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What About Mitt Romney?

April 30, 2012 by  

Dear Mr. Livingston:

At a crucial point in the presidential campaign, I find it appalling that you will distribute a newsletter urging the financial support of a Congressional candidate from Arizona, which follows a newsletter some months ago, encouraging support for Rick Santorum in his presidential campaign. Other organizations have sent out similar newsletters urging support for Newt Gingrich.

However, not once has Personal Liberty Alerts or any other religious and/or non-profit organization sent out a newsletter on behalf of Mitt Romney who has been the frontrunner of Republican Party for many months; and after winning five large primary elections last night it is obvious that he will be the nominee.

If you truly believe it is “Time to Shock Obama Campaign Back to Reality,” shouldn’t you FIRST utilize your efforts to promote Mitt Romney in his campaign to win over Obama in the upcoming presidential campaign?  

While Congressional positions are also important to our Party, it is time for every Republican to urge people to support Mitt Romney in his uphill battle to challenge and unseat Barack Obama as President of the U. S., who reportedly said, “They will destroy Mitt Romney.”

As clarification, I am not an employee or a volunteer for the Mitt Romney campaign.  However, as a concerned citizen for the critical condition of our beloved country, I believe Mitt Romney is the best candidate with the leadership ability to turn our country around.  It is indeed puzzling as to why your organization and others are not utilizing your efforts to influence and encourage people on your mailing list to support and vote for Mr. Romney as President of the U. S., which is the most important election of most of our life time?

Concerned for my country,


Dear Constance,

The “newsletter” you are referring to is a paid advertisement. Candidates and corporations pay us to run their advertisements and donation solicitations to our email list. Our running those ads does not necessarily imply endorsement of a candidate any more than political advertisements running in newspapers or on television stations imply an endorsement. In the past we ran ads for Gingrich, Bachmann, Cain and others. At no time have we endorsed Santorum, Gingrich, Bachmann or Cain.

You write: “However, not once has Personal Liberty Alerts or any other religious and/or non-profit organization sent out a newsletter on behalf of Mitt Romney who has been the frontrunner of Republican Party for many months; and after winning five large primary elections last night it is obvious that he will be the nominee.” First, we are not a religious or a non-profit organization. We are a for-profit private business, we receive no funding from government or foundations, and we must make a profit to survive. I’m sure you understand that concept. As for “other religious and/or non-profit organization(s),” I do not control what they do.

Second, the Mitt Romney campaign has been offered the opportunity to run a paid advertisement to our email list just as the other candidates were. Apparently, Romney’s campaign does not believe it would be a good investment. As he has tens of millions of dollars in his campaign chest from the big banksters, I can understand why.

You write: “If you truly believe it is ‘Time to Shock Obama Campaign Back to Reality,’ shouldn’t you FIRST utilize your efforts to promote Mitt Romney in his campaign to win over Obama in the upcoming presidential campaign?” It is not our mission to promote Mitt Romney or any other candidate, especially one who campaigns on issues we disagree with. We have long endorsed Ron Paul and will continue to do so as long as he’s in the race since we align with his views on the economy, the police state, the military state and most other issues.

You write: “As clarification, I am not an employee or a volunteer for the Mitt Romney campaign. However, as a concerned citizen for the critical condition of our beloved country, I believe Mitt Romney is the best candidate with the leadership ability to turn our country around.” You are certainly entitled to your opinion, and your decision on whom you should support is certainly yours to make. I just don’t happen to agree with your assessment.

You write: “It is indeed puzzling as to why your organization and others are not utilizing your efforts to influence and encourage people on your mailing list to support and vote for Mr. Romney as President of the U. S., which is the most important election of most of our life time?” It is Mr. Romney’s job to earn our support. He has yet to do so. If he were to change his position on important issues, we might get behind his election. As it stands, I don’t see that happening. However, he is free to purchase advertising space on our site or for a chance to advertise to our email list if he desires.

Best wishes,


Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Cliffystones

    People like Constance are why we are in this mess. They think the election process is a Horse Race.

  • wireline

    sad isn’t it

  • Rachel

    I totally agree with Constance’s remarks. We are approaching the most important elections of our lifetime, and it is crucial that Obama does not get another four years to complete his destruction of America, as we know it. And the only person who will fight this fight is Mitt Romney (and NOT Ron Paul, with all respect). Any person or body that has the ability to influence the public must get behind the candidate who can/will unseat Obama. These days it should be considered, a duty!
    If profits generated by paid advertisements is your guide, then should we expect to see you disseminate “Obama propaganda”, should he decide to buy your pages? I think I better unsubscribe!

    • Robert Young

      Rachel, I agree that this is a most important election for our Country But Mitt Romney is not electable. He is not a conservative, instead he is another believer in big spending, big government, and is another One World Government supporter. He is just a watered down version of Obama and would not put our Constitution first. Only Ron Paul with his plan to Restore America would downsize Government, cut deficit spending, audit the Fedral Reserve, and give America a balanced budget in 3 years. Ron Paul in 2012.

      • Al Battista

        Regardless of my liking of Ron Paul, I also realize that Mitt Romney will be running against BHO! Sorry, but I do not see all of the hesitancy to get behind Romney. It seems like the “self defeating” actions the demonrat… er, democrats are depending on. I believe Romney will fix our economy since he has fixed many broken businesses, an Olympics, my home state (Massachusetts)! Yes, I want Ron Paul to stay in the race, but also am realistic enough to realize that his presence is to help select a veep, and putting some good ideas into the Republican Convention.

    • wireline

      maybe you should unsubscribe! if you Can’t or won’t subscribe to the ideals that the Constitution gave us, which was a true Republican form of government not a democracy. We keep giving and they keep taking so when do you stop?
      They gave us Bob Dole, they gave us McCain, now they giving us Romney who was the loser to McCain last go around. Can you figure anything out yet? Einstein said the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, each time.

      • ernest

        wireline, we agree with you.

      • Sarah R.

        THEY are choosing for us. THEY know the results of this election already. THEY did not count on a brokered convention which I hope it will come to. I voted for Newt. With his knowledge of history and gov he was the best man to run against Obama. Sorry Newt. Now if it goes to a brokered convention and he is still standing I will vote for Ron Paul. To hell with Obama clone Romney. God save America

      • Adam F. Kohler

        I haven’t said it any better. Mitt (RINO) Romney may be the better of two evils but we need a clean sweep. I am looking forward to the Republican Convention and praying that Romney falls short on the first ballot.

    • Dallas H.

      Ron Paul supporters won’t vote for Mitt Obomney, and without Paul supporters, Mitt doesn’t stand a chance!!! Paul is the only true anti-Obama candidate and the only true Constitutionalist!! It is ignorant people like you and Constance that have brought us to the place we are in, by voting for progressives disguised as conservatives!!!!

