

    • S.C.Murf

      If you want the truth do not listen to politicians.

      up the hill

    • Shelia

      what did it matter

  • Liberterian

    If someone hasn’t made up their mind by now why bother watching the debates. I think that Gary Johnson and Ron Paul should have been allowed to participate to get real contrast and new ideas.

  • Liberterian

    I didn’t watch the debates, I think you should have already made up your mind by now. I do believe that Gary Johnson and Ron Paul should have been allowed to participate so we could get some new ideas.

  • JeffH

    I had more important things to watch than this debate…

    The SF Giants won 3 straight and hammered St. Louis 9-0 to win the National League pennant and advance to the World Series…that and Paul Sr. & Jr. are getting along just fine on American Chopper.

    • JoeF.

      Weren’t there reruns of Oprah? Oh, sorry she funded Obama. How about old reruns of Master Chef?

      If the president was an honest, constitutional minded president I would have referred him respectfully with ‘Mr. President, or President Obama’, But, somehow I just couldn’t.

    • momo

      You forgot Monday night football.
      Bears-13 Lions-7

    • jopa

      In other words you watched the debate but you don’t want to talk about it.Obama wins !!!

      • Shelia


      • Jayson

        What exactly did he win, jopa; a lying contest? Not sure about that; i think it was too close to call. I think it was a tie!

      • JeffH

        But…but…but Jay, you don’t rely on TML and the Enquirer for your daily news source either.

    • Jayson

      I was switching back and forth, JeffH, between the “Walking Dead” and the “Debate”. At one point, i could scarcely differentiate between the two. Spooky…

      • JeffH

        Ditto that!

      • JeffH

        Jay, I hadn’t thought of this until I recieved an email mentioning it…but I don’t think any of the “candidates” have mentioned “global warming/climate change” throughout the debates. I can only guess that O’man has bigger problems he’s faed with.

      • Jayson

        Global warming? Global-warming is a done deal, JeffH. The taxes levied from said scam are many, and to the majority of Americans, the swindle, imperceptible! However, you would think that obama would have at the very least, mentioned it, touched upon it, if even briefly. Hmm…interesting…But why fuss over the health of the planet when there are much bigger fish to fry, a great deal more money to be made? Hence, all the jaw-boning about Iran. The military-industrial-complex, and the private-banking-cartels are smitten and drooling over the prospect of the up-coming pay-day that the war with Iran will yield! We’re talking BIG BUCKS, and a mighty sacrifice that should put a great big smile on Luci’s face!

  • Joe forjan

    Between the lying, accusations and the counter accusations by these 2 ‘intelligent’ men, I’m in awe how many millions of people are entranced with greed, corruption and the need for power. The presidential debates are supposed to be for candidates for the presidency of the United States. So why are there only 2 in the debates when there are 6.

    I for one would like to hear from the other candidates to see if maybe, just maybe there is an intelligent person out there who can run America. The presidency has become nothing more than a season box seat that has been bought and paid for and doesn’t care whos ass is in the seat.

    Also, aren’t there more presidential candidates? Why weren’t they allowed to express their plans and solutions, Or are we so infatuated with the Democratic and Rebulican parties that anyone else is a non-issue? This 2 party system has been nothing but a joke. They have big business and financial institutional agendas and the people be damned.

    Thank you for allowing me my morning rant, and now for some overly priced coffee.

  • Justin57

    Both candidates share the same masters except one appears to prefer the Muslim Brotherhood as his partner in transforming the US.

  • Jayson

    Voltaire said in 1729: “All paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value – ZERO.”

    WE were warned – almost 3 centuries ago. Bernanke announced QE3 on September 13, 2012 – the next step in the process of pushing the dollar down toward its intrinsic value.

    Not only is the Fed making a commitment to purchase $40 Billion per month of MBS (mortgage backed securities) from large banks with “newly printed money,” it is also making an open ended commitment – there is no end date.

    Ultimately this is highly inflationary for the American public and very beneficial for the banks holding what is often referred to as “toxic waste” (MBS) that can be dumped onto the Fed at full face value. Hopefully the bailouts to the banks will allow them to loan that newly created money into the economy so it benefits real people and “Main Street.”

