We Have To Go To War With Syria For The Same Reason We Went After Hitler… Wait, What!?


Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) made his case for dragging the United States into war, even another World War, during an impassioned floor speech Monday. To paraphrase his speech: Hey, some folks didn’t want to go after Hitler, either. But they were wrong. Besides, we’re the greatest country ever.

Here, in part, is what Reid really said:

Look prior to World War I … prior to World War II. Some prefer isolation. That’s the easy thing to do. But sitting on the sideline isn’t what made the United States of America the greatest nation in the world in years past and, yes, today. And sitting on the sidelines won’t make us a better nation tomorrow.

As America faces yet another crisis of conscience, another opportunity to intervene on behalf of humanity, my mind returns to that turning point in the world’s history when the United States faced down an evil regime that murdered millions of innocent citizens. Millions and millions of civilians and prisoners of war were murdered by poison gas in Nazi death camps. Treblinka, Auschwitz. Never again, swore the world. Never again would we permit the use of these poisonous weapons of war.

We can probably just leave it to the readers from here. Please let us know how many things you can find wrong with Reid’s statement in the comments below.

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  • 4lifeandfreedom

    Reid and Pelosi were handpicked to be the idiots on stage, and they have fulfilled their roles well.

    • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

      Amazing isn’t it, The same people who are advocating that Americans shouldn’t have guns and any guns they may have shouldn’t have more than 10 rounds other wise be deemed a weapon of mass destruction all in the name of saving and protecting children. Then they turn around and advocate sending WMD to bomb cities and towns in which the average American will never see or hear about the real story and carnage brought on by the American Government.

  • Alan

    There is little comparison at all to Nazi Germany. The third Reich threatened the world entire with their demonic ideology. While about 1,400 people have died in the Syrian gassing it in no way reflects a direct threat to this nation or the entire world. Nor is there ample evidence that it was the Syrian government and not the rebels themselves who’ve committed the atrocity. Stay out of it. It is not our business to waste lives for the sake of policing the world.

    • popo

      Agreed. At the time that Germany declared war on America in 1941 right after Pearl Harbor, it had already demonstrated its threat to the world and military might by having conquered, by that time, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Austria, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Denmark, France, Yugoslavia, Greece, and a good chuck of Russia and North Africa. It was allied with Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Japan, and Romania. (And Japan had, by this time, had conquered much of China, Indochina, Burma, Korea, Formosa, Indonesia (Dutch East Indies). And it was actively slaughtering millions of people.

      Assad doesn’t even control all of his own country. And only Iran will give him the time of day. There is no comparison.

      Reid is an imbecile.

      • Bud Wood

        I don’t dispute the contention in the last paragraph. However, your first paragraph merely confirms that winners write war history. I know better as was there (WWII vet).

        • popo

          What in the first paragraph is a matter of debate?

          The United States entered the war around December 8, 1941. It was in all the papers. Though Hitler jumped the gun and declared war on America, Roosevelt definitely wanted it because he wanted to come in on Britain’s side. If it was reversed, and Roosevelt indeed first declared on Germany, Hitler certainly didn’t dispute it.

          As far as what territories were controlled by which country on December 8, 1941, that is indisputable; there are too many witnesses- the residents of all these nations- to think that some or all of them were owned by anyone else at that time. Yes, motives may not always be what has been told all these years, but who controlled which land at that time cannot be disputed.

          If you know of an alternative time line of what you think happened, please enlighten us!

      • Alan

        My point exactly popo! Thanks for the reply.

      • Jeff

        I felt the same way when the W Crowd compared Saddam Hussein to Hitler and when Bush the Elder did the same with Noriega. It demeans history to compare every tin pot dictator to Hitler, and to act like every civil war is the next WWII.
        There may be good reasons to try to depose Assad, but dropping a few bombs won’t do it. Almost makes one nostalgic for the days when the CIA could handle such matters except they took it way too far and thought they could depose anyone we didn’t like with impunity. The chickens do come home to roost.

  • Ann

    Bottom line..Obama is a disgrace. How would an inexperienced sissy know how to be a world leader? Wake up America!

    • Larry

      His skill set as a community organizer didn’t help in the Big Leagues?
      He can ridicule his way around his normal agenda this one is far beyond his reach. His Minor League status is very evident! The bully pulpit just doesn’t work on this level.

  • earlwatters

    pelosi, and reid should be married they both came from the same stink hole as obama,holder and the other demarcates when times get tuff and there is no obama hand outs they will be the first to go crying like babys

  • art

    Hitler declared war on the US the day after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

    • angelo

      Art- dead wrong. Read some history.

