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What America has Become Folks! Can’t Even stand on your Property or keep a basketball hoop

April 4, 2011 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Daurice Ulicki

    This video shows a frightening, disgusting abuse of personal property rights. Theft by public officials. It was totally uncalled for to remove their property [ie, basketball hoop] even AFTER telling them they could keep it. The American people should rise up and DARE to protect personal property, personal belongings, and the right to speak to whomever, whenever. Truly appalling video.

    • John

      Unfourtitly the goal was on public property. We are going to find out soon that nothing is ours only to late.

    • John

      All these people on the government utter will do what it takes to keep their jobs and entitlements leaving use to pay for our oppression.

    • John

      May God have mercy on us in spite of our failure to keep these bureaucrats from taking control of our government.

    • John

      We have not seen nor can not imagine what is coming.

  • James mercado

    This is going on more and more, all over the USA. That is why me and many other will rise up against this and all the other disjustest in this land. When the call goes out much will change. We need to go back to basics. I hope these people get some justice from this video post. Public officials don’t like to be shown as liers.

  • Vicki

    I wonder of Karolyn can feel the chains yet?. These folk sure can. They had their property stolen from them at gunpoint by the people who were supposed to protect them. (Serve and protect. Remember?) They were told to get in the house like the Royal Guard used to tell peasants in England.

    • Michael J.

      Where I live, “To serve and protect” was quietly removed from the side of Police vehicles quite some time ago.

      • John

        They have not and never were expected to serve and protect. You can not show any evidence to the contrary. We are just seeing what the government really is.

  • Michael J.

    Unfortunately, from what I could tell, the basketball hoop was implanted in the public right of way which does not belong to property owners. I am sure that the county or city where this occurred has had ordinances on the books for decades prohibiting the erection of such structures.

    The lesson to be learned here is that rights given or the blind eye selective enforcement of said ordinances can be taken away at any time unlike our inalienable God given rights.

    An important thing to remember is that when government works toward granting rights to education, social security and healthcare is that they may also decide the quality and distribution, or simply take it away all together.

    • RAYRAY

      Hey guy , your comment ..”..from what I can tell…” & “..I am sure that”… No,… you are guessing. You do NOT in fact know. I was kind of empathetic to the ruglatory woman at first , having an ugly but probably necessary task. But when she kept talking and then threatened the homeowner to NOT stand in his own yard and SPEAK,…THAT was IT!! The REGS woman should have not inflammed the situation by power mongering. She should have been quiet and let the man bitch. Do her job ,..then leave. SHe clearly wanted to ORDER that man. SHE should be fired.

      • Ben Talton

        She also LIED by telling the man that he could “Keep the goal. It could be put in your driveway” What a way to handle Public Affairs. Now the kids can just run the streets instead of shooting hoops.

    • Dave-0

      You are correct. The homeowner needs to realize the limits of his property. All too often there is the assumption that the homeowner’s property line (private property, no trespassing) ends at the street. The homeowner also stated that DelDOT was removing only ‘certain’ poles but he didn’t really investigate why, either. The baskeball pole was planted on public (city?) property and that much is known.
      There are better ways to handle this, of course. If the pole was planted on the other side of the sidewalk on the homeowner’s property there wouldn’t be anything the city or DelDOT could do about it. What the homeowner should have requested is that they pull the offending basketball pole and lay it on the homeowner’s yard, and he could replant it inside his true property lines. I also see a lot of ‘small town’ politics present here. Someone makes a complaint, and the town posts a notice of action on the city hall bulletin board somewhere or someplace where no one will find out about the impending action. I thought the girl was with the police because she said, I don’t want to arrest you… she is probably a city employee and doesn’t really know what’s going on anyway. And of course the DSP is caught in the middle. Just as bad as domestic disputes.

      • Ron

        “what the homeowner should have requested…”
        I listened to the video, and the homeowner was told that the pole would be left in his driveway if he wanted, to which he replied that that is what he wanted. There is no real reason to remove this pole except someone is being an ass about the whole situation.

        • libertytrain

          I listened as well and the homeowner wanted it left as the person trying to remove it said she would. That was the most blatant recorded lie – that city worker woman was a recorded vicious liar.

          • DaveH

            Surprise, Surprise. When you give people absolute power they will take it.

