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Welcome Back, Carter

November 22, 2011 by  

Welcome Back, Carter

I know remakes are all the rage in Hollywood these days, but when did former President Jimmy Carter get written into the script at the White House? It has been three decades since American voters — exhausted by his epic incompetency and appalled by a supporting cast that made the Sweathogs from “Welcome Back, Kotter” look like the board of directors at the Cato Institute — canceled Carter’s show. I hardly expected a comeback three decades after it went off the air.

To be fair, President Barack Obama is more Carter’s evil twin than his reanimated political corpse. Carter never employed an Attorney General who may have been an accessory after the fact to the murder of two Federal agents. Griffin Bell’s worst offense during his tenure at the Department of Justice involved sneaking rooster pepper sausage into the White House. And Carter never kissed up to oil-rich Islamofascists by selling out Israel. But Carter did deliver us to a rather infamous national malaise. If Obama’s recent statements and actions are any indication, he is determined to march us back there.

In a recent speech to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit (which took place in his home state of Hawaii, which is not “Asia” — unless Brunei is the 58th state), Obama described us as “lazy.” It’s offensive to hear a profligate, socialist buffoon blaming us benighted taxpayers for the economic doldrums he and his liberal accomplices created. We shouldn’t have to endure direct insults such as:

We’ve been a little bit lazy I think over the last couple of decades. We’ve kind of taken for granted — “Well, people would want to come here” — and we aren’t out there hungry, selling America and trying to attract new businesses into America.

Unfortunately, that was hardly the first time Obama has channeled the bumpkin from Plains, Ga. Last month, Obama told a ballroom filled with well-heeled liberals: “We have lost our ambition, our imagination, and our willingness to do the things that built the Golden Gate Bridge.” Where did I leave my ambition? It’s probably in the other room, with my religion and my guns.

Of course, our current national plight is in no way related to his crony capitalism — including, but not limited to — his political relationship with General Electric Co. CEO Jeff Immelt, who shipped 36,000 jobs to China while exhorting American corporate executives to hire more Americans.

And Obama’s politically motivated protection of dead-end schemes like making a loan guarantee of $500 million to Solyndra Inc. couldn’t possibly have contributed to our current situation. After all, who’s going to miss a half-billion taxpayer dollars flushed down the rabbit hole of unproven and unnecessary technology? At the same time, Obama killed more than 200,000 energy industry jobs on the altar of environmentalist dogma. If this keeps up, we will all have to drag that scooter we bought during the 1978 gas crisis out of the back of the garage.

Obama even told a group of Australian kids that their American counterparts have “fallen behind.” The President’s union thug brethren have choked the life out of our government schools despite record funding levels, a problem which has grown exponentially since Carter cut the ribbon on the Department of Education. Yet the union thugs (and, therefore, Obama) have stood steadfast in opposition to every idea to improve the stewardship of future generations — except for the ones that included more money for the union thugs and fewer chances for the kids. It’s worth noting that Obama, like many of his fellow upper-echelon Democratic pals, sends his brats to private school.

Obama says the Nation’s problems are the fault of everyone but him and his Democratic accomplices. By Obama’s reckoning, we taxpayers are stupid, immobile, unimaginative and superstitious. We linger in the economic swamp because we’re a bunch of gun-toting, Bible-thumping rubes who drag our dull-witted whelps about in the backs of pickup trucks (as opposed to, say, a Chevy Cruze).

I say: “Why, President Carter! Wow, you are really, really tan!”

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • s c

    Hey, Ben, you said well-heeled liberals. Did you mean to say ROUND-HEELED LIBERALS? I take Obummer’s open-arms stroking of Carter’s ego as proof that he’s desperate for any and all help. When you have to appeal to a world-class LOSER like Peanuts, you’d even make a trip to Havana to trade tips with Fidel on community organizing.
    What I’d really like to know is whether Obs is trying to treat Peanuts like a distant cousin who’s also a neolib RINO, or if Peanuts is trying to treat Obs like a disgruntled, former employee who won the lottery.
    It sure is interesting what politicians won’t try to make us think they’re worth a damn. In the real world, opposites attract. In politics, swarming flies have the same goal, but they don’t necessarily “attract” leadership qualities – like Peanuts or Obs. They attract nose-melting odors, and that’s about it. Woooeeeee!

    • eddie47d

      Boo Hoo Hoo that “good for nothing Carter”! How far will SC and of coarse the author reach into their bag of tricks(insults)to mesmerize the readers? They will reach back more than 35 years ago with Carter but when the name G Bush is brought up you all have a panic attack and develop amnesia. So much selective BS!

      • Fly By Night

        do ya mean, “Carter’s Little Liver Pills”?

      • Old Henry


        I don’t get every comment made here read by a long shot, but I do not recall ever reading much of anything that would be construed as being defensive of Bush. As a matter of fact the comment has been made here (I don’t recall who) that the only real difference between Bush and Little Barry is that Barry has bigger ears and a better tan.

        What does it matter if Ben goes back 30 + years? Jimmy is part of our history – sadly.

        • s c

          Old Henry, e has been thoroughly programmed to regurgitate his utopian slime every chance he gets. He refuses to believe that anyone who’s not a utopian saw flaws in GB. Of course, e also refuses to admit that there are differences between a conservative and a ‘Republican.’ It’s that damned programming.
          e won’t remember this, but one of Carter’s first bonehead acts was to completely piss off Tip O’Neil, the Speaker of the House (a Democrat, no less). Only a moron would do such a thing. So how many loyal Democrat/utopians slammed Peanuts for that? Damned few, including e and his chums.
          We try to educate people like e, but he’s been swilling that Colorado Kruel Aid for too long (not the beer, the Kruel Aid). The altitude is too high, and he’s consistently delusional, even on a ‘good’ day. Ask e why his W H ‘god’ is sending Marines to Australia [hint: we just might have another WAR on the horizon]. They’re not there for the beer.

          • eddie47d

            Since you are regurgitating Carter then you seem to be the one lost in your Orwellian world of babble. I don’t mind Carter being brought up and the same should go for Bush. Too bad you confuse your hiney with your mouth.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear eddie47d,

        Every time I think you’ve made some progress escaping the left/right paradigm in which you are so firmly entrenched, I see posts like this. You must be confused as to which site you’re on today. While there are some neocon Bush lovers who post here, the majority are not Bushofiles. You, however, seem to go apoplectic any time someone criticizes a Democrat. You must remember, as George Wallace said in another context, “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Republicans and Democrats.”

