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What Drives the Elected Class? Money!

February 15, 2010 by  

What Drives the Elected Class? Money!

The elected class no longer cares about you.

If there was ever any doubt about that reality it should have ended after the massacre in Massachusetts, where Republican Scott Brown defeated Democrat Martha Coakley for the United States Senate seat long held by the man known for both his driving and drinking prowess, Ted Kennedy.

One would think that election was the end of Obamacare. But on the heels of Brown’s win—in a campaign in which he ran specifically against the Obamacare healthcare bill—some Democrats continued to promise passage of a healthcare reform bill. And President Barack Obama signaled he wasn’t ready to drop it.

Democrats have threatened to use reconciliation to pass a healthcare bill—a process that would subvert the traditions of Congress but allow them to pass it without a Senate supermajority—despite the fact that 53.8 percent of the population opposes it.

So the message that Brown’s win in Massachusetts sent to Democrats wasn’t received. There has to be a reason, and there is. Just follow the money; because that’s the only thing the elected class cares about. Well, money and power; but with money comes the power.

In 2009, 13,741 registered lobbyists spent $3.47 billion lobbying members of Congress and federal agencies. That’s an increase of $1.7 million over the year before. In fact, lobbying dollars have more than doubled since 2000 when $1.55 billion was spent by 12,449 registered lobbyists.

In the House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has been a major beneficiary of that largess, as have other Democrats and Republicans in leadership positions. But even back-benchers do well.

Still one wonders why Pelosi has been so strident in her efforts to push through a bill that is so unpopular, and is probably unconstitutional as well. A look at her major contributors sheds a little light on what drives her.

Health professionals have contributed $141,200 to her campaign coffers over the last year. Lawyers contributed $61,650, securities and investment firms $54,900, building trade unions $54,500 and miscellaneous financial institutions another $50,800 during the same period.

A legal firm representing healthcare and real estate interests was the largest single contributor over that time, buying her services for $20,250. The American Dental Association, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the American Nurses Association and the American Postal Workers each gave $10,000.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) received more money from electric utilities ($124,000) than from health professionals ($117,460). But he also took in large sums from lawyers and law firms ($121,457), lobbyists ($95,993) and hospitals and nursing homes ($89,000). Top individual contributors were Verizon Communications at $26,800; Kindred Healthcare at $22,500; Norfolk Southern at $18,000; Comcast Corp. at $14,000; and the lobbying firm of Patton Boggs LLP at $13,400.

Majority Whip James E. Clyburn (D-S.C.) was bought and paid for by health professionals with a $84,952 contribution. Pharmaceuticals and health products was his third-largest contributor at $70,819, right behind electric utilities at $74,000. Lawyers gave him $67,450 and securities and investment firms gave him $53,342 for his services.

Top individual contributors were RLJ Companies, a holding company representing a number of businesses ($17,000) and videography company Crawford Group ($14,800). Verizon, General Electric and Emergent Bio Solutions gave Clyburn in excess of $10,000 each.

It’s more lucrative to be a Senator. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) raked in more than $1.7 million from lawyers and law firms. In fact, health professionals gave him a piddling $479,825, making one wonder why he is willing to sacrifice his seat at the alter of healthcare reform (he trails in his re-election bid 47-39 according to the latest polls).

Of course, securities and investment firms and gambling interests are keeping him flush with cash. Combined they’ve given him more than $1.27 million as an industry. Top individual contributors are MGM Mirage at $153,400, the law firm of Weitz & Luxenberg $88,800, Harrah’s Entertainment $81,600, the law firm Girardi & Keese $76,400 and Stations Casinos $71,200.

Majority whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) is really well-liked by the lawyers. They gave him more than $2 million last year. Securities and investment firms, real estate interests, the pro-Israel lobby and other lobbyists combined to give him more than $1.8 million. Four of his top five individual contributors were law firms which gave him more than $249,000, with United Airlines pitching in $46,175.

For Conference Secretary Patty Murray (D-Wash.), health professionals were her fourth largest contributor, giving her $214,150. Lawyers and law firms provided her with $440,146 and lobbyists another $383,619, followed by retiree groups at $283,530 and various political action committees (PAC) $202,800.

ActBlue, a Democrat internet PAC, was her largest single contributor, giving her $128,224. Boeing Co., Amgen Inc., Weyerhaeuser Co. and Microsoft combined to give her another $170,000.

Republicans are no better. House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) raked in $92,270 from insurance companies, $80,550 from electric utilities, $67,200 from securities and investment companies, $63,450 from big pharma and $59,507 from retiree organizations. His top individual contributors were American Financial Group $38,400, American Electric Power $19,450 and Walt Disney Co. $12,000, New York Life Insurance and the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons gave him $10,000 each.

Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) took in $150,250 from securities and investment firms, $145,497 from real estate interests, $131,950 from insurance companies, $89,425 from retiree organizations and $88,700 from law firms. Top individual contributors are the holding company McAndrews & Forbes $18,700; financial services company Interface Group $14,400; tobacco products company Altria $13,400; the lobbying firm McGuire, Woods, et al $13,000; and Dominion Resources $12,600.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is well-liked by securities and investment firms to the tune of $1.14 million. Lawyers and law firms contributed $915,683; retiree organizations $899,055; health professionals $722,500; and real estate interests $718,380.

His top five individual contributors were Kindred Healthcare $108,200; the financial services firm UBS AG $98,450; Elliott Management $88,500; Peabody Energy $73,600; and FMR Corp. (the parent of Fidelity) $66,400.

For Minority Whip Jon Kyle (R-Ariz.), retiree groups were the major contributor at $1.065 million. They were followed by real estate interests at $794,393; lawyers and law firms at $676,874; health professionals at $649,383; and republican/conservative causes $430,667. Top individual contributors were the PAC Club for Growth $155,753; law firms Snell & Wilmer $52,650 and Squire, Sanders & Dempsey $52,250; event marketer VIAD $48,300; and Tuttle-Click Automotive Group $41,600.

Conference Chair Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) got his biggest contributions from lawyers, taking in $396,900. Real estate interests, retiree organizations, leadership PACs and securities and investment firms combined to give him another $1.23 million. Top individual contributors were the law firm Baker, Donelson et al $34,150; Hercules Holding $29,250, Regions Financial $26,800; Pilot Corp. $26,500; and the law firm Waller, Lansden et al $26,100.

In other words, Washington is controlled by corporatocracy. That’s why the legislative deals are done in secret, behind closed doors. They don’t want you to know that.

With such vast sums of money exchanging hands in Washington D.C., is it any wonder the elected class have grown arrogant and unresponsive to the needs of their constituents? They’re convinced they can spend any amount of money, steal any freedom, impose any onerous regulation or create yet another bloated bureaucracy and you will like it. If not, they have enough dough in their pockets to pay for enough glitzy television advertisements to convince you that whatever they are up to is for your own good.

But their constituents today aren’t the constituents of yesterday. The electorate is becoming more informed, and many who sat silently on the sidelines grumbling about what was going on in Washington are becoming more vocal. They are even marching on Washington to express themselves.

Still, the elected class tries to ignore the increasingly vocal constituency. But while corporatists, lobbyists, lawyers and PACs feed the campaign coffers, it’s the voters who pull the levers in the voting booths.

So here’s a warning to the elected class: Ignore us at your peril.

(Campaign finance information from More campaign finance information on these and other members of Congress are also available there.)

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Inga Hughes

    Yes, but bussed illegal aliens voting in the last election, gerrymandering the next election through the census, brainwashing in the media and public schools, getting people dependent on government intervention, calling conservatives terrorists and treating true terrorists very well, the threats against our internet freedoms by the ‘czar’ for that… – all these things are making the promise of a future election dim! We need the Lord’s help with this disaster!

    • greyhawk

      Ditto Inga—The illegals in this nation live Above The Law, pay no taxes, and are bankrupting social service systems, and groups like ACORN registers them illegally to vote by stealing identities.

      The Socialists and Subversives in our country, and especially operating out of the Obama Administration, are trying to cram down every piece of socialistic legislation than can, including making tens of millions of illegals into leagal citizens who will become another large voting blocs of people dependent on government services for their very existence. The Socialists in power now could care less about the sovereignty of this nation or about fiscal responsibility. All they care about is power. By gerrymandering, control of the census and in making Illegals Into Legal voters, the Socialists think they can seize Permanent and Abosolute Power and Control of We, The People. That is why Obama has taken over the Census and is Turning it over To ACORN to do the Census. We must stop this Abuse of Executive Power that Obama has assumed.

      • denniso

        You’re off the point…the article is telling you that essentially all elected reps are beholden to corporate or special interests. Illegal immigrants don’t donate $$ to campaigns and have almost no political clout.
        The moral of the article is that we need publicly funded elections w/ no outside $$ involved,so that the reps are not owned by corporations and will listen to the people instead. Our entire society is controlled by $$ so it’s not at all surprising that $$ taints our electoral process,but it’s corrupted the whole system.

        • Time


          You know there is an easy fix to the whole problem as the election rules were set up when there were NO Telie or radio. So it took longer to campain.

          So any campain worth its salt should be done in no more 60 days this a limit on time to do such. As well a limit that all who run have the same budget {no more than 1 million dollars.}
          And not a “single cent” can come from any originations, or buisness, unions etc..

          That way $$$$$$ have little to nothing to do with it. BUT, and this is a really BIG but, any sitting congress or senate or other elected official to include the PressOdent can at any time be removed when and of if they “LIE, Cheep or Steal” or act in any way that infringes the American people’s freedoms in any way shape or form.

          Last but not least is the complete removal of all person in the Belt Way that have been used as AIDS, or STAFF, etc. These person can do such jobs only as part time workers, with a salery of no more than $15K per year.
          No benifits at all of any kind. In plian words NO FULL TIME jobs, and no job within the noted ranks that can last any longer than 2 years.

          • DaveH

            I know you are one of the good guys, so I will try to sway your thinking here. We play right into the incumbents’ hands when we let them get away with inhibiting election information. That’s the last thing we want to do. Please read this article. It might make you think differently about things:

          • Joe H.

            just got this in an e-mail!!! Under Obummer the interest payments we pay per year will go from 188 billion in 2010 to 840 billion in 2020!!
            In the next 3 years real debt will increase to 5.496 trillion coming close to all the debt accumulated under ALL the prior presidents!
            Under Obumer the national debt will accelerate from 7.7 trillion to 18.57 trillion in ten years.
            Under Obummer, if he gets his way, the government will take over health care, energy and the student loan program!!!!

          • Joe H.

            I forgot to add this is what we can expect if we don’t stop him in 2010 and 2012!!! We must get rid of his croneys!!! Don’t give up! keep fighting, get out and campaign for the opposition, stuff envelopes, help in anyway you possibly can!!!!

          • Bruce

            Simple fix TERM LIMITS on all elected offices from fedral all the way down to local ,also like the idea of only 60 days to campaign and the limit of 1 million to do so.This way the people who were intended to run this country have a chance to do so,instead of over educated,non common sense having yuppies.If you ask what People are intended to run this country you need to go back and read some history books.

        • Legion

          La Raza has a lot of clout- illegal alien lobbys are loud and powerful- note the disturbing marches through out the nation they held a couple of years ago- did you forget? They powers that be are STILL talking about them getting amnesty. They are an extreme danger and are putting our society in peril. Our nation is diluted now- English should be our one national language- the attacks to our freedom and liberty are on many fronts.

        • Meteorlady

          I disagree – illegals are a hugh block that can sway at least the Democrats. After all – it’s people that will vote for them once they are able to vote. Look at ballot issues – if there is something to do with amnesty or the stopping of welfare, housing, health care, etc. fro illegals the Latino population shows up enforce.

    • Steve Hanken

      I’m not in favor of lots of things, but to be very honest about it, many of these things need to happen in spite of my not being in favor of them. It is often to easy to dismiss something as frivilous because it doesn’t benefit us directly, but had not some of these things been afforded, we would have suffered greatly from the outcome of not having contributed to it.
      As to illegal aliens and all that, if the rest of the world were treated as equals instead of places that need to be exploited, we would find aliens not all that interested in coming here. Given we want to screw their countries out of everything through buying off their leadership, corrupting their governments and stealing their labor and natural resources, we insure there will be ample poor people crossing the borders to keep from starving.
      As to internet freedom being stolen by the current administration, that doesn’t come from the Democrats as much as it has by the Republican administration and its lock on the FCC for the last eight years. The same with the corporatizing of Radio and TV. You may have noticed for every Television station out there when they digitalized the station got more than one location to broadcast from, and they got that for free. At the same time we tax payers footed the bill for all those rabbit ears so people could still get crappy reception. It only forced more people onto the cable system not owned by the government. Those extra bits of broadcast spectrum were the publics airwaves, not the private companines that got them for free. Digital radio will be here in about ten years or less, soon there will be no radio stations that aren’t compromised as anything more than mouth pieces for propaganda. Some of what you quote as “facts” show it isn’t neccessary to have such a complete spectrum of propaganda, they already have an adequate supply with Fox and the Cable News Network.

      • Adair

        Mexico was corrupt long before NAFTA, and we haven’t “stolen” their natural resources from them. What on earth could we have ever wanted to “steal” from Haiti that makes them want to come here? By the way, when they do get here, they generally make a good, honest living.

        The word, the reality, of OPPORTUNITY in the U. S. seems lost on you. I guess with you it’s just America Bad, Rest of the World Good.

        • cemott3rd

          NAFTA didn’t allow us to steal from Mexico but dump lots of corn and other agro fed products on to their market at a much lower price than they were able to grow it for, basically devistating the Mexican farmers financially. So they went north to the factories that NAFTA set up along the border to work until the May 2000 permenent free trade status was granted to China and most of those factories were moved to Chino! Hey where would you go? To the place that you could provide your family with a living of course ;)

          • John

            Not true, look at the percentage of ILLEGALS that make up our prison population, (we’re getting the dregs of their country). How about the ILLEGALS immigrate the way all previous generations of immigrants did? LEGALLY, (become citizens AND LEARN TO SPEAK OUR NATIONAL LANGUAGE, with pride), which if you don’t know happens to be ENGLISH. Let’s quit pandering to these ILLEGALS and kick their butts back to Mexico where they belong unless they enter LEGALLY. WE spent over $332 billion in ’08 educating, housing, feeding and giving them free medical care. Do we working, non-minority citizens get any of these? Helno! Wake up.

      • Allan

        I hadn’t read any America bashing yet this week. Yes…if America would just treat all countries as equals there would be no poor or unhappy people anywhere, no one that doesn’t like us, and a beautiful sunset every day. Such a simple solution, right there under our noses.

        National defense does require some Internet security, and support for that is in fact bipartisan. There’s a fine line between too little and too much control. The White House has had a rocky start with security csars quitting and in-fighting over who controls what. There is concern about the underlying agenda. To wit…Obama’s “FCC Diversity Csar” Mark Lloyd, who admires what Hugo Chavez has done with the media in Venezeula, and would like to move in that direction.

