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We Now Have A Total Gangster Government

February 25, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • libertytrain

    The whole idea of what’s happened is beyond my comprehension – who would have ever thought The USA would come to this — we need to stop this very soon -

  • Richard

    Michelle Bachman shines the light of truth on the indescribable corruption that pervades this administration and Democratic congress.

    • James Gray

      Bachmann is so far to the right that I’m surprized any body with good sense ever listens to her. The more Bachmann’s that molest our ears, the more the Liberals will remain in power.

      • Chuck Ellison

        If you think this action of taking over private enterprise is o.k. then turn your business over to the same people. Turn your ability to work for a profit over the same people. It is a shame that “sheep people” follow without any questions this regime. The ability to read is a fine attribute, but the ability to decipher what is read is a necessary attribute. Ones that only read one side are no better than the ones they read about. Following one party is like following the “Judas goat”. It will only get you nowhere you want to go.

        • trut

          I fully agree. General Motors (and all their assets) should have been given to the Chinese to try and pay off debt.

        • Curtis


      • Martha Lair

        Better far right than far wrong; the left is wrong. No Constitution…no country! Too many Benedict Arnolds! The truth sets men free. We’ve been lied to so much that many people wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped them in the face. The government schools have hurt the nation by preparing the youth to embrace lies instead of learning the truth. Remember, we will be ruled by God, or we will be ruled by tyrants…I say Washington is full of tyrants. Government took over education long ago and as Lincoln (not a hero of mine) said…the philosophy of the classroom of one generation is the philosophy of the government in the next generation…wonder why government took over education? That’s it in a nutshell.

    • eyeswideopen

      Is she upset that her dealership is being closed by GM, or is she upset that she doesn’t have any pull in Congress? It seems she wants her friend at the dealership wants some kind of compensation for her company. Gm does have private contracts with the dealers, which allows them to terminate due to specific circumstances. Sounds like Bachman wants that dealership to override Gm’s decisions. She states “what is her renuneration”? In private business, when a company fails, you don’t necessarily get any renumeration. Risk of the capitalism(free market). Every time this woman opens her mouth, she makes an ass out of herself. Bush had more czars than Obama. This is an embarrassment to the voters who put her in office. Same one who wanted an investigation of the Congress to see who was anti-American.

      • libertytrain

        eyes, we must not have been watching the same video -

  • Madashell

    We have lost our minds and our way in this country. We MUST change course now. How our representatives can’t see we are going off the cliff is beyond me. I am really scared for myself, my kids and all of us.

  • Ozark Mike

    Welcome to the Republicrat monarchy! Ready to do a little SERFing? Or is our tea tax becoming too much to keep afloat? God help us if we don’t stand up soon! Ballots (Not Diebold electronic digits!) not bullets!

    • DaveH

      Actually Mike, I think the electronic digits would be safer. Do we now have any way of knowing our votes have been properly counted? Sure it’s on paper and maybe with great (more like monumental) effort we could check on it. Here is my idea:
      The Voter would identify himself/herself to the Polling Personnel as usual. That information would be entered then or later into a Database containing the personal information about each Voter.
      Each Voter would take a ballot with a randomly assigned number. The Voter would insert a marked-up ballot into a reader which would enter the ballot number and votes into a second Database and return a copy of the ballot to the Voter. That way only the Voter would know how he voted, thus maintaining Ballot Secrecy.
      Both databases would be freely perusable by any citizen. Of course you would have to use a software application to read the database. That way the Voter could check the databases to see if his/her personal information was correct and that the vote was entered correctly.
      Any database mistakes could be reported by the Voter to the appropriate people for correction (with the Ballot copy as proof).
      And any public organization could check the databases to assure against Voter fraud and assure that each Voter only had one vote. Also, it would be a simple matter for any organization or person to recount the votes at any time.

      • Roy A

        I work at a polling place in Texas and we have not had any trouble with people bringing their ID with them like in other cities. I would love to see something like this put into place so that a person could only vote once and have to use an ID that is only yours and cannot be duplicated.

      • Chuck Ellison

        If you would go back in history you would find that more than one election has been stolen. Kennedy-Nixon election is one that I know of and lived through. Chicago did not submit the votes until after the Elgin area submitted theirs. Why? These were paper ballots. With electronics there is less chance of this happening. They can be downloaded at one time to eliminate changing votes. If you are not familiar with the way computers work then make no comments about legality of such a system.