    Regardless, we have been warned about the consequences of printing money and the resulting consumer price inflation.

    QE3 looks like a desperate act to feed money to large banks, offload MBS toxic waste from their balance sheets, and devalue the dollar against houses, commodities, and other currencies. There will be significant collateral damage but apparently funneling money to the banks is more important.

    It was inevitable that such action created an abundance of commentary. I have quoted a number of respected economists and critical thinkers on the subject of QE3. All links are listed at the end of this article.

    Peter Schiff is a best-selling author and famous for calling the housing bubble when almost everyone thought he was an extremist and utterly wrong. History has proven he was correct then, and I believe he is correct now. He stated:

    “In the meantime, the implications for American investors should be clear. The Fed will try to conjure a recovery on the backs of currency debasement. It will not stop or alter from this course. If the economy fails to respond to the drugs, Bernanke will simply up the dosage. In fact, he is so convinced we will remain dependent on quantitative easing that he explicitly said he won’t turn off the spigots even if things noticeably improve. In other words, the dollar is screwed.” (Operation Screw)

    Daniel Amerman wrote regarding Bernanke, QE3, and the effort to devalue the dollar:

    “This building crisis of a strengthening dollar and rising unemployment called for emergency action, and that is exactly what Bernanke is doing. He is effectively calling in a B-52 strike on the US dollar, monetizing for the world to see, and pledging to monetize for as long as it takes – until the US dollar is driven down to a level where American workers can once again be globally competitive.” (Unraveling Why A Fed President Just
    Suggested Doubling QE3)

    The rest:

  • Jeremy Leochner

    One thing that gets me is Mr. Romney speaks often of his business record and his ability to balance a budget. And then he has his proposals for balancing the budget which seem so Fiscally Irresponsible. This was best exemplified last night when he was asked about cuts he would make to government spending. The first and only thing he mentioned was that he would get rid of Obama Care. Now this is interesting for two reasons. The first being it was the only cut he mentioned, he said we could see the others on his website. The second is that in the past Mr. Romney has mentioned how there are parts of Obama Care that he likes and would keep. So that suggests that he wants to amend Obama Care, not get rid of it. So in effect he nullifies the only spending cut he mentioned. Then he talked about Defense spending and that far from cutting defense spending he wants to increase it. So it appears that under Romney’s plan rather then decrease, spending will either stay the same or increase. Then finally Mr. Romney has repeatedly talked about lowering tax rates across the board by 20 percent. Now personally I am certain that that will lower revenues, though both Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan say that it is “revenue neutral”. I take that to mean revenues will stay the same. So worst case scenario revenues will decrease, best case scenario revenues will stay the same. So Mr. Romney’s proposed budget is either going to lead to decreased revenue and increased spending or the same revenue and increased spending. Now I am no economist or business owner. However my basic understanding is if a budget is to be balanced the amount coming in needs to be greater then the amount going out. In business terms the revenue needs to be higher then the costs. I do not see how such a thing is possible if, considering our costs are already higher then our revenues, revenues stay the same while costs go up. And it always perplexes me that a business man of Mr. Romney’s experience and caliber would propose such a budget plan. Further that when he is seeking the highest office and has a chance to present in detail his budget proposals that he would not present the details. And all the while he is criticizing President Obama for having such a failed and unworkable budget plan. In my opinion at least President Obama is proposing to raise revenues and attempt to lower costs. And he at least he offers specifics for his plan such as letting the Bush Tax Cuts expire as well as possible cuts to defense spending.

    • Shelia

      Amen you said it all, I agree 4 more for 44

      • politecs

        Key word in all your garbage is “SEEMS”. Romney seeeeems like he doesn’t know while Obama proved he doesn’t. So your going to double down on stupid? Its like dumb and dummer telling the bus where to find two guy to oil up hot chicks! LOL

      • http://na Mike in NE

        Shelia, A waste of true facts is a terrible thing to waste. i really have no idea of the bubble you are living in. But why are you here?