        Calling Fox broadcasting “brainwashing” has proven to be a bad strategy for liberals and the Obama administration. Fox has developed the most balanced audience of liberals, conservatives, and independents for three reasons: a better balance of positive/negative portrayals of conservatives and liberals; a better balance of commentary; and the reporting of stories that organizations such as MSNBC, CNN, and the NY Times exclude or minimize. Fox’s growth shows how public trust in traditional media organizations has shifted. If conservatives controlled such organizations (as many liberals seem to think) the information would be more balanced, since conservatives wouldn’t want to kill their businesses.

      • Joe H.

        What party wants to make it mandatory that for every conservative program that is on the air there has to be a liberal program also? This is whether or not they will be sucessfull or not!!! Or whether anybody even wants to listen to them, like Air America!!! This isn’t the republicans, but the liberals that want this. In essence they want to shut down the conservative programs because they are very popular!!!

      • Meteorlady

        So if you argument is correct, we should just open our arms and embrace people that want to come here instead of staying in their own country and fighting to make it better. I don’t know about you, but hey, I want fighters not runners in this country. I was doers and sit arounds in this country. These people have broken the law, just as a bank robber does, a car thief does and our prisons are filling up with them. They bring their gang wars and drug dealings across the boarder and are now coming up and murdering people with hit men. In 1980′s when we granted amnesty to some 10 million, we got all their relatives eventually. 10 years later most were still on some type of public assistance such as free medical, subsidized housing, food stamps and welfare. They costs is, at that time, around $80 to $100 million per year. Our country is hurting and we need jobs, jobs that these people come here and take. A lot of them are now working in the trades as carpenters, roofers, brick layers, etc. Those are jobs that used to pay a good wage to am American worker.

        So – I’m not here to write about illegals because that was not the story, but they are a big part of our problem now and we need to address it soon and without amnesty for people that knowingly break our laws.

    • LindyMaeUSA

      Hi Bob,

      Great insight and information in your article. However, I’d suggest revising your opening sentence from “the elected class no longer cares about you” to the actual truth: “the elected class has NEVER cared about you!”

      And thanks for including your “source” ( listed for all to see as the ones who are “funding” the Washington Wolf Pack crooks, thieves, liars and cheats!

      I’ll refer family and friends to that site as “proof” when I Forward your article to them.

      “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” ~Thomas Jefferson

    • Steve Hanken

      I’m not in favor of lots of things, but to be very honest about it, many of these things need to happen in spite of my not being in favor of them. It is often to easy to dismiss something as frivilous because it doesn’t benefit us directly, but had not some of these things been afforded, we would have suffered greatly from the outcome of not having contributed to it.
      As to illegal aliens and all that, if the rest of the world were treated as equals instead of places that need to be exploited, we would find aliens not all that interested in coming here. Given we want to screw their countries out of everything through buying off their leadership, corrupting their governments and stealing their labor and natural resources, we insure there will be ample poor people crossing the borders to keep from starving. Most of the illegal alien “problem” is there for a reason, many states would sink into the poverty without the low cost labor pool illegals provide.If you wanted to stop illegal immigation it would be easier to heavily fine those who hire them in the first place; once enough places had to pony up enough cash to pay for the processing and return of the illegals and then some, they would think twice about trying to get over paying taxes and unemployment insurance for legitimate employees.
      As to internet freedom being stolen by the current administration, that doesn’t come from the Democrats as much as it has by the Republican administration and its lock on the FCC for the last eight years. The same with the corporatizing of Radio and TV. You may have noticed for every Television station out there when they digitalized the station got more than one location to broadcast from, and they got that for free. At the same time we tax payers footed the bill for all those rabbit ears so people could still get crappy reception. It only forced more people onto the cable system not owned by the government. Those extra bits of broadcast spectrum were the publics airwaves, not the private companines that got them for free. Digital radio will be here in about ten years or less, soon there will be no radio stations that aren’t compromised as anything more than mouth pieces for propaganda. Some of what you quote as “facts” show it isn’t neccessary to have such a complete spectrum of propaganda, they already have an adequate supply with Fox and the Cable News Network.
      The census and gerrymandering, I’m sorry, when you count people and establish where populations are is not gerrymandering. that comes later, and is decided primarily in the state houses as to where the election districts are based on population. And really, with the Supreme Court’s latest pronouncement that came from a primarily Republican chosen group of jurists, it won’t matter what happens in the election, money will rule the outcome and for that, you can thank God you believe in God, because you will need to pray a lot to turn that around.

      • Meteorlady

        Our laws indeed say that we should fine employers but our government does not enforce that right now. Again, if you think that illegals only take low paying jobs that no one wants, you are a real pollyanna. They are in the trades. I see it everyday because we still have building going on where I am. They are taking higher paying jobs from Americans. If employers didn’t have a cheap labor pool to draw from the wages would go up and we would have more jobs, hence more taxes being paid. I can’t find many illegals that pay taxes. In fact, most work for cash.

        Three presidents deported illegals, the last was Eisenhower. He deported 8 million in two years so that Americans could go back to work.

        When you advocate it’s OK for them to come here, think about all the people, all over the world, that are on a waiting list and doing the right thing, to come. Illegals just jump in front of the line and make a lot of noise about amnesty. The steal our identities, our health care dollars, our justice system dollars and social services dollars. This needs to stop and we need to enforce the laws of our country before we have no country left. You should not expect a reward for breaking the laws of this country.

        You can bet that the Latino lobby has contributed a lot of money to congress and that they expect to get a lot of money from the illegals and legal immigrants. it’s their power base, so they keep pushing for amnesty.

        I worked at Immigration during the last amnesty. As soon as they heard the word, they were accumulating fake documents in order to pass. We ended up being swamped and didn’t get to check over 1/2 of the people that presented themselves for amnesty. Is this the type of people we want in our country? These people that you say are here to better themselves usually do not get even a high school education, never learn English and bring crime and drugs along with them.

    • Mike In MI

      To Inga Hughes:

      What you wrote is basically true, but those things are all just tactics the government has set up to plunge us into chaos. They know exactly what they are doing and why and HOW to do it. How else could so much go so wrong so fast? Your final statemant was the most True. We need the Lord’s help in this disaster.
      Read “The Light and The Glory”, P. Marshall and D. Manuel; REVELL books. It shows some of what God did at the founding of this country against Britain – which was also a nominally Christian country. But, the British were unable to get God’s help against the Colonists who were committed to God and to DO what they knew of the Bible.
      God has not changed. All of the people who write in this blog focus on things that are personal concerns but are simply symptoms of the basic disease – which is The Devil’s desire to control the world and get everyone to worship him.
      An accurate, functioning knowledge and application of the principles and power only God can give will get us out of this mess. Just having a prayer vigil is worthless because it requires no effort on your part or confrontation, no investment of heart, mind, soul or strength.
      The Word of God is the only thing The Devil and his minions fear because it is the only thing that can beat them. If you are carrying round a bunch of traditions, rites and philosophy that God didn’t inspire you can’t count on much help from God. Lots more is known about the Truth He honors than was currently known in the 1770′s. He expects you to know as much as you can and believe it – actionably.

      He, also, wants you to stand with people who think the same way…it increases the energized power. If you think any church based denomination has much going for it – go home – literally. That is where they had the greatest success in the first design. That’s where God has always felt most at home with His loved ones. (That’s partly why the family is so important.) If you’re now going to a church, but it’s just a Sunday club with no proof of First Century Church (Paul’s Letters) evidence go where they have a track record. If you’ve never been to anything Biblically based then start studying it yourself (Book of Acts and onwards) before you make any more ignorant assumptions. Then find a study group that can give answers to sincere questions that can be found in The Book. (Some questions have no Biblical answer – 98% do.)
      The socialist systems and philosophy have been stupidly pushed by churches that have been infiltrated by Satanic and comunist operatives. Just think a minute, who was i who killed Jesus Christ?
      Religious people and their followers, who were ignorant and stupid about God. Who do you think is behind today’s puush for freedom from God?

      A knowledgeable, Biblically astute son of God is the only thing evil people are afraid of – the rest are under control. You have a chance to stand in the shoes of Christ Jesus today…or in their way.

  • Snowbird In New Hampshire, USA

    Obama is abusing our presidential powers.

    • greyhawk

      Ditto Snowbird: Abuse of Executive Powers is exactly what Obama is doing. His Czar Corps (pronounced core, not Corpse!!! LOL) is a prime example. And, Michelle Obama’s personal Flunky Corpse Staff of 30 or so is just an example of the extremes that this president goes to. They have no conception of spending. This attitude is typical of folks who have never worked for anything in their lives. Obama and Michelle have never had to compete in the market place or balance a budget. They have been leeches living off government their entire lives. They are just upper class Welfare Recipients who have never held a real job in the private sector. Working for Government or so-called Non Profits who get most of their Funding From Tax Dollars are not Real Jobs. Obama and Michelle fit this category of Welfare Recipients and that is why they have no sense of Gratitude or Decorum and this is why they Live So Lavishly at tax payer expense. They have never worked for anything they have, and therefore are disrespectful and ungrateful for what they have. Remember Michelle’s statement when Obama was elected: “This is the first time I have ever been happy to be a U.S. citizen.” This ungrateful racist huzzy has no gratitude or respect for her blessings. Where else in the world could a know-nothing, do nothing deadbeat such as herself and her husband Barack Obama have risen to such heights, and yet have not respect or gratitude for anything, and continue to trash this nation and our past. It is time to send these ungrateful deadbeats back to the corrupt and subversive streets of Chicago or Zimbabwe or Kenya or whereever they fit in.

    • http://Yahoo Dee D

      Yes Snowbird and so is every other politician in Washington. It’s been going on for years, which every poll shows. Because the same — keeps being put in office by the stupid electorate. Except when the Supreme Court decides for you and no one gets angry. We the people (government) are definitely very smart and wise when it comes to controlling our employees in Washington. We’ve asked for it and now we almost have it all = now lets live with it. Good luck, you’re gonna need it. The worst is yet to come. Brace yourself.

  • Jean

    If anyone has listened lately the new word for Dems and Repub is PROGRESSIVES better do your homework and read up on them they have been working their way in for over 100 years and they are dangerouse.They have taken over both parties and they need to be stopped.They took the word Progress and turned it into and EVIL word like they did with Liberals that’s why they wouldn’t admit they were liberals so now PROGRESSIVES are the same people just changed the word to work their way into and take over our government and the country.Think America who these people hold up an mentors Mao,Stalin,and on and on listen to their words pay attention this is not who we are we rebuke SOCIALISM,MARXISM,COMMUNISM we are not Europe and never will be.Look at those countries are they FREE I don’t think so.COMMUNISM never works it’s EVIL,EVIL,EVIL.

    • valricoslash

      Amen! Progress in technology is good. “Progress” in government is bad because it is not really progress but really a take-over of our rights. Follow the Constitution and we will remain free. Interpretation by Progressives (Dems and Repubs) will send us int dependant slavery. Learn to weed out the good from the bad and fire the latter. We need to clean up congress ASAP. Let’s start in 2010 and send a message to those fortunate enough to get re-elected this time that thier next job might be the unemployment line that they helped create.

      • http://Yahoo Dee D

        What progress are you speaking about valricoslash? You mean where man takes something pure,clean and useful and makes it impure,dirty and waseful?

        • DaveH

          The poorest countries tend to have the dirtiest environments. Wealth brings the ability to put cleaner technology in play. Please read this:

          • http://Yahoo Dee D

            I refer not only to environment Dave – I’m talking about the whole picture.

          • Al B Tross

            Dave, the poorest are the dirtiest because corrupt capitalists have bribed local governments to allow mass pollution and exploitation.

            No regulations mean your neighborhood gets turned into a toxic dump. Please research Matomoros Mexico and Brownsville, TX.

            Somalia has pirates now because Euro’s have been dumping nuclear and toxic waste in their fishing grounds. Why? To avoid regulations that require expensive, proper disposal.

        • Myron J. Poltroonian

          Oh. You mean like when you never “progressed” to toilet paper? Swing from dem trees, baby.

          • http://Yahoo Dee D

            Kinda Myron – Montgomery Ward catalog pages made good cheap wipes in dem days – but maybe ya swung out of a tree but not me. I was made by a master artist lol

    • greyhawk

      Ditto Jean. You said a mouthful. And, it is time that Americans Wake Up and realize that while we bashed Communists States such as the USSR, Cuba, and China for the past 50 years, we allowed our homegrown Communists to build an Identical System in the USA.

      Kruschev boasted in 1960 that the communists would destroy the USA from within without firing a shot. Kruschev knew then that we already had many Communists in our Government and Especially in the Hollywood and the so-called Entertainment Industry. Joe McCarthy knew this too, and tried to expose it in the U.S. congress, but the Communists in Charge and the Communists in the Media, squelched McCarthy and called him a Crackpot. McCarthy was right, and that is why they Squashed and Squelched him. We need a New McCarthy to call hearings on the subversives we now have serving in the U.S. congress and in the White House.

    • Gentleman Jim

      Jean, well stated although I just refuse to use that term, “progressive”, as it turns my stomach.
      I do like “Washington is controlled by corporatocracy”. As our conservative movement progresses through out this country, we still see those that do not care and those that are so arrogant that they are essentialy telling the American citizens “screw you”. Weed them out of office in 2010 and 2012.

    • Al B Tross

      Please site 1 functioning, Libertarian government. please please please

  • Robin from Indiana

    Why and how does this continue? Are there no safeguards in place to keep this from happening? How can this practice be changed? Is bribery not illegal?

    • JohnnyB

      What this country needs is two Constitutional Amendments. Term limits for both the House and the Senate, and a balance budget amendment with provisions of no new taxes and paying off the National debt. Keep a tight reign on these bastards.

      • Tim

        I am opposed to term limits. If someone is good enough to be re-elected, he/she should be allowed to run again. Incumbents do have a financial advantage, I’ll admit, but I stll think they should be able to stay in office as long as they can get re-elected.

        The only reason we have term limits, was because the Repukes were frustrated with FDR winning four terms in a row. They probably thought they would never get back into power. The reason FDR (our best president ever) won four terms, was because he was an excellent president. No president before FDR was elected for four terms. I give him an A. The standard bearer of conservatives is Ronald Reagan, but Reagan deserves about a D-, mostly because of the oorruption in his administration (Iran-Contra Affair and S&L crisis). He also bankrupted the federal government, by overspending defense spending. His tax cuts to the rich sucked too!

        • American Citizen

          FDR was not the best president ever. Obama is taking pages from his book. If you cannot see where this country is headed, take off the blinders.