        Best wishes,

        • bob wire

          It’s like this Mr. Livingston. If Carter showed me anything, it was ~ don’t allow people to push you around. Fight back and fight back mean and hard. Fight and bite! Otherwise, they will “always” push you around. It goes far beyond just politics and Right and Left

          The GOP and partisan politics went out of their way at every opportunity to make Carter appear a clown and he never fought back and here we are today some 40 years later, and it’s the same old crap.

          Carter inherited a receding economy after 11 years of war after a failed GOP administration much like the current administration. With a unrepentant, un-apologizing GOP with their nose out of joint and looking for “PAYBACKS” while wiping the egg off their faces. ( for the record, I was a Nixon fan and still hold him in high regard as a American statesman.

          So, Nixon is not here but I will defend both him and Carter for their many efforts and that is just the way the cow eats the cabbage.

          My favorite George Wallace quote is,”Always Keep the “message” low enough that the goats came eat it”

          There might not be a dimes difference in the two parties, but there is a big difference in the people they are “suppose” to be serving.

          Republicans work from the premise that people are basically a sorry bunch and don’t ever give them an opportunity to prove it.

          Democrats work from the premise that people are basically good if given the opportunity to prove it.

          I work from the premise, to not allow it to matter one way or the other and work to that end. ~ sometime I get away with it and find myself pleasantly please and sometimes I take a hit but it does not jade me to the extent I become a dye in the wool republican,but being willing to believe in the old axiom, No Venture, no Gain.

          • s c

            b, WHO “forced” Peanuts to inherit ANYTHING, let alone run for prez? Do you and ‘e’ drink from the same Kruel Ade well? I just can’t get over how many times you apply failed principles to today, use examples from the recent past like they’re chiseled in granite and at the same time you manage to sound like an ad for Norman Thomas and Gus Hall. WHAT is in that stuff you chug daily?

          • Hank, MO

            Carter showed you how to fight back??? Yeah, I just loved the way he fought back against that rabbit that attacked him! What a WARRIOR!!!

          • Joe H.

            bob wire,
            You were in Nam and you defend NIXON?!?!?! Nixon was nothing but a damn liar!!! “We have no troops in Cambodia!” BS, I was flying them in every day he was saying that!!! “I am bringing 50,000 troops home this week.” Well, I had opportunity to see those aircraft land and take off, day after day. He didn’t tell you that every plane that came in to take troops home was already loaded with FRESH TROOPS ARRIVING IN COUNTRY!!! Westmoreland and him both caused the deaths of so many good men that they both should roast in HELL!!

        • eddie47d

          If you want to disrespect a Democrat Bob then equally allow us to disrespect a Republican if it is relevant.

          • s c

            e, e, e. Your main talent on this website is in not understanding the difference between “a” and “b.”
            Please go buy yourself a dictionary (a big book that’s full of words and their definitions).
            You won’t find many ‘Republicans’ on this website. However, you will find MANY conservatives here.
            HOW is it that hard to understand the difference? Are you THAT hard to educate? “A” can’t be “b,” and ‘B” can’t be “a.” Are you so well-programmed that you never stop to think?
            I would LOVE to have you for a student for a regular (high school) year. Either you’d survive and become a thinking, functional member of society, OR you’d be a mental wreck who’s bound and determined to take out your many hostilities on an unsuspecting nation [ooops, you're already 'that way.' I weep for your teachers, e. they failed you].

    • AnneOnymous

      And THAT should apply to ALL politicians who value their rights over others.. You can’t point out the bad apple then leave the other rotting apples that surround it (be it dems or reps) to sell to the general public.

  • Victor Mallia

    I spite of what you fools print, Carter had the good of the country at heart both during his time and the future. These days people like you ( who are either making a lot of $ from this oligarchy running this country or are blind idiots)greed and piss on the common people is your byword. SHAME !!

    Unsuscribe me. My moniter is starting to smell because of your crap.

    • 1911man

      carter 2 is running this country, or at least the front man.

      • JTB

        I agree with you Carter 2 is the puppet and Soros is really running the country. Corruption breeds more corruption!

    • Ted Crawford

      Be careful of that doorknob Victor!

      • Joe H.

        Remember, the road to hell is paved with GOOD INTENTIONS!!!

    • s c

      V, why is it so hard to understand that ‘good intentions’ and RESULTS are not the same thing? Good intentions are what got America into its current mess. The only good thing Peanuts did was to L E A V E the White House.
      He may be good in the peanuts business, but when it came to politics and taking care of America, Peanuts was a WORLD-CLASS L O S E R. Most people got it. If you will recall, Peanuts ‘true talents’ resulted in an old-fashioned, landslide election, and he got a one-way ticket back to Georgia.
      V, you are obviously a hormone-driven utopian. Your dream world will never happen. I could prove that to you in 30 days or less, but you and I know that you wouldn’t let me try it. Your need to stay buried in that la la land between your ears means more to you than living in a safe, prosperous nation. Feel free to ^&*# off, and Obs is a false ‘God.’

      • fedup

        SC, AMEN!!! They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and it feels like we’re on it fer sure!

        • Old Henry

          Yep. I think it’s a six laner with the only off-ramp looming ahead.

      • Linda

        He also got Miami 125,000 Cuban dregs.

        • 45caliber

          We always said that for every five of the Cubans Fidel sent, 2 were convicts, 1 was homosexual, 1 was a spy, and the last was an otherwise good person who was usually drunk or on drugs. I’ve seen nothing there to change my mind since.

      • mark

        Carter on his worst day cannot compare to the disasterous George W. Bush who wrecked the U.S. and global economy, launched the idiotic, second-most-expensive-war-in-U.S. history in Iraq (that achieved nothing), doubled the nat’l debt during a fairly prosperous period, and gave us a totally-unfunded $600 billion Medicare Perscription Plan. Bush was a one-man wrecking crew whose damage we will live with for decades, especially our amputess, paraplegics and quadiplegics from Bush’s Iraq War. 8 American servicemen died in Carter’s disasterous Desert One Iranian hostage rescue mission, 5000 U.S. servicemen died in Bush’s totally unnecessary Iraq War.

        • 45caliber


          Were you even alive during Carter’s time in office? From your posts, I doubt it.

          • mark

            Were you alive during the Iraq War 2003-2009 prosecuted disasterously by the Bush adminstration? Thank God, Obama is pulling out of there completely next month. He should have done it a couple of years ago.

          • 45caliber

            mark: Then I’ll take your answer as a “no”.

          • Joe H.

            Careful what you predict. We aren’t out of there YET!!! I’ll believe Abummer will remove all troops when the last one turns out the light!!! Besides, he is leaving a contingient of 1200 marines there, so we are NOT going to be COMPLETELY OUT, as you so elequently say!!!