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Thats the problem Politecs. Mr. Romney is a business man. He is supposed to be about facts and figures. I am a potential voter. I want certainty about the proposals and policies of the person I am going to vote for. The specifics Mr. Romney has offered are contradictory. He claims he wants to keep revenues as they are and yet says he wants to cut tax rates across the board by 20 percent. He says he wants to lower tax rates on those making high incomes and yet says he will close deductions so that they continue to pay the same. And he decries our debt and deficit yet makes no specific proposals to cut spending. And he has talked often about wanting to keep things like Medicare and Social Security and Defense and Welfare as they are and continue to fund them. And in regards to defense spending he actually wants to increase spending. His statements make no mathematical sense and they are contradictory. I did use the word seems too much so I will stick to facts. Mr. Romney has offered no specific proposals to cut spending beyond PBS and Obama Care. And on Obama Care his positions have been contradictory and murky. He has repeated his desire to lower tax rates across the board by 20 percent yet when asked neither he nor his running mate offer explanations on how the math will work. And this is after Mr. Romney is touted as a business man who can balance budgets and after Mr. Ryan is touted as a policy wonk and a numbers guy. These men have made huge promises but offer nothing in the way of substance. So I as a voter am left in a world of seems and possibilities. There is no ambiguity about our deficit. We need to raise revenue and decrease cost. Mr Romneys plan does not address either of those issues.President Obama has proposed policies to raise revenue and decrease spending. So I am left with a President who offers specific policies I mostly agree with and a business man who offers only vague proposals I only partially agree with. I want to have the Presidential election be some thing I have to think about. And when I enter that voting booth I want to have to make a decision about which candidate I believe offers the better plan.But with respect to Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan as a voter I feel they are making this an easy choice to make. And the choice I feel very inclined to make is to vote for President Obama.

      • politecs

        “I want certainty about the proposals and policies of the person I am going to vote for.”
        A: You have already seen what Obama has done… he doesn’t run on his own record for a reason. Just as you gave Obama a chance, why not Romney? Are you really that better off?

        “The specifics Mr. Romney has offered are contradictory. He claims he wants to keep revenues as they are and yet says he wants to cut tax rates across the board by 20 percent.”
        A: Your statement assumes that tax cuts come from government – they do not. Government ONLY confiscate money. They do not have a means to distribute or give money without 1st taking it from someone… period. What Romney means is by “keeping revenues as they are” is, he is not going to INCREASE revenue TO the government (i.e.. increase taxes) to the federal government – AKA: take more from the producer to give to the government.
        The 20% reduction will come from cuts in government-government waste and THAT IS EASY TO DO; agencies like EPA, Education, etc., wasted spending to governments that use the money against us, regulations that defeat the purpose of “promoting the common good” like money to Big Bird (i.e. PBS) since they generate most of their revenue from donations from PEOPLE LIKE ME. And “promoting the common good” found in our founding documents MEANS – government should have LESS regulation so that the free market can produce and prosper not create regulations to slowdown, take over or stop production. HUGE DIFFERENCE. Government at the local and state level has the responsibility to protect the innocent citizen – NOT the federal government from things like pollution.

        “He says he wants to lower tax rates on those making high incomes and yet says he will close deductions so that they continue to pay the same.”
        A: False. He has said in all three debates, in his 5 point plan and in the news he will not change the tax code to the top 5%. They stay where they are… period.

        “And he has talked often about wanting to keep things like Medicare and Social Security and Defense and Welfare as they are and continue to fund them.”
        A: Correct. For “CURRENT” retirees nothing changes and a Paul Ryan’s plan gradually changes the system to a private free market system so you and I can retire some day. These social programs are not even calculated in the 16 trillion – they are “OFF BUDGET” which is government manipulation their budget and our currency. Welfare, again, is a state issue and Romney’s block grants with reductions in those grants go directly to the states for their own purposes. Far more efficient and saving money.

        “And in regards to defense spending he actually wants to increase spending.”
        A: Do yourself a favor and go look up the actual costs for defence. One of our most important government expenses from taxes and its one of the smallest pieces of the pie. So small now we cannot fight a world war effectively and our enemies know it.

        “I did use the word seems too much so I will stick to facts.”
        A: So far, and take no offence, you are 0 for 5.