          • http://Yahoo Dee D

            American – FDR was also not the worst president we’ve had. Each and every man that’s held that office has done both good and bad things for our country and her people. But the true problem lies with the people, we are the government but only think we must play follow the leader and be true and loyal little zombies and do exactly as our team leader tells us to do. We allow them to think for us, then sit back, point fingers and gritch – gritch – gritch. AND DO NOTHING ELSE.

        • http://Yahoo Dee D

          Tim – You can set your own term limits at the polls if the Supreme Court does not do the job for you. Vote all incompetent scum bags out of office and if you have one you like vote for his re-election. You holler the Government is too big but you are willing to do a little to downsize it. Can’t you realize, they will do nothing to change the way they choose to do things?

        • chuck b


          for your information fdr was elected to three terms, “not four” and was the father of socialism in our country. fdr would never have won a third election had it not been for ww2.

          • Adair

            Roosevelt was, indeed, elected to 4 terms. He served only until April of 1945, when he died. He defeated Wendell Wilkie in 1940 and 1944 after having won in 1932 and 1936.

          • Palin12

            Adair is right. FDR was elected to 4 terms, but died shortly after the fourth inaugeration.

        • Jerry Cobb

          Johnny dead on with term limits for all of congress. That is the only to end the corruption we have allowed to take place.It,s easy too see what happens when there are no limits i.e. kennedy-peolisi-reid-daschal-biden-etc. etc.etc.etc.
          There also needs to put an end to the lavish salaries in congress, and an end to the self-imposed retirement & insurance perks. These are part time employees of the People, & have no right to vote themselves any benefit they choose. Term limits for EVERYONE, & an end to all past present & future special benefits, PERIOD, no exceptions.These people were elected to serve of their own free will & are no better than anyone else too provide for their own retirement & should be made to accept for themselves any so-called helthcare they vote to impose on the citizens of this country.
          If someone does not choose too support & defend our Constitution, they have no right too run for any office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • greyhawk

          You are obviously a good little communist Tim if you believe that FDR was the greatest president ever. FDR, being lead by the nose of his communist wife, Eleanore, was a complete disgrace, and thanks to his adoption of Deficit Spending, the Keynesian Model, the modern day Socialist State was born, and thanks to his Deficit Spending by government, the Great Depression lasted about a decade longer than it would have if the government would have gotten out of the way.

          And, Barack Obama and this Worthless Congress is now Doing The Exact Same Plan as FDR. All communists think alike and behave the same.

          • Viktor Leben

            FDR kept people alive during the Depression. FDR kept our country together. FDR stood up against tyranny in WW II . Stop bad mouthing FDR !!!!

            If only FDR knew he had Soviet spies in his administration …..

            FDR died from overwork, so you unappreciative pathetic ingrates could have the liberty to bad mouth him !!

          • George E


            FDR gave people “hope”. He also invested in the infrastructure, some worthwhile and some not so worthwhile. He oversaw and managed the war effort to a successful end. He did not, however, bring the US out of the depression. The only reason WWII brought us out of the depression was because countries around the world bought goods from the US, often on credit, to rebuild after the war. If the war hadn’t ended when it did, the US might have been bankrupted due to the heavy expense of the war on the back of the expense incurred by FDR’s administration on massive social programs before the war.

        • John

          Tim, Of the minority of this country that does vote, the majority don’t really know who they’re voting for or why. Just ask and most can’t give a solid reason why they voted for (whomever), obama is a perfect example, NO qualifications, ZERO experience, comes across as a good speaker (don’t know what he’d say without the headset) though. ONE term limit(how many years?), No PROFESSIONAL lifetime politicians, no absurd lifetime retirement and the same healthcare program that they want to stuff down our throats, (better yet give us their’s)! Perks should be eliminated! Then we’d get people who really care not just those who want to get on the gravy train.

      • Les

        The Repubs tried to introduce a balanced budget admendment in mid 1990s but the vote that defeated it was cast by Byrd of WVA. They also tried to cut spending which apparently was the purpose of their election but everywhere they tried to cut the people said NOT MY MONEY CUT SOMEONE ELSE. AARP was one of the worst when they thought their government welfare would be cut. So if you think anyone elected now will be able to reduce spending think again. Everyone will will be complaining just like the 90s, so it will revert to business as usual. The only thing that can stop runaway spending is complete bankruptcy by the US .

    • Meteorlady

      It happens because we all sat here complacent for years. Now we are awake and it’s almost too late. It happens because the elected elite allow it to happen, want it to happen, make money off it happening and they have the power right now. We can and will get them out of office this year and in another two years. Maybe that will change the face of politics in this country forever. Though if we elected the same two parties into office, we will still have the same crap. The national dem and repub orgs take the money just as well as the individual politicians. We need to start a campaign to stop lobbying period. Ask yourself why it’s so expensive to run for office – because that’s where more money and power is. Politicians in this country are making a career out of it because of the money and power. The Clintons have been in politics all their lives, have amassed a lot of money, but still cannot let go of the power.

      • greyhawk

        Ditto Meteorlady–You said it all. We need complete reform which includes the abolishing of all lobby groups: all lobby groups buy legislation. We need representatives who know what they are doing and not depend on some lobby or special interest group to shape their decisions with Money and Power.

        • Vicki

          First and foremost we need to vote ONLY for candidates who express or have proven by their voting record that they can and WILL support the limitations to government inherent in the Constitution. To accomplish this we need to do several things. 1. We need to compel congress to vote a bill (OSTA – into law that strictly forbids combining multiple subjects (like adding realID to an emergency “must-pass” spending bill. By doing this we will be able to verify the voting record of our chosen representatives. 2. We need to compel congress to vote a bill that requires the congress to state exactly where in the Constitution the government has been given the power to enact that law. (

          These are a start. However look over the other campaigns there and you will notice that most or all of them will help us with our goal.

        • Vicki

          The problem with trying to limit lobbying is that it violates the Constitution. Specifically the First Amendment where we have the RIGHT to associate with whom WE choose. Attempts to limit Campaign money have as you see from the MaCain Fiengold mess nothing more than a tool for incumbents to stay in power. The Constitution already has placed limitations on government. WE need to enforce those limits at the soap box, ballot box and if necessary the jury box (FIJA – We HAVE the power. Thru the internet and sites like this one we HAVE the technology. We do not need near as much money as in the past. Get good candidates out there to express their views on youTube, Twitter, Facebook etc and watch the MSM squirm. The need for just 2 parties to presort candidates is no longer necessary. Change the face of government. Join and lets tell the politicians what we want done.

          • greyhawk

            Thanks–I will checkout I have 4 blogs on Town Hall–Greyhawk in Alabama; Take Back Our Schools; Take Back Our Communities, and a couple more. Check it out and you will see where my politics lie and my suggestions for taking the country back.

          • Joe H.

            Thought I recognized the handle! Spoken to you a few times on Townhall a few times as eastlake Joe. Good to see you again.

          • DaveH

            Another problem with restricting the amount of campaign money is that we just give a major amount of electing power to the MSM, as they will continue through their Free Speech protections to talk about the candidates of their choice.

          • JeffH

            Joe H….eastlake joe? That wouldn’t by any chance be Eastlake in Yorba Linda?

    • DaveH

      There was the Constitution which they swear to uphold but ignore. The only recourse is for the citizens to get wise to the Political Class and vote them out!
      We need to take back our schools and stop our children from being propagandized. Push hard for voucher systems. Call or write the National Committees and demand they put up candidates that roll back the size of government. If they don’t, then don’t vote for those candidates even if they do seem like the lesser of two evils.
      Better yet, Vote Libertarian. Put control of our morality back into the hands of our citizens, not government:

      • Vicki

        Voting for the lessor of two evils gets us evil. Vote Libertarian (

        • Jerry Cobb

          AMEN Vicki, the problem with “criminal hill” is the 2 party only system. Both parties have been bought & delivered because they have blocked any other group to get their names on a ballot.
          I strongly support the Libertarian policies. That is the only way to get congress downsized & back to the constitution, a government For, By, & Of the People, not of the special interest groups who own the players of the 2 major parties.

          • Adair

            Wouldn’t you know, in Illinois we had the Dems, Reps and the Green Party on the ballots for our Primary. Like the Dems aren’t left enough.

            Libertarians and Constitutionalists will have to run as write-ins.

  • Roberta Smith

    I don’t understand why the people are

    NOT up in arms to IMPEACH THIS


    Marching will not move him one inch!


    • DaveH

      Impeachment comes from the House of Representatives. We can hardly expect them to launch impeachment when they are complicit with Obama.

    • George E


      There aren’t enough Republicans in Congress right now to make impeachment charges stick, even if they did have a solid foundation for bringing such charges, which I doubt they do. Also, keep in mind that the Republicans got pretty beat up by the public over impeachment charges brought against Bill Clinton in the 1990s, so I expect Republicans will likely be slow to take that political risk again in the near future.

      • Al B Tross

        Corruption is the result of greed.

        I find it odd that this blog is worried about Communists and Socialists, who abhor greed, but they are not the ones taking your country away, but you are being consumed from within by your own capitalistic , winner take all mentality. GREED GREED GREED

        You want NO regulation on the amount of anything anyone can consume, or pollute, or posess, yet you blame a philosophy based on equality and sharing, hard work and fair trade.

        You worship at the altar of the golden calf, you worship those who love greed and money over family and country.

        You complain about regulation and law, encourage torture and selfishness.

        It was a Right-winged , Republican appointed Supreme court that took away your rights above a Corporation, not an “activist liberal court”.

        You think each state should be responsible for its own budgets, yet do not realize that most Conservative states are funded by the Liberal states.

        Communism and Libertarianism share a common element, both are Ideological extremes.

        The UN is not Communist, the US is not socialist, there are no boogeymen in your closet.

        There is Corporate Fascism!!
        And it is using this blog and all you over-reacting fearful libertarians as their minions, they play on your fear, turn you on those who are your friends, all to their end.

        Everytime you voice you anger at “the Commmies” or “the Liberals” or the “minorities”, or”the politicians”, look in the mirror, and ask yourself why is it always someone else , and never you?

        We have met the enemy, and he is us.

        • Doc Sarvis

          Al B Tross, Very well put. Thank you.

        • blackhat

          How old are you Al? 12, 13? Do you work? If you have a job, then it is “corporate greed” that provides your paycheck. If you work for yourself, then you must be greedy, or do you just make enough to “get by”? (not likely) If you do not work, then you are on some kind of gov’t assistance, which is provided by the people that are working for those “greedy” corporations and confiscated by the govt for you to live on…in any case, coporate greed sustains us all.

          • Doc Sarvis

            That is a bizzare presentation of corporate greed. Corporate greed pays the working person the minimum to keep the person alive and in place on the line so that it can reap the benefits. Most of us are just making it while those at the top of the heap are living large off of our efforts. So, from your last phrase; it is “us all” that sustains the greedy. Sorry if I stepped on your toes, but someone needs to speak for us common folks.

          • Vicki

            Dear Doc. Calling a corp greedy for wanting to spend the least amount of money for the most work is no more logical than calling a “common” person greedy for wanting to spend the least amount of money for the most car or best food or…

          • Doc Sarvis

            Well, I guess I am just down here with most of the rest of us. We don’t have the cash to throw around like those who are living high off of our hardscrabble lives. A thousand pardons.

          • DaveH

            In a free market, you make the choice. If you don’t like working for a corporation, open your own business. Of course that is much harder now because the markets aren’t so free; Government regulates the heck out of our economy, thus protecting their favored corporations from competition.
            I don’t remember the last time any of those “Greedy” corporations made me work for them at low wages. I do remember Politicians taking more of my money if I work harder. And I remember them trying to force me to buy a product I don’t believe in (Health Insurance), like right now.
            The Greedy ones are the ones who are trying to ride on the backs of others who are making the effort to do the right thing.

        • Vicki

          Communists and socialists do NOT abhor greed. They tell you they do and that you should to so that you will give them all the power. They are the greedy ones. Take a look at EVERY communist country that EVER existed. You find totalitarian dictatorships (Communism is a failed economic philosophy not a political philosophy) claiming to be for the “people” but a powerful few have all the wealth and the “people” are slaves, in deed if not name.

          • greyhawk

            Ditto Vicki–The communist Politburo Members (Our U.S. Congress) get to live like kings and queens while We, The People struggle to pay our taxes to fund their lavish and wasteful lifestyles. The old Soviet Union was not as Communistic, Ruthless, and Wasteful as this current Communist Model we have allowed Presidents and Congress to build right under our noses as we have marched back and forth every two years to elect our own Dictators.

        • coal miner

          Al B.Tross,

          I like your post.

        • greyhawk

          Al B Tross, well put if you are a communist or communist sympathizer. Tross, old buddy, why do you not move to Communist Cuba, China or Venezuela and then you will be able to live in the Utopian Communist Society that you obviously admire and long to be a part of.

        • Adair

          Geez. Communists and Socialists abhor greed.

          Yeah, and Al Gore and John Edwards live in shanties, sort of like the hovel in Chicago that The One and Michelle left to live high in D. C.

          Communists and Socialists abhor the greed of capitalists who want to keep and enjoy some of the dough they EARN. They want that money to be spread around to “those less fortunate” although their own charitable contributions are usually pretty measly.

          • Al B Tross

            Al Gore and Stewart are not Socialist in any way, they are Corporate capitalist whores also. Unlike the right, the Dems just use lube when they screw you, the right beats you bloody first.

            Who has drank from the toxic kool aid? Defending Corp greed and the elected cronies from working people? the Average CEO is making 350 times what his workers make, gee, thank you King George.

            Where would any business investor be, with out a workforce to make, then consume, his goods or products??

            It is one thing to get by, and to live nicely, it’s another to live like a king while you workers scrape by,

            Greed is defined as the uncontrollable desire to have more than your fair share, at others expense.

            Without some form of regulation we have no rule of Law, The Constitution is nothing more than a regulatory document, allowing the PEOPLE to control the size and scope of their Government. Not some Multi-national Corporation.

            That has always been my point.

            My apologies to Walt Kelly, for not crediting his wisdom in my earlier post.

        • eyeswideopen

          Al, hands clapping loudly. Finally an American, who doesn’t want to force us into one religion or one party!!!!! Someone who wants us to take responsibility for our previous actions. HURRAH!!!

          • DaveH

            If you knew anything about responsibility, you wouldn’t be supporting those who want to enable the irresponsible to ride on the shoulders of the responsible.

        • Myron J. Poltroonian

          “We have met the enemy and he is us” – Pogo by Walt Kelly.At least give the man his due. I read that comic strip when, I believe, it first came out in the late ’40′s. Strange that the perhaps most famous of his quotations was actually for Earth Day in 1970. (Ah, the tenacity of those “Progressives” in clinging to anything they believe denigrates America.)

          • Joe H.

            We have a very good guage on ideas here. If it is bad for the country then coal minor will be agreeing and eyes will be clapping her hands and ratteling her brain!!!

          • JeffH

            Joe H…. and denisso will still be name calling and spewing hate at everyone else.