      • popo

        Angelo, Art is right. Google. One of the great questions of WWII is whether or not Roosevelt would have declared war on Germany if Germany had not declared war on the US first. Or would Roosevelt have focused on Japan? But Hitler took away that potential scenario when he declared war on the US first (http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/germany-declares-war-on-the-united-states).

        • Bud Wood

          The Pearl Harbor attack was planned as a trap for a stupid military run Japan in order for FDRoosevelt to implement his dream of getting the USA power on the side of his buddies, the Brits, and the Soviets.

          • RJ

            BUD where’s your proof? of a trap.
            democrats appeased hitler, iran, n korea,
            didn’t want to fund desert storm,didn’t say anything when
            Saddam gased his people , 1000,s dead in iran
            (arab spring) N Korea starving its population. where were you for all this? open a history book and educate
            yourself or dont say anything.

  • patrick oconnell

    Our own military was attacked Dec.7,1941 by japan ,and then the President ask Congress for a declaration of War. Not the same as well maybe this guy did it we’re not sure but its a excuse for another war!

  • Shawn

    What happened to government by the people and for the people??? If our nation is mostly against intervention, then we should walk away. Regardless of if the president’s ego is bruised.

    • Horace DeBussy Jones

      Sounds good……on paper!

      • Gib74

        Sounds better to do it! = ]

  • StinkBomb Jones

    Hey Harry Boy, the opposition to the Nazis was not worse than the Nazis as is the case in Syria….How can we still be the greatest nation on earth with a Bozo like this as Senate Majority Leader?

    And you know if this was a GOP prez doing just as OBlahBlah is, this Loony Lib racist Bootlicker would be screaming for his scalp from the rooftops calling him a blood lusting war monger!!!

  • Moustache The First

    USA faces “a crisis of conscience”? …you mean what side to take in a foreign civil war in which both sides hate us? Where was Reid when Assad was murdering 100,000 by conventional means?

  • Moustache The First

    “Never again would we permit these chemical weapons to be used again”….But, they were used upon the Kurds by Saddam in Iraq…where was USA then, Harry? And then when Bush wanted to oust Saddam you screamed NO WAY!

  • terri

    No war on Syria..Must forget Hilter now..Never again war another!
    Should policeman & military force arrest Basher Al- Assad to put in the imprisonment punish?? Remove use chemicl weapon..If he won’t work! Garbage him!!

    • Gib74

      You should NEVER forget hitler. He started out as a street community organizer who gave lots of speeches. Unlike the current wannabe in office he actually gave GOOD speeches, without a teleprompter.

      He wrote a book about himself, ACTUALLY wrote it without any ghost writer’s help

      Suspended freedom of speech and press, like the democrats saying only people who work for a legitimate news agency (they approve of) have that right.

      Took advantage of every German crisis to propel him to power, ‘Never let a crisis go to waste’.

      So since they’re on the path of having their American hitler, we should never forget him…

      • Jeff

        Are you actually idiotic enough to compare Obama to Hitler? I’ve read some crazy stuff here, but that takes the Grand Prize.

  • Vazir Mukhtar

    What Senator Reid said doesn’t matter. What matters is how many senators he can persuade to vote for that resolution. If he gets 61, then it’s up to Speaker Boehner.

    • Smee

      Boner is a half dimocrat too! Maybe even 3/4.

      • Vazir Mukhtar

        Well, he’s the Speaker of the House, and some of the Republicans will follow him and Eric Cantor, so they need to hear from their constituents.

        Call, email, or fax your representative to vote against the resolution.

  • shoegun

    And the U.S. under Mr. Clinton wasted 72 people in Waco, TX with gas and nobody in the lame stream media says nothing.

    • Robert Messmer

      Wrong about that–media said they were dangerous cult and the government did it to “protect the children because there had been rumors of child abuse”. See, humanitarian reasons. I believe, however, that when the government put these “dangerous” people on trial for murder (government agents had been killed during the attack) that the government got zero convictions.

  • Bud Wood

    The USA went to war against Hitler to save the asses of Britian’s ruling class. Yes, there was another reason, FDRoosevelt was an AngloPhile.

    And what did it cost the USA? Billions of dollars and hundred of thousand lives plus a communist eastern Europe. It was stupidity at a zenith.

    • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

      You must be reading a different history book than I. In my History lessons, The USA entered into the War only after we was personally attacked on our own soil being the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor who at the time was an ally to Hitler which thrust us into the war stage.