  • V

    It amazes me how you guys can talk about votes not being counted after the Florida and Ohio debacles. You folks sure have short-term memory! What Bachman fails to point out is that the big three have been getting incentives out of our own pockets to do what they do without moving ever forward. We could have had 30mpg autos 20 years ago, but it wasn’t convenient for them to do cuz their buddies in oil wouldn’t hear of it. We had the technology for efficient electric cars almost 30 years ago…. same thing. You folks have no idea how Europe and even places in Latin America are leaving us behind technologically and environmentally.

    I love my country and don’t want to be anywhere else. But people like Bachman who whine about the end result but fail to see the causes and failures leading up to those results (most of which were Republican-led) pit one group against the other with LIES and MISINFORMATION. And REMEMBER: it was BUSH/CHENEY who were the ones that got the laws changed in order to wiretap private citizens at the beginning of this century. Or is your memory really that selective and shoddy? (NSA, c. 2005) So stop blaming the current administration for your misplaced idea of freedom and liberty. Those are not green lights to do as you wish. They require responsibility on our part as citizens. Coorporations have not been responsible in the last 28 years. Time to give them a kick in the pants; and if our government, as a representative of the people, will do it (with the auto, phramaceutical, insurance, and banking industries), then God bless them.

    We can all agree to disagree and argue our most impassioned thoughts. But at least, if anything, speak truthfully. Many in my family are long-time conservatives and they NEVER have spoken in the blatantly disingenuous way you guys address every day issues here. No wonder we’re crashing as a nation among nations. We can’t even get our facts straight, much less move forward on what to do with them. How sad.

    • Roy A

      If the government takes over the Insurance Industry you will not be able to afford it and you will not like the results. If you think they should do it then you need to find out what England and Canada are trying to do with their socialized medicine.

      • James Gray

        Most of us have a hard time affording it now…and there is no government takeover. The Insurance companies will never allow the government to take away their profits without a fight (ie, Town Hall Meetings. The Insurance companies will destroy the economy before they allow any government intervention into their profits. As long as they have a conservative army protecting them, the Insurance companies will continue to rob the American people blind. The 39% raise in Blue Cross Anthem is only a tip of the ice berg. Once they succeed in this, other insurance companies will follow suit. 12 other companies across America have already tried it. And this will all be under the umbrella of conservatives talking about a “government take over” of their insurance.

        • Pat

          The health insurance industry made A 3% profit in 2009; how is that ripping anyone off?

          • trut

            I am from Canada and I know no one who wants American style Insurance company ran healthcare.

        • DaveH

          If you don’t like the insurance prices, don’t buy it! I don’t. Nobody is putting a gun to your head. Pay for your own medical care out of your own pocket.
          Or better yet, get together with your fellow Liberals, pool your monies, and start your own Healthcare companies and you can show us how it’s done.

    • Paul Z.

      I believe you had better become more informed on who and from mainly what party are we losing our liberty. While Bush may have spent large sums, most of it was paid back, and the Democrats were in power his last 2 years. The media created a tremendous amount of bad press to set the stage for a Socialist like Obama. If you don’t think what is happening now is not a greater problem than Bush? The start of the “Crisis” that led to the Stimulis was the deregulation of banks by Democrats in power to give subprime loans to minorities. This was the start of “much” more government power and control. Obama and the leftists want us to blame big business for all our problems and think Big Government will take care of us, thus gaining more control and loss of freedoms. The wire tapping because of the terrorist attack is much less a loss of your Liberty than what Obama and his pals are doing. So, vote out the right people and be careful who you listen to…..

      • James Gray

        You’re a conservative fool…or you’re just a plain old lier. Bush caused the greatest deficit in American history by giving those tax cuts when we really had no money in the fund. Bush had already depleted the Clinton surplus years earlier and attempted to cover it up with so-called tax cuts to the many (ofcourse, the rich and big business got more), He passed these tax cuts through a process called “reconcilliation”,(not sure of the spelling) which he used multiple times. Now, the Liberals are threatening to use the same process to pass healthcare. Let’s just take a moment to thank George Bush(the first American Socialist) for the coming of Obama….for without the Bush presidency, and it’s incompetence, Obama would not have been president.

        • Ronnie R.