          • http://Yahoo Dee D

            And super intelligent Jeff will still be putting everyone down because he’s the only one with all the answers – right or wrong/

        • Meteorlady

          I would call all the people that are able to work, but don’t, greedy by your standards. They are using me as slave labor to get their monthly income. No one is forced to work for a corporation, but think about this…. where would we be without them – not jobs, no health care, no unemployment insurance, etc.

          I worked for a corporation and made good money. I did that by working hard and educating myself to keep up with technology. That corporation provided me with health care, continuing education so I could benefit them when doing my job, a good retirement account, matching 401K contributions, and a great path up the ladder. That was all done with initiative, education, and determination. Now people like you tell me that I should work hard so I can pay more taxes and give them health insurance, more social services and subsidized housing. Don’t even get me started on all the bail outs.

    • http://Yahoo Dee D

      Roberta – For the same reasons they allowed the lying, murdering,war mongering traitors politicians to get away with everything they could because we chose to do next to nothing to nothing to change the course.

  • valricoslash

    This is why we need to FIRE CONGRESS–all of them–in 2010. We need to run someone against them in every district (primaries and/or general election) to force them to public debate, answer ahrdd questions from opponents, and defend their actions in congress. No more “no-opponent’ elections. Make them spend the campaign money they collect and don’t use.

    As far as the money goes, here is a suggestion. No campaign contributions allowed until officially declared by the superfixor of elections in the district they ar running in. The jump in window ought to be no more than 2- months prior to the primary election and no contribution ofmore than $2000 form any individual, corporation,union, or PAC allowed. any money left after an election should be given tot he treasury specifically for debt relief. No more continuous fund raisers, no mor hording of payolla contributions.

    • DaveH

      More controls are not the answer. It takes a lot of money to unseat an incumbent. Putting in more controls will just entrench the incumbents further.

      • Harold Olsen

        Money wouldn’t matter if the voters had any brains! If they did, it wouldn’t be difficult to get rid of these greedy arrogant and corrupt incumbents.

        • DaveH

          So true Harold. For many years the Liberals have shouted down or ridiculed anybody who dared to cross them, thus effectively silencing the weaker, less-knowledgeable people. And of course, as evidenced on this board, they still are.
          Our task is to educate our friends and neighbors, so they can stand up against the bully Liberals.

        • greyhawk

          Speaking of money, Evan Bayh, Senate Democrat from Indiana reports today that he is not seeking a new election this time around. But, guess what, he still has $13,000,000 in his campaign coffers and under the current campaign laws, he gets to walk away with the $13,000,000. And, this does not even count how much he has likely made with payoffs from lobbyists and other special interest groups that have purchased his Senatorial Votes. And, the band plays on. Where else can you get elected to a Job that pays quite well, and then allowed to raise as much money as you can which you can use in anyway you want, and to sell your influence for untold millions, and to get a Guranteed Pension for Life with all the Benefits for serving as few as 6 years in the U.S. Congress? Talk about an Elite Social Club. The U.S. Congress is shamefully corrupt and decadent, and to top it all off, They Created The System and The Rules with Their Own Legislation. What a country????

          • DaveH

            Yep, The Liberal leaders are making fools of those they blind with promises of a space at the trough.

          • Joe H.

            this is morally WRONG!!! The excesses a politician raises should go to pay on the debt!!!!

          • http://Yahoo Dee D

            They have the brains – the just won’t stand up and get off them and start thinking with the correct head.

  • Boo T

    I’m a bleeding heart lib turned common sense conservative, and if I can change, so can the many others. But you have to want to see the truth and open your mind to changing. There’s so much corruption out there, it’s overwhelming. And, yes, money drives it all!! I’m just so sorry that’s what it’s come to, the love of money, aren’t we better than? I hate being Pollyanna!

    • DaveH

      As Government Grows, Corruption Flows.
      Not many people are aware that Mexico has a heavily regulated economy. Most of us do know their economy sucks, but not why. Look them up on this list of countries ranked by Economic Freedom and you can see why (number 41 on the list). Click on the country name to see the particulars:

      • http://Yahoo Dee D

        Dave – Have you heard anything at all about the complex in Alaska controlled by the Navy Seals? HARP????

        • DaveH


          • http://Yahoo Dee D

            DaveH – It may be a bunch of marlarky, but it’s being aired on Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy theory on TRU-tv. Sarah Palin mentioned death panels. She was wrong, they are not in the health care package but they are talked about at the navel complex along with black boxes, mind control and bombs that may have been used on 9/11 being produced. The complex is under very tight security being guarded by the Navy Seals. Bears some checking out. It’s much more than I’ve mentioned here – just want to get some assistance in checking it out. Nothing would surprise me and I fully believe in the conspiracy that’s been going on for many years now to knuckle us down to the One World Government and have us under the complete control of our prostitute reps in Washington who’s been raping every citizen.

  • greyhawk

    This is a very informative article and it proves out what George Wallace said about 40 years ago when he was running as a third party candidate for president. He was speaking of the Democrats and Republicans at the national level: “There is not a dime’s worth of difference between the two. They are like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.” That was true in 1968 and it is even more true today.

    In order to turn this nation around, we must have a system of representatives who Represent The Average Hardworking Citizens of this country, and not the Interests of the Highest Bidders who court them in Washington posing as Lobbyists, and to look at the Campaign Contributors and how they Buy Representation.

    And, of course, the congress and president get their power and control through the Bureaucracy. The agencies, departments, commissions and bureaus have Unlimited Powers and have all grown to Super Empires. We must begin the abolishment of many of the U.S. government Agencies, Bureaus, Commissions and Departments. These are the ABCD’s of how these scoundrels regulate, tax and control We, The People. No federal agency or department does any good at all, and in fact, most of them do serious harm to this nation.

    But, anytime the feds or any local or state government creates a new agency or department to deal with a ‘percieved’ social or other problem, the problem is guaranteed to grow worse and never improve, as the agency or department begins to grow in size, power and expenditures and becomes a self-perpetuating empire that exists for it’s own survival, and therefore has no vested interest in solving problems, but has a big interest in creating New Victims to Serve or Problems to solve, so that the empire can grow and grow. This is the type system that the Soviet Union had and it is one that we have Mimicked and today, our government is one huge, uncontrollable, and out of control behemoth that gobbles up money and does nothing good whatsoever, and in fact, does great harm to this nation, as they come up with more and more regulations and restrictions of our freedoms while taxing us at exhorbitant rates to pay for the operation of the government, and still they run up huge deficits as they spend more than they can possible extract from workers and businesses.

    These same regulator agencies have all but destroyed our industrial and manufacturing base as they continue to pile on costly regulations and taxations that make it near impossible to compete with nations that do not have these opressive regulatory agencies and taxes.

    If we do not downsize this government and get rid of lobbyist system which buys legislation, we will never again be a free and sovereign people in a free and sovereign nation. Our greedy leaders and the bureuacracy have reduced us to a nation of Debtors and We now are the larged Debtor Nation in history, and like all Debtors, we become subservient to our Creditors. And, today, our Enemies are Servicing Our Debt being created by Greedy, Corrupt, Subversive and Incompetent Politicians and the Bureaucracy they have Built that They Use to Regulate, Tax, and Control Us.

    • Meteorlady

      Here’s a good example of a government agency: The Department of Energy. Does anyone know when and how they were started?

      Because of the 1970 energy crises (which may believe was contrived) President Carter created (1977) the cabinet-level department. They were tasked with getting off foreign oil.

      They grew to being responsible for coordinating national activities relating to the production, regulation, marketing, and conservation of energy. Marketing? Production? This agency also sponsors more research than any other agency. Numerous agencies were rolled into the DOE: Federal Energy Administration, the Energy Research and Development Administration, the Federal Power Commission and a few other agencies.

      So they do things like give Nissan $1.4 billion, yes that’s billion, to build the Nissan Leaf car. Has anything happened in the intervening 43 years since it’s inception? We are still dependent on oil, we have built but a few nuclear power plants because the regulations are too costly, and we still have no comprehensive energy policy. We have no distribution system to keep electric cars on the roads and we are paying taxes on our already over-priced power.

      The proposed 2011 budget:
      $28.4 billion to support scientific innovation, develop clean and secure energy technologies, maintain national security, and reduce environmental risk. We are also giving loan guarantees to the tune of $54.5 billion for “innovative energy technologies and nuclear power facilities”.

      $545 million goes for climate change technology funding.

      Nearly $2.4 billion is provided for energy efficiency and renewable energy programs, including $302 million for solar energy, $220 million for biofuels and biomass R&D, $325 million for advanced vehicle technologies, and $231 million for energy efficient building technologies.

      Here’s the good one:
      They are also spending $2.7 billion to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons to move toward a world without nuclear weapons. Maybe if we gave that to Iran they would stop their program……

      If that’s just one cabinet level agency, think what we could save if we scaled these down.

      • Al B Tross

        I am sure you have noooo problem giving Lockheed-Martin hundreds of millions for….?? planes that don’t fly? $400 hammers or $1000 toilet seats?
        We have a $350 BILLION defense budget, that none of us gets to see.

        Remember also Eisenhauer warned us about the Military-industrial complex, remember that Conservatives’ warnings?

        • greyhawk

          Yes, we have waste at all levels of government, but does one department that wastes justify the waste in all levels and in all departments? At least with an 800 dollar hammer, you see a tangible product. But, the cost of the $800 dollar hammer is actually only about 20 dollars, the other $780 is in Government Fraud, Waste and Abuse and in Funding the Behemoth Bureaucracy that it takes in Procuring said hammer. And, besides, with all the government Bureaucracy, Red Tape and Regulations, the hammer is obsolete before it gets delivered. The Entire Federal Bureaucracy needs to be scrapped. If we turned Homeland Security Over to a Private Company, I can guarantee you that it would not cost trillions to operate, and I can assure you that there would be some Would Be Terrorists to Meet Their Maker and Their Virgins long before they have time to act on their Terroristic Ideas and Plans. With the current administration the Terrorists Have a Green Light while the Government Machinery Grinds to a Halt while Erick Holder and his Gang of Thieves and Lawyers try and figure out how his Old Law Firm, that defends terrorists, can make even more billions in Defending These Scumbags.

          • Joe H.

            Get rid of the most favored bidder list and cost for all things supplied to government and military will drop. Open the list to ALL bidders!!!

        • jim

          Al, You need a $400 hammer to drive a $20 nail. I just wonder how you feel about the 14 trillion dollar screw we’re going to have to pay for.

          • Al B Tross

            Good one Jim!!

      • greyhawk

        Yes, Jimmy Carter created the worthless U.S. Department of Energy which became it’s own empire and Jimmy Carter also gave us the U.S. Department of Education as a gift to the National Teacher Unions for their support in his election. These two Departments and all their Affiliated agencies need to be the first 2 to get abolished when we start downsizing this Behemoth Soviet-Style Federal Bureaucracy.

  • psutopgun

    I Sent this to the RNC in early January with two follow-ups asking that they respond to the original e-mail. They have yet to respond. Both Parties need to be cleaned out from top to bottom.

    Hello: I’m a registered republican only so I can vote in primaries according to our state law. I’ve heard a lot of conversation regarding how the Republicans will deal with the 2010 elections. I’m sure I’m not the first to tell you but the political climate has changed dramatically in this country and I doubt either party has a clue just how much. We will no longer vote for the lesser of two evils. This is NOT like 1994. This time we will not go away. We are here to stay and the sooner both parties realize that the better we’ll all be.
    I’m going to outline where the American people are heading with or without Republicans and Democrats. But first, this big tent middle of the road direction is not going to work. Regardless of race or background people have common principals. You don’t need to go fishing all over the political map. If they don’t have core beliefs they shouldn’t be in this party. Middle of the road, like Senator McCain, means you can get hit from either direction. The Senator is a great American but right now we need strong leadership that believes in the Constitution, smaller federal government, and accountability to the people. We don’t need a contract we need action.
    1. The Constitution has been abused by this government for a hundred years. NO More. The party that realizes this will be successful This is not idol threat this will be fact. The federal government is not just to reduce the rate of growth but balance the budget and remove agencies that are not supported by the Constitution. Eliminate the IRS, EPA and Federal Reserve for starters. If a flat tax is instituted for individuals and corporations this agency is of no use. The EPA is one of the biggest obstacles to growth in the country.
    2. Start drilling for oil and gas on and off shore. Now it takes about eleven years to get a nuclear power plant licensed. Stream line this process now.
    3. Stop the Spending now. This is clearly not sustainable and to think otherwise is nuts. We are selling our children’s and grand kid’s future down the drain. If we don’t have the money WE DON’T SPEND IT….PERIOD.
    4. Accountability in this government is non-existent. I’ll give you one of hundreds of examples. This recession was started with the Communities Fairness Act, under the Carter administration, in 1977. It permitted the federal government to black mail banks into giving out home loans to those that could not afford them. The FDIC and Barney Frank pressed banks and Freddie and Fannie to either issue or in the case of Freddie and Fannie accept these toxic loans. A bill was introduced in the early 2000’s to curb Fannie and Freddie from taking more of these loans from the banks. Wall Street started taking these toxic assets and rolling them into derivatives and selling them around the world. The bill was defeated and Senator Obama voted no. He was also working for ACORN blackmailing banks from the other end as a lawyer in Chicago. Many in congress and the private sector should be tried and sent to jail for their actions. To make it worse all the money spent since has done little to address the real danger of the toxic loans. We are far from out of the woods and the people know this. Congress has failed us again by making a bad situation worse and all the while the people out here really are suffering.
    5. The shame of all this is the economy could easily be put back on track if government would get out of the way. The social justice agenda Obama is hell bent on pushing has individuals and business running for the hills. Who in their right mind is going to hire or invest if they think they’re going to be taxed into oblivion and need to contend with health care and cap and tax. That alone would jump start this economy by eliminating the uncertainty?
    6. Health Care, you folks have this one right. Real TORT reform, buying insurance across state lines and so forth would reduce cost and little cost to the American tax payer.
    7. Perhaps the most important issue is to address Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid. The fraud must be pulled from each. Estimates are 70 to 120 billion in Medicare alone. Once this is accomplished change the laws to set both programs on financial steady footing. This will be difficult but the American people will go with it. Then put the programs in the private sector. This is not political suicide….the American people want this to happen otherwise this country is going bankrupt.
    8. I assume you folks know Obama will not go anywhere near the right of the till of the Hun. He is a far left progressive and will not deter from it. We, the people, will get rid of progressives IN BOTH PARTIES. Obama is just setting up the Republicans with these filmed conversations with Republicans to lay blame later. The budget panel was just a ploy to get republicans on board to take the hit when he increases taxes. The man knows what he is doing and by the way he is a Marxist. He grew up close to an Uncle that was a Marxist and he himself said he feels more comfortable around radicals and Marxist college professors.