        • Doug

          Its Bush its Bush sorry Mark he did not go to war without congress approval so keep trying and while you are make sure you wipe some of Obozo crap off your face!

          • mark

            Yes but the Bush adminstration gave false intelligence to the Congress to secure their votes. The CIA, NSA, and military intelligence are all controlled by the executive branch. And they all lied about the weapons of mass destruction, Saddam’s ties to Al Qaeda,Saddam’s nuclear weapons program, and the flowers that would greet U.S. troops when they marched easily through Iraq. Congress foolishly believed an administration that lied through its teeth. But after 2003 they never would believe Bush and Cheney again.

          • Joe H.

            GEE mark,
            I guess that ton of yellow cake material that was shipped to Canada after we invaded was just a mirage, right??? Bush was an a$$hole and a pi$$ poor president, but Abummer is like Bush on STEROIDS!!!

        • Hardrock

          Lol….you’re a funny guy Mark!

    • Wendell

      Victor, you and eddie47 need to have you head examined by a proctologist because all you have between your ears is a pile of sh#t. If you havn’t learned by now that carter was the worst president this country has ever seen, you never will. But Oslama is closing in fast on that title.

      • Doug

        Sorry Wendell but Obozo is by far the worst president and if we find someone worse than him we are all in for a world of hurt

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Victor… Jimmy Carter may have had his heart in the right place, but a leader he wasn’t. He and Barry are like two peas in a pod. Barry should have been standing shoulder to shoulder with the ‘super’ committee to rectify our nations debt problem. If he’s not there, then no one can blame him, right? WRONG! He is more to blame than any of them!

      • 45caliber


        His heart was in the right place – but his brain wasn’t. It still isn’t. I suspect that – like Oblama’s brain – you could best find it in his colan.

    • jim

      I am from georgia and Carter did not do anything for us, he sure did not do anything for this country.

      • bob wire

        Knowing Carter, he would have asked the people of Georgia to lead the way and give more.

    • Old Henry


      I don’t know your age, but I lived thru the debacle known as the Carter Administration. Gas lines – if you could get gas. 14% + unemployment. 21% interest rates. Prining fiat $ like he owned the company selling the ink. We became the laughing stock of the world which empowered the Iranians to kidnap our embassy staff. Carter had no clue what to do and when he tried, the helicopter crashed in the desert.

      If that is for the good of the country I think you need a new dictionary, perhaps one written in English.

      • Lastmanstanding

        OH and anyone else that would like to know the real story of that [comment has been edited] up rescue mission of carter’s read, “Inside Delta Force” by Eric Haney…he was one of the original Delta Commandos and was there.

        It will make your blood boil…in fact if anyone has been doing any research, everyone of our current presidents should be in prison (including obama) instead we are force to pay for there lavish lifestyles and security.

      • Matt_K

        You forgot wage controls. I was a young man just out of high school and had to face the depressing thought of wage controls. Carter’s goal was to destroy the US economy just like Obummer

    • hitthedeck

      Its no wonder –your mother is probably in the streets with the OWS.

      • Joe H.

        come on guy, that’s a little below the belt!!! Cuss him all you want, but leave a guys mother alone.

    • AnneOnymous

      I agree fully victor.. wasn’t it just a few short years ago that “the People” were bashing Bush 2 in this same (boring) manner? Seems nobody is satisfied unless THEIR crony gets in then watch out, the “People” will bash them as well.. Take next election.. If Obama maintains his throne.. More bashing, more threats to impeach.. making it impossible for progress to seep through the cracks and if a Rep takes the reign, there will be new bashing’s and innuendos that he/she has put us into a 15 to 18 trillion dollar deficit thus more bashing’s, more threats to impeach.. making it impossible for progress to seep through the cracks.. Why don’t we just tell it like it is and always will be: A No-Confidence Government..

    • JuanRa


      Victor is leavin, nnnnnnnnnnooooooooooo

      Victor is going to unsuscrive, NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

      Dear victor maliana: We are going to miss you sooooo much in this forum. Sorry that you couldn’t stand the rest of us.

      Sincerely: All Of Us.

      Juan Ra Mtz

  • 1911man

    I didn’t like living thru the carter years the first time and here we go again, I thought we supposed to progress,not regress.

    • Ted Crawford

      Well that is just what they call themselves, and like the labels they give to their legislation, just the opposite is the end results!

    • Old Henry

      1911, As Yogi Berea (sp?) would say:
      It’s De ja vie all over again.

      • Joe H.

        Old Henry,
        hmmmm 1911? very good pistol!!! OH, you were talking about the year!!!

        • 1911man

          enjoyed the posts by tc & oh, I may be aged but i’m not that old, LOL.

    • ChrisJ

      Con is the opposite of Pro…therefore Congress is the opposite of Progress.

      • 1911man

        very good, something to think about.

  • Ted Crawford

    Of course jumping Jimmy is more than happy to advise him. Because of Obamas clearly deficient leadership abilities Jimmy’s no longer the bottom of the list of 5 worse Presidents in modern history! The new list has changed, 5) Nixon- removal from Gold standard & EPA 4) Johnson- mishandling of Viet Nam & Great Society 3) Bush’43′- Patriot Act & hugh deficits 2) Carter- mishandled Iran Crisis & CRA 1)Obama- Actually it’s hard to find anything he hasn’t mishandled!

    • 45caliber


      I must disagree about one person on your list. Johnson did not “mishandle” Vietnam, etc. It was all done that way on purpose!

    • Old Henry


      As I read your list it dawned on me that they are all from the last 45 years. I have always considered “modern times” to be from about 1900 forward.

      And 45 is correct. Nam was done that way on purpose. On that list I would put Johnson at #1 for most evil.

  • peter

    Unfortunately, there are enough folks in the USA who agree with Obama and still think he is The One so get used to him – he promises to be around for a while longer. I still say that he is an empty suit, should be arrested for impersonating a president, is unimaginative, incompetent, lacking in leadership skills and a spine. That says little for the Americans who seem mostly to think differently, so they need to just accept the bed they have made for themselves. God help us all.

  • Eric Bischoff

    Bla bla bla. More Ben Crystal bull. You must love to listen to your prose in front of a mirror.

    Like it or not Carter was probably the nicest man we ever had as a president. And he has certainly proved that in his post presidential actions.

    If I was you and I am glad I am not, I would spend more analytic time examining the crimes of Reagan who unseated him by making a treasonous deal in Paris with the Iranians to not release the American hostages until after the election thereby guaranteeing a win. Reagan may have meant well but he was a fool and history will someday show that he did more to set this country on a destruction course than anyone else. We’d all be better off if he had remained a B movie actor.