          • libertytrain

            Dave, I moved to the country so I would be allowed the simple pleasure of hanging out laundry if I so desired without the neighborhood vigilantes turning me in; so believe me I understand exactly what you are saying

      • Vicki

        Dave-O. What we are upset about is the attitude of the blond. The blatant lie about keeping the pole. The ordering the homeowner to go inside their own property. (“Slave get back in your cage”).

        As to the ownership of the land, in many jurisdictions the land between the sidewalk and street belongs to the homeowner. In others the homeowner must take care of it as though it did belong to them but they can’t change its contents etc.

    • David Coffman

      Micheal J. How do you know what laws are on the books there. Are you sympathic to there problems, the actual determination is grandfather law. existing property remains standing even impeding U.S.Post office!! The US POSTAL DEPT CANNOT MAKE YOU TAKE A BOX DOWN IF IT IS MEETING CERTAIN CRITERIA FOR AGE. WHICH THEY CLEARLY MEET!!! i WOULD HAVE HIRED A LAWER! THERE WAS NO PRIER NOTIFACATION, OR REMOVEMENT TIME DISCUSSED AND BECOMES HARRSEMENT. THE NEIGHBOR WHO CALLED IN ISN’T MAJORITY, BUT OBVIOUSLY HAD SOME INFLUNCE! mY LAWER WOULD HAVE EATEN THEM FOR LUNCH!!!

  • dgknj

    Great use of public funds. No little old ladies jaywalking in that town?

  • Cindy

    I guess the government would rather see kids hanging in the streets, than playing basketball. I could not believe my eyes, what the %#$&!!

  • Elaine Kettring

    Basketball hoops?? Where’s the priority here? How about going after 20 million illegals?

    • Earl Walton

      GOOD POST!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      One can see that you have never lived directly next door to someone that is a basket ball nut!! I have and although I have never complained YET, I HAVE been tempted to go out when they have been playing till midnight and cut it down with my torches!!! I have been hit with a basketball while mowing my yard, kept up till 1am, and awakened from a dead sleep by them!! finally one night, I did kick their ball,left in my fron yard, as far down the street as possible!! It took up residence at another house and never came back! unfortunately, they DD buy another!!

      • BimBam

        You got a great point. I read a story of a man who got so sick of the noise from the basketball playing at night and apparently went to complain and someone got wise with him and he returned and shot dead almost the entire family. I’m not kidding!

      • Ben Talton

        Well Joe, looks like maybe you have NO Police Dept. in your town!!!!

  • JC

    Fascist Bastards! Liars and Low Lifes. At what point will people start absolutely losing it on elected officials? Soon I hope.

    • Oh Dear

      I really like your post JC.

  • Joseph DeRuvo

    It is soon time to rise up fellow Americans!!…

    • Rick

      Don’t worry Joseph. The “powers that be” have awoken a sleeping giant, and will soon find that “real Americans” will stand up and fight for our freedoms and Constitution. We the people will NOT be treaded on by a tyrannical government…!!

    • Mary

      Until we get a CYBER attack from somewhere… I hope pretty soon. That will get up the people you better believe it.

    • Steve says:

      Thank you for exposing this sad event. I know how this family is feeling. We are about ready to walk from our beautiful home we just remodeled, and let it go as we too have lost 40% of our value! The Clinton, administration and Socialist Dodd and the criminal gay guy who talks funny destroyed the home market. Now we are fighting with our home Association too which is run by an ex-government crony who just has to control someone else! Americans long ago gave up on fighting to keep our property rights, and freedoms. But, what is so evident here is the way government officials handle their jobs. Their is no such thing as common sense in dealing with these Socialist government power hungry slave masters. Most of these people who work for government are people who could never work in the real world. They must work where they can control other people. We have a very small window to change what is going on now in America. Socialism is here and if we do not rise up and have a revolution where hard working, honest Americans will stand up and refuse to send their kids to government schools and refuse to use any government services. In other words we do not EVEN NEED to fire a shot. All we have to do is get enough Brave Americans to refuse to pay their city and state taxes. It MUST Start on the local level. Then the federal and state government will start to crumble like a house of cards. We also need to put more time in taking back our local city and county governments. Elect Christians who understand Revolution and what it means to become a Freedom Fighter! Voting Republican or conservative is not enough, for they too become hungry for just power, at best they just slow the rate of growing and abusive government! It will take true American Patriots and God fearing brave Christians to raise up if we want to save our country! The next two elections are crucial! I challenge all of us to pray, and seek God, then take action. God is on the side of FREEDOM!… Amen

  • H. Kirk Rainer

    Aside from the loss of the B-ball, the home-owner is imputed with property taxes for the length of ownership.

