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What Are They Hiding?

January 11, 2012 by  

The Republican Party is generally considered to be the pro-gun party. But this year’s crop of GOP contenders is sketchy when it comes to their stances on gun rights.

Neither Mitt Romney nor Jon Huntsman has returned his candidate questionnaire to Gun Owners of America; and Romney, Huntsman, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry have failed to return their candidate surveys to the National Association for Gun Rights.

These days, the flip-flopping Romney claims to support the 2nd Amendment. However, as Massachusetts Governor, Romney signed a bill that banned an entire class of firearms. He supported the Brady Registration Act, mandatory 5-day waiting periods, mandatory firearms identification cards and the so-called “assault weapons” ban. And he said he supported Massachusetts’ tough anti-gun laws.

Huntsman also claims to support the 2nd Amendment, but has no record to show for it. As a result, he has no rating on gun support from either GOA or NAGR.

Santorum supported the Lautenburg gun ban, voted for a bill that included a provision to require Federal background checks at gun shows, voted for a bill to force pawn shops to conduct background checks on individuals who came into the store to sell firearms and voted to mandate locks on all handguns. He also actively campaigned for anti-gun politicians like Arlen Specter and Christine Todd Whitman.

Gingrich supports the Brady National Gun Registry, a national biometric thumbprint registry of gun owners, and he voted for the Lautenberg gun ban and the criminal Safe Zones Act.

While Perry did make some minor improvements in Texas law for gun owners, his refusal to submit his NAGR survey is troubling. He claims to be pro-gun, but so did another Texas Governor who turned out to be not so gun-friendly after all.

Congressman Ron Paul returned his survey to both organizations. GOA rates him A+ on gun rights, and NAGR rates Paul 100 percent pro-gun.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • cawmun cents

    The”Worlders”cant win with a pro-American stance on the second amendment.Hillary wouldnt approve.Europeans might even be offended!

    • eddie47d

      The NRA is not in the Constitution and no one has to abide by any poll/questionnaire that they try and force upon any candidate or even on the American people themselves. The same would go for the Brady group. Both these organizations can advice and educate but neither is the law of the land. That would be the Second Amendment and the NRA’s opinion is just that and nothing they say is enforceable unless enacted into law.

      • Joe H.

        And we don’t have to vote for anyone that doesn’t wish to expose their second ammendment feelings!! Romney already signed into law as Governor, a bill that made semi-autos illegal!! Just figure what he will do as president!!! Of course you will always follow your Alfred E Newmann stance, “What, Me worry? with your STUPID grin!!!

      • eddie47d

        Just because you blindly follow the NRA and GOA doesn’t give you much credibility. I don’t support Romney so what is your point smartazz? I reckon my looks can’t even compare with your Charles Manson look!

  • dan

    ….and yet the blind still refuse to see. Talk radio (boycott Rush,
    Hannity and the neocon/establishment REpublicrats ) trashes Ron Paul
    at every opportunity…MSM ignores him (as I ignore them and their sponsors)while the Wallstreet/FED Gang continues to pillage the economy.
    It’s time to pick up a ‘fiddle’ and watch Washington DC (district of criminals) burn. Thank God for sane voices like your’s , Bob.

    • wireline

      they did it again last night Dan, they were jumping from Romney straight to Huntsman, they were doing their best to ignore the #2 showing of Dr. Paul in New Hampshire. Huntsman seemed almost giddy to get the attention he received from the media

      • Joe H.

        the polls predicted he would get 10 to 12% of the votes and when he got just shy of 25% they just ignored it!!! Doing the same thing in SC!!!

  • Joyceann

    They can’t take our guns – we won’t give them up. Romney isn’t a gun lover, but he does endorse the second amendment. Right now, agreeing 100% with any candidate is beside the point. We need to stand behind any Republican to beat Obama and we need one who can beat Obama. Newt is out of the picture, leaving us Romney. We can only hope he wins, then we can vote in people who believe as middle americans believe. All the others have no debate ability that can beat Obama.

    • wireline

      Joyceann, what Dr. Paul lacks is the eloquence of a speaker like Ronald Reagan. Who was not the Republican establishment’s candidate either. Dr. Paul is very blunt and just states it as it is. If he could find a way to speak as Ronald Reagan did, he can debate anybody. He does a fairly good job anyway. He manages to stand up to the current crop of Republican establishment candidates quite well in my opinion, most of the time.

    • Kate8

      Joyceann – What you need to realize is that, whether Obama, Hillary, Romney, Gingrich, (et al),…these are all establishment (NWO) candidates, and are all working for and loyal to the banking cabal.
      As always, we are offered only one choice with different faces.

      Also as always, the media is herding us (and limiting us) to the choice of one of these faces (anyone but Obama?), and we fall right in line. The mantra is “a vote for anyone but the mainstream Repubican is a vote for Obama”. This effectively keeps Ron Paul’s chances of winning at nil, and insures the globalists that they prevail.

