What Governments Want


(I began publishing my monthly newsletter The Bob Livingston Letter™ (subscription required) in 1969. The following is an excerpt from the September 2004 issue in which I outlined the goals of the U.S. and U.K. governments. We see that much of this has taken place or is currently taking place.

I want to give you a list of things and thoughts that all governments today want and are skillfully maneuvering for, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom. There is no particular order or priority.

  • Make Christianity just “another religion.”
  • Mongrelize religions into a New World Order brotherhood of man and “love.”
  • Group control vs. individualism or individualism vs. “the greater good.”
  • “Same sex marriages,” an expression of sodomy.
  • Thought and language control.
  • Feminization of males.
  • Wide promotion of the contradictory term Judeo-Christian.
  • Absolute medical control.
  • Book burning to erase truths from the public mind/mind control.
  • Multiculturalism.
  • British Israelism — Zionism under a Christian front.
  • Use of patriotism as a front for increasing control of the American people.
  • Organized religion a tool of the system.
  • No-win wars/control all sides.
  • Public education to control the public mind.
  • Military industrial complex is part of the fascist state.
  • Destruction of the family unit — transfer children to the state de facto.
  • Euthanasia to limit aging population except for the elite.
  • Destroy Social Security gradually.
  • Keep the public from preserving their savings with propaganda against gold and silver.
  • Abortion/murder of the unborn as birth control.
  • Synthetic vitamins as chemical food.
  • Wars perpetually.
  • Paper money to enslave and steal the savings of the middle class.
  • Reduce and destroy the middle class.
  • Illegal immigration.
  • Free love.
  • Promote drugs (legal and illegal) and criminality.
  • Commercial food processors to manufacture and sell synthetic foodless foods.
  • Mass immunization and inoculations.
  • Kill inheritances.
  • Propaganda on every subject originated by the state.
  • Use of created myths and counter myths to confuse the people.
  • Dumb down the population with public education.
  • International New World Order.
  • Wide use of the word “democracy” to cover for state fascism — same as Nazi Germany.
  • Gun control for non-criminals.
  • Secret societies.
  • Medication of water and food with legalized food poison like chlorine and aspartame.
  • Destroy Christian morality and the Ten Commandments so the people don’t know right from wrong.
  • Confiscate real property with taxes.
  • Control agriculture by creating agrifarms using hybrid seeds.
  • Use herbicides, pesticides, etc. to kill the land and cause estrogen dominance (cancer).
  • Democrat/Republican — uniparty.
  • Create obsession with sports and Hollywood frivolity.
  • Mass litigation to funnel wealth to a privileged society that holds titles of nobility, namely lawyers.
  • Control all local and State police with secret societies.
  • Promote obesity and diabetes through soft drinks made from high fructose corn syrup… placing vending machines in public schools and businesses.
  • Destruction of respect for human life and silent promotion of pedophilia.

My friends, this long list tells you what governments and their politicians want. Most is already accomplished. Just look around and you see it.

Personal Liberty

Bob Livingston

founder of Personal Liberty Digest™, is an ultra-conservative American author and editor of The Bob Livingston Letter™, in circulation since 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Jimi Gerni

    Everyone is afraid to leave a message.

    • Charlie

      Perfect Love cast out fear ,,, “We” gave you The Message of Perfect Love , see above, ,,, so ,,, what’s your “fearful” comment???

  • dan

    Government wants to take the place of God….
    and too many are happy to let it

  • US Army (retired)

    “Unlike cruel liberty that requires you to stand and take responsibility for your choices, kind tyranny requires only that you kneel and surrender your choices.”

  • real talk 1

    You say all the things you see that is destroying this nation yet know one does anything about it , I hear we as citizens have to fear our own government on local as well as federal levels so why are we as a nation just sitting by waiting for it to happen? If the liberals are so desperate to see everyone on the same level it won’t happen ever that’s not the way the world turns it will always be the haves and the have not. The people that are working on the federal level are doing a lot better than those that pay their salary and some of those people won’t have to pay for their health care. Just food for thought if I have to worry about the welfare of my family I Would suppose those that belong to those agencies that would do us harm maybe would protect theirs while they are out destroying someone else must live in a concentration camp or all life in this country would be fair game.

    • John

      We are working to take back our country. There are quite a few organizations doing very good work. It is a very high mountain to climb, but it is showing good signs at the moment that the work is paying off. We have at least 4 true patriots in congress at this point. We did not have that ten years ago. Not even 5 years ago. The liberals are running scared at this point, because they see the cracks in their dam. they do not have enough thumbs to stop the leaks that are growing by the day. The mass media reports what the white house and the communist want reported with the aim to keep brainwashing the general public.