    If Soyndra was a VC flop no one in America would care but because it is a government flop it is now the greatest political weapon. I wonder how much the Three Mile Island or Exxon Valdez or the BP flops cost us. Renewables are an important part of our energy security and future. Even a caveman could see that.

    I think Obama was being kind he should have said FAT and lazy. Truth hurts! But then you dust yourself off and you try and do better. It’s time to stop posturing for power and control and it’s time to do and be better, it’s time to work together. No party has all the answers, certainly the Tea Party doesn’t.

    • 45caliber

      And you libs insist that conservatives believe in conspiracies! LOL!

      • eddie47d

        Well you do and in spades!

        • 45caliber

          Some do, I agree. But most of us simply see the handwriting on the wall. It’s you libs who are blind to that.

        • Old Henry

          Yeah eddie! Ya know today, 11/22, is a special day and I just wanted to say that JFK was not killed. That was an annimated dummy. JFk had been kidnapped a week earlier by aliens and they were trying to keep it under wraps until the assination could take place in Dallas.

          Oh, and Elvis was driving the flying saucer when they took JFK. It’s true. Honest!

          • Joe H.

            Old Henry,
            Eric and eddie both look at themselves and see that THEY are fat and lazy so they say the American PEOPLE as a whole are fat and lazy. That way, they are able to excuse THEIR FAT LAZY A$$ES and not change!!!

    • s c

      E, if “nice” is important in American politics, then you need to EXPLAIN something to the rest of us mere mortals. How do you explain the behavior of Scary Reid and Queen Nancy Pelosi.
      Those two are about about as “nice” as pit bulls that have tasted human blood. Methinks thou hast confused “nice” with smoke-and-mirrors and false appearances. Your turn, comrade.

    • Doug

      Yes we have a lot of fat and lazy people in the US and guess who their savior is yep you bet the Marxist from Kenya the biggest waste of skin ever created! And the only part of America besides you and your welfare buddies that have us going to hell in a hand basket is the government. And I can tell you anyone who believes in the Tea Party principles can do 1000 times better than 98% of the waste of skin in Washington and the ones working for Washington! So Eric why do you ___off

    • Vicki

      Hi Eric. Haven’t seen you here in a while.

      Eric writes:
      “If Soyndra was a VC flop no one in America would care but because it is a government flop it is now the greatest political weapon.”

      Correct and just one example of why government should stay out of business.
      Capitalism works. Crony Capitalism (baby Socialism or Fascism) doesn’t.

      Eric: “Renewables are an important part of our energy security and future. Even a caveman could see that.”

      If a caveman could have then a caveman would have. Oh wait. They did.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Eric Bischoff,

      You write: “If Soyndra was a VC flop no one in America would care but because it is a government flop it is now the greatest political weapon.” You are correct, because if venture capitalists lost their money in a failed endeavor, they were losing their own money. With Solyndra, money that was stolen from the American taxpayer was flittered away on a worthless boondoggle. And it’s money the “investors” got because they bundled for the Obama campaign. It’s crony capitalism.

      Best wishes,

      • 1911man

        agreed, very good bob .

    • Hardrock

      Puhleeze….spare us the tripe Eric! There’s no defending the indefensible facts of where we stand today under the “present” administration.

    • big wyo

      Speak for yourself you libtard troll and crawl back in your mamas basement and take your liar in chief and uncle george with you.
      resign barry resign

  • http://Boblivingston Lyle McDaniel

    All that well stated information has only one thing to prove. A majority of the voters are the culprits, or they wouldnt be there.

    • Vicki

      Lyle is presuming honest elections.

  • eddie47d

    Crystal says he wants “to be fair” with this dog and pony show? LOL! You all want to be taken seriously yet you are amused so easily with this trivial pursuit. Republicans and “pals” also send their children to private schools so Ben needs to get off of the kool aid or isn’t he supposed to be believed. Sorry Ben solar is a great technology and has proven to be effective in many locations. So bury your head in the past or in that convienient body cavity you possess. You must toss and turn all night thinking up your quirky comments so you can play mind games with the gullible. Do you have cloves of garlic hanging over your office desk to ward off vampires and other superstitions. Tell me you all just where is our Golden Gate moment. Why does Congress have America stuck in Reverse instead of charging forward? Even with the turmoil within Wall Street, Washington and Wall Street Insiders seem to be doing very well. You all know that yet seem to ignore the connection unless you can plug a Democrat. So it really is about Republican vs Democrat instead of forging a new way,right? All this chatter about improving America and putting it back on the right track is nothing more than smoke and mirrors,right? Some of you are truly dedicated to positive change and then there are those who keep dipping into the sewage to achieve your goals.

    • s c

      e, talk to the government of Spain and the Spanish people about the joys and blessings of ‘going green.’ If we’re lucky, Opraiseme’s flam flam scam for going green in America will only be a disaster. In Spain, socialists, communists and greenies should be run out of the country and shipped off to the South Pole to start their own utopia.

      • eddie47d

        Alternatives should receive the same courtesies that Big Oil received in tax breaks and conservative endorsements. I’m sure Big oil paid for alot of elections also. So take your pandering snick someplace else SC.

        • Joe H.

          take your solar and go to the yukon!! works like crazy in those six months of sun light. COLDER THAN A WELLDIGGERS AZZ IN JANUARY DURING THOSE SIX MONTHS OF DARK!!!! Doesn’t work worth a tinkers dam here in Ohio, either!!!

        • 1911man

          maybe when they achive the status of viability they will be, until then they aren’t worth a tinkers damn.

  • JimO

    Obama makes Carter look like an economic genius and and his admininstration makes Grant’s administration look like a bunch of angels.

    • Carlucci

      B.O. is Jimma’s brother from another mother.

  • clarence swinney



    (4 yrs to 8 yrs. So, use Average per year on some and Monthly average also.)




    Real Increase—Carter-13.0% in 4 years—Reagan-17.5% in 8 yrs

    Carter 10,488,000 in 4—Reagan 15,935,000 in 8.

    *Per month Carter averaged far more than Reagan
    218,000 to 175,000.

