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Welfare Killed The Little Red Hen

March 28, 2012 by  

Welfare Killed The Little Red Hen
The industrious Little Red Hen wouldn't share her cake with her lazy friends.

The yoke that is the welfare state has thoroughly infected America. If voters re-elect President Barack Obama, he will brainwash all Americans into thinking they are entitled to government handouts. Most Americans don’t understand that independent people are losing their way as the President crusades to build his Nanny Nation — a country so transformed that even the oral traditions that were taught for generations have been eradicated.

To be fair, it is not all Obama’s fault. In my lifetime, the United States has been moving away from its ideals of hard work, self-sacrifice and personal responsibility.

Bedtime Stories Our Children Never Hear

Some of you may remember “The Little Red Hen,” the bedtime story of an industrious chicken that lived with an indolent cat, a lazy dog and a mouse that behaved like a sloth.

I can still remember the story from half a century ago. My dad always had a glimmer in his eye, sitting at the head of the dinner table and telling us kids the fable of the cat that slept, the dog that napped and the mouse that snoozed. They only survived, said my dad, because the Little Red Hen worked so very hard.

One day, while busy in the garden, the Little Red Hen found some seeds of wheat. The hen asked her friends the following:

“Who will plant this wheat?”

“Who will cut this wheat?”

“Who will grind this wheat into flour?”

“Who will make a cake from the fine flour?”

To each question, her friends replied: “Not I.”

Finally, the Little Red Hen asked, “Who will help me eat this cake?” The cat, the dog and the mouse all shouted: “I will.”

“No, you won’t,” replied the Little Red Hen, “for I alone did all the work, so I alone will eat the cake.”

When I was a child, The Little Red Hen was a big hit at our house. But when I told the fable to my own children, they just didn’t seem to get it.

“Why wouldn’t the hen share, Daddy?” asked my little girl.

“Because she did all the work,” I replied.

“But my teacher tells us we are supposed to share,” she said.

“Sharing is good,” I told her, “but you can’t be lazy. You have to share in the work too.”

A puzzled look spread over her face. I remember being a bit exasperated, and I asked: “Don’t you read stories like ‘The Little Red Hen’ at school?”

“Not really,” she said. “Most of the stories we read are about helping each other.”

I realized that the values held sacred by my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents were not even contemplated by my children or most of their generation.

Obama is accelerating America’s welfare revolution. He is finishing what President Franklin Delano Roosevelt started when he introduced the New Deal 80 years ago. Three generations later, there are fewer Little Red Hens and far too many cats, dogs and mice.

I fear that the welfare creed has become so ingrained in our culture that America will probably never extricate itself from its growing socialist grip. That may have been FDR’s intention from the start.

Roosevelt bragged: “… no damn politician can ever scrap my social security program.”

But FDR only engineered the welfare state. Its grand developer was President Lyndon B. Johnson. His “War On Poverty” and his plan for a Great Society have built a welfare system second to none.

An American Thinker article addressed the issue:

As it stands now, Obama appears headed toward an economic legacy that may very well surpass Jimmy Carter in its level of failure.

We have seen under this president an expanding number of citizens who are partially or wholly dependent on the government for their very livelihood, as the data show that the U.S. has become an ever-growing welfare state under Obama.

Government dependence, which is defined as the percentage of persons receiving one or more federal benefit payments, is at a staggering 47%, its highest level in American history, while 21 million households are reliant on food stamps.  In fact, government spending on food stamps in 2010 ($68 billion) was double what it was in 2007, with the 2011 figure likely to be even higher.

As the graph below shows, government welfare payments have soared over the past 42 years, from a few billion dollars to $800 billion. If the trend continues, payments will exceed $1 trillion dollars per year. Add in defense and national security spending and immediately the Federal government is spending almost $2 trillion each year. This cannot continue, yet it seems almost impossible to stop until people believe that they need to be industrious, that they should not depend on government to help them make their way.

My dad told me other stories when I was growing up: hard-luck stories about what he and his generation faced during the Great Depression. He graduated from college with a degree in geology in 1930. Yet it took him 12 years to do anything but menial jobs. He worked selling vacuum cleaners and he sold life insurance door to door. He even worked in a slaughter house. The government didn’t help him. Quite frankly, if the help had been offered, I doubt he would have taken it. He didn’t have much time for government, either in getting things from it or paying toward it.

The grandchildren of those who went through the Great Depression don’t think this way. Liberals, from those in the education system to those in the entertainment industry, have convinced most young people that government should do more to make society better. They want to reward the cat, the dog and the mouse while making the Little Red Hen pay for it.

The problem is the Little Red Hens are getting tired of carrying the load for everyone else. Until we wake up to this fact, we will be faced with continued social and economic crises, and the standard of living will fall for all of us.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers
Editor, Myers’ Energy & Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • Sirian

    WE, the Little Red Hens, have had enough!! And so many wonder why we don’t agree with the herd of COWS that have swarmed to the allegiance of unions, marxists, socialists, communists and oh yes, Islamic radicals. As this sentiment continues they have no earthly idea of how hard things will get. This old rooster has some very sharp spurs!!


      I wonder how all of the welfare recipients are going to feel when their utopian life turns into forced labor under less than ideal conditions. All of their so-called leaders are stirring up the rabble rousers with their divisive rhetoric, and the coming riots are going to be like nothing we have seen in our modern times.

      • Robert Smith

        ““Sharing is good,” I told her, “but you can’t be lazy. You have to share in the work too.””

        The presumption that those who are out of work, sick, or had their jobs exported to forign lands don’t want to work.

        I find it sad that such a judgement would be universally made.

        This is America. We do take care of our own, and sometimes others. We are our brother’s keeper. At least that’s what I was taught.


      • libba

        I can assure you that they will wonder “What Happened”? They think slavery before 1865 was bad? when you receive goods for no service rendered you put yourself in the position of servant/slave to Master. When someone “owns” you by your acceptance of the servant/slave position then what you think is your freedom to accept goods for “no service” disappears. Due to the dumbing down of the U.S. educational system they most likely want have the level of understanding to know what forced labor is.

      • texastwin827

        Exactly…I am reading The Hunger Games and it is an eye opener, to say the least. From the moment I started reading it, a mental comparison of what we have now and what we could lose, easily, came to mine. I decided it was time to go back to the “old fashioned” way of making things, from scratch. What I don’t already know, I am about to learn!

      • JJ

        @ Rob
        “The presumption that those who are out of work, sick, or had their jobs exported to forign lands don’t want to work.

        I find it sad that such a judgement would be universally made.

        This is America. We do take care of our own, and sometimes others. We are our brother’s keeper. At least that’s what I was taught. ”

        This is the most ridiculous of all arguments. Notice you say “We” when referencing taking care of our own. Sure, “We” do. At the point of a gun. “We” are forced to subsidize all folks who are out of work, sick, or otherwise. Making us all slaves. You conveniently use “I” though, when referencing what you were taught. So because YOU believe in something, you support WE paying for it. How about YOU believe something so YOU pay for it. And since you obviously believe that so many others believe the way you do, and they would all certainly WILLINGLY give to those less fortunate folks (because you all believe “you are your brothers keeper”) then there would be plenty of money in this “charitable fund” to go around to those you deem “less fortunate.” There are an unlimited number of worthy endeavors and noble causes when you can use other people’s money to fund them.

      • Alex Frazier

        Robert, that judgement isn’t being universally made. The story is quite specific in demonstrating that there was work for the dog, the mouse, and the cat. They just chose not to share in that work. They wanted only to reap the benefit of the hen’s work.

        Now, we could write a new version of the little red hen if you like. In the alternate version we can discover that the dog offered to help, but was told by the hen that she didn’t have any wheat planting positions available. The mouse suffered from depression and needed disability. And the cat had to stay home and take care of her twelve kittens by herself since the Tom took off and wasn’t paying her any child support.

        Where people like you err is that you want to make the argument of extenuating circumstances. “So and so is looking, but hasn’t found a job yet.” “They’re not lazy, they’re just trapped in unfortunate circumstances.” While things like that can certainly true in some circumstances, you give it too much weight. It’s similar to the “what if she was raped, or if the mother’s life is in danger” arguments in favor of abortion. Things like that do happen, but they constitute an incredibly small percentage of abortions; less than 1%.

        By the same token, you are naive if you honestly believe that people aren’t working because there aren’t any jobs. A few years back, in January of 2009, I got let go from a job. Driven by the necessity of paying my mortgage and feeding my family, I went straight to the unemployment office. As I stood in line that first morning, I had the opportunity to chat with several people. One guy bragged that he just wrote in the places he supposedly applied to, which is part of the program (you have to actively seek work). Another guy had been on unemployment for thirteen months because he wasn’t going to take anything less than a bankers job paying 70-80K a year. A young woman admitted that she was working under the table, but collecting anyway, which is fraud.

        I had a job within two months and cancelled my benefits.

        Not too long after all that, my brother got laid off. He went and got benefits. He did all the same things that most of the other people did. I once confronted him about it and asked why he didn’t take something. After all, there are always Burger King jobs. He responded, “Why should I take a job like that. I get paid that much already to sit home.” So in his case, the unemployment check was incentive to not work. My other brother and I both gave him a hard time about it, because we both thought it was ethically wrong. But it is what it is.

        My wife has a friend. Her friend gets Medicaid, food stamps, and disability. Prior to getting disability, she was on unemployment. The woman has milked the system for every handout there is to get. And there’s not a damn thing wrong with her.

        Again, you kid yourself if you honestly believe that most of the people in the system are just down on their luck. Most of the people in the system are taking advantage of it in some way or another. Most of those people would find work in a hot minute if they were going to get cut off and lose their house, car, and flat screen TV (paid for with tax payer dollars, of course).

        I believe in the welfare system, despite my Libertarian views, because I do believe that some people, from time to time, can find themselves in a pickle. Things happen, and sometimes a family needs a little help. I don’t object to that. But the system itself, unfortunately, is broken. It’s too easy to abuse. That being the case, it really needs to go, or be modified heavily until only those in legitimate need due to circumstances beyond their control can collect benefits.

        The rest really are no better than the dog, the cat, and the mouse. They want to do nothing and benefit by the work of the hen. Anyone who thinks otherwise isn’t being realistic.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        This is for Robert Smith and JJ. Out of your phony concern for the poor and the lame and the indigent you would force other people to do the work that you yourself will not do.
        If you care so much, start taking care of the people that you supposedly care about out of your own time and your own wallet.
        You are a tyrant.
        Combined with millions of the same mindset you create the hellish state of this nation.

      • DaveH

        Robert Smith says — “The presumption that those who are out of work, sick, or had their jobs exported to forign lands don’t want to work.
        I find it sad that such a judgement would be universally made”.

        I find it sad, Robert, that you presume to help yourself to other peoples’ money, having no idea what struggles they faced to earn that money. And having no idea what effort has been made by those who receive that stolen money.
        I, for instance, have struggled with CFIDS since I was 26. The result was flu-like symptoms on average twice a week for the rest of my life (still). During my episodic periods, I had to do the best I could and then make up for it by working much harder on my good days. I knew people much healthier than myself who were on welfare. Yet, I carried my family, and who knows how many Government recipients on my unhealthy back.
        You have no idea, Robert, how many other people suffer as much or more and still support themselves as well as carrying on their backs the dead weight burden of useless Liberals in an effort to live the good life which you Liberals want to live on the backs of others.
        Not only is your theft immoral, Robert, but in the long run it results in impoverishment of a country in which case everybody suffers. The people whose backs are being ridden will obviously slack off — why should they sacrifice when others share the fruits of their labor? And those who are doing the taking will certainly not work harder, so the end results are necessarily a much worse economy.
        And in fact, as one commenter pointed out, those on welfare who have not bothered to learn skills will be the first to suffer when the SHTF.
        Worst of all, the Leaders surely know that reality, having examples around the world of the results of Big Government, yet they persist to buy votes with other peoples’ money. In other words — they could care less about the citizens as long as they get what they want.

      • lucitee

        AND just WAIT! If Bo gets another four years, we will be part of the “New World Order” and NO ONE will get ANYTHING PERIOD unless THEY want to give it to us! We will be under a dictator rule that gives NOTHING away! They will strip our Country of its resources, strip US of our property and goods, then LEAVE America in shambles! Then ALL people will be expected to labor equally! All the Degrees, education, experience and
        capabilities will mean NOTHING! “THEY” will monitor us from afar, and if we even HINT at success they will be like buzzards! Swoop in, take the goods, leave us the burlap sack we kept them in! EMPTY! Are WE to become the Country of the “HUNGER GAMES”? And lest you think I am being overly dramatic, research how many OTHER Countries are lead by Radical, rebel, billionaire Dictators! With NO democracy, NO rights, NO freedom, and THEN tell me that would never happen to us! We are being lead, like sheep, to the slaug-hter pens! PLEASE vote Conservative! Otherwise, the SAME Agenda will continue and
        we will be finished!

      • GALT

        Mr Myers I want to commend you for your excellent charting of Welfare as a portion of the U.S. Federal Budget. I must confess, that I have NEVER actually seen that ever assigned
        to any pie chart and at 800 billion, depending on which number you use for the total, 2.5 trillion on book or 3.5 trillion off book, that would represent about 1/3 or less of federal expenditures.

        Now I HAVE seen a budget which uses the term ENTITLEMENTS, which include Social Security, Medicare, Etc. and that is exactly what they are…….because people paid into these programs and should have a reasonable expectation of reaping the benefits they believed they were paying for?

        Still, for someone who appears to be a Canadian, your concern is touching….since as a Canadian, all of these things are provided for by your government… the same fashion, with two exceptions……the quality of life ( happiness index ) of Canada is higher, an we are not facing an influx of illegal immigrants fleeing from the SOCIALIST tyranny of Canada, which seems to include you?

        Equally impressive is your concern for the hard working little red hens, and I can only imagine the stress and sweat you have to invest in ferreting out those SECRETS from
        those oil INSIDERS which you pass on to your SUBSCRIBERS…..( insider trading? ) although from the looks of your photo, you might want to cut back on lunches and play a little more golf? Oh wait, you have FREE HEALTH CARE in Canada, huh?

        Well, you have done a fine days work here and you have managed to incite all those here who believe they are little red hens…….of course, they are not the victims of government,
        but they are victims of governments that have been corrupted by the trans national corporations, who recognize no one as sovereign to them….and because of this can
        play each against the other, for tax breaks, lax regulations, exploiting both cheap labor and resources in pursuit of profits at the expense of everyone else…..

        What better solution than to further disempower the only possible source of resistance
        to these stateless immortals who seek to be even more irresponsible than they are now?

        Anyway, keep up the good work…..impersonating a little red hen can be quite exhausting.

      • Flashy

        Alex —>”I do believe that some people, from time to time, can find themselves in a pickle. Things happen, and sometimes a family needs a little help. I don’t object to that. But the system itself, unfortunately, is broken. It’s too easy to abuse. That being the case, it really needs to go, or be modified heavily until only those in legitimate need due to circumstances beyond their control can collect benefits.”

        I can buy some of that Alex. i was and am a supporter of the Workfare program initiated by Clinton. Know what killed that program? For the most part the GOP Congress, GOP governors and corporate interests. The complaint? that those who were in the workfare program were to be paid Minimum Wage.

        Horror of horrors!

        When the Labor Department ruled the workfare participants were subject to the labor laws, and thus minimum wage, the GOP Congress (led by Gingrich) objected to having to vote increases in the state block grants to cover the additional monies as well as having to subsidize child care when mothers went to work in the program, the GOP states (led by Utah) objected because they took the position people on workfare would have no incentive to look for a job, and corporate interests objected because they were deprived of a cheap labor pool which was replacing the regular paid workers they would in other circumstances have hired.

        Study after study showed those in the workfare programs found regular employment faster and at a higher wage. But there were also numerous bias studies by conservative think tanks which stated otherwise. Guess which ones were given a seat at the table when it came time for review of the program and were cited when the program was eventually killed by a GOP Congress ?

        The actual numbers were ignored. And the program was snuffed. Come the 2000 elections, and one of the GOP “talking points” was ….yep, you guessed it…welfare reform.

      • Tom W.

        Bottom up, top down, inside out!!! Going right by the play book Juke! Do these useful idiots even realize what fate awaits them after they’ve outlived their usefulness?!! Well, they (The NWO.) got to obtain their ideal world population of 5 mil. somehow! Pray for these poor idiots, that God would open their eyes and they would see what a broad and well worn path that they’re traveling down! Pray that our whole nation would open their eyes to the folly that ALL of our leaders are dragging us towards!!!

        Psalm 9:17 (KJV)
        “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.”

        Galatians 6:7-8 (KJV)
        “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.”

      • Vicki

        Robert Smith says:

        This is America. We do take care of our own, and sometimes others. We are our brother’s keeper. At least that’s what I was taught.

        Yes we do. Or rather we did before government started taking all of our “disposable” income. Doesn’t leave much but we still find some money around to donate to charity.
        Well Conservatives do. Liberals must be letting government pay for it all.

      • DaveH

        Galt says — “since as a Canadian, all of these things are provided for by your government… the same fashion, with two exceptions……the quality of life ( happiness index ) of Canada is higher, an we are not facing an influx of illegal immigrants fleeing from the SOCIALIST tyranny of Canada, which seems to include you?”.
        Two problems with your statement, Galt.
        1) Government doesn’t provide anything. They take the money from the taxpayers and distribute it to whomever they figure will give them the most votes.
        2) Canada is less Socialistic than the United States. See here:

      • DaveH

        Galt says — “Oh wait, you have FREE HEALTH CARE in Canada, huh?”.
        There is no such thing as Free Health Care, Galt. For an intelligent guy, you should be able to figure that out. There are only different payers. Instead of the person who actually receives the Health Care, paying his/her own way, somebody else has to pay. This leads to all kinds of moral hazards, which being moral are not understandable by Liberals.
        1) Since it is perceived as Free, many people don’t bother taking care of themselves because it isn’t their hard-earned money that pays the bill. That costs more money (to somebody).
        2) People will visit the doctor for all sorts of minor ailments that those who had to pay their own bills would have foregone. That costs more money (to somebody).
        3) Since it is a Government program, it must be administered by Government agents who are almost impossible to fire, and rarely responsible for their mistakes, so why should they make the effort? They don’t of course, which is why Government Programs always cost more than in the Private Sector.
        For those who want to understand what Canada’s Health Care system is really like:

      • GALT

        Dear sir David H.

