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WeAreChangeOklahoma – Top 10 OKC Bombing Questions

January 21, 2011 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • joseph p bell

    dear we are change : Recently ,i discovered that Browning Ferris Industries was the company that also cleared the World Trade Center ,, I have relayed this to members in the 911 Australian truth ; I was wondering if you all could verify this and send the info out to anyone else you are in contact with … Joe Bell Woburn Ma

    • mickey

      Seems suspicous to me too. Japan is asking where are the bodies? Where is the truth? (9/11)

      Bldg 7 sorta just does sorta doesn’t fit anything.

  • Vigilant

    Well, here we go again…ANOTHER conspiracy theory.

    The SAME tired arguments as those surrounding the bogus 9-11 conspiracy are evident in this video: hidden video tapes, surreptitiously pre-placed bomb charges to weaken the infrastructure, etc. It would be nice if you had included the debunking of some of the aspects of this theory, e.g., but that’s obviously not in your interest.

    I’m truly beginning to wonder about the motivations that give rise to describing almost every US disaster as some sort of conspiracy on the part of the government. It’s just a matter of time (and it may have already been done but I’m not interested in checking) that The Tucson shootings, Ft. Hood shootings and every convenience store holdup will come under the umbrella of some sort of evil conspiracy theory.

    Ask yourself, people, what is the purpose of this effort to demonize the Feds every time something happens? Is this right wing sowing of the seeds of unrest and distrust any different than the left wing Alinsky/Cloward/Piven methods to accomplish the same end? There is only one difference: we have the tools and processes to fight the left wing’s statist attempts at takeover, but we do not have the tools and processes to ward off the NWO, 9-11, Oklahoma City, and a host of other so-called conspiracies.

    So why does this paranoia continue? What mileage is to be made by this incessant hammering at the government? Is it just some zealous, titillating, Howard Stern-like preoccupation with shock? Is it a hybrid form of “the people’s right to know,” the mantra of every tabloid journalist? The too-obvious enthusiasm with which these theories are cranked out is suspect in itself, to say the least.

    Whom do you propose to investigate and hold the government accountable, and how do you propose to exact the necessary punishment? In short, the shock of these suspect disclosures will have no positive outcome unless and until you are prepared to offer some practical resolutions in a proactive sort of way.

    Fighting windmills and finding phantoms around every corner serve no purpose. Look deeply into your own motivations for propagating these theories before you decide to give them credence.

    • Alpine Joy

      Good Points!

    • Texpat

      I was saying this years before 911 and to this day (btw I firmly assert airplanes took down the wtc towers) , I was in OKC that day and can confirm that there were in fact multiple explosions. There were local news crews reporting live from the scene when subsequent explosions took place, thousands of flyover state Okies saw this on live television before the feds swooped in and confiscated the tapes, changing the “official story” to a single truck bomb explosion. The building was blown outward, it doesn’t an explosives expert to confirm that a truck bomb parked next to the building would have blown it inward. There was a video tape briefly in circulation that had recovered some of the local news coverage from individuals vcrs whom were watching local coverage. Additionally it had some interesting surveillance footage from the area and interviews with military explosives experts, it too has disappeared, I had a copy which I sent to my brother, whom lost it, I’ve never been able to locate another.

    • mickey

      Perhaps a review of 911 (youtube) and the columns at the Pentagon might give some insight. Then look at “ramada inn plane crash indianapolis”, also look at the damage, even though slowed by hitting a bank first, at the Ramad site. In particular, the columns.

      Then, on the same search page, you will find several plane crashes in Indiana. In one, you will find 5 acres of debris, were there 5 acres of debris in PA?

    • Dave VanDeVenne

      Good Points, but look at the freedoms we lost after each catastrophic event.

      Politicians have said that in order to change policy, a catastrophe needs to happen.

      In some instances, Nature helps( I.E. Katrina in which the 2nd amendment was discarded.)others are man made.

      • Vigilant

        Dave, I agree with you. That the government takes advantage of a crisis to consolidate power and deprive us of rights is the natural course of all governments. It doesn’t, in my mind, represent a purposeful conspiracy, it’s the natural outcome to which all governments tend, as a result of power-hungry special interests (such as communism or fascism).

        Our problem in America is that we, the electorate, were asleep at the wheel as the freedoms we love were very gradually pilfered from us in the names of “social justice,” “fairness” and all the other euphemisms used by the left to control people.

        The Founders gave us the greatest present in history, the right to self-determination. The Constitution could only stand tall as long as we remained a moral and relatively unselfish group. Need I say more?

    • Wake up America you’re dreaming!