          You show great passion. However, you sound like liberal sound-bites. If you really want the truth, it is out there for you to find. Stop calling conservatives names, and learn the truth for yourself–from your own homework, not someone else’s sound-bites. Tax breaks don’t cause deficits, spending does. Clinton surpluses were an accounting trick, not real surpluses. Keep your passion, but do your own work–find your own truth, and you won’t expose yourself as silly and ignorant anymore.

        • http://timesays dave


    • Linnie B

      Speaking of absolute truth and facts, it’s an amazing phenomenon that the only people who ever have their facts straight are the liberals. Strangely, those stupid conservatives NEVER know what the truth is.

      • James Gray

        That’s not strange at all…it’s normal that conservatives don’t know the truth, and wouldn’t know it if truth hit them in the face.

        • Chuck Ellison

          Check the records of who deceives the people most, Democrats or Republicans. You have a jaundiced eye on honesty. Just check your current president. He is the biggest liar I have seen in over 55 years of watching politicians. He even made a remark over one year ago saying, “But that was a campaign promise.” about something he promised and didn’t fulfill. Go over his Inaugural Address and list his accomplishments and his failed accomplishments.

    • Sher D.

      We are two steps behind Venezuela. When the time comes, it will be too late. We are in a ‘wake up’ period in America. It has been a gradual path that has taken us here. Now it is so obvious that many are beginning to say WOW what has happened. It is the blame of Democrates, Republicans, CEO greed, indifferent voters. There is PLENTY of room for blame. Just because the blame is spread around, does not mean we need to quietly shut our mouths and meekly walk into oblivion as a free nation. Look at the Executive Orders. Read them. A few words at a time, we are giving away our freedom as an independant nation and placing us under international government. Read the Executive Orders, read the Constitution, research the Czars who have been appointed to by-pass the congress. What you are seeing the tip of the iceburg.

    • DaveH

      Do you have any idea about the economies of Europe? I doubt it.
      Socialism is wonderful until it comes time to pay for it.
      Greece is near bankruptcy and there are several other European Countries not far behind – Portugal, Spain, and others. This from your own Liberal Huffington Post:

      • DaveH

        Look up your pet European country and check out the debt they are accumulating and the high percentage of taxes they pay in relation to GDP. Socialism is expensive. Just click on country names to check out the information:

        Please V, don’t confuse Hopes and Dreams with Intelligence. Anybody can embrace Hopes and Dreams. Reality is a much tougher sell.

      • DaveH

        And V,
        Since you’re so intelligent, you should have no trouble in a free market (of course, it no longer is) starting your own compassionate, beneficial company and show us how it’s done.
        Put your money where your mouth is Liberal.

    • Ronnie R.

      V says: “How sad”—let’s talk about how sad. Since when in our country has the President and VP been solely responsible for the laws of the land? I like how everyone completely absolves the Congress from any responsibility of their actions—it’s just the President and now the VP who are in total control—WTF?

      V mentions the Florida and Ohio “debacles,” yet nothing about Minnesota and the comedian who is not funny. Truth is a great thing—taken in moderation, right V?

      V says: “Europe and Latin America are leaving the U.S. behind technologically and environmentally”—spoken like a true ignoramus—where do you come up with a statement like that, and in the same message chastise anyone else about facts and truth—how do you function every day?

      You talk about oil being so evil—well it is the most economically viable source we have right now. Do economics matter? Is pollution the only factor? Have you studied the byproducts and disposal issues with batteries from electric cars, V? Or is that not part of the propaganda?

      V says: “Bachman is whining about the end result.” She is pointing out the fact that for the first time in our Country’s history we have a government takeover of private business—that is not the American way. Government takeover of private business is not what our Country is about. If a business fails—it should fail—game over.

      This situation we are facing did not happen overnight. We have had forty or fifty years—probably longer of Government slowly taking over more and more of our private decisions. Do you want to have a few sleepless nights? Check the facts on Social Security and Medicare, V.

      We have a big decision to make as a Country, and Obama has shoved it in our faces faster than any other President to date. He is doing his best to bypass Congress and the American people.

      Do we want to be a free society with all the rights, privileges, and risks that go with that personal responsibility, or do we want the Government to take control, and we can be like every other stagnate Country in the World?

      If you think corporations have been irresponsible—what has Government been?—how is Government the solution? We can argue Bush did that, and Obama is doing this—while we are all being screwed.

      With all of its problems, America is still the best Country in the World. Why? Freedom.