    Property taxes are a lien in perpetuity–to argue that no resident ever owns their property. Of course, the resident will lose their property should they be unable to pay taxes–even if there is no outstanding mortgage. Owning propety is not out-right ownership.

  • Eddie47d

    Confiscation without payment of product.Not a neighborhood I’d want to live in. I look at basketball hoops as a sign of vitality and energy within a community and Lord knows our kids need the exercise.Their priorities were way off base.

  • come_and_take_it

    Notice the name of the city and officials responsible was not included? The faceless gestapo will always prevail. If this happens to you, publish the names and organizations of these fascists. The people have power.

  • Keith crews

    I am amazed at the sheep like people we have as public servants. They can not think for themselves ,they are slaves to the system. They all knew this was not the right thing to do , they did it anyway. A very bad precedent.The dippy biddy with the attitude , who lied on camera should be dismissed from her position now!

    • Earl Walton


    • shar


  • Dan

    Where did this happen? You need to publish the name of the city, town, county, the mayor, the police chief and the names of the town/city council members that passed and allowed this law to be used against its citizens. Everyone who sees this video should wright, e-mail, call or personally visit the police station and the mayors office and let your feelings be known on just how wrong this kind of abuse is. By the way, who was the mouthy, smartly dressed blond with the expensive hair du barking out the orders to the home owners. The public really needs to know her name and contact info.

    • D Edwards

      Yes–publish the name of town, mayor, public officials,etc!

  • franko35758

    editor: you say to answere “CIVILLY”. that is what our state and federal representatives wants us to do,but, they DO NOT HEAR US when we do.
    don’t know the circumstances,but that state trooper would have been holding me back. who in hell was the young lady to be calling the shots.
    and also, the persons name would have been revealed to me that caused this. when you have kids, it’s nice to hear the b’ball bouncing,at least you know where they are.
    when I was a child 55 yeras ago. we had hoops from old barrell rings on trees with NO net.
    I think it’s coming time when we will have to get fiscal and say whats on our mind. old sarges view!

  • cowtrax

    makes me sick.unaccountable govmnt employees.and we pay these tyrants!how long will we take orders from the hired hands?

  • foxy

    They are just conditioning you to following orders without question, and being pushed around. The airpots, bus depots, on the street, on your property, and next, in your home.

  • Mike Wilson

    This was mishandled badly by the officers involved, what do you tell children or in my case my grand children, my grandson was sitting in my lap and watched this misfortunate situation unfold and asked why did they do that, why did that lady policeman lie, would you let a policeman lie if she worked for you.

    So, I explained when reasonable people no longer conduct themselves in a reasonable manner bad things happen. I attempted to explain to him that following an internal investigation both officers would be confronted with disciplinary action up to termination if they worked for me. He asked why would I firer the man (police officer) he didn’t talk? I told him that is why he took an oath when he became a police officer. It was also his job not to blindly follow or take direction from a senior officer or fellow officer. I told him it is never acceptable to lie in order to accomplish your job! It seems we will be having several conversation over this matter during the next few weeks, as we should!

  • momplayer

    What a SAD SAD day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob

    Mail boxes are in the “right of way” too, but that doesn’t give the state the right to just go ripping them up for NO REASON. If they NEED to move the poles, that’s one thing, but to assert this power over a pissing contest is wrong.
    What I’m hearing here is ONE person complained in the community they live in about the hoops, so the state spends big $$$ to go round stealing peoples personal property, rip them all out? … and in a hostile fashion, no time is given to complain, no time to have their side of the story heard at the town hall meeting or by there reps? Bull crap.

    What this sounds like to me, is one group of kids playing in a street that has too much traffic for it, and not moving fast enough when cars are coming, so 1 guy makes a big deal out of it, then the state says, ‘well, we have to do all of them if we do one, or it can be perceived as unfair or racist’.