        You may be one of the more intelligent people here….but you need to understand that your main function is to react to these daily incitations….which have no purpose.

        My comments were addressed to Mr. Myer’s and if I have made an error, based on his prominently displayed resume…then I would expect HIM to correct me.

        He will not…..unless I have made some factual assumption that he can dispute….

        Now. I am not in disagreement with your arguments…..but they are again…..non sequitor.

        In fact they are so non sequitor as to be absurd……..

        1.) We DON’T have a HEALTH care system……Mr Livingston seems to get this….or at least he seems to be offering advice to this end…..and selling stuff, and we can only hope
        that his intentions are beneficial…as in Dr. Livingston I presume….couldn’t resist that!
        He ain’t…..and he’s selling stuff……who know’s where it will end?

        2.) To get back to the root of insurance, it was in the beginning an attempted minimalization of loss…..if you divided your shipments into discreet packages, if one failed to be delivered….. better that nothing…10% is better than 100% loss.

        Some clever quant…..way back when BEFORE the texas super collider was cancelled, as it should have been……figured out THAT if you offered protection based on actuarial results……charged above the number that was indicated….you could make a profit.

        If you invested it…… would do even better.

        Now this is where it gets HARD…….the ideal of infinite growth demands infinite resources…
        BUT the universe in not INFINITE……it is constrained by this pesky little thing called
        entropy……for the universe, this means that the potential energy available decreases.

        For us, this get’s a little stranger, because we get a huge thermo dynamic boost from the sun….so much so that it causes people to doubt the rules…..and entropy IS THE RULE!

        Now….the major solution offered by most is that we are not growing fast enough….the reality is……it is not possible to grow fast enough….it may not be possible to GROW at all.

        Between the two of us…..because no one will read this except you……you need to consider what has just been said…..entropy rules! There is not a single economic system that has been developed that is based on this TRUTH, and it may be the only truth you can really rely on.

        After all….all men are socrates….in that they are MORTAL….unfortunately, further comparisons…..are somewhat difficult to ascertain.

      • Alex Frazier

        @ Flashy – Depending on where the jobs for the workfare program came from, minimum wage can be a good or bad thing. In general, I don’t agree with minimum wage. A person’s labor is a good or service provided in exchange for a good or service of equal perceptual value. Water, for example, is a gratuitous product provided by nature. If a town is on the banks of a river, water has no value since value is derived by services rendered, and it requires no service in order to satisfy your own thirst. If the town is twenty miles from the river, effort has to be employed in order to get water for the satisfying of your thirst, whether it be your own effort or that of another. For providing you with the service of fetching your water, a service of equal worth has to be provided in the exchange. Thus, the service of fetching water has value. Yet, if you are in the desert, the providing of water when you are on the verge of death has even greater value still. The water is not otherwise available, and you are unable to fetch the water yourself, even if you wanted to. So the value of a service is relative to your circumstances. The more in need you are, and the less able you are of providing the service yourself, the greater the value that service is going to have to you.

        So if you have folks with no money, no jobs, and no prospects, the value of employment becomes so great that they should be grateful for whatever they get.

        But to be more particular, the workfare program was government employment. And while I do agree that the individuals on the program ought to provide society some useful service if they are going to get handouts, it’s a plain fact that the government doesn’t create real jobs. Government jobs are an illusion. The government can do nothing, except that it first takes money from society to pay for it. In which case, it is merely the reallocation of revenue.

        There’s nothing I can say to convince someone of your point of view that corporate profit is a good thing, and that greed and self interest are the grease that keeps the wheels of political economy moving smoothly. Nevertheless, self interest is what propells innovation and technological advancement. When the government takes from corporations and wealthy investors in order to fund government work programs that produce nothing of worth or of lasting productivity, advancement is stymied, and employment opportunities are destroyed.

        So if you try to enforce minimum wage on government provided jobs, which exist for the sole purpose of making sure that the handout recipients aren’t getting something for nothing, then you do, in fact, eliminate the search for beneficial employment.

        The workfare program should have rightly been called The Department of Unproductive Government Jobs. Need a job? Well, you can come on down to the DUGJ and get a minimum wage job on the spot. It’s nice and easy. No need to go searching around town.

        With that in place, employers around town will no longer find people to employ without having to pay higher than minimum wage, since the minimum wage folks will be employed by the government. Since they have to pay higher wages, either fewer people will be hired in the private sector, or retail prices will have to go up to compensate for the higher wages.

        Eventually, because this is how government works, either minimum wage will go up, or someone will unionize the system. Before you know it, the tax payer will be funding $30 an hour floor sweepers, while the price of everything in the marketplace soars.

        If you consider the reality of the continuation of that same concept, you’ll see that the ultimate result of workfare is centralized government employment, with the private sector almost entirely quashed. With no productivity in the private sector, full blown Marxism is only a matter of time.

    • Flashy

      Am i imagining the daily article are becoming more and more strident as the realization by the Right sinks in their cause is being rejected by Americans? looking back over some past headlines and articles, it appears so.

      The solution to the expanding social net is simple. retreat from the programs initiated by Reagan and added to by the Right which has seen the largest transfer of wealth ever realized in the history of Man. From the Middle Class and the masses into the coffers of a few elite and Corporate interests.

      When the balance of wealth returns, and those who must rely upon the safety net established to stave off the evils of hunger, disease and shattered homes are able to once again fully join moving this nation to greater heights, then we will begin to realize the savings and diminished need for that net.

      But to state that the solution is to kill off the only hope and safety net the Middle Class and the masses of Americans have remaining. when those elites have caused this despair and situation which brings millions to the steps of poverty and hopelessness. Such is lunacy and nothing short of the desire to end this Nation and the Great Experiment from which it sprang in 1776.

      • steve

        just goes to show you that man does not have the answers

      • Flashy

        man may not, Man does.

        In the eternal fight between good and Evil, Evil has declared war on Good since 1980. With luck and hope, good will prevail in the end.

      • vanessa

        JJ it is true that ALOT of people do not want to work and work the system. No problem helping REAL down on their luck people but when young girls at school tell you to your face that they are not going to work, they are gonna sit home and collect welfare. Work? thats a four letter word.

      • Brad

        Alex and Flashy and the rest of you who say this story does not hold water because there are no jobs, is just flat out wrong. I live in Dallas TX and there is now hiring signs all over the plkace and no one to take them. We have to give jobs down here in TX to Mexiacn nationals because there are so few takers of the jobs. The problem is as along as there are entitlements most takers who are able to work rather take the frickin’ hand out idiots.

      • T i m

        Flashy , YOU ARE SSOO WRONG . Please do more research . Welare has been here long before Reagan showed up . The only problem with this and Reagan , He did not change it . You remember in the early 8 0 ‘s , Reagan sent Ed Meese , on a cross country trek across AMERICA , do identify any POVERTY in America . Meece came back couple months later , said he could not identify any poverty . THERE WAS A REASON FOR THAT . Now, for those who do not know the ” Rest of the Story ” . …Every recorded wage earner in AMERICA pays welfare …… Your check receipt shows it as …” SOCIAL SECURITY ””’.. The Bible I read says , if you do not work , You do not eat . If a person truely is unable to work , they WILL be care for ….. ALL THE REST ARE CROOKS . Log in to Freedom Disability . Lawyers office , specializes in selling Disability insurance . Web adres and t v commercial both say , all expenses on behalf of recipient , are paid from SOCIAL SECURITY . Social Security has been paying welfare from the beginning . Welfare population is growing daily . My name is T i m

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “In the eternal fight between good and Evil, Evil has declared war on Good since 1980″.
        We all know which side you fall on, Flashman, with your lying, slandering, plagiarizing, condoning of theft, and advocation of violence towards those you disagree with.
        Ask me to prove those accusations, Flashman.

      • CJ

        Flashy, you are so far adrift in la-la land on this that no lifeboat of common sense can reach you. Your ‘assessment’ is inaccurate and no statement of yours to the contrary can, or will make it true. Unlike most lefties believe, the more you repeat it doesn’t make it more accurate.

      • carrobin

        You’re so right, Flashy. The choir this guy sings to thinks everybody in the USA is out to take their money. But nobody seems to realize that the biggest collectors of government “welfare” are the wealthiest. The further the middle class sinks into poverty, the richer they get. That’s the real threat to this country, not the single mothers and unemployed.

      • DaveH

        If you really believe that, carrobin, then what are you doing to alleviate that condition — Building More Government?
        As Government Grows, Corruption Flows.
        If you would take the time to read this book, carrobin, you would be on the path to learning that both the Welfare Statists and the Military Statists in both parties are making fools of the ignorant followers who think the Government is really there to help them:

        But then, when one thinks about the saying “what goes around comes around”, then it becomes clearer that those who are willing to ride on the unwilling backs of others deserve what is coming for them.

      • Wyatt

        Spoken like the true Socialist/Marxist/Communist you are Flasher . You want that life style4 move to Cuba . I would wager you’d move back real soon . But then if the democrats and Barry get their way you’ll soon be enjoying live in the FEMA forced labor camp for your bowl of watered down soup a day . You Liberal Leftists should wake the hell up and smell just what you are shoveling !

      • Thor

        Flashy….still waiting on your reply to my observation that the right has not been in charge of anything in the last 100 years. A quick look at the Congressional record dissolves your entire argument. Of course, you have no intention of observing the facts. You are simply more content with some nebulous reasoning that resonates pleasantly in an empty brain pan.

        The Congressional record speaks for itself. Prohibition was a disaster for the so-called ‘right-wingers’ and they have not prevailed or held power since that vain attempt to legislate morality. Not saying they have not tried; it’s just a fact they have not controlled both houses of Congress but 13 years out of the last 100.

        You keep beating the dead horse of right-wing conspiracy and people are going to start laughing at you…I already have.

      • Flashy


        Try to be calm. But if you note, I have stated the War on America began in 1981. That was when Reagan cursed this Nation and began the corrosion of the Middle Class which culminated in the fiasco and tragedy of the Bush II / Cheney regime.

        Now…if you want to tell everyone the Dixiecrats weren’t allied with Reagan and Big Oil / Energy…be my guest.

        Facts are facts. The decline of the Middle Class and the redistribution of wealth to the wealthy and Big Corporate interests began then.

      • Opal the Gem

        Flashy says:
        March 28, 2012 at 2:37 pm

        Lie number 1,473+. About 2 weeks ago Flushy said he never posted after 1:00PM because he was at work then.

      • Vicki

        Flashy says:

        Am i imagining the daily article are becoming more and more strident as the realization by the Right sinks in their cause is being rejected by Americans?

        It’s your imagination.

    • steve

      that’s right. i’m getting some of obama’s stash. no more work. yeh

    • http://windstream Joe

      So true.
      When the Social Security was first started there were some folks who didn’t like the idea since it seemed to point to less than self reliance. By the time that Lyndon Johnson had expanded on helping folks through Government assistance people were much more accustomed to the idea. I grew up having heard folks from both eras and being a child of the 60′s I watched people become less self reliant and more of the types who now have kids who hang out on corners protesting that they want more cake and less work. When I hear Hillary Clinton , and so many from Washington now try to push their agendas I remember their actions from those 1916′s and still I say as I did then God help us all!

      • http://windstream Joe

        Excuse the type error. Of course that should have been 1960′s. I’m not that old folks!

      • Marie Saqueton

        You are right Joe, there are are just so many people now waiting for a handout. Just visit the casinos first week of the month and see how many welfare recipeints are gambling, and would say “well until next check from Uncle Sam.” They are not even ashame in saying it.I do not mind helping the old and disabled, but lazy bums can pick produce or clean the streets. We have been self employed since coming to this country and worked hard even with a fever in our business, and also employed many people. What got me were the ones sent by the Employment Dept. to look for jobs who would beg me not to hire them because they get more in welfare checks than the wages I could pay under union wages. Now that we are retired after working for 50 yrs. they still get better benefits than us. Is this fair? They get free home allowance, food stamps, free medical with no deductible, and allowance to take care of their kids. I know of one earning $5,000. a month doing nothing, and driving a cad. This is California welfare….

    • rhcrest

      Robert Smith,

      Unemployemnt benefits which are paid for by the employer are what is given to temporarily unemployed people. What this author is referring to are people who intentially get welfare benefits to avoid working and please don’t try and tell me that that is false. I see it firsthand all the time. Along with welfare benefits these people, get free utilities, free food, free rent, free medical care, free cellphones, you name it. I recently met a woman who is on SS disability becase she said she feels “nervous” Her benefits are not taxed and she gets the equivalent of a $50,000 a year jobpaid to her every month for sitting around and doing nothing. My husband manages an aprt building with sec 8 renters who do nothing but sit around all day waiting for their next gov’t check to arrive in the mail . THey sleep most of the day and their apts are a pig sty. YES THEY ARE LAZY! Please stop with the “we’re supposed to feel sorry for them” garbage. Who is going to feel sorry for us that we ahve to work so hard to take care of these people?

      • Stephanie Parks

        I would like to see some substantiation of that kind of income on SSI. I have known a couple of people on disability, but the income including foodstamps (for the one who is still alive) is only about $550.00, plus her rent is subsidized, so she only pays about $175.00 a month for a one room (plus kitchen and bath) apartment. In Tucson, that rent is about $100 less than comparable non-subsidized apartments. No car. No cell phone. No computer. Cable TV is her only source of information and entertainment. I really would like to know how one earns 50,000 a year on SSI. I also wish we would get as upset about folks who game the system to make millions of dollars (crashing the economy in the process), as we do about people who might manage to game the system for a whopping $12,000 a year.

      • kkflash

        It’s even worse than you describe. Here’s a short video that shows how some California welfare recipients are spending the money the state taxpayers gave them:

      • lucitee

        RH, You forgot they NOW get “FREE CELL PHONES” with initial free minutes! If they go OVER the allowed minutes, welfare PAYS for them! I was in an emergency room for a serious health issue. And NO I don’t have Medicaid! The lady across from me was on her cell phone BRAGGING about having it paid for! I was in that area for two hours! She was on her cell phone almost the entire time! I am a widowed senior citizen with life-threatening
        health issues and have a hard time with Doctor bills and medicine! And MY tax dollars pay for people to have a cell phone so they can velcro it to their head and talk about who’s fighting, whose sleeping with who, and what their kids are doing to “milk” the system! If my taxes PAY for their cell phone, it should be limited to 911, Doctors offices, medical issues,
        and personal SAFETY, NOT social issues that have NOTHING to do with what the program was intended for! But as USUAL, Washington could care LESS about the middle class! They exploit the people who will VOTE for them because they do not KNOW any better, and want to continue with their dependancy on TAX PAYERS MONEY!

      • Robert Smith

        Posted: “Who is going to feel sorry for us that we ahve to work so hard to take care of these people?”

        Certainly not the top 1% who are taking even more from you.


      • kkflash

        Robert Smith, the top 1% aren’t “taking” anything from you, me or anyone else. They acquire their wealth by a method you may have heard of known as EARNING. This method is largely unknown to liberals like yourself, so I’ll explain it briefly. It involves investing your time, money and energy to produce goods and services that people actually want. When these goods and services are offered to the public, they voluntarily part with their money to acquire them, often paying more money to the producer than what it cost to provide the goods. The extra payment is known as a profit, or EARNINGS. It’s a great system for increasing your wealth, and provides valuable benefits to others at the same time. You should try it.

      • Vicki

        Robert Smith says:

        Posted: “Who is going to feel sorry for us that we ahve to work so hard to take care of these people?”

        Certainly not the top 1% who are taking even more from you.

        Most of the 1% are not taking my money. SOME of them are asking nicely and offering something that I want in exchange.

        Unlike the government who just sticks a gun in my face and says “gimmie”

        Oh and obama, who happens to be part of the 1% lest we forget, is having a great time taking from all of us.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      The author did not give the end of the story. The dog, the cat, the mouse are predatory animals and they can kill the hen at any time. They can also turn on each other.

    • Flashy

      Sirian…while you may be chicken to face the future an the trials we will need to overcome to return power to the Middle Class and the people…there are many of us who are willing to take that task on and fulfill the dream this Nation holds forth.

      While you may be willing to surrender to the forces of an elite and corporate oligarchy which brought forth war against this nation since 1980, there are many who refuse to give up fighting against those very forces you wish to cede this nation to.

      So step aside, let real Americans roll up the sleeves and do the hard work which you so willingly refuse to do.

      • Brad

        So you think Obama is returning the power to the mniddle class? Man you are on drugs if that is your statement, with all the lavish vacations and extra servants Michelle has at her instant whim. Those entitlement theives are stealing you blind and you sit there and say thank you want another 4 years master?

      • Sirian

        You truly amaze me, no, let me rephrase that. . . obviously you prefer to wander within the mental corral of COWS. Yes, it does seem quite apparent.

      • DaveH

        No, he doesn’t think that, Brad. Flashman is just a shill for the administration and he will tell whatever stories he can to sway ignorant people to follow his Sociopathic lead.

      • Rodtheother

        I find it amusing how you try to coat your posting in flowery sugar-coated writings to try and dazzle others with how smart you are. Anyone with an ounce of the ability for critical thinking sees your writings as nonsensical and empty.

        Take for instance your claim to fight for and return power to the middle class. Everything you stand for would see the upper-class eradicated and their possessions taken from them and distributed amongst the masses. All the while this is happening you’d be claiming that social justice is being served and those who follow the path of the dog, cat, and mouse would support your RE-distributing the cake. The end result of your efforts would be the extermination of the middle-class and the HOPE of a better life for the masses, or at least those individuals with the ambition to pursue one…. good night little red hen, it was good to know you.