    Look, I’m a retired engineer and ex-military and would much rather be doing something other than writing endless emails to representatives. I never corresponded with my representatives before March of 2009. I’m not a political junkie, I’m a concerned father and grandfather and I won’t take it any more. I told my representatives, in a five page email last March, that the Obama administration is the biggest threat this country will face in my lifetime. Obama has done nothing to change my opinion. This government has been off track for 100 years and we have finally had enough. If you don’t fully understand the Republicans are in hot water as much as the Democrats. We will have change that WE THE PEOPLE BELIEVE IN.
    I would appreciate a response because the time for double talk is over, we want to know where the Republican party is coming from. The American people DO get it and we won’t take it any more.
    Tom Berquist

    • ConcernedTexan

      Tom, you said exactly what most Americans believe today. Thanks for sharing your efforts and don’t give up. We all need to educate and engage our friends and relatives in this fight for our freedom, the way you have.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Marlon Folden

      I believe anarchy is coming, and we might all be singing “Bye Bye Miss American Pie”. My home has lost 35% of it’s value, my IRA has lost 50% of it’s value, the business that I started 6 years ago that was providing a living for my family and I is now failing and I am in the process of filing chapter 13. I am pissed to say the least! I feel that my vote is powerless because even if we do elect conservatives the damage is already done. With that said I think civil disobedience by all citizens in the form of not filing a tax return and chaging your employer W4 witholdings to zero might send a message. What are they going to do? Lock us all up? At least I would get three hots-&-a cot along with free medical, and maybe a little free time to read a book, work on getting a law degree etc. etc. come put the handcuffs on… I am ready!

      • DaveH

        Sorry for your losses Marlon. You are not alone.
        I’m afraid we are heading towards the opposite of Anarchy. That is, even more Government.
        Not paying your taxes will only endanger yourself, as even if everyone of us were able to quit paying, they would just print more money and tax us the hidden way (inflation).
        The only solution is for the people who care to push hard to vote the right people in who will roll back the size of our Big Government Leviathan. We need to start at the local level with the school systems that are brainwashing our children to think Big Government is the Solution.
        Preferably look into the Libertarian Party and spread the word. If they could get more exposure from the Media, I think more people would realize they are the best solution to our problems. Fox is in the forefront of getting out this message, especially John Stossel:

      • jeffH

        Marlon Folden, life is tough these days. I live with my brother in Central California. I on my SS Disability, and he as a self employed handy man who lost his $50,000 a year job because his company closed, gave up due to taxes and environmental overregulation by state, county and city government.
        We recently had to move because he lost his home to foreclosure. Fortunately, due to a friend and good neighbors, we were able to move into an older 3bdrm home at an affordable rent, without a deposit.
        We were very fortunate, as my SSD pays the majority of the bills and allows groceries for us. I have no credit cards or charge accounts other than what is needed to function normally every month, and thank god for that, or it would be a lot tougher. We are lucky that, as brothers, we have each other to depend on in times of need. There are so many more that don’t have that kind of support.

    • http://? CD McDaniel

      I too am a registered Republican for the same reasons, and I didn’t get involved with politics until a couple of years ago. I was just like all the rest of the people I know, I grumbled and talked about the mess we are in, but did nothing. So for quite awhile now I have been e-mailing, faxing and calling our so-called representatives and forwarding information to my friends and family trying to get them in gear also. At first I was very nice, but got no response and I have been getting more blunt with my remarks but all I get from the reps is tired old rhetoric and lots of double talk. In short the people in Washington are not listening to the what used to be the quiet majority. I really beleive that they are drunk with power and money and full of themselves. We have to get more good conservatives involved and take our Country back from the progressives.

      • DaveH

        I have been getting pretty good response, especially at the local and state level, by telling the Representatives that if they don’t start cutting back the size of Government, I will do more than not vote for them, I will actively campaign against them.

        • Joe H.

          I, too have had more success by using that phrase with my rep and it does work!!! I have even been getting an occaisonal direct letter from him!!!

          • DaveH

            I got several conciliatory emails from different Reps and one even called me. When the one who called announced who she was, the first thing that popped into my mind was “oh crap, did I say something in the Email that could be twisted into an implied threat?”.
            As Jefferson said:
            “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

    • greyhawk

      Ditto Tom. I too, have been complacent and believed that our elected leaders were doing what they could and should. I am awakened to the fact that our country and our sovereignty are in peril. We have never been this close to complete destruction as we now find ourselves. And, this is the first time in history that we actually have a president who is hostile to this nation and it’s entire history. We have had some mis-guided incompetents in the past, such as Jimmy Carter and others, but we have never had a president like Obama who Hates This Nation, and one who views the U.S. Constitution as being an impediment to his World Agenda which is the creation of a Utopian One World Communist State, and of course, Obama sees himself as Heading Up this One World Government with him as the Emperor of the World. This Narcissist must be stopped in his tracks. The election of a New Congress can stop him. Get out the Vote and Educate your Local Citizens to the dangers that we face as a nation. The Sleeping Giant is finally awake. I just heard that Bayh, a moderate Democrat from Indiana is pulling out of his re-election bid. Hopefully, many more of these deadbeats will turn tail and run home and let some Real Americans run this nation for awhile and get it back on track. Keep up the good work Tom.

    • Meteorlady

      Thanks for hanging in there and writing your letters and asking your questions. You are a true American and we need people to stay the course. the Libertarian party has been around for a number of years and when I lived in Seattle, they even got some of their candidates elected; until, of course, the news media was bought off by the left and right. After that the Libertarians were portrayed and nuts cases and kooks…. which they were not.

      Of course when you advocate someone vote for a Libertarian or third party candidate, people will tell you that you are wasting your vote. NO VOTE IS WASTED and until we all believe that we will not have change.

      Dave is right, go study the link he provides. These people want to get back to basics and lead the country in the right direction.

    • Nomad

      YAY! Tim Berquist for President in 2012! Good letter. Don’t think you will get a reply. Glen Beck has been waiting for a reply since he had the phone put in for that purpose and is getting nothing. People need to get out of the “party” mentality and vote for the person and research how he or she really stands. ie their voting record etc. We also need to get back to the original documents that this country stands for and get God back into our schools and public domain before He turns His back on us once and for all. If it’s not too late already.

  • B.J. Holmes

    I’d say “fire them all” exxcept that in our district we have the best senator, John Cornyn and the best representative, Dr. Michael Burgess, ever. They vote the right way so we don’t want them “out”.
    But the rest…vote ‘em out. They’re a bunch of deceptive wimps.

    • Meteorlady

      You are correct – John is first class and votes for his constituents all the time. I will continue to vote for him as long as I feel he represents me.

  • jack

    It’s time for Americans to awaken and arise! We can’t let this Illegal Alien President,and his band of thieves, Destroy our once great nation. Vote all Liberals out, This November.

    • Al B Tross

      He’s not an illegal alien, get over it.

      Where were you when Panamanian born McCain was running for pres?

      O thats right anyone white can never do wrong….

      Birthers please, just say you are bigots and lets debate something else.

  • Ruby

    And don’t forget that we must be mindful of elected officials at ALL levels: city, county, state and federal.

    • greyhawk

      Ditto Ruby. The local and state governments are becoming more and more carbon copies of this federal behemoth as the locals decide that they too, know what is best, and want to control our every behavior for our own good. Do-Gooderism by government is how the Nanny State is born. Let me decide for myself if I want to eat Greasy French Fries or Smoke a Cigarette. I do not want nor need a Nanny. Part of being free is the right to make up my own mind about what I do for myself or even to myself. I will not live being a paranoid schizophrenic which is what the Adverstisers and Government Agencies try to create as they Program Us With The Programs they bombard us with 24-7 on the MSM and every place else you tune in. And, the public school system is the place that the Government Nannies have taken over as they brainwash and dumb down the population.

      The U.S. Department of Education is the First Federal Department to be Abolished, followed with EPA, OSHA, Energy, and others that do great harm to this nation, and yet, cost hundreds of billions of tax dollars just to serve and pay for the bureaucracy.

      This past week, while DC was snowed in, for a whole week, Washington DC was shut down. It was reported that 240,000 Non-Essential (not needed) federal bureaucrats in DC alone were not needed and could stay home. If these same 240,000 Non-Needed Bureaucrats could stay home for a week, then why not send them home for good??? Even if we paid these Non-Needed Bureaucrats their normal salaries and benefits, we would still save money because they would not be wasting energy heating and cooling their buildings, and better yet, they could not meddle in our business from home and they could not create any new regulations and taxes to pay for them from home. And, of course, these 240,000 Non-Needed Federal Bureaucrats were just in DC. How many more Non-Needed Federal Bureaucrats are located in all the other 50 states? We could also close down their offices and pay them their salaries as well, and the country would be better off.

      Except for National Defense, Infrastructure, Borders, Courts and Prisons, the U.S. Government has no other business. Why have we allowed this government to become a carbon copy of a Socialistic Totalitarian Government? Answer is: Money and Power. And, their power is in the Bureaucracy. It is time that We, The People take back our country; one community, one town, one county and one state at a time. Start with your local School Board and Demand a Public School that is Controlled Locally and Demand that Your Children Be taught Academic Subjects and Skills only, and no Poliitical Correctness, Sexual Pervertedness, or Cultural or Bi-Lingual Diversity. This is America. Have we forgotten what that means???

      • DaveH

        Very well said Greyhawk.

      • George E


        You have a lot of very good thoughts and ideas. I just want to point out the obvious. We’ve allowed the federal government to dictate things to us that would otherwise be unconstitutional because we’ve allowed them to tax us and put conditions on the money when they give some of it back. They’ve got our public schools and local governments over a barrel because if they don’t toe the line with these federal rules and regulations they won’t get the “federal” money. That’s one of the reasons why our voice in local matters counts much less now than it did 30 years ago. It’s also one of the fundamental reasons why we need to keep the federal government small and out of local matters.

        • DaveH

          We should lean on our state and local governments to not accept these Federal funds. We are basically selling our souls to the devil when we do accept the funds.

        • greyhawk

          You are so right. The Feds rule by Blackmail at the Local and State levels of government when they make statements such as: “Adopt this speed limit, or we keep Federal Highway Tax Dollars.” Well, it is time for We, The People to Remind The DC Politicians and Bureaucrats that It Is Our Tax Dollars and they have no Right To Withhold Monies that rightly belong to We, The People, and that, We The People, tell our states what we want, and after that, it is none of Washington DC’s business. In fact, instead of sending our taxes to the Feds, why not keep it at home in our communities and states to begin with, then the Feds cannot Blackmail by threatening to Withhold What Is Already Ours, and let us, as citizens, decide on our Own Speed Limits, Educational Policies, etc. It is time to End This Dictatorship that we call the Federal Goverment that Dictates By Blackmail.

          • George E

            Yes, that’s exactly the way I see it as well. Thanks.

  • John Taylor

    This is a vicious circle. Let me explain. Lobbyists need to up the ante to make political suicide by politicans lacking a moral compass a viable option. Name 10 US politicans who are righteous and moral and possess ethics. I couldn’t get past two. The elite control both parties. The moneyed class have the bucks so they are able to control the house, congress and whitehouse. Look at Obama. He won the nobel prize, just like Al Gore, neither gave the $$ to a worthy cause. Imagine the tips, the manager of Obama’s blind trust gets and the jobs on Wall Street waiting for him in 2012, as long as he follows orders. Doubt me, look at Tony Blair’s meteoric career after politics.
    The voter thinks he controls the levers of powers. Those levers are connected to strings. The voter has only two choices. He believes he has a choice but both options are controlled by the same group. The only control the voter has, is over his tv remote, and even this takes him to programming controlled by the same dynasty that controls the election process. The election machine is broken and it is too late to fix it. It is a rigged game where the house always wins and the player (voter) picks up the tab. The voter is a moron and a dupe. They are lemmings quickly approaching the cliff. What will happen when they switch off Monday night Football and find themselves broke, living in a police state. They will then be entertained by their own live psyco-drama called New World Order. It will be one hell of a hangover to pay for staying uninformed, living in ignorance, and letting others handle the political process.
    I try to inform people, have no children so when it all comes down I exit with a clear conscience.

    • DaveH

      Don’t throw in the towel John. We can take this country back, and Obama has unwittingly aided us by waking the voters out of their lethargic apathy. Granted, it is going to be an uphill battle, but we can do it.
      Vote Libertarian.

    • George E


      In the end, our votes out weigh the money that the lobbys throw at our politicians. If we just hold our politicians accountable for their votes and actions, we can take control of this government again. We need to think more like independents and less like loyal party members going forward, I think.

    • Vicki

      We have the internet. We have sites like this. We have email. WE HAVE THE POWER. Talk to all those who will listen. Get messages out thru Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. Use tools like We CAN make the difference. We ARE making a difference. John, Never give up. Never surrender.

      • DaveH

        Way to fight the good fight, Vicki.

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      Hi. Are you the John Taylor that in the seventies lived in Springfield and has an ex wife named Pam. Plase advise. Thanks


    The need for a reorganization of how our government reps hold office is definately a item to be looked at and adopted, soon. We need term limits, moratoriums, public audits and posssibly a major tax on campaign contributions, the bonds of trust and integrity have been strained and to keep them from breaking we have to reinforce the point that elected officials and appointees are there to serve not to rule or become a elite class of people. The idea that your office serves to make your bank account grow and you are no longer subject to the law is a fallacy, it is a crime for this attitude to prevail and the honor of civil service is in dire need of being restored.

    When you are selected for jury duty, you are to consider it a honor to spend your time in the court system, the same should be said of those who we give our vote to and abuse of this honor should be a way to gain removal by petition and evidence. Those elected need to be audited publicly while they hold office and if there is evidence of abuse then legal repercussion should be a option. We need to restore the honor, trust and the integrity of being a civil servant, elected, appointed or hired, if you want the job then you have a duty.

    • DaveH

      Term limits and Campaign Finance Rules will not help.
      With term limits, we take away their incentive to please the citizens (re-election). Imagine for instance that none of the Democrats in Congress faced re-election in the fall. How do you think they would vote?
      And it takes a lot of money for a challenger to get out his message. With Campaign Finance Rules we hobble the challengers and entrench the incumbents.
      The only real way we can stop this Leviathan is to wake the voters up to the reality of the self-perpetuating nature of the Political Class. They are partying hardy on our tax-dollars and they will do everything they can to further grow their power and perks. They could care less if they take our economy down as long as they are on top. Witness Cuba.
      We need to mobilize the citizens to push hard to cut back the size of Big Government, preferably back to their Constitutionally Limited Powers.

      • George E

        Very wise statements. Thanks.