    Care to compare number of homes built per year. Don’t. Reagan killed S & L’s.
    Care to compare GDP growth without massive spending + 80% (borrow) programs.
    Carter-3.4%–Reagan 3.4% even with major government spending
    Care to compare Increase in National Income and GDP to Debt Growth
    Care to compare percent increase in Federal Revenues
    Care to compare GDP Growth in “Real” dollars per year

    Care to compare First THREE Years—

    First figure is Carter

    Real GDP—+3.2%– +1.3%= 59% less for RR
    Industrial Production–+3.0%–+.01%= 97% less for RR
    Rate Capacity Utilization 83.4% –75.9% = 9% less for Reagan
    Plant-Equip. Expend. +14.6%–.8%= 95% less for Reagan
    Housing Starts—1.76 Million—1.28 million = 27% less for Reagan
    Domestic auto sales—8.48 million—6.25 million= 26% less for Reagan
    Business Failures—8461—24,291= +189% more for Reagan
    Civilian Unemployment—6.7%–7.5%= 13% more for Reagan
    Number Unemployed—6.74 million—9.89 million=+47% more for Reagan
    Real Disposable Income Growth–+1/9%–+1/3%= 32% less for Reagan
    Prime Rate—10.96%–14.94%= +35% more for Reagan
    Federal Budget Deficit—48.5 Billion—153.billion= +215% more for Reagan
    Farm Income–+1.75%—5.7%= 326% less for Reagan

    Comparison Above of 13 items from CBO Record 3-26-84

    Care to compare number killed overseas
    Care to compare percent Increase in Defense Spending
    Care to compare number of LIES told
    Care to compare numbers of departments with SCANDALS
    Care to compare numbers of administration members who were investigated, went to prison, convicted or charged.
    Care to compare respect by foreign nations
    Care to check 1947 National Security Act that was instrumental in checking the expansion of communism.
    Care to compare number of times president went to church.
    Care to compare results of Community Reinvestment Act vs S&L Death Act
    Care to compare how historians rank them without $$ spent by conservative think tanks
    (In 1994 Reagan was ranked tenth from bottom– Conservatives have spent millions
    re-inventing his average record).
    Care to compare as DEREGULATOR? Airlines-Financial Institutions-Transportation
    Care to compare with which created FEMA
    Care to check who was President when FISA was passed into law?
    Care to check who started Centcom—As-RDJTF-Rapid Deployment Task Force-
    (Reagan changed name to Centcom) -U.S forces designated for possible employment to Middle East.
    Carter produced the First Arab-Israeli Peace Treaty
    Carter normalized trade with China
    Carter led the Senate to obey our treaty and yield control of Panama Canal.
    Carter killed the neutron bomb
    Carter won Nato agreement to match Soviet missiles in Europe
    Carter limited strategic nuclear arms with Salt II Treaty.
    Carter paid UN dues in full, on time and without conditions.
    Carter got third world majorities against Vietnam’s intervention on Cambodia.
    Carter placed embargoes on Soviets for invasion of Afghanistan
    The great anti-communist Reagan “lifted” them while Soviet “Evil Empire” was still in Afghanistan
    Carter efforts were significant on—Human Rights impartiality, nuclear build down, energy sustainability, Middle East peace, non-interventionism .
    Same President who said this—“The oil flow from the Persian Gulf is a vital interest to the United States and this country will employ any means necessary including military force to overcome an attempt by a hostile power to block that flow.”

    Imagine the praise had Reagan made that statement.

    Carter increased CAFE standards—Reagan cancelled them. Loved oil people. Backers in California. Henry Salvatori. Pals first America second.

    When Carter left office it took 3.6 years of average income to purchase an average priced new home. After Reagan’s years it took 4.2 Years and now under Bush II 5.4 years.
    This is an important figure. In Constant(inflation adjusted) dollars.

    Historical analysis of years 1946 to 1981 then 1981 to 2009 reveal much on Rich Pals get richer and Middle Class(overwhelming number) stumbled. Major directional change or America and Middle Class. Few did exceedingly well. Rest staggered under burden of dormant income and wealth decline in real dollars.

    When Conservatives hit on Carter as a “do nothing” administration they best not check the FACTS.

    Inflation was Carter’s big handicap. Remember Oil Prices? Food prices?

    Inflation had nothing to do with his Fiscal policies

    Reagan took credit for whipping inflation. Blarney Baloney.
    It was Carter’s hire Paul Volcker. Who whipped inflation (at cost of 5 million jobs)

    Reagan had inflationary fiscal policies. Carter did not.

    Major cut in potential Revenue plus major increase in Spending

    Evangelicals want a true, devout, Christian? They better look to a genuine one. Carter.

    Conservatives re-invent and trash other presidents in an effort to promote Reagan.
    Reagan was not by any means an above average President.
    Blarney Baloney Deluxe. An actor acting in a role as President.
    He was graded as a C president.
    Historians use numbers not emotions.
    500 in 1994 rated him tenth from bottom
    In 1994 one of top two historical societies polled members and rated him 21% above average 79% below average. 18% of the 79% rated him “Disaster for America”

    Reagan honored Nazi SS Troops. Carter Fought.


    If anyone has some present them I will use them. My challenge to Conservatives.

    • s c

      Comrade c, do yourself a big favor and buy a lot of shares of the company that makes Prozac (Pfizer?). That way, it would be like paying yourself to take that ‘wonderful’ drug. I suspect that your dividends will go up fast, and the value of those shares will skyrocket, comrade. If you’re not over-dosed on Prozac right now, you sure act like it.

    • Brad

      Mr. Clarence Swinney,

      I’m going to show you real GDP growth from Q4 1976 to Q4 1988 and tell you to your face my friend you lied!!!

      1976 Q4 $5,187.1 29.59%
      1977 Q1 $5,247.3 30.11%
      1977 Q2 $5,351.6 31.01%
      1977 Q3 $5,447.3 31.84%
      1977 Q4 $5,446.1 31.83%
      1978 Q1 $5,464.7 31.99%
      1978 Q2 $5,679.7 33.85%
      1978 Q3 $5,735.4 34.33%
      1978 Q4 $5,811.3 34.99%
      1979 Q1 $5,821.0 35.08%
      1979 Q2 $5,826.4 35.12%
      1979 Q3 $5,868.3 35.48%
      1979 Q4 $5,884.5 35.62%
      1980 Q1 $5,903.4 35.79%
      1980 Q2 $5,782.4 34.74%
      1980 Q3 $5,771.7 34.65%
      1980 Q4 $5,878.4 35.57%
      1981 Q1 $6,000.6 36.63%
      1981 Q2 $5,952.7 36.21%
      1981 Q3 $6,025.0 36.84%
      1981 Q4 $5,950.0 36.19%
      1982 Q1 $5,852.3 35.35%
      1982 Q2 $5,884.0 35.62%
      1982 Q3 $5,861.4 35.42%
      1982 Q4 $5,866.0 35.46%
      1983 Q1 $5,938.9 36.09%
      1983 Q2 $6,072.4 37.25%
      1983 Q3 $6,192.2 38.29%
      1983 Q4 $6,320.2 39.39%
      1984 Q1 $6,442.8 40.45%
      1984 Q2 $6,554.0 41.42%
      1984 Q3 $6,617.7 41.97%
      1984 Q4 $6,671.6 42.43%
      1985 Q1 $6,734.5 42.98%
      1985 Q2 $6,791.5 43.47%
      1985 Q3 $6,897.6 44.39%
      1985 Q4 $6,950.0 44.84%
      1986 Q1 $7,016.8 45.42%
      1986 Q2 $7,045.0 45.66%
      1986 Q3 $7,112.9 46.25%
      1986 Q4 $7,147.3 46.55%
      1987 Q1 $7,186.9 46.89%
      1987 Q2 $7,263.3 47.55%
      1987 Q3 $7,326.3 48.1%
      1987 Q4 $7,451.7 49.18%
      1988 Q1 $7,490.2 49.52%
      1988 Q2 $7,586.4 50.35%
      1988 Q3 $7,625.6 50.69%
      1988 Q4 $7,727.4 51.57%