  • Michael

    Very sad… and very true.

  • Michael

    Rachel is another one whose views I do not agree with. That’s 2 for 2.

  • Michael

    I totally agree that Obama should NOT be re-elected, but I also see Mitt Romney has issues and ideas that I do not agree with… and therefore cannot support.

  • Fox

    The only reason anyone thinks Ron Paul can’t win is because they still watch the boob-tube. Any other source will tell you he is the only candidate that can and will defeat Obama. If you want your country back, you’d better start by stop listening to the banksters propaganda mill.

    Neither Mitt nor Ron have enough delegates yet to be considered a “presumptive” nominee. That is all mainstream hogwash.

    What will happen is that a brokered convention will occur in Tampa, and watch Ron Paul take probably 70-75% of the delegates. Once that happens, then, instead of a choice between tweedle dee and tweedle dum again, (like the last presidential election) you will have a choice between a stalwart TRUE conservative and a left-wing communist, socialist, elitist, lying, godless, tyrannical dictator wanna-be. Is that a good enough reason to support Ron Paul in 2012 and beyond? I’d say so.

    • Dean Garwood (Ole cowboy)

      That-a -boy Fox!!!!! I couldn’t agree with you more

  • http://n/a Jeff

    I don’t know Governor Romney, so I can’t speak on his personal beliefs. I can say, however, based on his professional record, that he is a Republican and not a conservative. He is, in my opinion, the Republican version of John Kerry. Both are blue blood elites, with little or no real connection with working-class American voters. Also, RomneyCare was admittedly the blueprint for ObamaCare. And, finally, Governor Romney lost to Sen. McCain in 2008, who lost to Obama. Do we want a rerun of that? Can we afford that?

    • Ole cowboy

      Well said Jeff, I’m very tired of voting for the lesser of 2 evils also. Ron Paul in 2012!!!

  • smithington

    VOTE FOR RON PAUL 2012!! If you want to save this country!!!

  • todd

    Well said.

  • Jimmy The Greek

    Well sead Bob !

  • Don Williams

    Anyone not supporting Obama’s opponent is supporting Obama’s re-election. very simple, very true. By parroting the LSM and the Obama re-election committee’s talking points, you are helping to destroy this nation, right along with every communist and Radical Islamist. Go right ahead and follow your “conservative ideals” right to the re-election of our very own Enemy Within, barack Hussein Obama. We, the people will know exactly who to blame when our once great nation is in flames. (unsubscribe?)

    • Robert Young

      Sorry Don, but I will not vote for the lesser of 2 evils. I will vote for the Candidate whom I believe will bring America back to Government by our Constitution provided We, the Voters, give him a House and Senate controlled by Constitutional Conservatives. Ron Paul for President in 2012. All voters who believe in America and our Constitution as our founding fathers wrote it should be supporting him.

    • Rachel

      Exactly what I tried to say!!!
      Whether we/you like it or not, Romney is what we’ve got! The alternative is Obama (and not Ron Paul)! Those who split the vote to pursue their unrealizable dream, will bring on the nightmare of Obama, from which we will not be able to wake up for the next century!

    • MAP

      The problem here Don is the way the duopoly works. To unseat the Marxist Obama, we vote in Romney. But what happens if Romney turns out to be another Obama? What do we do when Romney, who is by that time an obvious Marxist, is up for re-election aganist another Democratic Marxist? Of course, we keep voting for the Republican, as though somehow they will change something that never changes. That is the way the duopoly works. It is an illusion and a charade. We have FAITH – but it is always in something that disappoints. The truth is that we have two parties that play themselves out like they are different, but the outcome is always the same. It is a rigged game.

    • r.p.

      It gets very tiring hearing the liberals lay the “blame game” on anyone who tries to vote on principles instead of “party collectivism”. One thing you certainly do not understand is the only opponent Obama has is the HONORABLE Dr. Paul. If you believe it to be anyone else, then you have been successfully deceived by MSM. It’s apparent you have listened to the same trash last election that you are listening to now. If you can’t vote on principles then maybe you should stay away from the ballot box.

      • Don Williams

        If Dr Paul runs as a third party candidate, and leads this country down the road to four more years of Obama then HE is the spoiler here and anyone following him NEEDS to live in an Obama run Marxist Utopia. Have at it Paulbots, eat it, it’s ALL YOURS. I care way too much to “follow” anyone to the detriment of my beautiful America. “Following” is what the Obama crowd does, as witless worshipers. I will vote for and support wholeheartedly that candidate that is nominated by the Republican Party to run against the Marxist Obama. To do anything else is Un-American and downright stupid.

        • Dallas H.

          Don, if you vote for Romney, then you sir are the follower! You are nothing more than a sheep following your shepherd! If you don’t have the common sense to see that the GOP establishment picks candidates that will continue to promote progressive agendas, then you are the stupid one! There is not one bit of difference in what Obama has supported and what Romney has supported! The only candidate that has an ideaology directly opposed to Obama is Ron Paul! If he and congressional candidates that think like Paul were to be voted into office, we could see a return to Constitutional government!! If Romney is the President we will continue down the same path to socialism and progressive agendas! If you and the rest of the “sheeple” support Romney, you all deserve another four years of Obama!!!

          • Don Williams

            Dallas, I’m sure that you mean well. You’re just not thinking very clearly. If ron paul gets the nomination, I’ll surely vote for him and support him. There has never been a threat to this country like the Marxist Obama. If you can’t see the difference between Obama & Romney, you have some other idea for America than 98% of Republicans do. The fact is, Ron Paul himself will undoubtedly support Romney to defeat Obama. I hate to disagree with my Conservative friends so let’s agree to disagree without arguing. Romney is on our side and he will do the party and this nation proud. The Paul supporters can vote or not, I really am tired of trying to make sense to them. Start your own party…WTH, America will just have to survive regardless.

          • Dan Fitzgerald

            Well, Don, I don’t see ENOUGH difference between Romney and Obama. Your 98% number appears to be off; Romney’s only gotten around 50% of the primary vote so far. We need a course correction in America. We need Constitutional government, a much smaller government limited by the Constitution. The question is, “How do we get to a limited government in the United States?”. I submit that the answer to that question is not Mitt Romney.