      • ONTIME

        I wish you would re read what I just said, serving in office is no different than enlisting in any service of this country, if you are derelict in in obligation then you are dismissed. If a moratorium is in place and you prove your worth then your chances of regaining or improving the office is available. Another possibility especially for state government is a part time legislature, Kaaaleeephornyaa is a prime example of to many, to much and to little result for the time and money spent supporting the size of it’s government. Academic thinking will not help make those in office responsive, it takes experience, commonsense and dedication to earn the right of peoples trust, bring something to your office that will help, it’s why you should run for a office.

  • Victor L Barney

    Just follow the money! How true! Great article!

    Note: Medical is the number 1 money maker in America, which is why that they are so involved! Of coarse, lawyers and bankers are never far behind in the money trail, are they?

  • Michael J.

    Well I’m sure glad to see that everyone is so fired up. There’s no doubt in my mind that IF we are allowed to vote in 10 & 12, we will make a difference.
    Right now and forever more we need public servants, not politicians.
    We need elected officials, not appointed Czars.
    We need as a tool, a Confidence Vote which could be demanded by voters any time policy makers engage in questionable practices. If we mistakenly vote in a bum, why should we have to wait 2,4 or 6 years to fire him?

    • DaveH

      All we need to do is enforce the rules that are already there – The Constitution.

  • Carlos LoPopolo

    The best thing that could happen to this country is to get everyone who sits in an elected seat today out of office. Its not Dem. “OR” Rep.its all those elected that have messed up this country. As long as everyone who is in office now remains we as Americans will suffer.

    • George E


      Most of these politicians are scumbags. However, a few are pushing a conservative agenda and need to be rewarded with our votes for fighting for us. Let’s vote out all who cast their votes against conservative principles and/or those that are found to be corrupt, and try to build a majority with the rest.

      • Vicki

        Vote only for those that have a proven voting record that supports the limits in the Constitution. To make it easier to see their record we MUST get them to do only 1 subject at a time. ( )

        • DaveH

          Excellent point Vicki. I think they put all the garbage together on one giant bill purposely to avoid scrutiny. We do need to get that stopped.

        • George E


          Very well stated.

  • TeresaE

    As of today I still have a little (very little) hope left that we the people will change the playing field in November.

    Then I read BJ Holmes response and plummet back into depression.

    Unless we vote ALL of them out, we will NEVER break the hold the mega-corporations have over us.

    And, unless we the people QUIT ASKING to be protected, and paid, for every little thing, the beast is just going to continue to grow.

    This won’t “end” until it collapses. And that reality is edging ever closer.

    No matter who sits in the White House or halls of Congress.

  • Joe Berger

    The only way any of this will ever change is for us to change ‘the men in the mirror’. We have to stop looking to our government to do things for us. We need to refuse to accept government handouts, government projects, pork barrel projects, etc. STAND UP AND TELL THEM WE’RE NOT ON THE TAKE ANY MORE. Write and pursue a referendum that demands the end of fiat (phoney paper)money, the end of the existing tax structure and the flat rate 10% no deductible no exemption tax on ALL income, personal and corporate GROSS (NOT NET)revenue, the end of the IRS, the end of open unenforced borders, the end of kowtowing to foreign special interest groups (A MUSLIM representative to the President? Does he have a Baptist one? Catholic? Jewish? Then he should not have a Muslim one either – separation of church and state would say there should be NO religious representative to the President from any religion, foreign or domestic). We ALSO need to shut down the Federal Gov’t retirement system, transfer all the monies into the social Security system, and re-institute the S.S. ‘trust fund’ as a sacred, non-borrowable entity.
    We need to declare that no federal employee (incl. Congress)is eligible for vesting until they have served at least TEN years. We need to end Congress’ ability to vote themselves raises (this must be done by a nationwide referendum only -congress can propose – WE will vote on it.) We need to eliminate Congress’ ability to vote a higher debt ceiling, repeal the one they just voted in, and roll the old one backward by 25%. And DEMAND that Uncle Sam must live exclusively off tax monies already collected, and that ALL interest on the national debt must be paid out first, then 10% of the nation budget must be used to pay off the principal, and only then will other money be made available for other government operations.

  • James Corbin

    Go Inga!!!!!!! Right On……..

  • Tim

    I am glad that Livingston was honest enough to include Repukes after blasting the Democrats for receiving lobbyist money. Both parties are guilty of giving in to special interests. Regardless, it is up to us Americans to use our heads when we go to the polls. That didn’t happen when George W. Bush was elected to the White House by the conservative Supreme Court in 2000, and nosed out a weak John Kerry in 2004. Howard Dean would have beaten Bush in 2004. What we ended up with was the WORST president in history wrecking our country (both domestically and internationally).

    I need to also tell Livingston and his Repuke allies in this blog, that it is Repukes who are the party of big business. Repukes care about those on Easy Street, while Democrats care about those on Main Street. It is always Repukes that want tax cuts for the rich. Perfect examples of this are the estate tax (erroneously called death taxes by conservatives)and the capital gains tax. Most lower and middle income people are not even affected by these taxes, yet Repukes are alway complaining about these taxes. For your information, the estate tax only affects estates that are valued well over a million dollars, something that you would never find probably 98% of Americans owning.

    I also want to comment on some “off-the-wall” remarks by other bloggers. At least one person said Obama should be impreached. Another person said he was not born in the USA. Let me just say that Obama was born and raised in Hawaii. He was NOT from another country. If he had been, Hillary Clinton would have brought this up in the 2008 Democrat primaries, when she was fighting against Obama for the nomination. But you never heard anything like this, did you?

    As far as Obama being impeached, on what grounds? He didn’t commit treason or any other high crimes or misdemeanors against the USA. If anyone deserved impeachment, it was George W. Bush (worst president ever). He started an illegal war in Iraq and lied to the Americans and Congress to get them to buy into his lie. He also murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians and over 5,000 American servicemen. He is also responsible for the wounding of over 10,000 American servicemen. He blew a $237 billion budget surplus by approving all the pork barrel spending of the Repukes between 2001 and 2007 (never vetoeing one spending bill). Only until Democrats regained power in 2007 did he start vetoing bills (many of which were good). Bush also had U.S. attorneys fired, just because they didn’t pass his extremist litmus test. He had Valerie Plame fired simply because her husband disagreed with Bush on the Iraq War.
    Bush practiced torture and also invaded our privacy with his over-reaching fight on terrorism, which trampled on our First Amendment rights.

    The solution to the mess our country is in, is to vote out of office all Repukes. Mr. Livingston made a remark that Scott Brown won in Massachusetts because of the voters being disillusioned with health care reform. Again, Livingston has his information screwed up. The voters picked Brown partly because Coakley ran a shabby campaign. Any decent candidate (like Barney Frank or Patrick Kennedy) would have cleaned Brown’s clock, and we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Also, it wasn’t Democrats who tipped the scales for Brown in that election, it was Independents, who tend to be more conservative in general. A plurality of voters polled said they favored a public option, mainly becaue their own health care bill doesn’t have one. By the way, that Massachusetts health care bill that Brown voted for and Romney signed into law, is almost indentical to the Democrat Senate bill that was passed by 60 votes right before Christmas. The reason that Repukes say such bad things about it, is that it was a Democratic bill, versus a Repuke bill. It is pretty obvious to any wise observer that the Repukes just want Obama to fail. For some weird reason they think they deserve to be back in the majority, after screwing everything up when they were in power.
    They just can’t accept the fact that the Americans agree with me, that Repukes can’t govern period.
    If Obama and the Democrats are given the time, they will get the Repuke mess turned around. Finally, if Obama hadn’t passed a stimulus bill, the unemployment rate would be a lot worse. Many economists have said this.

    • Lee

      Well Tim you obviously don’t know anything about family farms, based on your statement about the estate tax. My aunt had to sell the family farm when her husban, my uncle, died. Why? Because the farm’s entire yearly income wasn’t enough to pay the estate tax. Many familty farms are worth many times the amount of annual income they generate and its a sad day when the government forces the widow to sell the farm to pay the government death tax. And yes, it is truly a “death tax” because that is the precisely the event that precipitates it!

      • DaveH

        Oh, but Lee, you must have missed that Tim cares about “Main Street”.

    • DaveH

      More Liberal dribble: The Repubs care about Wall Street, the Demos care about Main Street. Rubbish. Explain this then:
      Socialism has failed miserably everywhere that it has been fully implemented. Impoverishing our economy is not “caring about Main Street”.
      Your name-calling and propaganda falls on deaf ears on this board.

    • Meteorlady

      Tim – nice to see you are here with more of your Bush bashing and name calling. Try going back a lot further than Bush to see the ruin of this country. Or if you don’t want to go back too far…. look to LGJ and Carter for the absolute worst of the worst.

    • Carl Casino

      Tim, You really need to slow down on the meds, they are clowding your vision.

      • Joe H.

        What vision???? He’s blinded by the liberal view!!!!

  • Sandra Blum



    Doesn’t this put all of the government positions in place to watch over the business of America and not aid them in destructive behavior–theirs and ours (something that ALWAYS HAPPENS TO PEOPLE when too much money and power is in their hands). We need government to be watchdogs for the GOOD OF ALL AMERICANS and the PROTECTOR OF CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. NOT PROGRESSIVES THAT WANT TO ROB THE IGNORANT MASSES OF THEIR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS BY TWISTING THE WORDS OF THE CONSTITUTION AND BRINGING TO PASS THEIR SELF SERVING IDEAS AND IDEALS.

    Term limits put the lawmakers right back out into the public sector to be SUBJECT TO THE VERY LAWS THEY THEMSELVES HAVE MADE. Won’t that make them think twice about their directions and consequences? I am sure that will not stop all indecent behavior, but will do a lot. Bad, self serving laws can be reversed by the next elected official.

    Of course everyone wants good health care available. Health care is however, a BUSINESS ! Obviously a very LUCRATIVE BUSINESS. AND MORE SO BECAUSE GOVERNMENT HAS HAD ANY CONTROL OR RESPONSIBILITY TO RUN ANY PART OF THAT BUSINESS. Government should never have gotten into that business in the first place. If they hadn’t gotten into it, we wouldn’t have such an out of control monster to deal with now. Business belongs in the private sector…keep it there! If it succeeds, it is because it meets the needs of those it serves. If it fails, it is because it failed those it served.
    Let the states solve more of their own problems. Refreshing thought, isn’t it?? When things become a problem, it is much less of a mess to fix. Local people know best what to do for themselves.


    • Time

      The reasons are all very simple, we have not been under the Constitution as a base of law since 1900.
      As every year that passed after that time it has become only a piece of Hemp paper with some black ink on it.

    • Meteorlady

      Terms limits – I have a senator that represents the people in his district, I mean really represents us. I don’t want him to go away. I know that he has to take money from somewhere to run for office, but I don’t care if he’s there for 30 years as long as his votes represent the feelings of his district.

      Campaign financing is a good start though and ending all lobbying of ANY government representative is a real good start. We also should require “independent” background checks on anyone running for office – I mean school records, work records, etc.. Then we need to start electing by popular vote. We need to police the Republican and Democratic parties and stop the hand picking by them of the candidates we “get” to vote for, and primaries are a joke. You have to declare a party to even get into the voting both and guess what the parties are – Repub & Dem. Since I am Independent I am locked out of the primary process. As for the Dems and their Super Delegates – gads what a joke that is. If the primaries and caucasus decide on one person to go forward the Super Delegates can step in and cast their vote for their choice. This entire process is not liberty or democracy, it’s manipulation by those in power who want to stay in power.

      • Joe H.

        I agree with the background checks. Here in Ohio my daughter had to go through a FBI background check before she could hire into a daycare center. Now she wants to hire into a direct care position for the handicapped and she has to go through another. If she has to go through these, then why shouldn’t our representatives?

    • DaveH

      The thing I don’t like about the Flat Tax, Sandra, is that it is still a tax on income, thus a disincentive to work hard.
      I would prefer that each adult paid the same tax regardless of effort. After all, we supposedly all get the same protection under the law.
      However, I know that is probably politically unfeasible, so in lieu of that I would settle for a Fair Tax which taxes consumption rather than income:

      And I doubt a Balanced Budget Law would work. The politicians would just find a way around it like they do in many states that have such a requirement.

      Term limits would just make all politicians into Lame Ducks who no longer felt the need to please the voters.

      I think there is just no substitution for a well-informed electorate.

      • denniso

        Clinton fininshed his 8yrs w/ a budget surplus,Cheny/Bush came in an doubled the debt to 10.6 trillion $$ and the repubs didn’t sqwak one bit…now,suddenly,the repubs are whining about the deficit again,after the economy collapses under their administration and deficit spending is needed to spark the economy back to life. If some of you don’t know by now you should read up on economics…the federal gov’t doesn’t have to balance it’s budget and often has to use that flexibility to keep the economy working…like now,or in war time.

        • Legion

          denniso- you are a partisan on DRUGS. Clinton’s surplus was because of the Republican Congress who cut spending. Clinton helped(?) by stripping our military. His future surplus numbers were illusory. The economy was going in the dumpster his last year per economists. Bush had two wars to fund after we were attacked- or did you forget? And Republican voters did complain mightily about his unfunded mandates. Acting like demorats got the Republican congress in trouble and they were punished in the elections of 2006 and 2008 when many stayed home and did not vote. Zero quadrupled the deficit of Bush- he is trying to spend his way out of this demonrat caused recession (demonrats took over in 2006- they write the bills and spend the money dummy) which is exactly the wrong way to go. Osama obama is a marxist socialist communist Alisky trained bozo who is trying to destroy the country. Look who he hung around with in college- oh yeah- his records are sealed. Because he got a foreign student scholarship.

          • denniso

            I’m afraid you’re off the edge into paranoia…quit listening to LImbaugh and co.

          • JeffH

            …and that was the only logical response denniso could make.

          • denniso

            And,you’re right JeffH, it’s a logical response to an absurd comment,isn’t it?

        • Meteorlady

          Not sure where this came from but I did a fact check and it’s pretty dang accurate:

          “What about that deficit “I inherited”?

          The Washington Post babbled again today about Obama inheriting a huge deficit from Bush, blah blah blah.

          Amazingly, many people swallow this nonsense.

          So once more, let’s have a short civics lesson.

          Budgets do not come from the White House. They come from Congress. The one and only party that has controlled Congress since January 2007 is the Democratic Party. They controlled the budget process for FY 2008 and FY 2009, as well as FY 2010 and FY 2011. In that first year, they had to contend with George Bush, who made them compromise on spending when he somewhat belatedly got tough on spending increases.

          For FY 2009, though, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid bypassed George Bush entirely, passing continuing resolutions to keep government running until Barack Obama could take office. At that time,they passed a massive omnibus spending bill to complete the FY 2009 budgets.

          And where was Barack Obama all this time? He was a member of that very Congress that passed all of these massive spending bills, and then he signed the omnibus bill as President to complete FY 2009.