      America is circling the drain, in case you haven’t noticed. It’s now or never. We either suck it up and step out (in faith) of the box, in defiance of the cabal, or vote to continue on our slide into he sewers.

      The choice between D and R has been a way for the cabal to gauge our ripeness for total control. But any pretense of distinction has now been dropped, because ready or not, here we go…unless…enough of us wake up and smell the stench coming out of DC.

      • robert

        don,t listen to the media,tv,radio,news,let them trash ron paul all they want,don,t take any polls,don,t give them any gauge of our voice,we will do are talking for ron paul at the polls.let them talk and rattle there cages all they want.god bleaa america

    • Joe H.

      how the heck can you call Romney pro gun when, as Governor, he signed into law a bill that made semi-autos illegal?? LOOK AT ACTIONS, NOT WORDS!!!

  • wireline

    Dr. Ron Paul appears to be the only candidate not afraid to fill out 2nd Amendment surveys for gun rights.
    Dr. Paul the only true Constitutional candidate running.

    The others fear Constitutional constraints on government and do not want to
    be forced into having to honor them. These guys are like trying to nail jello to a tree.

    See why they fear a guy like Dr. Paul?

    • Joe H.

      Rick Perry, and Michelle Bachmann both turned in questionaires into GOA, also. (gun owners of America) This is in no way to be misconstrued that I support EITHER!! My ONLY choice is R. Paul unless, God forbid, he drops out!

  • http://google mary smith

    I have already told the gop that the only man fit for the job of president is ron paul and if we don’t vote for him we will all be sorry.

    • wireline

      they are not listening Mary, it will take a very heavy grass roots support to make it happen for Dr. Paul, same as it took for Reagan, a very heavy grass roots support. Other than that party establishment ignores us and goes on about the business of the party.

  • wireline

    I need to say at this point my thanks to Bob to being one of the few to willing to give clear reporting on the issues before us with the current crop of candidates. Dr. Paul being the really only stand out in the group when it comes to limited government and Constitutional constraints on government. Who believes in true liberty and freedom.

  • DaveH

    From the National Association for Gun Rights:

  • Ted Crawford

    At some point we,the American Electorate, are going to have to wrench ourselves away from the habit we have aquired over the past two decades of knee-jerk voting! Radicals, no matter from which side of the spectrum, allways cause destruction and damage to the causes they preport to admire!

    • DaveH

      It takes radicals to stop the Big Government Growth. Certainly the moderates haven’t done the job.
      Why do so many people always have to wait for the full repercussions to manifest before they take action? We are at a Crossroad right now and if we choose the wrong path, it likely will be our last choice. With the war-making and people-suppressing technologies now existent, even a vastly outnumbered force of the Leaders and their gang-members, will be extremely hard to stop when they finally become out-of-control. It will be like Hitler on Steroids.

  • DaveH

    Gun Owners of America candidate rankings:

  • Lyell

    Dr. Paul is the ONLY elected person of national importance in recent memory who has never wavered nor waffled on his viewpoint. He is consistent in his talking points, and has been so for many years.

    Notice how just about ALL the media paints him as a nutcase (right out of the “isolate and ridicule” playbook). Those ‘they’ people — the puppets who spout the lies and garbage hatched to distract us — are VERY afraid of him, since he would end their bankster charade with the stroke of a pen. Alas, should we actually WAKE UP and elect him, I think he will probably be the target of assassins (Jackson, Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and JFK all dared to stand against them). See a pattern? I think Dr. Paul would take us all back to the REAL Constitution (pre 1871), much to their chagrin.

    • Joe H.

      somebody needs to send the press a dictionary so they can look up the difference between an ISOLATIONIST and a non-interventionist! Ron Paul is the latter!!! He isn’t, as the press and MSM both try to label him as, an ISOLATIONIST!!!

  • Michael

    Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! He is the beginning to reinstating all that was good and right with this country. Spread the word! Confront the liberals and progressives you know and debate it with them until they crack! It’s what we must do! The progressive side of the GOP is as equally guilty as the democrats for there pandering and double speak, this is not the point…this is not what we want to hear…we want the protection of our liberty, constitution, and truly free markets that aren’t forced to compete with foreign state markets that pay their labor in subsidies and tin pennies! Spread the word…protect our freedoms…peaceful revolution now! Or non-peaceful revolution later!

    • Richard Morgan

      The Media, big business, and the powers that be are not going to let Ron Paul get elected. They will stop him by what ever means nessery.They have got us right where they want us, and they are not going to let up until they totaly control the United States and the rest of the world.New World Order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kate8

    One thing of which we must all be aware and vigilant: the PTB play hardball, and they have a long history of getting rid of anyone who tries to stand in their way. Don’t think they aren’t assessing just how big of a threat Ron Paul is.

