‘Weeds’ Actor Calls On Fellow Blacks To Reject MSM, Race Pundits Over Zimmerman Meltdown


Sometimes it’s best to step back and let someone with something good to say have as wide an audience as possible.

That’s why we’re pointing you to a guest column at the Huffington Post, in which “Weeds” actor Romany Malco, who is black, breaks rank with race-baiting black “leaders” who’ve co-opted the Martin/Zimmerman case and, in so doing, perverted the spirit of the (largely successful) Civil Rights movement. He even uses Rahm Emanuel’s own words to illustrate that very point.

Malco slams the mainstream media, questions the motives of black figureheads and news agencies, and points the finger of blame for misplaced racial outraged directly where it belongs: on the self-destruction of the black community, starting with the individual and the family.

Here’s a snippet:

To be brutally honest, the only reason people are even aware of Trayvon Martin is because it became a topic within mainstream news and pop culture. Meaning: News directors saw it as a profitable, sensational story. Hundreds of blacks die annually in South Side Chicago without even a blurb. Trayvon isn’t in the mainstream news for any reason other than ratings and profit.

…Don’t you find it peculiar that the same media outlets who have worked so diligently to galvanize the negative stigmas of black men in America are now airing open debates on improving the image of black males in American media? Do you honestly think CNN is using their competitive time slots for philanthropy?

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” – Rahm Emanuel

If we really wanted to ensure Trayvon Martin’s killing was not in vain, we’d stop perpetuating negative images that are now synonymous with black men in America.

…We’d spend less time subconsciously repeating lyrics about death and murder and more time understanding why we are so willing to twerk to songs that demean women and boast of having things we cannot afford…We’d seek information outside the corporate owned-media that manipulates us.

There’s much more. The piece holds up a mirror to anyone, from any walk of life in America, who’s willing to take an honest look. Read the rest at HuffPo, and share.

Personal Liberty

Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • http://waltgoshert.com/free-lead-generation-report/ Walt Goshert
    • ldazzle

      Kudo’s to Barkley, probably the most intelligent thing he’s done.

  • Alan

    See, there are many voices of reason within the black community as well, unfortunately however not enough to do much good as they will only be labeled “Uncle Toms”, “Oreos” or the like for not sanctioning the racist agenda of those who would have George Zimmerman strung up from a low-hanging branch.

    • independent thinker

      Something else, MSM do not give those with a voice of reason the headlines and time they give to the likes of Sharpton.

      • Alan

        Exactly right independent. Those who don’t support the agenda must be muzzled.

        • chocopot

          Or demonized.

          • Alan

            That too Chocopot…..

  • Linda

    The black community is destroying itself.

    • Whackajig

      How long must we wait until the destruction is complete?

  • Alex

    Where to start?

    Mister Malco does a great job playing Conrad on ‘Weeds’. He would be wise to stick to his day job. He is not a good writer and even less of a philosopher.

    In the second paragraph of the snippet from Mr Malco’s post, he questions the validity of a media which once “worked so diligently to galvanize to negative stigmas {attached to} black men in America”. In the fourth paragraph he then opines that if we wanted to see that “Trayvon Martin’s killing was not in vain, we’d stop perpetuating negative images that are now synonymous with black men…” So which is it, Mr Malco—do you really want the media to change or are you going to question the validity of their doing so? You make no sense, brother…

    As a long-time observer of Amerikan Culture as viewed through the
    various lenses of its media, I can tell you that it most certainly plays
    the dual role of both setting and co-opting popular cultural trends. Whether the media is itself pressing a change in cultural representation or merely responding to a shift in cultural norms, is that NOT what you whine about wanting, Mr Malco?

    Romany Malco was born in 1968—the year that ‘Julia’ made its premier on NBC. ‘Julia’ was the FIRST television program in which an African-american in a lead role was portrayed in anything but a negative light….1968!

    We regressed from there, of course, reverting to the time-honored penchant of using a burlesque of other races to entertain Dumb White Amerika. As with ‘Julia’, programming would show Black women (Aunt Ester, Louise Jefferson, Florence Johnston) as the intellectual and moral superior to Black men (Fred Sanford, George Jefferson).

    I myself chuckle at the difficult corner this country painted itself into viz. Multi-Cultural Representation on teevee—a sort of damned-if-you-do-damned-if you-don’t purgatory best exemplified by the rise of ensemble programming. Shows which were not castigated for the absence of Black characters (Seinfeld, Freinds, etc) were ridiculed for the obvious and awkward inclusion of the token minority players.

    Though I have not seen “Fruitvale Station” yet, I understand that it has
    a much-needed portrayal of a young Black man of substance and
    conscience in an environment in which presupposition is often fatal. We have seen other instances of Blacks, men especially, in elevated roles as politicians, educators, doctors, spies, writers, Artists, etc.

    So do we as a Society welcome these necessary changes or ridicule them as does Mr Malco?

    Does the outrage over and the media coverage of the bloodshed in Chicago match that of the attention paid to the murder of Trayvon Martin? No. This is both unfortunate and understandable.

    We are used to seeing the lives of Black Americans discounted and marginalized. We have also watched a long, long line of Caucasoids walk away free from the murder of Black people, this due to disinterested law enforcement and/or all-White juries.

    The cowardly George Zimmerman accosted Trayvon Martin on his way home from the store—that is very clear. Whether Trayvon was an innocent boy with Skittles and soda or a would-be burglar on the prowl, Zimmerman left HIS vehicle to pursue Martin. Only Zimmerman knows how things unfolded subsequent to that. We do know that a fight ensued–a fight that Zimmerman had every opportunity to steer clear of but did not, choosing instead to end things with a gunshot.