      Here is a link to my source and by the way the dollar value is in billions of US dollars. It shows Carters real GDP growth was a mear 6% and Reagan a mear 16.18% how do you explain the difference?

    • Brad

      Read this report Mr. Clerance Swinney it blows your total industrial production and employment out of the water and its from the US gov,

    • Brad

      Mr. Clarence Swinney,

      The a link to real housing starts check out 1976 to 1988,

    • Brad

      Again Mr. Clarence Swinney,

      You need to read this article

    • Brad this link takes care of your employment figures and it is surprising that a few other figures disprove your opinions.

    • Brad

      Prime Rate under Carter

      1976-12-10 6.25
      1977-05-13 6.50
      1977-05-27 6.75
      1977-08-22 7.00
      1977-09-16 7.25
      1977-10-07 7.50
      1977-10-24 7.75
      1978-01-10 8.00
      1978-05-05 8.25
      1978-05-26 8.50
      1978-06-16 8.75
      1978-06-30 9.00
      1978-09-01 9.25
      1978-09-15 9.50
      1978-09-28 9.75
      1978-10-13 10.00
      1978-10-27 10.25
      1978-11-01 10.50
      1978-11-06 10.75
      1978-11-17 11.00
      1978-11-24 11.50
      1978-12-26 11.75
      1979-06-19 11.50
      1979-07-27 11.75
      1979-08-16 12.00
      1979-08-28 12.25
      1979-09-07 12.75
      1979-09-14 13.00
      1979-09-20 13.25
      1979-09-28 13.50
      1979-10-09 14.50
      1979-10-24 15.00
      1979-11-01 15.25
      1979-11-09 15.50
      1979-11-16 15.75
      1979-11-30 15.50
      1979-12-07 15.25
      1980-02-19 15.75
      1980-02-22 16.50
      1980-02-29 16.75
      1980-03-04 17.25
      1980-03-07 17.75
      1980-03-14 18.50
      1980-03-19 19.00
      1980-03-28 19.50
      1980-04-02 20.00
      1980-04-18 19.50
      1980-05-01 18.50
      1980-05-07 17.50
      1980-05-16 16.50
      1980-05-23 14.50
      1980-05-28 14.00
      1980-06-06 13.00
      1980-06-13 12.50
      1980-06-17 12.00
      1980-07-07 11.50
      1980-07-23 11.00
      1980-08-22 11.25
      1980-08-27 11.50
      1980-09-08 12.00
      1980-09-12 12.25
      1980-09-19 12.50
      1980-09-26 13.00
      1980-10-01 13.50
      1980-10-17 14.00
      1980-10-29 14.50
      1980-11-06 15.50
      1980-11-17 16.25
      1980-11-21 17.00
      1980-11-26 17.75
      1980-12-02 18.50
      1980-12-05 19.00
      1980-12-10 20.00
      1980-12-16 21.00
      1980-12-19 21.50
      1981-01-02 20.50
      1981-01-09 20.00

    • Brad

      Prime Rate under Reagan

      1981-02-03 19.50
      1981-02-23 19.00
      1981-03-03 18.50
      1981-03-10 18.00
      1981-03-17 17.50
      1981-03-24 17.00
      1981-03-27 17.50
      1981-04-01 17.00
      1981-04-20 17.50
      1981-04-29 18.00
      1981-05-04 19.00
      1981-05-11 19.50
      1981-05-18 20.00
      1981-05-22 20.50
      1981-06-01 20.00
      1981-07-08 20.50
      1981-09-16 20.00
      1981-09-22 19.50
      1981-10-05 19.00
      1981-10-13 18.00
      1981-11-02 17.50
      1981-11-09 17.00
      1981-11-16 16.50
      1981-11-24 16.00
      1981-12-01 15.75
      1982-02-02 16.50
      1982-02-17 17.00
      1982-02-23 16.50
      1982-07-20 16.00
      1982-07-29 15.50
      1982-08-02 15.00
      1982-08-16 14.50
      1982-08-18 14.00
      1982-08-23 13.50
      1982-10-07 13.00
      1982-10-13 12.00
      1982-11-22 11.50
      1983-01-11 11.00
      1983-02-25 10.50
      1983-08-08 11.00
      1984-03-19 11.50
      1984-04-05 12.00
      1984-05-08 12.50
      1984-06-25 13.00
      1984-09-27 12.75
      1984-10-16 12.50
      1984-10-29 12.00
      1984-11-08 11.75
      1984-11-28 11.25
      1984-12-19 10.75
      1985-01-15 10.50
      1985-05-20 10.00
      1985-06-18 9.50
      1986-03-07 9.00
      1986-04-21 8.50
      1986-07-11 8.00
      1986-08-26 7.50
      1987-04-01 7.75
      1987-05-01 8.00
      1987-05-15 8.25
      1987-09-04 8.75
      1987-10-07 9.25
      1987-10-22 9.00
      1987-11-05 8.75
      1988-02-02 8.50
      1988-05-11 9.00
      1988-07-14 9.50
      1988-08-11 10.00
      1988-11-28 10.50

    • Brad

      Mr. Clarence Swinney,

      It seems to me, after doing a small amount of research I have come to the conclusion you have no facts but scare mongering and trying to subvert a great President we had in Ronald Reagan. Reagan did more for this country then Carter could ever hope to have achieved, Carter only shinning achievement for his entire 4 year term was bringing Eygpt and Isreal to the peace table and entering in an erea of peace for both nations. Today that peace is on the verge of collapse due to the Arab summer uprising, but look what’s happening today, another uprising in Eygpt and why pray tell? Seems someone wants power and it won’t be for the people…

      • 45caliber


        Sweeney does not hunt facts or even quote them. All his info comes from posts by liberals on either Daily KOS or Huffington Post. He doesn’t seek facts – he only comes here to post to annoy conservatives.