            Look at the debate this week. “I killed Bin Laden. My Opponent would not have been as decisive”. “He’s wrong; I would have made the same decision 16 seconds faster than he did”. Obamneycare. The War on Drugs. Is Mitt going to cut spending and taxes? Not if he’s going to double down on an American Empire – and he has said he will. There’s no difference between Obamney on the War on Some Drugs. Do you see Mitt or Obama standing up and saying that the Welfare State isn’t working? Can you picture either of them pointing out that you don’t have an “entitlement” to my paycheck? In 4 years with either of these guys as POTUS, will we have less of a police state, or more?

            I truly believe that it is a better strategy for those of us who want to reclaim liberty to show the GOP that they cannot win without us. If they want to rig the primaries and do everything they can to suppress us, there’s going to be a price. Where they REALLY went wrong is in forcing a candidate down our throats who is every bit as bad on our issues as Obama. It will cost us nothing to walk, because tweedledee is no better than tweedledum.

          • Don Williams

            The Republican Party will have to fight the enemy within without your help. So be it. See you around the farm.

  • Michael H.

    You got it right 100% Bob. keep up the good work and thanks for everything so far.

  • Mike Austin

    Well said Bob. Look what the last “winner of 5 primaries” got us… Juan McCain. I do not like Mitt that much but he is better at this time than Barry.
    I do not approve of RP’s froeign policy and consider it just as vital as domestic policy at this time. If RP ever came out and said he would obliterate any Country that attcks the US or its allies after we pull out of every Country, I would vote for him. But…. he thinks we deserve it so would not respond. That makes him worthless as a leader. Romney should make him Sec of the Treasury and let him implement his policies on the Fed.

  • jim

    Dated:04-30-2012 I too am a Conservative Republican, Tea-Party follower, though in the past I have split my ticket and voted for a democrat. I find that Mitt is not A RONALD REAGAN or a RON PAUL,or even as good as speaker as Newt is. Though today Mitt Romney is the final Republican left and the majority has voted him as the one to run against that present standing President. We conservaties must band together to defeat the one who has set America back 50 years.The present president and his pack of deceivers has had the time to make the changes that he promised the people. Just look at what changes this president and his cronies has done to our Nation.Under the present president he would set us up to become a third world nation. He the present president should be returned to the home of his beloved father that he writes in his book about. We republicans seem to have many titles other then republican, but now it’s time to ban together at the voting poll and elect the one that will certainly rebuild America, MITT ROMNEY THE PRESIDET ELECT OF THE UNITED STATES !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please put your thoughts aside about who you wanted to win, and let us all ban together to vote for Mitt as he does love America and will stand against those countries that want our country to fall to a third world nation status.

    • Dan Fitzgerald

      There’s simply not enough of a difference between Obama and Romney.

      …and, nothing personal, but your leash is showing.

  • Jim

    I truly wanted Ron Paul to be the Republican candidate to run against Obama, but lets all be realistic, Dr. Paul has a beter chance of getting rubbers off the Pope to be the candidate to run on the Republican ticket so no matter who is the Republican candidate it can’t be worse then Obama so I will not vote for Paul as a third party candidate, it would be just like voting for Obama since it will take an important vote away from Romney since it is obvious that he will be the candidate for the Republican Party.

    • Rachel

      I agree Jim… This is exactly what I tried to say! Those who do not support Mitt Romney at this point, are re-electing Obama! They don’t seem to be aware of it:-(

      • Dan Fitzgerald

        I’m aware of it. You’re not hearing US, Rachel. There’s not enough difference between Obama and Romney for a vote for one or the other to make a difference. If I vote for, say, Gary Johnson, then I’m at least making my voice heard. If that means Obama wins, then at least we have divided government. Romney with GOP majorities in both chambers would be even worse.

      • Jazzabelle

        Yes, we’re aware of it. We’d rather let the Republican Party take its spanking in 2012 and learn for the next time around that they CAN’T and WON’T win without giving us a real constitutional conservative to vote for.

  • Richard Jones

    Big deal. Obama is Dem, Romney is Dem Lite. If Ron Paul does not win the Republican bid for president, then I suggest you examine Gary Johnson whose basic values come very close to those of Dr. Paul. Is this wasting a vote?

    If I may paraphrase (badly) a few lines from Douglas Adams’ “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe”, you might find a parallel.

    On this planet people were people and politicians were reptiles. People hated reptiles, but they continued voting for them because the feared that the wrong reptile would get elected.

    So, tell me again, which reptile will you be voting for in November?

  • Fox

    It’s answers like this, Jim, that just make me want to beat my head against a stone wall. Beating YOUR head against that wall might wake you up, but I doubt it. Why don’t you read my earlier reply before you pull up your pants to go home?

    Ron Paul CAN and WILL defeat Obama in November. Wait and see.

    Mike, you too are a victim of lame-stream media hype. Ron Paul has said repeatedly that if all troops were brought home, anyone who TRULY threatened America would wake up in a world of green glass! He would want a declaration of war first, followed by strategic planning and tactical implementation that would destroy the enemies ability to make war. When the goals are reached we come home. Now, does that make it any clearer for you?

    Only the elitist want perpetual war. Rinos and Progressives (same thing, different color of BS) are the ones into nation building, not Ron Paul.

  • Robert Young

    Jim, just because the RNC is trying to force Mitt Romney down our throats as it did McCain in 2008, doesn’t make it right. I will not support Romney who is just an Obama-lite. I am tired of the establishment elite picking our Candidates. To me, there seems to be very little difference in the RNC and the DNC.

  • CoosaTotah

    I have never picked a winner, but, I’m in good company. The American voting public can’t seem to pick a real winner either. That is why our country is in this awful mess.

    Human nature makes people want to back a “winner” and “settle” for the seemingly most popular, without a true regard for the principles of our Founding Fathers. In doing so we get a “John McCain”, a person who rides the fences with, at times, an indistinguishable difference from their liberal progressive socialist opponent. We call them “R.I.N.O.s!

    But even that term does not fully describe their political perspectives, if we can even find them between the lines of lies, deceit, and political posturing for personal gain!

    We need to compare and measure these yahoos against the principles of the founding documents and of our Founding Fathers. Only then can we really find a true “winner”!

    Oh, one other thing, A vote for Romney (Willard!) is a vote for the principles and policies of the “great one” with the Messiah complex, Barrack “Insane” Obama! So, then, the question becomes “How fast do you want to go down the “road” to destruction?”.

    Or, do you really and truly want to change “roads”?

    Peace, Brothers in Arms!

  • designermmc

    You may not feel that Mitt Romney is the perfect man for the Presidency. However, there
    is no way that Ron Paul could appeal to the majority of the voters with his foreign policy
    agenda. Having been in Congress for so many years, I don’t recall any significant policy of his that became law. This election is so important that if Tea Party people, Republicans, and conservatives don’t pull together we will have another four years of his
    highness. Bob, please give the above some thought.