        For those of the dog, cat and mouse persuasion I’ll explain the fallacy of Flashy’ “fighting for the middle-class”. By definition to have a middle-class an upper-class and a lower-class is MANDATORY. Without an upper and lower class, there can be no MIDDLE-class. There in which lies the empty promises of socialism/communism/progressivism. Pursing their utopian world would result in a world where the vast majority of society has a standard of living somewhere between the current middle-class and lower class. This existence would be very close to what is known currently as poverty in America (as you see, poverty in America is much different than the rest of the world). And as the masses live close to poverty the social-elite, like Obama, the Clintons, The Gores, The Soros’ would live in the lap of luxury. The elites would live the lives of those that the progressives claim to be unfair and attained on the backs of the poor. The difference being, the claim would now be true, because the elites lives would be sustained by the blood of the masses.

        The class-mobility that the free-market gives is problematic to collectivists because it makes the individual a moving target. They much more prefer a target that is fixed in position because they are much easier to hit, or manipulate. This is just one more reason why collectivists dislike education that is not controlled or filtered through a central agency that is sympathetic to the agenda (can you say Department of Education). Ignorant people are much easy to fool.

    • Tom W.

      COCKLE DOODLE DOOO!!! I hear ya brother Sirian! I got a little banty rooster in me too, and am also getting tired of listening to the whining COWS about how unfair the world is! I’ve got news for ‘em, and if I’m right, and I believe with every fiber of my soul that I am, they haven’t seen nuthin’ yet!!! If the Bible (God’s Holy Word!) and I are correct, they’re getting ready to face the ABSOLUTE most horrendous time in human history!!! Why do I say they? Because all Born Again Christians will be snatched away from this earth in what we call the Rapture (I Thess. 4:12-18) for the duration of the Great Tribulation (Rev. chapters 4 thru 19) When God shall deal with the lost and unrepentent!!! If you should find yourself still here following the Rapture, DO NOT PANIC! Drop to your knees and ask Jesus to save you that very moment!!! He will either get ya through the Great Tribultion or you will be martyred, either/or it’s a WIN/WIN situation, you end up in paradise!!! Whatever you do, DO NOT TAKE THE MARK!!! It is the point of NO return and the Bible says that whosoever accepts the mark shall be cast into the Lake of Fire!!!

      Proverbs 16:4 (KJV)
      “The LORD hath made all things for himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of evil.”

      The Rapture; I Thess. 4:13-18 (KJV)
      “But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep. For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words”.

      The mark; Rev. 13:16-18 (KJV)
      “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”

      Those who recieve the mark; Rev. 14:9-11 (KJV)
      “And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.”


      • Sirian

        Tom W.,
        HA, I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if so many of the libs that show up here haven’t the slightest idea of what I meant by “spurs”. . . :)

      • Tom W.

        Oh come on Sirian! You know at least a couple of ‘em saw that scene from “Pulp Fiction”!!! I’d bet money that Flushy was the man in the mask!!!

      • Rodtheother

        Tom W….
        I know I am likely to take fire from many on this site that I agree whole-heartly with. But people like you scare the hell out of me and were the death knell to Conservatism in this country. Once the left was able to paint the Republican/Conservative party with the face of the religious-right they finally got a toe-hold on tearing down the Constitution. I fully support your right to practice religion as you see it, and would die for your right to do so. But it is my humble opinion that you’d be much more effective for the “cause” if you left the preaching at the door and stuck to commentary based on what our “creator” has given us VS. the supposed retribution that lies in wait for the infidel.

  • cawun cents

    The thing about this is,that collectivism only works if you can suck everyone into the event horizon.
    The black hole of debt demands that everyone is subject to its insidious trappings.
    It is well known by anyone with half a brain that there are always some who you just cannot save in a scatstorm.But the gubment has decided that you CAN legigislate safety,and give”help”(Aaaaaiiiiiiiggghhhhh,I am the gubment and I am here to help,kind)to the masses and throngs of the world.
    In what they perceive as a kind gesture,they have endentured all of us in their little(massively suicidal)endeavor.Of course since we are the people’s temple and gubment is Jim Jones,we all must perish to save ourselves.
    For if we collectively live through accruing massive debt,then collectively we must die by that same measure,right?There we have the collossal credo of progressivism.
    He who lives as a slave,must die as a slave.
    It is what is also known as”reparations”.
    Congratulations on your endentured servitude!
    You fought and died to win the grand prize!
    The chance to go into the abyss holding hands and skipping while singing tra,la,la.
    I can literally hear the voices of approval somewhere in the bowels of gubment.
    And yet others saying,”how do you like slavery,you pompous white [expletive deleted]“!
    The shortest straw has been pulled for you.
    “Arent we kind and thoughful to include you in our massively suicidal endeavor?”
    “Have this kool-aid,its good for you.”
    As you tip it up the folks who are pointing the assault weapons at you are grinning.
    You become dizzy and stumble to the edge of the event horizon,the gaping maw of the whirlpool roaring as you begin your descent.
    Your destitution is emminent.
    You look to each side to peer at the hundreds of millions who skip alongside you.
    They sing and stare into the abysmal plain like Stepford wives at a house party.Their looming demise is just another thing to sing tra,la,la about.The debt alarm sounds and the vortex begins to eat the masses,masticulating their entire esscenses.
    Now you understand the final price for your Constitutional freedoms and liberty is slavery to the worldly god of massive debt.Thats what they are here to tell you today.
    Wow…..maybe my coffee was a bit too strong this morning.
    Maybe not strong enough.

    • Robert Smith

      Posted: “The black hole of debt demands that everyone is subject to its insidious trappings.”

      The “black hole” was made by GWB and his Orwellian forever wars and tax cuts for the rich. IOW, it was put in place by the extreme right.

      Why do tea baggers and others continue to cater to the top 1% even when it’s against your own self interest? Ayn Rand was an advocate that we each stand up for ourselves. The top 1% have stolen more from Americans than we ever thought of giving to those in need.

      Which end of the financial l spectrom is the real brutal thief?


      • Warrior

        “progressivism” comes in all colors and sizes, does it not? There exists many “collective” societies around the globe. Me, I would like to maintain a “free” one. Remember that little constitutional amendment called “prohibition”? Well, if this gubmint mandate is deemed constitutional, you won’t have to worry ever again about “amendments” because the “almighty” bureaucrat will “dictate” what is in the “collectives” best interest.

      • Shane

        Gee really! Robert Smith you’re too funny. How’s that treatment going? Seems you’re still having those delusions.

      • George E


        I mean no disrespect, but do you really believe all this stuff, or are you just pushing propaganda for the left? It’s getting really old hearing the same old “talking points” from everyone arguing for the Obama administration. Please try to come across as being open minded and objective. Otherwise, we can’t have an intelligent discussion.

      • Flashy

        George…what the Ranting Right continuously label as “talking points’ …has it ever occurred to you that they are not “talking points”, but rather universal truths which are being repeated in hope that it may get through that wall of propagandized mentality the oligarchy controlled by the elite have built for you?

        As Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., one of the greatest Jurists and Philosophers of this nation expressed, “I like to pay taxes. With them I buy civilization.”

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Finish the sentence. In what way did Ayn Rand say to stand up for yourself?She was quite vocal so you have quite a few choices among her words.

      • http://personalliberty 300 win. mag

        Mr. Smith what is it with the name calling? What is it with the hatred of corporate America? Since when is it a crime to make a profit? If a corporation makes no profit it will not be there long. I for one am happy for the CEO of the company I work for, he gave me a job and I could careless what he makes. I could careless what any CEO makes. But it does bother me to see people thinking that I owe them something, go out and work for it.

      • eddie47d

        Actually Robert Smith and John Meyers are both correct and so many can’t see that. There is a welfare problem in America and I can’t tolerate generational welfare recipients. I also dispise those at the top taking corporate welfare to pad their already bloated golden parachutes. Don’t hid from either truth or we will keep repeating these generous handouts until eternity. It’s nice to help folks out and even help a struggling business but there has to be a cut off date in welfare benefits. If anyone has the physical ability to work then the burden should fall back on them to provide for themselves.

      • Patsy Cochran

        Robert, have you read any of the other comments since you posted? Do you hate the rich? What right do you have to condemn them? What right do you or anyone have to say they should be the people to carry the full burden? I am not wealty by any means, but I have worked hard for what I have and can proudly say that I earned everything I have. One person supplied the statistic that 52% of Americans pay no income tax. Who do you think makes up the difference? A few years ago, I would have said the middle class, but in this country the middle class is shrinking so quickly, that it will soon be non-existant. The top 1% pays approximately 80% of income tax collected in the US. Once we become another India, where there is basically no middle class, you are either rich or poor, we will either be slaves for the rich or be beggin for food and basic necessities.

      • Patsy Cochran

        Robert, by the way, do you remember September 11? The war started by Osama bin Laden. George W Bush declared war on Afganistan because of it and he declared war on Iraq because they refused to stand by terms of a treaty and allow searching for weapons of mass destruction. One thing you failed to mention though, is that for the last three years, the Obama administration has not called a cease fire to those wars. He has not closed Gitmo as he promised, which I think he should never have promised. For almost three years Obama has blamed Bush for the mess this country is in, but he definitely has not helped the mess by getting us so far in debt that we will never get out of it. Economists have been saying all along that the downtrend in our economy is just a trend and if it had been left alone, the economy would recover on its own.

      • Ted Crawford

        The fact that you would refer to the actions and policies of Bush points out that either one or two things, or mabey both are true. You are either unaware of the polairity of the political parties or you’ve never read Orwell, or both!

      • Walt1

        Looking at John Myers graph, it is clearly seen that the big increase in welfare occurred during 2000 to 2008–the Bush years. Probably because of the loss of jobs, and the absence of jobs that were supposed to be created due to the tax cuts for the wealthy.

      • Thor

        “Why do tea baggers and others continue to cater to the top 1% even when it’s against your own self interest?”

        Easy answer, RS: it’s their money. They earned it. They should be able to ‘stand up for themselves’ as you put it without government interference.

        “Ayn Rand was an advocate that we each stand up for ourselves. The top 1% have stolen more from Americans than we ever thought of giving to those in need.”

        Actually Rand advocated for a free-market, devoid of government interference; and it is that very ‘government interference’ that has stolen more from Americans than a free market economy ever did. Free markets operate by the rules of nature–not the arbitrary rules of those bent on manipulating nature for nefarious reasons. The system is perverted when government intervenes on behalf of select businesses rather than allow them to fin for themselves in healthy competition that eliminates the unfit. It is government and those select businesses that ‘steel from Americans.’ The only way to tell good businesses from the bad is to take government out of the equation and let survival of the fittest prevail. But you advocate for more government interference to mold an arbitrary and synthetic system you think is more fair.

        Americans are some of the most charitable people on earth but the key ingredient of charity is that it is voluntary; philanthropy is not charity because there is a tax deduction involved and anything forced by government is neither philanthropic or charitable–it is merely socio-communistic, perhaps the worst subversion of the charitable heart imaginable to humankind.

        Robert, you are lost in the desert of relativistic secular progressivism without your moral compass and few landmarks for dead reckoning.

        It’s not unexpected you’d do a 180 while interpreting Rand.

      • kkflash

        Walt1, actually it’s impossible to see what you see in the graph above without hallucinations. In fact, it’s pretty darn clear from the graph that welfare payments went DOWN from 2003 through 2006, and then spiked up dramatically after the Democrats took over control of Congress beginning in 2007. The spike peaked in 2010, and began to go down immediately after the Republicans regained control of the House of Representatives.

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “has it ever occurred to you that they are not “talking points”, but rather universal truths which are being repeated in hope that it may get through that wall of propagandized mentality the oligarchy controlled by the elite have built for you?”.
        Here is the reality that the Propagandists like Flashman don’t want you to see:

        Socialism doesn’t work. Never has. Never will.

      • George E


        When I hear the same key words and phrases repeated by nearly every leftist within 24 hours, I know that these messages are being cleverly synchronized by someone. The best you can say is that this is good marketeering or outright propaganda. If the message distorts the truth, then its propaganda. Since I disagree with much the left says and stands for, I believe these messages are mostly propaganda.

      • Vicki

        Walt1 says:

        Looking at John Myers graph, it is clearly seen that the big increase in welfare occurred during 2000 to 2008–the Bush years.

        Are you sure you are looking at the same graph we are?
        The graph we see clearly a sharp rise in about 2001 going up 25% to $400 billion starting right after 9/11. It then begins to drop in about 2003 around the time of the effect of the tax cuts on the wealthy. Then in about 2008 it starts another VERY sharp rise going up 100% to $800 billion during the first 2 of obama’s years co-incidentally after almost 3 years of democrat control of Congress. Then it starts to drop late 2010 around the time the Republicans take back the house.

      • Rodtheother

        Robert Smith….
        As I hear the nonsense dribble out in your writtings, I don’t get the impression that you stand against the one-world-Government collectivism that the Progressive right or left pursue. Rather your jealous that your party isn’t able to take full credit for it and you possibly feel “out-done”.

        You claim that the 1% stole what they have…Is it your position that you now seek to steal what they have? Is this claim that they have stole nothing more than a justification for your desire to steal?

      • Rodtheother

        My prior post should have read…”do NOT stand against the one-world-Gov”.

    • lucitee

      The IRONIC thing is, the sheep in FRONT are being PUSHED over the cliff by the ones BEHIND who have no idea what the RUSH is, but they WANT their SHARE! By the time it is THEIR turn to go over the CLIFF it’s too late! The ones in the back have NO idea what is happening to the sheep in FRONT of them, but rush eagerly along so as not to “MISS” whatever the ones in FRONT are getting! If a Conservative walked down the long line, offering freedom, democracy, wealth and life, they would get NO “TAKERS”! The stupid sheep would choose to stay right where they were and not lose their place in line! Four more years of BO and we will ALL be in line with those sheep!!

      • Rodtheother

        Lucitee….VERY well put….Standing O

    • cawun cents

      Boo!Smith,,,,,,,yay! eddie47d(this time out)…….Booo!Flashman.Haw!

    • cawun cents

      Please understand folks,that Robert Smith,eddie47d,flashman,and many other liberals would argue with you if you called Miss Piggy’s douche bag,hogwash!
      They just dont and wont get it…..haw!

  • OneDamnAngryAmerican


  • http://Googlr Mob

    God can only help us. We are done.

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    The stupidity of social justice is in their blood;; last summer I was sweating and digging in my garden and a black guy came by and said;” you need to remember and share those beans” , what a dumba66.

    • Flashy

      Actually…the dumba$$ would be anyone who believed such event occurred….

      • rtringgo

        Thank you, oh oracle of the ages. I ‘m sure you believe everything you post. We are all so fortunate to read your fair and balanced posts…NOT. Get a life.

      • Thor

        Bashing the agrarians again, Flashy? How tacky.

      • Flashy

        nope Thor…bashing those who spin tales to make a racist point …

    • Mary

      You tell him next time. If you don’t work you don’t eat. That’s in the Bible a good reference book. No guilt about some population control. I changed my mind about it because there are so many shameless parasites in this country.

    • FreedomFighter

      My Potato Project; The Importance of “Organic”

      Sick the dog on the guy next time.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

  • Joe daniel

    You are nothing but RACIST Biggets, wanting salvery back…Those days are gone…Read and understand your BIBLE…It tells you there are going to be the rich and the poor and the rich is surpose to help the poor not take care of them and the poor is not to worship the rich…You should work hand in hand…One of the things that has messed this country up is taking PRAYER out of school…Bowing to unbelievers of God…Schools and homes went from good to bad and getting worse every day…Now they want to take PRAYER out of the milatary…Want be long and they’ll want it taken out of the homes…

    • George E


      Who are you calling “racial bigots?” Liberals often unjustifiably accuse conservatives of this, but then you go on to sound like a conservative in your statements.

    • Rodtheother

      Joe Daniels…
      What has screwed this country up is the centralization of power in the Federal Gov. where race-baiters like yourself get to pass judgement on what is racist and what is not. These judgements are then foisted upon communities and are given no say in the matter.
      There was a time in this country where people could gather in communities that saw things the same. These communites would rise and fall upon the merits these communites possessed.

      It also amazes me how the very politcal persuation that whole-heartedly embraced racism and the KKK has somehow become the party of the noble elite that stands against it. How is it that the party of Robert Byrd gets to sit in judgement of what is and is not racist?!

      President Wilson segregated the military, and the Dixicrats enacted jim-crowe but somehow the other guys are the racists!? This can only be throught the careful manipulation of the ignorant and rewriting of history….And I see Joe that you’ve come to continue the effort.

  • Robert Button

    People should remember one thing about totalitarianism, the number one enemy of the Totals, whether they be Feudalists, Socialist, Communists, Fascists, and always will be the Middle Class. The Business of Government is Power, and Control.

    • Rodtheother

      Robert…Very true. And the reason they are the biggest enemy is that they are usually intelligent/educated enough to recognize the fallacy of these systems and close enough to the problems this systems create so as to feel it in their personal live. This serves to motivate them to take action against it.

      The Collectivists don’t like it when they are seen for what they are…oppressors, usurpurs, and destroyers.