        “Mr. Romney has offered no specific proposals to cut spending beyond PBS and Obama Care. ”
        A: Do you know what ObamaCare is already costing us? Another homework assignment for you. Here is a starter; Obama raided Medicare 715 BILLION to pay for SOME – just SOME of the initial implementations of ObamaCare and its not fully implemented until 2016. Do you want to see something more SCARY?! See my post on about the Technical nightmare of ObamaCare.

        While I can go thru and refute or correct the rest of your post, you admitted you are undecided and based on how much I have already said you may never come around in time for the election. There just isn’t enough time left before the election so hopefully you question me and go do some research OTHER than via mainstream media.

        If you want to continue this then contact me via my Blog and I would be more than happy to go into further detail. But one issue at a time. :-)

    • TML

      Jeremy Leochner

      I agree with most of what you’re saying. Generally Romney has conflicting economic and foreign policies. While he is very clear about interventionist and imperialist foreign policy which would absolutely increased defense spending, he is vague about domestic issues. For a reason, I’m sure. He isn’t called the flip-flop for nothing, and that creates distrust from the voter. One the flip side of the coin (pun intended), Obama creates the same mistrust through conflicting policies based on his record. The most damning of which is; we heard this talk from Obama last time, and he went back on all kinds of promises in regards to defense spending, practically the day following his inauguration. He boasts of ending the occupation of Iraq, and ‘plans’ to end Afghanistan, while he expanded the wars and interventions to a host of other countries, including Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, and wants to repeat the mistake by inferring in Syria. In terms of cutting cost and reducing spending; Obama surely won’t end Obamacare, and other other social programs that would actual increase spending, while his revenue policies surround playing Robin Hood.

      I’d at least check out this debate before going with a perceived ‘lesser of two evils’… why settle?

      • tony newbill

        While you call Romney and the USA a Imperialist Nation, what the heck do you call the tactics that the Muslim Brotherhood who is being installed as the Leadership in the Middle East with the help of our President Obama , what do you call their way of doing things ,

      • politecs

        @ tony newbill

        For that matter… what the hell are they doing being allowed into this White House over 20 times!?

      • TML

        tony newbill

        The Muslim Brotherhood is more like a theocratic socialist political party or ‘movement’ with aspirations to unify Middle East states into a theocratic republic or Caliphate. To continue my point from earlier, Obama has directly helped the MB though supporting revolutions in Egypt and Libya, and wants to do the same in Syria. Romney clearly expresses that he supports the same action, and would continue those policies.

        • tony newbill

          Obama does not support the enabling of the Radicals like the Brotherhood they want to do away with Israel Romney is not in that camp , Obama lies about his support for Isreal ,

      • TML

        “Totalitarianism Administration”

        Been that way for a long time, not just with the sitting President. And it’s pissing a lot of people off, both foreign and domestic.

      • TML

        Tony says, “Obama does not support the enabling of the Radicals like the Brotherhood they want to do away with Israel Romney is not in that camp , Obama lies about his support for Isreal ,”

        Obama doesn’t support the enabling of Radicals? My point was that both Romney and Obama, inadvertently or not, support such radicals through supporting revolution against countries’ sovereign. Exhibit A: Libya
        Romney has clearly expressed a desire to repeat such mistakes in Syria. Who do you think the rebels in Syria are, Tony? Moderates?

        I’m not sure Obama lies about his support for Israel as he clearly said in a recent U.N. speech that he would seek a diplomatic solution with Iran despite warmongering “background noise” from Israel.
        Romney expresses he would unconditionally support Israel, probably as an appeal to religious conservatives, which is no better than the religious radicals on the other side of the globe.