    Mary Lou

    • Jo

      The Media has declared Mitt Romney the nominee, yet, Ron Paul still performs as well or better then Romney in head to head polls against Obama. Only Paul can bring the Democrats, Independents, and Young voters that the Republican Party will need to beat Obama. Romney is a sure loser, especially since the Ron Paul Republicans will never vote for him. Go to the Daily Paul and check out the responses of the Ron Paul people to the question “would you vote for Romney if he were the nominee?” 100% say NO WAY. To the Romney supporters who think that he can beat Obama, all I can say is good luck winning without us.

    • Carl Manning

      If I follow your cognitive dissonance correctly, we should elect someone from Congress whose policies were embraced by the majority. So, you would assume we should elect John Boehner, perhaps, or Newt Gingrich, both of whom embraced TARP, WTO, GATT, defict spending, and endless neocon warmongering and nation-building to appease their AIPAC/Zionist criminal cabal funding their campaigns??? It is precisely because these idiots in Congress have never embraced any of Ron Paul’s policies that we find our country in its peril. Case in point: When the idiots in the GOP finally decided to follow Ron Paul’s advice and audit the FED, what did they find??? OVER 16 TRILLION DOLLARS OF THE AMERICAN TAXPAYERS’ MONEY HAS BEEN STOLEN FROM US AND WAS COMPLETELY UNACCOUNTED FOR!!! So, while the stupid idiots running the GOP were whoring with their Wall Street financiers screwing the American People over 6 ways to Sunday along with their accomplices across the aisle, their benefactors were making out like bandits with our taxpayer dollars in what is clearly a criminal enterprise that is being investigated at this very moment thanks to NONE OTHER THAN RON PAUL. A fool and his money are soon departed; keep voting for these banksters and their whores and that’s exactly what you’ll get: a nation on its knees with no jobs starving to death and conquered by its enemies from within. By continuing to elect the lesser of two evils over and over again, ad nauseum et ad infintum, how many more Obamas waiting in the wing being groomed by the KGB will we get on the rebound when the American People flip the House and the Presidency over and over again as they get further and further disgusted with the GOP and put an even worse Democrat back in charge or flip the House and Senate with more Democrats. This is a recipe for our own destruction and the powers that be know this because the Democratic Party has become the Communist Socialist Party and the GOP has become the Fascist Socialist Party, but both embrace WHOREDOM(BRIBERY) as Standard Operational Procedure, the very thing our Founders warned against. This corrupt system these two parties have devised can never be taken from within. Reagan was the closest the People came to getting what they wanted, but even he ws forced to bring on Establishment RINO Bush Sr, the criminal cabal boss. The TEA Party was swallowd up in record time. The OWS movement on the Left was swallowed up and marginalized as well. Until we Conservatives wise up and realize that it is only by going Independently with a Third Party of our own that we will ever get traction or respect, we will continue to be asked every two or four years to hold our nose, vote for the lessor of two evils(throw away your vote), and practice selective amnesia and cognitive dissonance much as we are asked to do this every time we turn on our tv or listen to the Neocon nutjobs who still believe the fictitious government fairytale of 911 and the fictitious Global War on Terror, all of which have been based on hideously evil lies. With Conservatives running for office in a Third Party, a new bloc of Conservatives in the House and Senate will serve an excellent purpose at first: The new bloc of Non-Neocon, Non-Socialist, Non-Corporate welfare Conservatives under their own Third Party in the House and Senate will force the RINO GOP to FINALLY HAVE TO DEAL WITH US if they want to get anything accomplished CONSERVATIVELY. Likewise, it will force them to side with the Democrats when they want to screw us over and please their Wall Street Globalist NWO masters, which will only serve to show to the American People all the more clearly that the GOP could care less about the American People. Sooner or later, the American People will eventually catch on and realize they need to vote Third Party and the GOP will vanish overnight into irrelevance just as the Whigs from whence they came.

  • Gang Buster 2012

    Stand Behind Ron Paul;Tell the Super-Packs where they can stick their money, and their candidates.These Super packs should be outlawed,each candidate should be limited on the amount they can spend.Super-packs are “NOT GOOD” for the country. Mitt Is a Re-run from the last time around,Only this time he’s worst .

    • Don Williams

      Mitt Romney is working hard to defeat the Marxist Obama. Every speech talks about what America needs in terms of Spending cuts and lower taxes, stronger Military, more support for bringing Business and jobs back to US. He is anti-union and anti-environmentalism. He has lived the American dream and wants it for America. Nothing succeeds like success and he’s been a success. Republican Governors and Congressmen support him wholeheartedly. Romney is pro-everything we believe in. ROMNEY KNOWS HOW CONSERVATIVE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IS. WATCH HIS VP CHOICE.
      Obama is destroying this great nation by instituting his Radical Marxist, Far-Left, politics of Race-baiting and Class division. To allow your vote to be diluted and lost to Obama’s continued Marxist agenda is sacrilege. Absolutely unacceptable.

      • George C.

        I voted for Ross Perot and now I’ll vote for Ron Paul (or Gary Johnson). If Obama wins over Romney, then I have to blame all those who did not vote for Ron Paul. If you don’t waste your vote on Romney, then Ron Paul will win. Voters say they want out of wars, smaller government, lower taxes, a balanced budget, less gov. spending, no foreign aid, and less gov. intrusion in our lives to name a few, yet all those people do not want to vote for the ONE person who can accomplish all those things and more. You get EXACTLY what you vote for, count on it.

  • kellygneiting

    Bob, I’ve heard all of the counter-reasons to making money through patriotic causes. You are providing a great service. I would just consider NOT benefitting financially through the compromise of allowing bad candidates ads. Thank you.

  • Dennis Carter

    If Ron Paul wins the republican nomination, I will vote for him as he will be the only viable alternative to Obama. If Mitt Romney wins the nomination, he will be the only viable candidate to win the nomination over Obama. A vote for Paul at that point is a vote to re-elect Obama. I hope the Paul supporters will support Romney if he is nominated rather than go off to elect Obama by supporting a third party candidacy of Ron Paul.

    Romney will win the nomination. Go ahead and support Paul to the convention, but at some point you will have to decide to support Romney or live another for years with Obama as president. I don’t think the country can survive Obama for another four years. Paul supporters, are you willing to live another four years with Obama so you can say you didn’t support Romney.

    • Jazzabelle

      Dennis wrote: “Paul supporters, are you willing to live another four years with Obama so you can say you didn’t support Romney.”


      Four years of Romney will be just as bad as four more years of Obama. The key is to teach the Republican establishment that they WON’T win elections without the votes of constitutional conservatives. They don’t seem to believe that now. Hopefully they will learn quickly and give us a candidate we can support in 2016; but, if they don’t learn, it will be the way of the dodo bird for them.