  • Maria

    And why does this page carry an ad that says: ‘Boost Your Social Security Checks’?
    That is such a contradiction to the good content of the article.
    I loathe all these TV commercials that push people into getting a free cell phone with all the bells and whistels (BlackBerry and other fancy cell phones) with free minutes, even long distance numbers for only $ 1.00 a month! and getting a Social Security check with the help of some lawyer. Are those commercials free? NO!, who pays for them? WE, the Little Red Hens! and shouldn’t we have the right and the power to tell them to STOP these commercials that are enticing people to get ever more dependent on us the Little Red Hens? I have nothing but the utmost contempt for these TV commercials and all the people and entities behind them, including the TV stations that run them.
    I am too proud to take anything from a government. I am too proud because I can and will work for a living and to take care of my family. I will help a person who really needs a little help because of illness or a sudden bad circumstance, I will teach them how to fish.
    I grew up in a country where there was no Social Security or anything of the sort and on the corner of a street was this man: he had no arms, he was blind and from his neck hung a tray on which cigarettes, pencils, erasers, lollypops, etc were displayed which he sold for a living! People would buy from him and take care of the change when they paid him with bills, no one cheated him, he was highly respected, he worked for a living, standing on that corner all day long! Now, that is a man I respect!

    • Flashy

      “I am too proud to take anything from a government.”

      No, you are too proud to admit (or too ignorant to realize) that you enjoy government benefits and that should they be taken from you, you’d be the first in the line screaming.

      it is because of the social contract and sharing amongst our society that you enjoy the luxuries you have today.

      think about that.

      • Maria

        You must be one of those dumbwits that take from us Little Red Hens. Everything I have and enjoy has been paid for with MY money I earned with MY work. NO government handouts for me in whatever shape way or form.
        YOU must be one of thos taking from others and not working, too lazy to work or to drugged up to work.
        YOU must not have read what I wrote, YOU must be lashing out at anyone who is too proud to take from the government because YOU must be one of those lazy people who are allergic to work otherwise you would not be writing what you did, so just shut up!

      • Shane

        Flashy, you’re partly right. But for the wrong motivation.

        You’re right that everyone in this country benefits from government services, such as roads, bridges, some hospitals, some airports, schools and the like. Where you’re wrong. Intenionially wrong.

        Is that while all beneift in some way. Only some actually sacrifice on a continued and elevated basis. Flashy you are aware that less than 52% of working americans actually pay federal income taxes. That’s 52% of working americans. Not including those that work less a quarter out any one year, sometimes years, decades without meaningful employment. Unemployed during times of bascially 0 unemployment which is classified as somewhere around 4%.

        But to the point. Some sacrifice their life more. For that is what taxes are. A tax on our life. We have to work a certain amount of time as servants of the government to pay with our life, those taxes. While a little over 48%, in times of plenty, not including those that won’t work, also in times of plenty, lounging on the backs of those that do. So yes all may benefit, but not all sacrifice.

        Those that work, give more charity even after taxes than liberals do. On average. Dispute that statement if you want. I mean lie. For that is what liberals do better than conservatives. But my statement has been confirmed each and every year it has been studied. You can even check out what politicians give before being exposed, to charities. Big difference.

        Now you know this Flashy.

        Nothing will change you.

        You are sick of spirit.

        Ucky in your skin.

      • Flashy

        When you do this year’s taxes, will you take the earned-income tax credit? the school lunch your kids eat. And Medicare … anyone in your family retired?

        you drive on roads paid in large part by government benefits. You eat food which is subsidized. you fill your tank with fuel which is heavily subsidized. You breathe air which is cleaner than 95% of the populated world has to breathe. you take deductions for your mortgage interest. Your utility bills are less because of government subsidies.

        And on and on.

        You would not live the life of luxury you have in today’s society without benefiting from government acting as a collective from all of us to enable fulfillment of the social contract we each have with one another.

        Get off your high horse and recognize that. Work to take this nation to a greater future…not to destroy it. .

      • Flashy

        Shane…perhaps you might think that if we reversed the forced distribution of wealth and advantage from the elite and Big Corporations that perhaps more would be earning enough to pay more in taxes and give back more than they have to take to survive.

        In work, almost weekly i have a case where a small business is failing and in danger of defaulting. Doing the workout, one has to look over the past three years of the business model. As usual, times start getting tight, expenses are cut. Almost without exception…those failing have indeed cut expenses. marketing, employees, paycuts for the workers, lower quality inventory etc etc down the line.

        in other words, the expenses they cut are the very ones they need to regain sales and revenue in order to survive. Suicide by slow death.

        That is what this article and many of the ranting Right state we should do.

        Think about that.

      • maggiemoo

        Flashy, you are full of CRAP! You are one of those people who have been so well “educated” by the socialists.

      • Flashy

        Maggie…next time you hit a pothole, the next breathe you take, the next drink of water, the next tank of gas you buy, the next meal you eat … think about it.

      • Patsy Cochran

        Flashy, we all share the benefits of our government in that we all have access to public schools, paved streets, protection by the military, police and fire departments, and to an extent medical care from local free clinics. In this you are correct. However, I work for a living as I think Maria probably does. I believe she was just trying to say that she does not like the idea of her hard work going toward supporting people that refuse to work. I also think that the commercials about free phone service, and such are a slap in the face for anyone that does hold down a job. Phone service is not a right, it is a privilege because it is not a necessity of life and I definitely do not want to have to pay for you to have a phone or other benefits that I have to pay for or cannot afford for myself. My spouse retired from the Air Force 20 years ago. When he first enlisted, the pay was so poor that we qualified for food stamps. We never took them, because we were 1) too proud, and 2) other people needed them more, 3) we felt that we needed to earn what we had because we did and do not have a sense of entitlement. Just because we could does not mean we should. You cannot imagine what it does for the self esteem to be able to say I earned everything that I have. Someone that has had a disaster in their life does deserve our help, but people that have been getting unemployement benefits for two years is different. In those two years have they turned down a part-time job or a job that pays less than what they were making? If they did, they are now unemployed by choice. I am far from wealthy, but what right does anyone have to say you have to do more for the public good because you have more money.

      • eddie47d

        We all do benefit from government services and that cost is spread out so everyone at different times in their life can benefit. Everyone also should work for what they get in life and only depend on government services if earned or needed in emergencies. If you don’t need it don’t use it and don’t take advantage of a service just because someone else says it’s easy money. We do need more incentives for folks to get off of welfare or unemployment rather than thinking these services are a free ride.

      • Brad

        replace “YOU” with “Flashy” and that statement above made by Flashy makes more sence.

      • kkflash

        Flashy, you are as dense as a brick. I’ve never seen anyone so oblivious of the facts in my life.
        “When you do this year’s taxes, will you take the earned-income tax credit?”
        If my income were low enough, yes, I would take it. You make it sound like paying the least legal amount of income tax is some sort of crime. A tax credit is not a government benefit. It’s no subsidy to allow people and companies to keep their own money.
        “the school lunch your kids eat.”
        … were paid for 100% by me for every single meal they ate. Meanwhile I watched others get free meals at school, which is absolutely a government handout.
        “you drive on roads paid in large part by government benefits.”
        I drive on roads that are 100% paid by taxes collected from those who work and earn money. This is not a government benefit. It’s government doing one of the few things that the Constitution gives them the power and responsibility to do. It’s government doing its job. We taxpayers pay for government services with OUR money, not the government’s money.
        ” You fill your tank with fuel which is heavily subsidized.”
        I’ve rarely heard a lie so blatant, even from you. I fill my tank with fuel produced only after billions of dollars in private investment capital has been spent locating, extracting and refining it. The sale of it is not subsidized at all. Rather, it is heavily regulated and even more heavily taxed. Your moronic argument is that accounting for the actual cost of producing gasolin is somehow a subsidy for the oil companies. It’s no more a subsidy than a retail store subtracting the cost of their sold goods from the selling price to determine the gross profit.
        And you go on and on spouting one lie after another.

        The social contract you refer to, like any other valid contract, has performance requirements for all the parties to the contract. Those that expect to collect the benefits spelled out in the contract have responsibility to perform, and right now we have about half the people in this country that aren’t performing their responsibilities, but still want to collect the benefits. That’s not a contract. It’s a theft.

      • kkflash

        Flashy, your comment to Shane is another misappropriate metaphor. You equate cutting government spending to cutting business investment as if they were the same, when in fact they are polar opposites. The very reason many small businesses often cut the discretionary expenses such as marketing that could make them more money, is because they can’t the cut the non-discretionary taxes that don’t ever make them more money.

      • DaveH

        Read Flashman’s comments carefully, Folks, and you will see how the Socialists work.
        First they convince many of you that there are needy that require your unwilling help through the force of Government. Then Government builds more and more programs that eventually touch most people one way or the other. Then the Socialists, like Flashman, accuse you of being wrong to protest the theft since you inevitably use some of the programs that you didn’t ask for in the first place, and are paid with your own money.
        The Liberals have quite a scam going. They create the bad conditions, then offer to cure them with your own money, then when you get wise to the fact that things are worse than before their so-called help, they denigrate you for partaking in the some of the programs.
        Liberals/Progressives/Socialists are all about manipulation. It’s up to we the people to recognize that and put a stop to the nonsense.
        The reality of it all is that the Leaders have used the Military State, and the Welfare State, to buy the allegiance of most of the population, for their own aggrandizement. They could care less about we the people as long as they can buy our votes with our own money. If they did care about us they wouldn’t be heading us off the economic cliff that is inevitably created by Socialism.

      • Opal the Gem

        “Maggie…next time you hit a pothole, the next breathe you take…”

        Now ol Flushy is claiming the government provides the air we breath.

      • Jibbs

        What a F&%$ing D!&k

      • Vicki

        Flashy says:

        When you do this year’s taxes, will you take the earned-income tax credit?


        the school lunch your kids eat.

        Kids all grown up and the school lunches they ate were carried in.

        And Medicare … anyone in your family retired?


        you drive on roads paid in large part by government benefits.

        Nope. The roads I drive on are paid by the money taken from me and anyone else who buys fuel. To add insult to injury we are not even allowed to drive on some of the roads WE paid for cause we don’t have a spare body or 2 to toss into the passenger seat(s).

        You eat food which is subsidized.

        I wouldn’t know. I am not on food stamps.

        you fill your tank with fuel which is heavily subsidized.

        Not around here. Our fuel is heavily regulated and heavily taxed.

        You breathe air which is cleaner than 95% of the populated world has to breathe.

        Statement makes no sense cause liberals are always telling us how our cars cause all this pollution yet most of the populated world doesn’t have cars. How can we possibly have the cleaner air?

        you take deductions for your mortgage interest.

        Silly of someone to actually keep some of their hard earned money.

        Your utility bills are less because of government subsidies.

        Not around here. But there are some hefty fees and taxes attached to the bills. Oh and I did not bother with the “solar” subsidies when I installed solar many years ago.

        And on and on.

        Don’t stop there. We want to see the rest of the socialist program. :)

        • uvuvuv

          there are certain commonalities of purpose that the government coordinates for the common good. that is to say, if one wants to travel from key largo to cleveland ohio he is not expected to build his own road, only to find a good shrink! if your house is on fire you’re not expected to put it out yourself, as citizens we collectively contribute to provide these services. this is what taxes are for. or were for. now they’re used to keep taking workers away from pulling the wagon so they can ride instead. someday there will be only one guy pulling the wagon, while everyone else is riding.

      • Rodtheother

        I’d like you to elaborate on this social contact that we supposedly have. From what I can tell this tool is only employed when the Collectivists are trying to justify taking from Peter to pay Paul.

        What is Pauls’ responsibility in this arrangement? Is it simply to receive? And if it is simply to recieve, is there a code of conduct that states that Paul cannot bite Peter’ hand?

        I’d also like to note that I have yet to hear Paul stand up for Peter and place a limit on how much can be taken from Peter.

    • Robert Smith

      “including the TV stations that run them.”

      ROFL… Keith Rupert Murdoch is a part of the 1% who owns Fox. He is participating in that there capitalism when he sells air time for adds for those lawyers.

      The notion of “liberal” media is totally false. Most of it is big business. All of it is highly regulated by the FCC and a dozen other agencies. They will pretty much always bend to the government’s will. And thus the corportacy that is behind our government.


      • Thor

        Once again RS you prove you don’t know sh– for shinola about how things work. Under rules established by your beloved government and administered by the FCC Fox has little discretion in what it may refuse to publish. That is only going to get worse under the Fairness Doctrine–which folk like you seem to advocate. How much they charge for ads is also governed by outsiders. Two things will make the system more fair and keep down disparaging notions such as ‘liberal media’ and ‘state run media.’ First, the government must desist from its regulation of it and secondly the media must regain its objectivity and report the truth without fear of government reprisal and without expectation of reward (except the inherent satisfaction of a healthy self-esteem).

      • kkflash

        Robert Smith,
        “The notion of “liberal” media is totally false. Most of it is big business. All of it is highly regulated by the FCC and a dozen other agencies. They will pretty much always bend to the government’s will. And thus the corportacy that is behind our government. ”

        You contradict yourself. If the media is so “highly regulated” by government and “always bends to the government’s will”, then it does not follow that “corportacy (sic) is behind our government”. In fact, if your premise is true, you’ve proven the opposite of your fallacious conclusion: Government is behind the liberal nature of corporate media, not the other way around.

      • DaveH

        There are two kinds of Liberals, Robert:
        Those who know damn well what they’re doing — the Crony Capitalists and the Leaders.
        And those who are just the ignorant followers who have bought into the Propaganda.
        The former are the ones who are controlling the media.
        Which group are you in, Robert?
        And don’t confuse Crony Capitalists, Robert, with legitimate businessmen.

    • manuel a

      ya thats untill you lose your job and haveing trouble getting another 1 then yull be on the same line as you and the rest of you are complaining about and i dont know anyone makeing 50,000 on ssa or ssi most people only get 8,088 a year and out of that you pay rent and utillities for the year which probally is more the the 8,000 a year and why a lot of em are getting thier utilities turn off or getting kicked out of the homes they rent and soforth, as for the rich i have no prob with them but why shouldnt they pay more they make more and thats off everyone elses back cause who ever was the one who came up with the company didnt do the work all by themselfes all they had was the idea how to make money but then used someone else to make the money & and how do you all expect someone makeing or getting 8,000 to pay the same as someone makeing 800,000 ? come on please !! put your big brains together and figure that 1 out. the problem with this country is everyone not the rich or poor or in betweeners if we would all stop worrying about what the next guy is getting and where they are getting it and just worry about what your getting and how your doing it ,this country would be better off but untill we stop blameing each other were going nowhere fast !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dave

    Re-electing Obama would suugest very strongly that there are no brains to wash.

    • Patsy Cochran


    • DaveH

      It isn’t just Obama. Both major parties have been engaging in Mercantilism since the late 19th century.
      There are several books that I’ve read that would wake people up to the way Government really works, and I’m sure there are vastly more out there that I haven’t read. But here are a couple of eye-openers that are free (courtesy of Mises Institute):

      • DaveH

        And another:

        Mises offers hundreds of Free online books for those who would like to learn more about how Government really works. Just type “online books” into their search window and start learning.

  • Insurgent

    This illegal, lying half breed has never stopped campaigning, only now he is doing it on US taxpayer dollars. He is the biggest embarrassment the White House has ever housed. The US has had some duds before, but this professional LIAR takes the cake. The only people worse than Urkel are the idiots that vote for him!!!

  • Don Sanborn

    Well there drug testing has a lot to do with it!!!! I worked all my life. Now trying to get a job is very hard. If you have money its easy. There are many that guest smoke pot and work. What is a joke you can do hard drugs there out of your sitem in a day or two. I whent 8 weeks with out smokeing and still fail a drug test. We are sope to be free but we are not. Freedom mean you have the righ to do anything as long as you dont hurt anyone. Now the gov will say I suport terisam but I dont. We need to get rid of all these laws go back to the contution

  • jonb

    I would like to see what that one trillion becomes when the commercial and and bank handouts are added into it, and yes the Hens are paying for that too.

    • DaveH

      It’s all about the Leaders. Once you realize that, the pieces will fall into place.
      They promote Welfare because it buys them more votes.
      They protect Crony Capitalists by subsidizing them, protecting them from competition, and insuring their profits with quotas, price controls, etc., and the Leaders get Campaign Contributions and other less obvious help in return.
      They do those things at the expense of the taxpayers, and at the expense of the Crony Capitalists’ non-political competitors and their customers.

  • Robert Lebischak

    What happens to the system when the Little Red Hen runs out of Bread? No one thinks about that any more. We now seem to live in a give me what I want and I’ll do as I’m told Nation, it won’t last long. Responsibility for our own actions is no longer thought of, so why not just go with the flow? Simple, because it will destroy this Nation, we the People must see that and be responsible for our own actions, or we lost the USA.

  • http://google john p.

    well now we no Obama brainwash the rest of the democrats to vote
    on Obama care . oh yes don’t read it vote on it first then read it this
    is why this president get’s what he want’s .he will brainwash the
    democrats in to anything . I still want to no why Reid is not in prison
    for bribery with tax dollars . don’t just vote Obama out . vote all the
    democrats out . the democrats have to much power they don’t care
    about the people that put them in office . they just want to control you
    like Obama is trying to do .

  • Shane

    This article was right on.

    • Flashy

      if you desire nothing less than total destruction of this Nation…you would be correct

      • FreedomFighter

        The Rat Detector

        Every time you post the Rat Detector beeps loudly.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Sirian

        Have you had to adjust the volume down on your Rat Detector as I have on mine? Lord, whenever Flashy gets near it starts clamoring away as loud as a tornado siren.
        Just wondering. . . :)

      • Dennis48e

        Around here what goes off when Flashy posts is the BULL SH!T detector it also goes off for most of eddies posts.

  • frank

    what about big oil company’s welfare they receive it could feed million’s of less fortunate back grounds not all welfare recipiants abuse the system like they do and for people to complain about it why do we accept oil giants welfare state WAKE up americans while i growing up i alway’s heard the phrase The More YOU make the more they take [taxes] some people need to pay their fair share namely Mitt Romney and his type they believe they deserve to live better than the 99% of 300,000,000 people that live here I believe that any person in this country that sends jobs over seas is guilty of espionage consorting with the enemy namely [CHINA] a communist country . now they are a very rich country at the expense of americans and their jobs. so don’t let them make you believe that a mexican stole your job it was a CHINESE a communist from CHINA .