  • Charle

    Your long list is typical of any CEG , corrupt evil government , anti-Christ controlled people ,,, The Bible says the soon to be “government” will be under The Command of King Jesus Christ , and actually is now , but most cannot see the harmonization of the unseen and seen ………… Meanwhile… Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

    • disqus_y7JxJmIScS

      The Lord God Almighty says
      REPENT Americans
      Turn from all of your sinful ways and
      Return to God
      Seek to do His will and to serve Him only.

      Amen and amen …

      • Charlie

        Heathen ,,, nitwit ,,, you did not show any Scriptures to verify you know what you think you know… Commie KG can do better than that………………………………….

        • disqus_y7JxJmIScS

          My, my … for a guest you are not behaving very well.

          Start with Isaiah 9:10.

          • Charlie

            disqus ,,, I call them as I see them ,,, but ,, IF? you want a apology for My comment ,,, be more than happy to apologize ,,, AFTER ,,,. We confirm PER The Bible , that you are a “”Christian”” Per The Bible… OK? how did you become a Christian ? give Scripture ….

          • disqus_y7JxJmIScS

            My conversion came by the Roman road. You do know what that is …

          • Charlie

            Who wrote the book of Romans ? and give particular Scripture ?

          • Charlie

            disqusy7,,, Notice , at Acts 9:3, 4 , Paul was “”converted”” by King Jesus Christ ,,, BUT,,, conversion alone IS NOT “”Salvation””,,, Notice at Acts9: 17, 18 , Paul was healed and filled with The Holy Spirit by Baptism… Paul later confirmed salvation by Baptism at Galatians 3:27….
            You did not know this ,,,that’s why We gave you a little “shock treatment” with our first comment , because you are not a “Christian” Per The Book …………………….
            Conversion = repentance + baptism = Salvation … There is no such thing as “believe only salvation” ,,, “Routinely” speaking … Yeah,,, the guy on The Cross was Not routine, that was a direct “Commission” … Peter outranks Paul ,,, that’s why I give Acts 2:38 as Salvation , it’s more simple and gives complete “Salvation” all in One verse,,, it’s the only “”Single”” verse in The New Testament that does that… OF course Baptism must be understood, it’s not just a social event… Baptism harmonizes with the Entire Bible………………… Meanwhile… Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

  • Don in Ohio

    If the Republican party doesn’t embrace the TEA party and other conservatives we are doomed. While a few TEA party people have managed to get elected, it’s going to take a lot more to get the job done.

    What baffles me is; I see lots of comments like “throw all of them (politicians) out” but jerks like Obama, Reid, Polousi, etc keep lying their way back in.

    If you really want to throw them all out, then don’t vote for any incumbent!

  • Bill

    They used to just want your money. They now want your dumbed down brain also

  • disqus_gjl3EwoNV

    Sounds like the dumocRATS wants to wipe out everything.

  • RJ

    the liberals have destroyed the family, kids can sue parents, divorce parents, scream child abiuss if they dont get their way, the govt steals our money by way of income tax and if you dont want to pay it they call you unamerican but stop and think about it that is american ( boston tea party ring a bell), our president said he would change america and rebuild a better one in order to rebuild you have to tear the old one down (doing a great job at that) and doesnt it say to be president that you have to renounce citizenship to other countries hasnt done that yet one more thing if obomacare is so great why doesnt he have it. you lead by example!

  • Nbro

    Thank you Bob for providing that thorough list. It’s the best one that I have seen. Every word is the truth and I wish more people would wake up and smell the “Takeover of Power”. The only Common Denominator that I have seen with all of the Far-Left Liberals, is Using Demeaning, Degrading, Deceitful, Racist Lies, when referring to the True Patriots of the United States of America. Condemning us for standing-up for Our Unalienable Rights! Some people are so Brain-Washed, they can’t or won’t face the Truth that is Slapping them and us in the face, Everyday! This Corrupt Administration has Spit on everything that is Sacred in Our Beloved Country! They are pushing hard for the Total Demoralization of our Ethics, Stripping us of our Self-Respect, Distorting and Destroying of Our Christian Beliefs, Condemning Innocent Citizens for trying to Stand up for our Rights (that are Repeatedly Stomped On!), and Total Disregard for the Preservation of American Lives! It feels good to see the list that accurately describes what their Agenda entails. Now if the American People would just WAKE-UP, We would have a good chance of getting Our House and Our Country Back! God Bless America.