      Freedom means opportunity. Latin American crosses the border into the U.S. because that’s where the opportunity is—used to be. We don’t see U.S. citizens racing across the border to Latin America or Canada.

      If we lose our Freedom—then what? What is Bachman talking about if it is not FREEDOM? Huh V?

  • SiliconDoc

    The video wasn’t the highest resolution here, so I’m watching and noticed the little gold stars between the seats. At first I thought they were like those on the American flag, then it appeared some commie symbol, but it seems they are the six sided jewish star.
    I suppose just as our nation becomes surreal I start wandering off looking at the surroundings because it’s hard not to try ignore the horror Rep. Bachman points out.
    How much more can people take before they start snapping far and wide ?
    It appears to me the government knows it still has a lot of room to go gangster further. Take the Austin IRS plane incident. The fellow outlined quite numerous “back to zero” government tax take issues he had – 3, 4, 5 – I lost count reading his manifesto.
    I guess that is a great blueprint for just how much of a tyrannous opressor the government can become before people start really fighting back (with violence as their last recourse).

    • Roy A

      The stars only have 5 points on them even though they are kind of blurry.

  • s c

    As bad as this administration is, as bad as George Bush and his stupidity was, and as bad as many previous administrations were, there remains a matter of layers of faceless and unelected, wannabe masters who are even worse than the obvious corruption and human filth we can see.
    Puppet masters who stay in the shadows also deserve America’s wrath. It took many years for this insanity to become entrenched, and the price for getting rid of it (and its MANY puppet masters) will be expensive in more ways than one.

  • RustyNail

    Car dealership has been ripping people off for years. Too bad, they can go live in there second home down in Florida if it hasn’t fallen into the Gulf from coastal erosion.

    • Chuck Ellison

      It’s too bad you don’t know anything about return on investment. The automobile dealers have a very heavy investment in vehicles, land, buildings, employees, equipment and parts. If you think this is not worth remuneration then you try to get this same for yourself. Your lack of not investing wisely and wasteful spending has kept you from being available to have any investment to get ROI.

      • libertytrain

        Chuck – you’re exactly right. It always amazes me how quickly people are to “critique” a business, and I quickly find that they are clueless as to what is involved in running that business. I had a six-year stint/background in accounting at a car dealership and I understand very well, what is involved…and it’s a whole lot more than the average person would even begin to comprehend. Among many things, these dealers have to jump through hoops daily, weekly, monthly, yearly – to appease the auto manufacturer they have their franchise with —- along with the bank that floorplans their vehicles (if they have the need to floorplan – and I’m guessing most do/did).

  • Denise

    I really scares me what is going on. I dont envy by children or future grandchildren. I remember what life was like when I was in high school and young adult, and I certainly dont like what we have now, we have to all band together and fight these theives, with violence as a last resort. With more people come lots more problems (illegal aliens) ship them all out!

  • Sam Douthit

    Great article. Bachman hits a homerun. In my 77 years I can say I have not seen anything like this Obama machine. It sort of reminds you of the crooks in Boston, New York, and Chicago of the thirties and forties when the gangster machines ran everything.

  • Paul Z.

    As bad as Congress is we have to throw out the right people, and most of the bad ones are Democrats. When we voted out Republicans, the Democrats gave us what we have now. So, just throw out the Liberal, Leftest, and Socialist types, or those that spend, spend, spend, and those that want Amnesty and do nothing to stop ILLEGAL Immigration, be they from whatever Party, just make sure you don’t replace them with someone worse, stay informed. See Numbers USA….

  • Alice Ray

    Arrive at the polling station, ink on your thumb to prove it’s you that actually voted,deposit ballot and there are no hanging chads, no lost electronic votes, no tampering.

  • Linnie B

    This would infuriate me if it was the first I knew that we have lost our democracy to this administration. It does no good to complain and whimper unless every last one of us jumps into action. PLEASE don’t wait for someone else to do it. Find your citizen legislator and go to work to get them elected. Whining may make us feel good, but in the end, we end up with what we have today in government unless YOU act. Join a Tea Party, join GOOOH (Get Out Of Our House), join with your neighbors and mount a concerted campaign to get rid of every stinking lawmaker with a “nanny state” point of view. Call every conservative candidate in your district and ask they what THEY will do if elected to get back to adherence to our Constitution. If YOU don’t do it, don’t expect anyone else to do it, either. We get the government we deserve!