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So you want to determine who “pays their fair share” and what is the “fair share”.
      Why the urge to stick your hand into someone else’s wallet?

    • vanessa

      Oil companies get tax breaks just like other companies its NOT welfae. When the tax breaks go waway gas prices will be higher. Oil companies drill sometimes an spend millions of dollars and do not get any oil. They need to write these things off just like other companies. I think you want 10 dollar a gallon gas

      • frank

        vanessa i went through the late 1970′s in 4 block long lines waiting to buy gas so people wanted to approve more drilling for oil in US so now we have the alaska pipe line I often wonder what happened to that oil I have been told its sold on the market to a foriegn country but one thing I know for sure it didn’t bring down the price of gas because before we had the pipe line gas was under 70 cents a gallon after it was about 1.00 a gallon and has never went back down since and think about it oil reports record profits every quarter ever since and to date so I personally don’t think they need subsidy’s if they drill in the wrong spot and lose money then it’s their loss . I have a small buisness if I make a mistake I lose my money and no one pay’s for it but me

    • Ted Crawford

      Have you ever been on Welfare Frank? I have! As a child Iwatched it take my Mothers spirit and self-respect in return for a very marginal existance!

      • DaveH

        Here is a lady who can attest to that from personal experience:

      • frank

        ted ok i understand but it also helped her raise you and it also helped your family exist are we all so proud that in time’s of need that we refuse the very thing we need to survive money there are many people that need assistance less fortunate people if your cup flow over leave the scraps for them if your greedy pick them up I work for a living and I have used the welfare system and thank all americans for the assistance because if not for them I may have starved or lived in the street with my wife and children and further more the amount of assistance I received could not buy a car or a house or even pay utilities I still had pick up cans do yard cleaning ect; you even have to report earnings to welfare so they can deduct from amount they give to you so don’t think I havent been there It’s hard out here

    • Brad

      Romney not only paid his share he donated 15% tithe. Obama and the rest of the elited demorats did not share hardly any in comparison. IDIOTS!!

      • frank

        brad I am not going to pretend to be a know it all but I would willing to bet that mitt payed less taxes than a hard working american earning 100,000 dollars a year because of loop holes in the tax code and he also bought and sold american companies to China taking away OUR job’s so that they could make more profit

  • http://N/A HapHarris

    Dear John Myers:
    A great and timely article. But, how do we get things changed-? In the upcoming elections; a vote for Romney is equal to a vote for Obama. They both take their marching orders from the same puppeteers.

  • JokesonUS

    Why do liberals always blame GWB? The debt the federal government is in goes far beyond what he did…he just contributed to it. Both sets of my grandparents were died in the wool democrats all their lives. My parents were school teachers and turned out to be conservative republicans who couldn’t stand what FDR and LBJ had transformed our country into. I’ve become an independent and can’t stand either party or any of the current crop of idiots that call themselves politicians. I grew up in the 50′s and 60′s in rural western New York State and everyone around us took care of everyone else. All the families worked hard and provided for themselves and their neighbors. Now, I live in a city and don’t know my neighbors at all and barely speak to anyone other than co-workers or family. My wife and I tried to teach the work ethic we had to our son but we failed miserably due to being outgunned and outmanned by society influence. In discussions with other people from my generation I have found out our son isn’t the only one that was damaged by our “Great Society” but almost every child has been. So, my question to all the liberals who keep wanting to spend, spend, spend like there is no tomorrow is: when the “greatest generation” and the “baby boomers” all are dead and gone what do you think tomorrow will look like?

    • Buster the Anatolian

      ‘Why do liberals always blame GWB?”

      Because thats all they have. They have no working/workable solutions so they blame Bush.

    • eddie47d

      Probably because GWB helped to put us in the economic predicament we are in. Is that so hard to comprehend! So did Johnson and a few others. The Vietnam War set us on an ugly precedent and GWB continued that “tradition” in Iraq. Johnson over did it with social programs and GWB gave out favors to the wealthy. We all got burnt by both.

      • Rodtheother

        eddie…I don’t disagree that GWB pursing progressive policies contributed to the economic state we’re in. But I will also add that his conservative policies created economic conditions that led to a healthy economy that masked the detrimental effects of the pursuit of Collectivism. When the Collectivist policies of Carter and Clinton (namely the community reinvestment act) came home to roost, it cut the legs out from under the free-market and because of the social engineering of the left all hell broke loose.

        I’ve yet to read one post from you acknowledging how Obama’ has worsened a bad situation.

        How about his pursuit of unviable green energy…?

        Better yet, let’s discuss “cash for clunkers”. Obama’ back door effort to increase purchases of new cars and subsidize the UAW bailout and make it seem justifiable. I thought Obama was for the middle-class. The cash for clunkers program took many second-hand cars off the market and made it harder for the “working-man” to afford a car. The middle and lower classes were/are hurting from lack of jobs and the Obama solution is to buy a new car???! For those who are living on the margin, where is the money supposed to come from? The only people that could afford a new car were those who were less-affected by the economy. This did nothing to help the average American, in fact it served to make a good standard of living harder to sustain. The middle-class that Obama claims he fights for was hurt by higher prices. Prices for a used car went up by an average of $3,500.

        Where is your critic of Obama’ contribution to our economic state Eddie?

    • DaveH

      The odd thing is that whenever I ask a Liberal what it is that they didn’t like about Bush’s policies, they won’t answer me, because they know it’s a trap. Everything that they complain Bush did bad (and he did do bad) is still being done (and more) by Obama.
      This isn’t a major Party thing — It’s a Big Government thing, orchestrated by the Powerful:

  • Pete Sagi

    Hey Johnny Myers:

    You did a great little dance around the nail while scrupulously avoiding hitting it on the head. You came REAL close with the Roosevelt line you quoted about nobody being able to scrap socialistic insecurity … BUT HAVE YOU EVER ASKED YOURSELF WHY THAT IS?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    The answer is simple … SOCIAL SECURITY IS THE NEXUS WHEREBY THE INCOME TAX WAS FASTENED ONTO THE BACKS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Prior to socialistic insecurity, very, very, very few people paid income tax. Plus, it was known back then what the nature of the tax was/still is … a tax on privileged activity, and only measured by income. Now, most people believe that if you earn a buck you owe income tax, period. That is simply not true. Earn a buck from a privileged activity, owe income tax. That IS true. And socialistic insecurity/use of a socialist slavestate number … totally voluntary according to the folks at the slave enumeration bureau, write them and ask, their web site is ssa dot gov … “having and using a social security number is 100% voluntary and not required to live OR WORK in the United States.” What they DON’T tell you is that use of that number converts ordinary economic activity into privileged activity by inviting the federal govt. in as a third party to what would otherwise be a two party contract. No SSN use, no minimum wage requirement, no maternity leave, no osha regs, no overtime regs, etc. All of that applies to employment, which, by definition, means SSN use. Use an SSN and you incur liability for FICA, the payroll side of socialistic insecurity, Medicare tax, federal income tax, state income tax, local income tax, and pretty soon, Obamacare mandates/tax penalties. No SSN use, no liability incurred for any of that.

    So Johnny boy … nice article, full of platitudes … but worthless, because you fail to address the central issue, which is how they get us to pay for our own enslavement.

    Admittedly, getting a job without a socialist slavestate number is difficult at best … but that is not due to any law, that is due to hiring policies within korporate Amerika, based largely upon ignorance, fear, and the myths perpetuated by some bad actors, usually lawyers.

    THE SOLUTION TO ALL OF THAT CRAP … forget about trying to repeal anything. What is needed is a law that would require a full disclosure of all terms, conditions, powers of attorney granted, and liabilities incurred INCLUDING TAX LIABILITIES anytime anyone anywhere for any reason asks for a socialist slavestate number. Said disclosure must be in plain language, both orally and in writing, to be initialled off point by point, signed at the bottom by both requester and requestee, as well as a third witnessing party. The system only stands on ignorance and fear. Full disclosure would put an end to all of that. Pretty soon, businesses that refused hire without an SSN would find themselves missing plate glass and their managers might find themselves missing front teeth.

    Expose the system. Tell the truth about socialistic insecurity and the income tax. Liberty can be restored … but not by ducking this issue.


    • Nadzieja Batki

      So tell us how you got around paying for your own enslavement?
      You are almost jumping out of your skin in glee telling us how dumb Myers and some of the posters are.

      • Pete Sagi

        Thank you for asking that question. The answer is easy. I am somebody who works independently. Now that is not the greatest thing in the world … it has cost me dearly. After 7 years in the Navy … nuclear qualified, riding submarines … after trying to fit … I had to admit to myself, personality wise I am, at heart, a hermit. That’s just me. I have never been successful at holding a regular job more than a few months. I am NOT a team player, plain and simple, I am one of those wierd people that simply has to work alone. As far as what I do, I am really not all that good, either. There are folks far better than I at whatever I have tried to do to make a living … it’s just that I don’t get along at all in regular work situations, as a result of a deeply flawed personality I suppose.

        THAT BEING SAID … there are really only a few alternatives. FIRST … do something illegal. Grow dope, make meth, deal drugs. I don’t recco any of those. SECOND … start some sort of biz where you can put others to work, or THREE, do something that is legal that you can do on your own. What skills do you have? Can you fix computers? Can you do heating, ventilation, air conditioning? Can you fix cars? WTF do you do? If you have a skill that you can use apart from the usual korporate structure, HANG YOUR OWN PHUGGEN SHINGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is really that simple. Then simply stop using a personal taxpayer ID number, stop filing tax returns and stop paying those bastards.

        Now, if you were to go that route, the main snag you will run into are brainwashed asteroid orifices who believe that they need some sort of taxpayer ID number to expense out the cost of your labor and/or intellectual property on THEIR tax filings … even though that is simply not true. And no, you do NOT want to have to educate everyone you meet that they don’t need an SSN from you. So what is the answer????????????????????? USE A CORPORATE TAXPAYER ID NUMBER. Either use a Nevada subchapter C corp going thru a service bureau in Nevada, one that has somebody who will hold all corporate positions on your behalf thereby maintaining the minimum legal requirements for a corporate entity … one that you control at arms length … OR … same deal, use a New Mexico LLC, a flow thru entity for tax liability purposes, owned by an unincorporated business trust entity THAT YOU CONTROL AS WELL … everything at arms length. Your only relationship to the corporate entity, be it a subchapter C or an LLC is that of a hireling or worker (not an “employee”, i.e., no SSN use) who sells labor and/or intellectual property to the corporate entity in exchange for remuneration. THAT PUTS YOU OUTSIDE THE TAX SYSTEM. The corporate entity IS in the system and the corporate entity WILL need to file … BUT … it need not show a profit, or, at least show absolute minimal profit to stay alive on paper.

        What do I do now? I trade online. Specifially, currency speculation. The FOREX. Brokerages gladly accept corporate taxpayer ID numbers. But there are loads of things that you can do on your own. If I wasn’t trading, being a blue colar kinda guy at heart, I would be doing plumbing, HVAC, or fixing cars. For better or worse, just being myself, I have to work independently. If you are someone who has to work with other people as part of a team, dropping out of the tax system will be more difficult for you. Count the cost and make your move, or not. I paid a price, including going homeless at one point. It was around that time, when I figured out I could make more money pan handling than working a regular job, that I really started to question the nature of what was sold to me as reality. If you work a regular job in the corporate structure, are comfortable, have a mortgage and car payments, and have not questioned things, you are, like most people, living in a matrix of sorts. The red pill costs.

        Hope that is of help, at least to get you thinking.


      • kkflash

        Pete Sagi, you’ve made some interesting choices. I commend you for the courage to do so, but how do you morally justify not paying any taxes to a society that builds your roads, and protects you militarily?

      • DaveH

        There you go, KK. That is exactly how they ensnare us in their web. Most Government services could be done better by Private Enterprise, and most of those that are done by Government could be (and should be) paid for by the actual users of those services.
        In the early years of our country before the Leaders started laying their webs, roads were built and maintained by private corporations for their own purposes — enabling their customers to get to them, shipping stuff out, etc.
        There are many ways we could get back to privatization of our road building, and methods whereby the actual users would be the ones who paid for them (like toll roads for example). The beauty of Free Markets is that only the people, who desire certain products, pay for them. That is how it should be.

      • Vicki

        kkflash says:

        Pete Sagi, you’ve made some interesting choices. I commend you for the courage to do so, but how do you morally justify not paying any taxes to a society that builds your roads, and protects you militarily?

        He pays for the roads with every gallon of fuel and likely from fees for his motor vehicle.

        He is the military as is everyone else in the militia. That is what the founders intended. They did NOT want the standing army we currently have. Fortunately the oath-keepers show us that the men and women of the standing army view themselves as militia and are honor bound to support the Constitution and not the current administration (whichever is current)

        Btw unless you are very young or very old (or a politician) you ARE in the militia. That is what was so funny to me about the liberal argument that people should only have guns if they are in the militia. They ARE.

  • s c

    Put it to the TEST, people. If ANY of you think you’re dealing with a responsible government and responsible “leaders,” PUT IT TO THE TEST. Tell those scummers that because you parrots are on ‘the right side of history’ and YOU have a social contract with the rest of us, tell them that YOU will pay for America’s social engineering programs.
    TELL them that YOU will fund everything that America’s leeches want. TELL THEM that healthcare will be paid by YOU and YOUR FRIENDS. TELL THEM that welfare and every pie-in-the-sky scam will be paid by YOU because YOU believe. THERE IS N O SOCIAL CONTRACT!
    Leave the rest of us alone to take care of each other, and LET US KNOW WHAT HAPPENS, SCHTUPPERS. You want it? YOU GOT IT! Enjoy!

    • Sirian

      s c,
      COWS are very limited in their thinking abilities, as you put it, parrot what they are told to think. As soon as they run out of free double bacon cheese burgers and Coke they get really testy. . . :)

  • STEVE E.

    Isn’t if funny that many people voice their concern about “The Children”, and how we always expound the need to say “It’s for our children” and we must look out for the “future generations”? When in reality, we are building up so much dept for them to pay for our expenses even before they are born. So Hypocritical of us, isn’t it?

  • justbob

    Sounds as if Flashy is a victim of Carter’s Dept of Education. There may not be any way for him to realize it, if that is all he knows. Sad!

    • DaveH

      Don’t kid yourself. Flashman knows exactly what he is trying to do. His job here is to misinform the ignorant readers so as to steer them away from learning concepts of Freedom.

  • Betsy Ann

    Right on.

  • Elevenarrows

    I get up in the morning (after sleeping in a bed we bought and paid for with monies we earned working very hard), I go to the kitchen and make protein shakes for myself and my children (using food we grew in our garden or purchased from the store with monies we earned working very hard). My children and I clean the house (that my husband and I bought from a relative with our hard-earned money). We use home-made cleaning products or ones we purchased from a store (with our own money). Then, I teach my kids school until lunch time. (We use textbooks and materials we bought with our hard-earned money). Lunch is food we grew or purchased with our own money. I will spare you the rest of my day, but suffice it to say that I do NOT rely on the “benefits” of government in order to get through my day. Lest you think I’m drinking gov’t water…I’m NOT. We drilled a well…again with our own money.
    So, if I take deductions on my taxes (my meager efforts to re-claim some of my own money that government is illegally stealing from me) it is moral for me to do so. We have eleven children and yet, we pay thousands and thousands in taxes every year. The IRS requires more of us than God does! We own our own business…which we grew with our own efforts and no “small business loans”. I strongly suspect that you do not have to struggle to pay the government highway robbery taxes while also trying to provide food, clothing, lodging and education for your family. In fact, in addition to spending hundreds on buying textbooks for my own children, I am forced to provide an education for your children, too. My husband goes to work even if he is sick and tired so we can pay our bills and provide for our family. All we ask is that others do the same. I’ve watched my husband go to work while suffering from a kidney stone while a neighbor sat home smoking all day (with her respiratory-distressed infant in the home), sticking a can of Pringles on the porch for her toddler’s lunch (Pringles didn’t fit in our grocery budget!) and complaining about everything while waiting for her next gov’t check to come. I suspect you, Flashy, are a second or third generation recipient of government handouts…or perhaps, a typical product of government “educational” propaganda.

    • Brad

      You are 100% and abbsolutely correct Elenevarrows. I love you solid hard working Americans. Trouble is the left dont and they are coming after you. Keep some powder dry sister.

  • ConcernedVet

    This came in an email, and I will try to remember it the best I can:

    I was working in my garden one hot afternoon, when my liberal neighbors came by, walking the dog, and joined by their little girl.
    They stopped by to chat and I was glad for the break. After some small talk, I turned to the little girl and asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up.
    She replied: “I want to be President of the United States.”
    Her liberal parents glowed with pride.
    “And why would you want to be the President?” I asked while wiping the sweat from my brow.
    “So I can help the homeless and feed the poor” Again the little girl’s parents shivered with delight.
    “Well,” I said slowly,”you don’t have to wait until you grow up, you could mow my lawn, trim the shrubs, and rake up the leaves, AND I would give you fifty bucks, Then you could take the money down to the store and buy food, and then give it to the homeless man that is usually hanging around there.”

    The little girl thought about the offer, as she gazed around the yard at the work I had mentioned, then she replied with one question; “Why doesn’t the homeless man just come here and do the work?”

    I replied, “Welcome to the world of Repiublicans!”
    Her parents haven’t spoken to me since.
    From the mouths of babes.

    So get your head out of your hole Flashy, It’s people like you that just don’t get it!

    • Brad

      Love it!!

    • kkflash

      Heard it before but enjoyed it just as much the second time!

    • Rodtheother

      What can be added to your post? …Nothing, it says it all!