    I suspect the only reason they’ve let him get this far is so they can weed out their opposition. IBM has been busy compiling lists and categorizing every last one of us…just as they did in Germany.
    But, does anyone actually think they will just sit back and let Ron Paul (or anyone else) slow them down?

    If Paul is the real deal (and I sure hope he is), they are plotting how to neutralize him as we speak. The only way to avoid such a nightmare scenario is to be awake, aware, and ready. Dr. Paul deserves our willingness to be on the alert…we can’t let them do it and get away with it…yet again. Just as we are counting on him…he is counting on us.

    No doubt I will catch flack from those who still don’t believe there are any “conspiracies” afoot…who still see the long chain of terrible events as completely unrelated. But I know also that there are many of you who DO see, who have been connecting dots…and you know that I am not overstating the perilous state of our nation and, in fact, the whole world.

    • Richard Morgan

      It has been a conspiracie since long before the C.I.A. stated selling drugs to our young people. All the powerfull people in the united states, don’t have enough power yet. They want all the money and all the power. And they won’t be stopped. There is not enough sober people left in the united states to stop them. I sure hope all those powerful people can get a u-haul to put behind their hearse.

    • DaveH

      Do you really think they would make a martyr out a man who has spent his entire political career trying to wake people up to the evils of Big Government, Kate? It would be the absolute dumbest thing they could ever do. They’re smart enough to know that their actions must be subtle as in Propaganda.
      No doubt there are conspiracies, but putting them aside, Politicians are always going to be inclined towards feathering their own nests, so Conspiracies or not, we need to push hard to Shrink our Leviathan Government and get them back to Constitutional Obeyance. And I don’t just mean Constitutional Obeyance as the Supreme Court (part of the gang) interprets it.

      • Kate8

        DaveH – I am fully aware of what you think about things like this, and about what you think of me. I also expected this kind of response from you.

        For someone so smart, you sure underestimate the PTB. Think JFK, RFK, MLK, Reagan, (some names I can’t recall), Roll, Giffords…and some whose lives were spared but their careers destroyed.

        If you had watched the video, you’d know that they don’t intend to martyr, but make it look like a “crazed lone shooter”, a heart attack, or some other means that don’t raise the collective eyebrow. People will swallow anything. Including you.

        • DaveH

          And I’m fully aware of how sensitive you are, Kate. Did you not read my comment? To wit “No doubt there are conspiracies”.

  • John Jetty

    Why are you surprised? Vote for Ron Paul.

  • Buck

    Obviously , to ANY intelligent American , or even semi-intellgent American , we need to ALL pull together and get RON PAUL in the WHITE HOUSE while we still have an America in more than name only . WAKE UP AMERICA !! Vote for RON PAUL !!!

  • cawmun cents

    Sorry folks,I have to say that our opine isnt going to matter.
    Nobody has had enough of their conditions tp merit a change in their minds.Conditions just havent gotten bad enough for them to realize the gravity of their situation yet.
    They are still too darn comfortable.Many”feel”like their world is starting to improve again.
    They wont get it no matter if the sky actually falls or not.
    They like the catch 22 situation that has arisen.
    The situation is going from stable to critical,but they are”feeling”like the medicine they are getting which dulls the pain will cause the cure.They are effectively sedated enough that the wrong surgery is going to be performed,but it wont matter untill they wake up.The diagnosis was made,the preperations were underway,but somehow in the shuffle,the wrong paperwork was mistakenly brought to the operating room,which caused the wrong parts to be excised from the body.All because nobody was paying attention to the orderly who found the conditions were flawed,but wasnt let to attempt to fix them,because he isnt important enough to be listened to.
    He has no title,isnt loud and boisterous,doesnt have the string of degrees to follow his name,hasnt gone to school to learn how to take care of patients properly,isnt involved with the adminstration at the hospital,doesnt have a fancy placard on his desk back at the office.
    All he knows is that the wrong paperwork went into the operating room,and the wrong surgery will be done as a result.
    But nobody hears him in the hallways of the hospital.
    He has an easy solution.Stop the surgery,and look at the proper paperwork,so that the patient gets proper care.But not one person in the hospital considers the orderly important enough to listen to.
    So the wrong surgery gets done anyhow,and then when the mistake is detected,the denizens of the hospital point fingers at one another in an attempt to keep from having to shoulder the blame.
    The least important man,the orderly is called in to the administrators office,and let go from his position because”it”rolls down hill.
    Now the hospital has no protection from doing the wrong surgery,because there is nobody quetioning any of the procedures.
    “It”rolled down hill,and”it”happens.
    The moral of the story is that if you do not seem important enough to listen to,you will probably be ignored,and that if you are trying to tell people the truth,they dont want to hear it.


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