      • Joe H.

        let us not forget those habitat for humanity houses!!! I know a lady that applied for one here. She is 100% disabled and they told her she didn’t MAKE ENOUGH MONEY!!!! Now, forgive my niavity, but I thought that was what they were supposed to be for, people with LOWER INCOMES????

    • Brad

      Mr. Clerance Swinney,

      You may need to read this chart concerning the each Presidents budgit deficits

    • Vicki

      Thank you Mr Swinney for that long list of useless fantasies. How can I tell? Cause you did not provide even 1 link to back up your (false) assertions.

      Then along comes Brad (Good job Brad) who challenges your fantasies and provides links showing your fantasies are just fantasies. Then again, based on your previous posts in this forum, we are not surprised.

      • Joe H.

        Sweeny??? SWEENEY???? ARE YOU STILL THERE?
        chirp, chirp, chirp……………. sure is quiet here!!!!

        • Joe H.

          sorry, the name should have been SWINNEY!!!! Still kinda quiet, though!!!

  • James T

    “Jimmy Carer?” Again????????He was a good man,but as aesident….Dare I say it?

  • James T

    President Carter Spelled encorrectly-Sorry!!!

    • hitthedeck

      You don’t have to be sorry, I thought it was Obamics!

  • rose

    Peter I have found this is true;but very very hard to believe. Who is lying
    to whom.Is there anyone we can believe.These sites seem to be full of facts,
    but are they true if so what is wrong with the Obama followers do they only listen to Good Morning America

    • eddie47d

      Yes there can be a “Good Morning in America” Ms Rose but this site is full if innuendos,conspiracies and half truths that have to be sorted out. Would you prefer the daily dark gloomy comments coming from Glenn Beck? There are some scary stuff being put forth as facts and it’s getting harder to separate the chaff from the wheat. One good thing is that the author showed a picture of the Presidents and Vice-President in church praying or showing deep concern. Maybe we all need more of that.

      • Doug

        Eddie and the crusers Eddie I thought you died dam! If you want to talk about Glen please provide onethings that he has stated that is false Eddie. Now send me a piece of paper about the size of national debt and I will try and fit onto it all of Obozo’s lies! Your turn Eddie!

      • eddie47d

        Beck’s Nazifacation of the American people. One of his greatest talking points is those false comparisons.

        • s c

          e, how many years will it take before you finally understand the difference between National Socialism and Fascism? What you’ve done this time amounts to calling your W H ‘God’ a capitalist.
          If you understood basic terminology, you’d sound a lot more like an adult – instead of sounding like a 5 year old who mimics a fricking parrot 24/7.
          Either look at a good dictionary, or get someone to read some factual history to you. Your choice, comrade (betcha you can’t do it).

  • 2WarAbnVet

    Prior to the 2008 election I warned that, if elected, Obama would make Carter seem competent. I’m sorry to be able to note how prescient I was.

  • CoCowboy

    Some of you have made long and well articulated remarks. I’m not going to bother other than to say this:

    I never thought I would say something like this: I actually HATE this man. I cannot wait until he is gone, or I am – either way is fine.

    If America is dumb enough to vote this POS in for yet another 4 years, ya’ll deserve it. Me? I don’t want to live in his America. I’d sooner die and I’m old enough not to care either way anymore. But, I’ll do it my way… from a foxhole…

  • SMSgt Z (ret) Nam 68

    Wounder how Personal Liberty Digest subscribers would fair in those kinda polls?

    • Doug

      Gee another liberal college professor stating that he did some testing. What a load of crap hell most people who listen to other news agency probably like Obozo don’t know that Hawaii is not part of Asia. And most of the people who don’t watch anything but the ABC new outlets could not find Egypt on a map!

      • SMSgt Z (ret) Nam 68

        Two Universities;try reading before commenting.Sorry I forgot;FOX is your news source

        • Brad

          Hey Nam 68,

          You need to look at this review

        • s c

          S, I’ll raise your two universities with an ante of four universities, a college and Oxford. Do you still have that Enquirer subscription?

          • Joe H.

            i wonder if he still has that issue that told the story of a man that was heavily bandaged about the head on Ari Onnasis’s yacht that was dumped over board later?? This was printed about a year after Kennedy was killed!!! Talk about your basic conspiracy theory!!!!

  • http://moniquer7 Merlin

    President Carter was and is a good man at heart. But he was an incompetent President. Obama is not even a good man. And for him to look to Cater for advice or guidance is akin to the blind leading the blind.

    • 45caliber


      I agree. I always said – when Carter was President – that he was trying hard to help. He was just totally incompitent as a politician and as a leader. Nothing since has changed my mind. I don’t even consider Oblama a leader. All he’s done is appoint a bunch of friends as czars, given them the job of leading, and then he goes to play golf.

      • bob wire

        Carter was not into golf 45. You must be thinking of Eisenhower, he love his golf and deserved all the golf time that he could get as far as I’m concerned.

        “While still governor Carter began forging national connections and building up a foreign policy resume by making trips abroad representing Georgia. After leaving office in January 1975, he and his family traveled around the country meeting voters and finding out what they cared about. Above all, it seemed, the Vietnam War and Watergate scandal made them yearn for honesty in government, and Jimmy Carter seemed like just the man to deliver it. Brandishing his “outsider” credentials, the born-again Christian and successful businessman downplayed the issues and focused on character, vowing never to tell a lie and to bring honesty and integrity back into government. Carter’s intelligence, hard work, centrist message and a tactically brilliant campaign got him past a field of better-known Democrats to gain the party’s nomination. Though he frittered away a big lead over incumbent Gerald Ford — the infamous admission in Playboy that he had “lusted in [his] heart” after other women didn’t help — Carter hung on to win one of the closest presidential elections in American history.”

        So much for the truth! People say many things, mostly lies and half truths.

        • Joe H.

          bob wire,
          Read a little closer!!!! He was speaking of Abummer when he made the remark about GOLF!!! Put down the SSS tonic, dude!!!

  • hitthedeck

    The answer to what you don’t understand!
    Stop domestic energy under the guise of damage to the environment.
    Stop the freedom to choose your own medical care under the guise of caring for the uninsured.
    Take more from the rich under the guise they have no right to have what they have earned.
    Destroy capitalism under the guise that it is unfair and the wealth should be shared by those who will not work for a living.
    Follow the laws of a justice department that only enforces the abstract laws that are used to prevent just laws from being enforced.
    Listen to an American media that advertises the progressive agenda by its liberal members.
    Give unlimited government power and protection to the Unions for political thugs to enforce the progressive agenda.
    Gain control of banks and the almighty dollar and regulate everything to a standstill until approved by a government agency.
    Break the backs of the American working man to a state of dependence on the government.
    Listen to a president who supports all of the above.
    Welcome to socialism and the first step for communism to prosper.