  • http://Google Helmut S Lenko

    As an “outsider” -I live in Vancouver, Canada- I have a unique perspective on our {mostly} friendly neighbor, the US; both political parties are complicit in the payoffs, don’t ever think otherwise…
    GM has major plants on BOTH sides of the border: both govt’s bailed them out, including GMFinancial.Only Ford saw the financial storm coming, and prepared for it; also, how come Hundai & Kia have rising sales?
    It worries me how “blind”& gullible the American public really is:
    8 yrs. of Republican mismanagement,and the financial markets crashing (remember Clinton left office with a record $5.5 TRILLION surplus)
    cannot be turned around in only 1 yr.!! The big boys on Wall street, and the Banksters have robbed middle America blind..why are you letting this happen to you? You deserve better, America!

    • Linnie B

      Maybe the blind and gullible Americans wonder why you guys in Canada let your government run your health care system. Clean your own house before worrying about mine!

      • http://opacomments...... Pat McIntyre

        Canada’s Health Care System is better then what we currently have in the USA.
        They do not have 35 million people without Health care…..we do….
        U self-serving Moron.

        Regd. Michelle Bachmann………what a Cuty….not toooo bright and a terrible detriment to her State and the Country.
        Little Beauty and NO brains.

        Wake up Folks….Bush/Cheney/Rove “did America IN” and all middle class Americans have and are paying the price.
        A question for ALL moaners: WHO could do a better job with our Economy, the War, etc etc then Obama????? Quit bitching unless you have a solution……….the republican membership is so dishonest, so self-serving……..the Housing Bubble was started by and with them…America’s main problem; the Iraq War(no WMD) was started by them…..and cost America almost 6000 young men and women.
        How quickly we forget.

    • cayjr

      Hey Canadian, I have lots of friends in Canada…and they are not happy with your socialist health care system.

      And you are wrong about Willie, the Wizard of IS, Clinton leaving a 5.5 trillion dollar surplus. Clinton didn’t even have an economic plan other than try to spend spend spend to try to stay in office. He wouldn’t have done that if Perot hadn’t gotten his ego bruised by being neglected and taken 19% of the vote. If it wasn’t for that, Clinton, with 43% of the vote would not have made it back into a second term.
      OH yes, Clinton and a surplus. Willie boy rode free for years on the back of Reganomics.

  • Glen

    Rember when you had to go to the bank and apply for a loan, and prove that you could afford to pay the money back. It still works that way if you’re not a minority,( and what I mean by minority is a person that does not go to work every day and is dependent on the government for their income.) What I see is Obama doing his best to make people so dependent on the government that all they want to do is wait for a check every month. I feed my dog every day and that is all he knows, when he sees me its time to eat. He is not going to bite the hand that feeds him. This is what Obama and his croneys Peosly and Reed are trying to create, a class of people that will keep electing socialist/democrats. This has got to stop, it is destorying our country. If this contuies there will be a civil uprising in the HOME OF THE FREE LAND OF THE BRAVE.

    • http://opacomments...... Pat McIntyre

      Glen…did U fall off the ironing board when your mother changed you and ended up with permanent damage??How stupid are U? Get your facts straight.
      It is people like U that are destroying America.
      Americans, if available, would love to work…..the republicans put us in a situation where American companies moved overseas….cheaper labor. Bush’s “no Child left behind” graduated our Future Hope without being able to read or write……China is making us look pathetic. That program cost Americans billions with negative results.

      Glen…old boy. Did you serve in the military or RUN? U come across as an uneducated self-serving moron………always bitching but never with a solution. U R a coward…gutless and brainless.
      U listen to R. Limbaugh and watch Beck/Hannity on fox……….the trash of this Great Country!

  • Glen

    Rember when you had to go to the bank and apply for a loan, and prove that you could afford to pay the money back. It still works that way if you’re not a minority,( and what I mean by minority is a person that does not go to work every day and is dependent on the government for their income.) What I see is Obama doing his best to make people so dependent on the government that all they want to do is wait for a check every month. I feed my dog every day and that is all he knows, when he sees me its time to eat. He is not going to bite the hand that feeds him. This is what Obama and his croneys Peosly and Reed are trying to create, a class of people that will keep electing socialist/democrats. This has got to stop, it is destorying our country. If this contuies there will be a civil uprising in the HOME OF THE FREE LAND OF THE BRAVE.