      A guy called Robespierre got it done during the French revolution didnt he?

    • ED

      So you probably believe that the Branch Davidians burned themselves to death? I was at the UW campus when one of our students came home from Waco with video shot at the scene and NOT commandeered by the Feds/cops on the scene…. it plainly showed that the “Door-Buster” tank was spraying a flaming liquid into the main stairwell as it backed away from the structure. The News footage only showed the tank before and well after the action. It played on campus TV until people in black suits showed up and TOOK ALL THE COPIES… wonder who that might have been? No explanation was ever forthcoming.
      I’m guessing you and Mr Chamberlain would BOTH have thought Adolf Hitler was a “great gentleman”…. It’s why Chamberlin was fired and replaced by Winston Churchill. Churchill was one of the few who saw Hitler for what he was. Better to investigate in discomfort than to tolerate tyrany by PC. Even the concept of Political Correctness has it’s roots in a plan formulated to CONTROL populations through disruption, fear, confusion, and peer preasure. Author of this plan? Karl Marx. Research the “Franklin School, 1920′s Germany”, which became too radical, even for Hitler, who exiled them. They landed at Columbia University, NY. Where they continued their nefarius activities until Hitler and most of Europe was demolished. Then they moved back and continued their plans for Progressive Marxism.
      Check out for the origines of Political Correctness, which btw is fundamentally opposed to everything the Founders of America believed.

      • Vigilant

        Judging from your reply, I doubt you even understand what I was talking about. Both Waco and Hitler’s designs on the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia were overt governmental actions to do something. OVERT is the key word. Tha actions of the Gov’t at Waco are not even remotely connected to conspiracy theories, they were done as damage control because they knew that what they had done was wrong. Regarding Chamberlain’s cowardly actions at Munich in 1938, what conspiracy do you find in that?

        Conspiracy theories are based on some speculation, conjecture, and usually faulty reasoning to arrive at some covert cabal’s design to take over the world, i.e., the stuff of which James Bond and Austin Powers movies are made of.

  • Eve

    Vigilant we are mass fed this propoganda on television. There is enough scary stuff going on for real that has to be dealt with.

    • Wake up America you’re dreaming!

      You are told what you are supposed to be told on Television…you cant handle the truth!

  • c. lynn

    Things just don’t add up. Things are covered up. Buildings an are torn down. Evidence is thrown away. Yes, that is why we can’t give it up. we just want the truth told without lies and cover up by the government. This is real life and people are dead we have a right to know.

    • Wake up America you’re dreaming!


  • Chitown

    Sounds just like 911′s Building 7 which contained Federal Agencies, FBI, etc. Video tapes show the building collapsing before the Towers, even though none of the Towers debris fell on it, nor was it hit by the planes. Video shows explosions on different floors then it fell.

    Funny how the owner of the Towers had just readjusted his property insurance to cover terrorism just two (2) weeks prior to the event. He made BILLIONS from the event.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Linda

      why is it funny people suck i hate people murdering maggots I think I am the only good person in the world I heard that a ciw did it anyway

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Linda

        guess what i meant to say cow

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Linda

        guess what i meant to say cow the gov is bad people are bad and I am good

  • Wake up America you’re dreaming!

    Ever notice that the events which precipitated the OKC bombing are never discussed? It’s like Janet Reno and Bill Clinton must have done the right thing by burning out those defenceless children using the same tactics (and the very same type M1 Bradley fighting vehicle) that Mc Veigh (Operation Desert Storm) was trained in. Yeah and it’s called a conspiracy theory to suggest that anyones rights may have been violated that day,regardless of who they were trying to arrest. Must be the same kind of theory which happens in the Media today right? Y’know the one that talks of Global warming and getting over this recession? Ever notice that when something happens during a conservative Presidency that its their fault? But if I happens during a liberal Presidency then its the right wing lunatics fault? Funny how that works….in the lamestream media huh?



    • Wake up America you’re dreaming!

      Yes Marie….in fact they invented modern propaganda. Not a stretch to say that they have bamboozled us all many times.

  • Jo

    The fact is that government sponsored terrorism is not new. We don’t want to admit it because it’s our home country but there is much evidence that it is true and there is an eye opening documentary called Terror Storm by Alex Jones. In it he exposes a long history of government sponsored terrorism.

    The dirty truth has been documented by historians and truth seekers. What I want to know is what other atrocities might they pull off? Could it be a dictatorship? As long as no one questions their actions, they will continue to do it. Why not, it has worked for centuries.

  • castaway

    Ladies and Gentlemen, do you still trust the United States Governnent?


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