  • bob wire

    “The answer to what you don’t understand!”
    “Stop domestic energy under the guise of damage to the environment.”

    Well Sir, Tap water catching fire, has a serious down side to it, not to mention the earth quakes for all the Fracking. Oklahoma had a few last week and they were felt in Dallas. Now we can get all the doctors and scientist and do studies and have hearing for the next 20 years to prove or disprove it. But when you fracture large rocks in to small rocks , they become easier to move. It’s not rocket surgery!

    “Stop the freedom to choose your own medical care under the guise of caring for the uninsured.”

    That is still up to you and if your doctor elects to take you on.

    Take more from the rich under the guise they have no right to have what they have earned.

    Well when cony capitalism, fraud, and conflict of interest has 3% of the people owning and controlling 60% of all the marbles in a short period of only 20 years ~ Houston, we’ve got a problem.

    Perhaps your aspirations are set too low? If you enjoy slavery, I understand, it has an up side to it. I enjoyed the Army life, never had to worry about what to wear, if my green clashed or what to eat. I liked that all of my decisions were made for me. The only thing that I couldn’t do was quit doing what I was told.

    In another 10 year at the present rate, ~ your very “importance” could be up for consideration in some board room that you know nothing about. When you quit being able to buy and consume your importance is left to just your “vote” and they working to take that away.

    • hitthedeck

      Ok Bob you have pulled one hell of a lot of rabbits out of a hat. Are you saying you have a better way of doing things? I think you want to wear a uniform again that matches the ones that the government will issue the American population if Obama gets his way. I wore a uniform also and I didn’t forgot why I put it on and it never changed the way I thought and I would not be ordered to do something that was against my moral being. This lashing out against corporations with the blame game is stupid. I suppose you think the government is going to fix it. If you believe that you can join that bunch of sheep in the streets. Let’s think what happens if they bring down Wall Street or bring down the government-What is going to take its place? I wouldn’t worry about polluted water because when it shuts down everything will be polluted. Have you seen any one out there that would act like our new founding fathers? Reduce this over reaching government and let the lawyers sue the hell out of all the bastards that you don’t like including the polluters. Money is the best dam weapon know by man and a smart lawyer can break a corporation and put a bad politician out to pasture.

    • hitthedeck

      “The answer to what you don’t understand!”
      “Stop domestic energy under the guise of damage to the environment.”
      Well Sir, Tap water catching fire, has a serious down side to it, not to mention the earth quakes for all the Fracking. Oklahoma had a few last week and they were felt in Dallas.
      (We have used enough explosives in the mines on the east coast to equal the power of hundreds of Atomic bombs- Is that a good enough study for you?) “Stop the freedom to choose your own medical care under the guise of caring for the uninsured.” That is still up to you and if your doctor elects to take you on. (For now!)
      Take more from the rich under the guise they have no right to have what they have earned.
      Well when crony capitalism, fraud, and conflict of interest has 3% of the people owning and controlling 60% of all the marbles in a short period of only 20 years ~ Houston, we’ve got a problem.
      Why don’t you give me some numbers and tell me what that percentage rate has been for the last thousand years? Forget about calling Houston, you will have to call Moscow with that old cliché! The space program is in Russia now.
      Perhaps your aspirations are set too low? If you enjoy slavery, I understand, it has an up side to it. (For socialist sheep)
      In another 10 year at the present rate, ~ your very “importance” could be up for consideration in some board room that you know nothing about. When you quit being able to buy and consume your importance is left to just your “vote” and they working to take that away. (It’s in the back rooms of congress now) Why don’t you identify (they) Bob it’s like Pogo said (we is our worst enemy)

  • hitthedeck

    Carter’s mistakes were correctable! Obama’s mistakes are similar to a deadly virus that is drug resistant. It’s almost like gangrene that has sat in and the only way to remove it is by amputation. He can be compared to Typhoid Mary when he entered Washington and everything he has touched has been infected with the fatal disease of socialism. A president of sound mind would have issued a statement about the OWS lawbreakers and ask them to be non violent and obey local laws. He says nothing of the sort but only says that they are frustrated with today’s economy. It only goes to show you that he is for radical actions that support his goals to break our system that rewards individualism and free enterprise. Carter was a peanut with a soft shell but Obama is a hard nut to crack.

  • Palin16

    Why in the heck do us taxpayers still have to pay for secret service protection for the peanut farmer? He’s been gone for how long?? Before Reagan? Just another way the government wastes our money.

  • IJAbraham

    Welcome Back, Carter
    November 22, 2011 by Ben Crystal

    Ben Crystal wrote, “Obama killed more than 200,000 energy industry jobs on the altar of environmentalist dogma. If this keeps up, we will all have to drag that scooter we bought during the 1978 gas crisis out of the back of the garage”. I applaud the president on his momentous decision to save the environment.

    Huge oil pipelines and gas “fracking” operations pose great harm to the environment_ the environment where we must live. It is better to drag out your scooter than to not have clean “healthy” water to drink and cleanse. The living must have clean air, clean water and healthy food to live happy upon the earth. Everything else is gravy! I shiver with fear at the thought of the kinds of environmental damage and overall havoc these oil and gas operations will wreak upon the earth.

    “Environmentalist dogma” is all that sits between the wretched hands of environmental suicide and the sanity of habitat preservation. This is the only home (the earth) we have. If we destroy it in order to make money, what will our generations do for healthy living space? The “balance” is created by necessity; on one side are those who see only money and more resources to deplete, while on the other side are the wise and conscientious arbiters of reason in favor of the great “mother earth”.

    So you claimed, “Obama killed more than 200,000 energy industry jobs”. Oh, really? First, how do you know the number of jobs that will actually be created by these ‘nature assaulting’ operations? Second, our president could not possibly “kill” jobs that never existed. Your statement defies logic. Since those jobs never existed, they cannot be “killed”! Similarly, it is not possible to kill a man who was never conceived. Yours is fundamentally a false claim; which is intuitively illogical.

    Our president made the right call. The Environmentalist protectors of the great mother (the Earth) deserve our applause and appreciation, for they are vanguards of our world, our home, our one and only habitat. I pray for their continued courage while in battle against greed and gluttonous wantonness. I hope that God will quench the voracious appetites of the greedy; who will destroy the earth in their quest for ever increasing wealth and power.


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