        • tony newbill

          If all you say is true then why is Obama doing these things to cover-up his actions in the Middle East threatening and prosecuting his OWN media ??? This is the reason why Obama has Gotten away with a failing foreign Policy that Now has erupted into a Full blown destabilization of the Middle east and is a complete failure as everything that the USA the Blood and treasure of the last 10 years plus all the development and foreign aid will be Lost . This is what happens when the truth is Suppressed for ideological purposes and when Humanity gets a little trickle down totalitarianism with the Truth ?
          Blurred Line Between Espionage and Truth

    • Netterella

      @Jeremy – Romney cannot lay out his exact plan of what he will cut until he gets his Congress in place and they work on it together (unlike Obama, who just wants to have an executive order for everything and do it all himself.) You can hardly dispute Romney on balancing a budget. His record speaks for itself. And what does Obama’s record speak on everything tell us loud and clear??? Obama has not even got a budget. It’s been nearly 4 years since this country has even set a budget…all Obama wants to do is spend, spend, spend. And if you’re going to talk Medicare, Social Security, etc…Obama is all over Romney for wanting to change how Medicare is working? You’re dang right Romney wants to make some changes…Medicare and Social Security need reformed. Without changes, it will run dry…especially with the President stealing from it to help pay for Obamacare! And having a stimulus that steals from Social Security and then doesn’t work anyway, is not helping Social Security at all!!

      Politecs is right…I suggest in the next couple of weeks, you do some “cramming” and learn as much as you possibly can. Study the FACTS!! I suggest also you go see “2016: Obama’s America” and read the book “The Amateur” They are both very enlightening of what Obama’s plan really is…and he’s right on track of taking our nation down.

      • politecs

        The fact that we have to spell out the obvious to these clowns tells you just what we are up against. But then again, Obama was blatantly obvious a wrong choice in O’eight so this goes without saying doesn’t it. Still had to say it-maybe a light-bulb will go off. Anything is possible…

      • tony newbill

        This economic Plan of Obama’s does nothing to address the areas where Inflation is telling us we need Jobs and supply expansion , but instead allows Ideological Bureaucracies to DICTATE how and where the Money for investments is to be spent and create JOBS … what you have then is a Politically driven supply-side system that will run YOU OUT OF SUPPLY because LOOK at how the Environmentalists are DICTATING SUPPLY_SIDE ECONOMIC ANTI_GROWTH POLICY ????

  • jopa

    This was one of the greatest debates of the three.Just watching Romney sweating, twitching around , muttering and stuttering because he doesn’t know much about the world and to be put upon a stage like this he was scared poop poop less.Obama realized beforehand Romney was totally ignorant of foreign affairs and played his cards to the max and all the prep Romney had done in the last few weeks was in vain.Obama is the real deal and appeared to be one of the greatest Commander in Chiefs the United States has ever known.Historians and scholars the world over for centuries to come will always refer to last nights debate as the one to try and duplicate as a masterpiece in the political arena.Romney appeared as though he were having an anxiety attack and he was just totally lost and could not stay on topic.He sure didn’t look as though he was ready for prime time Obama’s “Horse and Bayonet” comment was priceless Romney said in the beginning of the debate he would like to see a little humor like they had a few nights earlier in NY and didn’t even pick up on it when it hit him in the back of the head.

    • tony newbill

      please pull away from the medical Marry Jane and take a breath of some real air for one minute there before the euphoria takes you over that cliff into the depths of the abyss that this smoke and mirrors albatross of a commander and thief is trying to take liberty into .

    • Shelia

      lol you are right Jopa, check mate

    • Warrior

      Moochelle, it that you?

    • Netterella

      Jopa…are you really serious? I think you’ve got your candidates mixed up!! Romney was very knowledgeable and appeared very calm and collected. It was Obama that was nervous, and twitched and didn’t know the answers to many questions. He threw out so much crap, it wasn’t even funny!! How many of his comments did you actually fact check? He was wrong on most everything that came out of his mouth!! Maybe you should dig a little deeper and do a little better research!! Romney accomplished exactly what he set out to do, and that was to look presidential, act presidential, and prove that he is ready to be the next president of the US. On the other hand, Obama did not accomplish his goal of making Romney look like an idiot…but rather made himself look like one telling all those lies that Americans KNOW are wrong!!