    • Linnie B

      If you study Marxism, you will find that the philosophy advanced by Sol Alinsky is the way to take over the people is to first, overload the system. Put too many people on welfare so that the system breaks down. Raid funds set aside for Social Security so that SS goes broke. Put everyone on the Medicare system, as has been proposed in the current health care bill, so that it collapses under it’s own weight. Then, when society has degenerated into total fear for their own survival, they are ripe for the picking. Govt. can then rebuild a Socialist or Marxist society. Now, look around and ask yourself how many of these events are now happening. Look up Cloward and Piven and see how they fit into this scenario. And then notice how close they have been to both the Cliintons and Obamas.

  • Katie T

    GoRadical agenda’s, progressive socialist attitudes. We have to stand up as America and change this now before it’s too late. Never in my life did I ever think I would live long enough to see our country handed to a group of corrupt, greedy, evil people. It’s time to clean HOUSE and get good everyday people who live the life, walk the walk and talk the talk. This includes changing our current commander and chief and that “madam” speaker (uugghh). Harry is on his way out. Time to retire Harry. This is a one term president if we stand up. We don’t need disconnected politicians who are only concerned about their own asses. Time to say Bye Bye……and if we all stick together, our voices will be heard, MUST BE HEARD. GO MICHELLE BACHMANN

  • David A. Celaschi

    What would have happened to these people if they would have done things 100yrs. ago!Anybody, come on anybody have an answer,what would have happened to them. Hint——Rope law!

  • p

    What fools would vote for such an ignoramus as Bachman!!!

    • DaveH

      What fools would vote for an Ignoramus like Obama? Or Pelosi? Or Reid?

    • John Creighton

      Sorry you wouldn’t use yur whole first name. Did we ever solve things with name caling? Just listen to the Lady with an open mind and think for yourself.If you believe that Obama and his people are on the side
      of a free America I just don’t understand your mind set.
      Have a nice day and THINK ABOUT!!!!

  • http://Comcast Willie A

    I don’t know much about Ms. Bachmann, but she is sure conveying some very troubling information about this “Gangster Government.” I see that there are many who are “shooting the messenger” for shedding light on where we are in this country today as a result of the “change” that we voted for. Now, the effort is to get rid of the competition in the auto industry as indicated by the hearings going on with Toyota who, I believe is the top seller of automobiles in this country and a “threat” to GM (Government Motors). If you think that Toyota will be nice and remain open in the US with all its jobs, think again. The Japanese will apologize, smile, pay off those who are hungry for a “big payoff” over this unfortunate mistake and then…guess what? They will take a loss, close their auto plants which have thousands of American employees, particularly in high unemployment States like Mississippi, Alabama, etc. and move their business elsewhere other than the US. This will surely help relieve high unemployment numbers in the US because we Americans with then go back to buying all the great cars of GM and other US automakers, with their great track record, as we were doing before we found out how much better Toyota, Nissan, autos were. Kudos for this UAW and Government takeover of the auto industry. I hope those of you that are critical of Ms. Bachmann’s exposure will now rejoice with great happiness and celebration for those former employees of Toyota, et al join the unemployment lines or become UAW/SEIU etc. building our great and reliable and economically sound GM or other American built cars. It is time for us to stand up to this “Gangster Government before it is too late! Many of us made the mistake in November 2008 and now are reaping the “whirlwind.” Who’s next?

  • Jonathan

    The real corruption in this situation is that GM was not allowed to go bankrupt. This is just socialism for the ultra wealthy. If GM can’t make it in the free market then they can sink in the free market just like the rest of us.

  • amelia


  • Rick

    There is one thing common within the previous comments, and that is we have a very real problem. Well, who was it that voted for this immature, unskilled, radical, socialist, community organizer who came from one of the most corrupt democratic political machines in the country(Chicago mafia)? Some of you did. Too late to cry about it now. Pick ourselves by the boot straps and vote to throw out the bilge rats in our current congress.