          Let’s remember what the deficit looked like during that period:

          If the Democrats inherited any deficit, it was the FY 2007 deficit, the last of the Republican budgets. That deficit was the lowest in five years, and the fourth straight decline in deficit spending. After that, Democrats inCongress took control of spending, and that includes Barack Obama, who voted for the budgets. If Obama inherited anything, he inherited it from himself.

          In a nutshell,what Obama is saying is “I inherited a deficit that I voted for. Then I voted to expand that deficit four-fold since January 20, 2009.”

          So…what exactly did Obama “inherit”? And from whom?”

          I’d like to hear your answer to the last two questions.

          • Joe H.

            i was shocked to see that dennislo didn’t answer you on THAT one…Not!!!!

  • Harold Olsen

    Obama doesn’t care that the people do not want Obamacare. He is so arrogant that, as far as he is concerned, NO ONE has a right to disagree with him or even SUGGEST what he should do. Only HE knows what’s best for us. After al, he’s the anointed one, the messiah. He thinks he is a god.

    With Pelosi, I really think that she believes that she has nothing to lose by ignoring the will of the people. I think she believes that she is Speaker of the House for the rest of her life even if she loses her re-election bid.

    We need to put these and the rest of the greedy, arrogant and corrupt politicians in their place and make sure they are made to remember just who they work for.

  • Willie B

    All Government people need to have to pay taxes and all other things we have to pay from our wages. Also their wages should not be allowed to be so much higher than normal wages. Make them normal people and they may understand where we are.

  • Warrior

    545 PEOPLE

    By Charlie Reese

    Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them.

    Have you ever wondered, if both the Democrats and the Republicans are against deficits, WHY do we have deficits?

    Have you ever wondered, if all the politicians are against inflation and high taxes, WHY do we have inflation and high taxes?

    You and I don’t propose a federal budget. The president does.

    You and I don’t have the Constitutional authority to vote on appropriations. The House of Representatives does.

    You and I don’t write the tax code, Congress does.

    You and I don’t set fiscal policy, Congress does.

    You and I don’t control monetary policy, the Federal Reserve Bank does.


    One hundred senators, 435 congressmen, one president, and nine Supreme Court justices equates to 545 human beings out of

    the 300 million are directly, legally, morally, and individually responsible for the domestic problems that plague this country.
    I excluded the members of the Federal Reserve Board because that problem was created by the Congress. In 1913, Congress

    delegated its Constitutional duty to provide a sound currency to a federally chartered, but private, central bank.
    I excluded all the special interests and lobbyists for a sound reason.. They have no legal authority. They have no ability to

    coerce a senator, a congressman, or a president to do one cotton-picking

    thing. I don’t care if they offer a politician $1 million

    dollars in cash. The politician has the power to accept or reject it. No matter what the lobbyist promises, it is the legislator’s

    responsibility to determine how he votes.
    Those 545 human beings spend much of their energy convincing you that what they did is not their fault. They cooperate in this

    common con regardless of party. What separates a politician from a normal human being is an excessive amount of gall. No

    normal human being would have the gall of a Speaker, who stood up and criticized the President for creating deficits. The

    president can only propose a budget. He cannot force the Congress to accept it.
    The Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land, gives sole responsibility to the House of Representatives for originating

    and approving appropriations and taxes. Who is the speaker of the House? Nan cy Pelosi. She is the leader of the majority party.

    She and fellow House members, not the president, can approve any budget they want. If the president vetoes it, they can pass it

    over his veto if they agree to.
    It seems inconceivable to me that a nation of 300 million can not replace 545 people who stand convicted — by present facts — of

    incompetence and irresponsibility. I can’t think of a single domestic problem that is not traceable directly to those 545 people.

    When you fully grasp the plain truth that 545 people exercise the power of the federal government, then it must follow that what

    exists is what they want to exist.
    If the tax code is unfair, it’s because they want it unfair.

    If the budget is in the red, it’s because they want it in the red.

    If the Army & Marines are in IRAQ , it’s because they want them in IRAQ .

    If they do not receive social security but are on an elite retirement plan not available to the people, it’s because they want it that way.

    There are no insoluble government problems.

    Do not let these 545 people shift the blame to bureaucrats, whom they hire and whose jobs they can abolish; to lobbyists, whose gifts

    and advice they can reject; to regulators, to whom they give the power to regulate and from whom they can take this power. Above

    all, do not let them con you into the belief that there exists disembodied mystical forces like “the economy,” “inflation,” or “politics”

    that prevent them from doing what they take an oath to do.

    Those 545 people, and they alone, are responsible.

    They, and they alone, have the power.

    They, and they alone, should be held accountable by the people who are their bosses.

    Provided the voters have the gumption to manage their own employees.

    We should vote all of them out of office and clean up their mess!

    Charlie Reese is a former columnist of the Orlando Sentinel Newspaper.

    • JC

      Good Post Warrior. People need to realize that everything wrong with the US is by design. The design is handed down by people we didn’t elect and who will never be held responsible for what they’ve done to us. The only thing we can do is kill the system that is in place and stop this fiasco. We need to go back to the Constitution in its strictest sense. That includes the highest penalties for treason.

  • http://yahoo John Mapes

    I want my country to return to the Constitution. Individualism not socialism. The LEFT WING PROGRESSIVES are taking our country to a second class Nation. The great dream of the far left is to have two classes of people—-the ruling elete and the faceless workers.

    • American Citizen

      I think it’s the mostly the young who consider themselves Progressives. What they don’t understand is that they will be the faceless workers.

  • Old Soldier

    The answer to all our problems was given to us when this republic was founded, the Constitution. We the people must demand and elect only representatives who will restore and enforce the constitutions of their states and the US Constitution. An enforced 10th Amendment would take most of the power and bureaucracy out of federal government. Politicians at the state level are much easier to change at the ballot box than US Congressional representatives. Why do we have bureaucracies like Energy, Education, EPA, etc. when each state could and should be responsible to their own citizens for these functions? This would put all states in competition with each other to provide the best government for their citizens or lose citizens to better managed states. With states rights enforced the federal government could operate with a national flat or sales tax in the range of 5-10%. Each state could figure out their taxing system based on their state budget needs with an eye on what other states were doing. If we’re going to have a revolution let’s make it to return our federal and state governance back to our constitutions!

    • DaveH

      Good Points Soldier.

  • John Bakalar

    I agree that there should be a way to get the “mistakes” we vote in,
    to get out of office if we believe they are not following the Constitution, which is still supposed to be THE LAW of our Nation!
    The Quislings in the District of Corruption, all took an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic,
    act as though it is null and void. It’s time they were told to live
    by their oath, and serve our country, and not the communist U N.

    • denniso

      The constitution has had to be ammended how many times?? Why? was it because the original had flaws and maybe wasn’t perfect and ‘divine’?? If it hasn’t always been perfect then why is it perfect now?
      And the U.N. is communist? Wow, the big bad boogey man is back and going to take us over again…scary,scary!!!

      • DaveH

        Perfect or not, it is the main law of the land. So you and your fellow Liberals are lawless. Tell us something we don’t know.

  • LindyMaeUSA

    Sorry Bob, looks like I entered my comments in the wrong section (at the START of the comments.) Anyhow, what I wanted to say is shown below. Thanks for reading it!

    Great insight and information in your article. However, I’d suggest revising your opening sentence from “the elected class no longer cares about you” to the actual truth: “the elected class has NEVER cared about you!”

    And thanks for including your “source” ( listed for all to see as the ones who are “funding” the Washington Wolf Pack crooks, thieves, liars and cheats!

    I’ll refer family and friends to that site as “proof” when I Forward your article to them.

    “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” ~Thomas Jefferson

  • Meteorlady

    We need to scale down the size of our government. They are stifling free enterprise and ruining our economy. Give rights back to the states. Let our tax dollars first go to the state, then to the federal government. It’s much much easier to control local officials – we can actually visit them or picket of we want – than to control a bunch of egotistical idiots in Washington.

    It’s sad, but where is the ethics and integrity anymore? Instead of educating children in the basics, we should teach them to lie, cheat and steal because that’s how you make it in the corporate and banking world.

    We need to start educating our children about the dangers of big government and control. They need to know that it’s a war – them against the established federal government. That to win is to have your life and liberties back.

    Ask yourself why it’s so expensive to get elected and why they spend even their own money to get there? Because there is wealth and power at the end of the election process. Lots of wealth and lots of power. Totally suited for the unethical and dishonest among us.

  • American Citizen

    What worries me about the upcoming election in November is the gullibility of far too many people. Those politicians will pretend to be conservative in order to get reelected, then do an about face after in office. Don’t be taken in by their friendly grin, they’re imagining how well you’d fit within their skin. Look at their records and how they voted. We need a complete turnover up there.

  • Russell

    Supreme Court ruling on campaign finance
    Is “one man one vote” still in effect?
    Corporations and unions “don’t have a votes” are for sale. What do corporations and unions want in return for their donations to the parties?
    We the people “all have a vote” are for sale. What do “We the people” get in return for our vote? Fifty percent pay no income tax, fifty percent get some sort of largess from the government. (Welfare, food stamps, subsidies housing, farm subsides, and many more.)
    The first amendment gives us the right to voice our opinion but it does not give us the right to demand that the government be our sugar daddy. If we are a compassionate nation, then why do we demand that the government take over the responsibility that should be that of the “We the people”
    Why do we have a constitution? Is it something to hang on the wall like a picture? Or is it a blueprint for neighbors to be neighborly and to keep the government from interfering.
    Our founding fathers established three equal branches of government and that each branch was to ride heard on the other two. Who is going to stop the fiasco that has penetrated the legislation and administration. The only one that can stop this fiasco is the judicial. We can’t depend on “we the people” to do the job.

  • Paul Kruger

    I have made it clear to my representatives that absent any progress on health care reform…why would I re-elect them?

    Elected officials have sold the American People down the river to the health insurance companies for years. Personally if they all went belly up to be replaced with a true national health care system similar to what we already give to our veterans, I would be quite happy.

    No Congress in my life time has tried and succeeded in ousting big money from health care, leaving tens of thousands of Americans to die for lack of money.

    Congress and Americans should be ashamed that we allow private profits to dictate who is to live or die here.

    We MUST have a government health care system because we cannot trust private insurance companies ( who provide no care at all ) to dictate the health of Americans.

    • Ron in TX

      Since ins. cos provide no health care, why do you even use them? Freedom is much more valuable than dollars.

    • blackhat

      Paul, you must not be a veteran. The VA sucks! I get better care through my own private insurance, hands down! You are trying to throw out the baby with the bath water. Just allow insurance companies to cross state lines, and get some true tort reform and watch how health care gets better.

    • DaveH

      We can’t trust those dastardly insurance companies (who we don’t have to purchase from)? But we can trust the government who will give us no choice? So logical. No wonder this country is in trouble.

    • jim

      Hi Paul, When ever anyone thinks the Government should pay for…., that money comes from taxpayers. Do you really believe the U.S. taxpayer is moraly obligated to pay your doctor bill?

  • Paul Kruger

    Russell: “…If we are a compassionate nation, then why do we demand that the government take over the responsibility that should be that of the “We the people””

    This is where ignorance and lack of education get in the way of progress. “We the People” ARE the government. Government is not “Them” it is us doing for ourselves what we as individuals can’t do. Yes, we have a right as “the people” to demand that government do for us whatever we tell it we want it to do…government is supposed to work for US, not for private corporations. The entire issue with health care and government is that those in government forget who they work for ( Us ) and instead, continue to protect private profits over the well being of our citizens. People who complain about government doing things to protect it’s own citizens are primarily those who have the financial clout to manipulate government to protect them rather than for the common good.

    Health care reform must involve government because government represents people where as we have no vote and no power to demand anything from a private corporation when it comes to good health.

    If Insurance companies were good citizens and truly cared about the health of America we would not need government intervention. That is not the case. They care only about money, thus “We the People” have a right to demand help from our government ( which is of, by and for the people )

    This is what government is supposed to do…protect citizens, not wealthy CEO’s and their companies.

    • blackhat

      Paul, you must understand that insurance companies are “for profit”…hello? But, if you prefer the “government” to provide health care, then you must impose a burden on one “people” to pay for another “people”. That’s how any government service works, money (taxes) are taken from someone to give to someone else. Simple, huh?

    • Thom Moses

      You can’t be more wrong. If Government takes over healthcare, you will be powerless. Just think of “Fatal Attraction” Try firing your congressman….Right now “We the consumer” have the right to fire any business that treats us wrong, even if it is just our own opinion. I fire any credit card company that mistreats me.

      • blackhat

        Great point Thom

    • Vicki

      Paul. The purpose of insurance is to insure an asset. Insurance companies provide this insurance by organizing (Freedom of association) into a group that collects money from a bunch of people and then pays out some of it to those who need the coverage. If some insurance company is not providing you with the insurance you want go to a competitor. Oh. Wait. Government has regulations that prevent insurance companies from competing. Now you say that we the people did that. So lets undo it thereby fixing the problem without more government.

      (Government is not the solution. It IS the problem)

      • denniso

        Oh God!!! Reagan’s mindless mantra again! Don’t you know that he said that for pure political gain?? That even he wasn’t that dumb…

        • Vicki

          First that isn’t Reagans mindless mantra, its Mine. I came up with it while Reagan was still just an actor. 2nd it is not mindless. It is a sound byte for those with short attention spans to help them comprehend that “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.” -George Washington

          Government is not business. It creates no wealth. It creates no product. Its only power is to force people to do what it wants. Our forefathers understood this very well and put together the best (to date) method of controlling the beast in the form of the Constitutionally Limited Republic called the United States of America. They wrote endless volumes explaining the whys and wherefores of each and every line, article and amendment.

          We have become way too complacent and allowed the government to commit many many irresponsible actions. We either tame the beast or it will become truly the fearful master that George Washington warned us about.

          • denniso

            Gov’t does things that the ‘free market’ can’t or wont do…like defending the country,like building thousands of miles of highway for commerce and affordable travel for all. Wiould you hand the military over to the private sector and get evil gov’t out of national defense?

          • Vicki

            The government does NOT defend the country. WE do. That is the total purpose of the 2nd amendment. That each and every one of us rise up and throw off the chains of the oppressor.

            Highways were built by private companies. The government simply took money from some of us to pay these private companies to build the highways. Free markets easily build highways if there is a real need for them. As long as the government does not interfere with regulations and taxes the highways would be affordable for all.

            So as you see all of your points are moot.

  • ldot

    Vote out all incumbents!

  • Jim McCarthy

    Thanks for the eye-opening info and the source. Independence Caucus also does a great job of explaining to the Average Joe how the politicians of BOTH PARTIES are screwing us. I hope you will let your readers check out GOOOH.COM to learn about joining an effort to replace all 435 members of the House this year. You see, GOOOH stands for GET OUT OF OUR HOUSE!!!

  • Snowbird In New Hampshire, USA

    Everyday Obama is being more like a dictator instead of a President of free people.. He is ordering us instead of letting us choose… Is he leaning toward the ways of Hitler was………….