    Instead of messing with the hoops, they should have gone after the kids causing the problem, and if they couldn’t do that, they should of told that guy to go find another cause and dropped it all together.

    Just another case of “there ought to be a law’ mentality, no thought behind it, jus a knee jerk reaction to a problem.
    One size fits all means it fits no one.

  • Desert Rat

    According to info in that video this happened at Claymont, Delaware.
    The uniformed officer is with Delaware STATE Police & the police car is labeled State Police
    The trucks & workers were from Delaware Dept. of Transportation
    The pole did appear to be in the right of way (between the sidewalk & the curb)

    When did the woman who did the all the talking show I.D. or identify herself, but the wronged homeowner did call her “Officier”.
    The woman who did all the talking absolutely did lie to the homeowner.

    I hope the people of Delaware respond to this. Tho is may have been a lawful action I would believe there are more important matters for the State Police & Delaware DOT to spend taxpayers’ money on.

  • Rob

    Welcome to the USSA. You have no rights, no trial, no habeas corpus … and police can lie with immunity, but if you lie you go to jail.

    The man should get each and every name and file criminal charges and civil suit for theft of private property and trespassing. When the city notified him the first time, he could have filed a lien on the property for 2 million in damages per person, per incident, and sent a notice of demand to all the city county and state offices. That would have stopped them before this, and if it didn’t… he’d own them any way!

  • Gina R Gant

    we need our freedom back! Thanks, Gina R Gant

  • libertytrain

    Wow, that was depressing and the outright lies in it, astounding.

  • Gina R Gant

    it is their property, so it is wrong for something like that!

  • D Edwards

    OK people of Claymont, Delaware!
    Time to seek some answers and make things hot for the crass actions of the city employees…and sheriff department!

  • JuliAnn Barcal

    Can’t say I agree completely with the way the couple handled this. It does look like the pole was on public property. But that does not excuse the way the “officials” handled this! It was downright appalling. She surely did lie to them and seemed to take pleasure in exercising power. Scary indeed.

    It’s easy to talk about resisting this kind of thing but when threatened with arrest the solution is not so easy.Who wants to sit in prison for exercising constitutional rights? Maybe we will all be facing this question before too long.

    • JC

      That woman would make a good concentration camp nazi matron!

  • Michael Wassermann

    More Yard Nazies at work. I support the people in this video.


  • Neilf27

    Great…Go ahead and cave in to the Muslims having their Mosques, but don’t allow Americans to play basketball with their kids! WTF..has happened to my America?

  • Deborah Beltz

    Hello, Everybody, Stop your BELLY ACHING first hand, you don’t stop it, and as neighboorhood stand together, an old Union Proverb (UNITED WE STAND- DIVIDED WE FALL), the American people have become Laxed and DO NOT SHOW any effort in stopping this , if I must say the word (ASSES)are running your cities(Get Rid Of Them) vote them out as a group, you need some one with a stong attitude, that is NOT AFRAID of THE ASSES in The city!You must take back what they have now taken from you. It is you rights as citizens to have a Basket Ball Hoop on your property, Go down and find out if this is LEGAL, BAND together and SUE them,always stay together, and fight uintil your finished What are you teaching your children, Run when you are pushed against a wall, our parents would have been hanging on to that hoop and would have gotten arrested, and where were your so-called neighbors,SCARED,I as an AMERICAN would have let them arrest me and then called the Newspaper and made a big mess for city officials, and any body else who gets in my way , this is why America is Crumbling, wake up PEOPLE! “UNITED WE STAND” Take it to the top!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thor

    Anybody notice that the basketball goal was totally useless unless your kids are playing in the street? There is no right of anykind–Constitutional, human, natural, anykind–that allows your kids to play in a public thoroughfare. Sorry, these are libertarian notions mispent on rights that don’t exist. I’d prefer to see such vitriol and energy spent on repealing Obamacare.

    • Vicki

      Since the public street is public and kids are part of the public and people have the right of way and the hoop was set out in what appears to be the end of a court I would point out that it is not a libertarian view but an American view that the public street belongs to the public.

      Thus the kids have the right to be there and to play there. They have the responsibility to get out of the street to let cars go by.