    BTW, just some further info to show how far we have fallen:

    • http://timesays dave


  • David

    After reading this blog it’s easy to see why we are in trouble as a country. No one wants to face the fact that both parties are to blame for the current state of affairs. It’s been Republican orthodoxy for years that you don’t cut taxes (and start two wars that run into the billions), for years now. It was Eisenhower that warned of the dangers of the military industrial complex as separate from defense. And yes, Clinton signed the bill that deregulated the banks to shamelessly save his own skin and curry favor, but it was a Republican (Phil Graham of Texas- now in hiding) who sponsored the bill in the first place benefitting the big banks enormously. And there is one thing no one can run from: this problem has been in the making for the last 20-30 years, the majority of time of which the Republicans were in the majority. It’s interesting (since w have someone on here who wants “facts”) that we have 535 legislators and over 3000 lobbyists in Washington, making that more than 25 legislators per congressman. As long as we have a culture that blames “the other side” for every problem rather than recognizing that we have a culture poisoned by lobbyists who in many cases were former congressman themselves, we will never change anything. Our country is in staggering decline and like the Titanic, we all run about screaming as the ship sinks. Wake up folks, this is not a “conservative” problem or a “liberal” problem, it is an “American” problem because everyone wants to hold onto “their” congressman because he/she brings home the bacon for “them” but the neighboring state blames “others” for the problem. Pathetic.

  • http://persoallibertynews bruce

    thats wright …just keep fighting with each outher and about how each outhers is right and in the mean time the country that you know and love will be gone . fix the real problum them .

  • Angela

    Don’t fight, critique. Don’t blame others, educate yourself. The Tea Party as I see it, originated with 10′s of thousands of concerned Americans getting out there and making our voices heard. In the meantime, we found each other and with our collective voices we started a movement. I am proud of what we have accomplished in the past year and we’re not done yet. We still have a nation to save and we know it. What is right for NH isn’t necessarily what CA needs right now; but that was how our nation was designed. We are independent states united in national solidarity but not by a national government.

    Complaining about the system won’t help us change Washington and save our country. Get involved in your local electorate. Find a candidate that you believe and support that person with everything you have. I don’t want to be a grandmother telling my grandchildren about the good old days of the United States. I don’t want my grandchildren to ask me why nobody stopped the downfall of our country. I want to say to them, “We saw the destruction of our way of life on the horizon and we said ‘OH HELL NO!’”

    Be constructive, or get out of the way. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have work to do.

  • Senior Cesar

    I read most of all the comments. And now I have to go in an errand to the store. These have priority. I have to buy the babies’ milk, diapers, and toilet paper.
    Sign: Washington government folks

    Get it?

  • http://nopopconformity herman velarde

    well well weell, don’t tell me america is finally waking up you need to see by joan veon and read w. cleon skousen’s the naked communist (old book) it shows the 45 goals of the communist party, then read saul alinskys radical son this will tie in all the czars amd the saul alinsky left and republican right , don’t argue. research. learn.

  • E Taylor

    People who are for government takeovers of everything should read about Hitler and what happened to the populace during his reign. Educate yourselves and stop listening to the media before it’s too late!

  • Curtis

    When you dumb down the American public you’ll get an Obama president!!!

  • BrotherPatriot

    Love this lady! Thank you Michele for standing up and saying what needs to be said! America is waking up and were going to see a change this coming November!

    Stand proud, America. We do still have representatives that speak for us!

  • Willis Stuckey

    This gangster government is far beyond my midget mind to grasp. However I am just an ol kansas korn boy who is outraged by the last few tax increases on tobacco products. I don’t worry about cancer or other health issues that they use to justify their taxation without representation, I worry about my next cigarette. I am tired of overpaying for my pleasure and watching others reap the benefit without making any contribution on their part. It’s gotta stop. Remember this great nation was built on the tobacco farms of Virginia and we should not attack with such vigor our greatest national supporters.

  • Barbara Shaw

    I fear there will be another revolution in this country. I know people are seriously FED UP with government rough shodding over the people and using our constitution for toilet paper. The younger generation hasn’t the gumption nor the grit to deal with whats happening today. I come from a military family but my 2 son’s are getting out because they no longer believe they are doing anything for THEIR country, other than become cannon fodder for the politicians !

  • Jerome Bigge

    Michele Bachmann has a good point. The local Buick dealer here in Muskegon, Michigan was “cut off” by GM despite the fact that this was the only Buick dealer in town! Why was this done? I’ve never seen anything but the claim that there wasn’t enough cars being made for every dealer to make a profit as a GM dealer? So where does the manufacturer get the right to decide which dealerships are going to be allowed to sell GM cars and which dealerships are no longer going to be allowed to sell cars? Isn’t it a part of the free enterprise system that businesses should be allowed to compete against one another? This sounds more like the sort of stuff you’d find in Communist countries like Russia used to be before they went broke!


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