      Of course, the ideal situation would be a brokered convention THIS year with Ron Paul as the nominee. Yes, it can still happen. Perhaps the Republican establishment would be intelligent enough to learn from THAT (although I’m not counting on it). But at least then we could have a good shot at saving the country, regardless what happens to the party.

      • Carl Manning

        If the GOP has a brokered convention, I believe will try desperately to sneak in JEB Bush through the backdoor. NWO nutcase, Kissinger, has already told the Chinese that this is their intention. JEB Bush met with Obama along with Bush Sr at the White House recently. All signs are pointing to Bilderberg being at Chantilly, VA again just as when Obama and Hillary atten ded it together back in 2008 to decide who would get what. I believe if the Establishment NWO GOP tries to put JEB Bush in through the backdoor, Ron Paul, ever the astute politician, will smell a rat and back out to allow Romney to be the nominee, knowing JEB Bush all but guarantees Obama returns to power. I am a Ron Paul supporter, but I know how these NWO bastards play the game. I also am keenly aware of the Bush Sr. Crime Syndicate that controls all of the political players, including Romney, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, & Obama…

  • Bob Burmeister

    Sometimes we see responses with the same mentality as the football trolls who think that the success of the whole team consists of nothing more than a superman quarterback. The President is not a god or a Caesar. Romney and a good Congress will do just as well as Ron Paul, etc. if the electorate will only wake up and keep the pressure on for proper, long term, policy direction. But too many are asleep or only looking for another short term give away while Congress kicks the “can” down the Road. The biggest dangers are from the career, socialist vandals Obama is bringing into the government. They will fix our “wagon” in ways that will turn the fussy, ultra conservatives and libertarians hair grey.

  • Rocketman

    If and when the Tampa convention nominates Romney and not Ron Paul that will be the moment that Obama wins re-election, not the general election. Romney cannot win. Large numbers of conservative voters will either stay away from the polls, vote third party or write-in Ron Paul on their ballots. Sadly, many in the republican establishment would rather see Obama re-elected than to give the presidency to Ron Paul who they can’t control and who has the best interests of the American people guiding him.

  • George C.

    Rocketman is EXACTLY right… The people’s choice is whoever the party wants them to choose, but very few Americans realize that the whole thing is rigged. We will never get out of this trap as long as we always vote for the one the party chooses.

  • James Lee

    Sorry folks, if you don’t vote for Romney you minds as well put your head between your legs. And yes Ron Paul has the most resposible outline for us. Keep the humor up, you know, the Pope and rubbers. Humor is not always politically correct, but if it’s funny laugh. You know where your heart and mind really are. Jim.

  • r.p.
  • Anthony F. Cugini

    While Mitt Romney may not be your ideal candidate when compared to the other Republican hopefuls, I certainly hope that no one reading this newsletter would actually vote for Obama because they didn’t think Romney was conservative enough. If Romney isn’t conservative enough for you, do you think actually think Obama would be better? That would be insanity!!! Looking at it from another point of view, perhaps someone sitting on the fence (a moderate or an independent) just might vote for Romney because he is not an extreme conservative.

    • r.p.

      Romney is a moderate and if your an independent it’s because you are not sitting on the fence. The PTB ie: Goldman Sachs, Fed.Res., Wall Street support both Romney and Obama. And you think they’re different? One is the right shoe, the other is the left shoe. They will only take you in the same direction. You can argue all you want as to which shoe will get you there first. If Romney is the nomination then you will have only one choice. Ron Paul IS the only choice.

  • Howard Clinton Wren

    Come November our choice will be Romney or Obama. To not support Romney will be a vote for Obama. How foolish! Romney has good conservative credentials. And I put my conservative credentials against anyone who has written a comment. I admire Dr. Paul, but he has no chance whatsoever. To those who say they can’t vote for Romney, I say to you that you are helping Obama get a second term. Is that what you want?

    • r.p.

      Please tell me why I should give my support to a party that absolutely will not give the people a viable, electable, candidate? If you want me to support the “party”, I might as well go to Russia then. They select the candidates for you also komrade.

  • http://none Claire

    Kudos to Bob Livingston. I agree with him 100%.

  • susan blake

    sue… did anyone bother to ask God.what he wants?

    • Dan Fitzgerald

      (S)He’s laughing way too hard to answer right now…

  • pafreedom

    Good response Bob, Ron Paul 2012!

  • http://none bucs66

    Mitt Romnney is the most liberal candidate to run on the republican ticket in my lifetime. As an conervative evangelical Christian he will not get my vote in the fall. He is running against Obama as the “me too” candidate. I have studied everything he has said and everything he has done. Still, I don’t have any confidence that he would govern as a conservative. Now he says he is running “as a conservative” and he NEVER says “I am a conservative.”

    • Don Williams


      • wireline

        Certainly not main stream media if you believe anything Ron Paul stands for or says. You must be thoroughly brainwashed by the MSM and the “Party” by now it seems to me.

  • GregS

    Anyone who does not vote for the Republican candidate who opposes Obama (regardless of whom that will be) in November will actually be voting for Obama. If Obama is re-elected, ObamaCare (if it hasn’t been struck down by the Supreme Court in June) will become a PERMANENT entitlement. This will ruin our medical care system, as well as the economy of our country, with all the thousands of pages of mandates (written by UNELECTED bureaucrats) that will come out of it.

    All of the Republican candidates, who are currntly running in the primaries, will support the repeal of ObamaCare. We ALL need to come together in November and vote for the Republican, who will be running against Obama, in order to make this happen. PLEASE, people, don’t throw your vote away by not voting, or by voting for a third-party candidate in November.

    If Obama wins in November, it will be those who voted for a third-party candidate who will be to blame.

    Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! ObamaCare has got to go! Defeat the Dems to make it so!

    • wireline

      That is the problem GregS we have been voting Republican (party) too long. Voted for Dole, loozer, voted for McCain loozer, now they give us Romney who was the loozer to McCain last go around, both are loozers. So when do you want to stop voting for the party dude? and start voting for the Constitution for a change? The Republic that was promised in that document?

      • GregS

        What about Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush??? They weren’t “loozer[s].”

        If ObamaCare is allowed to stand, there won’t be a Republic to talk about.

        • wireline

          GregS out of that group only Reagan wasn’t really a loozer, but after he was in, they figured out how to control him as well. All it took was one assassination attempt by a troubled young man who’s family just happened to be the next door neighbors of G.H.W. Bush. If you know the full history of Reagan then you know he wasn’t their guy. Reagan’s nomination was out of their control, that one time. G.H.W.Bush was their guy. Still drinking their kool aid I see!
          I had hopes that Sarah Palin could have been another Reagan, but she isn’t it.