      I don’t recall hearing as of yet of Syria or any other Country attacking our shores lately.

      To say we initially joined the war against Hitler due to save Brit’s arse is incorrect. Perhaps if our entering the war against Hitler was for the Brits benefit, maybe you can explain the “action and reaction” of Pearl Harbor December 7th, 1941. Was that occurrence classified as a international training exercise in the Pacific to warm up for the real war across the Antlantic?

      • Gib74

        The ones who attacked our shores are the ones that 0bama and company want to support.

        The muslim brotherhood supports al-quada, why in the bloody ‘ell would we want to give them aid???

    • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

      Oh yes thats it, we entered into the war because FDR was AngloPhile, it had absolutely nothing to do with Japan invading and bombing Pearl Harbor. Let me guess, Pearl Harbor was “work place violence” also and had nothing to do with our reason to go to war. FDR being a AngloPhile was the real reason we went to war.

    • popo

      People keep saying that if America had not entered the war, Europeans would be speaking German. The truth is that if America would not have entered the war on the side of Britain, the Soviet Union would have eventually pushed Germany back- it would have taken a little longer but it was inevitable- all the way to the Atlantic wall- France, etc. Then all of Europe would have been like eastern Europe and they would be speaking Russian! So the biggest consequence of America entering the war was not that they stopped Germany but rather that they kept western Europe from being under Communism. If you love Communism and hate the British ruling class and capitalism, then you would think of that as a good thing. If not, then it is a bad thing. But it is a thing.

      • Robert Messmer

        That is not just re-writing history that is pure fiction. Can’t remember which magazine it was in (and its probably no longer in print) but I remember the article detailed exactly what Hitler and Tojo had decided as to dividing the world between them. A list of American leaders, political and business, slated to be executed. Russia still had to deal with China and couldn’t divert resources to the west. Which is why Stalin stayed on the fence as long as he did.

  • rbrooks

    this is simply a small change in the wording that has lead us into every war since ww2. wars that many of you supported at some point.

    the middle east is a different version of south east asia. the results may be even worse.

  • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

    The US did sit on the sidelines and we had leaders that didn’t rush in without good cause until we was personally attacked being the attack on Pearl Harbor.

  • guest

    Who’s going to rescue us from our tyrannical president and politicians the real terrorists of the world? Nice to see the rest of the world getting fed up with the lies and misdeeds of our leaders. We’re not free every thing we ever do is recorded and tracked from every possible angle. Maybe we should clean our own house first? Our country is becoming the joke of the world having a wanna be athlete/rockstar for a president….impeach this joker while we still have a country left. Snowden is a hero those who want to prosecute him are the real criminals.

  • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

    To try and tie Hitler with Syria or specifically Assad is reaching. Hitler wanted world dominance and only after he invaded other Countries was war waged against Germany. Syria at this point has not waged war against any other Country as of yet. If and When Assad attacks another Country, then perhaps we can catagorize Assad more closely related to Hitler. Assad may be a monster, but nothing compared to what Hitler was.

    That is nothing more than a typical Democrats ploy to over exaggerate to make a mole hill seem like a mountain. This is the same guy who classifies tea party patriots who advocate for upholding the Constitution and retired vets who did their patriotic duty to be domestic terrorists.

    • Dajeno

      We didn’t declare war on Germany, they declared war on us on December 11TH 1941.

      • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

        After a cup of coffee and meditation session, now understand your point clearer. ha ha

        • Dajeno

          Your a little touchy aren’t you. My point is Germany declared war on the US, Syria has not. I guest I should have exponded a little more clearly.

          • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

            Ha Ha, I see your point and agree, First comment threw me a bit. Gave the illusion of a liberal trying to twist word to gain a different outcome or in some way try to disagree with history. “A little touchy” lol, yeah I suppose I might had been a bit perturbed at the time of writing. When dealing with liberals on a daily basis playing words games when they know full well the intent of the comment get annoying because no matter how you explain facts to a liberal they refuse to accept history, truth or facts. That is what I thought I was dealing with. My mistake and apologies for almost tragically listing you in the liberal category.

      • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

        To “wage” war simply means to engage in not “declare” war. Hitler declared war on many Countries and those Countries engaged in war with Germany to defend them self and other Countries engaged in the war to protect their allies even though they had not been directly attacked.