    Zimmerman’s lawyers did not use the ridiculous and most dangerous Stand Your Ground law in his defense, but the episode drew attention to that possibility. Why was the prosecution unable to use the Stand Your Ground law on behalf of young Mr Martin? And why were the gun addicts not outraged that Mr Martin did not have a gun to protect himself?

    Race-baiters like Sean Hannity and the drug-addicted pedophile Rush Limbaugh will use Mr Malco’s ignorance to further their agenda.

    Ooops—gotta go–not done schooling you folks, but I gotta go now….

    • Ringgo1

      Go ahead and go; you were posting only bigoted bs anyway.

    • Jeffrey T

      You Have obvious BRAIN DAMAGE! With a stupid post like that

  • Maynard Runkle

    With the destruction of the manufacturing base in the US, through vulture capitalism and shipping product production overseas it is harder and harder for people here to support themselves. This is a greater problem for those who start from a less affluent base which includes a higher percentage of blacks than other groups. Now the government is trying to further exacerbate the problem with an influx of immigrants and an amnesty for the illegal immigrants here. To make matters even worse, the bankster-gangsters have used the Federal Reserve’s control of money and interest rates to gamble on derivatives and many other kinds of non-productive money transfers and tax shelters. There is a revolving door between officials in the banking industry and government officials and lobbyists. To blame blacks and other poor people for being unable to escape the cycle of poverty, when traditional avenues of employment are now closed, is absurd and unfair.

    • Whackajig

      Vulture capitalism is not reposible for the loss of manufacturing jobs in the US. Companies must make a profit to survive and if that profit is destroyed by unions who demand unreasonable wages and benefits the the company must seek a labor pool of people who will work for what they are worth, not what they simply want to earn. Besides unions, over government regulation prods many companies to seek a friendlier enviroment.
      The tradition avenues of employment for the lazy and uneducated blacks we used to refer to as “N” work. That work is now done by mexicans and done much better than the blacks ever did it. Blacks are unqualified to do any but the simplest of menial tasks but they instead of working, remain on welfare which Uncle Sugar makes far too easy to obtain.

      • Jeffrey T

        This guy is an Intelligent guy! Speaks the truth ! Al Sharpton & Jessie Jackson and 85% of the leaders of these pro- civil rights NAACP dont give 2 shtakos about the African- minority issue! They are in it to stir the pot & line their damn pockets! Also not the Capitalist Vultures arent responsible for our economic decline! No matter what the Demorats & Liberals say about their messiah being positive & caring his Obama care is Responsible directly! For the loss of middle americas work hours from 40 hours a week to 29 and in some instances 25 hours! Also recent HS graduates are going to ge paying 1,000-2,000 a year for health insurance! Also people not able to do this WILL BE FINED BY THE IRS!! The same Govt Entity which targeted americans! And WASTED MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!! THE out of control Wash Demorat spending is responsible for our current shtako economy! And just getting worse! Everyone who voted for POTUS should tell their kids ” They are sorry”!
        Sorry for sticking them with a 17 trillion dollar dept! And Obama wants to SPEND MORE!! Incuring further debt upon the shoulders of American youth!! Also going from 40 hous a week to less than 25-29 a week is INSANE! Thinking thats gonna help our economy! Buisnesses arent going to grow nor hire ANYONE!! because Of OBAMA!!

  • BHR

    Nice to see a black man that understands. When will blacks stop playing the victim. If a young black man wants a good job he does what every one else does he works two jobs and goes to college at night. If you are black the government will pay for your college. Any black man who wants out of the slums has lots of help from the government. If you want to work hard and go to college the government pays. I am tired of hearing the excuses of blacks not getting ahead. You do have to graduate from high school.

  • Whackajig

    We hear a tremendous amount about “civil rights” Why do we not hear as much about “civil responsibility”?

  • Chris

    Who was Antonio West?
    My name was Antonio West. I was the 13-month old child who was shot in the face at point blank range by two black teens, who were attempting to rob my mother, who was also shot.

    I think my murder and my mommy’s wounding made the news for maybe a day, and then disappeared.

    A Grand Jury of my mommy’s peers from Brunswick, Georgia ruled the black teens who murdered me will not face the death penalty… too bad it was me who got the death sentence from my killers instead, because Mommy didn’t have the money they demanded.

    See, my family made the mistake of being white in a 73% non-white neighborhood, but my murder wasn’t ruled a ‘hate crime’.

    Oh, and President Obama didn’t take a single moment to acknowledge my murder. He couldn’t have any children who could possibly look like me – so why should he care?

    I’m one of the youngest murder victims in our great Nation’s history, but the media didn’t care to cover the story of my being killed in cold blood.

    There isn’t a white equivalent of Al Sharpton, because if there was he would be branded a ‘racist’. So no one’s rushing to Brunswick, Georgia to demonstrate and demand ‘justice’ for me. There’s no ‘White Panther’ party, either, to put a bounty on the lives of the two black teens who
    murdered me.

    I have no voice, I have no representation, and unlike those who shot me in the face while I sat innocently in my stroller – I no longer have my life.

    Isn’t this a great country?

    So while you’re out seeking ‘justice for Trayvon’, please remember to seek ‘justice’ for me. Tell your friends about me, tell your families, get tee-shirts with my face on them, and make the world pay attention, just like you did for

    I won’t hold my breath.

    I don’t have to anymore.