  • Blue

    I live outside of the USA, this video, is relatively tame in comparison to the thousands of documentary videos on the internet, which expose American Government officials wielding their corrupt authority and powers on their citizens who they are meant to serve. All national, and local government officials are by definition Public Servants, elected and employed by tax paying citizens living within the USA .

    Yet what is so frightening about Public Servants in the USA,( and other World countries), is that they appear to deem themselves masters over those they are contracted to serve and protect.

    I live in Europe, where there still exist pockets of oppressive regimes, and the more I watch independently made American documentary videos like the one about the confiscating of the basketball hoop. I find it hard, more and more, to differentiate between totalitarian police states in Eastern Europe and that of the current social oppressive changes sweeping through all States in the USA.

    The American people over the decades have been trusting in their “freely & democratically” elected Governments ,but since the tragedies of 9/11 people in the USA, the Iraqi & Afghanistan wars, American people are awakening and recognizing America is no longer the land of the free as their liberties are being relentlessly stripped from them.

    I have met many American people visiting Europe, and I have found them overall to be warm friendly and patriotic to their flag and country, but I wonder for how much longer?

    • Vicki

      Blue writes:
      “I have met many American people visiting Europe, and I have found them overall to be warm friendly and patriotic to their flag and country, but I wonder for how much longer?”

      They will still be patriotic to their flag and country. They will just not be tolerating the tyrannical government.

  • JimH

    I wonder why the STATE police were involved in a local ordinance dispute. I would think the local police would have been called.
    They said he could come down to the place they were taking the poles and reclaim it.(instead of just leaving it?) I would get everyone who had their pole stolen go down there at the same time to reclaim theirs. Then while loading them up we would all be very clumsy and accidently hit alot of stuff with the poles on the way out. OOPS

    • JimH

      Delaware State Police and Del DOT to enforce a local ordinance? That would normaly be a local police and city municipal workers to do that. The caplantant must really have some pull.

      • Vicki

        Or that was county not city space.

        • JimH

          Vicki, If it was county or township, county municiple workers and county deputy’s would have hanled it. DOT and state police don’t normaly handle local ordinance violations.

  • mark

    He needs to determine where the property line was EXACTLY and if it was inside his property line, he needs to sue each and every one of the officials personally for violating his property rights. BIVINS ACTIONS

  • Scotty

    The pole wasn’t on their property. I think the way it was handled stinks, but if you’re going to plant a pole on public land, expect it to be removed at some stage. Had they asked the proper authorities if they could put it there they would have been told ‘no you can’t’.

    Public servants who blatantly lie should be held accountable. That woman should be fired.

    • Vicki

      The pole has been there for 60 years (statement in the video). The pole was probably put there before the area was annexed. The pole might even predate the sidewalk.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Quite honestly, I don’t think they sold those backboards 60 years ago. Could be the guy was exaggerating a bit and he doesn’t look to be 60 so how would he know?? I definitly do NOT agree with the way the official acted, but I used to punish my kids for playing in the street! Have you ever seen a kid hit by a car?? I’ve seen the aftermath and it is not something i would like to look upon daily!

        • Vicki

          The backboard is not the pole.

          How many kids have been hit by a car while actually playing in the street vs say running into the street without looking. And remember this hoop appeared to be in a cul-de-sack at the very end of same.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            It can happen, even on a culdesac!! I saw in the paper about a woman who ran over her kids bike in the driveway while backing, or so she thought. when she got out to see how bad she had damaged the bike, she found her kid pinned under the car with multiple injuries! Why take further chances and let your kids play in the street???

          • vicki

            Driveway != street. Playing in driveway is more common than playing in the street. Your example is called a “red herring” since it did not involve playing nor playing in the street.

            Should you try to make the point that you need to check behind your vehicle before backing up then your example would be meaningful to your point.

            If your point is that playing is dangerous then your example might be useful in establishing that point.

            Since living is dangerous the point would not be of much use even with an example.