  • uvuvuv

    at the food pantry here they should post a sign, are you needy or greedy. i used to donate until the cars in the parking lot started to outclass mine. some of those vehicles look like car buyer told the salesman, no sorry, we can’t afford the payments, but then suddenly he says, wait, if we get our groceries at the food pantry then we can afford it! plus keep our deluxe cable! and these are whites! if any blacks tried going in there i’m sure they would get the evil eye. another story they don’t bring up in history class, okay i’m thinking back when they taught history, my bad, is captain john smith. he who does not work does not eat. well i can’t point any fingers, today my social security came in, but yeesh, i paid into it 36 years, and i supplement it by delivering newspapers instead of running to the food pantry and signing up for heating assistance (also readily available). and what got me mad was when the bush administration deemed that alcoholism and drug addiction were (are) social security disabilities. can anyone reply if this is actually true? this was the first bush, who famously said, if i had a son, he would look like that murder victim. oh wait…

    • Brad

      In my neighborhood, I used to think that about the cars in the food bank parking lot too. I would see them when I went to donate food, then one day it dawned on me, oh wait the people in the nice cars in the parking lot were there to donate also. The people there to get food walked.

  • Henry Ledbetter

    JESUS SAID, “He that loses his life for my sake shall find it.” I guess I must use a different version of the Bible than most, for I also find that IF WE DON’T WORK WE SHOULD NOT EAT. We taught our children that and they do like to eat. I remember our son being told to cut the grass and he said to his mother; what if I don;t want to cut the grass. His mother said fine, but guess who don’t get to put their feet under my table tonight. Problem solved..

  • Charles H. Bertram

    The problem is ,you can brain-wash most liberials with a damp cloth.

    The media that has stuck us with Obama, should be listed as traitors.

    Charles H. Bertram

    • Brad

      I think Obam is a traitor and should be tried and when found guilty hung from the front porch of that great house he has been squatting in, in full public view for treason.

  • FreedomFighter

    “Welfare Killed The Little Red Hen” and the Usefull Idiots.

    Yes the yoke of slavery is being forged by our Alinski Marxist president. The “UseFull Idiots” will vote for the “freebies” to continue until the entire system implodes under the crushing burden. The “tip” point will be reached where the money for socialist programs runs dry, America will be in debt over its ability to pay back, the few left working will be taxed to the breaking point and it still will not be enough. This is the plan, an Marxist implosion of America, destruction of the constitution, death of freedom and liberty.
    Riots and civil unrest will grow to a point the entire population will live in fear and cry out “HELP HELP we NEED MORE GOVERNMENT HELP” — alinsky

    The new system will then begin as America is plundered by the NWO bankers and the 13 bloodlines.

    The usefull idiots now voting for Obama to get freebies will be considered “NO LONGER NEEDED” and “A BURDEN TO THE NEW SOCIETY” they will be sent to SLAVE LABOR CAMPS called FEMA work centers – the orders that allow this have allready been signed by Obama and are in force. None will ever leave the camps, they will work and die in the camps, thier children sent to state run centers for other purposes.

    Land will be confiscated under Agenda 21 from remaining Americans and the means of all production ceded to the state, controlled by the banksters. Productive workers will be moved to prison citys to do work, none will give birth without permission and the fetus will be genetically changed to suite the needs of the state – think Brave new world.

    Part 2
    “Once established the NWO will be the nuts and bolts platform of the anti-christ, then extermination of 60 to 90 percent of the worlds population begins in earnest.”…

    Welcome to hell on earth

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Sirian

      Very well put FF, very well put indeed!!

    • kkflash

      FF, don’t forget that the believers will have exited via the rapture before the extermination begins.

      • Ladyhawke

        Don’t get your hopes up on being “raptured”. There is no such thing in the Bible. Count on being here and being persecuted until the Lord comes for the final judgement. I believe that many will lose their “faith” when they are not raptured and have to face the reality that they were fed a lie about being saved from that tribulation. Woe to those who preach that apostasy because they will be punished for causing these people to be led astray.
        We must be prepared for the battle ahead, both spiritually, and physically.
        God have mercy on us though we do not deserve it.

    • vicki

      “Riots and civil unrest will grow to a point the entire population will live in fear and cry out “HELP HELP we NEED MORE GOVERNMENT HELP” — alinsky”

      This is not new to alinsky. This proceedure has been used by tyrants for centuries.
      This video describes the sequence along with the types of government.

      It is only ~10 min long and well worth the time to watch.

  • Richard R. Tryon

    What happens when the little red hens eat all the grains instead of planting them?

    Survival will be hard to accomplish when we discover we can’t eat Obamacare!

  • mark

    Damn obama and the liberals. They discust me.

  • wt

    Actually, Mr Vanderbilt, Astor, Carnegie, Rockerfella all knew how to use and abuse the working class.

    Use them, abuse them like coal miners and pay them a pittance and encourage them to fight amongst themselves, use them as “cannon fodder” in wars, while they sit back in mega mansions and use “the help” as economic slaves.

    Only when the workre sstarted wanted a piece of the pie did the fat cats and their lap dogs start howling that “the help” is disgrunteled and don’t know “their place.”

    Cotton mills , coal mines and industry in general got rich off the slave labor of poor workers. Many companies used paternalism to hold workers.

    Birmingham Alabama stell and coal payed workers only in company tokens so they could hold workers and company housing was akin to the old share cropping in the South.
    Remember this line you dumb lap dogs from Tennesse Earnir Ford i his song “Sicteen Tons?” You load sixteen tons and what do you get, another day older and deeper in debt; St Peter don’t call me ’cause I can’t go…I own my sould to the company store.

    • eddie47d

      There are “conservative” employers who have hijacked this country for eons and have the audacity to brag about it. They are no less guilty than what we assume are lazy folks. There are plenty of people of every political persuasion and income levels who have disgraced this country.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So you bought into the Robber Baron propaganda of the Socialists/Leftists without doing your own studying and thinking.

      • eddie47d

        The Robber Barons are well documented so try and pay attention. Those Elites didn’t do you any favors on their own but had to be persuaded by fed up workers. They mooched from the top and were not kind to those below them.

      • Opal the Gem

        Spoken like the union stooge eddie is. In fact he probably got that from his last union newsletter.

    • wt

      Actually, Im a student of history and know my facts about robber barrons. Anyone who has never heard of the Pinkerton Detective Agency or does not know where the term “red necks” come from has no business in a discussion regarding labor.

      Workers were always looked at as disposable and even less valuable than a mule.

      Evidently “Grapes of Wrath” and the Oklahoma dust bowl is not in your understanding of American history.

      Fox watchers do not have a sense of history outside fake history . They think John Wayne was a real hero, not an actor who was a WWII draft dodger.

      • vicki

        and just who forced the workers to work for someone who considered them to be worth less than a mule?

      • independent thinker

        ‘….or does not know where the term “red necks” come from…”

        Which source of the term do you promote? I have heard at least 5 different supposed sources for the term.

    • kkflash

      Why blame the business owner for providing workers a means to survive? If the workers didn’t like the work or the pay, they could always quit and find some other way to make a living. Do the workers lack free will, or do they simply wallow in self-pity until some power-hungry union boss comes along and shows them the benefits of extortion, coercion and violence? Your envy of the successful is showing, and its unbecoming.

  • uvuvuv

    this is anecdotal but i heard that when someone “unemployed” is “applying” for a job just to continue qualifying for benefits, where it says, account for any gaps in your employment history, just so he is NOT hired he will put, Incarcerated in state hospital. that way he’s guaranteed not to get hired, plus the unemployment office says, good try! but i just wonder, when he does want to get hired (finally) would that come back to haunt him? another point, these unemployed. there are elderly widows who have to clear their sidewalks after it snows or face fines. in our town there was this one woman who had the street on one side of her sidewalk and a retaining wall on the other. no where to put the snow. why can’t these unemployed be mobilized to help out in these situations? in fact they should volunteer, but that starbucks and watching oprah takes priority.

    • independent thinker

      “….why can’t these unemployed be mobilized to help out in these situations?”

      Those drawing unemployment should be required to perform public service jobs in order to collect their unemployment checks. They can shovel snow, pick up trash, mow/clip weeds, clean up vacent lots, prepare garden spaces for public use, and on and on and on.

  • wt

    Most of you are not old enough to remember the Great Depression and how folks had nothing, lost the farm and were at the mercy of ruthless industry lords.

    Hoover Dam cost hundreds of lives with no safety rules in place, miners died daily and were shot by Pinkertons the company detectives. Duke Power was one that had miner’s families shot to death.

    You have zero idea what it would be like to work without al the safety measures we have earned today…no idea.

    • vicki

      And you and apparently the workers have no free will. Bummer. If you don’t like the working conditions just say no. In fact go start your own business with safety nets and quit whining that the other guy doesn’t

      Of course when you try to start your own business you will get to feel the full effect of Crony in Crony Capitalism.

    • Dennis48e

      Maybe you should take up writing fantacy stories wt because that is what you posted.

  • Joseph

    Obama brainwash everyone like chavez did to venezuelas theyre all stupid idiots

  • wt

    People want to work…just not be slaves to fat cats.

    • vicki

      so they avoid being slaves to the fat cat by being on welfare and thus the slaves of a different and fatter cat. Hmmmm…

  • wt

    South America is doing better than the USA which is totallly dependent on oil, no biofuels, they are not. Who is smarter>?

  • FreedomFighter

    Deep Secrets of The Hunger Games Exposed

    This movie is based on UN documentation for control of population, …

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • eddie47d

      FF; Although Jones hits the nail on the head on some occassions he seldom explains who Them and They are. He can talk about Elites controlling the world yet the Elites are the wealthy and most of the wealthy in the world are conservatives. These Elites keep taking without giving back and expect total obedience from the masses. If there ever will be a Hunger Games the Elites will be pulling the strings and dominating who lives and who dies. I believe the conservative element within the masses will do a better job of surviving over the liberals for they seem better prepared. Yet would those down to earth conservatives (who prepare) go to the defense of the controlling conservative Elites if it meant killing liberals. If liberals were in control would they hunt down the conservatives. I’d like to see each side work together and change the controllers (Elites) instead of choosing to turn against each other.

      • FreedomFighter

        Im not on Conservative side or liberal side

        Im on the side of Jesus Christ and his father God allmighty, anything else is a division and confusion of the true war of good vs evil.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • angelwannabe

        “Hear Hear”, Freedom Fighter!

  • Dave

    87 million government checks go out every month. Millions of those people paid into the system. Millions of others are just on the take. When the 42 cents on every dollar paid out stops there are going to be millions of people who will do what ever it takes to stay alive and the government know they have created a nightmare just so Obama can get elected again. Obama bucks!

  • Rich

    I little red hen story,read it many times but let me ask this.I for one dont want a nanny state and I dont like Obamacare,but 2 years ago I hurt my back at work and I have gone to specialist who now tell me that it is inoperable.I am 54 years old and cannot work,by the way itsthat my L1,L2,L4 disc are ruptured and the nerves are pinched between them.I am now on pain medicine and they say i will be the rest of my life!.I take 2 morphine a day,8 hydro-codone, some joint medicine and on top of that i suffer with gout, which also is very painful.I have worked since I was 13 and finally full time since i was 17,I even worked while completing high school,and some college.Now that i am not able to through no fault of my own am i going to continue to be able to get my Social Security Disability,which really isnt enough but without it i would be devastated?

  • Sharon

    I don’t understand why so many people complain about helping people in our country while saying they are Christians. Most of the people that need help have either worked and paid taxes in this country and have fallen on hard times, widowed or divorced men or women supporting children on their own, some may be spouses of fallen soldiers.
    I don’t see anyone complaining about the billions of dollars our country has donated to other countries when they are in need, some never having to pay us back! What about when other countries face disasters? We are the first to help them with OUR TAX dollars! They NEVER paid taxes here and yet, no one says a word.
    Where are those countries when our country suffers great loss from natural disasters? They aren’t sending us billions or even thousands to help us. They never paid or pay a dime to our country! What about the billions we spend defending other countries under the guise of fighting for our country.
    Ha! Open your greedy eyes, don’t complain so much abut the dollars spent to help our own people! Complain about the billions spent in foreign aid, the huge salaries paid to congress after they leave office. Complain about their ability to vote in their own pay raises and pension plans! Make them take less than there annual salary on retirement after only two years in office. How many congress people, senators, and presidents are receiving their full pay now? How much does that figure into dollars every year?

    • Opal the Gem

      “I don’t see anyone complaining about the billions of dollars our country has donated to other countries when they are in need,…”

      ” Complain about the billions spent in foreign aid, the huge salaries paid to congress after they leave office. Complain about their ability to vote in their own pay raises and pension plans!”

      You are obviously new to this discussion board. While I have not seen it mentioned today all of these and more have been discussed, criticized, and condemed many times in other discussions.

      • Ladyhawke

        Thank you Opal,
        I was going to say the same thing.

    • vicki

      Sharon says:

      I don’t understand why so many people complain about helping people in our country while saying they are Christians.

      We are NOT complaining about helping people. We ARE complaining about strangers telling us who we must help. As I have told Karolyn more than once our objection is taking our money at gunpoint (taxes) to help her or you be your brothers keeper. Thanks but I have my own brother to keep.

      As to your comment on foreign aid you must really be new here. We complain about it a lot. It is one of the key reasons many of us support Ron Paul.

    • Mountain Saint

      Sharon, it’s the churches, not the Government, that’s suppose to help people in their time of need,..Unfortunately, now it’s our Government that’s going into debt helping the parasites from another country live a very comfortable life in this country. The majority of the welfare recipients in several states, including California, are families of illegal aliens. I thought charity was suppose to begin at home with our people.

  • General “Bull” Krapper

    Margaret Thatcher: “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money” — VOTE FOR AMERICA & TURN NOVEMBER INTO NO-BAMA — Stay Well/Stay Safe/Stay Free

  • Dr Anthony L. James Sr

    I doubt you will publish this, but here goes. I am a very conserative person in thinking, but in this article yo have totally missed the mark. The trouble is not with the little red hens, years past yes but not is different, and everyone seems to miss the point. We have lost our ability to do business, we have forgot how to do business, we dont have the oppertunities for little red hens anymore, there not any jobs for little red hens, and our artifiaclly, over regulated bloated goverment that includes, state and local goverments, and the power structurs with in, not counting for the Union, and educational systems, We cant compete. We complain about immigrants, they come here and work menial jobs, and we say our people wont work for minimum wage but the dirty secret is they cant, our kids when graduate school, cant find a job unless they have at least 4 years college, look at all papers and aids, is always college, and experince, that means our kids are paying over 100k to 200k in loans when they get their degrees. Our kids cant compete with people that dont have that overhead, And we cant be competive in outer countries either because of that, we curse the immigrant, but truth is we cant even afford to hire our own kids to work. Time was when a kid could open a lemonaid stand, make a few bucks in the summer, they cant now cause they have to have business liscense, have to be inspected by health department, epa has to approve what they sell if is fresh and fda has to approve if it processed, and the state will require a liscesnse person to despense with at least a minimun college requirment, liability insurnace and alike
    so why should little red hen try, cause little red hen is now a college graduate and understands they cant compete, so why try. The greates Country on the face of this planet cant give health care to its people, we have a militrary complex that is without equal, we protect every country in the world, and do we pay one in usuary cent fees to fund it. No our tax dollars takes care of it, but look at the mess at V.A., same goverment funds, same administration, but they cant fix a broken arm, and they have budgets that would make small country hospitals jelous, But the new plan is more tax money, forced premiums, and the same adminstration, We are a world class heat system, and the same people that brough us medicare reasonable and customary pay for services, that cause private insurers to go belly up, now see that they should have looked more closely at cost they payed, when blue cross averaged 35 dollars a day for hospital bed medicare paid 50, now look at the mess, we have people billing medicare that not even medical professionals, we have people not evern seeing patients, but now they buy social security number, and share reimbersments with patients to fake injuries, I remember in my youth i worked with a group of 4 doctors one being new, he was retired airforce doc, and we were explain the way small town medical doctors had to charge to stay alive. He was very decisive that he would not gray the line to keep his pratice open, and he did not 6 months later he closed up shop and when to another area, But what happen, Now everyone us use to the kick backs, and hand out, we need them to live, we go to grocery stores, and look at ticket where is show how much you saved, why that should be price normally, and when was last time person bagged your graocey took them to your car, well when was last tmie you have right price on food you buy, or person pump gas for you, business what once made us number one what we taught to every country, we cant do here anymore, so really instead of creating a university course on the problem, or throwing big words that impress us all so much, simple old horse sence just fix the problem

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Dr. Anthony L. James Sr.,

      You write: “I doubt you will publish this, but here goes.” Why would you believe such a thing?

      Best wishes,

    • Dave

      Well said, but… Illegal/legal immigration is part of the equation too.Letting companies take advantage of people by hiring illegals at half what they pay citizens is the problem. It keeps the wages low. The argument that illegals do jobs citizens will not do is a absolute lie. When the wage gets high enough, people will do the job.That is free market/capitalist ideology 101. Oh, I forgot, that only applies to regular folk and not big business. Big business gets all the advantages and assumes no responsibility for the welfare of this country or it’s citizens.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I disagree with you. If a person is willing to start at the bottom and work hard they can succeed with or without college. My two sons ages 29 and 31 work in computers. They both started working at age 16 in telemarketing. They progressed to computer tech support positions. They worked in menial jobs for years but are both currently earning over 80 K a year. One son took some college classes part time for 2 years. The other only took classes to get “certified”. It all boils down to hard work and being willing to “pay your dues”. It’s how we all did it. People today aren’t willing to start at the bottom and work their way up. And why should they if they can get everything handed to them? Nowadays the government indoctrinates the kids from the time they are little. A perfect example of this; our daughter aged 19 was raised the same as the boys and yet she will not lower herself to accept a menial position. She’s holding out for her dream job which she will never get. As long as someone will give her what she wants (not us). She’ll never work to support herself. ALL people who are physically able should be required to support themselves or do without. I think that perhaps we could give assistance to the needy in the form of actual food or a room to live in, a bed to sleep in. I’m totally against giving money to people who don’t work. Without the choices that cash gives you, they may want to work. The Constitution of The United States does not guarantee you happiness, it only guarantees you the pursuit of happiness.