      • jopa

        Neterella ;Sure did do the fact checks and Obama was right on the money.Mitt with his sweating, twitching,tearing up, stuttering and stammering did not look like any American President I ever saw.Perhaps you are from a foreign country and that’s why Willard looked Presidential to you.Mitt could not even point out where Syria was on a map much less know the politics of the region.The guy is a clueless idiot that the Bush puppet masters are going to make another Dubya out of him.He has 25 foreign advisers and 17 are from the Bush regime that will bring America to it’s knees.

        • politecs

          Actually, Romney was looking at Obama with the same look (those of us with dad’s) seen when your CAUGHT LYING. An endearing; “I love you but YOUR FULL OF [expletive deleted]” look.

          And this is why Obama came off angry, petulant, petty, making jokes about [expletive deleted] that’s NOT FUNNY like our armed forced and trying to demean Romney about stuff its Obvious Obama just found out about – boats that can launch airplanes! LOL

          What an idiot.

        • tony newbill

          We cannot let you have your One Sided fact checking Debate on Obamas Lies and spins now can we Jopa ???

          Obama Spends The Final Debate Stretching The Truth And Spinning His Record

  • Ohyea55

    Anyone pickup on the fact that Obama didn’t wear his American flag pin on his lapel.

    • politecs

      Q#2: Anyone surprised? LOL

  • Jayson

    This should be our “National Anthem”!!!

  • dalene44

    Let’s not forget Obama’s extreme efforts to preserve his indefinite detention without trial for US citizens even after a judge found it unconstitutional.

  • black as coal

    why does the media make obama look like a celestial being,that he came to save the world. everywhere in world i have notice, they pander to obama, the celebrities, the media, and lots of people. dont get it. he is slick,he bs his way into the white house. he likes the power that comes with the job, he is basking in the limelight. living off the fat of the land. he loves it. he wants more. come on people, he has done zero for america except spending. america is broke. vote him out now!

  • jopa

    Most of the posts here that state they didn’t watch the debate are about as believable as the Romney campaign itself.Totally bogus.You were all watching the debate and seeing that the moderator and Obama were doing such a great job and Romney went up in smoke is just too much for you.I am sure all of you were sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for Obama to slip up and it didn’t happen.You then pulled out your crying towel and took another sip of Kool aide and cried yourself to sleep.Good Morning America time to rise and shine and face reality that we are truly blessed with the greatest Commander in Chief of all time and deserves another 4 more years.

    • http://Yahoo Merriel

      Jopa! You are nuts and have been drinking a little bit too much of Obumba’s kool-aid.

      • tony newbill

        With President Obama making a big spectacle out of Romnesia its only fair that we consider the Commander in Chiefs own issue of remembering his affairs …..
        From the Website of Arlen Williams , Gulag Bound , go here and please add your own verses ,!/arlenwilliams/posts/4790964901353?notif_t=feed_comment_reply

        If you’re up half the night due to terrorism that kills 4 of your best people and the next day go campaigning & blaming a film, you might have HUSSEINESIA !

        If U blurt out the USA has 57 states, which is the number of nations in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) U may have HUSSEINESIA !

        If you say the man who worked with you & promoted you the most in Chicago is “just a guy~ in my neighborhood,” you may have HUSSEINESIA !

        If you constantly accuse your opponent of lying, when it is you telling the nasty tale, you may have HUSSEINESIA !

        If you keep forgetting where your real Birth Certificate & Passport are, you may have HUSSEINESIA.

        If in an interview, U blurt out “my Muslim faith,” & the interviewer has to correct you, saying “my Christian faith,” U may have HUSSEINESIA

        If U travel round the world apologizing for “arrogant” America but forget to drop by Israel in your entire presidency U may have HUSSEINESIA

        • politecs


        • http://Yahoo Merriel

          If you think that there are 57 states in the USA, you definitely have Husseinesia!!

          • tony newbill

            When you say you will be the most transparent Presidency ever and you Sign the First executive order in 24 hours after taking office to seal all your records , you might have HUSSEINESIA !

          • politecs

            This is just GREAT!

          • http://Yahoo Merriel

            When you are watching a parade and both you and your wife make the comment “All of this for a God Damned flag, you might be a Husseineniac.

  • politecs

    Sorry… not ‘jopa’ (good post jopa) – 45cal! YOU’RE THE IDIOT!


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