          • Bob

            I agree with you Vickie! I live in Delaware!!! I have to say, it’s a sorry day when commies have nothing better to do then come into a typical Family type of Neighbor Hood and Rip a Very Expensive Setup out of the ground.The Blatant Lie’s & Threats from the Slavemaster Women and her Gun Slinging side kick our beloved DSP… My State just voted in a Communist Senator, Chris Coons. This was the same man who raised our property Taxes 60%, 2 yrs ago when he was a Local Libitard.I know that area and the Houses were built in the 1950′s. Not to be a smart Butt,— but I’m really moving my Family down south right outside Jacksonville NC. The People their are unbelievably nice we love it. Ya know I have lived up here since I retired from the Military and I can say without a doubt.” The further south the latitude, the better the Attitude” lol

  • Rob

    It’s sad to see that Americans are starting to have to pay the price for their cheap lifestyles over that last 50 years. Gas is more expensive and will continue to rise, just like everything else. Sorry guys but you’re just going to have to adjust like the rest of the world.

  • jim

    That useless LYING BITCH needs to be FIRED for LYING!!!!!!!!!!! I hope they take her LYING ass to court and SUE her for everything she has and then go after the LIB DEM IDIOTS who are her bosses to get their INCOMPETENT asses OUT of office!

  • Santi

    I pretty much know these peoples pain. A couple of years ago I got a notice in the mail from the city, it stated that I was reported by an employee of the city that I had a junked car in my drive way. So I ended up paying $215 dollars to the city even though I live in the county. I told them that I can not vote for city officials so why was the city doing this too me. I told them that I was fixing my car but ended up getting hurt at work (rotater cuff) so I could not work on it. I then got another notice in the mail last year stating that I had the juck car in my drive way and that I had tires all over my back yard. I have a six foot fence, they would need something to stand on to look back there. So know I am fighting it in court. I ended up saling my car back when the first notice came out. So we got code compliance coming around and only looking at certain places. We got a house down the street with a car in the front yard in the grass and nothing. The house is used as a drop house, pretty sure of that, it’s been vacant for over 10 years along with that car in the same place. We don’t live in a neighborhood association locale.

  • Carl W

    Liberals (progressives) generally follow the European model of intrusive government control. We’re finding it in building codes and city planning. Mostly it is the liberal Democrat rulers who do this, I believe, but unfortunately some more liberal Republicans do so as well.
    I believe strongly in a very limited government and yet it seems every year the city, county, state, federal governments gain ever more power over our lives telling us what we can no longer do or what we can have in our yards.
    I’ve lived in a small county in SC for decades and like country life. Very few troublemakers and houses don’t almost touch each other as in the crowded subdivisions. I can burn trash, trim trees and branches, put up a storage building and don’t have nosy neighbors reporting me to the authorities. Of course, some busybody once over 10 years ago told the Humane Society we had a dog tied in the yard with no shelter, food or water. The only part that was true is the dog was tied to a tree. The dog had plenty of leash to lie under a nearby car if he didn’t like the full shelter of the huge tree. And there was a large container of food and another container of water. This biddie probably didn’t come into the yard, but drove by and thought to herself “I think I’ll cause a problem for them”. Of course, the Humane Society didn’t come out to check either but sent a card. I called and gave them a piece of my mind and let them know they could have checked it out to see that witch lied to them. The dog belonged a young man who was staying a short time with us and I believe the dog was a pit bull. So maybe we should have let him run loose so the person could pet it.

    It seems some people can’t mind their own business and want to hurt other people. At least in the country I have less trouble than I would have in a big housing development.

  • Bob Purinton

    Despite the way we hold ourselves up to the rest of the world; the USA has a bad history towards the treatment of the people it is responsible to. Not to mention the lesser governments under it.
    It would be interesting to see whose Hoop poles were left alone. I believe someone stated that only certain ones were taken down. were these people rich, or town workers, friends of powerful officials?
    Someone, also, said that the only place the kids could use the hoop was by playing in the street. I got the impression that this took place in a Cul-de-sac.
    I got the impression that the cop didn’t want to be there. The woman from the city gov’t definitely needed to work on her people skills. I wonder if she had any pups (if you know what I mean).

  • Bob

    This was sad but there is an upside to it. Towns will always have street corners to hang out on (smoke a little dope, harass people passing by, you know fun stuff). Or kids can hang around indoors to play video games, watch TV and eat junk food. What a country.

  • Jim

    Way to go Delaware!! We have less basketball hoops and more illegal aliens—guess which one has an effect on crime. But don’t despair lovers of liberty, there are courageous leaders doing the right thing: Scott Walker, Wisconsin, John Kasich, Ohio, Chris Christie, New Jersey and Jan Brewer, Arizona among many others. Yes we can undo the “change” we did not want!