          Like it or not Ron Paul is the only one that talks of a return to the ideals that the forefathers gave us with the Constitution. Unless you are like our leftist brothers and want to believe that it is a “living breathing document.” It isn’t and shouldn’t be. Where do we draw the line? When do we stop tearing down the Republic given us? As Ben Franklin said, “you have a republic, if you can keep it.”
          We didn’t…

      • GregS

        Wireline, I like Ron Paul, but if he’s not going to be the one running against Obama in November, why would I want to vote for some third-party candidate who isn’t going to win?

        You can talk all you want about “return[ing] to the ideals that the forefathers gave us with the Constitution,” but that certainly will NOT be possible, if ObamaCare is allowed to stand. It will become a PERMANENT entitlement in 2014, when it fully kicks in, and it will comepletely destroy our healthcare system and bankrupt the Country. At least Romney has vowed to repeal it, and that’s all I really care about at this point in time.

        • wireline

          and you still don’t get it, we have been throwing our votes away for a long time and tired of it. By the way what flavor is that “Party” kool aid you drinking? just curious about that, is it like cherry or grape?

    • Dan Fitzgerald

      RomneyCare and ObamaCare are based upon the same approach.

      Folks here who are championing Romney have an uphill battle, and I feel for you. But simply having an (R) next to his name instead of a (D) isn’t going to work as an argument.

      I haven’t seen a real argument that there’s a difference between the two.

      We’ve been saying throughout the electoral season that we weren’t going to suddenly forget that we’re looking for Constitutional government. Romney will not get us there, he will drag us in the opposite direction. More wars. More regulation. More spending. Fewer individual rights.

      Obama’s a problem, true. But before him, Bush was a problem. Before him, Clinton was the problem, before him, Bush was the problem. Before him Reagan was the problem (talked a good game, doubled the size of government), before him Carter, before him Ford, before him Nixon, before him Johnson… all problems. Every election was “the most important election in a generation, if not ever”.

      No thanks. We won’t get fooled again. We’re between 15 & 20% of the GOP base, larger when you factor in independants.

      Limited, Constitutional government. We are going to get there, and if that means defeating Republicans who have a different vision, then that’s the path we’ll take.

      Of course, Mitt could pick Rand Paul for VP, and we’d all come roaring back, checkbooks open, because THAT would advance the cause of individual liberty and limited government. Short of that, I’m a lock for Gary Johnson.

  • George C.

    GregS says: “If Obama wins in November, it will be those who voted for a third-party candidate who will be to blame.”

    Well I say : “If Obama wins in November, it will be those who did not vote for Ron Paul who will be to blame.”

  • Don Williams

    The PROOF that the Paulbots are backing the wrong candidate is that Ron Paul is still in the race long after Romney has won the nomination. I know, I know, they will say “He hasn’t won the nomination yet.” Well, if you can’t see the writing on the wall, you’re either blind or severely delusional.. and I think I know which. Ron Paul is a great man, I would gladly vote for him IF he’s the nominee. (HE AIN’T) NOTHING can be more important to this nation and our children’s futures than STOPPING/DEFEATING the Marxist infiltrator Obama in November by the largest margin of popular votes in U.S. history.
    N O T H I N G. [ Think hard and vote against Obama.] Do it because it’s the RIGHT THING to do.

    • GregS

      VERY well said, Don!

    • Dan Fitzgerald

      I’m not voting against anyone: that’s how they herd sheep. The Bogeyman! The Bogeyman!!!

      I voted FOR Ron Paul, enthusiastically and proudly. I’ll do the same for Gary Johnson.

      Again, Mittbots are talking, but not listening.

      The differences between Mitt and Obama are miniscule.They are quantitative, not qualitative. Electing Romney won’t fix a damn thing. Voting for him says that I see a difference. I don’t.

      • GregS

        Dan Fitzgerald says:

        “The differences between Mitt and Obama are miniscule…Electing Romney won’t fix a damn thing.”

        Not true! Obama will veto any attempt to repeal ObamaCare, while Romney has vowed to repeal it. This alone is a HUGE difference, because ObamaCare will completely destroy our healthcare system and bankrupt the Country, if it is allowed to stand. It will become a PERMANENT entitlement when it fully kicks in, in 2014.

        • Carl Manning

          I seem to recall Boehner and most of the GOP Congress and Senate up for re-election or first time at bat vowingto “repeal Obamacare” and when they got to the District of Criminals, they did NOTHING. They didn’t even let it get to the House floor for a vote! Promises, Promises, Promises!!! It is foolishness, selective amnesia, and cognitive dissonance to continue to believe anything out of the GOP’s lying lips! They have betrayed the American People so many times over so many years now that I have honest-to-God completely lost count of how many times they have stabbed us in the back like an enraged killer who just wants us dead and gone. They want nothing to do with the American People; they just Wall/K Street’s Bribery Job Security Program like the good little whores they are. It’s long past time for the American People to give the District of Criminals a divorce, but that divorce must be followed up with a new lover, a Third Party. The longer we postpone this divorce and endure the Battered Wife Syndrome, much as a dog returns to eat its own puke, the more we endanger our own lives and the lives of our children and posterity.

          • Dallas H.

            Well said Carl!!

      • GregS

        Carl Manning says:

        “I seem to recall Boehner and most of the GOP Congress and Senate up for re-election or first time at bat vowingto ‘repeal Obamacare’ and when they got to the District of Criminals, they did NOTHING.”

        Wrong! They tried to make ammendments to it, which passed in the Republican-controlled House, but the Democrats in the Senate blocked them. My question to you, Carl, is how do you think it’s possible to repeal ObamaCare with Obama as President and a Senate that’s controlled by the Democrats?

        Furthermore, Boehner et al. made it very clear in their statements that ObamaCare could not be repealed until Obmama is out of Office. Even if the Republicans had gained control of the Senate in 2010, it would still NOT be possible to repeal OboamaCare until Obama was gone.

        • Carl Manning

          AMENDMENTS??? Amendments to a patently un-Constitutional bill to begin with??? “Repeal” does not mean the same as an “Amendment”. The point I am trying to make is they made shallow promises to the American People knowing good and well they had no intention of making good on those promises. The point I am trying to make is that if you make the promise to repeal, then you vote for REPEAL, whether you win or lose the vote. The point is that you score points with the American People by making good on your promise and forcing the Democrats to politically defend their un-Constitutional bill to score points politically. It gives you a platform to win in the court of public opinion where votes are generated for your party against your opponents. The GOP is politically daft; it’s why they are called the “stupid” party. The mandate that gave them the majority was the American People’s opposition to the monstrosity of Obamacare, yet they squandered this golden opportunity to score political points with the People.