    • Mountain Saint

      Dr. Anthony L.James, you have never earned a doctorate in anything. You wrote like a high school dropout. There were numerous spelling mistakes.

  • Dave

    Come on, you know the real reason we have more people on the dole right now. Quit playing smoke and mirrors. We are going through the worst economic hard times since the depression. People lost jobs, and good ones too. The retards are the ones responsible for for our economy being in shambles by protecting special interests.(Demotards too!) It started on a retards presidential watch. Obama has only did the best he could receiving an economy in recession . The economy is starting to produce jobs now so we hear and it will not be long before the welfare roles start to decline. IF not, it will be the result of the retards saying no to everything protecting the 1 % from paying their fair share.

    Exporting jobs oversea’s destroying our manufacturing base is what caused these problems along with the banking thieves allowing unqualified people with minimum wage jobs to buy homes they could never afford just to make a quick buck. Another thing, why do banks get money for free then turn around and charge interest on money they get for free? We bailed the banking system out and they charge us for money they get for free.

    Furthermore, exporting any job overseas should be a crime against the national interest of the USA.. Companies that export our jobs overseas should be taxed 80% at the very least. I refuse to believe we do not have enough smart people here to do the job. This is one of the biggest lies of our time. They have B1 visas to hire poor souls from overseas at half what they would pay an American. I will gladly pay more to keep our industries home grown and for jobs to stay here.

    Your drivel Sir, does not hold water when analyzed objectively!

    • FreedomFighter

      Dave — ask yourself whom does the actions you describe benifit?

      Banksters – 13 bloodlines

      What is the purpose of such action or what is the results?

      NWO system dominated by Banksters

      Why do they goto the trouble to do this, generation after generation, they already have more money and power than any humans in the history of the world…

      They are making the nuts and bolts system for the Beast, the anti-christ and thier god Lucifer.

      Of course, you dont need believe me, read there own written goals.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • Brad

      Dave you missed this dicussion completely. as ststaed in a few comments back the reason the illegals have the low paying jobs is becasuse our young people are too eductaed and have high overhead fron the ed loans to take the low paying jobs and in essence we are not training out young for the labored jobs. We now have a bunch of indebted well educated droans.

      • independant thinker

        Many years ago i read that in Germany all college graduates were required to also learn a trade. that way if you couldnt get a job in your chosen field for whatever reason you had something to fall back on.

  • http://NA Al Malm

    The Democratic Party has been consumed by Socialism. They call themselves “Progressives”. Throughout history socialism has been attempted, in many different ways, and nations, and is an abject failure. There is nothing progressive about Socialism. In actuality in the past 250 years, the most progressive development in matters of governing people, has been the U.S. Constitution. The Socialists have been attacking our Constitution since the late 19th century. Franklin Roosevelt proposed a new socialist bill of Government granted rights, and we got Social Security. Lyndon Johnson gave us his great society, and we got welfare, Medicare and Medicaid. Barack Obama has given us Obamacare and massive unemployment and food stamp benefits to make millions more dependent. He currently issuing executive orders and rulings decimating our “bill of rights” in their plan to finalize the coup and fundamentally change our lives, as he promised.

    Freedom and forced equality cannot coexist. It is impossible to be free and forced to be equal to others. The Founders structured the Government to recognize and take advantage of human nature. The Socialists believe that they can change human nature over time through education. (brainwashing) and welfare. The Constitution only provides for equal opportunity and equality before the law. Government wants to take from producers, a “fair share” of their wealth, to give to non-producers their fair share, in an attempt to provide them with equality in income, housing, medical care, recreation etc. These items were all included in Roosevelt’s proposed “bill of rights”. The long term result is to engender laziness in more and more as they receive their “fair share”, while not producing anything of value, in exchange for their votes to keep their “fair share” coming. Please, can someone give me an objective definition of “fair share”?

    Now, when the result is a great majority of us receiving something for nothing, it will be back to work, as the government will make all of us work on their terms in a futile attempt to pay for their largesse. Check out the USSR, N. Korea, China, Cuba. Greece & Spain are on the way. A Socialist society can never result in prosperity.


  • JDL

    I was shocked to see this article. I was beginning to think that I was the only one who remembered this story. When my kids were small I looked for the book to purchase and couldn’t find it. Thanks for the validation!

  • Bob Johnson

    Too many people have no concept of the problem, sure you may have lost your job, you may have lost everything, but that gives you no reason to sit on your behind feeling sorry for yourself. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. I am quite tired of hearing the expression ‘obama money’ it is not his to give, all of that money has been stolen from other taxpayers and given you lazy louts that do not care to take care of yourselves. When there is no more government, and there are no more government handouts, who is gonna take care of your sorry behinds then?

    • wt

      Then cut off all corporate welfare, no more embargos, tarrifs, let free trade reign, Trade with Cuba.

      No more oil subsidies and Michelle Bachman give back that $250, ooo we tax payers sent you to not plant on your farm.

      Also, let’s quit using my tax dollars for “American interests, oil interests) in the military.

      Strainght of Hormuz closed, let the oil companies get it open, not my tax dollars.

      By the way, quit using my tax dollars to clean up an oil spill by a corporation called BP. Clean it up yourselves BP. We, tax payers, owe you nothing oil companies. If you can’t do the job right don’t do it.

      Give me back my tax dollars for invading Iraq for no reason or made up crap. Not even a threat to the USA just a fools errand.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        You are barking at the wrong people.
        If you want your tax money back, go ask the IRS.

      • Thinking About

        Good comment, and you have not even scratched the surface. We pay big bucks to GE for defense and they do not contribute any taxes and in fact get money. Welfare you bet it is. Why should the tax payers have to pick up the tab for cleaning up pollution but we get stuck with it.

        How many don’t believe in abortion butore than willing to leave those babies to be abandoned after birth.

  • Beautiful Angela

    Shanie seems to be one of those little zit-faced, buck toothed squirrels that live in their mother’s basement, and sit in their dirty underwear, trolling websites and making nasty unproductive comments. Oh squirreli boy, who is your employer? Oh my – don’t ask a real woman for a date Shanie.

    • cawun cents

      I’m your huckle bearer……….-CC.

  • http://None Mike C

    Great story!

    And it isn’t funny the reference to the liberals in the entertainment industry. You know, the lead actors who forego their salary right? They hand over those millions to the key grip or the make-up specialist or the guy who runs script changes from the studio to the filming location. They do this under the banner of fairness. Much in the same way they expect the government to hand over money taken from the rich and give it to the masses.

    Anyway… For the curious… How does the pot get spent? Here is the breakdown of fed spending in 2010, Obama’s first budget-

    Medicare/Medicaid $743 Billion
    Social Security $695 Billion
    DoD/War $664 Billion
    Unemployment/Welfare $571 Billion
    Agencies/Misc Items/Debt $879 Billion

    “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” is a well-known phrase in the United States Declaration of Independence and considered by some as part of one of the most well crafted, influential sentences in the history of the English language.[1] These three aspects are listed among the “unalienable rights” or sovereign rights of man. Somehow these rights have been changed.

  • Wake up

    Its so sad that so many want only a handout and not a hand up. obama is a socialsit commie and the democrat party is a party of Treason. Wake up people or soon you will be the slaves for the democrat masters.

  • wt

    Mike I have seen your kind, big talker until tragedy hits then you are a ward of the state you talked bad about. See it all the time.

    The big talking right winger who winds up in the VA nursing home or the relativesd have to hide income so big talker can get into a nursing home and usually never pays off the hospital bill as he bashes socialism.

    • http://None Mike C

      WT I was once poor, worked my butt off, and I now have health insurance through my company. If I were unemployed I would be added to my wife’s plan. If we were both unemployed we would likely finds jobs immediately based on our strong resume and skill sets. Something we worked hard to achieve. This is the American way for people who like to work and like to innovate- not for people who want to be lazy. It mirrors the systems we see in nature- you know Darwin stuff?

      And by the way, during my time being poor, I never once got any additional money from the government. I worked. I did everything I could to save money and survive the world. Where was the state then? How were they helping me while my measly paycheck was being picked apart?

      WT you probably need to better educate yourself. Step up your game before you come on here and pitch an argument. Let me help you get started on your education. Go to youtube and watch some Milton Friedman interviews. His interview on Donahue is a good start.

  • wt

    Everyone wants a hand up…you have any ideas other than China for labor? Oh, you want folks to work like Chinese on the railroad, get kicked around, spit on and if dies buried in unm,arked grave along the track.

    • http://None Mike C

      Hey WT any sepeculation on why companies have products built overseas in places like China or Malaysia? Why would they do that? Why wouldn’t they pay the workers here in the US?

  • wt

    BP clean up your own oil spills and don’t use one dime of my tax dollars you loafers. Socialist oil company. My dad says cleaning up after a job is part of the job so next time you spill don’t call on the tax payers for anything.

  • angelwannabe


  • Paul Stockert

    The Little Black Man killed the Little Red Hen and stole her eggs as well……

    • Brad


    • libtard

      gotsta feeds da chilluns

  • angelwannabe


  • Dad

    What part of lower quartile student performance in our educational system do you not understand? Fables are lessons in values. Integrity, morality, and character have to be purged from the kids to sell communism.
    Next time you have these liberals tell you how smart they are, ask them to expleain their sub-standard performance over the past 20 years.

  • angelwannabe

    “If ya don’t work, ya don’t eat!” Man I can still hear that rolling off my Dad’s tongue as if it was yesterday!__ Dad was the second oldest of eight kids left when his Dad died at 45, and when he married my Mother they still farmed Granny’s Farm after they moved out.
    Sheep Shearin’, planting Truck Patch, Home Canning, Freezing, Homemade Jellies Tending Horses, Umteen Cats and five dogs.
    Granny’s Farm was my play land as a kid! I didn’t know how valuable that “play” was until I raised our own Family, I can still turn over a sheep fairly fast!

    Sadly_Welfare has become a way of life, its a sad shame that a lot of folks can’t fight their way out of a paper bag__Let alone keep themselves going without the GUV intervention.

    We are in a sad state of affairs__Your either asleep or awake, ya either work or not.__Those that are asleep just stay there, when you wake up, you’ll find Obama has changed life for you!

    Yeah….. won’t that be just Peachy?!!!!

  • terris

    And my Grandfather, who also went through the Great Deprrssion, praised the New Deal programs, was about as Republican as you can get. Those programs enabled him to work and provide a living for his family when there were no jobs to be found in his small Oregon town.

    This country has always cared for those who cannot, or who can no longer makr a living for themselves. Are you seriously that those of us who were the little red hens should have to fend entirely on our own now? That goes against one of the foundations of this country – the health and welfare of it’s citizens. Are you truly proposing that we do away with this?

    • angelwannabe

      terris, My Grandmother on my Mothers side, went down to two slices of bread and two eggs left in the house and she herself hadn’t eaten in two days during the depression of 29. Only once did my Grandmother go to the Welfare office for food, she was a proud woman and felt it was beneath her.
      My Mother was in the Hospital when my Grandfather went out of work months before.
      A Great Aunt and Uncle of ours, owned a Haberdashery and Hosiery, they were blessed and still in business at the time. Every week they brought down boxes of food to my Grandparents until My Grandfather found work.

      __NOW I’m all for helping others, but I’m not gonna help those who are too lazy to try fend for themselves. The GUV should be a last resort of intervention, not the first!

    • Brad

      We have always cared for the disabled and the elderly. Lets not throw grand ma of the cliff just yet. But those able need to grow some balls and get out there and off the BIG GUV teet

      • angelwannabe

        Yes_ and the GUV needs to stay the hell out of Family life, they constantly preach/support contraception, abortion and smaller families.
        When people had large families they took care of one another, I’ve seen it in my and my Husbands family, and it works!.__We didn’t flop our families in nursing homes when the the time came and then gripe because they weren’t taken care of to our liking.
        We sacrificed, because it was Family and felt it was our responsibility no one else’s.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Nice side story but it is still just a false story to garnish sympathy so you would not be questioned about your beliefs that you want government to do the upkeep of your life that you refuse to do for yourself.

  • louie1

    Obama has destroyed the greatest ingredient for living an independent life in this country – self-respect. Without it, there are no work ethics, therefore no paychecks to boost one’s pride in self and to pass that quality onto one’s children. I’m lucky (and probably old enough) to have given my children the work ethic, which they are passing on to their children. As long as some of us hang onto that very valuable quality, this country may survive.

    • Stephanie Parks

      One thing regarding the work ethic where I think we all failed was to give more respect to one kind of worker over another. Anyone who expends energy to do or create something should be respected equally.

      • Brad

        affirmative action is a real problem, along with work Visas

      • Nadzieja Batki

        What you are asking is for work to be respected.
        But not all work will bring the same remuneration.

  • Bruce

    If Obama is reelected this nation is wide open to who ever wants it. See how much welfare handout ya all get at that point. Who will care about you or yout family. I guarantee it wont be them. Good scrounging.

  • boyscout

    Yes I have seen some employees of Little Red Hen Enterprises chatting, surfing the web, and accomplishing as little as possible while drawing a fine salary. And these very industrious “hens” when terminated won’t take lesser wages than the government handouts offered. But seriously, how many burger flippers, customer greeters and walking billboards are available for the nearly one in five that is out of work/pay ?
    Do some of you people continue to take drugs with your AM coffee? There is a serious problem here and it begins at the top of corporate structure not at the bottom, although it does permeate and reach all the way down.
    While we downsize and reign in the reach of government, let us not empower a corporate system of fascism/communism with the very same greed mongers who buy our politicians put directly in charge.

  • ranger hall

    I have no Problem with WELFARE for the true Needy, I do object to the Lazy and the crooked receiving our tax Moneys. But the system has allowed these able and the crooked people profit from the system, Ive seen people over the years who have worked all their Lives and never asked for any kind of Aid, Granted some people can only earn a living for their Familys and cannot have a large savings, Then we started sending our Jobs overseas, some of these People found lower paying jobs, But still needed some extra help for the Family. Some have used the system for generations, have more kids receive more aid this has been popular with the Blacks and the Mexicans, and some Whites
    I once raided a house for a suspect he was in the house of his girl friend, She had three kids and was pregnant by him, He was not working, his girl friend had never worked in her life, Her income was from welfare and aid to children, the apartment was also helped payed by welfare, there was not much food in the house for the kids and they looked pretty ragged, But there was plenty of Beer in the frig, she was reported to child service etc. NOTHING HAPPENED, Her boy friend she bailed out and three days later everthing was back to normal. she was receiving somewhere in the amount of 1800.00 a month in money and extras. More than most people earned working for a living.
    Also the Doctors and drug companys involved in welfare state and federal rip the taxpayers off for millions ea year and most of these people go unpunished.
    Illegals receiving aid has been out of control for many years, But yet the Politicians do nothing to stop this. Etc, Etc.
    SS was designed for people that work all their lives, and have a little to live on when they can no longer work, It was a good system but like other things it can be abused.
    Sorry i guess i was raised by a family that would give the shirt off their backs if a person really needed it, I guess thats why i and alot of people like me never became rich.

  • Raggs

    YEEEE_HAAAA obama care is DEAD!!!!!!!! :)

    • Opal the Gem

      Slow down there Raggs. While indications are it will be thrown out it ain’t happened yet.

      • Raggs

        Either obama care dies or America dies and if America dies obama gets what he wanted all of this time…

  • Donald York

    Sometimes some of the stupid s**t that is posted on here makes perfectly good sense???
    Obama has classed people so that we all are digging at each other. One big thing we can do, and that is to throw this guy out of office in November, along with his socialist cronies.

    • angelwannabe

      Donald, if you only really knew how long its been since our voice had a real vote…..Just sayin’….Haven’t you ever wondered why, NOTHING EVER CHANGES no matter who get’s elected and only seems to get worse….

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  • simian pete

    The little red hen ! HA HA ! That’s not how the fable ended….

    After the selfish little red hen told the dog, cat and mouse she would not share, the dog,cat and mouse had a meeting.

    During the meeting the dog,cat and mouse built a consensus, they decided that the selfish hen must be stopped.

    So they “confiscated” the selfish little red hen’s food for themselves. The dog, and the cat chopped the little red hen’s head off. The mouse took off the dead hen’s feathers and cleaned her for dinner.

    Afterwards the selfish red hen was cooked and eaten by the dog, cat, and mouse . They also feasted on the selfish hen’s food …

    Moral of the story ? – If you ask lazy people for help, they help themselves and have you for dinner …

  • Void1972

    Here is another little fable written by a so called anti-semite. But he was really an anti-communist.