  • Snowbird In New Hampshire, USA

    Do you suppose Obama is considering of using one of our larger States to set up a *Camp* with ovens and all to send most of us whom disagree with him……………

    • http://Yahoo Dee D

      Snowbird check the barbed wire at the top of the fences at post offices. Which way should the barbs be pointed to either keep prisoners in or out?

  • Ron in TX

    Even more important than the campaign contributions, are the sweetheart deals and jobs that these guys get when they DO get kicked out of office. Some of them don’t even care if they are not re-elected. So, yes, follow the money……especially after they leave office.

  • s c

    If you really care about changing Washington forever, you have a choice. 1) NO CONSECUTIVE TERMS or 2) NO CONSECUTIVE TERMS or 3) NO CONSECUTIVE TERMS. As obvious as some things can be, we still have many people in America who don’t get it (they don’t want to get it?).
    America, you’ve had too many years and too many generations to help yourselves solve the problem. If we ever lose America to the forces of slavery and bondage, odds are that we’ll never be free again.

  • http://gmail High Plains Pat

    If we set 6 years term limits the lobbyists would be off balance of who to grease up to have power grab. Make it 6 year increments, either 3 2 year terms for Reps. or 1 term Sen., it would stop people like Strom T., Ted K., Chris D., Sheets Byrd, from making a life long job for themselves. Senority is set up just like unions, it is the keep kissing behind to get senority, then get the top spot over committees, to control the newest members. We wou;d have a turn over every two years and keep over educated idiots like the President, Schumber, and others that just go to school and have never run a business or even a lemonade stand telling businesses and job creaters, how to run their businesses. Who the create more slots for more eduucated theorist mush brains to create probems. Look at the Ag. programs that pay people to sit on their behind and collect millions and do nothing but cash their government welfare checks. Whiich was started by FDR’s first Sec. of Ag. , a Commie and a “progressive” who praised Russia’s style of controll of feeding their people. FDR and the crossbred Black President we have a both a couple of abusive eleitist of our Constitution.

  • Thom Moses

    Tell me it ain’t true Joe.

    close quote from Vince Fumo (D. Phila) during corruption trial… I get people elected so I get more power so I can get my agenda passed for the people (to suffer more?)
    I will help you get elected, you must vote how I tell you. If you are liked, you might get re-elected, if not, I will direct a lobbyist job to open up for you, or maybe we will send you to Siberia, only in the U.S.S.A it’s known as Fannie & Freddie where you will be burdened with large bonuses as retribution to your failure. Just as we punished Jamie Gorelick and Eric Holder and the list goes on and on

  • Snowbird In New Hampshire, USA

    BTW: Why is Obama not revealing his birth certificate…….. Is he too ashamed that it will reveal that he was born in Kenya Africa as his siter was whom is living in OUR White House.

    Are they both laughing and joking concerning where they were born………….

  • http://gmail High Plains Pat

    Paul Kruger should look at how all government programs are managaged, and tell me what ones are not a farce and increase costs and paper work. There is more fraud and waste than letting free market run systems. Postal Service should all be privatatised, more efficient and faster and cheaper delivery would result. Right now all transporation between hubs are private carriers, who do their jobs more efficient than the unionized overpaid slugs in offices, who couldn’t pass the background checks or pass the drug tests have the skills. that operate under an attitude of it isn’t my job unless it is in a job description. Unions are the main factors in manufactoring cost over runs and srcrew ups in all of government.

    • blackhat

      Oh come on Pat! The US Post Serrvice can still deliver a letter for under 50 cents! Oh wait…but, they do it by running a deficit…hmmm…but, what a great job the EPA does! Right? No…we’re still dependant on foreign oil ’cause of regulations from them…hmmm…what about the education dept? Aren’t they doing a great job, why even here in Va the headlines read that we increased our Spanish skills testing…shoot…that’s no good either…well, there has to be an example of good gov’t somewhere…I’ll keep looking.

  • Snowbird In New Hampshire, USA

    blackhat, my hat is off to you:-)

  • chuck b


    after reading your comment i can understand why the repus didn’t answer. i too remain a republican in name only. unless, as you say we
    cut this federal gov. down, the nest step will be, annex to cuba. our federal and state employmentis is probably closing in on private industry and they are non-productive.unless we cut this back we might as well annex to cuba and i’m sure the caliph has this in mind. thank you for you great post.

  • chuck b


    “your great post”

  • Larry Reid

    90% of our problems in this country can be traced back to directly or indirectly to”destruction of our Constitution” People forget or maybe never knew our constitution was created by our founders who had a very solid beleief in the Creator himself. Moving away from the teachings of scripture has had a negative affect on our country.
    Maybe it is too soon for the majority to accept the “following of
    the constitution and the Bible to get us back on the right path.
    Stop and think about it for just one moment: The farther we moved from these two great institutions the worse our problems become.
    You build nothing of substance on a foundation of sand…..

  • Les

    While most people do not like what congress is doing it will be hard to change the membership. Most people like their congress person but not congress so they will still elect their person. So the same people get elected over & over. People like Pelosi will never be defeated as if there is any place more liberal than MA it is SF. Greed, Greed, Greed by every level of society has brought us to this point. Most people do not care what happens to the USA, as long as they continue to get their welfare & entitlements. This includes corporations all the down.

    In the 1990s the people concluded the Dems were spending way too much so they elected the Repubs. When the Repubs tried to cut spending they heard” NOT MY MONEY, CUT SOME PLACE ELSE.. The AARP was most vocal complaing about their welfare payments being cut. So they so they had no choice but to go back to tax & spend.

    They tried the balanced budget thing but it was defeated by one vote, Byrd of WV. Anyway they would have ignored it.

    Remember in the 1700s it was stated no democracy could last much longer than 200 years as once people learned they could vote themselves favors from the public treasury it would fail, so you are living on borrowed time.

    Greed has taken the country over a clift, you have just not hit bottom yet.

    • blackhat

      Les, I would argue that “greed” is NOT the problem. If it were not for people trying to seek more and better for themselves and thier families (i.e. “greed”) we would still be living in caves. It is natural for mankind to seek more and better. The problem is APATHY. Some people are accepting of thier current lifestyle, or have no ambition to work towards a more and better. These people are content, and some have found a way for others to fund thier life choices. I come from a small ranch family from Az. Today I live in a 3500 sq ft home in Va with all the bells and whistles. Why? Because (by your definition) I was greedy and wanted more for myself and my family. Sooo…I worked hard for 26 yrs in the Army, fought in four wars, got a degree, started my own company on the side and now have three solid incomes. I guess I am just tooo “greedy”. But, my kids go to a great college and five year old has a fund already in place (all my kids are adopted, so there!)

      • blackhat

        that would be “my five year old”…

      • Les

        You have ambition, many people have greed

  • Di

    `Brown was chosen not elected in Mass. Anyone that believes a republican won Kennedy’s seat in the state of Mass is open to an investment offer in Arizona of ocean front property.

  • Robert

    they don’t care about the votes either because with the automated voting machines they can manipulate votes in ways that ensure “appropriate” outcomes. just try to get them to go back to provable ballots that can be looked at again and see what they think of that. they had enough of 2004. watch the electronic ballots because that is where the new manipulation is… well it’s old really, but new in the sense of the massiveness of fraud that can now be perpetrated…

  • Steve G.

    Lots of good comments on here. Well Written, people. Yet our elected officials treat us like we’re stupid.

    Almost all politicians in Washington are corrupt, with a few exceptions, but for the life of me I can’t think of who they would be. The amount of self serving greed seems to get worse with every election. It is time for us to stop picking sides, and not re-elect any of them, No exceptions, Republican and Democrat. That should make it pretty clear that there is no elected position in Washington that is safe. Most elected officials in office only care about how much of our money they can put in their pockets. They have things so screwed up on capital hill that you can’t believe anything that you hear, because it’s probably a lie, but you can count on the fact that every politicians motivation is money and power, and there isn’t a single one of them that care about me or you. It’s time for us to take our country back.

    • Allan

      The only way I can see this happening is if a national campaign is organized to support a write-in candidate or perhaps a Tea party candidate. Because the Tea Party has momentum and is getting siginificant press coverage, it could help leverage candidates onto ballots at a lower cost than usual. This could result in candidates who are generally more honest and not career politicians. It may garner the voters that the other smaller parties don’t have. The other idea that comes to mind is to offer an endorsement of candidates that align with Tea Party positions on issues such as spending, national defense, taxation, etc. The next step is to get candidates to push for term limits, which would truly change representation.

  • Myron J. Poltroonian

    I am an American first; A conservative second; and a Republican a dim, distant third. The Tea Party Movement is a natural out growth of the anger, frustration and disgust that we exhibited during the demonstrations I attended circling the state capitol of Calipornia a few years ago to protest the “Amnesty Bill” then being rammed down our collective throats. We managed to “stuff it where the sun don’t shine” for the politicians that time instead. However, “Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom” as the prescient saying goes and never before in our nation’s history was that ever more true than it is now.

  • http://TexasPat Pat Chandler

    I think it is time for congress to have limited terms. However, I don’t know how it would happen since they would have to vote it in to law. There is something wrong when they leave office millionaires but didn’t start that way.

  • Don

    I never used to believe in term limits, but now I do, and I also think that we should eliminate pension benefits for senators and representatives. In addition I think that all payments to senators and representatives, cabinet officials and the President and Vice President should be sent through the Internal Revenue service, and taxes should be taken and then the balance left after taxes is sent by wire to their bank accounts.


    • Dick

      Term limits does nothing. CA has term limits for its legislature for a couple of decades and now nothing gets done. Nothing is really going to change until campaign financing is seriously overhauled. Just take a look at what any legislator votes for and who are his/hers heaviest contributor and you will notice the similarities. Do people bite the hands that feed them???

      I also just find it odd that Bob Livingston (or whoever wrote this piece) has now become aware of this problem. This did not happen overnight.

  • Don

    DennisO do you know when Hussien Obama is lying?? Well I can tell you any time he opens his mouth he is lying. Anyone who would consider Bill Ayers a friend is as waco as Ayers. Ayers and Rev. wright should have been put in prison for life many years ago.

  • Keith H

    What people have to keep in mind is that all presidents lie at least sometimes, and no president so called change is permanent change. Look at the history of our presidents and you can see a pattern that leads to nothing but inflation and a unbalanced transfer of wealth and poverty. If you go back to 1913 when those European Banksters created the federal reserve and took over our economy, you can see a steady increase over the last 100 years of inflation and the money supply,when those banksters began to lend money back to our goverment with a 10% interest rate and nothing to back it up, it creates debt, inflation,poverty. If our goverment can rob the american people of 3/4 of a trillion dallers, what do you think it’s doing to those third world oil rich countries, corperations allways controlled our system, people are now starting realizing it.(PRESIDENTS ARE PUPPETS)

  • Antoinette L. Knowles

    I feel that I am with Custer at his last stand. Senator Harry Reid is Sitting Bull and Speaker of the House Pelosi, Crazy Horse. We, the voters are being run over. Both theses people should remember the Sioux did escape to Canada but it wasn’t too long before they begged to come back and lost much of their dignity. We should be so lucky. Frankly, until the next election, we seem to be on the short end of the stick. President Obama is blackmailing the Congress with threats of using the executive privilege. It is our fault because we, the voters, did not exercise our rights with our privilege of voting. We have refused to follow the law in many cases, namely the illegals who drain our resources. Yes, I know they come for a better life, supposedly, but what of the legitimate citizens? Why do we even bother to make some people wait for years for an immigrating status? All they have to do, is cross illegally and wait for amnesty. Please, don’t tell me that all honest citizens would refuse to do certain jobs as being beneath them! Speaking of one who went for a job as a motel cleaner only to be told I was overqualified. So if the laws were enforced, maybe the employers would be force to use legal citizens. This supposely “ANation of Laws”.

  • Antoinette L. Knowles

    I feel that I am with Custer at his last stand. Senator Harry Reid is Sitting Bull and Speaker of the House Pelosi, Crazy Horse. We, the voters are being run over. Both theses people should remember the Sioux did escape to Canada but it wasn’t too long before they begged to come back and lost much of their dignity. We should be so lucky. Frankly, until the next election, we seem to be on the short end of the stick. President Obama is blackmailing the Congress with threats of using the executive privilege. It is our fault because we, the voters, did not exercise our rights with our privilege of voting. We have refused to follow the law in many cases, namely the illegals who drain our resources. Yes, I know they come for a better life, supposedly, but what of the legitimate citizens? Why do we even bother to make some people wait for years for an immigrating status? All they have to do, is cross illegally and wait for amnesty. Please, don’t tell me that all honest citizens would refuse to do certain jobs as being beneath them! Speaking of one who went for a job as a motel cleaner only to be told I was overqualified. So if the laws were enforced, maybe the employers would be force to use legal citizens. This supposely “A Nation of Laws”. On the subject of laws, why doesn’t someone tell the Taliban the “Rules of War?”

  • Merl Elton

    Just remember it is the progressives of both parties that are driving the nation down.Progressives are friends to no one besides themselves; no matter what they say; or how they say it; no matter what they do. Indeed, progressives are at their most charming when they are trying to clean out your wallets. There is only one way out of this mess; and that is years upon years of digging out by using true conservative spending and investment principles and practices. Let the progressives call us cave people and simple minded and stupid; nevermind, because that is the only way out.

  • Merl Elton

    Illegals do not have to contribute anything to become a powerful bloc; and the key word is bloc; illegals are desired by the powerful interests for votes and cheap labor.

  • Les

    he Repubs tried to introduce a balanced budget admendment in mid 1990s but the vote that defeated it was cast by Byrd of WVA. They also tried to cut spending which apparently was the purpose of their election but everywhere they tried to cut the people said NOT MY MONEY CUT SOMEONE ELSE. AARP was one of the worst when they thought their government welfare would be cut. So if you think anyone elected now will be able to reduce spending think again. Everyone will will be complaining just like the 90s, so it will revert to business as usual. The only thing that can stop runaway spending is complete bankruptcy by the US .

  • Char

    I agree with the gist of this article, but there are some underlying points that have not been mentioned. Power in general of any kind corrupts… we’ve seen this in excess with both parties who are becoming increasingly ineffectual. It was really shocking to learn that our federal reserve is largely funded by one of the primary banks recieving bailouts this past year (Bank of America/Black Rock). The stimulus would have been far better spent by subsidizing small businesses but they don’t have the lobbying or buying power of the large corporate entities. I have been amazed in the past few years to learn of the tax penalties paid by small businesses in comparison to the tax breaks recieved by large corporations. This is due in part to the aggressive lobbying efforts of large corporate entities to limit competition. There is then a domino effect of a trend of higher prices, inflation and excessive fees passed on to the consumer. Subsidizing small businesses would go a long way to strengthening the free market,local economies, and creating jobs in severely oppressed areas.


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