  • always right

    One more felame with authority who gets her cookies ordering men, or psuedo-men, around. Who’d ever have thought, huh?

    I’d have asked, “since you’re ordering me from one location to another, am I in your custody”? If not she’d not be acting in her official capacity and it would be kidnapping. If she did claim that I was in her custody, it is false arrest and deprivation of rights under color of authority. Simply voicing an opinion against the acts of a government agent in the midst of questionable acts by same is specifically permitted per the 1st Amendments protection of “redress of grievance against the government” and the “right to peacably assemble”.

    That should be a “no win” situation for the wanna-be cop-ette.

  • Scott

    Get together with the same people this has happened to…and your friends. Go to your local T.V.station and do an interview. Get all your property rights together along with your support and go straight to your capital building after you notify your local T.V. station..but to be sure, just see if you need a permit which I dought ,but it would be just that more ammunition. And by gosh stand up and have it be known even if you have already done so, do it over and over. It looks like your disabled. The first sentence of the American Disability Act states that people with disabilities are discriminated against daily, on a regular basis. Use everything you can .I don’t know what state your are in but here in Mississippi we don’t put up with such B.S.

  • Fredrick

    Keep some powder dry folks, because you just never know. The rubber band can only be wound so tight before snapping, and I fear that the erosion of liberty will eventually lead to chaos. Adhere to the constitution, and leave people to conduct their lives in peace.

  • JustDWD

    Daurice Ulicki says:
    April 4, 2011 at 12:43 am

    This video shows a frightening, disgusting abuse of personal property rights. Theft by public officials. It was totally uncalled for to remove their property [ie, basketball hoop] even AFTER telling them they could keep it.

    IF it was in the right of way easement granted to the city they could remove it. But the way it was done and the use of a state trooper to assist is done by city officials all the time.
    Remember, the building inspector who threatened a family and said they had to get a permit?
    Time to do the same here I am unable to get information on the City Council or County Board of Supervisors and post it so we all can E-mail and write to get D-D.O.T. supervisor and state trooper fired.
    Examples have to be made to protect our freedoms or it WILL BE YOUR HOUSE OR MY HOUSE NEXT!
    (this is just me thinking about ways to harass the city for wha they did to that family, it might work it might not)
    As an alternative the right of way could be revoked and unless purchased from the original owner the City, County or State (whichever is the grantee) would have a huge legal battle on their hands and could eventually be forced to pay for that section of street. the price could be a new or restoration of the old basketball poles.
    Warms me up just thinking about it!

  • JustDWD

    I found the email links for the Delaware D.O.T. public relations office.
    And Claymont is an unincorporated area in Newcastle County the president of the Newcastle County Council’s web page is:
    For the County Council it is here and you can click on the pictures to go to their personal webpages:

    the links to E-mail them are on their personal web pages.
    Time to let them know what we think of anyone who does what they did.

  • pete

    Ok everyone, remember, nothing to fear but …. FEAR ITSELF !

    Calm down everybody ! What I noticed is the cop was ARMED. So This isn’t Mayberry RFD and I sure don’t see Barney Fife and Andy Taylor !!! When you are faced with a situation like this, better to retreat to the safety of your house. I wouldn’t tick off armed predators who are stealing your 60 year old basketball hoop stand ….

    It looked like the State Police had come down to enforce this – Does this town have a very small Police department ? This guy should have called his lawyer and have him/her come down and talk to the cops !!

    It’s a done deal, He can sue in court and will win. I would add emotional trauma and psychological abuse to the case !!!! He has it all on VIDEO !!! It’s a slam DUNK !!!

    SUE ! SUE !!! SUE !!!! SUE !!!! SSSSUUUUUEEEEE !!!!! YOU JUST WON THE LOTTO !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • pete

      Just one more thing …. The Police Lady and State Cop threatened to “shoot him” if He didn’t go back into his “house” … Thats what it looks like to me ! Yup ! Implicit Threat of using force !!!

  • Bob

    I get tired of the Cops and the DOT saying, I”m just doing my Job… If that’s the case, you SUCK at your Jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joe lovaglio

    And they wonder what’s wrong with our kids today.They want to keep them out of trouble but without some form of recreation.Shame on them.


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