      • GregS

        As I stated above, they made it very clear at the time that they would not be able to repeal ObamaCare until Obama was gone.

        • Dan Fitzgerald

          Mitt implemented ObamneyCare in Massachusetts. If the Supremes don’t shoot it down. we won’t be able to get rid of it until 2016 at the earliest, if either Obama or Romney is in the White House.

      • GregS

        Not true! If Romney got in, and both the House and the Senate had Republican majorities, the repeal process could begin almost immediately.

  • Don Williams

    Don’t worry, the Paulbots will do what Dr Paul TELLS them to do in November. They will vote for TRUTH, HONESTY, AMERICAN VALUES, THE CONSTITUTION, LIBERTY, GOD AND COUNTRY when and only when Ron Paul gives them the ‘go ahead’ to vote against the Marxist Obama. Don’t worry.

    • wireline

      just curious, but what flavor is that “Party” kool aid you drinking? is it like cherry or grape? or some other flavor possibly?

    • Dallas H.

      Yes Don….and you and the rest of the sheeple will once again accept the “great hope” that the GOP has hand picked for you, and once again there will be no changes, just the continuation down the same progressive path until we become a state of the New World order and take our orders from a governing elite! The Constitution will become null and void and we will all be forced to obey the orders of the ruling elite!! Then you and the other sheeple will look at one another asking “What about all those vows Romney and the other “conservatives” made”? Then it will be too late to do anything but comply!

  • Don Williams

    @Carl manning and ALL Paulbots, Do you remember who implemented “Obamacare” in the first place? How did we find ourselves here? The Republican Party will repeal ALL of Obama’s Marxist edicts when they have the majority of both houses. If YOU are responsible for an Obama second term, know full-well that you are responsible for 3 or 4 more Marxist trained Supreme Court Justices and hundreds of Ultra-Liberal Federal judgeships. We will NOT FORGIVE YOU for you know DAMN GOOD AND WELL what you are doing. The future of this nation is at stake and you are ignoring her call for help. Say anything you want, but a vote for Paul in November is a vote for a COMMUNIST America.

    • Carl Manning


      There is no reason why they couldn’t at least bring it up for a vote in order to show the American People they intend to keep their word that they ran for office on. Romney will do absolutely nothing to repeal Obamacare; no supporters of Ron Paul believe him when he says so. It is yet another GOP ploy(lie) for votes – S.S.D.D. We’ve heard that song one too many times. The GOP is fast running out of tricks and election-year gimmicks like the “Contract With America” and “Contract With America II”. The GOP isn’t running on anything but FUMES and HOT AIR. They propose budgets that are laughably insulting in that they won’t be balanced EVER, AND THEY NEVER ADDRESS PAYING DOWN THE EXORBITANT NATIONAL DEBT EVER. They propose “cuts” in spending INCREASES instead of “cuts” in spending altogether because they are counting on our ignorance and the cover they are guaranteed in the MSM and the Neocon Nutjob carrying their water on Talk Radio. They NEVER propose ending entirely un-Constitutional Departments that have become nothing more than Government Jobs Programs in the District of Criminals. We have more government employees than the USSR could have ever dreamed of employing! What has the GOP done about any of these programsor Departments??? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! What will RINO Romney and the RINO GOP do about them when Mitt is elected??? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

      • GregS

        Carl Manning says:

        “There is no reason why they couldn’t at least bring it up for a vote in order to show the American People they intend to keep their word that they ran for office on.”

        They did pass some ammendments to it, but those failed in the Democratically-controlled Senate (See my response to your post above. Furthermore, they made it clear that ObamaCare could not be repealed until Obama was out of office.

        • Carl Manning

          Obama just might never LEAVE office thanks to the GOP refusing to stand by the US Constitution with the Birther issue. That would be the ultimate irony when Obama arrests each and every one of them and executes them a la Vladimir Lenin. They will rue the day they mocked the US Constitution and their oaths before Almighty God and the American People when they are handcuffed and carted off to the gallows.

    • Carl Manning


      Don’t kid yourself. You know good and well if the GOP REALLY WERE SERIOUS ABOUT ENDING OBAMA’s RECKLESS PRESIDENCY, they could have taken him down in no time flat by embracing the Birther Ineligibility Issue. INSTEAD, THEY DID NOTHING AND MOCKED THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND FEIGNED IGNORANCE OF THE CONSTITUTION. This kind of behavior is inexcusable, so if they lose their majority in the House and retain their minority status in the Senate, don’t blame me or the supporters of Ron Paul or even the American People. The GOP has only ITSELF to blame for any losses of their own reputation. Their townhalls this year will only serve to further embarrass them as they are repeatedly put on the spot over their refusal to address the Constitutional Birther issue out of cowardice and political expediency. Continually lying to the American People and refusing to honor your oath of office to the US Constitution is no way to win our votes, but it’s a sure-fire way to cause disillusionment, a political revolution, and a free trip to jail some day when the People are so fed up they will have no other recourse but to take matters into their own hands. An unemployed population with a worthless currency fighting for survival is a fearful thing for a politician to face, yet that is the path the GOP have embraced for the American People. Have they addressed the 35% corporate tax rate, the highest in the industrialized world??? NO! Have they tried anything to bring our jobs back from overseas??? NO! Have they addressed the giant sucking sound of American jobs going overseas caused by GATT, WTO, or NAFTA – all of which they passed against the American People’s wishes to please their Wall Street masters??? NO! Will they ever do anything to address the “permanent” loss of millions of American jobs??? NO! They have cast their lot with the criminals on Wall Street and in the end, they and the American People will pay dearly for it.

      • GregS

        Carl Manning says:

        “if the GOP REALLY WERE SERIOUS ABOUT ENDING OBAMA’s RECKLESS PRESIDENCY, they could have taken him down in no time flat by embracing the Birther Ineligibility Issue.”

        O.K., so let’s pretend for a minute that Obama was removed from office, because of the “Birther Ineligibility Issue.” Biden then takes his place, and where does that get us???

        • Dallas H.

          It makes everything that Obama has signed into law null and void!!!