  • dave

    Serving the good people of America used to be a semi-honest profession. But I believe we have sunk to the depths with most of the current crop of idiots in DC.
    I used to teach my children that some very great men rose to take the reins of leadership in our country and should be respected for their vision and clarity of purpose. And committment.
    But now, all I can hope is that none of my children or grandchildren grow up thinking these people are something to be respected and emulated.
    We’ve all heard the old joke about the attorney who told his mother he was a piano player in a bordello, because it would kill her if she knew he was an attorney!
    I think we can substitute politician in there now, and hope our babies don’t decide to go there!

  • Gib74

    For once I actually agree with reid. We need to face down the evil regime that murdered millions.

    When do we start bombing the muslim brotherhood??

    • Skip

      Do you have any proof that Asad did this, or did the opposition do this? If Asad wanted to kill 1,500 people he could have done it with conventional weapons. The opposition is trying to make us believe Asad is to blame in order to drag Obomber into the war because of his red line statement.

  • Dajeno

    Harry Reid is an idiot. I block out everything he says. He’s as loose-lipped as Oblama’s partner in crime. They want to punish a guy who is killing his own people, but it doesn’t seem to bother them that 4 BRAVE AMERICANS died a year ago in Benghazi. Why aren’t they going after and punislng these guys. Because it will open up a can of worms and reveal to all what a scoundrel we have in the White House.

  • hitthedeck

    There has to be another reason why the democrats want to go to war. I could not believe it would be because of morals with these violators of decency and the values of the conservative American people. They would rather choose war over the pending failure of the Obama administration on policies that will make us a third world country. If they take our country into war behind closed doors like they have done with Obama care and Obama’s executive orders it will end America as we know it. To be governed by fools is a people that are doomed by their own complacent.

    • Skip

      There is another reason why the democrats want to go to war. It is pay back time and they have to keep the military complex alive. Follow the money.

  • IsThisAmerica

    No to war on Syria. Why would we help out a bunch of blood thirsty, lunatic muslims? We shouldn’t. Stay as far away from this as possible. Reid your so old now get out, you don’t know what your doing. Our government has gone totally out of their minds. Get rid of all of them. Get some level heads in there that can actually reason. Syria is not threatening us. Leave them to themselves and maybe we can see more dead muslims. Better for us. The middle east has never lived in peace. Not then, not now, not ever. All they understand is Kill, lie, and preach the devil. They can keep their allah devil all unto themselves. We are not interested in their cult.

  • northbrook

    Reid is an idiot why do we pay attention to him oh yea the idiots in Nevada elected him to the Senate.

  • Al Chemist

    Harry Reid has called a lot of people in the USA terrorists…including people in the Tea Party. Is he going to advocate bombing them next?

  • Al Chemist

    Harry Reid has called a lot of people in the USA terrorists…including people in the Tea Party. Is he going to advocate bombing them next?

  • Warrior

    Seriously now dingy, who was that “anonymous” friend that told you “mittens” didn’t pay taxes? Come on, you can finally tell us. BTW, suzy rice is going to “inform” the congress all about our syrian adventure. Possibly, it was dingy’s “anonymous” friend that also informed suzy on “benghazi”. Just sayin!

  • wandamurline

    And we didn’t go after Hitler….we stayed out of it until Japan decided to bomb our ship fleets in Hawaii. Now, that is a threat against America. Nevada you should start a recall election of this idiot….you guys surely are smarter than putting this prick back into office again….what happened to you?

  • Rob Porter

    What we have here is another dose of Obama-style hypocrisy from Harry Reid and another dose of Harry Reid driveling inbecility. Yes, the Germans during WWII used gas to exterminate mostly Jews, but never used it as a weapon of war in battles.

    Saddam Hussein used gas (WMD) to murder entire Kurdish village
    populations and used gas in its war with Iran. In fact the U.S. supplied Iraq with chemical weapons. Whatever happened to the world and the U.S. swearing “Never again” after WWII?

    When the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi took over in Egypt and
    began murdering Copts and other Christians, began burning down their churches, homes and businesses, I don’t recall Harry Reid and the U.S. regarding that as “another opportunity to intervene on behalf of humanity.”

    When the Syrians rebels, total Islamic savages, began murdering Christians men, women and children, at least one entire village population, murdering by slicing their throat with a knife or decapitating them while onlooking mobs yelled ”alahu akba”, I don’t recall Harry Reid, Barack Obama, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, or Jay Carney regarding that as “another opportunity to intervene on behalf of humanity.”

    Whatever happened to an Obama concocted ‘Red Line’ in those instances?

    Anyone who believes or trusts this mob has serious issues with gullibility.