    Many, many years ago, When animals could speak.
    A wondrous thing the ducks befell, their tale is quite unique.
    Down by a pond dwelt all these ducks, Ten thousand at the least. Their duckish joys were undisturbed by any man or any beast. One day down near the entrance gate, there was an awful din. A hundred hens all out of breath were begging to come in. “Oh let us in!” these poor birds cried, “Before we do expire!” “Tis only by the merest inch that we escaped the fire!” Their feathers burned, their combs a droop, They were the saddest sight. They’d run a hundred miles or more, All day and then all night. “Come, come in!” the ducks all quacked, “For you our hearts do bleed! We’ll share our happy lot with you, Just tell us what you need!” And so these poor bedraggled hens
    Amongst the ducks moved in. For, after all, the ducks declared, “We’re sisters ‘neath the skin.” Before too many months had passed, The hens were good as new. They sent for all their rooster friends, And these were welcomed too. To please their host, these chickens triedTo waddle and to quack. To simulate the duckish ways They quickly learned the knack. This pleased the flock of ducks because It gratified their pride. ….But hear my tale and learn how they Got taken for a ride.
    The ducks, it seemed, spent all their time In fixing up their place, In growing food and building homes And cleaning every space. They asked the hens what they would do To earn their daily bread. “We’ll teach and write and entertain, And buy and sell,” they said. And so these hens began to teach The baby ducks and chicks. They traded food and eggs and things, With many clever tricks.They wrote great books & put on shows, Of genius they’d no lack. It wasn’t long till chickens owned The Duckville Daily Quack. One day a mother duck who took Her ducklings to the lake, Was flabbergasted when one said, “A swim I will not take!” “Why ducklings always swim!” she gasped, “It’s what you’re built to do! Like bunnies hop, and crickets chirp, And cows most always moo!” “Your just old fashioned, a fuddy duck, That stuff is all old hat!” “It’s wrong for birds to swim; …besides, It’s too cold on my little pratt!” “Oh fie!” the mother duck exclaimed, “You’re talking like a fool!” Up quacked the other ducks and said, “He’s right! Ms. Hen taught us that in school!” “Such things must stop!” the mother cried, “Those hens can’t teach such lies!” “For sheer ingratitude and nerve, I’m sure this takes the prize!” ….But she was wrong, for even then The hens did thump the tub. Demanding they be let into, The Duckville Swimming Club. “But you don’t swim!” the ducks all cried, To join, why should you care?” “That’s not the point!” the hens replied, “To exclude us isn’t fair!” The younger ducks, who’d been to school, Agreed right there and then, “To keep them out is bigotry!” “T’would just be ANTI-HEN…!” Outnumbered by the younger ducks, The old ducks soon did loose; They agreed to let the hens all in,If they would pay the dues. That night the Duckville Daily Quack Contained this banner spread: “Reactionary Ducks Are Licked! DUCKVILLE MOVES AHEAD!” Down at the Duckville Gaiety, The younger set laughed with glee, At cracks about “Old Fuddy’ Ducks” In burlesque repartee.
    Next day the hens were at the club, A petition they’d sent around. They objected to the swimming fund With fury and with sound. “You use our dues to fix the pond,
    to keep it neat and trim.” “And this is wrong,” they said, “Because You know we do not swim!” “God help us!” cried a wise old duck, “These chickens have gone mad!”“We’ll take this to the court, by George, And justice will be had!” But when they went up to the judge, Imagine their dismay! A CHICKEN-JUDGE decreed that they
    Had a heavy fine to pay! “Minorities must have their rights!” The judge declared right then. “To use hen’s dues to fix the pond Is very ANTI-HEN…!” Once more the Duckville Daily Quack Emblazoned across the page: “Old Foggy Ducks Refuse to See The Great New Coming Age!” In Duckville church on Sunday morn, The preacher spoke these words, “Discrimination’s got to stop! Remember we’re all birds!” The wisest duck in all the town Sat down in black despair “I’ll write a book,” he thought, and then “Thismadness I will bare!” “Let Swimmers Swim, letHoppers Hop, Let Each One Go His Way. Let No One Coerce a Fellow Bird!” Was what he had to say. “Twas wrong to force the hens to swim So here’s the problem’s crux; It’s just as bad for hens to try To chicken-ize our ducks!” “I can’t print that,” the printer said, “Twill put me in a mess!” “My shop is mortgaged to the hens, The chickens own my press!” This worried duck then tried to warn His friends by speech and pen. Young ducks fresh from school just jeered “He’s one of those a vicious Anti-Hens…!” Now up
    the stream a little way Was Gooseville, on the lake. The hens had come to Gooseville too, But the Geese were more awake. When the hens began to spoil the young And Gooseville’s laws to flout,The Geese Rose Up in RighteousWrath And Simply Threw Them Out…!!! Of course, you know where they all ran; On Duckville they converged. “We’ve got to take these refugees.” Was all Duckville’s hens had urged. The Duckville Daily Quack declared: “These Geese Will Stop at Naught! “They Plan to Conquer all the World!” “Atrocities They’ve Wrought!” “That’s right!” the young ducks agreed, “We’ll help our fellow birds! These Geese have plans to conquer us! ….We’ve read the Quack’s own words!” They let the hens from Gooseville in, The whole bedraggled pack. …. And every hen took up a job on the Duckville Daily Quack!!
    When the Duckville mayor’s term was up,The Quack put up it’s Duck; A vain and stupid duck was he, A veritable … cluck! But when he praised the wild young ducks, And cursed the evil Geese, The Quack declared he was “all wise,” His praise would never cease. The hens chipped in to help this cluck Give grain away for free. The old ducks sadly shook their heads, The writing they could see. And sure enough, this stupid duck, He was elected mayor. From this point on, The Duckville ducks, They never had a prayer. The Mayor said, “Gooseville must GO!” “We’ll wipe them off the map!” While Duckville slept, thescheming hens For Gooseville set the trap. They called the Geese by filthy names; They filled their pond with sticks. They helped the weasels catch the Geese, and other hennish tricks. The Geese got mad and threw the sticks, “It’s WAR!” the Quack announced. “We ducks must Fight those evil Geese,” “Till they’ve been soundly trounced!” The ducks (who knew not of the tricks Indulged in by the mayor), Were filled with patriotic zeal, And pitched right in for fair! So when the ducks whipped the Geese, The Mayor called “Retreat!!” “Our HENVILLE friends should really take Gooseville’s big main street!” The hens were back in Gooseville now; They starved and beat the Geese. They prayed for “Peace” — but organized The “HENVILLE ARMED POLICE!!!” They drained the Geese’s swimming pond, They “De-Goose-ified” their schools;
    They wrung the Gooseville mayor’s neck On lately made-up rules. They formed a council of the hens;
    “UNITED BIRDS” the name. The other birds who joined the thing Did not perceive the game. No sooner had they set this up, Than they announced their hennish plan: To seize up Swanville as a home For all their hennish clan. They took a vote among the hens, And everyone approved!“Swanville was for HENS!” they said, “Way back, before we moved,” And so they kicked the swans all out, With Duckville’s help and power And Duckville couldn’t understand Why swans, on them turned sour. By this time, Duckville was a mess, The young ducks had all gone mad. They stole and laughed at Truth and Law; They went completely “bad.” The hens were selling Loco Weed in every nasty den. But ducks who dared to mention this, Were labeled “ANTI-HEN…!” The hens all preached of “Tolerance,” They invoked the “Golden Rule,” But they subsidized the indigent, The greedy and the fool.
    At last the very dumbest ducks Began to smell a rat.
    “This mayor is no good!” they cried, “And we will soon fix that!” But the hens had planned for even this A candidate they had, Whom even wise old ducks believed Just never could be bad. This Hen-tool duck whipped the Geese, A soldier Duck was he. Although the hens had set him up, The Ducks all thought him free. This Hen-tool got elected, Through ignorance and greed,
    Through hennish lies in Press & Speech, Through Bribes of “Chicken Feed.” The hens now kicked the ducks around Without a blush of shame, Until the mayor ran the town In nothing else but name. They pumped the Duck’s pond all dry; They taught the ducks to crow, While duckish numbers dwindled, The hens began to grow. The hens stirred up the happy crows >From out of the piney wood, To Fight to Mix and Marry ducks in the name of “Brotherhood.” Things got so bad that fifty ducks,
    Who knew the days gone by; Took up their wives and children And decided that they’d fly. They flew through storms and tempest; They froze, and many died. But on they drove, until, at last, A lovely lake they spied.
    They settle down exhausted, But soon went straight to work; To build and clear and cultivate, No danger did they shirk. Now after many years of toil, This little band had grown. The fields around were full of grain From seeds that they had sown. The first ducks were long since dead; Their struggles long had ceased. Through hard work and suffering, Their joys had been increased. One day down near the entrance gate There was an awful din; A hundred hens, all out of breath, Were begging to come in.
    “Oh, let us in!” these poor birds cried, “Before we do expire!” “Tis only by the merest inch….” “… … … …” ….This epic really has no end, Because No matter how you fight em, Those HENS’ll show up every time. And so, …Ad Infinitum …!!!

  • Neil Swan

    Obama cares about the country and the people.
    Most of the people who make comments only care about themselves and money.


  • Molly Maguires

    Another disingenuous cover of the travesty that history will define as a period of USA history that witnessed the purchase of influence in the halls of our government that have decided policies that have absolutely gutted the once mighty USA middle class in favor of a return to the Plutocracy of the late 1800s- early 1900’s when the Railroad Barons, Industrial Magnates, and Coal Mining towns ruled with an Iron Fist over the masses.
    Since the 1980s, we have witnessed the overt favor of tax policies for America’s richest citizens (trickle-down economics under the guise of, “Who knows better how to create wealth than the wealthy? Reduce their taxes by lowering long term capital gains taxes on the $millions of old money laying in the rich mans’ investment portfolios to below 15% , their marginal rates on income from 70.1% to 28.4%, and watch the wealth multiply and trickle down to the massive middle class). But that’s not what happened!
    The age old tension between management and labor is back with a vengeance! NAFTA (1994) was the first step of this process, and we’d have done well to listen to Ross Perot when he described the “giant sucking sound heading south” if NAFTA was voted through. Clinton and a Republican electorate saw to it and what happened? Our middle class jobs began leaving the country for a cheaper labor force. Then GATT (1994) opened trade to the rest of the world overseen by a division of NATO, and then in 1999, China joined the WTO and even the Mexican jobs moved to China ($1.36/hr. avg. wage today)! To compete with this wage scale would mean that the USA will have to fall in utter ruin to tear asunder the lifestyle expectations of the USA middle class and put in more in alignment with the lifestyles of say China, Indonesia, Thailand, or Mexico, for example, so we can compete with the workforces of these countries for jobs.
    Meanwhile the obscene wealth of the top players in this dynamic, are gaining to the tune of 300-340% over what they had been just 20 years ago, and they weren’t sloppy back then. And before you trot out the “class warfare” mantra; I’m a contented middle class elder, who worked hard his entire life to enjoy the America I love, who’ll perhaps luckily ride the last wave of the American Dream into my sunset. My concern is for my children and my beloved country that the Plutocrats are tearing down for the all-mighty profit.
    And it’s not their fault. They are in business to make a profit. If it causes the decline of their nation of origin, so be it. I fault our elected officials over the past 30 years that didn’t have the foresight to see the calamitous results of granting favor in the form of national policy to the rich and foreign entities (FTAs) that would strip us of our economic might in a mere 20 years.
    Consider Germany, a country with its financial house in relative order. They impose a 19% tariff on imports to protect their industrial base. Sure they pay more for the products, but their populace has a decent income with which to purchase, and a GDP to sustain itself. We haven’t done that here…
    I am thankful that our current President is standing up to the WTO, bringing case after case of unfair trade practices against Communist China, and in effect is standing up to the Plutocrats who would fleece this nation for all it’s worth. He’s even begun leveling tariffs on imports recently.
    If you listen carefully to the GOP, they’ll spin the same tired logic that got us into this mess; namely- “Just give the plutocrats MORE, MORE, and MORE. We are stifling them!” As they mention that the USA has the second highest corporate tax rate in the world, but fails to mention a single breath about the generous loopholes of $hundreds of billions a year, corporate welfare and subsidies worth more $hundreds of billions to corporations already making $billions of dollars each quarter, while our middle class declines into the poverty threshold, and the mighty USA declines. I grieve every day for my beloved country, which is being raped by the mighty plutocrats and their whores in the halls of congress that spin the disingenuous lies that so many willfully believe as they turn a blind eye to the true demise playing out right there before them.

  • Mountain Saint

    It’s your President Reagan who started the trends that resulted in the mess that we have today. Consider; (1.) Reagan’s Free Trade policies changed America from a trade surplus nation into the world’s largest trade deficit nation, resulting in the loss of tens of millions Middle Class jobs and trillions of dollars in trade debt (2.) Reagan’s Amnesty drew in another 38,000,000 illegal aliens and they stole at least thirty million low-end jobs that we desperately need today. Trillions of our welfare dollars are being wasted on their families….Today, the real unemployment is anywhere from 22 to 50%.- Great Depression level… Millions of older educated Americans want to work but they have lost their Middle Class jobs to the Visa holders, forcing them off of the employment screen. The younger generations aren’t being taught any skills and, why bother, they won’t get a real job anyway…If we were to elect a president who would impose a tariff on imports, deport all illegal aliens and terminate the Visa programs, then we could get Americans off of welfare and working again at Middle Class jobs. Unfortunately, ther is no such candidate in the running. .

    • Molly Maguires

      Excellent point Mountain St. Reagan raised taxes 14 times during his presidency to off-set the burgeoning debt his tax breaks for the rich had created. No revenue, no prosperity. Now the GOP would have us turn our rage upon the growing number of middle class and poor, who’ve slipped steadily toward the poverty distinction, been absolutely devistated by the decisions they have perpetrated against them as though they are the perpetrators and should be punished with banishment to the lowest form of existance they would “entitle” them to. Sure there are cases of abuse of the welfare system just as there are abuses of the system by the nation’s most priviledged; address them and weed them out. Most Americans WANT nothing more than a decent paying job; they WANT TO WORK. Get them jobs!!!

      • Sheryn

        AMEN !

  • Ted Apelt

    Since Ronald Reagan’s election in 1980, the total number of hours worked each week by the bottom 10% has risen. Productivity per hour worked has also risen sharply. Yet, real incomes for this group have declined.

    In the same period of time the incomes of the top 1 percent more than doubled in real terms, even though the decisions they made crashed the economy.

    Who is growing the wheat? Who is grinding the wheat? Who is baking the cake? Those on the bottom. Who is eating the cake? Those on the top.

    • Mamamia

      Boy, isn’t that the truth. Middle class is the little red hen. Those on top are eating the cake.

  • Revolutionary Thinker

    That’s bull hockey, to put it nicely. W used fearmongering to send our men and women off to fight in foreign lands, by using WMD’s, as an excuse to start two wars. Of course, when the truth was told, W said he was lied to. Anyone who remembers, and doesn’t put their heads in the sand, knows that W repeatedly mentioned WMD’s all during his terms. When the truth was finally told, W did a backtrack and blamed it on someone else. Now, John Myers uses the same fearmongering. Where’s his comments about his masters, the elite rich. Don’t hear much from him about that, do we. that’s because the propaganda they put out can only be delivered by the fool, John Myers.

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  • 45caliber

    I heard the new version of the little red hen a few years ago.

    It follows the story above up until the little red hen says, “No, you won’t,” replied the Little Red Hen, “for I alone did all the work, so I alone will eat the cake.”

    Immediately the other animals raised so much Cain, the farmer came out to see what was going on. Once it was explained to him, he turned to the little red hen. “They are right,” he said. “You must share. You baked four loaves. Three of the loaves will be split among the animals so all have a share. The fourth loaf I will take to pay for my time in making this decision to satisfy everyone.”

    So all were happy. But all were also puzzled. Why did the little red hen no longer attempt to make cake??

    • Core

      Oh, slick! I liked that.

  • Philip

    The author left out an important word at the end of this article. The word being “unsustainable” welfare system second to none.

  • W.T.F.

    thoes people winying about all poor people need! are dumb of the real world of the poor,I”m poor ,work a low pay job,with mostly white people,I got a union job in dallas,tx.25% white 50%black and the rest mixed.Half the blacks and mexicans were not married but lived and had kids by one woman and she claims no husban and gets food stamps,rent,water,electric,paid by the government,why the none husban makes the same as me,they drive acura,lexus,caddilic,upper level SUVs,I drive a ford escort,They go out for lunch everyday,I only have lunch a couple of times a week if any,They brag about going out to eat at 5 star places,I go home eat a sandwitch or pasta,They go partying every weekend at clubs,I sit at home sometimes get take-out and maybe a movie.I go on vaction once every two to three years and it’s only driving distance,They go on cruises,and out off country trips every year plus a couple of small trips,I put my boy in football the poor parent could not pay but I paid for mine,The team had fun raisers and it payed for Them,One day at football 3 black mothers came up to me and other parent wantting to have a party for the team,So me and other white parent gave 20 bucks again the poor parent paid nothing,later They and the party and I heard the 3 Black Parent talking to other Black about they bought food stamps at a $1 for $2 and they were amazed how much food they got for the party,A black man in the office at my work got fired for making fake Car Insurance card after he was fired,Most of the blacks and mexicans were talking about where they could get more fake Car insurance card for themselves,I pay my own insurance,I Only have Two thing to say should I cry and wine and get government help and party like a Rock Star,or Do you crying heart dumbs for the poor and needy wake the hell up and stop this outright lazy scum that is a drain on our country and a dispictable sight for our children to see or to learn. I bet most of the crying hearts you hear are the ones milking the system!!!

  • poor needy.

    I have a Friend Jay and he got a devorse, he works all the time ,His ex-wife dose not work and she gets childsuport and government help,Jay is always saying his boy is getting lazy by the day,everytime he gets he’s boy for the weekend all he wants to do is eat and play video games,after years of this and pushing him to be more go getter.All has failed even the kids schooling.One day Jay came laughing and said you will not believe this,I was asking my Boy what he was going to do when he grows up sents he is already in 7th grade,Jay started laughing relentlessly could not stop! when he finally stopped tears in his eye’s.He said my boy said he was just going to stay home and play video games,jay said he replyed how are you going to do that you have to work to make money and so you can pay for a place to live,His boy said I will live with you or mom,Jay said will you will still need a job for money, and the boy said No I’ll get money like mom dose,Jay said half the money your mom gets is from me for you and when you turn 18 it stops,His boy said to him I’ll take it after you stop giving it to mom! I think the only help the needy should get is training for a job and how not to be a burden on others

  • Core

    “My dad told me other stories when I was growing up: hard-luck stories about what he and his generation faced during the Great Depression. He graduated from college with a degree in geology in 1930. Yet it took him 12 years to do anything but menial jobs.”

    This makes me extremely sad. It really does. Because I am in the exact same position as far as a trade goes. I went through school for heavy equipment operation. And no one is hiring for entry level positions at all. And dammit their should be a massive retirement wave going on as far as the baby boomers go. BUT NOOO… and yeah, it sucks. Been doing odd jobs to survive. *sigh*

  • framing nailer

    what is the difference between a framing nailer
    and a regular nail gun?


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