        • Carl Manning

          If the GOP investigates and tries to impeach Obama, even if the Democrats obstruct conviction in the Senate, criminal charges will go forth in the courts and the entire ticket and election is invalidated. When Obama is arrested, it will necessitate an interim President until the next election. That proper President should be John Boehner under those circumstances since the Obama election would be completely invalidated. The legislation Obama signed into law (Obamacare, NDAA, Patriot Act) and all of his appointments in the administration and the Judicial Branch are deligitimized. The two Supreme Court Injuustices will be forced to step down. You have in effect a much needed Constitutional crisis that we are long overdue for. You also have numerous impeachments in order in the Justice Department, the FBI, the Secret Service, the CIA, Nancy Pelosi, the DNC, and a major investigation of numerous obstructions of justice all across the country by DA’s, AG’s, court clerks, SOS’s, and federal, county, and State justices. The Hawaii Health Department will have to be investigated with Congressional subpoenaes along with the Selective Service and Social Security Administrators who obstructed justice. Only good can come from the American People seeing just how corrupt their government is in the District of Criminals. The Democrats and the DNC will be politically destroyed overnight! The MSM and even the Neocon Nutjobs in talk radio and Faux News will be permanently discredited! Only good can come from this! The GOP will also be permanently discredited! Again, ONLY GOOD CAN COME FROM THIS BECAUSE IT WOULD BE A VICTORY FOR THE CONSTITUTION AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. When the American People know they have been lied to about this entire Presidency by BOTH parties, there will be hell to pay at the polls and Third and Fourth Parties of a new political paradigm will take the stage in the District of Criminals and CLEAN THE PEOPLE’S HOUSE OF ALL THE FILTH. The political landscape will never be the same ever again. Both Dinosaur Establishment parties and all of the Dinosaur Establishment, Propaganda, CIA-controlled media on the Left and Neocon Right know if the TRUTH is ever allowed to be aired openly on 911 and the Birther issue, they are FINISHED FOREVER! If we truly had a FREE PRESS in this country, these guys would all be long gone! I long for, hope, and pray for the day when there is a major NEWS NETWORK located anywhere but NYC that is truly a FREE PRESS that will question all of this government’s seemingly endlessly eternal lies and give the unvarnished TRUTH to the American People.

  • Don Williams

    Carl, I know that we’re on the same side as i fully respect dr paul and his efforts to save this nation. I will say that we do not live in a perfect world. Many things must be done incrementally and as we build within the party. Dr Paul and his son are Republicans because they fundamentally believe in the Republican party as the party of smaller gov’t, less intervention in foreign affairs, lower taxes, strong military, Religious freedom, etc. We can be agents of change in our country. We, together can rid this nation of the Bastards bent on taking it down. We need to do this methodically and from within the REPUBLICAN party. The Demokrat party has already been lost to America. It’s Dead. We should start by voting the Marxist Obama Gone and as many of his enablers Gone in November. It All Starts then. Help me, Help this country, Fight like Hell for Her.

  • Nancy in Nebraska

    Some of you just don’t GET it! It was voting for “the lesser of two evils” that got us this evil! “They” have infiltrated BOTH parties! obama-romney; NO DIFFERENCE! They are the same thing! BOTH are puppets of the same puppet masters! Don’t forget that it was bush who gave us the Patriot Act, the fema camps, and the department of homeland security. It was bush who said it is time for a “new world order”. It doesn’t matter who gets elected! Their agenda WILL go forward. I will vote for Ron Paul! I know that he will not win. They will not let it happen! I believe that the entire vote is a FRAUD! They will choose their candidate! The future is bleak no matter who wins. Our only hope lies with GOD, as these people (if you can call them that) represent satan! So now, CHOOSE A SIDE!!!

    • Carl Manning


      You are absolutely 100% correct. If Ron Paul were to somehow win miraculously against all odds and against the campaign of lies put out by the Left and Neocon Right MSM, I have no doubt they would deep-six him just as they did JFK, JFK Jr, RFK, MLK, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Senator Paul Wellstone, Vince Foster, Ron Brown, William Colby, Lt. Quarles Harris, Donald Young, Larry Bland, (possibly) Andrew Breitbart, Deborah Jeane Palfrey (the DC Madam)who was about to name names, one of which was Cheney, and many other 911 whistleblowers. The silence from our GOP-controlled House after finding out a significant amount of our election voting will be handled by a Spanish company is deafening! With friends like the GOP, who needs enemies??? The government in the District of Criminals is a Communikst KGB-orchestrated coup d’etat in complicity with a GOP that has allowed it to happen by doing NOTHING. The end of America is now a foregone conclusion as long as we have these two criminal Socialist/Fascist parties of Wall Street whores calling the shots.

  • Carl Manning

    Here’s another reason why we have to support Ron Paul. YouTube (owned by Google – a CFR globalist entity) is scrubbing 100′s of Ron Paul videos. George Soros is buying up Google stocks voraciously now because this is how the Left intends to control the Internet and keep the Sheeple enslaved and dumb as hell…

    I don’t see the Romney videos being scrubbed. GEE, I WONDER WHY???

    YouTube also recently ditched PPSIMMONS videos on April 30th that have been covering Obama Birther Ineligibility and Christianity; yes, a lawsuit will be pending. A major news outlet is about to cover this breaking news, too…

    Has Romney and/or the GOP even said one thing about this threat to free speech and liberty??? No, the GOP passed CISPA in the House to lead us further down the road to tyranny. The GOP is now openly aiding and abetting Obama’s Road to Tyranny, and Obama must be laughing his bleep off at how gullibly stupid the GOP can be. They’re making it too easy for him, and they gave him a credit limit of 2 trillion dollars of our money on August 1st, 2011, to spend on all of his pet projects to get himself re-elected and sink us further in debt. IS THE GOP REALLY AN OPPOSITION PARTY NOW??? The joke is on us if we continue to remain in this party. Ronald Reagan said of the Democrat Party: “I didn’t leave the Party; the Party left me!” The same can now be said of the GOP. They have abandoned the American People for Wall Street and tyranny.

  • Carl Manning

    The GOP also wants to outlaw the First Amendment. They’re making TYRANNY too easy for Obama. Is this really an OPPOSITION PARTY??? The fight is no longer between Left and Right; it’s between Tyranny and Liberty. Ron Paul is the only guy standing in the gap REPRESENTING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Has Romney said anything about these egregious attacks on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights??? No, because he supports his fellow RINO’s acts of tyranny against the People. With friends like these, who needs enemies??? Ron Paul 2012 or FEMA 2013 – take your pick!

  • Kevin Beck


    Your position makes sense to me. Even the reader has the opportunity to present his opinions about his candidate of choice; just like you, I happen to disagree with his positions and reasoning. My views align more to yours than to Mitt Romney’s; that’s the reason I continue to subscribe to your newsletter and daily alerts. It would also be the reason I wouldn’t subscribe to his views on freedom and politics (the antithesis of freedom), since he appears to disagree with several views I hold dearly.


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