  • Doc No

    Pearl Harbor was a falseflag too. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was the global banksters way of flexing their muscle for the Russians. Japan was already retreating, they didn’t need to kill 120,000 innocence people just for the show. Synthetic terrorism has been executed for all the American wars.

    • RJ

      what global banksters are you talking about? military commanders predicted possibley 1million dead americans & allies to land and take japan.here again libs trying to rewrite history, let me guess holocoust
      didnt happen either please have some idea of what you are talking about or shut up.

      • Doc No

        RJ… If you don’t know by now I’m not going to give you “true” world history on these pages.

    • Robert Messmer

      Sure hope all those Navy boys who were killed that day realized it was only a false flag. I always thought the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was President Truman’s way of ending the war in the Pacific. Retreat is not surrender and the US and Allies would have landed in Japan and fought on Japanese soil-probably with many more innocent people being killed.

      • Doc No

        Fact: The attacks were brought on by the U.S. itself via careful execution of set goals. These included the armament of Japans enemies, cut-off of energy supplies and port access closure. At the very least, the Federal Government knew of the coming attack having decoded messages and instead of warning the Hawaiian naval base, deliberately kept them as sitting ducks to be massacred. This was used as an official excuse for the U.S. to enter into World War II.


        • Robert Messmer

          Sorry but just because the US fleet was kept at Hawaii (a US Territory at the time and we had every right in the world to have a fleet there) does not force the Japs to bomb us. That was their decision not ours.

          • SunEast 孫東

            You don’t get it do you? Because of brainbleached Americans like you America has become the land of the no longer free!

          • Robert Messmer

            I believe that should be “bleached brain” since obviously you are trying to infer that all thought has been bleached out of my brain. So you not only resort to childish name calling but even do that incorrectly. You have a good life.

          • SunEast 孫東

            Both adjectives are correct and no childish name calling at all. I guess you think everything will be OK… right? Obama is doing a smashing job… right? American cities are not police states… right? Good luck chump…

          • Robert Messmer

            LOL No name calling eh chump?

  • headhunter

    Look at the video, is there anyone else present. The Senator is speaping to an empty chamber.

  • Dave

    Another way to support the Muslims and take the attention off of Obamas crimes and screw ups. Every time he suppose to be putting focus on our countries economy, he drums up something else. Because,he doesn’t know how to do his job! And, he’s to stupid to realize. If this starts a world war. Our biggest allies have already backed out. And the Countries that support us (France). Seems we bailed them out in one war. And, they left us holding the bag. Britain is our biggest, powerful ally. And, they have went along with Obamas crap. Until now! Should be big hint Obama. Where’s Super Shotgun Joe. I believe he was ready to impeach everybody for the exact same crap a while back. But, we had been attacked on U.S. soil that time.(ankle grabber).

  • bob arnold

    i agree with him on hitler.while congress draged their feet millions were killed and by gas and then finally we were attacked,and also their is something else people do not know,Roosevelt was warned by Japan and their custom is to warn the enemy which we should have know this and would have been prepared.
    but saying all this syria is a different story if you can get rid of the gas without striking

    • Robert Messmer

      Of course, there is a difference, Hitler attacked and conquered most of Europe. Assad has attacked no one.

  • w.fahey

    Pearl Harbor was a limited attack—no boots on the ground!

  • Gimmesumadat Whatyougot

    STACK of LIES!
    Whether directly or indirectly, the U.S. has had it’s fingers dipped in blood. After WWII Nazi war crimes came to light, the trail of blood leads right back to our doorstep.

    Standard Oil (Rockefeller) had a partnership with IG Farben, who manufactured Zyklon B. The pesticide used in their gas chambers. Farben also had acquired Bayer (the aspirin co.) prior to WWII. They used concentration camp slave labor to manufacture the gas. And we still do business with Standard Oil co. and Bayer?

    It has been well documented that the Rockefeller name was spawned from the Rothschild’s (who also assumed their name) to be free of their past. Important, only because the Rothchild’s have bankrolled both sides of war, and receive the spoils from the winner.

    I.B.M. corp. through their European headquarters, supplied Hitler with the Tabulation Machines needed to keep track of prisoner nationality, religious affiliation, age, sex, and so on. I.B.M. not only sold the equipment to the Nazi’s, but continued maintenance of, and supply of punch cards used.

    Coca-Cola Co. (1892) created Fanta (1941) brand to sell their orange soda to the German’s during WWII. While the U.S. is embroiled in a war with Germany, U.S. corporations are still conducting business with the enemy!

    All such individuals, and corporations who do business with the enemy, or are directly involved with war-crimes, should be held accountable to the highest degree.